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Sean Jones

Dwight Sean Jones (born February 19, 1962 in Kingston, Jamaica) is a former American football defensive end, who played for the Los Angeles Raiders (1984-1987), Houston Oilers (1988-1993), and the Green Bay Packers (1994-1996).

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Somebody even said Cynthia Morgan should have won it. It's not a bleaching contest please. Did you see Sean Tizzle there?
It's weird that Sean Connery played Harrison Ford's dad in Indian Jones, but today they're literally the exact same age
you never know if a Sean Peyton or a top level coach like that comes out I could see Jerry Jones making that move
then Fallin on ol, Cross, Frazier and Tevin Jones at skill positions. plus Lynch to the pros
I added a video to a playlist Metro Monthly - Sophia Brooks and Sean Jones
Maybe Brian Williams and Michael Jones to start off with uce . What do you reckon?
Might start Jessica Jones myself, supposed to be like the Daredevil series that was excellent.
Turns out Indiana Jones: return of the Jedi is not a film.. And Sean Connery is not in it anyway...
if u was Jerry jones would u keep Garrett or trade for Sean Payton Cowboys head coach next year
Starting the year with Sean Jones Quartet and Never Before Seen
well, at last nights party we sat next to Sean Connery as Indaina Jones. Paul has video too. x
Whenever I think of Big Sean, comes to mind😂😂
Cyrus jones is what some would say fast.
Swear to god if Woy Hodson picks Jones, Rooney, Carrick over Bertrand, Vardy and Ward Prowse I'll snap
Wow. If the lopsided intentional grounding wasn't enough, Cyrus Jones just sealed the game.
Cyrus Jones said he wants to blow Michigan State out tonight!
This is a great deal for a great game! Make sure to take advantage of it!
Danny Glover, Vinnie Jones, Sean Astin, and Mischa Barton are all in a movie together and that's the most ridiculous cast I've ever heard of
My New Years resolution is to reveal my true identity. I'm Tom Jones.
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Brent goes to the church my parents go to and the church I used to go!
next step for the cobra should be Hollywood! . The new Vinnie Jones?
Especially as Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade was essentially a remake of Raiders of the Lost Ark with Sean Connery thrown in.
"I'm sorry I ruined your NYE party. She tasted like cigarettes."
I don't think I've ever been so happy to see Sean Maguire running back onto the FSU sideline.
Touch And Go by Sean Jones, found with Listen now:
Ben Jones & Sean Orrell – ‘You Can Do’ - Grab this hot new tune from Ben Jones & Sean Orrell for fr...
Starting Jan 4th, I'll join from 6-10 and we'll be the new Our friend and Sean Jones will …
GOAL! Sean Couturier puts the sweet moves on Jones! 2-1
More Jessica Jones time. Really is a fantastic series. Even with David Tennant and the British accent I used to love
Macon-Bibb Coroner Leon Jones becomes a taxi driver for a night tonight. Call him if you need a ride 256-6716.
come back the video from Sean Black Jones
But great lines have a Justin Tuck, a Trace Armstrong, a Sean Jones to help the "creator." Most great players can-
Leonard Floyd's return shades of Sean Jones in 2003
what about Sean Connery or Vinnie Jones for Tesco checkout voices
Everyone needs to remember that Allen Jones has been found guilty of inciting hatred.
Nasir Jones is the God MC but Sean Carter gave us pure facts. "1 hot album every 10 year average". But Ether was just harsh
"im sean carter, nasir jones, Christopher Wallace, greatest in the south sip act from a gold Chalice ". bobundy at 14
I found illegal civ 2 and I forgot how raw Tyshawn Jones & Sean Pablos parts oh my god
The improved pass rush will make everyone better in coverage, + Sean Lee is healthy + Jones + Claiborne gonna prove himself , etc
Thank you Sean O'Brien owner of the Street Eatzzz 313 Sauces and Chantel Jones owner of Vdalish…
Byron Jones started stretching in the middle of the field during drills. Scandrick, waiting to start next drill: "Aye Byron w…
ODB-Cruz-Jones-Randle is a *** of a foursome. Plus Vereen coming out of the backfield
Don't miss Between the Lines with Sean Jones at 5:15. Can the 2015 be Super like the 1996 team?
After adding Greg Hardy & Byron Jones, plus the return of Sean Lee, I'm fascinated to see how the Cowboys D handles the o…
Sean Lee, Greg Hardy, Bryron Jones & Mo Claiborne are the guys I'm the most interested in seeing on the field right now
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Unconvincing Phil Jones plays like a stuntman... he's so theatrical |
J. Cole and big Sean tonight gon be live
Sean Connery and Harrison Ford as father & son in Indiana Jones. Special chemistry, very believable.
Hope LVG seen that Phil jones is not good enough for United after last night
Hii Sean Jones : JoNeSy2020 Want to get iPh0ne 6 for FREE? Please kindly check my bi0. Thx
When i die, I want Phil Jones to lower me into mygrave so he can let me down one last time.
Phil Jones loses his man more often than an open prison
Phil Jones completely unaware of his surroundings. Not once does he look back to check where Zlatan is.
Meek can't even make a Nasir Jones or Sean Carter album so how the *** yall expect him to make a distrack like this legends??
Sean Jones' style has seriously enhanced my style just from listening to his records for an entire year. But I want to know more
Hoping the defeat puts scrutiny on United's defence from LVG. Can't be going into the season with Jones/Evans/Smalling/…
Greg Hardy,Gregory, Crawford, Tank, Sean Lee is back, Hitchens , McClain, Scandrck and Byron Jones who's gonna be a beast.
I'm Matt and I believe Sean Jones is the sexiest man.
Sean Valentine Mahoney-Harvey Vincent Mahoney-Harvey Shawanda Connor look they got some one that act just like...
Burton's Sean Jones races to the fore at national championships at -
In the case of the Robert Kraft vs Roger Goodell, apparently owner Jerry Jones is backing Goodell h…
We got high as *** last night and had a 15 minute argument about Sean Paul and Mike Jones.
Sean Jones can play. No, not the former Packer.
LOVE THE VOICE and A Great Guy!. Sean Jones fb: If you haven' seen this yet then please take a second to check it...
In just a few days the Newport Jazz Festival-NJF kicks off with music from Etienne Charles, Sean Jones, Snarky...
Tonight! It's time for Soul in the City at Casa Loma with Sean Jones
I think Garrett Jones is better suited to be Puddy's stunt double than hitting regularly
Thanks for the recent follow Happy to connect :) have a great Friday. (by
Hearing from that legend Joey Jones has suffered a stroke. Get well to a true gent
Smalling Rojo Jones Otamendi holding the fences of that back,wont be bad! . Blind and Shaw on LB! DALEY is BRILLIANT at LB.
Full day on Sportsline: Derrick Mayes @ 4:15, Sean Jones weighs in on Ken Stabler at 5:30- and Hardy suspension shrunk to 4 games
how do you feel about Julio jones? Got offered him for 1st an 2nd round picks, non ppr. Already keeping lacy CJ ODB
We made upgrades to the secondary (Jones), plus we'll be getting back Claiborne and our BEST linebacker, Sean Lee.
Sean Jones has the worst argument of Rodgers being the best player.
The Matt Thomas Show continues now w/ former Oiler Sean Jones sitting in, talking JJ Watt best player in NFL, etc.
A question to ponder for the photography art do you think? I know what I believe.
thank god we don't have to listen to Sean Jones anymore.
Give Sean Jones his own show, legendary interview!. BEST TEAM EVER. . Now this BCJ
Feel bad that you have to the show with an *** like Sean Jones.
great segment w Sean Jones on the DeAndre Jordan issue.
If 610 had a clue they'd be trying to get Sean jones a show to replace triple turd
"Knomadik Reverence", the upcoming project from De'Sean Jones August 2015. Be prepared to Get Yours!
Im not going to be back from youghal until like 7 or 8 so nah
Caleb Landry Jones & Sean Price Williams between takes (NOTE: Set up is a close up for a scene down the block.) http:/…
Red flag for a three-car incident in turn four! Sean Thompson and Frank Flud get together and Colten Jones tags them & goes upside down.
Sean Thompson wins CSI Shocks Non-Wing heat one over Bernie Lomax, Colten Jones, Danny Carroll, and Blake McGourty.
I can't Ben affleck and Geoff jones already on it 😰
Im as bored as nits on a bald man's head please can we do stuff tomorrow?
Sean Hannity blasts "sanctuary cities," but goes quiet when he learns Rudy Giuliani enforced similar policies:
Adam Jones is now a starter for the AL All-Star team! Details:
do you listen to alex jones ,glenn beck or Sean Hannity?. Do you support the Tea Party?. I love the tea party
Check out Sean Jones's post on Vine!. this is one of my favorite vines!
Sean Jones is, by far, the most successful Jamaican in NFL history. Orlando Franklin has been a pretty good OT for the Broncos.
Featured in this mix are music from Stefon Harris, Tia Fuller, Kris Bowers, Sean Jones, Ben Williams, Robert...
Sean Jones to accompany orchestra in season finale - Youngstown Vindicator
Just got an interview done with amateur king Jamie Evans and his trainer Sean Jones with good / quality sparring from
Doug Robinson and Sean Jones enjoying a perfect day on Mt Emerson in the High Sierra.
That man could also put together some good bands. I mean the trumpet section on that album is Faddis, Terrell, Sean Jones & Jimmy Owens!
I will never shop at Spence Diamonds as long as Sean Jones is doing radio ads.
Mid-Atlantic Collegiate Jazz Orchestra with Guest Conductor and Performer Sean Jones at Dizzy's Club Coca Cola at...
why would they put that pic up of her and Jones Sean ... — Bc that's how they do I don't focus on that they don'...
Even though Ari is happy with Sean and I respect that, Jones will all ways be the man in my eyes.
The journey to Warped Tour is almost complete!! w/ Sean Jones & Zach Jones goals with you
United have been linked with every top class defender in the world in the past couple years and chris smalling and phil jones are still here
Ariana's happy with Sean, y'all need to quit with bringing up her and Jones all the *** time she doesn't like it, they're just friends...
if you ship Sean and Ariana. Fav if you ship Jones and Ariana
Ariana and Jones, or Ariana and Sean? — Ariana and Sean rn but I won't be mad if Ariana and Jones date bc they'r...
I adore Sean & Ariana, but, forgive me, I still can't stop myself from shipping Jones & Ariana 😏🙈💕
If sean and ariana don't work I want jones and ariana together :-)
for Ariana and Jones. Fav for Ariana and Big Sean
Photography is art and always will be | Art and design | The Guardian
Imagine having to think: 'I wonder when Brad Jones will be fit again?'
He’s more in love with Seth Jones and Carter Hutton while I lay claim to the entire team.
Bob, a long time ago and wearing what appears to be a bolo tie. . Davey Jones - do you still have your nifty Bolo...
they have 3 awesome QBs Cardale jones seems like the only one who could play in the NFL
Kendall Jones is a terrible human I wish nothing but the worst for her and her trash family
Santana Dotson and Sean Jones doing the coin toss on Sunday
The cure for any bad mood. All Time Low is an instant pick-me-up. Sean Jones
Happy 50th Birthday to the one and only Vinnie Jones!
I hope Chris Christie blows all of Jerry Jones' campaign money after his next inevitable political scandal
An interesting take on the " is photography art' debate by the Guardian's Sean O'Hagan.
Sean Connery plays Indiana Jones's dad, but did you know he's only 12 years older than Harrison Ford?
Happy birthday to the HF homies yall keep me in the loop about the turn up 😈
Happy early birthday! Bradley Cooper, Marilyn Manson, January Jones, and Deepika Padukone have the same bday as you!
President of NFL officiating stepping off of Jerry Jones' party bus...unbelievable.
Sean Jones swam the Varsity 100 Fly tonight surprisingly didn't do to bad ... Zach won both the 200 and 500 Free...
Thank you Laura for the challenge to post 5 pictures that make me smile here ya go. I now challenge Sean Jones, Heather Pat Butcher Kilgour, Linda Mckendrick Wallace, Will Smith and Sally Veck to do the same. Sally, I'm hoping you'll post a quick preview of your calender picture XX
Linda meets Mickey after all the yes 😉Sean Jones is brilliant in Blood Brothers 😜
You're going to miss Khem Birch and Sean Jones?? Not a real Heats fan.
How hard did Sean Jones hit at the Jazz Showcase in Chicago? Howard Reich's review.
check out Kenny Dorham, Clifford Brown, Sean Jones, Randy Brecker & more on our Trumpet Jazz channel today -
This kid looks like Sean Jones, pre-puberty.
College Scouts? You crazy, Got Sean Payton, Bill B, and Jerry Jones out here
Ariana Grande putting Big Sean in his place !! 👏
Side note, still can't believe Big Sean is dating Ariana Grande. Alright peace.
Sean Connery acted as Harrison Ford's father in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade in 1989.He was only 12 years older...
What is your favorite Sean Connery performance? Mine is Henry Jones Sr in The last Crusade.
Let's not forget when Greg jones flattened Sean Taylor. Still was one of the greats tho
Great 4-star review on this popular Italian website. Here's the translation: . The Jazz at Lincoln Center...
Sean Payton needs to move on with Toon. Not impressed with what I saw in preseason games. Keep S Jones.
Bernie Dresel, on drums, with Sean Jones "What a day and night it was," Dresel said.
Changes coming to Jones Stadium about time boys!
Pelini says DB Chris Jones won't redshirt at corner and "will help" NU this year.
very true Coxy,Phil jones is the other one,so much abuse-the bloke will be collossal in 2/3 yrs when he matures
DAL News blog: Jerry Jones: Rolando McClain is not the savior; I don’t expect him to be *** Butkus or Sean Lee
Just screamin some Blurred Lines the other day. :) Sean Jones in the passenger seat, Zach Jones...
maybe I should've gone with Sean Jones, then.
yes -Paul and Sean are dead. RIP. Also Alex Jones...dead - same for
So important is Landry Jones performance tonight to the future that 20 might actually walk through the gate.
Welcome to the SEC, Kenny Hill. The new signal caller finds Ricky Seals-Jones on the slant for the TD. Aggies lead 17-…
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
NICK JONES OVER THE TOP! College football's 1st big play of the season is a 69-yard TD pass and South Carolina now trails…
got offered a job for next summer. €1000+. yeS PLEASE.
Down at the station wit Lady LG and Sean Jones Mista SJ Shout Out to you both and mi GQ3 ENT...
Marcus it is preseason game 4. Why r u at the pregame snooze Fest. U should be talking to Sean Jones. Lol
Think our back 4 in few years will be Jones Chambers Cahill & Shaw. Up top we are short. Need some talent coming from U21
Report: Vikings' Adrian Peterson told Jerry Jones he'd play for Cowboys
Could this be the location for Indiana Jones where Sean Connery has read his Charlemagne
Tonight the 28th I'll sing at Ibeam Brooklyn with Darius Jones, Matt Mitchel, Sean Conley. Chad Taylor. At 10pm. Aruan Ortiz plays at 8.30
Sean Philpott-Jones: The Boys In The Ban: The ban on blood and tissue donation from *** men was put in place i...
Sean Jones, director of Cleveland Jazz Orchestra, to take over brass department at prestigious Berk...
A great review in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review of jazz trumpeter Sean Jones' new CD. The Sean Jones Quartet will...
We're so proud of all the kudos from our Jazzfest performance with Christian McBride & Sean Jones! Check out this...
Best seat in the house. Sean Jones show at JazzLive International. @ Penn Avenue
JazzCorner is proud and honored to work with the Pittsburgh JazzLive Int'l Festival for the 4th consecutive year - June 20-22. If you haven't discovered PJLIF, this is the year! With Dianne Reeves Music, Snarky Puppy, Gregory Porter, Joe Locke, El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico, Allan Harris with the Pittsburgh Jazz Orchestra, Nancy Harms, Sean Jones, Fred Wesley, Emmet Cohen and so many more ALL FREE. Like their FB and watch out for some special contests and ways to score VIP tickets
Had a great time at doing the show with Matt Thomas, Sean Jones & Greg Koch. Just got home, now time for ??s
Long weekend for HG check our the flyers and enjoy a weekend of great music North East ohio. You can see with Sean Jones, Mariama Whyte& Kenny Latimore. Yes all this Weekend..for more info Cleveland Jazz Orchestra, Spelman College,
We're at it again---Saturday's Plugged In show at Kennedy's is SOLD OUT! Don't worry, you can catch Sean Jones...
My opinion on Lily Allen changes daily
Its been long enough, I'm coming into the light. and I have been in an relationship for a year now, thank…
if he plays rafael jones Evans and evra we have a chance
I can't actually be the only woman who would prefer a man like Sean Connery or Tom Jones circa 1970 to a member of The Wanted?
Awh did you find your Jack n Jones Hoody?
Sean Jones and Adam Wood smashing it at Transcoda!
"It's like Bridget Jones 2."--Sean watching the fixings fall out of my sandwich onto my person.
he's been good since his mixtapes with Big Sean
My brothers, such them too much♥. Rest well today Neil Jones and Sean Jones.
could you not hear the music from your house? A couple neighbours came over to complain but they ended up joining in :')
Personal highlight: 'raving' to Animals and Rather Be
And theres alcohol and broken glass everywhere, not looking forward to the clean up
The amount of coke I drank was fairly scary even for me like...
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
First two games to be played of the 2014 streetball tourney Friday evening, 7pm at Rudder High School will be Dekyron Nicks & "The Big Show" Vs. @ Sean Jones & "Texas Trill" also Stephen Bryant & "CST ballers" VS. Darrell Mason & "The Wrecking Crew"
“Arizona's 37.5% free throw shooting (6 of 16) was the worst of the Sean Miller era.” Achilles heel all season long.
This is my 24 hour challenge I was nominated by Nick Dickens. I nominate Ashley Turnquist Chantelle Roth and Sean Jones. You have 24 hours.
Man Sean Jones and Sarah Hopkins wedding was so beautiful. Thanks for allowing me to be apart of that special moment. Y'all got me wanting to get married one day especially now!!! Lol
The all-championship team from the AAC: Isaiah Sykes, Sean Kilpatrick, Shabazz Napier, Chris Jones, Montrezl Harrell. Russ Smith named MOP.
I can't wait for him to bruise Cutler's uterus! Now they should sign Jared Allen for the other side a la' Reggie White/Sean Jones. Clay Mathews would be "Home Alone" Come on Ted Thompson. make a SPLASH!!!
How hasnt anyone complained from the noise yet
Sean jones u r my best friend and love u very much x
I like this move but compare it more to signing Sean Jones than Reggie White. I 'd like to see them get former Bear Devin Hester, too. Packers haven't had a good return game since Desmond Howard and Hester can provide field position advantage that Rodgers and the offense have NEVER had.
Sean Becker adds to win total at Chico, now at 48. By: Elijah Jones. 3/14/14. Sean Becker once again worked his...
Conrad Frazier, 2000, fell from a tressel over the James River. Sean Jones, 2005, drowned in a swimming pool. Thomas Pace, 2005, I'm not exactly sure how he passed away. Ethan Kenny, 2011, was in a motorcycle accident. Amber Johnson, 2011, was in a car accident. Her father passed away as well. 💐👼
Emmanuel Sanders or James Jones would be huge for the Pats
Listening to takes! AUGUST 12th (shhh don't tell nobody yet though..LOL) Orrin Evans Quintet Live @ Smoke with Bill Stewart, Sean Jones, JD Allen, Luques Curtis and lil' ole me. MAY 28th Joanna Pascale "TBA" with THE VILLAGE including…."yup him too!" Just get ready!
Nothing wrong with being a Sean Jones type.
Im thinking Sean Jones that you are planning on a celebratory Guinness!
hands in the bucket if ye think johns names that coz hes scared of sean jones!!! Mines in👆🙋
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Houndoom, Raiders of the Lost Arcanine
James Jones would be great here, he's real good in redzone
Starting off the day with a little Spongebob while Sean makes breakfast.
lol, I like the Sean jones comparison though...more realistic
he could give us what Sean Jones did and that could be incredible. The Cob webs are finally out of Ted's wallet!
This signing of reminds me most of the Sean Jones signing back in the day. Aging star finishing strong with a ring.
Peppers and Allen like, the new Reggie White & Sean Jones?
Congratulations to Green Bay on their first FA signing since Sean Jones.
If you stare long enough, Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta Jones will swing out between them.
would a comparison to Sean Jones be in the ball park?
I say he's closer to Sean Jones at this stage of his career “Comparing Julius Peppers to Reggie White will get you blocked.”
I'll agree wholeheartedly. Other end of spectrum: Peppers = Joe Johnson. Closer, but still bad. I will go w/ Sean Jones.
(1/2) If Peppers succeeds, he may be compared to Sean Jones. Pass rusher at the end of his career who can still pressure the QB.
he can be the Sean Jones to Clay's Reggie White
Rascal chuckin mc's like stones, bad boy forever like Sean Puffy Combs, inside outside running all zones, set trend get girls like Tom Jones
I know it's not the same, but could he be Clay's version of Sean Jones?
Peppers signing could be compared to Sean Jones. Little left in the tank but because the All-Pro opposite him is who he is...
Don't expect Peppers to be a Reggie White-type move by the I'd compare it more to the Sean Jones addition.
Will a change in scenery rejuvenate Julius Peppers? are hoping for Sean Jones but could get Joe Johnson.
Brilliant live at the appollo featuring jack dee, sean walsh and Milton Jones - all very good comedians
Match Report: (sorry – it’s a bit of a long one, but there was lots of scoring!) Brighton Tsunami 54 – Solent Redhawks 28 Having confirmed the club’s most successful record & secured a play-off spot with their hard-fought 7-6 win in the previous week over the Portsmouth Destroyers, the Tsunami found themselves heading down to Solent to play a resurgent Redhawks team who’d just come off of a greatly improved showing against Southampton in their narrow 26-20 loss. Bouyed by the arrival of former national championship winning coach Russ Hewitt on their coaching staff, the Redhawks were a seriously tricky opponent that the Tsunami would have to overcome if they were to realise their dream of a first ever divisional title. After winning the toss for the seventh time this season (Tsunami captain Sean Jones' “tactics” never seem to fail on coin-toss!), Brighton elected to receive the ball first, and after some strong running by Tsunami RB Louis John-Baptiste, Brighton were quickly within the Solent ...
"The Poll Winners" (Barney Kessel, Shelly Manne, Ray Brown) play Jordu to open this coming hour of Jazz in the Night on Kansas Public Radio. On the way: Doug Webb, Willie Jones III, Sean Jones, Rufus Reid, Cyrus Chestnut, and Nir Felder.
I'd like to thank everyone in the fair city of Detroit who ventured out into the cold to see the Detroit Symphony Orchestra Paradise Jazz Series show Miles Davis & Gil Evans: Still Ahead!" I can't tell you how amazing it was to play with Sean Jones, Vince Mendoza, Peter Erskine, Christian McBride, not to mention members of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra and the Detroit Civic Orchestra! We couldn't have asked for a better crowd! I can't wait to come back to the DSO on March 1st to play with Ravi Coltrane & Lionel Loueke! Hope you guys can make it out for that show as well! - TB
. Dianne Reeves feat Sean Jones - I Want You. Frans Rocked the Marvin Gaye Version on Deck 11 on the Kaya Cruise Remember?
Chillout Productions, in association with Dubai Calendar, is excited to announce Jazz Garden : The Legends Edition! Performances to talk place alongside the already confirmed concerts at the Emirates Airline Dubai Jazz Festival, February 14, 15, 19 and 20 on the Jazz Garden stage featuring Larry Carlton 335, Nestor Torres, Al Foster, Billy Childs, Sean Jones, Kirk Lightsey, Wallace Roney, and Tony Lakatos! Also on the line-up, Carlos Santana, Jamie Cullum, Colbie Caillat, Jonathan Fritzén, Four80East, Matt Marshak and more! Sponsored by Global!
it was brutal. Desmond made fast friends w/ Sean Jones + Keith Jackson early in the season. They both had suites so I was very
The Cleveland Jazz Orchestra is planning a new studio recording to celebrate our 30th anniversary in 2015. The recording will feature compositions from CJO musicians led by artistic director Sean Jones.
Same. I was a 9-year-old season ticket holder... I lived and breathed that team. Sean Jones, Webster Slaughter my favorites.
2013 has been an exciting year for Bokashi Bran. We moved our production facility to Roodepoort and now manufacture a tonne of Bokashi a month. The Bokashi system has been approved by the Joburg Environmental Health department for food waste management in commercial kitchens. Our focus next year will be to divert food waste from restaruants away from landfill sites. A year of hard work and talking to many people in government, large organisations and small businesses is starting to come to fruition. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank B. Poynter Print for their continued support with all my printing and advice, without whom Bokashi Bran would still be bumbling along. I'd also like to thank my husband, Sean Jones, for letting me access the bond every time I've needed more bran or buckets and his positive enthusiasm with my plight to save the environment. :) Finally, thank you to all my loyal customers for their continued support. May you all have a blessed Christmas, a well-deserved rest and we look ...
Sean Jones 'Esperanto' from his new CD 'Kaleidoscope': via Carolyn Perteete, Vocals...
Reggie White, Sean Jones, Charles Woodson, Tremaine Williams...all FREE AGENTS...all superbowl champions.wake up
Concert Announcements. Christian McBride and Sean Jones (CD Release) in April: details at...
9/6: wears for the Packers now. Before that it was Mike Montgomery. The biggest name 96? Sean Jones (Reggie White's bookend).
.said that during the offseason he worked out with DL Shaun Rogers (Casey Hampton, and former DE Sean Jones.
Jolly said he worked out in Houston during offseason with Shaun Rodgers, Casey Hampton and Sean Jones.
Thanks for the birthday wishes! I tried to reply personally to each one so, if I missed anybody let me know and I'll thank you straightaway! Had a great mini-vacation/extended birthday weekend with Jessica Brawley and Sean Jones at Taylor Swift concert, Hocking Hills, and Mammoth Cave. Back to the grind tomorrow!!!
Lest there be any doubt that Ron Wolf laid the groundwork that saved the franchise, here is what Mr. Wolf's Wikipedia entry states: In 1991, Wolf was hired to replace Packers General Manager Tom Braatz. Wolf's first major decisions were to fire head coach Lindy Infante, hire then-San Francisco 49ers offensive coordinator Mike Holmgren to replace him, and to trade for then-Atlanta Falcons backup quarterback Brett Favre. In 1993, Wolf signed the most sought after free-agent available, Reggie White, bringing in a team leader and defensive superstar. This signing, in NFL free agency's first year, also made Green Bay a more desirable destination for future potential free agents, including White's fellow defensive linemen Santana Dotson and Sean Jones. Specifically, White's arrival negated the perception of Green Bay as a city where African-American players did not feel welcome.[6] With White and cast-off Gilbert Brown, Dotson and Jones formed the heart of the Packer defense during the team's championship run. ...
TONIGHT! THURSDAY, JUNE 20 at 7 p.m. Warren Community Amphitheatre - FREE Recreating the swinging jazz sounds of the Big Band Era, international jazz star Sean Jones will join The Top Notes to perform songs that span nearly a century of music from 7 to 8:30 p.m. Thursday, June 20, 2013, at the Warren Community Amphitheatre, 321 Mahoning Avenue NW, Warren. The free event is part of the 2013 Summer Night Specials concert series, sponsored by Fine Arts Council of Trumbull County ( The Top Notes, under the direction of Dr. John O. Vlad, is an 18-piece band consisting of five saxophones, five trumpets, four trombones, guitar, bass, piano and drums. (I will be playing Piano for this concert). Jones, who serves as the Cleveland Jazz Orchestra artistic director, is a Warren native who heard, sang, and played music in church from an early age. He started playing trumpet in the fifth grade, was turned on to jazz through Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue and performed both gospel and classical music whil ...
GIANT CHEESEHEADS TRIVIA. In 1993, Reggie White led Green Bay in sacks with 13. Who led the Packers in sacks in 1994. a. Sean Jones b. Reggie White c. Gilbert Brown d. Santana Dotson Answer right away? Go to the bottom of the Archive Page of
Day 1 - Sean Jones at Pittsburgh Live International Jazz Festival with & Tom @ Benedum…
Looking forward to Marcus Miller and Sean Jones at Pittsburgh JazzLive Festival this Sunday!
Have you ever Hated a Bucs player? if so which one? I really did not like a Safety the bucs had a few years ago he was awful! i think his name was Sean Jones? -TJ
Tomorrow on "It's A 'Burgh Thing: The Pittsburgh Jazz Connection" I'm not sure what I'm going to play but it will be "all jazz...all Pittsburgh...all good". There are literally hundreds and hundreds of tunes with a Pittsburgh link and all I need to do is pick and play; everyone from Roy Eldridge to Sean Jones. And that's just the start...throughout the day you'll hear Mitch Bell, Brad Hundt, Big Daddy Patrick Arena and Club Dub. Tune in to WNJR 91.7 FM, at 9 AM to 11 AM for alternative radio. Be there or you're probably not as cool as you think you are.
Marks the best Eddie for me & Sean Jones is the best Mickey ever!
A Blood Brothers workshop with actor Sean Jones takes place on May 8 in The Britannia Suite. Sean is playing the lead role as Mickey(1/3)
Music Doing Good presents Sean Jones and the Conrad Johnson Orchestra in "The Jazz at the Hobby Center": Music...
Wow RIP Bud Herseth.. Fabulous trumpet player!! Taught many great players including my teachers Sean Jones and Dennis Reynolds.
Learning something new in reference to cyberspace and promotions. Thanks to Sean Jones aka Jones 2.0. Bad artist big up
thanks. Marcus Boyd, Sean Jones, Bryce Evans. Treve' got hurt or somethin.
In line to meet grumpy cat with Colin Hoffman and Sean Jones!!!
Performed by Knomadik Featuring: Tamara Fingal on vocals Arranged by De'Sean Jones
Good morning facers. I would like to send a very special anniversary shout out to the best husband in the whole world. You are my best friend, my provider, the father to my beautiful children, my biggest supporter, and my soul mate. I love waking up next to you every morning and going to bed with you everynight. My life would be incomplete and lost without you. 8 years and counting bae I can't wait to get old with you. So today I'm screaming HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO MY HUSBAND, MY KING, MY EVERYTHING Sean Jones.
I just watched a tribute to Miles Davis with Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Marcus Miller, Sean Jones, and Sean Jackson. So tasty.
the fabulous Jeffrey has done it again..Sean Jones brought down the house tonight at
The first practice session is over at Texas Motor Speedway Dirt Track and around (180)+ cars are in the pits. Late model count is close to (30) with Chris Brown of Spring, Texas having the fastest time at 16.094, followed by 'Catman' Jon Mitchell of Texarkana, Texas at 16.394 and Zach McMillan of Gladewater, Texas, posting third quick at 16.433. Other late model drivers on hand include, Mikey Kile, Jason Krohn, Skip O'Neal, Terry Johnson, Wendall Bolden, Chris Patton, Jesse Stovall, Sean Jones, Jay Sale, Darin Busch, Patrik Daniel, Joseph Horn, Joel Wyatt, Bobby Malchus, Steven Whitaker Jr, Kevin Sitton, Ryan Gustin, Ricky Begnaud, Jeremy Payne and Shane Hebert, to name a few.
Sean Jones, Karen Jones & Kerry Jones (bad girl) - I am cooking up a Spanish feast in honour of your holiday (and weeping because I am in England). I have actually made a chicken and chorizo paella. I hope you are impressed. Now where are my castanets???
BIGDADDYJAZZ HOT 10 HI-Rotation Hi-Rotation jazz selections featured 3 times an hour during jazz programming. This month, a lot of energy from the Dave Lalama Big Band, a reunion production from Hofstra University. All musicians are current students or alumni. Pittsburghs’ own Tony DePaolis from his 2 disc set ‘The Contemporary Dynamic:’ Sean Jones solos. ‘Soulful’ from Uli Geissendorfers CD ‘Colors’/ Uli G’s daytime job is arranging and conducting for all 6 Cirque De Soleil Vegas shows. Wave Mechanics Union shows us ‘The Ability to Swing.’ Check out the special tongue in cheek nod to Peter Sellers in Clouseau. Just a few of the high-lights from our Top picks. Put it in your ears. In no particular order, WNJR Jazz presents our choice selections for February. Blues for…. Dave Lalama Big Band Accentuate the Positive….Jackie Ryan with John Clayton and friends Black Hole Sun….The Verge The Contemporary Dynamic….Tony DePaolis The Ability to Swing….Wave Mechanics Union A . ...
I dragged Lisa to West Chester University tonight to see the US Army Blues Jazz Ensemble. They had three guest trumpet soloists: Scott Belck, Joey Tartell, AND the famous Sean Jones. Sean Jones was off the charts!!! Very enjoyable evening.
The Premier Development League is pleased to announce the addition of Oklahoma City FC for the 2013 season. Oklahoma City FC is owned by metro-area residents Sean Jones, Donna Clark and Tim McLaughlin. Sold Out Strategies, led by former Oklahoma City Blazers pro hockey executives Brad Lund and DeBra...
like you, Sean Jones, Marco Coleman, Swilling, etc on the field. especially if Chan Gailey could do it.
7th Annual International Trumpet Festival will offer master-classes by the following artists. Sean Jones (Friday and Saturday afternoons), Joey Tartell (Friday afternoon), Brian Kuszyk (Saturday morning), Kevin Gebo (Saturday afternoon), Graham Breedlove (Saturday morning), Elizabeth Pfaffle (Saturday morning), Andrew Yozviak (Saturday afternoon), and Jonathan Fowler (Saturday morning). Exact times can be found on our website:
Can't wait to see everyone at Hyde Park tomorrow for our EmPOWER hOUR!!! Don't forget to support our ULYP member, Sean Jones at The August Wilson Center for Duets at 7PM AFTER you stop by Hyde Park, of course:-) Muah!
Part 1   "Baugh like Wow" had that swag. He had that laugh. And He loved game day. He was a big time-big game player. As I start to piece together his story...I know it is time to do what I couldn't do years ago when I was first approached about writing Kevin's remains the most difficult piece I've ever written because I surely will NOT be the sympathetic wife, I wish I had been. But I'm certain, by its end, shedding light on Kevin's life and the 'actual' & factual events surrounding his murder, will serve a far greater good. Thank you Al Marchetti, Bill Bellis, and all Kevin's wonderful friends from Deer Park H.S., I believe this is going to be a balm for you guys the most because quite possibly you loved him the most. I know for a fact he loved you. To Boomer Esiason, Harry Hamilton, Sean Jones and Junior Seau (posthumously) for the friendship, words of inspiration, acts of kindness, pro-bowl laughs and, friendship and love KEB. And to MY...’no matter what girls'; Alice, Anita, Gina, KK, F ...
I just want to thank some of my biggest musical influences (Miles Davis, Chris Botti, Maynard Ferguson, The YellowJackets, Marcus Miller, Sean Jones) for their inspiration while developing my own sound. And a huge thank you to ALL the great musicians and friends I get to hang and perform with.
Looking for a great Valentine's Day event, check out Love 3 Ways: Sean Jones - featuring Sean Jones, Gregory Porter and Carolyn Perteete. This is guaranteed to be a GREAT show! Buy your tickets today - they're selling fast - 412.456.6.
Odd bit of history: Lomas Brown let Sean Jones knock Scott Mitchell out of 1994 game in Milwaukee.
Just got home from the Midwest Clinic. It's an international band and orchestra conference... I learned a lot from some very notable people (Sean Jones, Jeff Bush, Jim Pugh, Frank Campos, and Wynton Marsalis!!!) Really inspired to just play my horn and live music.
Excited for tonight's show! Sean Jones and Company have an exciting set list planned...not to mention Evelyn Wright on vocals! Wow!
kind of wants to punch Sean Jones in the face. How Spence has used him in an effective marketing scheme is beyond comprehension.
...Sean Jones, JT Miller, Johnny Gaudreau, & Rocco Grimaldi. If I were to add a 6th it would be A hot GK (Don't care who) !
fantastic cast - Marti aside not my fav narrator but he certainly gets bums on seats !! Niki Evans and Sean Jones amazing!!
For one night only, jazz great Sean Jones will lead the Pittsburgh Jazz Orchestra in a tribute to internationally-acclaimed pianist and composer Billy Strayhorn. The fifth annual Suite Life event features a 17-piece instrumental and vocal ensemble to honor the enduring legacy of Billy Strayhorn thro...
That transcript takes me back: I remember a scruffy Brett with a goatee, Keith Jackson, Sean Jones, Eugene Robinson
so glad Lyn Paul and Sean Jones are in it for the closing, best Mrs J & Mickey I've seen, & such lovely people xx
Meet Black Singles 300x250
I will forgive Jerry Jones if he can hire Sean Payton this off season
They haven't been talking BBall at all, they just been talking about Jerry Jones and Sean Payton all week
well... His name is Sean Jones. Were going to try to date and see how things go. Hes been my best friend for almost 3 years
Sean Hannity is about to have Herman Cain on to talk about New Black Panther voter intimidation. This is going to be amazing.
jerry jones can still have the final say and hire a GM. he should offer sean payton a coach/gm position.
It would be killer if Jerry jones brought Sean Payton to Dallas
Another offer expected to come from Lions after Sean Jones turns down their recent offer.
Mastering demos for new function band rising from the ashes of Sean Tom & Doug tomorrow with the erstwhile Dr Jones. Funk/Blues/Rock-tastic!
Dear god watch over TSU football player Wayne Jones don't know what's wrong but he needs your blessing and healing
My prayers go to Wayne Jones and his family.
Benson will make Sean Payton the higest paid coach in the NFL and leave Jerry Jones holding his little old shriveled up *** in his hand.
You're right I'm sorry, I'll let y'all celebrate. Maryland hasn't been this excited for a recruit since Mike Jones.
MR JERRY JONES getting ready to write a big check for sean payton so i am asking cowboys fans to send a $1 pledge to help get him
Word if u don't listen to jim jones u ain't about dis life
not when they come from Sunbury's answer to Alan Jones
😳...if Sean don't chill, killing my TL like that!
Carson Palmer excited about opportunity in front of RB Taiwan Jones: “I can’t wait … feels like been waiting forever. He is so electrifying”
who's that Jones, who won't ever be be more than a situational running back.
Could this NFL coach save the Cowboys?
if Jerry Jones decides to make a smart decision and fir Garrett for Sean I foresee a good future for the Cowboys dude.
The last couple Mixtapes came out live from big Sean to yo gotti
Let me explain to you how this works miss Courtney Jones
If I was Jerry Jones I'd sign Sean Peyton you got nothing to lose
Yardbarker: VP Stephen Jones on hiring Sean Payton: “That has nothing to do with us” via
careful what you wish for, they might free Sean Payton all right. Then Jerry Jones scoop his *** up.
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