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Sean Bean

Shaun Mark Sean Bean (born 17 April 1959) is an English film and stage actor.

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Watching Sean Bean & in "OUTLAW". What a good film. Has everything in it, especially revenge. Sweet, sweet revenge!
May the Light of the Seven shine on Sean Bean's desire for Ned Stark . Also loved that he gets "Mr Bean" fan mail!
Sean's vlog was so precious what a bean
Who do u want to play Geralt of Rivia in new Netflix Witcher series? My options are Sean Bean & Charlie Hunnam.
Accidentally turned $workslack into a peer-reviewed study on the impact of Sean Bean's death on movie reviews.
Poor Sean Bean, he's died in almost every single thing he's done.
Never be named after Sean Bean. It will kill you. Before birth.
The Sean Bean curse is getting stronger...
Roman Empire: Reign of Blood is the name. it's...bad. it's sean bean…
There is something wonderfully dirty about Sean Bean's voice...💦💦💦
Lol, makes sense. We always call him Seen Bean instead of Sean Bean. Love him though.
I meant to look up Big Sean but accidentally typed in "bean" and then laughed about it for 5 minutes.. this is my life
Sean Bean, that's good enough for me 👌
Authorities charged suspect Sean Urbanski w/first-degree murder for killing a black student, Richard Collins III, at University…
'Broken' now bonnie Lass this must be set in Sheffield cos Sean Bean only speaks S…
Sean Bean on Being Killed Off, Resurrecting Ned Stark in Game of Thrones and More.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Broken: Sean Bean stars in scathing new drama about British poverty .
Sean Bean interview: 'I'm used to being killed on screen'
I had my first ever nightmare last night. Never had one before. I dreamt Sean Bean had died in real life. It was h…
Hit screenwriter Jimmy McGovern on his gritty new BBC drama starring Sean Bean:
I hate what Game of Thrones has done to me, I am starting to find Sean Bean fanciable
The only thing I've ever seen Sean Bean make it to the end of was "The Martian"
Sean Bean has died on camera 25 times. He's a walking spoiler.
Talk about burying the (lolarious) lede in this Sean Bean interview...
Sean Bean talks being killed off, resurrecting Ned Stark, and new BBC drama Broken
Mr Bean this chap/so called actor known as Sean Bean&now I state he in the movie 'Essex Boys' took on the role of a man raping a woman! 😕
I was 4, bumped into Sean bean's legs and cried
I only started watching for Sean Bean and they killed him!😒 He is a Yorkshire man and talks like me so I like to watch him😂
Ned Stark is the Lord of Winterfell, Hand of the King, and the heir to the throne of Winter. That's Sean Bean, an a…
Sean Bean lauds Jeremy Corbyn for standing up for working-class people
Sean Bean in Patriot Games has the second least convincing Irish accent ever, the least convincing ever being sported by
The little village of Leenane is on our route. The Field with Richard Harris and Sean Bean.
Yes! That was a great role for him. Not to mention Sean Bean & Famke Janssen (I'll be in my bunk).
Luke Bracey is a young Sean Bean and . I. am. here. for. it
The reigning king and queen of "I'm not even going to try" American accents are Sean Bean and Radha Mitchell in Silent Hill
the year is 2046. Fast & Furious 29 hits the cinemas starring Sean Bean, a faulty Morgan Freeman hologram and a wizened NS…
I added a video to a playlist The Last Laugh by Wilfred Owen: Read by Sean Bean | Remembering World
Sean Bean, Paul Heaton, singer from Def Leppard ... THIS is your home, Bramall Lane (revealing pic from
Sean Bean reading Wilfred Owen's Anthem for Doomed Youth...very mesmerising and chilling. Such a great actor, he is.
Heh, Jon 🌚 ... Once they casted Sean Bean to be Ned Stark, anyone close to him likely to die. That *** sites in e…
.i must say i fancy watching Tom (as baddie) acting the bloke playing Bond off the screen. Remember Sean Bean in Goldeneye!
The trailer for movie is here! Voice actors include Aaron Paul, Sean Bean, Lena Headey. ht…
princesszeldaz: Sean Bean hiking up to the Lord of the Rings sets bc he’s afraid of helicopters is even...
Watching people fight over the pronounciation of Sean Bean when we all kno it's Sheen Bane
Sean bean. Is it Shawn bawn or seen been
Because you always like Sean Bean's character?
Sean Bean has had more deaths than 2016.
That *** Sean Bean gonna get killed off soon in Game of Thrones.
Whenever I'm sad I just think about how Sean Bean changed his name from Shaun to Sean to match Bean
its fine I want revenge on the entire kingdom for the red wedding still lol. And Sean bean. Not that I watch GoT
Shudder to think what they's do to poor Sean Bean.
This is all I'm going to say on this matter: SEAN BEAN. Goodnight and god bless.
Game of Thrones Season 1 Sean Bean as Ned Stark incentive autograph card
All I know is that guy dies in pretty much most of his movies gives Sean Bean a run for his money
Pierce Brosnan. . Sean Bean cameo'ing as Richard Tice. God knows who plays you, Wiggy!
OK, this thing on "died on screen" putting John Hurt at the top with most screen deaths is just.wrong.
Only Sean Bean could inspire hundreds of geeks on boardgamegeek to play the "One does not simply..." meme with boardgames :)
Sean Bean may die in every movie, but he's immortal in all those social media memes.
To borrow a Sean Bean quote from another film "It is a gift"
ICYMI: We released our single 'Jack and the Bean Stalk'! Listen to it here:
Sean bean is dead and no one is having a good time
Just watched the trailer for Bloodline. Is it going to be like Tim Curry, and Sean Bean? Everyone I love ALWAYS DIES?
I see Sean Bean has gone back to his most valued role. Dying in films.
Ned Stark died because he was played by Sean Bean, he dies in every movie.
Sean Bean has appeared in this film!
But, seriously, just look at how earnest Sean Bean is about televised top-flight football
Jimmy McGovern papped yesterday on location with BROKEN. Oh, and some fella called Sean Bean.
Paul Ryan has the morality of bean bag.
All this focus on my private life is the most unappealing aspect of bei...
He deserves it, lol! Poor man ~ Sean Bean To Receive Commemorative Oscar For 100 On-Screen Deaths via
There is no logic to it - my favourite 'quandary'/example is 'Sean Bean': 'seen been' or 'shorn born', shurely?
This came out the dishwasher. Accidentally shouted 'Shards of Narsil!' in a Sean Bean accent.
Sean Bean only dies in everything now as narrative karmic balancing for playing Sharpe.
Watching Boxing Gold: Brook vs Jones and have just noticed the legendary Sean Bean sat front row for fight
90s Heroes, No.22: Sean Bean and the frankly wonderful Sky Sports adverts for the Premier League.
Sean Bean voiced King Regis. Of course he died.
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Kind of disappointing that Sean Bean didn't reprise his role as the king. :(
So are Lena Headey and Sean Bean. Square Enix made a big deal about the three of them being in the movie.
Sean Bean is a great actor, from Oddyseus to Boromir then Ned Starks. He fits well as those kind of characters.
I'd have to look it up but I think Matthew Modine has a nice death streak going. It's not Sean Bean level but it's good
But there are still major stars like Anthony Hopkins and Ed Harris, mirroring the name recognition of Sean Bean.
Sean Bean to narrate my every day mundane activities.
SEQUEL HOOK COMBO LET'S GO. HOOK Sean Bean, cast due to his resemblance to James Sunderland, goes back into Sil…
they could be doing the Sean Bean move from GOT using a well known face to hook everyone into season 1
Sean Bean endorses Jeremy Corbyn for giving the working class a voice | The Independent
Sean Bean explains why he is backing Jeremy Corbyn
Kevin Bacon, Sean Bean, Hallie Berry, John Hamm, that would be handy for next weeks' shop thanks
Dude I just realised that young Sean Bean look like 😯
Sean Bean is excellent in this movie.Very much the equal of Rutger Hauer.Neal McDonough also excellent.Very good cast.
Pretty sure Pierce Brosnan and Sean Bean had a bit of a set-to on this thing in Goldeneye
he isnt great actor lol, Peter Dinklage, Lena Headey, Sean Bean, Diana Rigg, Charles Dance are all better actors
I sort of knew Mark Addy and Sean Bean weren't perhaps in season 2, deffo not 3 so I knew bad stuff would happen
Sean Bean reunites with Jimmy McGovern for new TV drama
Sean Bean in the the Final Fantasy movie? You know he dead.
One step closer to helping Sean Bean save the world. Thanks for tubing in everyone.
Before Sean Bean's life flashes before his eyes, will God bellow "roll that beautiful Bean footage"?
The Lord of the Rings re-watch: do Sean bean characters always die?
"Sean Bean's dulcet tones are going to be the perfect guide for Civilization VI"
A nice bonding scene like in Lord of the Rings before Boromire dies except was nice... and hotter than Sean Bean
Sean Bean to star in Jimmy McGovern's BBC One drama series BROKEN
Me and Sean Bean were born 1 day apart in the same hospital. I kicked his *** of course. He asked for it.
it's the best season ever! Jon snow and Sean Bean are my favourite 5ever
Sean Bean is thinking what a great shot this will make
Which reminds me, was Sean Bean an ACTUAL bee-man in that movie? His name was STINGER, and he lived with bees. That movie...
Sean Bean will be the voice of Civ 6's tech tree quotes
R.I.P Sean Boylan this season for you bro 🐑👼🏼
Over seven minutes of Sean Bean swearing like it's the 1800s. Outstanding.
What are the odds he'll live past episode six?
you’re lying if you say you have never read Sean Bean’s name phonetically
Or the complete Sharpe's Rifles series (I don't think it's called Sharpe's Rifles but it does star Sean Bean)
every time Sean Bean dies a part of me goes with him
I love a man in period costume. Tom hardy or Sean bean?
But Sean Bean dies in almost everything...
Basically if Sean Bean is in it I will watch it and probably love it. There is no logic.
Celeb roundup: Sean Bean is the voice of Civilization, Iain Glen gets a new show, and more
The twist at the end of the new Civ will be at the victory screen, your victory method will kill sean bean.
the Sean Bean memes are motivation enough imo. 😂😂 Do watch it after sendups/proffs whenever. GOT feels atien kuch
Sean Bean to star in new BBC series 'Broken': via
I think there's a female Sean Bean commentating on the gymnastics.
Being Ben has never been better, unless you're Sean Bean.
I think I just realized that Rupert Graves of the 2010s is my Sean Bean of the 2000s.
thank you sean for the hard work i bean expecting this and after reading the update info im even more excited THANK YOU!!
Sean Bean steals every scene he's in usually, no different with The Martian. He's even part of "Project Elrond" 😂
12 minutes of Civilization 6 gameplay (narrated by SEAN BEAN)
Anyone placing odds yet on how Sean Bean's character is going to die in the upcoming film
i always fight the urge to pronounce it "Seen Bean" instead of Sean Bean
It's so upsetting that Sean Bean only looks like it rhymes.
GoldenEye was the perfect Sean Bean movie because he died twice
I grew up watching it, I think it's why I have a permanent Thing for Sean Bean now.
Sharpe! this was when I fell for Sean Bean.when it aired on PBS...:)
I'm watching Equilibrium for the first time and I'll time stamp for y'all when Sean Bean dies
.star Sean Bean will play a Catholic priest in 'Banished' writer Jimmy McGovern's new drama
Instead you're Some Dude who helps Sean Bean become the Chosen One Who Saves The World. I liked that approach, but it seems a lot didn't.
Sean Bean will be reading the tech quotes in Civ 6. The tech tree is clearly doomed:
Like sean is just such a wonderful person like biggest sweetheart bean in the world mark you lucky *** oh dammit
Only buying it if Sean Bean's character gets killed.
Sean Bean, Lena Headey and Aaron Paul lend their voices to the trailer for Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV
Fred Trueman, Michael Parkinson, Dickie Bird, Sean Bean, Arctic Monkeys - your boys are going to get one hellava beating...
still haven't started it - are Sean Bean and Jerome Flynn in that series?
Yeah but did he look like Sean Bean?
James Heriot, Dickie Bird, Jim Carter, Sean Bean, Tom Wilkinson, your boys took one *** of a beating
A reboot of Space Jam that Leo will win his 2nd Oscar for where Sean Bean dies in the first 5 minutes and sparks a revo…
dub with Sean Bean & Aaron Paul, bcuz anime fans are simpler than you think,& DO gobble up the 1st thing available.
Also, we have Sean Bean voicing King Regis... I hope his character isn't the first to die.
Fool the eye... Fool the brain: Ronin. De Niro, Jean Reno, Sean Bean, Stellan Skarsgard, Jonathan Pryce and Lonsdale
Adams is hussar uniform and Sean Bean is 95th Rifles ears
Desperately needed more than 3 voice actors +Patrick Stewart and Sean bean.
international students come to the UK expecting a great vocational education experience. They need to look elsewhere
Remember the time Sean Bean got glassed outside a pub in Camden? Went back in and ordered another pint instead of going to hospital. Hero.
Still can't believe that this is is a full-CGI movie. . Ps. The king is voiced by Sean Bean so gues what happens lol
That Sean Bean wasn't credited as Sean Beee-n in JupiterAscending indicates Wachowskis don't have their finger on the pulse of sci fi.
This minute and a half of Norman Reedus as Sad Nude Mpreg Sean Bean is better than entire seasons of Walking Dead.
~ Kingsglaive & it's magnificent graphics. Sean Bean is King Regis! Noctis's father!
The Martian was 💯. Sean Bean lived till the end of the movie!
A baby vampire just emerged from a chrysalis, which is admittedly more believable than Sean Bean’s whole bee thing in Jupiter Ascending
The only thing we know for sure about anything is that Sean bean dies.
.you know what happens to every character Sean Bean plays. right?
The Death Stranding trailer reminded me of the Beowulf film. Probably 'cause Norman Reedus and Sean Bean look similar.
norman looks like hes Almost sean bean but not quite sean bean
final fantasy XV movie coming to theaters has Sean Bean, Lena Heady (cersei), & Aaron Paul as the main characters. I'm going to pass away
And, I just have to note, digital Norman Reedus, to me, bears a weird resemblance to Sean Bean.
I don't have anything against the man but Norman Reedus looks like there was an accident at the Sean Bean factory
Under "brutally violent movies based on vegan recipes" there is only one suggestion for 'Tofurkill.' Looks tasteless, but I love Sean Bean
The ending was a little cheesy. The unexpected Sean Bean death was well done though
Honestly, I feel like Sean Bean characters die more often than red shirts
I head rumors he's voiced by Sean Bean.
only good part about the pixels movie is the fact that Sean bean and Peter Dinklage is in it
Sean Bean plays the king in this new Final Fantasy movie & that let's me know that the king doesn't survive Lmao
Sean Bean has died in 25 different films and TV shows
Kingsglaive hits US theaters in Aug.; new vid stars Sean Bean, Lena Headey.
he's seen Sean Bean, so he reckons that's all the deaths this season
Really has no idea about Sean Bean then...
Always a pleasure remembering that Sean Bean receives post addressed to Mr Bean
Is there a word for food cravings, except instead of food it's Sean Bean rocking you to sleep and telling you everything's going to be OK?
1 scene I enjoyed from remake was the highway scene with NIN. Sean Bean was kick ***
I know he dies of course he does, he's Sean bean
I would love to have Sean Bean's voice..
WIFE: he never compromises. ME: look, Sean Bean is either pronounced Shawn Bonn or Seen Bean it can't be both. THERAPIST: (nod…
I'm a southerner living up north for 20 years. I sound like Sean Bean raped Danny Dyer
Sean Bean looks dapper as his daughter Lorna's wedding to Michael Stone in London - Daily Mail
Sean Bean at the Sheffield United Legends match at Bramall Lane
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Need a movie where Sean Bean faces off with Kenneth Brannagh
Oh dear poor Sean Bean, I didn't know that he and Brian Cox had fallen on such hard times.
I've just watched a video of Sean Bean firing a rifle into a dead pig at the Royal Armouries in Leeds.
My mother just started watching because she likes how Sean Bean looks with long hair. I don't have the heart to tell her.
. Is Natalia Tena the new Sean Bean? Why da why
Young Ned was excellent, don't get me wrong. But I would have preferred Sean Bean with a Ron Burgundy mustache.
Can you can do a trailer review on Kingsglaive: FFXV staring Sean Bean, Aaron Paul and Lena Heady.
Don't forget about Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV with Sean Bean, Aaron Paul, and Lena Headey.
I honestly don't think anyone has ever been more effortlessly HOT (or deployed a better smolder) than Sean Bean in "Lady Chatterley."
(I assume Sean Bean is going to be like Leonard Nimoy, reading out the quotes on new technology)
Sean Bean narrating Civ VI. Not quite Leonard Nimoy, but I'm okay with it!
Sean Bean is narrating the Civilization 6. I hope he voices the Civilopedia in-game like Leonard Nimoy did.
Here's hoping Sean Bean narrates the whole game, personally I thought Civ 5's was terrible. Leonard Nimoy has been the best (Civ 4)
If you'd only ever seen GoT you could totally buy that guy as young Ned Stark. If you'd ever seen young Sean Bean, not so much
LOVED the scene of Young Ned, Lyanna & Hodor! It was good. Well played, I hope you won't die like Sean Bean!
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
doesn't ring a bell, neither does Sean Bean
There are flash backs to earlier times - will we get to see Sean Bean, the Lord Eddard Stark?
Jonathan Pryce as Ranieiri, Sean Bean as Pearson, Joseph Gilgun as Vardy & Chris Hemsworth as Schmeichel. That's the cast, right?
It has suddenly occurred to me that both Sean Bean and Kit Harrington were both in Silent Hill also.
Lou Ferrigno could have been the Sean Bean of his day if he'd played his cards right. Show up 1 day of shooting, tops
My celebrity dad Sean Bean is in Game Of Thrones . Yes to the Beans!
Congrats to my client on the opening of Sharpe's café in Scarborough. Coffee beans AND Sean Bean!
Sean Bean is exactly how I pictured Stark.
. Why not throw some clone action in. Multiple Sean beans die to reveal the real Sean Bean. . Who dies anyway.
They need to get Sean Bean to replace Bill Murray in the sequel. Let him die within the first 5 minutes
Okay how long is Sean Bean in this movie before he gets killed? I'll be generous & give him 30 mins 😬👍🏻.
Sean Bean and his fiancee Ashley Moore at The Martian European Premiere
Best thing Cracked ever wrote: "Or, maybe it's Apollo Creed or Dillon from Predator, or ... geez, Carl Weathers is the black Sean Bean."
BREAKING: From drama to farmer, Sean Bean joins
Sean Bean playing the King in Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV pretty much spoils that the character dies.
Website Builder 728x90
I had that convo with Al last night. . Al: Sean Bean is the king. . me: So he's going to die.
DARN!! Sean Bean was perfect for King Regis. :c
So since the amazing Sean Bean is voicing him in, its pretty much confirmed King Regis will die in right? lol
Sean Bean is in this? Guess King Regis dies then thanks square for spoiling!
is Sean Bean going to voice King Regis in the game? Or is he only in the movie?
Pretty sure this was already said, but watch King Regis meet an untimely demise in the FFXV movie. He is played by Sean Bean after all.
As per Sean Bean tradition, King Regis is gonna die in FFXV confirmed.
Sean Bean voices King Regis. I already know the outcome of his fate, lol.
Lena Heady will be voicing LunaFreya, Sean Bean will be voicing King Regis and Aaron Paul will be voicing a character Nyx!
Sean Bean is voicing King Regis. I think we all know what that means.
Sean Bean will voice King Regis in Final Fantasy XV, confirming that he will die in typical Bean fashion.
King Regis is so dead. OMG Sean Bean and Lena Headey this is so great
The thing about casting Sean Bean as King Regis is that we all now know he's DEFINITELY going to die at the end of Kings Glaive.
King Regis probably dies then. Sean Bean never survives!
Sean Bean playing King Regis in Kingsglaive, so Regis dies then huh?
Also I guess by announcing that Sean Bean is playing King Regis, they're also announcing that King Regis will die at some point.
I find it hilarious how almost everybody I know who heard that Sean Bean was gonna voice King Regis, they were like
King Regis in Final Fantasy XV will be voiced by Sean Bean.guess who's dying!
Just like Clancy Brown will always be military guy, Sean Bean will always be guy who dies.
Honestly, Clancy Brown being in a show is about as much of a hint to his character arc as Sean Bean is.
'The Frankenstein Chronicles' premiered on ITV and Vanessa Kirby plays with Sean Bean
Watching Silent Hill before heading off to bed. Really surprises me that Sean Bean manages to stay alive in this one.
Sean Bean's character even pulls a Ned Stark and lies to his daughter about her past/parentage..WITH JON SNOW JUST CHILLIN' THERE.😮
they. they're talking about Elrond. Lord of the Rings. with Sean Bean in there. good
Watching The Martian finally. Love the LotR joke with Sean Bean in the room. Cause he was in that movie. Classic.
I feel like Sean Bean played Lord Eddard Stark so well. I love the character. Shame he had to die
Remake "The Devil's Backbone" as a history movie starring Sean Bean and Michelle Monaghan
And they stayed true to the bit where Michael Ironside loses a limb in every film.That joke is almost as bad as Sean Bean dying in films.
escape to victory, ID (Sean Bean, Sean Pertwee movie about football hooligans).If you can get that over here,it's great
Sean Bean should play Alan Rickman in the story of his life.
New movie plot: A man, played by Sean Bean, dies. He comes back as a ghost, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan.
Okay, Sean Bean and Brian Cox clutching each other and shrieking made me crack a smile. And then feel bad for smiling.
How did a movie with Sean Bean, Malcolm McDowell, and Silent Hill go so wrong? Like you must have TRIED to f that up because there's no way
Sean Bean as Richard Sharpe is obscenely attractive
Sean Bean was the ideal man to play the Napoleonic hero, Richard Sharpe. Here's why...
I think the Martian might be the only film Sean Bean has ever been in where he doesn't die
Mrs G's Law when watching Morse: most famous actor did it. Sean Bean, Jim Broadbent and Richard Wilson. You have my attention Morse.
How have I never known that there is a movie of Anna Karenina starring Sean Bean?! Cannot finish this essay fast enough to watch it!
Alright hi, we'd like Peter Dinklage, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Michelle Fairley, Sean Bean and Aidan Gillen to join our motley crew, cheers.
Portrait 5 of my 100 portraits project. Sean Bean as Lord Eddard Stark in Game of Thrones.…
Mate, between that and Sean Bean deaths, I have been on fire tonight. Compared to normal anyway!
So all the good across name have letter B In start . BENIDICT Cumbberbatch . Bill Murray . Bradley Cooper . Brad Pitt . Christian Bale . Sean Bean
how about Sean Bean. 006 in james bond, patriot games, national treasure, the island
Bradley James on Sean Bean on Thorin, Killi and Filli on the Hobbit. I can't even re-watch anymore :(
Sean Bean talking about his favourite foods. Nick Offerman talking about his wife Megan Mullally.
Little Giant Ladders
Paul Heaton was the one who hurt me over it. Sean Bean remained tbe
On a side note, does Dan Carpenter not look like Sean Bean aka Ned Stark.
Boromir didn't make it past Fellowship of the Ring (film adaptation). Ned Stark was gone after Season 1. Sean Bean just ca…
Because they have decent fans? Unlike your crying mob. Who can forget Sean Bean leading the March to parliament.
What skeletons in the closet did Adam Sandler have on Peter Dinklage, Michelle Monaghan & Sean Bean?
Sean Bean sounds like a northerner Jony Ive in The Martian
By the end of the year I may have seen two 2015 releases where Sean Bean doesn't die!
His latest role as Philip Lombard will prove his versatility. Richard Armitage and Sean Bean should get over themselves
And how did Wolfgang Petersen not make an Odyssey starring Sean Bean? Missed opportunity.
I think most people watch if for young Sean Bean and Pierce Brosnan.
Sean Bean dies in almost everything. Same goes for Jared Leto 😂😭😂
No big deal...just puffing up to Mr. Sean Bean aka Ned Stark
I cannot see Sean Bean without seeing Ned Stark
Can’t believe Melanie Hill was married to Sean Bean! Cathy and Ned Stark!
Yes, Sean Bean stars as the lead. Ex undercover agent. Ned Stark is back with a vengeance!
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
and anybody watching Sean Bean in When Saturday Comes
PITCH: a movie where Powers Boothe is the good guy and Sean Bean lives. No one will ever see it coming.
King George commands and we obey. John Tams sings. Over the Hills and Far Away. and Sean Bean at his swashbuckling best
Sean Bean has died in a higher percentage of film and TV projects in which he appears than any other living actor of n…
um no he's not, he's mine along with Sean Bean 😉😉
Sean Bean's name is the reason why the English language cannot have nice things
We've lost Robert Webb. But we've gained Sean Bean and Jason Manford. Still one up, I guess.
Really enjoyed The Martian tonight. Matt Damon was fab as per. Kudos too to Sean Bean and whoever curated that soundtrack.
Sean Bean?! Brian Cox?!? What the he'll are YOU doing in this movie!!!
Ohh!! A northern accent is ok too! Sean Bean sort of styleee rather than Liam Gallagher tho xx
Why was Sean Bean gothic thriller Frankenstein Chronicles hidden away on ITV Encore?
I just tried watching Silent Hill revelation. Firstly, was that Jon Snow? Secondly, was that Sean Bean?!? Finally, do not watch that movie.
May be if i don't talk or move much, they won't notice me long enough to kill me. Sean Bean in
OMG, got a second season. I'm not complaining about more Sean Bean on my TV but.did they watch S1???
Sean Bean AND a Lord of the rings reference?? Lol love it
probably Sean Bean's best movie, second only to Bravo Two Zero in my opinion
Why the *** can't we expend those kinds of resources to save Sean Bean?. ☛
one does not simply cast Sean Bean.
One does not simply cast Sean Bean. Best Easter Egg ever in The Martian
Ian Kelsey is the Sean Bean of soap operas. He is contractally obligated to be killed off in everything he's been in...
I am so unhappy seeing Sean Bean in so many movies recently and not dying at the end.The man lost his magic.Goddam.
Henning of The Voice Germany looks a lot like Sean Bean. 😁
it must not have really been Sean Bean then
Also, did I just see a film where a character played by Sean Bean didn't die? I wasn't even sure that was possible!
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