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Sean Astin

Sean Astin (born February 25, 1971) is an American film actor, director, voice artist, and producer best known for his film roles as Mikey Walsh in The Goonies, the title character of Rudy, and Samwise Gamgee in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

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I love Sean Astin more than any 23 year old should.
I now want an OC with Sean Astin as faceclaim.
I love Sean Astin, let it be known.
In case you forgot, I love Samwise with all my heart. And I love Sean Astin even more.
matt is watching Stranger Things 2 and when sean astin was on he goes "what is he in?" and I actually cried from laughing
So you’re telling me Sean Astin is banging Will’s mom
I met Sean Astin years ago. And to answer your question - no, but I regularly have trouble closing the hol…
Does anyone actually realize what an incredibly talented and diverse Actor Sean Astin really is??
You ever take a dump so huge, you tear a gate open into the Upside-Down, only to discover Sean Astin got even fatter?
love Sean Astin aka Bob. did such a fantastic job
I'm just thankful we still have Sean Astin.
Seth Green & Sean Astin voice Loki & Loni, respectively in the episode “One of the Boys”
Something I have to get off my mind - so here it goes:. Sean Astin was good in Stranger things and heroic and all t…
Along with we're proud to present the Sean Astin panel from Chicago. Go to…
Lol Sean Astin blocked me. your hobbit friend is uninterested in pedophiles dominating Hollyweird
I really enjoyed the Dustin & Steve adventures, though, and Sean Astin was fantastic as Bob Newby, superhero.
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I don’t think so, I’m just impressed that Sean Astin has stuck around this long. His portfolio is impressive.
Waiting for sean astin to block me like
Happy Thanksgiving! To show how thankful we are for our fans, we are going to announce our second guest. Folks - you know h…
And I want to be played by Sean Astin if there’s ever a movie of my life.
Sean Astin in The Little Otaku that couldn't Even. Featuring an all new original song by SIA. Coming July 12, 2018.…
Truth I never had a crush on Sean Astin until Bob Newby.
People will root for anyone who shows them their heart - Sean Astin
When you realize Sean Astin and Patton Oswalt look SO similar
This dude is a cross between Ben Roethlisberger and Sean Astin
As a man who’s kept his nose clean and stayed out of trouble, fulfilled a solid acting career and still going, and…
Okay, so *now* Business Insider knows who Sean Astin is.
Don't get me wrong, I understand all the hype over in Stranger Things 2, because he's Sean Astin, and he…
2. Casting on this show is incredibly smart. Sean Astin is perfect and all, but smarter still is Paul Reiser, whose…
The final moments of my dream last night consisted of me hanging out with Sean Astin in a stalled conga line in a school gymnasium.
he could be Sean Astin and we would never know
okay so I just wanna say I had forgotten? or did not appreciate fully the first time? how Sean Astin ful…
Weird. Woke up from a dream that was all movie clips scored by songs, narrated by Sean Ast…
Nah, I’m totally right. :) Season 2 was still fun but it lacked the mystery of season 1. And the s…
I’ve not seen Sean Astin in a long time. It’s jarring that he’s now as big as me.
Also, when did Sean Astin eat young Sean Astin
Sean Astin describes one thing you probably never knew about "The Goonies"
Truly disappointed in season 2. I liked it fine up until the point Sean Astin died.
I know I've been in love with Sean Astin since I was 6...but God Bless America. 😍
Sean Astin was the Peter Jackson Samwise Bob Scoles was the Ralph Bakshi Samwise and Roddy…
When you're trying to clear your mind during Savasana but all you can think about are how cruel the creators of "St…
star Sean Astin has the perfect gift for Mikey from "Goonies"
Sean Astin should play Doctor Octopus in the next Spider-Man movie. I'm not sure how I came to this conclusion but I…
*** how does anyone not know Sean Astin... a KNOWN legend. King of lotr and the goonies AND Toy Soldiers like ?
This is my fantasy. Sean Astin and John Cusack talking liberal politics? Excuse me while I Tug McGraw. You gotta be…
Sean Astin is on CBS Late Show tonight with TV'S Tolkien scholar Stephen Colbert.
Sean Astin touching Wynona Ryder's knee in is the small victory all us fat hobbits need.
Sean Astin and wynona Ryder making out is the most 80's thing about this show
Air Force One, starring Sean Astin and Bob Hoskins. Directed by Irvin Kershner, music by Embrace. Budget: $105m
Quiet as kept, Sean Astin and Tom Hanks the only actors that can get some type of emotion out of me with their characters. idky
I watched the first few and it's SO GOOD. Sean Astin is killing me but everyone is the best character. 😂😂😂
It took 32 years but Sean Astin is finally involved in a good version of The Goonies.
Before anyone thinks I’m dissing Sean Astin I’m not and it’s a reference to a ST spoiler I swear to god.
Sean Astin in Stranger Things season two is really all I could have asked for
The most piece of fiction unrealistic unbelievable thing in has to be without a doubt..Sean Astin and Winona Ryder together.
You can never escape the Goonies, Sean Astin.
Stranger Things 2; Glad to see Sean Astin not Sean Bean. Samwise might make it through this,but Boromir Stark would have been Barb’d already
Young Sean Astin, old Sean Astin, I'd still make out with him. Once a goonie, always a goonie.
Starting Strangers 2 with Chloe! Paul Rieser and Sean Astin are in this!?!?
And Jesus...Sean Astin has been involved in so many iconic movies. The Goonies, as I mentioned...he was Rudy, he was Samwise Gamgee in LoTR,
I'm not okay with what they've done to Sean Astin
Sean Astin, Mike from the Goonies, as Bob in Stranger Things 2, is just brilliant casting. Such a great nod.
Can we just get this straight. Bob, Sean Astin, Samwise Gamgee. I love him. He's perfect. Almost too perfect. I stg.
Sean Astin is sweet in Stranger Things 2 but does an awful job making that can of vintage Dr Pepper look not like an empty prop can
I love how Sean Astin is basically Sam Wise in Stranger Things 2. Love it lol.
Spotted in Season 2: Actor Sean Astin carrying a Family Video rental! It's set in the 80's—we don't carry…
How can Sean Astin be 46 and selling electronics in 1984 and then be finding buried treasure at 13 in 1985?
General consensus- Sean Astin is one of the most underrated actors to ever live.
Sean Astin is in the new season of Stranger Things and I'm super excited about it 👏🏼
Watched first 4 eps of Stranger Things 2 last night. Good slow build of tension, 80s soundtrack is slamming, Sean Astin is cute teddy bear 🐻
Did you mean Sean Grandillo and Skylar Astin cause I agree
Stranger Things is the only show that could ever get me excited about Sean Astin and Paul Reiser
Finally done marathoning thru Stranger Things 2, just as good as season 1, new cast were great especially Paul Reiser and Sean Astin.
Of course Sean Astin and Paul Reiser would join the Stranger Things cast.
Watching Stranger Things season 2. Sean Astin and Paul Reiser are in this episode. Geek references 🙂
Nice to see Patton Oswalt in season 2. . What? That’s Sean Astin?
Whoa, when did Sean Astin and Patton Oswalt become the same person?
Sean Astin in Stranger Things looks like Patton Oswalt's older brother who wishes he'd quit comedy and work at their dads insurance company
is good. Sean Astin playing Patton Oswalt as Bob is great.
The only conspiracy theory I buy into(aside from 9/11, obvi) is that Sean Astin and Patton Oswalt are actually related.
Season 3 of Stranger Things will be about how Sean Astin turned into Patton Oswalt
So since Lord of the Rings was released, Sean Astin has basically physically morphed into Patton Oswalt.
The older Sean Astin gets, the more he looks and sounds like Patton Oswalt. . I consider that a form of longbottoming.
I honestly thought Sean Astin was Patton Oswalt for a minute.
Woah Sean Astin is gonna be in Stranger Things 2 🤙🏼
Sean Astin is in Stranger Things 2... wel we all know how loyal samwise is to saving the day
I did the LOTR theme, because I met Sean Astin last week at a Comic Con.
I realized something amazing last night. John Astin was Sean Astin’s father... which means that Gomez Addams is Samwise Gamgee’s old gaffer.
Forgot about that movie, and I just saw Sean Astin at the San Francisco Comic Con a couple weeks ago...
Goonies never say die! Hangin w/ Sean Astin at NJ Horror Con. We'll be here all weekend so get your tickets now!…
I love and respect Sean Astin, but I resent him a bit for Special Agent Oso.
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Sean Astin chilling out on the set of The Goonies. Probably still thinking about kissing Kerri Green.
So are you currently freaking out over the fact that you get to work with Sean Astin? Because I'm kind of freaking out for you! :)
Corey Feldman is The actor of my younger days(next to Prince Sean Astin) I wi…
And Sean Astin is in the new season, right?
Sean Astin when he is on the bigger side.
I saw Sean Astin, Billy Gardell, and Fred Stoller in the same episode. Now I’m on one with Craig T. Nelson
I heard Sean Astin reading A Bad Case of Stripes on Storyline Online and just had to pop in!
This episode of Angel was directed by Sean Astin. Thought should know
Hi there handsome Noah! You look great keep those movies coming,You & Sean Astin were the teen guy…
oh yes!!! I see a whole BTS vlog on just meeting Sean Astin and you trying to act cool and calm next to him. :D
Sean Astin (Rudy, Goonies) is the greatest celeb to get an autograph from. Nicest most down to earth guy.
Hot Topic had the best LOTR shirts girl 😩 I remember I wore this when Sean Astin was in the Apple Blossom parade. 😂
I really didn't think. Especially early on. But those clever guys. They knew they had the…
hey guess what you officially get to act with Sean astin
Holy crap he looks like 1990s Sean Astin.
Just watched the too much to ask video wow I love Niall? Also he looks like a young sean astin in this vid
I just remembered Sean Astin is gonna be in season 2 of stranger things and that just made my whole day
The Goonies REUNITE for 30th anniversary: You won’t BELIEVE what they look like now
Wait hold the phone.Sean Astin is going to be in it?
My biggest question going into Stranger Things 2 is, how much of a role will Sean Astin have? Possible love interest for Joyce? D&D master?
Wow Sean and Mackenzie Astin look so handsome here,both of them
Come out and meet Sean Astin and Kerri Green ONLY at New Jersey Horror Con and Film Festival!!!…
Make it a marathon: Bad Kids Go to *** then Bad Kids of Crestview Academy…
1992 is probably the last year where Pauly Shore could be called more likable than Sean Astin in the friggin' Washi…
Lee was also in The Colour of Magic, with Sean Astin, making it almost a LotR film. XD
There is no point to life if Sean Astin's text notification is not The Specials "A Message to You, Rudy"
Have you heard the awesome Kerri Green and Sean Astin are coming to New Jersey Horror Con and…
Yep, there we go. Foggies Nelsons of the 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s. David Doyle, Dan Aykroyd, Joel Murray, Sean Astin
John Rhys-Davies and Sean Astin were definitely the best ones 😍
Well it's not like Sean Astin and James Woods were doing anything.
Rory Cochrane as John & Sean Astin as Andrew in Hickenlooper's The Low Life cc
Loving seeing Sean Astin popping up . Absolutely the way it oughta be. Astoria Oregon meets Hawkins Indiana.
Elijah Wood, Sean Astin, Ian McKellen. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003). Peter Jackson
Sean Astin should have nominated for best supporting actor for this film. He was phenomenal.
I'll never understand how Sean Astin didn't get a Best Support Actor Oscar nom for that one.
Also, Sean Astin and Sean McGuire will be there so
Happy Birthday to Sean Astin who gained 35 to 40 pounds for his role of Samwise 'Sam' Gamgee in the "Lord of the...
lol. I mixed it up with this ... I think I remember Wheaton & Jerry Orbach is his mob dad & Sean Astin is ... really fast?
I may not have been as crazy about as everyone else, but casting Sean Astin as Winona Ryder's boyfriend is perfection
🎶 Encino Man, sure was fine. That movie creates mirth. Sean Astin didn’t fudge his lines. Brendan Fraser got some work. Hey, hey 🎶
With my LEGO Samwise Gamgee, this will complete my Sean Astin LEGO collection
If Sean Astin & Macaulay Culkin had a son he would look like Niall Horan
news. Duffer brothers release details on Sean Astin's character. As well as Paul Reiser!.
west coast feed must be different. I'm watching an extremist Christian with children cultists with Sean Astin
sean astin plays a radical reverend in this episode of law and order and it's KILLING ME
Sean Astin, Billy Boyd, Dominic Monaghan and Elijah Wood behind the scenes of The Lord Of The Rings.
Wouldn't it be cool if in Stranger Things S2 Sean Astin was playing a kid/guy named Mikey lost in the Upside Down instead?
Check out this Amazon deal: Hatched by Sean Astin
I'm talking about the real Rudy, Wade. Not Sean Astin.
Signed Lord of the Rings, The 8x10 Photo by Elijah Wood, Liv Tyler, Sean Astin, Cate Blanchett,..
As Joe Montana reminds us, the real Rudy also isn't nearly as compelling as Sean Astin's Rudy.
EXCLUSIVE: creators dish on season 2 and new cast members Sean Astin and Paul Reiser.…
Trying to catch up on The Librarians. It's 2 am and it's "and The Tears of a Clown". Wanna skip but Felicia Day & Sean Astin.
Almost wrecked today cause I thought I saw my childhood movie crush Sean Astin (aka Rudy from Rudy) walking down Main St... wasn't him 😔
If I ever see Sean Astin out eatin potatoes, I will go up to him&say "whats taters precious? PO-TAY-TOES boil em mash em stick em in a stew"
I saw Sean Astin on a celebrity poker show and everybody openly hated him there too so I believe it.
If Liv Tyler and Sean Astin had been in this picture as well then it would have been perfect😍
It's so crazy that Sean Astin hasn't grown an inch since The Goonies
The Lord of the Rings Trilogy Movie Sheet Music Songbook Signed/Autographed by Sean Astin by A&R..
Today I dramatically left a group chat after my sister mistook a photo of John Hamm for Sean Astin
Sean Astin as Samwise Gamgee makes my heart melt😍😍😍
If it wasn't for Sean Astin and Brandon Fraser, Encino Man would have been so painful to watch. They made that movie.
I'm watching Encino Man, and my biggest question is how the *** Sean Astin manages to look exactly the same 10...
did you see that Rudy(Sean Astin) was going to be on Stranger Things Season 2?
Sean Astin is litterally my 5th grade crush. I love the Goonies.
Sean astin is gonna be on stranger things s2? Now i really wanna rewatch the goonies
Sean Astin joined the stranger things cast so i guess i have to start watching it now
Just when you thought couldn't get more '80s ... by via
Congrats to and on joining the cast of Season 2!
Just when you thought couldn't get more '80s ...
'Stranger Things' season 2 keeps it real ’80s, casts stars from 'Aliens' and 'Goonies':
Sean Astin and Paul Reiser to appear in Season 2 of Stranger Things
Sean Astin joining makes it almost complete. All we need now is Henry Thomas & Drew Barrymore.
I'm sure I'll love as soon as I'm ready for a subscription, but house payments come first.
Awesome series, features two of my favourite actors; Corey Stoll and Sean Astin and set in NYC 💕 x
'Stranger Things' Season 2 keeps it real ’80s, casts stars from 'The Goonies' and 'Aliens'. https:/…
Season 2 adds 'Goonies' and 'Lord of the Rings' star
Sean Astin and Paul Reiser join as first Season 2 photo is released
It apparently wasn't Goonies enough, so they added Sean Astin. Can't wait for Josh Brolin in Season 3.
Sean Astin & three US Olympic marathoners, top ten finishers at the Games, & this year's Grand Mars…
Sean Astin, Jason Priestley and the best Cosplay from Windsor Comic Con
The real Rudy Ruettiger is a Republican. So (I think) is Sean Astin.
@ UofM Ann Arbor for our Sean Astin campus visits and look who I ran into! Collin Kelly our former organizer for Rebecca Thompson for State…
Might have met John Rhys Davies and Sean Astin from :D
Having great time at Waiting in line now for picture with Sean Astin & John Rhys Davies.
Breaking News: Trey Parker, Lorde, Sean Astin, Rick Perry, Colin Powell and the blonde from 2 Broke Girls are all dead.
Desi Arnaz Jr. Was -according to the internets- very close to Sean Astin, famous for playing Sam in LOTR.
you know 40% of the water was Pauly Shore pee and 30% was Sean Astin tears. It was plausible.
The dilemma - Emma Caulfield's or Sean Astin's panel?! 2 panels I was looking forward 2 R @ the same time. 😭 Why, why?!
Main Title Theme Sheet Music From the Movie "Rudy" Autographed/Signed by Sean Astin and the REAL Rudy Ruettiger   10% Off
Actor and Clinton supporter Sean Astin with Sen. Tim Lanane at Democratic Party HQ just now.
I beat Rudy / Sam (Sean Astin) a hundred times in Bball if that counts for anything. (I was 12)
It's the start of a new quest with Sean Astin & The Burke Clan
ICYMI Lord of the Rings Actor Sean Astin films TV show about game program.
Hey Rudy is overrated. Special Agent Oso is Sean Astin's best work
Worse survival skills - Sean Astin in Icebreaker or the Olsen Twins in Double, Double, Toil and Trouble?
There is something about JJ Abrams' voice that reminds me of Sean Astin.
Sean Astin pays tribute to his mother Patty Duke in...
This was also the year I met Sean Astin, and proceeded to fangirl so hard that I told him I went to Notre Dame (lie) and fell off the stage.
Actor Sean Astin speaks in Flint about mental health awareness From ABC12WJRT
Our title sponsor, Jester'Z Improv, is hosting an event you do not want to miss!. Sean Astin is coming back to...
just attended Sean Astin's presentation and he ended it with one of his quotes in his Hobbit voice👏🏽
TONIGHT! Sean Astin, actor & mental health advocate, will speak on bi-polar disorder, 7-9PM in the Ballenger Field House.…
Actor Sean Astin honored his late mother Patty Duke with a touching throwback photo on Tuesday. The actor posted the pic…
Sean Astin visited Mott Library today and signed my book!
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I don't wanna Rudy-shame anybody, but how come we all accepted Sean Astin's blackface character, "Russell Wilson" https:/…
We are the CEO'S of our body, mind and spirit. Sean Astin today at Mott Community College. I like that quote Sean. Something to ponder!
Actor Sean Astin at Mott Community College discussing life with Mom Patty Duke. Ballenger Eminent Persons Lecturer
Remember when Andy lied to Sean Astin and fooled all of the Lord of the Rings cast and screwed them over? Shatner reminds me a bit of that.
Sean Astin is crowdrising for Patty Duke Mental Health Project: Donated. Your Mom lives on thru you!
Relaxing in a big fluffy blanket, watching The Two Towers with actor commentary. Sean Astin, will you let others speak p…
Sean Astin talks over everyone else continually ...
Clare and Pip's traditional LOTR marathon with commentary. It's like the good old days laughing at how pretentious Sean…
The sidekick business has been good to me.
NEW YORK (AP) — After months of seeing his mother in pain and holding her hand when she died, Sean Astin turned his mournin…
It was sad about Patty Duke Astin. Knowing Sean was part of LOTR we send our love and prayers, as we know you did. Remembering her!
📹 I had the honor to direct an interview for Entertainment Tonight with Sean Astin about his mother,...
orderd cosplay yay! orderd tickets to acc yay! orderd tickets for photo's with Sean Astin YAY!
Check out our new podcast interview with He's a terrific storyteller! ht…
Sean Astin on Mom Patty Duke's Bipolar Disorder: 'We Were All in the Storm Together' via
My wife is very patient. On our honeymoon in 1992, we got a motor home and ...
Sean Astin is coming to Sydney's Supanova this year! No amount of exclamation marks can convey my excitement!
Career highlights include: once made eye contact with Kurtwood Smith, my car was almost used in a Sean Astin movie, saw a president on a bus
Jon Voight, Sean Astin, and Melissa Joan Hart moved to Check it out. The movie Believe, scored big at the box office.
Sean Astin played Sam Gamgee in Lord of the Rings. I had no idea Patty Duke was his mom, but it makes sense now.
Patty Duke, Oscar-winning actress and mother of 's own Sam Gamgee, Sean Astin
Sean Astin, aka Samwise Gamgee in The Lord of the Rings, is coming to FACTS!
Just saw that Sean Astin, Samwise Gamgee himself, will be a guest at Glasgow Film & Comic Con at Braehead this year, that is AWESOME.
Sean Astin and Cory Feldman on the set of 'The Goonies' (1985) Chris Columbus
I want to see: Nathan Fillion, Lea Thompson, Karen Gillain, Alan Tudyk, Sean Astin, and Christopher Lloyd.
Watching with Nathan. Am I the only person that thinks Allen Leach looks just like Sean Astin?
Sean Astin as Mikey Walsh in the goonies (1985) 😻 (Vine by
Most of the dwarves, Sean Astin, Billy Boyd, john Rhys-Davies, Renee OConnor "who else is coming?"
idk the other guy but Sean Astin is 😍😍
sean astin can still get it, I'm not even ashamed
[my thoughts while watching The Goonies] (young) Sean Astin looks an awful lot like 🤔
I've always had a crush on Sean Astin ✌
A. looks eerily like Elijah Wood in that picture. When are you sending him out on the road with a magic ring and Sean Astin?
The Texans might have to bring on Sean Astin for this Hollywood comeback to happen.
Watching OG Spider-Man and Tobey Maguire is basically the poor man's Sean Astin
thanks to Sean Astin 😝 but that's an awesome photo.. Wow. Iconic. Thanks for sharing!!
Who is the guy in front of Sean Astin?
Sean Astin mentioned in his book that his daughter got a temp tattoo
I've seen Elijah Wood, Sean Astin and Billy Boyd do Q&A sessions, Dom will make it a full set!
Can't believe we've spent so much time trudging through the woods and no one has run into Sean Astin. Or Meryl Streep.
I tried to get well niche with the army men. Small Soldiers? No? Toy Soldiers with Sean Astin? No?
Sean Astin (Samwise Gamgee) reads a chapter from The Two Towers. I wish he'd do the whole trilogy!
I'm much more prone to feeling down a lot. I just feel sluggish and unmotivated.
We got to meet Actor Sean Astin over the weekend. That's a win
Sean Astin was in attendance. His niece plays for Willow
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
I'm a gushing mess right now, listening to Sean Astin. Ee
I would've gone with Paulie Shore in Encino Man with Sean Astin who is in Lord of the Rings with Ian Holm. Loving it so far. 😊
are you guys aware of Sean Astin's stream glitching every 5 seconds?
Sean Astin (Samwise Gamgee) is now reading his favorite chapter from LOTR, live on our shopping network
Sean Astin (sam) is reading LOTR live, thought you might like to check it out
Subscribe to TRAILERS: Subscribe to COMING SOON: Subscribe to INDIE TRAILERS: Like us on ... source...
I didn't realize Pauly Shore and Sean Astin were so talented
Meeting actor/fellow runner Sean Astin at the WDW health and fitness expo last year. So cool!
but are Sean Astin and Seth Rogen the same person?
Sean Astin. I'll be reading "The Choices of Master Samwise" from The Two Towers. Thursday Jan 7, 5pm PT, 8pm ET,...
*throws a million academy awards at Sean Astin*
That Rudy/Sean Astin commercial woulda been a lot funnier if had showed up today
Danny Glover, Vinnie Jones, Sean Astin, and Mischa Barton are all in a movie together and that's the most ridiculous cast I've ever heard of
Sean Astin has always looked like he just graduated college
40 yrs ago today, Daniel "Rudy" Ruettiger sacked the QB, a play immortalized by Sean Astin in the movie Rudy.
All purpose parts banner
Going around lately..."Who would have a threesome with." . Easy, Anthony Michael Hall, and Sean Astin.
The only time I can take Sean Astin as a badass seriously was as Samwise Gamgee.
Cant' wait to see Woodlawn the Movie! Here's a great scene w/ Sean Astin, Nicholas Bishop & Kevin Sizemore. Make...
Missed the expo when Sean Astin was there, now missing it while Billy Boyd is there. This upsets me bc Sam & Pippin are my favourites 😭
This looks great. Rudy's Sean Astin plus Jon Voigt, C Thomas Howell and a lot of new comers. Echoes of REMEMBER...
You know you're the theatre student when you're the only one in your row who freaks out when Sean Astin's acting teacher was Stella Adler
My new book "Woodlawn" released today. "Woodlawn" movie with Sean Astin (Rudy) and Jon Voight hits theaters Oct. 15
Sean Astin, Chris Mulkey, and Mimi Rogers star in the tale of the unpredictable waters of Lake Michigan, a...
I just entered giveaway to win a DVD copy of starring Sean Astin!
When you're the most Percy Weasley, Frasier Crane, Sean Astin, Miles Tuck, Governor Swann, Captain Von Trapp of all your friends...
After more than a year, my video of:. Sean Astin panel Part 5 of 5. Talks about dad, John Astin.
Sean Astin and George R.R Martin are a starting a car company. They're calling it Sean and George's Sports Car Company
The festivities continue! The Goonies and The NeverEnding Story at Mechanics Hall. Q&As with Sean Astin and Tami...
So this is what Corey Feldman has been up to! (& Sean Astin)
Sam&Dean need to "visit" DEVILS LAKE,ND. Makes ultimate sense! And Sean Astin can play - Bring too!
Very grateful for Bradley Gregg in Class of 1999 and Sean Astin in Toy Soldiers 😭
Watching any movie where Sean Astin is in love with anyone except Rose is just weird.
I mean, Sean Astin used to be cute 😏
Tim Burton will never cast Sean Astin in one of his movies because of what Sam did to Shelob.
It is Saturday, it is a dry but dull day. Sean Astin is in front of all of his Commodore 64 games. The end.
Yep, Sean Astin. Used to buy Tiger Beat and moon over him and River Phoenix and Wil Wheaton.
Jurassic World : The young kid reminded a lot of a young Sean Astin. BDH is weird and the Chris Pratt role...
When I got to ask Sean Astin a question in front of 1000+ people and meet him.. I don't think I've ever been so happy
I added a video to a playlist Sean Astin in "Smile"
Stay tuned after The Zone for my buddy, Luke coming to you LIVE from Aurora, Colorado. He'll have Sean Astin from...
I saw a man resembling a young bearded sean astin on the subway today... today was a good day
Congrats to Sean on this. Illeana was an acting classmate of mine.
ITS 1AM BUT WHO CARES i love my son sean astin!
So wants to meet Sean Astin again & tell him what we MEANT to say back to him... And I think if you & I pooled our...
ICYMI My blog post about filming at TV episode about game program.
The cast of The Goonies with their studio teacher Rhoda C. Fine.
Awesome new additions to my Signed by Sean Astin and Scott Wilson!…
It's really exciting watching this having just seen Sean Astin and John Rhys-Davies at last weekend.
You guys. Did you know Sean Astin's mom is Patty Duke aka Neely O'Hara from Valley of the Dolls? This is incredible to me.
Billy Dee Williams, Henry Winkler, Sean Astin and more at this year's Richmond ... -
Remember when Sebastian Stan, Matt smith, karen gillan, Sean Astin, Norman reedus, and Evan peters were at Comic Con last year 😪
Check out Stan Lee's Mighty 7: Beginnings, with voices by Mayim Bialik (Big Bang Theory), Sean Astin (LOTR),...
Found the Jeremy Jahns/Sean Astin episode, watched reviews afterward, and since Afterbuzz my Thursdays nights have been free.
We saw Viggo Mortensen at the Coolidge Corner Theatre in 2012. Sean Astin is on his way past there right now.
Ever since I saw lord of the rings as a kid I fangirled over Elijah Wood, Orlando Bloom, Sean Astin, Craig Parker, and Viggo Mortensen.
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