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Seal Team Six

The United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group (NSWDG), also known as DEVGRU for short, or more commonly by its former name, SEAL Team Six (ST6), is one of the United States' four secretive counter-terrorism and Special Mission Units (SMUs).

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my brother was one of the original seal team six that went rogue during Carter. BTW THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!!!
New incentive in our fundraiser. Two signed "Seal Team Six" posters available at:
There is evidence Seal Team Six was murdered by someone other than just Taliban-Extortion 17-famil…
lol who is paul blart mall cop playing seal team six on the back of the MRAP AND WHY DOES ONE NEED AN MRAP TO ARRES…
Dude makes Kevin Durant look like he has a Seal Team Six mentality. Wish we could get him up outta here for good
Seal Team Six takes the lead as is killed by
Seal team six helicopter crash very very suspicious big cover up
Seal Team sounds an awful lot like SIX but ok
Seal Team Six back for a second year at Shoutout for Soldiers / Atlanta
Look up Obama outing a CIA operative and get back to us. Cr…
Remember when Biden revealed names of Seal Team Six members in 2011? Or when Hillary revealed nuclear respo…
Robert O'Neill and seal team six did. That photo is so phony and contrived. Thank goodness for our…
I like your handle .it sounds like a call sign for a Seal Team 😁
2011 that time Obama's CIA leaked top-secret info about Seal Team Six...
democrats that need to be in jail, Biden for getting seal team six killed. Clinton for her stuff. holder for fast and furious Mexico. etc
"As Seal Team 6 entered the compound and looked up the stairs to the residence, the unmistakeable face…
Uh. you know that's not true right? Under Obama seal team six took out bin laden- shouldn't that be th…
LaVar ambushed Kristine Leahy like a Seal Team Six member...she wasn't ready!
Or Biden given up Seal Team Six putthing them and their families in danger.
Rabid feminist media sat by for 8 years and said nothing as Barack Obama WH leaked Intel on Seal Team Six location…
rare painting of my life 😤👌NEVER rest of seal team six feet under or
Can we talk about just who outed Seal Team Six???.
Our surprise perk is still ready for the taking! Two "Seal Team Six" posters signed by from his personal collection!
I wonder if guys in the Delta team room watch shows like "Six" and "SEAL" and laugh their *** off.
Joe Biden revealed the identities of seal team six. Most of congress are the enemy of the American people. Trump needs to make heads roll.
'Crickets' from same media when Obama named actual names of agents currently on deep-cover assignments. Obama also…
That time Biden publicly revealed the secret identities of the SEAL Team Six Members behind the Osama Bin Laden assassination operation.
Legacy is Tillman, Benghazi soldiers, and Seal Team Six Gold is absolutely shameful Manning is being…
Does anybody remember the time when the Obama administration described the Seal Team Six raid to a group of over 1,300 people 1/2
If Donald makes a run for it, Seal Team Six needs the work. At least we'll know where Penc…
Hence seal team six got massacred thanks to breaches of opsec by obamas admin!
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
GOD saw the treachery of Barack Hussein Obama when entire Seal Team Si…
Assume they have a Seal Team Six plan for extracting him from the country after the speech. Don't let him dra…
Just a reminder: I seem to recall Joe Biden outing Seal Team Six at a public event before that information had been declass…
If you haven't seen Seal Team Six, You need to..Like now.
Send in Seal Team Six...end of story!
Last night I watched the movie, Seal Team Six on Netflix. Awesome movie. Seriously. I loved it. It's the kind of...
Former NBC News reporter says Seal Team Six story was shelved after Williams scandal
McCain failed the Veterans Hospitals & now badmouths Seal Team Six, Tr…
Seal team six. In and out in 90 seconds
No wonder the seal team six encountered such resistance!. These traitors should be shot!
I'm bouta go seal team six for senior assasins
Trump vs. McCain's attack on Seal Team six
Remember Chopper shot down with Seal Team Six aboard-how did they know about that Chopper? Vietnam 50% "hired" worked for enemy.
Replace Seal Team Six with actual seals. Because comedy.
I added a video to a playlist Who Betrayed SEAL Team Six!
Us thinks they tipped off Yemen about Seal Team Six Mission
keep up the good work. We stand with you!!. How are the injured members of Seal Team Six doing?
Who Betrayed SEAL Team Six? NEVER AGAIN. This will be investigated & they will pay😕
Who Betrayed SEAL Team Six?, 1491 via Trump better be carful, traitors among his appointees
I wouldn't put it past Obama and his team! Remember Seal Team Six? He orchestrated that one!
I wish America was always as united as we were the day President Obama announced that Osama Bin Laden was KIA by SEAL Team S…
With 'Mad Men,' you feel like you're a member of Seal Team Six when ...
Okay, one more... US Navy: We have Seal Team Six. Bad dudes!. We got Whale Team One. You don't mess with him. Ask Jonah.
Seal team six assault the Oval Office?
Hi Donald, keep me informed on seal team six yeh? I really dislike being unprepared for guests... peace out ✌️. Rich
Navy SEAL Team Six Was Executed by the US Government - via the next nail in the Obama administration
During a speech in the movie Seal Team Six Obama starts his speech then they show Donald Trump.what a coincidence 🇺🇸❤️
After his Star was vandalized, President Trump Dispatched Seal Team Six to deal with the perpetrators.…
hey Donald, let me know when seal team six is coming for me, I'll have a bbq and cold beers waiting 😏
Trying to explain Greek life to a non-Greek is like a Seal Team Six mission
No, don't send SEAL Team Six. Everything's fine. It was Joe. He thought he saw another clown out on the lawn.
Where is SEAL TEAM SIX and why aren't they taking down Soros?
George Soros = Public Enemy No.1, Seal team six we need you again.
Donald trump is in the movie seal team six 👀
Time for a SEAL Team Six surgical strike. Find him and eliminate him and seize his money.
Met a great American hero. Commander *** Marcinko the first commander of Seal Team Six htt…
Time for Seal Team Six to kick in his front door to say hello from the American people!
Finally watching Seal team Six the raid on Osama Bin Laden
The adaptive or acquired immune system is like the SEAL Team Six of your body's defense system:
Seal Team Six is a different unit than the rest of the SEAL teams inas...
I worked two weeks with seal team six when they trained @ golden glory in holland, R.I.P Read Here…
Did they make a reference to Seal Team Six in the original CoDMW? Cus they definitely did in what I'm playing. Conspiracy theory inbound
Exposes Seal team six with tragic result. Now this. And Trump is "dangerous."
outing Seal Team Six resulted in Extortion 17, deaths of 30 Americans, now the keeper of Nuclear Codes has been outed. Result?
how does he think Seal Team Six feels about JB outing them & getting them killed,&rally pointing to SS with Nukecodes
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Biden is an *** that is for sure he got SEAL TEAM six killed with his idiocy He is last person to judge who is qualified
I remind you, after the Bin Laden raid, the President identified the special operators who were responsible. A...
Navy SEAL Team Six Leader message will inspire you to never quit in business or in life
Seal Team Six Parents Slam President Obama – “You Are Not Up to This Job!” > ...and killary certainly is not either
Hey Uncle Joe this is almost as bad as that time you outed Seal Team Six. You're as reckless as
has Seal Team Six feel to it. Elite group thrown together to win. Agree with Jin Erso analysis. Hope wrong.
.She did? I thought that was Seal Team Six. I could be wrong. She was a spectator. Period.
Seal Team Six, the football. Good thing we already know about the NSA.
FLASHBACK: Vice President Joe Biden is why Navy SEAL Team Six is dead
Don't forget he also outed Seal Team Six for killing Bin Laden!
Just like he gave away Seal Team Six , who were later killed. Treason ous, shoot the ***
Didn't Biden blab that Seal Team Six had killed Bin Laden? Not long After that 24 were killed in copter crash.
And he did it without Seal Team Six. (As far as we know.)
Navy SEAL Team Six: you didn't make the cut. Me: That's okay, I'll just be over here clapping on the sidelines and c…
"The Six," a History Channel 8-episode action drama about Seal Team Six has been slipped to the Fall line up. . Keep an eye out for it .…
I've been put into a headlock/armbar by the founder of Seal Team six, a 5 time purple heart recipient, and --
i read about alot of stories and articles but SEAL team six had different stories
Why is Olympic paintball not a thing?? That would be so intense. Send Seal Team Six to the Olympics!
They rolled up like Seal Team Six lol.
When did Ghost hire SEAL Team Six for security!?
Google Extortion 17 for seal team six assassination. Obama can be credited for that tragedy!
Seal team six is such a badass movie
if you think that's tinfoil hat worthy, Seal Team Six were guys were killed mysteriously, I think Chris Kyle was too
We stopped using SEAL Team Six and just sent in Beetle Bailey instead.
Ret. Admiral & Seal Team Six Commander speaking on Leadership over lunch. He is the real deal.
I liked a video Seal Team Six Mourn Loss of Service Members
If it's my strategy for deploying SEAL Team Six without casualty, then what prevents me from using it?
.Send in Seal Team Six to clear the chamber. The .are an embarrassment to our Republic.
. The Seal team six is currently outside trumps house. Waiting. Counting the seconds!
pretty sure they train Seal Team Six...
Wasn't Hillary with Seal Team Six the night they killed Bin Laden?...
IF the govt wanted to take guns away, morons with AR-15's would be up against Seal Team Six and the &2nd Airborne. How's that?
what if I have seal team six shoot you?
Idk whether to congratulate you or send in Seal Team Six to rescue you bruh
so sad that Obama Bin Laden wasn't hugged by seal team six.
"Never give up" -Robert Oneill's, Seal Team Six Leader. Just had the privileged of watching a talk by him, couldn't feel more empowered.
Australia banned assault rifles and they haven't had a mass gun murder since. When Obama comes for guns he'll bring Seal team six
well thank you glenn, I hope that i will eventually be decorated and the leader of seal team six will also be awarded for 0d30
Forgot Father's Day, sorry pa... ⌚️⌚️Made up for it with a late gift of John Wayne war movies and a copy of seal team six...
Found out they are making a show all about Seal Team Six. 🇺🇸
I need the cleaning crew equivalent of seal team six to clean my room
just finished SEAL Team Six. Thank you for your service to this country, insight and humor.
.We need about 1000 Seal Team Six. This crap would end quick.
Watching Seal Team Six and cleaning my room, hope this movie is good 😊
Seal Energy Solutions just had six more employees pass the BPI exam! We are so proud of our team! If you want the most trained and certifie…
Michael Savage: SEAL Team Six was set up, murdered in Afghanistan via
They are still out back In Between the grey Patio Wall and the Green Bush playing Seal Team Six so I'm guessing
Well that sent sleeping they are running around my backyard like they are seal team six I'm not going to even
Brett's ways official super seal team six you have my permission to come on over!
constantly rubbing up against the wiring and the coating which are all tangled together. Playing Seal Team six in
Also trying to coordinate efforts for stickers from cuz I'm gon be busy. Getting seal team six up in here! X3
Inspiring - . "Fearless" Book Trailer by Eric Blehm // Story of SEAL Team SIX Operator... via
knights of the viel came in like seal team six. She controls lil finger she controls the north
Howard Wasdin, member of Seal Team Six and Black Hawk Down at the 2016 ARM Global Conference.
Nothing like watching Lone Surviver, American Sniper, & Seal Team Six is this Memorial Day!
*** it was two days ago and I forgot to wish Osama Bin Laden a happy Seal Team Six day!!!
If the US sends the Seal Team Six soon, the wait won't be long.
I figured we would have sent Seal Team Six to save Chris Christie by now. Sad!
hard, but how about the fact she argued with O for Seal Team Six to charge Bin Laden's camp. Easiest accomp to list
watched "Seal Team Six" in math the other day. Cried twice and clapped when they shot Bin Laden. Merica🇺🇸
☆☆How long is your memory? Did the government have to silence Seal Team Six?. Another reason we must have Trump!.
Holy God, but "Ricki and the Flash" diminishes the careers of all involved. Especially Bill Irwin. Somebody call Seal Team Six.
We should combine resources with the family and Seal Team Six family's in a Class action Law Suite. A right under the CONSTITUTION
What an honor for the Seal Team Six member and also for
Definitely hiring Seal Team Six as my security.
Watching Seal Team Six. I am also thankful for the men and women who serve and protect this nation, locally...
seal team six is decent. I'd tell you to watch Olympus has fallen but they took it off. It was great
He didn't kill UBL. He signed the order to have Seal Team Six go in, and prayed UBL was there. Seal Team Six
to send in SEAL Team Six because a drone strike wouldn't allow definite proof OBL was dead.
Who would win: Kevin from or Seal Team Six?
Still praising him for all his faux glory. Like how seal team Six didn't kill Osama. He did.
Do you know anything about Seal Team Six deaths?
I have an amazement and deep respect for our military and Seal Team Six after watching The Man Who Killed Usama Bin Laden on
Seal team Six was murdered to silence Obamas lie , why in the *** would you do a show based on a lie !
Want the truth on help fund the movie! be a part of it!
Watched the seal team six documentary and you would think a man who knew the world wanted him dead would be harder to find and kill but 🚶🏽
Obama's changed Rules of Engagement, favored enemy. Close friend of our family, Extortion 17, SEAL Team Six deaths!
Why do we have a Muslim Brotherhood in Our White House? and the Murders of SEAL Team Six What's Wrong with OBAMA
Brian Williams chimed in with "Attack Trump like me & SEAL Team Six did when I shot Bin Laden, or like when I…
If I was a billionaire I would pay Seal Team Six to remove all Kick-6 footage from CBS' archives.
Obama is using our DRONES to fulfill his friends IRAN & others in the systematic killing of their Enemies not ours.SEAL TEAM SIX Drone Kill.
Selection and training for SEAL Team Six sounds like more meth than BUD/S
Dads casually talking about how he met seal team six the other week... Apparently he was more impressed with their dining hall food though🙄
Help make it happen for 'FALLEN ANGEL- SHOOT DOWN OF SEAL TEAM SIX' via
The best part about Thanksgiving is watching your aunts mobilize into the most efficient strike force this side of Seal Team Six.
Did you know that the Seal Team Six was murdered after the acclaimed killing of Bin Laden?
An investigative documentary on Extortion 17 is in the works. See crowd-funding link. Help this project get done.
ROEs MUST change. Here's a plan to get it done.
ROEs MUST be changed. Here's a plan to get it done.
Join the mission to change the ROE's by donating time or $$'s to the making of
Help make it happen for FALLEN ANGEL- SHOOT DOWN OF SEAL TEAM SIX on
Here is a book recommendation, explaining the killing of Seal Team Six, the men who "killed" Osama Bin Laden.
the 18 secret service fired, seal team six, Bengazie, I walked on water and the government shot me in head twice, ect
well I watched a couple seal team six documentaries so that's basically the same thing right?
What about TRAITOR Joe Biden and Seal Team Six. Hope you EXPOSE Joe on that if he runs.
Can seal team six find Franck ocean ? .I mean y'all *** found bin laden
I knew about the seal team six. But now It's the time for seal team 8 ☠🔫
BO took best of Seal Team Six with now he's going for Spec Forces. Wants Cream of the Crop.
Treason & the Sacrifice of SEAL Team Six on Extortion 17
Would love to see the White House surrounded with tanks & Seal Team Six going through the gate
"We call people like these two young programmers 'key pressers.'". (from SEAL Team Six)
Had the opportunity to chat with a Former Seal Team Six captain yesterday. His advice, "all stress is self induced"
Listen to HS 267 - Navy SEAL Team SIX Operator Adam Brown with Author Eric Blehm by Holistic Survival on
How did the Muslim Brotherhood, find out about Seal Team Six? How did that info get in2 their hands?Was the information o…
Kings used to lead their armys into battle thats ruthless, thats like Barack leadin seal team six
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I'm watching "Seal Team Six" and the only thing I believe about it is that it is Hollywood
When the sends their elite, they send the SEALs. When the SEALs send their elite, they send the SEAL Team Six.
Exo Zombies Pistol & Knife Only Challenge (ft. Seal Team Six). Please leave a like and subscribe if you've enjoyed!
Carol for honorary Seal team six membership
Hope nothing can be found to be used against him like it appears with others and their voting record
He took credit but Seal Team Six got him. Curiously most of them died. Tends to happen with this Administration. Hence today...
BO did not "get" Bin Laden. Seal Team six did and many died for their efforts because Biden outed them.
What's the last book you read? — Fearless:The Undaunted Courage and Ultimate Sacrifice of Navy Seal Team SIX Operat…
Sec Clinton, is it true that you called in Seal Team Six to help you pick out pantsuits, turning a deaf ear to cries of panic from Benghazi?
Obama didn't get Osama. Navy Seals did! Get is straight! Seal team Six! Then most were killed! -
Didn't know Seal Team Six had women on it?
Seal Team Six who is afraid of water and shoots poison darts out their noses Thursday: Spartan (cont)
"It's a covert op" yea make getting a panel at a festival sound like we're Seal Team Six. Sounds rational...
what happened to Commander Ryan Zinke from MT.Navy SEAL Team Six -- I thought he was in for Speaker
Tonight's class felt like Seal team six training. We were all sweating like a pack of bacon in the…
World Wars in Ukraine,ISIS , and Yemen of decommissioned soldiers declassifies Operation Redwing,Operation Desert Storm,and Seal Team Six!!!
Former SEAL Team Six Officer, Rep. Ryan Zinke Considering Run for Speaker of the House -
TheBlaze shoots some of the same weapons carried by Navy SEAL Team Six
Far down in this story it says "some" of 22 Seals killed in the Chinook crash were from SealTeam 6.
Remember that Osama Bin Laden tried to take away our and Seal Team Six shot him in the eye.
Seal Team Six was Silenced so they could not talk. Benghazi Four was Silenced so they could not talk
Was US supplying Weapons to Syria for a Civil War through Benghazi? Those men and Seal Team Six Could not be Allowed to talk.
Ok, if anyone needs me I'll probably be watching either Black Hawk Down or SEAL Team Six for the next 2 hours or so.
Say it! Commander in chief President Obama orders seal team six to go ahead and kill Bin Ladden.say it!
[WP]Seal Team Six are trapped behind enemy lines due to be rescued, due to an admin error the Marine Core Band...
When Obama talks about diversity, then about killing Osama Bin Laden... Seal Team Six: 0 diversity, all white.
Zero Dark 30 for 30 really shined a light on how hard Seal Team Six practiced before their big game against bin Laden.
Charles Strange is the father of Michael Strange - a man of valor who was murdered as part of Seal Team Six when...
Seal Team Six will now sweep down from the rafters to arrest all the FIFA officials on the field.
The fact Chris Pratt played one of the Seal Team Six in Zero Dark 30, and then voiced Emmet in The Lego Movie is astonishing.
Anyways I'm excited to read it.(rest of the title is The Undaunted Courage&Ultimate Sacrifice of Navy SEAL Team SIX Operator Adam Brown) 🇺🇸
It's called setting scenario to call in SEAL Team Six to shoot Snowden in the eye and dump his body in the Volga
seal team six is awesome, Tim McGraw is awesome, I fear a world without them. ☝⚡🏆👍
Oh my god I just met the seal from Seal Team Six and I'm about to cry
special forces sign a document to not talk about it. Especially teir one such as seal team six. He's lying.
Not sure how many people know this but the entirety of seal team six is dead. Very suspiciously dead.
What is SEAL Team 6? A look at one of America's most mythologized, secretive and least scrutinized military units
"You may find me dead in a ditch somewhere. But by God, you’ll find me in a pile of brass."seal team six
This was hw Osama ws killed... — watching Seal Team Six: The Raid on Osama Bin Laden
A new investigative report by the New York Times raises questions about SEAL Team 6.
Navy SEAL Team Six: Unit that killed Osama Bin Laden has become 'global manhunting machine with limited oversight'…
This SEAL Team Six show is pretty great. I love the American Heroes Channel.
find a dude in the marines. They'll just seal team six that ***
My seal team six come threw in the clutch for me every time, never any questions just results and for that I thank you
Seal Team Six was a setup for death purposely choreographed for a coverup agenda of the Obama regime! Merely my opinion..
Discussing "Extortion 17" book about brave Seal Team Six, with the mother of a fallen Navy Seal Karen Vaughn
What a gig this weekend. Shark fishing tournament and charity auction with the former CO of Seal Team Six.
Fury, Inglorious Basterds and Seal Team Six. War movies are my therapeutic guilty pleasure. Yeah, I don't get me either
True. He was wrong to out Seal Team Six, he was wrong to give a paedophile a pass, but now let him RIP.
I'm guessing Trump's plan to defeat ISIS involves a giant wooden goat with SEAL team six hidden in it left just outside Ramadi.
If you have not watched the Seal Team Six documentary on Bin Laden on Netflix, I highly recommend u go watch it.
Or Seal Team six. or Russian spetznatz. you get the point
Feel like seal team six is gonna bust in our door after all these conspiracy theory videos we been watching.
...isn't this why we trained SEAL Team Six?
If that happens the CIA plants wmd's at FIFA HQ then say hello to Seal Team Six?
Blatter literally just said these words. "I am the president of everybody." . Someone scramble SEAL Team Six.
Ok Seal Team Six, it's your turn now. Swoop into Zurich and do your job.
While the Americans are on a roll, you think Obama could sneak seal team six into the compound.
Seal Team Six is going to cast USA's ballot aren't they
Will throw or will Seal Team Six have to do it?
Fifth in the SEAL Team Six military thriller series and revolving around a team of SEALs. The action is focused...
Eventually, Sepp Blatter is going down. Whether it be in court or SEAL Team Six.
Seal team six are awesome David Kerr and I are both higher at 6th plus ty instructor Clark sports center ty...
Seal team six are seals sobsmeecrespr t David kerr and I are both higher at 6th dafter plus ty
Throwback to one of the best sporting events I've ever been apart of @ Seal Team Six
I hope they send in SEAL Team Six to Gaddafi the ninja.
I am a seal team six worrier. Hellos dope book 110% you should read it
God, the AI in Evolve are seal team six when you're the monster, but when you're a hunter they're all mentally retarded.
I have a solution to this Sepp Blatter problem. SEAL Team Six. Operation "Extract and Dispose".
The next great book/movie: Fearless- Adam Brown seal team six operator. Check it out!!
Seal Team Six couldnt extract me from that
I didn't say I was the best on seal team six
Seal Team Six does Hashtag Wars that ends with us getting Osama. 'Merica!!!
You think seal team six will take me if I'm 15th prestige?
it's gonna be more shooters out there than Seal Team Six
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Someone send out seal team six. They have experience finding missing bearded guys.
Interesting quote from a Seal Team Six Author. "Live everyday likes its your last as some day you will wake up and it will be"
Why was seal team six pepper spraying people?
are only mistake was using the attorney general instead of Seal team six.
Snaking into granite like seal team six since '94.
Book Release: Call sign Extortion 17 : the shoot-down of SEAL Team Six by Brown, Don, 1960-
Let's deploy SEAL team six to Zurich to take out Blatter Abbottabad style.
The only thing better about raid would be if Seal Team Six carried it out.
Have we got Seal Team Six on standby for when Blatter is located yet?
Talking about the FIFA indictments on we're one step closer to Seal Team Six dumping Sepp Blatter's body out to sea.
About to watch..American Sniper...Act of Valor...and Seal team Six..
The government needs to send Seal Team Six to extract me out of this.
Cairo, a Belgian Malinois, was a member of Seal Team Six that killed Osama Bin Laden. A new breed of elite canine...
it's all fun and games till Seal Team Six lands in yur backyard..
This is Canada's version of SEAL Team Six - Business Insider... (
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Atleast should have knwn that no one speakes Hindi or wear indian Sarhi's in Abotabad or Peshawar. Watching 'Seal Te…
Peter Moron white house seal team six bangazzi as bost petorions .. was ceasre special gaurd history is pay off kill Tiberius
Last night I watched American Sniper and tonight it's Seal Team Six.
There was a raid on Hitchens, Seal Team Six was armed with hair clippers.
I assume it's like Seal Team Six. Just to throw off the enemy.
"Joe did you put seal team six out on a mission". Yes, we have to find HIM. "Osama is dead". Not Osama. *clenches fist*. Where…
Oh *** nah! Not unless he's trying to get seal team six to take his *** out 😭
Inside the billion-dollar industry that turned local cops into SEAL Team Six
"If you put this UK team in a paintball match versus Seal Team Six, I am taking Kentucky. They are that good."
The team has lost access to ISIS. I'm not sure if I should call IT or Seal Team Six.
Yeah, Seal Team Six killed him not Obutplug.He was forced to authorize after pressure from all sides.
And deaths of Seal Team Six afterward, almost like sacrifice & appeasement after BinLaden's death. Remember THAT
Seal Team Six literally just came into our house
Me& Hit them *** like SEAL TEAM SIX!😂😂😂. BOI they didn't know what TF happened lmao! Rolled up stealthy like special ops😎
Can't even defend your dignity but you all up forming seal team six for Rihanna
Buy Miche Bag Online!
allow she's an emoji amorer of Seal Team Six effectiveness
saved the puppy while embedded with seal team six I think.
Seal Team Six sitting back watching this like. "who tf they think we are? 30%"
They are sending in Seal Team Six and them all for Liv?! 😳
He didn't get anyone. Seal Team Six did.
Can we send Seal Team Six to take out
Seal team six? they are the definition of special forces
Being apart of SEAL Team Six will be the goal 😈🙌🙏
thanks that was me doing some warm up stuff training for seal team six. Your track is a lot cooler ;)
"Live fast, die young, leave a good looking corpse" - SEAL team six
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