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Sea World

Sea World is a marine mammal park, oceanarium, and theme park located on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

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Newborn polar bear cub dies at Sea World on the Gold Coast
Now to our cute animal story of the day: Sea World is celebrating after 16-year-old polar bear Liya gave birth to t…
In Florida, we went to Aquatica, Universal Studios, Kennedy Space Center, Ron Jon's in Coco Beach, and Sea World.
Also, shoutout to the other dad at Sea World today wearing an AJ Styles shirt. We didn't forget which weekend it was.
I think I just won a free vaca to Orlando who wants to go to Sea World and ride the dolphins
at Doubletree Orlando Hilton at Sea World for the Job News job fair. Come by and see us from 10-2 today.
Thx for a spectacular Wish Trip to magical Orlando. Disney, Sea World and Universal-WOW!
thank you for a spectacular trip to Orlando! Hard to say which was more awesome between Disney World, Sea World and Universal!
Many have asked about the whereabouts of the Sea World in Abu. It is right next to the Lake Palace Hotel on the eastern bank of Nakki Lake.
Saya suka video KIDS Travel to ORLANDO Florida | Legoland, Sea World & Universal
Tomorrow we'll be in... Orlando. Sea World and Disney and put put golfing ☀️
Whales! I was taken to Sea World, Orlando by - Where will it take you when you step through?
this is ridiculous I'm staying at at the Orlando location by Sea World and I'm HIGHLY UPSET. I'm here o…
I'm going to Universal and Sea World in Orlando Florida for the rest of the week
First the orcas at Sea World are removed, then Ringling Bros. is gone, what will be next for the animal industry.
is shutting down, no more killer whale show at Sea World.if they get rid of donkey shows I'm really gonna lose it
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Tilikum, the killer whale at the center of "Blackfish," has died, Sea World says
"I think we should tease him and throw him in the shark tank at Sea World" me too
''Do you think if Sea World hadn't trained Free Willy to jump so high he wouldn't of been able to escape?"
Ha, no I've impressed. Been asked to accompany a Beaver Scout pack on a sleepover at Sea World :)
A baby whale entangled in Gold Coast shark nets this morning has now been freed by a team from Sea World and...
that's nothing! I lost a bright yellow car at Sea World in San Diego, now, that's a car park! 🤔
I liked a video The Rise and Fall of Geauga Lake, Sea World, and Wild Water Kingdom in Ohio
7 days consecutive entry to Sea World, Movie World and Wet 'n' Wild for a single low price !.
HPD escorts Danializ Marquez, 10, to Bradley as part of her grant. Next stop, Sea World.
Sophie Mirrabella confirms if she had have won yesterday Indi would be getting a new hospital & a Sea World! But not now!…
All of these NBA teams missing out on a high-quality free agent. He'd send 'em all back to Sea World.
$89.99 Unlimited VIP Magic Pass to Movie World, Sea World, Wet’n’Wild Gold Coast . and more
eNCA | Beijing hits back at US over South China Sea: I am worried some people and countries are still looking...
Maritime Security US guided missile destroyer Porter to enter Black Sea: "The ship's operations in the Black ...
"Evil has become rife on the land and at sea because of men's deeds" - -Holy Quran (30: 41) .
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No means NO: Norway REFUSES to bow to EU’s bid for control over North Sea oil industry
USS Harry Truman launches airstrike against Islamic State from the Mediterranean Sea via
Woman buys supermarket lobster, drives thousands of miles, puts it back in the sea
Hundreds dying everyday in the sea in do or die effort to sail to Europe- Crisis far bigger than we all know !!
The world's first sex cruise will be an 8-day orgy at sea
U.S. flexes muscles as Asia worries about South China Sea row | Reuters
What will the world look like when the last great chunk of Antarctic ice melts or slides into the sea?
Me and my friends pretending to be a part of sea world
I am an ocean,I am the sea,. There is the world inside of me
VIDEO: Summit highlights South China Sea tensions: China has said it will ignore a decision in a Philippine l...
The Belize Barrier Reef is the world’s 2nd longest, home to sea turtles, fish, coral & more https:/…
Do not fear ‘trouble’ over territorial disputes in South China Sea, says China: : Ch...
US Secretary of State John Kerry warned Beijing against setting up ADIZ over the disputed South China Sea:
US vows 'action' if Beijing builds new structures on South China Sea islet
Do not fear 'trouble' over territorial disputes in says
China says it will ignore South China Sea lawsuit decision.
In pushback to U.S., China says 'has no fear of trouble' in South China Sea:  . "We do not make trouble, but w...
FLOUTING THE UN? China says it will ignore disputed islands decision:
Animals don't exist for your kids' entertainment. No to zoos, no to the rodeo, no to Sea World.
I'm still waiting for zoos (and the watery depths of *** aka Sea World) to be shut down. Animals are not here for your entertainment.
Vintage 1990s Blue XL TShirt, Sea World with Dolphins - Hanes T-Shirt Made in the USA
they Sea World *** . The River Walk thing is cool.. During Christmas time.
Took some fanaggling but 2 hours later, found the discount tickets for Sea World and the Houston Space Center!...
Sign up for our 30-day free trial and get 25% off ticket to Busch Gardens, Adventure Island, Sea World, & LegoLand.
Sea World released test footage of a new roller coaster. It would be Orlando's tallest ride powered entirely by animal sadness.
ORLANDO. I love you, Orlando! Sea World and Disney and putt putt golfing!
📷 thatslothblog: squee This Sloth lives at Sea World in Orlando These is my mother’s favorite type...
Baby seal bobbing in the water at Orlando's Sea World.
Sea World takes care of their Orcas to the best of their ability: they can't survive by themselves in the wild. Don't Free Willy.
Last night was memorable! Here is a photo of the complete Undivided team. Next stop Sea World in Orlando, Florida.
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Mako at Sea World opens June 10! My thoughts on what the coaster means for the company:
Sea World won't breed orcas, but won't release ones they have b/c it's safer at Sea World. Let's go to William Wallace for com…
Thought I couldn't be anymore of a little kid than I was at Disney World. Then I went to Sea World.
We met Jack Hanna today at Sea World! Really nice guy. Glad the animals have him as an ambassador!
Famous animal expert Jack Hanna doing some animal teaching at Sea World today.
the ocean is going away. That has been Sea World's goal since day one.
Now if only the 24 orcas still at Sea World resorts didn't have to live in tanks.
Man got so wasted he turned into a Seal. Fthinks hes @ Sea World! But theres no beach ball in the bowl just *** !
still getting the Sea World treatment
I'm tired of Blue Bayou.. *** tryna go turn up at Schlitterbahn or Sea World again
Tampa, Florida. University of Tampa on Kennedy BLVD. Tampa downtown. Hillsbrough river. Sea World.
Zoo was packed so headed to the next best thing Sea World with Hayden and Colbie (@ SeaWorld San Antonio)
Leaving for San Antonio tonight and going to the zoo, Riverwalk and Sea World tomorrow. So excited
You do realize Sea World is the largest Animal Rescue organization in the Western Hemisphere, correct?
In Jaws 3, Jaws attacks Sea World. Not a park like Sea World, it's actually Sea World in the movie. Plus it stars Dennis Quaid
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I literally can't watch Free Willy without being disgusted because those movies were filmed with Sea World whales
The fact that I officially work for all 3 theme park companies in Orlando is quite amazing. Disney World, Sea World & Universal Studios………..
In a way I think going to parks around Orlando like I use to do. (Disney World, Sea World, Universal Studios) kept me feeling as myself
Hey did you see Katniss Everdeen ride the whale at Sea World
Austin: "Where was it that we pet a sting ray once?". Dad: "Sea World". Austin: "Oh that makes more sense. I thought it was Gander Mountain."
Alex and Shelley at Sea World seeing oppressed flamingos! @ SeaWorld Orlando
Living in Orlando as a kid in the summers>>>. Disney World. Universal Studios. Islands of Adventure. Sea World. Bush Gardens. And a lot more too
That time in 1972 my family went to Sea World in San Diego where Lloyd Bridges…
Your friends are all Sea World.come to the other side, give me a break, "animal welfare" *** science...its easy.
I wanna go to the Mardi Gras in NO and Disney World and Sea World
Victory! Sea World operator in Aus will not source wild animals for parks planned in China, South-East Asia, Russia
Aqua park or prison? The great divide over Sea World's captive dolphins via
Great news! Sea World may have finally decided to kill its Killer Whale show.
I'll just presume that the Bay Area country club that uses 2 mil. gallons of water a week also houses a car wash, rice farm, and Sea World.
...we went to Sea World as well. Tricks. Night shows. Didn't occur to me at the time how cruel it really was.
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Sea World to appeal state ruling that banned breeding of captive killer whales at its San Diego park:
We'll be at Sea World - Gold Coast, Australia at their first ever Zoo Run on Sunday 11 Oct. See you there bright...
(1/2) They were pimping out killer whales PETA on news Sea World San Diego will be expanding orca tank and banned from captive breeding o...
VIDEO: Child refugees still dying at sea
Sea World would never allow that to happen.
Fantastic news! Orcas win at the California Coastal Commission hearing on Sea World's expansion permit today!!! te…
Where do U think the next 4 whales are going to come from? Sea World cannot control breeding.
Sea World shouldn't be allowed to have them at all!!!
Russia launches rocket strikes on Islamic State group in Syria from warships in Caspian Sea, Russian officials say
US naval manoeuvres in South Sea risk clash with Beijing
Beijing warns US: 'We will fight back' as battle of words escalates over South China Sea.
Enough with Sea World. How many whales do they have to torture?
Body found in search for crew of yacht missing in South China Sea. Canadian Harry Taylor.
Four Russian cruise missiles fired at Syria from the Caspian Sea landed in Iran
🐳❤️🐳 Kudos to for documentary, opening our nation's eyes to plight of captive orcas at Sea World
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I compare some of the ppl that sephora hires to the whale trainers at sea world
DTN Pakistan: World rejoicing at Aishwaryas comeback: KARACHI: Film ‘Jazbaa is a fast paced, edge of your sea...
Like a ship in open sea, a virtual world is (theoretically) beyond the jurisdiction of any one government.
Sea World to stop captive orca breeding, details on . at 10 pm
All Sea World does is take your money and use it to kill animals in fun crowd pleasing way.
If you ever find yourself in the middle of the sea. I'll sail the world. To find you.
US naval manoeuvres in South China Sea risk clash with Beijing
There's no way to wash dishes without getting wet like you are in the splash zone at Sea World.
Kids free in October at San Diego Zoo, Safari Park, Sea World, USS Midway, Legoland: Numerous hotels offer fre...
Good weather today to explore Sea Creatures 🐬 @ Sea World - Gold Coast,…
Good luck to everyone participating in raising funds for Sea World research & rescue foundation!
The park 'Sea World' will no longer accept stolen whales, after Harry has said he will not visit the site. .
BLOG: How to make the most out of a day at Sea World
good on u for taking a stance on Sea World. Thank u for bringin 2light this outdated &cruel venture to more people. She x
have discovery Cove tickets for Monday(Can't wait haven't told the kids). Can we visit Sea World or Aquatica b4?
Well, I just watched blackfish so don't try to go to sea world and be my friend anymore yall.
Accepted! Havent been to Sea World since I was a kid & you were kind enough to sign autographs
I agree, I wish I saw art like this more often! I hope to see the day sea world is no more 🙏🏽
A sea of dead: a historical military novel set in war 1 , LINK:.
The world’s largest deep sea port, Gawadar is in Pakistan.
Warner Bros. will adapt World War II tale 'To the White Sea'.
This TV presenter is going looking for the world's deadliest shark in Irish waters...
First it was Crimea then Ukraine, the Baltic states are definitely on the radar and now it is the turn of the Arctic. ht…
Just watched blackfish. A documentary about killer whales. So heartbreaking, honestly can't believe sea world is still in business. 😟
An entire sea cant sink a ship unless it gets inside the ship.. the negativity of the world cant put you down unless you allow it inside you
Yo I want to go to sea world tripping lol
Photo: animalaspects: animalaspects: Here are some wonderful facts about Sea World’s orcas! The average...
FINALLY tells the truth, apologizes to animals, and builds world's largest sea-pens!
I just beat 'Sea creatures' in World's Biggest Word Search. Get it free at
I pray the day Sea World suffers economic collapse so devastating their captives able to
Sea World must be run by the only they would treat animals soo cruelly.
Champion for change: Kelly Slater takes on Sea World via
I got an email about the Sea World rescue sweatshirts do you want the info
Yep. Sea World helped with that rescue. Saw actual footage on it.
Steve-O from *** climbed a crane to protest Sea World. He would've lit himself on fire in protest, but he already did that like 3 times.
"Oh, those are fireworks. I'm not sure if they're from Sea World or what, but we hear them every night."
thought you'd find this interesting, Sea World's car park (red), and where the Orcas 'live' (green).
if you care so much about wildlife,why does virgin holidays still name Sea World as a star attraction in San Diego?
The red is the parking lot at Sea World while that little green dot is where the Orcas spend thier entire life 😢... ht…
And in that moment, Sea World was never visited by anybody ever again. RIP Sea World. don't go!😏😢
Seeing pictures of Disney Land is making me super excited for our trip in October! Disney Land - Lego Land - Sea World 😁
So close...sad Princess face at Sea World. Maybe next time!
Sea World is now available for adoption! This female Shih Tzu is 6yrs 1mth old. Learn more at
My nephew recently got a dolphin toy from Sea World and LOVED it.. but so did the dog :( Where can I get another one?
Fun day at Sea World in San Antonio! It was cool to watch the water skiers :) 🏄🏽 @ Sea World San…
Little Giant Ladders
Bruh... Sea World was the best park in Orlando...
EB slow 192 to Sea World, 528 to the Trnpk, John Young to Ivanhoe, Par to the Rest & 46-A to the Bridge.
Isa I love this Walmart and the Orlando one near Sea World. They are always awesome!
With my animal lover today, so Sea World it is. (@ SeaWorld Orlando in Orlando, FL)
Did you know you're following , who was exposed as a Sea World spy?
EB slow Sea World to Sand Lk, OBT to Ivanhoe, past the Rest & at the Bridge.
Where would Aquaman take out of town guests...Sea World of Course. LoL (@ SeaWorld Orlando in Orlando, FL)
looked at the weather in Orlando for my Disney, Universal, and Sea World trip and saw its raining all week. Is this a joke. wHY.
Harry Styles praised by animal rights activists after telling fans 'don't go to Sea World': The California tow...
It's like a movie . One Direction , the end of: . - The Wanted ✔️. - Naughty Boy ✔️. - Sea World (coming soon to a theater ne…
Sea World has confirmed a whale stranded at South Stradbroke island is in poor condition and will need to be euthanised
Hank Scorpio looks like the guy in the Sea World 'we don't hurt dolphins' commercials
Paradise Point Resort in San Diego , right across the way from Sea World . :)) It's insanely beautiful . 😍
Me and Barmel really thought we were gonna go to Sea World for the free tomorrow and Mikaila single handedly crushed o…
People in Central wearing bright yellow, plastic, Shell rain ponchos. Like we're in Sea World. Amazing.
Our friends at Sea World reckon an animal lover makes the perfect freebie! http:…
2 right WB lanes blocked on near Central Fl Parkway close to Sea World attractions area
I like that pose from Sea World's Clyde & Seamore's Sea Lion High!
Spend R300 or more at Village Walk and you could be spending your entire year exploring Sea World and splashing around at…
Does FREE entry into Wet 'n Wild & Sea World for an entire year sound appealing to you? Follow us & you could http:…
Sea World rollercoaster breaks down for the THIRD time in one month Sea World's Storm Coaster on the Gold Coast in…
Sea World busted will get more attention than head of local Council of American Islamic Relations. Despite Rotherham
Want unlimited access to Wet'n'Wild, Sea World and Warner Bros. Movie World - Gold Coast, Australia for over an...
Aquatica was Sunday, then Disney World on Monday, Sea World was yesterday and now Busch Garden & Adventure Island today 😛
90% of San Antonio high schoolers are working at Sea World
Sea World's Aquatica water park offers big price break on select nights
I wonder what would happen if I walked through Sea World with a fishing pole...
Sea World and Chuck Todd are neck and neck in my head in the race to being the worst ever
Instead of a Bar Mitzvah I asked mom if I could go to Sea World and be allowed to press my *** up against the glass to…
. Slavery and captivity, that is Sea World!!
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Ross! This Geordie living in Qld asks you to please speak up for dolphin performing slaves @ Sea World
Abby's mini vacation in May to Legoland, aquarium, San Diego zoo with safari, Sea World and Disney all in one week , she deserves it !
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