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Scrooge McDuck

Scrooge McDuck is a cartoon character created in 1947 by Carl Barks and licensed by The Walt Disney Company.

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I just want to Scrooge McDuck jump into that pizza :)
you dive into it like Scrooge McDuck diving into his gold pile.
Scrooge McDuck is just another privileged white duck-man and not the funny Jason Alexander kind.
I really didn't give or permission to be in my city 😂😂😂. But I'm giving a pass. Good for only one use.
Love this bank. Today they texted me a picture of Scrooge McDuck diving into a pile of money. cc:
Scrooge money mcduck already got spring 2019 poppin'
Scrooge money mcduck already got summer 2019 poppin'
Scrooge money mcduck already got winter 2019 poppin'
Scrooge money mcduck already got autumn 2019 poppin'
Scrooge McDuck is my spirit animal.
ll Scrooge Mcduck, Donald's uncle, his fortune has been stolen and he can only hope that Mickey can find the culprit.
Can't believe Parma have went to the wall, you'd think with all those ham sales they would have as much money as Scrooge McDuck.
Actually, Scrooge McDuck was very successful and he never wore pants. So... I'll leave you guys with that.
no, the constant movie offers and millions of pounds. I'm like Scrooge McDuck diving into my money piles!
Scrooge McDuck swimming in his money is just a metaphor for us bathing and pooping in potable water. Look how rich we are!
If your understanding of business is based primarily on Disney afternoon cartoon characters like Scrooge McDuck and Fat Cat, I'm sad for you
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My 4 year old is washing his coinage. I'm either raising the next Scrooge McDuck or someone with extreme OCD.
Ladies there is always somebody who looks better than you .. So have something more to offer besides your appearance
it's all good. Don't rush.. Lol we don't need no tickets on the way
that's where we was at last night. Idk why you ain't come
“Oooo I'm bout to be sexy tonite lol 😏” • me too 😎
you must of found Scrooge McDuck's money pool for wanting to buy those tickets.
My son just Scrooge McDuck'd into the pile of laundry in the basement. So I guess I'll be working on that today.
Admit it already! Scrooge McDuck also does your tax reports, it is common knowledge!
Scrooge McDuck oh!! ・・ reservation? "wow! That's a serious question. Let me think it through…yes!" yes!!!
Wow 40$, a scrooge mcduck gif, and a personalized email? keep up the great work!
*** that Pennybags. Between him and Scrooge McDuck all the best ankle is taken
I'd trade you in a New York minute. Loved when I volunteered casino's. Felt like Scrooge McDuck counting all that $$. :))
it's funny cuz u the one who thinks I'm scrooge mcduck
scrooge mcduck's final smash is launchpad crashing into the stage killing everyone and everyThing
So glad to see Scrooge is so happy now.
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There is a LOT of content up at -- dive in like Scrooge McDuck and we'll see you tomorrow.
in which I attempt to persuade you that Stephanie Meyer is not Scrooge McDuck via
Kanye does the Scrooge McDuck vault dive into a pile of pictures of himself.
I HEREBY GIVE MY PERMISSION to: Ron Burgundy, Bill f**king Murray, The Walking Dead, Zombies (in general), Rob Zombie, Christopher Walken, the Joker, Harley Quinn, my bartenders and party store clerks, the Police, the NSA, the FBI and CIA, Satan, the Shredder, Dracula, Maynard J. Keenan, Homer J. Simpson, Mr. Burns, Peter Griffin, Ozzy Osbourne, the lost boys, Eminem, Master Shake and Carl, Scrooge McDuck, all the TMNT, ALF, Freddy Krueger, Dexter, Steve-O, Skeletor, Jack Nicholson, the Swiss Guards, the Priory of Scion, the inhabitants of Middle Earth, the inhabitants of *** Johnny Depp, Elvira, any real Pirate, domesticated and non domesticated pets, all members of Slipknot, Agents Mulder and Scully, the Goonies, ALL the Storm Troopers and Darth Vader, the Mad Hatter, Monty Python, Chuck Norris, S.H.I.E.L.D, The Avengers, The Illuminati, The Men in Black, CHIPS, X-Men, Ghost Busters, The Justice League, Gandalf and Dumbledore, Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny and all the members of Van Halen (even Sammy) . ...
One of the artists of Epic Mickey 2 drew me a Scrooge McDuck. Official hand drawn Disney art in my possession!
Don Rosa's Eisner-award winning work on The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck tells his story before the mega-rich
Johnny Manziel’s $600 birthday cake looks like something Scrooge McDuck would get.
Scrooge McDuck used to swim around in his money. Johnny Manziel puts it all over his birthday cake. Both equally awesome.
I know this will never ever happen but it would be cool if every single current video game was available on all game consoles. I'm talking about Halo on PS3, PS4 and Wii as well as Mario games available on all current Playstations and Xbox systems and all the big "hardcore" games from all the big triple A game companies. It would be great if they could all be compatible in network gaming and versatile like the PC. Imagine playing COD on the Nintendo Wii and smack-talking some noob online or playing with your Xbox avatar in the Miiverse and Mario Kart on any Xbox system and Super Smash Bros. on any Playstation system and have all the iconic Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo characters fight in one big battle royale and can cross into any game world kind of like Disney Infinity. I know it sounds far fetched and too good to ever happen but if it did and was done right, these Companies would be swimming in money Scrooge McDuck style and people would be united in gaming no matter what console they play on. If ...
I never spend it, I just occasionally look at my online bank savings account and smile. I might be Scrooge McDuck.
And Kirk Ferentz definitely does have a Scrooge McDuck vault so the entire scenario is plausible.
Do you have a Scrooge McDuck-style money party when you pull in new venture capital?
Thesis idea for the English Majors out there: comparing the goldlust/familial love parallels between Thorin Oakenshield and Scrooge McDuck.
Yet another reason to not vote for ANY democrat for ANY office in the midterms Treasury Collects $3 Trillion in Taxes The federal government is raking in more money than Scrooge McDuck. In September, the Treasury Department announced they CONFISCATED $3 trillion in tax revenue for FY2014. It was only 37 years ago that the federal government received its first trillion through taxes, according to Despite the windfall, Washington can't seem to function without continuing to rack up huge deficits. Furthermore, The Wall Street Journal points out, the American taxpayers' income hasn't risen to outpace inflation, but more money has gone to feed the Leviathan. "President Obama says he won't sign any tax or entitlement reform unless he gets an additional $1 trillion in new annual revenue," the WSJ writes. "How about a raise for taxpayers first?"
: he was the pilot of uncle Scrooge. Scrooge Mcduck.
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Scrooge McDuck is Donald's Uncle and Donald is Huey Dewy & Louie's Uncle… so what happened to Donald & Scrooge's siblings?
I think, after the Phil Knight cash infusions, Scrooge McDuck is a more apt metaphor.
Just once I'd like to see a Rosland Capital ad where William Devane pulls a Scrooge McDuck & dives into a pool filled w/ his gold & silver
Line to eat crow for Hollywood insiders POSITIVE would flop begins by James Gunn's Scrooge McDuck money pile.
On re-watching Jurassic Park have become convinced that Richard Attenborough's John Hammond was based on Scrooge McDuck
The Time Machine Fact: Alan Young does the voice of Scrooge McDuck. Even now, at the age of 94. (thanks to for this)
So since Scrooge McDuck 1st got rich in the Klondike gold rush, he's like 140 years old now! Anyway I'll have a tall cafe mocha to go please
Daisy Duck leaves Donald for his rich uncle Scrooge McDuck
Because screw the consumer. All that matters is Steve Ballmer getting his Scrooge McDuck money pool a little fuller
I added a video to a playlist Scrooge McDuck, Donald and Daisy Duck meet-and-greet at Mickey's Very
Gritty, live-action Duck Tales starring Kelsey Grammer as Scrooge McDuck and Benedict Cumberbatch as a Beagle Boy.
I wonder how hard Jack Warner laughs whenever the FIFA match manipulation commercial airs as he does a Scrooge McDuck buttslide in his vault
SPOTLIGHT: I've talked before of my love for a good "Duck" comic book. It started in my youth with, not Donald, although I always got a laugh out of him, but Howard. But a few years ago, I seen that Don Rosa had won an Eisner for a book called "the Life & Times of Scrooge McDuck". "An Eisner?", I thought. There MUST be something to this duck book and once I finshed it, I was a confirmed "Duck" comic book fanatic. come to my point here, I was over the moon when I heard that Fantagraphics Books would be releasing a series of books called "the Complete Carl Barks Disney Library"!!! This is one of those great series of comic book stories that up until now, were beyond the reach of many collectors. But in this, what I like to call, "the Golden Age of Graphic Literature", so many people now get to experience and enjoy treasures like this that were until now, unavailable and unimaginable! My only complaint is I wish they'd put out a few more books a year. And that really is a compliment, I guess. Now, ne ...
Scrooge McDuck is the richest fictional character according to Forbes magazine with $44 billion. Other characters in the list of top 15 richest include Arthur Bach, Mr. Monopoly, C. Montgomery Burns, and Jed Clampett
Major sale on canned beans at local market means that for just $15 I have become the Scrooge McDuck of canned beans.
I prefer "DuckTales" to "Duck Dynasty." At least Scrooge McDuck was smart and rich enough to cover up his homophobia.
Cool just realized I've been living adult problems according to advice given by Scrooge McDuck and Sebastian from The Little Mermaid
18 Myths About Punjabi's That Seriously Need To Be Busted. 1. Myth: Punjabis are loud. Fact: No, we’re just hard of hearing. 2. Myth: Punjabis swear a lot. Fact: Maayave, that’s true. But it’s just a way of showing affection. If we are abusing you, it means you are practically family. 3. Myth: Punjabis like to show off. Fact: Come on, what would you rather have us do? Build a freakin’ gold coin swimming pool like Scrooge McDuck? 4. Myth: Punjabis are always looking to score a ‘catch’ for their daughters. Fact: Admit it man, we raise pretty girls. We are the ‘catch’. 5. Myth: Punjabis drink a lot. Fact: Yes. Because we can. 6. Myth: Punjabis have a funny accent. Fact: What? It’s not pronounced Kaneda? 7. Myth: Punjabis are blunt. Fact: We’re the sweetest people around. Of course, we don't hesitate to speak our minds either. 8. Myth: Punjabis are always joking. Fact: Yeah, that’s probably because we’re high on desi ghee, all the *** time. 9. Myth: Punjabis eat nothing but butter chi ...
Oh Christ, I thought about my ask about Darkwing Duck and Scrooge McDuck and if they'd be "anatomically correct" and I regret it so much
I'm listening to that Scandinavian Scrooge McDuck album and it owns
hello Draya honey, what's on your mind ?
You never mix business with NEW friends 💯
“Everything will fall into place, be patient.”
I'm going to Scrooge McDuck dive into all of my lingots.
If you want it come and get it, you know I stay super straight !
bet I'm just tryna see when ima get mine
bet!! But ima get it this weekend most likely shid whenever really it dont matter to me
You got all them extras you don't need me
sad old man. He should just go swim in his money like Scrooge McDuck
She wanna be grown so we gon get it on 😏
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nah I'm listening how is that funny
“Everyday I say I'm done trying but find myself steady trying 😒” • lol
“sometimes I want to get in debates with men about their views on women.” •
Our generation loves bragging about being antisocial, cutting people off and not trusting anyone. Like, that's an accomplishment.
Now I’m imagining you as Scrooge McDuck and the paperwork as the coins in his money bin.
I ain't felt this good since Scrooge McDuck. Here we go
Birthday next month , just wait on it
i would never describe Scrooge Mcduck as being scrupulous. Silvarea
Does anybody else notice these type of people, who are very proud in the generation/era they grew up in, and think that everyone else younger than them are beneath them simply because they didn't grow up in that era or didn't care about pop culture? A guy randomly said "Scrooge McDuck" to me and I said "yeah what about him?" And he said "I just wanted to know if you knew what I was talking about," then asked my age (to see if my answer was legitimate I'm guessing?) I've ran into a lot of people lately who come across as snobby if you weren't born in a certain era and don't know everything about that particular childhood. Those people bug me.
I have a huge Scrooge McDuck style vault of cookies.
Shoutout to Scrooge McDuck, the original hip hop archetype.
I hate when girls be in a guys face yelling and pushing, you asking to get knocked tf out! Then wanna cry abuse😒
Sterling doesn't need lawyers or PR people to coach him. Why? HE DOESNT CARE. He does Scrooge McDuck backstrokes in gold coins at night.
Drive Time was invented for good. Then the Devil dove directly into those APRs like Scrooge McDuck.
I’m like Scrooge McDuck. But with cold feet.
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I wanna swim in that like Scrooge McDuck.
Do the Scrooge McDuck and then you dive into yo money
Been eating so many burgers...I feel like Jughead from the Archie comics. Remember him with the constant stack of burgers? Wish I felt like Scrooge McDuck.with his swimming pool full of $$$.
Dear friends don't let friends ride ponies.
I want to buy every copy of this and just roll around in them like Scrooge McDuck in his money bin.
.just raised a million bucks in their first investment round! Who put money in the MCN? Find out here:
He died doing what he loved, swimming in a giant room filled with gold coins. Obituary for Scrooge McDuck
Don't like "saving money" I prefer "getting my Scrooge McDucks in a row"
Tuomas Holopainen- The life and times of Scrooge McDuck. Apparently a thing.
He went home and rolled around in money ala Scrooge McDuck and all was well.
I like to imagine that job has you counting all the gold & diamonds in a giant vault Scrooge McDuck style
JayZ for sure said something smart to Solange but still she had no business doing that in the first place
Examples of pince-nez used in popular culture are Walt Disney's cartoon character Scrooge McDuck; and the "Matrix" trilogy, where Morpheus wore reflective-lensed pince-nez sunglasses. Professor Tofty in the Harry Potter series also wore them in “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.”
This weekend I asked 3 of my friends how much they pay in rent. Each of their answers convinced me that I am paying WAY too much in rent. Next year, if I can find enough friends willing, I am moving into a four way situation. I would have SO MUCH money left over. I'd be like Scrooge McDuck. Just bathing in gold.
Can't wait to Scrooge McDuck dive into my bed!! (@ Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (DTW))
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Way to go 1st place Texas Rangers! Now let's get more wins! I'm talking to you Dallas Stars and Dallas Mavericks! Too bad ol' Jerry Jones doesn't like winning instead of swimming around in his fortune like Scrooge McDuck.
If his life's goal was to become Scrooge McDuck, he's a better person than we ever gave him credit for.
The soundtrack album to Don Rosas Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck by Nightwish star Tuomas Holopainen. SIGNED by Don Rosa himself! Available
Chip n Dale are in Sport Minnie Donald & they meet your friend Jose Carioca before your uncle Scrooge McDuck does.
Basically, he's diving Scrooge McDuck style into a pile of money.
David Jason must have a royalty money vault that towers over Scrooge McDuck's.
DuckTales is an American animated television series produced by Disney Television Animation. It premiered on September 18, 1987 and ended on November 28, 1990 with a total of four seasons and 100 episodes.[1] An animated theatrical spin-off film based on the series, DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp, was released widely in the United States on August 3, 1990. The voice cast from the series reprised their roles for the film. DuckTales is based on Uncle Scrooge and other Duck universe comic books, created by Carl Barks. The viewer follows the adventures of Scrooge McDuck and his three grandnephews, Huey, Dewey, and Louie. Important secondary characters, that often take part in the adventures, include Donald Duck, Scrooge's pilot Launchpad McQuack and butler Duckworth, the inventor Gyro Gearloose, and the nanny Mrs. Beakley and her granddaughter Webby. The most notable antagonists in the series are the Beagle Boys, the witch Magica De Spell, and the industrialist Flintheart Glomgold. In a typica ...
Mark is voiced by the great Casey Kasem and Keyop by the wonderful Alan Young (aka Scrooge McDuck)
I wonder if Adam Shefter gets a bonus for every deal he breaks first. If so, he can probably swim in that bin of cash a la Scrooge McDuck
Because why not? The symphonic Finnish prog rock concept album about Scrooge McDuck (via )
Scrooge McDuck attended the equal rights rally, till they started chanting "It's time for some change!"
You know...sometimes I ponder on the thought I could be adopted...cause my Scrooge McDuck of a mother is my total polar opposite...
So, Osamu Tezaku derived his initial framework of what we now know as manga from...Scrooge McDuck?! That's awesome!
Disneyland here we come! See you on the new scrooge mcduck ride... It's just jumping into a mountain of money. The gods I wish that existed. That and a Gummie Bears ride where it's just a massive bounce house/cave adventure that ends in a roller coaster ride underground to different parts of the park. With free Gummie Berry juice of course.
Dude not even!. All these people with their tax refunds eating like rich people but tipping like Scrooge McDuck.
if Len Elmore and Scrooge McDuck had a kid, it would be Fuson.
Well after almost 2 years Big Zo aka Scrooge Mcduck and I are back on a track together, along with The Real Mr LB. So here it is. "Pay Attention" Dream Starr Media & Zone Musik 270 Entertainment
Communist Manifesto with duck pun or Scrooge McDuck or Huey Dewey Louie, by Karl Barx
Scrooge McDuck has the same voice as Groundskeeper Willie.
I have a literal bag full of gold coins. Just call me Mr. Money bags Scrooge McDuck.
So happy Kovalchuk missed. I hope he drowns in his Scrooge McDuck money vault.
looking for Scrooge McDuck's take on the "oppression" of the 1%?
watch out. Scrooge McDuck comming through.
Drake should swim in his millions of dollars like Scrooge McDuck. Magazine covers would then seem silly & only ego feeding.
I don't doubt he means well, but it's somewhat akin to Scrooge McDuck complaining about people starving while sitting on a giant moneybag.
Alan Young, better known as Scrooge McDuck. Disney and Nick would never work together, but hey - least the voice actors could.
Slowly but Surely I'm turning into Scrooge McDuck. Help me stop this train.
One of the sponsors of this Film Fest is Chipotle. I'm swimming in Chipotle gift cards right now like Scrooge McDuck swims in money.
I'm imagining it like Scrooge McDuck and his money vault except with compacts and gashagasha lol
Dives into display Scrooge McDuck style and disappears forever.
I know alot of great artist took on scrooge mcduck recently and really made some killer pieces i mean…
Just saying if I had enough cash to fill a kiddie pool. Be all up in it like scrooge mcduck.
Going to a billionaires house Is kind of a let down. Yeah they have cool stuff but where is the scrooge mcduck vault so they can swim in their money?
For Valentines day, My evening is being spent. All by myself. Doing this... 7 feet long, 4 feet wide. And about 7 inches thick. (8 in some parts.) 4-5 hours later. In single digit temperatures, and Armed with only 2 hammers, A Phillips Flat head, and a shovel. just 1 cup of salt. This Patio is almost all cleared away. Of ALL the Ice. LOLOL Feeling something like Scrooge McDuck... BAH Humbug Phalentinesth Day!
When I first heard of "Duck Dynasty",. 1st thought it was a documentary on Scrooge McDuck. 2nd thought: someday, Donald will be president.
We can't be a couple if I can't treat you like : Cosmo and Wanda Doug and Pattie Jack and Sally Roger and Jessica Rabbit Tarzan and Jane Aladdin and Jasmine Aang and Katara Goku and Chichi Vegeta and Bulma Corey and Topanga Peter and Lois Marge and Homer Steve/Stefan Urkel and Laura Zack Morris and Kelly Kapowski Scrooge Mcduck and Money Kanye West and his ego Lebron and his hairline The Knicks and playoff season
your like Scrooge McDuck if you have $100's lying around under pillows
Happy Valentines Day to my 2nd favorite Scotsman, bested only by Scrooge McDuck ;)
I had $40.78 in change on the floor of my car. I felt like I was driving Scrooge McDucks car. Jingle jingle.
Today's quote: Darrell Issa thinks he has the gumption to steal USPS and sell it to the highest bidder. Being a plutocrat does not give you a right to plow your way around. You would be a lot happier sitting in your bank vault like Uncle Scrooge McDuck counting pennies.
He may have gotten a few headaches trying to count all that money Scrooge McDuck style.
Fun fact: Alan Young, who voiced Scrooge McDuck, was born with the name "Angus Young" like the AC/DC guitarist.
to bask in the hate in your Scrooge mcduck style money pool!! Why else?
Wish I had a pool of money I could swim through like Scrooge McDuck!
If you need me ill be attempting to swim in my money like scrooge mcduck while youre mad because your bf/gf didnt get you what you wanted
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Total game gold is over 205k. I didn't know Nukeduck was Scrooge Mcduck's nephew.
My tub o' Beanie Babies mocks me so I'm doing the adult thing: dive in them a la Scrooge McDuck & bask in the glory of their receding value.
Since The Mind Is The Real Money! I'm like Scrooge McDuck! I Swim in my money( for 10 solid yrs now), it only grows, and I aint greedy there's plenty to share. ;-)
Just one more thing you & Dale meet Jose Carioca Chip who is in it before Scrooge McDuck does who is also in it.
Pro Tip: Instead of making new comics, trace over Scrooge McDuck comics, but put noses instead of beaks. NEW COMICS!
What if I asked you to make a comic like Astro City and Scrooge McDuck?
No man is poor who can do what he wants to do once in a while... Scrooge McDuck I keep repeating this to myself as a reminder that this time in a month I'll be at the Animal Kingdom with Aimee Monell with out a care in the world.
This day really brings out the scrooge mcduck in me
Turns out I do have a Valentine this year after all... my tax return. What a pleasant surprise. Time to Scrooge McDuck these greenbacks.
can I come over and swim in your money vault like scrooge McDuck? YOURE WHATS WRONG WITH AMERICA . You greedy person you
I just logged into and it wished me happy valentines day. I feel like Scrooge McDuck now.
Hey, look. Life isn't fair. Some men have subterranean Scrooge McDuck-style vaults filled with doubloons in which to swim. Some men have armoires stacked high with bacon that is perfectly prepared, and ready to enliven any sandwich or rescue any salad. Some men are George Clooney, palling around with Matt Damon, replete with handsomeness and good smells. Some men live a life of adventure that puts the heart-stopping thrills of Six Flags to shame. Some men routinely know the pinnacles of human achievement, like judging beauty contests and casino gambling. Some men have Rosetta Stone minds that can decipher the gibberish of the cosmos. Some men are confidant of the beasts, and know the kiss of the jaguar's tongue, and the high five of the porpoise. Some men can roast a chicken to quiet the heart of even the most demon-plagued. Some men can compose a symphony like s'mores for the soul. Some men awake daily, spooning the gods. Whereas I, I am none of these men. I am nevertheless rich beyond compare, and have ...
So, is it rude to swim in a vat of Valentines Day candy like Scrooge McDuck in his treasury? Cuz that's what I'm gonna do.
If there ever was a Scrooge McDuck of Valentine's Day it would probably be me
Gloria wanted a blog entry as her Valentine's Day present instead of the standard overpriced trinkets and flowers. Being the cheapskate that I am, of course I'm going to happily oblige!    But what to write about? I wish there was crisis or pain or at least a bit of sturm und drang to make it somewhat interesting! Unfortunately, life has really settled down here since the trip back to Taiwan for my dad's funeral. Christmas, New Year, and now Chinese New Year have all been spent quietly at home with Gloria and Tristan, who's just turned one and started walking yesterday. While this is definitely something worth celebrating, I guess it's also not exactly surprising.   Anne and the girls came to visit last weekend. Anne was worried about my mental state after hearing Dais tell how I was on edge, not communicating much, and gaming like a man possessed over New Year Weekend. He's right I guess (but hey we sure played a couple great games of SOTS! I think I can still hear the AI whimper!).    Did my dad's ...
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"In 2011 Smaug made his first appearance on the Fictional 15, the Forbes list of the 15 richest fictional characters. That year, he was ranked number 7 with an estimated net worth of $8.6 billion, whereas Scrooge McDuck was first with $44 billion. The following year, the magazine did a more careful analysis and concluded that a conservative estimate was $61 billion, which placed him comfortably atop the list. Michael Noer, the author of this article, limited his estimate in order to keep Smaug's net value in line with living factual characters, notably Bill Gates and Carlos Slim. The estimates are tied directly to Smaug's size and the assumption that he lies directly on the largest part of his hoard. A more literal reading of Tolkien's text and comparison to historical instead of living factual persons (notably John D. Rockefeller or the Rothschild family) would result in a much higher estimate, as much as $870 billion, according to the article. In the 2013 edition of the Forbes Fictional 15, Smaug placed ...
You don't dwell in social anarchy. Me? I swim in it like Scrooge McDuck through a pile of gold coins.
How can Scrooge McDuck dive into that pile of gold coins and swim in the intro to Duck Tales!? He would break his neck!
"With my mind on my money and my money on my mind." - Scrooge McDuck
Crankey Kong: give back Scrooge McDuck's pogo jump back!
You guys, all I want is to Scrooge McDuck into a pool or Cadbury creme eggs. (do they tho?)
Remember on Ducktales when Scrooge McDuck dove into those coins? Having ducks walk and talk was more believable than him surviving that.
Looks like Little Mac is a playable character in the new Smash Bros. I still say they should add Scrooge McDuck.
As I sit here helping Sophia put her valentines together for her classmates I must confess I'm a Scrooge McDuck in this category. Not a fan of valentines day not a fan.
Oh lol I've been trying.. He had a hookah it's a lot easier with those
What's the avg line limit of being broke ?
Am I the only person who has road rage ?! 😠
Somewhere a nerd is swiming in bitcoins like a digital scrooge mcduck
I'm actually listening to a album based on "The Life & Times of Scrooge McDuck" by Don Rosa. Strange world we live in, but awesome :-)
called "The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck". Toumas even gets the original artist( Don Rosa) to do the art for the album cover
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I'm like Scrooge McDuck but instead of wanting to dive into gold and money I want it to be a vault of Panda Express
With two hovering monkeys and one with a Scrooge McDuck pogo, why ever play as Donkey Kong?
i imagine Holmgren gets up at 7am and settings in his money like scrooge McDuck
lmao, I take my refund to the bank and change it for pennies that way I feel like I got more, swim in it like scrooge mcduck
It's beyond me. I bet it had a huge $ sign on it, like Scrooge McDuck's money bags.
I wish I could swim in crab rangoons like Scrooge McDuck in his vault of coins.
Fair. 2 srs questions: 1) Do you think I'm handsome? Rhetorical. 2) Do you ever swim in the salad bar like Scrooge McDuck? I do.
My ideal date is a walk on the beach, cutting a drifter, rolling around in money like Scrooge McDuck.
Poker Night 3 confirmed to have characters Scrooge McDuck, Remelia Scarlet, Guybrush Fleepwood and Barry aka
Ed Reed had a bag of money containing $50,000 stolen from him. A BAG OF MONEY. How did the robber get away, did he paint a train tunnel onto a rock? Who walks around with a bag full of $50k except Scrooge McDuck?!
If it doesn't concern you then stay out of it
You can't change a mind of a person who's not willing to change.
Does Mike Ashley swim in a pool full of money like Scrooge McDuck off Duck Tales?
There are enough that could you swim in them like Scrooge McDuck
uh trav reed wanted to add 50 grand to his vault his pool of $ was running low how else could he dive in like Scrooge mcduck
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Excellent, I've enroled at the scrooge mcduck school of diving
Going to be like scrooge mcduck swimming in chicken nuggets lol
turn it into gold coins and swim in it like Scrooge McDuck.
But Scrooge McDuck has forseen this, and successfully pushed legislation to protect HIS treasuries. The law essentially says: If Scrooge McDuck starts to go broke, FOR ANY REASON the taxes middle-class people pay will be diverted to restore his losses to the original level. Hey! That's the law! Obey it. You're obeying it NOW. God voter.
After an extremely stressful shipping process, Rise of Rome (and Hoplo 2nd edition) has FINALLY arrived!! Spending all morning unpacking and checking these beauties! Looking good so far! More info soon! (Dives back into a pile of chips like Scrooge McDuck)
Dumb, da dumb, dumb, dumb!!! I wish I had a dollar for every dumb statement I have ever heard throughout my entire life! I would be rolling around in my money like Scrooge McDuck, lol!!! P.S. This is not a personal attack upon anyone, just an observation.
You know your an alcoholic when your garage is so full of empties that you could dive into it and swim around like Scrooge McDuck!!
I don't see what The big deal is. I often confuse Lawrence Fishburne and Samuel LJackson. I still can't tell Jimmy Fallon/Jimmy Kimmel apart. And the only way I can tell David Letterman and Scrooge McDuck apart is because McDuck is a cartoon! .
Feelin kinda bad *** about standing up for myself at the bank. confrontation scares me so much but sometimes sticking through it saves you 40 dollars and a chunk of pride. It also helps to imagine the people at your bank as Scrooge McDuck swimming in your money
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