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Scrooge McDuck

Scrooge McDuck is a cartoon character created in 1947 by Carl Barks and licensed by The Walt Disney Company.

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I can confirm nor deny I am swimming in them right now like Scrooge McDuck.
Scrooge McDuck eats a burrito (which explicitly contains meat) in the new Ducktales, while the characters aren't al…
$9,000 for Mexican food is insane, poor Scrooge. Now I'm sad because no episodes until December. I need my Scrooge McDuck!
Yes, but he has a larger money vault than Scrooge McDuck.'
Uh Oh! looks like Scrooge McDuck is taking over the Walt Disney Animation Studios logo!.
I'm guessing Scrooge McDuck, or someone just as honest. Wait, can Betsy DeVos do BOTH jobs? She co…
Picture this: a first-person shooter play version of Left Behind, but with Scrooge McDuck as the damsel in distress.
Only because Disney won't let him have Scrooge McDuck.
attendees - first person to do this wins this Scrooge McDuck Pop!
Scrooge McDuck: I don't want to see hobos when I'm frolicking in my pool of custom gold coins with my face on them!
Scrooge McDuck, off course, who else?
David Tennant as the new Scrooge McDuck on Ducktales is a brilliant casting
At this point, my money's on Scrooge McDuck.
Roger Stone is what Scrooge McDuck would be with Donald Duck's temperament
At least. I imagine there's a room at Netflix just like the room Scrooge McDuck has where he swims in gold.
You're like a KKK member that was bitten by a radioactive Scrooge McDuck?
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Man these villagers are like Scrooge mcduck. Spilling it everywhere. Can we have a money bin?
We ski down it sometimes, like Scrooge McDuck. 💰 💰 💰
Welcome to the mud show. We swim in this dirt like Scrooge McDuck swims in gold co…
full offense and I took my time waiting to express this but "gold standard" reminds me of Scrooge McDuck and I had…
He can cry about Star Wars in the Scrooge McDuck pit of money that Disney paid for the rights.
How Rich you ask? About halfway between Bruce Wayne and Scrooge McDuck.
Why dont they just back a Brinks truck into & have a Scrooge McDuck money swimm…
Really hope I’m not the only one attracted to Scrooge McDuck thanks to David Tennant and his sexy voice.
I must have the Scrooge McDuck and Darkwing Duck figures! Must!
"Driving a race car is like dancing with [Bruton Smith swimming in a pile of money, Scrooge McDuck style]."
Uncle Scrooge is a comic book starring Scrooge McDuck, his nephew Donald Duck, and grandnephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie, and revolving around
And full disclosure, that's a bit harsh on Scrooge McDuck. He seemed like a solid great-uncle to Huey, Dewey, and Louie.
Scrooge McDuck witnessing the eruption of Krakatoa August 27, 1883, from “The Cowboy Captain of the Cutty Sark"…
Couldn't get numbers for Lex Luthor, Scrooge McDuck or Charles Foster Kane, man baby?
David Tennant reading Donald Trump quotes AS Scrooge McDuck was PRICELESS! Thank you,
DuckTales: here's the first clip, featuring David Tennant's Scrooge McDuck...
and the other album that currently works for me is Tuomas Holopainen, Nightwish composer,'s album about Scrooge McDuck.
Interested in how I get a Scrooge McDuck reference into a review? Read away -
Scrooge McDuck swimming in gold, but it's me in a bathtub of Jack in The Box tacos.
Dreamt that Scrooge Mcduck had a mansion in *** and demons took away Louie bc he was actually the son of Satan.
If you want to bless your ears, please listen to Tuomas Holopainen's Scrooge McDuck's Life-inspired album
David Tennant. As Scrooge McDuck! This could be SO fun. (plus Kate Micucci, Dani Pudi and lots of other great...
Warren Buffett is the real life version of Scrooge McDuck
I regret to inform you that "Uncle" Scrooge McDuck died today during his regular morning swim.
but uneducated males just KNOW that old Uncle WarBucks, Scrooge McDuck and Billie Gates Know BEST. otherwise. why Ric…
Betsy DeVos is fit to be the Secretary of Education the same way Scrooge McDuck was qualified to be a pool man.
He's good. Alastair Sim and George C. Scott are great too. Don't sleep on Scrooge McDuck.
Who's excited that David Tennant has been cast as Scrooge McDuck?!.
This is NOT a drill, folks...David Tennant will voice Scrooge McDuck in the DuckTales reboot!!!
David Tennant is Scrooge McDuck. Danny Pudi is also in this. There are no words to describe my feelings.
Remember Duck Tales? A line from Scrooge McDuck - "I can't live the life of the poor and pathetic!" Freakin savage 😂
You guys, David Tennant is Scrooge McDuck in the DuckTales reboot!!.
New Photo of David Tennant AKA Scrooge McDuck in the Duck Tales studio
David Tennant is voicing Scrooge Mcduck in the new Duck Tales!.
David Tennant is going to voice Scrooge McDuck in the new DuckTales?? count me in!!!.
Duck Tales is coming back and David Tennant is Scrooge McDuck
It's interesting that David Tennant is going to be Scrooge McDuck in the new cartoon:
voices Scrooge McDuck in Duck Tales (with video).
David Tennant to voice Scrooge McDuck on the new 'DuckTales' series - Los Angeles Times
David Tennant is playing Scrooge McDuck. What did I do to deserve this? I'M SO HAPPY.
David Tennant is going from doctor to duck as the new voice of Scrooge McDuck in Disney's Duck Tales reboot!
So David Tennant is playing Scrooge McDuck in the new series... That. Is. Awesome!
David Tennant as Scrooge McDuck in is primo. Good on ya,
David Tennant is Scrooge McDuck. This is not a drill.
David Tennant is the new Scrooge McDuck... A million times yes!
so... with David Tennant being the new Scrooge McDuck, can we get him to voice Scrooge in Kingdom Hearts 3?
actually, Scrooge has had two other voice actors - Bill Thompson in "Scrooge McDuck & Money", Will Ryan in "Sport Goofy"
Although it's good to know that he, Louie and Dewey have the surname Morgan. Scrooge McDuck is a maternal uncle clearly.
R.I.P. Alan Young, will forever remember him as the voice of Scrooge McDuck
Ruby and I are taking a bath in all my sweet zine money, Scrooge McDuck style.
Jason pulls a Scrooge McDuck while the rest of us get alcohol poisoning.
It's all in one big Scrooge McDuck like pile
Nothing makes me feel like Scrooge McDuck more than counting out my jar of change!
Seriously, 'The Life And Times Of Scrooge McDuck' would make an excellent film. Please consider, Mr. Lasseter!
Today I paid $5 to get my own money out of an ATM. I finally understand why Scrooge McDuck kept his money at home.
So... What if Scrooge McDuck's coins were coated with 0K Helium???
Scrooge McDuck comparisons always come in clutch.
When Mikey answ. quest. in a interview it's SO much GOLD that Scrooge McDuck thinks he's been robbed!
*throwing crumbs at Scrooge McDuck's feet*. Yuck, look at him! With all his money and he still eats bread crumbs off the ground. Such greed!
I will change em into coins and dive in them like Scrooge McDuck
also Donald Duck is a U.S. Navy veteran and has broad appeal. And his Secretary of Treasury is Scrooge McDuck, financial genius.
1,200 views in 8 hours. I feel like Scrooge McDuck (but with a less painful diving pool)...I feel rich, is what...
un escaneo de Life and times of Scrooge McDuck.
when I went to Disneyland yesterday, they taught us how to draw Scrooge McDuck 🌟
That is awesome. Is she saving for something in particular? Or just a Scrooge McDuck-esque pile?
Feel like scrooge mcduck for wanting to yell at kids for enjoing their summer holidays, while I write my diss.
I imagine at this point JJ Abrams has a room filled with money that he dives into like Scrooge McDuck
I’m just swimming in all the new comic-con trailers like Scrooge McDuck in a pile of gold coins
Like Scrooge McDuck diving into a pile of gold coins?
Juve is going to build a Scrooge McDuck style money bin.
I would swim in Three Musketeer bars like Scrooge McDuck in his vault!
Mike said he had to get that billion first, he's Scrooge McDuck 😭
Again, what is the plan to do that? Hope we draw another Cheeto Jesus or Scrooge McDuck opponent?
MY KLASSY KASSY IS BACK.i feel like Scrooge mcduck swimming in my money Bing .yeah I like Duck Tales.WELCOME BACK
He gave swimming lessons to Scrooge McDuck.
If that's what 2 months of a RP nets you, the Rays better look like Scrooge McDuck if they move one of their SP.
oh true. Also, can't exclude Scrooge McDuck-esque mountains of money
Who else thinks it is likely that William Devane goes home and swims in a vault full of gold, like Scrooge McDuck?
Where do all y'all shady folk get off charging $1300 for a BACHELOR APARTMENT? I'm not Scrooge McDuck here.
Ok wait I got it. Get your 10K in savings in in coins, fill up a room and learn to swim in it like Scrooge McDuck.
They forgot to include Lex Luthor, Richie Rich and Scrooge McDuck on this list!
Damned lenses. If I invented spectacles that never needed cleaning, I'd be richer than Scrooge McDuck.
I'm so ready to be rich. I've already filled out the forms to legally change my name to 'Scrooge McDuck'.
Question: With the sad passing of Alan Young earlier this year, who will be the new voice of Scrooge McDuck?
What time do you jump into a pool of Cheez Its, Scrooge McDuck style? I need to be there.
Can I borrow your kid and go to Chuck E. Cheese? I wanna hoard tokens and pretend to be Scrooge McDuck for a few hours.
Like helping us find our sense of meaning in life kinda sorta ? & I think it's just down right now.
It's a book about Shadow work. What's going on with your Snap?
Straightening my hair about to read once I'm done. Wbu?
"Any questions?". "How come Scrooge McDuck never broke his neck when diving into that pile of gold coins?". "Questions a…
I want to be like Scrooge McDuck, but instead of swimming in gold coins, it will be JCM 800s, Mesa Boogie Mk. Vs and Jazz Chrous.
Chris Wilcox is doing a Scrooge McDuck dive into a giant pile of money and laughing at a lot of people.
Once got an essay on "A Christmas Carol"--I kid you not, the student referred to Ebenezer Scrooze throughout as Scrooge McDuck!
born star of Mr Ed and Scrooge McDuck dies in America at age of 96
Sad to hear Alan Young passed away. Scrooge McDuck and Jack Allen were my childhood.
LRT: Alan Young was an icon of my childhood, both as Adventures in Odyssey's Jack Allen and DuckTales Scrooge McDuck. May he rest in peace.
R.I.P. Alan Young. Voice of Jack Allen, Scrooge McDuck, and other characters from my childhood.
Farewell to a prominent and inspirational voice throughout my childhood. Scrooge McDuck. Jack Allen (Adventures in Odyssey).
RIP Alan Young voice of Scrooge McDuck, voice of Jack Allen from Adventures in Odyssey, and Wilbur from Mister Ed.
RIP Alan Young, voice of Scrooge McDuck and lesser known for his role as Jack Allen in Adventures in Odyssey. What a gre…
yeah but under Hillary we'd just get Jamie Dimon, Scrooge McDuck, and that bull statue from Wall Street.
reliable sources have confirmed names Scrooge McDuck as his running mate
Everybody waiting on Summer and I'm waiting on Hunting Season
Sometimes to calm down I picture Scrooge McDuck diving into that pile of money
My hair mousse looks like one of Scrooge McDuck's nephews in DuckTales:
Just because you're huge & wallowing around in more cash than Scrooge McDuck doesn't mean you're infallible: Google+, iWatch, Video Direct.
you should be swimming in gold coins like Scrooge McDuck!
Show me your true colors I just wanna see.
Today in 🌱: I'm Pole Bean rich. I'm the Scrooge McDuck of Pole Beans. 😮💰
perfect sense. Got me for a minute lol
You gotta make it one of those Scrooge McDuck money pits
caught up on your ex still , I can get you past it
How does Stevie wonder know how much money he has? They got Braille money? All his money in coins like Scrooge mcduck?
Yikes. Nearly halfway through my allotted data this month -- time to hoard those bits and bytes like Scrooge McDuck!
Luna: Who is the richest person in the world?. Me: Bill Gates?. Luna: Scrooge McDuck 😄
I suppose if I stay up extra late I could sleep past 5 but that's it
.is transitioning from Ebenezer Scrooge to Scrooge McDuck.
Just found out that Wilbur from Mr. Ed is the voice of Scrooge McDuck in Duck Tales.
On this day 1967:. Disney's 17-minute cartoon Scrooge McDuck and Money. is released. It is Uncle Scrooge's first major animated appearance.
yes, they must have 80 Scrooge McDuck money bins.
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Donald Trump, Richie Rich, Scrooge McDuck, Mr. Peanut, Ricky Schroder. *** I really have a limited knowledge of rich people.
Feeling like Scrooge McDuck swimming laps in the vault right about now. @ Rancho Relaxo
I just Scrooge McDuck dove into a swimming pool full of commissions.
At 20 years old he was selling 300 kilos of coke a week. In 87, a kilo went for 34K. Could swan dive in cash like Scrooge McDuck.
Meet comicbook creator Don Rosa at Best known for Scrooge McDuck, Donald Duck:
Any new Disney World Star Wars attraction should include a Scrooge McDuck money vault.
I liked a video from Penn Jillette: Donald Trump is Scrooge McDuck
Disney fans mourn first Arab to voice-over Scrooge McDuck.
Q: Who’s been the only African American listed on the Forbes 400 list of the wealthiest Americans every year since 1995? A: Scrooge McDuck.
I picture him being like Scrooge McDuck and swimming in his money as therapy.
idk but I wish I was Scrooge McDuck with sometimes
I don't know who invented the selfie stick, but I bet they have a room full of cash, Scrooge McDuck style.
I need attention like scrooge mcduck needs a pile of money to swim in
I might buy a Scrooge Hipster McDuck comic, does that make me the enemy? (Spoiler: I wouldn't).
It's not even 9 a.m. and I've already made a Scrooge McDuck reference. Things are looking up.
All purpose parts banner
I always assumed during the good times they were too busy swimming in their moneybins Scrooge McDuck style.
It's probably her diving into a room full of tax payers money, Scrooge McDuck-esque, cheered on by Boris Johnson.
Happy Birthday Jon! Now go celebrate with Scrooge McDuck for the party!
Now is the time of year when Carters of Reading starts doing the Anya tillroll dance. possibly even the Scrooge McDuck money swim.
every time someone tells me to deactivate I'm just gonna say "K" and post a pic of Scrooge mcduck diving into a pool of gold coins
I really enjoyed your latest vid on Objectivity!It really reminded of the Scrooge McDuck treasure hunts I used to read as a kid!
A life lesson from Scrooge McDuck and I on Christmas.
I see Arsenal are on TV AGAIN this weekend! Wenger must be swimming in the TV money like Scrooge McDuck!!!
The richness of life comes when all the characters have purpose. When they mean something. That is Scrooge McDuck level richness in life.
they don't have a Scrooge McDuck style money bin like I do.
We also don't talk enough about how Scrooge McDuck was swimming through gold coins...
The game mechanic, or Scrooge McDuck style only with polyhedrons instead of money?
Swimming in a Scrooge McDuck pool, but instead of money it's coffee.
in before someone photoshops your face on to Scrooge McDuck diving in to his gold coin vault. :P
Love it. I feel like Scrooge McDuck, giggling maniacally as I swim a vault of fanfic. 🏊🏻
Meet Black Singles 300x250
I'm at this point in my life where I don't really have time
First things first baby girl lets get acquainted..
and had sex in Scrooge McDuck sized piles of money.
no one is going to forget that...but it's hard to concentrate on that with Scrooge McDuck in full force.
Never heard of 'em before now. That is an entertaining and top-notch translation of "Scrooge McDuck".
it's like Scrooge McDuck getting into politics because the nephews are pulling a gag
But... If Shovel Knight is the only way I'll get my DuckTales Scrooge McDuck... then I'm all for it.
You can sit in a pool of gold, Scrooge McDuck style, but it won't make you richer.
Ive just seen this in a kid's book. Any room for Uncle Scrooge McDuck in 'up the *** corner'?
"Big bro, you're kind of like the anime version of Scrooge McDuck… Except much less fluffy." . "I know."
It's no Scrooge McDuck Money Vault, but I literally just filled a kid pool with dollar bills I've saved with $1 drinks at McDs
I was having kind of a blah day until I discovered your Scrooge McDuck song! My god, funniest thing ive heard in ages! Thanks!
"I can talk for hours about Scrooge McDuck." - in my latest interview for
I'm Scrooge McDuck, my money piles I dive in it - Chamillionaire
To celebrate national dog day, get your dog and give them to me. I want to dive into a pile of happy dogs like scrooge mcduck into money.
The NRA remains silent because the president is busy diving into a pool of guns Scrooge McDuck-style.
Killer still alive after trying to take himself out. God ain't ready for you you leave boy you finna have to answer his way
fool say there forever pointing the gun at them and they ain't even see him. You gotta be awake at all times man
Remember: it took 16 years of ventures & a grueling winter at White Agony Creek for Scrooge McDuck to strike it rich.
But how in the *** you ain't see this *** man that close for approximately a minute !! *** man sad story. RIP to those Reporters
People have been sending it in I have yet to determine if it's real or not. If it is, I may retire Scrooge McDuck style.
Shovel Knight could open the path for other characters such as Scrooge McDuck, don't knock it.
I like to image he is swimming in a pool filled with gold coins. Scrooge McDuck style.
Cartoons & Cereal...I haven't felt this good since Scrooge McDuck
Work towards a goal you want to accomplish & never give up !
Everyday they're out there making Woo-oo!
The adventures of Scrooge McDuck and his family.
So Donald Trump is basically that elderly relative you had to visit at Xmas but nobody liked,smooshed together with Scrooge McDuck?
I think this could be seen as a sly, wonderfully Addams-esque take on Scrooge McDuck's favorite sport (swimming i…
I can only hope some unknown rich relative bequeaths a vast fortune to me. I'd retire, build a money bin, and swim in it like Scrooge McDuck
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Check out this artist and her hot new single Vylette - Scrooge McDuck:
too expensive who do I look like scrooge mcduck
Somebody to trust me, somebody to love me, somebody to walk right up to they ex and be like.. "You ain't even got the juice like that"
That was all because saw my room full of chargers and headphones. I swim through them like Scrooge McDuck.
I seriously wanna do a Tartan Day story for Crotoonia. Imagine Merida, Scrooge McDuck, Duncan and the Scottish Twins all in the same room
Also, no joke, I've been researching Scrooge McDuck for the last few weeks. Classy Freddie Blassie, Charles Foster Kane...
it was Scrooge McDuck who swam in the money in the vault, Donald Duck's Uncle I think!
I just want swim in a large pile of Nike Frees like Scrooge McDuck. Oh! and an infinite amount of workout clothes to sweat in
😐 You dk who Scrooge McDuck is? LAWD! He's Donald Duck's rich but cheap uncle.
Scrooge McDuck's money bin in Lego based on Don Rosa's blueprints.
Somebody give this man all the awards! Scrooge McDuck's money bin is meticulously recreated in LEGO!
Don Rosa’s The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck, Artist’s Edition HC now available for order! htt…
why not go back farther, invent it, make a million dollars, and have a Scrooge McDuck style swimming pool of froyo. Duh.
now that Scrooge McDuck has entered the race, Donald, Goofy, Pete and Clara-bell don't seem nervous. unfortunately, we don't need any of them
Why not have some sort of Duck Team with Darkwing, Howard,Scrooge McDuck ,Count Duckula, Daffy Duck and Alfred J Kwak?
Not to say Colby doesn't know his comics. Once snapped at me for being part of Scrooge McDuck author Carl Banks' "euro-cult"...
Disney is going for that Scrooge McDuck vault this year:. Avengers: Age of Ultron. Tommorrowland. Star Wars
Disney is going to make SO much money from movies this year, like Scrooge McDuck is gonna need a new vault money.
>on "a desiccated codger-demon perched atop Scrooge McDuck's mountain of gold"
Spitetreon is headquartered in Neil Gaiman's giant Scrooge McDuck-like vault of gold coins.
Foles is going to be involved in a blockbuster trade for Daffy, Donald and Scrooge McDuck!
That's what June Foray and Alan Young are saying! (The voices of Magica De Spell & Scrooge McDuck turn 100 and 98 in 2017)
I LOVE it when woman do duck face because I think "Oh wow she's nailed the retarded Scrooge McDuck look. Good on her!"
"There's something really sexy about Scrooge McDuck."
I just want to Scrooge McDuck jump into that pizza :)
you dive into it like Scrooge McDuck diving into his gold pile.
Scrooge McDuck is just another privileged white duck-man and not the funny Jason Alexander kind.
I really didn't give or permission to be in my city 😂😂😂. But I'm giving a pass. Good for only one use.
Love this bank. Today they texted me a picture of Scrooge McDuck diving into a pile of money. cc:
Scrooge money mcduck already got spring 2019 poppin'
Scrooge money mcduck already got summer 2019 poppin'
Scrooge money mcduck already got winter 2019 poppin'
Scrooge money mcduck already got autumn 2019 poppin'
Scrooge McDuck is my spirit animal.
ll Scrooge Mcduck, Donald's uncle, his fortune has been stolen and he can only hope that Mickey can find the culprit.
Can't believe Parma have went to the wall, you'd think with all those ham sales they would have as much money as Scrooge McDuck.
Actually, Scrooge McDuck was very successful and he never wore pants. So... I'll leave you guys with that.
no, the constant movie offers and millions of pounds. I'm like Scrooge McDuck diving into my money piles!
Scrooge McDuck swimming in his money is just a metaphor for us bathing and pooping in potable water. Look how rich we are!
If your understanding of business is based primarily on Disney afternoon cartoon characters like Scrooge McDuck and Fat Cat, I'm sad for you
My 4 year old is washing his coinage. I'm either raising the next Scrooge McDuck or someone with extreme OCD.
Ladies there is always somebody who looks better than you .. So have something more to offer besides your appearance
it's all good. Don't rush.. Lol we don't need no tickets on the way
that's where we was at last night. Idk why you ain't come
“Oooo I'm bout to be sexy tonite lol 😏” • me too 😎
you must of found Scrooge McDuck's money pool for wanting to buy those tickets.
My son just Scrooge McDuck'd into the pile of laundry in the basement. So I guess I'll be working on that today.
Admit it already! Scrooge McDuck also does your tax reports, it is common knowledge!
Scrooge McDuck oh!! ・・ reservation? "wow! That's a serious question. Let me think it through…yes!" yes!!!
Wow 40$, a scrooge mcduck gif, and a personalized email? keep up the great work!
*** that Pennybags. Between him and Scrooge McDuck all the best ankle is taken
I'd trade you in a New York minute. Loved when I volunteered casino's. Felt like Scrooge McDuck counting all that $$. :))
it's funny cuz u the one who thinks I'm scrooge mcduck
scrooge mcduck's final smash is launchpad crashing into the stage killing everyone and everyThing
So glad to see Scrooge is so happy now.
There is a LOT of content up at -- dive in like Scrooge McDuck and we'll see you tomorrow.
in which I attempt to persuade you that Stephanie Meyer is not Scrooge McDuck via
Kanye does the Scrooge McDuck vault dive into a pile of pictures of himself.
I HEREBY GIVE MY PERMISSION to: Ron Burgundy, Bill f**king Murray, The Walking Dead, Zombies (in general), Rob Zombie, Christopher Walken, the Joker, Harley Quinn, my bartenders and party store clerks, the Police, the NSA, the FBI and CIA, Satan, the Shredder, Dracula, Maynard J. Keenan, Homer J. Simpson, Mr. Burns, Peter Griffin, Ozzy Osbourne, the lost boys, Eminem, Master Shake and Carl, Scrooge McDuck, all the TMNT, ALF, Freddy Krueger, Dexter, Steve-O, Skeletor, Jack Nicholson, the Swiss Guards, the Priory of Scion, the inhabitants of Middle Earth, the inhabitants of *** Johnny Depp, Elvira, any real Pirate, domesticated and non domesticated pets, all members of Slipknot, Agents Mulder and Scully, the Goonies, ALL the Storm Troopers and Darth Vader, the Mad Hatter, Monty Python, Chuck Norris, S.H.I.E.L.D, The Avengers, The Illuminati, The Men in Black, CHIPS, X-Men, Ghost Busters, The Justice League, Gandalf and Dumbledore, Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny and all the members of Van Halen (even Sammy) . ...
One of the artists of Epic Mickey 2 drew me a Scrooge McDuck. Official hand drawn Disney art in my possession!
Electronic Device Insurance
Don Rosa's Eisner-award winning work on The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck tells his story before the mega-rich
Johnny Manziel’s $600 birthday cake looks like something Scrooge McDuck would get.
Scrooge McDuck used to swim around in his money. Johnny Manziel puts it all over his birthday cake. Both equally awesome.
I know this will never ever happen but it would be cool if every single current video game was available on all game consoles. I'm talking about Halo on PS3, PS4 and Wii as well as Mario games available on all current Playstations and Xbox systems and all the big "hardcore" games from all the big triple A game companies. It would be great if they could all be compatible in network gaming and versatile like the PC. Imagine playing COD on the Nintendo Wii and smack-talking some noob online or playing with your Xbox avatar in the Miiverse and Mario Kart on any Xbox system and Super Smash Bros. on any Playstation system and have all the iconic Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo characters fight in one big battle royale and can cross into any game world kind of like Disney Infinity. I know it sounds far fetched and too good to ever happen but if it did and was done right, these Companies would be swimming in money Scrooge McDuck style and people would be united in gaming no matter what console they play on. If ...
I never spend it, I just occasionally look at my online bank savings account and smile. I might be Scrooge McDuck.
And Kirk Ferentz definitely does have a Scrooge McDuck vault so the entire scenario is plausible.
Do you have a Scrooge McDuck-style money party when you pull in new venture capital?
Thesis idea for the English Majors out there: comparing the goldlust/familial love parallels between Thorin Oakenshield and Scrooge McDuck.
Yet another reason to not vote for ANY democrat for ANY office in the midterms Treasury Collects $3 Trillion in Taxes The federal government is raking in more money than Scrooge McDuck. In September, the Treasury Department announced they CONFISCATED $3 trillion in tax revenue for FY2014. It was only 37 years ago that the federal government received its first trillion through taxes, according to Despite the windfall, Washington can't seem to function without continuing to rack up huge deficits. Furthermore, The Wall Street Journal points out, the American taxpayers' income hasn't risen to outpace inflation, but more money has gone to feed the Leviathan. "President Obama says he won't sign any tax or entitlement reform unless he gets an additional $1 trillion in new annual revenue," the WSJ writes. "How about a raise for taxpayers first?"
: he was the pilot of Uncle Scrooge. Scrooge Mcduck.
Scrooge McDuck is Donald's Uncle and Donald is Huey Dewy & Louie's Uncle… so what happened to Donald & Scrooge's siblings?
I think, after the Phil Knight cash infusions, Scrooge McDuck is a more apt metaphor.
Just once I'd like to see a Rosland Capital ad where William Devane pulls a Scrooge McDuck & dives into a pool filled w/ his gold & silver
Line to eat crow for Hollywood insiders POSITIVE would flop begins by James Gunn's Scrooge McDuck money pile.
On re-watching Jurassic Park have become convinced that Richard Attenborough's John Hammond was based on Scrooge McDuck
The Time Machine Fact: Alan Young does the voice of Scrooge McDuck. Even now, at the age of 94. (thanks to for this)
So since Scrooge McDuck 1st got rich in the Klondike gold rush, he's like 140 years old now! Anyway I'll have a tall cafe mocha to go please
Daisy Duck leaves Donald for his rich Uncle Scrooge McDuck
Because screw the consumer. All that matters is Steve Ballmer getting his Scrooge McDuck money pool a little fuller
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