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Scottish National Party

The Scottish National Party (SNP; ) is a social democratic political party in Scotland which campaigns for Scottish Independence from the United Kingdom.

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DT Anne McLaughlin MP: David Davies - we had in 2014, no need for another one. Now the ...
. POLL: Scottish Conservatives gain 6% as SNP support slides .
Scottish National Party likely to retain 'vast majority' of Westminster seats in Scotland in June 8 says
Pietro Fabris, "Kenneth Mackenzie, Earl of Seaforth, at home in Naples: Concert Party," 1770 (Scottish National Gallery)…
Unlikely. The Liberal Democrats and Scottish National Party are the only ones if significant size who might look to prevent it
So, this is what a conference with people at it looks like?
The Scottish National Party, is as manipulative as Propaganda with false information!…
lol no offense but you aren't aware that the is only and only national party. Prop up.
Great news! The resolution on prostitution just passed at the Scottish National Party congress!
Jacob Rees Mogg: "The SNP has become the Brussels National Party, not the Scottish National Party".
Source for 'more than 4000' clients: Scottish National Party MP Denham, crusading against
.speech to as Scottish National Party leader due around 3:45pm Saturday.
Great news from Scotland - National Party has passed resolution to develop a Scottish model of prostitution legislation along Nordic lines.
At the Aberdeen Exhibition And Conference Centre for the second and last day of the Scottish National Party (SNP) Spring Conference
DT Dr Paul Monaghan MP: Gordon Brown's "Vow" as arrived. He knows devolution is not compatible w...
DT Stewart McDonald MP: Gordon Brown didn't deliver federalism as PM. He couldn't deliver as an ...
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Mhairi Black Scottish National Party MP a friend of Thanks and Respects. https:…
You haven't heard of Guided Scottish Democracy - the SNP is a party which embodies the national will whatever indiv…
DT Angus B MacNeil MP: Whatever Brown says today there is 1.5yrs before we implement the referen...
So pleased that the Scottish National Party has passed its resolution for the Nordic Model. Congratulations! :)
We are NOT called the Scottish Nationalist Party, we are The Scottish National Party.
Jacob Rees-Mogg MP - "The have become the Brussels national party rather than the Scottish national party."
PM Theresa May accuses Scottish National Party of being obsessed with independence, sounding like a traditional Que…
Theresa May warns Scottish National Party: 'Politics is not a game' . England fighting for 'Great' Britain...
When will the Scottish National Party stop snooping?
Scottish National Party unveil letter to Father Christmas via
You don't get to write it. ScotGov elected on Scottish National Party manifesto.
It's almost as if a country that voted for the Scottish National Party might be into Scottish Independence.
Not too surprised. Labour collapsed everywhere and the Scottish National Party picked up the pieces in Scotland.
David Davis, in response to SNP MP says 'Scottish National Party' then quickly changes it to 'Scottish Nationalist Party'. He k…
Only the Scottish National Party could turn a Summer Independence Drive into clinging on to membership of a union like a…
Yes, because the Scottish National Party produced a 650 page white paper on what an indy Scotland would look like.
I am not a nationalist. I am a national and member of the Scottish National Party
The Scottish National Party would leave the UK for Europe even if it were 1933.
The Scottish National Party (SNP) will today demand to be installed as the official opposition in the House of Commons, claiming Labour
Don't worry, we still have the Scottish National Party
Scottish National Party (SNP). Read just some of the promises made during the independence referendum by Tories...
Scottish national party have wanted out of the UK for yrs !
Corbyn was one of 12 Labour MPs to support Plaid Cymru and the Scottish National Party's call for a parliamentary inquiry into the Iraq War
When it came out, the Scottish National Party stood outside cinemas & flyered attendees.
Senior Labour and Scottish National party figures considering calls for legal action against Tony Blair if points the finger
not Scottish National Party then, which is what I though :p
In the race for Scottish National Party (SNP) Deputy Leader I'll be supporting Angus Robertson MP - can't think...
it's in the party's name. Scottish National Party. The Scots wanted Independence Ref. SNP delivered
congratulations for being in Scotland! My family is too. Referendum aside, the Scottish NATIONAL party holds the country
As the British Conservative Party goes thru convulsions, the Scottish National Party plans orderly
Earlier this year, Alex Salmond, the former leader of the Scottish National Party, said the report will show that...
Scottish National Party (SNP). “It’s absolutely outrageous that a prospective Prime Minister is now using a Leave...
Scottish National Party (SNP). Nicola Sturgeon addresses formal opening of the 5th session of the Scottish...
I'm not sure, but I think I may have just joined the Scottish National Party
Scottish Nation Party might take us one step further from national being misquoted as nationalist
Scottish National Party asks about parliamentary scrutiny of the Report
Channel 4 News "We have no intention whatsoever of seeing Scotland taken out of Europe.". Scottish National Party …
SNP outraged by Gove's suggestion Barnett formula could be axed
Myself, my mum, dad, grandmother, 3 sisters and brother are now all fully paid-up members of the Scottish National Party. Yay!
Brexit Britain just looks better and better for Scotland. Thanks Tories.
Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland's First Minister and leader of the Scottish National Party, called for a second...
Stewart Hosie, deputy leader of the Scottish National Party, announced on Sunday that he was separating from wife Shona Ro…
Scottish National Party (SNP). Nicola Sturgeon, the leader of Plaid Cymru Leanne Wood and Green MP Caroline Lucas...
do they care NO Scottish National Party (SNP) see Local Councils as a problem they could without
just like wee Jimmy Krankie in the Scottish National Party...
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Representative of Scottish National Party, 'We will follow Gandhiji's principle of Civil Disobedience Movement to its core.' …
Is the Scottish National Party quietly hoping for by | Open Europe Berlin
When I look back on College I really only learned about President Nixon. The Scottish National Party. And how to see film as art
Scottish National Party leader Nicola Sturgeon said there would be a shift in public opinion towards independence to guara…
they have far more in common with the Scottish National Party (left of Labour) than UK Conservatives.
Scottish National Party: ‘Toxic Tories’ don't fit our style of campaigning on —
: Scots united on Europe, but not with ‘toxic Tories’ . This time last year the Scottish National Party w…
Extracts from a speech that Dr Amer Masri, a Syrian refugee, gave to the Scottish National Party conference last... https:…
I refrain from making another joke about the Scottish National Party.
As a card-carrying member of the Scottish National Party, it is my duty to state publicly that Australia is the worst.
Scottish National Party conference: UNISON Scotland was at the SNP conference in Aberdeen this weekend, making...
Nicola Sturgeon commits Scottish National Party to oppose military intervention by UK in Syria. is anti-auster…
Duh he's an ex-leader of the Scottish National party
Scottish National Party Accuses the BBC of ‘telling more half truths and lies than the Nazis’ over the…
thought the Scottish national party movement in Cambridge just followed me.. No it's an event at fez ✋🏻
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Is hardly that. and Scottish National Party only ones pressing for answers on in UK Parliament.
A rudderless hegemony: I MISSED Nicola Sturgeon's final speech to the Scottish National Party ... of Aberdeen ...
Tony McCandless very impressive on BBC. from 1h40. Great speech from for Future with
Its part of the Union Jack. Scottish saltire belongs to neither party, it's a national flag.
At Scottish National Party conference in Aberdeen, standing room only for occupation of Palestine meeting
The Scottish National Party is the Best party operating in the United Kingdom. Shame I'm In England, not Scotland
A member of parliament for the Scottish National Party wants to experiment with a national digital currency
Scotland's SNP vows to fight to keep Britain in EU: The leader of the Scottish National Party pledged Saturday...
The Scottish National Party is both triumphant and hesitant
VIDEO: SNP conference: Saturday: Live coverage of the Scottish National Party conference… SPS
Scottish National Party: SNP call on Labour to help scrap House of Lords
"SNP renew call to UK Gov on exploration incentives | Scottish National Party"
Also there's one Green MP, and most of the MPs in Scotland are now Scottish National Party.since May's General Election.
I liked a video Actor Brian Cox quits Labour for Scottish National Party - Why?
Scottish National Party: Inclusion of a new 2018 Independence Referendum Vote for the 2016 SNP Scot... via
At Kinghorn Church Hall now for the Scottish National Party (SNP) Kirkcaldy Branch and.
A year after the Scottish referendum for independence from the United Kingdom, Scottish National Party leader Nicola Sturg…
Scottish National Party's Nicola Sturgeon in talks over fracking - World ... - World
What did Scottish National Party (SNP)'s Pete Wishart MP say in Commons that caused the Speaker to label his...
Scottish National Party: Call for BBC cash fair play for football clubs
LONDON, April 29 (Reuters) - The Scottish National Party (SNP) could win all the Scottish seats in Britain's parliament at …
Stewart McDonald MP for the Scottish National Party (SNP) wearing Palestine flag pin on display as a mark of solidarity.
Very true words sturgeon rules Scotland with an iron stick no free speech no no freedom of movement no nothing
Some of us pointed out this, alas we were told we were making it up.
Scottish National Party announces 35 Westminster roles //Is your MP in the list?
Cameron must explain why Scotland was denied £400m | Scottish National Party
Sorry to do this Jill : your thoughts on this? .
welcome another tourism boost for Scotland | Scottish National Party
The youngest Scottish National Party British Member Of Parliament from Scotland declaring her support for Palestine.
Stewart McDonald Officially sworn in as the Scottish National Party MP for Glasgow South, wearing Scotland &...
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Unilateral cuts to block grant 'not acceptable' | Scottish National Party
Poverty stats show need for new approach | Scottish National Party
Scottish National Party: Unilateral cuts to block grant not acceptable
Petitioning the Scottish National Party (SNP) to oppose the scrapping of the UK's blood sports ban. https:/…
Poster girl Mhairi looking uneasy at the Sturgeon's Scottish National Party re-launch
«SNPedia has nothing to do with the Scottish National Party, even though SNPedia is a top search engine result for "Redheads in the SNP”.»
Come on people, sign sign sign share share share!!! -
PETITION! Ask the SNP to vote against Fox hunting:
SNP (Scottish National Party): Get involved on the vote to repeal of the fox hunting ban in England via
Conservatives, Scottish National Party big winners in UK parliamentary elections -
Channel 4 News "Is there any possibility of a deal between the Scottish National Party (SNP) and the Conservatives…
Scottish National Party surges alongside Conservatives as UK Prime Minster David Cameron is re-elected via
I wonder what the Scottish National Party will extract from their coalition partners if they end up holding the balance???
"Every seat won by the Scottish National Party on Thursday will be cheered by the Tories."
change dot org to found the Scottish National Party in the United States.
can someone who understands how to decode british news please tell me - are Labour and the Scottish National Party in coalition talks?
Please note: SNP stands for Scottish National Party, not Nationalist as your caption for Nicola Sturgeon stated. Thanks.
! Nicola Sturgeon says England has nothing to fear from Scottish National Party on
Scottish National Party vote to make Nicola Sturgeon best-paid politician in UK. . Comrade Sturgeon on £14…
Impact of austerity shown as more DWP cuts to come | Scottish National Party
Scottish National Party: Murphy all over the place on policy
Scottish National Party: Balls highlights need for SNP votes on NHS England
Scottish National Party: SNP by-election victory in Labour heartland
SNP by-election victory in Labour heartland | Scottish National Party
Business groups call for increased powers | Scottish National Party
"​Greens, Scottish National Party, and Plaid Cymru expected to be included in TV election debates"
SNP: MPs will vote to protect Scotland's NHS Wed, 21/01/2015 - 13:10 Scottish National Party leader and First Minister Nicola Sturgeon today (Wednesday) said that SNP MPs elected at May's General Election would be prepared vote for a Bill at Westminster to restore England's National Health Service, in order to protect the Scottish budget - on which Scotland's NHS depends - from the effect of the erosion of public expenditure that English health privatisation paves the way for. In a BBC interview today (Wednesday), Ms Sturgeon said that a Bill to restore the English NHS would be "good for England" - and represent "enlightened self-interest" for Scotland, The SNP position at Westminster is not to vote on matters which don't impact on Scotland - but privatising the English NHS threatens the Scottish budget until such time as Scotland becomes fully financially autonomous. In 2003, for example, SNP MPs voted against Foundation Hospitals in England on the basis that moves to privatise the NHS in England pose a ...
New Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy appears to be failing to make an impact on voters, as the Scottish National Party lead by 28 points on 52 per cent compared to Labour’s 24 per cent.
Scottish National Party: Westminster must commit to Highland renewables
Scottish National Party: Labour's crisis of competence over meals muddle
Scottish National Party: &MOD rescue centre closure announced Not so great GREA…
“Scottish National Party votes Nicola Sturgeon as new leader”
Raptor persecution condemned at Scottish National Party conference
When Alex Salmond announced his resignation as Scotland’s First Minister and leader of the Scottish National Party, it seemed an acknowledgement of defeat. Mr Salmond’s cherished dream of independence had been decisively rejected by voters in a referendum, settling the question for a generation or m…
Foreign Secretary threat to walk away from EU | Scottish National Party
Scottish National Party: Foreign Secretary threat to walk away from EU
Stewart Hosie has been elected as the new deputy leader of the Scottish National Party. YAS!
Labour poll woes continue no matter who leads them | Scottish National Party
Alex Salmond was a leading member of a Republican faction, the 79 group, that was expelled from the Scottish National Party in the 1980s.
Ipsos Mori poll suggests 52% of Scots would vote for Scottish National Party and 23% would vote for Scottish Labour at th…
Scottish National Party: Miliband comments add fuel to flames Scotland deserves better than this.…
Devolving North Sea tax 'perfectly feasible as well as desirable' | Scottish National Party
Independence from the United Kingdom has been the lifes work of Scottish National Party leader Alex Salmond
It's been reported that Nicola Sturgeon ( aka Jimmy Krankie ) is to be the next leader of the Scottish National Party. SNP members will no doubt regard this news as fandabidozi.
Nicola Sturgeon has been elected unopposed as the Scottish National Party's new leader and the country's First Minister-i…
Nicola Sturgeon embarks on tour of Scotland | Scottish National Party
Labour wants to give Holyrood the power to vary income tax by 15p in the pound - but not the power to cut the top tax rate on its own. The Conservatives propose to give Scotland total control over income tax rates and bands. Holyrood would also be accountable for 40% of the money it spent. The Liberal Democrats propose giving Scotland power over income tax, inheritance and capital gains tax. The party has also touted scrapping the Act of Union between Scotland and England and replacing it with a declaration of federalism. None of this will suffice for the Scottish National Party, but just as the Edinburgh Agreement, committed Prime Minister David Cameron to honouring the referendum result, the same is true for the Scottish First Minister. The Scottish Government is expected to fight for a "devo max" - essentially far-reaching devolution - package of powers, likely to include total control over income tax, corporation tax, and air passenger duty, and extensive control over welfare. THEY STILL CAN'T AGREE
This blog was posted the day after the referendum (19 September). It was written by someone who has lived in Scotland for 14 years and has spent the last 2 years closely observing the activity surrounding the referendum. In some parts the english is not perfect, do not let that take away from the many valid points contained within the blog! It is very well put together and contains much information on just how far Downing Street went to make sure we did not achieve our goal! I'm quite disgusted by some of the activity alleged to have been done by Westminster and Labour, LibDems, and Tories. Well worth a read, although it might make you feel like you've been robbed, and a bit angry would be an understatement to how I felt after reading it. Even more reason to add your name to the Declaration contained in the post preceding this. I have taken a few quotes from the blog, posted below. :/ "The failure of Scottish National Party (SNP) to secure the winning margin has additionally costed SNP’s highly regarde ...
Lib Dems sell out last remaining principle | Scottish National Party
Cameron’s English Problem LONDON — It has been said that the British constitution is not worth the paper it is not written on. But then, as every American knows, the British don’t have one. Nevertheless, constitutional issues keep pushing themselves to the fore — the European Union, the role and composition of the House of Lords, and, most recently, the referendum on independence in Scotland, which threatened to break up the country. In 1998, Britain’s Parliament created devolved bodies in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The devolved bodies, unlike the House of Commons, were to be elected by proportional representation, with the hope that separatists would not be able to win on a minority of the vote. In a four-party system like Scotland’s — with Labour, Conservatives, Liberal Democrats and Scottish Nationalists competing — any party could, under the first-past-the-post system, win an overall majority with just one-third of the vote. In 2011, the Scottish National Party did so — wi ...
Alex Salmond who has fought for Scotland as Leader of the Scottish National Party and First Minister of Scotland to bring hope and social justice to...
Nicola Sturgeon, the woman expected to replace Alex Salmond as leader of the Scottish National Party and Scotland's First Minister, said she could start resurrecting plans for a fresh referendum on Scottish Independence as soon as 2016.
MSP Alex Neil rules himself out of Scottish National Party leadership. THE Airdrie and Shotts MSP...
Plan (A) all along? ‘He (Alex Salmond, First-Minister) said: “There are a number of political opportunities coming up. For many, many years, a referendum route wasn’t the chosen route of the Scottish National Party or Scotland. " "For many years, there was a gradual at...
Alex Salmond has announced he is to stand down as the leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP) and as Scotland's First Minister after losing the independence vote at the Scottish referendum.
The Scottish Referendum: A Diasporic Puerto Rican View By Zoilo Torres (September 19, 2014) Though it's disappointing that the Scottish Independence "yes" vote lost by 10% in the Thursday's referendum, it is a process with which progressive, pro-independence Puerto Rican political activists should become familiar. The 45 percent of the popular vote that the Scottish National Party garnered for national independence makes it a force with which the British will have to contend as the Scots demand expanded freedoms. The Scots taught us that a clear and viable message, intense organizing, and a keen understanding of community are grounds on which the future can be built. Since the U.S. military invasion in 1898, the Puerto Rican voters on the island have participated in four status referendums purportedly to advise the U.S. Congress and President on the island's preferred political relation to the United States. All these consultations, however, have been marred by historical circumstances: voter boycotts, un ...
Alex Salmond has confirmed he will be standing down as Scotland's First Minister and Scottish National Party leader. Report by Sarah Kerr.
Breaking News: Scottish voters rejecting independence from Britain Los Angeles Times | September 18, 2014 | 9:59 PM Voters in Scotland appear to have rejected independence from the United Kingdom, opting to preserve a more than 300-year-old union in a referendum Thursday that sent shock waves through Europe and opened the door to continuing political tumult in Britain. With turnout averaging 85%, the British media before dawn Friday were projecting failure of the controversial ballot measure that would have ended Scotland's union with England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The independence measure was losing in incomplete but increasingly conclusive returns, with 55% voting against independence, compared to 45% voting yes. The negative trend was a blow to First Minister Alex Salmond and his Scottish National Party, which pushed for the referendum when it won a majority in the Scottish regional parliament in 2011. Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon called the projected result "a deep personal and politica ...
So, with an overall majority in the Scottish Parliament Alex Salmond and the Scottish National Party resoundingly failed to deliver the vote which is their reason for existing. Must make them a lame duck government and have set them back a generation.
Scotland votes "no" to independence Prior to the UK General Election of 1997, popular arguments against a Scottish Parliament were that it would create a "slippery slope" to independence, giving the pro-independence Scottish National Party (SNP) a route to power. John Major, Conservative Prime Minister until 1997, famously claimed it would end "1,000 years of British history" (although the Acts of Union uniting the countries were still less than 300 years old at the time). The Labour Party met these criticisms by claiming that devolution would fatally undermine the SNP, and remedy the long-felt desire of Scots for a measure of self-government. Following the election of Tony Blair and Labour in 1997, a referendum was held in which the Scottish people voted in favour of a Scottish Parliament. This was established by the Scotland Act 1998, which set out its powers as a devolved legislature. The first meeting of the new Parliament took place on 12th May 1999. In the 2007 parliamentary election the SNP emerged ...
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The front pages. The Daily Mail has former Scottish National Party deputy leader Jim Sillars warning that an independent Scotland would take revenge on businesses for supporting the union. The Financial Times leads with that story as well - they quote Jim Sillars as saying there will be a 'day of reckoning'. The Independent says Alex Salmond has FAILED to distance himself from the remarks. Scotland's Daily Record quotes Deutsche Bank saying a break-up of the union would be a mistake on a par with the Great Depression. That's the lead in the Daily Telegraph. It quotes Gordon Brown calling independence an 'economic trapdoor'. The Times says fears that Scotland will vote for independence has prompted the biggest sell-off of British investments since the crash of 2008. The i newspaper says the vote is in the hands of hundreds of thousands of people who are STILL undecided with less than a week to go. The Daily Mirror leads with animal lovers raising more than a million pounds for the Manchester dogs' home tha ...
Sinn Fein and the Scottish National Party wish to banish British influence from their respective countries. Making comparisons between them is likely to annoy many SNP supporters. After all, nobody in, or close to, the SNP has ever fired a shot in anger or planted a bomb. Its method of struggle is electoral combined with [...]
UK government slammed for House of Lords expansion | Scottish National Party
LEADERS WHO USED TO PRAISE PRESIDENT VLADIMIR PUTIN Since news broke of the downing of Flight MH17, Western politicians have been lining up to condemn Vladimir Putin. But they haven’t always been so condemnatory... Tony Blair, then Prime Minister, in June 2003: ‘He offers not just tremendous hope for Russia but also the wider world. And I would pay tribute to him as a partner and as a friend.’ George W Bush, then US president, in June 2001: ‘I looked the man in the eye. I found him to be very straightforward and trustworthy and we had a very good dialogue. I was able to get a sense of his soul.’ Alex Salmond, leader of Scottish National Party, in May 2014: Pressed on whether he admires Putin: ‘Certain aspects. He’s restored a substantial part of Russian pride and that must be a good thing.’ Prime Minister David Cameron in August 2012: ‘It has been very good to welcome President Putin back to Number 10 Downing Street, and to see this steady growth in British-Russian relations.’ George . ...
Yes will give powers for a sustainable economy | Scottish National Party
SNP condemn calls for more UKIP peers | Scottish National Party
the Scottish National Party planned in 2009 to raise money by placing donation envelopes... at funerals?
The UK Treasury’s misuse of an academic report on the cost of Scottish Independence - which was described by the author as “ludicrous” and “bizarrely inaccurate” – is to be raised by the Scottish National Party with Westminster’s Public Accounts Committee (PAC).
European Election results Western Isles European Election results announced just before noon today broadly mirrored the national Scottish picture, with the SNP taking the majority of votes, Labour second by a large margin, and the UK Independence Party (UKIP) narrowly beating the Conservatives to take third place. The Liberal Democrats came a poor sixth in the poll, with less than half the votes of the Scottish Green Party. The local turnout of 7,705 voters was above the national average percentage at 34.9%, and there were just 18 rejected ballot papers. All the results were as follows: Britain First 88 votes British National Party 66 votes Conservative Party 761 votes Labour Party 1,842 votes Liberal Democrats 243 votes NO2EU 30 votes Scottish Green Party 500 votes Scottish National Party (SNP) 3,310 votes UK Independence Party (UKIP) 847 votes For the leading party, the SNP, Western Isles MSP Alasdair Allan said: “The SNP won locally and nationally by a convincing margin, with exactly the same share o ...
On This Day - May 16, 2014 2013 - Bill Gates becomes the world's richest man with $72.7 billion again after losing the position in 2008 2011 - Space shuttle Endeavour launches for its final commission in space 2009 - 135th Preakness: Calvin Borel aboard Rachel Alexandra wins in 1:55.08 2007 - Alex Salmond is elected First Minister of Scotland. He is the first Scottish National Party leader to be elected as First Minister after winning a historic victory at the Scottish General Election on the 3rd May. 2006 - A large earthquake (7.4 on the Richter scale) occurs near New Zealand. 2005 - Kuwait permits women's suffrage in a 35-23 National Assembly vote. 2004 - The Day of Mourning at Bykivnia forest, just outside of Kiev, Ukraine. Here during 1930s and early 1940s communist bolsheviks executed over 100,000 Ukrainian civilians. 2003 - In Casablanca, Morocco, 33 civilians are killed and more than 100 people are injured in the Casablanca terrorist attacks. 1998 - 124th Preakness: Kent Desormeaux aboard ...
Some of that money is to the Scottish National Party, not the Yes Scotland campaign. Which is a different thing. Cheers.
A party election broadcast by the Scottish National Party for the European Elections.
Chairman of Yes Scotland - Dennis Canavan, Deputy Chief Executive of the Scottish National Party - Shirley-Anne...
From Valerie Bryan, Ullapool. "I was privileged this week to attend, in Ullapool, two presentations on the subject of Scottish Independence: the first with five excellent, informative speakers, all representing organisations other than the Scottish National Party, and the second with John Swinney, SNP MSP, and Cabinet Secretary for Finance and Sustainable Growth. Had I not already been confident in my decision to vote “YES” in the Referendum on September 18th, I would certainly have been inspired to do so by what I heard at these meetings. There was no party-politicking, no bluster, no arguing – just calm, confident reassurance that Scotland is a viable country with democratic and socially just values, and with abundant expertise and confidence to run her own affairs. There were especially interesting questions for John Swinney – he certainly was not given an easy ride. But probably what came over to me most forcefully was the sheer humanity of his arguments for Scottish Independence. Our governme ...
It speaks well of assimilation in UK that a top Scottish National Party official is named Humza Yousaf.
Parliamentary Politics, Contentious Politics, Physical force Politics (armed struggle) People, groups and political parties employ different strategies and tactics to further their struggle for their political objectives. Foremost among these is the avenue of parliamentary politics. Parliamentary politics is undertaken when people and political parties have the opportunity to achieve their objectives through building support among the masses and participating in democratic institutions. Also of importance is that basic political and civil rights such as freedom of speech, assembly, access to media etc. be granted in the society. An example of this is the issue of Scottish Independece. The Scottish National Party (SNP) has the opportunity to achieve Scottish Independence through a democratic referendum and can utilize all peaceful and civil means to achieve it's objective in the present British system hence it has no justification to resort to more intensive means. Secondly, there is the avenue of contenti ...
Margo MacDonald - former deputy leader of the Scottish National Party - dies at the age of 70 http:…
The leader of the Scottish Better Together campaign Alistair Darling has claimed the Deputy First Minister of Scotland "doesn't know what a currency union is". Darling slammed the Scottish National Party's (SNP) Nicola Sturgeon on BBC Radio 4's Today Programme after he claimed it was possible that t...
Commenting on the news Royal Mail plans to cut 1,600 jobs, Scottish National Party spokesperson for postal services Mike Weir MP said:
Scottish National Party: Double standards from Alexander on new flights
After Crimea, will be Scotland next? But any such comparison is disingenuous: The referendum in Scotland is being held with the consent of the UK government, it will be internationally recognized, and Scotland's people have had years to consider what is a genuine choice. By contrast, the referendum held in Crimea was illegal under Ukrainian constitutional law and took place under duress, only days after armed "pro-Russian forces" took effective control of the peninsula. Voters also did not have the option of saying "no" to cutting ties with Kiev. What are the Scottish voting on, and why? On September 18, voters will be presented with a simple yes/no question: Should Scotland be an independent country? The Scottish Government, led by the Scottish National Party, says this is a "once in a generation opportunity" for Scotland's people to take control of the decisions that affect them most. A "yes" vote means that "Scotland's future will be in Scotland's hands," it says, and that life will be better and faire ...
Scottish National Party leader Alex Salmond carries on whining about the looming Scottish Independence vote. Recorded from BBC1 HD, Andrew Marr Show, 16 Marc...
Scottish National Party: Only guarantee is Tory devolution confusion
James Bond star Sean Connery urged his fellow Scots on Sunday to vote for independence in their referendum later this year, saying it was an opportunity "too good to miss". The 83-year-old actor, one of the most high-profile backers of the Scottish National Party's campaign for a 'yes' vote in Septe...
How far back does Scotland's modern independence movement go? The campaign for Scottish home rule began in earnest almost as soon as the unification with England took place, in 1707. At the time, the view was that Scotland was desperate for cash, but opponents of the move were outraged by claims that the Scots who put their names to the Act of Union were bribed. The episode moved Scotland's Bard, Robert Burns, to write: "We are bought and sold for English gold. Such a parcel of rogues in a nation." Fast forward many years to 1934, and the establishment of the Scottish National Party, created through the amalgamation of the Scottish Party and the National Party of Scotland. After decades of ups and downs, the nationalists won their first election in 2007, forming a minority government, before becoming the first party to win an overall majority at Holyrood in the 2011 poll - securing a mandate for an independence referendum.
English Conservative Party ,English Liberal Party , English Labour Party ,Scottish National Party ,Plaid Cymru . You now have honest labelling on veg why not in politics too .
The Scottish National Party has accused Labour of ?rank hypocrisy? for failing to hold the UK government to account over the hated Bedroom Tax, as evidence of a split within Scottish Labour grows.
SNP DEBATE TO FOCUS ON "FAIRNESS AND INEQUALITY" DECADES OF WESTMINSTER POLICIES HIGHLIGHT NEED FOR YES VOTE Commenting in advance of a House of Commons debate today held by the Scottish National Party, Plaid Cymru and the Green Party in which the motion for debate will be ‘Fairness and Inequality’, Dr Eilidh Whiteford MP, SNP Welfare and Pensions spokesperson, said: "We are having this debate at Westminster because the Westminster system is driving so much of the inequality and unfairness blighting our society which has got us into this sorry state. In September this year people in Scotland have a choice of two futures, and today’s debate will focus on the dangers for Scotland of remaining in a system in which austerity, cuts and even greater inequality appear to be the only things on offer from a No vote. The Westminster system is letting Scotland down badly, and in the referendum we have an opportunity to change the future and create a fairer and more prosperous society. "We live in a country bri ...
Scottish National Party: Scotland not even on Miliband’s radar
Scottish National Party: Report:Trident &with no military use&
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Scottish National Party: SNP debate to focus on inequality in the UK
Report:Trident 'irrelevant with no military use' | Scottish National Party
The Scottish National Party has expressed disappointment following a House of Commons debate on “Fairness and...
Neil if you're back to reside in Scotland before the referendum then you'll qualify to register to vote. Best wishes Ian McCann Corporate Governance and Compliance Manager Scottish National Party 3 Jackson's Entry Edinburgh EH8 8PJ Tel: 0131 525 8903 Fax: 0131 525 8901
Together we can make Scotland better. The Scottish National Party has once again called upon the UK govern...
Scottish National Party: SNP debate to focus on in the UK
Scottish National Party: Labour accused of rank hypocrisy on
Scottish National Party: Scotland not on even on Miliband’s radar
Sandra White: “While Ed Miliband was very keen to declare his admiration for Margaret Thatcher, he remained...
perhaps it would, probably not, but either way we must do in the Scottish national interest not party interest.
Scottish National Party: Alarm at Tory threat to privatise state pensions
Alarm at Tory threat to privatise state pensions | Scottish National Party
"The Scottish National Party love to audaciously sling insults at the English" You can stop reading there.
Secret papers show Tories can't be trusted on oil | Scottish National Party
£250M: The cost of mopping up Westminster's mess | Scottish National Party
Scottish National Party: All to play for in referendum as SNP soar ahead
The SNP’s weak arguments have given way to bullying tactics The Scottish National Party has resorted to intimidation SIR – It should come as no surprise that the Scottish National Party behaves thuggishly towards business people who air pro-Union views.. Alex Salmond, the Scottish First Minister, rules his party with a rod of iron and probably wishes he could do the same with the Scottish electorate. Hardly a week goes by without further flaws being exposed in the case for independence, giving the impression that the SNP’s plans for Scotland going it alone were written on the back of an envelope. Peter Myers Oldmeldrum, Aberdeenshire SIR – If business leaders fear to comment on the possibility of Scottish Independence because of bullying from the SNP, perhaps it is time for the rest of us to stand up to Members of the Scottish Parliament. Mr Salmond would do well to remember that he is serving us and that the childish bullying of those with different views only undermines any arguments he may have ...
First Minister Alex Salmond of the Scottish National Party (SNP) wants to enact a new immigration policy for Scotland, following the referendum next year. The referendum on the 18th of September, 2...
Seen elsewhere: UKBA told: Scotland is our home | Scottish National Party:
W. MacRae. A leading radical Scottish National Party lawyer and anti-nuclear campaigner, in 1985 he was found dying .
Scottish National Party: Disaster for Lamont as 41% do not know who she is
Scottish National Party: Danny Alexander figures "all over the place"
Scottish National Party: Time to end the House of Lords gravy train
Carmichael lets cat out of the bag on Barnett & EU | Scottish National Party
Scottish National Party: Devastating report on economic cost of a No vote
For the first I was proud of Britain. Despite its past records there is a lot that we can learn from our Great Britain. All the nations within United Kingdom have their own National Football teams and they play as such representing their nations in the world. It's like Tamil Nadu having a separate cricket team and playing Australia etc., Scotland is ruled by Scottish National Party and they came to power seeking independence. Can such a thing even imaginable in any of the countries colonised by Britain? They will SNP members and politicians in jail, murdered them, false cases, traitor charges etc etc in the name of territorial integrity. They are even having a referendum in Scotland next year. Despite its faults the rest of the world is still a long way away from any civilisation. Britain has only partially civilised the colonies. The people living in those colonies are worse off than they were under British Empire in terms of human rights and rights for self determination. A thought to ponder and reflect ...
Scottish National Party: Labour fail to show on bedroom tax debate
Labour fail to show on bedroom tax debate | Scottish National Party
Enjoying at someone else's expense, is the trio of Prime Minister David Cameron, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and Shadow Prime Minister Ed Milliband, in the company of a beaming Angus Robertson (Leader of the Scottish National Party - Westminster). 'Free-Riders' in Foreign Policy and 'Piggy-Backers' on Scottish Success !
Leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP) Alex Salmond unfurled a large Scottish flag behind the head of political opponent David Cameron, in support for fellow Scotsman Andy Murray at Wimbledon yesterday.
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Scottish National Party: HAI figures: Baillie must apologise to the NHS
Scottish National Party: Tory hypocrisy on renewables strikes again
I am neither a greyhound nor a suporter of the Scottish National Party
Clare Adamson: “Labour’s decision to follow the lead of the Tories shows where their real priorities lie and is a...
Labour moves on EU referendum a blow to No camp | Scottish National Party
I THINK she failed, but was only 1 MSP from Scottish National Party away from success
If the Scottish National Party are 'fascists' for wanting independence from foreign oppressors, what does that make
Green Party, Plaid Cymru, Scottish National Party. Our only hopes for the future
Scottish National Party: Votes at 16 passage a step forward for democracy
Scottish National Party: Islands energy announcement a victory for Scotland The answer to OFGEM bad news.
Scottish National Party: Threat to pensions comes from Westminster
Jamie Hepburn: “The real threat to pensions comes from Westminster and a No vote in the referendum."
Threat to pensions comes from Westminster | Scottish National Party
Scottish National Party (SNP) Mark McDonald MSP was today sworn into the Scottish Parliament as the SNP MSP for Aberdeen Donside. He was accompanied to the debating chamber by DFM Nicola Sturgeon and FM Alex Salmond.
The Scottish National Party, destroying our scenery, turbine by turbine.
All purpose parts banner
Consultation on regulation of sexual entertainment | Scottish National Party
Scottish National Party: Westminster offers only more austerity and cuts
Donside: answers sought over treatment of parents | Scottish National Party
Stewart Hosie: "...the way to get Scottish businesses moving again and get real growth back into the economy is...
Westminster offers only more austerity and cuts | Scottish National Party
Scottish National Party: Donside: answers sought over treatment of parents
why is there so much hate for the English from the Scottish national party I could believe it
Regulation expert praises new bill | Scottish National Party via
Celebrating the Scottish National Party's victory in the Aberdeen Donside by-election at a photo-call at the Brig O'Balgownie this morning, the new MSP for the constituency Mark McDonald said:
Scottish National Party holds on to Aberdeen Donside in Scottish Parliamentary by-election
As part of a series of questions on the heads of UK Political parties. Who would you see as the ideal leader of the Scottish National Party?
DARLING OF TORY CONFERENCE THE RECORD SHOWS THAT "WESTMINSTER KNOWS BEST" POSITION IS FARCICAL On the day the Chairman of the No campaign - Labour MP and former Chancellor Alistair Darling - attends the Tory conference in Stirling, the Scottish National Party highlighted Mr Darling's attacks on Tory economic policy and Tory attacks on Mr Darling's policy to illustrate that Scotland would be better off deciding our own policy in the Scottish Parliament. Mr Darling has called Tory Westminster economic policies as "utterly mad" and a "huge gamble", and said George Osborne has no credibility - while Mr Osborne has accused Mr Darling as Chancellor of "not being honest", and referred to him as "politically a dead man walking". SNP Westminster Leader and Campaigns Director Angus Robertson MP said: "Alistair Darling being feted at the Tory conference exposes the fundamental flaw at the heart of the No campaign - Labour and the Tories are joined at the hip in trying to stop independence, but the record of successi ...
Listless quality to SNP's case for independence Iain Macwhirter Columnist Thursday 30 May 2013 Is the Scottish National Party still a Scottish nationalist party? It may seem a little late in the day to be asking this question, only a year or so from a referendum on independence. But it is a question that has been perplexing people on the fringes of nationalist politics for some time now, as Alex Salmond has conducted his dance of the seven tartan veils – teasing us with policies such as keeping the pound, the Queen, Nato, MI6, UK energy and pensions policy, and maybe even Morris dancing. And even after writing a book on the subject, Road to Referendum, which is published next week along with a three-part prime-time STV documentary series of the same name, I'd have to say I am not entirely clear the SNP knows what it is about any more. Nationalists find it increasingly difficult to raise the emotional case for Scottish Independence – for freedom – when they are obliged to reassure Scots continually t ...
UK "Welfare Reform" --- impact on communities ! Welfare reforms breach human rights - bedroom tax ‘is illegal’ ! Professor Alan Miller Scottish Human Rights Commission interview on "Welfare Reform", said plans to replace the Human Rights Act with a bill of rights were an ill-disguised attack by UK ministers on civil liberties and an attempt to weaken existing legal protections for the vulnerable. Planned changes to the UK benefits system have left disabled people "suicidal", campaigners in Scotland have said. Campaign groups urged MSPs to block a move allowing UK ministers to legislate on the issue in Scotland. Scottish ministers have been urged to think about new laws to soften the "significant" impact of planned changes to the UK benefits system. But the Department for Work and Pensions warned the Scottish National Party (SNP) government against blocking the move. One of its senior officials, Neil Couling, said the move may hit key policies like free school meals and the blue badge scheme for disabl ...
Joan McAlpine of the Scottish National Party tells Ukip MEP Roger Helmer that there is no place for his party in Scottish politics.
Friends, Some months back I was on record after having been directly informed by some of the top PR Firms in London that they had been offered contracts where money would be no object from ZANU PF to carry our messaging campaigns to vilify the Zimbabwean tragedy of their miss rule from the land disaster, to indigenization, corruption to cleaning up the personal image of the first family and ZANUPF functionaries, we see this coming into fruition more recently with the Scottish National Party aspiring candidate for Member of Parliament Christian Allard singing for his campaign funds from diamond revenue that should be used to support the country and long suffering people of Zimbabwe. Well, some things are possible when there is truth involved, but to clean up a lie that has manifested into the truth by the very current circumstances that prevail on the ground in Zimbabwe and to see the continued parroting of the ZANUPF mouth piece and lie rag The Herald we Zimbabweans all know the truth. How can anyone deem ...
Speaking at a Yes campaign event in Glasgow this evening (Sunday), Scottish National Party leader and First Minister Alex Salmond said that the case against independence now being made by former Prime Minister Gordon Brown - i.e. that Scottish MPs are necessary to determine a Labour government at We...
As we prepare to mark 500 days to the independence referendum, the Scottish National Party published new opinion poll findings commissioned from YouGov. The poll shows that over two-thirds of people in Scotland support talks between the UK Government and Scottish Government before the independence r...
Scottish National Party leader Alex Salmond said that he would bet his house on getting approval for Scotland's independence next year. It looks like someone took Alex up on the bet and now he is living in a caravan. Never mind Alex. Perhaps if you got yourself an honest job, you would be able to save up and buy a camper van!!
James Bond portrayer Sean Connery may be a strong supporter of Scottish Independence and the fictional Bond may be a native Scot hailing from Skyfall Estate in Scotland, but 007′s employer, MI-6, is, in real life, covertly working to ensure that the 2014 referendum on Scotland’s independence goes down to defeat. WMR has learned that because a majority of MI-6′s top officials and agents are Scottish, Britain’s foreign spy agency would effectively wind up as an intelligence agency without a country if Scotland votes to go its own way. MI-6 is secretly backing psychological warfare operations aimed at discrediting the leadership of the governing Scottish National Party (SNP) government led by First Minister Alexander Salmond. MI-6 has also called in support from its English-speaking intelligence partners in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand to help craft a scenario that points to an independent Scotland being vulnerable to international terrorism. An independent Scotland is seen a ...
The main argument that comes from the No side of the spectrum concerning the Scottish Refrendum for Independence 2014 is something that needs to be addressed. This won't address the economic or global side of this whole debacle but instead address a false case which many people may use to prevent Scotland getting what it rightfully deserves. Here it is in a nutshell, "I cannot support Independence as Alex Salmon is the one calling for it." Now as to why this is a false argument you first need to understand what the SNP intended goal was after it was reformed into what it is now known as today which is simple, its goal was first Devolution, then Independence once it has achieved both these, the SNP (Scottish National Party) is likely to split as is the political landscape in Scotland is likely to evolve and adapt to this, thus the current SNP will not be the same SNP it started out before this refrendum in short, the party will either change or become an non-entity as it has achieved its goal. Due to the m ...
Scottish National Party: UK Govt set to break defence promises to Scotland
Opposition politicians in Scotland have attacked the ruling Scottish National Party (SNP) for failing to talk with Royal Mail about the future of mail delivery if Scotland breaks away from the UK.
Motion that George submitted to Parliament to congratulate Paisley Pirates on their recent success. Motion S4M-05657: George Adam, Paisley, Scottish National Party, Date Lodged: 18/02/2013 Hide Full Motion That the Parliament congratulates the Paisley Pirates ice hockey team on beating the Belfast Giants 17-6 to clinch the Scottish National League (SNL); notes that the team, which was founded in 1946, is one of the UK’s oldest; believes that Paisley Pirates is one of the major players in UK and Scottish ice hockey; notes however that this is only the team's third season in the SNL; commends all the staff, players and supporters of this fan-owned club on what it sees as this terrific achievement, and hopes that the team can build on 2013's success and continue to be one of Scotland’s best ice hockey teams. Supported by: Mark McDonald, Roderick Campbell, Colin Beattie, Kenneth Gibson, Joan McAlpine, David Torrance, Richard Lyle, Mike MacKenzie, Stuart McMillan, Jamie Hepburn, Dennis Robertson, Adam Ingr ...
inside the Scottish National Party, how working class people are treated like trash,
Scottish National Party: Welcome comments from academic on independence
Scottish National Party leader Alex Salmond, pictured, has suffered a blow in his bid for independence after a poll suggested just one in three Scots want a breakaway.
Political Parties There are many political parties in Britain but throughout the whole of England, there are three dominant political parties : Labour, Conservatives and Liberal Democrats. These are expanded on in the regions by the addition of the Scottish National Party in Scotland, Plaid Cymru in Wales and the various Unionist parties and Sein Fein of Northern Ireland. In terms of electoral success, Britain has frequently been referred as a two-party state; similar to America. In terms of pure definition, Britain is a classic multi- party state in which just a handful of parties have any political/ electoral significance due to the electoral system we have of ‘ first past the post’ in an election. During the era of Thatcher and Major, such was the dominance of the Tories up to the 1997 election, that the era 1979 to 1997 could be referred to as an era of one party dominance. The same appears to be true of Britain 1997 to 2002 with the Labour Party in a position of total dominance in Parliament afte ...
Quebec Premier Pauline Marois is in Europe to promote trade, but also met with Alex Salmond of the Scottish National Party, who is leading his region's movement to leave the United Kingdom
The meeting in Edinburgh fizzled when Alex Salmond, leader of the Scottish National Party, chose not to be seen in public with his fellow separatist from Quebec and declined to meet the press afterward
Labour call for budget money to be spent twice | Scottish National Party
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