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Scott Wootton

Scott James Wootton (born 12 September 1991) is an English footballer who plays for Manchester United.

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I'd bring Scott Wootton back and play him up front if the only alternative was Chris Wood, not even joking. Really don't rate…
Knowing our luck, will probably spend all the Lewis Cook money on bringing back Scott Wootton...
I wonder if Bournemouth will give Cook the number 4 shirt. Remember? The number we gave to Scott Wootton instead.
Mirco Antenucci and Scott Wootton among eight leaving Leeds
Danilo is pants... He makes Scott Wootton look decent at RB
me when Scott Wootton scored an OG to bring our cup run to a close
Is Eric Dier taking advice off Scott wootton??
time to sign Scott Wootton, he is on a free
Remember that time you forgot to sign Scott Wootton's contract extension...?
Did Scott get his orange slices tho !
I'd sooner sign Scott wootton again than gayle
why couldn't i vote for Scott Wootton?
Scott Wootton, Mirco Antenucci, Eric Grimes, Lewis Walters, Robbie McDaid, Ross Killock. Jake Skelton and Tom Lynam have all left Leeds (...
Nice to see Scott Wootton got a new job, wondered what happened to the real clattenberg
Where can I vote for Scott Wootton's neat finish into the bottom corner against Watford?
Scott Wootton has to win FA cup goal of the tournament for
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Second match of the season. Scott Wootton. Just saying.
hmm...train with Payet every day...or train with Scott Wootton.
disappointing but on the plus side we have jettisoned Scott Wootton, so that's an extra 12 point next season already
But today was the best day of any Leeds Utd fans day seeing that Scott Wootton has been released👍
Well done First to find Scott WOOTTON in our Leeds
This was the worst day of any Leeds Utd fans day when Scott Wootton signed..
Leeds have confirmed Mirco Antenucci and Scott Wootton will leave the club this summer.
8 out of contract players have been released by Leeds United including Mirco Antenucci, Scott Wootton and Ireland...
⚽ Think should of kept Scott Wootton ? There is worse than him still at the club
Leeds release Antenucci and Wootton: Leeds United confirm that striker Mirco Antenucci and defender Scott Woo...
Mirco Antenucci and Scott Wootton head list of Leeds departures - EatSleepSport
fans are divided on release of Mirco Antenucci, less so on Scott Wootton's departure:.
This sums up every fan when Scott Wootton was on the team sheet. Thanks Scott.
Leeds let eight players go: Mirco Antenucci and Scott Wootton are among eight out-of-contract players who wil...
That's it had enough of put up with alot this season, lot of flack from rival teams, but letting Scott Wootton go..well..that's it.
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Scott Wootton will be playing premiership football in 2017-2018 guaranteed
Leeds confirm that Scott Wootton and Mirco Antenucci have been released.
Transfer news: Rangers should consider move for Scott Wootton with Leeds defender set to leave Elland Road this s...
Leeds United Opinion: Leaving Elland Road a good move for Scott Wootton...
Scott Wootton busting a gut to make up for his mistake. 🙈
Scott Wootton is a professional footballer let that sink in
Evans had been planning that final 3 punch salute for days, and Scott Wootton wasn't going to stop him doing it.
Scott Wootton playing centre back for Man Utd
"Ah, Gaetano Berardi's injured.". "Don't worry, we'll play Scott Wootton.". "What about Byram or Coyle?". "...Nah."
Scott Wootton almost scored a 40 yard volley. Hit crossbar 😂. It was a cup game which is why he was playing
fan offers for sale on Ebay for 99p (plus £1 delivery), with two left feet
United fan offers Scott for sale on Ebay for 99p, with two left feet
Who put Scott Wootton up for sale on Ebay! Brilliant
Leeds player Scott Wootton for sale on EBay.
maybe he'll bring the next Scott Wootton with him.
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Well the good news is Scott Wootton is in San Carlo...
Scott Wootton has the passion of road-kill. About as much use as Michael Tonge.
Scott Wootton could probably start for my Sunday league team if he paid his subs
An own goal by Scott Wootton sees Watford qualify for the FA Cup quarter-finals for the first time since 2007.
lol hope steve eats him for dinner. Yum yum Scott Wootton 😂
George North will never make a footballer...well...actually still better than Scott Wootton
That was a keeper away from being a Scott Wootton there...
Steve Evans explains whether struggling Scott Wootton will play again this season...
i think she as just been told Scott Wootton is playing monday
Evans plans to speak to Scott Wootton today: "His performance in training will show if he's ready to return."
Now imagine that this was Scott Wootton.
then Scott Wootton is a top top guy! ;)
I cant see Scott Wootton playing RB for Leeds again this season..
Scott Wootton could have scored that
Looks like Scott Wootton will get a regular place on the bench now at Leeds with Berardi back & Coyle getting his chance👍
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but he plays Scott Wootton over him regularly every week. Makes sense.
Steve Evans very happy with Lewie Coyle tonight, he'll probably play Scott Wootton Monday night now
It was a game we should have won!!! On the bright side though Evans's love affair with Scott Wootton seems to have ended!!!
didn't realise you were shagging Scott Wootton, sorry mate. Bet he loves those long fingers of yours
Well mark the day the end of Scott Wootton (Hopefully!) Lewie Coyle has been great
If you need your windows cleaning contact Scott Wootton he'll be looking for work soon
Lewie Coyle looks comfortable in that RB spot, who needs Scott Wootton..
Tonight's teamsheet v What do you make of Lewie Coyle replacing Scott Wootton?
Finally...Scott Wootton has been dropped. Lewie Coyle now is your chance!!! Don't let it go
Never thought I'd see the day Steve Evans drops Scott Wootton!
Some backing that, Scott Wootton not in the starting eleven, does SE ever tell the truth?
You don't no how happy I am to see Scott Wootton on the bench👍
Can't believe Scott Wootton has been dropped
Big opportunity for Lewie Coyle this evening, starting in the absence of Scott Wootton
Scott Wootton drops to the bench as Lewie Coyle replaces him
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Great to see big Steve getting behind Scott Wootton in his programme notes
Team News: Scott Wootton could switch from right-back to central defence with Gaetano Berardi (ankle) closing in on a return
I sense that Scott Wootton is gathering up the 'photos' as he prepares to make the way to ER and see if he's in the team tonight.
If scott Wootton is playing tonight by his crap standard what signal does it send to other better players who can't get a game
Solid backing for Scott Wootton from Steve Evans in tonight's programme
Scott Wootton is such a natural finisher.
was talking central defence. Charlie Taylor is 750 times better than Scott Wootton. Coyle should have had a chance
Scott Wootton is the Alan Hutton of the championship
Josh Murphy tore Scott Wootton to pieces at MK Dons so that match-up will be interesting
Scandalous the way you, Eddie Gray,and others have vilified Scott Wootton others players have been far worse
Scott Wootton is like the Leeds United version of Ali Dia, but he's still playing every week
Scott Wootton to injure 3 players in training - 4/1, Evans to sit on Mowatt 5/1, Cellino to insist Bianchi starts at W…
Lol we could've still had Tom Lees but instead our back up centre halves are Giuseppe Bellusci and Scott Wootton
Scott Wootton played very well under Evans at Rotherham
Noel Whelan: "Scott Wootton is a centre half by trade and Sam Byram is a right back by trade. Play them in their positions…
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I've driven 40miles, again, to watch such players as Scott Wootton and Alex Mowatt, Mrs is prob right I am ***
Charlie Taylor absence means Berardi will be left back with Scott Wootton at right back.
I know said Rosler made strange team decisions,dropping Berrardi is one replacing him with Mr 'mobile' Scott Wootton is bonkers
I've had a can of lager and if I squint my eyes a little bit ,Scott Wootton is still nothing like David Batty
Not saying I'm blinkered or losing sight of what's important, but I want us to sell Scott Wootton just so he can't wear the number 4 shirt.
Why are we looking at signing another central midfielder when we have the midfield dynamo that is Scott Wootton?
Just free transfers, only fee I've paid in 18 months is for Scott Wootton from Leeds United. £400,000. Rest are tactical frees.
wonder what they give Scott Wootton?
Jason Pearce and Scott Wootton played in those games.. that is all.
any chance of Scott Wootton needing a work permit?
I'm just a loving person! (Except Scott Wootton.. Only his mum loves him)
A reminder that Scott Wootton came through 'the famed' Manchester United youth academy.
82. Triple substitution for Steve Morison, Mirco Antenucci and Scott Wootton replace Chris Wood, Alex Mowatt and Tom Adeyemi.
“Scott Wootton number 4, what is this?!”. He'll have a kick up is *** from BB every time he under performs that's for sure.
Poor Scott Wootton.Gets given the most iconic squad number he'll have in his entire career and gets slated for having it!
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Why is Scott Wootton number 4? What the devil is this? Why does Lewis Walters no longer even have a number? Ludicrous.
Just seen Scott Wootton has been given the number 4 shirt 😂😂😂
its like Scott wootton wearing number 7 at Man United
Scott Wootton number 4 what are the club thinking he is not good enough .
tbf Scott Wootton does show very similar characteristics to the legendary Billy Bremner
1-11 matter. And many clubs have an iconic shirt. Ours is 4, and Scott Wootton's going to occasionally wear it.
Scott Wootton number 4, what is this?!
Don't care about numbers, or kits, or anything like that but watching Scott Wootton in a retro kit with 4 on is guna difficult to take
Has anyone checked on ? He's not going to kill Scott Wootton, is he?
Leeds United number 4 Scott pissing Wootton, good grief.
You're telling me Scott Wootton has been given the 4 shirt ahead of Cook? And Antenucci the 7 shirt ahead of Mowatt? 🙈
SCOTT *** WOOTTON. doesn't quite have that something...
Once Billy Bremner .. now Scott Wootton, and he couldn't take the skin off a rice pudding.
Scott Wootton is destined to be even worse now he's been given such an iconic number
Scott Wootton will wear the same number as Billy Bremner. Jesus what have we become
Ive nothing against Scott Wootton but to be given the shirt carries huge historical expecations & im not sure he gets "it"
How has Scott Wootton bagged himself the number 4 shirt? Cook should be given that, without a doubt 😩
Scott Wootton getting the legendary Leeds untie number 4. What a time to be alive.
Other notable changes from last season see Scott Wootton pick up number 4. Bremner, Batty, Dacourt, Wootton
Scott Wootton has some massive shoes to fill with that number 4 shirt
Scott Wootton donning Billy Bremner's no4. What a time to be alive
Reece James, Tom Lawrence, Scott Wootton have already had a stint on loan at Rotherham this season & now Zeki Fryers is joining them.
new boy Scott Wootton talks about his loan move, his new teammates and the future. Page lead in today's Star -
Gets the photos with Luke Murphy and Scott Wootton in Napa. Night made 👌
Scott Wootton's foul on Ramires in the 2012/13 COC still pisses me off.
gave my CV to Scott Wootton last night
If a manager picks Scott Wootton, yet only play him at RB. They are proving that they are inadequate to manage a football team at any level!
Scott Wootton and Michael Tonge came round Drive Thru tonight, gave them a right ear bashing I did! 😠
Scott Wootton only knows how to pass back, but thats because he’s a CB being played as a full back. Why not play Berardi?!
Scott Wootton has done well so far at RB. He looks better there than CB.
Little Giant Ladders
Can someone please tell Scott Wootton that he's playing right back!
Scott Wootton is the 2014 Paul Connolly. Just when you thought he'd never kick a ball for Leeds again, he's back in the team.
Can't wait to laugh at scott wootton at right back
Not to mention Scott Wootton at right back
Scott Wootton..Right back...Oh dear oh dear
Scott Wootton at right back is an accident waiting to happen
you can it's obvs what's gonna happen😂 and yeh you can have Scott Wootton back in your youth team, so bad!
Man Utds defence went bad when they sold Scott Wootton
Michael Keane could possible be the new Scott Wootton opinion on that?
Cameron Stewart, Nicky Ajose and Scott Wootton all came from the same, err, batch.
Scott wootton cb for Leeds England riotous11 7.5k
who were they? Let me hazard a guess. Noel Hunt, Scott Wootton, Steve Morison and Dom Poleon? All hoping to worm their way in
At least one was Scott Wootton wasn't it?
Thanks Scott for you kind words!!. Scott Wootton. 06/22/2014. What can I say!!. If Carlsberg did car sales, this...
I would like to thank Brian McDermott for bringing Scott Wootton, Jimmy Kebe, Noel Hunt, Cameron Stewart and Marius Zaliukas to Leeds
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Scott Wootton approaches the ball like Elizabeth Fritzl having the cellar door opened for the first time. Eeyore
If we lose by less than 5 goals with Scott Wootton on the pitch I'll be happy.
Charlton Athletic 5-3 Leeds United (Championship) Both teams served up a game to remember as Charlton Athletic came out on top in this 5-3 goal-fest. One pundit commented that this match should be taped and shown to any doubters of the beautiful game. Midfielder Lawrie Wilson gave Charlton Athletic the lead with an accurate finish in the 11th minute. Experienced striker Noel Hunt then equalised for Leeds United in the 17th minute with a well timed finish from close range. Centre-back Michael Morrison put Charlton Athletic in front in the 30th minute with a well struck effort from 18 metres. Kermorgant scored with a fierce shot in the 32nd minute to extend the lead further. Centre-back Scott Wootton pulled one back for Leeds United after 44 minutes with a good header from just inside the six-yard box. Striker Wesley Thomas then added to the lead with a well timed close range finish on 71 minutes. Sharp then increased Charlton Athletic's advantage further with a real poacher's effort from 17 metres on 73 mi ...
Marius Zaliukas will return to Thorp Arch for talks with Brian McDermott tomorrow after edging closer to a contract offer from Leeds United. The Lithuanian staked his claim for a deal with an appearance for United’s development squad yesterday and he will speak to McDermott about his future in the next 24 hours. United secured international clearance in time for out-of-contract Zaliukas to play on trial in a 3-3 draw with Sheffield Wednesday, and McDermott has not ruled out the possibility of adding the former Heart of Midlothian captain to his senior squad. Zaliukas is available on a free transfer having rejected offers from Scottish club Rangers and Championship side Queens Park Rangers, both of whom took the centre-back on trial after his summer release from Hearts. McDermott admitted last week that he was keen to add an experienced central defender to United’s existing pool of Tom Lees, Jason Pearce and Scott Wootton, and Zaliukas looked largely comfortable against a Wednesday line-up featuring 6 ...
Drop Tom Lees & get Scott Wootton in next game that should stop our giving the lead troubles -_-
Utd Transfer Rumours from 12/6 - 14/6 :- 12/6/13: Portuguese publication Record continues to insist that centre-back Ezequiel Garay is on his way to Old Trafford. The latest report claims a "gentlemen's agreement" has been reached between the Reds and Benfica over a €20million transfer, with Real Madrid due around half of the fee. 12/6/13: The South Yorkshire Times believes new Sheffield United boss David Weir has a couple of Reds youngsters on his radar. The former Everton coach watched several Under-21 games last term and is said to be plotting loan moves for Scott Wootton and Will Keane, who were both sidelined by injury as the campaign ended. 13/6/13: The Sun thinks any move to be reunited with Cristiano Ronaldo is now dependent on whether Real Madrid can convince Tottenham to cash in on Welsh wonder Gareth Bale. 13/6/13: United would have to pay Bayern Munich compensation if Robert Lewandowski trades Borussia Dortmund for Old Trafford, according to the Daily Star. The Pole still feels he can clinch ...
Bad news, Scott Wootton, my best Dc, is 2 months out, a *** dislocated shoulder...
So myself and are clearly both VERY on trend.
When students give you chocolates :D Thank-you to my psychology class, you've been a pleasure to teach (most of the time!!) Elaine Scott Ami Wootton Donna Mullarkey Freeman Cassie Evans and Co :)
Orders popped today, after grad June 4th its off to my final school in New River NC. school from July 15th to December 1st as Aviation technician O-level for the V-22 Osprey then my finally to my Duty Station...In OKINAWA JAPAN!!! OORAH Marine Corps!!!
Currently doing some research on DEVRY University's website. I uh...don't think I'll choose the College of Info & Engineering. E-commerce, business, retailing, marketing, etc. *** no. Jennifer Doyle was dead on when she said to AVOID stuff like that. My mind is BETTER SUITED for creativity NOT business. Having said that, I've chosen the Multimedia Design and Development Degree Program. (BTW, thanks to Cj Stecca-Meador, Scott Shafe, and Daniel Wootton for input and advice...)
Finally 2 1/2 years after my father passed away we have been able to pick up our family belongings for the long journey home. Thank goodness this this mess is almost finished with & dad can rest in peace knowing his kids fought for his wishes as we promised him we would.
Ann Maas Wagnerand Neerja Tripathi, We are so grateful to you and your parent crew for making Post-Prom such an amazingly fun and safe event for our kids, Scott Vincentz, all we can say is thanks for continuing in your role as a parent volunteer leader - and you looked smashing in your tux. Dee Coplon Weiss, even though you don't yet have a Wootton student, we so appreciate you sharing your expertise as a Texas Hold 'Em guru - in the middle of the night. And special thanks to the parents who stuck it out until 5:30 AM to make sure everyone was signed out and picked up. yes we still had kids bowling at 5 AM! Post-prom pics: I will share later today. Need to help a friends with her yard sale now.
Lots of rumours surrounding current Everton players joining Man United in the summer. Which if any would you like to see make the switch? Id love to see Felaini in our midfield. CRAIG 20X LAWSON
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So... I turn on the telly ready to watch Scott & Bailey, only it seems that a football match has replaced my favourite programme. This is just disgraceful! Disgusted of Wootton!
I am sure all of the Russians at my school have perfectly hard working and honest fathers
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10 years ago i was asked to help out coaching the under 6/7s at Wootton Bassett rugby club today was my last game as a coach I am absolutley gutted good luck to my boys in the future just remember i am only a txt or phone call away
yano what, I will do my research, cause I'm sure Scott Wootton is on loan from them? You don't know your club
All those who doubted Jonny Evans will once again doubt Scott Wootton & Michael Keane. Especially Wootton.
Do we need Hummels? If we sign Hummels, what'll happen to Scott Wootton & Michael Keane?
Good luck to the girls football team playing in the 7-a-side tournament at North Wootton this morning
In 2 years we'll have Evans, Smalling, Jones, Michael Keane & Scott Wootton.
Luke James, Scott Wootton and Sam Johnstone are 3 really good prospects if you need some for the future
Scott Wootton and Robbie Brady's initiation into the Man United team. Scholes & Carrick are certainly enjoying it.
Only Fabio, Davide Petrucci, Scott Wootton and Micheal Keane are getting some game time
GK: Ben Amos, Jason Steele, Jack Butland DF: Nathaniel Clyne, Andre Wisdom, Scott Wootton, Jack Robinson, Luke Shaw, Steven Caulker, Phil Jones, Chris Smalling, Ryan Bertrand, Kyle Walker, Kieran Gibbs MF: Jack Wilshere, Jordan Henderson, Jack Rodwell, Ross Barkley, Ravel Morrison, Raheem Sterling, Wilfred Zaha, Tom Ince, Nick Powell, Gary Gardner, Ox Chamberlain, Josh Mceachran, Jonjo Shelvey, Henri Lansbury, Nathan Redmond, Sammy Ameobi, Andros Townsend FW: Connor Wickham, Danny Welbeck, Andy Carroll, Theo Walcott, Nathan Delfouneso Some young English players for the future, some will make it big, some wont, some have already made it big, but what XI out of this squad would you go for ?
For those asking, here's the full story on Scott Wootton with the full quotes from Darren Ferguson.
Scott Wootton ruled out for 6wks (hamstring) Peterborough boss Darren Ferguson hopes he'll come back before the end of the season.
Football - Wootton back with United: On-loan Peterborough defender Scott Wootton has returned to Manchester Unit...
Darren Ferguson on Scott Wootton injury (out 6 weeks): "It’s a blow for Scott and a blow for the team but he could still come back"
Sir Alex Ferguson is confident of signing Wilfried Zaha by the end of the week, with the aim of loaning him back to Crystal Palace for the remainder of the season. (Guardian) this is an u - GS United are considering loaning striker Federico MacHeda to Spanish side Elche. (Inside Futbol) Pescara midfielder Juan Fernando Quintero has said he would prefer to move to Inter Milan, amid speculation linking him with a move to Old Trafford. (Sky Sports) INS: None OUTS: Angelo Henriquez (Wigan Athletic, loan), Bebe (Rio Ave, loan), Joshua King (Blackburn Rovers, undisclosed), Robbie Brady (Hull City, £2m), Scott Wootton (Peterborough, loan), Davide Petrucci (Peterborough, loan)
Ferguson says Nick Powell won’t be leaving United in January Sir Alex Ferguson’s son Darren has played down any rumours that Nick Powell might be leaving Manchester United on loan this January. Ferguson’s Peterborough have just secured Davide Petrucci and Scott Wootton on loans to try and help with their relegation scrap but Darren doesn’t expect Nick Powell to be going anywhere. Speaking to the clubs official website, he said: ”There have been rumours about Nick Powell, I have no idea where they have come from. “It is not going to happen, he is injured anyway, and I am not too sure my father will be letting him out on loan anyway.” Since his arrival from Crewe Alexandra in the summer, Nick Powell has had a very steady upwards curve culminating in Premier League and UEFA Champions League debuts. He scored on his Premier League debut against Wigan with a thunderous drive from outside the box and so nearly scored on his UEFA Champions League debut, but saw his rasping header come rattling back ...
Loans: Goals for duo: Scott Wootton and Luke Giverin find the net on a fruitful weekend.
Davide Petrucci and Scott Wootton start for Peterborough vs Forest this afternoon Petrucci is class
apparently missed out on Scott Wootton earlier on in season due to their handling of the Fergie Jr tapping up episode!
Peterborough have completed the loan signings of Scott Wootton and Davide Petrucci
Posh confirm the signing of Man Utd duo Scott Wootton and Davide Petrucci. Wootton until end of the season, Petrucci for a month.
Hand me downs: Fergie loans Davide Petrucci and Scott Wootton to help out his … – |
Nick Powell and Scott Wootton set to sign for Posh on loan tomorrow? Decent if its true!!
Player ratings vs CFR Cluj David De Gea – 6 Didn’t have too much to do, although made some decent saves in the first half in particular. He stood no chance with Cluj’s winning goal. Hopefully he’ll be starting on Sunday too. Phil Jones – 8* MOTM Up and down all night, the versatile defender was super tonight. He delivered some teasing crosses and was spot on with every tackle he made. A fantastic sight to see him back, and on form. Man of the Match. Chris Smalling – 6 Dealt reasonably well with all that Cluj had to throw at him and Manchester United’s backline. Again, like Jones, it’s great to see him back and playing games. Scott Wootton – 5 I feel a little harsh giving him this rating but he wasn’t as good as Smalling on the night and neither really did anything spectacular. Alexander Buttner – 6 Did well going forward and has improved a lot in his defending since his arrival at the club. He is still, at times, rash but that’s just his style of play. If he can curb the aggression ...
Sir Alex sees the positives Sir Alex Ferguson was disappointed to lose to CFR Cluj on Wednesday night, but insists there were still positives to take from the fixture. With the Reds already through to the Champions League knockout stages, Wednesday's result was inconsequential for a United side sprinkled with youth and players only recently returned from injury. "We achieved what we wanted to achieve, without getting the result," the manager said. "We gave players game time and brought young players back in. The more game time Chris Smalling and Phil Jones get can only help us. "I thought Phil was outstanding tonight. Getting him and Chris back is a big plus-point. "I think all our defenders did their job pretty well. Scott Wootton's only had a few games with the first-team, Jones and Smalling have been out a long time and Büttner's only played three games for us. Considering that, I was pleased with their composure." Despite dominating the match and producing 23 attempts at goal, United lost to a Luis A ...
Wootton feels mixed emotions Scott Wootton was “delighted” to make another Manchester United first team appearance on Wednesday, but admits defeat to CFR Cluj made it a bittersweet night at Old Trafford. The young defender made his fourth club appearance against the Romanians, producing a fine display alongside Chris Smalling after Sir Alex Ferguson blended youth and experience with qualification to the UEFA Champions League knockout stages already secured. In the end, Luis Alberto’s solo goal sealed a shock victory for the visitors, who now enter the Europa League by finishing third in Group H. But as Wootton says, United were unlucky to lose and could have perhaps won the game by a margin. “It felt great, it’s another first team start and I’m delighted about that,” Wootton told MUTV. “But obviously the main thing is the team and we are all disappointed that we lost the game, even though we’d already qualified. “We created loads of chances and on another night, with a bit more luck, w ...
Man Utd v Cluj (1945 GMT) David de Gea returns to a Manchester United starting line-up showing 10 changes from the weekend for tonight's Champions League encounter with CFR Cluj. Only Wayne Rooney keeps his place from the team that defeated Reading while Scott Wootton, Nick Powell and Alex Buttner are included. Chris Smalling and Phil Jones start in defence, while there is place for Ryan Giggs alongside Tom Cleverley in midfield. As expected, the game has come too soon for captain Nemanja Vidic. While Rio Ferdinand, Patrice Evra, Robin van Persie and Michael Carrick are rested with Sunday's Manchester derby in mind.
Reds take 21 to Turkey Sir Alex Ferguson will select from a younger squad than usual when he names his Manchester United side to face Galatasaray on Tuesday night. The party of 21 players flying out to Istanbul includes seven young men who have yet to play in the UEFA Champions League, including midfielders Nick Powell, Larnell Cole, Davide Petrucci and Ryan Tunnicliffe, striker Joshua King and defender Marnick Vermijl. The other two - defender / defensive midfielder Tom Thorpe and goalkeeper Sam Johnstone - are still without a senior appearance in any competition for the Reds, although both are United Under-21 regulars and have been capped by England at Under-19 level. The senior players missing the trip to Turkey include Wayne Rooney, Rio Ferdinand, Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, David De Gea and Robin van Persie. Travelling squad: Sam Johnstone, Anders Lindegaard; Rafael, Alexander Buttner, Phil Jones, Tom Thorpe, Marnick Vermijl, Scott Wootton; Michael Carrick, Davide Petrucci, Larnell Cole, Tom Cleverley, ...
Thiago Alcantara, Thibaut Courtois, Inigo Martinez, Koke, Scott Wootton, Thorgan Hazard, Ignasi Miquel, there's so many of them!
Man United is sending out three of their youngsters on loan. Manchester United Reserves' coach Warren Joyce has confirmed that a trio of youngsters -- Michael Keane, Jesse Lingard, and Robbie Brady -- are set to head out on loan. For Keane and Lingard, they'll be joining Ritchie De Laet and Matty James at Leicester City while Brady will join Ben Amos at Steve Bruce's Hull City. The Ireland international spent last season with the Tigers as well. With United eliminated by Chelsea last midweek in the Capital One Cup, a competition that manager Sir Alex Ferguson often uses to blood in youngsters into the first-team, there seemingly weren't many opportunities for these players to get a consistent run of games. Keane, though, has gotten opportunities as of late due to the dire injury situation of United's central- defenders and during those appearances, he's generally put in good shifts. Fergie sees Scott Wootton, player that is two years older than the 19-year-old Keane, higher in the pecking order at th ...
Paddy Barclay today proclaims Lee Mason a "hero" for his "ridiculous" decisions not to send off Michael Keane and Scott Wootton.
FIvE THINGS WE LEARNT AGAINST CHELSEA IN THE Capital One Cup. 1)OPEN FOOTBALL PLAYED IN THE RIGHT SPIRIT There was plenty of entertainment provided for neutrals and fans alike. The standard was almost been exhibition in it’s quality with sides willing to be more expressive in their play.As well as this, after Sunday’s heated encounter at Stamford Bridge, one must highlight the contrast that yesterday's clash showed, with little trouble throughout the match and both sides putting in a strong effort. The referee appeared to avoid controversy allowing the game to flow and keeping the teams in line. As well as this, his decisions on the whole were extremely good and no arguments could be drawn from his calls and the outcome of the game. 2)A STEEP LEARNING CURVE In place of the usual experienced defenders, faith was placed in youngsters Scott Wootton and Michael Keane to come up against the likes of Mata, Sturridge as well as Hazard and Oscar later on. Despite the pressure they found themselves under quite ...
Hazard £32m, Juan Mata £23.5m, Oscar £25m. Scott Wootton and Michael Keane, products of the academy. Certainly no disgrace tonight.
Nani, Michael Keane, Scott Wootton and Alexander Buttner were all individuals that costed us the game.
Tremendous learning experience for young Scott Wootton and Michael Keane last night. You learn more about yourself in defeat than victory.
Congrats For The Blues for going to the Quarter Finals , And for Michael Keane and Scott Wootton. Better be luck Next Time ! !
Young Reds Do United Proud Nights like these make you proud to be a United fan. Tonight epitomised what our club is about; giving the youngsters a chance. Our back four consisted of Rafael, Scott Wootton, Michael Keane and Alexander Buttner, with the inexperienced centre-halves facing up against some of the Premier League’s stellar names in Juan Mata and Eden Hazard. It says it all with the substitutions both sides made, we brought on Nick Powell, Ryan Tunnicliffe and Federico MacHeda, whereas Chelsea brought on Eden Hazard, Oscar and Ramires; Over £60million worth of talent. The biggest positive was Michael Keane, the 19-year old handled Sturridge extremely well for the most-part, I know we conceded 5 goals but the maturity he shown tonight was great to watch. Nick Powell certainly looks at home in a United shirt, his passing was excellent and he was as cool as you like under pressure. Another positive came in the form of Anderson, why can’t he play like that every game? He bossed the midfield and f ...
SECTIONS Home » Football » Chelsea 5 Manchester United 4 (aet): match report Advantage Blue: Daniel Sturridge is held aloft after putting the home side ahead for the first time in the game Picture: GETTY IMAGES By Henry Winter Last Updated: 10:43PM GMT 31/10/2012 Read a full match report of the Capital One Cup game between Chelsea and Manchester United atStamford Bridge on Wednesday Oct 31 2012. Daniel Sturridge and Ramires struck in extra time to send Chelsea into the quarter-finals of the Capital One Cup. Manchester United’s young centre-half, Scott Wootton, had defended well forso long but his inexperience was eventually found out. Wootton fouled Ramires with seconds of normal time remaining, gifting Eden Hazard the chance to make it 3-3 from the spot. The Belgian duly delivered. Then Wootton’s poor header allowed Sturridge to run through and score in the first half of extra time, with Ramires rounding goalkeeper Anders Lindegaard to add gloss to the scoreline with a fifth. This was a night of oc ...
Obviously disappointed coming so close to the win with Scott Wootton & Michael Keane absolutely knackering themselves in defence. Powell looked good, Ando had a good game too. Pleased Chav$ had to resort to likes of Mata, Oscar & Hazard to get passed us.
Scott Wootton and Michael Keane,Welcome to the first team but there are mistakes we are not even to imagine.Forgiven!We move on!
To make matters worse, Chelsea have just implicated Scott Wootton in the Jimmy Saville enquiry
Easy to have a go at Scott Wootton. But I look at Ryan Tunnicliffe and think you'll be at Preston next season. Not good enough.
Look out for this name. Micheal Keane, Scott Wootton, Ryan Tunnicliffe, Nick Powell, Alex Buttner, Rafael(still young) Kiko Macheda!
Scott Wootton and Michael Keane nominees for chop of the day award...
What a feast !!! The gulf of age between the youngest and the oldest at United is tremendous.. Only Ryan Giggs knows how he can run for 120 mins at some days short of being 39 !!! Legend !!! Despite the mistakes by the young Scott Wootton, what a fabulous game he had along with his partner Michael Keane.. Mould them n they r the future stars.. All n all Superb game... Well done Chelsea.. GGMU !!!
Michael Keane was the only good one Ryan Tunnicliffe and Scott Wootton did nothing special or helpful.
Scott Wootton will be sunderlands captain next season
Good to see posh boys, Scott Wootton, Ryan Tunicliffe, Jake Livermore and Ryan Bennett, getting games tonight!
Looks like Man Utd have finally replaced William Prunier with Scott Wootton
Harsh lesson for Scott Wootton tonight and a question answered for Fergie. Do you need to buy a centre half to replace Rio? *** YEAH. Really impressed with Nick Powell tho. Quality
63:36 Juan Mata takes the free kick. 63:36 Booking Booking Scott Wootton receives a yellow card for unsporting behaviour. 63:29 Scott Wootton concedes a free kick for a foul on Daniel Sturridge. 62:37 The ball is crossed by Eden Hazard, Effort on goal by Cesar Azpilicueta from inside the area goes harmlessly over the bar. 61:13 Unfair challenge on Nascimento Ramires by Nick Powell results in a free kick. David Luiz takes the free kick. 60:33 Oliveira Anderson takes a shot. David Luiz gets a block in. Effort from deep inside the area by Javier Hernandez clears the bar. 60:06 Short corner worked by Ryan Giggs.
Chelsea gets it underway. LEE MARSON with the whistle. Hw will the much touted Michael Keane & Scott Wootton cope? 90mins shld b the ans.
SIr Alex Ferguson is fielding an inexperienced defence tonight, with a big game ahead for the likes of Scott Wootton, Michael Keane and Alexander Buttner. The most senior player on his bench is Federico MacHeda, so there's every chance of other youth prospects such as Nick Powell and Jesse Lingard being given a chance later on tonight.
SAF speaking last Friday to MUTV: I'll bring some younger players like Scott Wootton,Jesse Lingard,Larnell Cole, Joshua King, Bebe n Macheda
United manager Sir Alex Ferguson is likely to rest Robin van Persie, Wayne Rooney and Rio Ferdinand. Michael Keane, Marnick Vermijl and Scott Wootton could be involved.
Ins and outs: Sir Alex will keep everybody guessing with the nature of his line-up although he did confess he felt both managers would make changes. Senior figures such as Rio Ferdinand, Wayne Rooney and Robin van Persie could be rested with one eye on Saturday's match with Arsenal so the likes of Scott Wootton, Anderson, Darren Fletcher and Ryan Giggs could come into the boss' thinking. Chelsea are still missing John Terry and Frank Lampard and have included youngsters George Saville and Nathan Ake in their squad. Branislav Ivanovic and Fernando Torres sit out their one-match bans.
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Manchester: A Chicharito-inspired Manchester United recovered from an early sucker-punch to beat Braga 3-2 in their Champions League clash at Old Trafford, extending their lead at the top of Group H to five clear points. Alan scored in the second and 20th minutes to rock the Red Devils but the Mexican`s double, either side of a Jonny Evans equaliser, rescued all three points. Sir Alex Ferguson followed through on his pre-match talk of implementing a diamond, Wayne Rooney captaining the side from its forward point and Michael Carrick beating Scott Wootton to a start at centre-back. The makeshift nature of the defence showed, however, when Alan profited from badly disorganised marking to rise and head home within just two minutes from Hugo Viana`s cross. The visitors had arrived fearless and they doubled their lead on 20 minutes, this time exploiting Carrick. Eder skinned the England man on the left touchline and darted inside to cut a pass back into the box, where Alan stabbed home for his second. Braga`s ...
A Back 4 of Rafael Da Silva, Scott Wootton, Jonny Evans & Alex Buttner against SC Braga is not a bad one.
: Jonny Evans or Scott Wootton for game tonight against Stoke? :) xx
Hangeland? He's already 31. I would like us to push Scott Wootton (21) & Michael Keane (20) into 1st team.
Scott Wootton playing at right back tonight with Michael Keane at centre-half. Neither done much wrong so far.
Scott Wootton reveals he could have signed for Liverpool
I heard Scott Wootton is great ya? The new John O'Shea maybe, or the mini version of Jonathan Evans hehe
Birkenhead lad Wootton breaking ground at Man Utd - Scott Wootton admits his Birkenhead background is unusual for a...
Will Scott runs the ball in for a Blake touchdown! Extra point is no good. Bengals 22, Wootton 6. 11:40 left in the 4th quarter.
Scott Wootton, 21, claims he is ready to answer Sir Alex Ferguson's defensive SOS after his rapid rise from the stands to the first team.
Daily Post >> Scott Wootton ready to fill in for Manchester United’s crocked star men
Defender ready to step in for United: Scott Wootton has admitted that he could have signed for Liverpool, instea...
Defender admits: I 'wasn't too sure' about signing for Liverpool... |
Really hope Scott Wootton is given the chance to play against Newcastle.
Defender admits I wasnt too sure about signing for Liverpool... (Liverpool Kop):
Wootton: I could have joined Liverpool but now I'm ready to start for United via
Scott Wootton says he is "made up" to have experienced life in the first team after making his domestic and European debuts in the last week
I Woot love the chance: United youngster ready to save Fergie's injury crisis
Scott Wootton would have no problem stepping into the breach if Jonny Evans is ruled out of Manchester United’s Premier League trip t...
Do you think Scott Wootton is ready for a start away at Newcastle if Evans isn't fit in time?
With United's centre-backs dropping like flies, 21-year-old Scott Wootton says he is ready to step up and take his chance
Scott Wootton ready to fill Manchester United void should Jonny Evans miss Newcastle match: Scott Wootton would ...
Scott Wootton: "I was never a Liverpool fan or anything like that, so I just went mad like everyone else when Robin van Persie scored"
Scott Wootton makes his champions league any 4 the remaining 11mins replacing Jonny Evans, 1-2 to Utd.
Jonny Evans is a doubt, but should be passed fit to play, and youngsters Scott Wootton and Michael Keane are also in the squad
Andres "We have some very good young defenders. I'm a big fan of Scott Wootton."
Sir Alex Ferguson: "Scott Wootton did very well against Newcastle. That's a bonus for us and he'll be involved in the game tomorrow."
Scott Wootton and Robbie Brady initiation into Man Utd team taken by Dimitar Berbatov
Scott Wooton thz boys marvellous First team direct with Vida out we can bet on that...
Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson looks ahead to the Barclays Premier League meeting with Tottenham with Scott Wootton in contention and Antonio Valencia doubtful.
"United Is My Wife, Fans Are My Family, Manchester Is My Home'' shared the following link and had this to say about it: Sir Alex Ferguson's Press Conference [Main Points] ► Scott Wootton will be involved tomorrow as his performance was a bonus for Sir Alex ► SAF said both Wooton and Keane impressed him on Wed. As the elder of the two,Wooton could be involved v Spurs. ► SAF on Rio/England:"It's entirely u...
Congratulations to Darren Fletcher on his return. Captain for the night, must have been a great night for him. Congratulations to Michael Keane, Scott Wootton, Marnick Vermjil, Ryan Tunnicliffe and Robbie Brady on their debuts. Days like this, I' proud to be a red. No other club except Barcelona would give young players such a huge opportunity.
Scott Wootton, Michael Keane, Ryan Tunnicliffe, and Robbie Brady all made his official debut for tonight.
I really see a good side from Michael Keane, so with Scott Wootton. I think they can back up Evans and Rio on CB. Vermijl? Good enough.
Talk about an inexperienced back four. Marnick Vermijl,Michael Keane,Scott Wootton,Alexander Buttner. Only the last name gives away the name of the team :)
With Captain Marvel injured for the next two months, it leaves only with these two recognized CBs. Smalling and Jones still a few weeks away, I really hope these two stay fit and guide United through. Even though I like Carrick, he can be a liability in defense. Maybe it will mean more game time for Michael Keane and Scott Wootton too in the centre of defense. Either way, United We Stand.
But we had Michael Keane &Scott Wootton who made a great Pre Season match this season,i prefer using those young lads service than buy Moore
I'd like to see Michael Keane or Scott Wootton given the chance at CB, preferably Keane.
Barclays U-21 Premier League Weaver Stadium Nantwich Stock city 0 vs Man United 1 (Wootton 7 min) Scott Wootton's earley strike was enough to earn victory in Manchester United's first ever Under-21 league match at Stock City as Darren Fletcher played the full 90 minuted to continue his bid for full fitness.
I think the Center Back we will sign will be Mats Hummels and either Michael Keane or Scott Wootton will develop into a good back CB.
Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand has praised Scott Wootton's maturity after featuring alonside him in pre-season
Scott Wootton is looking a very tidy center half. And Shinji should have buried that header
Feel d Man United reserve team who has won d youth league title &lost 2chelsea in FA semi final due to using (8) 3rd class players against chelsea who use all their 2nd class players to over strength d younger players!!! its Man United all d way-senior & junior league title champions all d time !!!-Paul Pogba, Ravel Morrison, Cole, Lingard the 2Keanes. Brothers Brady, Scott Wootton, Joshua King, John Cofie., Oliver Norwood , Zeki Fryers, Matty James,&Marnick Vermijl
Scott Wootton came off the bench today as a 81st minuted substitute for Nottingham Forest, today.
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