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Scott Walker

Scott Walker (born Noel Scott Engel on January 9, 1943) is an American-British singer-songwriter, record producer, and the former lead singer of The Walker Brothers.

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Scott Walker just agreed to let FOXCONN EXPLOIT Lake Michigan via removing Great…
Foxconn announces new factory in Wisconsin in much-needed win for Trump and Scott Walker. Make…
Foxconn announces new factory in Wisconsin: a victory for Trump, Scott Walker, and America
Lying in bed listening to Richard Hawley sing Scott Walker at the Albert Hall. 👌
🎟 and on the brilliance of Scott Walker via
Our Album Of The Day is Scott Walker's Scott 4. He spoke to Jarvis ahead of celebrating his music tonight: https:/…
Andy Gronik is the Democrat who can defeat Scott Walker and deliver results for families.
Scaramucci backed Scott Walker. That's enough to conclude his judgment & character are nonexistent.
Remember that Anthony Scaramucci supported Scott Walker then Jeb! Before supporting trump. This is about lust for power, nothing else
Anthony Scaramucci supported Scott Walker initially the supported Jeb Bush. Scaramucci is waking b…
Mr. President: in all fairness to Anthony Scaramucci, he endorsed Scott Walker first, Jeb Bush sec…
In all fairness to Anthony Scaramucci, then why did Scaramucci switch from Scott Walker to Jeb Bush instead of to y…
When Charlie is speaking with his new friends wondering how he explains away that decade backing Scott Walker.
Anthony Scaramucci was an early backer of Scott Walker when he threw his hat in the ring for President. That tells me all I need to know. 😐
Anthony Scaramucci fundraised for Obama in 2008. In 2016, he was for Scott Walker first. Then Jeb Bush. And THEN Do…
ICYMI: Scott Walker says as county exec, 8 years in row "we pushed through budgets" with no levy hike. Mostly False htt…
From the Governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker. Can't help but feel like it's genius ..
A visibly sick Pete Sessions insists to President Trump that drug dealers are very affordable. Scott Walker violates protocol.
Gov. Scott Walker (breaks down the challenges he's tackling in Wisconsin. Listen now:…
When did Wisconsin become so Republican? It's unimaginable. Scott Walker, Governor, Ron Johnson Senator.
Wisconsin governor Scott Walker, standing up for his state only if everyone else goes first.
5. Scott Walker is not in the CNP directory. But he won the "Paul Weyrich award" in 2012 b4 his recall election.
26. This article shows how Scott Walker (CNP) would like to ban abortions even in the case of rape or incest.…
25. This article shows how Scott Walker is AGAINST equal pay for women.
24. This article shows how Scott Walker (CNP) is attacking public universities.
23. This article explains how Scott Walker wants to call that Constitutional Convention.
When even Scott Walker (!) says to start over, you know you have a dumpster fire. .
Interesting that Scott Walker - now a staunch Trump ally - isn't in full support of the heath care bill.
Wow, even Scott Walker was critical, preferring the Cassidy-Collins bill.
WOW! What a shift, slow down "Seeking to break an impasse on the state budget, Gov. Scott Walker has...
Chug Miller Lite 40s to own Scott Walker re: unions
Spotted Cow is the most boring choice from New Glarus, v on brand for Scott Walker
great little gem. Cash, Scott Walker, Joan Baez, Tim Hardin have all had a bash so why not Dylan eh?
If you wanna fight me you can find me at Scott Walker's barbecue for the next hour
The latest Marquette Law School poll is out. How did Gov. Scott Walker fare? And Sen. Tammy Baldwin? What the resul…
Me: "Bruce Rauner and Scott Walker are America's worst governors". Chris Christie: "Hold my beach ball".
Those guys were awesome and fun to watch as a unit. Still have Scott Walker and also a Joel Ward one t…
Fox host lets Gov. Scott Walker falsely state that “28 million Americans will lose” health insurance if Obamacar
Pence lies about, secret meeting with Kochs brothers Who backed Scott Walker as Governor in Wisconsin, during unions seeking his recall.
Hey PolitiFact, did Scott Walker cut more money from WI public schools than any other governor in the Un…
Governor's are worse! Look at what Michigan Rick Snyder did! Jacked the water! Scott Walker of…
Scott Walker, governor of a swing state, is to the right of the Freedom Caucus. It's remark…
As a Wisconsin transplant in MD, Scott Walker still does regarding Jim Doyle... who hasn't been Governor since 2010!!!
Democrats huddling to decide whether to blame Ossoff's loss on:. - Putin. - Misogyny. - Scott Walker. - Google. - Deplorables. -…
This commercial break brought to you by Scott Walker pallid as Grima Wormtongue. Week wouldn't be ending.…
Scott Walker's WEDC approved a $6 million award to Ashley that would've let them cut 50% of their workfo…
I don't know anything about his politics but I'm pretty sure Steve Stricker would be a far better governor of Wisconsin than Scott Walker
"I'm here because the president and our governor, Scott Walker, do not represent the people of Wisconsin." -Susan
From your letters: Scott Walker's policies aren't working for state -- Richard Baker
Sauk County judge with ties to Gov. Scott Walker running for Wisconsin Supreme Court
North Carolina: In 2011, Scott Walker signed a former federal income taxes for our supporters just days before the story
Ever wonder how Scott Walker's donors like the Fracking IND is destroying Wisconsin's environment ?. https:…
If only *** Scott Walker would act as responsibly as Hawaii's governor, Wisconsin would join as well.
Mike Pence met with Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker to hear how the governor had managed to strip public sector unions
Scott Walker is like if Dan Akroyd did an impression of what a Wisconsin governor would be like
Mark Pocan: Most original thing Scott Walker said recently is he got his bald spot from hitting head on a cabinet.…
Rick Scott trying to edge Scott Walker, Greg Abbott and Paul LePage for 'worst Governor in America.' But I wouldn'…
Scott Walker says he's open to tolling //Need to look at other solutions & be innovative before implementing tolling
Nice little corner Scott Walker and Robin Vos have backed themselves into.
. Scott Walker one of the Nations Worst Vote Suppressors took $1 million from Pro Putin Businessman!! It start…
Do you have any more info on Paul Ryan, Scott Walker or Sen. Ron Johnson!
. Scott Walker let's put the spotlight on you. dismantling and replacing Wisconsin’s oversight board.
Gov. Scott Walker will appoint replacement to David Clarke as sheriff
. Scott Walker. So bad even Roger Stone turned on you? Fixed 5 Elections? Does that include Trumps?
Scott Walker slams ABC for 'playing politics' after canceling conservative Tim Allen sitcom via
Scott Walker says he’s 'ready' for a third term as Wisconsin governor
Scott Walker: 'I'm ready' for four more years - The governor plans to tell state Republicans he's ready for a t...
Scott Walker makes clear he'll seek a third term as Wisconsin governor
Ooh I wanna pick the next one. How about Scott Walker at Moraine Valley Community College's faculty & staff picnic?
For Wisconsin Dems, the cupboard appears bare of worthy guber candidates 2 take on Scott Walker via
It's never too early to start talking about who's going to run against Scott Walker. Speculate for the *** of it!.
Maybe Tom Nelson can ask Scott Walker about this, since the press seems too afraid.
Scott Walker is still governor of Wisconsin.
Wisconsin needs help and some serious work between Swole Ryan and Scott Walker.
That's what I would like somebody to explain. Ryan and Scott Walker have both had Russian ti…
True or False?. Scott Walker cut BILLIONS from Wisconsin public schools — more than any governor in America. A:…
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Scott Walker cut school funding more than any governor via
The only thing my Wisconsinite mom is wants for Mother's Day is removal from office of Scott Walker and Paul Ryan.
Scott Walker is the first governor to suggest waivers to Republican ACHA. Good luck Wisconsin! Hope yo…
Yes please, someone.anyone run for Governor & GET RID of Scott Walker !. will create more DEBT &…
WATCH: Scott Walker gets in heated exchange with Democrat over House ObamaCare repeal
Leave it to that Wisconsin slime Scott Walker to be the first Governor to go after the vulner…
Scott Walker isn't alone, Rick Scott in Florida is already leaping at the chance to apply for a waiver
and now from WI-Outagamie County Exec Tom Nelson taking on former MKE County Exec-current Governor of Wisconsin-ongoing AMADAN, Scott Walker
On Saturday, Rick Santorum proclaims to Rick Perry that CIA agents are infiltrators. Scott Walker writes a poem.
If this image of Wisconsin governor and conservative hero Scott Walker is Photoshopped, whoever did it is exception…
Wisconsin's Republican governor, Scott Walker has adopted a new 'standard response' whenever someone dares to question his leadership.
Gov. Scott Walker gets in heated exchange with county executive over GOP health care bill: "You want to run for governor,…
Scott Walker is a sorry excuse for a governor. I wish better in the future.
His governor Scott Walker is already talking about opting out for the state of Wisconsin
Then, using simple arithmetic, we can deduce that Scott Walker is legitimately evil.
Electronic Device Insurance
And what does it matter if Scott Walker would voluntarily do something stupid? Expected. Depriving those w…
Does this man possess any humanity? Scott Walker is either a sadist or just evil.
This video by of a clash between Gov. Scott Walker and Tom Nelson is worth your time. via
What Trump & the GOP are doing is exactly what Scott Walker, Rick Snyder, Etc did. They didn't pay for it. Let's change that.
Imagine if Rick Perry or Scott Walker had bought the GOP primary. Or if Andy Jackson from the Jackson 6 were alive during the civil war.
What do Scott Walker, and Rick Scott all have in common? They all waged an all-out assault on organi…
The same Michigan & Wisconsin that kept voting in Republican morons Rick Snyder & Scott Walker. Miss me with lack of HRC campaign stops bs.
Bernstein: Gov. Scott Walker's proposal is detrimental to the health of Wisconsin via
In an article abt a bunch of useful *** of course Gov. Scott Walker's name comes up. Republican right & Russia -
Editorial: Gov. Scott Walker needs to answer questions in tribal gaming fight
UPFRONT recap: Gov. Scott Walker supports bill to protect free speech on UW campuses
Gov. Scott Walker won't remove a law enforcement official who had a person die of thirst in his jail. *** of a sentence.…
Great episode here. Worth a listen just for his ripping Scott Walker and his coopting WI sports teams.
Wisconsin is responsible for some of the worst people in politics. Scott Walker, Reince Priebus, Paul Ryan, Ron Johnson, &…
Fed Health IT Industry Veteran, Scott Walker, takes new role as Portfolio Mana
Campaigning with Jean Stothert in Omaha, Scott Walker stirs up union opposition - Omaha World-Herald
According to Roger Stone, Scott Walker fixed 5 elections in Wisconsin, including his recall election. That's not democracy.…
During nominations Scott Walker supported a northern wall in spite of the f…
PINKISH BLACK from Texas - as if Scott Walker and John Carpenter were having a bad acid trip with the Melvins. Yes!
Another Wisconsin Dem rules out a challenge to Scott Walker. via
Gov. Scott Walker continues to scare off WI Democrats from running in 2018. His chances improve by the day.
Scott Walker cancels Easter Egg Hunt due to search for armed fugitive
Dude is the ultimate gubernatorial jerk along w/ Scott Walker, Phil Bryant and Terry McAulliffe.
Scott Walker shows off '70s plaid jacket in National Siblings Day photo
Agree. Scott Walker, Ron Johnson & Paul Ryan want to take money out of state & funnel to friends at top…
Johnson has those crazy Christian eyes like Rick Scott... At least he isn't cross-eyed *** like Scott Walker...
That time Scott Walker explained exactly why Neil Gorsuch is unfit to serve.
Just scoping new Steve Erickson book; one look at the jacket copy and it’s like wassup Scott Walker
Same guy who had secret router > Scott Walker is hiding out-of-state travel log AND visitors log at the Gov mansion.
Scott Walker, Ron Johnson, Paul Ryan next. On down the line of those suppressing voters and/or obstructing
Gov. Scott Walker will be in Beloit Monday for a ribbon-cutting ceremony at Pratt Industries which is in the Gateway Business Park.
Joe McCarthy, Tim Pawlenty, Scott Walker. Add another one onto the trash heap
Wisconsin has delivered some real pieces of Republican trash. Paul Ryan, Scott Walker, Ron Johnson, and Reince Priebus.
You know Paul Ryan is in trouble when even Scott Walker won't support him.
Yeah, sorry about that. Say hi to Scott Walker for me. Ok?
Priebus reminds me of Eddie Haskell. "You look lovely today, Mrs. Cleaver." What would u expect from a WI protege of Scott Walker?
Van Jones is a coward,saw town hall.Ana Nevarro had to lead the show.I think it was Scott Walker steamroll V.J.Ana👍
"Our governor is so good, he got elected 3 times in 4 years!" Paul Ryan about Scott Walker!
Scott Walker, governor of Wisconsin, has a message for Republican lawmakers: Stand strong.
Plain Talk: Solar jobs surge, no thanks to Scott Walker
I personally lost my job thanks to governor Scott Walker's demolition of the unions in Wisconsin!!!
Solar jobs surge, no thanks to Scott Walker
Not just Ryan---we can also do better than Scott Walker, r…
On Fox News Sunday: You can see Scott Walker's lips moving but you can hear Charles and David Kochs' voices.
The dark and criminal Duggar family secret is about to become a problem for Scott Walker, Ted Cruz, and Rand Paul.🍕.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Scott Walker, Brad Schimel call on Tammy Baldwin to support Supreme Court nominee via
You do jest, right Scott Walker, AG Brad Schimel, & Right!?!. "People can discuss all they want...
Milo is out of but Scott Walker just made a tut-tutting reference to "angry mobs who stop people from speaking on ca…
Republicans are calling in governors like Scott Walker and John Kasich to help with the Obamacare repeal bill.
Weak Republicans could learn something from Scott Walker. Walker never buckles from the first sign of pressure.
THOnline - Walker calls for more states' rights under Trump - MADISON, Wis. — Gov. Scott Walker says he is opti...
at Scott Walker says welfare should be "trampoline, not hammock."
Scott Walker now lecturing on education policy. Hm
I would not be surprised it Gov. Scott Walker is visited by three spirits this Christmas.
Democrat Ron Kind not ruling out run for governor against Scott Walker – 
I had a news alert for Scott Walker for a while that was ruined by the governor of Wisconsin
Desperate to be reelected > Scott Walker proposes surprisingly liberal budget
Scott Walker got $1 million from Menards owner to limit environmental laws... donation was hidden from citizens...
Scott Walker advises White House on gutting federal unions:
So you really want Scott Walker and Donald Trump associated with the Harley Davidson Brand? As disgusting as AMF owning HD.
[Should also offer aid for higher education.] ]Gov. Scott Walker to expand low-income tax credit he once cut
Walker appoints Zimmerman to head Wisconsin VA: Gov. Scott Walker has appointed Daniel Zimmerman to head the…
Gov. Scott Walker is that kid who always changed the rules while you played a game.
Colo. loves the EITC working-class tax credit and now, after Trump whooping, so does Wis. Gov. Scott Walker
in a head to head matchup, I beat Gov. Scott Walker and Jeb, Rand, Marco and all others in the White House that takes no BS.
"we don't need an apprentice in the WH", said you, Scott Walker about Trump. HYPOCRITE
it's almost identical to when Scott Walker became gov of WI and did as he said he would.
I think you are as great of Governor as mine. Gov. Scott Walker! Keep it up Gov Abbott!
Scott Walker is the best Gov the State of WI has ever had! Everyone north of Madison loves you Gov Walker!!
Gov. Scott Walker wants his new top vet to *** troubled homes
Wisc. Gov. Scott Walker advising WH on how to drastically weaken collective bargaining for federal union members
Exclusive - Gov. Scott Walker: New sales tax 'not on the table' for Milwaukee cultural assets v…
WI Gov. Scott Walker, has joined the ranks of politicians from across the political spectrum who support the
Scott Walker appoints Daniel Zimmerman as Department of Veterans Affairs secretary…
Scott Walker appoints Daniel Zimmerman as Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs secretary
Little Giant Ladders
New vets chief hired by Gov. Scott Walker to *** troubled homes
Pence met w/ Scott Walker to get advice on how Trump can curtail collective bargaining rights for federal workers. https:…
Scott Walker says he spoke with VP Pence about how White House can apply parts of Wisconsin union law nationally
WI Gov. Scott Walker talked to VP Pence about national expansion of Act 10 labor limits via
Trump administration is interested in going national with Wisconsin's restrictions on unions, Gov. Scott Walker said https…
Harley Davidson is a UNION factory. Remember when Scott Walker tried to FAKE an endorsement from Harley until they told him, "NOPE!"
Scott Walker...Gov of Wisconsin...he is NOT liked at all! I believe he was the first Rep to drop out of Primaries?
Evening music - Abba (the Visitors natch), Scott Walker and Jacques Brel. Wonderful if not a little maudlin!
Kudos from Gov. Scott Walker, who cut $250million from U. Wisconsin & gave it to NBA Bucks, will cost DeVos votes. http…
Scott Walker and Paul Ryan =/= Ted Cruz. Bruce Rauner won Illinois, you think Illinois easily goes to Cruz because…
Failing Governor Bruce Rauner is breaking out Scott Walker's playbook by busting the public sector union. htt…
I loved Scott Walker as Mark Harmon's romantic rival in SUMMER SCHOOL. Look it up.
Gov. Scott Walker: "Vote to repeal and replace Obamacare immediately and send Medicaid funding to the states in the…
Scott Walker: Opening, from Brady Corbet's "Childhood of a Leader" [selected by Devon E. Levins (
Whizzing over the North Yorkshire Moors listening to Scott Walker; an own private Heartbeat episode.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Scott Walker, please just leave the internet. for all our sakes.
tries from Rob Poke x2 Aaron Middleton Sam Obrien and 10 points from the boot of Bobby Scott Walker
Albums to freak yourself out to in the pitch dark, "Homotopy To Marie" by Nurse With Wound and "The Drift" by Scott Walker.
Walker retires presidential debt ahead of 2018 decision - POLITICO.
dear God, no. Residents of WI already shamed by Ryan & Priebus w/o putting Scott Walker in charge 😨😨😨
Scott Walker has been governor of Wisconsin since January, 2011. He is a shameless…
John Nichols: Anti-labor zealots are borrowing pages from Scott Walker's playbook
They might be aiming for the Scott Walker WI strategy: do the most unpopular things first. Can only hope that it backfires.
I'm sorry I can't endorse your A-Ha fandom. Did you listen to that Scott Walker/SUNN O))) I sent you? If so what did you think?
(Think, Gov. Scott Walker (R!) Lawmakers honor MLK Day while working against the rights he fought for:
wrong Scott Walker will never stop nor will the leprechaun Scott story die lol!
realDonaldTrump Yo, you said some dumb racist things. But I somehow still would prefer you to Scott Walker. Lesser of two evils?
Teacher shortages in WI thanks Scott Walker. Teachers leaving/starting new was careers that pay better- new teacher…
Scott Walker is really not very smart and really not good for
Scott Walker stiffed campaign vendors; only paid 11% of money owed
White House to Scott Walker: Trump can’t just let you drug test the hungry
A little advice for Gov. Scott Walker: Stop dodging the student loan debt crisis
I understand this. I was sure in early 2011 that Scott Walker had to be a new Sacha Baron Cohen character.
Gov. Scott Walker: Wisconsin has plenty to celebrate - La Crosse Tribune
always bummed out when I think that Scott Walker, Ron Johnson, Reince Preibus, Sean Duffy, Glen Grothman and Mike Gallagher are from WI.
I spy with my little eye on instagram story Nicola & Scott Walker 👌🏼
Scott Walker: Wisconsin has plenty to celebrate – Chippewa Herald
I'm sure you hope Greg Abbott will be sending barbecue to Scott Walker. Sigh
Campaign: Wisconsin governor Scott Walker pays off debt from presidential bid
Packers Playoff Pep Rally in Green Bay: Governor Scott Walker declared Friday "Green and Gold Day" in Wisconsin,…
Gov. Scott Walker has fully paid off the debt he accrued during his presidential run.
Ryan meets regularly with Kochs, takes their money. So does Scott Walker, so did Mitt Romney ,so does Mitch McConnell, the traitor.
Seriously... Scott Walker looks like he wants Medicaid expansion funding.
UW-Chancellor Rebecca Blank calls on state to pay for Scott Walker's promised tuition cut…
I weep for my home state. Bruce Rauner, Scott Walker, Sam Brownback, & their ideological cohort are parasites, suck…
Watching the Scott Walker documentary on Sky Arts. It’s basically Tittybiscuits.
2 hour documentary about Scott Walker on Sky Arts. No darts so far.
2 hour Scott Walker special starting on Sky Arts there. GRAND
omg there's a Scott Walker song playing at this Pizza Inn
Scott Walker would love to show you the at 850 Westbrook Rd
Let's remove the words "human" and "intelligent" from the definition of "Scott Walker, Governor of Wisconsin."…
Scott Walker is the governor of Wisconsin
Enjoying the golden tones of George Michael on BBC1. He was kind of in an older Tony Bennett, Scott Walker "crooner" tradition ?
are you ignorant to prior knowledge? Look at what Scott Walker and George bush did to people with tax cuts.
Gov. Scott Walker's reponse to Kewaunee County water contamination is insufficient
Scott Walker wants Donald Trump's permission to drug test people on food stamps
Trump will recreate the crisis implemented by Scott Walker. But, Trump can suspend the Writ of Habeas Corpus. Walker couldn't.
Influenced by Scott Walker and the “Donnie Darko” soundtrack, made one of the best albums of 2016.
Dems need to make an effort to banish Ryan and Scott Walker from our political landscape.
Sadly too true. Paul Ryan and Scott Walker leading that great, once progressive state? They took a wrong turn.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
On the fourth day of Christmas, Scott Walker, Chief Exec has this farm safety tip for you. Thanks h…
Scott Walker on stage at Trump rally: "Wisconsin went Republican for president for the first time since 1984. You helped c…
The Republicans are going to follow Scott Walker's advice: They are going to act quickly to destroy social security, medicare, medicaid.
Clinton's team should never have taken a state that elected and failed to recall Scott Walker as governor fo…
Not the Tribune, that's Jeff Johnson, the guy who ran as Scott Walker in MN. He lost.
well it is Wi home of Paul Ryan, Scott Walker, and Reince Preibus Hum
Scott Walker says David Clarke could be good addition to Donald Trump cabinet via
Scott Walker says David could be good addition to Donald cabinet
Shame on you.Your coverage of Scott Walker is one sided & short sighted. "Investigate" Doyle t…
Late-night lettering music... Mark Lanegan / Duke Garwood. Think I'll play the Scott Walker / Sun 0))) album after:
How would Russia know which State,Counties,Precincts to hack...Reince Priebus,Scott Walker,Koch Bros...WI
Is this a bad time to tell the rest of America that Scott Walker replaced Wisconsin's non-partisan Government Accountabili…
You know, with Scott Walker so desperate to balance his state's huge budget shortfall, he has an option...
Sources: Trump Could Look to Scott Walker for Guidance on Fighting Unions via
Get ready: Gingrich told me in June that Trump plans a Scott Walker-like war with unions, this time in DC.
Trump victory map in WI basically the victory map for Scott Walker in 2010. both won 59 of 72 counties. 57 of 59 carried by b…
Wisconsin court rejects call for investigation into Scott Walker leaks...
Gov's: Scott Walker, Mike Pence, Dennis Daugarrd, Mark Dayton, Matt Mead, Pete Ricketts, John Kachich do you have troops in
Pretty sure they hate Scott Walker more than Alexander Hamilton
"Large swaths of Wisconsin have now been carried by Obama, Trump, Gov. Scott Walker and Democratic Senator Tammy Baldwin." http…
Scott Walker, Governor of Wisconsin since 2011; candidate for President in 2016, Walkernomics and anti-Walkernomics.
Back to with Scott Walker still governor maybe they will send a Trump Supporter!
Scott Walker saw protesters take over his state capitol and still won. I hope the Trump transition folks are consultin…
Fair warning though...Scott Walker is still Governor here in Wisconsin...and the attitude of that fact is strong here...
also, in PA, our next battle is against Scott Wagner for Gov. He makes Scott Walker look like Dukakis imo
Well that school of thought worked well in Wisconsin against the doofus Scott Walker... who's still Governor.
Just like 30% of union households voted not to recall Scott Walker. Unions should have supported Bernie.
Wisconsin is more complicated state. GOP governor Scott Walker has done a really good job of building support there.
and yet Scott Walker's beat down on unions helped win that state for him - irony
.on how Scott Walker's anti-union Act 10 helped Trump win Wisconsin
The big blow was probably Wisconsin but with Scott Walker comfortably Governor for years, maybe not
Scott Walker's policies have hurt Wisconsin by accelerating a statewide brain drain, but it sure helped Trump.
I'm more excited about Wisconsin going red than Trump winning it... Reince Preibus, Scott Walker, Paul Ryan, and still a blue state? Nah.
Scott Walker insisted that anti-union Act 10 was just to balance budget, but now Repubs boast it helped swing Wisc & th…
How can Wisconsin be liberal with Scott Walker as Governor?
How can anyone be surprised by Wisconsin when a dill hole like Scott Walker has been elected governor multiple times?
Y'know what? Evel Knievel looked a bit like a cross between Scott Walker and Bobby Moore. Warts & all Storyville on BBC4.
Find someone that loves you as much as Scott Walker loves the fact he brings his own lunch to work.
For the record, Scott Walker ordered American witout at both Geno’s and Pat’s.
Join petition and call out Scott Walker as the most anti-worker governor in America!
Bradley foundation actual info:. Funded by Bradleys. Linked to Scott Walker, not Clinton.
Big time line up at the rally tonight: Sean Duffy, Ron Johnson, Rudy Guiliani, Bobby Knight, Reince Priebus, Scott Walker,
Seriously though, what is Scott Walker good at except lying?
Scott Walker, Paul Ryan, Sean Duffy, Jim Sensenbrenner and Ron Johnson support the guy endorsed by KKK
Scott Walker speaking now at Trump's rally in Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
It’s funny that Scott Walker thinks tying Hillary to Obama is a good attack, but not funny that the right-wing alt reali…
.UWEC has had events for Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. They've also had Scott Walker + Ron Johnson there. All views are welcome.
How does the state that gave us Bob La Follette & Frank Lloyd Wright give us Sen. Joe McCarthy & Gov. Scott Walker? . .
Well, Scott Walker could convene the Wisconsin Legislature and it could award the state's 10 electoral votes to Trumpy.
Scott Walker is coming to KC to help make Navy SEAL Eric Greitens MIssouri's next governor. Here is the info:.
Scott Walker going all in on suppressing 2016 vote because black peoplE, hispanics..
BREAKING: Scott Walker confirms he is not running for reelection in 2018.
Hypocrite Ron Johnson says it's wrong for former Sen. Russ Feingold to have career in politics but OK for Jim Sensenbrenner & Scott Walker!
Morning briefing: Scott Walker, Rick Perry to speak to conservatives in Denver
Scott Walker, Rick Scott and Pat McCrory are part of the Clinton conspiracy!
he's best buds with the Lester Maddox of our times, Scott Walker.
No matter how tough insulting you all ( only besides my dearest soul mates Ben Carson and Scott Walker who called me Filipp Frenkel the
Congrats to Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Marco Rubio, and Scott Walker. You bought your tickets, hope you are enjoying the ri…
Rand Paul, Scott Walker, Marco Rubio...even Jeb!. But of course she was never afraid of her donor Sad that…
Again, you'll notice that Senator Sanders is still in the game. Anybody seen Jeb Bush? Rick Perry? Scott Walker? Wh… featured in NBC s Science of Love
we got to build up our state parties. No reason Rick Scott, Rick Snyder, and Scott Walker all shouldve been reelected.
Hope all got out and voted!!! Good luck to my boys Scott Walker and Stewart Mills
Is it Ron Johnson or Scott Walker he favours for 2020?
When I thought Scott Walker, Ron Johnson, and Paul Ryan couldn't get any lower, this happens...
How's this for putrid? Paul Ryan, Sen. Ron Johnson, Gov. Scott Walker, Attorney General Brad Schimel all join Trump at the Walworth Co Fair
Trump to share Wisconsin stage Saturday with Paul Ryan, Scott Walker and Ron Johnson via
Donald Trump will join Paul Ryan, Scott Walker, Ron Johnson at Elkhorn festival
The GOP Fall Fest program is scheduled to start at 1:30p Saturday and will include Trump, Ryan, Ron Johnson and Scott Walker.
Donald Trump will campaign with Paul Ryan, Scott Walker and Ron Johnson in Elkhorn, WI on Saturday, per release.
imagine an alternate world where Scott Walker didn't exist and Wisconsin had become the posterchild of modern US rail trav…
Perry Stone said Scott Walker rigged 2 WI elections.But this went no where in media.Busy Trumpin
This is a good ad. But Trump can counter with Newt, Rudy, Scott Walker & David Duke
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