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Scott Walker

Scott Walker (born Noel Scott Engel on January 9, 1943) is an American-British singer-songwriter, record producer, and the former lead singer of The Walker Brothers.

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Scott Walker has been governor of Wisconsin since January, 2011. He is a shameless…
John Nichols: Anti-labor zealots are borrowing pages from Scott Walker's playbook
They might be aiming for the Scott Walker WI strategy: do the most unpopular things first. Can only hope that it backfires.
I'm sorry I can't endorse your A-Ha fandom. Did you listen to that Scott Walker/SUNN O))) I sent you? If so what did you think?
(Think, Gov. Scott Walker (R!) Lawmakers honor MLK Day while working against the rights he fought for:
wrong Scott Walker will never stop nor will the leprechaun Scott story die lol!
realDonaldTrump Yo, you said some dumb racist things. But I somehow still would prefer you to Scott Walker. Lesser of two evils?
Teacher shortages in WI thanks Scott Walker. Teachers leaving/starting new was careers that pay better- new teacher…
Scott Walker is really not very smart and really not good for
Scott Walker stiffed campaign vendors; only paid 11% of money owed
White House to Scott Walker: Trump can’t just let you drug test the hungry
A little advice for Gov. Scott Walker: Stop dodging the student loan debt crisis
I understand this. I was sure in early 2011 that Scott Walker had to be a new Sacha Baron Cohen character.
Failing Governor Bruce Rauner is breaking out Scott Walker's playbook by busting the public sector union.
Campaign: Wisconsin governor Scott Walker pays off debt from presidential bid
Packers Playoff Pep Rally in Green Bay: Governor Scott Walker declared Friday "Green and Gold Day" in Wisconsin,…
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Gov. Scott Walker has fully paid off the debt he accrued during his presidential run.
Seriously... Scott Walker looks like he wants Medicaid expansion funding.
I weep for my home state. Bruce Rauner, Scott Walker, Sam Brownback, & their ideological cohort are parasites, suck…
Watching the Scott Walker documentary on Sky Arts. It’s basically Tittybiscuits.
2 hour documentary about Scott Walker on Sky Arts. No darts so far.
2 hour Scott Walker special starting on Sky Arts there. GRAND
omg there's a Scott Walker song playing at this Pizza Inn
Scott Walker would love to show you the at 850 Westbrook Rd
Let's remove the words "human" and "intelligent" from the definition of "Scott Walker, Governor of Wisconsin."…
Scott Walker is the governor of Wisconsin
Enjoying the golden tones of George Michael on BBC1. He was kind of in an older Tony Bennett, Scott Walker "crooner" tradition ?
are you ignorant to prior knowledge? Look at what Scott Walker and George bush did to people with tax cuts.
Gov. Scott Walker's reponse to Kewaunee County water contamination is insufficient
Scott Walker wants Donald Trump's permission to drug test people on food stamps
Trump will recreate the crisis implemented by Scott Walker. But, Trump can suspend the Writ of Habeas Corpus. Walker couldn't.
Influenced by Scott Walker and the “Donnie Darko” soundtrack, made one of the best albums of 2016.
Dems need to make an effort to banish Ryan and Scott Walker from our political landscape.
Sadly too true. Paul Ryan and Scott Walker leading that great, once progressive state? They took a wrong turn.
On the fourth day of Christmas, Scott Walker, Chief Exec has this farm safety tip for you. Thanks h…
Scott Walker on stage at Trump rally: "Wisconsin went Republican for president for the first time since 1984. You helped c…
The Republicans are going to follow Scott Walker's advice: They are going to act quickly to destroy social security, medicare, medicaid.
Clinton's team should never have taken a state that elected and failed to recall Scott Walker as governor fo…
Not the Tribune, that's Jeff Johnson, the guy who ran as Scott Walker in MN. He lost.
well it is Wi home of Paul Ryan, Scott Walker, and Reince Preibus Hum
Scott Walker says David Clarke could be good addition to Donald Trump cabinet via
Scott Walker says David could be good addition to Donald cabinet
Shame on you.Your coverage of Scott Walker is one sided & short sighted. "Investigate" Doyle t…
Late-night lettering music... Mark Lanegan / Duke Garwood. Think I'll play the Scott Walker / Sun 0))) album after:
How would Russia know which State,Counties,Precincts to hack...Reince Priebus,Scott Walker,Koch Bros...WI
Is this a bad time to tell the rest of America that Scott Walker replaced Wisconsin's non-partisan Government Accountabili…
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You know, with Scott Walker so desperate to balance his state's huge budget shortfall, he has an option...
Sources: Trump Could Look to Scott Walker for Guidance on Fighting Unions via
Get ready: Gingrich told me in June that Trump plans a Scott Walker-like war with unions, this time in DC.
Trump victory map in WI basically the victory map for Scott Walker in 2010. both won 59 of 72 counties. 57 of 59 carried by b…
Wisconsin court rejects call for investigation into Scott Walker leaks...
Gov's: Scott Walker, Mike Pence, Dennis Daugarrd, Mark Dayton, Matt Mead, Pete Ricketts, John Kachich do you have troops in
Pretty sure they hate Scott Walker more than Alexander Hamilton
"Large swaths of Wisconsin have now been carried by Obama, Trump, Gov. Scott Walker and Democratic Senator Tammy Baldwin." http…
Scott Walker, Governor of Wisconsin since 2011; candidate for President in 2016, Walkernomics and anti-Walkernomics.
Back to with Scott Walker still governor maybe they will send a Trump Supporter!
Scott Walker saw protesters take over his state capitol and still won. I hope the Trump transition folks are consultin…
Fair warning though...Scott Walker is still Governor here in Wisconsin...and the attitude of that fact is strong here...
also, in PA, our next battle is against Scott Wagner for Gov. He makes Scott Walker look like Dukakis imo
Well that school of thought worked well in Wisconsin against the doofus Scott Walker... who's still Governor.
Just like 30% of union households voted not to recall Scott Walker. Unions should have supported Bernie.
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Wisconsin is more complicated state. GOP governor Scott Walker has done a really good job of building support there.
and yet Scott Walker's beat down on unions helped win that state for him - irony
.on how Scott Walker's anti-union Act 10 helped Trump win Wisconsin
The big blow was probably Wisconsin but with Scott Walker comfortably Governor for years, maybe not
Scott Walker's policies have hurt Wisconsin by accelerating a statewide brain drain, but it sure helped Trump.
I'm more excited about Wisconsin going red than Trump winning it... Reince Preibus, Scott Walker, Paul Ryan, and still a blue state? Nah.
Scott Walker insisted that anti-union Act 10 was just to balance budget, but now Repubs boast it helped swing Wisc & th…
How can Wisconsin be liberal with Scott Walker as Governor?
How can anyone be surprised by Wisconsin when a dill hole like Scott Walker has been elected governor multiple times?
Y'know what? Evel Knievel looked a bit like a cross between Scott Walker and Bobby Moore. Warts & all Storyville on BBC4.
Find someone that loves you as much as Scott Walker loves the fact he brings his own lunch to work.
For the record, Scott Walker ordered American witout at both Geno’s and Pat’s.
Join petition and call out Scott Walker as the most anti-worker governor in America!
Bradley foundation actual info:. Funded by Bradleys. Linked to Scott Walker, not Clinton.
Big time line up at the rally tonight: Sean Duffy, Ron Johnson, Rudy Guiliani, Bobby Knight, Reince Priebus, Scott Walker,
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Seriously though, what is Scott Walker good at except lying?
Scott Walker, Paul Ryan, Sean Duffy, Jim Sensenbrenner and Ron Johnson support the guy endorsed by KKK
Scott Walker speaking now at Trump's rally in Eau Claire, Wisconsin
It’s funny that Scott Walker thinks tying Hillary to Obama is a good attack, but not funny that the right-wing alt reali…
.UWEC has had events for Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. They've also had Scott Walker + Ron Johnson there. All views are welcome.
How does the state that gave us Bob La Follette & Frank Lloyd Wright give us Sen. Joe McCarthy & Gov. Scott Walker? . .
Well, Scott Walker could convene the Wisconsin Legislature and it could award the state's 10 electoral votes to Trumpy.
Scott Walker is coming to KC to help make Navy SEAL Eric Greitens MIssouri's next governor. Here is the info:.
Scott Walker going all in on suppressing 2016 vote because black peoplE, hispanics..
BREAKING: Scott Walker confirms he is not running for reelection in 2018.
Hypocrite Ron Johnson says it's wrong for former Sen. Russ Feingold to have career in politics but OK for Jim Sensenbrenner & Scott Walker!
Morning briefing: Scott Walker, Rick Perry to speak to conservatives in Denver
Scott Walker, Rick Scott and Pat McCrory are part of the Clinton conspiracy!
he's best buds with the Lester Maddox of our times, Scott Walker.
No matter how tough insulting you all ( only besides my dearest soul mates Ben Carson and Scott Walker who called me Filipp Frenkel the
Congrats to Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Marco Rubio, and Scott Walker. You bought your tickets, hope you are enjoying the ri…
Rand Paul, Scott Walker, Marco Rubio...even Jeb!. But of course she was never afraid of her donor Sad that…
Again, you'll notice that Senator Sanders is still in the game. Anybody seen Jeb Bush? Rick Perry? Scott Walker? Wh…
we got to build up our state parties. No reason Rick Scott, Rick Snyder, and Scott Walker all shouldve been reelected.
Hope all got out and voted!!! Good luck to my boys Scott Walker and Stewart Mills
Is it Ron Johnson or Scott Walker he favours for 2020?
When I thought Scott Walker, Ron Johnson, and Paul Ryan couldn't get any lower, this happens...
How's this for putrid? Paul Ryan, Sen. Ron Johnson, Gov. Scott Walker, Attorney General Brad Schimel all join Trump at the Walworth Co Fair
Trump to share Wisconsin stage Saturday with Paul Ryan, Scott Walker and Ron Johnson via
Donald Trump will join Paul Ryan, Scott Walker, Ron Johnson at Elkhorn festival
The GOP Fall Fest program is scheduled to start at 1:30p Saturday and will include Trump, Ryan, Ron Johnson and Scott Walker.
Donald Trump will campaign with Paul Ryan, Scott Walker and Ron Johnson in Elkhorn, WI on Saturday, per release.
imagine an alternate world where Scott Walker didn't exist and Wisconsin had become the posterchild of modern US rail trav…
Perry Stone said Scott Walker rigged 2 WI elections.But this went no where in media.Busy Trumpin
This is a good ad. But Trump can counter with Newt, Rudy, Scott Walker & David Duke
Republican VP nominee Mike Pence is meeting with Gov. Scott Walker for debate preparation in Wisconsin.…
THIS is the guy that Scott Walker, Paul Ryan and Ron Johnson think should be our president. Really?!
Wisconsin governor to visit flooded village: Gov. Scott Walker plans to tour flood damage in a southwestern…
The Latest: Wisconsin Governor to Visit Flooded Village: Gov. Scott Walker says he pl...
Gov. Scott Walker says Wisconsin has taken steps in the past to combat opioid abuse, but there's more to be done.
wants 44,000 Illegal immigrants in . Scott Walker on Immigration
Wisconsin's Republican Governor, Scott Walker, has now proposed marking the state's non-driver IDs as not to be...
Joke of a presidential candidate Scott Walker is the governor of Wisconsin…
College dropout Wisconsin governor Scott Walker has done nothing to help poor blacks. In fact he has done the opposite.
Leaked emails show how the Wisconsin GOP governor Scott Walker flouted campaign finance law to court secret donors
DOC wants more staff for troubled youth prison: The state Department of Corrections is asking Gov. Scott Walker to…
David Duke is say his stuff alone, but Paul Ryan and Scott Walker will work with Hillary to gut social security and medicaid
Tough work to be a worse man than Scott Walker, a worse man than John Kasich, a worse man than Rick Snyder, a worse man than Bruce Rauner
Corruption > Scott Walker knew content of sealed emails, changed laws to avoid prosecution?
This is a nat'l security forum and he's bragging about his win over Ben Carson and Scott Walker as qualification to be Commander-in-Chief.
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Rudy Giuliani. JEB. Marco Rubio. John Kasich. Scott Walker, or Ben Carson. Name him Ben or Marco or John, anyone but Donald.
Ben Carson, Scott Walker, Rick Perry are men of their word. They are supporting the republican nominee regardless who it is.
He got the 5% "at least he's not Rick Snyder" bump, which used to be the "at least he's not Scott Walker bump."
RTscore by Scott Walker & Venice Film Festival gongs for best debut feature & best director
Big blow to Republicans and Scott Walker: 'Right to Work' ruled unconstitutional
America needed Scott Walker to tell Paul Ryan he's a Traitor. Walker is GOPe.
just like Scott Walker, Rick Scott, Sam Brown back, etc.
Yep. totally. David Clarke, Scott Walker... "o say this! say this!!" I SWEAR that's what happened.
Minutes after being introduced by Scott Walker, Donald Trump goes on a tirade about how horrible things are in Milwaukee, W…
LOL. West Berlin. . Did David Koch give Scott Walker clearance to attend the Trump event in West Bend?.
Scott Walker believed he was speaking to David & showed allegiance. Then he tried to rewrite history.
Gov. Scott Walker greets community members in the Joseph Project at Greater Praise Church Tuesday
made the request after consulting w/ Gov. Scott Walker. He made req to Gov who is the one authorized to call them in.
Gov. Scott Walker calls in National Guard after night of rioting - Hot Air
Gov. Scott Walker activates the Wisconsin National Guard to deal with Milwaukee unrest
Black Lives need to pay for all the damage to the city and policecars. Send the money to Gov. Scott Walker
Gov. Scott Walker activated the National Guard on Sunday to assist the Milwaukee Police Department upon request...
Scott Walker, incarcerator in chief and booster of private prisons in return for campaign donations.
Gov. Scott Walker is complicit in Open Records shadiness at DoC, Lincoln Hills
Every time Pat McCrory and Scott Walker scream about activist judges and voter ID laws, keep this in mind.
.Glad George Will is leaving the made to many $ from Scott Walker for his coat 4Me go
Plain Talk: No thanks for Scott Walker for ACT rankings, either
Globalists Paul Ryan and Scott Walker are planning to snub Donald Trump in Wisconsin on…
I'd rather see Scott Walker jump in, but yes Cruz or Pence would be great compared to the train-wreck we currently have.
ANY republican is better than Hillary Clinton sounds a lot like party>country and partisan hackery
A Scott Walker travels for 4m02s at a speed of 6.5 mph. How far does he go? . Wrong. He goes 0.02 miles
.How can you look your kids in the eye after supporting
Wisconson REP Scott Walker for premier! Rachel Notley's NDP warned not to go to war with Alberta Union of Provincial
State Debate: Is Gov. Walker lying to Wisconsin about funding for highway projects? thinks so.
State Debate: asks if Scott Walker lying about highway projects? We need more than gas hike, sa...
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Scott Walker, doing delicate dance, tells me he respects Kochs for sticking to principle re: Trump but that he obviousl…
I wonder if she's okay with civil radicalism of Cruz, or the genteel incompetence of Scott Walker?
Scott Walker is a Criminal but he gets away with it, because no one has a backbone to take care of him. It just
Poor Wisconsin. How did Scott Walker become governor at all?
Scott Walker: Gold Star families "deserve our respect, no matter what the political situation is"
He placed his bet on Scott Walker , Genius !!!
Scott Walker shamelessly works for lobbyists, not The People >
Salute Scott Walker who cares more about the plight of the American Worker than he cared about his ego!
Re: Khan, Scott Walker shows me wrist band w/ soldier KIA: "You'll never hear me question...a Gold Star family"
Sounds like isn't the only fantasy you dabble in:
This is who Scott Walker & Ron Johnson support. This is the man Scott Walker & Ron Johnson want to be President.
Scott Walker distances himself from Trump's Khan attacks
Reince Priebus Scott Walker and Paul Ryan are all members of the good old boy insider club htt…
Scott Walker cares so much for vets' families that he hired two campaign hacks who stole from them .
Dems just nominated a woman and now we should trust our rights to Greg Abbott, Sam Brownback, Scott Walker, et al? Concern troll
Why does John Peterson think Scott Walker needs approval for Justice nomination?
How long do you think Scott Walker will put up with dissension from John Nygren? Walker hates being told he's wrong.
Scott Walker just put an insane person on his state’s supreme court
Seriously, Scott Walker is trashing my state. Scott Walker names Daniel Kelly to high court
Too bad Trump didn't pick Scott Walker, or we could've had a totally age-appropriate Kaine-Walker match up
Scott Walker who do you want? If you say Trump America deserves better than an inexperienced Kim Jong Un wannabe
Respect for Scott Walker just went out the window
Scott Walker's GOP speech more anti-Clinton than pro-Trump via Craig Gilbert
Scott Walker might be the only thing worse than Donald Trump. It's a close call.
Remember what Donald Trump said about Scott Walker a year ago?
Scott Walker took on the left, and he won. . Scott Walker is true courage. . Scott Walker is what we need more of. .
remember when Scott Walker said he had a huge bald spot because one time he bumped his head, well he's also the governor…
Scott Walker is a lying liar who lies about bringing jobs to Wisconsin. Have some facts,
Scott Walker is so proud of how he destroyed the teachers union cuz teachers are big meanies & thugs! *Crowd goes wild*
Scott Walker conveniently overlooking his corruption, while claiming he is a winner. Except…he was first to drop out.
All purpose parts banner
Donald Trump admittedly thinks Scott Walker is an ***
Remember when Scott Walker dropped out and urged all of his fellow Republicans to work together to defeat Trump
America Deserves Better: Scott Walker is right. It's just that simple.
Scott Walker still has dead eyes. How can anybody look at him and not be creeped out?
"A vote for anyone other than Donald Trump in November is a vote for Hillary Clinton." -- Gov Scott Walker
It sounds like Scott Walker is mad at me or something
FEC filing shows Scott Walker raised a bunch of money from nursing homes, in one day, to pay down prez campaign debt h…
Of course Scott Walker is cool with fellow fraudster Donald Trump at the helm.
Scott Walker is why we have a mute button
Scott Walker’s speech will last 9 minutes and cost $60 million
Hey remember that time Scott Walker dropped out of the presidential race to prevent Trump's nomination?
Scott Walker is anti-woman, anti-worker, and anti-LGBT. Sound like someone else you know? We're
Scott Walker has boasted incomes have gone up in Wisconsin, but he didn’t factor for inflation:
Gov. Scott Walker on Hillary Clinton: "If she were any more on the inside, she'd be in prison"
Scott Walker: "You deserve better because America deserves better"
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When people find out how bad a job Scott Walker has done in WI, they won’t be voting for him. Massive deficit, bad job…
People mock Millennials for participation trophies but Scott Walker is getting to speak at
Wrong Scott Walker, bro. This one is a local news anchor in NOLA.
Eric Trump, much better speaker than Scott Walker. What did Walker thing running for president anyway? But glad Walker endorsed Trump.
If you're sick of Washington's arrogance vote Trump says Scott Walker without a trace of irony. .
FL Gov Scott Walker:. "America deserves better than Hillary Clinton and that is why we MUST support Donald Trump and Mike P…
In my opinion, Gov. Scott Walker gave a much more compelling speech than Ted Cruz
you havn't seen Scott Walker apparentlu
THANK YOU Scott Walker. Way to stick together! Thank you!
Scott Walker sounding like he's yelling at a little league team for failing to run out grounders.
Scott Walker was forced out of the race and slunk back to his dank hideout as soon as possible. Why? Because America deserves b…
Was anyone else expecting Scott Walker to say "America deserves better than your current nominee?"
Gov. Scott Walker, speaker, clueless about jails in his own state:
Trump says "thank you" to the wrong Scott Walker after governor's speech:
-Mr. Scott, you may now turn OFF Gov. Walker's phaser weapons; he's scored enough hits on The-Hillary.
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Scott Walker just took the stage at the RNC. Coming up: Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz.
Scott Walker's plan to disenfranchise students & minority voters starting to backfire in Wisconsin
Scott Walker is the earnest religious friend at the Junior High dance w/ a reputation for pissing his pants. Whether true, he's the type.
Hilary should draw up a new revenge hit list and serve it cold when she wins. This big-mouthed GOPers (Scott Walker, Christie)
Scott Walker describes Wisconsin again as a "blue state." We gave him 2 Pinocchios for that
Scott Walker literally ran on stage. One month ago, he said: "It’s just sad in America that we have such poor choices…
Forgotten fun fact: Gov. Scott Walker, addressing the convention, was the original presidential choice of EC GOP Chairman Nick Langworthy.
Scott Walker isn't even from Wisconsin! Only listen to a real Dane County boy like !
Don't forget Scott Walker's refusal to pardon Steven Avery and Brandon Dassey.
Scott Walker: Texas Ranger on stage now at . Says "radical Islamic terror" in the first 20-seconds of his speech.
Hey shut up, the Koch bros er, I mean Scott Walker is talking.
Well, Scott Walker is proving he's a completely loyal, pliable and eager GOP minion when push comes to shove on Hannity right…
Education options for every family: Gov. Scott Walker talks with about the future of school choice
First (official) stop at to interview Gov. Scott Walker. Watch the livestream @ 5:45 🇺🇸
Remember, Rebecca Kleefisch is a potential 2018 candidate for Governor of WI if Scott Walker doesn't run again
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In Wednesday night speech, Scott Walker to urge suppport for Donald
In his Wednesday night speech at Scott Walker will urge suppport for Donald Trump via
ICYMI: Gov. Scott Walker appointed attorney Martin J. De Vries to serve as a judge on the Dodge County Circuit Court
"It's time for Gov. Scott Walker to take responsibility and end this farce."
Scott Walker appoints Clayton Kawski to Dane County bench; won't say if he'll run in April
I suppose if Scott Walker holds Obama responsible ... then he has already sent him a thank you note. And flowers. https:/…
Scott Walker still fundraising to retire his presidential campaign debt: Ryan Lovelace Wisconsin Gov. Scott…
You may also want to check Paul Ryan and Scott Walker ideas on those subjects.especially Walker
I am so glad some GOP voters don't like Ryan! He is my least favorite along with Scott Walker!
Scott Walker, please pick up the white courtesy phone, reality calling (Police shootings falling not rising)
Scott Walker wants Elizabeth Warren to prove via DNA she is 5% Nat. Amer., he must do the same to prove he has…
Scott Walker's partisan crap, and other thoughts from a bad week in America
This is who is capitulating to while comparing us to Scott Walker. .
Bill talking with Scott Walker on the here at the Women's US Open at the gorgeous
Listen to a track off Scott Walker's upcoming OST (via
Scott Walker takes calculated -- and foolish -- risk in speaking on behalf of Trump
Scott Walker endorses Trump then CRUSHES NeverTrump ‘logic’ with this simple fact -
Scott Walker is a stupid RINO clown
1 of the top 5 best singers ever imo. Scott Walker, Marvin Gaye, Mark Hollis up there too imo.
For now. Rumor has it the GOP w/drew Scott Walker from Prez race so they clean him up & swap him out at the RNC
*** Scott Walker even managed to trigger a cheese shortage in Wisconsin? Truly an awful governor. 😞
Scott Walker, governor of Wisconsin, suggesting that teachers should be paid like NFL “free agents.”. Peter...
Scott Walker is a bigger choker than Earnest Byner and Jackie Smith
Did Rauner-style change work for Scott Walker in Wisconsin?: Our governor keeps saying that structural fixes are…
Scott Walker, weasel: Why even Wisconsin GOPers are sick of their cowardly governor via
Talk to Scott Walker, governor of Wisconsin about this
If the voting fraud with Ryans buddy Scott Walker isnt too bad , Ryan will be voted out, he is forcing danger on us
Plan B? The Dump Trump convention effort could look to someone like Scott Walker
I don't know if I'll vote for Gary Johnson (Libertarian) or write-in Scott Walker or Ted Cruz.
RIGHT ! He's been hugging and sweet on the governor of Wisconsin.Scott Walker.
And no, Scott Walker and Ricky Perry would have sold GOP ideology that needed to change without connecting to interests. Crushed by Hillary
some people like Wisconsin. Scott Walker, Paul Ryan. Joe McCarthy liked it a lot. Jeffrey Dahmer.
Bottom may be when Scott Walker takes the moral high ground against you.
Don't be surprised by Gov. Scott Walker's lies -- Tim Melin via
Scott Walker reiterates no tax or fee hikes for road projects
Just road the elevator with Scott Walker and his posse, was not expecting that
Editorial: Scott Walker got caught attacking the Wisconsin Idea, lied about it and then got caught lying
Scott Walker as dad, George W. Bush as grandpa.
Yeah, like Nikki Haley, Scott Walker, Bobby Jindal... You're acting as if he's been praising Trump and he's just not.
It's dreary out and I'm listening to a disc of Scott Walker's film-related music. How's your day?
Scott Walker, saddled with $1.2m debt from failed presidential bid, pawns his own donors: . Wisconsin Governor...
So McCrory hired Scott Walker's son ... well, of course, he did!
National Anthem sang by Scott Walker of Charleston High School to start off the 2A Prelims
Scott Walker is the worst governor in Wisconsin history. He has a complete lack of understanding of economics. .
Trump has now attacked three of the GOP's best governors -- Nikki Haley, Scott Walker and Susana Martinez. How's that…
Congratulations to Scott Walker on his victory last night. We look forward to having a seasoned Fort Worth...
Clearly Wisconsin has bad judgement Scott Walker is the governor, they picked Cruz, and they gave us Paul Ryan, and th…
Enjoyment of Plastic Palace People by Scott Walker is always enhanced by assuming that 'Billy' refers to Hartnell.
Shame on Rebecca Bradley for her vile hateful rants and on Scott Walker for appointing her. Call yourselves Christians…
Law school graduate Tommy Thompson begs to differ with high school grad Scott Walker
Election day countdown, 2 days to go - Brent Webster and Scott Walker are running for Place 5 Judge on the Cour...
featuring Scott Walker's plan, on the back of a street sign. http…
You're wet behind the ears, I voted for Jimmy Carter my first election. You elected Scott Walker three times, what's your excuse?
Next governor should appoint justice — Gerrie Martini - Gov. Scott Walker will soon appoint a new Wisconsin Sup...
Is having Scott Walker as governor the cause or effect of Wisconsin having 12 of the 20 "drunkest cities in the US"
Rebecca Blank: ‘Dueling op-eds’ with Scott Walker dangerous for UW's future
Sup Court delivers loss to Scott Walker in 4-3 decision to uphold ruling that keeps state educ sec indep
I like Scott Walker but I agree Mike Huckabee,Chris Christie,Jeb Bush and Lindsay Graham had no business running for president.
"base" has been electing cowards for years-I give you Scott Walker&Ron Johnson to start..
Longstanding awards at today. 25y award to Zubin Austin, 35y awards Scott Walker, Peter Wells . amazing legacies
'You're a lousy Christian': Gov. Scott Walker fails to placate critics of Wisconsin's voter ID law -.
Scott Walker , Paul Ryan, and Reince Priebus can't beat Trump and Palin nationwide . Walker's run for president was pathetic
"Paul Ryan, Scott Walker, and Reince Priebus, all from Wisconsin, the three stooges..." ht…
Interesting article about Scott Walker and Ed. Unions for today's show
In short, the unions adapted the Paul Ryan throwing Granny off the cliff tactic (which is why Scott Walker approached it differently).
Scott Walker spokes on him serving as Trump's VP:. “He has a visceral negative reaction to Trump’s character,” said Ed Goeas
Scott Walker's "right to work" bill struck down as unconstitutional https…
I liked Scott Walker. But I'm less afraid of what Trump MIGHT DO than of what I KNOW Hilary PROMISES to do.
Scott Walker signs bill that stops communities from issuing IDs for voting
it was called Iowa. And lyin Ted hijacked it from Scott Walker and Ben Carson.
And by the way the Florida governor is not Scott Walker. W⚓️
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