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Scott Tolzien

Scott Tolzien (born September 4, 1987) is an American football quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers of the National Football League.

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There's not an argument to be made that Colin Kaepernick shouldn't be in the NFL if Scott T…
Exactly.Jackson is a far superior pocket passer. Given the dreck that currently ta…
Hope Hundley got himself fired too. Dude is straight trash. Even worse than Scott Tolzien.
They have to get a better backup. IF Matt Flynn and Scott Tolzien could be functional in this offense.
Keeping Pagano last year? Starting Scott Tolzien this
no way, you really haven't watched a minute of football have you?? Scott freaking…
I would take Pat McAfee over Scott Tolzien as my QB
Well, it was almost as if the team was afraid to be too good. Keeping Scott tolzien over a guy tha…
Morris is a good quarterback. As a Colts fan I got to watch him and press for two pre-seasons in a…
Remember, these were the same "great" talent evaluators who told us Scott Tolzien was the bettet QB.…
Same award Conner Cook, Collin Kline, and Scott Tolzien won. Ever heard of t…
New post (Colts QBs Scott Tolzien and Jacoby Brissett on loss to Rams) has been published on Best Images Collection…
All this despite finding guys like Scott Tolzien and Joe Hoolahan as backup QBs?
That better not be a Scott Tolzien jersey
Before the season started, I gave up Scott Tolzien and a 2nd for Godwin. feelsgoodman
Lol how? He knew he was done as soon as Scott Tolzien took a snap. Why wait?
Scott Tolzien would have had 3 TDs and 20 INTs
they have 0 wins with Scott Tolzien starting...
Colts get a safety to go up 3. Time to put in Scott Tolzien & ask him to throw out routes every play.
For old time’s sake I say put Scott Tolzien in!. He started this mess of a season, might as well let him end it.
Scott Tolzien just chillin on the sideline swinging his arms back & forth
Is he really wearing a Scott Tolzien jerest..?
*Mark Richt wrestles him to the ground at midfield, rips off a rubber mask*. (All in unison Scooby Doo style): SCOTT…
Are we sure thats Hornibrook? Lets check under the helmet just to be sure. Maybe Scott Tolzien grabbed a jersey and snuck in
Scott Tolzien, blessings be upon him
Alex Hornibrook tied Scott Tolzien for 8th place on UW's all-time passing touchdowns list.
Alex Hornibrook passed Scott Tolzien (2010) for 7th place on UW's all-time single-season passing yards list.
I really need it explained to me how Robert Griffin III and Colin Kaepernick are on NO rosters but Scott Tolzien an…
Houston Texans trotted some dude named Taylor Heinicke out last week, but people wanna tell you Lama…
Will Scott Tolzien return for his third season with the
I have zero tolerance for *** yeah, he should play WR. What position should Sam Darnold play? Pu…
Jack Mewhort. Darius butler. Wouldn't be surprised if we let Moncrief walk (i hope not) but honestly he…
I used to believe this. Watch Scott Tolzien in 2013/14, then watch Scott Tolzien (preseason)…
How about a refund for the games Scott Tolzien started?
Scott Tolzien to rehab his clipboard hand in the Netherlands after season
You're never going to have 100% of the fanbase on board with any one guy (even some Packer fans were…
Watch them end up starting Scott Tolzien
Colts have won 3 games this season with a really bad roster and Scott Tolzien/ NEs QB3 guided by Chuck Pagano...
Good Chance they draft a Punter with one of those picks and sign Scott Tolzien to a $100 million contract.
Do you think the let Scott Tolzien go now they have picked up Brad Kaaya from the Lions?
Joe Callahan or Scott Tolzien. Maybe Nathan Peterman or Paxton Lynch if they wanna go big
This just in - the Mike McCarthy QB School is giving refunds to Brian Brohm, Ingle Martin, B.J. Coleman, Graham Harrell and Scott Tolzien.
I think the world has seen why the picked up Jay Cutler 😂. Matt Moore out here looking like Scott Tolzien.
Comparing anyone to Russell Wilson is folly. Scott Tolzien had 18 INTs in 602 attempts.
“Your Honor, if my client is jobless, and your QB is Scott Tolzien, that’s obscene”. . -ghost of Johnny Cochran. .
Start by submitting a list of names like, Austin Davis, Ryan, Mallet, Scott Tolzien, Brock Osweiler, Matt C…
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There are three quarterbacks with multiple pick sixes this season:. Scott Tolzien. Ben Roethlisberger. Dak Prescott
Colts rule out Andrew Luck for Week 2, weigh options with Scott Tolzien and Jacoby Brissett - The Washingto..…
Sources: The are planning on starting QB Jacoby Brissett on Sunday vs. Former starter Scott Tolzien goes…
It's really sad that NFL owners would rather lose games than sign Colin Kaepernick. ESPECIALLY THE COLTS. Scott Tolzien.
Colin Kaepernick threw 4 interceptions on 331 pass attempts last year. Scott Tolzien has thrown 2 pick sixes on 17 attem…
It may be an extended stint for starting QB Scott Tolzien, with QB Andrew Luck not expected back immediately. Lots of…
The Colts have known all year Andrew Luck's throwing shoulder was hurt. Not signing anyone better than Scott Tolzien w…
Remind me again how the Colts wound up with Scott Tolzien knowing Andrew Luck wasn't going be ready for the start of the se…
Scott Tolzien must be Roger Goodell's son, that's the only explanation for him having a job! @
Just a reminder that you had to watch. Scott Tolzien. Tom Savage. Brian Hoyer. Carson Palmer. Josh McCown. Play instead of Colin Kaepernick
Scott Tolzien vs. Jared Goff official now. Bortles vs. Savage already confirmed. And we're very close to Nathan Peterman v…
[Author: jason-lisk] Andrew Luck hasn’t practiced since December and Scott Tolzien will ...
If we stick to football...would you agree Kap is better than Scott Tolzien and Ryan Mallet?
Without Kelly Aaron Donald will OWN us week 1. Scott Tolzien will not get a pass off because Aaron D…
Colts staring at [unknown backup center] snapping to [maybe Scott Tolzien? eek] in opening game of Wade Phillips' debut. Oh my.
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Scott Tolzien is the next Aaron Rodgers. Mark my words. Let's go
Very confident that Scott Tolzien will out muscle Aaron Donald week one
Deyshawn Bond at center warming up with Scott Tolzien.
Not when he is injured and Scott Tolzien is in there. And no I don't be Andrew Luck is a good fit for the colts
Give the man his due. Scott Tolzien with perfect pass to TY Hilton in back of end zone. Split Darius Butler, Matthias Farley.
From what I've seen, Scott Tolzien and Stephen Morris look a whole lot like Scott Tolzien and Stephen Morris. Which is to say, not so good.
For now, the are not signing a veteran quarterback to compete with Scott Tolzien and Stephen Morris:.
When at the Legends of Wisconsin Golf Outing, you can bump into a few familiar faces like former QB…
For about 25% of the last two years, TY had Matt Hasselbeck (who admitted he had "nothing") and the immaculate Scott Tolzien
Yeah, until Luck gets raped by DE and DT all year long until he gets injured and we have…
I should've known. Third team he wrecked was my Colts. Guess I blocked out the Scott Tolzien bungling from my mind already. Lol
Casually just walked past Scott Tolzien at Camp Randall. I'm currently freaking out
He's literally not throwing a football & his backup is Scott Tolzien. Also, the Raiders with Manuel & Cook at backu…
Some great memories with these QBs. Brooks Bollinger and Scott Tolzien catching up at today's Legends of Wis…
Why did the Colts get a 4th rounder?. Lost: Coby Fleener, Jerrell Freeman and Dwight Lowery. Added: Patrick Robinson, Scott Tolzien
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I trust the Packers implicitly about quarterbacks. They cut Vince Young in 2013 & went with Seneca Wallace & Scott Tolzien. Just sayin'.
that has been the narrative all week like I didn't watch Scott Tolzien,Matt Moore and Joe Flacco cook Pittsburgh's D
Quarterbacks come together to work with receivers. It's Scott Tolzien and Stephen Morris doing the throwing. . No Andrew Luck today.
Great story on Scott Tolzien filling in for Andrew Luck on Thanksgiving day game.
I gotta say this: Scott Tolzien is doing his part. I repeat, Tolzien is not the problem.
Chris Collinsworth is about to ask Scott Tolzien on a date after the game.
Peyton Manning, Andrew Luck, Matt Hasselbeck, or Scott Tolzien. Doesn't matter who the QB, can NEVER beat the Steelers. . It's annoying
Scott Tolzien looks like a mix between Matt Stafford and a puppy.
Typical. Steelers making Scott Tolzien look far better than a QB making his first career start.
Seems like Scott Tolzien is the next Matt Flynn. Sporadic starts. Solid numbers. Career backup. $20m in the bank.
Alright Scott Tolzien. I don't need you to be Scott Tolzien. I need you to be Matt Saracen
Scott Tolzien looks kind of like Matt Ryan with his helmet on.
[rallies from turkey nap]. okay time to watch some more NFL footb-. wait, Scott Tolzien is playing?. [returns to turkey nap]
Maybe yalls defense will step up. But not enough to stop the great Scott Tolzien. Once a packer, always a packer.
Yes, but Matt Hasselbeck. Really reliable back-up QB. Scott Tolzien? Not so much...
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That look when you realize Scott Tolzien "WHO" is starting for the Colts on Thanksgiving night.
Steelers. Give me Scott Tolzien on a short week.
“If Andrew Luck cannot start Thanksgiving night vs Steelers, Scott Tolzien would.”. ...
Colts final open practice of the week has started. . No Andrew Luck present. . Scott Tolzien and Stephen Morris the quarte…
. Scott Tolzien. (env). How Mike Wallace says scootch in.
Scott Tolzien will look to bounce-back after a mediocre debut for Pair of rookie tackles in: Joe Haeg at LT and Le'Raven Clark at RT
Exactly my point last night. Very "good" teams are 1 play from Scott Tolzien, Bruce Gradkowski, Derek Anderson, & Ryan Nassib
So the Colts let go of Josh Freeman...for Scott Tolzien who started 2 games for the Packers then got replaced by Matt Flynn in 1 of them
the Colts will open camp next week with three quarterbacks: Andrew Luck, Scott Tolzien and Stephen Morris.
Badger Football QB legend Scott Tolzien back in Madison for summer training. Single season completion % record @ UW! https…
Colts QB Scott Tolzien is wearing a Schutt Air XP, now with a Riddell chinstrap. He wore a Schutt chinstrap with GB.
Playing behind franchise QB no big deal for Tolzien: Scott Tolzien knows what it’s like playing behind a fran...
Or Scott Tolzien.thank you he left for Indianapolis, the Colts can gladly have him.
Last week of Colts OTAs. Here's what I saw in today's workout, including Scott Tolzien impressions and an OL change:
Tough loss against but I'm highly impressed with our back up QB
I feel that a lot of people say that your best passing attack is havin...
Pagano: Scott Tolzien. Knew he was good athlete. Can extend plays. Good arm. Good release. Pleased with progress.
Great catch along sideline by Quan Bray. Perfectly placed pass by Scott Tolzien.
confident in Scott Tolzien as their backup quarterback
You're competing against other guys because ultimately there's only on...
Scott Tolzien is the new backup for the Colts and they swear they’re happy about it.
Colts confident in Scott Tolzien as their backup quart... via
It's my job, first and foremost, to take care of the football. Guys wo...
Broncos looking into former Browns QB Trent Edwards and former Packers QB Scott Tolzien
Colts coach Chuck Pagano said QB Scott Tolzien raved about the Packers coaching staff...
Former backup QB Scott Tolzien a 'quick study' who will help Colts, coach Chuck Pagano says at NFL meetings
Green Bay backup QB, Scott Tolzien, moving on to the Colts
Bad news: No. Good news: They replaced Matt Hasselbeck with Scott Tolzien!
David's opinion: are Dan Orlovsky, Brandon Weeden, Scott Tolzien and Ryan Lindley more talented than Tebow?
what are your thoughts on newly signed backup quarterback Scott Tolzien
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We have agreed to terms with quarterback Scott Tolzien.
GREEN BAY, Wis. -- After three years behind Aaron Rodgers, Scott Tolzien could be backing up Andrew Luck
QB Brett Hundley's progress produces praise, QB Scott Tolzien may not be in the mix via
Packers did this in 2013 I think. Rodgers, Seneca Wallace, Scott Tolzien, and Matt Flynn.
The went 2-5-1 with Scott Tolzien, Seneca Wallace, and Matt Flynn in 2013. They also deserved it.
Never heard of Packers QB backup, Scott Tolzien in all my life. Like that time Curtis Painter got off the bench for Peyton (who's this guy?)
But some thought he could be Scott Tolzien w/a better arm (read: this guy)
they played w/ Scott Tolzien, Seneca Wallace & Matt Flynn for 8 gms... Made the playoffs
Aaron Rodgers has thrown more INTs at Lambeau Field this year than Scott Tolzien. Time for a change? Number's don't lie people.
With 2 INT in the 1st half, packers have QB controversy with Scott Tolzien and Aaron Rodgers. Just kidding. . Time to run up the score.
Aaron Rodgers currently on a run of 2 INTS and 0 TDs in last 10 passes at Lambeau. Where's Scott Tolzien when you need him?!
I actually did see a Packers fan calling for Scott Tolzien on Sunday can confirm this
you told us to pay attention to Wednesday's. Wed1:Scott Tolzien. Wed2: Dan Campbell. Wed3:?. Can't wait to find out
Interesting the buzz Scott Tolzien's Aaron Rodgers/Michael Jordan comparison got this time. Said it to me in August
Scott Tolzien is projected 1.2 passing yards this week if anybody is interested
By contrast, Scott Tolzien's final QBER was 28.33, and Russell Wilson's final QBER in his one season in Madison was a phenomenal 29.44
We just weren't prepared for something like that. We had Seneca Wallace and Scott Tolzien. NEITHER guy had enough reps/preparation.
It's time to come home, Scott Tolzien.
Scott Tolzien might have the most potential on that list.
Magic Johnson was asked about Scott Tolzien saying Aaron Rodgers is MJ and said he always thought of him as Larry Bird. All right.
yes, let's put Scott Tolzien in then over the best qb in the NFL and see how that plays out
Packers backup QB on Rodgers: "It's like watching Jordan in his prime":
Is it a win when Kyle Orton and Scott Tolzien are playing?
Pro tip: Fantasy owners, get to know Scott Tolzien. Rodgers may only need to play the first quarter against these fools.
Scott Tolzien and Jared Abbrederis practicing routes during pregame.
Rodgers is like Jordan in his prime.
Scott Tolzien had some strong words about Aaron Rodgers. bleacherreport.
and Tolzien. Scott was decent to good his 2 years.
I'm guessing and will be needling Scott Tolzien for a while!!
Scott Tolzien is the best madden 16 qb, hands down😂
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they haven't had one since Russell Wilson. Or Scott tolzien
Tom Demmin was Saturday's winner on WDOR Trivia. He knew that Packers QB Scott Tolzien has also appeared on the 49ers 53-man roster.
"I mean, to me, it's like watching Jordan in his prime."
I got no Respect for this man . He let Scott Tolzien DESTROY HIM. Never will I ever loose.
and Scott Tolzien is qualified to make that comparison? MJ had 6 rings you know this
Thanks for pointing that out, Jim. Man, this bugs me. All these "debates" aren't in the context of how Scott Tolzien said it.
Scott Tolzien woulda won this game by now
I sleep good at night knowing Scott Tolzien my backup and not Vick and this man out here throwing touchdowns in the NFL
Scott Tolzien: Aaron Rodgers like 'Jordan in his prime'
Scott Tolzien just now telling reporters what has already been telling fans! .
.and disagree over Scott Tolzien's Aaron Rodgers comparison. Who do you agree with? Listen:
"I mean, to me, it's like watching [Michael] Jordan in his prime. He's at the top of his game." -Scott Tolzien
backup QB Scott Tolzien thinks Aaron Rodgers is like a young Michael Jordan.
Scott Tolzien is the Doug Pederson of our generation
John Moffit, Beau Allen, Scott Tolzien, & Jared Abbrederis are all together after the game!! ❤️❤️.
Bielema: Brandon Allen reminds me a bit of Scott Tolzien at Wisconsin.
Scott Tolzien is making about 20 million dollars less than Jay Cutler this year
I went to highschool with Ricky. In college I went with Russell Wilson, JJ Watt, Scott Tolzien, Melvin Gordon, and many others.
Scott Tolzien and Russell Wilson each completed 73% of their passes in winning B1G titles under Bielema. Brandon Allen? Just 56% in 2014.
.QB Scott Tolzien out there dropping touch-pass TDs like Aaron Rodgers.
Scott Tolzien looks sharp so far in Packers camp – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Doug Pederson, Craig Nall, Aaron Brooks, Matt Hasselbeck, Scott Tolzien, Brian Brohm; they all didn't really do much.
What do Jerry Kramer, Scott Tolzien, Jordy Nelson and Willie Buchanon all have in common, other than being great...
Packers set with Scott Tolzien as No. 2 quarterback With Matt Flynn now a Patriot, the Packers are set with Scott …
Though no one with the Packers hopes Scott Tolzien has to play meaningful snaps in the regular…
Packers announced they have officially re-signed WR Randall Cobb and QB Scott Tolzien.
nothing wrong there...that's Scott Tolzien who was QB under Chryst at UW.
The Green Bay Packers have donated a signed football by their players and coaching staff at the beginning of the 2014 regular season. Stay tuned to find out how you can win it at our Midsummer Fest event June 20-21, 2015. Signatures include: Aaron Rodgers, Clay Matthews, Randall Cobb, Mason Crosby, Scott Tolzien and many more ! Take a look !
barely and you can't compare Scott Tolzien and Mark Sanchez. One is an experienced starter, one is tolzien...
Super Bowl was almost a battle of back-up QBs from NW Suburbs: Patriots Jimmy Garoppolo of Rolling Meadows vs Packers Scott Tolzien of Fremd
Scott Tolzien's wife is on my flight from Seattle. Want me to pass a message along to her?
with one arm either would Scott Tolzien
At least I had a new shirt and saw brief clips of Scott Tolzien on TV.
Wow... All I know from that game is that Scott Tolzien was not the problem
Russell Wilson is my favourite qb not named Aaron Rodgers, Matt Flynn, or Scott Tolzien. Exciting to watch, seems a genuinely nice chap.
Scott Tolzien is the still the best QB to come out of UW
I think this loss means the end of the Aaron Rodgers era in Green Bay...and the start of the Scott Tolzien dynasty.
packers should have send out Scott Tolzien to make it a fair coin toss
Anyone else forget that Scott Tolzien was a person
BREAKING. Scott Tolzien congratulates Aaron Rodgers after that last drive.
Safe to say the in the SB...A 2010 Golden Arm winner Scott Tolzien going to the BIG up Andrew Luck
If we get flagged every play, Scott Tolzien should be playing in place of Rodgers
Ex QB Scott Tolzien is active for this game, too bad Matt Flynn is in front of him on the depth chart. cruising...
Yeah, Scott Tolzien is the better UW quarterback on the field today.
Seattle going to try and trade for Scott Tolzien at half time
Scott Tolzien is outplaying Russell Wilson in this game.
Did I say Russell Wilson was like Scott Tolzien? Apologies to Scott, he looks more like Otis Flowers today
Scott Tolzien is looking like an MVP compared to Russel Wilson
I think Russell Wilson thinks he's Scott Tolzien today.
At this rate, the Packers will allow Scott Tolzien to close out the game in the 4th quarter.
Who took more of the snaps or worked with the 1's, Scott Tolzien or Matt Flynn, when Aaron wasn't practicing?
ARCHIVED; NO. 3 QB W/ GB - Fremd's Tolzien has Wisconsin on cusp of glory -Chicago Tribune via
The Packers play Catan! I sure would like to show David Bakhtiari and Scott Tolzien how it's done.
"Scott Tolzien is famous for slamming the board in frustration when he loses." Can't blame him; Catan is STUPID.
9/23 quarterbacks Matt Flynn and Scott Tolzien took all of the practice snaps. "It's just a matter of playing within your limits with the
No Aaron Rodgers at practice yet today. All Matt Flynn and Scott Tolzien at QB.
So, we had Matt Flynn,Scott Tolzien and Seneca Wallace when Rodgers got injured and we still made the playoffs
As a Packers fan i'm lucky to have had Brett Favre, Matt Flynn & Aaron Rodgers, Reggie White, Scott Tolzien etc play for us
Michael Brewer is Russell Wilson, Jim Sorgi, and Scott Tolzien all wrapped into one.
announced their cuts and kept three QBs: Aaron Rodgers, Scott Tolzien, and Matt Flynn. Thought going in Rodgers had …
I just want to thank Matt Flynn and Scott Tolzien for making preseason watchable. Big upgrade from watching Graham Harrell & BJ Coleman.
Scott Tolzien with a great fumble recovery; the other more typical QB things good, too.
So, who has jumped out for Mike McCarthy in the first half? Micah Hyde, James Starks, Scott Tolzien. Tough half for Davante Adams
Seneca Wallace, Ryan Tannehill, Scott Tolzien, Brett Favre, and thats all ya need
Scott Tolzien visited Hoffman Estates High School (IL) football camp and spoke with players today.
Scott Tolzien took home the home run derby trophy at Jordy Nelson’s charity softball game.
Micah Hyde (with his best Carlos Gomez (impression, leaping over the wall to rob Scott Tolzien of a HR.
Scott Tolzien...I thought that was Randy Wright there for a second.
When you roll out Scott Tolzien, your room to talk backup QBs is the same square footage as Seneca Wallace's QBR.
Turned Derek Anderson into big star & turned Scott Tolzien into Johnny Unitas Award winner. Has a big rep. Deserves credit.
Well after that disappointing ending, it's time for the annual "if I were Ted Thompson" checklist. 1- Hand Dom Capers (Defensive Coordinator) his walking papers and wish him the best of luck in future endeavors. 2- Make Matt Flynn the highest paid backup QB in the NFL, so to avoid another possibility of seeing Seneca Wallace, Scott Tolzien, or anyone else for that matter backup Aaron Rodgers. 3- Draft only players who can either protect our QB/OR ones who can put the other team's QB on the ground. 4- Hire a private eye to track Colin Kapernick, gain proof that he's actually a robot, find his self destruct button and push. Darn it all anyways.
From Bill Simmons - ESPN: Our best "NOBODY BELIEVES IN US!" possibilities for this year's playoffs? Green Bay Packers: Somehow made the playoffs after playing Matt Flynn, Scott Tolzien and Seneca Wallace at QB for 40 percent of the season … gave up more points (428) than they scored (417) … nearly lost a win-or-go-home game to a Bears team that was so limited, the general reaction of Chicago fans was, "I'm bummed that we lost, but I'm relieved the season is finally over" … severely banged-up on both sides of the ball … it's unclear if people remember how good Rodgers is (if they don't, the fourth-and-8 play should have reminded them) … had major trouble selling out this weekend's playoff game against the Niners, fostering a little "even Packers fans don't totally believe" sentiment … and here's the biggie: They're GETTING POINTS at Lambeau this weekend. Nobody believes in you, Green Bay!
How well does Jordy Nelson stack up against the rest of the league as a WR: Jordy: 85 rec 126 target, Difference of 41 = 67% catch rate if my math is right. Calvin Johnson: 84 rec 156 targets, 72 = 53% catch rate A.J. Green: 90 rec 180 Targets, 90 = 50% catch rate Josh Gordon : 87 rec 159 targets, 72 = 54% catch rate DeSean Jackson: 82 rec on 126 tar ,44 = 65% catch rate Antonio Brown 110 rec 165 tar,55 = 66% catch rate Dez Bryant 93 rec 160 tar, 67= 58% catch rate Demaryius Thomas 92 rec 143 tar 51= 64% catch rate Except Jordy did his damage 85 receptions 126 targets for 1,314 yards 15.5 yard average 8 TD's 22 20+ yard plays 0 Fumbles with 7 weeks 8 if you count the Bears game when Rodgers went down on the first drive, with QB's who aren't even good enough to be on the Browns roster. Josh Gordon had a great year in Cleveland with bad QB's. Jordy lost production due to an emerging running Game in GB. He had Seneca Wallace who got cut from the Browns for 2 games Scott Tolzien who was a practice squad guy . ...
December Packers Periscope: Week 17 at Chicago Bears Posted in 2013 - 2014 Season,2013 Regular Season,Aaron Rodgers,Chicago Bears,Game Recaps,NFC North Division,NFL Draft,Packers Periscope,Thomas Hobbes by Thomas Hobbes The Past: The last meeting in this storied rivalry did not go so well for the Packers; losing the game was actually the smaller matter as the Packers season essentially spiraled out of control with Aaron Rodgers breaking his collarbone, which would eventually take 7 weeks to heal. The Packers did do a couple things well, notably Eddie Lacy rushing for 150 yards and James Starks chipping in for another 40 but without Jay Cutler being, well Jay Cutler, the Bears played an efficient and mistake free game with Josh McCown under center and ultimately won 27-20. For the Packers, this started a team collapse, starting first with the uncertainty at quarterback; Seneca Wallace was injured and placed on IR the next week, Scott Tolzien played with glimpses of potential, but costly mistakes ultimatel ...
I definitely felt better about Josh McCown vs. Scott Tolzien than I do about Cutler vs. Rodgers.
No more Matt Flynn, Scott Tolzien, or Seneca Wallace. Aaron Rodgers is back for a win-and-in Week 17 game:
Seneca Wallace, Scott Tolzien, and Matt Flynn as their starting quarterbacks (the *** Era) greatest combo name ever
Calling Seneca Wallace, Scott Tolzien, and Matt Flynn as the starting quarterbacks for the Packers the *** Era is hilarious.
Bears beat Packers 27-20 with Seneca Wallace in at qb... Matt Flynn, *** Scott Tolzien is better than him.
Sure Matt Flynn has not been perfect. Bad decisions and just poor play in losses to the Steelers and Lions are a fact. BUT, as bad as the team was with Scott Tolzien and Seneca Wallace, The Green Bay Packers still have chance to make the playoffs only because The Oakland Raiders and the Buffalo Bills couldn't make it work with this guy.
Decent season turned into trash by backup QBs. I'd like to thank Seneca Wallace, Scott Tolzien, and Matt Flynn for screwing this season up.
Packer Poem by Sweet Clare: Half time score: Cowboys 26 Packers 3-This really isn't what I wanted the score to be! The first half was the Cowboys going all the way, with the Pack unable to do anything, which wasn't OK! But when after Half Time and the Packers returned to the field, those Cowboys weren't able to do much, and to the Pack they did yield! Those Cowboys came on strong against the Pack, and I was afraid that they would not be able to come back! Flynn and the team did not begin very well, and I thought Coach McCarthy soon to Scott Tolzien would tell, "You get in there, and take over the quarterback spot, since Flynn can't seem to hit anything, and sure isn't hot"! "Third and out", "third and out", "third and out", that was all the fans could say or shout! Meanwhile, Romo, the Cowboys main guy, kept throwing passes, both low and high, That his guys would catch, and go in for a score, while the Packers just couldn't do anything more Than to get 3 points on the scoreboard, and then it was Half Tim ...
Thank you Baltimore and Tony Romo! After all the injuries, all the Scott Tolzien's & Seneca Wallace's, if the Packers can win their next 2 games, they will host a playoff game! Now.Come back Rodgers, team needs you.
Well, I think the 2013 Packers are essentially the 2011 Colts, which would make the unholy union of Matt Flynn and Scott Tolzien the equivalent of Matt Painter. *** to suck.
Did not know this...Scott Tolzien is under contract next season with a base salary of $645,000...both Matt Flynn and Seneca Wallace will be free-agents.
Mike McCarthy would like to keep Scott Tolzien a Packer - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
The Case for TEBOW: The Jacksonville Jaguars, one of the worst teams in the NFL for the past three seasons has had 2 different major starting QB's for them for the past 3 years. These are their Win-Loss records for the past 3 years: Henne 5-15 as starter (25% win perc.), Gabber 5-22 as starter (18.5% win perc.). In two seasons, with spared amount of starts, Tim Tebow went 8-6 as a starter. I realize they both have had at least 6 more starts than Tebow, but Tebow has at least deserved a chance with an NFL team, if not to start for the Jaguars. Not to mention that guys like Scott Tolzien and Thaddeus Lewis have made appearances as starting NFL quarterbacks this season...
Lions | Preparing for any Green Bay quarterback - Detroit Lions coach Jim Schwartz is preparing his game to face either Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers or QB Matt Flynn, or even QB Scott Tolzien although most media reports have Flynn definitely starting the game on Thursday, Nov. 28. "We have game plans ready for all those different things," Schwartz said. "Whatever quarterback they throw out there, we'll be ready. We've looked at all three of them that have potentia...
There Shouldn’t be a Debate Between Matt Flynn or Scott Tolzien
Matt Flynn comes full circle for the Packers after Scott Tolzien is benched
So, starting Scott Tolzien over Colin Kaepernick in fantasy football this week really worked out well.
Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy isn't tipping his hand on Thursday's starting quarterback versus the Detroit Lions, but it won't be Aaron Rodgers. "Had a meeting with Aaron. He would like to go," McCarthy said Monday. "Frankly, based on the information, where we are as far as the conversation with Aaron, the conversation with the medical staff, I will say he's slim to none. "Let's be honest, he's got to practice. He has to -- there's some physical rehab hurdles he had to get through (that) he hasn't reached yet ... like I said, it would be a huge stretch for him to play in this game." McCarthy acknowledged that Matt Flynn played well out of the bullpen Sunday and deserves to start, but the plan is to "get two quarterbacks ready" to play this week. The Packers haven't won a game since Rodgers suffered a fractured collarbone four weeks ago. With an important road game on the docket this week, logic dictates that McCarthy will stick with Flynn after watching the veteran outplay Scott Tolzien. ***Despit ...
So, fans; who do YOU think will start at QB on Thursday? . Call (904) 469-7469 . * Matt Flynn . * Scott Tolzien . * Aaron Rodgers
Scott Tolzien: "I probably would have pulled me, too."
Packers' Playoff Hopes Hinge on former Alabama RB, Eddie Lacy The Green Bay Packers' playoff hopes barely stayed alive Sunday thanks to a 26-26 tie to the Minnesota Vikings. While it took changing quarterbacks from Scott Tolzien to Matt Flynn to even get to the tie, the play of whoever is under center isn't why the Packers still have playoff hopes. No, the reason that Green Bay hasn't packed this season away is because of the play of rookie running back Eddie Lacy. The only reason that the Packers were able to finish this game with a tie is due to the play of Lacy. Lacy had a few bad weeks heading into this matchup but was absolutely incredible against the Vikings. He finished the game with 110 rushing yards and a touchdown. Lacy also added six receptions for 48 yards in the passing game. While the 158 total yards of offensive are certainly impressive, it's the way that Lacy racked up all those yards that shows just how important he is to the Packers moving forward. Take his 48 receiving yards as an examp ...
In the words of former coach Dennis Greene, the NY Midgets are who we know that they are, a BUNCH OF BUMS. They won 4 games in a row, wow. Let's re-cap those wins, Josh Freeman(GARBAGE), Matt Barkley(ROOKIE), Terrelle Pryor(SUBSPECT) and Scott Tolzien(?). You were supposed to win those games. I don't care what you say about Tony Romo, that's my quarterback( in my Terrell Owens voice). So stop saying big blue and start saying BIG BUMS. So I will sign off as I always do saying, HOW BOUT DEM COWBOYS.
Scott Tolzien??? Matt Flynn should have been the starter in the first place once Green Bay brought him back on... Welp a tie blows but better than a loss
The giants beat Matt Barkley, Terrelle Pryor, Josh Freeman and Scott Tolzien. We just can't beat teams with good qbs
The Giants won games against Matt Barkley, Josh Freeman, Terrelle Pryor and Scott Tolzien. Be real, this team is garbage
GREEN BAY, Wis. -- The Green Bay Packers turned to quarterback Matt Flynn midway through the third quarter against the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday. Flynn entered the game with 8:22 left in the third quarter and the Packers trailing 20-7 after coach Mike McCarthy pulled Scott Tolzien, who had started the last two games. Flynn became the fourth Packers quarterback since Aaron Rodgers broke his collarbone Nov. 4 against the Chicago Bears. Flynn, who spent his first four NFL seasons as Rodgers' backup before leaving in free agency following the 2011 season, re-signed with the Packers on Nov. 12 after Seneca Wallace sustained a season-ending groin injury. A week after throwing for 339 yards in a loss to the New York Giants, Tolzien completed just 7 of 17 passes for 98 yards against the Vikings. He scrambled for the Packers' only touchdown, scoring on a six-yard run in the first quarter, but was pulled after going three-and-out on the Packers' first possession of the second half.
Scott Tolzien & Russell Wilson are proof that Bret Bielema can put QBs in NFL. Wait til he gets his quarterback - the Allen bros ain't it
Scott Tolzien looking like Adrian Peterson JUKING defenders and running it in for the 6 yard touchdown. . Yes Scott Tolzien, t…
Scott Tolzien just SLAMMED on the circle button to spin his way onto the
Like I said, Scott Tolzien is underrated! Was that Allen Iverson? Wow!
The New York Giants aren't apologizing for the fact that their four-game win streak has come against backup quarterbacks. The Dallas Cowboys are hoping a week off will help the league's worst defense demonstrate some much-needed improvement. These NFC East rivals seem to be headed in different directions going into Sunday's matchup at MetLife Stadium. New York has taken advantage of a favorable four-game stretch to recover from a winless six-game start. The Giants (4-6) played Josh Freeman making his Minnesota debut in a 23-7 victory Oct. 21 and knocked out Michael Vick and were up against rookie Matt Barkley for most of a 15-7 win over Philadelphia the next week before their bye. More good fortune continued as they took advantage of a hobbled Terrelle Pryor in a 24-20 victory over Oakland on Nov. 10 before last Sunday's 27-13 win over Green Bay, which gave Scott Tolzien his first career start. Now New York will see a proven starter in Tony Romo. "People can say we haven't faced the best quarterbacks, but ...
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Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers will not play against Minnesota on Sunday after hinting earlier in the week there might be a chance. Rodgers needed to be on the field at practice Friday, but he is not yet recovered from a broken collarbone and was ruled out for the game. He has missed the past two games. "I don't have a timetable for you," coach Mike McCarthy said. "He threw a little bit today." Scott Tolzien, a third-year pro, is expected to make his second straight start in Rodgers' place. How soon the team can expect Rodgers back on the field is a mystery. The Packers (5-5) are hungry for a win, having lost three in a row for the first time since 2008 and trailing NFC North co-leaders Detroit and Chicago by a game. Green Bay has a quick turnaround after playing the last-place Vikings (2-8) on Sunday, traveling to Detroit to play the Lions on Thanksgiving Day. McCarthy said there is a sense of urgency this week as the Packers try to stay in contention for a third consecutive division title and a spot ...
** Packers QB Aaron Rodgers (collarbone) is out for Sunday’s game against the Vikings. He’s resumed running and throwing but is still at risk of aggravating his injury. Consider him questionable at best for Week 13. QB Scott Tolzien gets another start this Sunday and is a 2-QB league option in the plus matchup. ** Bears QB Jay Cutler (ankle) is out for Week 12. Expect a run-heavy game plan from Chicago against a Rams defense that’s much better against the pass than the run. Josh McCown is just a mid-range QB2 in fantasy. ** Raiders QB Matt McGloin will start Sunday's game against the Titans. The undrafted rookie tossed 3 TDs on just 18 completions last week. It was a fluky stat line. We'd continue to avoid McGloin in all fantasy leagues, especially against Tennessee's 4th-ranked QB defense on Sunday. QB Terrelle Pryor (knee) is listed as questionable and might be available for backup duties. ** Vikings RB Adrian Peterson (groin) is listed as questionable for this weekend’s game against th ...
Tyler Dunne - There's reason to believe Scott Tolzien can lead
Scott Tolzien: Will Start Again In Week 12 - Scott Tolzien: Head coach Mike McCarthy announced Monday that Tolzien will start at quarterback in the Packers' Week 12 matchup with the Vikings, the Green Bay Press-Gazette reports. Visit for more analysis on this update.
Scott Tolzien will start for Packers in Week 12 vs. Vikes Don't expect Aaron Rodgers to end the Green Bay Packers' three-game losing skid this week. Coach Mike McCarthy announced Scott Tolzien as his Week 12 starter on Monday.
Scott Tolzien is older than Matt Stafford. Case Keenum is only 10 days younger than Stafford. Seems crazy. Staff still so young.
It's typical Cowboys' luck that the Eagles and Giants played the Packers with Scott Tolzien at QB, and the will face Aaron Rodgers.
so ripping Scott Tolzien's helmet off is perfectly fine but god forbid they touch Drew Brees.
49ers QBs past and present - Alex Smith, Scott Tolzien and Colin Kaepernick - go 0-for-3 today ...
The New York Giants defense shined in the team’s 27-13 victory over the Green Bay Packers today in Week 11 of the 2013 NFL season. Packers quarterback Scott Tolzien, who was starting in place of the injured Aaron Rodgers, threw three interceptions on the day that led to 17 points for the G-Men. The ...
Scott Tolzien, Matt McGloin, both practice squad guys better than Weeden & Campbell. We cut Bobby Rainey. But we got a guy named Fozzy!
TOUCHDOWN Jason Pierre-Paul! The Giants go 3rd-and-out right away and Eli Manning gets sacked twice, but just when you thought the Packers were going to get back in the game JPP came up with a monster interception of Scott Tolzien and took it into the end zone. He's back, ladies and gentlemen. 27-13 Giants. -Geoffrey
and Micah Hyde AND Scott Tolzien! I may have to watch Green Bay more!!
Lmao Terry Bradshaw picked the over the cuz of Scott Tolzien!
Scott Tolzien will be third Packers' starting QB in past 13 days. Before this stretch, Green Bay had only three starting …
Scott Tolzien is going to embarass the G-Men at home like Craig Krenzel and Kurt Kittner did a decade ago!
Packers 'still dangerous' even with Scott Tolzien under center
Green Bay Packers quarterback Scott Tolzien prepares to make his first NFL start against the New York Giants on...
"Packers will start Scott Tolzien this Sunday against the Giants..
Romo is on a bye. Who should I start Alex Smith, Carson Palmer or Scott Tolzien? Thank you
Brian Westbrook on now with Mike Missanelli breaking down yesterday's big win over the mighty Scott Tolzien and the Green Bay Packers.
ICYMI Vinny Curry hugged a ref after he sacked Scott Tolzien and became my favorite player of all-time
They have to go 5-2 for any shot & Eli has to play at higher level vs remaining sked. After Scott Tolzien, anyway
Hey Packer Fans your starting quarterback against the Giants is.Scott Tolzien xD your so screwed!
Every day Scott Tolzien from now until Christmas, the editors of T are shar...
Wouldn't be surprised today to read "Scott Tolzien placed on IR with torn ACL that occurred sometime in the 3rd quarter."
McCarthy-I thought Scott Tolzien played as well as can be expected. He'll start against the Giants-we'll answer that here
Scott Tolzien. Is he the guy who wrote those Lord of the Rings books?
As long Michael Vick isn't healthy, Eagles coach Chip Kelly said he doesn't plan to name a starting quarterback. Nick Foles, whose last two games have placed him in statistical company with quarterbacks named Peyton Manning and Tom Brady, will take first-team practice reps Tuesday, Kelly said. "I think what we've done for the last two weeks has worked for us pretty good," Kelly said Monday. "So we're going to stick to that. It's gotten us 16 touchdowns, no interceptions and two wins, so why would we change?" The 16 touchdowns and zero interceptions are actually Foles' total for the season. He has 10 touchdowns over the past two games, including his seven-touchdown game in Oakland last week. Foles and Manning are among the seven NFL quarterbacks to throw seven touchdown passes in one game. Foles and Brady are the only two quarterbacks to throw 10 in consecutive games with no interceptions. But still, Foles is not technically the No. 1 quarterback. "I'm not worried about that," Foles said after the game. "W ...
Good call, why not give the local (UWISC grad) can do as the QB, if Scott Tolzien plays well they have their backup
Sean Lee out 3-4 weeks in Dallas with a hamstring injury. Jay Cutler week to week in Chicago. Scott Tolzien the new starting QB in GB
Aaron Rodgers will make $40 million this year. That's 73X more than this week's Packers starting QB Scott Tolzien will ma…
Packers to start Scott Tolzien at QB this Sunday vs NYG |
QB Scott Tolzien will start on Sunday at Clear indication of how GM Ted Thompson's proud head swells just a little more.
Tillman out for the rest of the regular season. Cutler with a high ankle sprain and week to week. At least my QB isn't Scott Tolzien?
Scott Tolzien is who again? The state of the backup qb in the NFL is at an all-time low. Where's Vince Young when you need him?
Scott Tolzien to start, Packers to work out Flynn: Wallace injured
Packers will start Scott Tolzien on Sunday. He'll be the 47th different QB to start in 2013, matching the total from all…
As reported earlier this week the Green Bay Packers are working out Matt Flynn. If the Green Bay Packers do sign Matt Flynn he will be a backup to Scott Tolzien who will start next week.
Mike McCarthy has named Scott Tolzien as the Packers starter this Sunday against the New York Giants. I really like this decision. He looked very comfortable under pressure, and didn't let his mistakes get to him. With some first-team practice under his belt, I can see Tolzien playing well enough to hold off a suddenly hot New York team.
Scott Tolzien is the starting qb for the gb-giants game. Not sure how I feel about this. Can't believe that both our first and second string qbs are hurt.
This Sunday I will be at MetLife watching my packers take on the giants with . Scott Tolzien?? Man this can't be life.
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