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Scott Thorson

Scott Thorson (born 1958) became famous for his relationship with and lawsuit against entertainer Liberace and his testimony against gangster Eddie Nash.

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Behind the Candelabra (2013). A chronicle of the unstable six year affair between pianist Liberace, and his young…
Wishing everyone a thoughtful and meaningful Memorial Day! THANK YOU to all that have served.
Watching Krampus. Adam Scott of Parks and Rec is in it. He could easily play my character Bertram Ludlow. He's likable & does a good panic.
There's gonna be a captain underpants movie 😪
how are you gentlemen name is dolan turmp and I will auditioning for the part of scott thorson
I see Spud has the Scott Thorson delusion levels down pat already
The world is still beautiful and has beautiful people
I saw that was trending so i just wanted to contribute
Donald Trump was reportedly having affair with Scott Thorson who was introduced to Trump through Liberace
Behind the Candelabra: My Life with Liberace - Scott Thorson on AudioBook Bay
The day I dress for a man is the day the day they dress me in my coffin to see Jesus
Scott Greene has been arrested for murdering two Iowa police officers. On his lawn? A Donald Trump sign:
Hey Leo, would like a Liberace-Scott Thorson relationship with you. Can you make his birthday wish come true?
A Soderbergh directed remake of Wonderland featuring Matt Damon as Scott Thorson, please.
Celeste Thorson: WATCH: Farrah Abraham, Scott Eastwood and Many More Compete in the First People Games: The c...
they other day I went to a red robin and had the BEST WAITER EVER, David, he deserves a raise. https:…
Aw yes . 1. Mrs. Doubtfire. 2. Hsm 2. 3. Tusk. 4. He's just not that into you. 5. Thc. 6. Hairspray. 7. Wet hot american summer
Celeste Thorson: Florida Teen with Microcephaly Meets with Gov. Rick Scott to Talk Zika Prevention: "I'm goin...
Celeste Thorson: Scott Disick Is 'Pretty Upbeat and Content with Life' Heading into 33rd Birthday: The star c...
with kid/adult Omer Bhatti,Scott Thorson and Eddie Murphy,Ian Harpelin men,that his reason was a mental illness and not pedophilia
LIBERACE: the tempestuous 6-year relationship between Liberace and his (much younger) lover, Scott Thorson
Great seeing and 2nite at the Big hugs to ❤️
i know you voiced Maria in The Book of Life. Don't lie, Coop!
Happy Birthday to my little Louise and awesome friend 🎁💃🏻🙌
Justin Bieber has gone from singing repetitive pop lyrics to this 🔥. Song: Travis Scott - Maria I'm Drunk
I just heard Scott Thorson on the radio on youtube. You can clearly hear he is a liar and making it up as he goes along. So obvious
hey guys. I'm not gonna go into detail but I'm dealing with some complicated health issues right now. please send good vib…
I just heard... We did it! Thank you so much for voting to crown this old newbie!
Scott Thorson: Being somebody's boyfriend, I didn't picture my life like this. I wanted to be a veterinarian.
Vote for the obvious in this group of young princesses!
It's all a bit Liberace and Scott Thorson isn't it.
The dvd of the human centipede 3 will feature an alternative ending which is meant for the entire trilogy!
Happy birthday to the one and only ❤️
The South Park episode You're Getting Old never fails to make me cry. It's definitely my favorite.
The 2015 noms are here! See the complete list of nominees:
Congratulations to all Emmy Nominees, especially those I worked with on Yay!
Behind the scenes of the most incredible, unforgettable night. It takes a village...
“It’s not about one person, it’s about ALL of us, accepting one another." -
Not only did you look beautiful, your speech was just as beautiful. I'm so sold.
everytime I watch Tusk it gets better
I got 7 out of 7 on Can You Identify The Cartoon Character By Their Shoes?! via
So sad to hear about Anthony Mason. Growing up in NY, 14 was actually my favourite number because of him.
My one souvenir from set. Right above my piano where it belongs
My heart and chocolate are melting.
was sure to thank you at the horror film festival in Russia we attended recently. Thanks for help…
.and tell us what's in store for the honeymoon era! Well, sort of...
Go fund me page has been created for Ben. Money raised will help take care of his service dog, Lisa.
RIP Ben Woolf. Such an inspirational and talented man, our thoughts are with your family and friends http:…
Rest in peace Scott Thorson. You were sweet ...and the heart of the universe has a crack in it and so does my heart
Very sad tonight to learn of 's death. He was a beautiful person, a joy to work with and an honor to have known.
So who is gonna be in the nxt 50 Shades movie? Bart Baker and Finn Wittrock?
I met and I totally fangirled. I'm so embarrassed.
Scott Thorson is my spirit animal. 😍
My weekend was so eventful! I lived off candy canes and Dr. Pepper, rewatched all of AHS Coven, and obsessed over Catdog ♥
I have been living off candy canes for two days now
Don't ask if I want the Combo. Just assume I do.
It's official... I'm in love with Catdog
I'm so in love with Catdog it hurts you feel?
sometimes I fall in love with cartoon characters
Happy Thanksgiving to all our freaks.
Supports? Ebay/Paypal financially supports Greewald, as if it was Liberace supporting Scott Thorson.
♫ all I want for Christmas is catdog ♫
Thankful for + Neil Funk. The Utah TV guys have a creepy Liberace/Scott Thorson thing going on.
We wanted to say thank you once again to all the sponsors and anglers who made this tournament a possibility and success. We tagged a total of 32 tuna and one black marlin this year. Thank you very much to Ocean Tackle International, Panama Sport Fishing Lodge, Troll Pro, Costa Del Mar Sunglasses, Short Corner Tackle, Steve Whitlock Gamefish Art, Scott Thorson / Baits by Scotty, and The Billfish Foundation. Without you this tournament would not be a success and we appreciate your continued support. Following is a breakdown of the team placements for total points: 1st place prize- OTI rods and Steve Whitlock framed artwork: Andrew Webb, Rob Young, and Murray Smith 2nd place prize- Costa Del Mar Sunglasses and OTI Poppers: Jerry Miller, Randall Miller, Ronnie Moreno 3rd place prize- Tuna sculptures by Scott Thorson and Short Corner Tackle donation: Brice Bludau, Adam Kirst, Miles Charlesworth Largest Tuna/Marlin: Black Marlin- Miller Custom metal work- Trey Russo 1st- Steve Whitlock Gamefish Art full sized ...
Where Scott Thorson makes all of his futon purchases.
hope your tires make it to Sun Prairie. delivery express from
Just added to the Ebook Club library 'Behind the Candelabra: My Life with Liberace' by Scott Thorson via
Happy Birthday to my BabyBoy! You look good as the first day I met you 💋❤️
Brent Bozell would have preferred that Justin Bieber play Scott Thorson instead of Matt Damon.
5 of 5 stars to Behind the Candelabra by Scott Thorson
JUST WATCHED, 'BEHIND THE CANDELABRA" & THOUGHT, WHAT a mistake to have had Michael Douglas play the leading role as well as Matt Damon as we could not shake the fact that they were the actors & not Liberace & Scott Thorson. It would have been much better, imho to have cast someone unknown in both parts who looked even more like them. We found ourselves laughing when we should have found it serious. Quite the disappointment, this film. Anyone else watch it? Thoughts?
Liberace's former lover Scott Thorson jailed for up to 20 years after failing drugs test | Showbiz | Daily Express
Scott Thorson, portrayed by Matt Damon in Behind the Candelabra, was sentenced in Nevada
Emmy Award-winning drama starring Michael Douglas as the superstar pianist Liberace. Based on the autobiography by Liberace's much younger lover and live-in partner Scott Thorson (Matt Damon), the ...
Film Club continues in the New Year with "Behind the Candelabra" Wednesday 15th January 2014 @ 8pm. All Welcome! Behind The Candelabra Dir: Steven Soderbergh USA 2013 118 mins Cert: 15A Starring: Matt Damon, Michael Douglas, Rob Lowe Before Elvis, before Elton John, Madonna and Lady Gaga, there was Liberace: virtuoso pianist, outrageous entertainer and flamboyant star of stage and television. Liberace lived lavishly and embraced a lifestyle of excess both on and off stage. In summer 1977, handsome young stranger Scott Thorson walked into his dressing room and, despite their age difference and seemingly different worlds, the two embarked on a secretive five-year love affair. - Cannes Film Festival 2013
This movie is based upon a book written by Scott Thorson's... He tells of his 5 year love affair with Liberace.
Damon played Scott Thorson very well, however it's these types of films that tend to exaggerate ones life ... Howard Stern in this clip interviews the real Scott Thorson here about his book and the film.
Michael Douglas as 'Liberace' & Matt Damon as 'Scott Thorson' in Behind The Candelabra (2013, HBO)
had fun yesterday with bob and Scott Thorson Justin and rob
went down the street in Campbelltown dressed in my Marlon Brando in "The Wild One" T-shirt, and went to Australia Post where I finally posted the Doctor Who vhs tapes to Siobhan O'Neill, I then went up to the mall where I bought Chinese food for lunch, and then went to QBD books where I purchased a tell all biography of Warren Beatty, and Scott Thorson's memoir of life with Liberace: "Behind the Candelabra" on which the movie of the same name was based. After this, on my way back home I called in to the Plaza Book & Music Exchange hoping to find the copy of "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" that I saw advertised but no it must have been sold already. However instead I was lucky enough to find the Soul Cinema classic "Cleopatra Jones" for $6.50.
Tonight's klassy read. Been waiting months for this on the library queue. Heard Scott Thorson radio…
Dear Baby Bruenning Tomorrow would be a great day for you to arrive...just sayin! December 31st is a day you would share with so many important and special people that will be a part of your life forever. On this day every year we celebrate your Great Grandpa and Grandma Olson- Suzanne Jerry Olson, your Grandpa and Grandma Thorson and your Great Aunt Kari Redmanand Great Uncle Ben Redman's wedding anniversaries as well as your Grandpa Bruenning's birthday. So as you can see tomorrow is a very special day and your Mommy- Kirsten Bruenningand Daddy- JB Bruenning are ready to meet you and your grandparents- Kymber Thorson and Uncle- Scott Thorson cannot wait to spoil you. As for me I am so excited to take on a new role as your Great Auntie and I cannot wait to spoil you as well. I must admit the little girl thing is quite foreign to me but I know I will catch on quickly and I too will be completely wrapped around your tiny little finger. FYI... new deductibles for insurance begin again on January 1st an ...
"Uncut ugly silicon cit never got hard.". Scott Thorson
Just watched Behind the Candelabra on DVD. I do feel for poor Scott Thorson who was manipulated & used by Liberace. A poignant love story.
Jo and I have had a nice day watching movies, and we just saw a terrific film called 'Behind the Candelabra' that traces the relationship between superstar Liberace and his valet Scott Thorson. Michael Douglas and Matt Damon were just fantastic!
Our Next Film is Behind the Candelabra (15) Running time: 118 minutes Dir: Steven SoderberghCast: Michael Douglas, Matt Damon, Rob Lowe, Dan Aykroyd Behind The Candelabra is the dazzling true story of Liberace and his lover Scott Thorson – from the glitz and glamour of their early days in Las Vegas to their very bitter and public break-up.
ONLY 5 MORE SLEEPS TO GO! just letting everyone know that we will be open on Christmas day from 2pm-6pm, all normal combos apply and there will be NO surcharge on movies at all. The weather for Christmas day isn't looking the greatest so thought we would staying open a couple of hours longer just in case people are needing something to keep the kids quiet or a game to play on their new consoles. Out this week is Smurfs 2- The Smurfs team up with their human friends to rescue Smurfette, who has been kidnapped by Gargamel since she knows a secret spell that can turn the evil sorcerer's newest creation - creatures called the Naughties - into real Smurfs. We're the millers- A veteran pot dealer creates a fake family as part of his plan to move a huge shipment of weed into the U.S. from Mexico. (I have watched this and if your after a great comedy this should be it) Gambit- An art curator decides to seek revenge on his abusive boss by conning him into buying a fake Monet, but his plan requires the help of ...
:) The Guardian have recently published the 10 best-dressed people of 2013. Donna Tartt, Matt Damon (as Scott Thorson in Behind the Candelabra), Rebecca Hall and North West all made the list. Who is your favourite Fashion Icon for 2013? :)
Hey Maniacs! Time for your weekly update. So, here's what's new: - Kick *** 2 The costumed high-school hero Kick *** joins with a group of normal citizens who have been inspired to fight crime in costume. Meanwhile, the Red Mist plots an act of revenge that will affect everyone Kick *** knows. - The Numbers Station A disgraced black ops agent is dispatched to a remote CIA broadcast station to protect a code operator. Soon, they find themselves in a life-or-death struggle to stop a deadly plot before it's too late. - The way Way Back Shy 14-year-old Duncan goes on summer vacation with his mother, her overbearing boyfriend, and her boyfriend's daughter. Having a rough time fitting in, Duncan finds an unexpected friend in Owen, manager of the Water Wizz water park. - Static A couple facing marital problems after losing their child finds their life together further complicated by a mysterious visitor. - Crush A secret admirer's crush on a high school athlete takes a fatal turn. - Sinister A true-crime writer ...
behind the candelabra- Amazing film, watched it all. About the notoriously rich and very flamboyant *** Liberace and his 5 year relationship with scott thorson. Give Michael Douglas an Oscar for this! awsum acting. 8/10
Today the Screen Actor's Guild (SAG) Awards nominees were announced. Look no further than the drama nominations to find proof that cable is really where the better work is found these days. Kerry Washington was the only drama actor/actress nominated from network TV in the drama categories. The networks continue to dominate the comedy categories but the cable channels are making inroads with 40% of the nominations. I really don't think there is a "bad" nomination in the bunch but I am surprised that James Spader did not make the cut for The Blacklist. The awards will be given out Saturday January 18th at 8pm on TBS/TNT. -Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Television Movie or Miniseries: Matt Damon / Scott Thorson – “BEHIND THE CANDELABRA” (HBO) Michael Douglas / Liberace – “BEHIND THE CANDELABRA” (HBO) JEREMY IRONS / King Henry IV – “THE HOLLOW CROWN” (WNET/Thirteen) Rob Lowe / John F. Kennedy – “KILLING KENNEDY” (National Geographic Channel) AL PACINO / Phil Spector – ...
Jim, Martin from the dolphins should change his name to Scott Thorson - signed Liberace'
Matt Damon Goes Shirtless & Nude in 'Behind the Candelabra' * Matt Damon shows off his buff bod while shirtless in this scene from HBO’s Behind the Candelabra. The 42-year-old actor can be seen getting intimate in scenes with actor Michael Douglas. The film also stars Rob Lowe, Dan Aykroyd, and Boyd Holbrook. The HBO movie, which premiered over the weekend, is based on the autobiographical novel of the same name by Matt‘s character Scott Thorson, a young man who had a six-year relationship with famed musician Alfredo Ferreyra Buegay Argentina
Matt Damon in the role of Scott Thorson, Liberace's much younger *** lover boy in "Behind the Candelabria".
Watched 'Behind the Candelabra'. Michael Dougles is superb as Liberace. Matt Damon way too old as Scott Thorson. 7/10
Matt Damon as Scott Thorson, Liberace’s lover, in Behind the Candelabra, is the spit of Gordon Ramsay.
Launching our November season at the Spread Eagle: Monday 4 November at 2.30* and 8.00pm BEHIND THE CANDELABRA (15) 2013 USA 118 mins Director: Steven Soderbergh Stars: Matt Damon, Scott Bakula, Michael Douglas, Debbie Reynolds Douglas gives the performance of a lifetime in this biopic of Liberace - the one time highest-paid entertainer in the world. Based on the book by his lover of six years Scott Thorson (Damon), it shows the difficulties of a celebrity 'marriage' secret to all but those closest to them. Trailer: 2.30pm screening will be subtitled for the hard of hearing.
Last year, interviewed confirmed liar Scott Thorson about Michael.
had a nice lunch with bob and Scott Thorson
Did you get a load of sexy as Liberace's lover Scott Thorson last night on show?
Baby Boy needs his medicine. Hit Edgewood and tonight and be my Scott Thorson.
Just watched Behind The Candelabra about Liberace's secret love affair with with Scott Thorson.Michael Douglas & Matt Damon were terrific .
Had to put my other book down! This one is much juicier, the Liberace & Scott Thorson story! Loved the HBO movie too!!!
Scott Thorson, Charlene Thorson it was good to see you at church this morning I pray that your feeling better!
Scott Thorson, Liberaces Ex says he had a 2 year affair with Micheal Jackson. Do we believe him? I have been obsessed with all things Liberace since seeing the movie Behind The Candelabra.
I've just watched the outrageous and fantastic! film 'Behind The Candelabra' The story of Liberace and his secret love affair with Scott Thorson. I really enjoyed it. What an outstanding! and magnificent! film. Amazing! and stunning! performances by Michael Douglas, Matt Damon, Dan Aykroyd, Rob Lowe, Debbie Reynolds and Scott Bakula.
Scott Thorson back in jail for violating probation...
Liberace's ex-lover Scott Thorson is spared jail time after testing positive for meth
Liberace's ex-lover avoids jail time: LIBERACE'S ex-lover - famously portrayed in Behind the Candelabra by Matt...
Even if his motives were wrong, he can right them in rehab. Liberace's Ex- Lover I'M A DRUG ADDICT ... rehab
Yes, we are dressing our dogs as Liberace and Scott Thorson for Halloween.
did you ask Dennis about why he bailed Scott Thorson out of prison? You should have him on to talk about it
I highly recommend Behind the Candelabra by Scott Thorson
You two are literally serving up some Liberace and Scott Thorson fierceness and I just can't deal with this right now.
Scott Thorson was 16 when he met Liberace;
Wishing you a great day from the Netherlands! Heard your show with Scott Thorson!
Liberace's boyfriend on the Howard Stern show
Scott-Thorson, verb.: to cause one's romantic partner to look like oneself, using plastic surgery and/or cocaine
[AMA Request] Scott Thorson (Liberace's secret lover, played by Matt Damon in the new HBO movie)
if Matt Damon can do scott thorson, Barb can do gypsy! Sondheim is the one blocking it from happening
If you'd like to see the entire interview between Elias Johnson and Scott Thorson, there is a link now posted in...
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you look like Scott Thorson on only smarter and gayer. You're a great big ***
Listened to Scott Thorson on the Stern show. This guy is such a fame *** Are any of his stories true? His mind is so blown from drug use.
Did Matt Damon get laid extra by his wife when he had Scott Thorson hair? Cause if I had access to him, I'd've.
Scott Thorson On Liberace, Behind The Candelabra, And Life At The Ranch "when is HBO gonna show it here?"
Just got done listening to an interview that Scott Thorson (Liberace's ex Lover) did on Howard Stern, I am SO fascinated by him.
If you missed on Reno's WATCH here: http:/…
If you missed on Reno's WATCH here: h…
If you missed on Reno's WATCH here: http:…
[Vid]A must watch. Elias Johnson has an exclusive on Liberace's former lover who now lives in Northern Nevada
If you missed on Reno's WATCH here: …
If you missed on Reno's WATCH here:
Question: if You are a living Liberachi does this make Pusha T a living Scott Thorson
On August 6, 2013 at 7pm, the book review will be on "Liberace: Behind the Candelabra" by Scott Thorson (2013).
Larry Gatling is the country singer I was trying to remember today when I was talking about Scott thorson
Scott Thorson from Bunny Ranch and HBO. Kleio Valentien from Burning Angel and Tony Batman.
Scott Thorson joined us to talk about and whether plastic surgeon played by Lowe was really that weird.
We'll see. Scott Thorson was on Howard one day and wow, that interview was soo interesting.
the filmmakers who adapted his memoir? The film is Scott Thorson's story.
so then Scott Thorson has no right to ever tell his story?
We'll take a quick break from our on-going Know Your Oh Div Liberace Scott Thorson Behind the Candelabra: My Life…
Thats what the *** puddle they shared - scott thorson is saying. Said michael prefered blowies but who doesnt
I just bought: 'Behind the Candelabra: My Life With Liberace' by Scott Thorson via
Listened to interview with Scott Thorson. Totally need to watch Behind the Candleabra.
Does anyone know if Scott Thorson is in prison yet?
Behind the Candelabra Soderbergh drew on the autobiography of Liberace's chauffeur Scott Thorson to mak...
Today I wasn't feeling so well and it ended up to be an HBO day, which never happens. A few months ago I saw the previews for the movie, "Behind the Candelabra", the bio-flick about Liberace (played by Michael Douglas) love affair and life style with Scott Thorson (played by Matt Damon). The first time I saw it it was the second half of the movie from an hour in until the end, I thought it looked interesting in the previews but OMG, I somehow just caught it today 5 minutes in...well, I never thought it was going to be so intimate. I never saw either one of these actors do any role near these was pretty jaw dropping to see them kiss and stuff. They were so different from the characters they usually play you would hardly recognize them, especially Michael Douglas. He was amazing. Then Rob Loww didn't look anything like himself either (I always thought he looked like Lexxi Foxx From the Steel Panthers but now more than ever) and I only recognized Dan Aykroyd because of his distinctive voice. ...
So I just finished watching Behind the Candelabra and I must say it was a very moving and well put together film about the story of Liberace's romantic relationship with Scott Thorson.
Yep, total exploitative scumbags. He's now friends with Mark Lester and Scott Thorson. Naturally.
So let me get this straight. Matt Fiddes and Mark Lester are bffs... and Jason Pfeiffer is friends with both Lester *and* Scott Thorson? =_=
Wow, *** is this? First Mark Lester & Matt Fiddes and now Jason Pfeiffer & Scott Thorson!
Hamilton Collection
Howard Stern: Scott Thorson talks about his relationships w/ Liberace & ...:
On today's show...Former lover of pianist Liberace, Scott Thorson (along with Friend of the Show, Dennis Hof/ claims relationship with Michael Jackson/currently out on bail on charges of credit card & ID theft)...Chris Gough with SIYS...Documentary film maker, Morgan Spurlock (Supersize Me/new CNN show "Inside Man")...Comedian/Actor/Friend of the Show, Steve Byrne (new episode of "Sullivan & Son" tonight on TBS at 9pm)...Actor, Sean Hayes (Will & Grace/The Bucket List/Three Stooges/ the voice of Terri in "Monsters University" out tomorrow!)...ALSO Jim Breuer/Manson-Cooper Low Dough/Global Warrior MMA and HARLEY KEYS!
It seems the film version of Liberace's Scott Thorson, had surgery to make himself a cross between Jim Davidson and Freddie Starr.
Listening to Scott Thorson on Stern Show saying he kicked-it with (B-33920) Charles Manson up in CSP-Corcoran.
Doubt Michael Jackson had a love affair with Scott Thorson who was in jail for burglary and identity theft. Exploiting his death. So wrong.
Scott Thorson made headlines in May when he was arrested on charges of burglary and identity theft for using stolen credit cards.
- Oh, hey Patrick Schwarznegger. Your good genes are showing. - As soon as Liberace's ex Scott Thorson got out of jail, he booked it on over to that transgendered Bee Gee Rob Lowe's house to get some Botox. Rob looks great as a blond, btw. got That One Right! SORRY About shade,Sweet-...
Scott Thorson just said on that he had an affair with Larry Gatlin and Loretta Lynn. Not at the same time, apparently.
Scott Thorson just outed Larry Gatlin on our show! Who'd of thunk?
Just finished watching the amazing HBO movie Behind the Candelabra, starring Michael Douglas as Liberace and Matt Damon as Scott Thorson. Also with, I was surprised to see, Dan Ackroyd, Scott Bakula, Paul Reiser and Debbie Reynolds. Directed by Stephen Soderbergh, with musical arrangements by Marvin Hamlisch. Can you say wow? Way to go, HBO!!!
Saw "Behind The Candelabra" last night, with a brilliant performance by Michael Douglas as Liberace. He has the voice and mannerisms off to a T. Matt Damon is excellent too as his lover Scott Thorson. Costumes and make-up are incredible, with some harrowing scenes of plastic surgery. I remember as a wee lad watching "The Liberace Show" on TV in the 50's, but this was before the costumes and presentation became as outrageous as they did. He was a magnificent showman, and it was such a shame that he would do everything possible to try and hide the fact that he was *** even to the point of sueing anyone who suggested it. (Incredibly he won!)
"Behind the candelabra" Michael Douglas, Matt Damon, Dan Aykroyd, Liberace takes on Scott Thorson as a lover... Hmmm lol probably one of the gayest movies I've ever seen
In 1988, Scott Thorson wrote a book detailing the good times, bad times and undeniably bizarre times he shared with legendary entertainer...
IMDb - 7.0 Scott Thorson, a young *** man raised in foster homes, is introduced to flamboyant entertainment giant Liberace and quickly finds himself in a rom...
On the right, 42-year-old Matt Damon as 17-year-old Scott Thorson on Behind the Candelabra.
Watching: Behind the Candelabra- Pianist Liberace takes Scott Thorson as a lover (2013)
Was MJ moonwalking on some man-backs?? Liberace's Lover Says He Has *** Relationship With Michael Jackson Liberace's former lover is opening up about an affair he had with Michael Jackson. Via NY Daily News reports: Scott Thorson, whose memoir about his relationship with the rhinestone-loving Libera...
‘Behind the Candelabra’ is a film that is both entertaining and often funny while nonetheless managing to bring a difficult relationship convincingly to life. Key to this is the emotional honesty of the characters portrayed through the uniformly excellent performances of Michael Douglas and Matt Damon, acting their socks off. Not just their socks but everything else as well. Rob Lowe is especially good as the reptilian plastic surgeon, Dan Aykroyd is strong as his tough, no-nonsense manager Seymour Heller and a fine cameo from Lee’s petulant, pouting houseboy. The story is an all too familiar one - star with a huge ego on an eternal quest to seduce young newcomers. Matt Damon’s Scott Thorson starts off as an amiable rube – not the sharpest pencil in the box but a corn-fed farm boy who loves animals. He finds himself drawn into the rhinestone world of Lee Liberace who plays the sugar daddy to perfection. However, the grit in the KY Jelly is the fact that Lee is lecher with a short attention span ...
Went to Newcastle to see Behind the Candelabra at The Tyneside Cinema Now i have to say the only thing i liked Michael Douglas was in The Streets of San Francisco but he was (sorry in advance) fcuking fantastic. it is really strange but with a cast like Michael Douglas, Matt Damon, Scot Bakula, Dan Aykroyd and Debbie Reynolds why this brilliant film was not shown in all cinema's as in the north-east there was 3 one in Boldon and 2 in Newcastle now it had sex and drugs mentioned in it but I reckon it was because of the story line about Liberace and his lover Scott Thorson then it is the powers that be who decide about showing the film are Bladentley Homophobic what do you all think?
A pretty moment for Matt Damon as Scott Thorson
Michael Douglas was great and believable,,, but Matt Damon is too old to be a teenaged Scott Thorson
In this unusually frank book Scott Thorson, Liberace's longtime lover, tells all: the good, the bad, and the ugly truths about the legendary entertainer who went to outrageous extremes to prevent public knowledge of his homosexuality.Liberace's unhappy childhood, dominated by a mother determined ...
Are you ready to see a lot more of Matt Damon. He sits downand  tells Playboy he filmed nude scenes for Behind the Candelabra, the upcoming HBO biopic, in which he portrays Scott Thorson, the paramour of late entertainer Liberace, played by Michael Douglas.
Liberace's Ex Lover Freed From Jail By Bunny Ranch Owner in NYC on Monday New York, and CARSON CITY, Nev., June 7, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Scott Thorson, Liberace's ex lover and the subject of the new smash hit HBO original film "Behind The Candelabra", has found new life in an unusual place: Dennis Hof's "Bunny Ranch" legal brothel in Carson City, Nevada. The movie, starring Michael Douglas and Matt Damon, has received rave reviews and early Emmy consideration. After watching the film's debut, Bunny Ranch owner and star of HBO's "Cathouse" series, Dennis Hof was shocked to find that Thorson had been incarcerated in the Reno jail since February, unable to post $125,000 bail. Hof put up the bail for Thorson, arranged for top defense attorney David Houston to represent him, and is even currently housing Thorson at his private residence, adjacent to The Bunny Ranch just outside Reno. While residing there, Thorson will be working as Hof's personal assistant while getting treatment for colon cancer and undergoing ...
Michael Douglas' Liberace and Matt Damon's Scott Thorson flirt as they meet ...: ... judging by a world exclus...
Dennis Hof on now talking about Scott Thorson
FILM: Behind The Candelabra (15)Posted in Film, Latest 7, Previews, RegularsDir: Steven Soderbergh It took all manner of strings being pulled to make this (it’s not even got a cinematic release Stateside) but the story of Liberace’s fiery relationship with his young lover Scott Thorson, based upon t...
Our friend bails out Scott Thorson, and Scott joins the show TODAY!
Behind the Candelabra: adapted by Richard LaGravenese from the non-fiction book by Alex Thorleifson and Scott Thorson; directed by Steven Soderbergh; starring Matt Damon (Scott Thorson), Michael Douglas (Liberace), Rob Lowe (Dr. Jack Startz), Dan Aykroyd (Seymour Heller), Scott Bakula (Bob Black) and Debbie Reynolds (Frances Liberace) (2013): Enjoyable but slight HBO outing by Soderbergh which features a fairly stunning bit of acting by Michael Douglas as Liberace. Soderbergh says he couldn't get funding for this picture from movie studios because it was too *** hence its production by HBO.   But as even I only vaguely remember Liberace as a performer, probably from The Muppet Show in the 1970's, I wonder if the studio redlight on this production was also a result of executives wondering if anyone in the younger movie-going populace would have the faintest idea who Michael Douglas was playing. Brokeback Mountain this isn't. The love story here is pretty creepy, as Liberace gets Thorson to undergo plasti ...
Finally screening the HBO film Behind The Candelabra, based on Scott Thorson's memoir about his time as Liberace's, er, flavor of the month. Matt Damon has done so well, and Michael Douglas has managed to portray Liberace without resorting to caricature. Throw Scott Bakula, Dan Akyroyd, Debbie Reynolds, Rob Lowe and Paul Reiser in, and you have a really memorable story! : )
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Liberace goes Scott Thorson on a piano as Mike Nesmith watches.
I watched "Behind The Candelabra " last night and have decided to have surgery to look more like Scott Thorson!
Went from "Magic Mike" to "Behind the Candelabra", which is the story of Liberace & Scott Thorson. Talk about a 180 degree cinematic shift.
was great...just read Scott Thorson is in jail right now
Fascinating stuff about what happened to Liberace's lover:
The strange & murky world of Scott Thorson, a former lover of Liberace's who started living with him at 17.
Behind the Candelabra on HBO tonight, what happened to Thorson after the film ends is even stranger... via
I have been waiting 3 years for tomorrow to come, and it's finally here! HBO 8 central, 9 eastern watch "Behind the Candelabra" a story of Liberace and Scott Thorson!!!
The guy who played Jimmy Chitwood later played Liberace's boyfriend, Scott Thorson in a TV movie.
Can not WAIT for the Michael Douglas / Matt Damon biopic of Liberace and Scott Thorson on HBO tomorrow. Going to be ... FAB-U-LOUS!
Truth is definitely stranger than fiction (and Soderbergh's film now showing at Cannes in which Matt Damon plays...
Wow. Scott Thorson actually sounds like Liberace. How can that be?
Scott Thorson: the lover Liberace remade in his own image
Just finished the book from Scott Thorson…looks like your production will be totally worthy. Will B watching !
WHERE's LIBERACE's toyboy love SCOTT THORSON now? He'll be watching that HBO flick from jail
I liked a video Scott Thorson lies about Michael Jackson PROOF!
I liked a video Liberace Entrance in Las Vegas Only the way Lee Could do it Featuring Scott Thorson
One to watch: - Scott Thorson's story - Monsters and Critics excellence in BTL crafts too
Liberace's Plastic Surgery Left Him Unable to Close His Eyes — Even While He Was Sleeping. The music star also paid the doctor who did his surgery to perform procedures on his live-in lover, Scott Thorson, so Thorson would look more like Liberace!--Yahoo
Video of 1000 - Stolen Organ Family Band - I Wish Your Face Was Mine. For DAY413 of EveryDayMusic on May 18, 2013. Recorded live at the Electric Owl on ...
"Behind The Candelabra" looks at Liberace and his love affair with a much younger man
"Too much of a good thing is wonderful!" I'm reading Behind the Candelabra, Scott thorson's account which inspired the film
Just wondering, did Libarachi (sp?) "come out" before he died or is this new movie coming out just someone's way of make some money? Serious question. I do not know if he revealed PUBLICLY about being *** before he passed.
Liberace's former lover talk about the lengths the *** star went through to stay in the closet during the 1950s
There are many things known about Liberace but you've likely never seen those things played out in the form of Michael Douglas. You will in the HBO movie "Behind the Candelabra" and you will never be the same.
Behind the Candelabra: The Real Story of Liberace and Scott Thorson via
The more I watch clips of Liberace and Scott Thorson, the more I see the link w - The chin implant for starters !
Fantastic piece on Liberace; a great primer before movie premieres this weekend.
he came to with Scott Thorson & a very young Michael Jackson. Circa 81
QRS CEL-140 piano roll performed by Liberace.
2002: Liberace's lover speaks out - Liberace's former lover Scott Thorson talks to Larry King about (cont)
Liberace always denied he was *** in 1956 winning £8,000 in damages from the Daily Mirror for having imputed that he was “fruit-flavoured”. A year after his death from Aids in 1987, his live-in lover for five years in the late Seventies, Scott Thorson published a novelised account of their life tog...
Behind the Candelabra Review: Based on Scott Thorson's autobiography recounting his years as Liberace's employ...
'Candelabra' ends better than it starts - Early in "Behind the Candelabra", Scott Thorson, played by Matt Damon, tells his step-mother, "My eyes are open, I promise."
Read the First Chapter of Thorson's 'Behind The Candelabra,' the Book Behind Soderbergh's HBO Movie Indiewire
Also on Sunday: we talk to Bérénice Bejo, examine the wild excess of Liberace and his lover Scott Thorson, and meet Dinos Chapman
says if you always remember "Don't get involved" and "People are just the worst" it will make your life so much better. Scott Edwards
Michael Douglas plays the flamboyant piano legend in Steven Soderbergh’s depressing biopic.
Steven Soderbergh's highly anticipated Liberace biopic "Behind The Candelabra" is adapted from a book by Scott Thorson with Alex Thorleifson, newly re-published by Tantor Media with a new afterword written by Thorson. Indiewire has the complete first chapter.
Stephen Soderbergh’s fabulous biopic, “Behind the Candelabra,” on HBO, paints a nervy, empathetic portrait of a life style that might easily be seen as macabre. It’s rooted in a love story, not only between Liberace and his young partner, Scott Thorson, but between the creators and the period they p...
Debbie Reynolds: 'We All Knew He Was Homosexual'. In anticipation of the big HBO premiere of the Liberace/Scott Thorson biopic this Sunday, all the stars are talking. Now Debbie Reynolds, who plays an amazing version of Liberace's mother, Frances, has opened up to the press.
Amazing job Michael Douglas plays Liberace and Matt Damon portrays his younger lover Scott Thorson in Candelabr great acting .
Liberace once took a poop in the lobby of the Four Seasons Hotel in Palm Beach, Fla., in full view of staff and guests. Quelle horreur! Naturally I made frantic excuses for him. After all, he was middle-aged at the time and starting to get a little confused. It was,...
When a week of constant moviegoing fails to rouse either unanimity or contentious division, the world's film press gets a little antsy. Where is The M
Scott Thorson: How Liberace Protected His 'Big Secret' in the Homophobic '50s   10% Off
I'm looking forward to seeing HBO's biopic on Liberace. For those who remember here is an interesting story from his ex via I recall doing a story years ago after the pianist died. It was at a condo he owned off Wilshire Blvd. Inside were many of the things he owned that were up for auction including a piano ... candalabras ... it was cluttered with very expensive things, but Liberace was the king of bling for his time.
Steven Soderbergh's biopic of the pianist is a bizarre anti-Pinocchio parable in which toxic love transforms a handsome young man into a deeply unhappy latex doll, writes Peter Bradshaw
2013 CANNES FILM FESTIVAL in competition film (screened on May 21) --- "BEHIND THE CANDELABRA", by Steven Soderbergh (born 1963), USA, 118". Science tells us that light travels in straight lines, but in Behind The Candelabra, the new film from Steven Soderbergh, it trickles and fizzes like Babycham. We are in Las Vegas, 1976, and two men are walking through a crowded concert hall. On stage is Liberace, the American concert pianist, although all we see is a cluster of sparkles and sequins, bouncing starlight across the room like a human-disco ball hybrid. He rocks to and fro at a piano, and boogie woogie thunders from his fingertips. The audience, mostly coach parties of little old ladies and the occasional little old husband, are entranced. “It’s funny this crowd would like something this *** ” says one of the men, a young blond Asgard-type, aptly named Scott Thorson (Matt Damon). “Oh, they have no idea he’s *** ” comes the reply. Thorson’s face, not for the last time, is a picture. Soderber ...
Cannes, France – Behind the Candelabra, the biopic of flamboyant entertainer Liberace that may be director Steven Soderbergh's swansong, turned the spotlight on homosexuality on Tuesday in a landmark year for *** rights. The biggest film screening at the 12-day festival's halfway point, Soderbergh's movie has generated a huge buzz, for top-line heterosexual actors are cast in the roles of *** Michael Douglas turns in an eye-catching performance as the ageing Las Vegas pianist, while Matt Damon plays his handsome teenage lover, Scott Thorson. Outrageously flashy but also a virtuoso pianist in his own right, Liberace died of AIDS in 1987 at 67 after four decades in the spotlight. Visually, the movie is a blaze of cheesy style, from mink coats and Rolls-Royces to rhinestone jackets and the trademark candelabra that Liberace placed on his piano. 'Themes of love and trust' Beneath the flash, though, the film explores themes of love and trust, tinged by Liberace's narcissism and obsession with youth and by .. ...
TOO DELICIOUS: In "Behind the Candelabra", directed by the amazing Steven Soderbergh for HBO (Debuts this Sunday, May 26), Michael Douglas plays 57 year old LIBERACE and Matt Damon plays 18 year old SCOTT THORSON, who was Liberace's live-in boyfriend for 5 years. Terry Gross' interview yesterday with Soderbergh on NPR yesterday was fascinating, as is the cover story in "New York" magazine. This will be better than watching the Oscars. (NO COMMERCIALS, LOTS OF DISH). Get out the Korn Kurls.
Matt Damon is the ideal choice to portray La Crosse native Scott Thorson as Liberace’s spurned lover in the flamboyant piano player’s biopic, say Thorson’s former teachers.
LORI RACKL: At first lighthearted and campy, “Behind the Candelabra” turns dark as it tells of the piano virtuoso's romance with the far younger Scott Thorson.
To brighten up these dreary days, the Groton Area Schools freshman World History class, with the help of Scott Thorson, have completed the Main Street Planter project as of today. They planted 7 whiskey barrels and 7 smaller planters that are now placed up and down Main Street! A huge thanks to them for brightening up Main Street!!
In competition at the festival, Soderbergh's honest, authentic rendering of the passionate, sometimes silly love affair between Liberace and Scott Thorson is his best film in years
Had a blast last week ! Joel Tatangelo at Aces on Wednesday 8pm (congrats again on the CD release on Friday at Skippers). Thursdays (10pm-2am) are cookin at the Cabana Sarasota with Mike Kach joining us and lots of friends and great players coming out for the Pro Jam. Thorson Moore, Justin Layman, Johnnie Barker, Ken Harck (Badfinger and Styx drummer), Steve Duerst, Gregg Voorhees, Brian Shepherd, and many more. Thursday was also a great Get Down in Bradenton with Dana Lawrence and Kettle of Fish before the Cabana. Then we celebrated Paul Goodman's birthday at Straggler's for Rossiter's Bike Night, flew down the road to Skippers after that and then the Orange Blossom festival. Thanks to Tony Tyler for the hospitality. Back to Sarasota for TKatz on Saturday night and then a real rare treat with TC Carr, Mike Kach, and myself as a trio at the Blue Rooster on Sunday !!! This Wednesday at Aces we'll have bluesman Justin Layman with us at Aces 8pm !!! Come join us !!!
Filmmaker returning to Cannes 24 years after debuting there with his first film, the Baton Rouge-shot 'Sex, Lies and Videotape'
Tell us! The last person I had a beer with was _.
OK. Directed by Steven Soderbergh. Starring Michael Douglas and Matt Damon. What do you think this new upcoming movie is? An HBO Original Movie. Next week Sunday night. M&M have been in many Soderbergh films in the last more than a decade. Spoiler Alert. 'Behind the Candelabra' The story of Liberace & Scott Thorson 1977 - 1981. HBO ROCKS! Can't wait to see this.
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So my mom knew Scott thorson now I have to see the hbo movie
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One of the things I like most about writing a book is that it is an excuse to read a whole lot. I get to both go deep into a subject and read widely around it.
Question boys: Reading about Scott Thorsan, Liberace's boy-toy. He's sitting in a Reno jail now, but he lived in Falmouth, Maine for 12 years. Anyone remember him him from the underground or stones? He changed his name to Jess Marlowe. Curious.
Countdown to the Candelabra: 9 days. Rob Lowe looks riotous.
Anybody from Rowland High remember Karla Thorson? She has a half brother (Scott Thorson), who was Liberace's "BoyToy" and Matt Damon will be playing him in "Behind the Candelabra" on HBO, May 26th. I met him once. It should be fun to see Michael Douglas as Liberace. ;)
As Scott Thorson says in the HBO movie, "Wow!" Book, ebook, audio of "Behind the Candelabra" available from Tantor now
"The Hipster Heartthrob" Casanova Valentine is coming to the Independent wrestling scene... and he is bringing the streets of Williamsburg Bro...
I cannot wait until the HBO movie "Behind the Candelabra" comes on! Michael Douglas playing Liberace has got to be a hoot! Matt Damon is playing his partner, Scott Thorson. I loved watching Liberace as a child. Hard as I tried, I could never play piano like him. But I can outbling him! ;)
Behind the Candelabra is best viewed from behind bars, at least that's what Scott Thorson -- Liberace's longtime lover and the author of the book on which the movie is based -- is telling himself. According to a recent profile in The New York Times, Thorson will miss the May 26 premiere of the movie...
I'm off for my piano lesson. I'm going to be a big pianist.
Michael plays the flamboyant music pianist Liberace while Matt plays his much younger lover Scott Thorson in HBO's Behind The Candelabra. Michael admits that when it came to the love scenes, they didn't rehearse.
Thank you to Andrea McArdle and your fabulous family! You let my New York sister Alice Farrell and me crash your post-Mame Mother's Day dinner and we had a blast. You haven't lived until you've been through a McArdle family dinner with brother, Michael, father Paul, daughter Alexis Kalehoff and Andrea's fabulous mother Phyllis Mc Ardle! I can NOT think of a better way to spend Mother's Day than sitting next to Phyllis and pulling old Andrea stories out of her. It never hit me that when Andrea was Las Vegas and became friends with Liberace and Scott Thorson, that Phyllis was right there too! They were both BEHIND THE CANDELABRA!
Nobody uses the term retinue anymore...
New York — When the news broke in 1987 that Liberace, the famously flamboyant pianist, was dead at age 67 with what his manager had claimed was anemia brought on by a watermelon diet but was, in fact, AIDS , it made front-page headlines around the country. It was a fitting tribute for a world-...
Scott Thorson knew the high life as Liberace’s lover and the low life as his ex. Now, an HBO movie is about to revisit the days of wine and sequins.
A 53-year-old man who claimed to be the lover of the late entertainer Liberace has pleaded guilty in Reno to burglary and identity theft. Prosecutors say Jess Marlow, who also goes by the name Scott Thorson, used credit cards from a wallet he found.
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Though if they were being honest with themselves they're probably all Scott Thorson's.
Just got 'Behind The Candelabra: My Life With Liberace' by Scott Thorson from Can't wait to start!
This poster of Michael Douglas as Liberace w/ Matt Damon as Liberace's lover Scott Thorson is the best:
As the senior conservator of paintings at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Scott Heffley has restored such masterworks as Rembrandt’s “Young Man in a Black Beret” (1666) and a large painting by noted American still life painter Severin Roesen.
Of course they're making a movie where Matt Damon is Scott thorson and Michael Douglas is Liberace
Scott Thorson: Been nervous about our economy but encouraged by what I'm hearing. On the right track.
DSU Alums named coaches for Badlands Bowl Mark Gibson '90 of Bismarck High has been named the head coach of this year's ND Badlands Bowl team, with Scott Thorson '89 of Towner-Granville -Upham joining him as an assistant coach. The 20th Annual Badlands Bowl will be held on Saturday, June 15 at Denton Field in Miles City, MT, where teams of the top high school football players from MT and ND will square off for the title of Badlands Bowl Champion. Way to go, Mark & Scott! Your Blue Hawk Family will be pulling for you to bring the victory home to ND!
The Froggy 104 dirt alert sponsored by Wireless Dimensions in the Old Hickory Mall --- Lindsay Lohan's storage locker is going to be auctioned off because she owes $16,000 to the storage company. InTouch Weekly claims Taylor Swift may be using Harry Styles. A source says, ''She sees all the press her pal Selena Gomez gets from dating Justin Bieber. She’s very calculated when it comes to dating the right men. Taylor wants to break into pop music from country. She uses men to push her career forward.” Matt Damon enjoyed kissing Michael Douglas in the new Liberace movie. In an interview he says, "Normally I'd say no to nudity, but I just did a lot of it playing the long-term partner of Liberace, Scott Thorson, in “Behind the Candelabra”. I mean, it's tastefully done...but the movie's not going to be for everyone. For one scene, I had to come out of the pool, go over to Michael Douglas, straddle him on a chaise lounge and start kissing him. It's not like I kiss him just once. We drew it up like a foot ...
Action star Matt Damon was spotted today on the Beverly Hills set of HBO's Behind the Candelabra in full costume and wig as Liberace's lover Scott Thorson
First glimpse of Michael Douglas playing Liberace and Matt Damon as Scott Thorson. Excited? Yes!
While Douglas takes on the role of the famous *** pianist, Damon will play his former live-in boyfriend Scott Thorson for the HBO TV movie, entitled Behind the Candelabra.
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