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Scott Stapp

Scott Alan Stapp (born Anthony Scott Flippen; August 8, 1973) is an American musician, singer-songwriter, and philanthropist best known as the lead vocalist and lyricist of the rock band Creed, of which he is a founding member.

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Scott Stapp show with my girlfriend at the Rodeo Music Hall in Austintown, OH, my sacrifice open arms
Scott Stapp has a new solo album. Who knew? Not me!
deny Scott Stapp was ever close to replacing...
Stone Temple Pilots deny Scott Stapp was ever close to replacing...
"Pathetic" spews Gene Simmons, who belongs in the same genre of lousy musicians as Ted Nugent, Scott Stapp, and Fred Durst.
Thank you so much Russell. We had a great time tonight supporting Camp Hope with Scott Stapp. You are gr8
Scott Stapp is indeed replacing Scott Weiland, but not in Stone Temple Pilots -
ICYMI Scott Stapp is now fronting Art of Anarchy, formerly fronted by Scott Weiland.
Scott Stapp is back behind the mic with a new band!
Update: Scott Stapp is replacing Scott Weiland in Art of Anarchy, not in Stone Temple Pilots
Wait, STP is gonna roll out Scott Stapp as Scott Weiland’s replacement? Vocally, it works — guess — but 🤔.
UPDATE—Creed's Scott Stapp will not replace Scott Weiland, says Stone Temple Pilots
Scott Stapp to replace Scott Weiland in Art of Anarchy
Rumor Alert!. Scott Stapp (Creed) says he may or may not be the new lead singer for Stone Temple Pilots. We'll see...
I hope somehow Scott Stapp and Mark Tremonti see this, and are glad.
Scott Stapp live. Scott Stapp from Creed live at San Manuel Indian Bingo and ...
I think it means he's finally forgiven Scott Stapp for doing that to the rest of the world...
Creed's Scott Stapp is coming to the Sherman Theater. Details.
Traverse City MI friends!!! We will be playing with Scott Stapp, Friday February 5th at Ground Zero
Hey everybody - Scott Stapp is coming to the Kent Stage. Ya'll in?
idk maybe, things going behind the back as Scott Stapp is giving shows with another band.
I've been blocked by Scott Stapp, the singer of Disturbed and RL Stein but I can't handle this, jake
I thought Scott Stapp worked at Home Depot now??
Scott Stapp the voice of Creed will be at the Worcester palladium tomorrow night tickets are still available
"New Year, New Creeds": try to get Michael B. Jordan, Billy Dee Williams and Scott Stapp together to brainstorm a new Creed movie.
every dude at the show looks like Scott Stapp. every girl look like Grimes.
What if you're a christian man like Scott Stapp?
Catch us live this Sunday the 13th with Scott Stapp
So disappointed to find out the new movie Creed is not a Scott Stapp biopic
Not sure how I ended up on a google image search of “Scott Stapp Christmas card”, but here we are.
proves crews had plenty talent. Not just Scott Stapp
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Do you think Scott Stapp gets accidentally excited every time someone raves about the movie Creed?
4 words I thought I'd never say on the Internet: Creed is pretty good. (No Scott Stapp, this is not in reference to you)
"But I'm not from Philadelphia, I'm from Creed." - Scott Stapp reviews the latest Rocky sequel, Creed.
Scott Stapp of 'Creed' reviews the movie 'Creed'
When you look at Scott Stapp, do you smell burning hair? Ok, not the best example, I admit.
I was really excited to see "Creed" until I learned it wasn't the Scott Stapp biopic I've been waiting for all of my l…
Watching Creed's video for "One Last Breath" and remembering why I had a crush on Scott Stapp in the first place when I was younger 😂😍
Scott Stapp concert moved from Hillcrest Quarry to Kirstenbosch
If you want tickets to see from live in Joburg , enter here :
Win tickets to see Scott Stapp, the voice of Creed, live!
Yes I listened to my Scott Stapp mixtape on the way home from school today
Welp, this is it. The best thing I've ever seen. I give it 5 Arms Wide Open
In the 1990s, Creed lead singer Scott Stapp (Paul Dano) struggles with emerging psychosis as he attempts to...
Pretty sure Scott Stapp was sitting checking his google rankings this week and for a brief moment thought, "I'm back!"
Scott Stapp would actually believe this.
Scott Stapp's voice is comfortably one of the most ridiculous things in the world
Ted Cruz once wrote an impassioned letter begging Nickelback's Chad Kroeger to record a collaboration with Scott Stapp.
I liked a video Mark Tremonti on His Relationship With Creed's Scott Stapp
Does Scott Stapp still live in a car?
Lots of people are talking about something called "creed" and by their tone I can tell it's not the Scott Stapp band.
with the creed references on the show lately and Scott Stapp touring in Dec- Feb,(NY Jan 19th) It would be great to have him on
Scott Stapp Reviews “Creed” Wow! Four Arms wide open. Must be a pretty good movie. .
We hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving! Now while shopping is in the air don't forget to stuff your stockings with Scott Stapp Tickets!!!
Scott Stapp from the band Creed has no idea the movie 'Creed' is not about him. (Vine by
Scott Stapp is playing in Lancaster the same night as the 1st Flyers vs Penguins game and I am left with a very difficult choice
"Ohhh... I thought Michael B. Jordan was a weird choice to cast as Scott Stapp..."
Every time I see Creed mentioned on my timeline, I start having Scott Stapp flashbacks.
I'm really excited to see Michael B Jordan portray Scott Stapp from ... Has that joke already been done?
I survived a tour with Scott Stapp T-shirts
Really unfortunate they had to name that movie Creed. I keep thinking Scott Stapp is back. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Take it straight from the guy from - we never met Rocky Balboa!
.from reviews It wasn't what he expected:
This Creed movie looks confusing. Rocky Balboa is training Scott Stapp's son to box?
Thought you like Creed because of Scott Stapp. Sorry had to get one last bad Creed band joke in.
If u live by Worcester MA u should go to this concert on January 24th. Great lineup. Tickets:
Blew my chance at greatness by not cosplaying as Scott Stapp when I went to watch "creed" Saturday
.That punk Scott Stapp's got nothin on my man Eddie Vedder, McMahon!
Heffron Drive sings the hits part 1 w/
Can people stop giving me minor heart-attacks saying they saw "Creed" thus making me think I missed Scott Stapp and the gang coming to town?
Creed was terrific; Scott Stapp really disappears into the role.
Nobody tell Scott Stapp that all the statuses saying "Creed is amazing" aren't about the band. He needs this...
had no idea you were a Scott Stapp fan, Dan.
It was a really interesting choice to cast Michael B Jordan as the lead character in the new Scott Stapp biopic.
I don't know why we're pretending that Jack Johnson isn't John Mayer; Dermot Mulroney isn't Dylan McDermott & Scott Stapp isn't Chad Kroeger
I'm all for movies about Christian Pop/Rock bands, but Michael B. Jordan as Scott Stapp is a stretch.
I'm excited about that new music biopic "Creed," but I don't remember Scott Stapp being black... Or Sylvester Stalone.
Hopefully as well as Alter Bridge are without Scott Stapp.
Don't miss Scott Stapp is on season 6 of Catch the premiere WED OCT 7 + 10/9c!.
Scott Stapp is our lord and savior.
EXCLUSIVE: How frontman wife saved him from his downward spiral
Black Sabbath - 10 in 10 starts at 8:30 this morning on the
Scott Stapp didn't die on the cross for people like Kim Davis.
we r going Fri. @ HOB 2 see you, my kid wants 2 know if you'll sign his guitar he had Scott Stapp sign
I think you mean "Nickelback with special guest Scott Stapp!"
Scott Stapp's memoirs will be entitled "Mistakes Were Made"
One day Scott Stapp sat down and thought, "THIS is a good idea."
Survivor as in "Eye of the Tiger?" This is like asking Scott Stapp for their opinion on First Nations' rights.
Scott Stapp was a total Eddie Vedder wannabe am I right?
Shout out to for showing me the hidden baseball magic of Scott Stapp:
When you're in that mood to just belt into song as if you are Scott Stapp from Creed
Seriously, if any of you guys haven't heard the Scott Stapp in Gainesville Denny's story its the best-
If I had to trade places with Bert or Scott Stapp, I pick I think agrees. Enjoy this:
I've only intentionally dressed like Scott Stapp once
I think it's time for Chad Kroeger and Scott Stapp to come clean and tell us that they are the same person.
Front Porch Stapp: A collection of mediocre acoustic songs and questionable nudes brought to you by Creed frontman Scott Stapp
"My only goal, ever, was to make enough money to buy flannel shirts with no buttons and sharktooth necklaces." - Scott Stapp.
The same video of Creed singer Scott Stapp's anthem every time they win. … They beat the Brewers 6-4.
That probably is a lot more simple. But that Scott Stapp had some pretty sweet riffs...
EXCLUSIVE: reveals: I have bipolar disorder
Scott Stapp hasn't been in any of the Assassin's Creed games so far. I demand an explanation.
The only ghost writer Scott Stapp had was the Holy Ghost.
I wonder if Scott Stapp ever figured out what this life is for?
We'll never know what Scott Stapp was referring to in My Sacrifice but just know.He did it for us.
Scott Stapp's leather pants are tight enough to show a bulge but loose enough to hold a pocket bible.
I think what pisses me off the most about them is Thom Yorke, the world's biggest hack lyricist that isn't named Scott Stapp.
I liked a video Creed's Scott Stapp Reveals his BiPolar Disorder
you talkin about the Scott Stapp baseball song?
The former Boca Raton mansion of troubled Creed vocalist Scott Stapp has hit the market with an asking price of...
Ex-Creed singer Scott Stapp on his road from addiction, and reconciling God and rock
just happy that 'Creed' isn't a Scott Stapp biopic
Honestly, I'd love to know if Scott Stapp called up Ryan Coogler, and asked if he could do the music for the new "Rocky" movie.
the original Scott Stapp, Neil Pert, Van Halen, Brad Delson, and of course Vanessa Carlton.
Singer of opening band looks like Scott Stapp and sounds like Craigery Owens.
Then it's Tyler that gives me Scott Stapp realness.
I sing no band but those are my influences Scott Stapp and Eddie vetters voices in particular sully Erna as well
How is that Mark Tremonti can be in a band with Scott Stapp and Myles Kennedy on vocals and arguably, be better than both of them?
New term from our email today: "Scott Stapp it" to mean being crazy self-righteous. See LeBron during the current Cleveland Second Coming.
let's not forget that time Scott Stapp sang a Creed medley at an early 00's Dallas Cowboys game.
Ned Grabavoy is a dead ringer for Scott Stapp
have you heard anything recent on Scott Stapp? DM me if you like.
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Get well soon Stapp, You can read abt Stapp news here :
Scott Stapp - Interview with Showbuzz: Love this guys music & Humility. 🎤🎸🙏
sure did. Beat them and Scott Stapp at ping pong, so I get to your with them.
But eventually, WCW closes and the kWo surface on Raw, only with Kanye, Kevin Bacon, and Scott Stapp.
All the guys in Game of Thrones look like Scott Stapp & their wives look like Victoria's Secret models. This show was clearly made by nerds.
have you ever vaped so hard that you ended up eating breakfast at Scott Stapp's house? Well that was last Tuesday for me.
you know when is when they cover Creed. makes Scott Stapp sound good.
Dave Matthews is the Scott Stapp of contemporary rock.
you look like Scott Stapp the homeless Creed man and you had a ghost writer write your book
Scott Stapp gives me hope that karma will eventually catch up with Kanye too.
*breathes heavily into mic* Gonna sing can you take me higher the one by *** Yankees not Creed *breathes* Scott Stapp Sco…
Listening to the 3.3.06 and references Scott Stapp going crazy.
Creed lead singer Scott Stapp reportedly threatened the President last month. His threats went so far as to play Obama …
not looking Sapp in the eye reminds me of the classic Scott Stapp impression you did years ago in ATL. When did you do him last
Creed is fantastic, Scott Stapp is a blessing from Heaven above.
In reality Creed fell off when Scott Stapp started beating his wife or whatever and people realized they were exploiting Christianity for $$
fun stapp infection fact, it was named after Scott Stapp.
not only that Scott Stapp's a pretty sacrilegious guy himself
pretty sure either nickelback or scott stapp has won a Grammy, which destroys the credibility of the entire award.
wow somehow I stumbled upon your page because I love Scott Stapp. This pic looks exactly like one I have! I'll try and post!
yeah I'd get with that. I admit I love Creed. I love Scott Stapp. He has an amazing voice.
The Grammy for cover song of the year goes to Scott stapp for his cover of rihanna's 'wer fernd lurve in er erpeless plerce'
so even though you don't want an answer, can I also be a *** and say "he's the new Scott Stapp"
Okay. I can't engage this any longer. "Scott," btw, is Scott Stapp.
WAIT HOLD ON. Creed is her favorite band because Scott Stapp is being unfairly targeted. WHAT.
Scott Stapp impersonations of the nominees starting to get old in this household
Kaka and Cristiano Ronaldo, with Scott Stapp from Creed in between
Sam Smith sound Like the love child of Michael Mcdonald and Scott Stapp with a British accent live
I guess they got Usher to do the Stevie Wonder tribute because Scott Stapp was busy drinking.
don't dare hate on the greatness that is Scott stapp's singing voice...
This would be better if Chris Brown and Scott Stapp were on stage.
Blink 182 is closing the show tonight. Tom DeLonge will be replaced by Scott Stapp, formerly of Creed.
When Scott Stapp can hitch hike a ride to the Staples Center.
I only do one impression but it works for Annie Lennox, Scott Stapp, Eddie Vedder, and Cher. And now Hozier, apparently.
Thank you, female Scott stapp, for ruining this hozier song.
Hozier is basically what would have happened if Scott Stapp panned out
Any idea what ever happened to Scott Stapp? He was covered heavily for a while and now nothing! Just curious.
Where is Scott Stapp? Not a musical award show without the great one. Scott.
Is they gonna update us on Scott stapp tho a real *** just wanna know is he good
Now they all wear leather & look like Scott Stapp did before he lost the plot & lost his hair.
Still can't work out who has a better voice out of Scott Stapp (Creed) and Myles Kennedy (Alter Bridge)
the cis-tine chapel beautifully ornate with nothing but nudes of Nancy Grace and Scott Stapp
I assume homeless Scott Stapp accepted your gift with arms wide open.
Dreams are so weird man. Scott Stapp was at Subway in my dream. Heard about him on radio being homeless so bought him a sub.
Anyone have dreams where the focal person in your dream changes multiple times? Scott Stapp changed to Paul Rudd, then to a friend. WEIRD.
It's funny how silence speaks sometimes when you're alone. And remember that you feel. _scott stapp
If you received texts like this from an odd number that was me having fun (I guess). Hey! This is your boys Scott Stapp, Mark Tremonti, Brian Marshall and Scott Phillips from Creed! Thanks for signing up to Creed's Daily Fan Fun and being the Mega Rawker that you are! What's your favorite Creed song? (href=?6)
Well, I miss you, but I think I still have all the Scott Stapp sound clips from that old show.
Scott Stapp of Creed "The CIA ia trying to Kill Me !!!" Wife says he is trying to Kill Obama !!!
Rather hear Scott Stapp sing while running his nails across a chalkboard than another 10 secs of Koenig's voice on
Scott Stapp, Amanda Bynes, & Shia LeBeouf meet in rehab, become a crazy bunch of friends
Pretty sad to see Scott Stapp going off the deep end.
revealed the inspiration for his new album. Watch a behind-the-scenes look
I would actually like them if Scott Stapp wasn't the literal worst.
My body is super achy, I've got the chills and I'm unusually tired. If the flu is rearing it's head I'm gonna go Scott Stapp on someone.
It sounds like we need to get a going to keep you from being homeless in a like Scott Stapp
Lazar Markovic still rocking that Scott Stapp look.
I wish I was as tough as Scott stapp im sure he like has a mancave in a rusted shed
Scott Stapp is there as well, I'm out of it, then I have to pay accommodation costs and I'm straight back into it.
Scott Stapp really took the Christian post grunge really sad alcoholic aesthetic to new levels
keeps singing songs in the style of Scott Stapp and The Creeds.
one day i will finally catch up to Scott Stapp in terms of public embarrassment and drug intake
Not 100% sure, but feel like Scott Stapp was driving behind me just now.
i was going to do a 15 person acapella scott stapp cover band. and end the set, run back on, act like ANYONE wanted it, & go
is this about the Scott Stapp meltdown from a couple months ago?
Such an awesome tune by One of my favorites!
Scott Stapp revealed he's broke, starving, & living in a hotel, which is still cooler than being in Creed.
I'm really surprised that Creed's Scott Stapp wasn't in the Luxury Box with Jerry Jones and Chris Christie.
Dad was telling us about the lead singer of The Clash getting in trouble recently & it took a while before we realized he meant Scott Stapp.
Oh, now what's wrong with Creed, aside from Scott Stapp going crazy in the last few years? They're not Nickleback...
Radio stations will play Creed's music while Scott Stapp is still riding his bike around barefoot somewhere in Florida.
There are pics of us out there posing w/ a Scott Stapp poster. Really.
Scott Stapp brings Proof of life tour to Philadelphia 4/5/2014 via
Question: What are some honest thoughts on Scott Stapp?
Just beat him. Scott Stapp victory ritual is now in full affect
If you need an ego boost today, Scott Stapp from Creed is living in his truck.
They are playing Creed at the bar next door to the pub I'm at. Singer trying to do the Scott Stapp growl and failing miserably.
Has anyone heard from Scott Stapp lately?
Creed singer Scott Stapp claimed to be a CIA agent trained to kill Obama: 911 call - National Post
The dude from Third Eye Blind runs a support group that meets weekly for other people who could've been Scott Stapp, but narrowly escaped.
Eddie Vedder is the true and greater Scott Stapp
Was that Scott Stapp from Creed that just called in!!??...oh my
I loved and still love Scott Stapp. I'm also going to the One Direction concert next summer. I guess I just love everything.
How come we made fun of Scott Stapp for singing like that but we thought Eddie Vedder was awesome for singing the exact same way?
"Can you take me higher?" -Scott Stapp on an elevator idk guys is comedy really my thing? Maybe it's not too late to go to grad school
So Scott Stapp from Creed wasn't saying we all live under a wonkey? I always thought he was singing about a three-legged donkey.
OK, hear me out: If not Punk vs Eddie Bravo, what about Creed singer Scott Stapp? He's bro…
A month-to-month look back at the year that was in music.
CONSPIRACY: "Are Jewish-Masonic Starwhackers after Scott Stapp?" - Randy Quaid, well known for his role as Chevy ...
Is Ronnie Radke the biggest joke in rock? Not including Scott Stapp of course
Scott Stapp lashed out at the 'smear campaign,' says he has nothing but love for President Obama.
Scott Stapp loses custody of kids, may have threatened to k
3) Scott Stapp wrote the worst baseball team theme song of all time. It's rolling-on-the-floor-laughing bad. [3/3]
News from the mainstream lying media is telling us that lead signer of the band Creed Scott Stapp has gone insane after he posted a video on-line claiming he...
For all you Creed and Scott Stapp haters! – What If by Creed, from
Revisiting our interviews with Scott Stapp. Did he seem unbalanced then?
Scott Stapp says he's "100% sober"! I think we can all agree he is the furthest thing from sober by listening to...
'Faceless Man' by is one of the greatest things I've ever heard!! An incredible look at such a personal event in Scott Stapp's life.
You gotta feel bad for this guy now.
George Ezra sounds like Scott Stapp doing an open mic night at a pub in Bath.
Scott stapp an dave dryer jr stole 3-4 lyricbook's of mine when they came up to pittsburgh pennsylvania from tallahassee florida in 1992-93.dave dryer jr's dad, dave sr,lived with my sister at the time he use to vist his dad from was the summer of 1992 when i showed dave dryer jr what's this life for an say i.he thought they were awesome song's an mentioned a singer he knew back home in tallahassee.he then went back to his mother's house in tallahassee an returned the following summer with scott stapp an another kid.dave dryer jr then told me to show scott the song's that i showed him the previous summer,so i did.then i went downstair's on the porch while scott an dave jr was reading thru my book's..before i knew it dave jr an scott stapp walked by me real fast an jumped into a red hatchback car,not saying anything to me,an went back to tallahassee florida..i was 29 at that time an dave jr an scott were around 18.i was pee''ed off..but could'nt chase them due to many surgerie's on both my kn ...
I told Scott Stapp he was the true talent behind Creed.
Things have taken a turn for the worse
does she know Scott Stapp is available now? & where's the pix of Bruce Jenner lately? Nothing for Christmas?
The Former Lead Singer of Creed, Scott Stapp, Is Broke and Living in a Hotel:
Update your maps at Navteq
[iRoc999] I'm the reason Scott Stapp is homeless @
I'm the reason Scott Stapp is homeless. @
Creed singer Scott Stapp repeatedly calls 911 to claim someone is trying to kill him
Phone calls reveal the extent of Creed frontman Scott Stapp's declining mental health.
Creed frontman Scott Stapp thinks he's a CIA agent ordered to kill Obama
Are we sure the threat against theaters planning to run wasn't just called in by Scott Stapp?
I believed Scott stapp for a second
I told Creed's Scott Stapp to crowd fund his addictions
Scott Stapp Parody life after Chopped Canada!: the real life!
I secretly hope Scott Stapp recovers soon & gets back to making his glorious style of music!
Scott Stapp said he was to kill 911 call alleges of singer -
If u can't handle me at my Scott stapp u don't deserve to take me higher
I just kind of figured Scott Stapp was homeless and didn't care
I want whatever Scott Stapp is smokin
Not even Scott Stapp has enough alcohol for this.
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I was gonna try to get Pastor Melissa Scott , to do an intervention with another fellow Christian pop culture icon : Creed's Scott Stapp
BS MUSIC NOTES: • Beyoncé – She’s being sued by Hungarian singer Monika Miczura (aka Mitsou) for allegedly using an unauthorized sample on the hit song “Drunk In Love”. Mitsou claims her 1995 track “Bajba Bajba Pelem” was sampled and digitally manipulated without her permission. Good luck! • Britney Spears – She has teamed with Iggy Azalea on a new single that will apparently be released early next year. Spears is currently in the middle of her 2-year residency, “Britney: Piece of Me”, at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. • Creed – According to former frontman Scott Stapp made a desperate 9-1-1 call last month from the side of a Florida highway, telling the dispatcher he was trying to dodge CIA agents out to kill him. And he’s now said to be under investigation by the Secret Service after threatening Barack Obama during his lengthy tirade. • Coldplay – Frontman Chris Martin reveals 67-year-old rock icon David Bowie once turned down the chance to collaborate with the b ...
can we please make sure Frank Ocean is not hanging out with Scott Stapp
OAKLAND, Calif. -- Scott Stapp, the Creed vocalist who recently lost touch with reality and thinks the government is after him, is still in a better mental state than local hardcore legend Marcus "Madd Dog" Duncan. Dr. Richard Townsend, Stapp's physician, told The Hard Times that despite his patient's drug-fueled delusional ramblings, Stapp is still more psychologically sound than someone like Madd Dog. [ 260 more words. ]
“Creed’s Scott Stapp catches attention of Secret Service, releases statement, deletes it
He's officially LOST IT. Threatened to kill POTUS! Over the weekend. Scott Stapp was "cruising around his...
Troubled Creed singer Scott Stapp has been denied access to his children after a legal ruling.
Scott Stapp is circling the drain ... it's incredibly sad and extremely evident from 4 recent recordings which show the desperation of the…
Creed's Scott Stapp said he was a CIA agent sent to kill Obama. "Sounds about right," said Amanda Bynes.
Ok so I am going to make a list of really cool Christian rock bands (Ok some of these might not be exactly rock...), Michael please add in bands that I haven't listed that you know and think are good! Skillet Sent By Ravens Scott Stapp (Sings for Creed) Creed Red Pillar Nine Lashes Icon For Hire (not really classified as christian but their lyrics are pretty legit) Flyleaf Fireflight (kinda chilled...) Disciple Ashes Remain House of Heroes (really different sounding! But still cool to listen too!) Burden Of A Day Before Their Eyes (not classified as a christian band... But they are all christian I believe?) Blindside Cry of the Afflicted Day of Fire Thousand Foot Krutch Switchfoot (More punk) Run Kid Run (Punk) Relient K (Punk more then rock) Hawk Nelson
The Secret Service is investigating Creed singer Scott Stapp, who denies recent claims made about him.
I find it in poor taste that the media exploits celebrity's like Amanda Bynes and Scott Stapp who are having mental health issues. They need help not made fun of.
Crikey the Scott Stapp drama doesn't seem to be subsiding
Todays' PSA: Scott Stapp's career may be an easy target for humor. His mental illness should not be.
What the *** is going on with Scott Stapp? Seems as though he has kinda lost his mind... Get it together, man.
In this latest development, TMZ has uncovered four phone calls made by Scott Stapp.
In a weird 911 recording released by TMZ, it was revealed that Scott Stapp, lead singer for the band Creed, claimed to be a CIA assassin ordered with killing President Obama.
Scott Stapp explaining how he is being targeted. The governments are who do this type of targeting. It's probably happening because he found out that he was ...
Is anyone else finding the whole Scott Stapp saga increasingly hilarious and entertaining?
Scott Stapp's downward spiral continues ... he has lost custody of his 3 kids.A Florida judge has ruled ... the former Creed frontman's soon-to-be ex-wife…
The saga involving Creed frontman Scott Stapp took another strange turn this week as the singer’s soon-to-be ex-wife claimed Stapp was in a schizophrenic rag...
 This Scott Stapp stuff is getting crazy.  The guy's been a Dbag his entire career, bu
911 calls reveal Scott Stapp's mental health is in dire straights.
Scott Stapp can't be crazy. He's a good Christian man.
So Scott stapp is on his way to kill Obama right now just to let everyone know
Y'know. I feel really bad for Scott Stapp. I don't care for Creed at all, but people need to just leave him alone. He's having a mental breakdown right now, and all these people talking about it doesn't help anything. Poor guy :(
Troubling new audio tapes taken from Creed frontman Scott Stapp's recent meltdown have surfaced online.
Ok, I have been reading a lot about Scott Stapps recent crazy spell, it just keeps getting better. I'm starting to think he might be trolling for attention.
Creed singer Scott Stapp allegedly told his wife that he is a CIA agent on a mission to assassinate President Obama, a remark which prompted her to alert 911.
Relatives of Scott Stapp, Grammy Award-winning singer and former frontman of the popular '90s rock band "Creed," made a 911 call last month saying he believed he was part of the CIA, and was supposed to assassinate President Obama, according to a celebrity news website.
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Scott Stapp updates us being ignored by banks and police, rude officer, $50 million dollars stolen, filing a report, making Scott wait + more.
Considering how crappy a job the Secret Service has been doing lately, Scott Stapp was a fairly credible threat.
The Secret Service is taking action in response to Scott Stapp's alleged threat against Obama
Secret Service to Take Action in Response to Scott Stapp's Alleged Threat Against the President...
The Fred Durst beef must've ruined Scott Stapp. I just read he is in a psycho ward cuz he thinks he is a CIA agent on mission to kill obama.
Send today's news about Scott Stapp back in time to the people of 1999, and they would be SHOCKED. An African-American president?!?!!
In a troubling 911 call, Scott Stapp's wife alleges that the Creed frontman was plotting to assassinate President Obama.
TMZ has released a 911 call from last month in which Scott Stapp's wife Jaclyn and sister-in-law call into the Sheriff's office.
Scott Stapp thinks he's a CIA agent trying to kill President Obama
Im not sure I could guess if this was The Onion or not.
“.has reportedly threatened Obama we…
Scott Stapp threatened to assassinate President Obama ... and his alarmed wife and sister-in-law made a desperate 911 call to stop him. Scott had…
Creed frontman Scott Stapp worried his family so much last month that they called 911 and begged law enforcement to put a psych hold on him.
Creed singer Scott Stapp is homeless, crazy, & threatened to kill the President. A psychiatric facility---plz accept him with arms wide open
The details are a little sad, but I think this is the best headline I have read in quite some time.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Secret Service to Stapp -- Keep your arms wide open where we can see 'em.
Sorry, as rough a time as Scott Stapp is having, I'm unconvinced he's as delusional as Dino Costa
Did you see this MT .has reportedly threatened President Obama
Creed frontman Scott Stapp threatened to kill Obama, according to a 911 call made by his wife.
Creed's former frontman Scott Stapp can't seem to catch a break, lately. The rockstar's mental illness and drug addiction has been well documented.
You know its a good day on the internet when the first thing you see is Scott Stapp threatening to kill the president
Creed frontman Scott Stapp told his wife he is a CIA agent who has been sent to kill Obama and a host of other people.
Scott Stapp threatened to kill Obama: 911 call
btw, Scott Stapp literally thinks he is CIA and supposed to assassinate Obama
Creed's Scott Stapp allegedly threatened to assassinate Obama
Geeze man Scott Stapp has really lost his marbles.
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