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Scott Speedman

Scott Speedman (born September 1, 1975) is a British-born Canadian film and television actor. He is best known for playing Ben Covington in the coming-of-age drama television series Felicity and Lycan-Vampire hybrid Michael Corvin in the gothic horror/action Underworld films.

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As long as we get Kate Beckinsale Scott Speedman and India Eisley I’m good
Said "I love your work" to Scott Speedman. He beamed and thanked me. I then yelled at him when he had…
There's a lot we talked about that sadly did not make the edit including these ER nurse scrubs and Scott Speedman's…
Auditions forms for upcoming movie out Reservation, Autograph session, All access to Scot…
Hello! My name is Scott Speedman. You killed my biophysicist. Prepare to die.
Would you rather decorate Scott Speedman or place Sienna Miller
I forget if it was Bradley Cooper or Scott Speedman in that film but another great speedman film is…
It’s always nice to touch base with Scott Speedman once a decade to see how impossibly…
Probably the best post-2000 horror film and basically brings together all of my biggest fears. Inclu…
Me: Going to watch some Mario Bava movies ... but wait, the Scott Speedman in chains scene from Underworld is on Sy…
Scott Speedman is too fine. Like he's been consistently attractive his whole life. A MAN.
Because of backlash from Scott Speedman, the SU have banned Hope & Faith.
Agreed. I wouldn't say no to more sexy Scott Speedman, but I'm not mad at the franchise
Ellen Barkin is as amazing in this as she was in her breakout film SIESTA back in the d…
For my is Scott Speedman as Michael Corvinus in Underwor…
We’re at the airport & my sister goes to get a Red Bull. She sees Scott Speedman from Animal Kingdom and blows it!
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do you think Scott Speedman would be a good wrestler?
You know what throws me about Not the terrorizing strangers - but that she said no to marrying Scott Speedman. How?? WHY!!
Scott Speedman of the TNT show, Animal Kingdom, wears a Canali suit, shirt and tie in Prestige Magazine HK. . . . .… https:/…
Underworld, starring Kate Beckinsale, Scott Speedman, Bill Nighy and Michael Sheen, was released on this day in 2003 🎬
Idk what it is about Scott Speedman but good lord he is everything 😍😍😍
Underworld was released on this day in 2003. Never get enough of Kate Beckinsale and Scott Speedman in this one.🤘❤😊
Just finished watching Underworld Blood Wars. Good thing Scott Speedman's "Michael Corvine" was killed off than replaced by another actor.
I just want Scott Speedman and India Eisley back for the final one
Episode 8: We're v v scared of The Strangers.Mostly 'cause we think Scott Speedman belongs with Felicity forever.…
I mean, Scott Speedman is Canadian, so we'll probably meet at some time, right?
Underworld will be boring with out Scott speedman
I like Scott Speedman but I hate Baz so I hope he dead
OMG. OMG. OMG. (Can you cast Keri Russell and Scott Speedman in it, please??)
If you didn't have in did you really go to college, Scott Speedman? 😛😛😛
Elliott: hopefully not in the neighborhood that I *thought* was under the radar, but I sure did miss Scott Speedman on my TV screen.
Breast Cancer Awareness
The weirdest thing about the zombie show is that I feel like I'm watching a show that stars JoAnna Garcia and Scott Speedman but I'm not?
Tonight on Keri Russell, Scott Speedman, comedian Casey Crawford, Jimmy talks to kids about the President...
She could be a young Keri Russell. :) Now, all she needs is a young Scott Speedman. ;)
The Strangers movie = scary strangers breaking into home of beautiful couple Liv Tyler & Scott Speedman.
If you haven't seen the movie The Strangers with Scott Speedman and Liv Tyler you're missin out
p sure that was Scott Speedman I almost ran into as he was out for a jog. my crush on Ben Covington resurfaces.
85 minutes of Liv Tyler sobbing /Scott Speedman can't act / scariest part in the movie was when his phone battery w…
.& Scott Speedman star in this thriller that pits mother & daughter against a creature
Fail: Picked a bad spot to take a pic and missed it. WIN: Passed Scott Speedman on the walk home. Ben MF Covington!
Except Scott Speedman as Theo Epstein and can't forget Will Farrell as the Ghost of Harry Caray.
How rich is Scott Speedman?: The post How rich is Scott Speedman? appeared first on Richest Celebrities & Cel...
And sex is definitely part of college life.
I'd like to do the young cadet thing again for sure, but that's why I...
And when I have lived elsewhere, every two weeks I have to fly back t...
I bought a house in LA, hanging out there and spending a lot of time ...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Why wasn't Scott Speedman ever a thing? He should have been.
There's nothing worse - I don't like listening to actors talk about t...
Well, when I did Underworld 2, I was in Vancouver for five months and...
Wk 25 of our challenge: THE CAPTIVE (d. ) w & Scott Speedman
You've got to just go do what you do - you can't really worry about w...
It's an interesting time that way. It's hard to meet good girls down ...
If you don't live a normal life, how do you relate to people?...
I think Canada, our industry is still somewhat based in America's ind...
Wow, I love I just won this for free, Underworld Evolution-Kate Beckinsale, Scott Speedman(DV
There's such good writing now on television and I don't see a lot of ...
Scott Speedman previews his Animal Kingdom character: 'He's a man of secrets'
Stuart Townsend and Scott Speedman are my husbands.
Scott Speedman is the face of trends garrett better than you think to get back to the impression does not see this film
Barefoot movie . Evan Rachel Wood . Scott Speedman. J.K Simmons . Just what I needed before heading back to boot camp .. Thank you :)
I feel like when they casted Ryan, they were like "he's Luke Perry meets Scott Speedman but more Canadian but also he's from the ghetto"?
Noel and Sean! I think we just found a new job for Scott Speedman (with monthly guest appearances by Keri Russell).
Is not worth watching without Speedman.
Well, this makes 2 times I've seen Felicity's Scott Speedman in LA: 1st at a movie, then at Whole Foods. WHAT ARE YOU TELLING ME, UNIVERSE?!
Rewatching Felicity and rekindling my love for Scott Speedman.
This Underworld marathon on TV is really taking me back to the good old days of Scott Speedman having a career
Watching Felicity season 1 and Scott Speedman could get it then and Scott Speedman could get it now.
I remember the lead guy's name is Speedman because I called him "Scott Stappman"
Flicked over to XXX2 and I maybe reacted in a very extreme high pitched way at seeing Scott Speedman.
The Underworld films would have a lot been better if Scott Speedman was in a sleep chamber the whole time.
Duets is about six people, so it's like three different movies - three different...
Gushing over how cute Scott Speedman is
TNT seems to be going darker and grittier with I approve of having Scott Speedman and Shawn Hatosy back on TV.
do you like attractive men and main characters who over analyze everything and are awkward? ( Also scott speedman is canadian!!)
Could watch Scott Speedman cry all day. You beautiful, beautiful man.
I turn on the tv & B99s Captain Holt is talking about nuking stuff with Scott Speedman, Agent Doggett, OC's Taylor and that *** Glee bully.
Last night I had a dream that Scott Speedman and I were cornered in a room by some bad guys who were chasing us,...
'Felicity' costars reunite for the first time (in bed) for EW via EW
Ohmygod Scott Speedman was the guy who wasn't in the vow?!?! . I'm so sorry scott speedman. I like you now.
Scott Speedman, the good looking and underappreciated dreamer character, showed up. He wants “harmony” in his life. (Karaoke movie)
But I mean who do I have to talk to to get Scott Speedman to post a recent photo on insta? ?
Finding Scott Speedman on Instagram may have been the best part of my day. Because its the little things
me neither. Boo to that casting. 10 years ago I wanted Scott Speedman ... Now I’m not sure.
So far today I've spotted Nicole Richie, Cameron Diaz (lunching together) and Scott Speedman on the same corner. I'm in a hot spot!
JJ Abrams talking about Scott Speedman's shirt falling off is going to derail my entire day
Reasons I love Scott Speedman number 17:. Dude is canadian.
can you tell us more about Scott Speedman and India Eisley returning as Michael and Eve? Thanks in advance :)
Tonight:. Me: I just want to date a guy who like ahh is like.. Peggy: Scott Speedman?. Me: no. MAYBE.
Watching Jay Baruchel & Emily Hampshire are sold. Scott Speedman is shockingly great. Editing weird. Clean cinematography.
But Scott Speedman is still a beauty
Lol. It's the name of the show with Keri Russell, Scott Speedman, Scott Foley. On Netflix. JJ Abrams directed it. Great show.
Regular reminder that Scott Speedman should be back on TV:
When my mom sees an actor (w/out me) at Barnes and Noble and it takes us two days (of me sending pics) to figure out it was Scott Speedman.
I believe it is Animal Kingdom a new TNT show with Ellen Barkin and Scott Speedman.
Ellen Barkin cast as mom to Scott Speedman's ...
TNT announces Ellen Barkin and Scott Speedman will star in its upcoming drama "Animal ...
curated your story TNT announces Ellen Barkin and Scott Speedman ...
Ellen Barkin and Scott Speedman have signed on for TNT's
Ellen cast as mom to armed robber in Animal Kingdom
Scott Speedman to play Ellen Barkin's 'son' in Animal Kingdom 
Ellen Barkin and Scott Speedman to star in TNT's Animal Kingdom pilot:
Ellen Barkin cast as mother to Scott Speedman's armed robber in Animal Kingdom
how do you feel about Animal Kingdom getting an Americanized TV series remake?
Ellen Barkin and Scott Speedman Cast in TNT&&Kingdom&Pilot - TheWrap
Ellen Barkin and Scott Speedman Cast in TNT’s ‘Animal Kingdom’ Pilot: Scott Speedman and Ellen Barkin are set ... http:…
Thank you Netflix for another fantastic movie! Barefoot, starring Evan Rachel Wood, my new wcw, and Scott Speedman.👌🏽😍
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One of my favorite movie BAREFOOT Trailer (Evan Rachel Wood & Scott Speedman- Movie - 2014) via
You'd remember it if you watched. Andre Braugher, Scott Speedman heading a rogue crew on a nuclear submarine.
Tonight's screener is Out Of The Dark, starring Julia Stiles and Scott Speedman.
If Bradley Cooper, Scott Speedman and Matthew McConaughey, had a child, that child would be Brad.
'October Gale' review: Patricia Clarkson and Scott Speedman can't ignite *** hum
"Patricia Clarkson reteams with Ruba Nadda (Cairo Time) in the steamy thriller October Gale co-starring Scott Speedman and Tim Roth." WHAT!!
was such a beautiful movie. Evan Rachel Wood and Scott Speedman were amazing
Ugh hardest game of FMK: Joshua Jackson, James Van Der Beek and Scott Speedman.
Aww: Ryan Reynolds is going to be a "great dad" says his o-tar Scott Speedman!
In if Scott Speedman's Max & Keri Russell's Paige. How great would it be to have Ben+Noel+ back on TV?!
If you're looking for some shirtless Scott Speedman check out October Gale. Me? I'm after some more Tim Roth thank you very much
Teresa Palmer nude photos with ex Scott Speedman leaked as part of mass celebrity hacking scandal involving...
What do you say, Silvia? Is Scott Speedman suitable as Jane's younger brother?
Maybe Jane even has a youger brother. Maybe Scott Speedman could play him ;)
our desire for each other has died, the only thing we have is our passion for our speedboat, "Scott Speedman" (joke answer)
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I think Scott speedman was here watching finals
Ruba Nadda's film OCTOBER GALE w/ Patricia Clarkson, Tim Roth & Scott Speedman will be a special presentation at TIFF this year!
I can tell you lots of things about our famous customers. Nicest of all would have to be Scott Speedman or Neil Diamond.
Love some Scott Speedman AND Scott Foley. Noel was the guy I wanted to marry (but Ben was the guy I wanted to bang)
I'd cast Stevenson as Punisher, Emile Hirsch as Johnny Blaze, Scott Speedman for Daredevil and John Boyega for Blade
just watched a movie with your boyfriend Scott Speedman in it called Citizen Gangster
Scott Foley, Scott Speedman, and Keri Russell all aged really well. They should do a Felicity reunion special.
What the *** is up with all the Scott Speedman movies on TV this weekend?
very sweet. I can’t wait to watch and I love me some Scott Speedman.
Robert Scott Speedman just made it my top 10 list of the sexiest men alive :D :D
I am looking forward to the Boyd gang movie Saturday. It left theatres before I could see it! Scott Speedman is a favourite of mine.
Last night at dinner at 1 table: Willem Dafoe, Benjamin Bratt, Scott Speedman. & b4 at the movies the girl from Californication.
Scott Speedman is a hottie hot hottie. oi.
um I love those movies. And Scott Speedman, what a babe
Because who doesn't want to wake up to Scott Speedman golfing 😅
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I just watched The Wedding Guest (Canada) or Barefoot (US) . It actually really surprised me. Plus I’m a sucker for Scott Speedman. ;)
Scott Speedman. He looks exactly like someone.
I just googled Scott speedman 2014 & I think it could be him!
I might be staring at Scott speedman right now but it might just be a random good looking man
if u wanna watch a really good *** film watch The 24th Day with James Marsden and Scott Speedman it's so inspiring
I liked a video from Scott Speedman talks 'The Vow' and 'Felicity'
Every time I see Scott Speedman it's in a coffee shop, and every time I think "Felicity lives!"
I always cry when Scott Speedman is being murdered in
And sex is definitely part of college life.-Scott Speedman
Ok im five years younger than Scott Speedman ***
I made sure to talk loud enough in the bookstore so Scott Speedman could overhear.
highlight of my day was recommending My Struggle to Scott Speedman at Skylight Books. You know Scott Speedman from Felicity and Underworld
Douchiest hair...Scott Speedman in The Vow. Andrew Garfield in Amazing Spider-Man. Val Kilmer in Top Gun.
On this day: UK horror movie "Chemical Wedding" was released in 2008 Also released in 2008 Starring Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman "The Strangers" 2006 "Cemetery Gates" was out The attractive Eliza Dushku leads the cast in the 2003 horror "Wrong Turn" Thailand's Horror movie "The Unborn" was released in 2003 Sci-fi movie "The Dark Side of the Moon" was out today in 1990
The "love scene" in Underworld Evolution between Selene (Kate Beckinsale) and Michael (Scott Speedman). Since YouTube won't let me keep the HD version, you c...
The adventure continues in Cannes with The Captive - Ryan Reynolds, Scott Speedman and the tall guy Kevin Durand! Hope everyone is having a great long weekend
CANNES – A24 Films has picked up U.S. rights to Atom Egoyan's The Captive, starring Ryan Reynolds, Scott Speedman and Rosario Dawson. The New York-based distributor is planning a fall 2014 release, and made the deal in partnership with DirecTV. The deal between A24 and Entertainment One Films Intern…
A24, in partnership with DirecTV, has acquired U.S. rights to Atom Egoyan's new thriller "The Captive," Variety reports. The film, which just screened for press at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival moments ago, stars Ryan Reynolds, Rosario Dawson, Mireille Enos and Scott Speedman. The film is competing…
'The Captive': Cannes Review Reynolds and Mireille Enos play parents whose daughter is abducted, while Scott Speedman and Rosario Dawson are the cops on their case in Atom Egoyan's thriller. read more from Movies
Photocall with Atom Egoyan, Rosario Dawson, Ryan Reynolds, Scott Speedman, Mireille Enos and Kevin Durand for the movie Captives
Atom Egoyans latest film is a kidnapping drama starring Ryan Reynolds, Rosario Dawson, and Scott Speedman, and The Captive is both ridiculous and phony.
2014 CANNES FILM FESTIVAL LINEUP OPENER “Grace of Monaco” (Olivier Dahan, France-U.S.-Belgium-Italy) Nicole Kidman stars as Grace Kelly in Dahan’s 1960s-set biopic, which is kicking off the festival out of competition. The Weinstein Co. is distributing the film Stateside. (Sales: Lotus Entertainment) COMPETITION “The Captive” (Atom Egoyan, Canada) Ryan Reynolds, Scott Speedman and Rosario Dawson star in this abduction thriller, Egoyan’s sixth competition entry; the Canadian helmer won the Grand Prix for 1997’s “The Sweet Hereafter.” (Sales: eOne) “Clouds of Sils Maria” (Olivier Assayas, France-Switzerland-Germany) IFC has Stateside rights to this English-language picture about an actress who withdraws to the Swiss town of the title, starring Juliette Binoche, Kristen Stewart and Chloe Grace Moretz. Assayas was previously in competition with “Clean,” “Demonlover” and “Les Destinees sentimentales,” but has yet to win a Cannes prize. (Sales: MK2) “Foxcatcher” (Bennett Mi ...
Shawn and I watched Citizen Gangster last night. Is it just me or are Scott Speedman and Bradley Cooper a tad reminiscent of one another?
They have really done a nice job. I would like to congratulate them. 'Scott Speedman' successful actor. Evan Rachel Wood is a lovely woman.
"Cruisin'" is a 1979 single written, produced, and recorded by Smokey Robinson for Motown Records' Tamla label. One of Robinson's most successful singles outside of his work with The Miracles, "Cruisin'" hit on the Cash Box chart and was also a major Billboard Pop hit, peaking at It was a Top Five hit on the Soul chart as well. Gwyneth Paltrow and Huey Lewis performed a cover of the song in the 2000 film Duets. The song is included on the soundtrack of the film. The duet spent one week at number one on the Adult Contemporary chart.[ Duets is a 2000 American road trip film co-produced and directed by Bruce Paltrow and written by John Byrum. The motion picture features an ensemble cast co-starring Gwyneth Paltrow, Paul Giamatti, Maria Bello, Scott Speedman, Andre Braugher, Huey Lewis and Angie Dickinson, among others.[1] The movie "revolves around the little known world of karaoke competitions and the wayward characters who inhabit it."
My Year in Celebrity Sightings: (I only remember on date as it was my birthday, maybe this year I will keep better track). Paula Patton and her son at the Farmers Market wearing platform hi top sneakers the week after they were feature on Gotta-Have-It-Make-It-Stop on Fashion Police. She obviously had to have it. Scott Speedman gave me a 'thanks for stopping so I can drive down this winding hillside street that should be one way so I can pass you wave' on a narrow hillside street in my neighborhood (although I have seen him many times at La Mill coffee readings scripts on his computer at the counter so that everyone can read th SCOTT SPEEDMAN emblazoned across the page while he wears oversize headphones). Not sure why he doesn't read the scripts at home. Maybe he has annoying roommates? The blonde British actress who plays the society woman on Copper, also at La Mill coffee. Marena Baccarin of Homeland with her Homeland fellow actor that she cheated on Brody with who is now on that new James Spader show t ...
Check this interview to Scott Speedman talking about Barefoot and working with :)
Roadside Attractions has released a poster and first trailer for their upcoming Barefoot romantic comedy drama starring Evan Rachel Wood and Scott Speedman
tbh I still find Scott speedman and tony more lickable
I tell you I'm about 98% disappointed that Underworld: Awakening doesn't have Scott Speedman in it. It's no good without forbidden love.
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I had a conversation with Scott Speedman & reported a fire. Pretty exciting morning so far. FYI: Avoid the 5S off ramp in Atwater
Awake...ish. Watching UNDERWORLD : AWAKENING. I hope they make more UNDERWORLD films with Kate Beckinsale as Selene, and hopefully Scott Speedman will reprise his role as vampire/lycan hybrid Michael Corvin, Selene's mate and father to her hybrid daughter, who has no name yet other than Subject 2.
So basically what I've learned from binge watching early 00s tv on is that Scott Speedman and Bradley Cooper are the same person
As a fan i'd like to see Channing Tatum or Scott Speedman in Paul's
Today's Fanboy Delusion: Today I'd rather be. working the kinks out with Scott Speedman.Listen, Picture O...
What is Scott Speedman doing, you ask? Just stretching.
Only wish for this film was i wanted Scott Speedman to return but i love Kate Beckinsale so much.
Who is it from? Am I like felicity and maybe I missed my Scott Speedman?? Maybe I will never know
The Sheriff is awesome and totally reminds me of Scott Speedman
"Scott Speedman stretches out for Thanksgiving trot!", by JustJared
Scott Speedman Stretches Out for Thanksgiving Turkey Trot!: Scott Speedman shows off his muscles in a ...
Poor Paul. I wish it could have been Scott Speedman.
I'm so disappointed Scott Speedman (my favorite werewolf) isn't in the new Underworld movie, it was the whole reason I wanted to watch it! But Matt's happy, Kate Beckinsale is still hot.
I just watched a movie called "The 24th day." A casual *** pickup turns into a nightmare in Tony Piccirillo's adaptation of his play, The 24th Day. Tom (Scott Speedman of TV's Felicity) approaches Dan (James Marsden of X-Men) in a bar, and the two hit it off. Tom brings Dan home to his apartment, where, after some idle chatter, Dan tries to kiss Tom. Tom shies away, and begins asking Dan about his sexual history. Dan eventually realizes that he's been in Tom's apartment before. They had an encounter several years ago, and Tom has a much clearer memory of that night than Dan does. Eventually, things turn ugly, and Dan finds himself tied to a chair. Tom extracts a blood sample, explaining to Dan that he just recently learned that he's HIV-positive. Tom insists that he's not *** and believes that the only way he could have gotten the virus is from Dan. Tom goes out to have the blood sample tested, and when he gets back, he tells Dan that when he gets the results back, if Dan is HIV-positive, Tom is going to ...
Will Scott Speedman act in the next movie? :(
Also here's the trailer for The 24th Day where Scott Speedman kidnaps and ties up his former lover James Marsden.
And my follow up would be I hope Scott Speedman shows his peen in his new HBO show. SCOTT SPEEDMAN=LUST.
Hey guy from Florida Georgia line I know you aren't Scott speedman.
BREAKING: Scott Speedman demands new flannel from Aleksander Chan by Nov. 10
OK you can write it. i met scott speedman when i bumped into him at a coffee place and spilled coffee all over his flannel
I didn't know Scott Speedman was a Mainer.
If I meet Keri Russell, I'm gonna ask her about Scott Speedman.
Scott Speedman is probably too young but now that we're watching Felicity I'd like to see him pop up.
The cast for Open, the Ryan Murphy/Lauren Gussis HBO pilot about modern day sexuality and relationships, keeps getting better; Cheyenne Jackson (30 Rock, Glee) has joined the previously announced Anna Torv, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Wes Bentley, Scott Speedman, and Michelle Monaghan. Murphy co-created Glee, American Horror Story, and Nip/Tuck, and Gussis' resume includes writing/producing stints on Dexter and Once Upon a Time, so this should be a VERY interesting project.
Underworld: Evolution, not only a great movie... But we are graced with seeing Scott Speedman's boo-to the-tay! Which was totally organic and viable to the plot, obviously!
So we played a few games with Scott Speedman today! He's Michael Corvin from the Underworld movies! Nice guy and good basketball player!
Public Service Announcement to all Felicity fans: Scott Speedman just crossed the street in front of my car.
I watched The Vow yesterday. I totally forgot that Dillon is in it. He was so hot there w his beautiful smile.and oh god Scott Speedman
I forgot Scott Speedman! I see a pattern with you - Hottie Husband, Hottie Canadian Actors - you are into Hotties! ha ha ha
Oh come on! Ok...Scott Speedman and Stephen Amell. I really like them. And Ryan, of course!
Scott Foley and Scott Speedman have aged so well. Next time my sister comes over I’m asking her for her DVDs.
Scott Speedman talks about the movie The Vow: via
“I believe in love at first episode” this reminds me of you and your love for Scott Speedman
lol. But she did it for Scott speedman!! I haven't decided if I will keep watching or not..
I wonder if I could photoshop Jamie Alexander's head onto Kate Beckinsale or Kerri Russell's body since she and Scott Speedman have no pics-
"Barney's Version" is on Sundance. The only thing I remember about this movie is that Scott Speedman is in it.
My week is complete, I took a photo with Scott Speedman aka Ben from "Felicity" tonight.
I've lived in Toronto for 3 months and I've only seen 1 was Scott Speedman from Felicity...
Directed by Len Wiseman. With Kate Beckinsale, Scott Speedman, Shane Brolly, Michael Sheen. Selene, a beautiful vampire warrior, is entrenched in a war between the vampire and werewolf races. Although she is aligned with the vampires, she falls in love with Michael, a werewolf who longs for the war…
Favorite scary movie countdown The Strangers. Newer. Scary masks, middle of the woods, scott speedman and Liv Tyler. it's really great.
HEYYY Y'ALL Happy Haloweeen watching the movie The Strangers w/Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman
Not only is Ryan Gosling in the Goosebumps episode "Say Cheese and Die", but so is Scott Speedman aka Ben from Felicity. ::all the 90s feelz::
"This entry (The Strangers) has by far the loosest interpretation of "Based on a True Story" ever. The home invasion thriller stars Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman as a couple that's stalked and assaulted by weirdos in masks and ultimately run through the bloody wringer. According to director Bryan Bertino, the story was based on an incident from his childhood in which strangers who came to the door turned out to be scoping the neighborhood to rob it, which scared him and made him think of this scenario. Wha? Uh, okay."
: "The Strangers" starring Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman is on FX right now. This movie always scares the shout of me!!!
Recommendation. "The Strangers" with Liv Tyler & Scott Speedman. BUT, you should watch it at night, in the dark if you want to get the crap scared out of you.
If saw Scott Speedman today, I hope that means ill see Michael Vartan next.
I swear the only reason I watch XXX : State of the Union is because of Scott Speedman.
Felicity fans will enjoy that one of the friends Keri Russell brought with her to our Austenland screening is Scott Speedman.
A queit evening at home with the husband and Scott Speedman. Recharging my inner battery.
Bradley Cooper and Scott Speedman in one afternoon...I think I can end my day now. Thank you for both being tall
Okay Scott Speedman is really sexy in The Vow..
Laying in bed watching 1998 Scott Speedman😍 and eating watermelon sour patch kids
I think his name is scott speedman... but whatever he is hot. like ive had a crush on him since like 3rd grade prob my 1st celebcrush
Love it. Scott Speedman to Star in Ryan Murphy's HBO Drama 'Open' via
Random says, "OMG, you look like Scott Speedman from !!" - aftermath of shaving the beard!
FUN FACT: Simon Baker is suing Scott Speedman for stealing his face.
I've seen a lot of episodes of Felicity watching with my mom and it's pretty *** good. Scott Speedman can get it
If I ever meet Scott Speedman I'm punching him square in the mouth
Last night, I had a dream I was chatting it up with Scott Speedman. Keri Russell was also there. Needless to say, it was a great dream.
The amount of close ups on Scott Speedman's face in this episode.DID I DIRECT THIS OR SOMETHING?!
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Channing Tatum is so much more sexier then Scott Speedman. I don't get why she would want that ugly guy!
Me too. Hugh Jackman has one too. It's a shame Alex O'Loughlin, Taylor Kitsch & Scott Speedman don't instagram.
i don't know their names but i just searched about them in google xD Liv Tyler and scott speedman :D
Scott Speedman Joins Ryan Murphy's Open Pilot - Scott Speedman is docking his submarine in a completely...
do i av room in my life 4 another show?lol Anna Torv, Scott Speedman cast in Ryan Murphy's Sexuality Drama
Fringe star Anna Torv has scored a role in new Ryan Murphy pilot Open alongside Scott Speedman" Loved fringe &Scott in underworld
“Barney’s Version” (2010) stars Paul Giamatti as Barney Panofsky, who is an incredible schmuck, except for his third wife, Miriam (Rosamund Pike), the love of his life whom he met at his second wedding. You get all that? Right – he’s a complete and total loss, only marginally more responsible than his magnificently talented friends (writer, artist, etc). Giamatti turns in yet another dazzling performance here, taking Barney from young manhood to senility through oceans of alcohol (and what must be acres of Monte Cristo cigars) that can never seem to numb the effects of his high-muckity-shmuck-ti-tude. Fact is, you still gotta love the guy, and yet one can only stand in awe of such a scoundrel who manages to attract the friends and only-in-Hollywood-beautiful wives that he has attracted. His first wife, Clara (Rachelle Lefevre), accurately described by his best friend, a writer (Scott Speedman), is “crazy. She’s a conversation piece. She’s not a wife.” She’s on screen long enough to dro ...
Then again, we're missing out on that Lifetime movie starring Keri Russell, Scott Speedman, and Zoe Saldana/Lisa Bonet...
It's off the air now but there was this episode of LAST RESORT, where Scott Speedman makes this HEARTFELT HOME VIDEO for his wife
I mean Joshua Jackson and Katie Holmes or Scott Speedman and Keri Russell, and now Ian and Nina? Like seriously? ...
Scott Speedman was in it to. He played the cop. I could tell by his amazing lips lol.
Had a Scott Speedman spotting in SoHo last night. That man gets even more handsome with age.
Swear I just locked eyes (OK, maybe I was staring) with Scott Speedman. Never cared about him...until now!
plus i was totally oblivious to the fact that it was Scott Speedman on Last Resort.. i knew he looked very familiar
Scott Speedman is a Werewolf and a Vampire.
*** Scott Speedman for being a sexy fool.
thought you were still recovering from getting shot by Scott Speedman
To anyone this might matter to...I waited on Scott speedman and Camille de pazzis today... and feel old Because I had no clue who they were.. give me Doris day, Clint Eastwood or bill Murray...anyday
oh yeah? WELL I was at the wrap up party of "the strangers" and got slam drunk with Scott speedman (still don't know who he is)
The only reason why I watch underworld over and over again is because of Scott Speedman 😍
Making a today mini marathon, thanks to Comcast on demand
Andrew Garfield is the younger version of Scott Speedman, eww
Watching "Felicity" season 1. Still one of the best shows ever. :)
Watching it again... forgot how amazingly sexy Scott Speedman was.. or is.. heh
I beat Scott Speedman at ping-pong and also Ted Danson in Chess. True story.
Hmmm Did you know that Scott Speedman AKA Michael Corvin never actually appeared in Underworld Awakenings?? His face was imposed over another actors for his brief appearance
Scott Speedman and Scott Foley are both named Scott.
Michael Corvin is a modern day descendant of the Corvinus Clan. He is the lover of Selene and...
Scott Speedman makes me want to be a Lycan. He also makes me want to drop my pants but its mainly the Lycan thing
Watching the show Felicity again for the first time since 2001. Scott Speedman is so dang cute!
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JJesse Fainand I are debating who's cuter: Scott Foley or Scott Speedman. We're both furiously googling photos. I say Noel Crane ftw!
Scott Speedman is in this episode, too. Whoa.
that guy in the stupid weather inappropriate hat sure looks a lot like scott speedman . . . THAT IS SCOTT SPEEDMAN!
I am totally smitten with the guy in the new J. Crew catalog. He's a cross btwn Christian Bale, Scott Speedman and Dylan McDermott. Rawr!
Watching Underworld always makes me legit want to find a way to be a werewolf. And also make a baby with Scott Speedman.
I will see it. Netflix rec for you: GOOD NEIGHBOURS. Jay Baruchel and Scott Speedman in a totally different/creepy element.
I couldn't agree more! I would do bad things to Scott Speedman😳💗
Scott Speedman still makes my heart flutter.
Robert Scott Speedman...He is my favorite actor.yeh
Scott Speedman's IMDB trivia page is gold: "As Ms. Beckinsale stated during an interview on "The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien" (2009): "After making Underworld (2003), we adopted him as a sort of pseudo family pet. We stroke him and feed him and it's good for him"."
Ryan Gosling and Scott Speedman were in a Goosebumps episode together? Lol ***
In love with Joey McIntyre all over again. ;-) thanks boys for an awesome nite. NKOTB rock!!!
Tonight's Movie: The Vow @ 8pm on Fox Movies Premium. Starring: Rachel McAdams, Channing Tatum and Sam Neill Directed by: Michael Sucsy Paige and Leo (Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum) are a happy newlywed couple whose lives are changed by a car accident that puts Paige in a coma. Waking up with severe memory loss, Paige has no memory of Leo, a confusing relationship with her parents (Sam Neill and Jessica Lange), and an ex-fiancé (Scott Speedman) she may still have feelings for. Despite these complications, Leo endeavors to win her heart again and rebuild their marriage.
Based on a real WWII vet and family man turned bank robber. Disillusioned by his post war circumstances, Eddie Boyd is torn between the need to provide for his young family and an unfulfilled dream to head to Hollywood to become a star. He discovers a way to do both, robbing banks Hollywood style, b...
This beautiful man, scott speedman, also on the same episode of goosebumps with Ryan Gosling.
Remember this name ladies... Scott Speedman. You may not know his name now, but you will. He's the next Bradley Cooper. Maybe better.
Oh my lord...Ryan Gosling is in the Say Cheese and Die episode of Goosebumps
capsule review: The Strangers is an excellent and tightly controlled horror/thriller that pulls no punches. It had excellent and all too human performances from co-leads Liv (Heavy, which i saw in Boston...maybe at Kendall Square but i can't remember for sure...anyway, it was excellent) Tyler & Scott (Good Neighbors..another truly excellent thriller even though it's from Canada which usually makes pretentious art films like the excellent Heartbeats by Xavier Dolan or something. Bought Good Neighbors twice. The first one broke and the second one i "had" to sell when i was financially desperate and being bullied by a bunch of selfish cretins) Speedman. The quality of acting and the slow steady build of truly sympathetic protagonists faced with truly terrifying, unknowable and endlessly menacing antagonists against the backdrop of a very simple home invasion scenario was the perfect formula to create maximum tension. I believe it worked and the ending was truly shocking and unconventinal, esp for a studio fi ...
I just watched the trailer for "The Purge". Nightmares forever now. Thanks, Anthony Berg ! :)
There's still time to guess and win! Who does this famous Smile belong to?!
Directed by Bryan Bertino. With Alex Fisher, Scott Speedman, Liv Tyler, Gemma Ward. A young couple staying in an isolated vacation home are terrorized by three unknown assailants.
Julia Stiles y Scott Speedman protagonizan "Out of the dark"
Scott Speedman is so hot. Totally makes up for the other irritating characters.
I've been on a felicity marathon for a couple weeks and I forgot how hot Scott speedman is.
As much as Noel is a cutie patootie, Ben is the MAN. LOVE Scott Speedman!
Scott Speedman. The things I would do to that man.
Julia Stiles, Board Thriller 'Out of the Dark' vía
Julia Stiles and Scott Speedman Head Out of the Dark in Colombia: Julia Stiles ('Silver Linings Playbook', 'De...
Julia Stiles and Scott Speedman Head 'Out of the Dark' in Colombia -->
Julia Stiles, Scott Speedman con en 'Out of the Dark' vía
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