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Scott Skiles

Scott Allen Skiles (born March 5, 1964, in LaPorte, Indiana) is an American former professional basketball player and the current head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks.

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And this is why the Celtics are the Scott Skiles-coached Bulls reincarnated.
Is that what you said before you punched vinny del *** Or fires Scott skiles on x-mas eve? Or fi…
Maybe he'll call Scott Skiles and remind him that one time he fired him on Christmas Day.
Scott Skiles did not play with LBJ. That has nothing to do with him being better than Eric Snow.…
Maybe Scott Skiles was right about him
Scott Skiles: 11ppg, 7apg, with a standing all-time record of 30 asts in game. Far superior to Eric S…
Getting some blowback for choosing Eric Snow over Scott Skiles at No. 10 all-time among MSU's top NBA draft picks.
Definitely some ball movement elements, but not as much as Scott Skiles’ offense.
Just rocked so hard with Scott Skiles in NBA JAM that he rage quit on me with 50 seconds left in the 4th quarter.
Magic haven't had a winning season since he left. Do you hate on Scott Skiles this hard? Stop bashing the guy.
If Nets plan is to have Lin mentor DR ala Scott Skiles did for Penny Hardaway, then I'm not interested.
I'm hoping they bring in Scott Skiles in a dual GM/Coaching role! Sounds legit.
I can say with full certainty that I have those exact Armon Gilliam and Scott Skiles cards. 50…
Hon mention to Evander Holyfield, mike Tyson, Scott skiles, Calvin Murphy and Vladi Guerrero
At some point in the future, all bloodlines will trace back to him, Vlad Guerrero, Scott Skiles and Travis Henry.
Celebrate Father's Day with hopeful story about a veteran & unconditional support of his father post-deployment: .
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The Orlando Magic once gave up the pick that became Vince Carter just to unload Scott Skiles' contract.
Yup. The Magic traded it to Washington for Scott Skiles. Washington traded it to Golden St. for Tom Gugliotta.
and a glimpse of the Skiles Office Expansion Project out in Richardson, Texas sent in by Scott Prather.
If you replace Jacque Vaughn, Scott Skiles, Frank Vogel, and Rob Hennigan with Doc Rivers is that an improvement?
They need Scott Skiles as an Inspector Javert style villain.
You know you really have something special when the players start holding themselves accountable – Scott Skiles
Maybe, just maybe Scott Skiles and Jacque Vaughn were awful coaches all along
5 games on the sidelines, plus limited minutes as he's incorporated back into things. Plus, Scott Skiles!
Maybe it was Scott Skiles' fault last season. Maybe he just needed to get comfortable this season. But... The inconsistency remains!
It's like Scott Skiles treatment all over again
Not until Scott Skiles coaches the team
if it wasn't for Scott skiles, they would've won state. He would've had a better NBA career than NFL.
I just hope he doesn't pull a Scott Skiles move when this season is over
Frank Vogel has that Scott Skiles resigning look on his face
Jason Kidd: If I play Jabari Parker, I can easily win this game. Evil Jason Kidd: Bench him. Show the world who th…
It's a fade on sight if I ever see Scott Skiles
Bulls. Derrick Rose mainly, and before that, the general look on Scott Skiles face.
. We might be looking at another Scott Skiles Orlando Magic situation here with Thibs.. Thibs is old school
mad cuz they got dudes in they prime and they still *** not to mention they coach is Scott Skiles. Take that L sir lmao
Great article. Full book on this next please. Or at least an in depth Scott Skiles retrospective.
DUMPED Tobias Harris for no reason. Hired Scott Skiles. The Ibaka trade. Paying Biyombo all that money.
11 year old me was hooked after watching Scott Skiles and Plymouth win state in 1982 on a grainy channel 4.
Iont wanna hear bout Scott Skiles no mo!
WASSUP SCOTT SKILES! 31asts no quits with a CPU Matchup!
They'll keep Caldwell, try to salvage Bortles with Scott Skiles in 2017, then blow everything up in 2018 offseason & trade for Tony Romo
just bought my 3rd copy; this time for on his bday. He's a Magic fan so he'll appreciate t…
Sources: Tobias Harris would prefer not to return to the Orlando Magic and play for Scott Skiles, who previously coached him in Milwaukee.
Scott Skiles, Nate McMillan, Mike Dunleavy Sr. the 3 names that come so mind in recent memory.
Frank Vogel doesn't care why Scott Skiles quit and says Magic could be better than Pacers
Adrian Heath to Scott Skiles: Quitting can be about principle
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Orlando City coach Adrian Heath on Scott Skiles: Sometimes quitting is most principled thing to do
Welcome to the Coach Vogel!. Scott Skiles: Thanks for quitting. Larry Bird: Thanks for being stupid!. That worked out well
A huge shoutout to Scott Skiles and Larry Bird. Without you guys Frank Vogel wouldn’t be the new head coach of the Orlan…
Shout outs to Larry Bird, Toronto Raptors, Scott Skiles, Rob Hennigan and Frank Vogel. Having Vogel as the HC is a franchise changer.
The Magic are absolutely lucky to have landed Frank Vogel. All it took was Larry Bird and Scott Skiles losing their minds for…
Under Webster's definition of failed retread, there's photo of Nate McMillan..along side of Lionel Hollins and Scott Skiles.
Talking the Orlando Magic-Scott Skiles saga on the Sports Talk Florida Insiders Show
On this quick 'Ringer NBA Show,' and discuss Scott Skiles and what's up with the Magic
Mark my words, Scott Skiles just resigned from He'll be the next coach. 👎🏼
Orlando Magic coach Scott Skiles resigns as the coach I think Mark Jackson or former Magic player Brian Shaw should be the next coach
Scott Skiles looks like he ate Scott Skiles
Scott Skiles surprises NBA world with resignation from STORY:
does Scott Skiles resigning have anything to do with the Pacers job opening? Is that a possibility, him coming to the Pacers?
Scott Skiles tells Orlando Magic he will resign
There was certainly a disconnect between Scott Skiles & GM Rob Hennigan. A few disagreements on personnel & on the mind…
THIS JUST IN: Scott Skiles informs Magic that he is stepping down as head coach.
LOL, Scott Skiles just went straight Scarface from Half Baked.
"Here is the world. Beautiful and terrible things will happen. Don't be afraid" Frederick Buechner via Scott Skiles
Remembering what Scott Skiles told him, Channing Frye delivers for Cavs in Game 3 with 27 points:
This was Scott Skiles at the Berto Center on a regular basis. That's how you get fired on Christmas.
Scott Skiles wasn't a bad point guard I think ironically enough he ran point in WSH with Chris Weber
Scott Skiles is a permanent member of the "All Star team after trying to fight Shaq.
Tonight's comp from a coach for Giannis: Aaron Rodgers. This was a beauty from Scott Skiles:
Scott Skiles of the Orlando Magics holds the record for Most assists in a game with 30 against the...
PG Elfrid Payton Jr. came off the bench again for yesterday's game, but head coach Scott Skiles said he'll start again soon.
Scott Skiles is really doing a great job of developing Jason Smith and Andrew Nicholson in a rebuilding season 😞
Scott Skiles thinks Andrew Nicholson is the next LaMarcus Aldridge
Magic coach Scott Skiles on LeBron: "He knows every play of every team in the league. He's got an extremely high basketb…
.coach Scott Skiles said he is opting for Brandon Jennings as the starting PG tonight because of D on Tues…
A happy birthday to current coach Scott Skiles!
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So where does conservative pay. If its like plymouth ind not much. Thinking the world revolves around nortre dame scott skiles
you rostered a Scott skiles player in cash!!! And Russell fatigued on 3 in 4... Wish I had guts to fade
they keep hiring coaches like Derek Fisher, Byron Scott, Scott skiles just keep repeating the same mistakes.
I'm ok with bad dfs coaches that win.. aka carlisle, pop, stevens... it's the ones like scott mitchell skiles that *** me of
New Video: Scott Skiles on Suns; ‘They were much more physical than us’
I'm so glad Sam Mitchell went to the Scott Skiles school of coaching for 1 game out of nowhere.
I wish I could fight Scott Skiles just one time
Watch coach Scott Skiles break down his team's home loss to the Suns on Friday night.
please retire you are not good that's why Scott Skiles doesn't like you
I will never roster another Magic player as long as Scott Skiles is their coach!
Scott Skiles and the Magic can't be trusted for dfs at all.
Kinda hard for me now to trust AG going in cash games because Scott Skiles is an awful coach. 16 mins? Really?
Aaron Gordon 15 min & only 2 fouls. If i'm a Magic fan I want Scott Skiles out now! Turrible
That's right Scott Skiles they Manhandle us tonight. if they push you, you push back. Only guy that did that was J. Smith
"I'm not gonna get much sleep tonight. I'm interested if the guys in the lockeroom are," Skiles after game. 🎧
The defense was better under Jacque Vaughn>James Borrego>Scott Skiles?😳🤐
Scott Skiles gotta be fired after this.
Scott Skiles post game speech should be along the lines of “y’all suck”
is so terrible he doesn't even play. Can someone fire Scott Skiles soon? Guy is a joke
Kurt Rambis and Scott Skiles are being ridiculous, awful coaches. Time is a flat circle.
Scott Skiles is not the right coach for the Getting blown out by a lottery team n only 16 min for the game.
scott skiles needs to be fired. Plain and simple, a terrible nba coach
Towns gonna go for 60 and it isnt going to matter. Alex Len and Scott Skiles are both dead to me. 10x the only way that was a bad play.
im done rostering chalky magic players on nights like this. The scott skiles effect is real
Scott Skiles looked a bit shell shocked. Ahhh we'll get em next time right
How is Scott skiles an NBA coach. Play your best player!!!
I've been a supporter all season, but after this game, Coach Scott Skiles needs to be fired
The players have quit on Scott Skiles.
Skiles Scott and Hornacek need to be released immediately
Anyone have Scott Skiles cell number? I need to call him to tell him take a timeout
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The Scott Skiles line change probably deserved tonight. Though I'm pretty sure his players hate his guts for it.
I really really hat Scott Skiles. He's an ***
I think Scott Skiles would bench the entire team if he were allowed to.
Scott Skiles trying to get fired tonight?
Maybe if skiles coached better he wouldn't have to bench his starting five every game. They start for a reason Scott
Scott Skiles has officially taken the role of worst dfs NBA coach in the league
Scott skiles is the worst coach in the NBA and it's not even close.. Garbage
Right on cue Scott Skiles does it again and benches all of his starters after starting off the 3rd on a 0-9 run.
Did Scott Skiles just pull all his starters 2 mins into the second half? No wonder they suck so bad!!
Scott skiles just benched his starters 3 mins into 3rd quarter. I give up
After getting outscored 9-0 in the third quarter, Scott Skiles brought every starter out of the game.
After surrender a 9-0 start to 2nd half to fall into a 67-50 hold to Scott Skiles benches all 5 starters.
Wasnt Scott Skiles supposed to improve the Magic's defense and teamwork?
Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls it's time for the Scott Skiles Magic Show. Where your players minutes disappear!
The Suns have made 17 of their 30 shot attempts. An easy driving layup by Archie Goodwin prompted Scott Skiles to call a timeout.
Scott Skiles rotations are not as bad as Jacque Vaughn's but not much better either.
Scott Skiles and Scott Van Pelt need to sit next to each so we can tey to guess who is who
In Milwaukee, Andrew Bogut played for Larry Krystkowiak, Terry Stotts & Scott Skiles. All were fired, all considered good coaches, right?
Ish Smith has scored 9 straight points and the Sixers lead Orlando 81-77 in a game Magic coach Scott Skiles said was a 'must-win.'
Reggie Miller said that Indiana wouldn't make the playoffs, yet praised Scott Skiles and said Orlando was going to be a threat. SMH
Report: head coach Scott Skiles has been looking for more from PG Elfrid Payton Jr. lately.
head coach Scott Skiles said SG-SF Evan Fournier will more than likely continue to start at SF for at least the next few games.
More than likely, Evan Fournier will continue to start at small forward for at least the next few games, Scott Skiles said.
FYI: Scott Skiles coached both Brandon Jennings and Ersan Ilyasova in Milwaukee.
Crean is asked where he first met Tom Izzo. "At a Michigan State practice when Jud Heathcote was coach and Scott Skiles was playing."
Scott Skiles will bench Aaron Gordon in the first game after the break. Too much flash.
Wonder if Scott Skiles gonna give Super Mario Hezonja and Aaron Gordon more minutes
A bit of what's left of Scott Skiles' soul dies with every Aaron Gordon dunk
Guys like Scott Skiles and Doug Collins have similar shelf lives but much lower ceilings
coach Scott Skiles says Evan Fouriner will start in place of Tobias Harris today.
Ed Harris stars in Scott Skiles biopic "The one"
head coach Scott Skiles said they like PG Shabazz Napier overall, but that he needs to play better.
With 7:03 to go, Scott Skiles has put Keith Appling, Shabazz Napier, Mario Hezonja, Andrew Nicholson and Dewayne Dedmon into the game.
Scott Skiles has been riding Nicola Vucevic of late, mins are up and good matchup vs BOS. Love Nic tonight, could see a huge dub/dub.
GM Rob Hennigan tells on that he thinks coach Scott Skiles is doing a great job. Says they need to be patient.
Scott Skiles tries to keep an even keel through the Magic\'s slump(Orlando news)
Scott Skiles is the best coach. Not Phil Jackson.
For gods sake he wanted to elect a coach for president for the 8th seed ... So are we electing Scott Skiles and Randy Wittman in 2016!
in the Scott Brooks, Mike Brown, Scott Skiles way, sure. let him coach my young team of rookies
Jason Smith (left ankle) is good to play tonight, Scott Skiles said.
My boy Scott Skiles won HC of the month. 👌 Orlando went 10-5 through out the month of December.
How about the Magic? 19-13, currently ONE game out of 2nd place in the East. Scott Skiles is doing a fantastic job.
It was Christmas Eve 2007 that John Paxson & the Chicago Bulls relieved Scott Skiles of his Head Coaching duties. http…
Blogtable: Man Of The Hour: David Aldridge, I love what Scott Skiles has done so far in...
Aaron Gordon has not played yet. Scott Skiles was optimistic Gordon would play despite a sore ankle. But perhaps things have changed.
Idle wondering: W/out Tim Duncan as regulator of culture, does Gregg Popovich become like Doug Collins/Scott Skiles, burno…
Scott Skiles says he would not have traded Tobias Harris to Magic
.coach Scott Skiles said vet PG CJ Watson (calf strain) is still very sore & was pulled out of drill b/c of noticeable limp.
why was Scott Skiles yelling at Cousins
Scott Skiles trying to rile big Cousins. Screw you, Scottie!
Magic coach Scott Skiles recaps the win with the media. Best quote, when asked about Nik Vucevic not…
Scott Skiles added that Nik Vucevic looked "low-energy" and that's a reason he got pulled in the second half.
John Paxson just spent time visiting with Scott Skiles in Skiles' office pregame.
Vucevic, Harris, Fournier, Oladipo and Payton are the starters for Orlando tonight. New head coach Scott Skiles has the clipboard
Season Preview Pod || sets the stage for the Scott Skiles show:
Staff predictions on how the Magic will fare: First-year Orlando coach Scott Skiles previously has been the he...
I like how Scott Skiles is never satisfied
From The needed discipline and defense. Enter Scott Skiles, who can help with both
With Skiles at the helm and a promising roster, expectations for winning and player development ...
That’s when you know you really have something going, when the players are starting to hold themselves accountable. – Scott Skiles
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``We don’t believe in the philosophy of no accountability, just playing the way they want. It’s disastrous for development." -Scott Skiles
Basketball season cannot get here soon enough. Never thought I'd say these words, but thank you Scott Skiles. (For not being Jacque Vaughn.)
Hill: No doubt Magic will improve with Skiles: Orlando head coach Scott Skiles yells during the New O...
Orlando Magic preview: Scott Skiles looking to turn team's fortunes
.yielded 95.5 ppg. in preseason -- a number Scott Skiles said will improve dramatically when team learns 2 defend w/o fouling.
In his postgame comments, Scott Skiles said one of the staff's top priorities is figuring out who'll start the season opener.
A win makes for a happy Scott Skiles. Listen to the coach's postgame presser here:
Hill: No doubt Magic will improve with Skiles: Scott Skiles was having a terrific game against the L.A. Clippers…
let's hope that Scott Skiles doesn't make the mistake of letting Mario Hezonja languish on the bench. Give him a chance ASAP!
Scott Skiles originally intended to extend players' minutes. It's unclear if he'll still do that.
9-0 run for the coming out of the timeout. That is probably not making Scott Skiles happy.
What can Scott Skiles and Mario Hezonja do for tells us that & more:
I'm legit excited about watching the this season.
- Magic - Magic-Grizzlies shootaround video: Scott Skiles:
.coach Scott Skiles said F (illness) went through shootaround this morning & is good to play ton…
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Only 5 more days until the tips off! and the will be under new coach Scott Skiles.
Previewing tonight's Magic-Grizzlies preseason finale, along with video of Scott Skiles' Q-and-A:
Scott Skiles so the whole USA team can quit?
Did they ask Phil Jackson Steve Kerr did anyone ask Scott skiles can I get an American anybody Roy Williams
Tobias Harris, who had been sick, is likely to play tonight, Scott Skiles said. Shabazz Napier (leg) also is likely to …
Lots of upside with Aaron Gordon returning in Orlando. We'll see how Scott Skiles handles all the young talent at his disposal.
Looks as if s coach Scott Skiles has Tobias Harris playing defense & man does he look good out there. 16pts & 5rebs in 23mins!
don't forget Orlando started the Scott Skiles era predictably, with a loss last night :/
Scott Skiles has high expectations for the young this season. WATCH:
Scott Skiles intends to give the Magic an identity(Orlando news)
Magic coach Scott Skiles should start forward Aaron Gordon to improve defense.
... Still can't agree with that. He left too late. It's just we needed Scott Skiles after not Tim Floyd.
Nick Anderson 50-point game on NBA TV right now. Scott Skiles has hair, Shaq is thin and Bernard King is on the Nets. I'm at a loss.
Look at the names on this list. Scott Skiles?
You're short-changing guys if you don't think that you can challenge them. – Scott Skiles
The light in his office is still on. Matt Lloyd and Scott Perry are with Scott Skiles on the sideline.
Magic's Elfrid Payton discusses new coach Scott Skiles and the upcoming summer league
Why not sign PF/C Larry Sanders, he knows Scott Skiles he's a rim protector who also can score last but not least he's from FL
The Orlando Magic are not expected to look radically different under coach Scott Skiles.
.breaks down the Orlando hiring of Scott Skiles:
Fred Hoiberg in Chicago, Alvin Gentry in "Nawlins" and Scott Skiles in Orlando... where my boy Thibs going?!
An Eastern Conference young team hires Scott Skiles. A Western Conference young team hires Alvin Gentry. The joke just never stops.
What does Scott Skiles' likely hire in Orlando mean for and Tom Thibodeau?
Scott Skiles for the magic job? Lmfao Orlando love being in the projects
Scott Skiles jumps ahead as front runner, according to report
Scott Skiles is the frontrunner for the Magic\'s coaching job, report says(Orlando news)
It's a shame they threw away two of those picks on a Scott Skiles salary dump just so they could sign Horace Grant.
Thibodeau, Mark Jackson, Brian Shaw and Scott Skiles can you please make one of these our next Orlando Coach please
Former PG and former head coach Scott Skiles is known to have a strong relationship with president Alex Martins.
Any thoughts on Scott Skiles? Maybe headed for the Magic HC but good valley connection.
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I have Final 4 tickets...sweet Magic Johnson and Scott Skiles, please let me see my Spartans!
Mike Warren, John Ritter, Scott Skiles, Shawn Kemp, Rick Fox all led teams to regional titles at North Side Gym in Elkhart.
probably doesn't know Steve Kerr Sam Vincent or Scott Skiles played there.
The Suns offense is humming along at levels not seen in Phoenix since Frank Johnson and Scott Skiles roamed the sidelines.
felt like Scott Skiles was Coaching and falling in love with jump shot and that is what cost them the game.
Scott Skiles holds the record for the most assists in one game in 1990 he dish out 30 assists against the nuggets
Scott Skiles and Mark Price = underrated hoppers. Real talk watch Price back in the day. He used to chew cats on the regular.
This Day in History (91) Scott Skiles had 20pts/20asts & Dennis Scott had 40pts vs the Nuggets
Mar 8, 1991: Scott Skiles of the Magic dished out 20 assists in a 129-113 win over the Nuggets.
Dec.30 1990 magic player Scott Skiles had 30 assists. Most assists in NBA game by player.
IU reminds me of watching Scott Skiles running Jud Heathcoat's weaver offense...IU's offense is stuck in the 80's
Keep this core group together, Harris keeps growing, we go get Marc Jackson or Scott Skiles...We back in the conference finals 4 season TOPS
He seems like Scott Skiles but he's actually a lot more like Mark Jackson.
A Scott Skiles return to a bench feels overdue, Magic legend to boot
Plz don't hire Brian Shaw. Scott Skiles would be a much better fit.
Nope, don't want Brian Shaw to coach the Magic next year. Keep Borrego or go get Scott Skiles. Thanks Hennigan
To all the white kids that have dreams of playing in the NBA but aren't athletic: if Scott Skiles played you can too
I just spent 10 minutes looking at Scott Skiles highlights.. How the *** was he ever in the NBA?
Happy 51st Birthday to alum Scott Skiles. In 1986, he was a 1st Team All-America selection & the Big Ten MVP/scoring champ.
Crazy story is Scott Skiles broke the NBA assist record that my old grammar school gym teacher set
I have not heard anything about Scott Skiles, and nobody seems to know who they might hire next.
Yes, he would! Are the Orlando Magic showing interest in Scott Skiles returning as Head Coach Next Season or other Coaches?
Happy Birthday Scott Skiles | NBA Record 30asts in a game video:
“Happy Birthday Scott Sterling | NBA Record 30asts in a game video:
The Scott Skiles MT And people still call this the "rondo" Pistol Pete's handles were revolutionary htt…
Marc Stein / ESPN Now: Marc Stein expects the Magic to pursue a long-term fit like Scott Skiles at coach, but ...
My starting 5 for Indiana High School in my time. Oscar Robertson, Rick Mount, George McGinnis, Scott Skiles, Glen Robinson.
Scott Skiles, Mark Jackson and Mike Malone are all candidates who will be considered for the Orlando Magic job, sources…
I know Scott Skiles is the guy they want, but you have to believe proven HCs like Karl or Mark Jackson are intrigued by the young talent.
Scott Skiles looms as a serious candidate to eventually become Orlando's head coach, league sources tell Yahoo Sports.
Mark Jackson ,Avery Johnson,Lionel Hollins,Alvin Gentry or MDA as next magic head coach..I'm good on Scott Skiles 😕
Sauces: 2 names to watch for the Orlando job - Scott Skiles & Mark Jackson
“Scott Skiles is my pick”Mark Jackson my pick and Avery Johnson a sleeper cuz of his ties to the Spurs
Why I'm fully behind Scott Skiles as the next head coach
my college roommate went to Plymouth. WORSHIPPED Scott Skiles. Photos, posters, VHS's. Everything.
Former NBA player and 3 time NBA coach, Michigan State all American, Scott Skiles. Has 8 children by six women.
Should have gone with F, Marry, Kill with Thibs, Vinny Del *** and Scott Skiles.
that would be a fun rainy day task. John Stockton, Scott Skiles, Harold Minor, Rod Strickland are on that list
Monta Ellis is just a poor mans Allen Iverson. He wasted some years playing for Scott Skiles in Milwaukee
reminds me of when Penny would come on for Scott Skiles
we all agree on that. But at some point you either listen or you don't. I.e scott skiles
Thought the Hornets coach was Scott Skiles for a second
went to Scott Skiles school of post game pressers
Who needs 30 assists, Scott Skiles, when one dish to will do just fine? .escape by 2
NBA single game record is 30 (Scott Skiles). Kevin Porter is second with 29. Cousy's 28 is third all-time.
Scott Skiles' 30 assist record not totally out of play. Really remarkable given the terrible players he's passing to.
That's just a Celtics record, right? Didn't Scott Skiles have 30 for the Magic once?
Rajon Rondo has 14 assists at halftime against the Hawks. . NBA Record is 30 by Scott Skiles in 1990.
Rondo going for Scott Skiles' assist record tonight
Rondo with 14 assists at half. NBA record is 30 by Scott Skiles in 1990.
Rondo 14 assists in the first half in Atlanta. Record is 30 by Scott Skiles 1990
The record for most assists in an game is held by Scott Skiles, who had 30 against the Denver Nuggets on Dec 30, 1990.
.has 10 assists with five minutes left IN THE FIRST HALF! Who's calling up Scott Skiles?
Today in 2003, Scott Skiles replaces Bill Cartwright as coach of the Bulls
Hinrich with a driving layup against Ben Gordon while Scott Skiles kicks his TV and asks why Tyrus Thomas can't run the …
I ran with Orlando with Scott Skiles and Nick Anderson in NBA Jam or the Hornets with Larry Johnson and Alonzo Mourning
.There's not really any evidence that Larry Drew or Scott Skiles could coach either.
dont want Lawrence Frank, looks too much like Scott Skiles
You think the Nets should hire Scott Skiles as coach? I do. He is the right many for the job. He's a winner, leader.
You think Scott Skiles would be a great choice to coach the Nets? He's my choice. What Nets is a disciplinarian and a winner.
So I guess this means Larry Drew is definitely outta here? Thank god. Does anyone know where Scott Skiles is? Or George Karl?
Remind me to tell you a funny Patrick Ewing & Scott Skiles story I heard at a comedy show recently..
that makes you Charles Oakley, and is Scott Skiles
Lakers Rumors: Team interviewed George Karl; may reach out to Larry Brown, Scott Skiles.
The Los Angeles Lakers will reportedly accommodate with Derek Fisher, Scott Skiles and Larry Brown this week to plead a probability of coaching a group subsequent season. ESPN reported on Monday that a Lakers are meddlesome in deliberating their coaching cavity with Fisher, who is also being strongl
Played under Jeff Van Gundy & was on Scott Skiles staff before joining Thibs. Defensive minded & could help your guards
Donyell Marshall got a NBA record so do Scott Skiles and they both bums
McGrady, Horace Grant, Penny Hardaway, Scott Skiles, Nick Anderson, all didn't so you sound like a fool
Old school players I model my game after.Billy Donovan, Scott Skiles, and Travis Ford. Look them up
Do you believe in following coaches after they get fired or leave Bulls? Did you follow Scott Skiles in Milwaukee? Note that I didn't mention Phoenix as he coached there before going to Chicago. What about Doug Collins in Detroit, Washington, and Philadelphia? Did you root for Lakers in NBA finals when Phil Jackson coached them?
Don't forget Scott Skiles either - also, Paxson's record isn't the most sterling - he signed Ben Wallace to big $
with the Throwbacks.time for Scott Skiles and Nick Anderson to check in...
was Bo Ryan possessed by Scott Skiles when he drew up the badgers final possession?
Record Watch: it's early but Brandon Jennings currently has 13 assists with 6 minutes left in the second quarter. Record for most in a single game is 30 by Scott Skiles in 1990.
One time Scott Skiles was asked what Eddy Curry's lazy *** could do to become a better rebounder, and he said "Jump." LOL! SMH.
Long list of great B1G white guards begins and ends with Scott Skiles- straight killer- Jay Burson,Joe Crispin,Mike Kelly…
Im still smh at the Bulls trading Aldridge on draft night for Tyrus Thomas because Scott Skiles didn't like Aldridge's toughness.
I never thought I'd say this but after living thru a couple Larry Drew runs, I kinda miss Scott Skiles.
Scott Skiles had 30 assists for in his record game. But could easily top that this season. Good luck Tony!
How many assists did Scott Skiles have in his record game? At least 20, 25 I think
Scott skiles had most assists in a game.
The answer would be Scott Skiles. But I bet TP could top him!
Rubio: 5 assists after 6 mins. Scott Skiles is starting to sweat.
Jason Kidd, PG.Byron Scott, PG, Scott Skiles, PG, Avery Johnson, PG, etc.Guards know the game better than ANY other position.
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