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Scott Pruitt

Scott Pruitt (born May 9, 1968) is a United States lawyer and Republican politician from the U.S. state of Oklahoma.

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Scott Pruitt calls for an ‘exit’ from the Paris accord, sharpening the Trump White House's climate rift
Ocean Sciences Article of the Day - Why did Scott Pruitt refuse to ban the insecticide Chlorpyrifosa? (Wash Post)
Scott Pruitt got grilled on Fox News Sunday. Very unreliable and will crack. Fire him!
The left and right agree on this one: Scott Pruitt was destroyed on Fox News this Sunday
Scott Pruitt, our new EPA Director, did a fabulous job on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace. POTUS' Cabinet picks, are excel…
Scott Pruitt on Fox News Sunday is the most depressing thing I've seen in a while.
Nice work, Chris.--. "The left and right agree: Fox News destroyed EPA chief Scott Pruitt over climate change."
On climate change, Scott Pruitt follows the lead of Vladimir Putin - Daily Kos
Right-wing media turns on EPA boss Scott Pruitt
Chris Wallace systematically destroys EPA head Scott Pruitt: Climate change is not ‘all a coincidence’
Watch as the hypocrite shill Rachel Madcow condemns Scott Pruitt for supposedly lying to the Senate about...
Sierra Club's responds: "That quote is the first true thing Scott Pruitt's office has put out yet."
Time to send Scott Pruitt to climate school. Sit down with Bill Nye the Science Guy ASAP!
Scott Pruitt: We re protecting jobs and the environment: USA Today: It is time for a fresh look at……
Head of the EPA does not believe that carbon dioxide is a primary contributor to environmental change
The has been through bad times in the past:
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Scott Pruitt is a deranged dingbat. He may end up killing a lot of folks.
Director of SoGES signs letter with 30 scientists to Head Pruitt
"Scott Pruitt: We're protecting jobs and the environment via Let's hold him and the EPA to this.
Just the WMO, not like it's Scott Pruitt or anything.
While waiting on Trump's executive orders, I analyzed how the EPA is functioning as Pruitt's own PR firm
WOW! Time to send Scott Pruitt to science class
Add your name to petition Scott Pruitt to ban chlorpyrifos once & for all! ||
Call your senators—and tell them to vote NO on Scott Pruitt’s EPA nomination! Here’s how:
..Hey, Scott Pruitt, climate change is steadily worsening, altho I doubt you care. Not your job.
"He should replace Scott Pruitt at the EPA," Hawking told ITV.
I can’t find anything inaccurate in position on CO2 and climate other than he might be too tame.
Wow. Phallic, and belching toxic smoke that will kill people. Scott Pruitt must be feeling a might randy after seei…
."We're protecting jobs and the environment"
Scientists to Scott Pruitt: Nope. Oh and we peer reviewed that and still: Nope.
President Trump On "Scott Pruitt will turn the EPA from a job killer into a job creator, you watch"! .
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Add your name to the petition urging Scott Pruitt to ban chlorpyrifos once and for all!
According to Scott Pruitt, states only have the right to pollute, not protect their environments
Just in case Scott Pruitt (head of EPA lol) confused anyone, Climage Change is very real and very much the fault of hum…
In : We're protecting jobs and the environment.
BREAKING: Professor Stephen Hawking calls for President Trump to fire EPA chief Scott Pruitt over his views on climate cha…
“Do you believe,” CNBC’s Joe Kernen asked Scott Pruitt, the Environmental Protection Agency’s new director, in an...
fill in the blank. Scott Pruitt heading EPA is like _ being head of _. e.g. Freddy Krueger - Sleepaway Camp…
Scott Pruitt's climate denial is dangerous and 'out of step'
. Tom Price, Jeff Saesions, Wilber Ross, Scott Pruitt all committed perjury.They should be ALL impeached & prosecuted
Mike Kelly, Steve King, Scott Pruitt, et al deserve as much rudeness as we can muster. Insulting. Ignorant. Your reps.
Feeling the need to send Scott Pruitt a postcard to clarify your views of global warming? . US EPA Headquarters...
if you think NOAA & NASA scientists know more about atmospheric sciences than Scott Pruitt. if you think he nee…
Scientists are clapping back after head Scott Pruitt denies the role of carbon dioxide in
Only remaining Q for Scott Pruitt, "Do we re-org EPA under Minitrue or Miniplenty? via
Scott Pruitt disagrees that the sky is blue, water is wet, Earth is round, Hamilton is good, True Detective Season 2 i…
EPA chief Scott Pruitt denies that human impact has led to global warming
Someone shd tell Scott Pruitt the earth is NOT flat & Exxon knew in 1981 CO2 was main driver of climate change…
With confirmation hearings over, Scott Pruitt back to full-on climate denial
EPA administrator Scott Pruitt didn’t mention climate change once in his first speech to the agency.
Putting "Scott Pruitt" in charge of the EPA is like making Bill Cosby the head of a rape crisis center.
Scott Pruitt, EPA chief: Carbon dioxide not primary cause of warming
Scott Pruitt says that carbon dioxide doesn't isn't a main contributer to climate change. is laughing at him.…
The website still says CO2 emissions contribute to climate change. Scott Pruitt contradicts his own agency. https:/…
.head Scott Pruitt is stacking the agency with climate change skeptics...via
2/ EPA chief Scott Pruitt, who testified he didn't use private email for gov't work, but he did.
Scott Pruitt fills EPA with deniers, Says CO2 is harmless & removes 'Science' from Mission Statement https:…
Scott Pruitt says we don’t know if CO2 contributes to climate change. But we do:
Scott Pruitt is staffing up the EPA with climate science deniers, reports
The EPA's Scott Pruitt says carbon dioxide isn't the main cause of global warming, but the EPA website says so.
Scott Pruitt built a career suing the EPA, an agency he now leads
Do you approve Scott Pruitt as Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)?
EPA chief Scott Pruitt disagrees with science on another major climate change issue
Scott Pruitt's climate change denial is easily refuted by his own agency's website
Oh. EPA chief Scott Pruitt says CO2 not a primary contributor to climate change.
Scott Pruitt denies CO2 is a primary contributor to climate change, a view at odds with NOAA, NASA and science
Scott Pruitt is dangerously wrong on carbon dioxide & climate change. He has no evidence for his claim. We have decades…
This is just nuts: EPA chief Scott Pruitt just claimed carbon not causing climate change. We Senate D's will be a check on his crazy views.
EPA head Scott Pruitt doesn't think CO2 contributes to climate change
Contradicting and administrator Scott Pruitt denies CO2 is primary contributor to climate change. https:…
Scott Pruitt told Senate he never used a private email for state business. Okla. AG's office tells he did. https:…
Fox in the henhouse: Will incoming EPA chief Scott Pruitt endanger recen.. Related Articles:
'John Muir Is Rolling Over in His Grave' With Scott Pruitt at the Helm of the EPA
Scott Pruitt: "The EPA will not focus on protecting the environment." Thanks Dean Heller, Jeff Fl…
Scott Pruitt wants YOU to pay to clean up for mining companies. Thanks Dean Heller, Jeff Flake and Deb Fischer for robbing…
Scott Pruitt said he never used private email for state business in OK. This story shows he lied under oath
Thousands of Scott Pruitt's emails have hit the internet. Here are the wildest, scariest bits.
Report: Scott Pruitt lied under oath about using private email for state business!!!
EPA chief Scott Pruitt said at confirmation hearings that he didn't use private email for state biz. But he did.
Senator Claire McCaskill, thank you for voting to reject Scott Pruitt for U.S. Environmental Protection Agency...
Gov. Greg Abbott meets with Trump EPA head Scott Pruitt in Washington
It's clear why didn't want Americans to see Scott Pruitt's emails before his EPA confirmation vote.
Scott Pruitt is in bed with Big Oil. He is not the right person to lead an agency sworn to PROTECT mother earth.
Emails reveal EPA head Scott Pruitt's behind-the-scenes collaboration with an oil and natural gas giant
Hmmm...not a peep from since emails have come out showing EPA head Scott Pruitt's brazen pay to play as OK…
Scott Pruitt's emails have been released to public
Great news considering Trump, Scott Pruitt & GOP are about to destroy 🌎.
Okla. Attorney General’s office releases thousands of pages of emails between Scott Pruitt and fossil-fuel industry. htt…
These emails reveal even more evidence of Scott Pruitt's alarming connections to polluting industries & lack of concern wit…
Our team of lawyers and legal researchers have been reading the Scott Pruitt emails all morning. We are about to release a cou…
BREAKING: Senate confirms Scott Pruitt to lead the Environmental Protection Agency. Here’s what you need to know:
Breast Cancer Awareness
Congratulations to Scott Pruitt on being confirmed to lead the Environmental Protection Agency!
Scott Pruitt confirmed to EPA. "And he has zero experience running an environmental protection ag…
Nomination of Scott Pruitt to be Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (PN 44) – Confirmation Vote…
Oh, great Scott Pruitt likes baseball. But he doesn't like the Clean Power Plan.
Reminder: Scott Pruitt, who was just confirmed as head of the EPA, was ordered to release thousands of emails. *The deadline i…
Every Senator who voted for Scott Pruitt's confirmation should be made to drink, cook with and bathe in Flint water du…
Can we take a moment to acknowledge how fundamentally irresponsible it is to nominate Scott Pruitt to lead an agency he want…
The person running the EPA should believe in science. Scott Pruitt does not. My fellow senators need to hear from you.…
Republicans rush to confirm Scott Pruitt after federal judge orders release of fossil fuel emails
Scott Pruitt confirmed as the EPA head, a person who sued EPA a dozen times as the Oklahoma Governor.🙄
After being successfully elected, Scott Pruitt dissolved the Environmental Protection Unit in the Attorney General's office.
Scott Pruitt is basically a *** Captain Planet villain, as his time being Attorney General in Oklahoma shows. Not a good pick.
Former Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt was sworn in as administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency Friday night,
Fellow coloradans we need to vote Cory Gardner out anybody that would let Scott Pruitt be the EPA Chief doesn't belong working for Colorado
Scott Pruitt, who as Oklahoma Attorney General repeatedly sued the EPA, has been confirmed as the agency's leader…
Scott Pruitt was governor of OK, had nothing 2 do w/execution of Lockett who was rapist, murder & kidnapper, burried woman alive
Congratulations to Scott Pruitt , Oklahoma's former Attorney General, on becoming the new administrator of https:/…
Scott Pruitt has resigned as Oklahoma's Attorney General. Here is his letter to Gov. Mary Fallin
Why are we worried about Scott Pruitt? His record.
Senate confirms climate-change skeptic Scott Pruitt to lead EPA, an agency he sued as Oklahoma Attorney General https:/…
Scott Pruitt runnin' the *** EPA. In related news, Mike Vick is takin' over PETA.
Critic of US Environmental Protection Agency gets Senate OK to run it. Scott Pruitt sued it over Clean Water Act. BG https:/…
Just voted NO on Scott Pruitt's nomination to serve as EPA administrator
Life before the 'Clean Water Act' and other environmental regs. We can't let Trump and "Scott Pruitt" take us back to this. ht…
.nominee Scott Pruitt wouldn't provide his office's records of dealings with Big Oil, so a court ruled he must release…
Scott Pruitt confirmed to head EPA by narrowest margin ever. NRDC will watch him like a hawk & hold him to account. http…
Get the emails from his time as Governor and start the process of removing him from office. *** no to Scott Pruitt.
Scott Pruitt, confirmed to head EPA, has expressed doubts about the science behind global warming (Janua…
The Hudson River is cleaner than it's been in nearly 200 years, and it's not because of people like Scott Pruitt and Donald Trump.
Can't wait to see after Scott Pruitt dismantles Clean Water Act.
Scott Pruitt confirmed to head EPA, will lead effort unraveling Obama climate rules
Seriously?? Scott Pruitt confirmed EPA head?? When will the national parks get drilled and fracked now? Sad!!
No surprises: Sen. Gardner voted yes, Sen. Bennet voted no as Scott Pruitt confirmed to lead EPA
In rare act of defiance, EPA employees lobby Senate not to confirm their new boss, Scott Pruitt. https…
EPA staff are in open rebellion against the nomination of Scott Pruitt. An amazing and heroic act of defiance.
On behalf of the residents of Pennsylvania, I’m calling on the U.S. Senate to reject the nomination of Scott Pruitt fo…
Scalpel, cleaver. It doesn't matter. . Scott Pruitt should not be anywhere near our .
The latest from "Scott Pruitt is unfit to service as head of the EPA" 
Judge orders release of Scott Pruitt's fossil fuel emails on eve of Senate vote via
."Scott Pruitt is a professional climate denier and has made a career of undermining the EPA."
This is good news. has been trying to hide something. This will put pressure on GOP to delay vote. ht…
Trump picked the worst group of cabinet nominees in the modern history of America. But EPA nominee Scott Pruitt is the wors…
Devastated by your decision to vote yes to Scott Pruitt for He's a danger to our country & our future
What is Scott Pruitt hiding? Releases only 411 of 3,000 emails.
Oklahoma judge orders EPA nominee Scott Pruitt to turn over emails to watchdog group
I’m speaking on the Senate floor now to strong oppose Scott Pruitt to run the Watch:
Judge orders Trump's EPA candidate to release thousands of emails
Scott Pruitt’s EPA nomination is a threat to both the environment & human health. I cannot support h…
We must carefully review this new information before we cast a vote on Scott Pruitt's nomination
McCain to skip Pruitt confirmation vote
After careful consideration, I have decided to oppose the confirmation of Scott Pruitt for EPA Administrator
Please at least delay the vote for Scott Pruitt until the document dump! We (you) need to read the content before his hearing!
Speaking on Senate floor ~10pm ET against Scott Pruitt nomination for Admin. Watch LIVE on or here:
In the choice between corporate polluters & people who want to breathe the air & drink the water, Scott Pruitt sides with th…
Trump E.P.A. nominee Scott Pruitt ordered to release his fossil fuel emails, as current agency staff revolt
Respect for scientific inquiry and a desire to preserve the environment are core attributes for the job. Scott Pruitt lac…
In the halls of the wise words from President Roosevelt as we on the nomination of Scott Pruit…
In an extraordinary show of defiance, EPA employees try to block the confirmation of Scott Pruitt
The fact that Scott Pruitt could be nominated as head of the EPA tomorrow is absolutely terrifying and if you don't know
Oklahoma judge just ordered the release of thousands of emails from EPA nominee Scott Pruitt. Delay this vote until we see…
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Why Scott Pruitt is a Dangerous Nominee for Head of the EPA via
Heading back to the Senate floor for the midnight shift to oppose Scott Pruitt for EPA. Resist.
Scott Pruitt's chief of staff coordinated "soft ball" questions from Senator Inhofe on water regulations, new emails show https…
It's actually hard to come up with someone worse than Scott Pruitt to lead on clean water & air. Tell your senato…
Read my full remarks on climate change science & why I'm opposed to Scott Pruitt's nomination for EPA Administrator https:…
E.P.A. Workers Try to Block Pruitt in Show of Defiance, via
Judge orders EPA candidate Pruitt to release emails he exchanged with fossil fuel interests in his job as OK AG
I live in OK and Scott Pruitt is a freaking nightmare, as is our governor believe me he i…
Judge orders Pruitt to release emails by Tuesday
Scott Pruitt would not commit to upholding California’s leadership on fuel economy standards. That's unacceptable.
Any senator who votes for the Scott Pruitt nomination before we see all the documents Pruitt spent 2 years hiding is e…
McCain to skip Pruitt confirmation vote via and
A few hours ago, a judge in OK ordered the release of thousands of emails on nominee Scott Pruitt's relationship with B…
A former EPA administrator said the arrival of Trump nominee Scott Pruitt will cause a "blood bath"
E.P.A. employees are calling their senators in an attempt to block Scott Pruitt's confirmation:
EPA employees are urging their senators to vote against Scott Pruitt,in an unprecedented show of defiance. .
Call your senators and ask them to vote against Scott Pruitt tomorrow!
Please save the EPA and reject Scott Pruitt
. Please save the EPA and reject Scott Pruitt
Scott Pruitt...Oh-kla-homa! Where the LIES go sweeping cross the Plains!
Scott Pruitt does not understand that climate change is a matter of survival in the First State.
Cory Gardner should oppose Scott Pruitt's nomination to lead EPA via Support Colorado!
Call your senators re: Scott Pruitt (bad choice for EPA) Colorado:. Sen. Michael Bennet. (202) 224-5852. Sen. Cory…
.says Trump's nominee for EPA administrator, Scott Pruitt, is the worst choice to head the EPA. We stand with the NR…
Scott Pruitt, Trump’s nominee for EPA head, can’t name a single EPA regulation that he supports. Not one.
is this what you want for us with Scott Pruitt leading the EPA? Your vote is for Maine, not the GO…
We implore you, vote for the future of the planet and common sense by voting against Scott Pruitt.
The tragic health care crises from exposure at Camp Lejeune demonstrate the need for a strong EPA. Vote against Scott Pruitt.
Scott Pruitt hasn’t even been confirmed and EPA employees are already protesting. via
Scott Pruitt said he “hasn’t looked at the scientific research” on the dangers of lead exposure to kids.
Trump EPA pick Scott Pruitt may have made a false statement under oath to the Senate via
I’m standing up for America’s bedrock conservation values and voting NO on Scott Pruitt
Photo:Scott Pruitt fought for this Ten Commandments Statue to stay outside Oklahoma's State Capitol
Some Audubon Society straight talking here; why Scott Pruitt should not head up the EPA in the USA.
Former EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy: “I’d love to know what Scott Pruitt really wants”
What is EPA nominee Scott Pruitt trying to hide & why are Republican Senators enabling a cover-up?
Trump’s pick to lead the EPA, Scott Pruitt, has SUED the EPA 14 times. Watch this new video essay by
Oklahoma pays Scott Pruitt $260,000.00 tax payer 💰 but it cannot pay its teachers or highway patrol?!! 😡😡😡
Get to know Scott Pruitt, the climate denier Pres Trump wants to lead the EPA.
"He’s really someone who doesn’t believe in the mission of the agency," --George W. Bush's EPA head on Scott Pruitt http…
How the Audubon Society feels about Trump's nominee, Scott Pruitt. will have a committee vote on P…
Video:Scott Pruitt "The President does not have the authority to reform immigration without Congress".
Video:Scott Pruitt wants you to know he is gonna fight for religious statues to be on govt property.
Scott Pruitt has sued the EPA 14 different times. Here’s how he’s trying to dismantle clean air protections.
CALL YOUR SENATORS & urge them to oppose Scott Pruitt for head of EPA! The future of our natl parks depends on it.
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Political science prof. & dept. Chairman Dr. Richard Johnson was interviewed by KWTV for a story about Scott Pruitt
Maine Sen. Angus King: 'I can’t in good conscience approve someone like Scott Pruitt so opposed to EPA's mission,'
No doubt Scott Pruitt will destroy our environment like he did in Oklahoma if he becomes head of the EPA. -
Mainers need Susan Collins to take a stand for the environment, and against Scott Pruitt -George Smith in http…
Tell your US Senators to oppose Scott Pruitt's nomination—the next head of the needs to protect birds & people. ht…
By nominating Scott Pruitt to lead the EPA, President Trump has enraged the normally peaceful but fiercely protective bi…
With coal ash an ongoing problem in NC, we can't have Scott Pruitt lead the EPA
Sandy Conder of Mesa is concerned for the EPA now that Scott Pruitt will be in charge. "He fought most of his life…
At its December meeting, the Detroit Audubon board voted to oppose the nomination of Scott Pruitt to head the US...
Scott Pruitt is Colonel Sanders, Rick Perry is Dark Helmet, and DJT is President Skroob .
OK leads Nation in Earthquakes caused by fracking! Waste water from oil drilling leaks into wells! Scott Pruitt has "been concerned" Really?
This just in... EPA nominee Scott Pruitt wants further evidence that the Earth is round.
Scott Pruitt can't be trusted as EPA Administrator.
Scott Pruitt's record as AG of Oklahoma:. 14 lawsuits against the . ZERO to protect kids with asthma.
We categorically disagree with the nomination of Scott Pruitt for . Our full statement:…
Scott Pruitt for EPA admin is not good for the health of our air, water, wildlife, or national parks.
Scott Pruitt doesn’t get what most Americans get — The ’s protection is critical to our future:
Scott Pruitt's claim he "hasn't looked into" the risks of lead exposure in children should be totally disqualifying on the s…
Wilbur Ross, Tom Price, Scott Pruitt and Nikki Haley face confirmation hearings in front of Senate committees today. https…
Scott Pruitt. Nikki Haley. Only 2 more days until the greatest crime wave against the public go…
May '16: Scott Pruitt said the debate “is far from over.” 97% of scientists & a majority of Americans disagr…
"Scott Pruitt confirmation hearing for Environmental Protection Agency: the key points"
if you have info about Scott Pruitt's extracurricular political activity, please reach out
Scott Pruitt defends Oil & Gas industry over protecting citizens from earthquakes caused by waste water disposal we…
Senator Tom Carper blew up Scott Pruitt's spot in suing the EPA. Regarding supporting harmful mercury from power plants.
"We're going to get rid of EPA in almost every form" - Trump. Senator Tom Carper quoted at Scott Pruitt hearing.
hoping you oppose the nomination of both Tom Rice and Scott Pruitt. We will be watching.
Barnum & Bailey Circus is going out of business. Two Great Clowns can save 'em--you & Scott Pruitt!
Backers of Pruitt to head EPA have chutzpah to tout halting of OK lawsuit as his leading environmenta;l achievement. https:…
When Scott Pruitt’s Big Oil backers came asking for favors, he was happy to help as Attorney General of OK:
Thank you We'll finally have an chief in Scott who won't let enviro pollution get in the way of making money.
In the wake of the John Lewis outrage, let's not forget about another disaster: as Trump's EPA head.
Here are 10 questions the Senate must ask Scott Pruitt and Rex Tillerson. via
Brings new meaning to idea of fox guarding henhouse: Trump nominee Pruitt's modus in context of running Trump
Do read this terrific deep dive into the record of Trump EPA nominee Scott Pruitt &
This man should not be the next head of the EPA.
Trump cabinet pick Scott Pruitt could be in charge of the industries that have helped advance his political career
"At risk of being dramatic. Scott Pruitt at EPA is existential threat to planet" Dan Pfeiffer
Trump's EPA pick Scott Pruitt means bad news for who are experiencing negative effects of climate change.
Read Sierra Club's Bill Price in West Virginia on Senator Manchin's Comments about Scott Pruitt for
The Don picks Rick Perry for Energy,Scott Pruitt for EPA,Andy Pudzer for Labor. Sounds like Larry, Moe and Curly Joe to me
U.S. Senate: We Demand that the U.S. Senate not confirm Scott Pruitt as Administrator of the EPA - Si...
The EPA needs a leader who will actually protect the environment, not a climate denier like Trump's choice Scott Pruitt.
Sign the petition to keep Scott Pruitt out of the EPA! Stand up for science
Henry I. Miller, Time to get rid of the EPA? Scott Pruitt may be just the guy to do it, National Review Online,
Order Miche Bag Online!
Enforcement up by 6.7 billion dollars from 2015. How much will enforcement fall with Scott Pruitt,...
Jane Fonda decries her biggest fear about - his selection of Scott Pruitt to head the
Hi Dillon, I appreciate Ivanka's thoughts, but clearly the appointment of Scott Pruitt negates all that.…
Valero sued for Corpus Christi water contamination. Now ask yourselves: What would Scott Pruitt's EPA do?
Scott Pruitt is from Oklahoma so he should understand the horrors of a "dust bowl." Why is he so stupid on climate change?
With Trump’s appointment of Scott Pruitt at EPA, time to man the barricades
Trump must appoint a Sec. of State who regards the current State Department with as much disdain as Scott Pruitt regard…
Donald Trump named climate change denier Scott Pruitt to head the EPA, which is like naming Sarah Palin Poet Laureate.
EPA fears 'unprecedented disaster' for environment over Scott Pruitt pick.
EPA fears ‘unprecedented disaster’ for environment over Scott Pruitt pick.
The only good news is that reading about Scott Pruitt makes me drink this wine faster
Funny clip of Tucker calling out dumb liberal for comparing Trump to Hitler for picking Scott Pruitt to lead EPA 😆
I wish you nerds were as fired up about Scott Pruitt being head of the EPA as you were about Marissa Tomei being Aunt May in Spiderman.
Making a climate-change denier + Big Oil crony like Scott Pruitt head of the EPA is like making Mel Gibson ambassador to Is…
Bernie Sanders called Scott Pruitt a "climate denier who's worked closely with the fossil fuel industry.
"We are in danger. The whole country is in danger." A lawyer who knows Scott Pruitt reacts.
Trump to name Scott Pruitt, Oklahoma Attorney General suing EPA on climate change, to head the EPA(Orlando news)
Ranking Member Johnson statement on the nomination of Scott Pruitt as EPA Administrator.
Say hello to a very hot world. Can we live underground? We'll never get to Mars.
My new head of the EPA Scott Pruitt thinks Climate Change is like a logical Liberal. It doesn't exist!
Very disturbed to hear Trump has picked climate denier & Big Oil ally Scott Pruitt to run should anyone who val…
Every appointee is an extremist, a destroyer. Please tell me Ivanka wants 2 make climate change her signature issue.
I agree with this - handing Pruitt the EPA is like hiring an arsonist to fight forest fires. 
"I am so committed to the Earth and ecology that I even have a name given to me by the Sioux nation: Hits-Seals-With-Clubs." - Scott Pruitt
A good time to read this Pulitzer-prize winning story on Scott Pruitt's ties to energy industry
And sending us back to the dark ages: Trump names Scott Pruitt, OK atty gen suing EPA on for EPA head
Nancy Pelosi and this guy both describe Pruitt as a "stenographer." Guess…
Trump said to pick Scott Pruitt to head EPA, an agency he is suing as Oklahoma Attorney General
EPA nom Scott Pruitt stands with Big Oil & climate deniers, not American families who fight for &
Trump's EPA pick, Scott Pruitt, is smart, energetic, and absolutely committed to eliminating the EP part of that A.
Glad I saved all my files (thousands of pages emails, audio recordings, interviews) on Oklahoma AG Scott Pruitt. . https:…
The Environmental Protection Agency is about to stop protecting the environment.
Trump's pick for head of the exactly the record on you'd expect: terrible.
Trumps selection of Scott Pruitt as Admin. of the EPA has just inspired us to donate to both the and the
Ivanka asked Al Gore who the worst person to lead the EPA would be.Trump's EPA pick proves he's listening
Having helped turn OK into the most seismically active part of the US, Scott 'Frack' Pruitt is ready to shake up DC! Exci…
.Trump's EPA pick, Scott Pruitt, would be a disaster for the air we breathe and the water we drink
BREAKING: Trump just nominated Scott Pruitt, the most anti-EPA denier as head of EPA. RIP beloved Earth!…
With his cabinet choices, Trump seems determined to destroy every important program / department in this country. Like…
Well obviously Donald Trump didn't listen to anything Al Gore had to say when he chose climate denier and fossil fuel lack…
Trump's EPA head will be Scott Pruitt! It's time to put an end to Obama's disastrous regulations and make American energy gre…
Scott Pruitt has sued the very agency he's now been nominated to lead. He is for pollution, not protection.
Oklahoma AG Scott Pruitt is a great choice to head up Trump's EPA! The Trump admin will unleash an energy revolution to make…
7 Oh, by the way, Trump nominated a fossil fuel industry puppet to run the EPA. He doesn't believe in climate change https:/…
Trump has selected Scott Pruitt, the OK Attorney General & close ally of the fossil fuel industry, to run the EPA
"The earth just has far too many species right now" ~ Scott Pruitt, 2013
Scott Pruitt arrives in DC for his new position as head of the EPA.
Thank you, for an appropriate headline.
"If glaciers are really melting, wouldn't that cool down the oceans?" ~ Scott Pruitt, 2010
Scott Pruitt is the most anti- environmental person ever appointed to head the EPA.
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