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Scott Pruitt

Scott Pruitt (born May 9, 1968) is a United States lawyer and Republican politician from the U.S. state of Oklahoma.

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Scott Walker's loudest applause line at Koch donor mtg: “Scott Pruitt alone is reason enough for me to stand up & say all…
Scott Pruitt wants to repeal the Clean Power Plan without a replacement. Tell the Trump admin. we need the CPP:
A special message to Tom Price, Scott Pruitt, Steve Mnuchin, Ryan Zinke, and *** all cabinet secretaries. Blow my ***
As my regular utility bill with the solar panels . We need it more than ever now since Scott Pruitt is killing the clean air act !
Frontline on PBS tonight looks at Scott Pruitt--where he came from, and how he is running the EPA.
Make the US Islands shining stars of clean renewable energy & send Scott Pruitt back to the La Brea Tar Pits
Like Flint, but national. Scott Pruitt approves plan to poison water for 117M Americans
The EPA says climate change is not one of their priorities In their new four year plan. Scott Pruitt is a menace to our p…
Scott Pruitt's reversal of EPA Clean Water Act in regards to Alaska's prestine Salmon breeding waters and watersheds. 2/3
Scott Pruitt signs a measure to repeal the Clean Power Plan
Scott Pruitt announce the EPA's plans to withdraw the Clean Power Plan, which regulates greenhouse gas emissions
The Clean Power Plan saves lives & is good for our economy, so of course Scott Pruitt & Donald Trump want to end it.
Scott Pruitt announces EPA to adopt White Power Plan in place of Clean Power Plan.
Scott Pruitt, you are certainly among the most despicable people on the take from the fossil fuel industry. You have no sh…
This is an amazing collection of pictures -- a vision of what Scott Pruitt wants to restore
Scott Pruitt's calendar shows fine dining with officials from companies he regulates
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Scott Pruitt arriving for his morning meeting
Scott Pruitt may use an obscure budgetary move to undermine the Justice Department's environmental law enforcement
EPA's Scott Pruitt spent $58,000 in charter jets in Ok. in one day. But ACA is bankrupting gov't, right?
Scott Pruitt does seem like the kind of guy who records himself doing James Patterson audiobooks for kicks.
Scott Pruitt's leadership of the EPA isn't just regressive; it's also a little creepy
Scott Pruitt is turning into Trump's version of Interior's Jim Watt during years: inane,clueless,destructive htt…
EPA spending almost $25,000 to install a secure phone booth for Scott Pruitt
Scott Pruitt's EPA won't tell Houston residences if the water is safe! He's only concerned about corporations, not citiz…
Scott Pruitt has hired climate change skeptics to lead the EPA. Once designed to combat climate change, the EPA will…
We're calling for a review of Scott Pruitt to see if he violated the FRA by preventing the creation of EPA records.
"You are destroying our future" guest reacts to Administrator Scott Pruitt's comments on the
Shame on deniers, shame on Scott Pruitt, shame on Trump, shame on all of us, we can do much more
Here’s how one man went from suing the EPA 14 times to running the agency. This is the story of Scott Pruitt
Scott Pruitt should be in prison. Ruined the EPA and pretends the hurricanes wiping out island after island is a hoax http…
Scott Pruitt’s crimes against nature: Gutting the EPA and serving the fossil fuel industry.
Stand with and fight to from Scott Pruitt and his cronies. h…
Scott Pruitt: Air quality, water quality and other environmental issues are nonpartisan.
At says staff has now realized Scott Pruitt is not Darth Vader. Pruitt agrees.
Pruitt yet again goes on right-wing media show. Fox hosts yet again dismiss links between climate and hurricanes.
Scott Pruitt says EPA will reconsider rule safeguarding communities from coal ash
"There's not consensus around this issue because we aren't even able to talk about it" -Scott Pruitt. As my skin crawls
Scott Pruitt, US Environmental Protection Agency: Congress needs to be responsive on the CO2 production
Help I'm in the same room as Scott Pruitt
Diverse voices are important but it's kinda disgraceful to give Scott Pruitt a platform to repeat lies and ignorance
GOP denies climate change, America pays the price
Please. Will you help us from Scott Pruitt? Write, call Congress?
Scott Pruitt is using the EPA to prop up big coal. His false promises are irresponsible and short-sighted.
EPA’s Scott Pruitt: “How much do we contribute” to climate change? EPA’s scientists: “human activities are the most significant driver”
While hurricanes struck, Scott Pruitt was up to some interesting activities via
Trump, Limbaugh, Scott and Pruitt deny climate change.
So much for environmental protection in the public interest: Scott Pruitt’s EPA has spun out of control.
Scott Pruitt is dismantling the EPA in secret for the same reason the GOP health care bill was secret.
It’s not a matter of opinion – the 2015 rule was ruled an overreach by the 6th Circuit Court.
Every hurricane going forward should be named 'Scott Pruitt is a Climate Denying *** ' with a corresponding numb…
via 5 Glaring Examples of Scott Pruitt's Pattern of Secrecy and Why You Should Care
chief Scott Pruitt calls out Germany's Angela as climate via
EPA chief Scott Pruitt calls out Germany's Angela Merkel as climate hypocrite via
Scott Pruitt says it is insensitive to discuss climate change in the midst of deadly storms
EPA's Scott Pruitt: Hurricane Irma isn't the right time to talk about climate change
Scott Pruitt says talking about climate change would be "very, very insensitive" to the people of Florida. NOT talking abo…
EPA staffing level not seen for decades. Scott Pruitt says cuts 'protecting taxpayer $, staying true to mission'
Explosions at a flooded Texas chemical plant should be a wake up call for safety measures. Instead, Scott Pruitt is tr…
EPA Inspector General to examine EPA Scott Pruitt's "frequent travel to and from his home state of Oklahoma at taxpayer…
Trump said he would hire the "best people" to help him govern. Rick Perry, Scott Pruitt, and Ben Carson are not the be…
50 years from now, people will see Scott Pruitt the same way as we see the Salem witch trials today.
All purpose parts banner
Scott Pruitt is evil to his soulless core. If you care about the environment, you must read this.
This story is bonkers. Scott Pruitt is locking the hallway near his office
Steve Bannon: harmed us all re Jeff Sessions, Scott Pruitt, Steve Mnuchin etc... but. good on total withdrawal from…
NEW: John Hickenlooper to join EPA chief Scott Pruitt and Cory Gardner at the Gold King Mine this week
.reporting that Scott Pruitt will visit Durango, this week:
EPA chief Scott Pruitt to tour Gold King Mine with Cory Gardner this week amid spill’s anniversary
It's difficult to tell who in the Trump admin is most despicable. But after reading this, I'd say Scott Pruitt.
Ryan Zinke, Scott Pruitt, and Sonny Perdue are in a race to see who can destroy our resources first.…
Scott Pruitt spent $12,000 in taxpayer money to travel back to Oklahoma =gearing up for Governor run I bet!
Fact Check: Are there 50,000 new coal jobs as EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt claimed? - The Washington Post
Since Scott Pruitt took office, he’s launched endless attacks on climate action. Fight back with a $2-for-$1 gift. htt…
President Donald Trump’s administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt, believes the ...…
While the public was watching healthcare, Scott Pruitt is gutting water rules that could hurt our health.
Apparently is not aware that there are 49 other states in the US.
No different from OK AG Scott Pruitt (EPA head) putting Devon Energy letters on his state l…
The assault on science and enlightened thought continues: Scott Pruitt fired more than a dozen scientists from the EPA.
We are spending taxpayer money to fund our chief trips to Oklahoma so he can run for office.
.So you're reporting Jeff Sessions, Tom Price, Neil Gorsuch and Scott Pruitt for immediate prosecution…
Jeff Sessions and Scott Pruitt both lied to congress during confirmation hearings and yet you still voted to app…
Scott Pruitt's emails show he was in talks to weaken environmental regulations — the same rules he will now oversee
He's as qualified as Betsy DeVos, Rick Perry, Scott Pruitt, Jared Kushner, or Steve Bannon. The just keeps g…
Seth Meyers Checked in on Scott Pruitt's EPA, or What's Left of It
Scott Pruitt wants to hijack the peer-review process to push bad climate science
Federal court finds EPA head Scott Pruitt lacks legal authority to delay rule to reduce and monitor methane leaks
In just 4 months, Scott Pruitt has moved to undo, delay or otherwise block more than 30 environmental rules.
Instead of using his 15,000-person staff, Scott Pruitt is working with lobbyists and GOP attorneys general
Scott Pruitt promising to make New York underwater again
Scott Pruitt is starting an EPA initiative to challenge climate science — via via
EPA chief Scott Pruitt is preparing a "red team-blue team" exercise to challenge mainstream climate science
📷 the-future-now: EPA chief Scott Pruitt met with Dow Chemical CEO. Then the EPA changed course on a...
domain names
Gold Padlock award to govt agency for concealing from public, always fiercely competitive, goes to Scott Pruitt, EPA…
Scott Pruitt has now gotten rid of most of the EPA's Board of Scientific Counselors
We demand that Scott Pruitt resign as head of the EPA
The assault on science continues with Scott Pruitt firing scientists from the EPA's review board and replacing them wi…
Scott Pruitt vows to speed the nation’s Superfund cleanups. Communities wonder how.
“Actions speak louder than words.” Scott Pruitt vows to speed Superfund cleanups. Many communities are skeptical.
Walter Peck was a better EPA employee than Scott Pruitt.
Trump Era Moment: EPA's Scott Pruitt, with 45 CEOs of largest oil and gas companies in the USA for private briefing. Pro…
Chris Wallace *** ! Changing the channel!! Completely argumentative with Scott Pruitt, Gives Al Go…
It's not an exaggeration or spin. It's just a flat out lie. Scott Pruitt is a liar.
Why even waste the air time to put a Trump buttplug like Scott Pruitt on your show when you know he's nothing but a DT parrot?
Scott Pruitt repeatedly refuses to answer Trump hoax question, repeatedly lies and says he did: via
Pruitt believes "God" will not let earth succumb to climate change google it
Scott Pruitt gets debunked by climate scientists
Scott impressive Sorry Chuck he very overpowered u!
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
To see the support US business instead of the globalist agenda is refreshing!
EPA Chief Scott Pruitt still won't say if President Trump believes climate change is a hoax -…
Has anyone fact-checked Scott Pruitt on this morning? Coal created 50k new jobs? India gets $2.5 trillion from Paris? Hu…
EPA Admin Scott Pruitt: Exiting the climate deal was not a political decision
Funny how liberal loonies ignore the Inconvenient Lies of Al Gore & Climate Exaggerators. Scott Pruitt.
EPA chief Scott Pruitt is taking the lead on global climate issues, a role typically held by the State Dept.
Global climate change will cost trillions of dollars & millions of lives. We have to continue to fight it.
The Sierra Club fully supports the Paris Agreement. Scott Pruitt is a liar.
EPA chief Scott Pruitt: “People have called me a climate skeptic or a climate denier… I would say that there are climate exaggerat…
A great example of how dysfunctional this regime is when it comes to foriegn policy or a unified message.…
Thread: Scott Pruitt took to the Sunday Shows to swing and miss once again in an attempt to explain away the indefensible.
EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt wont say if he and Trump discussed climate change before le...…
Because you've spoken to so many around the world and they've told you that what Scott Pruitt says is true? I'm imp…
Why is he in charge of environmental PROTECTION if he feels this way? . EPA head Scott Pruitt defends Paris exit
Chuck Todd was schooled this morning by EPA Director Scott Pruitt. Todd should ask questions & not at…
Scott Pruitt, head of the EPA, is on Meet the Press insinuating the Paris Accords was an international conspiracy to hurt Ame…
Scott Pruitt is such an *** No one who was here six months ago likes him!or then sycophants he brought on. https:/…
⚠️. March 31, 2017. Letter of resignation from Michael Cox to Scott Pruitt .Worth reading again. 👇🏼.
Scott Pruitt speed-talking at today's WH briefing in hopes no one will notice ?s not being answered or answered with B.S.
Scott Pruitt now at WH briefing. This is a new clown to many casual viewers. The anti-environment head of the EPA. Here go warp speed lies.
Cab someone turn down the speed on Scott Pruitt's mouth, he sounds like a cartoon.
I liked a video Michael Savage interviews Scott Pruitt about Trump's decision to pull out of Paris
Shoutout to EPA head Scott Pruitt for helping make this happen. Such a big day for the forgotten men & women the left/m…
Scott Pruitt: "He answers to the people, not special interests.*". *Nearly half of Scott Pruitt's donations came from energy…
Scott Pruitt sounds as if he's being played at the wrong speed, he's about 3 RPM away from being one of the Chipmunks.
I'm so glad to read about meeting with Scott Pruitt, the EPA Administrator!
.has informed multiple individuals, + EPA Admin. Scott Pruitt, that he intends 2 remove the USA from the Paris…
Scientists just published an entire study refuting Scott Pruitt on climate change
Polluters are expecting big savings from Scott Pruitt's EPA
Food Security: EPA Ignores Science on Pesticide - Cornucopia’s Take: Scott Pruitt, the new EPA chief, has ignor...
I fired James Comey because he was doing a bad job! He was much worse than Betsy Devos, Scott Pruitt, Sean Spicer, Rei…
Scott Pruitt's EPA opens spigot for arsenic and mercury pollution in our rivers and waterways.
Is there a bigger *** than Scott Pruitt? Well, Trump likely but that's a given.
Scott Pruitt's new Board criterion: membership in flat Earth society.
Trump has placed Scott Pruitt in charge of the EPA. Get his opinion on record,so that he can also be sue…
Scott Pruitt responds to climate change facts by deleting them from EPA website:
Scott Pruitt will destroy the EPA. But think of how big THE RESISTANCE will be once we all drink toxic water. Thanks Hilla…
Trump names Scott Pruitt, Oklahoma Attorney General suing EPA on climate change, to head the EPA.The Washington Post
Closing EPA Great Lakes office would put the nation's water at risk, Democrats warn Scott Pruitt h…
Remember supporting Scott Pruitt to head EPA; a guy who wants to cut Great Lakes Restoration Initiative by 97…
Speak to Scott Pruitt - he's the new director at the EPA !! This is evidence Mr. Pruitt not something that you...
Scott Pruitt made Dow Chemical Co. happy so why shouldn't Tillerson do what he can to make Exxon smile too? Talk about c…
Just as we feared, Scott Pruitt is moving backward - working to put MORE toxic into our air .
"Advocates hope Pruitt’s conversation with East Chicago residents might inspire him to act."
Money to bomb but no money for clean water
Confirmed: Admin Scott Pruitt did not attend roundtable this morning w natl president h…
EPA chief Scott Pruitt visited an Indiana community that's famous for its problems with lead contamination
EPA head visits community famous for lead contamination
Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt pushes the EPA's "Back to Basics Agenda" in today:
ICYMI: This newly released agenda by the Scott Pruitt reveals a full-on assault on public health.
Scott Pruitt can do lot of damage 2 the environment in very short period of time & likely will as wi…
Trump’s EPA chief Scott Pruitt calls for an ‘exit’ to the Paris climate agreement
Scott Pruitt, EPA head, sued for failure to ban pesticides with links to brain damage in children.. WATCH --->.
The EPA, under Scott Pruitt's leadership and Trump's directive, will ignore all climate science and pretend climate ch…
Scott Pruitt visits polluted city that could be crushed by EPA cuts ➡️) via
wants the US to exit the Paris Climate Deal -- Tell him we're staying. 📘 ☎️ https:…
EPA head Scott Pruitt took to Fox & Friends this morning to push falsehoods about the Paris climate agreement:
Scott Pruitt claims he wants to help towns his policies will destroy. Like this one. | via
Protesters rally against EPA chief Scott Pruitt: "Injustice is here in East Chicago."
Scott Pruitt calls for an ‘exit’ from the Paris accord, sharpening the Trump White House's climate rift
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
the money;Scott Pruitt, ties to the libertarian billionaire brothers Charles G. and David H. Koch to roll back environmental regulations,
Ocean Sciences Article of the Day - Why did Scott Pruitt refuse to ban the insecticide Chlorpyrifosa? (Wash Post)
Scott Pruitt got grilled on Fox News Sunday. Very unreliable and will crack. Fire him!
The left and right agree on this one: Scott Pruitt was destroyed on Fox News this Sunday
Scott Pruitt, our new EPA Director, did a fabulous job on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace. POTUS' Cabinet picks, are excel…
Scott Pruitt on Fox News Sunday is the most depressing thing I've seen in a while.
Nice work, Chris.--. "The left and right agree: Fox News destroyed EPA chief Scott Pruitt over climate change."
On climate change, Scott Pruitt follows the lead of Vladimir Putin - Daily Kos
Right-wing media turns on EPA boss Scott Pruitt
Chris Wallace systematically destroys EPA head Scott Pruitt: Climate change is not ‘all a coincidence’
Watch as the hypocrite shill Rachel Madcow condemns Scott Pruitt for supposedly lying to the Senate about...
Sierra Club's responds: "That quote is the first true thing Scott Pruitt's office has put out yet."
Time to send Scott Pruitt to climate school. Sit down with Bill Nye the Science Guy ASAP!
Scott Pruitt: We re protecting jobs and the environment: USA Today: It is time for a fresh look at……
Head of the EPA does not believe that carbon dioxide is a primary contributor to environmental change
The has been through bad times in the past:
Scott Pruitt is a deranged dingbat. He may end up killing a lot of folks.
Director of SoGES signs letter with 30 scientists to Head Pruitt
"Scott Pruitt: We're protecting jobs and the environment via Let's hold him and the EPA to this.
Just the WMO, not like it's Scott Pruitt or anything.
While waiting on Trump's executive orders, I analyzed how the EPA is functioning as Pruitt's own PR firm
WOW! Time to send Scott Pruitt to science class
Add your name to petition Scott Pruitt to ban chlorpyrifos once & for all! ||
Call your senators—and tell them to vote NO on Scott Pruitt’s EPA nomination! Here’s how:
..Hey, Scott Pruitt, climate change is steadily worsening, altho I doubt you care. Not your job.
"He should replace Scott Pruitt at the EPA," Hawking told ITV.
I can’t find anything inaccurate in position on CO2 and climate other than he might be too tame.
Wow. Phallic, and belching toxic smoke that will kill people. Scott Pruitt must be feeling a might randy after seei…
."We're protecting jobs and the environment"
Scientists to Scott Pruitt: Nope. Oh and we peer reviewed that and still: Nope.
President Trump On "Scott Pruitt will turn the EPA from a job killer into a job creator, you watch"! .
Add your name to the petition urging Scott Pruitt to ban chlorpyrifos once and for all!
According to Scott Pruitt, states only have the right to pollute, not protect their environments
Just in case Scott Pruitt (head of EPA lol) confused anyone, Climage Change is very real and very much the fault of hum…
In : We're protecting jobs and the environment.
BREAKING: Professor Stephen Hawking calls for President Trump to fire EPA chief Scott Pruitt over his views on climate cha…
“Do you believe,” CNBC’s Joe Kernen asked Scott Pruitt, the Environmental Protection Agency’s new director, in an...
fill in the blank. Scott Pruitt heading EPA is like _ being head of _. e.g. Freddy Krueger - Sleepaway Camp…
Scott Pruitt's climate denial is dangerous and 'out of step'
. Tom Price, Jeff Saesions, Wilber Ross, Scott Pruitt all committed perjury.They should be ALL impeached & prosecuted
Mike Kelly, Steve King, Scott Pruitt, et al deserve as much rudeness as we can muster. Insulting. Ignorant. Your reps.
Feeling the need to send Scott Pruitt a postcard to clarify your views of global warming? . US EPA Headquarters...
if you think NOAA & NASA scientists know more about atmospheric sciences than Scott Pruitt. if you think he nee…
Scientists are clapping back after head Scott Pruitt denies the role of carbon dioxide in
Only remaining Q for Scott Pruitt, "Do we re-org EPA under Minitrue or Miniplenty? via
Scott Pruitt disagrees that the sky is blue, water is wet, Earth is round, Hamilton is good, True Detective Season 2 i…
EPA chief Scott Pruitt denies that human impact has led to global warming
Someone shd tell Scott Pruitt the earth is NOT flat & Exxon knew in 1981 CO2 was main driver of climate change…
With confirmation hearings over, Scott Pruitt back to full-on climate denial
EPA administrator Scott Pruitt didn’t mention climate change once in his first speech to the agency.
Putting "Scott Pruitt" in charge of the EPA is like making Bill Cosby the head of a rape crisis center.
Scott Pruitt, EPA chief: Carbon dioxide not primary cause of warming
Scott Pruitt says that carbon dioxide doesn't isn't a main contributer to climate change. is laughing at him.…
The website still says CO2 emissions contribute to climate change. Scott Pruitt contradicts his own agency. https:/…
.head Scott Pruitt is stacking the agency with climate change skeptics...via
2/ EPA chief Scott Pruitt, who testified he didn't use private email for gov't work, but he did.
Scott Pruitt fills EPA with deniers, Says CO2 is harmless & removes 'Science' from Mission Statement https:…
Scott Pruitt says we don’t know if CO2 contributes to climate change. But we do:
Scott Pruitt is staffing up the EPA with climate science deniers, reports
The EPA's Scott Pruitt says carbon dioxide isn't the main cause of global warming, but the EPA website says so.
Scott Pruitt built a career suing the EPA, an agency he now leads
Do you approve Scott Pruitt as Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)?
EPA chief Scott Pruitt disagrees with science on another major climate change issue
Scott Pruitt's climate change denial is easily refuted by his own agency's website
Oh. EPA chief Scott Pruitt says CO2 not a primary contributor to climate change.
Scott Pruitt denies CO2 is a primary contributor to climate change, a view at odds with NOAA, NASA and science
Scott Pruitt is dangerously wrong on carbon dioxide & climate change. He has no evidence for his claim. We have decades…
This is just nuts: EPA chief Scott Pruitt just claimed carbon not causing climate change. We Senate D's will be a check on his crazy views.
EPA head Scott Pruitt doesn't think CO2 contributes to climate change
Contradicting and administrator Scott Pruitt denies CO2 is primary contributor to climate change. https:…
Scott Pruitt told Senate he never used a private email for state business. Okla. AG's office tells he did. https:…
Fox in the henhouse: Will incoming EPA chief Scott Pruitt endanger recen.. Related Articles:
'John Muir Is Rolling Over in His Grave' With Scott Pruitt at the Helm of the EPA
Scott Pruitt: "The EPA will not focus on protecting the environment." Thanks Dean Heller, Jeff Fl…
Scott Pruitt wants YOU to pay to clean up for mining companies. Thanks Dean Heller, Jeff Flake and Deb Fischer for robbing…
Update your maps at Navteq
Scott Pruitt said he never used private email for state business in OK. This story shows he lied under oath
Thousands of Scott Pruitt's emails have hit the internet. Here are the wildest, scariest bits.
Report: Scott Pruitt lied under oath about using private email for state business!!!
EPA chief Scott Pruitt said at confirmation hearings that he didn't use private email for state biz. But he did.
Senator Claire McCaskill, thank you for voting to reject Scott Pruitt for U.S. Environmental Protection Agency...
Gov. Greg Abbott meets with Trump EPA head Scott Pruitt in Washington
It's clear why didn't want Americans to see Scott Pruitt's emails before his EPA confirmation vote.
Scott Pruitt is in bed with big oil. He is not the right person to lead an agency sworn to PROTECT mother earth.
Emails reveal EPA head Scott Pruitt's behind-the-scenes collaboration with an oil and natural gas giant
Hmmm...not a peep from since emails have come out showing EPA head Scott Pruitt's brazen pay to play as OK…
Scott Pruitt's emails have been released to public
Great news considering Trump, Scott Pruitt & GOP are about to destroy 🌎.
Okla. Attorney General’s office releases thousands of pages of emails between Scott Pruitt and fossil-fuel industry. htt…
These emails reveal even more evidence of Scott Pruitt's alarming connections to polluting industries & lack of concern wit…
Our team of lawyers and legal researchers have been reading the Scott Pruitt emails all morning. We are about to release a cou…
BREAKING: Senate confirms Scott Pruitt to lead the Environmental Protection Agency. Here’s what you need to know:
Congratulations to Scott Pruitt on being confirmed to lead the Environmental Protection Agency!
Scott Pruitt confirmed to EPA. "And he has zero experience running an environmental protection ag…
Nomination of Scott Pruitt to be Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (PN 44) – Confirmation Vote…
Oh, great Scott Pruitt likes baseball. But he doesn't like the Clean Power Plan.
Reminder: Scott Pruitt, who was just confirmed as head of the EPA, was ordered to release thousands of emails. *The deadline i…
Every Senator who voted for Scott Pruitt's confirmation should be made to drink, cook with and bathe in Flint water du…
Can we take a moment to acknowledge how fundamentally irresponsible it is to nominate Scott Pruitt to lead an agency he want…
The person running the EPA should believe in science. Scott Pruitt does not. My fellow senators need to hear from you.…
Republicans rush to confirm Scott Pruitt after federal judge orders release of fossil fuel emails
Scott Pruitt confirmed as the EPA head, a person who sued EPA a dozen times as the Oklahoma Governor.🙄
After being successfully elected, Scott Pruitt dissolved the Environmental Protection Unit in the Attorney General's office.
Scott Pruitt is basically a *** Captain Planet villain, as his time being Attorney General in Oklahoma shows. Not a good pick.
Former Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt was sworn in as administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency Friday night,
Fellow coloradans we need to vote Cory Gardner out anybody that would let Scott Pruitt be the EPA Chief doesn't belong working for Colorado
Scott Pruitt, who as Oklahoma Attorney General repeatedly sued the EPA, has been confirmed as the agency's leader…
Scott Pruitt was governor of OK, had nothing 2 do w/execution of Lockett who was rapist, murder & kidnapper, burried woman alive
Congratulations to Scott Pruitt , Oklahoma's former Attorney General, on becoming the new administrator of https:/…
Scott Pruitt has resigned as Oklahoma's Attorney General. Here is his letter to Gov. Mary Fallin
Why are we worried about Scott Pruitt? His record.
Senate confirms climate-change skeptic Scott Pruitt to lead EPA, an agency he sued as Oklahoma Attorney General https:/…
Scott Pruitt runnin' the *** EPA. In related news, Mike Vick is takin' over PETA.
Critic of US Environmental Protection Agency gets Senate OK to run it. Scott Pruitt sued it over Clean Water Act. BG https:/…
Just voted NO on Scott Pruitt's nomination to serve as EPA administrator
Life before the 'Clean Water Act' and other environmental regs. We can't let Trump and "Scott Pruitt" take us back to this. ht…
.nominee Scott Pruitt wouldn't provide his office's records of dealings with Big Oil, so a court ruled he must release…
Scott Pruitt confirmed to head EPA by narrowest margin ever. NRDC will watch him like a hawk & hold him to account. http…
Get the emails from his time as Governor and start the process of removing him from office. *** no to Scott Pruitt.
Scott Pruitt, confirmed to head EPA, has expressed doubts about the science behind global warming (Janua…
The Hudson River is cleaner than it's been in nearly 200 years, and it's not because of people like Scott Pruitt and Donald Trump.
Update your maps at Navteq
Can't wait to see after Scott Pruitt dismantles Clean Water Act.
Scott Pruitt confirmed to head EPA, will lead effort unraveling Obama climate rules
Seriously?? Scott Pruitt confirmed EPA head?? When will the national parks get drilled and fracked now? Sad!!
No surprises: Sen. Gardner voted yes, Sen. Bennet voted no as Scott Pruitt confirmed to lead EPA
In rare act of defiance, EPA employees lobby Senate not to confirm their new boss, Scott Pruitt. https…
EPA staff are in open rebellion against the nomination of Scott Pruitt. An amazing and heroic act of defiance.
On behalf of the residents of Pennsylvania, I’m calling on the U.S. Senate to reject the nomination of Scott Pruitt fo…
Scalpel, cleaver. It doesn't matter. . Scott Pruitt should not be anywhere near our .
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