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Scott Pilgrim

Scott Pilgrim is a series of graphic stories by Bryan Lee O'Malley.

Ramona Flowers Edgar Wright Chris Evans Envy Adams Wallace Wells Knives Chau Alison Pill Lucas Lee Mary Elizabeth Winstead Michael Cera Todd Ingram Brie Larson Kim Pine Kieran Culkin Ellen Wong Brandon Routh Death Proof Short Term 12

So are mine. Scott Pilgrim was *** near perfect, so my expectations have been tempered into fine, strong steel: it's gonna rock.
To celebrate the release of BABY DRIVER take a look back at the opening of SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORL…
The Scott Pilgrim references from last night was
My project manager just quickly railed off 9 amazing facts about his favorite movie "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World." . He is in his 50s.
the most unrealistic thing about Scott Pilgrim is that they date even though Scott lives by st. clair west & Ramona lives in…
Today i am going to watch Scott Pilgrim vs The World again, drink tea and draw/write. Time to be productive?
did he say what kind of comics he wanted to make? Scott Pilgrim and Liz Prince got me motivated to mak…
"Sounds like someone wants to get... funky..." Todd Ingram from Scott Pilgrim vs the world! As a…
Why does Aleks look like Todd Ingram from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World in today's video?
Todd Ingram from Scott Pilgrim is my man
4 of 5 stars to Scott Pilgrim, Volume 1 by Bryan Lee O'Malley
Scott Pilgrim v. the World. . Almost Famous. . Django Unchained. . The very best soundtracks of the 21st century so far
So basically they're Brandon Routh from Scott Pilgrim vs The World?
I dismissed Scott Pilgrim as I think Rob has better taste...
Today my friends and I hosted our annual Scott Pilgrim vs The World screening. It's easily one of my favourite films. So quotable. Perfect
Book Club tonight! Snotgirl is our pick from Scott Pilgrim writer Bryan Lee O'Malley! Come hang with us and chat...
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Just imagine Scott Pilgrim set in an abandoned mine, with Ellen Ripley as the best friend.
I URGE you to go watch ROOM & Short Term 12 ASAP. Also see 21 Jump Street, Scott Pilgrim, Spectacular Now, and others.
Why did no one tell me directly that Chris Evans and Michael Cera are doing a play together next year? Scott Pilgrim reunion! You all fail.
2. The inspiration for Tempura initially came from, of all things, these random enemies from the Scott Pilgrim games
Scott Pilgrim vs the World, starring Warren Beatty and Winona Ryder. Directed by Terry Jones, music by Falco. Budget: $100,000
Chris Evans was Cap't America, Lucas Lee in Scott Pilgrim, Johnny Storm in FF, Jensen in The Losers, & Curtis in Snowpiercer.
Brie Larson:. - as Grace in Short Term 12. - as Joy Newsome in Room. - as Natalie Adams in Scott Pilgrim vs. The Wor…
Landry from FNL, Kristen dunst, Ron Swanson, the mother in HIMYM and that weird *** guy from Scott Pilgrim are all in season 2 of fargo🤔
Scott Pilgrim vs the guy she told him not to worry about
I feel like I'm at a show with Scott Pilgrim. @ Shirley's Temple
Yeah, man.Reminds me of Will Eisner's Spirit title pages (with a dash of Scott Pilgrim.)
you sound like Jason Schwartzman's Gideon in Scott Pilgrim and I love it.
"Sophie, what do you mean you didn't know about Street Fighter until 2013?". "Scott Pilgrim man's references!!!"
Baby Driver looks great, Edgar Wright is a treasure, if you didn't like Scott Pilgrim vs. the World you are wrong and your opinion is bad
Guardians of the Galaxy, Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Scott Pilgrim vs The World.
I love Scott Pilgrim so much this comic is great. Why haven't I read it before
Even though Knives Chau is five years younger than Scott Pilgrim, Ellen Wong is like four years older than Michael Cera.
I removed a fair amount of beard going for that Chris Evans in Scott Pilgrim vs. the world look
📷 Always remember that Scott Pilgrim vs The World had fake movie posters of Chris Evans as Lucas Lee
I only watched half of Scott Pilgrim the other night, now I have a dangling Ramona Flowers obsession...
I'm a lot like Wallace Wells from Scott Pilgrim and tbh I don't mind he's my fav character
Wallace Wells from Scott Pilgrim is me I swear
I'm only just watching Scott Pilgrim vs the world and I'm not totally convinced Micheal Cera is a boy
I'm watching Scott Pilgrim vs. the World on Bell Fibe TV on FAM-W.
FF11 from . Micheal Cera was the only one who knew how to play an instrument on the set of Scott Pilgrim
i will pay one dollar of real cash money to anyone who can give me a good explanation as to why Michael Cera was cast as Scott Pilgrim
This new year at least watch the Edgar Wright classic Scott Pilgrim vs the World. Its so friggin' good.
I think I'm gonna have an Edgar Wright day while I clean my room. I feel like watching Shaun of the Dead AND Scott Pilgrim.
I'm so sleepy. Good night, I love Matt Murdock, Barry Allen, John Watson, and Scott Pilgrim
Yep, that's half of the charm of the book. Just like how Edgar Wright did it on Scott Pilgrim!
That's a nice ice blue hue. Ramona Flowers is Scott Pilgrim's gf played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead. You'd like that movie.
Lisa Simpson and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World mashup! Get the shirt here:
With doom on the horizon, let's retreat into happier times, such as when Jennifer Lopez dubsmashed Scott Pilgrim... https:…
Mary Elizabeth Winstead. First saw her in Death Proof but fell in love with her in Scott Pilgrim.
If life were Scott Pilgrim vs. the World then I'd be Wallace or Julie, mainly Wallace.
"Kick her in the balls!" -Wallace Wells from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (LEGEND)
Wallace Wells from Scott Pilgrim vs The World; bc i too encourage my friends to fight whilst stealing other people's dates. Poly for the win
Scott Pilgrim has a firm place in the cultural landscape, but economic realities make it hard to produce Scott Pilgrim stuff…
Scott Pilgrim had the juice too...until he dated Knives Chau.idk the legal age of consent in Canada tho
I also feel kinda' bad for that other Bryan get who probably gets random all the time about Scott Pilgrim.
When he says he has Scott Pilgrim vs. the World on blu-ray.
Presumably you have to prove you're vegan to use it. If you fail they hit you with the de-veganise ray from Scott Pilgrim.
First wish: world peace. Second wish: great wealth. Third wish: that the fake Chris Evans movies from Scott Pilgrim rea…
Kevin Smith watching Scott Pilgrim: "Pfft. I could do this.". Me watching Yoga Hosers: "Nope."
& follow for the chance to win an 2016 exclusive Scott Pilgrim & Knives Chau Pop! prize pack! ht…
i want my own Scott Pilgrim vs The World character
"I sort of feel like I'm on drugs when I'm with you". Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010)
New article! I love Edgar Wright with all my heart, but Scott Pilgrim bothers me:.
Wright is fantastic, but Scott Pilgrim is definitely a case of style vs. substance.
On page 88 of 228 of Scott Pilgrim & The Infinite Sadness, by Bryan Lee O'Malley
it's supposed to be really good but i haven't read it yet - Bryan Lee O'Malley, (Scott Pilgrim) is writing it
Brie as Envy Adams in Scott Pilgrim was iconic. I'm so glad she won 38 awards for that timeless role
i'm feeling very Envy Adams today. someone come watch Scott Pilgrim w/ me
current sexuality: the way Envy Adams says “jealous” when she’s talking on the phone with Scott Pilgrim
Whenever I heard Teenagers sung by Against the Current I just pictured Envy Adams from Scott Pilgrim vs The World
When Jason Schwartzman, who plays Gideon in Scott Pilgrim shows up in Parks and Rec?! *is dying*
I didn't know that that was Ellen Wong, a fellow Canadian, who played Knives Chau in Scott Pilgrim! That's so cool!
This Cabbagetown home was Ramona Flowers’ house in the movie Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. .
waiting for my pre order Scott Pilgrim style
"Well, that's legitimately disappointing." -Scott Pilgrim to my career
there's this cutest girl ever that loves Scott pilgrim VS the world and rick and morty and I want to be her friend
wow I'm happy people still remember Scott Pilgrim! Thank you!
The soundtrack in Scott pilgrim vs the world is so good
holy crap, I really need to calm down with the Scott Pilgrim Movie Memes o_O
He looks like he's from Scott Pilgrim. Iove Scott Pilgrim. Great job :D
Scott Pilgrim scratches a perfect itch of nostalgia for events in my life that I never got to experience. If that makes ANY sense
reading scott pilgrim vs the world. I actually think its better than the movie... *braces for angry mob*
might I add that he's using Scott pilgrim's art style for these commissions. like blatantly. it's just Scott plus loud house.
PLEASE, for the love of Scott Pilgrim, tell me that response is your most used Text Expander snippet!
The trio as drawn by one of my favs aka creator of Scott Pilgrim.
omg i totally forgot abt Kieran Culkin i was thinking abt the ITF guy... i guess he's ok too?? he was good in Scott Pilgrim :/
Bring back the Scott Pilgrim video game! It was the awesome and I'd love a PS4 version
We are the sex bob-ombs and we're here to watch Scott Pilgrim kick your teeth in!!
Scott Pilgrim's comic is quite good tho
Because he could project Hot Fuzz, Spaced, Scott Pilgrim, etc on it 24hrs a day? I'd call that beautiful.
And here I was thinking comparisons to Scott Pilgrim were bad
I liked a video from Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game - Episode 01
Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is one that always makes me chuckle!
Scott Pilgrim was powered by adobe flash
Scott Pilgrim should've ended with Ramona hooking up with Knives
📷 anotherremmaa: Scott Pilgrim v.s. the World (2010) - best movie ever
i can watch Scott Pilgrim vs. the world like a thousand times more
Scott Pilgrim was worth another chance. Doldrums affect everyone, even listless weirdos. I'm glad you are making it big.
I liked a video How Scott Pilgrim Beat the Odds - Did You Know Movies ft. Remix of WeeklyTubeShow
Scott Pilgrim Vs the World definitely blew my mind when I saw it. (I also missed the point, gobsmacked as I was by Ramona Flowers)
yes! World's End, Scott Pilgrim, Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the dead 🙌🏼🙌🏼
one time I got to see Scott pilgrim in an empty theater and man it was a ton of fun also the worlds end so good
scott pilgrim vs the world soundtrack is GOAT
I'm going to keep reading into Scott Pilgrim and see what comes to mind.
Darn someone beat me to it with the Scott Pilgrim reference...
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Scott Pilgrim vs The World is my jam.
I heard that Michael Cera did all his own stunts in Scott Pilgrim vs The World.
Plus, Scott Pilgrim is the movie I use to judge whether someone can be my friend or not.
At this point I can't imagine what it would be like to live life without having seen Scott Pilgrim.
What are your thoughts on Scott Pilgrim? I was born in 85 and im a huge gamer so it quickly became my fave movie
100% YES SCOTT PILGRIM!! So many people haven't seen and I always wonder why!!
Watching Scott Pilgrim again because I fell asleep lmao
not 1 vote for Scott Pilgrim, Death Proof or Freddy got Fingered. Hacks.
Lucas Lee | Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. - arrogant skateboarder turned movie star with super strength
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World doesn't have anything on Me vs. Programming the Microwave.
This Squirrel Girl playlist has some stuff from the Scott Pilgrim soundtrack AND David Bowie AND The Postal Service like BAPTISE ME SG
is she one of the main characters? I loved her in Scott Pilgrim and Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter.
What if Chris Nolan directed Scott Pilgrim? Or I made Batman? Would it be something like 'Bruce Wayne Vs The World'? https…
but like you know that scene in Scott Pilgrim where he faces NegaScott and then they become buds and go out for pizza etc
Over 50 years of Barry Allen being presented as a polite professional in the comics & Snyder wants him to be Scott Pilgrim.
Hamilton Collection
I love Edgar Wright but Scott Pilgrim is a mess.
OMG Scott Pilgrim. Edgar Wright should do a DCEU film.
Ending a 24-hour spanned Edgar Wright day with Scott Pilgrim vs The World.
your Edgar Wright proposal would be SUPER apt for Rider Ex-Aid, considering Scott Pilgrim.
Was just reminded that I still haven't seen Scott Pilgrim. Considering what I fan I am of Wright, maybe I should fix that today.
I just want him to sin Friday, Scott Pilgrim, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Don Jon, Superbad, Pineapple Express...
Glad I showed up to support it. Maybe in the coming years people are going to rediscover it like Scott Pilgrim or something.
tradition gearing up! Waiting out the light to start Scott Pilgrim in front of…
In the mysterious land of Toronto, Canada... Scott Pilgrim was dating a high schooler..
'Cocky *** is one of my favorite lines from Scott Pilgrim o kay
"I'm tired of people getting hurt because of me.". Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, 2010
After Scott Pilgrim and The Thing, I'm basically crushing on you.
Makes you stop & think. Go let me borrow your . hair from Scott Pilgrim! .
Listening to lil uzi vs the world in a second cup is the closest u can get to Scott pilgrim vs the world
We may have to write a few essays on why Scott Pilgrim is just the best movie.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Some call it the greatest movie of our time - . Scott Pilgrim vs The World
Americans watch 'ID4' for their country's birthday. We Canadians though... we have "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World"
Scott Pilgrim has a mint soundtrack tbh
I'll be your Ramona Flowers if you'll be my Scott Pilgrim
Dammit, I didn't see the Scott Pilgrim one at I need that in my life!
Happy thank you for Degrassi, Scott Pilgrim, Poutine, Juno, Ellen Page, Ginger Snaps and more.
That awkward moment when you realize that you're older than Scott Pilgrim
Celebrating Beck week with his episode of Futurama followed by Scott Pilgrim
I'll celebrate Canada Day because two of my favorite things in the world are from Canada. (& Scott Pilgrim) 🇨🇦
Happy Celebrate with a viewing of one of our favorite Canadians Scott Pilgrim!
It's Scott Pilgrim vs. the world, and the world doesn't stand a chance
Scott Pilgrim and Deadpool the only Canadians that matter
Ill try finish this properly later :) Ill add a lil in the final!. Scott Pilgrim style! http…
I watched Billy Madison and Scott Pilgrim and now I'm thinking about watching Spirited Away
I love Scott Pilgrim! is hilarious and the rest of the cast is spot on as well!
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Throwback to when performed Scott Pilgrim songs as Sex Bob-omb last week ;A; What a night
7 deep truths of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World:
Nigel Godrich — Hillcrest Park. From the original score of Scott Pilgrim ...
Scott Pilgrim is one of those films you either love or hate. I loved it.
but imagine if every fight in Scott Pilgrim vs the World was as good as the one with Matthew Patel
Brie Larson might be cast as Captain Marvel! We're one step closer to the complete Scott Pilgrim / Marvel Cinematic Universe…
Gonna go watch Scott Pilgrim v. The World, peace
Ramona Flowers and Scott Pilgrim. That would be the cutest! Or Babs Gordon and *** Grayson ✨
Scott Pilgrim and his dream desert hittin me right in the feels
The way most people feel about Scott Pilgrim vs the World is how I feel about Speed Racer.
The Speed Racer movie is my Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.
An old friend's husband looks like Chris Evans in 'Scott Pilgrim vs. the World' and I can't unsee it.
Scott Pilgrim vs. The World- 10/10 very funny, Lucas Lee(Chris Evans) was the best villain by far bc i mean eyebrows
Chris Evans in Scott Pilgrim scares me like it's so weird what r u doing in this movie u r supposed to be a nice cute lil man stop
I own all Chris Evans comic film blurays from FF to Scott Pilgrim to SnowPiercer to his MCU film and Cavills
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remember when Chris Evans was in Scott Pilgrim because I forgot
such a massive leap forward in tone and pacing from Scott Pilgrim and that series was great!
why you lookin like Todd off of Scott Pilgrim?
tbh Todd from Scott Pilgrim is the only vegan I will ever like. Cocky, pretentious and gets killed off in the funniest way possible.
hm. I do like Ellen Wong from Scott Pilgrim to play as her so maybe that works...
along with Rubber, Teeth, Scott Pilgrim, 6 years, Penelope, The Craft, Shrek, Band of Robbers, and The Rugrats go wild
My stand-bys are anything by Edgar Wright. Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, World End, Scott Pilgrim, etc.
so what you're saying is you want Edgar Wright to direct a Scott Pilgrim style wrestling show
Hard to say, but it is influenced by a lot of different sources. Scott Pilgrim, Raymond Briggs, Fougasse - sorta made it mine :D
Bryan Lee O'malley has been added to the list of people I would embarrass myself in front of if I ever met them. I love Scott Pilgrim
On page 116 of 323 of Seconds, by Bryan Lee O'Malley: After finishing the Scott Pilgrim s...
Optional goal: Produce a sucessor to Scott Pilgrim the World the Game with Paul Robertson sprite work.
Yeah I had fun with Scott Pilgrim mostly, not a fan of Robertson but he's definitely talented too
Okay but if I make the dress from Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour I can also make the Power of Love sword...which is neat.
For fans of Scott Pilgrim or The Guild comes a story of Xbox, Denny's, and awkward beginnings
I admire you so much. I loved you in Scott Pilgrim and Community, & Room and Short Term 12 took my breath away.
I've always wanted hair like Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
omg you're like Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim!
When I was in the middle of the 'Scott Pilgrim' series, and it was slowly b...
opposite problem, I want to be Ramona Flowers but really I'm Scott Pilgrim...
I want to be Scott Pilgrim, but really I'm Ramona Flowers.
Check out our newest book talk! Scott Pilgrim by Bryan Lee O'Malley.
watchmen, VforVendetta, Scott Pilgrim, Batman Begins, Deadpool, TWS the avengers, X men dofp, guardians are all better than tdk
I still laugh out loud at Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. Bryan Lee O'Malley and Edgar Wright are geniuses
a bass battle between Ashton and Calum would be even better than the one in Scott Pilgrim
This artstyle reminds me of Brian Lee O'Malley's Scott Pilgrim.
Hi John. Hello from Wales. Big fan of your work. How would you feel about a Scott Pilgrim-verse run by Edgar Wright?
freaky-713 said: So like what is even going on in the last comic I'm so confused Is this Scott Pilgrim now...
Wasn't Chris already announced as Captain America before Scott Pilgrim, though?
Who had the best post-Scott Pilgrim career? Probably Chris Evans or Anna Kendrick, but I have faith in Alison Pill.
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also Mary Elizabeth Winstead gives her best performance in a film to date. Although I do really love Scott Pilgrim
can we talk about how brill Mary Elizabeth Winstead is pls (been waiting since Scott Pilgrim came out but now ya'll finally catching on)
19. Scott Pilgrim vs the World: *** I love this movie so much, Michael Bacall did a fantastic job capturing the comic's humor.
after 10 Cloverfield Lane, you should watch Scott Pilgrim vs. the World because of Mary Elizabeth Winstead.
(the art style is inspired partly by Scott Pilgrim and Elijah Woods is the main actor how could I not like it)
Almost Famous, Scott Pilgrim, Rockstar, Detroit Rock City..?, Undiscovered (terrible movie but adorable lead)
we drove by there the other day and I said "hey that's where Scott Pilgrim defeated Lucas Lee!"
Mary Winstead has been bae since Scott Pilgrim. If you go see 10 Cloverfield Lane, make sure you see it in IMAX
I partake not in the meat, nor the breast milk, nor the ovum, of any creature with a face. --Todd Ingram, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
Vegan's have super powers and Scott Pilgrim proves this.
The craft in Scott Pilgrim is so effing good. Remembered again tonight one of my favourite subtle additions. Bokeh.
Watching Gary Mackay Steven on couldn't help but think of Scott Pilgrim.
Gamestop has Scott Pilgrim digital codes for ps3 and they work.
pour one out for OutRun and Scott Pilgrim :(
I've only ever seen Brie Larson in things like 21 Jump Street, Scott Pilgrim, and The League.
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Between the lovely Alison Brie up for an award & Alison Pill on the constant ads for The Family, I am really wanting to watch Scott Pilgrim
Just realized that Ramon Flores' name is very close to that of Scott Pilgrim's love interest, Ramona Flowers.
Michael Cera shouldn't have been Scott Pilgrim. Andrew Garfield would've probably been better.
I had totally forgotten that Anna Kendrick is in Scott Pilgrim.
We decided to watch Scott Pilgrim to cleanse ourselves of Howard the Duck. SP features two big crushes of mine: Mae Whitman, Kieran Culkin
Stayed up too late reading Me Him Her in one go. It's great fun. Chasing Amy by way of Scott Pilgrim. Can't wait to watch it!
*watching Making of Scott Pilgrim documentary*. Mary Elizabeth Winstead is gorgeous, ngl
I found it! I found the only flaw in otherwise perfect movie Scott Pilgrim! They put Jon Spencer in the metal section of a record shop!
My fave part of Scott Pilgrim quote-along is when the audience does a half-assed "woo" w/ Wallace & Other Scott at Lee's Palace.
It only just clicked to me that Alison Pill and Chris Evans were in Snowpiercer and Scott Pilgrim together.
Wallace Wells: If you want something bad, you have to fight for it. Step up your game, Scott. Break out the L-word. Scott Pilgrim: *** +
4.8 out of 5 stars by 88 reviewers for "Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour"
Hey Trilbee, would you class Ramona Flowers from 'Scott Pilgrim' as a manic pixie dream girl? This is to settle an argument😁
I watched perks earlier today and now I'm watching Scott Pilgrim and I just realized that mary elizabeth & brad are in both these
Watching "Scott Pilgrim vs the World" again. Everyone is great, but Alison Pill is sneakily the best thing about the film.
Taking Megan down to Scott Pilgrim vs. The World tonight, "what is this movie you're making me watch!?!". via
Just finished the Scott Pilgrim script for the new MwM. It’s … vast.
He looks like Chris Evans as Lucas Lee in Scott Pilgrim as Paul in Tekken.
Realizing that games I have, like Scott Pilgrim vs The World or Marvel vs. Capcom Origins, are unavailable to people is depressing. :(
Knives Chau is the best character in Scott Pilgrim.
If I've said it once I've said it a thousand times: Scott Pilgrim should've picked Knives Chau.
How did it seriously cost 80 million dollars to make 'Scott Pilgrim vs the world' without any epic scenes at all 🙅
The first song to come up on the new shop playlist was Plumtree's "Scott Pilgrim"...what a nice way to open our new lo…
You guys remember Scott Pilgrim versus the world right?… I think I should get a movie called Dan Simon versus the universe.
Scott Pilgrim vs the world. Absolutely amazing movie. If anything deserves a sequel - that does.
I don't have a blu ray player or access to Netflix rn so I'm waiting for Scott Pilgrim to start
I added a video to a playlist Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: Black Sheep - FULL music video
Stressing what to cook for vegan mates tomorrow when I remembered there's literally a vegan recipe in Scott Pilgrim
I read Scott Pilgrim & the Infinite Sadness by Bryan Lee O'Malley
killer album: — ♫Scott Pilgrim vs. the World by Nigel Godrich, from
the women of 'Scott Pilgrim vs. the World' . Ramona Flowers, Knives Chau, Kim Pine, Envy Adams.
Scott Pilgrim fans! Check out of 's exclusive interview w/ Brian Lee O' Malley
Ramona Flowers, Knives Chau, and Kim Pine are to Scott Pilgrim as Akane, Shampoo, and Ukyo are to Ranma.
📷 nothinggrand: Scott Pilgrim vs the World (Behind the Scenes): Chris Evans as Lucas Lee
Scott Pilgrim or Guilty Gear stuff. Take your pick.
Nicolas Cage is the cousin of the guy who played Michael in the Princess Diaries and the guy who played Gideon in Scott Pilgrim.
Apparently for buying Scott Pilgrim on Amazon Video, I got a credit good for a free Kung Fu Panda.
I need to do work but Scott Pilgrim is calling..
4 day London Film and Comic con. Cosplay plans as follows, Scott Pilgrim, literary era Holmes, Kaylee Frye and Bojack Horseman.
Matthew Patel: This is impossible, how can this be?. Scott Pilgrim: Open your eyes, maybe you'll see.
I've been everything Brie Larson since she was Envy Adams in Scott Pilgrim & mouthed "oh yeah" she already won.
He's one of the best parts of Scott Pilgrim. I'm not sure if I like him more or Brandon Routh or Kiernan Culkin.
So I'm watching Long Live The Royals and--is that Wallace Wells from Scott Pilgrim as Peter? Ooh.
Me as Envy Adams and one of my best cosplay friends as Todd Ingram from Scott Pilgrim
So I got asked to be Envy Adams for a Scott Pilgrim poster and its freakin lit
Wallis Wells from Scott Pilgrim is the closest I've ever come to seeing myself represented on film. Sarcastic, *** and so over everything.
I've always told people to back off if Selena Gomez because she's Miguel's but like honestly I will duel Miguel for her Scott Pilgrim style.
reading this article about Scott Pilgrim guy's follow up and I'm amused.
They really like Scott Pilgrim. Thast is so embarrassing. I did have hair that colour. Someone once said it was the colour of vomit.
you look like Scott pilgrim waiting for his amazon
Oh no, I know way too much about Scott Pilgrim xD
Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is one of my all time favourites
Work finished! **heads off downstairs to wait for Fallout 4** -
i wanna play scott pilgrim vs the world, RI p
Create your Scott Pilgrim avatar. I made my son
How do you make Phantom Breaker backwards compatible but not Scott Pilgrim . . . . Cmon son
I wanna watch Scott pilgrim vs the world
I had to steal it from Scott Pilgrim. XF
I want to meet Michael Cera just to see if he's more like he is in Scott Pilgrim or in This Is The End
So, I just realized Bryan Lee O'Malley's (Creator of Scott Pilgrim) book "Seconds" is available on the Google...
freaks and geeks, parks and recreation, orphan black, weeds, sense8, broad city, brooklyn 99. Film Kingsman, Scott Pilgrim
So I only just discovered that Wallace Wells in the Scott Pilgrim film is Kieran Culkin, Macaulay Culkin's brother. WHAT.
New Books & Graphic Novels - The Geography of You and Me by J. Smith, Scott Pilgrim vol. 1 & 2, and Warriors by Erin Hunter.
Also, Stephen Amell's abs, the true star of the show. (Season 3 has Brandon Routh, from Chuck and Scott Pilgrim)
Julie Powers from Scott Pilgrim vs The World and a Life Aquatic crew member, and yeah I do have two costumes
Toughies drummer reminds us of Alison Pill in Scott Pilgrim's Sex Bob-Omb band. Terrific!
Didn't know Kieran Culkin was in this btw. Haven't seen him since Scott Pilgrim so glad to see he still gets work.
Hyperview honestly sounds like when Sex Bob-omb sold out to G Man in Scott Pilgrim and I can not hear otherwise.
Giffany was animated, like Rumble McSkirmish, was animated by Paul Robertson, who animated the Scott Pilgrim game.
Kim Pine from Scott Pilgrim vs the world is me
The chick kind of looks like Kim Pine from Scott Pilgrim.
Giant Bomb says Maxima and Bear Hugger are Canadian. Other Canadian fighters: Bret Hart, Wolverine, the entire cast of Scott Pilgrim
A10: Unsurprisingly (given A7) I would take Little Miss Sunshine and Scott Pilgrim. I'd also want Airplane. Would need the laughs!
BTS w/ on his outstanding adaptation of 'Scott Pilgrim vs. the World' (2010).
Still no sightings of Ramona Flowers nor Scott Pilgrim... (@ Yonge-Dundas Square - in Toronto, ON)
I saw Scott Pilgrim vs. The World in the manga section of Barnes and Noble... I kinda wanna get it sometime.
Black Sheep is definitely the best song on the Scott Pilgrim soundtrack, but why couldn't they have included Brie Larson’s version? 😔
please work on getting the world a Scott Pilgrim sequel i think society would be eternally grateful as it is your best role!
Chris Evans has a list of terrible movies but aside from Captain America; The Iceman, Snowpiercer, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World were great.
I was also utterly unaware until last night that Alison Pill was Kim Pine in Scott Pilgrim vs the World and i am still in awe
I'm here for a Mega Man movie that gets visual cues from the newest Speed Racer mixed with Scott Pilgrim.
So I ended up quasi-watching Scott Pilgrim vs. The World bc Edgar Wright is the magical fairy of transitions and puns.
John Carpenter's The Thing. Followed shortly by Scott Pilgrim vs the world!
The Roxy scene in Scott Pilgrim has so much lens flare, I think Edgar Wright must have been taking lessons from JJ Abrams.
The Dark Knight Returns. The Killing Joke. Watchmen. Scott Pilgrim. Basically all of the "must read" comics just. Ugh. No thanks.
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