Scott Pelly & Brian Williams

Brian Douglas Williams (born May 5, 1959) is the anchor and managing editor of NBC Nightly News, the evening news program of the NBC television network, a position he assumed in 2004. Williams was listed among Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential People in the World in 2007, and in 2010, a prominent media observer dubbed him the Walter Cronkite of the 21st century. 3.7/5

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For the and will anchor for ABC, Brian Williams for NBC, Scott Pelly for CBS & Shep for FOX.
I don't believe Brian Williams, Anderson Cooper, or Scott Pelly would fall in that category.
A little critique of the TV coverage of the election last night.I'm not biased to any one news network, so I spent the night flipping channels to see who did the best job. I must honestly say that CNN out did all the other networks, mostly because they had graphics on the screen that could easily be understood. And I thought John King's attention to detail on his virtual map was outstanding. Did any of you notice that? I'm not a fan of Wolf Blitzer, but I thought he did a good job last night. The graphics on Fox News and on ABC were just too confusing. CBS wasn't much better. NBC's graphics were par for the course. I thought Brian Williams at NBC was good. Diane and George on ABC were OK until the power went out in their studio. Scott Pelly is a good evening news anchorman, but he is no election night host. Made me miss Dan and Uncle Walter that much more. Is it me or did Pelly just not know how to set the table? Megyn Kelly on Fox was just too silly last night, Sheperd Smith acted like he was ...
Scott Pelly, Brian Williams, Diane Sawyer win my vote for election TV commentators with the best delivery.
Okay, I watched several venues of the debate, I like Brian Williams because he comes across like a neighbor, Scott Pelly because he looks good in his clothes and Anderson Cooper because he tries to give most people a fair shake and he is like you know, your cousin on you Father's side. PBS. because they are informative I am not a fan of Savannah Guthrie I kept it mostly on CNN because that was the only place that gave me some representation and someone who looks like me. First Mr. Jones, then Mr Martin so I like looking at people that represent the Black perspective of the spectrum.
I just did an interview on the just released Network news ratings that saw Scott Pelly jump 8% overall and 4%(ages 25-54), Brian Williams drop 6% overall and 20% (ages 25-54) and Diane Sawyer Drop 13% overall and 18% (ages 24-54). This was compared to last year. My interview comments are reported below: " I've issued a no buy on Nightly to our clients because I see the Today show problems all over again here. How many news stories does Brian do each night? Very few compared to Scott. Brian does weather,(yes we know its warmer in certain parts of the country) he reports on The Oscars which were carried on ABC, he plugs his Rock Center which is a ratings disaster that's changing times yet again. How many news stories does Lester Holt present on weekends?...far more.Brian has now made this into his own soft news program. NBC has incredible reporters world wide.USE THEM! Don't talk so much because frankly Brian you're not that interesting. You better make changes or face squandering even more numbers Tom ...
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