Scott Pelley & Dan Rather

Scott Cameron Pelley (born July 28, 1957) is an American television journalist who is currently anchor and managing editor of the CBS Evening News and a correspondent for the CBS news magazine 60 Minutes. Daniel Irvin Dan Rather, Jr. (born October 31, 1931) is an American journalist and the former news anchor for the CBS Evening News. 5.0/5

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Dan Rather gets it right... Scott Pelley is a journalist's journalist.
Let the record show that Scott Pelley just pointed out Dan Rather in JFK-related video from 50 years ago.
Scott Pelley > Katie Couric but my man Dan Rather from back in the day still takes the cake
For 45 of the last 50 years, the CBS Evening News has been led by Texans, beginning with the fabulous Cronkite, then Dan Rather, and now Scott Pelley. (Only Katie Couric's years of 2006-2011 weren't Texan.) I had no idea Pelley is from here--born in San Antonio, moved to Lubbock and attended Texas Tech. I find this fascinating, also that he has picked up a million viewers since he took over last year. Good goin', Scott!
John Paul II is Dan Rather, Ratzinger is Bob Schieffer, Francis is Katie Couric, and be looking for Scott Pelley in about five years.
I'm sure y'all want to do this: Have CBS continue the Price is Right, and Scott Pelley, much like his predecessor Dan Rather flip out and here comes the headline: Anchors vs. Fanboys: A REAL Showcase Showdown!
Thought of the Day: On the CBS Evening News, Scott Pelley said that Pope Benedict will be Pope Emeritus after Friday. He then asked how the Catholic Church will deal with two popes? Scott, the same way CBS deals with two morons, Dan Rather and Scott Pelley. Not sure what's funnier, the stupid report or the feigned concern for the church.
His assignments are for The CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley (and Dan Rather, Bob Schieffer, and Katie Couric...
CBS Evening News anchor, Scott Pelley, is a very pleasant tv presence but when speaking he whistles all the time. Such fun.Dan Rather clone.
Scott Pelley reminds me of that scum bag Dan Rather. Pelley thinks he is helping his career? He obviously didn't learn anything.
Just Finished Watching Mitt Romney's Interview on 60 Minutes. Scott Pelley is a Liberal Hack Who Asked Questions with an Agenda in Mind. Each and Evdery Question Pelley Asked was Slanted as an Attack of a Good and Decent Man Who Handled them Very Well. I guess CBS hasn't learned their lesson from their Days of Dan Rather. Still in the Tank for the WRONG TEAM!! Sick, Gross and Disgusting!
Watching Dan Rather on last night's episode of & he's just the best. Dan Rather era of CBS Evening News > Katie Couric & Scott Pelley
Appearing on CBS's Late Show with David Letterman on Tuesday, NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams heaped his idea of high praise onto CBS Evening News anchor Scott Pelley: "Scott grew up firmly in the Dan Rather school of journalism, which is a great tradition." [Listen to the audio or watch the ...
I like Scott Pelley...but I liked Dan Rather better...~
Dan Rather on Scott Pelley: He ‘burns with the hot, blue fame to report news’: One Texan to another, Dan Rather ...
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