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Scott Pelley

Scott Cameron Pelley (born July 28, 1957) is an American television journalist who is currently anchor and managing editor of the CBS Evening News and a correspondent for the CBS news magazine 60 Minutes.

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All I gotta say is Scott Pelley's got to be the Belgium of the tournament. *** that dude's got pipes.
The entire Philippines is elated to see you on Scott Pelley's chair
Apparently Scott Pelley has left the He hasn't been seen in a couple of weeks.
come on management, Charlie Rose is horrible as an anchor, please use others until Scott Pelley is back.
sorry man Scott Pelley SE'd me for it with noods :(
Who caught this great piece last night on the CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley on ALS research that featured...
For those who couldn't watch the JAWS segment that I was involved in on CBS EVENING NEWS WITH SCOTT PELLEY, here...
Celebs and news Network anchors Brian Williams, Scott Pelley and David Muir could bolster ... - New York Daily...
that Scott Pelley on CBS news seems like such a solid guy.
It was Scott Pelley that reported it, not Brian Williams.
So this person said that Scott Pelley looks like a dorito! Also said that he looks like he has double eyebrows. Really?, that's not possible
Welcome Back! My daughter has been asking, where is Scott Pelley and who are those other people?
Learning about Tech’s campaign. Really neat. Including an appearence by your buddy Scott Pelley.
A new game of chance, The CBS Evening News Without Scott Pelley lottery.
Hey it's official, Trivers Myers Music is now Scott Pelley's theme on the CBS Evening News--6:30 weekdays.
And now I ran into a very nice and smiley Scott Pelley. Better sighting than Katie Holmes. I have a crush on 60 Min.
My sisters and I already had a serious crush on CBS's Bob Schieffer. I'm starting to get a serious thing for Scott Pell…
I have a serious man crush on Scott Pelley. All that is man.
It appears Scott Pelley has a massive man crush on Hugh Jackman
I admit it - I have a man crush on Scott Pelley of He should win a Peabody for Homlessness or Stem …
Don't judge me, but I secretly call "the Scott Pelley of Clevver". (Scott's the anchor of the CBS Evening News).
Blaine , I was very humbled to be able to fill in for Scott Pelley. Thx for the encouragement. JB
Still a strange image to see a sports guy fill in for Scott Pelley.
I like Scott Pelley, but I'm really enjoying James Brown anchoring the this week!
Some 15 yr old kid just told Scott Pelley he was gonna be a suicide bomber and bomb Israel for bombing his home. 😳
Sports anchor James Brown is filling on for Scott Pelley. Cool! I hope we see Chris Berman fill in for Diane Sawyer too!
IT'S UP! Devoured recap.. & now... a void. Maybe you should recap the CBS World News? Some Scott Pelley? Anyone? Bueller?
Great to see James Brown on CBS Evening News subbing for Scott Pelley. Brother belongs in the chair.
I love it when James Brown sits in for Scott Pelley on the CBS evening news.
James Brown is filling in for Scott Pelley tonight. I've never seen him do anything other than NFL coverage. He's pretty good at it.
My names Scott Pelley & heres what ur supposed 2 think tonight! Fill in http…
Breast Cancer Awareness
I saw JB doing the national news on CBS this evening. I think you should audition to replace Scott Pelley!!
Must say I was surprised to see sports anchor James Brown filling in for Scott Pelley tonite on the CBS Evening News
I love Scott Pelley but is great on the CBS news! Always been one of my favorites!
James Brown should be the permanent substitute for Scott Pelley on the Evening News.
James Brown is anchoring the CBS Evening News? Is Scott Pelley now calling NFL games?
Discover fun facts about Scott Pelley via
I would pay a week of 's salary to watch Scott pelley anchor a Friday night 11p sports
CBS Sports anchor James Brown comes off the bench to fill in for Scott Pelley anchoring CBS Evening News tonight.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY CBS NEWS' SCOTT PELLEY. Did you know he grew up in Lubbock & went to Tech??
TODAY'S BIRTHDAYS | In 1957, Scott Pelley was born on this date in San Antonio, Texas, USA
ABC, NBC Ignore Grim Housing Report; Focus Instead on Selfie with Queen, 50 Shades of Grey Trailer Both ABC World News with Diane Sawyer and NBC Nightly News on Thursday evening failed to mention a new, troubling report from the Census Bureau on Thursday night that sales of new homes decreased by 8.1% in June and that May’s originally reported double-digit increase was revised lower, from almost 19% to only 8 percent The CBS Evening News did cover this story, but it only was in the form of a 12-second news brief from anchor Scott Pelley. Pelley grimly reported: “Today's report on the housing market is raising concerns about the economic recovery. Sales of new homes dropped sharply last month, more than 8%, and that's the largest decline in nearly a year.”
U.S. intelligence confirms Russian fired artillery into Ukraine. Plus, Steve Hartman goes On the Road with parents checking off their daughter's bucket list. More on tonight's edition of the CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley:
Scott Pelley on his first year behind the CBS News anchor desk
For some reason I love Scott Pelley's sign off.. so much class.
Scott Pelley just said selfie and photobomb in a sentence. I don't know if I am happy or sad.
The CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley is manipulative & slanted against Israel & it is night after night. Our side?
Scott Pelley is the ultimate silver fox. Such a babe.
Scott Pelley your presentation of the news is slanted towards the Palestinians. You manipulate the image. Report
According to CBS's Scott Pelley, there are 41 conflict zones on this planet at this time. And to think that even in that unfortunate group
I would like a autographed picture of Scott Pelley for my fiance she loves his show if anyone knows please let me know.
. Scott Pelley: The majority of deaths civilian. Says who, the UN, Hamas?
I have developed a crush on CBS News anchor Scott Pelley.
This interview of CBS' raises a question, can you "almost literally" do something?
Things I learned today, CBS News edition: really likes pancakes.
alumn and anchor Scott Pelley talked with in an interview.
"Nothing more calming to a human being than to be on the back of a horse." … via
ITK: tells me he's a jazz fan and scuba diver who longs for pancakes.
I'd like to hear Scott Pelley recite the lyrics of ICP tunes.
watching CBS nightly news w/ Scott Pelley is making me sick to my stomach 😪 however, it's informing & this is needed
I prefer Brian Williams to Scott Pelley as a nightly news anchor.
War Is a Grab Land And It Always Has Been: Scott Pelley, on CBS Evening News, talks of the struggles of today ...
I'd like to pretend I'm Scott Pelley most days.
If I had to be live beside Scott Pelley, I'd flip out.
"Triggers pull easily when there is no clarity in sight for the future." - Scott Pelley.
Wonderful perspective Scott Pelley. Let's pray this week is better.
crazy huh? Heard Scott pelley say that on the CBS news on Friday
WATCH Scott Pelley's commentary..."...triggers pull easily when there's nothing clear in the sights..."
any of us.” - CBS’ Scott Pelley, commenting on our shared humanity, after the missile attack of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 (source)
I like *** who just go blindly by and insist upon getting their news from Scott Pelley on the NBC NIGHTLY NEWS when they KNOW BETTER.
Interesting reflections on the deaths that haunted us this week by Scott Pelley vía
Scott Pelley - '.. How much greater man's reach can be than his vision'. Beautifully written.
"...Scott Pelley's poignant reflection on what really mattered this week." -
There are 41 wars being fought around the world right now. CBS Evening News - Scott Pelley. July 19, 2014
Very powerful commentary on CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley regarding all the wars being waged.
And in 1988, a missile fired from the USS Vincennes in the Persian Gulf brought down Iran Air Flight 665. - Scott Pelley reports.
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I love when Scott Pelley and Major Garrett are on the
Scott Pelley on current state of "Everyone's a publisher, no one's an editor." (frm taped past address)
Two men with possibly the best jobs in the universe tell CBS News about life aboard the International...
Scott Pelley explains a bizarre aftershock of the U.S. financial collapse: An epidemic of forged and missing mortgage documents.
CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley: Why have active shooter incidents spiked in U.S.? The U.S. is ...
How Scott Pelley began the CBS News tonite: If it seems that there's been a school shooting a week since Newtown, that's becau…
Scott Pelley, of the CBS evening news, just announced that there has been a school shooting every week since the Newtown massacre.Home schooling is looking better and better for my girls every day!
Miss ISS Commander Steve Swanson and fellow NASA astronaut Reid Wiseman with CBS's Scott Pelley? You can see it here!
The MSM WILL sweep this away if we let them.. hit all the pages, top posts, posts with most comments and/or likes and keep this up front and center.. let them know we don't so easily forget.. and that they don't own the narrative. DEMAND TRUTH!!! List of ALL the MSM FB Pages ABC Good Morning America World News w/ Diane Sawyer News This Morning minutes Evening News with Scott Pelley Sunday Morning the Nation Breaking News Politics News Nightly News Huffington Post Huffington Post Politics New York Times Los Angels Times Post Post Politics
ISS Update: Russian Cargo Craft Undocks From Station An unpiloted Russian Progress cargo spacecraft undocked from the International Space Station Monday, completing its second and final undocking from the station since arriving in late November 2013. The ISS Progress 53 resupply craft undocked from the aft port of the Zvezda service module at 9:29 a.m. EDT as the station orbited over Mongolia. From a window in the Russian segment of the station, Expedition 40 Flight Engineer Alexander Skvortsov photographed the departing Progress cargo ship as it began a 15-second separation burn to move a safe distance away from the orbiting complex. A 3-minute, 16-second deorbit burn beginning at 12:34 p.m. slowed the Progress for its destructive re-entry in the Earth’s atmosphere over the Pacific Ocean less than an hour later. Progress resupply ships are not designed to be recovered, so, like its predecessors, Progress 53 was refilled with trash and station discards after its original cargo was unloaded by the statio ...
Did anyone notice how CBS Evening News used a local KLAS reporter - story, stand up and live toss back to Scott Pelley for the Las Vegas Cop Killer story?
In this web exclusive, CBS News' Scott Pelley learns the facts of life in space from U.S. Navy Commander Reid Wiseman and Steven Swanson, two astronauts livi...
Scott Pelley takes sides with wrong doing s at VA by comparing appointments. Also did it on 60 minutes PTSD topic helping vets recover from PTSD takes sides to make out come look better then it is. Scott report the news keep you opionins to yourself.
On tonight's national news, Scott Pelley stated "that 57,000 vets were unable to get appointments last month, is a large number, but consider this for context, the VA had about 6 million appointments last month, so 57,000 is about 1 percent." I'm sure if Scott were sick and dying he would NOT like to be in that about 1 percent!
Scott Pelley just reported that a fugitive jumped out of his car and ran from police and climbed on a roof armed with an assault rifle. Why did the roof have an assault rifle?
Interesting perspective from Scott Pelley on CBS Evening News regarding the Veterans' Administration mess. 57,000 vets have had to wait 3 months or more for an appointment. The VA had 6,000,000 appointments on the books for last month. So, we're talking about less than 1% in this example. Still unacceptable.
Kinda bummed that I didn't see Scott Pelley tonight Norah O'Donnel is cool too tho
Be sure to Watch CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley tomorrow - you may see a little feel good piece about La Causa's special Quilt Maker!
The difference between the NBC Nightly News and the CBS Nightly News With Scott Pelley is like comparing laxatives to enemas
I bet Scott Pelley doesn't eat like "feeding time at the farm".
when I wake up & I'm still sick as *** & others decide they are gonna eat like pigs at the trough then yea, we gonna hear Scott Pelley LOUD
"I'm Leslie Stahl," "I'm Christiane Amanpour," "I'm not the problem," "and I'm Scott Pelley, those stories tonight on 60 Minutes."
Every time Scott Pelley introduces himself on I shout "SCOTT PELLEY-PELLEHH!!"
So what's Scott Pelley gonna do now???
Scott Pelley learning that baseball will be the top story right about now
The first track I used was the closing theme from the Rather era. Now used under the term of Scott Pelley from 60 Minutes.
it's true. I am a bad woman. Scott Pelley asked me to be in a feature about it for 60 Minutes
Made the switch last night! Sick of CBS & Scott Pelley's liberal biased reporting!
Done watching Brian Williams. Switching to Scott Pelley. Shld not have interviewed Snowden.
Scott Pelley was watering eyed on that story,
"Hugh Jackman's workout with Scott Pelley really paid off!" -
I could listen to Scott Pelley read the news all day. I'd like to have him officiate my wedding alongside Tom Hanks
The "on the road segments" on the cbs news are usually pretty tearjerking on their own, but when scott pelley is cries I lose it every time
Watching Scott Pelley CBS Evening News it's clear Pro - Separates are not everyday people of Donetsk: Just Soviet Gangsters.
60 Minutes’ Scott Pelley Panders to BP - Pelley’s abysmal attempt at reportage shed little light on the plaintiff...
Play ball! Tune into CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley tonight to see a segment on "The Rookie," filmed right...
60 Minutes’ Scott Pelley Panders to BP: 60 Minutes featured a segment about BP alleging fraudulent and frivolo...
Casually met Scott Pelley after the news. @ CBS Broadcast Center
Just saw myself, the truck, and on with Scott Pelley. BRoll for the win.
makes watching CBS Evening NewsWith Scott Pelley more rewarding earning great rewards.
Scott Pelley said Asst VA Chief was forced out..not true.He announced his retirement a yr ago..
Stan with CBS' Scott Pelley before they discuss coverage of the upcoming Remote Area Medical clinic in…
Sweet! Standing on the shoulders of Scott Pelley!
I'm "CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley". TV loves you back with Watch TV. Earn Points.
Scott Pelley has fantastic news delivery.
Listen to the CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley tonight at 7pm on 99.1FM and
friends. --> MT Hear the CBS Evening News w/ Scott Pelley tonite at 7pm on 99.1FM & h…
Did you catch Stratford STEM Magnet High School students and teachers on CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley last night? Check it out!
"The story of the Chibok Girls has moved from near the bottom of the US State Department’s media summary middle of last week, to just under Ukraine, today. That is a very high position for an Africa issue (other than Egypt). This is partly driven by density of media attention, of course, but the fundamental driver is the attention the story is getting at policy levels. For information and sense of context, here is what was written today:" Boko Haram Demands Release Of Jailed Militants In Exchange For Kidnapped Girls. The search for over 200 kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls led all three network news broadcasts Monday evening, as Boko Haram released a new video in which the group’s leader demanded the release of jailed members in exchange for the girls’ release. In the lead story for ABC World News (5/12, lead story, 2:15, Sawyer), Diane Sawyer reported that a new tape from Boko Haram “has experts searching for clues in the faces of the girls, even on the ground beneath their feet.” Hamish MacDon . ...
You know there's something seriously wrong when Scott Pelley CBS News covers mine accident in Turkey, but not and lead with it ahead of the West Virginia mine accident. What a failure they are.
Or was it Scott Pelley reading Lee Papa? I have no idea, it's all synergy at this point. Except for the stock market. That's 'psychological'
I hate CNN's style. CBS would have just had Scott Pelley ask questions, not bring in Diddy for commentary.
I wish Diane Sawyer or Scott Pelley did this interview instead. I don't really care for Cooper's style
Maybe I'm delusional, when Scott Pelley of CBS news speaks,especially of our fearless leader, he looks as though...
Yuck! There's that pompous *** Scott Pelley on my TV screen. I guess the Lying News is on; time to change the channel.
I know the evening news is for an older demographic, but if Scott Pelley talks ... any ... slower ... z
Scott Pelley compels me to believe every word he utters.
I spend way too much time screaming at the television when the news comes on. Since when is the latest smarmy declaration from the pope considered 'news' (Scott Pelley has a man crush on the pope). Same for baby pictures of the royals, and all the bleating sheep thanking 'god' for surviving surgeries or tornadoes… The 'news' consists of about 3 top stories, mostly about nothing important.
On June 6th, Scott Pelley became the newest anchor of the CBS Evening News. While no major changes were made in the look of the newscast, there were a ...
you do know scott pelley doesn't do the CBS Evening News from downtown, right?
Fun stuff: & on CBS Evening News w/ Scott Pelley last week talking about creating jobs
I just saw Scott Pelley of CBS and was less than 4ft away from him
Steve Capus, former President, NBC News, was named Executive Producer, CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley and...
More on how ’60 Minutes’ whitewashed BP - Unlike, CBS’ Scott Pelley, Hiltzik digs into the widely available...
in for Scott Pelley tonight - Buffalo native rockin the anchor desk.
A last-minute replacement for "CBS Evening News" anchor Scott Pelley, David Rhodes, in response to a question...
UAlbany Men's Lacrosse Thompson Trio to be on Tonight (May 8) on CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley
So millionaire Scott Pelley from 60 Minutes just came into GNC. 😳😎
Scott Pelley is in the house (for you 60 Minute nerds) (@ The Walter Kerr Theatre for A Gentleman's Guide to Love...)
Breaking in network news: Steve Capus, former president of NBC News, to take over as exec producer of CBS Evening News w Scot…
This is Scott Pelley, and today's story: Exactly how "Done" can one be for an AP Test? Coming up at 8.
Who dressed Scott Pelley today... much improved over the usual look.
abysmal reporting all around. Hope you can text Scott Pelley and tell them to tone down the rhetoric and dishonest cross stories
DEEP HORIZON -The survivor story Scott Pelley will never forget. 60 MINUTES says its a powerful...
Scott Pelley: "tonight, there's mystery over the whereabouts of Rob Ford, the Toronto mayor who smoked crack."
CBS anchor Scott Pelley will interview President Obama during his trip to Rome
Here’s a story that gives you some behind the scenes perspective at how TV news works.
“I could not have imagined that BP would play the victim four years after that catastrophe.” --
Once wingman for Tom Brokaw and Brian Williams, Steve Capus now will pilot 'The CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley'
Survivor of the Deepwater Horizon explosion “was about the best storyteller I'd ever met,” says
piece last night, Scott Pelley reveals the interview he?ll never forget. ?Of all the interviews that I have done at ?60 Minutes? over all of these years, that was one that I will never forget,?
Best pt was Scott Pelley couldn't make it b/c of cvring the Benghazi story. Those wr the days.
Also, three cheers for Scott Pelley and “60 Minutes” for sticking up for the oil company. Good stuff
« 24/ 37 Scott Pelley Anchor, CBS Evening News » AP Photo/CBS Broadcasting, Inc., John Paul Filo 5:Times Pelley has interviewed President ObamaWhy he matters: Defined by his penchant for hard news, Pelley, 56, has a shelf full of awards including three News and Documentary Emmys in 2013 alone. (CBS…
Just saw a picture of Scott Pelley with his shirt off and now I can't remember what Brian Williams looks like.
The survivor story Scott Pelley will never forget - CBS News
Meanwhile, no one wants to see Scott Pelley do Rapper's Delight.
Laura Logan "credulous and puffy” patriotic colleague of Scott Pelley’s "glorifying military heroism”.
Thank you 60 Minutes! They have reposted this video which shows the level of pain and suffering, lies and...
Geoff Morrell, BP Senior Vice President, explains why people should care about this settlement agreement. Watch Scott Pelley's report, "Over a Barrel," on 60...
Main Stream Media ignores the elephant in the kitchen: human overpopulation By Frosty Wooldridge Sunday night, May 4, 2014, NBC’s anchor Lester Holt introduced Anne Curry for a report on Climate Change causing horrific wildfires, tornadoes, Category 5 hurricanes, rising seas, temperature changes, heat waves and worse for the future. Anne Curry reported on climate change, but no mention of human overpopulation driving it. Nothing like ignoring the elephant in the kitchen as it stomps everything to smithereens: She announced a special committee working to solve the Climate Change problem, but none of them mentioned that the human race adds 1,000,000 (million) of its kind every 4 days that equals to 80,000,000 (million) more of its (our) species annually, decade in and decade out with no end in sight. Curry failed to whisper a second sentence about human overpopulation driving our environmental calamities. Reality check: The overriding, driving, undeniable force for Climate Change, titanic species extinc . ...
Pat Juneau, the lawyer who is administering the fund, explains an unusual aspect of BP's controversial class action settlement. Watch Scott Pelley's full rep...
The survivor story Scott Pelley will never forget
Dan and I have been fans of 60 Minutes for years.tonight I saw they have apparently fell in bed with the corporations.Scott Pelley presented a segment about the horrible off-shore oil rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico 3 years ago.British Petroleum was the cause .the explosion was caused by BP using cement that dried faster but did not hold.they had had another similar incident 17 months earlier...but in order to save money they used the same cement and killed 11 men, destroyed the Gulf as far as marine life, water fowl, shore line, vegetation, tourism...and on and they are whining saying people are claiming loses that are fraudulent .BP claims a lot of the claims are from people who were not directly connected with the explosion...well who can judge that...if you sold hot dogs on the beach and now there are no tourists you are affected...if you sold bait or fixed boats...or were a tour guide...and on and on.besides all this people are stepping In oil on the beach and stumbling over hugh oily tar ...
On 60 Minutes, Scott Pelley doing standup in front of the John Minor Wisdom US Court of Appeals Building. Can you get major justice at the Minor Wisdom?
I just watched the 60 Minutes show on BP's claims that it is being defrauded by claimants. Here is my comment that 60 Minutes seems to refuse to post: BP IS NO FOOL! I always esteemed 60 minutes an astute show, but why o why did Scott Pelley not offer the question as to whether BP, being such a large corporation with the most astute lawyers, might not have planned EXACTLY WHAT IS HAPPENING right now. Might they not have INTENTIONALLY made their original contract unfair to themselves with the expectation that while in the short term they will be taken by small fry scammers (since they are in the business of knowing HUMAN NATURE quite well); in the LONG TERM, they intended to do exactly what they are doing now by challenging their payouts in the name of such scams, all to avoid their full and long term responsibility? Could 60 Minutes be so naïve as to corporate tricks? I wonder…
I was quite outraged by the BP story on "60 Minutes" tonight. There was a moral to the story but Scott Pelley chose to gloss over that part of the story. BP set up a fund to compensate people that loss their *** to the spill but then screwed a large portion of them with unfair standards to actually compensate them. Apparently the federal courts stepped in, called foul, and rewrote the standards, and there is a much lower standard to be compensated. BP is now whining and 60 Minutes apparently sympathizing with them. Dear BP and 60 Minutes, there is a term for this, it's called "KARMA!," IT DOES OCCASSIONALLY COME BACK AROUND!
Scott Pelley is a fine drink of water AND he lives my dream career
Long before he heard from the lawyers, heard from a remarkable oil rig worker who survived the blast:
Scott Pelley: you're a pretty bad boy, huh?. Me: that's right, Scott. Scott [looking into camera]: a pretty bad boy indeed *clock noise*
Scott Pelley's Southern accent slipped in a bit there.
Looks like Scott Pelley has a nice little tan going on lol
Rare joint interview with Texans Scott Pelley and Bob Schieffer
On 60 Minutes in 15 minutes: Correspondent Scott Pelley reports on BP's dispute over the misinterpreted views of their agreement to reimburse victims who suffered from the oil spill in the Gulf; Lesley Stahl speaks on the "oldest old" citizens who have lived for over 90 years.
Family matters & business interests compromise network news I’m Lynn Woolley with your Logic Minute for 5/5/14 On Friday’s edition of the CBS Evening News, we wondered if Scott Pelley would cover the new select committee on Benghazi. It wasn’t the lead story but he got to it. Then we wondered if he would disclose his network’s conflict of interest. To his credit, he did. The Obama adviser who wrote an incriminating email, Ben Rhodes, has a brother named David who happens to be president of CBS News. So if brother David covers the memo, it gives heartache to brother Ben. Likewise, if ABC correspondent Claire Shipman covers the story, she’s messing with the job of her husband, Press Secretary Jay Carney. These conflicts are part and parcel of the Washington scene – and don’t even include business arrangements that impede news coverage. Remember the networks are small parts of larger conglomerates and they will always protect their own interests. Join me online at be Logical dot com. U ...
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CBS News with Scott Pelley was painting a rosy picture of the economy. What color is the sky in the state controlled media's world?
My favorite part about watching CBS evening news is seeing Scott Pelley tear up for moving news reports.
Scott Pelley did four minutes on it tonight??
It's why I don't watch NBC. I like Scott Pelley they gave a positive jobs report segment.
.you interrupted the last part of the evening news with Scott Pelley for a keno commercial..and started Wheel of Fortune early.
Scott Pelley and , your reporter was reporting from SOUTH AFRICA! don't just say Africa like it's some giant monolith
Coming up on the CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley,"On the Road's" Steve Hartman heads to Nashville, where a...
WEEKEND ROUNDUP: 05/02: On the CBS News Weekend Roundup, Scott Pelley on the liftetime ban issued to Los Angel...
.News and Scott(the chin)Pelley do lame piece on Rob Ford goes 2 rehab but does NOTHING on Bias
no mention at all on CBS Scott Pelley show.
Tell Bob that it's not to late to get an appointment with Obama's proctologist. Pelosi, Reid, and Scott Pelley also have appts.
Scott Pelley is a coward, a disgrace and not a journalist. Helped his boss hide these facts.
Scott Pelley just nearly lost it when reporting about the video from the ferry sinking. One of the saddest things I have ever seen.
TVNewser | How the Evening Newscasts Reported the New Benghazi Emails: “CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley” wa...
You R leading the news & I commend yr program. It is news thx. What's w/Pelley & Nitenews? I Shld have focused on Scott.
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Also says she has no evidence that Rhodes worked to keep her Benghazi stories off the air. Lays blame on Scott Pelley and his producers.
also... what are you doing watching Scott Pelley? Traitor.
Many Republican "leaders" of today are afraid of their own shadows. Men like John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Mitch McConnell, John McCain, Lindsay Graham, and women like Lisa Murkowski all say " Oh, boo hoo , I don't want to be torn to shreds by Chris Matthews or Brian Williams or Diane Sawyer or Scott Pelley or Wolf Blitzer". What the Republican Party needs is a strong conservative like Ronald Reagan in the 1980's who stood up to the media hounds and rebuked them whenever it became necessary.
CBS News foreign correspondent Lara Logan talks to Scott Pelley about sexual assault, her rescue and recovery
Pope Francis' closest friends, including a rabbi he's known for years in his native Argentina, describe a pontiff who is surprising the world by spurning tradition to bring humility and humanity to the papacy. Scott Pelley reports.
I felt the same letdown when they picked Scott Pelley over Harry Smith for evening news anchor. CBS is a puzzle.
CBS News’ chief Washington correspondent speaks with savvy comrades including Bob Woodward, Jane Pauley, Scott Pelley and Peggy Noonan at the 10th annual Schieffer Symposium on the News at TCU.
Just exchanged a "guns up" with Scott Pelley on his way to the Bob Schieffer symposium at TCU, along with Jane Pauley, Bob Woodward and Peggy Noonan. Pelley is a TT alum. Can't wait to hear what they all have to say.
Daughter getting to attend the CBS Evening News Symposium at TCU this evening ! Bob Schiefer, Scott Pelley, Bob Woodward. Jane Pauley, Peggy Noonan & others weighing in on current political issues & discussions.! Should be enlightening...
Atty Chae duPont from The Home Mortgage Law Show with Morris | duPont, PA on CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley:
"52 million people in the path of horrible weather" ~ Scott Pelley just stated on CBS Evening News. Lord have mercy! Gotta get prayin.
So many children dream of fast cars and rocket ships, but few actually grow up to build them -- and change the world in the process. Scott Pelley profiles Elon Musk, who at 42 years old is a billionaire Silicon Valley entrepreneur. 
Scott Pelley profiles Silicon Valley entrepreneur Elon Musk for a profile to be broadcast this Sunday on 60 Minutes
"CBS Evening News" anchor Scott Pelley sits down with Silicon Valley entrepreneur Elon Musk on Sunday's edition of "60 Minutes" and things get personal as Musk details what he calls the worst year of his life. Pelley was recently in the Bay Area visiting Musk at Tesla
Right now on 60 Minutes correspondent Scott Pelley, whose wife owns a Tesla, discusses a limitation of the Model S's battery with Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors.
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A former member of SEAL Team 6, known by the pseudonym Mark Owen, recounts the raid that killed the world's most wanted man: Osama bin Laden. Scott Pelley re...
Scott Pelley dons a purple tie as he talks about today's NLRB ruling in favor of a Northwestern players union
Jersey Shore got 1/2 foot of snow today; Massachusetts- foot. Old Man Winter playing with us, now. (Scott Pelley, CBS NEWS)
Scott Pelley is the best news anchor since Walter Cronkite. Never miss a broadcast.!
That time we were touring CBS news and Scott Pelley runs into us, gives us a motivational speech, and…
I had the greatest morning. Watched some Scott Pelley in economics😍
What is it with Scott Pelley? He addressed President Obama as Mr. Obama. Why does he do this? Sounds like a slam to me.
Please explain why Scott Pelley feels compelled to call our President "MR. OBAMA" instead of President Obama?? That is disrespectful and I heard that 3 times in the last news story he was reporting on here on our Channel 2 in Walla Walla, Washington. I doubt he would have dared to call another President Mr.; I have heard him do this several times over the last year and I feel it's disrespectful. Show President Obama the respect he is due as our President. He's not perfect but he IS our President!!
Scott Pelley disrespect the President Obama everyday
I just love watching the CBS evening news with Scott Pelley.
CBS eve news w/Scott Pelley commentator referred to President Obama as Mr Obama give him the same respect as every other President
ASK/Chicago: on Texas TV - doing what he does best. AKA: Wilford Raney - Friend of Frankie Lucas Burton-Raney CC: Mo Rocca - BBC World News - Fox Chicago News - Anita Padilla Fox 32 Chicago - CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley
Why is the CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley in 3rd place? It's the best evening newscast!
1. ABC, CBS Trumpet Mrs. Obama's 'Ping-Pong Diplomacy' in China; Omit Press Shutout Friday's CBS Evening News and ABC's World News both glowingly harkened back to a prominent past example of bilateral exchange between the U.S. and China, as they reported on Michelle Obama's trip to the East Asian country. But they continued their blackout on covering the White House's ban of journalists accompanying the First Lady. CBS's Scott Pelley trumpeted how "education is the focus of her week-long trip, but there was also time for a little bit of ping-pong diplomacy." The ABC evening newscast surpassed their competitor, however, with David Muir touting "the images making headlines out of China... the Chinese president unexpectedly coming out to meet her the whole thing reminiscent of those iconic shots of President Nixon in his groundbreaking trip to China." Networks Tout Michelle Obama's Sightseeing and Ping Pong in China; Still Ignore Press Ban All three network morning shows on Friday fawned over First Lady Mich ...
I still have NOT been able to determine how much the Communist Broadcasting System (CBS) puppets Charlie Rose, Gayle King, and Norah O'Donnell have sold their souls to the Devil (Obama) for? I do know that Communist puppets Scott Pelley (CBS) and Wolf Blitzer of the Communist News Network (CNN) were taken advantage of by Communist Dictator Barrack Stalin Lenin Obama (Devil) and they're NOT happy about that. They are unable to really complain about it or they may not get their Christmas bonuses this year from the White House for kissing Obama's a*s. Stay tune for further news.
So you are telling me that Jeff Parker and Scott Pelley are really Jimmy Carter and David Letterman?!?!
It was formally announced today, OBAMA has just surpassed ALL previous Presidents in his travel hours in Air Force One.I bet the Demtards have a real stupid response to this...The lazy incompetent bast--ard hasn't even accomplished anything! Amazing! Reported on CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley today (03/24/14) (AF1 operating cost in 2012: $228,288 per hour)
u looked good on Scott Pelley's news 2nite He referred ur Sister Act w/the young nun doing Voice. Amazing. U need to see it.
It's time for Scott Pelley to say numbers the correct way. 239 is not “two hundred and thirty nine”. It's “two hundred thirty nine”.
Tonight 60 Minutes aired an in-depth report with an inside look at the manhunt for the Boston Marathon bombers last year. Scott Pelley spoke with FBI special agent Rick Deslauriers and FBI official Stephanie Douglas, both of whom believed releasing photos of the Tsarnaev brothers was the right call.
Federal investigators tell Scott Pelley the inside story of the Boston Marathon bombing manhunt a year after the infamous act of terror killed 3 and injured 264.
A nitwit thinks they're more intelligent than Scott Pelley! He will be the 1reporting when these dumps start dropping bombs
Manhunt: Inside the Boston Marathon bombing investigation: Federal investigators tell Scott Pelley the inside ...
Scott Pelley is not only a sensational nerd? But a real result of war on the mind..This cat and that "60 Minutes" blatantly omit the motives
Okay, go away now, Scott Pelley. Time for
Watching "60 Minutes", and Scott Pelley's story on the Boston Marathon bombings.
Scott Pelley is the best news person. 👐👇
Scott Pelley always looks like he's about to start crying.
"Editors should help reporters so they don't make mistakes," Scott Pelley said at
The WOWBIZ Inside Scoop interviews are patterned after Scott Pelley's format on 60 Minutes...informative,...
The CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley - Millions without power in South...: via
CBS EVENING NEWS: 3/21: On the CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley?the latest from Australia on the search for ...
Scott Pelley reading the news is like a sober Roger Sterling giving you your day's information... He doesn't care, but is also sober.
Can Scott Pelley talk without putting his glasses in his mouth or waving them around like a conductor? So contrived.
Charlie Rose, don’t interrupt Scott Pelley is talking!
No such thing as good writing. Only good rewriting. 60 Minutes pieces rewritten 10-15 times - Scott Pelley, CBS News
I won't be near a TV! Scott Pelley and Starbucks are two of my favorite things!
"Scott Pelley: What is the difference between being the mother of a child who has mental illness and the mother...
Scott Pelley , CBS News & the ILLEGAL ALIENS can fight Russia ! I'm out ! Get Tough & Good LUCK !
Scott Pelley, or one of his frequent substitutes--he travels a lot, announces at 5:30 Pacific Time "The Western Edition" of CBS News. Last night the lead story was the large storm system coming off the Ocean to deluge the drought stricken State of California with something like an inch an hour rainfall causing mudslides from the wildfire denuded hills. One memorable shot was of sliding mud that was still smoking from such a recent fire. Hubris and braggadocio are probably the sins justifying divine retribution in the minds of Californians with a Biblical religious bent. Some of them great grandchildren of "Okies" who fled the Dust Bowl of the 1930s and contributed to California becoming the Garden of the U.S. Here in Oregon north of Cape San Sebastian...Bulletin Honkies: The Hispanics were here first well before Plymouth Rock...the edges of the huge storm system brought some light showers, but the sea was flat and occasional sunlight and shadows were seen. A shot 2/28 at 5:56 pm:
It did look like Scott had on eye makeup. Noticed it right away - liner and mascara.
CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley - Penn. town blames contaminated water on fracking Residents of Dimock, Penn., have lived with contaminated water wells for more than three years, and they blame the contamination on fracking for natural gas. From: CBS News Views: 6587 14 ratings Time: 03:...
CBS News' Scott Pelley sat down with CBS2 anchors Pat Harvey and Paul Magers to talk about his interview with California Gov. Jerry Brown.
Of course joined for his interview w/ CBS' Scott Pelley.
Pelley CBS how do you like our rain. First in years!
Saw this tonight on the CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley. Everyone must take the time to watch. Very emotional and speaks volumes about this boy and his family.
tonight had me in a puddle of tears. Scott Pelley looked teary, too!
Anchor Scott Pelley on set with to promote intv w/ on the
Not too many people do it better than Scott Pelley.
Who just saw CBS News with Scott Pelley tonight?!?!?!!? BEST STORY EVER!!! Need to find that video!!!
Hello, fellow Sunday Morning aficionados! Just finished watching the Evening News with Scott Pelley (I really enjoy Mr. Pelley's work). As you likely know already, on Friday nights the broadcast ends with a new piece by the gifted reporter & storyteller Steve Hartman. His segments are always a beautiful slice of Americana, which are then shown again on our beloved Sunday Morning. Well, this week's Hartman piece is exquisite & I'm writing so anyone who read this will remember to watch. I guarantee you will love it. You all have a lovely weekend.
Scott Pelley on CBS News. Is it my imagination, or did his eyes look funny tonight?
Just cried with Scott Pelley over that Steve Hartman story tonight on
CBS Evening News does it again. I don't think there was a dry eye on anyone who just watched this story as it aired (Scott Pelley included).
*** you Scott Pelley and the CBS evening news. Not a dry eye in our house after that last report.
Is it just me or does Scott Pelley look like he's wear mascara
Scott Pelley done gone and got his eyes did. Looks freaky.
Man, you know that On The Road story on the CBS evening news was touching when Scott Pelley sheds a tear...
Just cried with Scott Pelley over that last story on CBS News
Scott Pelley's make up was over the top tonight
Scott Pelley has a different look tonight. Eyeliner? Botox?
what is with Scott Pelley's eye makeup?.
Scott Pelley has a little too much makeup on tonight.
I think Scott Pelley should put on a little more eyeliner. Maybe a dab of blush.
news. I can't get beyond Scott Pelley's eyeliner and mascara to hear the news
One of my favorite news shows. Always DVR it when I am unable to watch it. Scott Pelley rocks!
Hey Scott Pelley - Crimea has NOT "long wanted to return to Russia." That's bull and Russian propaganda. Please do more research.
Gr. Scott Pelley - Ukraine is NOT "divided down the middle, with people in the East strongly sympathetic to Russia." Gez man.
BREAKING: CBS News Special Report with Scott Pelley on NOW from CBSLA studios. Pres. Obama making a statement from the White House on the situation in Ukraine. Watch live on
Stations we are on standby for a Special Report. Scott Pelley will anchor from Los Angeles, the President is making a statement in the...
CBS News anchor Scott Pelley is a Will Forte character, right?
The AKC PR team is pleased to announce the most successful announcement of AKC’s “Most Popular Breeds” to date. This year’s announcement generated more than two billion media impressions and nearly $6 million in PR value.   We were excited to exclusively announce the country’s top 10 breeds on top-rated Good Morning America for the first time. Following the announcement, the annual press conference kicked off at AKC’s NYC headquarters with adults and puppies from the nation’s top 5 breeds, as well as a litter of French Bulldog puppies representing this year’s biggest mover and shaker. Nearly 30 national and local broadcast crews, photographers and journalists descended upon AKC to capture the announcement and photo-ops. National and regional releases and data were distributed simultaneously.   Please visit the links below to view a small selection of this year’s top hits:   Good Morning America announcement Associated Press Wall Street Journal Reuters New York Post New Yo ...
:) You got that right. And when it comes to good, cold remotes, my man Scott Pelley accepts no substitute.
.Nice to see you filling in for Scott Pelley tonight, Norah.
Generic “Truth”; Photo By Harry Handout Last night on CBS Evening News, among feel-good domestic stuff and adult diaper ads, Scott Pelley told viewers to stay tuned for the defining image of the Syrian nightmare, just as other single iconic photos marked earlier wars. It was, in fact, powerful. (See below.) But Pelley said little about it, only that it showed how Syrians suffered, and he did not say who made it. So I poked around. The picture, taken four weeks ago, actually showed Palestinians clamoring for food in Yamouk refugee camp near Damascus. The network website offered details in a Beirut-dated dispatch signed “CBS/AP.” The photo credit said “AP/Handout.” A Washington Post analysis gave a more helpful photo credit: United Nations Works and Relief Agency via AP. We know AP; UNWRA is the agency set up decades ago to look after Palestinian refugees caught in the middle as Israelis, Arab leaders, and everyone else debate their non-future. Pelley is right; a photo, or several photos, can em ...
Hamilton Collection
THE POWER of the TONGUE (part 2) Ephesians 4:29 -- "Let no corrupt word proceed out of your mouth, but what is good for necessary edification, that it may impart grace to the hearers."~When I read this I began to wonder where people got some of the ideas they have about life in general, about what is good and evil, about God and living a life dedicated to Him. When we are in a church setting with our church friends talking about church things with that church attitude we hear mostly positive, up-lifting, spirit-filling conversation. Then as it soaks in to my little pea-brain I pray that what I think about, pray about, dwell upon and ultimately talk about are those things that God would approve of. The next step would be talking to others regarding my beliefs and convictions. Now that is the kind of communication that God loves to hear us have.~On the hand, if you listen to foul language at the work place, see violence or obscene things on television or movies, if your life is basically surrounded with tho ...
I've heard in awhile. It's also the story of how and why Scott Pelley is the best.
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