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Scott Pelley

Scott Cameron Pelley (born July 28, 1957) is an American television journalist who is currently anchor and managing editor of the CBS Evening News and a correspondent for the CBS news magazine 60 Minutes.

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Scott Pelley The fake news anchor needs to say President Trump not Mr. Trump respect for our country's leader
The CBS evening news with Scott Pelley and CNN are attached @ the hip.
I like to watch the worst of the worst, and that's why I watch Scott Pelley.
Couldn't agree more. Awful is the best word for her, Gayle King, Charlie Rose, Scott Pelley and then Todd he is the…
Sorry Scott Pelley but preventive is the correct usage, not preventative.
Ewww! Just tried to watch scott pelley on msm news. Now I need a shower using bleach.
Excellent expose on Navy Seals and the Opium problem on with Scott Pelley right now. It's a big problem. They had a special mtg today.
No Scott Pelley on CNS just revived the Trump Russia story So Sick of This!!
Even Scott Pelley flaming *** B. America will never live this L down.
"White House errors of Historic proportions" -Scott Pelley's I blame him too!
FakeNews,Scott Pelley bashing our Military and President every day.Please leave country if you hate America that bad !
Chris Matthews, Joy Reid, Scott Pelley, Keith Olbermann, making it happen. Need more from CNN.
How do you still have employment? Does Scott Pelley also have influence in the sports departments?
I have faith in MSNBC, Keith Olberman and Scott Pelley. The rest are missing an opportunity and coming up short.
Scott Pelley is showing signs of decay. CBS smell of stench.. More tainted opinion from CBS.
CBS FakeNews reports with the FakeNews leader of CBS Scott Pelley.
I see Scott Pelley on the screen,he loves FakeNews !
Scott Pelley has an awesome sense of humor. Just love it!
Screw you CBS Scott Pelley with your BS news once again trying to trash Trump! Obviously you don't have any real news to report! You suck!
"Why getting there isn't half the fun it used to be" -- brilliant there, Scott Pelley CBS News, on United story. FFS.
by the way why does Scott Pelley need water paper in his hand so he's reporting the news this it his toilet paper
Looking forward to see how Scott Pelley is going to blame Trump for the San Bernadino school shooting.
After the Scott Pelley 60 min thing and Susan…
Oh. Oh. Scandalous Mark. Better get Scott Pelley over for a live shot. This can't hap…
Scott Pelley did a much better interview of Cernovich than you did. Scott Pelley helped exposed what…
Good on Scott Pelley. Keep on telling the Emperor he isn't wearing clothes!
Never gets old...hands down one of the most watchable ever. Scott Pelley is almost as dumb as Don Lemon 😂👍👌
I would like to watch CBS Evening News but won't as long as Scott Pelley is the anchor. He talks way too slowly.
I will personally donate $10,000 to charity if releases the full 45-minute video interview Scott Pelley did with…
was payback for the Scott Pelley interview...DS doesn't like to be made fun of on National TV.
Maybe Romo can suck Nances *** better than Phil Simms could. Nance is such a *** bag wit…
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Yep!! Only Scott Pelley is holding the line.
Perspective | Scott Pelley is pulling no punches on the nightly news — and people are taking notice
Believing Israeli Deep State Intelligence on Assad is like Scott Pelley trusting Hillary's campaign to tell the tru…
all he had to do was get his brother who's the president of CBS to relay the message to Scott Pelley. 🤔
Is he posing with the "White Power" hand signal like he did with Scott Pelley?
I didn't think he did. Scott pelley has a very authortative voice. He reported it. Beyon…
Mainstream media loves war. Even Scott Pelley made the attack sound heroic. Why do we trust TV newscasts?
Pizza Gate Creep id trust John Kerry, Scott Pelley, and even The Clintons over you. You're a joke and a fraud.
If CBS anchor Scott Pelley's in the Cronkite/Murrow tradition, he isn't pro-TRUTH. He's just pro-LIBERAL.
Just today, Scott Pelley said Trump just had the best 24-hours.
Cbs evening news with scott pelley _ wbz _ october 5, 2015 6_30pm-7_00pm edt _ free ... -
I cant stomach Scott Pelley and his blatant bias against President Trump anymore
60 Minutes is fake news anyway and Scott Pelley knows it. *** I don't think they ever covered Kalief Browder's story.
He could team up with Rachel Maddow and Scott Pelley. They could start a speaking tour, How to Make News and Influence People.
I liked a video David Muir, Lester Holt and Scott Pelley on Covering News in the Trump Era
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Scott Pelley has a calm and subdued delivery style and an ability to present the news differently than Lester Holt
Scott Pelley thought he was the guy to explain to the world...then he walked into the buzzsaw known as
. Scott Pelley, of CBS, is telling his viewers what Lester Holt and David Muir aren't.
Scott Pelley brought the HD Cameras. Mike brought the Gorilla Mindset. 😆👌🔥
hmmm, this Scott Pelley fellow is no judy judy woodruff
TUNE IN TONIGHT to CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley! Chef Bruno will be featured with an interview with Steve...
Network Evening News anchors Scott Pelley, Lester Holt and David Muir discuss journalism in the age of Trump.
A revealing and introspective interview with Scott Pelley, Lester Holt, & David Muir regarding their work as...
"Our job is the same. Find the facts. Present the truth." - Scott Pelley on Trump claiming to be at war w/ the media.
Scott Pelley: "...journalism has nothing whatever to do with popularity..." great interview with
Lester Holt, Scott Pelley and David Muir photographed for the current issue of
.has a great joint interview w/ bcast news anchors Scott Pelley, Lester Holt & David Muir. via
David Muir, Lester Holt, and Scott Pelley put competition aside to *** the evening news in the era of Trump
Scott Pelley, Lester Holt and David Muir talk for a photoshoot
Makes Scott Pelley a weatherman before you fire him...
Trump gets down to business on 60 Minutes - CBS News Day 16 in
I remember watching this live and realizing its significance. Seems so now more than ever.
CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley ABC News NBC News Fox News - Left & Right News Media (and those who keep it...
CBS.I can see Scott Pelley now, wide-eyed and breathless, in a faux-genuine voice,"The Statue of Liberty is Muslim!"
In a Special Interview with Scott Pelley, Donald Trump has one simple message he wants to sing along to us.
Indianapolis EMS was featured in a story that aired today on the CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley. The story...
84% Repubs approve of the "job" their president is doing, according to CBS Evening News, Scott Pelley. 84% Dems disapprove. God help us.
Yemen raid found materials of incredible importance. Hillary's emails for Scott Pelley
Scott Pelley is unprofessional and emotional about Trump.…
Scott Pelley is unprofessional and emotional about Trump. So are his polls.
Is it right, is it fair...does it bash the Trump administration? New criteria for Scott Pelley Reports!
Scott Pelley CBS reported that Nancy Pelosi's claims re: Bannon could not be found.
Scott Pelley noted on Feb 2 CBS cld find NO PROOF of her claims re Bannon. Kudos to them 4 verifying.
NANCY BUSTED on CBS, Scott Pelley about Bannon. 0 evidence on her ranting, hollow accusations
This famous CBS Evening News anchor just sold his $4 million Connecticut home:
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I am proud subscriber to several great newspapers and support fellow Texan Scott Pelley.Real News
Scott Pelley CBS News yes Arnold was Governor of California but can not be President because he is not a Natural...
On tonight's Scott Pelley said his researchers could not find evidence is a white nationalist. Huh?!?
Why does Scott Pelley refer to the president as Mr. Trump and ot President Trump?
Scott pelley of cbs says they investigated found no evidence... So frustrating, these anchors are spineless
Hey Scott Pelley, It's "President Trump" to you! Like him or not. He's the President Of The United States.
Scott Pelley called the president 'Mr Trump' total disrespect.
Is there a reason why Scott Pelley calls Donald Trump Mr. Trump and not President Trump? It comes across as very disrespectful.
Scott Pelley is a national treasure
More disrespect from the tonight. Scott Pelley says "Mr. Trump" instead of "President Trump"
Scott Pelley: how about even-handed reporting? Your perception of what America wants to hear is flawed. Shameful.
Why is Scott Pelley referring to President Trump as Mr. Trump?!
I watch nightly news with Scott Pelley on CBS. Most of the time I find their coverage fair.
generally I stick to CBS with Scott Pelley. Or PBS newshour with Judy whoever. Though I hate her political correspondents.
CBS anchor Scott Pelley may take a small loss on his Connecticut estate. Find out how much: http…
I am done with mainstream media. So biased. Scott Pelley's comments tonight about 'Mr.' Trump so disrespectful.
Boycott CBS - Filthy Liar Scott Pelley CBS fails to report the news and instead offers opinions that Trump's beliefs are F…
Scott Pelley says average wait for nominee for Supreme Court is about 60 days. Other justices R Catholic or Jewish, Gorsuch is Episcopalian
Why doesn't Scott Pelley refer to President Trump as such instead of Mr Trump? He still refers to Obama as President Obama.
Scott Pelley's ability to do unbiased news is a fail. He continues to spin and jab with personal views of self and station Walter cries
Another bigoted and biased propagandist. Working for the evil Scott Pelley.
Mr Scott Pelley you call him Mr Trump show him respect his name is President Donald Trump TY
Scott Pelley, CBS Evening News, during tonight's news cast he referred our President as Mr. Trump instead of President Trump. Disrespectful!
CBS news Scott Pelley shows one Quebec shooter but not the other. Guess which one made the news?
Scott Pelley you are disrespectful by calling our President MR Trump. At least be respectful of the position . Shame on you
Scott Pelley consistently reports misinformation and now he's doubling down! There is NO BAN on travelers or Muslims.
why is Scott Pelley calling President Trump "Mr Trump" and Former President Obama "President Obama"? CBS continues obvious bias
Scott Pelley keeps saying "Mister" Trump, but in the same breath says "President" Obama. No media bias?
Terrible how Scott Pelley of CBS News does not give respect to the President. Always calling Mr. Trump not President Trump.
Scott Pelley I am embarrassed and disappointed by your bias.
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nothing but a political statement Scott Pelley
That was a little exaggerated-Acting lessons from Scott Pelley no doubt.
Scott Pelley tonight on the California flooding..."Biblical proportions". Maybe just a little over the top? What book & chapter?
CBS News and Scott Pelley were completely biased tonight in their Trump coverage, implying that secret allegations threaten his presidency.
Scott Pelley got it wrong. Donald Trump said at conference he Would keep sanctions in place. Report it right or be quiet.
Just guessing that this won't be reported tonight at 6:30 by Scott Pelley and his cohorts.
Scott Pelley: Also tomorrow, Donald Trump will... *turns off TV*
Great piece on the CBS News with Scott Pelley on the damage our current POTUS has done during his 8y in...
can scott pelley deliver the news any slower? He puts viewers to sleep.
Whew weee 👀👓👀👓 Scott Pelley looking good in that color. It goes with him eyes!! 😍😍😍
Was Scott Pelley of CBS wearing a Clemson tie last night on the evening news broadcast?
Why just ladies? Straight but man-crush on Scott Pelley. Watery blues, kind, smart, and yoked (check Jackman Interview workout)
there is no better anchor than Scott Pelley. All others bow before him!
Oh Dear. Here we go Again. Here comes the Bloviating. Hope scott pelley rocks their worl…
No one ever wanted to hire me. Ever. I've never been recruited any...
Why is Scott Pelley wearing a Clemson tie for the 2nd yr in a row
Looks like Scott Pelley is pulling for Clemson Tigers tonight with the tie he's sporting
Watching on 60 minutes holding his own with Scott Pelley.Pelley acting like an antagonist *** I like…
"Everybody's got to be covered. This is an un-Republican thing for me to say."
Never before in human history has more information been available to mo...
Fighting for life in Syria's vicious civil war
"Quality journalism is not a given. We have come to take it for granted," says via…
Cut my cable 3 years ago, got used to Lester Holt and Scott Pelley! Now Forced to watch Megyn on free tv? Trump hates NBC lol.
I don't care for Scott Pelley CBS. I noticed sometimes when referring to POTUS he'd just say Obama. Now it's Mr. Trump or Pres. Elect Trump.
Although kindness is rarely a job, it is always an option.-Scott Pelley
Words I never thought I'd hear in the same sentence. The name Scott Pelley, and "intelligence community". Scott,...
In a world where everyone is a publisher, no one is an editor. And...
Reminds me of Scott Pelley dashing off "wonder how many of them voted" at POC marching in protest.
I'm always trying to get those interviews that are impossible to ge...
I don't watch cable news networks. Recently switched back from Scott Pelley to Lester Holt for a half hr nightly. featured in NBC s Science of Love
'ol Scott Pelley-Mr. Biased himself, is running an ad on cbs saying he will make sure reports are right, fair and balanced. Sure Scott!
MTP daily gets the axe then. Never caught on to it… and for me, no more local news. Scott Pelley still on at 6:30
Scott Pelley has been off for days. Must have a wicked hangover.
Back tonight for Scott Pelley on the We do hope you'll join us.
Scott Bakula, scott pelley and a few others would not be happy with this market discount, need those tv homes
Scott Pelley had a larger than life the morning show anchors.
I rewatched HRC on 60 minutes with Scott Pelley. I can't even say on how many levels how disappointed I am for her. Still shocked
Trump said government will pay for our heath care...let's see:
Scott Pelley is stil AWOL from the 🙄🙄🙄
Pat Sajak makes more than Lester Holt, Scott Pelley and David Muir.
My husband has been gone too long. I'm tired of looking at y'all. Bring back Scott Pelley!
In for Scott Pelley on the tonight. We do hope you'll join us.
trump said the govt is going to pay for health care..What does Ryan and Pence say?…
CBS denies report Scott Pelley is getting off to a sculptor.
Scott Pelley, come back. Going through serious withdrawal.
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Scott Pelley and his wife enjoying a candlelit dinner at the Country Club of Darien in Connecticut . . .
They are ABC's David Muir & CBS's Scott Pelley. The mainstream media is dishonest like Trump says when they cherry pick the news!
We have entered a time when a writer's first idea is his best idea...
can you imagine Lester Holt or Scott Pelley doing a news segment in their pj's? Didn't think so
Worked the CBS holiday party and saw Gayle King, Scott Pelley, and most importantly MO ROCCA!
What's up with the weird black dots ... under Scott Pelley's eyes?
Dear Scott Pelley: any thoughts on getting an impartial view? On anything?? Even this deplorable can see what you're up to...
This Trump win just gets better. imploding, ousting Scott Pelley, and now Colbert fired?
Science doesn't care, by and large, what the answers are. It's only ...
It is time for CBS to replace it's 60 minutes reporters. Leslie Stahl and Scott Pelley
Lesley Stahl 60 minutes OMG terrible. She argues. She does not interview. Same with Scott Pelley. What's up with that 60 minutes?
.and President-elect are "fine" now and talk almost daily, Ryan tells
I'm rooting for Scott Pelley to hit this note sometime soon. Network - Mad as *** Scene
All the Trump haters are re-writing history and kissing his ring now. Hilarious.
Good afternoon. I am with the CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley. Can we chat for a story I am working on?…
I hope these rumors about aren't true. He's best network anchor on TV right now.
CBS:Liberal Elite Alphabet Media Scott Pelley continues to use social interest stories to hide his liberal bias, teach us how stupid we are.
Not Scott Pelley's fault-he left out the women at the USNA and West Point. He said, "all the men".
Scott Pelley's opening to today's Army Navy game was compelling and award winning.
"Enjoy the game. But know that these Cadets and Midshipmen are standing at the ready for the next day of infamy." -Scott Pelley
Scott Pelley honored with Cronkite Award for Excellence in Journalism
CBS anchor Scott Pelley: 3 threats to journalism that could doom democracy
And this false stupid narrative just won't die. Just tonight Scott Pelley of was going on about Assad "bo…
"Biased reporting closes minds. Journalism is meant to open them," says via
Something weird tonight on w Scott Pelley. Actually doing a positive Trump story & not bashing him. CBS co…
The quality of life in America is dependent on the quality of the jo...
Scott Pelley of just reported (tape delay here) there were more heroin deaths than gun deaths this past year. Man...
Via Luis Carlos Montalván's co-author Ellis Henican. Sharing this from the CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley.
If Scott Pelley is Leaving CBS Evening News, Then Put Your Money on Jeff Glor as His Successor via
Scott Pelley is one of the worst of the media liars.
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The most tragic figure in DC says he wasn't saying Trump was racist when he said what Trump said was racist.
Network planning to move Scott Pelley off 'CBS Evening News' via
Scott Pelley Buys Texas Ranch, so he's defiantly leaving CBS Evening News Right?
Is Scott Pelley on the way out as anchor of CBS evening newscast? More at DCRTV's new
Amid talk that Scott Pelley is on his way out at we've learned that he bought a Texas ranch
has won me over. Lester Holt was my hero, but there's something that Nightly has been lacking that Scott Pelley is bringing.
Scott Pelley forgot to ask Paul Ryan why he doesn't have the spine to stand up to white supremacists. Nice puff piece, tho.
CBS Evening news anchor and 60 minutes correspondent Scott Pelley in town to accept the prestigious ASU Walter...
This is so sad. "Among the best we've ever had," said Scott Pelley, CBS News. We agree. We will miss her.
is a POS, Scott Pelley is a talking head and a POS. Same for &
CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley > Wheel of Fortune > Jeopardy!
"Tough times don’t last, but tough people do." and other words of encouragement from Scott Pelley.
MSM needs to grow a pair and actually be journalists, not media *** Then again, Scott Pe…
Scott Pelley was blowing Obama for 8 years!
Scott Pelley right before reading a string of complaints about his Iowa story: "Bias, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholde…
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I've known that from some of the Scott Pelley coverage, and snarky comments
Today marks the centennial of Walter Cronkite, reflects back on his lessons, life and legacy.
And, you must have missed Scott Pelley's interview w/Lloyd Blankfein few yrs ago or you'd get Broadcast Fox!
Hey David Muir and Scott Pelley, cover this story with a smile, then cut to weather.
It is a felony to threaten the President Elect. That is what news anchor Scott Pelley said last night.
Doesn't matter...even Scott Pelley said so when he thought Killary was gonna win by electoral vote.
This has to be one of the most interesting videos I've ever seen on the Division of our country, what our...
We stopped watching the Evening News With Scott Pelley due to the unbalanced manner in which it favored Trump. NBC does better job!
On the CBS Evening News last night Scott Pelley, commenting on the anti-Trump rioting said, "I wonder how many of them actually voted?"
Texas Tech Alumnus Scott Pelley answers the question about this Anxiaety Election: "Are we going to be...
Tbh, I only warned that because I heard it on CBS News when Scott Pelley mentioned it lol.
Just watched CBS evening news with Scott Pelley. He interjected his opinion about PDX protests wondering 'how many protestors even voted' FU
"Does make you wonder how many of those [anti-trump protesters] bothered to vote." - Scott Pelley. Senseless comment. ***
Welp, this makes sense since DJT told Scott Pelley of 60 Minutes Sept'15 that he wanted universal single payer
that's it. Consider Scott Pelley's condescending and ignorant remark about the protesters the last straw. Not watching anymore.
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What's with CBS Scott Pelley assinine remark about Trump protestors probably didn't vote anyway??! Scew you too, CBS!!!
wth was with Scott Pelley's voting remark during this story? People have a right to protest. Voting not required
pelley inappropriate comment about whether Trump protesters had voted. I was shocked. Hoepfully, it was just off the curr comment
Scott Pelley and CBS are the ones promoting it on National TV! .
Scott Pelley on CBS just implied that anti-Trump protesters didn't vote. WHAT???
This week, I keep going back to this "60 Minutes" interview from 14 months ago.
Scott Pelley Ppl have a right to protest without stipulations your comments were off base 😡
I hate Scott Pelley with a burning passion
. When I want the truth , I listen to Scott Pelley. Mr. Pelley , tell me something good!
Scott Pelley your job is not to make comments about whether any citizen voted or note. You are not the election police.
Scott Pelley just made a nasty comment questioning if protestors "bothered to vote" - wow!
Scott Pelley just called out all those protesters and asked "how many of them actually were bothered to vote?"
"It makes you wonder how many of the protestors bothered to vote" -- Scott Pelley just now on CBS Evening News.
Scott Pelley getting heated on 60 minutes with Donald Trump
We remember you all. With our sincerest thanks to all the families of our fallen heroes - CBS News
Hopefully, the mainstream media will wake up soon. I couldn't believe it when Scott Pelley referred to Obama as...
Absolutely, it got Scott Pelley a raise for his Hachette job on Hillary.
He has no clue what he's talking about. - Trump gets down to business on 60 Minutes
Could someone tell *** hat Scott Pelley of CBS evening news that DJT won the popular vote too.
The CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley - On the Road: Pennsylvania's Statue of Liberty
I could listen to Scott Pelley talk forever. I hope he's right.
This is a great history perspective from Scott Pelley.
Listen to Scott Pelley answer an unexpected question: "Are we going to be OK?"
"Are we going to be OK?" Scott Pelley responds. And it's the best of TV news.
Someone at .needs to take away Scott Pelley's glasses.
my grandmother missed Scott Pelley tonight 😂
We'll charge Andrew with an error, and Heather with a save.Scott Pelley (or his writing team.) . Great story...
Scott Pelley - what a great line to end the CBS evenings new! Andrew gets the error, Heather gets the save.
you take Scott Pelley needs to clearly understand, it's President Obama, not Mr. Obama
you take Scott Pelley back to class. When referring to the president it's President Obama or POTUS. Not me. Obama
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Some in press have issue w/obsequiousness to rich. Listen Scott Pelley/CBS interview of Lloyd Blankfein few yrs ago.
Bob Craig. 3 mins · Vetos are overridden NOT "overwritten" by Congress. Scott Pelley: You should know that.
where is Scott Pelley? Why aren't you updating us on programming change for live coverage of weather 45 miles away?
The Cronkite Luncheon with Scott Pelley is Nov. 21. Get ticket at
Well CBS news with Scott Pelley has certainly elected Hillary Clinton. It's amazing to me they expect people to believe what they put out.
Scott Pelley, Found your pessimism reg change of mind among voters tonight heavy-handed How do you know?
CBS's Scott Pelley tonight showed his bias against Hillary in his commentary. He's the worst CBS news commentator ever!
Scott Pelley you obviously didn't Watch the Debates you Right Wing Extremists Teabilly clown ! Lester H 10XbetterThan UrAss
Latest: Scott Pelley, Bob Schieffer break down first debate
BTW I prefer to watch Lester Holt over Scott Pelley and young and flamboyant David Muir when it comes to network news!
"Voters can hold the candidates in each hand and compare the ingredients side by side." ~ tortured metaphor from CBS's Scott Pelley.
Scott Pelley, Bob Schieffer break down first debate
So, I like Scott Pelley on CBS Evening News, and Lester Holt on NBC Evening News, and America is safer for both of them.
For next , I wish Scott Pelley, Tamron Hall, Soledad Obrien, George S. and Tom Brokaw would be moderators.
CBS, would liked to have heard Lester ask Hil about CGI pay for play - how about you Scott Pelley?
Gov. Pence comes on CBS, condemns Hillary for her offensive comments about Trump, cannot cite any examples, and is thanked by Scott Pelley
Unsure if now's the time to bring this up, but on the CBS post debate, you could see Scott Pelley's laptop trackpad, and it was VERY greasy.
Scott Pelley is the dumbest network news anchor
Scott Pelley kicks the esteemed Bob Shieffer off the stage and lets Pence take his mike and stool? What the ***
When I see scott pelley, I have the strangest urge to slap him and take his lunch money.
p sure as Scott Pelley was talking they left Pence's mic on to hear him heavy breathing
So Mike Pence just dodged some questions there by Scott Pelley. I mean.
"I saw a great debate tonight". -Mike Pence, taking the biggest *** he possibly can all over Scott Pelley.
Mike Pence tells Scott Pelley he's disappointed in how Hillary kept name calling and Donald kept focused on the issues.
"Trump it's just a bunch od bumper sticker very simplistic"Scott Pelley
Why is Scott Pelley balancing a laptop on his leg? He looks like a clumsy high school sophomore trying to hold onto it.
LOL. I was thinking Scott Pelley moderating next. 😅
Scott Pelley openly acknowledges that they "loathe" each other.
So, the next moderators will be Scott Pelley?
Get Scott Pelley in here. I love Lester, but he's a pushover.
Make it stop. Lester Holt can't manage this debate. Where is Scott Pelley?
And he checked Lester AGAIN!!! Where's Scott Pelley and David Muir and Jim Lehrer when you NEED THEM?!
Scott Pelley probably would control this better. Meanwhile a point producer.
I hope Scott Pelley watches his introductions tonight describing Hil then belittled D Trump, you should be ashamed.
Scott Pelley just said there are more "undecideds" than every in this election. Question; who's fact checking CBS?
Scott Pelley is my man crush. I love him.
Scott Pelley said the race is tied. Is anyone fact-checking him?
Scott Pelley and John Dickerson will be covering the Four Tops' greatest hits after they're done at Hofstra.
CBS has their coverage on point, I love watching Scott Pelley, he's a lot more professional
"They finally meet." - good lede... Followed by Scott Pelley calling Trump & Clinton "ingredients" for voters to co…
Should Scott Pelley really be calling Donald Trump a billionaire if we can't verify it?
Scott Pelley and John Dickerson are dreamboats. Just saying.
EW thanks for grossing me out from the start, Scott Pelley.
I'm pretty positive Scott Pelley borrowed that tie from
I'm starting a petition for Scott Pelley to replace and moderate one of these things!
Scott Pelley: "Tonight we'll get to see them think." . As opposed to what we've already seen? Zoikes.
CBS Evening News coming on. Let's hear the latest from Scott Pelley on the upcoming Food-Fight.
Scott Pelley used "momentous" when referring to debate. When wins its significance will be minimized my MSM.
that was a great piece on 60 Minutes. Props to Scott Pelley. He's come a long way since Ch. 8 reporter in the 80s.
Scott Pelley just walked by and said hi to me. I made it, ma!
also Scott Pelley "why is our isis strategy not working?" I didn't realize that's an established fact.
Scott Pelley: What's the breaking point for your people? . King of Jordan: About a year or two years ago…we just can't take i…
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