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Scott Pelley

Scott Cameron Pelley (born July 28, 1957) is an American television journalist who is currently anchor and managing editor of the CBS Evening News and a correspondent for the CBS news magazine 60 Minutes.

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I believe This Scott Pelley perso (who the *** is he-never hear of him) must a another of the paid plants by Soros…
There should be a supercut posted to YouTube which shows every corespondent from the history of show’s i…
Steve Kroft, Scott Pelley, Lesley Stahl, Bill Whitaker and more look back at 50 seasons of
Jeff Glor & Anthony Mason are very good. I just miss Scott Pelley!
Don't miss SAMS report on with Scott Pelley today at 6:30pm est.
That would figure.the scummy RW network that fired scott pelley and Dan Rather.
I liked a video Why is scott pelley leaving cbs | scott pelley out at cbs | scott pelley salary
Is Hillary lying in this CBS Scott Pelley interview? - via
Freaking media...Dan Rather, Brian Williams, Scott Pelley, and many others. Accuracy over expeditious and biased re…
Moving toward a new level of your career. Honestly! Did you ever in your wildest dreams when you went int…
Scott Pelley out as 'CBS Evening News' anchor. Good! I stopped watching Scott when he offended me with his continuo…
Thank you Sir! I've enjoyed your News from the days of Scott Pelley, you…
Scott Pelley . Is he just another martyr of truth to power like Dan Rather ? Seeking truth in this nation is stil…
Anthony Mason went above and beyond in handling this temporary po…
Mr. Mason did a great job, and I'm sure Mr. Glor will…
Enjoyed Anthony Mason, but also sure miss Scott Pelley. Hope he goes to the morning show!
I thought after Scott Pelley that I would no longer watch CBS News. You proved me wrong. Thanks fo…
thank you for six months of quality reporting. I miss Scott Pelley, and I will miss you too.
I like Jeff Glor. I like Anthony Mason. Scott Pelley was a p…
Yeah. Scott Pelley will be interested enough to do the prison inte…
I hope won’t greet you the way Scott Pelley used to. “…
Still miss Scott Pelley's soothing, calming way about him. R…
I watch it every Sunday night. I love Scott Pelley and his reports.
Scott Pelley would be a perfect fit with Norah O'Donnell. Not much of a fan of King because of he…
James Comey to Scott Pelley in 2014 said he believe that Americans should be deeply skeptical of government power:…
Evening News I’ll miss Anthony Mason hosting the weeknight news. He’s done a great job since…
Does anyone even know who replaced Scott Pelley? Point taken
In less than one year, with basically just an iPhone... ...Mike has taken down reporter Scott Pe…
I will really lose faith in humanity is Scott Pelley is accused next
I'm surprised for how many I'm sure are piled up behind the dam in Hollywood how well they seem to have…
Variety is really putting the high beams on this story. Who’s next? Scott Pelley?
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First it was Charlie Rose, now it’s Matt Lauer. I️ swear if we find out stuff about Scott Pelley I’m going to loose my mind.
Scott Pelley: "In my experience, I have never found a country so sealed off from the rest of the world as Yemen under the…
Does anyone else feel like punching Scott Pelley in the face after his commentary on President Trump?.
I’m not even that upset about ousting Scott Pelley now that Jeff Glor will be hosting the evening news
Who more closely resembles Ted Baxter? O'Donnell or Scott Pelley? Tough call!!
CBS still employs Scott Pelley who said Steve Scalise shooting was "self inflicted."…
Will algore bore us with another one of his docudramas???. I'd put the slow talking Scott Pelley on this 'B…
Mayor Sylvester Turner sat down with 60 Minutes anchor Scott Pelley to talk about Houston. Their interview will...
be safe, David and where is Scott Pelley? This is a big story!
Bring back Scott Pelley, meaning no disrespect to Anthony Mason. Pelley was brilliant.
‘Divorced from reality’: CBS anchor slams Trump after wild day of inaccurate comments
characterization of as "Far Right Wing" must come from Far Left Scott Pelley Division of
Scott Pelley's refreshing take-down of home lenders' fraud and abuses, in 2011 for 60 Minutes, ends with…
CBS still sending subliminals even though Scott Pelley left
Unhinged? Really? The returns to the disgraceful days of Scott P…
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where the *** is Vanita Nair? josh Elliot? We know where Scott Pelley is,you ban…
LOL fake news Scott pelley almost broke out into a fit when you speculated about Hilary's health,but tru…
When will CBS officially announce that Anthony Mason replaced Scott Pelley along w/ the transition. Why keep drawing out the obvious?!
This news anchor dropped 42 references during his sports segment 🔥 .
Steve Where was Scott Pelley today? Can he be part of the Eclipse team in2024? Please Thanks
Brian Williams reporting it was hit by a North Korean torpedo..will check with Scott pelley soon
Brian: easy big fella; look what CBS did to Scott Pelley a few months ag…
♈ Aries: On Friday Scott Pelley and your step-mother outpoint.
Like you much better than Scott Pelley on the CBS Evening News. Thanks!
Article caught my attention but can't seem to locate the 60 Minutes-Mike Cernovich interview. via
The CBS evening news with Scott Pelley. It was the twerking that gave it away!
Scott Pelley is defender of a domestic org. & are creations of
CBS anchor says Scalise essentially had it coming:.
Agreed. I just want Scott Pelley to interview him from federal prison.
also this gem of a flashback:. CBS anchor essentially says Scalise had it coming.
(Also... I don't think Scott Pelley would have countenanced that story being told that way. I miss him.)
Filling in for Scott Pelley, I promise to crap on your President just as much if not more!! Tune in to CBS Evening News…
Anthony Mason, CBS Evening News, is becoming another Joe Scarborough. What has become of Scott Pelley, their last Hate Trump SOB.
I've asked Lester Holt, David Muir, scott pelley, chuck todd---are they democrats? they know they are democrats and biased reporters
He should follow Scott Pelley to the unemployment line.
CBS, in my area gives the best local news.Hated it when Scott Pelley would come on world news so would just tune him out.Glad to see him go!
What really forced Scott Pelley out at CBS Evening News
Maybe time for Shep to take over CBS Evening News. I'll always miss Scott Pelley, but Shep is ready.
How does an American became the leader of an cell? One video at a time. via
I added a video to a playlist CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley - DOJ opens probe into Trayvon
And government-run Healthcare, as he told Scott Pelley on 60 Minutes September 2015.
Guessing he never watched Scott Pelley, CBS, etc.
not with the good ones... Scott Pelley, Rachel, Joy, Lawrence. Call it straight up lying!!
Scott Pelley's interview with Ray Hinton, an Alabama man who spent 30 years on death row before exoneration. Pres…
Healthcare that is different than what you promised here with Scott Pelley:…
Pen in hand to go against your word with Scott Pelley here: Good job lying on your campaign.
Yet another reason to switch to nails it in this honest, factual, short & sweet clip. http…
"I would just continuously watch them...When I wasn't at school or doing my homework...I was watching those videos"
Scott Pelley is the best example of excellence. He is a mentor, teacher and friend. What a privilege to work with him ht…
Scott Pelley’s parting words, "It's past time for all of us--presidents, politicians, reporters, citizens--to pause…
>>Firing Scott Pelley has not helped your ratings.
Scott Pelley's farewell to CBS Evening News on June 16th, 2017 (1/2)
Commentary: It's time to ask whether attack was foreseeable, predictable, self-inflicted
How does 60 minutes expect to survive? Scott Pelley( former host of CBS News) and soon to be former anchor Anderson Cooper!
How Abdirizak Warsame became the leader of an ISIS cell in Minneapolis.
any idea when Scott Pelley will do a story. You are good but he is the best. Still more than two months before ...
is terrific! Much better than all the others including Scott Pelley!
why hasnt Wayne Brady punched him yet? Les Moonves would fire him. "Trump is good for my ad rates, not Ame…
CBS's Scott Pelley is getting noticed for taking on Trump to SCOTT I commend you for keeping it real!
They want to steal viewers from Fox News network. That's why they got rid o…
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In these times, we need Scott Pelley. Please bring him back to
Wow! Scott Pelley was CBS Evening News anchor?. I had no idea! Now,…
A big Thank You , to the person responsible for canning Scott Pelley from the CBS News, . From this Vietna…
I don't understand how CBS can ditch Scott Pelley? TY
I often made fun of Scott Pelley's delivery on the CBS Evening News, but for real Anthony Mason can fit in one extra news story every night.
CBS News reporter Anthony Mason is just a copy of anti-Trump reporter Scott Pelley. Mr Ma…
How This Master Networker Went From Bouncer to Modern Day Wizard of Oz - Duffy and Alan Taylor site down with the...
Sure can tell you work for cbs. Are you Scott Pelley brothers??
I liked a video Scott Pelley on Trump presser: He is "mad at not being boss anymore"
Every time MSM tells the story of a sad sack loser becoming a terrorist they inspire other losers to do it.
CBS evening News with Scott Pelley will interview Obama's father . Kenya can use some ice cubes
"The quickest, most direct way to ruin a democracy is to poison the information.". -Scott Pelley, November 2016.
I think they it. Notice how slow Scott Pelley talks?
where is Scott Pelley? Haven't seen him on the air in a while 🤔
Brian Williams gets demoted to MSNBC, Scott Pelley fired from CBS anchor spot, no one at CNN will even be…
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Outrageous Scott Pelly reflects the lunatic Left again. It is beyond reason to come to this conclusion.
Gonna be fascinating to watch how they try and explain this one! 😒🤔.
Scott Pelley is essentially saying that Scalise got what he deserved.
Scott Pelley is a textbook WHAT GOES ON IN THE LIBERAL MIND? Everyone is expendable for their twisting of the world.…
No, Scott Pelley, your career trajectory is self inflicted! The radicalized leftist terrorist Sanders supportrr shot the Congressman.
And again, proves sometimes hair plugs get implanted a little too deep 🤕
Pelley vile comment is commonplace Leftist rhetoric by 3major stations
Watch: Fox anchor demolishes Scott Pelley over comment that Scalise shooting was ‘self-inflicted’ htt…
Scott Pelley is going to fit in just fine at 60 minutes with his biases
Scott Pelley: Ya know, the attack on GOP congressmen was ‘to some degree self-inflicted’
Scott Pelley is just another ignorant fool
Plain & simple, pelley, little boy in man's body! Trying to be important. Grow up Scott!
Rep. Tom Reed: Scott Pelley should 'never be employed in the media again' after Scalise comments
Scott Pelly is the most recent example why hemmoroids and gout are more popular than the main stream media.
Rep. Tom Reed: Scott Pelley should "never be employed in the media again" after Scalise comments ht…
domain names
The lunacy of the media elite continues unabated
Scott Pelley quoting local President James Madison in his final CBS Evening News sign off.
In love with Scott Pelley... he is just so calm and good; Lawrence w/out the angst. thanks for good work, especially this wk.
Scott Pelley, known for his blunt talk about Trump, is out at 'CBS Evening News'
Scott Pelley is leaving as anchor for CBS Evening News. I think Lester Holt is NBC, and ABC is... I don't know. Terry Moran?
Scott Pelley officially out at ‘CBS Evening News’ - Sources recently told the Daily News that Pelly, 59, and CB... htt…
Anthony Mason named interim anchor at Scott Pelley to be full-time correspondent.
Scott Pelley out as anchor of "CBS Evening News." This would've been bigger news back in the heyday of network news:
Official CBS statement on Scott Pelley coming soon.. Meanwhile, sources confirm Anthony Mason will be interim anchor
Scott Pelley out at CBS: Anthony Mason steps in.
Anthony Mason will step in as “CBS Evening News” interim anchor as Scott Pelley moves to “60 Minutes”
Anthony Mason replaces Scott Pelley on “CBS Evening News” . . . for now
CBS News anchor Scott Pelley pushed out of job - Daily Mail
Scott Pelley out as anchor at CBS News, CNN says
Rhodes had better clear this with and the to make sure it's okay via
SOURCES SAID - Scott Pelley out at CBS evening news, but in at 60 Minutes. More network changes in the mix. Stay tu…
New Scott Pelley is indeed out at CBS Evening News, effective immediately >>>
Scott Pelley was never the same after that 60 Minutes interview with me.
Scott Pelley must have "thought" something good about President Trump. .
I hate to hear this because I love Scott Pelley.
2. The big picture re: Scott Pelley ouster is that shakeups at nightly news broadcasts matter a helluva lot less than they…
Scott Pelley is stepping down as anchor of 'CBS Evening News' to become a full-time correspondent on '60 Minutes'.
Scott Pelley reportedly pushed out at 'CBS Evening News'
Scott Pelley being replaced by a Rachel Maddow?
I like Scott Pelley, but it's ratings that matter...
Two thoughts on Scott Pelley ouster: 1. CBS News was not prepared for PR side of this. Lack of official statement so far is…
Scott Pelley, Colbert, Lawrence, CNN... deplorables unhappy with anything short of State media like the Krem…
Cernovich memed Scott Pelley out of existence
Scott Pelley Pushed Out at 'CBS Evening News' - CBS has yet to name a replacement. read more
Scott Pelley out as CBS Evening News anchor via
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Scott Pelley out at the CBS Evening News? Too bad, because I think he's the best of the current three anchors.
NPR confirms: CBS News is replacing Scott Pelley as evening news anchor - intended as part of shift to full-time role…
Scott Pelley is said to be leaving his anchor role with “CBS Evening News,” a position he has filled since 2011
Scott Pelley is out as anchor of the "CBS Evening News," writes.
And that's the way it is. Scott Pelley exiting CBS Evening News anchor chair.
legal_problems: Scott Pelley out as 'CBS Evening News' anchor
Scott Pelley out as 'CBS Evening News' anchor via
Scott Pelley is out as CBS Evening News anchor, but will return to ‘60 Minutes’ full time
Scott Pelley was destroyed by on 60 Minutes and now he lost his CBS Evening News gig. Pelley needs to read
Scott Pelley to Leave as Anchor of ‘CBS Evening News’ via
Scott Pelley said to be out as anchor of 'CBS Evening News'
FAKE NEWS Scott Pelley was fired, he should have remembered Dan Rather! God bless Donald Trump!
Scott Pelley is out as anchor for CBS evening news, Great job deplorables! Get rid of fake news!
They did it to James Comey when he was out of town, now Scott Pelley. Beware when you go on…
Scott Pelley hey You are now free to audition as Joe Swanson in Family Guy !
Scott Pelley is an intelligent, honest journalist. His detractors are strictly partisan - with no truthful positive comments about Mr. Trump to report.
If its ok 4 Media to laugh @ assassinating Trump, then its ok to laugh @ assassinating Lester Holt, Scott Pelley, David Muir, Wolf & Maddow
We need to bring down people like Scott Pelley/CBS & the others trying to ruin this country !
Again, why do they call this news, it's an hour of opinion or worse, lecture. Scott Pelley CBS Lecturer. https…
I hate it but after 60+ years of CBS, Scott Pelley has succeeded in having me turn you off forever. Hope my f…
Here's news for CBS. Scott Pelley isn't the only anti-Trump anchor. CBS a.m. show is as bad & I have stopped watching CBS ent…
Why is this surprising? CBS's Scott Pelley begins almost every newscast like he's trying to deligitimize Donald Tr…
Listening to Scott Pelley (CBS) makes me sick. He constantly bashes Trump even when the story is on another issue,
Put down your crack pipe and come rejoin reality.Scott Pelley ***
Of course, Scott Pelley, CBS, will ignore, deny, or paint this as a radical act that is somehow anti-American.
favorite Scott Pelley quote on CBS expose, he defined as 'credible journalsim that the president does…
CBS Scott Pelley and Major Garrett gotta go! They riun the news every night with Trump bashing news! Ban CBS
I only say this and reserve this for bad stuff, but "CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley" is FAKE NEWS! Political coverag…
I'm not watching CBS until Scott PELLEY an Colbert stop the hate talk or taken off…
anyone notice CBS Scott Pelley has a voice like doom-sounds like a gruesome emp about 2 tell u your gon…
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The biased network news lost over 1million viewers in the 1st quarter and CBS with Scott Pelley the most biased lost the most .
Scott Pelley no respect for "PRESIDENT" Trump.Always is Mr. Trump or Trump said this, etc.Scott badgering is disgusting no diplomacy.
Scott Pelley and CBS Evening News downfall will be it's hatred of Trump.People will tune out.
Hey Scott Pelley, Lester Holt and the rest of you Dems: leave My alone. My 401k & company's stock has never been higher.
Getting ready for with Scott Pelley from Washington, D.C.
Hey Scott Pelley, liar, Trump has denied all along that he never told Comey to drop the investigation on Flynn! Your reporting ***
Scott Pelley, CBS still spewing lies. Says for the 1st time Trump denies Russian involvement. Be serious fake news!
CBS's Scott Pelley: For the first time we got a denial from Trump on whether he asked Comey to drop Russia probe
Not on Trump's schedule: lunch today with network bigwigs, including George Stephanopoulos, Scott Pelley and Greta Van Susteren (via pool)
Yep. We're done with them. Shep Smith, Lester Holt, David Muir, Scott Pelley - their biases are clear and we're not…
The lunch is expected to cover upcoming foreign trip and much more. . Scott Pelley, is moving CBS evening news from N.Y. . .
Scott Pelley is not worthy of the president's time
Would love to know which reporters/anchors will be attending. Scott Pelley is reputable.
CBS News Anchor Scott Pelley - one of a few to have lunch w/ President Trump today. It's an off the record gathering
Scott Pelley is moving the CBS evening news from NYC to Washington two days a week.(h/t politico). A dinner with POTUS HELPED the decision😉
That's not what he said to Scott Pelley yesterday. I guess he's a fraud like Tomi on th…
Scott Pelley, do you respect our Commander in Chief? Then, act like it.
If it's off the record Y would Scott Pelley move the show? Oh that's right. Not really off the record. Why even bot…
It's probably not as powerful as the full 45-minute video interview Scott Pelley did with me.
Scott Pelley is live, announcing the DOJ has named ex-FBI Director Robert Mueller as Russian probe Special Prosecutor. Now on
I'd love an editing job for CBS news-- "Future of Heath News" with Scott Pelley. Call me, Scott-- 29 years as an English…
Scott Pelley isn't really taking sides.
I too have been wondering why an "impartial" news anchor would refer to President Trump as Mr. Trump?? I can guarantee that if Hillary was elected, he would certainly not refer to her as Mrs. Clinton. Show some class
again lying Scott pelley refused to tell the truth re French election, the commie won with less votes than the voters staying home.
How much money has Scott Pelley taken from Russia?.
Why am I supposed to believe Charlie Rose, Wolf Blitzer, Scott Pelley and Anderson Cooper are important.
I suppose Scott Pelley will be blaming President Trump for that.
CBS/Scott Pelley will continue to present fake news. I continue to tune them out. Get over it CBS -- conservatives won !
PELLEY:Universal health care?. am going 2 take care of everybody. I don't care if it costs me votes or not. .
"Everybody's got to be covered. This is an un-Republican thing for me to say". -- DJ 60 Minutes.
How about a pic of Scott Pelley and family at Blair's graduation from Clemson on Fri.? Would be nice to see a pic like that. Thanks
Anything Scott Pelley says is partisan and can't be believed! He is as poor a journali…
Even though I never liked Scott Pelley, I started to like him when he said
Scott Pelley, CBS News, is a prime example of the elite, condescending, preachy anti-Trump MSM. Not even an attempt to conceal his bias.
The CBS, Scott Pelley approach: Always, ALWAYS doom & gloom when they comment on ANYTHING Pres. Trump accomplishes.
Please ask Scott Pelley just who paid for Obama's security! Why does he give a dam now? He's so biased it's sickening.
CBS Evening NewsScott Pelley reported on School kids robotics ,Fair and Balanced. B nice 2 C that from all CBS news.
Sept 2015 Trump said he wanted single payer, on video, on 60 minutes, to Scott Pelley.
Does Scott Pelley always speak that slowly, or does he just think I'm a moron?
I wouldn't be surprised if a photo of Scott Pelley kissing Hillary's *** ever emerged
How 'bout that CBS, Scott Pelley ??? I am sure Scott Pelley will somehow look away and explain 'this all started…
Thx Lonnie. Don't forget to join Scott Pelley at 6:30 who will attack anyone who's ever allowed the thought of Pres Trump enter their mind
Today is Fri, May 05, 2017 . Quote: "In world where everyone is publisher & no one is editor. That's danger we face." Scott Pelley, CBS News
No more for me. I watch Scott Pelley, &
Don't know if i can take anything this Scott Pelley says as truth.He might be making more FakeNews,Can't trust him at all.
Don't miss ...Barbara is one of the best but her success was a real long shot - tonight's CBS Evening News w…
Scott Pelley would smirk and then show his outrage.
sadly, CBS evening news with Scott Pelley was my fav news show. Cannot tolerate him any…
Meet CBS’s Scott Pelley, the Most Anti-Trump Anchor on TV News by Rich Noyes
Watch CBS today and see Scott Pelley reading what was written for him. Today we need to bring back Walter Cronkite. Most trusted man in US
Scott Pelley The fake news anchor needs to say President Trump not Mr. Trump respect for our country's leader
The CBS evening news with Scott Pelley and CNN are attached @ the hip.
I like to watch the worst of the worst, and that's why I watch Scott Pelley.
Couldn't agree more. Awful is the best word for her, Gayle King, Charlie Rose, Scott Pelley and then Todd he is the…
Sorry Scott Pelley but preventive is the correct usage, not preventative.
Ewww! Just tried to watch scott pelley on msm news. Now I need a shower using bleach.
Excellent expose on Navy Seals and the Opium problem on with Scott Pelley right now. It's a big problem. They had a special mtg today.
No Scott Pelley on CNS just revived the Trump Russia story So Sick of This!!
Even Scott Pelley flaming *** B. America will never live this L down.
"White House errors of Historic proportions" -Scott Pelley's I blame him too!
Breast Cancer Awareness
FakeNews,Scott Pelley bashing our Military and President every day.Please leave country if you hate America that bad !
Chris Matthews, Joy Reid, Scott Pelley, Keith Olbermann, making it happen. Need more from CNN.
How do you still have employment? Does Scott Pelley also have influence in the sports departments?
I have faith in MSNBC, Keith Olberman and Scott Pelley. The rest are missing an opportunity and coming up short.
Scott Pelley is showing signs of decay. CBS smell of stench.. More tainted opinion from CBS.
CBS FakeNews reports with the FakeNews leader of CBS Scott Pelley.
I see Scott Pelley on the screen,he loves FakeNews !
Scott Pelley has an awesome sense of humor. Just love it!
Screw you CBS Scott Pelley with your BS news once again trying to trash Trump! Obviously you don't have any real news to report! You suck!
"Why getting there isn't half the fun it used to be" -- brilliant there, Scott Pelley CBS News, on United story. FFS.
by the way why does Scott Pelley need water paper in his hand so he's reporting the news this it his toilet paper
Looking forward to see how Scott Pelley is going to blame Trump for the San Bernadino school shooting.
After the Scott Pelley 60 min thing and Susan…
Oh. Oh. Scandalous Mark. Better get Scott Pelley over for a live shot. This can't hap…
Scott Pelley did a much better interview of Cernovich than you did. Scott Pelley helped exposed what…
Good on Scott Pelley. Keep on telling the Emperor he isn't wearing clothes!
Never gets old...hands down one of the most watchable ever. Scott Pelley is almost as dumb as Don Lemon 😂👍👌
I would like to watch CBS Evening News but won't as long as Scott Pelley is the anchor. He talks way too slowly.
was payback for the Scott Pelley interview...DS doesn't like to be made fun of on National TV.
Maybe Romo can suck Nances *** better than Phil Simms could. Nance is such a *** bag wit…
Yep!! Only Scott Pelley is holding the line.
Perspective | Scott Pelley is pulling no punches on the nightly news — and people are taking notice
Believing Israeli Deep State Intelligence on Assad is like Scott Pelley trusting Hillary's campaign to tell the tru…
all he had to do was get his brother who's the president of CBS to relay the message to Scott Pelley. 🤔
Is he posing with the "White Power" hand signal like he did with Scott Pelley?
I didn't think he did. Scott pelley has a very authortative voice. He reported it. Beyon…
Mainstream media loves war. Even Scott Pelley made the attack sound heroic. Why do we trust TV newscasts?
Pizza Gate Creep id trust John Kerry, Scott Pelley, and even The Clintons over you. You're a joke and a fraud.
If CBS anchor Scott Pelley's in the Cronkite/Murrow tradition, he isn't pro-TRUTH. He's just pro-LIBERAL.
Just today, Scott Pelley said Trump just had the best 24-hours.
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Cbs evening news with scott pelley _ wbz _ october 5, 2015 6_30pm-7_00pm edt _ free ... -
I cant stomach Scott Pelley and his blatant bias against President Trump anymore
60 Minutes is fake news anyway and Scott Pelley knows it. *** I don't think they ever covered Kalief Browder's story.
He could team up with Rachel Maddow and Scott Pelley. They could start a speaking tour, How to Make News and Influence People.
I liked a video David Muir, Lester Holt and Scott Pelley on Covering News in the Trump Era
Scott Pelley has a calm and subdued delivery style and an ability to present the news differently than Lester Holt
Scott Pelley thought he was the guy to explain to the world...then he walked into the buzzsaw known as
. Scott Pelley, of CBS, is telling his viewers what Lester Holt and David Muir aren't.
Scott Pelley brought the HD Cameras. Mike brought the Gorilla Mindset. 😆👌🔥
hmmm, this Scott Pelley fellow is no judy judy woodruff
TUNE IN TONIGHT to CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley! Chef Bruno will be featured with an interview with Steve...
Network Evening News anchors Scott Pelley, Lester Holt and David Muir discuss journalism in the age of Trump.
A revealing and introspective interview with Scott Pelley, Lester Holt, & David Muir regarding their work as...
"Our job is the same. Find the facts. Present the truth." - Scott Pelley on Trump claiming to be at war w/ the media.
Scott Pelley: "...journalism has nothing whatever to do with popularity..." great interview with
Lester Holt, Scott Pelley and David Muir photographed for the current issue of
.has a great joint interview w/ bcast news anchors Scott Pelley, Lester Holt & David Muir. via
David Muir, Lester Holt, and Scott Pelley put competition aside to *** the evening news in the era of Trump
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