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Scott Pelley

Scott Cameron Pelley (born July 28, 1957) is an American television journalist who is currently anchor and managing editor of the CBS Evening News and a correspondent for the CBS news magazine 60 Minutes.

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For those who doubt this, do a search of Trump's interview with Scott Pelley on CBS.
watching CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley at Home Sweet Home in My Bed
"There is no democracy without journalism, and we could not do this work without your belief in CBS News," Scott Pelley tells media buyers.
"There is no democracy without great journalism." Scott Pelley.
Scott Pelley of CBS News is onstage now at giving props to the CBS News teamwork.
Big plug for CBS News. Scott Pelley, Charlie Rose, and Gayle King out for a bow.
Reserve your tickets for Cronkite Award Luncheon with Scott Pelley. Info:
Saw report? Doctor used Polio to cure GLIOBLASTOMA cancer! 3 people cancer free, 11 died & a few improving.
Kudos to you & my favorite reporter Scott Pelley for bringing attention to this horrific injustice
moving up quickly. Scott Pelley will be terminated with extreme prejudice within the hour
60 Minutes covered this story well. Very promising indeed.
Scott Pelley the star at Lifting the Limits for PKU gala via
It's happening with other types of cancers too...
I've done been edumacated now for 7 years! Shaking hands with Scott Pelley.
The quality of life in America is dependent on the quality of the journalis...
Breakthrough Status:. Scott Pelley follows patients in a of a new
Is Hillary Clinton lying in this CBS Scott Pelley interview? annotating microexpression/body language .
🌹Modified polio can save lives, cells can kill cancer cells.
CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley - Recession puts Las Vegas casinos in ...
Breakthrough Status: But that's not the design of a Phase 1 study. . Scott Pelley...
.story tonight on the Duke doctors treating cancer with polio virus by Scott Pelley is awe-inspiring
Scott Pelley. It will be online later tonight.
- She fought once with our boy Scott Pelley and I don't like her for that reason. 👀😬🐱
was interviewd by Scott Pelley. Trump said everyone will be covered & govt will pay!
Newark high school is unlike any other: Sunday on "60 Minutes," Scott Pelley goes to St. Benedict's Prep. .
CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley just previewed St. Benedict's segment on 60 Minutes for Sunday:
Who is Tanti Aghuri & why is that name illustrating Scott Pelley's story of Alan Pizzey's retirement?
Interesting observations from Scott Pelley about 60 Minutes’ decision to show disturbing video of children and...
Scott Pelley is the love of my life 😍
How can he be anti-left and tell Scott Pelley he wants the government to pay for all health care
Why does Scott Pelley remove his glasses at the end of every broadcast
Scott Pelley & Bob Scheefer only do biased Dem reporting on the GOP topics and Trump, Ban them bad news boys
That was just some information in one easy link. He told Scott Pelley he was for Single Payer and then denied he said it.
Polio to treat cancer? Scott Pelley reports on Duke clinical trial - CBS News via
We all heard him say it to Scott Pelley. He wants TrumpCare.
ICYMI: 60 Minutes - Killing Cancer, showcasing the wonders of immunotherapy on brain cancer!
CBS election update with Scott Pelley - - - Sanders not mentioned once.
He lied about his healthcare plan in your interview. He told Scott Pelley gov't pays to cover EVERYBODY. He told you HC savings
The Mortgage Meltdown. Scott Pelley reports on the mortgage crisis ...
Scott Pelley, on CBS: "Donald Trump has won Florida, a fatal blow to Marco Rubio–ain’t no sunshine, and he’s gone.”
"Ain't no sunshine, and he's gone.". -- CBS's Scott Pelley on the end of the Rubio campaign after defeat in florida.
Scott Pelley just dropped a Bill Withers reference re: Marco Rubio "Ain't no Sunshine...and he's gone"
Scott Pelley when talking about Rubio dropping out the race, "Ain't no sunshine...and he's gone." LOL!
When did Van say it? Scott Pelley said it on Monday's CBS Evening News.
You support some one who favors socialized medicine.
This is what HRC told Scott Pelley. HRC Just cannot be honest and forthright.
Update your maps at Navteq
I think Scott Pelley just woin with "Today could be 'Goodbye Rubio Tuesday'"
Scott Pelley on "Tomorrow could be goodbye Rubio Tuesday."
Scott Pelley on CBS News made a funny. He said that if loses Florida tomorrow, it could be goodbye Rubio Tuesday.
Scott Pelley: Bob, tell us about the election. . Bob: Scott, I don't know what the heck is going on. . Scott: Thank you for your insight, Bob.
Good one, Scott Pelley: "Tomorrow could be Goodbye Rubio Tuesday", now that's funny!
Scott Pelley on on Trump leading Marco Rubio in FLA 2-1: "It may be goodbye Rubio Tuesday in Florida."
one of my goals in life is to meet Scott Pelley
Dis Scott Pelley really just say that?? " Tomorrow might be Goodbye Rubio Tuesday"
There's an amazing contrast with ppl who get info from the internet and those who get it from a 30 second news clip from Scott Pelley
Trump favors socialized medicine. His position different from .
"I'm Steve Kroft," "I'm Leslie Stahl," "I'm so wasted right now," "and I'm Scott Pelley, those stories tonight on 60 Minutes."
Scott Pelley,spec on words is VERY inappropriate at this time.You don't throw gas on fire,give justification
Yeah... Why he's not anchor, on MSNBC. Too bad, I liked him. Scott Pelley on CBS is favorite tho.
I don't know about Machiavelli?. But I'd suggest you ask Scott Pelley.
To be fair, in her interview with Scott Pelley, she said she always *tries* to tell truth. No guarantee of success.
"Even though people will be disturbed by what they see, it has to be seen." Well done, Scott Pelley.
taking lies to a new level. After telling Scott Pelley she didn't lie then losing MI cause of her bailout lie & Nancy Reagan's lie.
I heard Rachael say this last night. Can you possibly imagine Scott Pelley reporting so courageously?
Scott Pelley will hold his glasses askew on this one.
Vikings release Mike Wallace, but are looking closely at signing Dan Rather or Scott Pelley.
Scott Pelley intimated that journo Chris Morris is at fault for his own assault because of the language he used. ***
A little surprised to see CBS' Scott Pelley totally take the side of the Secret Service and not photographer Chris Morris on tonight's news.
How many stories if it was Scott Pelley or David Muir? Plus previous sex harassment settlement. Liberal media tho.
Listen to people like Scott Pelley, Anderson Cooper and learn. You hv slapped, used F word, spread hatred. Payback is near!
Hillary Clinton: "I've always tried" to tell the truth Hillary Clinton sat down with Scott Pelley in her Las Vega…
Why ? It was all a *** lying fraud. Check it out. Or go on believing *** 'sell-outs' Lester Holt, Scott Pelley, etc. etc.
Don's message: "This CBS 60 Minutes piece by Scott Pelley tells my story better than I could ever tell it. I hope...
I just love the EVENING NEWS with Scott Pelley. How about that last story tonight. Awesome
Temperature fell so drastically today it got the attention of CBS's Scott Pelley.
Scott Pelley sits down with 5 millennial Muslims to discuss what it's like being Muslim in America
"Communication is the antidote to fear." - wise words from Scott Pelley during tonight's segment on the rise of Islamophobia.
For feedback about Muslim millenials on the current hate-fest on Muslims, check out Scott Pelley's CBS report. Heartbreaking, truly.
Five young Muslim Americans to take on Islamophobia on CBS Evening News
CBS/Scott Pelley interviews Muslims about backlash...what about interviewing survivors of Jihadist attack!
"The absence of sound deafened the mind." -Scott Pelley, anchor, glasses muncher, awful poet
Witness: I was shot in the back. Scott Pelley: Could you show me where you were hit? Me: Scott doesn't know what a back is?
Behind-the-Scenes Photos from 60 Minutes Wisconsin Visit - Last week, Speaker Ryan invited Scott Pelley and the...
CBS News on in the background and Scott Pelley just pronounced "caliphate" as "caf-il-ate"
I trust Scott Pelley to read the news.
Will Scott Pelley anchor live from Paris tonight or will he be back in NY? I'm looking to mention in my newscast. Thanks!
Tonight on WBZ Radio:. 6:30 - Scott Pelley anchors the from Paris. 7:00- Mary Blake presents a special on the Opioid Crisis
Do I really have to explain to you why I'm offended by NFL players being jackasses by dancing after scoring TDs?~Scott Pelley
100% agree. Scott Pelley has seasoned journalistic values. I record the broadcast & watch it every evening when I get home.
I'm sure Scott Pelley will be all over that story tonight from Paris. It being so relevant and all. Your doing a GJ
Scott Pelley in Paris to give Americans the winger point of view
"It's exactly the way we felt after 9/11." Scott Pelley on the mood on the ground in Paris:
Why isn't Tom Brokaw, Scott Pelley, and the usual suspects whining about collateral damage?
Scott Pelley has been one of the High Priestesses of the Obama reacharound since 2007.
Scott Pelley another MSM liberal protecting Obama the almighty. Let me bow down.
sends Scott Pelley to Paris to reduce eyewitness accounts to commercial format.
Watched 60 minutes, Scott Pelley's snarky remarks every time he mentions Obama are starting to sound foolish
It was fun to watch Scott Pelley, on 60 Minutes, interviewing Paul Ryan, our new Speaker of The House, tonight.
"Give me your tax reform plan, specifically," 60 Minutes' Scott Pelley asked Paul Ryan tonight. When have you...
If you didn't see Scott Pelley's report from Paris on Friday attacks, he talks with 2 survivors. Find it on website. Chilling.
Paul Ryan just completely lost Scott Pelley, who does not get someone who doesn't want to be a life long politician.
CBS Scott Pelley lied in an interview with Paul Ryan about most of America's debt is because of SS, Medicaid and Medicare. Liars!!
"The US Government is an Insurance Company with an Army" True, and a great quote by Scott Pelley
Scott Pelley just set it on 60 minutes to Paul Ryan
I really like Scott Pelley, but why does it always look like he's crying?
Ryan tells Scott Pelley he is not dictator of House. Barak Hussain Obama should take note.
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Scott Pelley on 60M. 2-3rds of fed budget social security, health c and military. "US govt is an ins co with an army."
Scott Pelley of CBS ''The federal budget is an insurance company with an army'
So SCott Pelley believes people who believe in FREEDOM should b "corralled." I guess that pretty much fits the CBS World-view.
Scott Pelley on "The U.S. government is an insurance company with an army."
Scott Pelley. Good point. When did it go from bad ideas to bad people?
Scott Pelley is the best broadcast journalist in the business.
"The US government is an insurance company with an army" -Scott Pelley
Paul Ryan on 60 Minutes with the standard "Corporate tax" tripe. Questions fed by Scott Pelley with no challenges
Watching Scott Pelley and on 60 minutes I mean Paul Ryan
Thought Scott Pelley did a Great Job from Paris for 60 Minutes. Chilling
this Scott Pelley/Paul Ryan interview has me **rolling my eyes over and over again
"I go by Paul, if that's OK," after Scott Pelley calls Paul Ryan "Mr. Speaker" on 60 Minutes.
Scott Pelley sensationalizing Paris attacks. Video supports terrorists, just what they want. What will Obama do, let GITMO prisoners go?
Good work by Scott Pelley and the 60 Minutes team there, confirming that the thing we all thought was awful was indeed…
Scott Pelley interviews are the best.
Scott Pelley says w/straight face that Paul Ryan is an expert on the budget.
If watching the news: Scott Pelley on CBS, Erin Burnett on CNN, Brian Williams on MSNBC are live with reports on Paris
.Your take on Scott Pelley interviewing sadly wide of mark: See my
If I needed ,I would attend this center for brain tumor !.
It was nice seeing you in evening news with Scott Pelley. Good job explaining our Texas weather.
Heartwarming story and loved Scott Pelley laughing over the kitten.
Check out Scott Pelley hes been covering the storm all night long. love you P🤗❤️
Scott Pelley is going to grow up to be Santa Claus
I said 2my husband:'That was so beautiful,I'm crying, even Scott Pelley's crying,what's wrong with u,ur not crying!'
Props Larry Mowry! Nice job talking with Scott Pelley on flooding
Check out this CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley on how yoga saved a wounded warrior's life: "I felt this real...
Great Job sir talking with Scott Pelley
I heard Scott Pelley mention Larry Mowry's name,straighten your tie, only tens of millions will be watching you,no pressure😂
Way to go CBS Evening News and Scott Pelley. I don't know who the secret Santa is, but he's the man!
"Parent activism has led to a number of medical breakthroughs - look at cystic fibrosis."- Scott Pelley CBS. That is parent love IN ACTION
Scott Pelley on the news last night👍
Analysis: What Biden's decision means for candidates: CBS News political director John Dickerson talks with Scott Pelley about what J...
Did Scott Pelley just farted on the set of live or am I hearing things. I had to rewind to record 😂💨
Your news tonight was so biased I will no longer watch Scott Pelley and company
I, for one, am not a fan of University of Louisville's Athletic Director, Tom Jurich. No sir. Not a fan at all. ~Scott Pelley
what does Scott Pelley mean stating false rumors of Israel's occupation of religious sites in Israel? they are occupying it
President Duane Nellis visited with alum Scott Pelley at today.
CBS News Anchor Scott Pelley tells the audience boy would Ed Murrow be proud of the work being done today
Reason 461 why Scott Pelley should not me worried about me taking his job...
Congrats to my two buddies, & Kevin O'Brien on a great campaign. Big win for Simms! All the best to both.
I know we don't talk a lot about this stuff guys, but seriously bravo to CBS for making Scott Pelley the evening news anchor. Man is a pro.
Scott Pelley on "Big Ben needs surgery for a bad ticker". As a sports fan, my immediate though was not what Scott intended...
Watch Art conservator provides stroke of generosity for small mus...
Scott Pelley's hands looked huge in the last shot. Bigger than his head.
I watch CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley because he makes me feel pretty,smart & adored.he voice is so soothing.
Just turned to CBS and these losers from San Diego are on my screen instead of Scott Pelley and the 60 Minutes crew. Stop playing.
Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump tells Scott Pelley why he is so thin skinned
It looked like Scott Pelley was covering Garcon.
I saw a segment on 60 minutes I don't know if it'll help you but you might want to look into it.
Thank you CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley for telling the story of Hannah's Hope For GAN and the GAN gene...
My client is helping to fund this research! On the CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley.
Scott Pelley giving a "best feature writer in TV" shout out to tonight a 94 year old bad *** hockey player ❤️
Here is the link to the CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley story on Hannah's Hope!...
Scott Pelley has the cool blue eyes of a seer of secrets.
Steve Hartman had a great story on a 94 yr old hockey player but the best part was Scott Pelley's comment "The best feature writer on TV."
In a CBS news ad Scott Pelley claimed CBS was the most comprehensive news. What about a dem candidate under fed investigation?
TONIGHT! Hannah's Hope For GAN on CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley -7:00pm. Tune in, Share and Like our Status!
Like Scott Pelley. Millions of people are dying and these liars want are more bucks for the bang. Murder is a point of View.
Scott Pelley now interviewing a 4th grader running for President.
I think it's so disrespectful when CBS Evening News anchor Scott Pelley calls The President of United States of America Mr. Obama.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Then he goes on that rambling *** 60 minutes 'interview' where scott pelley looked liked he was interviewing Two Face smh
Sure didn't take Scott Pelley and SeeBS news to jump on the 'we can NEVER cut taxes' bus vs Donald Trump's plan to slash them
Scott Pelley once got Bernanke to say, "It's not taxpayer money. We simply use the computer.." and Obama to say, "We'r…
60 Minutes had Trump lined up in sights and Scott Pelley failed to pull trigger repeatedly.
This written interview excerpt with Trump on exactly how is priceless.
Scott Pelley shut Donald Trump down so fast.
The Donald Trump interview with CBS's Scott Pelley iwill be airing Sunday on "60 Minutes."
I hope u weren't serious about Universal Healthcare when interviewed by Scott Pelley because we can't take on the world !
"The president of the United States is not the CEO of the United States" - Scott Pelley to Donald Trump
Trump gets down to business on 60 Minutes - CBS News
"CBS News' Scott Pelley raked Trump over coals on Sunday. Why doesn't he do the same for people with real power?"
Scott Pelley was out to get you, and you shut him down. Great Job !!
You also did a Great Job looking Scott Pelley straight in the eye, and stopped him right in his tracks.
Trump is More Than a Hangover: Donald Trump's '60 Minutes' interview with Scott Pelley is mildly astounding. I...
Can't believe I just sat through a 13 minute interview of Trump. I did it out of respect.for 60 Minutes and Scott Pelle…
Big night for with 9 Emmys. dedicated one of his to Bob Simon.
TUNE IN TONIGHT! St. Mary's alum Sr. Lisa Maurer will be on the CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley tonight at 5:30 pm!
exactly. Jake Tapper and Scott Pelley and all those other *** are liberal lapdogs
Trump gets down to business on 60 Minutes via
Watching on 60 minutes holding his own with Scott Pelley.Pelley acting like an antagonist *** I like …
Trump gets down to business on 60 Minutes
Trump gets down to business on 60 Minutes. Watch report
Trump wants you to know that the wall he's going to build between the US and Mexico will be at least an 8
Trump gets down to business on 60 Minutes, reports
unloads Scott Pelley having gall press him specifics
"All Scott Pelley did by being disrespectful was make it easier to make up my mind who to vote for and tha…
Donald Trump unloads on Scott Pelley for having the gall to press him for specifics via
Today I will "outmaneuver" Lester Holt and begin watching Scott Pelley.
via wraps up US tour as he addresses religious liberty and in speech.
[Vanity] Trump manhandles SeeBS and Scott Pelley [On now West Coast 7pm]: Donald Trump is firing salvo after s...
He's on west coast. The real Scott Pelley better be fair or I'm done with them too
You gotta love Trump just becuz he totally discombobulates obnoxious jerks like Scott Pelley.
yes he did and is Scott Pelley the real Debbie Downer!
Sure ABC has handsome hottie David Muir, but nothing can replace the great journalism of CBS Scott Pelley.
I have to give Scott Pelley and the CBS Evening News credit last nite for their coverage of the tragedy of the beleaguered Syrians trying to
Scott Pelley's story on sarin attack in Syria airing now on Dear, oh dear. It's just inhumane.
Somebody should've told that Scott Pelley has been missing from the this past month.
CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley , why would you allow this?
Turns to watch Weeks later Scott Pelley still MIA. Changes channel.
Why does Scott Pelley keep taking off?
- I really don't understand why CBS News Execs don't find one permanent sub for Scott Pelley. It's like, whose around?
When makes it on the CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley but for all the wrong reasons 🙏🙏💔👼
WDBJ GM says CBS Evening News Anchor Scott Pelley has reached out to see what he can do help.
Scott Pelley has reached out to WDBJ's GM and asked how he could help with the situation.
"I just talked to Scott Pelley and he offered to do anything that he could."
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anchor Scott Pelley put in call to GM.
What 60 Minutes witnessed in first Katrina report: Scott Pelley visited New Orleans just days after the hurric...
Va. governor on shooting: There is too much gun violence in America via
saw your photo on the CBS Evening news with Scott Pelley.
I don't have a strong opinion on Anchor Babies: If David Muir, Scott Pelley or Lester Holt want to have children, that's their decision.
.needs to remove Scott Pelley's name from the news. He's been gone since last month.
.Anchors ranked on likelihood of going off on them:. 1. Jose Diaz-Balart. 2. David Muir. 3. Wolf. 4. Scott Pelley
Sue Herera is the Scott Pelley of PBS. This is a good thing.
Would Trump remove Lester Holt, Scott Pelley, Charlie Rose from a presser? Don't think so!
come on how is Scott Pelley ALWAYS OFF :(
DONE!! Where in the world is Scott Pelley?! Sounds like the name of a new game
Scott Pelley must be seriously ill to be gone this long. Didn't even watch
Nothing could be as bad as Scott Pelley.
turned to Lester Holt as soon as I saw who was on for Scott Pelley.Another obamabot.
Check out the recent coverage of the Round Two on CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley. A...
Why don't Scott Pelley & his political reporters ask tough questions of Trump? You coddle this *** Do your job!
Dr. David Dawson makes national news on CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley.
Scott Pelley from 60 minutes looks like an old Neil Patrick Harris
I know he's retired but I love Bob Schieffer from cbs. I'd throw Scott Pelley, Diane Sawyer and Lester Holt in there, too
“Pelley! Thank you! well said Erin !!!. Other person in cbs like Scott Palley..hope i am s…
Some one needs to tell Scott Pelley that there is no such thing as a simple Traffic stop.
Scott Pelley after tonight's story by Steve Hartman: "What a storyteller."
CBS/Scott Pelley spends large portion of tonight's national news bashing law enforcement. What's new?
It was 102 in Eugene today? That's what Scott Pelley just told me. Eugene are you alive?
I watch Scott Pelley top himself with inanity night after night, and wonder how long he can take it. No need for a suicide watch yet though
WATCH: Inspiring 8-year-old boy with cerebral palsy finishes triathlon to an eruption of cheers. Scott Pelley has...
On set tonight with Scott Pelley for tonight's cbseveningnews
I do for breaking news. CBS has been my "go to" since they hired Scott Pelley and Licht took over news programming.
What matters is how many times you get up. --Scott Pelley
The with Scott Pelley is next at 6:30 (and will air again at 7:30) on WBZ Radio . Listen live:
Scott Pelley looks quite sexy in this pic.
It was a nice surprise seeing Jane Pauley filling in for Scott Pelley tonight. Jane is the BEST
Scott Pelley will return after suspension. For telling the truth about the being fake --
Diversity takes it in the shorts Super white liberal Jane Pauley to anchor in absence of super white liber…
President Obama will hold a White House conference later this morning. Scott Pelley will anchor live coverage
I'm telling you, you were doing your best Scott Pelley pose!
Look what Donald Trump has accomplished… . Scott Pelley, CBS NEWS, just used the words, "illegal immigrants" when...
Did anyone hear Scott Pelley refer to the man in the tarp incident as occurring at the 'Patriots game?'
Scott Pelley introduces ACOUSTIX for our our 25th Anniversary, performance on the AIC show, part one.
Life can get interesting when you’re accidentally on the Social Security Admin
Can't help but get emotional when I see breakthroughs in the treatment for terminal
.Scott Pelley did a brief on the tarp blowing over at last night's Pirates game, but Pelley referred to them as "the Patriots"...
Cleaning up the VA. The Secretary of Veterans Affairs tells Scott Pelley about his personal mission to reorganize...
Poor Scott Pelley confused the Pirates with the Patriots on CBS News tonight. I'm pretty sure that infield tarp wasn't on a football field.
Scott Pelley believes the Patriots play baseball. In Pittsburgh.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Scott Pelley incorrectly referred to the Pittsburgh Pirates as the "Patriots" in baseball tarp story.
Did Scott Pelley just call the Pittsburgh Pirates the Patriots?
Did Scott Pelley just call the the Patriots? 😂😂
is that Scott Pelley that said that?
"This was the day the computers died." - Scott Pelley begins w/ Wall Street &
The Social Security Admin can cause major headaches, even when you’re alive: via
That's because watching Scott Pelley is like taking triple the dosage of Advil PM
Love watching yu every evening from wichita falls,tx and my kauz-6:) P.S. scott pelley carry the torch for walter and dan carry on!
I watch with Scott Pelley. I think he is a hunk.
Now she's gonna have to go on with Stephanopoulos to clear all this up and then Scott Pelley.
Happy 80th birthday to His Holiness! Long may he remain with us! . When CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley asked...
did pelley get fired for F'ing up Now ger rid of scott moore!
LRT: Brace is actually taking over for Pelley, who is moving to European golf tour. But it is a Brace/Scott Moore reunion.
I blasted Pelley over his interview with the FBI Dir. he turned it around with the VA. thanks Scott.
Michelle Miller; a CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley correspondent, was nearly bought to tears while reporting...
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Scott Pelley at just said it right: "Now Greece has to persuade the Euro zone to throw more good money after bad"
Riley watching the news - "My boy Scott Pelley about to kill the game" "The intro music is so fire"
Better thana the little potato whose parents won't let her date Scott Pelley because he's just a common tater.
This hits close to home. A lady came into our office last week that was having this very same problem! We are...
hey SCOTT PELLEY - YOUR story about that PICKLE LADY --- was a LIE!
Filling in all week for Scott Pelley on the -- hope you'll watch.
Truckers, Troopers and Local Law Matters shared CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley's video. Published by Teresa...
I liked ,micheal jackson and yes bassist because scott pelley told me to. I need a code
Scott Pelley should end each news story with a furrowed brow over those dangling glasses and a, "Hmm...interesting."
***Scott Pelley investigates the death of a mentally ill inmate who died of thirst in a report that questions the...
Those of us loyal CBS viewers on the West Coast are Greeted By Scott Pelley Proclaiming: "This Is Our Western Edition" We Are So Blessed.
60 minutes did a piece on Duke treating brain cancer with Polo. Might be worth looking into
I happened to see this news story within the last week.
Miracles do happen. God is Good. Thought of this while reading. Maybe can help? God Bless your family
I think James Comey addressed this in the Scott Pelley 60 Minutes interview a couple weeks ago.
While Scott Pelley of CBS News is No Walter Cronkite He Does Bless Those of us on the Left Coast with The Western Edition. Can We Repay Him?
Tune in! Bryan will be on CBS evening news with anchor Scott Pelley tonight at 6:30 EST 5:30 CST.
Killing Cancer - re-engineering polio virus to kill cancer cells via
"The service was in a basketball arena but that wasn't nearly big enough." - Scott Pelley, CBS Evening News
CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley. Unique traffic stops in Kansas City, Missouri bring drivers to tears. Watch... http…
" in a world where everyone is a publisher, no one is an editor. and that is the danger that we face today. " Scott Pelley,
I just want to see when Scott pelley leads cbs evening news with cardinals hacking astros computer system
You can tell...Scott Pelley had to hold back his laughter on in covering announcement for 2016.
Switched to CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley away from Nightly News. Savannah Guthrie is just unappealing to viewers.
People stop my dad all the time convinced that he is Scott Pelley and I have no idea why???
Scott Pelley and Anderson Cooper have my heart
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