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Scott Pelley

Scott Cameron Pelley (born July 28, 1957) is an American television journalist who is currently anchor and managing editor of the CBS Evening News and a correspondent for the CBS news magazine 60 Minutes.

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“Pelley! Thank you! well said Erin !!!. Other person in cbs like Scott Palley..hope i am s…
Some one needs to tell Scott Pelley that there is no such thing as a simple Traffic stop.
Scott Pelley after tonight's story by Steve Hartman: "What a storyteller."
CBS/Scott Pelley spends large portion of tonight's national news bashing law enforcement. What's new?
It was 102 in Eugene today? That's what Scott Pelley just told me. Eugene are you alive?
I watch Scott Pelley top himself with inanity night after night, and wonder how long he can take it. No need for a suicide watch yet though
WATCH: Inspiring 8-year-old boy with cerebral palsy finishes triathlon to an eruption of cheers. Scott Pelley has...
On set tonight with Scott Pelley for tonight's cbseveningnews
I do for breaking news. CBS has been my "go to" since they hired Scott Pelley and Licht took over news programming.
What matters is how many times you get up. --Scott Pelley
The with Scott Pelley is next at 6:30 (and will air again at 7:30) on WBZ Radio . Listen live:
Scott Pelley looks quite sexy in this pic.
It was a nice surprise seeing Jane Pauley filling in for Scott Pelley tonight. Jane is the BEST
Scott Pelley will return after suspension. For telling the truth about the being fake --
Diversity takes it in the shorts Super white liberal Jane Pauley to anchor in absence of super white liber…
President Obama will hold a White House conference later this morning. Scott Pelley will anchor live coverage
I'm telling you, you were doing your best Scott Pelley pose!
Look what Donald Trump has accomplished… . Scott Pelley, CBS NEWS, just used the words, "illegal immigrants" when...
Did anyone hear Scott Pelley refer to the man in the tarp incident as occurring at the 'Patriots game?'
Scott Pelley introduces ACOUSTIX for our our 25th Anniversary, performance on the AIC show, part one.
Life can get interesting when you’re accidentally on the Social Security Admin
Can't help but get emotional when I see breakthroughs in the treatment for terminal
.Scott Pelley did a brief on the tarp blowing over at last night's Pirates game, but Pelley referred to them as "the Patriots"...
Cleaning up the VA. The Secretary of Veterans Affairs tells Scott Pelley about his personal mission to reorganize...
Poor Scott Pelley confused the Pirates with the Patriots on CBS News tonight. I'm pretty sure that infield tarp wasn't on a football field.
Scott Pelley believes the Patriots play baseball. In Pittsburgh.
Scott Pelley incorrectly referred to the Pittsburgh Pirates as the "Patriots" in baseball tarp story.
Did Scott Pelley just call the Pittsburgh Pirates the Patriots?
Did Scott Pelley just call the the Patriots? 😂😂
is that Scott Pelley that said that?
"This was the day the computers died." - Scott Pelley begins w/ Wall Street &
The Social Security Admin can cause major headaches, even when you’re alive: via
That's because watching Scott Pelley is like taking triple the dosage of Advil PM
Love watching yu every evening from wichita falls,tx and my kauz-6:) P.S. scott pelley carry the torch for walter and dan carry on!
I watch with Scott Pelley. I think he is a hunk.
Now she's gonna have to go on with Stephanopoulos to clear all this up and then Scott Pelley.
Happy 80th birthday to His Holiness! Long may he remain with us! . When CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley asked...
did pelley get fired for F'ing up Now ger rid of scott moore!
LRT: Brace is actually taking over for Pelley, who is moving to European golf tour. But it is a Brace/Scott Moore reunion.
I blasted Pelley over his interview with the FBI Dir. he turned it around with the VA. thanks Scott.
Michelle Miller; a CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley correspondent, was nearly bought to tears while reporting...
Scott Pelley at just said it right: "Now Greece has to persuade the Euro zone to throw more good money after bad"
Riley watching the news - "My boy Scott Pelley about to kill the game" "The intro music is so fire"
Better thana the little potato whose parents won't let her date Scott Pelley because he's just a common tater.
This hits close to home. A lady came into our office last week that was having this very same problem! We are...
"I'm Lara Logan," "I'm never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down" "and I'm Scott Pelley, those stories tonight on 60 Minutes"
Breast Cancer Awareness
hey SCOTT PELLEY - YOUR story about that PICKLE LADY --- was a LIE!
Filling in all week for Scott Pelley on the -- hope you'll watch.
Truckers, Troopers and Local Law Matters shared CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley's video. Published by Teresa...
I liked ,micheal jackson and yes bassist because scott pelley told me to. I need a code
Scott Pelley should end each news story with a furrowed brow over those dangling glasses and a, "Hmm...interesting."
***Scott Pelley investigates the death of a mentally ill inmate who died of thirst in a report that questions the...
Those of us loyal CBS viewers on the West Coast are Greeted By Scott Pelley Proclaiming: "This Is Our Western Edition" We Are So Blessed.
60 minutes did a piece on Duke treating brain cancer with Polo. Might be worth looking into
I happened to see this news story within the last week.
Miracles do happen. God is Good. Thought of this while reading. Maybe can help? God Bless your family
I think James Comey addressed this in the Scott Pelley 60 Minutes interview a couple weeks ago.
While Scott Pelley of CBS News is No Walter Cronkite He Does Bless Those of us on the Left Coast with The Western Edition. Can We Repay Him?
Tune in! Bryan will be on CBS evening news with anchor Scott Pelley tonight at 6:30 EST 5:30 CST.
Killing Cancer - re-engineering polio virus to kill cancer cells via
"The service was in a basketball arena but that wasn't nearly big enough." - Scott Pelley, CBS Evening News
CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley. Unique traffic stops in Kansas City, Missouri bring drivers to tears. Watch... http…
" in a world where everyone is a publisher, no one is an editor. and that is the danger that we face today. " Scott Pelley,
I just want to see when Scott pelley leads cbs evening news with cardinals hacking astros computer system
You can tell...Scott Pelley had to hold back his laughter on in covering announcement for 2016.
Switched to CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley away from Nightly News. Savannah Guthrie is just unappealing to viewers.
People stop my dad all the time convinced that he is Scott Pelley and I have no idea why???
Scott Pelley and Anderson Cooper have my heart
sounds like a new 48 Hours with Scott Pelley
Scott Pelley, thank you for being a consummate professional. You remind me of a guy named Walter.
In the last 4 hours of my life, I've met both Scott Pelley and Bob Schieffer.
Totally awesome. Have you read about how Duke is using polio to treat brain cancer? Nuts.
Scott Pelley and Lou Holt are probably my favorite reporters, the Brian Williams story didn't surprise me he was lame
George Takei: Our previous guest is profiled on CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley about his life and his first...
Scott Pelley gives me the feeling he's not sure if he's reading the news or not, very unusual presence for a news anchor
Dear Scott Pelley, you're a liberal, condescending, pompous *** That's all.
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Dear Scott Pelley, when pitching ur CBS evening news broadcast can u stop telling us what YOU'RE so proud of? We don't care.
Happy you are back Scott Pelley. Keep up the great work!
Hey Scott Pelley the bee on this evening news was a wasp
I don't think I've ever heard Scott Pelley stutter before and he just did twice, I want to go where he went on vacation
Scott Pelley is having some issues on tonight's CBS Evening News.
wait. what year was Scott Pelley born?
I hate to say it but, Charlie Rose is lousy as a fill in for Scott Pelley. Nancy Cordes or someone else next time please.
Where has Scott Pelley been? Is it true he's involved in a Brian Williams type of scandal? Hope not.
So refreshing to have at the helm on the instead of Scott Pelley. Wish it was permanent.
I'm watching "CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley" and earning great rewards from . evening news with scott pelley
Ever notice that Scott Pelley's news delivery is similar to a dad reading fairy tales to his children?
Ever notice how Scott Pelley delivers news as if talking to children? Maybe much of what he says is fairy tales?
My mother is now receiving this treatment for lung cancer, and she's doing much better
Charlie's great, but wondering if Scott Pelley is okay, not sick or such?
miss you, hope you're okay. Charley's managed, but he's no Scott Pelley
Now what we need is for to be next in line after Scott Pelley.
Has Scott Pelley quit the evening news?!? It's been weeks since I've seen him.
20 hrs a day in a 5 day week? When do you sleep? If you can't sleep, why apartment? Wish you were Scott Pelley or Katy Couric?
The ups and downs of the nation on this Tuesday — watching CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley
There's hope, it's closer than you'd think.
Is there any news program more in the tank for Hillary than evening news with Scott pelley
HEARTBREAKING: Scott Pelley of CBS News reports about the death of "60 Minutes" correspondent Bob Simon -
The CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley - Medal of Honor recipient's tale ...
Oncologists at are usingto kill cancer. Learn more via here:
Amazing piece on using polio to kill cancer. Worth watching even if you hate Duke.
Killing cancer with polio - Amazing segment on the fight against cancer
Hi Abby Tell me Scott Pelley's views on Irelands conflict doesn't reflect general opinion in the US.
This is a misquote: 1st, I attributed my comments to Scott Pelley. And {Pelley said "available to more people".
Hillary's announcement will have an episode of 60 minutes devoted to it. The full hour. Commercial free. Scott Pelley rubbing one off
Story on Duke's recent efforts to kill cancer. Very intriguing and I hope it keeps working: thanks
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Yes...saw it, and CBS, too. I really like Scott Pelley, don't you?
Wonder if Scott Pelley will ask about the server?. .
Scott Pelley CBS, why don't u suggest that California use fleet carriers as they have Big desallenators to produce water 4 California.
Scott Pelley,you talk a lot,,walk the talk,a runner will take a cop into an ambush,down here,north of Calhoun Street
Get Scott Pelley down here,CBS,I'll take him to the neighborhood,,,where the cop feared for his life,give him a map to Subway on East Bay St
Is it just me, or does anyone else find "Scott Pelley" extremely "HANDSOME"???
absolutely unbelievable science Brain Tumor Center! exciting and hopeful!
Duke Univ has a cancer treatment. Aired on 60 Min on 3/29 Hope U find this useful. Wish U the best!
Deadly brain tumor (glioblastoma) is killed by injecting tumor with the polio virus, allowing immune cells to kill it h…
i own the same suit, shirt, and tie as Scott Pelley
To all who haven't seen the segment at Duke University using polio to kill It's a must watch:
I would go after candy crowly of CNN for the Sunday show. Scott Pelley seems like he will be in his chair for 15 more years
Scott pelley dont you know tthe White House was hacked..get your liberal head out of the sand...
KMOV-TV: Due to extended Coverage CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley can be se...
Come on scott pelley..surprise me and america with both sides of a story ..not just the liberal side...
Evening news with scott pelley:whitey kills blackey.'what about the White House being hacked...(silence).
Came across this info today One day 🙏 Hope You are both doing well 💐
Himself is raging. Here's the list of questions Scott Pelley was supposed to ask:
Pope Francis is media moguls' dream interview - Everyone from BuzzFeed's Ben Smith to CBS News' Scott Pelley dream...
Sharing this mind-blowing story once again: how researchers at Duke are killing cancer with the polio virus
Pope Francis is media moguls' dream interview: What do BuzzFeed's Ben Smith, CBS News' Scott Pelley, and Vice'...
"We are now told jury has found Tsarnaev guilty on counts 1-8." -- Scott Pelley
"Polio to treat cancer?" Scott Pelley reports on Duke clinical trial - CBS News
CBS's Scott Pelley whines about length of Indiana RFRA law compared to Bill of Rights
All the best to my new fave broadcaster next to Scott Pelley, the delightful Brooke!
60 minute episode using polio to treat cancer: I found it John! Amazing discovery. ...
Is cancer nearing its end? I watched tonight. how this is REALLY HAPPENING!!!
Could cancer be nearing its end?I watched our dvr version tonight. how this is REALLY HAPPENING!!! .
Not sure of you have seen this! They are using Polio to treat Glioblastoma in trials at Duke!
Amazing story on polio vaccine trials in glioblastoma and other solid tumors. Kudos Duke oncology!
ICYMI piece on the paradigm shift in treating cancer w/ research we work to fund
You complain about length of Indiana Law compared to Bill of Rights? Did you do the same with Obamacare?
My alma mater Duke U is blazing trails treating brain cancer with polio & extension to treatment of other cancers:
Duke is making serious progress on the treatment of brain cancer!
Mayor David Raizk: David Raizk, the mayor of Wilmington, Ohio, talks to Scott Pelley about the huge job losses...
Sounds like homeopathy, only it's real. Using Polio to treat cancer.
Duke University has apparently found a most amazing and unlikely cure for cancer: the polio virus. If this...
Duke University clinical study aims to fight cancer with the polio virus
To Scott Pelley, CBS News: Arizona: "Maybe they should get a quill... ." Is that true journalism, honestly? Stop stirring the pot!
Did you see the Scott Pelley video I tagged you in yesterday?
Everyday we get closer to curing cancer. Great 60 Minutes piece on trial treatment using Polio to cure cancer
I have never liked or trusted you: WHY?
Amazing, just plain amazing how he compares the RFRA to the Bill of Rights which was written over 200 years ago
Great "60 Minutes" episode a week ago about what's been happening to our veterans after they have returned from...
This is THE most exciting scientific work I have ever seen! may have met it match!
They're doing some amazing things at that university down the road. An incredible new take on cancer treatment.
Did you see this broadcast about the experiment done by for
Fascinating stuff happening a re-engineered polio virus that kills cancer cells
CBS/Scott Pelley got it wrong! SBC troubles stem from Jones/BOD mismanagement. Go get it right please!
Love seeing the progress from my friend Dr. Henry Friedman and his team at Duke via
The Polio virus is the latest breakthrough in killing cancer. Phenomenal story. Scott Pelley is simply the best:
Polio to treat cancer? Amazing. 60 Minutes reports on Duke clinical trial
Doctors at Duke University may have found a treatment for the same cancer diagnosed with:
Amazing -> Killing Cancer: follows patients in clinical trial:
Oncologists at are using to kill cancer. Learn more via here:
Yes. Minus the puffed up check-me-out air of pedigree brandished by Scott Pelley and David Muir.
I prefer Scott Pelley to Charlie Rose. But I would give Rose the edge over Wolf Blitzer, who I would rank below Connie Chung.
Bob Simon’s final story to be introduced by Scott Pelley
More than twice as many millennials watch Brian Williams, Scott Pelley, et al, than watch The Daily Show:
Between Brian Williams and Jon Stewart, I can totally see Scott Pelley at a bar right now popping bottles of cristal and making i…
I switched to CBS. Scott Pelley over Lester Holt. Quite honestly, Al Jazeera's better news anyway. Network news is basically drivel
Man, I just saw Scott Pelley's special report, I watched Bob Simon for most of my life. Rest in Peace, Bob. You're already missed.
While Brian the cat is away, Scott Pelley stands, sits, roams, talks and submits to extreme close-ups.
CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley - The troubled life of alleged HS shooter TJ Lane
Switch to Scott Pelley on CBS, he never disappoints
I still trust NBC's Brian Williams. Sure as *** can't say that about CBS's Scott Pelley.
Scott Pelley looks high as *** on the CBS Evening News. He must be celebrating Brian Williams.
I was disappointed to hear Scott Pelley twice refer to The President as "Mr. Obama". I thought it disrespectful.
... Scott Pelley's really just looking more immature and losing more respect every time he says "Mister Obama"
Scott Pelley and David Muir don't be lying.
When did Scott Pelley start wandering around the set during the newscast?
Why is Scott Pelley saying Mr. Obama and not President Obama
Did anyone else see Scott Pelley's salute to longtime CBS correspondent Bob Orr this past Friday? Orr is...
Did San Antonio really want the hapless Raiders? I'm Scott Pelley, those stories tonight on
This would never happen to Scott Pelley. He's honest and modest. Bri Wi must be FIRED. Lester Holt has more integrity as anchor.
Oh my, what a hot mess. I am so pleased with myself for switching to Scott Pelley as soon as he took over CBS news yrs ago
College dropout. Scott Pelley college dropout. Peter Jennings 10th grade dropout. Can’t we get an anchor with an education?
If Brian Williams gets fired I'm watching Scott Pelley for the rest of my life.
Actually, Scott Pelley looks a little like a TV anchor in a Nickelodeon cartoon.
will be interesting. I am a forever CBS watcher for news. Scott Pelley is most believable for me
If Brian William is a "good man" and the "totality of his career," etc, then move aside Scott Pelley and welcome back to CBS, Dan Rather!!
Everybody is mad at Brian Williams for lying, but nobody says a word about Scott Pelley pretending he's human.
Scott Pelley is making a speech about stopping violence against women. Brian Williams will give the rebuttal speech.
Here's Scott Pelley on asking what he was REALLY thinking talking to Crime, LLC and
It was that broadcast the Espionage Act case against me as a w'blower back in May 2011 w/ Scott Pelley
the best thing to ever come out of Lubbock, 2nd is The Thrift Store Cowboys "sidewalk song", Scott Pelley takes 3rd.
Wow, the CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley with Pelley saying "I'm not Brian Williams" is harsh.
"I'm Morely Safer," "I'm Steve Kroft," "I'm Leslie Stahl," "and I'm Scott Pelley, we're all stars now in the Dope Show"
I'm so upset for Brian Williams I like Scott Pelley but BW is my favorite anchorman
Scott Pelley just admitted to lying about having human emotions and not being a cyborg from the planet Klorpotron Sector 7. I make jokes!
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The marketing push, "Original Reporting," with video of Scott Pelley in combat camo and helmet, packs new mocking relevance.
Not so subtle. In a house ad after Face the Nation, Scott Pelley said, "Our news is fair and honest."
I like how runs promos with Scott Pelley talking about how CBS is honest and truthful in it's reporting. NBC take note.
which led me to think he wasn't smartest crayon in box. Time to watch Scott Pelley! He's been there and done it!!!
I don't know about you, but if I had the opportunity to watch Scott Pelley interview John Mulaney about I'd take it.
Exactly! Back to CBS for me...just liked Brian's personality more than Scott Pelley.
watched NBC for years and then when Scott Pelley took over CBS I never looked back and hope CBS news ratings improve.
It's not just The Al Sharpton Network it's David Muir, Scott Pelley, Wolf Blitzer, John King time
What kind of stories has Scott Pelley been telling?
Scott Pelley is the best of the lot now. A sober hard news guy.
Scott Pelley is alright, but I doubt his CBS News show will take the number one spot.
As a CBS affiliate, I'm partial to Scott Pelley, but Brian Williams still has many loyal viewers. What do you...
The Brian Williams Walter Mitty affair causes trouble for NBC but also Scott Pelley, and David Muir, and Bret Baier, ..and it should.
As we speak, Scott Pelley is carefully going over every anecdote he told to a roomful of drunk journalists.
I really hope all this Brian Williams stuff gets sorted out for the better. One of my all-time favorites with Scott Pelley and Tom Brokaw.
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Arsenio begged Brian Williams to come to his show ; but he thought he was too good . Very elitist . Sorry , Scott Pelley is my Guy .
I have a secret theory that this whole scandal is being orchestrated by Scott Pelley and David Muir.
CBS Evening News reports on small Texas town with booming economy:.
One wonders what is going though Scott Pelley's mind these days.
Martha Stewart went to prison for lying to Feds... plenty of people are in prison for lying.. I am not suggesting...
In case you missed it: CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley featured one of our Paratroopers, Sgt. Peter Kuch, who...
I fully stand behind Brian Williams. If NBC does something, I'll bolt for CBS News and Scott Pelley.
sorry, after many years, Scott Pelley is our anchor.
Chuck Todd; Brian Williams; Scott Pelley; Diane Sawyer; and now we can add to that list. What a frigging jok…
How petty can you get? Fox News‘ Shepard Smith received a little jab from the White House to go along with his pre-SOTU luncheon. Smith and other Fox News reporters were supposed to receive a place card saying “Fox News,” instead they got an insulting omission. It may have been an honest mistake, but Shep refused to let it go without a brief report on the subject. Shepard Smith explained it well. “I sat next to Brian Williams, and we all have these place cards and his said, ‘Brian Williams, NBC News.’ And across from me was David Muir, the new guy on ABC. It said, ‘David Muir, ABC News.’ And then, over next to the president, was Scott Pelley, and it said, ‘Scott Pelley, ABC News.” Sounds fine so far. “And I looked at mine, and it doesn’t say anything about news. It just says, ‘Fox.’ And I looked at Bret Baier’s and it said, ‘Bret Baier, Fox.’ But all the rest of them got ‘news.’ I mean, I don’t care — lunch was great.”
Mayor Rahm Emanuel tells Scott Pelley that protecting kids is most important in addressing Chicago's gun violence problem
Catch filling in for Scott Pelley tonight on the starting at 6:30pmET
CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley - The most beloved member of a fire station
So, on CBS Evening News, Scott Pelley talked about Brad Stone being found dead of a self-inflicted knife wound 200 meters from his house after sniping his ex-wife through a window and five of her family members. Not a word about him being a Marine, not a word about him deploying to Iraq, not a word about much of anything except for him shooting some folks. FIND VETS, create dialogue, talk. We have to step up and take care of our own. Anyone you meet, any Veteran, just yap. Saved my a$$ more than once when I was in gear.
The residents of Dulac will be on the CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley tomorrow night discussing the oil industry.
Every time I watch Scott Pelley, I always chuckle when I hear him say "what/why" as "HWAT/HWY".
Tonight's anchored by Scott Pelley live in Washington, DC.
Alps Scott Pelley and his crew hopefully tonight on CBS Evening News.
CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley - On the Road: Kindness - "Pass it Forward" - YouTube
227's YouTube Chili' Riders USA on the CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley: . Riders USA on... Jamaal Al-Din - NBA
get your Kleenex , along with Scott Pelley
Scott Pelley on his first year behind the CBS News anchor
This video brought even anchorman Scott Pelley to tears.
Have u seen the amazingly devastating reports abt Syria? Scott Pelley & did gr8 work capturing this
Unique traffic stops in Kansas City, Even Scott Pelley had tears in his eyes.
Scott Pelley is so phoney & affected, the way he holds his eyeglasses - just a prop to make you believe he's deeply intellectual
Is it me or do Scott Pelley and Neil Patrick Harris favor?
CBS News (Scott Pelley) apologetic and making excuses for ISIS attacks across the world.
Scott Pelley is such a great journalist.
Scott Pelley, actually teared up at the end of this one. What a wonderful thing to do in this season, in this...
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Please watch this clip from the CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley. What a great way to start the day with this!...
From Friday's - so moving, so humbling, even Scott Pelley is tearing up!
Filled up for $2.16 a gallon. Does this mean we, ahem, "won the war" (Scott Pelley voice)?
A man that loses his Father at a young age spends the rest on his Life trying to prove himself to him. - Scott Pelley
Thank you to Scott Pelley for caring enough to spend two years and many hours getting "Denied" right!…
It's awful to notice this during a serious medical insurance story, but did Scott Pelley just get back from a skiing vacation?
War and hunger: Scott Pelley reports on the men and women of the World Food Programme who are risking their li...
I like to assume Scott Pelley, Morely Safer, and Bob Simon spend the rest of the week jamming as the very cleverly named band 60 Minutemen.
Did it dawn on Scott Pelley that he's making a brilliant argument against gov't controlled healthcare on .
"Sara, you're better than Scott Pelley on Sunday night." -
Tune in to as Scott Pelley reveals health insurance industry treatment of severe mental illnesses.
Scott Pelley sums it up perfectly at the end of this story when he says "Wow!" is my favorite...
Pelley did a report on the state of physical fitness in America; the report convinced him to get in shape and he...
Sittn here just a cryin ! God bless n watch over our good cops! Scott Pelley in TEARS - Unique POLICE Traffic sto…:
Targeted POLICE Traffic stops in Missouri Bring Drivers to TEARS ! {VIDEO} See Scott Pelley in TEARS
This was the best news cast I've seen in a long time! Scott Pelley even had tears at the end :-)
Secret Santa and the Cops CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley via
I added a video to a playlist CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley - Fla. company bringing call center
Interview with Scott Pelley at CBS in New York City. I've learned so much about journalism thanks to
Please do more of this !!! . CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley was even tearing up !!
I was LIT last year. Took a picture with Scott Pelley and did the dougie with our Senior VP of Business Affairs. Not even joking 😭
A Secret Santa has officers issuing money to drivers instead of tickets. This story brought Scott Pelley to tears.
Bravo Scott Pelley for another timely West Coast broadcast with dug-in details of today's news. Bravo and congrats.
Scott Pelley&job with a view: The Texas-trained newsman is working hard to make the daily &Evening…
60 Minutes' Scott Pelley, when asked said, "I could've sworn we covered all Obama's scandals already."
I have just one question for Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, Roger Clemens, and Sammy Sosa. ~Scott Pelley
Credit CNN’s Brian Stelter with a very big scoop. On today’s “Reliable Sources” media-news program, Stelter reported that “high-profile news anchors” have spoken in “secret locations” with Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson. The sessions have been off-the-record and, the way Stelter tells it, they’ve been auditions for one of the biggest exclusives of this century — namely, the sit-down talk with the elusive officer who killed Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., on Aug. 9. Some details exist. NBC News’s Matt Lauer, ABC News’s George Stephanopoulos, CBS News’s Scott Pelley and Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon of CNN have met with Wilson, according to Stelter. “Because it was off the record, those anchors can’t talk about the meetings and the networks can’t even confirm that they happened,” Stelter notes. For just about any other story, this would be standard television ritual, no big deal. In off-the-record negotiations, networks commonly court all kinds of interview “gets ...
It is Friday again so that means another segment of On The Road with Steve Hartman on the CBS EVENING NEWS with SCOTT PELLEY. Time to be informed
Scott Pelley did a piece on Gruber. Did you miss it?
times don't last, tough people do. (CBS news, Scott Pelley)
OMG! I just saw Scott Pelley on CBS cover Gruber and his arrogance! Say it isn't so!!!👏
Scott Pelley needs some work on his pronunciation of Havre Montana.
Anyone else think Scott Pelley's got it goin' on? Anyone anyone?
No, Scott Pelley...Mr. Gruber's statement had two clauses, including the coordinating conjunction "or". He modified with the word 'whatever'
CBS ~ Scott Pelley is going to regurgitate the 'stupidity' definition verses 'ignorance' definition from Gruber... Backbiter. Mud Slinger.
Wow CBS turned Scott Pelley into a Weatherman as their lead story ... No wonder Sharyl Attkisson couldn't get her stories aired.
On-Air now: The with Scott Pelley with new details on the White House fence jumper
Scott Pelley, Vito J. Germinario, Cameron Pratt and Robert J. Beall celebrate at the
bring out the American journalistic bazooka: a Scott Pelley interrogation on
. When history records the failure of Obama, I hope Brian Williams, Scott Pelley & Diane Sawyer are included.
Scott pelley... Are you a journalist or a puppet?
"Speaking of Climate Change" Scott Pelley blames cold weather on global warming
Could someone please teach Scott Pelley how to pronounce the word arctic?
I feel like Scott Pelley is a good visual representation of personality.
Scott Pelley (CBS) afraid newly-elected Repubs will now destroy all economic growth made by Obama. Does the man drink his own kool-aid?
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My gosh Pelley!You call yourself a journalist?Why haven't you covered the Gruber story?Are you afraid?Man up!
Brenda Looper has the Scott Pelley syndrome. Only winning Rs campaigned negatively.
But this means Scott Pelley lies too about honest news coverage! Not surprising of no Transparency!
Scott Pelley reported is visual letter flipping; fact-checking will correct this pseudoscientific error.
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