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Scott Pelley

Scott Cameron Pelley (born July 28, 1957) is an American television journalist who is currently anchor and managing editor of the CBS Evening News and a correspondent for the CBS news magazine 60 Minutes.

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my grandmother missed Scott Pelley tonight 😂
We'll charge Andrew with an error, and Heather with a save.Scott Pelley (or his writing team.) . Great story...
Scott Pelley - what a great line to end the CBS evenings new! Andrew gets the error, Heather gets the save.
you take Scott Pelley needs to clearly understand, it's President Obama, not Mr. Obama
you take Scott Pelley back to class. When referring to the president it's President Obama or POTUS. Not me. Obama
Some in press have issue w/obsequiousness to rich. Listen Scott Pelley/CBS interview of Lloyd Blankfein few yrs ago.
Bob Craig. 3 mins · Vetos are overridden NOT "overwritten" by Congress. Scott Pelley: You should know that.
where is Scott Pelley? Why aren't you updating us on programming change for live coverage of weather 45 miles away?
The Cronkite Luncheon with Scott Pelley is Nov. 21. Get ticket at
Well CBS news with Scott Pelley has certainly elected Hillary Clinton. It's amazing to me they expect people to believe what they put out.
Scott Pelley, Found your pessimism reg change of mind among voters tonight heavy-handed How do you know?
CBS's Scott Pelley tonight showed his bias against Hillary in his commentary. He's the worst CBS news commentator ever!
Scott Pelley you obviously didn't Watch the Debates you Right Wing Extremists Teabilly clown ! Lester H 10XbetterThan UrAss
Latest: Scott Pelley, Bob Schieffer break down first debate
BTW I prefer to watch Lester Holt over Scott Pelley and young and flamboyant David Muir when it comes to network news!
"Voters can hold the candidates in each hand and compare the ingredients side by side." ~ tortured metaphor from CBS's Scott Pelley.
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Scott Pelley, Bob Schieffer break down first debate
I liked a video Scott Pelley, Bob Schieffer break down first debate
Scott Pelley, Bob Schieffer break down first debate: CBS Evening News anchor Scott Pelley and three-time pres...
So, I like Scott Pelley on CBS Evening News, and Lester Holt on NBC Evening News, and America is safer for both of them.
For next , I wish Scott Pelley, Tamron Hall, Soledad Obrien, George S. and Tom Brokaw would be moderators.
CBS, would liked to have heard Lester ask Hil about CGI pay for play - how about you Scott Pelley?
Gov. Pence comes on CBS, condemns Hillary for her offensive comments about Trump, cannot cite any examples, and is thanked by Scott Pelley
Unsure if now's the time to bring this up, but on the CBS post debate, you could see Scott Pelley's laptop trackpad, and it was VERY greasy.
Scott Pelley is the dumbest network news anchor
Scott Pelley kicks the esteemed Bob Shieffer off the stage and lets Pence take his mike and stool? What the ***
When I see scott pelley, I have the strangest urge to slap him and take his lunch money.
p sure as Scott Pelley was talking they left Pence's mic on to hear him heavy breathing
So Mike Pence just dodged some questions there by Scott Pelley. I mean.
"I saw a great debate tonight". -Mike Pence, taking the biggest *** he possibly can all over Scott Pelley.
Mike Pence tells Scott Pelley he's disappointed in how Hillary kept name calling and Donald kept focused on the issues.
"Trump it's just a bunch od bumper sticker very simplistic"Scott Pelley
Why is Scott Pelley balancing a laptop on his leg? He looks like a clumsy high school sophomore trying to hold onto it.
LOL. I was thinking Scott Pelley moderating next. 😅
Scott Pelley openly acknowledges that they "loathe" each other.
So, the next moderators will be Scott Pelley?
Get Scott Pelley in here. I love Lester, but he's a pushover.
Make it stop. Lester Holt can't manage this debate. Where is Scott Pelley?
And he checked Lester AGAIN!!! Where's Scott Pelley and David Muir and Jim Lehrer when you NEED THEM?!
Scott Pelley probably would control this better. Meanwhile a point producer.
I hope Scott Pelley watches his introductions tonight describing Hil then belittled D Trump, you should be ashamed.
Scott Pelley just said there are more "undecideds" than every in this election. Question; who's fact checking CBS?
Scott Pelley is my man crush. I love him.
Scott Pelley said the race is tied. Is anyone fact-checking him?
Scott Pelley and John Dickerson will be covering the Four Tops' greatest hits after they're done at Hofstra.
CBS has their coverage on point, I love watching Scott Pelley, he's a lot more professional
"They finally meet." - good lede... Followed by Scott Pelley calling Trump & Clinton "ingredients" for voters to co…
Should Scott Pelley really be calling Donald Trump a billionaire if we can't verify it?
Scott Pelley and John Dickerson are dreamboats. Just saying.
EW thanks for grossing me out from the start, Scott Pelley.
I'm pretty positive Scott Pelley borrowed that tie from
I'm starting a petition for Scott Pelley to replace and moderate one of these things!
Scott Pelley: "Tonight we'll get to see them think." . As opposed to what we've already seen? Zoikes.
CBS Evening News coming on. Let's hear the latest from Scott Pelley on the upcoming Food-Fight.
Scott Pelley used "momentous" when referring to debate. When wins its significance will be minimized my MSM.
that was a great piece on 60 Minutes. Props to Scott Pelley. He's come a long way since Ch. 8 reporter in the 80s.
Scott Pelley just walked by and said hi to me. I made it, ma!
Never before in human history has more information been available to more people. But at the
also Scott Pelley "why is our isis strategy not working?" I didn't realize that's an established fact.
Scott Pelley: What's the breaking point for your people? . King of Jordan: About a year or two years ago…we just can't take i…
Scott Pelley: Why did you allow nearly 1.5 million Syrians to come into your country? King of Jordan: Well we really didn't…
CBS News​ airs the second segment on CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley​ where Hemley Gonzalez​ describes his...
Great things happen when our students lead. Love this beautiful example from my home state of NJ!
I'm always trying to get those interviews that are impossible to get, because they are the
Pizza in kelso wa The modern calendar was invented by Scott pelley age 55 CLICK HERE ➡
CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley just isn't the same when he is not there.
HOw would that be any different than Scott Pelley moderating a GOP primary debate? Or Ifill or Crowley president race debates?
Trump told Scott Pelley he wants universal healthcare. As for Trump's view of our economy, real economists are unimpressed.
Yea it's probably a good idea to keep him around. The cool factor alone of having an A-Lister. Maybe Scott Pelley to LBK? Ha
Hillary tells Scott Pelley they spend millions to defame her. Pelley doesn't ask about the fact she outraises Trump.
is the only one I want 2 tell me my 4 to 530 news. Then I want Scott Pelley. pls inform him he is failing
It is a real relief to watch SCOTT PELLEY on CBS at 7pm ET.
The start of another week of without Scott Pelley.
I've been thinking about possible moderators whom both sides would agree to. So far I only came up with Scott Pelley.
He said it during a 60 Minutes interview with Scott Pelley on Sept. 27, 2015. "The government will pay for it."
Ashley Banfield, Adrian Arambulo...Curt Menefee, Scott Pelley...all people who've worked in this market...and now big time.
I liked a video CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley Intro with James Horner Theme Music and My
No one ever wanted to hire me. Ever. I've never been recruited anywhere. I have beat my head a
I would love to see that too, Keil. I can see w/Scott Pelley. He does great feel good stories.
Now that Pinegrove was on CBS let's see Scott Pelley do a Pitchfork "Over/Under" vid
Did Hillary lie abt sniper fire in Bosnia & then tell Scott Pelley that she didn't believe she'd ever lied to us?
Another week of without it's namesake Scott Pelley. Unwatchable.
Not sure whether I'm schizophrenic or Scott Pelley has been trying to telepathically warn me about an imminent disaster, in America.
is doing an excellent job anchoring the 6:30 show tonight! Maybe Scott Pelley can sit in on 💯
Wow we were surprised to see James Brown substituting for Scott Pelley on the Nice change. We enjoy it.
Juan don't be fooled by HRC. Facts: Obama 2008, KKK Robert Byrd 2010 and CBS Scott Pelley "always tried"
Scott Pelley is a pathetic little shill isn't he?
Trump stated that he is going to deport 11 million undocumented migrants. He told that to Scott Pelley.
Eric Bolling with Frank Luntz played the Scott Pelley Hillary Clinton 'truth' interview on Fox last night. Devastating for HC.
Frank Luntz said her interview with Scott Pelley of CBS News who asked her if she ever told the truth? Use that!
HIT HILLARY WITH THIS 24/7! Bigot may be true but let your SURROGATES say it! Watch Pelley.
Scott Pelley: "Have you always told the truth?". Hillary Clinton : "I've always tried to, always, always."
. Boycotting CBS news except Scott Pelley and Face The Nation for same reason.
best clip of tanking with both political bases talking to Scott Pelley about honesty.
(7:40)"I often feel like there's the Hillary standard and there's the standard for everybody else."
Congrats to ..for composing the new CBS News theme. Orchestrated by .
Watch Trump tell Scott Pelley that he hates lies and is not thinned skin. .
CBS, Scott Pelley & Jan Crawford aren't going to let you win Don. They'll twist/lie it away;always do. Put right people on it right away.
CBS' Scott Pelley taped a segment of tonight's evening news broadcast from the convention floor.
Scott Pelley of the CBS Evening News has high praise for Northeast Ohio, and tells Jasen Sokol the Buckeye State...
.anchor Scott Pelley enjoying some election coverage from our newsroom.
Exclusive 1-on-1 w/ CBS Evening News anchor Scott Pelley coming up at 12:30 live from Cleveland
Scott Pelley is a class act. He's been doing rapid fire interviews for the past hour & couldn't have been nicer to every single person...
I sat down with CBS News anchor Scott Pelley to talk about The Party of Trump
is serial liar, said Hillary camp was 1st 2push story. & many (incl Scott Pelley) gave him a pass
Good afternoon. I am with the CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley. Can we chat for a story I am working on? 212.975.4355. Thx.
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I saw something about this on CBS news w/Scott Pelley few months back. If works could definitely help save oceans
Scott Pelley, puketastic: "When recipe calls for sage, we call on Bob Schieffer." He's so spicy!
I think Scott Pelley is Progressive. All of this seems to amuse the *** out of him.
Loved Scott Pelley's description of her, noting Ivy League degrees in sociology & urban studies, "but she's a fashion model"
Gotta get that Sarah Palin Connection going and everything. Next Scott Pelley will be accused of stealing a Cronkite Quote.
No question Scott Pelley is the worst; so in tank 4 Obama & Hillary he cut stories on Benghazi
Hey, what gives? I didn't want Scott Pelley's muppet mug interrupting the real, local news.
Scott pelley cbs anchor just reported that there hasn't been hardly any arrests of protestors seems quiet as week continues. He seemed sad
Scott Pelley is a moron. The Ted Baxter of 60 Minutes.
Good grief, Scott Pelley. JFK did not even remotely plagiarize Warren Harding. Ridiculous comparison.
.comes under fire for plagiarism after keynote speech at last’s night’s - AHEAD on w/ Scott Pelley.
I hate all the libtard media being there, especially that old dork Scott Pelley.
Shep Smith! If I want Liberal crap, I'll watch Scott Pelley on CBS and stop paying for cable to see the new Liberal Lean of Fox!!!
Behind the scenes look at CBS News' setup here at the RNC. Bob Schieffer and Scott Pelley getting some work done
I'm about to be interviewed at home for CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley to talk about Trump's use of Queen's song last night.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
"In a world where everyone is a publisher, no one is an editor." -- Scott Pelley
is Scott Pelley of Indian News a TV presenter with no nonsense approach
Scott Pelley Thinks He’s ‘The Least Important Player’ on the CBS Evening News DVR last night and haven't watched yet
From what I remember from last night, Jake Tapper and Scott Pelley have the same tailor. . Possibly John Dickerson as well.
Scott Pelley always be looking like he dont want to wrinkle his suit. Very stiff.
respect Scott Pelley and rest of CBS crew. Only network or cable news channel where bias for or against GOP isn't obvious.
On the one hand Scott Pelley is wasting time on the stop Trump dead enders. OTOH he was drowning out Rudy.
Ever notice that Scott Pelley ALWAYS says that a murderer's weapon is an AR15, regardless of the truth?
The rhetoric of Mr.Scott Pelley on CBS Evening News are inflammatory. This is what Mr.President requested to be avoided. Jan Walecki MD
They showed a pic of the gun used. Was not an AR15. Of course liberals like Scott Pelley don't know their elbows from ***
Were those teary eyes I just saw Scott Pelley after having aired Chuck Kettles being awarded the Love him for that!
Scott Pelley should be noted shooter used an AR-15 which is code for we need to ban the AR-15 Scott Pelley is a POS.
on the cop killer, showing his rifle, which is clearly not an AR. Scott Pelley adds "he also had an AR" w/out proof.
Did I hear correctly? Scott Pelley giving more reasons for violence against police as he introduced judgement against Balt. cops? crazy
MSM CBS Scott Pelley at it again and his AR15 issue!! STFU!! He has no clue what he is talking about!! His opinion should stay off AIR!!
2] Hey Scott Pelley, Resign and quit the news because the gunman had ONE Rifle & a Pistol, NONE of them were AR-15s. Stop pushing Omamas
Catching up on my evening news. It's been so long since I've seen my dude Scott Pelley 👊🏾
I wish Scott Pelley had done the interview. softballs from Stahl
Scott Pelley was very tough on Trump in the first 60 Minutes interview, I look forward to watching how Stahl interviewed him
glad he's finally talking. the media has given Trump a free ride & softball questions. needs to face Scott Pelley...
Hmm, except he said it was. You know that, right?.
The Resurrection of St. Benedict' I only wish more of our sons could have this experience https:…
One of main anchors of 3 major networks may go to Nice. It may be Lester Holt, Scott Pelley or David Muir. Sick of the report.
Anthony Mason you're terrific. I love Scott Pelley on news and Charlie on Sunday morning
My newfound acceptance of advanced technology and artificial intelligence has Scott Pelley growing on me.
are you referring to (Scott Pelley picture, 😂😂😂) He blocked me yesterday after calling out his BS. Boo Hoo!
Scott Pelley shares a story about Bob Simon covering the 1990 Gulf War in Saudi Arabia
Thank you Scott Pelley for outstanding journalism. You inspire me to watch CBS. Again, thanks!
Best work I've ever seen from Scott Pelley this week, so glad he was there & let survivors TALK while listening intently. TY
I love the Scott Pelley is my go to journalist.
Scott Pelley talks with survivor of Orlando shooting: Survivors react after Orlando attack
Scott Pelley . Seriously? Calling out Christians tonight for 1 goofy preacher's comments? You insult all Christians!
Scott Pelley via Your last interview tonight was heart warming! Tq for telling the stories we can't.
".but in 2016 seems like there are no safe zones for anyone. Not a nightclub, not a movie theater, not a church, not a school." Scott Pelley
"The rainbow always shines brightest after the rain." - Scott Pelley
Scott Pelley definitely one of my favorite broadcasters.
Scott pelley going to ask her abt 25,000,000 Saudi money
BUSTED Scott Pelley was trying his darndest to spin the Shooting as hate crime on *** before Congressman Nelson sa…
Parents of fallen heroes unite to remember their children and to help others. Via
Scott Pelley, needs to learn how to conduct interviews without whipping his chin as if he just discovered something relevant.
Scott Pelley talks about becoming the CBS News Evening News anchor and the role of the show in a changing media landscape
WCTV's spoke w/ about tragedy, heroism and gun laws. Watch here:
Getting ready to fill in for Scott Pelley on tonight 6:30pm ET
It's painfully obvious Scott Pelley was in front of a green screen and NOT actually in Orlando
Watching Scott Pelley and CBS News destroy journalism one propaganda piece at a time.
HELLO . Mr scott pelley. Report the Facts. Back to journalism. School the gun. Doesn't shoot itself !. Scott join the NRA to. Learn the facts
Scott Pelley sits down with the trauma team ahead of
"The President is not the CEO of America." - Scott're goddamned right
America is strong because its journalism is strong. That's how democra...
Scott Pelley of CBS News actually said last night, "the weapon responsible was an AR15 . . . " Responsible.
All eyes will be on Louisville today as it welcomes the world to celebrate the memory of its hero. -- Scott Pelley http…
CBS' Scott Pelley live on ActionNewsJax now with Paige Kelton
CBS' Scott Pelley live on now with Paige Kelton
In a minute, will talk live with CBS Evening News Anchor Scott Pelley. Only on
Scott Pelley reflects, taking in the scene at Pulse nightclub this morning
"This morning we talk about the courage exhibited by ordinary people in the worst of circumstances." -- Scott Pelley
Scott Pelley reflects on his career in news from a local newspaper in Lubbock, Texas to the anchor seat on CBS News
Democracies succeed or fail based on their journalism.
For those who doubt this, do a search of Trump's interview with Scott Pelley on CBS.
watching CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley at Home Sweet Home in My Bed
"There is no democracy without journalism, and we could not do this work without your belief in CBS News," Scott Pelley tells media buyers.
"There is no democracy without great journalism." Scott Pelley.
Scott Pelley of CBS News is onstage now at giving props to the CBS News teamwork.
Big plug for CBS News. Scott Pelley, Charlie Rose, and Gayle King out for a bow.
Reserve your tickets for Cronkite Award Luncheon with Scott Pelley. Info:
Saw report? Doctor used Polio to cure GLIOBLASTOMA cancer! 3 people cancer free, 11 died & a few improving.
Kudos to you & my favorite reporter Scott Pelley for bringing attention to this horrific injustice
moving up quickly. Scott Pelley will be terminated with extreme prejudice within the hour
60 Minutes covered this story well. Very promising indeed.
Scott Pelley the star at Lifting the Limits for PKU gala via
It's happening with other types of cancers too...
I've done been edumacated now for 7 years! Shaking hands with Scott Pelley.
The quality of life in America is dependent on the quality of the journalis...
Breakthrough Status:. Scott Pelley follows patients in a of a new
Is Hillary Clinton lying in this CBS Scott Pelley interview? annotating microexpression/body language .
domain names
🌹Modified polio can save lives, cells can kill cancer cells.
CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley - Recession puts Las Vegas casinos in ...
Breakthrough Status: But that's not the design of a Phase 1 study. . Scott Pelley...
.story tonight on the Duke doctors treating cancer with polio virus by Scott Pelley is awe-inspiring
Scott Pelley. It will be online later tonight.
- She fought once with our boy Scott Pelley and I don't like her for that reason. 👀😬🐱
was interviewd by Scott Pelley. Trump said everyone will be covered & govt will pay!
Newark high school is unlike any other: Sunday on "60 Minutes," Scott Pelley goes to St. Benedict's Prep. .
CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley just previewed St. Benedict's segment on 60 Minutes for Sunday:
Who is Tanti Aghuri & why is that name illustrating Scott Pelley's story of Alan Pizzey's retirement?
Interesting observations from Scott Pelley about 60 Minutes’ decision to show disturbing video of children and...
Scott Pelley is the love of my life 😍
How can he be anti-left and tell Scott Pelley he wants the government to pay for all health care
Why does Scott Pelley remove his glasses at the end of every broadcast
Scott Pelley & Bob Scheefer only do biased Dem reporting on the GOP topics and Trump, Ban them bad news boys
That was just some information in one easy link. He told Scott Pelley he was for Single Payer and then denied he said it.
Polio to treat cancer? Scott Pelley reports on Duke clinical trial - CBS News via
We all heard him say it to Scott Pelley. He wants TrumpCare.
ICYMI: 60 Minutes - Killing Cancer, showcasing the wonders of immunotherapy on brain cancer!
CBS election update with Scott Pelley - - - Sanders not mentioned once.
He lied about his healthcare plan in your interview. He told Scott Pelley gov't pays to cover EVERYBODY. He told you HC savings
The Mortgage Meltdown. Scott Pelley reports on the mortgage crisis ...
Scott Pelley, on CBS: "Donald Trump has won Florida, a fatal blow to Marco Rubio–ain’t no sunshine, and he’s gone.”
"Ain't no sunshine, and he's gone.". -- CBS's Scott Pelley on the end of the Rubio campaign after defeat in florida.
Scott Pelley just dropped a Bill Withers reference re: Marco Rubio "Ain't no Sunshine...and he's gone"
Scott Pelley when talking about Rubio dropping out the race, "Ain't no sunshine...and he's gone." LOL!
When did Van say it? Scott Pelley said it on Monday's CBS Evening News.
You support some one who favors socialized medicine.
This is what HRC told Scott Pelley. HRC Just cannot be honest and forthright.
I think Scott Pelley just woin with "Today could be 'Goodbye Rubio Tuesday'"
Scott Pelley on "Tomorrow could be goodbye Rubio Tuesday."
Scott Pelley on CBS News made a funny. He said that if loses Florida tomorrow, it could be goodbye Rubio Tuesday.
Scott Pelley: Bob, tell us about the election. . Bob: Scott, I don't know what the heck is going on. . Scott: Thank you for your insight, Bob.
Good one, Scott Pelley: "Tomorrow could be Goodbye Rubio Tuesday", now that's funny!
Scott Pelley on on Trump leading Marco Rubio in FLA 2-1: "It may be goodbye Rubio Tuesday in Florida."
one of my goals in life is to meet Scott Pelley
Dis Scott Pelley really just say that?? " Tomorrow might be Goodbye Rubio Tuesday"
There's an amazing contrast with ppl who get info from the internet and those who get it from a 30 second news clip from Scott Pelley
Trump favors socialized medicine. His position different from .
"I'm Steve Kroft," "I'm Leslie Stahl," "I'm so wasted right now," "and I'm Scott Pelley, those stories tonight on 60 Minutes."
Scott Pelley,spec on words is VERY inappropriate at this time.You don't throw gas on fire,give justification
Yeah... Why he's not anchor, on MSNBC. Too bad, I liked him. Scott Pelley on CBS is favorite tho.
I don't know about Machiavelli?. But I'd suggest you ask Scott Pelley.
To be fair, in her interview with Scott Pelley, she said she always *tries* to tell truth. No guarantee of success.
"Even though people will be disturbed by what they see, it has to be seen." Well done, Scott Pelley.
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taking lies to a new level. After telling Scott Pelley she didn't lie then losing MI cause of her bailout lie & Nancy Reagan's lie.
I heard Rachael say this last night. Can you possibly imagine Scott Pelley reporting so courageously?
Scott Pelley will hold his glasses askew on this one.
Vikings release Mike Wallace, but are looking closely at signing Dan Rather or Scott Pelley.
Scott Pelley intimated that journo Chris Morris is at fault for his own assault because of the language he used. ***
A little surprised to see CBS' Scott Pelley totally take the side of the Secret Service and not photographer Chris Morris on tonight's news.
How many stories if it was Scott Pelley or David Muir? Plus previous sex harassment settlement. Liberal media tho.
Listen to people like Scott Pelley, Anderson Cooper and learn. You hv slapped, used F word, spread hatred. Payback is near!
Hillary Clinton: "I've always tried" to tell the truth Hillary Clinton sat down with Scott Pelley in her Las Vega…
Why ? It was all a *** lying fraud. Check it out. Or go on believing *** 'sell-outs' Lester Holt, Scott Pelley, etc. etc.
Don's message: "This CBS 60 Minutes piece by Scott Pelley tells my story better than I could ever tell it. I hope...
I just love the EVENING NEWS with Scott Pelley. How about that last story tonight. Awesome
Temperature fell so drastically today it got the attention of CBS's Scott Pelley.
Scott Pelley sits down with 5 millennial Muslims to discuss what it's like being Muslim in America
"Communication is the antidote to fear." - wise words from Scott Pelley during tonight's segment on the rise of Islamophobia.
Breast Cancer Awareness
For feedback about Muslim millenials on the current hate-fest on Muslims, check out Scott Pelley's CBS report. Heartbreaking, truly.
Five young Muslim Americans to take on Islamophobia on CBS Evening News
CBS/Scott Pelley interviews Muslims about backlash...what about interviewing survivors of Jihadist attack!
"The absence of sound deafened the mind." -Scott Pelley, anchor, glasses muncher, awful poet
Witness: I was shot in the back. Scott Pelley: Could you show me where you were hit? Me: Scott doesn't know what a back is?
Behind-the-Scenes Photos from 60 Minutes Wisconsin Visit - Last week, Speaker Ryan invited Scott Pelley and the...
CBS News on in the background and Scott Pelley just pronounced "caliphate" as "caf-il-ate"
I trust Scott Pelley to read the news.
Will Scott Pelley anchor live from Paris tonight or will he be back in NY? I'm looking to mention in my newscast. Thanks!
Tonight on WBZ Radio:. 6:30 - Scott Pelley anchors the from Paris. 7:00- Mary Blake presents a special on the Opioid Crisis
Do I really have to explain to you why I'm offended by NFL players being jackasses by dancing after scoring TDs?~Scott Pelley
100% agree. Scott Pelley has seasoned journalistic values. I record the broadcast & watch it every evening when I get home.
I'm sure Scott Pelley will be all over that story tonight from Paris. It being so relevant and all. Your doing a GJ
Scott Pelley in Paris to give Americans the winger point of view
"It's exactly the way we felt after 9/11." Scott Pelley on the mood on the ground in Paris:
Why isn't Tom Brokaw, Scott Pelley, and the usual suspects whining about collateral damage?
Scott Pelley has been one of the High Priestesses of the Obama reacharound since 2007.
Scott Pelley another MSM liberal protecting Obama the almighty. Let me bow down.
sends Scott Pelley to Paris to reduce eyewitness accounts to commercial format.
Watched 60 minutes, Scott Pelley's snarky remarks every time he mentions Obama are starting to sound foolish
It was fun to watch Scott Pelley, on 60 Minutes, interviewing Paul Ryan, our new Speaker of The House, tonight.
"Give me your tax reform plan, specifically," 60 Minutes' Scott Pelley asked Paul Ryan tonight. When have you...
If you didn't see Scott Pelley's report from Paris on Friday attacks, he talks with 2 survivors. Find it on website. Chilling.
Paul Ryan just completely lost Scott Pelley, who does not get someone who doesn't want to be a life long politician.
CBS Scott Pelley lied in an interview with Paul Ryan about most of America's debt is because of SS, Medicaid and Medicare. Liars!!
"The US Government is an Insurance Company with an Army" True, and a great quote by Scott Pelley
Scott Pelley just set it on 60 minutes to Paul Ryan
I really like Scott Pelley, but why does it always look like he's crying?
Ryan tells Scott Pelley he is not dictator of House. Barak Hussain Obama should take note.
Scott Pelley on 60M. 2-3rds of fed budget social security, health c and military. "US govt is an ins co with an army."
Scott Pelley of CBS ''The federal budget is an insurance company with an army'
So SCott Pelley believes people who believe in FREEDOM should b "corralled." I guess that pretty much fits the CBS World-view.
Scott Pelley on "The U.S. government is an insurance company with an army."
Scott Pelley. Good point. When did it go from bad ideas to bad people?
Scott Pelley is the best broadcast journalist in the business.
"The US government is an insurance company with an army" -Scott Pelley
Paul Ryan on 60 Minutes with the standard "Corporate tax" tripe. Questions fed by Scott Pelley with no challenges
Watching Scott Pelley and on 60 minutes I mean Paul Ryan
Thought Scott Pelley did a great job from Paris for 60 Minutes. Chilling
this Scott Pelley/Paul Ryan interview has me **rolling my eyes over and over again
"I go by Paul, if that's OK," after Scott Pelley calls Paul Ryan "Mr. Speaker" on 60 Minutes.
Scott Pelley sensationalizing Paris attacks. Video supports terrorists, just what they want. What will Obama do, let GITMO prisoners go?
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