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Scott May

Scott Glenn May (born March 19, 1954 in Sandusky, Ohio) is a retired American professional basketball player.

Kent Benson Alan Henderson Quinn Buckner Dave Phillips Michael Scott

A healthy Scott May and Alan Henderson would have given us 1975 and 1993...
or a healthy Scott May and a healthy Alan Henderson we would have 8
A leader on the legendary 1976 undefeated championship squad. Welcome to the Scott May!
I liked a video Hammond SK Series Organ Performance with Scott May and Christian Cullen
Medical News Today: Harm from a week's overeating may be canceled by exercise
I think I may have been more excited about being at the tour last night than I was about the boys
i may vote for it as civic duty. But many us have to pay to maintain systm we cannot use
Mr Trump we pay for your safety multiple times a day.May God bless you and keep you safe.AMEN millions of US are prayi…
Kendra Scott may make you go broke but it'll make your girl happy lol
Rotoworld has put Scott Reynolds on front street suggesting that DC Mike Smith is on the hot seat, may be fired in season.
Normally I'm not for people losing their jobs since that's their livelihood. However, should be unemployed with how dumb he is
Challenges may face bringing into play.
Congrats to the sardonic scott. May be it'll mark the start of being and
Hey Scott I'll be seeing in just a week 1\2! I love their new one 'May We All'.
JK Scott may have just won us this game.
Colonel, I do not care to die, but I pray to God I may never l...
Jealousy rears it's ugly orange head - if he had money may have had better headliners instead of Scott Biao or WWF wrestlers
FBI leads search for East Texas girl, 10, who may have been abducted.
whatever the case may be, I don't believe he was in danger. I'd believe it was staged though. Or exaggerated. If not for SS.
This may be sacrilege to say but the early returns for me are that NHL 17 is a better game than Madden 17.
Toast N' Jam at Broken Paddle Coffee Roastery & Kitchen with Reilly Scott (who's song you may have heard on the...
and for passing downs we may as well play Scott Bakula too.
It's actually a combination of two nights. You may now be in the market for this:
JK Scott may end up being the MVP of this game!
Praise God! May He bless Denise Scott and meet every need she has. I have tears of happiness that she has been foun…
The fact that Urban Meyer has won 92% of his games at OSU means that Mark May picks the results of those games correctly 8% of the time
that's my bench. I may drop jones in the morning for a TE.
My reply to Scott which may have been deleted because Reddit can't handle the truth.
praying for you and your mom Scott. May our lord provide you comfort and peace.
Michael Scott may be the only fictional character to make me physically cringe
Hillary may have Beyonce but Donald Trump has the mega star power that is Scott Baio.
Hosts are 2-0 down to visitors with goals from Scott Bridges and Danny May. Good start from the
i mean analogies become more than they should be. For ex, some1 may say "scott, what about 1/2
"as we know it" You may have noticed a whiff of racism and antisemitism
that said Scott our squad is good enough to challenge. Chelsea have one game a week until May. They do look very good though.
A disgrace This is not about it is about democracy you should resign
Político writer tells MSNBC that Trump has stopped polling - because he refuses to pay his pollster. May explain campaigni…
The U.S. income tax system may soon undergo the most profound regulatory change in 20 years according to
🖕🏻 (this may be the best comeback I've ever made,
I know we don't have season 2 as of yet, but I do hope there may be a season 3. perhaps. possibly? 😁
Brilliant tonight and the best I have seen us play in along time. Long may it continue and well done to Conte for changing shape
Netflix may soon make movies and shows downloadable so you can watch offline
"Mr Corbyn, would you be pleased if Theresa May called a general election?"
Best thing for LJ Scott for the rest of Nov may be for Gerald Holmes to start & carry the bulk of the load.
and I said unarmed Keith Scott because that's what's being said here in NC. Gun may have been planted.
Sorry, Scott. No update to announce just yet. Please keep an eye out though as it may come in the near future.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Oh no, Scott! DM us your account information so that we may look further into this matter for you! We'd love to help! ^JulieR
May your new home deliver security, health and joy! Honored to deliver the keys to a new home on b…
I do some muddy fell stuff so it will be a toss up between the two. Roclites may win
Saint Laurent has revealed its Spring 2017 collection with a short film by director Nathalie Canguilhem, starring Travis…
LJ Scott out for early warmups. He has missed last few games. He may give it a go today.
"may" is not a guarantee & I'm okay with my current donut capacity
I see a change in inflection slowing Hillary's descent ... she may or may not escape ... increasing chance of deadl…
Oh nice awesome! My current home and I love it. I may have to check out !
Amy Scott on how mothers with offspring may alter ranging patterns to avoid male
Scott Brown off injured for Celtic.. may not play for Scotland after all now. i'm guessing
6/6/76- Washington believes Robert Parrish to be drafted by Atlanta, Scott May to Chicago before Kansas City picks him.
It may not snow in the UAE, but we can still flaunt it!. http…
Your dreams may be so vivid now that you can barely distinguis... More for Aquarius
Companies that don't get on the train soon may end up stuck on a track going nowhere: – via
Yes Scott. May you stand tall. Like a lightning rod. Hopefully not grounded, as usual.
Wednesdays! RT/share/like & u may win a VIP coupon for a free box of Kim & Scott's!
What a read...what a story. John Scott may not be the usual but this guy deserves it to be there!
Friedman's thoughts on John Scott's column, how NHL may have penalized and 'revisionist history.' http…
Rodeo is nowhere near as bad as I thought it was going to be... Travis Scott may be a pretty decent artist after all.
Hi see u follow Kilby Court and think u may like "Time" .Plz let us know what u think :)
John Scott: The unlikely hero of the All-Star Game, who may just end up saving the event ...
It may not have ended how I wanted, but I am so proud of the South Albany Rebels. They fight night in and night out and never give up.
I think Scott Cawthon may have seen my FNAF videos. I made a comment on Chica making a sandwich... now it's in World on a load screen.
May or may not buy the john Scott all star jersey
She may have left some random jewellery pieces in them too
Scott Peterson; how can someone be so evil? I really don't understand... may God bless her family. R…
Question: Will the Americans stand by and allow to get off scott free for her acts of treason? It may happen..what will you do?
& Kathryn Scott will be performing on May 15th. YESSS!!!
haven't. Apps will follow with W10 market share. As it is, I'm not missing anything. Others may feel differently. As for /3
Scott has shared his experience with XanGO products and the results of his medical exam. You may or may not be...
I may know of someone. Please send any info you have to tobias.addie at gmail.
The future may be hybrid, but it will be an hybrid array.
Just watched last week's Blacklist... I think it may have been the best episode ever. If you haven't discovered...
John Scott doesn't deserve columns like this. All at THN seem afraid fans may not think Crosby's an all-star
Kane may be small, but he'd manage to overpower and then rape John Scott
Hi Scott, this may help explain things: /kyle
Scott put in SEVERAL insta kill attacks, you may not like unscrews but Scott sure does. Don't be dumb, use the attacks you are given
The may have lost John Scott with their response. But he won me over with this:
this boss may foreshadow something from Scott
"I’m an NHL player — and, whatever my set of skills may be, that I’m an NHL player is no accident." - John Scott https:…
Scott City MO LE You may never know who is watching you ! WE want NOW
Carmella may have gotten hurt at Eva won with a knee breaker and ref immediate threw up x. Doc in ring now
Looks like may have moved on from with a tall blonde...
Wow! I just won this for free, 1989 Donruss/Leaf Baseball Trade Card Rangers Scott May
Please do what you can to not support either the republican or democratic party. Both are evil. The fact you may...
Learning this whole wordpress thing while at disney . May never have been said before
Sleeping Scott may be the most adorable Scott
Scientists say "exercise in a bottle" may one day be a reality and all I say is it better taste like wine.
I may or may not be addicted to Scott theme on
the loop that sloth tho I want a sloth my cat takes janga down
what do u mean Justin bieber. tune in to the loop to listen its n eleven xxx
I hate Harper but I don't like Trudeau either he shares too many ideas with Harper.Mulcair and May are the only 1/2
Cutting Loose: Hungary pays off IMF debt, may eye EU exit - Russia Today news
Idk who Scott Cox is, but he may be the best lawyer of all time with these quotes lol
You may have noticed balloon boy is nowhere to be found at freddy fazbears this is due to hes with scott auditioning for a part in fnaf 4
You may secretly worry that your expectations for the future w... More for Libra
Ladies and gentlemen, may I present you Scott Redding
I may have eaten something that was in your house. I'm in your house right now. Your food is good.
What, Scott Walker cynically packing the judiciary with cronies?. I may faint dead away.
I have been buying Kendra Scott since April and I now have 6 pieces. I may be obsessed...
The new Sam Smith James Bond song may be the worst Bond theme of all time. Even Madonna's was better
But if this is since been restore we do need technical support to check your line. This may still affect some sorry. - Iain
as soon as we have a time frame. I apologise for any inconvenience or frustration this may have caused you. - Iain
Interesting. So you can't trust yourselves. Stay away from me then -- you may be carrying something sharp.
New couple alert! Scott Eastwood may be off the market, ladies.
plus Brady may be a cornball but Bart Scott is absolutely irrelevant
If I could have a beer with one guy it may be Bart Scott
Hearts have lost 6 of their last 7 matches against Kilmarnock at Tynecastle, but did beat them 5-0 on their last visit in May…
AURORA FROM OUTER SPACE You may remember Astronaut Scott Kelly as the man who took the photo of the...
We may have lost a battle but the war is being won: HT cc:
I think I am ready, had a cold this week so not feeling 100%. May choose Manchester. Are you ready for next week?
Nearly 1 in 3 probability of a December rate hike? Scott Anderson looks at how the may be a factor:
I love Ridley Scott and may he go on forever. Which director will we be talking about in the same way in 30 years?
your a boring *** stewart scott wanabe may he R.I.P but your pathetic cheering for a pathetic team
Games may be PPD but is not; show starts @ 1030p Guests include HC Scott Vossler
Someone shut Bart Scott up please. May I ask how many rings you have Mr. Scott?☺️
Although Joaquin may not make a direct landfall, it may come close to parts of LI and SNE and create windy conditions as the 00z…
You will will be, may just take a little time. GO BUCS!
To Bakula fan Bakulette may be one person, but to one person, Scott may be Scott.
Finally Bath Spa Fresher's Ball time!! Been longest week as a freshers buddy. Can't wait to see &
A viral vigilante may be keeping an eye on your home router:
Aloha All. May this reach you in the best of Health. I want to say even though healing does take place in these...
Hi Scott, Thank you for your feedback. Here are some FAQ's that may answer your question thanks- Cindy
Scott, may I DM you for a huge favour please?
16/ Not to mention I had the first day of school the next day. I had to explain everything that happened to He may not believe
may not be seen now but def won't on web site. Also more future proof
I got a rejection email as well... Depending on how Chester goes I may do Manchester instead
Paul Krugman & Scott Sumner share a similarly dismal outlook and the Phillips Curve may be dead.
Scott Disick may have a new lady in his life, and she's 18 years old (via
“Find the key emotion; this may be all you need know to find your short story.” - F. Scott Fitzgerald
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
.will test the vaccine in space with astronaut twins Scott and Mark Kelly
Hello Mr Scott, sorry for mention, may I add you as a friend at linkedin ? I need to gain my reputation :P
EV2 will follow you but Scott may not as you are a Chelsea fan and he plays for my team
I may enter, depending on how Chester Marathon goes on Sunday! Good luck
it may be un-American but I have always liked Adam Scott and yeah I remember. He also won the masters just like Spieth.
20 yrs ago today, 4 members of the Goff family were murdered in their Potomac home. Irma & Scott Goff had to move on.
The queen may have imitated a nazi salute but she didn't openly support fascism
If Scott wins wielding that abomination I may have to become an atheist.
Spieth may only be two back, but Garcia, Scott, and Johnson are all on roles.
I'll stick my neck out and say Adam Scott. that sort of assumes the weather may deteriorate later.
guy, science can't prove it happened. All it can "prove" is that though the balls were deflated, it may possibly be natural.
If Adam Scott or Sergio Garcia win the open, I may never watch golf again
Fantastic drama Speith just had a double out of nowhere. History may have to wait. Crowd loving Scott and Sergio.
DAY is my pick. Rooting for Sergio Scott will be there, among others. Hinge moment will happen, but it may be a bounce here or there
Adam Scott's putter may not be illegal yet, but I feel it violates the integrity of the game. I don't want to see him win
Update your maps at Navteq
Don't mistake chaos for something bad. It's necessary; without the chaos, you may never decide to make that...
Adam Scott may be the only golfer at the that I don't want to win. Any of the other 50 players in contention would be fine.
You may be right Scott. But what does that make A dumpster or trash bin of politics?
Early prediction I'm going to say Adam Scott for will be Open Champion. This may change a few times this afternoon
Things have went awfully quiet re John Eustace, doubt anything will materialise, same with Scott Allan and Stevie May 😢
Financial Times may be up for grabs:.
Who do you fancy now? Wall,Scott,Harrington all involved now,Sergio may have a chance too coming from a fee behind..
Scott Walker may not have an opinion on every issue out there, but he does have one on rape exceptions for abortion!
I got a worse reply when I suggested to the DOM team that people may want to select by class.
not sure Scott plays 3rd. But with Olivera coming it may not matter. Alex can still play third too.
Scott Walker on his faith: 'It defines who I am': Voters may know Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker best as a…
Eugene.May I politely say that it is FALSE to say majority of Nigerians are muslims.Pls check .
The spelling of the Nigerian president's name is not Buhuri its Buhari, u may need to correct it.
the machine ay Bantry Scott not dispensing receipts. You may want to fix.
You may ask "Scott, are you doing this christmas eve morning, scott?"
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Also was told of reports that MADDIX may have been seen near midvale country club. Both dogs were swept away in creek late Saturday night
Rescued from the river, Scott. Co. fatal, drones to make history and other storie
The basics may not excite you the most, but it's what your learners need to hear first.
Ridley Scott may have a job for you!
We're not freaks, Tally. We're normal. We may not be gorgeous, but at least we're not hyped-up Barbie dolls. SCOTT WESTERFELD
Jill Scott may not even be doing press because the question is going to be about Bill Cosby, not her album. Bless.
Tens of thousands of people may show up to vote on October 19 and be told they can't.
Who else have we been linked with Scott Allan which seems unlikely and Stevie May.
SDA SOUTHERN DELTA AUARIIDS may yield the TEP Scott was looking for, radiating overhead at 15 degrees below the Equator. CAP Alpha Capricorn
You may encounter some light rain/sprinkles pushing southeastward this morning...nothing too serious.
It may be down to the way our masts are positioned to that location, sorry Scott 😞 AD
Scott Arnold & Molinari both 6 under for the day, may watch them, Oh NO It`s Homes under the hammer FFS?. Joke organisation. Roll on SKY.
nice! But something tells me you may need at least another 3 days to get over it!
If we could get a Scott Eastwood Deathstroke standalone directed Clint Eastwood that would be great WB.
Atkins: Scott Walker trips may make $$ run away
Scott Munn says Melbourne City retains its own identity, despite the power of its parent company via
Never forget to support your friends. Their dreams and aspirations may not be similar to yours but its the world to th…
On May 6th the gfs wants to get us up to 80
Men's Breakfast is coming. May 9th @ 8am. Scott House is cooking & Steve Sanchez will share his Testimony.
So according to Theresa May, a Labour/SNP coalition would be a worse crisis than this one?
m an I thought I was a bad singer. I may have compay
Scott Walker may be PK but not all that
My full photographic portfolio has free postage until the 31 May 15 here is the link - please check it out
A little air time. Jill Scott may appreciate it. I'm getting dizzy watching
Star Scott may owns millions in property and dozens of race cars but he is bankrupt with no love.
12z ECMWF really brings back the torch starting May 3rd
Clint Eastwood may have always been too old for me to crush on, and I'm cool with that, despite his handsomeness. But Scott isn't... ;)
Quick takes: On Gurley, Steph and May's big weekend
WARNING: Do NOT stare into eyes! You may fall asleep and miss the rest of the show.
Not a stretch to say today may have bought Scott Shafer and company an extra year of time. Tough 2015 schedule and new AD stand as hurdles.
The Longest Ride star Scott Eastwood&a major bombshell about what may have led to Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore’s divorce.
Also, it may well be nine if what someone said about Scott Brown doing it a few years back is true. The list I've got doesn't include that.
EVERYONE needs to do this everyday but at least>>>>>MAY 15th
Upcoming Pitch Contest! May 4th Literary Agent Scott Eagan will be on the CRW Blog, don't miss out!
Looking forward to being with old and new friends at CASAs annual Conference and North American Expo in Orlando April 29-M…
Thanks, Scott! You may find my book at Amazon, B&N, Powell's! Would love to hear what you think.
why spend anything for a RP when it isn't even may. Could find a better one too. Sori could suck too
St. Louis' Scott Mayfield may be making his debut in the NHL Playoffs for the New York Islanders today!!!
A child's world is not as big as yours,but it's still their world! Listen when they talk.You may be the one who can make a …
Just Added! our favorite drinking buddy, is back with a new show - May 4, 18 & June 1
hi, my friend couln't get tickets for catb's münster show on may 9th, do you know if there will be any spare tickets there?
Scott Weiland and The Wildabouts Live in Concert at The Mod Club Theatre - May 07. ► Ticket Info:
“Star Wars: The Force Awakens: Decoding the trail of hidden clues left by JJ ...
I'm scheduled to meet Andrew Scott tomorrow but I may have to leave for my train and miss it unfortunately! So fingers crossed :-)
They may have lost but Aston Villa are an entirely different proposition under Tim Sherwood.
domain names
faith may win over evangelical voters during the Republican presidential prim... …
oh yes I have. I love me some Scott Eastwood;)
Head coach Byron Scott will represent the Lakers at this year’s NBA Draft lottery on May 19th:
It's a two-way street. Fowler may have info to suggest he could receive a pretty penny in free agency.
Scott Walker Runs on Faith as Iowa Nears: Mr. Walker’s lifelong church involvement may be a powerful asset as he positions himself to...
Scott, you took the Project Manager's position and that may be a serious error...
Is that the height of Trinity's ambitions for their May Ball?
Target's bold holiday pricing strategy may make you dump Amazon, says
Scott may as well not even bother giving me this exam back 😒😒
may need to read some more F. Scott Fitzgerald for inspiration on my critical security studies paper =)
There are some OFFENSIVE TITLES out there!
There's more to life than your history may lead you to believe. Stop grasping negativity as its tentacles will suffocate y…
Corporate-funded may just amend our state constitutional for profit & Scott Walker's political power
If you think you may have a claim due to loss in quality, contact your local office before Nov 15.
Prayers for the Whisson and Doyle families today as they continue to mourn the loss of Scott a year ago today. May he rest in peace.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Scott tells John Gregg he may argue legs. shld vote for gov based on how their constits voted.
Thank God for black men of courage and character. Senator Scott, may the Lord bless you and your family as he has...
Berahino I guess, makes sense. But Michael Carrick! You may aswell call up Scott Parker. We are going backwards
Lizard $$ rules. Scott's late decision to put $13M of his own $ into the campaign may have made the difference.
Okay. Scott may be right about my hair. It does look better longer and darker.
He also knows I'm a *** and made a joke about contracting my services... that may not have been a joke.
what you consider "overreacting" may be an emotional side effect of PMS
heating may not be on but even cooker? (It's what I do. for advice) even neighbouring properties...
Scott Milne may push legislature to not rubber stamp Shumlin's win. Big scoop from one of the best in the biz
Mitch McConnell is such a racist! He may be more racist then Scott Walker! Lucky we have a Black President for the next 2 yrs to run things
What is it you need help with Scott? One of our pros may be able to help
This may put the John Lewis ad in a different light I have warned you about penguins before.
Medical News Today: Women's finer sense of smell may be due to more brain cells
Video where Scott may or may not admit to getting drunk on 7 shots of tequila in his youth
Article in today about likely outcome of GE2015.
You may get your chance, if he's not deported first. Scott Parkin was kicked out of Aus for less.
we've RTed for you Scott, someone on our fan network may have some :)
Your friends and colleagues may be annoying you today by persi... More for Cancer
Someone may be withholding important information from you now,... More for Virgo
If my nose doesn't stuff up again tonight, I may be in the clear for tomorrow with Vic and Scott.
happy birthday Goodwin. To echo what ant said may you get plenty confirms as well
finished The May Day Murders by Scott Wittenburg and gave it 5 stars t,co/v03LvQc7Z8
I know what you mean was thinking it may be time for long trousers! Have a good one 😊
War is a scary thing. No matter how big or small it may be.
Apple has $155,000,000,000 in cash, so its latest move may cause you to scratch your head:
//Gah...I may have to change the FC for VeteranAlpha but I'd prefer not too cause he looks like an older Scott, dammit!!
Your patients on AP may payoff sooner than anyone thought.
Michael Scott may have been way ahead of his time in terms of Halloween costumes.
November 7,1811 1000 innocent men going to battle for our protection. May got have mercy on there souls.
Scott Walker may have won, but Solidarity against his Overseers will withstand via
You may feel free delete the "wintab32 file" first and then reinstall the driver:)
Rick Scott may have won re-election but he still hasn't found those Horcruxes yet.
Don't let Bobbie influence you, Scott. I may like Carly, but she deserves some punishment.
I may not agree with everything you say, but You have facts, and stand up for what you believe and that my friend is
any tips for getting cat out of 20ft tree? Animal control not able to help, FD is not willing-figured you may have experience ..
"Making a difference may not look the same for every kid.". ~Dr. Scott Niven, Superintendent,
So the NAACP still hasn't commented on Tim Scott or Mia Love winning? I think they may have left of an L in their acro…
Indiana would not have 7 banners if Alan Henderson and Scott May hadn’t gotten hurt.
Kent Benson, Scott May, and the rest of the 76 Hoosiers can breath a sigh of relief now.
... With Kent Benson, Quinn Buckner and Scott May. Yeah, that's a shot at the absurd coverage of the pathetic annual Dolphins celebration
I suppose Kent Benson, Scott May, Quinn Buckner and teammates are somewhere having a glass of champagne.
Somewhere, Scott May and Kent Benson just popped some champagne, right?
I wonder if Bob Knight, Scott May and Quinn Buckner just lit cigars and popped champagne.
I wonder if Scott May, Quinn Baker, Bobby Wilkerson, Kent Benson, and Tom Abernathy pop champagne like the '72 Dolphins do?
Based on Wichita State's bracket, safe to assume and Kent Benson and Scott May were on the Selection Committee???
From Gov. Rick Scott May 2014 Lyme Disease Awareness month Lyme Disease is on the rise here in Florida
Scott May with the possible new state record in arkansas!! 21 points!!
The has ended. Here's a shot of Scott May on Hammond organ just before a little duet...
Dave Phillips sits in for Gavin on the Breakfast Show this morning. It's Day One of a brand new Singalong Competition, at 8.45, and the prize this week is a meat hamper from Tony Doyles' Meats. Dave's also got one final pair of tickets to give away to Scott May's Dare Devil Stunt Show. You're listening out for Kelly Marie and "Feels Like I'm In Love", when you hear it, in full, call Dave on Chester 39 - 1063.
Dave Phillips presents his Sunday Show between now and two this afternoon. Gavin Matthews will be broadcasting from the Egerton Arms as the Brook Street Festival gets underway. Dave's got tickets to give away to the Scott May's Dare Devil Stunt Show and also the Deeside Ice Rink and Lisa Bayliss, in Connahs Quay, and Jimmy Turner, in Boughton, will do battle in the Sixty-Second Challenge.
I play hoops with the guy. He knows Scott May very well. May introduced the guy to Woodson (IU connection)
that is class! Hes so funny. Scouse guy is pretty funny too.
not a failure. Won B1G outright for first time in 20 years. May not have met many expectations, but not a failure.
trying to get a ticket there's me Kenzie and Shelby going and Scott said he may try and come
If you went to this dentist you probably have HIV-->>
WOW! Am seriously impressed! I have competition! Love the design! May pinch the idea.Another Great Scott creation!
I may have to make that sometime, it sounds too nice not to.
I think this Scott Disick faker may actually be some fashion designer or someone in PR but I can't figure out who he is 😡
Thang god for life; and may everyone enjoy their good friday!!!
Ha mint her live to b 89 years old! Thank god fa that. May she rest in peace.
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
what size would you recommend for 10 person class, I'm back in may so will go have nosey.
WashPost: Wonkbook: Entitlement cuts may be coming in Obama's April budget
When you open wide at the dentist, you don't usually get HIV, right?
may be you must play in Tierra del Fuego also. \,,/
I may watch The History Boys this evening, now
Spending too much money on my drums I'll end with nothing. May have to sell my body.
Happy Good Friday everybody! Have a great day and may you be blessed! End the week in a good note! :)
don’t worry you can drink tomorrow, they just close early. Midnight I think. Tho dec’s hotel bar may stay open
Not this time Scott. May take some though to offset the symptoms:-)
You may be confused by your desires and would be smart to use ... More for Aries
Covering the investigation into Tulsa Dentist Scott Harrington this morning who investigators say may have...
Normally, you don't like direct confrontation and may try to a... More for Pisces
lol if i had done I may have missed today :( still not 100% but much better! see you later on
Was just wondering when Scott Quigg may next be boxing, and found this article by
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