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Scott Kelly

Scott Joseph Kelly (born February 21, 1964) is an American astronaut and a retired U.S. Navy captain. Kelly was commander of the International Space Station (ISS) Expedition 26. Kelly's identical twin brother, Mark Kelly, is also an astronaut.

Astronaut Scott Kelly International Space Station Mark Kelly Somerset Patriots Tim Peake

will be out of this world with Jim Lovell speaking on Day 1, Mark and Scott Kelly on Day 2, and more!
Portugal and Spain all aglow after dark. From Astronaut Scott Kelly.
Josh Kelly is def heading to North! It's the only reason why Brad Scott is staying...if he wasn't Scot…
Scott Kelly binged 'Game of Thrones' during year in space.. Related Articles:
"It was so good, I binged it twice." Retired Astronaut Scott Kelly binged during year in space:…
Mattis and Kelly made a pact not to leave the country at the same time so one of them can always keep tabs on Trump. http…
Tim Scott please remind John Kelly of this - not what Kelly said in his confirmation hearing- he said he works for trump.
Sad you r likable cute, Simon cuts a lot of ppl that later make it ie tori kelly,…
PA guy further mocks Kelly as he walks to the plate, saying "I'll never leave you, Scott," among other things. RBI double, Scott Kelly.
Scott Kelly, who has been mocked all series by the PA guy and production room for taking a while to get to the plate, comes up...
Scott Kelly binge-watched Game of Thrones twice in space
Winter is here! It's -455 degrees as Scott Kelly binges 'Game of Thrones' during year in space via
Suspect North's push for Dusty and Kelly intrinsically tied to keeping Scott. Come up empty handed and Scott goes. Start again top down.
Kendrick Lamar & Travis Scott tonight let's get it 👌🏻👌🏻
Retired Astronaut Scott Kelly binged GameOfThrones during his year in space
Jack Kelly from Newsies💔 that will always be my dream role.
Little Giant Ladders
Lock up the leakers? Sessions to unveil crackdown, as Kelly gets White House staff in line
Keep Kelly and dump Molina if he isn't gonna do what's best for the team.
R. Kelly must urinate on a child every 24 hours to keep the demons away.
Check out the feature on NC Global Distinction, featuring transfer students Dianna Scott & Shodeah Kelly
This week's Boomerang Books Bulletin is out now!
Retired Astronaut Scott Kelly binged during his year in space
How much are we all 💙'ing - show me in RT's 😜 and it might play it on Capital in a bit... . 🔊 https:…
Scott Adams tells you how General Kelly just executed a perfect "New CEO Move" by (reportedly) ousting Scaramucci https…
Astronaut Scott Kelly shared this beautiful shot of Barcelona, Spain from the ISS
Astronaut admits he spent a lot of his space time watching ‘Game of Thrones’ – BGR
Cass Summer Show featured by including great pieces by Scott Kelly & Ella Merriman. Check it out! https…
If my man Scott Kelly says it, I'm agreeing 100%. Dude is a UT grad and he's been to space. Who else has that cred?
NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly inside the cupola of the International Space Station
So the astronaut must have been Scott Kelly.
NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly is returning to Earth on March 1 (2016). Amazing picture of Earth from astronaut Scott K…
Day 1 with Better Leaders, Better Future fueled by astronaut/keynoters Mark and a Scott Kelly
"Becoming an astronaut takes small steps"- Astronauts Mark and Scott Kelly
More from - First results from NASA's twins study after Scott Kelly's mission
See Astronaut Scott Kelly live at Join us June 5 at 1:30 pm EDT.
UAlbany graduates received their diplomas Sunday, along with a few words of advice from Astronaut Scott Kelly.…
Stellar physics professors David Marasco and Frank Cascarano with Astronaut Scott Kelly!
Incredible and inspiring speech by Astronaut Scott Kelly at undergraduate commencement ceremony.…
Astronaut Scott Kelly speaks to general session
This photo is a great reminder of when Darrin D’Agostino, Ed O’Connor & I met Scott Kelly at Leadership…
Scott Kelly demonstrating how to play ping pong at the ISS. Water forms a small sphere due to its high surface tension.…
The only HONEST news we get is from Scott Kelly
Twin astronauts, Mark and Scott Kelly, will speak April 12 at Bud Walton Arena. Free & open to the public >>
Head of state at the Stratford Records and Deyns Foster Association, Scott Kelly, is also working in an independent film chat album.
Former Astronaut Scott Kelly is writing a book about his year in space that will come out later this year I'm so excited
What’s Different About Astronaut DNA?: Chris Mason has never met Scott Kelly, but he knows…
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"Grass smells great and wind feels amazing and rain is a miracle." NASA's Scott Kelly reflects on his year in space…
A year after returning to Earth, Astronaut Scott Kelly reflects on lessons learned from 340 days in space
Now: astronaut Capt. Scott Kelly on his historic year in space aboard the International Space Station.
Scott Kelly's summary of his paper on BTECs well worth a read over your toast and marmalade this morning
We are blessed to have a meal together with our family. So true..Great words .
"I’ve learned a new empathy for others... I’ve started letting people know I appreciate them..."
One year ago Astronaut Scott Kelly ( ) returned from a on
We're a little starstruck🌟 Last night Dawn got to hear Captain Scott Kelly discuss his YEAR in space 🚀
in 2016 Astronaut Scott Kelly and Cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko return to Earth after 340-day mission, longest in sp…
TODAY IN HISTORY: 2016 US astronauts Scott Kelly and Russian cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko return to earth after...
Scott What I discovered after my year in space
If you haven't got time to read Scott Kelly's recent HEPI paper on BTECs as a route to higher education, read his excellent…
Today marked the 1year anniversary of the return of American Astronaut Scott Kelly, from his year long journey from space!
"I’ve learned a new empathy for other people, including people I don’t know"
"It's incredibly important that we all work together to make what is seemingly impossible, possible" Scott Kelly
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Scott Kelly: What I discovered after my year in space
Thank you all for following my journey in space & on Earth! Here's what I discovered after my
Remember when Republicans tried to silence (and Coretta Scott King) as she spoke up against Jeff Sessions?
I didnt realized Scott Kelly was Jessica Jones dad
I've always thought that about Mark and Scott Kelly. (They're twins and astronauts, which is SO COOL.)
Travis Scott feature is not a guaranteed hit, Kelly Price is weak.
When I heard Travis Scott on Kelly Price I knew I was going to have a good time
Scott Kelly spent 340 days in space. He's here talking with us in Indian Wells. "It's great to be anywhere where th…
Mark and Scott Kelly: John Glenn, our hero writes &
Thanks to Scott Kelly and crew of the Louis St Laurent Coast Guard ship for having us today for a team bonding exercise…
Next up: Scott Kelly, an astronaut who just for back from a record-setting year abroad the International Space Station!
Astronaut Scott Kelly: We're ready for Mars: Retired NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly chats with CNN Correspondent ...
.Jeff Williams has now surpassed Scott Kelly's U.S. space record!
NASA study of twins Mark and Scott Kelly examines biological limits of sending humans to Mars - Los Ang...
Scott Kelly, University of Tennessee alumni and longest duration in space record holder, speaking at Thompson-Boling
We talked to Astronaut Scott Kelly about the psychological challenges of going to Mars
Carlos Guzman and Brian Van Kirk available to pinch hit. Scott Kelly available to pinch run.
Somerset Patriots infielder Scott Kelly back better than ever
Endovascular News: Somerset Patriots infielder Scott Kelly back & better than ever - ...
Scott Kelly, Texas Solicitor General: "It's Congress' job to change the law, not the President unilaterally."
When I look at Astronaut Scott Kelly's pictures, even to this day I feel blissful. .
Why was Scott Kelly allowed to be an astronaut although he wears glasses? via /r/nasa
What's new in theme cruises you ask? NASCAR, poker, Astronaut Scott Kelly, epicurean, wine, Andrea Bocelli, golf
NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly is back on Earth after nearly a year in space
South America from the International Space Station (Earth as art—enjoy. . Credit: NASA / Scott Kelly
...Set your sights, your goals and work hard and the sky is (not) the limit. . - Scott Kelly, astronaut at renaming of his old NJ Jr. HS
THE LEAD! Two out RBI single by Scott Kelly! 9-7 Somerset leads Southern Maryland after 8 innings
Scott Brooks looks like good news for Otto Porter Jr. and ...
These beautiful photos from space of Earth make me want to delete my Instagram account right now. .
Astronaut Scott Kelly is writing a book, scheduled for 2017 - Las Vegas Sun
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Astronaut Scott Kelly will write a book about his year in space - from
Class of 2015 APUSH class, this is our year to write in votes for Kelly Scott and his running mate Eagle for office
Id have to say it most certainly does! Thanks for posting Kelly Castle Scott
"It's may job that none of you look like ragamuffins" -Michael Scott
listening to you 2nite on Kelly w Scott Brown..sincerely suggest you take it DOWN A NOTCH . sister-girl..if u want a future😌
I interviewed Scott Brown this summer when he campaigned w/ Sen. Ron Johnson, but watching him on Kelly File, I'm realizing he is so jerky!
Scott Kelly just reposted me on Instagram...I'm a happy kid lol
Elk v Wilkins said in 1884 that despite the 14th Amendment, Native Americans were not citizens by birth (connection to Dred Scott)
Very mistaken. I stopped watching Fox because of Baier, Kelly, and Wallace. They are pathetic!
29 of Scott Kelly's best photos from one year in space
Scott Kelly leads the Atlantic League with 7 stolen bases. He has a pair tonight.
I mean, we send dudes into space all the *** time. Scott Kelly was just up there for an entire year. Or was he?!?!?
Scott Kelly grew two inches in space. Trump grew nine at the debate.
Jizzers lie, cheat on polls, call Kelly every name in the book, call us ghetto, uneducated etc but mad bc we pointing out Scott's bias.
Scott Kelly talks to Dr. Sanjay Gupta as he prepares
That Trump is going to win in November. FLE
I'm super excited to see astronauts & at Want to come with me?
George Takei at Masie’s Learning 2016 on Storytelling and Interview with Astronaut Scott Kelly
Jamil Inkwell , Malik White , Vince Scott ... I believe in these dudes. . They're gonna be special if they stay focuse…
Show to be Named Later with Scott Braun and Kelly Nash!...
Astronaut Scott Kelly has been back on Earth for about three weeks since completing his groundbreaking year in space and he's still
Proud to honor 'Americas Astronaut" Scott Kelly at the Admirals Dinner!!
Evidenced by Scott thinking I hate him 90% of the time rather than just the mere 50% that I actually do
A sense of humor is an escape valve for the pressures of life. —Richard G. Scott
Glad I'm not the only one geeking out over Scott Kelly! He had my dream job.
Scott Kelly assumes command of space station through nearly one-year mission.
Scott Kelly's go-ahead single and Trayvon Robinson's 3-run HR led to a 5-2 win over the Ducks.
Scott Kelly is an authentic American hero. The Right Stuff.
Crowded Leaderboard at the Victoria Open, Scott Kelly looking to finish the deal this week.
In one of his final interviews from the International Space Station, Astronaut Scott Kelly said that the Earth's…
Trent Partridge One-on-one with Scott Kelly - CNN's Chief Medical Correspondent Sanjay Gupta talks to NASA astr...
Tim Peake and Scott Kelly play Space Invaders in space
Alright cool Scott Kelly spent a year in space or whatever but why do people forget that Matthew McConaughey discovered the…
"Mark Kelly, Scott Kelly, & Gabby Giffords all have one thing in common: none has ever been to the moon." --Jack Armstrong
A few assorted views taken by Scott Kelly during his year-in-space mission aboard the International Space Station https…
After a year in space, Astronaut Scott Kelly is retiring from NASA
Erin Andrews cross examined; Scott Kelly says goodbye to the ISS and heads back to earth.
Long shot, but entirely possible: Scott Kelly explodes like Frank at the end of Hellraiser upon reentry. Pinhead DID s…
What a great view Scott Kelly had of Andros Island and the Tongue of the Ocean from orbit.
Graham Scott is the project director of NASA's Twin Study on Mark and Scott Kelly
After seeing the Scott Kelly documentary, I can't look at all the beauty of earth and space and still not believe there is a God out there
What did Scott Kelly do in space for a year? – video
Scott Kelly says he's an environmentalist after his year in space via
In Pictures: Astronaut Scott Kelly shares breathtaking images from his year in space
Scott Kelly: Tired, joints ache, can't sink basketball
Scott Kelly: Life on the International Space Station - WILX-TV: WILX-TVScott Kelly: Life on the Internati...
Fall night, smokey greys, VFL Capt. Scott Kelly welcomed back to the planet, & PFM runs through the T as THE legend of the game...
*Scott Kelly lands safely on earth, steps off his spaceship after year in orbit*. HOLY *** WHAT HAVE YOU PEOPLE DONE
Scott Kelly's lengthy visit to upper Earth orbit provides some usable takeaways for those of us firmly grounded in o…
Dr. Gary Rothfeld Burning skin and a shrunken spine: NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly reveals how his ... Gary Rothfeld
Your Weekend Briefing: Donald Trump, China, Scott Kelly: Here’s what you need to know about t...
Words of candor and wisdom from Scott Kelly, who looked on our pale blue dot from space.
Scott Kelly grew two inches in space — but NASA is more interested in changes we can’t see
Scott Kelly and Mikhail Kornienko are home after nearly a year in space
Scott Kelly returned to earth this week. Dig into this great profile by
5 most incredible discoveries of the week - A finding about going gray and Astronaut Scott Kelly's growth spurt...
See the amazing photos from Astronaut Scott Kelly's triumphant return to Earth:.
Scott Kelly posts a final photo from his more cool space images:
: Scott Kelly returns an inch taller after 340-day mission March 05, 2016 at 08:31PM
Scott Kelly's year in space. A key experiment more relevant than the one now occurring in the presidential races.
Scott Kelly: "I just spent a year in a space, and I have terrible news: I am still bald. Space does not cure baldness. …
Cities at Night. Light pollution Astronomy Picture of the Day. Copyright NASA, Scott Kelly.
Nasa Astronaut Scott Kelly on his year in space: 'Maybe you do go bananas'
Scott Kelly set to return to Earth after spending a year in space via
Scott Kelly is back on Earth after a record setting 240 days in space—
Scott Kelly is a bit sore after a 340-day space mission, but says he could have kept going.
with Scott Kelly returning to Earth after a prolonged visit in space 2" taller, could that be a reason aliens are so tall?
Scott Kelly reveals the aches and pains of coming back to Earth after a year in space
For his birthday, US Astronaut Scott Kelly was given a gorilla suit and decided to have some fun with it on the International Space Station.
. Full House, the Clintons, OJ?. Did I go thru a time warp on the way back from the space station?. Scott Kelly . War Tommy's Burgers
John Charles says, in his opinion, Scott Kelly could have put a space suit on after landing and walked out onto the surface of Mars.
How did space affect Scott Kelly's health? NASA will study Kelly and his twin to find out. http…
Nasa Astronaut Scott Kelly's landed and this is what he'll have to get used to
Scott Kelly got up to monkey business on the International Space Station.
Meet Ganesh. An IT employee. While he was waiting at Tidel park signal this morning, Scott Kelly undocked from ISS, ente…
Welcome home, Scott Kelly. Thank you for supporting our microgravity experiments.
Scott Kelly turns on television for first time since landing back on Earth. He sees Fox News debate, calls NASA, deman…
Where exactly did Scott Kelly grow two inches.?
9 amazing photos from Astronaut Scott Kelly's year in space
Wow! Astronaut Scott Kelly grew 2 inches in space
Maybe when Trump becomes supreme leader, he can send his hands into space.
How Scott Kelly hit the reset button on 2016
Scott Kelly reunited with relatives in Houston after year in space
Sometimes I wonder where I've been for the last year... Scott Kelly - Year in Space?
Astronaut Scott Kelly taller after space stint video
.steps foot on US soil for the first time since spending a
Expedition 46 Commander Scott Kelly is seen after returning to Ellington Field, Thursday, Mar 3, 2016 in Houston
How Scott Kelly will have to readjust to life on Earth
The best photographs from Scott Kelly's year in space
Everyone's freaking out about trump in Portland and I'm like "Scott Kelly tho"
How almost a year in space made Astronaut Scott Kelly more of an environmentalist
Astronaut Scott Kelly arrived in the U.S. to hugs, beer and apple pie after nearly a year in space.
Wow! Astronaut grew 2 Inches taller while he was in space-
Mark Kelly: Welcome Back to the Planet After Your Year in Space, Scott -
WELCOME HOME NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly! who returned to Houston after spending a year in space, said it's in America's DNA to explore.
Why am I crying watching the Scott kelly snapchat story. It isn't sad.
Kazakhstan receives Astronaut Scott Kelly and cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko returning from the International Space Sta…
The differences between them are already happening.
Astronaut Scott Kelly Returns to Houston after a Year in Space
What would happen to you if you spent a year in space
coincidence that Scott Kelly comes back from space, and then Misfit Romney suddenly appears?
Scott Kellyfor President. After a year in space, he's prepared for Congress and US party politics.
Astronaut Scott Kelly returns to Texas after 340 days in space
Scott Kelly gained two inches during his year in space:
Because of Einstein's twin paradox, Scott Kelly is now ~10 milliseconds younger than his identical twin Mark
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
I got emotional watching the Scott Kelly return to earth snap bc I thought of that time when my baby Matt Damon was in space for the longest
Respect to this man. Scott Kelly just returned from his
Scott Kelly snaps photos of and the from - in pictures
So American Astronaut Scott Kelly recently returned to earth after 340 days in space and the photos from his stay...
Scott Kelly snaps photos of Earth and galaxy from space
PBS is showing w Scott Kelly right now old moon type shows tonight.Sorry Tweeps just found it! Have TIVO? Back it up & watch!☄
Scott Kelly launched 6 min younger than his twin Mark, but bc of special relativity, returned a few milliseconds even *younger*
Scott Kelly snaps photos of Earth and the galaxy from space – in pictures
Astronaut twin Scott Kelly returns after year in space
Welcome back to Earth, Scott Kelly. After a year in orbit, Relativity says you’re 1/100 sec younger than you’d otherwise be.
Welcome back to Earth, Scott Kelly and Mikhail Kornienko! Hope you're getting the heroes' welcome you deserve!
Scott Kelly's Highlights on social media! - Zee News
Scott Kelly picked the worst day to come back to earth, news people like "Scott Kelly was he on the ballot? He get votes? Don't have time!"
After 340 days in space, Scott Kelly is back on Earth
After 340 days in space, NASA's Scott Kelly is home
Scott Kelly, American Astronaut, Returns to Earth After 340 Days in Space Can't wait to hear what he has to share!
Scott Kelly: A year in space through an astronaut's eyes
⚡️ “Scott Kelly has landed on Earth”. Let's give these Astronauts a big round of applause 👏🏼.
Scott Kelly touches down in five minutes. Watch live:
Scott Kelly just landed on earth after a year in space, looked at who was leading the polls and asked to go back
What a day: Pat Dodson in office, Scott Kelly back on earth, Super Tuesday done and dusted, more Pell outrages. We all deserve ice cream now
Welcome home, After a Scott Kelly lands safely back on Earth.
Scott Kelly is out of the Soyuz capsule and in good spirits after 11 months in space.
Astronaut and Univ. of Tennessee graduate Scott Kelly returned to Earth today after nearly a year in space
NASA's Scott Kelly has been retrieved from the Soyuz capsule after a
BREAKING: NASA's Scott Kelly and Russia's Mikhail Kornienko back on Earth after year in space
Scott Kelly has been up in space for an entire year and now has to come back to this.
Scott Kelly just returned safely to Earth — and scientists can't wait to see him
In 30 minutes, Astronaut Scott Kelly returns to Earth after 340 days in space
Scott Kelly's ends later today. He will have seen 10,944 sunrises and sunsets
50 extraordinary photos from Scott Kelly's year in space:
Scott Kelly heading home after record space flight - CBS News: CBS NewsScott Kelly heading home a... Google News:
Heading home! Scott Kelly's Soyuz spacecraft undocks from the ISS and is on its way back to... #
What Astronaut Scott Kelly and his identical twin can teach us about space and our bodies
CSU lab one of 10 involved in NASA's Twin Study with Mark and Scott Kelly by
Here's how Scott Kelly will return to Earth today — and it won't be comfortable
Watch this: How to watch Scott Kelly's return to Earth Iive stream
Scott Kelly's highs and lows on his incredible journey via
A year in space really messed up Astronaut Scott Kelly via
Watch Scott Kelly’s Historic Return to Earth From the ISS: Today, NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly will squeeze into...
The hatch is closed! Scott Kelly bids an emotional farewell as he prepares to return to…
CNN: Astronaut returning after nearly year in space: In a few hours, NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly is due to be b...
Good luck to Scott Kelly, safe journey back to earth!
WATCH LIVE: Scott Kelly returns from his via
NASA's Scott Kelly, Russian cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko finally heading back to the planet after a year in space:
.Scott Kelly returns from almost a year in space—a record for an American astronaut: ht…
As US Astronaut Scott Kelly returns to Earth we look at some of the best photos he took from the
BY ALAN TAYLOR POST IN THE ATLANTIC - On February 29, the NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly will turn over command of...
Tonight at 11:27pm ET, planet Earth will welcome home Astronaut Scott Kelly and cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko after...
Scott Kelly is returning from low Earth orbit soon !. First concerns likely his bone density and his eyesight ?.
What did a year in space do to Scott Kelly's body?
Here's what a year in space did to Astronaut Scott Kelly
How do the other astronauts tell Mark and Scott Kelly apart? In fact how do they even tell each other apart?
Scott Kelly's twin brother Mark talks about and the Twins experiment comparing the brother's bodies. https:…
40 out-of-this-world photos from Scott Kelly's year in space - by Johnny Simon
He drank 193 gallons of recycled sweat and urine. Scott Kelly's by the numbers
Major science *** alert. Scott Kelly is coming home on Tuesday!. Off the Earth; For the Earth.
On the again at Summit Muni for a 3-day "and a wake-up" till native Cmdr. Scott Kelly …
The world locked up his breath anticipated next Tuesday and downs, “Scott Kelly!” from space
After nearly a year in orbit, America's space-endurance champ, Scott Kelly, is coming home next week:
How many gallons of recycled urine and sweat will NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly have drunk during his year in space?
Great Interview with Scott Kelly from space: Earth's atmosphere 'looks very, very fragile'
To celebrate Astronaut Scott Kelly chased his colleague Tim Peake through the ISS dressed as a gorilla.
Catch up on Scott Kelly's and follow the in real time with this story map by Dave MacLean:
Scott Kelly's postcards from space will make you fall in love with Earth all over again https:…
I'm not able to type on my PM's Scott Kelly and Michael Hunnell. Some weird keyboard pops up and doesn't allow me to type to your messages.
Stanier is a really solid pick. I almost picked Jason Roeder but I already had Scott Kelly on my list.
Dr. Sanjay Gupta speaks with Scott Kelly during the final weeks of his year in space
Sunrise on the ISS, from Astronaut Scott Kelly
📷 space-pics: Sunrise on the ISS, from Astronaut Scott Kelly
I'm so happy Scott Kelly is coming back to earth soon, I think about him being lonely up in space like once a day :/
Your header makes me remember our brave astronauts, and how much I want to hear Scott Kelly speak downside!
My Enemy Family Hensel in Austin Texas are German Scott Females in Beer Pubs and Police out of Kelly Lackland AFB
Megyn Kelly: Dem race is media 'mirage,' Hillary will likely win (via
Are your students following Astronaut Scott Kelly on the International Space Station? He said G'day to us yesterday!
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Shay Kelly just fouled out, and this game might be on ice for the Tigers. Hale hits two FTs, Fort Scott leads Parsons 55-48, 0:33 OT.
A FT by Shay Kelly cuts the deficit to two. Fort Scott leads Parsons 49-47, 1:45 OT.
HELLO Scott Kelly! We just waved to you from Sisters, Oregon!!!
Shay Kelly with an offensive rebound and putback, the Lady Vikings have the lead. Timeout Tigers, Parsons leads Fort Scott 45-44, 0:39 4th.
Shay Kelly pulls the Lady Vikings within one with a 1-for-2 trip to the FT line. Fort Scott leads Parsons 44-43, 1:25 4th.
Shay Kelly responds after rebounding a missed FT by hitting an And-1 layup. Fort Scott leads Parsons just 42-40, 4:15 4th.
Shay Kelly opens the final period with a trey as she re-enters the game with four fouls. Fort Scott leads Parsons 39-31, 7:30 4th.
Shay Kelly has four fouls and has sat most of the third quarter for the Lady Vikings. Fort Scott leads Parsons 39-28, 1:20 3rd.
JMU 2, Gtown 2 after the first. A PPG from Kelly and a SHG from Scott are our first two goal scorers!
Meagan Hizey with a triple and Shay Kelly with a layup to start the period. Parsons leads Fort Scott 15-14, 6:45 2nd.
So true. Kelly is totally insignificant.
Shay Kelly hits a corner trey. LC-Indy girls are in the fourth quarter, BTW. Parsons leads Fort Scott 3-2, 6:30 1st.
Her class has read about Scott Kelly this year & she says they all can't believe how long he is in space
So let me get this straight; the BBC won't show the Rugby on BBC America, but Scott Kelly gets to...
...also she told her classmates how it was funny how everyone waved at Scott Kelly and rest of the crew after ISS passed 😆
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Astronaut celebrates his 300th straight day in space with some water ping pong
A breathtaking view over Italy and the Alps from Astronaut Scott Kelly
This guy was up in space right? Was he on the space station with Scott Kelly?
Watch live: Astronauts aboard the International Space Station talk about coming home
Yes that is scott kelly's twin brother.
So, it seems that NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly has found time to put a brilliant spin on an old game during his year aboard …
so the ISS is getting it's live stream of Rugby. Time try explaining that to Scott Kelly and Yuri.
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