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Scott Jurek

Scott Gordon Jurek (born October 26, 1973) is an American ultramarathoner. Throughout Jurek's career he has been one of the most dominant ultramarathon runners in the world, winning many of the sport's most prestigious races multiple times, including the Hardrock Hundred (2007), the Badwater Ultramarathon (2005, 2006), the Spartathlon (2006, 2007, 2008), and the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run (1999-2005).

Appalachian Trail Mount Katahdin Jennifer Pharr Davis

Thanks for sharing my reflection on the San Juan Solstice 50 and the SJ Ultra Vest 3.0:
Great book 📚 Scott Jurek really enjoying reliving a lot of these races. 🙏 for the memories
Truth!"You can hurt more than you thought possible, then continue until you discover that hurting isn't that big a deal." Scott Jurek
"EVERY single one of us possesses the strength to attempt something he isn't sure he can accomplish." Scott Jurek…
I also loved books by Scott Jurek and Dean Karnazes
I was listening to Scott Jurek's book 'Eat and Run: my unlikely journey to ultramarathon greatness" on...
A great Conversation with marathon man and vegan Scott Jurek with The Nature Conservancy!
These tips from a pro will help you reach your top potential out on the trail.
ULTRA HISTORY Scott Jurek congratulated Karl Meltzer with his Appalachian Trail Speed Record, on September 18,……
Check this Pin out on Pinterest! Looking for a great read this weekend? Check out Scott Jurek's book.
Thanks to -Ive turned a new leaf. Shouts to: Scott Jurek, Michael Heppell, Napoleon Hill, Ronda Rousey, Michael Matthews
Something annoys me about Scott Jurek. Lemme see if this interview changes my mind.
"Running is not easy and it's challenging. It's that kind of good discomfort that cleanses us." -Scott Jurek . 4 rec…
Scott Jurek named one of the greatest runners of all time, He has won nearly all of ultrarunning’s elite trail. He's also Vegan
As we gear up for our MoonTrekker journey on Oct 14th, we’re inspired to meet the trail-running legend Scott Jurek.
Trail-running legend returns to for Moontrekker
: Trail-running legend Scott Jurek returns to Hong Kong for Moontrekker The last time Scott Jurek raced …
I know he's vegan but I hear Scott Jurek's book is pretty good: Eat & Run, My Unlikely Journey to Ultramarathon Greatness...
reminds me of Scott Jurek talking about how he once experimented with olive oil as a mid-run fuel for the same reason 😬
eat like an* ultrarunner I won't actually eat Scott Jurek.
Radio 4 on now . Nutrition and running . One of my Heroes Scott Jurek talking lots of sense : ) apparently he's on more in part 2 .
a3...a 5k fun run with Scott Jurek on January 31
Top Stories of 2015: ScottJurek celebrates a new Appalachian Trail record
: Top Stories of 2015: celebrates a new Appalachian…
Time for some Scott Jurek vegan pancakes and personal development!
Great news, Scott Jurek wins vegan athlete of the year, now let's see if he'll come and do V3K Ultra 2016!
Vote for the People's Choice Adventurer of the Year via
Run until you can't run anymore.Then run some more (Scott Jurek)
Scott Jurek in Eat & run, Christopher McDougall in Born to run provide some more tips. Experienced runners eat & run
Met the ultra legend Scott Jurek. Thanks to and for organising this amazing event.
I found some before and after photos of you: &
I like the Ultimate Direction Scott Jurek belt MUCH better. Easy access while running & tons of space.
This guy just shattered the Appalachian Trail speed record
Scott Jurek's ticket for littering on the summit of Mount Katahdin for the spray of opening a champagne bottle
What does a vegan eat while running two marathons a day for 46 days?
alum Scott Jurek is featured on MSN news today! Find his book "Eat & run" in the library.
"The potential for the human capacity and soul is amazing." during
Thought I'd throw Scott Jurek's name in there. 7 consecutive wins at the Western States 100 mile race is not to be sniffed at
Find out how runner ruled his Appalachian Trail record. Spoiler: It wasn't all bars and nuts!
Ultra-marathon runner Scott Jurek shows it is possible to be a successful athlete and
Scott Jurek made a bid to break a world record with Thomas Panek, CEO of
CEO of joins to push limits on Appalachian Trail
Scott Jurek ran 2,189 miles in 46 days, thats an average of 47.5 miles a day, and we complain about the 5k...
Kudos +1 to who incredibly hiked the Appalachian Trail in 46 days, averaging 50 miles a day!
Great in-depth interview with Scott Jurek on his record breaking journey along the Appalachian Trail.
What this ultra marathoner eats as a vegan
For someone who is passionate about food, it was a real treat to be interviewed by
What runners eat. So many good things! .
telling about how he fueled his record breaking run of the Appalachian Trail.
"I tried to drink olive oil during a run ... ended puking in the bushes." Ultrarunner Scott Jurek in Bon App *** -
Vegan athlete Scott Jurek ran the entire Appalachian Trail in 46 days. Here's what he ate along the way.
Scott Jurek, Appalachian Trail talking about what he ate along the way via
As a keen mountaineer I was particularly pleased to read this article
A great interview with Scott Jurek after his record breaking run on the Appalachian Trail
The Appalachian Trail takes an experienced hiker 5-7 months to complete. Scott Jurek did it in 46 days
Why the ranger who busted Scott Jurek for defiling the wilderness might actually be right: http…
Hold the record lightly - Jennifer Pharr Davis on Scott Jurek's FKT of the AT.
Scott Jurek claims new speed on 2,185-mile (3,516km)
Jennifer Pharr Davis held the AT Through record for 3 years until just a few days ago when Scott Jurek broke it...
A lovely write up of Jennifer Pharr Davis's thoughts on Scott Jurek's New Appalachian Trail Record...
As ultrarunner Scott Jurek approaches the final days of his attempt to set a new supported speed record on the...
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Scott Jurek trying to beat the Appalachian Trail record. Only a few days to go. GO SCOTT!!!
Scott Jurek tracker. Needs to reach Mount Katahdin by 5:15 p.m. Sunday for the AT record.
For my friends watching Scott Jurek remember he needs to summit our Mount Katahdin before 5:16pm EST on Sunday...
Scott Jurek and the Appalachian Trail boy-oh-boy this post got people fired up
Scott Jurek could just break the Appalachian Trail record . Go Scott.
Balls to the f-n wall! Scott Jurek and the Appalachian Trail via
That's right at Scott Jurek's best time.
2 of 5 stars to Eat and Run by Scott Jurek
Scott Jurek cruising through the boardwalk.
Where is Scott Jurek on the Appalachian Trail? I got to keep on moving nothing gonna break my stride or hold me down
Beautiful shot from Scott Jurek's AT pilgrimage. He's almost (kinda) there.
About to set speed record for the AT . Where is Scott Jurek on the Appalachian Trail?
Scott Jurek is running the Appalachian Trail at a record pace.
CLIF Bar athlete Scott Jurek keeping it up on the Appalachian... Photo: Luis Escobar
I cannot imagine running that far for that long...
.is on record pace heading up the Appalachian Trail:
Ultrarunner Scott Jurek on pace to break the Appalachian Trail record
Meet the man who just loves to run in ultramarathons!
So Scott Jurek has been running the App Trail for a month and is in Mass. Wonder how far I would get in a month…maybe out of the Carolinas.
Scott Jurek still going -- "Ultrarunner tackles 2,168-mile Appalachian Trail at 52 miles a day" --
author of "Eat And Run" is is attempting to achieve the fastest known time on the Appalachian Trail.
Check out what Scott Jurek is doing right now! The entire Appalachian Trail!
Scott Jurek, too, no bodybuilder, but superb athlete
Scott Jurek attempts to set records on the Appalachian Trail, and he's a big fan of the Brooks Running​ Cascadia!
Ever consider running 50 miles? How about accomplishing that feat in 13 hours? How about accomplishing that...
Scott Jurek is going for the record on the Appalachian Trail, only 2,160 miles!!!
I know that name Scott Jurek. I have seen some articles on him I think in or
Great segway - have you read Eat and Run by Scott Jurek?
My ultra-running hero Scott Jurek is going for a FKT (fastest known time) on the Appalachian Trail from Georgia...
Ultramarathoner Scott Jurek on Social Running, Burritos and Pushing Through the Pain - BLOGNAR
Day # 5 and 6 complete for Scott Jurek!! He's still hiking the Appalachian Trail in his attempt to beat the...
Follow Scott Jurek as he attempts the AT speed record!
Scott Jurek plows through the on his way to break speed record ..
Ultrarunning legend Scott Jurek is currently trying to set an Appalachian Trail speed record.
Scott Jurek, a vegan ultra-runner, is attempting a speed record for running the 2000+ mile long Appalachian Trail
Scott Jurek in the middle of a FKT attempt of the Appalachian Trail. His early data:
50+ miles a day for 42 days is impressive!!!. Before Retirement, Scott Jurek Attempting Appalachian Trail Record
What a great photo of these two legends...Horton naturally making sure Scott Jurek is getting his calories to...
Sending good vibes to ultrarunning legend Scott Jurek! He can do it!
Scott Jurek: Eat & Run, Appalachian Trail Day 1 in the books! Departed...
Just walking the Appalachian Trail is a major achivement - but running it? In 44 days?!!.
Positive vibes and safe travels to as he attempts to break the record! via
Scott Jurek Ultimate Direction. It holds 2 bottles + I put one more in cargo. Didn't want to spend time off trail looking 4 water.
my understanding is that Scott Jurek played a role in making it. Vegan, somewhat natural, etc. still not tasty
audiobooks? Inspiring ones like Chrissie Wellington, life without limits or Scott jurek eat & run. They got me thro :)
Update your maps at Navteq
ooh talking of Cliff gels can you get those pizza ones Scott Jurek had?
apart from being introduced to it by Born to Run & Scott Jurek's book Eat & Run - I forgot my running shoes & 1/2
Wait is a thing? Well I'm reading Eat & Run by Scott Jurek and it's kind of an addictive read.
I've traded my Mark 1 Scott Jurek Ultra Vest for the 2.0 and am delighted. Read why -
Scott Jurek’s classic book Eat and Run on Kindle Daily Deal today at £1.09
if you like that, check out Eat and Run by Scott Jurek.
I liked a video from Dean Potter & Scott Jurek teach Amy Purdy to slackline
...experienced by Scott Jurek and Rickey Gates. Plus other articles. No recipes or training tips!
PA I loved the book and wonderful imagery of Scott Jurek. And loved chronicling his early days in NE Minnesota
I have the new - exclusive Scott Jurek Body Bottle Vest from Fandabby-double-dozy!!
I am currently reading the getAbstract summary Marketing the Moon. David Meerman Scott and Richard Jurek.
In 2001, a young up-and-comer named Scott Jurek was bursting onto the trail scene
Our friends at put together this kit of runner favorites.
EXCLUSIVE!! Scott Jurek Race Vest with 2 Body Bottle Plus included for those who prefer soft flasks.
Fueling for long runs? Check out Scott Jurek, American ultra runner's faves at
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Scott Jurek stopped by The Feed to sign some Jurek Kits - order yours today to get one of the autographed boxes...
he'd make a great ultra runner. A one balled Scott jurek.
Book of the 2015 Reading Challenge – Eat & Run by Scott Jurek via
read this one in Eat and Run by Scott Jurek.
Scott Jurek is my new hero! Eat & Run is a sensational read. It isn't just a book about running, but a book about living. Very good!!
Cooking up a batch of Scott Jurek's 'Minnesota Winter Chilli'...forgot to note recipe makes 8 to 10…
What an amazing evening at our local running store, sharing the stage withy Jenny and Scott Jurek,…
Thank you Independence Run and Hike, Elinor Fish and Jenny and Scott Jurek! What a great turn out and top notch...
Scott Jurek on barefoot running via
Currently reading Eat & Run by Scott Jurek. Good read so far.
It's Cinco de Mayo, people! Who plans to celebrate with the best thing ever: guacamole!? Scott Jurek gives the...
I've only tried a handful so bear in mind, but have the Scott Jurek & it works for me. V light, plenty storage
MOIN TL! “Run until you can’t run anymore. Then run some more. Find a new source of energy and will. Then run even faster” (Scott Jurek)
Brag Time - got to do a group run with Scott Jurek last weekend 😃
There are thousands of athletes performing at the top of their game on a plant-based diet. I.e. Scott Jurek
born to run the obvious one, or Scott jurek's autobiography?
Great fun run with Scott Jurek and Jenny at Flatirons Running!!! Catch them at REI-Denver on Saturday!
Just finished "Finding Ultra" and "Eat & Run" - Rich Roll and Scott Jurek, respectively.
Hey Boulder Runners! We invite you to come run with the UD crew, including Scott Jurek at Flatirons Running...
Reading by Scott while roadtripping book,great motivation.Wanna run now.
No Photoshop! Sunday morning reading. Finished up "Eat and Run" by Scott Jurek.
perhaps not *despite*, but because of! (See Scott Jurek as example of impressive vegan runner.). Oh - and well done on great PB!
“You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.” -- Quote from Scott Jurek's inspirational “Eat and Run"
good man. Tough but doable. Did a lot of imagining the fatigue coming out of my ears like steam. Been reading Scott Jurek's book.
"Sometimes you've just got to do things." Scott Jurek referencing a quote from his dad in "Eat & Run". For...
Photo: run-long: Scott Jurek coming over Hope Pass LT100 in Photos - Ricky Gates
Here's our first pick - Eat & Run by Scott Jurek. Grab a copy here...
This first round was Locks of Love. I was inspired in part by Scott Jurek & 2 cousins who battled cancer-they won.
Eat and Run by Scott Jurek is great
Have you looked in Scott Jurek's "Eat and Run" book? I've not tried these yet, but they look good.
My meal supplement for PST 100M. Thank you Scott Jurek and Ellis G. for the heads up.…
Interesting to understand how this champion thinks. Scott Jurek: How to Run, How to Eat.: via
Another great book from the Ultrarunning machine; Scott Jurek "Eat & Run"
I love Scott Jurek. His book is fantastic.
WATCH: Ultra champ shows you moves that'll boost stability on tricky terrain:
Amazing things coming from Clif Bar and Scott Jurek! Would you give them a try? Sign me up!
Savoury Clif food coming soon according to Scott Jurek...
Improve Your Balance with Ultra Trail Champ Scott Jurek. Watch the video and learn more:.
I'm a big fan of Scott Jurek vest. Holds 2 20oz bottles in the front, plenty of storage in back
What we eat is a matter of life and death. Food is who we are. ~ Scott Jurek
On page 50 of 260 of Eat and Run, by Scott Jurek
“As powerful as our legs are, as magnificent as our lungs and arms and muscles are, nothing matters more than the mind.” Scott Jurek
Scott Jurek: Sunset tracks at 11,000 ft. Did my first hut trip to McNamara...
Scott Jurek sprained his ankle 50 miles into the Western State 100 and carried on to win😁👏
:) Sometimes action has to precede motivation. Or as Scott Jurek says "sometimes you just do things."
Eat and Run: My Journey to Ultramarathon Greatness by vegan athlete Scott Jurek
Winterize your running: Get ready for the ice and snow with these balance drills from Scott Jurek
This book is my inspiration. No one knows better then Scott Jurek that a plant based diet is key to a…
I wonder if Michael Scott ever invested in shoe-lala
"If you're willing to work, salvation awaits." - Scott Jurek
I gave a list a mile long but I would say running with Scott Jurek and Rob Krar would be it.
"Hanging out w/ friends, thats fun, but running, committing to the hard work...that’s fun multiplied to the nth power"
We really enjoyed meeting and talking w/ Scott Jurek at the Chicago Expo. Got some great encouragement…
but recovery is better on veg or vegan diet. So says Scott Jurek.
I just liked "UPrise Performance Trail Running Camps with Scott Jurek" by on Vimeo:
You need to see beyond the words. I can recommend you to read the book of Scott Jurek. I loved it!
Scott Jurek: Dog sitting this past weekend reminded me of how much I miss...
Mon 10/20/14 Hr 4 - Richard Jurek, author, with David Meerman Scott, of Marketing the Moon: The Selling of the
This eve:. Marketing the Moon: Selling of the Apollo Lunar Program. David Meerman Scott . Richard Jurek. Eugene A Cernan
Marketing the Moon by David Meerman Scott and Richard Jurek is now available in Japanese!
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Scott Jurek: Started in the sagebrush of Lower Thomas Creek (6,000’)...
My favorite running book so far; Eat and Run by Scott Jurek. Great book! Great story and advice!!
that's an amazing story. Ultras are hard as it is let alone not being able to see. Bet Scott Jurek would be impressed.
Scott Jurek: Last rays on the Tahoe Rim Trail. Hard to believe it’s...
Scott Jurek is coming to the PHL!!!. one of the most dominant and influential ultra runner in the world is coming...
have you read Born To Run? It's the perfect accompaniment to Eat & Run, and Scott Jurek features in it heavily.
Scott Jurek has definitely changed my whole perspective on eating healthier foods!
MUST READ: I just finished the tale of Minnesota native and ultra marathon legend Scott Jurek. Best…
Trying out the Scott Jurek vest tomorrow. Anyone have any thoughts on vests? Like em, love em, no need?.
Got my gel strategy ok'd by Scott Jurek at the Expo earlier.
Cheers mate! Getting really excited now... Got my bib number signed my Scott Jurek. How's that for an extra kick?
Interesting interview with about how to run and what to eat :)
Finding out that Scott Jurek was doing a meet and greet at the expo and I missed it
*puts hand up* and Scott Jurek I there tomorrow too! LEGEND!
Anyone running in Berlin Marathon?. Here's your chance to meet the legend of ultra running Scott Jurek!...
Ran 4.5 miles and felt great. Run up to the library to return a book. (Scott Jurek Eat & Run) Ughhh.. my quads we...
Scott Jurek shares some tips on working through "discomfort mindfully" with Elephant Journal...
Scott Jurek, a runner with scoliosis & bad foot proves the key to success is the drive to win. (Via http:/…
Meditation, breathing, alignment whether it's one mile or 100...
This is what the man who runs 166 miles in one day recommends you eat:
Ultramarathon Champion Scott Jurek: How to Run & What to Eat.: Waylon talks with Scott Jurek, the most extreme...
"Go 50 yards if that's all you can handle. Tomorrow, you can go farther.” ~Scott Jurek
If you read Eat & Run by Scott Jurek he jokes about being chicked (overtaken by a woman)
Enjoying my Sunday with some watermelon, some coffee, and a whole lotta Scott Jurek.
I have heard lots about Scott Jurek! :)
wow sound painful to.My favorite runner is Scott Jurek.Have you heard of him
hey Rich, have you ever interviewed Scott Jurek? Would love to hear his views on diet etc as an Ultra Running legend!
"..We try our hardest and come up short. It’s not the losing that defines us. It’s how we lose. It’s what we do afterward.” —Scott Jurek
An interesting piece on Scott Jurek and his uncomfortable running addiction…
I really enjoyed your book The Extra Mile.Between you, Scott Jurek, and Dean Ka rnazes Im motivated to do Ultras.Ive done 2.
domain names
Ben Nephew's report from the 2014 Blue Hills Skyline Trail Race "Andy Scott, who won last year, and Sam Jurek...
7/30 Eat & Run ⭐️⭐️ Scott Jurek is a super impressive human, but his book is just okay. Decent running inspiration.
It was nice meeting you @ the . I wrote it about it on my blog. I hope you enjoy it!.
Trail : Tarahumara runner training Scott Jurek. One day I will run like them! Gorgeous.
"Eat and Run" by Scott Jurek!. The most inspiring book for vegan runners!!!
Our race tshirt has great timeline quote from legendary Jurek - who's going beyond hurting?
What an amazing amazing weekend with UPrise Performance Training Camps, Scott Jurek and Paul Romero. In one of...
Scott Jurek? Not sure sometimes, lots of inspiring runners out there.
A3: living-Scott Jurek. Dead: Flo Jo. I'd ask both how they fuel, speed & endurance tips plus how to lean out.
Preparing to cook my first "vegan" meal. Lentil-mushroom burgers. Recipe of ultra marathoner Scott Jurek.
Scott Jurek shares his Adzuki chocolate bars at outdoor Outdoor Retailer - Yumo!
Eat and Run is by Scott Jurek. McDouglass mentions him! He races the Tarahumara! He is an incredible, vegan ultrarunner
Still time to enter the Scott Jurek Ultra Vest 2.0 Giveaway. Gotta be in it, to win it!
He's far too happy. There's a great pic of him as a youngster chasing Scott Jurek. Part of the same training group I think.
Scott Jerek, or Jurek? I'd want to know how he celebrated after his first WS100 win.
Q6: I once chatted with a runner who knows Scott Jurek and Tony Krupicka-my heroes:)And it was an event about SM
A great read. It's inspiring to find stories by the likes of Scott Jurek side by side with stories by ordinary runners...Thank you!!! :)
Two of our favorites: Running with the Buffaloes by Chris Lear and Eat to Run by Scott Jurek.
Eat and Run by Scott Jurek. Very motivating and inspiring.He has inspired me to run my first marathon in October
Hill Running Technique - Scott Jurek explains how to make hill running more efficient and effective via
Scott Jurek running the Mtn of the Holy Cross.
Eat and Scott Jurek "Snow. Sun. Sandstone. Sky. He was doing what he liked and knew. It was now. And this...
Scott Jurek: Last minute trip to the Sierras for some surprise “trail...
Scott Jurek, meet Jane+, your CrossFit counterpart!. Jane+ is a 'high raw vegan' masters athlete. She busts *** at...
try reading Scott Jurek's book...the guy is not human.
variations on a theme really - we’ve been discussing Scott Jurek who runs ultramarathons on an entirely vegan diet
Interesting. Mike Morton, another ultramarathon running, has a totally different diet to Scott Jurek
Scott Jurek: I’ve always wanted to get up this one! Mount of the Holy...
If Scott Jurek ran ultra marathons while eating McDonalds, I can too
have you come across Vinnie Tortorich of NSNG fame? Heard his interview with Scott Jurek?
Someone just favorited my photo with Scott Jurek. I take that as a sign I need to run an ultra. ;-)
"Not all pain is significant" quote from Eat And Run Scott Jurek ultra run legend. Know I can do this!
Everybody needs somebody who inspires them. Mine is Scott Jurek, ultramarathoner and vegan. Who's *your* inspiration?
"if you decide to run 135 miles in death valley,you do so at your own risk but I'll be with you every step" Scott jurek
Eat and Run by Scott Jurek is great, as is that one about the Tarahumara. ..can't remember the name!?
LOL I was like a squeaky, slow Scott Jurek! He can pull it off but I don't think I can. :-p
Scott Jurek and Alex Honnold ran a Ragnar together, so that's pretty cool.
Win an Ultimate Direction Ultra Vest signed by SJ himself. Email infowith the line 'Scott Jurek Prize Draw'
Teachers at Draper Park Middle made the front page of the sports section of the Deseret News after finishing the...
Scott Jurek (yes, THAT Scott Jurek) ran the Wasatch Back Ragnar in Utah this weekend
Ultramarathon legend Scott Jurek finds same joys as weekend warriors in Wasatch Back by
Taking a moment with ultra marathon legend Scott Jurek after finishing Ragnar.
Looking to better your Check out our upcoming camp happening this August in
To the triple-digit bibs running in the lead early, a quote from 10yrs ago, Scott Jurek to Dave Terry: "You must want to HURT today!"
Five racing tips from ultramarathoner Scott Jurek via
no Scott jurek one of his fellow competitors. Jesus is Anton! I'm hoping he will be there 2
Come to the run tonight! We're getting in a great run and then chatting with Scott Jurek
have been impressed with the Scott Jurek handheld from Ultimate Direction
a member of did it recently and beat Scott Jurek's time.
so did Scott Jurek a few weeks ago. Joss Naylor found it so easy he added multiple peaks.
Yep - Scott Jurek did it a few weeks ago and only just got inside 24hr cutoff.
Listen to the great Scott Jurek - Food as Fuel - speaking live, sounds not brilliant but its a good listen
Photo: Scott Jurek during his attempt on the Bob Graham round.
do you guys ship to Canada? I'm looking to get a Scott Jurek pack.
Cambridge, April 12th, 2014We all have moments when we want to give up. When pressure or pain becomes too high, it feels natural to throw in the towel. But it is going that extra mile that divides victors from losers. When Scott Jurek, world-famous athlete and dedicated vegan, visited Harvard Busine…
'Dealing with physical uncertainty used to be part of life. So did training. We ran toward food and away from predators. We feasted and fasted according to the season. We spent a lot of time walking and napping. Now we sit. We drive and surf on the internet and watch television. And, naturally, we suffer' - Scott Jurek - Eat and Run ( a great read - Jase👍😃)
On our way to Boulder to run with another ultra marathoner Anton (Tony) Krupicka. Hopefully he's as cool as Scott Jurek!
And another great quote from Scott Jurek: "...whether you get what you want isn't what defines you. It's how you go about your business."
A great quote from Scott Jurek's Eat & Run: "What matters more than victory is what i do to reach it and how."
When I read about ultramarathoners like Scott Jurek, I'm usually scratching my head and wondering "how the heck do they do it?" To push yourself to run over a 100 miles is an amazing feat. Beyond t...
Vídeo: trailflow: Hill running technique from Scott Jurek
Quote of the day - "Train at your current fitness level, or slightly above — not where you want to be." - Scott Jurek
I think my teammate Amelia Boone is spot on here and is probably a trait shared among many I know. Being willing to suffer for long periods of time (even past our abilities) is something that we share- which of course can lead to med tents post marathon, injuries, and -eke! even rhabdo (thinking of no one in particular here). But it also helps to win races once in a while. I just read a book by ultra runner Scott Jurek that says the same thing about himself. So now to just find a happy point.
Ultrarunning champion Scott Jurek shares the lessons he's learned from running through the years.
Scott Jurek: Last night’s sunset from the crest of the San Jacinto...
Just finished Eat & Run:.. by Jurek, Scott; Friedman, Steve on Kindle for Android! Looking forward to trying recipes.
On page 130 of 288 of Eat and Run, by Scott Jurek
Scott Jurek, Is a phenomenal world class athlete . A passionate advocate for vegetarianism, he follows a 100%...
Keep an ear out for Richard Jurek & David Meerman Scott authors of Marketing the Moon on 530pm today
Ever wondered what ultra great Scott Jurek eats on a run? Bar! On his way to victory at Spartathlon, the...
Scott Jurek, one of the greatest ultramarathoners ever:
Thanks to and for a fun FB chat! Scott Jurek and Ellie Greenwood had...
We're talking with Scott Jurek live on the Clif Bar FB Page. Ask him anything!
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