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Scott Hamilton

Scott Scovell Hamilton (born August 28, 1958) is an American figure skater and Olympic gold medalist. He won four consecutive U.S.

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Congrats to of Central Ark on celebrating its 100th anniversary and thx to Marti & Scott Hamilton for c…
The only disability in life is a bad - Scott Hamilton
Congrats on being featured in Scott Hamilton! Thanks for helping make a difference in
Check out this 1961 Scout 80, spotted by Navistar employee Scott Hamilton at Peterson Automotive Museum
“Opponents of the Constitution hope to increase their converts by loud rhetoric & bitter denunciation.” Hamilton 1787 Fede…
"The Legislature (not Judges) shall prescribe the rules by which the rights of every citizen are regulated" Hamilton 1788…
“State legislatures will not only be the Voice but, if necessary, the Arm of the ppl's discontent”. Hamilton 1787 Federlis…
Click here for tickets to Saturday night's show:
"The only disability in life is a bad attitude"-Scott Hamilton. Salute to all SUPER HUMANS n champions of LIFE🙏.
A little chat I had with the wonderful Scott Hamilton.
Can't say how overjoyed I am to have had a hand in this beautiful series!
“We asked for justice. We received justice.”
Conservative snowflakes want to Their boycotts always work too. That's why Hamilton folded and there are no m…
Scott Hamilton talks about his health scares and new docuseries via
Introducing the great is "There's power in that Scott Hamilton smile. It's contagious.…
I saw this interview!! Scott Hamilton is a walking miracle!!
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Scott Hamilton talks about coming back from cancer.
A great day launching Scott Hamilton Today, topped by a wonderful evening in which is being honore…
met Scott Hamilton today...very nice guy
Scott Hamilton's amazing ups and challenging downs, in photos
Scott Hamilton on life after cancer: "The key is to get another day out of this life"
"A day is a day. I want more of those." discusses his life today in a new docu-series. >>
Who'll be at red carpet? Ashley Wagner, Nathan Chen, Shibutanis, Adam Rippon, Meryl Davis, Sasha Cohen, Scott Hamil…
Sunland's Eric Rogers, Richard Barber, Scott Hamilton, Travis Berry and Jim Henderson at the BOMA Golf Tournament toda…
20h30-21h30 Tonight : Kaddouch in NY with Gary Peacock, Scott Hamilton .…
20h30-21h30 Tonight, Couleurs Jazz show, you will listen to : Kaddouch in NY with Gary Peacock, Scott Hamilton,...
Andrea Motis Joan Chamorro quintet & Scott Hamilton - Moody's mood for love
1,2,3 for the Michelton-Scott team. Lucas Hamilton from Hindley then Storer. Sean Lake takes the elite.
Joining us this morning on "Sports Saturday" are HS basketball coaches Scott Hamilton of Jeff Winslow of >>>
Coach Hamilton looks like Bunny Colvin from the Wire
& has significant appellate experience having worked under John Hamilton, one of Flor…
"I didn’t feel when I got out that I could have gone faster..." - Lewis Hamilton.
A huge THANK YOU to Scott Hamilton at Reliance Residential Realty for giving us an awesome 5 Star Review! Here...
I do feel better.Let me ask you you feel better because Scott Hamilton& Friends are coming back to the Q?
Everywhere I go, people make Hamilton references that I don't get. I'm not even safe at a medical conference.
Scott Pruitt disagrees that the sky is blue, water is wet, Earth is round, Hamilton is good, True Detective Season 2 i…
Very true..I mean...Johnny Weir, Brian Boitano, Scott Hamilton would be fine contestants
Amy Grant, Scott Hamilton have cameos in Henry Cho film
Emerick, McPhee, Rob Blake, Eddie Powers, Holzinger, Scott Hamilton, and more in town for BGSU ice arena 50th anniversary game
Doug and Caryn at the Ford Ice Center with Olympic skating champion Scott Hamilton.
Kick off New Year in style with performances from Scott Hamilton, Steve Ross, Ian Shaw and Lorna Luft.
Looking forward to hearing from & Scott Hamilton during the Retail panel later! 🎉🎈
. Steve Heaton, Jennifer Lauber Patterson, Scott Hamilton and Bridget Ryan here to discuss…
Under pressure you can perform fifteen percent better or worse. – Scott Hamilton
If anyone knows ANYTHING, please let police know. Lets get little Taliyah home. - Jon. *Scott Hamilton, the uncle...
First Kenny Loggins and now Scott Hamilton. PBS, you never fail.
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I didn't want to be the sissy figure skater, you know.
An interactive experience about a folder of Paddy Scott and Alex Hamilton.
Surfer Laird Hamilton getting in some big-wave action
I love this review. It made me laugh. If I see Scott Hamilton I'll tell him I loved him in Star Wars.
Without strength and courage it's really hard to perform at the highes...
More than halfway to 400!!! Please listen to if you haven't already!
Blessed me with the 300 plays quick... Thank you all!!
And the protagonist is a ZIP file of Paddy Scott and Alex Hamilton.
I'm enjoying 'Scott Hamilton & Jeff Hamilton - Centerpiece' on the Mellow Jazz channel at
"The only Disability in life is a bad Attitude." - Scott Hamilton.
Great job and Scott Hamilton. Central Texas swept Gross and Net Championships: Aaron Clary and Tyler Easterw…
I grew up in the same ice rink with Olympic GOLD medalist ice figure skater Scott Hamilton - an inspiring story...
I added a video to a playlist Andrea Pozza Scott Hamilton ''Afternoon in Paris''
Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson hated each other so much. But that ...
Check out this cool episode: Wow! SCOTT Hamilton Rocked this Interview!
I liked a video So in Love by Anthony Hamilton and Jill Scott Line Dance
Tony Predictions: It’s All About ‘Hamilton’ and Scott Rudin - The big question to be answered on Tuesday is not...
Check out list of companies and businesses related to Scott Hamilton.
the geniuses behind Hamilton bring their show on the road with a brand new touring band, the Dred Scott Frilly Steppers
Well, it's official. Scott Drew with as many NFL Draft picks this year as Charlie Strong.
Olympic champion Scott Hamilton writing a new book finishing first
Hamilton PA announcer after 4-0 home defeat by Killie: "There is no man of the match today as, quite frankly, none of…
Patch notes: the antagonist is a vault full of Paddy Scott and Alex Hamilton.
be sure to update me on exactly what scott says about Hamilton this is important
My new release with the great Scott Hamilton... available on CDBaby or contact me directly
Hamilton with more engine troubles, with nico getting away scott free
Nawshus is at Regionals and we won our first game 11-6 against Stevens Institute of Technology! We now face the se…
A good discussion of post-COP21 and climate governance by Scott Hamilton. How far is from the celebration to action?
Super pumped to open for tonight at the in Hamilton. Only a few tix left!
Happy birthday to race car driver Duncan Hamilton (April 30,1920), author of "Touch Wood!." (1992) (with Lionel Scott).
My buddy Scott is killing it in Hamilton. Casual fine dining lives.
Landing It : My Life on and off the Ice by Scott Hamilton, Lorenzo Benet, Signed
The Wings will call up Brian Boitano and Scott Hamilton to shore up the defense.
Dougie Hamilton needs to get the rope
Scott Darling stands tall in net on a flurry of attempts by Calgary's Hamilton! Keeps this a scoreless game.
People I played with this season in Scott Denett, Laura Leary, Michael Royal, *** Hamilton, Jim Martin, Betty Comora
The comms on this Reds game made a West Egg joke re F Scott Fitzgerald and a roundabout Lin-Manuel Miranda/Hamilton joke. Impressive.
is a terrific example of the secret about makes Nashville great, the people >
traded Billy Hamilton and received Kole Calhoun. Good deal?
Either I'm in hamilton or at Scott library
Scott Hamilton Continuing to succeed and helping others do the same.
More on why we love 2016's upcoming Inspire award(May 10th) recipient
Nice piece on Scott in People Issue recently. Thanks Scene!
Scott Hamilton shared how "God is there to guide you through the tough spots" w/ >1K guests @ Good Friday Breakfast
Sun Devils go quietly in the bottom of the fourth! Hamilton, Welborn and Scott due up for the Red Raiders in the top of the 5th! .
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Lexington's Scott Hamilton and St. Peters' Joe Jakubick both earned All-News Journal Coach of the Year honors.
A letter to my MLA, about Glyphosate. +. To: Scott Hamilton, MLA, Delta North...
Tuesday on The Queen Silvy Show we have Olympic and World Figure Skating champion Scott Hamilton, TP Lucas Dot Mouth
Phil Williams said earlier Scott Hamilton show was Friday, Feb 20 - that should be Sat, Feb 20
I'm an *** hole! Scott Hamilton is who I meant to say! Mark Hammel is Luke.
I'm hyperventilating. Scott Hamilton and Friends (including Paul Wylie!) are performing in Knoxville next week. I'M DYING.
Listen to Tarique Thompson on the Scott Hamilton show at 5:35! Online feed:
Weekend Update: We had 60 Adoptions this weekend! Pictured is Olympic Gold Medalist, Scott Hamilton, with his new...
.giving his NFL picks on .Scott Hamilton Show: Cowboys, Chiefs, Vikings, Panthers, Patriots
.of .coming on the .Scott Hamilton Show at 4:15pm to discuss 27th Mary Garber Classic ... .
.talking and .on the .Scott Hamilton Show
.crushing it on the .Scott Hamilton Show ...
school board offers vacant schools as housing for Syrian refugees
It will also be about a school of Paddy Scott and Alex Hamilton.
Join us tonight at the Cosmopolitan Ice Rink with Scott Hamilton. Proceeds benefit the Pancreatic Cancer Action...
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Hamilton: Ferrari 'very, very close' to Mercedes
do you need a back up keeper or right back? Robert Hamilton and Scott Walker available!😊
At Scott Hamilton's request, these wonderful people came together to share of their talents and treasures to...
Scott Hamilton & Friends On Ice is now onsale! Get your tix to this charitable event here:
.DB Doug Middleton is in studio with Scott Hamilton on this afternoon! Show airs 3-6 pm on http…
Hey Charles Robinson, you might want to show this to your buddy Scott Hamilton. Looks like we've got his protégé...
Scott Hamilton & Bucky Pizzarelli -Gee Baby, Ain't I Good to You on the Mellow Jazz channel
Congrats to the winners! Scott Hamilton, Nathan Buckley, Rochelle Roquiero & Steven White!!!
More than a little irked that I can't find a single link to Scott Hamilton skating to "Cuban Pete." Best. Routine. Ever.
- The latest news on jazz music and festivals. Scott Hamilton and Jeff Hamilto...
Read our review of Scott Hamilton and Jeff Hamilton Trio: Live In Bern: Saxophone master Scott Hamilton and dr...
Scott Hamilton doing what Scott Hamilton does best on Live in Bern in the company of the Jeff Hamilton trio:
Unity onside kick goes out of bounds. Interesting call by Scott Hamilton there. No confidence in D to get a stop?
Lauda predicts no better than third for Hamilton
Hamilton Academical v MOTHERWELL FC 1-0 (0-0). Scott McDonald came on in the 77th minute.
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By the way, the enemy is an orgy of Paddy Scott and Alex Hamilton.
Baffled Hamilton doubts deficit can be bridged
breakfast in Hamilton will always be at the Jet Cafe.
Why is America's first treasury chief, Alexander Hamilton, being booted from the $10 bill?
Good to see James Tincknell and Scott Hamilton warming up. Both must be close to comebacks
Game Day walk Hamilton. vs TiCats today Pregame on is at 1230.
Forgot to mention that the antagonist is a box of Paddy Scott and Alex Hamilton.
A Keith Guy interception gives the Cards the ball back, then Kendrick Hamilton gets in on the scoring action. Scott County leads 65-40.
If you know someone recently diagnosed with this talk may literally save their life. Scott Hamilton...
It only took 3 years for me to draw superhero-sketcher Scott C. Hamilton.
40min: Escape for Welsh as Cov hooker Matt Price kicks ahead into pace but the ball rolls into touch with Scott Hamilton chasing
In the spirit of the Espy's.. MyPro will help Scott Hamilton eradicate cancer someday.. National launch in August..
I added a video to a playlist Stephen Reynolds Skating with Scott Hamilton
This hour on Bill Evans, Wes Montgomery, Gene Harris with Scott Hamilton, Art Tatum, and Kenny Burrell! Tune in! ~Helen
2nite @ Pyatt Hall the always swinging Scott Hamilton plays w/ trio! 8:00, tickets at and at do…
"The high road is always respected. Honesty and integrity are always rewarded." Scott Hamilton. I will never...
Learn about Pastoral Care and Counseling with Dr. Scott Hamilton this July - held at Hope Lutheran Church
Now listen Secret Love by Dusko Goykovich - Scott Hamilton . Enter and listen
The high road is always respected. and are always rewarded. -Scott Hamilton
Scott Hamilton won GOLD this wknd Awesome Conversation Special thanks to &
Now showing till June 14, SCOTT ABBOTT 'the edges of light' h…
Scott, would you give up either one of Kang or Franco for Josh Hamilton? I just picked up both of them and they're both hot.
Interesting. I have Hamilton but have no idea who I could get for him
Just traded for Billy Hamilton, which is like buying a car you know is already broken.
The service this morning about Scott Hamilton was incredible.
Photo: From the fall of October, 1980 to March, 1984 I never lost a competition. - Scott Hamilton...
What did Scott Hamilton win a gold medal for? Best Darren Pang look-a-like?
Am I the only one who thought Scott Hamilton was Darren Pang?
Richard Cockerill confirms Scott Hamilton and Gonzalo Camacho are registered for Coventry and can get game time there when fit.
Were Dorothy Hamill and Scott Hamilton on that one?!?
Tonight I've seen Scott Hamilton, Brian Boitano, and in person. Night made!
2nd Annual Team Jack Gala presented by Dorothy Lynch is just around the corner. With keynote speaker Scott Hamilton and honorary...
Our guests this morning on "Sports Saturday" include boys' basketball coaches Scott Hamilton of Lexington, Troy Schwemley of Shelby, Phil Loy of Buckeye Central and Joe Jakubick of Mansfield St. Peter's. Girls' Basketball coaches Mark Alberts Sr. of Orrville and Jon Dawson of Willard. Samantha Bunten breaks down the Browns and Kevin Noon, Publisher of, talks Ohio State football and basketball. The show starts at 10 AM on
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Center ice at the Scott Hamilton fund raiser for his cancer foundation with Mercy Me and fabulous skaters from all around the world!!! What a night . So God honoring !!!
Sad to hear of passing of Don Laws.Amazing coach to Scott Hamilton and Patrick Chan.
[The Huffington Post]Scott Hamilton made a splash at the 1984 Winter Olympics in Saraje...
Adoptees grow up to have all types of professions: . Scott Hamilton (professional skater). John Hancock (U.S.
Another great verse from Cole Porter, via Rosemary Clooney & Scott Hamilton:
NBC replaces Scott Hamilton w/ & Duo will lead coverage of Olympic Figure Skating.
More signings - Josh Young and Scott Hamilton added to list -
Covering out at the Lake Geneva Christian Center with special guest speaker Scott Hamilton!
Journal sports-columnist Scott Hamilton completes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, and he names his challengers: Ed Hardin of the Greensboro News & Record and Tom Sorensen of The Charlotte Observer ICE Bucket Challenge
Pleasure to visit Scott Hamilton at Auskick Clifton Hill this morning. Great program, great parents & kids
Thank you Michael W. Smith, Nicole Nordeman and Scott Hamilton for the grande finale of an amazing cruise!
How do you make a Kim Yuna... you can't. It's truly a gift. —Scott Hamilton .
.Scott Hamilton writes about Stuart Scott of ESPN...Scott is a Reynolds High School graduate.
Anyone else remember watching skaters Scott Hamilton and Kurt Browning as kids? And Torvill & Dean of course.
Scott Hamilton jazz tenor saxophonist interviewed by Brian Parker
An exclusive conversation with La Toya Jackson, former gold medalist Scott Hamilton, and Kim Goldman reflects on the O.J. Simpson trial -- it's a that you don't want to miss, Sunday at 9/8c!
Runners sweat it out in Hammy workout to honor late soldier Matt Schindler of Copley and Wadsworth's Advance Performance CrossFit, does pull ups as he competes in the 4th Annual Hammy Community Event at Kent State's Dix Stadium Sunday in Kent. The Hammy workout began locally as a CrossFit "Hero Workout of the Day" to honor U.S. Army Spc. Adam S. Hamilton (pictured left) of Kent who died in 2011 from injuries sustained by and IED while serving in Afghanistan. KENT: Scott Hamilton remembers his late son with sweat. Hamilton doesn’t just attend the annual Hammy Community Event workout to honor his son, Adam, a soldier who was killed in Afghanistan. He also participates. For Hamilton and the hundreds of people who took part in the event Sunday, that’s no easy feat. The participants endured a 5-kilometer run and a grueling workout on the field of Dix Stadium on the Kent State University campus in temperatures that hovered around 80 degrees underneath blazing sunlight. “Memorial Day used to be just anothe ...
.on soon. Scott Hamilton on Celtic NZ nonsense, then Annette Sykes will fillet John Ansell. Not enough popcorn in the world.
The only disability in life is bad attitude. - Scott Hamilton
BWB My final hour includes Cecile McLorin Salvant, Hubert Laws, Kenny Burrell & John Coltrane, Gene Harris & Scott Hamilton, Lee Ritenour, June Christy, Tito Puente and much more taking you up to 10 pm and Michael Feinstein with another great artist interview. That is it for me Talk to you next Monday and Have yourself a great day, every day one moment at a time. It is your choice. Bubba Jackson BWB on KKJZ
Jeffery Lee Plank, 23, of U.S. 60 East, Morehead, passed away Thursday, April 10, 2014, at St. Claire Regional Medical Center in Morehead. Born April 6, 1991, in Morehead, he is the son of Heather and Bruce Hamilton of Wallingford and Addie Lee Plank Jr. of Morehead. Other survivors include his son, Gabriel Issac Plank of Morehead; adoptive father, Jamie and Roxi Henderson of Bryan, Ohio; brothers and sisters, Johnathan Henderson of Bryan, Ohio, Scott Hamilton of Hurricane, West Virginia, Haley Key of Florence, Channing, Jenna, and Christian Plank, all of Morehead, and Gavin Crouch of Salt Lick; paternal grandparents, Addie Sr. and Heather Plank and Sue and Junior Puckett, all of Morehead; and maternal great grandfather, William McKee of Dayton, Ohio. He was preceded in death by maternal grandparents, Linda Fannin and Earl Gene Prater and maternal great grandmother, Edna McKee. Jeffery loved working with his Papaw Addie breaking, riding, and showing horses. He also enjoyed spending time with his son Gabri ...
& Olympic Figure Skating gold medalist Scott Hamilton team up to form skating academy at Ford Ice Center says
Scott Hamilton introduced as new acting principal of skating academy at Ford Ice Center
officially announce the Scott Hamilton Skating Academy at the Ford Ice Center, headed up by Scott Hamilton
The only true disability in life is a negative attitude. - Scott Hamilton -- Olympic Champion and three time cancer survivor
Scott Hamilton, Michelle Kwan and a bunch of the 2014 Figure Skating team. Such a cool night to be a part of!
Siemens brought its fundraising campaign for cancer research, “The Baton Pass" to New Jersey where Olympic gold medalist and cancer survivor, Scott Hamilton, was on hand and among the first people to pass the Baton in the State which was held at the Siemens’ office.
it's on the corner of Scott Hamilton and Elm street so really close to campus and not a bad walk to downtown too 😊
Hamilton, Hughes headline May 3 Skate for Hope at BGSU: Olympic gold medalists Scott Hamilton and Sarah Hughes...
TWO Olympic Gold Medalists will attend Skate for Hope!!! So grateful to Scott Hamilton & Sarah Hughes. :) I am honored to call Sarah, her mom Amy & sister Emily friends. Please join us May 3rd, in Bowling Green. :) Going to be a GREAT night!
Another video of the end of tonight's game at the Joel with Wake Forest Sports fans and students rushing the court. Video by Sports Columnist, Scott Hamilton.
here's my The Olympic Games comment: I still dont think anything compares to the era (and superstardom) of Oksana Baiul, Nancy Kerrigan, Brian Boitano, Scott Hamilton, Kristi Yamaguchi and such.
Regarding the so called Free Skate controversy: Scott Hamilton, Michelle Kwan, Johnny Wier and Tara Lipinski all agree the judging was fair. None of the American Skaters had a problem with the Gold Medal decision. South Korea has not even hinted that they may protest the result. In fact I can detect no controversy at all from anyone actually involved with the competition. So this controversy is 100% a creation of the media. The fact that over 1,000,000 signatures of protest have already been collected from people who have nothing to do with the competition gives us a clear idea of how powerful media is today to stir people up with misinformation. Congratulations News and Social Media for demonstrating how utterly heartless you are to try and discredit a great accomplishment from a 17 year old girl just so you can create a story. Aside from the implications within athletics, people today vastly underestimate how dangerous such power and irresponsibility is.
"I'll never forget... I'll never forget this performance." - Scott Hamilton on Carolina kostner tonight (I felt same about her ave Maria)
Anyone else think Mary Carillo and Scott Hamilton have the same voice? Listen next time you watch coverage! 🙈🙉
I know there's been a movement to get Johnny Weir to replace Scott Hamilton on the prime time Figure Skating coverage, but I say pump the breaks. Scott Hamilton is the Gus Johnson of Figure Skating commentary, and that's huge for a sport that I only watch every 4 years. The over reacting is priceless. Pretty sure the dude started crying just now. Love it.
Tracy Wilson and Scott Hamilton in Inside the Rings: Appreciating Skating’s Spins, the Art Behind the Spor
What happened to the days of Figure Skating when the best of the best were household names? (Not to mention some of the crazy... Ahem... Tonya Harding) I love the days of Oksana, Tara Lipinski, Michelle Kwan, Sara Hughes, Nancy Drama Kerrigan, Kristi Yamaguchi, Dorothy Hamill, Plushenko (whom I can't stand), Brian Boitano, Scott Hamilton, surya bonaly (the French back flipper known for landing on one foot). Who was your favorite? Did I miss any big names you think should be on this list?
Oh I forgot to mention that I think Tara Lapinski and Johnny Weir are doing a really good job commentating on the skating. I never thought I'd want to hear anyone but Scott Hamilton or Peggy Fleming, but Tara and Johnny are great!
The firsts" in Sochi. Having won the gold medal in ice dancing the American pair Meryl Davis and Charlie White are the authors of a historic achievement. They are the first US gold medalists in Figure Skating who are not...soloists. A new era after single-handed victories of Tenley Albright, Carol Heiss, Peggy Fleming, Scott Hamilton, Sara Hughes, Richard Button etc. All of them won gold medals in singles competition. The first US gold olympic pair are Meryl and Charlie. Congratulations.
Very cool article! Jason's comparison to Paul Wylie, Scott Hamilton & Kurt Browning is on point!!
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Random notes from the Games: Spoke to Denis Ten last night at the Iceberg Palace. He told me that he had to have one of his wisdom teeth removed because of a blood infection that started in his ankles and travelled to his jaw. He said his doctor told him not to train for a few days following surgery but he was back on the ice the next day. After the competition he left the building with Gwendal Peizerat who was explaining ice dance to him. When I told Kurt Browning about the AP Scott Hamilton story that has his photo and not Scott's with it, Kurt thought that was hilarious.
I am proud to be an alumus of Bowling Green State University for many reasons. Dan Bylmsa is the coach of the American Hockey Team and Mike Emrick is the play by play hockey broadcaster. Scott Hamilton is the commentator for ice skating and Ralfs Freibergs is a member of the Latvian Hockey Team. They are all alumni of BG
Olympic Memories @ the Library The quadrennial celebration of winter sports visits Sochi, Russia. Revisit some of the more memorable Olympic champions and competitors with these titles at the Library -- check one out today! The Winter Olympics: An Insider's Guide To The Legends, The Lore, And The Game: Vancouver Edition by Ron C. Judd. The Boys of Winter: The Untold Story Of A Coach, A Dream, And The 1980 U.S. Olympic Hockey Team by Wayne Coffey; foreword by Jim Craig. Bode: Go Fast, Be Good, Have Fun by Bode Miller with Jack McEnany. Zero Regrets: Be Greater Than Yesterday by Apolo Anton Ohno with Alan Abrahamson. Full Circle: An Autobiography by Dan Jansen with Jack McCallum. The Long Program: Skating Toward Life's Victories by Peggy Fleming with Peter Kaminsky. A Skating Life by Dorothy Hamill with Deborah Amelon. Landing It: My Life On and Off the Ice by Scott Hamilton with Lorenzo Benet. My Sergei: A Love Story by Ekaterina Gordeeva with E.M. Swift.
We went to a Valentine's carry in last night at our community center Lots of older people like us there so no wild dancing and singing, I took my sweet potato souffle and it was gone quickly so I guess they liked it. LOTS of goodies there. We're going to do St.Patty's day on the 14th of March. We didn't stay too long but we had a good time. I would have stayed longer and played euchre but we picked up someone even older than we. She's quite frail so you can imagine me trying to keep us both from sliding away on the ice. We made it home safely and very full! (As an afterthought, I love Figure Skating but I hope NBC never puts Tara Lapinski and her male counter part on again. Scott Hamilton and his partner are so much better. I wanted to slap Tara. She criticized everything! I think anyone who can stand up on skates deserves a medal.) AND HOORAY FOR THE USA HOCKEY TEAM! (I neither understand hockey nor have wanted the experience but I was enthralled today! No big fights but out guys were great a ...
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I watched the Free Skate of the Mens Figure Skating competition and a few were ok. It seems as though no one has the finesse or pizzazz of the skaters from the 80's or 90's. Like Scott Hamilton, Brian Boitano. There was a French skater named Philippe, dont remember his last name, but he invented the back flip in Figure Skating and was the only one that did it. Others brought new things, new moves to competitions as well. Brian Boitano had what was called the Triple Tano Lutz and Scott Hamilton is most remembered for his foot work like no other. We also had a couple from England, Torvel and Dean and they were breathtaking. Nobody today is breathtaking like that. And whats up with these men skaters wearing women's blouses? No wonder they were falling down, that would sure screw up my concentration. The guy from Japan won the gold and he looked like a little girl, I would have deducted points for his feminine costume.
The Figure Skating commentators I LOVE Scott Hamilton & miss *** Button, but WHOEVER the lady is, she needs to learn that for the audience, listening to the music and concentrating on the skater is MORE important than her constant blabbering about nothing O my God in Heaven, SHUT UP!!! It's not Peggy Fleming (thank God, as I'd be so upset - LOVE her)
I just realized that the commentators describing the edited prime time re-broadcasts of the Olympic Figure Skating competitions on NBC -- Scott Hamilton, Tom Hammond, Sandra Bezic and Tracy Wilson (who are all excellent and add to the enjoyment of the broadcasts) -- are not the same commentators who are covering the live broadcast of the Figure Skating competitions on the NBC Sports Network! The commentators on the live broadcasts on NBCSN are Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinsky, who are hypercritical little chatterboxes who at times start talking about things that have nothing to do with the performances on which they are supposed to be commenting and suck enjoyment of the performances out of the broadcasts!
My most memorable Winter Olympics: 1) 1980 Hockey Team beats Russia (became the movie Miracle) 2) Dan Jansen finally wins Speed Skating - after sister dies of leukemia 3) Jamaican Bobsled team carries their sled to the finish line after it breaks 4) Peggy Fleming wins Gold after US Figure Skating team dies in plane crash 5) Scott Hamilton wins Gold -- because he looks like he could be my little brother 6) Brian Boitano wins Gold - well just because he's Brian If I come up with more, I'll edit this
Boy do I feel old today. Watching the Olympics with my 16 year old nephew - doesn't know who Peggy Fleming is. Never heard of Scott Hamilton. Worst of all - also had no idea who Beaver Cleaver is.
With all due respect, over Scott Hamilton all day, every day. You've got great talent there (too!)
Scott Hamilton's journey: Can you thank God for a brain tumor?
Big S/O to these streets are salted clean & easy to navigate. MD streets horrible tires not ma…
The only in life is a bad attitude. ~ Scott Hamilton
Dear NBC--is it too late to switch the primetime Figure Skating commentators? Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir are so much more entertaining and informative than Scott Hamilton (sorry, Scott) and that ponderous woman who sounds like she's narrating NFL Legacy films ("the frozen tundra of the Iceberg Arena")...
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Great testimony from Gold medal winner Scott Hamilton
So disappointed with the men's Olympic ice skating . Gone are the days of Scott Hamilton and Brian Boitano. Those were great ice skaters. I guess I shouldn't say anything I can't even stand up on ice skates.
Molly and coach Hamilton are the only two people I talk to in my gym class😂
right. They need the more macho sports. Which is why they have Scott Hamilton and not Johnny Weir.
I take Lipinksi/Weir over Hamilton/Bezic. Scott is a cheerleader, but Bezic is a wet blanket. L&W are transcendent.
I need Scott Hamilton to be my motivational life narrator. . "AND SHE MAKES IT OFF THE COUCH AND INTO THE KITCHEN!!"
Scott Hamilton comes to mind in 84, so kinda sweet justice for Brian Orser who beat Scott in short & free then.
In '84, Orser's free skate was brilliant. Scott Hamilton, with very good program, won gold.
Olympic men's ice skating disappointing at best. What happened to the skating days of Scott Hamilton, Viktor Petrenko, Brian Boitano, Kurt Browning and the showmanship of Rudy Galindo? Hoping Jason Brown will continue to bring the joy he did today even if he ends up 9th.
So does NBC have Weir and Lipinski on during the live skating and Scott Hamilton at night? 😒
After Olympic figure skater Scott Hamilton won the gold medal, he was on top of the world. Then a cancer diagnosis brought him to his knees. Hear his remarkable story of perseverance and hope ... and the faith that carried him through.
Prefer Scott Hamilton doing the commentary than Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir.
Calling Scott Hamilton?? “Come on Billy. It’s level of difficulty. The harder the jumps, the more they’re worth!”
Men's Figure Skating these days. All I can say is Scott Hamilton got down to Aerosmith & throws a backflip @ 2:20
Real life examples of trusting, believing, and asking God for miracles in prayer.
Analyst Scott Hamilton, gold medalist in '84, says of Jeremy Abbott, "That was unbelievable. A lot of drama in this building …
DH: Scott Hamilton celebrates 30th anniversary of gold
Johnny Weir is the breakout star of these Games. He's already better than Scott Hamilton.
So In Love - feat. Anthony Hamilton by Jill Scott on
Totally had a Scott Hamilton moment when he had that first doubling! Dogs jumped!
."Eve ate the fruit" sounds like a hooker in Sochi trying to turn Scott Hamilton straight. "Eve ate the apple" is better.
Scott Hamilton celebrates 30th anniversary of gold: Sarajevo. To many, the mention of the Bosnian city evokrd...
I've had a bad taste in my mouth with Scott Hamilton since he made homophobic remarks. The woman commentator is just annoying.
.& - by far, most entertaining part of coverage. So why Scott Hamilton in prime time?
Scott put his gold medal around my neck the year he won it. Thrilled of his story I Am Second -Scott Hamilton
Kurt Browning is kinda a *** when it comes to commentating... I miss Scott Hamilton.
And the medal for most catty and annoying Olympic commentary goes to... Tara Lipinski. The male skater who is self-taught and the sole athlete from the Philippines (whose also family lost their farm in the typhoon): his jumps are choppy and he needs more refinement. She commented about an Estonian skater who kept falling: "I guess he didn't get the memo that this is the Olympics." Bring back Scott Hamilton. Ugh.
Oh, Scott Hamilton -- I need say no more on that. But any other US non-skater commenting about a lackluster performance...LOL
Didn't think I'd enjoy skating w/o Scott Hamilton's voice, but Tara & (especially) Johnny have done an excellent job
I enjoy listening to Scott Hamilton at night, but like watching the skating in its entirety during the day.
So I have the perfect morning set up for me as I play fetch with my dog and watch the Olympic men's long program on one of the NBC channels - with color being done by Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski. I must say I am so impressed with Mr Weir and Ms Lipinski's work. In my opinion they have done a spectacular job thus far in commenting on the competitors skating, offering insightful comments about what's going on inside of the minds of the skaters as they skate, deconstructing the individual elements with great clarity, and if something goes wrong they tell you exactly why which satisfies my innate curiosity of how things work and if they go wrong how to fix them. Finally they do all this in such a way in such a way that it is sympathetic with the skater without being over the top. I guess I'm saying that they are frank and honest and very, very good. No great surprise you say because both obviously been on the ice in competitive situations up to and including the Olympics, but I say not all people are gif .. ...
Ok, Figure Skating has gone down hill this Olympics. Everyone is falling. I can do that. I vote we bring back Scott Hamilton, the back flip, the energy! Or let Will Farrell do his lady hump thing. Tonya Harding, Nancy Kerrigan. Something!
"the only true disability is a bad attitude" Scott Hamilton
and Scott Hamilton is straight which makes his so much more over the top
it'll be Scott Hamilton in primetime I think.
I other words, Johnny Weir dresses like you'd imagine Scott Hamilton would if you just heard their commentary.
I just tuned into men's free skate and I am so confused. Why are there British peeps commentating? Where is Scott Hamilton?
He should do show skating, I could see him doing show programs like some of Scott Hamilton's comedic stuff
Johnny Weir is so *** but he doesn't give Scott Hamilton-over-the-top *** analysis.
If "massive" is on the card when Scott Hamilton's talking, you'll be drunk before the 2nd skater is done ;-)
i used to enjoy watching Figure Skating as a kid when guys like Scott Hamilton & Kurt Browning ruled the ice… now most guys are just flamboyant… why?
Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir should replace Scott Hamilton, I'm thinking.
Sign I am outnumbered by males in my house: I keep referring to Scott Hamilton as Mark Hamill. I hereby surrender my chick card.
I've always loved Scott Hamilton, but it's time for and take over, they're SO good, I'm watching live for them!
It was sad to see Eugeny Plushenko drop out of skating competition after a bad landing caused back pain and loss of feeling in his legs. US skater Scott Hamilton called Plushenko the greatest skater ever. At age 31 with a history of back surgeries, his performance in team competition was amazing. It is disappointing that his country now criticizes a man who represented his country so honorably for so many years. In spite of having other Olympic class men skaters, Russia elected to only send Plushenko to compete in the men's single-skate competition. I have admired Eugany's talent since I watched him as a teenager in his first Olympic competition.
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God redeems our brokenness. Here's a powerful testimony from Scott Hamilton.
You know, I think I should probably wait and watch the Figure Skating coverage until the night because Johnny Weir is not a pleasant commentator at all. He's hyper critical and just downright snobbish about the skating. I like Terry Gannon and Tara but Johnny just ruins it for me. I was hoping he'd be upbeat and positive even while being critical like Scott Hamilton is. I understand they are there to be critics but come on, man. You're going overboard. On the other hand I really like his sparkly coat.
Thought Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski are great skating announcers.Much better than Scott Hamilton at night. Also love that they're BFFs
Gene Harris & Scott Hamilton Quintet with "Blues For Gene" from the album "At last". No Copyright Infringement is Intended, all rights go to the original own...
Scott Hamilton celebrates 30th anniversary of gold!
Tara Lipinski & Johnny Weir are 1000 x better than Tom Hammond, Scott Hamilton and the prime time skating crew!
Totally agree. I like Scott Hamilton but Sandra Bezic has got to go.
Just a comment - I have really enjoyed the NBC skating commentators during the live feed (Johnny Weir, Tara Lipinski and Terry Gannon) much more than the Scott Hamilton crew on NBC prime time. Scott Hamilton shouts whenever a skater falls or does a good jump and I hate that. I think Johnny Weir is providing very good analysis of the skaters - and I love his style. I wrote NBC and told them that...I am sure they will take my opinion into consideration for 2018 :-D
“Scott Hamilton celebrates 30th anniversary of gold! This day just keeps getting better and better
Alright, I continued my every-4-year ritual of watching 15 minutes of men's Figure Skating last night. I have again concluded that Blades of Glory didn't go nearly over the top enough to spoof this "sport." On a positive note, it is the Holy Grail of unintentional comedy. From the costumes, to the music, to the sublime commentary of Scott Hamilton, to guys falling and being mortally wounded only to get up and do triple jumps 30 seconds later, I don't even know where to begin. Give me the cross country skiers with rifles any day over this stuff.
Truly inspiring. If anyone is struggling, please watch this. It helps. am Second® - Scott Hamilton
initfo fact: i graduated from the same university as US gold medalist Scott Hamilton
Glancing through files,and found this lovely card for a Scott exhibition in 1966 at the Hamilton Galleries,London.
he's been doing a fantastic job compared to that Scott Hamilton...
I have always liked Scott Hamilton... This is worth your time, but make sure you have tissues...
My correction to which skater was referred to by Scott Hamilton as a (first 3 letters of the word Japanese) Tatsuki Machida. An earlier post here helped me make the correction. So, Is the major news media going to pretend they didn't hear this? I know they wish it would go away but, someone needs to respond to this immediately!!! Racist comments can not stand!!! And, it is racist thinking which needs to be unlearned.
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