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Scott Frost

Scott Andrew Frost (born January 4, 1975) is an American football coach. He played collegiately for Nebraska as a quarterback.

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This is so awesome. It's easy to spot players who for the love of the game, not for attention/status. Scott Frost:
FSU coach Jimbo Fisher is reigning king of recruiting, but UCF coach Scott Frost is the young prince. ... Bianchi...
Greg Austin, Nebraska OL from 2003 to 2006, is among former on Scott Frost's UCF staff
Scott Frost & OL coach Greg Austin visited with their top OL target on Thursday.
After I got to shake Scott Frost's hand & give him a congrats, I watched him walk out of the section & stadium. The first OT had just ended.
The only starting QB transfers to win a national title since 1990 are Cam Newton, Josh Heupel and Scott Frost
Popular on 500px : Hoary Frost by ScottDoig made by
I hope Laura Kinney has a great 2016 and Scott Summers & Emma Frost rise this year
I agree. But no Scott frost. Man that's crazy.
commit OT Braden Kopp received an offer today from Offered by new HC Scott Frost.
Scott frost With the guest call from the booth for Clemson on that last one
The ghost of Scott Frost snuck up in the Tigers redzone playbook
Scott, welcome to FL and we wish you all the best! Tony Gevo from the Tampa Bay Huskers...
Texas should have hired him 2 years ago. HC experience overrated. Scott Frost seemed good then.
I'm so ready for Scott Frost to be the new hotshot OC turned head coach.
Crazy to think that Scott Frost started out at Stanford for Bill Walsh...
Per Mayfield looking to become the first transfer QB to win a title without a JC stop since Nebraska's Scott Frost in 1997
At this time, my two favourite comics ships are Emma Frost/Scott Summers and Rogue/Magneto. So very interesting because widely different
College Football might as well be in offseason mode when an article suggests Chip Kelly joining Scott Frost as an assistant at UCF.
Lowkey huskers shoulda stuck bo out one more season and brought in good ol Chip Kelly and get Scott frost back...just a thought
"you know, Emma frost is like my kind of Scott for you, my dear"
My dream scenario, goes back to and Helfrich fills void at OC left my Scott Frost. Or he goes to 🙏
Matt Lubick said the Ducks have a plan for how the offensive staff will account for Scott Frost's absence Saturday, but didn't get specific.
25 years ago today, Guard Scott Skiles dished NBA record 30 ASSISTS in 155-116 win over Denver!.
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Hey, maybe now Chip Kelly can become Scott Frost's assistant at UCF! Bianchi blog:
Bianchi: Maybe now Chip Kelly can be Scott Frost's special assistant at UCF
Hey Chip Kelley, heared oregon is looking for new offesive corrdinator, since scott frost's departure.
Application deadline this SATURDAY! Study with Alan Hirsch, Michael Frost, Scott Nelson and others @ Asbury...
Chip Kelly got fired. Scott Frost is heading to UCF. Oregon needs an OC. Chip plz
Nebraska..Fire and bring Scott frost with him. Or we can keep giving up 50+ to purdue
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Lol what if Chip ended up being Oregon's OC in place of Scott Frost.
I'm thinking he would bring Scott Frost as OC and Brent Venables or Muschamp as DC. McDaniels as QB coach.
Chip Kelly you may be a bum for Philly but UCF needs you come back and coach with Scott Frost and bring us to the promised land
they already got Scott Frost bro. Oregon offensive coordinator. he the real architect of chip offense
Hey, Chip Kelly's available. Maybe the Ducks can bring him in to replace Scott Frost.
Or Scott Frost's vacated spot... Dreamers can dream
Good luck to Chip Kelly. I hear Scott Frost is hiring assistant coaches.
Why couldn't the Eagles have done this last year! Chip Kelly and Scott Frost to Nebraska would have been AWESOME
Scott Frost could not do justice to the love i have for . And by "Scott" i mean "Robert"
New HC Scott Frost will have two returning QB's. J. Holman(Sr) was bad but has more experience. B. Schneider (So) was better as the backup.
Adrian Killins got offered by UCF 3 days ago, and committed today. That's Scott Frost's mini-De'Anthony Thomas right there. SPEED merchant.
OLive Matt Lubick has the backing of Dennis Erickson to replace Scott Frost as Ducks' offensive coordinator: E...
Hope Kerwin Bell goes to Oregon to replace Scott Frost.
Tuned into Mike Bianchi to listen to Scott Frost. A year away from Orlando- yep, he’s still awful. Mike, not the new Coach- he seems rad.
Orlando Sentinel - UCF's new coach Scott Frost is a young Chip Kelly
Are going after QB Terry Wilson now that Scott Frost has left Oregon to be HC at UCF? I'll ask at 5:30 on DTM.
Scott Frost, an obvious candidate for the job if it were to become available, was just hired by UCF. Wells from Utah St. another one.
QB recruit Terry Wilson said Scott Frost's new job is "well deserved" but he's still 100% committed to Oregon.
Scott Frost a \'shrewd hire\' for UCF, says former coach Gene McDowell(Orlando news)
announces the hiring of offensive coordinator Scott Frost as their new head football coach.
December 2017: Scott Frost to Nebraska to replace 5-7 Mike Riley, who is given new lifetime contract at OSU after Gary Andersen to Colorado.
Scott Frost should've been the *** Nebraska coach this year, instead of going for an Oregon State coach
can you just tell me how many mailbag questions you get from Husker fans about Scott Frost replacing Mike Riley in 2 years?
UCF job Scott Frost landed may just be better than the Miami gig:
Scott Frost is clearly the best of the early hires. Guy had close relationship w/ Mariota, has Huff/Barner/Fisher/Thomas on NFL rosters.
Oregon QB commit Terry Wilson texted me and said there's no change in his commit/recruiting process with Scott Frost at UCF.
So, hey, wonder if Terry Wilson calls Nebraska back after Scott Frost split.
Oregon offensive coordinator Scott Frost is new head coach at UCF, making him 10th head coach in program history. https:/…
Scott Frost is a perfect hire for UCF. They need a guy with his energy, and that's a phenomenal starting gig for a young talented coach.
It's obnoxious to see Nebraska pining for Scott Frost in a few years. They don't know how good of a thing they have with Mike Riley.
Scott Frost has been the head coach of UCF for an hour and there are ZERO pieces linking him to being Mike Riley's successor. *** media?
Based on reports, Scott Frost was going to come to Syracuse. And Scoop Jardine was point shaving.
former Jet too, right? Or am I confusing Scott Frost with Eric Crouch?
I wonder what Terry Wilson thinks of this Scott Frost move.
makes the hire of former OC Scott Frost as new head coach official:
ICYMI: OC Scott Frost will become the new head coach at multiple sources tell
Scott Frost will outbench recruits Dad's by 100+ pounds and cause Mom's to play with their hair a lot and giggle.
On paper, I like the Scott Frost hiring. A lot younger than Dino too. Danny White and Rob Hennigan should play each other in poker.
I think Scott Frost is atop most lists at this point- I really like Mike Sanford too
I've been kicking around a theory for a few years that if Scott Frost was 300 pounds and balding, he wouldn't be the anointed one. Crazy?
As much fun as it would be, Lane Kiffin does not need to come to Cuse. All aboard the Scott Frost train.
is just playing to his illogical base with the boycott drivel. If you think he really cares, joke is on you.
Oregon offensive coordinator Scott Frost played QB for Stanford. Who caught his first career TD pass? David Shaw (his las…
Hi Scott Congratulations on the engagement.Hope all is well!
should use those "gifted hands" and pen some Hollywood scripts; put to use that wild imagination that he seems to possess.
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Over dinner, Angelina Jolie confirmed to me that is a pathological liar. Who would support this obviously lying clown show?
so how can we start a Scott Frost to Hawaii rumor?
Good grief people, if a corporation can influence your Christmas joy, you didn't have any joy to begin with.
You're like a sad and jilted lover. Sit down dear, and listen. Jesus is never coming back, move on with your life.
scott_lee_frost: Find a Trump like agent here
wants to end tax credits for solar energy as a money waste. Okay. Yet is fine with extending credits for oil companies?
A Phantom Menace in full MST3k style, can't wait for Wed! In glorious Midichlovision!
Scott Frost on Stanford game:"I think it's kind of neat that we're going in as the underdog". more at 630
It's cool that and I share a mad love for The Descent, course he also claims Man of Steel a masterpiece. SO confused.
Could you also slap some sense into George Lucas in the mid 90's? Thanks.
Finn better NOT be a Calrissian (don't shrink the universe), but if he is, I'll protest. I'll ONLY see it 8 times.
Just stop it last thing I need is you placating me with a generic greeting. But thank you so much!
Scott Frost wants better efficiency as UO prepares for Stanford: "We have to take advantage of drives."
Oregon OC Scott Frost on if Stanford's defense compares to anyone they've played: "schematically, they're their own type of animal."
Oregon OC Scott Frost on Darren Carrington: "I think he's gotten faster since he got here. He's got tremendous hands."
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Oregon OC Scott Frost on Stanford: "Their offense is going to try and keep our offense off the field by running the ball."
"Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall." - F. Scott Fitzgerald.
.Plus one. A good journalist knows how to simplify while still maintaining clarity
online chart lists Jeep Grand Cherokee as standard size for frost guard tonight Scott says XL ? What is its?
Freeze Warnings in effect overnight for NWA and Frost Advisories for Polk, Scott, Logan and Johnson counties.
As much as I love the Canes, these alternative uniforms are simply horrendous.THIS is
Frost Advisory in effect from Midnight for Scott, Searcy, Sharp, Stone, Van Buren and Yell Counties in AR
Frost Advisory in effect from Midnight for Newton, Perry, Pike, Polk, Pope, Scott, Searcy and Sharp Counties
I woke up, looked out the window, and the frost on the prairie made me want to drink hot chocolate with
Vernon Adams didn’t bail the Ducks out. He bailed Scott Frost out.
Big win for Vernon Adams over Scott Frost n2
Again, Scott Frost isn't perfect, but his numbers as OC continue to be comparable to Charles "Chip" Kelly as a play caller.
Ducks offensive coordinator Scott Frost on the 777 yards of offense: "It sounds like a slot machine."
Scott Frost's reaction to 777 yards: "Sound like a slot machine."
Scott frost doesn't call plays like he played at Nebraska don't understand why he gets cute sometime just RUN THE BALL
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If Cal comes back (currently 28-41) Scott Frost will have to answer for Adams' INT when the Ducks were rushing the ball at will.
That Cal td is on Scott Frost... Poor play calling in the red zone by him! Not good!
Oh yeah, have Scott Frost call pass plays, that's how you stop the running game
Hmmm...Scott Frost pretty good at drawing up 11 guys on a football field
I can't tell if a high school coach is calling plays or Scott Frost.
must answer here with a solid drive and points. No more fooling around. Scott Frost, open it up!
Scott Frost must be a descendant of Vincini!
Been awfully quietDon Pellums defense got your tongue or is it Scott Frost?
Oregon key for half 2. Don't get conservative Scott Frost. Attack & show no mercy. Duck O is part of the Ducks D!
Has to be said: Scott Frost has mixed up nicely tonight. Even his trick play worked.
Easy there Scott Frost, don't get too drunk now.
Flea flicker, under-thrown again but good down to the 28. Lucky defender didn't turn around. Dang Scott Frost loves pitch + throw plays.
lets hope Scott Frost just keep doing what they are doing... let him run it down there throats all night long
As bad as the Oregon play calling was last week, that's how good the play calling has been today. Scott Frost is on his game tonight.
once again Scott Frost's playcalling makes no sense. Destroying them on the ground whynot throw on 3rd and 3?!
It really is tough to pick whose worse at their job, Don Pellum or Scott Frost. It's a coin flip.
Adams come on but Scott Frost's play calling once again makes no sense
Meanwhile, three and out for Scott Frost’s offense… followed by a blocked punt. Cal takes over at the Oregon 38.
I use to hate those 90's Nebraska teams. Especially the one's with Scott Frost.
What do you do if you're Nebraska? Can Riley after a year, ask for a mulligan and hire Scott Frost? It's what I'd do...
Scott Frost is the only pac-12 coach who has figured out a way to stop Royce Freeman.
Scott Frost's red zone play book is a bar napkin with the word FADE, and a 58 yr old cougar named Tanya's phone number, written on it.
"FOX NCAACF NEWS UPDATE" Offensive coordinator Scott Frost wishes he had more time with Vernon Adams Jr.
Scott Frost and Vernon Adams wish they had more time together:
Trev as UNL AD and hires former husker Scott Frost as head coach...Nebraska and the fan base will then unite
In my opinion, there's no room for excuses at all! I like Vernon, Scott Frost & Mark Helfrich knows who they're dealing with.
Video: Scott Frost on what went wrong in Oregon’s loss to Michigan State
Really good column from on Michigan State's 31-28 win over Oregon. Includes thoughts from OC Scott Frost
Postgame videos from Saturday: Scott Frost, Royce Freeman and Bralon Addison discuss MSU loss
Front Four got it done, Oregon OC Scott Frost discusses:
On overthrow play from VA to Marshall, Scott Frost said play was designed to go to TE on other side & was initially not happy w/ VA’s choice
Recap. Scott Frost's play calling was very poor. And Waited too long to use speed backs bc Freeman was ineffective
Scott Frost said he wasn't initially thrilled to see VA throw at Marshall on the missed deep ball. Was intended to find TE for short pass.
Scott Frost kept going back to the fact that last year's game came down to a couple big plays. Thought it was no different tonight.
Me Too, Just remember something about Scott Frost and a donkey.
Scott Frost said he didn't know if Adams would be able to play due to injury.
Scott Frost screwed the Ducks tonight with that awful play calling. That's my analysis of this game.
waaay outta FG range, lets see what.Scott Frost.can call re throwing the ball downfield
Could you imagine if Scott Frost ran Marcus on 847 QB keepers like this? They'd riot in the streets of Glenwood.
Ball back. Come on Scott Frost, put VA in situations he can do well in.
We run inside and look what happens... Scott Frost you ***
Why are the coordinator camera shots always so creepy? “Let’s check in on Scott Frost with our secret spy cam!"
grew up in nebraska watching scott frost. he'll always be GBR to me...
That silly camera in the coaches box makes Scott Frost look like Tintin
Scott Frost must have lost a bet or something. 🙈 nice hair
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That angle of Scott Frost is not flattering
Nice of ESPN to give us a look of the Scott Frost nose cam
Scott frost was shaking in his boots there
Scott Frost hired ESPN to run his head coaching campaign. Apparently.
Scott Frost held back that three yard passing play for just the right time.
I love seeing what the inside of Scott Frost's nostrils look like.
Scott Frost! Really! Change it up! 32 dive up the middle is not working!
Apparently Scott Frost doesn't get that running up the middle isn't working very well.
Can Scott frost get out of his own way and come up with some creative play calls
Take out freeman and Put someone fast in and Have Scott Frost call better plays. He's been trash
Reasons we are losing . Michigan State is good. Scott Frost play calling trash. Royce Freeman not running for anything
Can Scott Frost call one running play outside the tackles??? Stop running up the middle for no gain.
Hey Scott Frost you have to mix in the run.
i believe in Scott I don't believe in Vernon Adams
Scott Frost gotta go some say but what I'm saying is, more drinks please.
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Royce Freeman is not the type of Back that's effective against Big ten teams. Scott Frost's playcall's have been very poor
Two observations: Scott Frost is not creative. Vernon Adams is easily rattled.
Helfrich and Scott frost not looking too hot either.
I don't know what Scott Frost is calling
Scott Frost you may be a great coach but your play calling ***
I have faith in Frost. Make the adjustments Scott!
That's why you don't just abandon the run Scott Frost
Scott Frost should know about tough situations.. he left Stanford and wasn't exactly welcome early at Nebraska
yo wasn't Scott Frost apart of the whole transfer nonsense with him and Stanford
I love The Woodlands and so do my great friends, Jessica and Scott Frost. They recently opened up a great...
Chip Kelly is going to draft Scott Frost.
Tebow or Scott Frost could've played in a pro style and won less in college, still probably not pro prospects.
How about Mike McCoy as the next Utah Head Coach? Or Scott Frost (retaining Morgan Scaley as DC)?
This day in Husker history: The last hurrah! 17 years ago today, Tom Osborne's Huskers manhandled the Peyton Manning-led Tennessee Volunteers in a 42-17 victory that earned Nebraska a share of the 1997 national title. Husker QB Scott Frost was nearly flawless — scoring three touchdowns — while Orange Bowl MVP Ahman Green gained a bowl-record 206 on the ground. MORE:
After watching Oregon, I'd cut my right kidney to get Scott Frost as coach.
Scott Frost: I was texting Chip before the game on the way over and the last thing he said was "I'm going to Dallas. I'll see you there."
Oregon OC Scott Frost said Chip Kelly texted him before the game that he was going to Dallas and would see the Ducks there.
Tell Scott Frost keep the speed set on HIGH!!!
Lol agree. I think we should go with someone new not a retread. Scott Frost please!
Might be biased. Like to see Oregon V Bama match up. Scott Frost connection.
Scott Frost should've come back to Nebr
I would like to see Scott Frost. I think he would run an offense that Kap could thrive in.
you called a great game Scott. Super happy for you. Good luck in the championship game.
I used to locker next to Larry Frost in the Huskers lockerroom. Tonight, his son Scott called the plays for Oregon. We're both smiling.
if we do go the Mariota route they cannot bring in a retread OC. Must go all in ala Scott Frost.
Serious question for the why didn't yaw go after Oregon Offensive coordinator Scott Frost for your new head coaching job?
Can't help but be impressed with Scott Frost play calling, energy& pace. Who's the guy we hired? Oh, the guy from the other Oregon dough!
Silver lining: maybe the Ducks win the title and then Scott Frost will become the Jags' new OC.
Y'all need to stop with that Scott Frost nonsense.ain't happening.
.Hire Scott Frost and I might forgive you.
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Can Tampa Bay please, please, please hire someone who knows this Oregon offense as their new OC? Honestly, just hire Scott …
Alright, I'm sold. Scott Frost...back up the money truck, Joe C.
Great game Scott. I'm glad to see you doing well. Jeff Mortimer
The former QB has plenty of prospects, but says "I'm loyal to Oregon."
'Twas a beautiful day a mere 20 years ago! Have listened to announcers boast about Scott Frost (Coach Oregon) and now Lane Kiffin (Coach Alabama). Both have ties to south central Nebraska!
Shared elevator ride with Scott Frost he gave me crap about picking FSU. Merited, eh?
Gotta freaking love watching Scott Frost run all over famous Jameis
Lawrence Phillips may have won the battle that night in 1995 but Scott Frost won the war of life.
Stoops should fire Josh Huepel and snag Offensive Coordinator Scott Frost from Oregon.just a thought
Can we get Rob Mullens to leave Oregon to come home as our AD and bring Scott Frost with him as OC?
OC Scott Frost on Marcus Mariota: "If you can find something else to say about him I'd like to hear it."
No reason to think Scott Frost is available or seasoned enough.
I think a lot of schools messed up not hiring Scott Frost from Oregon. Dude is out here playing Checkers, Connect 4, Uno, Yaht…
Phil Knight pouring all that cash into Oregon football has given him a handsome return on investment. The Ducks are pretty doggone good! I'd like to see Scott Frost return to Nebraska as Coach Riley's Offensive Coordinator, and then become the Head Cornhusker after a great run by Coach Mike. If Coach Riley is successful and retires ten to twelve years from now, Scott would only be about fifty at that time. I'll likely be dead by then, but it is just something to think about.
Shouldn't the Bucs draft Mariota and hire Scott Frost?
Nebraska, you should have tried to lure Scott Frost back to Lincoln. Mistake.
.I like what you said about and Scott Frost. I'm glad you worked the
Taryn: Happy for Nebraska's Scott Frost and the Ducks. I have Oregon winning it all! (Sorry FSU friends.)
yeh... He kept Scott Frost from coming home!!!
How do you like Scott Frost's play calling?
Aww, those were the days! New era coming up! :) least Scott Frost got a big win tonight!
Classy interviews by Oregon. Unsportsmanlike when FSU had over half the team leave the field without shaking hands. I'm starting to really love Oregon and Scott Frost.
Some numnut just asked Scott Frost about Jameis Winston. His response: "I can answer a lot of questions about their defense."
What was Nebraska thinking not hiring Scott Frost?
Nice job Scott Frost, don't care who it is just put it on them like you did Florida
Remember Bo-Haters...our administration and coach decided to pass on Scott Frost. Think about that for a moment.
Happy for Scott Frost and the I have winning it all!
What an amazing day of football, and how about that Scott Frost led offence of Oregon? WOW!!
Shout out to Scott Frost on the great win tonight with the Ducks! Keep it going!
So, Nebraska needed a head coach and they didn't even interview Scott Frost? Seems about right.
Appears to be a halo over Scott Frost on field post-game
Congratulations to Scott Frost and his record breaking Oregon Ducks offense!
Time and time again I've made dreams a reality. This hunt was no exception I've set my Nephews Billy Walker & Draven Walker , Deanna Page, Peter Dorrman, Skip Ross, Dillon & Brandon Ross, Jacob Mitchell, Peter Winter, Kevin Dorey, Scott Frost, Rusty Davis, Thomas Severance and countless other hunters up on their first video hunts, South West winds with a front blowing in.Awesome Video!!!
Way to go Ducks.can we have Scott Frost??
I don't know about you, but I think Scott Frost is ready to coach a big time program right now.
Congratulations to the Oregon Ducks and OC Scott Frost. Impressive win in National Semi-Finals.
Bwa Haw! Looky what Oregon and Scott Frost calling the offensive plays is doing to the poor Seminoles! It's a beatdown!
Now, I'm not a Duck fan (at all, even though I like Scott Frost (former Husker))...AND, I'm not a Seminole fan. But against a team that runs an offense that quick and scores that much, u cannot turn over the ball like that...and over...and over...and...
I thought I should clarify (to my FSU friends) why so many Nebraska's enjoy this FSU loss. It's not about the school. It's a great school. Amazing people. It's probably one of these reasons: 1) We have a history of losing to Florida teams (mostly FSU) and it drives us crazy. How many NCs did we lose? Cough,cough '93 2). We are college football fans and don't like how they got Mr. Bowden out. He was a gent and is loved by our fans. 3). Jameis Winston shouldn't be playing. He dishonors the program. He dishonors just about everyone. Including women and apparently his coach just now. 4). Scott Frost played for get the point. 5). We have nothing else to do in this state. For me it's reasons: 3-2-4-5. Any other day I love FSU. Many of my friends went there and it's a great program.
Man, when the wheels fall off the bus, they fall off big time..and FL state's bus is totally disabled! Not to take anything away from OR...the Ducks have taken advantage of opportunities and played very well under the leadership of their Heisman trophy winner Mariota...not to mention the play calls by their offensive coordinator who just happens to be a former Husker QB ...Scott Frost!
This very well could be the best year of my life...Oregon rocked FSU.Mariota won the Heisman.Scott Frost is an offensive the National Championship on my bday with my Ducks.thanks Uncle Phil
So Nebraska, remind me again why you didn't want native son, former national champion quarterback and Oregon offensive coordinator Scott Frost to be your new head coach. His offense is only beating the undefeated defending national champs by 5 and a half touchdowns right now.
Kinda nice to see FSU get pounded. Good thing Scott Frost isn't coming to Neb. Husker fans couldn't keep up with this style of offense. Go Ducks. Never thought I would say go Buckeyes!
Things I'm thankful for.first, thank God we are not playing Oregon...I can understand now why we didn't try to get Scott Frost...said in a Sarcastic voice.
Can the ducks get to 100 points!!!.lol...if you are watching the game you are watching the future national one in the country is playing at that level...way to go Scott Frost!!!
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Ya I can see why Scott Frost wouldn't have worked at NU.
And this my friends is why I wanted Scott Frost as our OC. Although Florida States offense is sure helping Oregon's defense out. Proud of our former Husker and his big win today!
Let's go to Josh for a trustworthy analysis: "Incredible play calling by Scott Frost. That man is a mastermind.”
Scott Frost is the best playcaller in the NCAA
I hope Josh Heupel is taking notes on how Scott Frost is calling plays. Excellent game plan and excellent setup plays.
Scott Frost is almost certainly going to go the NCAA HC route first before moving up to the NFL.
I'd love to see Scott Frost or Lincoln Riley
Oregon OC Scott Frost played for the in 2003 & has been coached by Bill Walsh, Tom Osborne, Parcells, Belichick, & Gruden.
Scott Frost is a funny guy. Skip to the 4 minute mark in the video!
Names I've heard but that it won't be: Tom Bradley, Scott Frost, Kirby Smart, Joe Rudolph, Matt Campbell
Top 5 coaches that should replace McElwain at CSU (in no specific order): Scott Frost, Dave Baldwin, Lane Kiffin, Brady Hoke, Bo Pelini
If Nick Saban can hire Lane Kiffin to run a spread/pro style mix on offense, then Mike Riley can hire Scott Frost to do the same.
Beamer better fire Loeffler 10 minutes after the bowl game and hire Scott Frost if he doesn't want to be the one on the chopping block
Fun fact: The first touchdown pass Scott Frost threw as a college quarterback was caught by David Shaw. Yeah, that David…
chances of Scott Frost leaving Oregon for Nebraska probably increase if the Duck win the CFB
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fyi, feeling vomity since Fox color guy just invoked the names of Chip Kelly and Scott Frost in the same sentence
Scott Frost as Oregon's OC takes me back down memory lane. Seems like he was just running the Speed Option at Q for Nebraska on Michigan
Scott Frost the OC currently. Mark Helfrich was Chip Kelly's OC. I wonder who has put the most into the Oregon offense.
didn't mention Scott Frost or Bo Pelini but Hoke and stupid Lane Kiffin get mentions? Weak sauce
Ok, feeling a tad better about the Mike Riley hire here at dear old NU. ESPN loves the hire, says he is just want NU needs in recruiting and coaching. I know it is not exciting but maybe he is what is needed. We just need a good coach, and recruiter. Now, I wonder if Scott Frost is coming too? I read Riley has a strong staff already so I kind of doubt it but who knows! What do the rest of the Husker fans think?
Mike Riley? Really?!? So We get rid of Bo (who never won fewer than 9 games) to hire this clown who went 5-7 and was on his way to being fired! Well are either going to come out a genius or be in the unemployment line with Riley in two years! How in the *** do you not go get Scott Frost?!? Hometown hero born in the shadows of Memorial Stadium, QB for Osborne's final National Championship, OC of the year candidate, and, at 39 years old, somebody you could build another dynasty with. No, instead let's go get a 61 no name hack that couldn't win in the CFL, NFL or Oregon State! But hey, at least he played under Bear Bryant (who's been dead for *** near 40yrs!!!) so at least we got that gold star on the resume! Guess Bill Callahan wasn't available this time around!!
no offense to Scott Frost but who remembers Lane Kiffin's HC adventures?
I guess maybe Scott Frost may be staying with the Ducks for a while. Doubt he takes the Colorado State or Oregon State jobs.
All I know is that it's going to get REALLY awkward when Jim Tressel and Scott Frost walk in and Mike Riley is sitting in …
Repeat link: Scott Frost's teammates were *** him. They soon found out what he was made of.
My shortlist of candidates for the Nebraska job. A) Scott Frost- Frost is the current offensive coordinator at Oregon. Frost quarterbacked the Huskers to the National Title in 1997 so that's his connection. Frost though I believe has some proving to do as he was handed a well oiled machine otherwise known as the Oregon offense. He's popular with the fans but inexperienced on the sideline so give him 5-10 years he'll be a head coach just not right now. B) Jerry Kill- Kill is the current coach at Minnesota and has a proven track record as a successful coach. While I believe he remains at Minnesota I do think he'll get a look from Eichorst and Nebraska. C) Turner Gill- Gill is another former Nebraska quarterback. The only difference between he and Frost is that Gill has head coaching experience. Gill was an graduate assistant at Nebraska, SMU, and North Texas. He was an assistant with the Packers. He also was the QB coach at Nebraska taking legendary qbs Tommie Frazier and Eric Crouch under his wing. In 2005 ...
Is Frost our man? As an Oregon fan you've known this day was coming. At some point, it was going to happen. However it's surprising that a 9-3 season, and 67-27 career was the demise of Bo Pelini at Nebraska. Pelini wasn't charismatic with the media but his players respected him and he ran a clean program. Oregon fans should be able to relate to being in a tough recruiting area as Nebraska is. It takes a special coach to manage these challenges. In 2009, Chip Kelly made a surprise hire bringing in former Husker standout Scott Frost. Frost was co-defensive coordinator at Northern Iowa. Yeah exactly, where? Frost joined Oregon as a receivers coach under Chip Kelly with Mark Helfrich as his offensive coordinator. Every Oregon fan is aware of the events that followed. In his first year as offensive coordinator, Frost set the mark in total offensive yards at Oregon. The Ducks went 11-2 with an Alamo bowl finish. With the Nebraska job now open is he ready to take the next step in college football? Frost has bee ...
I'm sold on Scott Frost. Let's go get him! 🏈
With Bo Pelini done at expect OC Scott Frost to get a close look. Terrific off. coach & very well-l…
Bo Pelini is OUT with the Nebraska Huskers. Could Oregon Football's Scott Frost be heading to Lincoln? Joel Klatt joins to break it down.
For what it's worth..My short wishlist in no particular order: Pat Narduzzi, Kirby Smart, Scott Frost, Gary Patterson, Jim McElwain
There's a few guys who I'd love to see at Nebraska. 1. Gary Patterson (HC, TCU). 2. Kirby Smart (DC, ALA). 3. Scott Frost (OC, ORE) .
I’m sure it’ll end up being Scott Frost, but Paul Johnson or Ken Niumatololo would be really interesting picks for Nebraska.
We'll swing and miss on the big names: Gary Patterson, Mark Richt, etc. Look for Scott Frost or Craig Bohl to be the next NU coach.
disagree. Scott Frost very similar experience to Jimbo at FSU & Mullen at MSST, only w/ ties to this program.
Justin Puente, Chad Morris, Matt Wells, Scott Frost, Blake Anderson and Mark Hudspeth all came up,
ICYMI: My Friday 'Cram Session': Time may be right for Scott Frost to run a program: via
Run the Risk By Scott Frost - No.44 in USA Today Top 150 Fiction week of Oct 11, 2012
If Nebraska cant hire Turner Gill, then Scott Frost would be acceptable too.
Photoset: Sunny morning walk. Yellow after frost lovely. Pink beautiful too.
Steve Sipple says time may be right for Scott Frost to run his own program:
did you to finally make up?? Please don't make frost a mod Scott, we don't need that kind of problem
Still basking in the magic of Mark Helfrich, the brilliance of Scott Frost, and the vision of Don Pellum ... rest of the staff was a given.
Great article on frost written by Scott Ellis, Head Superintendent at Evergreen Golf Course.
Also, this video of it is amazing if only for the young Scott Frost, Herbie, and Corso
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On page 34 of 195 of The Autobiography of F.B.I. Special Agent Dale , by Scott Frost
"When you have a guy like Scott Frost, something good can happen." First and last time for those words.
Young Scott Frost was Mariota-esque MT A ridiculous run by Scott Frost puts Stanford on the board
A ridiculous run by Scott Frost on a busted play puts Stanford on the board. 10-7, 12:13 to go 2Q.
Scott Frost will get the start at QB for Stanford today vs Oregon. Steve Stenstrom had surgery on his hand & will miss rest of the season.
Frost: it's not just millennials using mobile banking... Baby boomers are as well. Digital changing banking.
Frost Bank: having a "Mayday" approach for support, like Amazon, on our app, is going to be critical for mobile users.
Frost Bank: For us, getting insight into mobile thru mainframe transactions is critical.
Frost Bank talking about releasing apps. They give more value to quality vs. speed, while both are critical.
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