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Scott Frost

Scott Andrew Frost (born January 4, 1975) is an American football coach. He played collegiately for Nebraska as a quarterback.

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Proving MYSELF 1 person at a time.Ill take dat! Wit my homeboi Scott Engle... God allows U…
Scott Frost objects to this choice.
It seems to me that Scott from the X-men could not handle Jean both pre and post phoenix. He had to settle for Emma Frost. .
Do you think Scott Frost is calling most offensive plays? If so that's my number one concern.
That's some Scott Summers/Emma Frost/Jean Grey level relationship drama right there. Is Batiuk an X-Men fan?
Photoset: scott summers and emma frost in uncanny x-men
TA - 52% Scott frost 1997 - 55%. Not saying TA is frost but No need to hate on a soph. battling horrible o line play
So when is Scott Frost coming back to NU?
Interview with Scott Frost now on Listen to the Oregon OC preview Ducks/Bruins:
here you go --- Scott Frost would be so weird as Michigan coach after watching this
Scott Frost pleaded to give Osborne another National Title after the 1998 Orange Bowl... can't forgive that.
also, lists scott frost as a candidate but I'd be against hiring a guy looks like todd from breaking bad
This made my weekend: a note by F. Scott Fitzgerald in which he conjugates the verb "to cocktail"
50 years ago today 2YO Noble Victory ( Stanley Dancer) matched the 2:00 race mark set 10 years earlier by Scott Frost at
Who should next year's kufball coach be? Jim Harbaugh, Scott Frost, or Clint Bowen?. Go vote on the homepage!
they're loads of assistance out there I've been watching Scott frost at Oregon I live on the west coast we need elite coaching.
( Video ) No. 12 Oregon Returns to Work Monday Preparing for UCLA – Scott Frost talks getting back to work - Watch at
[Oct. 5] ...Mr. Frost, Alderman of Calgary. Dined with Scott & Klinck & went to evening meeting... Splendid choir & good program.
help John, I'm frustrated, for once I think the media should be calling out Scott Frost and Don Pellum for the last 2 games!
Well we can't cancel cable now... ‘Twin Peaks’ Returns As Showtime Limited Series From David Lynch
If Tim Beck leaves (somehow), let's just bypass the Scott Frost option. Go straight to the source and hire Tom Osborne as OC.
59 yrs ago today Scott Frost won brand new Triple Crown for Joe O'Brien as he won the race-off of the KY Futurity, his 18th win in 21 heats.
they can take scott frost from UO.please
Frost advisory in dark blue, freeze warning in light blue. 2am-10am Monday.
Now the NWS issues a frost advisory until 9am for Carbon & Monroe counties(PA), as well as Sussex county NJ.
Frost advisory overnight for Orange County NY; the tan means that patchy frost is possible, but not widespread.
Congrats to the winners of our beard contest - and thanks to the many who participated! 1st - Scott Frost, 2nd -...
Here are some coaches to watch: Mark Stoops, Dan Mullen, Chad Morris, Pat Narduzzi, Scott Frost (timber!! on that one), Lincoln Riley
I really hope us playing oregon in the coming years is a ploy to recruit scott frost to our coaching team. hasaoddhead
Frost Advisory issued October 05 at 2:43AM CDT until October 05 at 8:00AM CDT by NWS
Scott Frost said Mariota was not 100 percent tonight. Got hurt against Wazzu when he was sacked seven times.
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this is the best late night comedy show ever !! Shawn: Scott Frost , Eric Crouch , Lawrence P.
Jeez UCLA that was like the Scott Frost play in 97
Nebraska play call on that 2 pt conv like Scott Frost or Tommie Frazier are still there
Feelings lot better about the Ducks loss today. They may even be in the top 8 tomorrow. Hopefully Scott Frost gets it together.
I was thinking Houston Nutt or scott frost.
If the university can spend $ on new sound system. Throw 2-3 million dollars at Scott Frost to come coordinate our offense.
Is it just me or did they not fire Pelini last year to give Scott Frost another year to get ready to become a head coach
In otherwords...can we borrow Scott Frost? Like.permanently? ???
Who's Nebraska gonna hire when y'all push out Pelini. Scott Frost is the only answer you got.
As Tim Beck updates his resume to be head coach at KU, Scott Frost ponders the value of coming back to NU, tho still as an OC.
Scott Frost: Offensive coordinator, Oregon, and try to persuade David Beatty to come back as OC. (see what I did there)
I suspect Scott Frost, Josh Heupel, David Beatty want better jobs. We snubbed Dave Doeren previously, don't see him looking our way again.
Ed Warinner, Tim Beck, David Beatty and Scott Frost make sense. Who knows it may just be Clint Bowen in the end?
Scott Frost, Steve Greatwood and Doug Brenner talk with the media after practice yesterday
Whats that sound from Area 51 in the Hatfield Dowlin bldg, its just Scott Frost and Mark Helfrich doing the Happy Dance after Ofodile verbal
All purpose parts banner
Amazing weekend,so many great people to thank for pulling together and making this happen for hunter and his family,and for giving all 3 boys a weekend they will never forget.Rick Gyarmati,Justin Wethington,Jeanette Lee,John Brumback,Adam Smith,Scott Frost,Michaels-Billiards Pool-Hall,Kim Spies,Lisa Just,and so many more,including all the players that played in the tourneys.and to the team from Columbus that drove all the way down on Friday to leave a very large donation,UNBELIEVABLE! This team has my hand in making them all better players real soon,thanks everyone so much.Here are some great pics from the benefit.
We'll have offensive coordinator Scott Frost, women's basketball HC Kelly Graves and softball HC Mike White speaking at noon today at VRI.
I can't wait to see and as Adam and Scott Frost in the new serie
Scott Frost planning to help 'evolve' the Oregon offense in his second season as coordinator.
Kevin Dillman's 2013 highlights not impressive. Kid is slow & has a Scott Frost shot put motion
6 rows up at center court. Thanks Scott Frost
Scott Frost. Wen U off to then New Zealand harvest. I know its soon. Let us know and rem to post some photos
Scott Frost this is me except its an 1hr and a half lol
Next opponent in the 2014 US Open One Pocket is none other than The Freezer Scott Frost. I have been working *** improving my game over the past two years and while I'm definitely the underdog I am pleased that I should be able to give him something to deal with. It was over twenty years ago that I was playing him 9 ball in his moms basement. It was amazing how quickly his game improved back then. Never could i have imaged that i was playing a one pocket hall of famer in his infancy. Your one pocket game is a thing of beauty Mr Frost. I have looked forward to this moment for a long time. Good luck my friend.
Introducing the Diet Coke FROST Cherry! Available exclusively as a Click here to try one for free:
think there is a hidden barley grower message here. Frost tolerance equals early plant think maybe excess biomass crushes yield
Annexation of Scott Frost property has been approved
C Scott Frost In lab 4 prelab activity: it says that the palm of the hand is all innervated by the ulnar nerve. but on that dermatome of the hand shows that the palm of the hand has a mixture of the radial, median and ulnar nerve. -thumb is radial/median innervated -2nd & 3rd digit is median nerve innervated -4th digit is median/ulnar innervated -pinky is ulnar nerve innervated. which one should we focus on more? the dermatome or the lab 4 prelab?
Scott Frost is awesome. He cooked a turkey today, did all the work himself, and just delivered me a plate. Nothing sexier than a man that delivers good, tasty meat.
Just a quick note to let everyone know that our neighbors at our 2020 Brown Street location, St Vincent, will be installing a new air handler on their roof and will need to use some of our parking space for the crane. Right now it looks like this will happen Saturday March 15. We will keep you posted of any changes and will have signs that direct people to addition parking when needed. – Scott Frost, Aspire Maintenance
Excellent post from on various approaches to building a responsive site to replace a legacy site:
Best "foot in mouth moment" last week.. Working with Kate Frost and asking her how DJ Nicky P was. *Note to...
We will loop todays matches for free until tomorrow morning around 8 AM pacific. PPV begins at 10AM tomorrow with Shane VanBoening vs Scott Frost . Links to purchase will be up later tonight at
I felt bad not realizing that Emma Frost and Scott Summers broke up like a year ago. X-Men is really confusing now.
Replay on of US Bar Table Scott Frost vs -
First round on the TAR Stream table Brandon Shuff Scott Frost 10 Ball race to 7.
Scott Frost this is so your face when I do a bad transition. . (which is rarely I may add)...LOL
Hey C Scott Frost, are we having a short lab on Wednesday still?
Two years ago Chip Kelly went with Scott Frost to the running of the bulls, and now he's in Indianapolis for the running of the linebackers.
At my home in July / Aug I agree. Hotel in FLA.frost can be on the walls. Supporting AC contractors all over the southern US
Scott Frost's basketball offense is an abomination.
If You love Andrew Scott!. Lets see how many Scottie's are out there!
The day I find a cute boy who loves Hemingway, F Scott Fitzgerald, or Frost as much as me 💔📚😍
C Scott Frost will there be a power point for the review on sunday night? im out of town and dont think ill make it home in time. But I really wanted to attends yalls review because I heard from students last semester that yall give the most thorough reviews!
and in the comics jean is taken over but is still inside The Phoenix. The Phoenix tries to kill Emma Frost when she dates Scott
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Pines on the South Rim, still covered in Frost!. Scott Wright Photography
I am uploading the matches from Caspers 2011 One Pocket tournament!! I will post the playlist link here asap. players include: Scott Frost, Sylver Ochoa, Cliff Joyner, Gabriel Owen & Rafael Martinez!! Commentary appearances by Brandon Shuff, Scott Frost & Joey Aguzin. These will be free to view.
Scott Summers was so Drake'd out before he got with Emma Frost though.
You've just been cained in front of 2000 people? "Scott Soft Lad Richards"
Great to see Las Vegas tech pioneers Scott Frost and at yesterday. All amazing entrepreneurs.
working on Government requirement for EMT. I already know what to do, since Scott Frost taught me, Ambulance Before Cruiser, and say enough help, I"ll be clear.
Thursday, April 17th at Smokin' Aces, Scott Frost will conduct a one night only instructional clinic. From 3:30 - 9pm for only $100 you can make an investment in the future of your game with this world champion player. There are only 10 spots available so reserve yours now! The first 10 paid reservations will be guaranteed to experience this chance of a lifetime!
Whenever this guy gets RTd into my TL, I think it’s Scott Frost talking baseball.
Spending my birthday listening to Scott Frost talking about h2s for the 12,752 time. He is lucky he is cute. And I have Pandora and wifi..
This won't come as a shock to any college football fans, but Oregon's offensive coordinator, Scott Frost, isn't thrilled with the new rule that's been proposed by the NCAA to…
The U.S. Attorney's Office in Lubbock issued the following press release Friday morning regarding a federal indictment against former Rising Star Police Chief William Kelcy, who also previously served on the Early City Council: A federal grand jury in Lubbock has returned a two-count indictment against the former Chief of the Rising Star Police Department. William Jason Kelcy, 41, is charged with one count of theft of government property and aiding and abetting and one count of theft of a machine gun and aiding and abetting. Kelcy is expected to self-surrender in response to a summons and make an initial appearance before U.S. Magistrate Judge E. Scott Frost later this month. Today’s announcement was made by U.S. Attorney Sarah R. Saldaña of the Northern District of Texas.
Scott Frost, I would love to do this on our future house!!
Dennis Hatch defeated Scott Frost 7-0 in a captain's choice shoot-out, lifting the Atlanta Scorpions to a 7-6 victory in the second round of the WPBL playoffs Sunday at the WPBL Arena in Las Vegas. Frost missed a very difficult cut of a purple ball into the side pocket after the break, helping Atlanta advance to the third round of the tourney despite being the lowest seeded team in the playoffs. Atlanta had a chance to win the match prior to the captain's choice, but was only able to win the final game of regulation in a shoot-out that tied the match at 6-6 after 8 regulation games. The match was tied at 3 before Johnny Archer gave Atlanta a 5-3 lead by defeating Frost in singles 30-12, but Phoenix would score the next three match points to take a 6-5 lead thanks in part to the shooting of Tommy Kennedy. The 1991 US Open champion picked up a regulation win over Shannon Daulton that gave Phoenix it's first lead of the day at 6-5. But after Atlanta picked up the shoot-out point in 3 on 3 to wrap up regula . ...
Trivia Time! Post the answer HERE after WPBL announcer Steve Strain asks the question on the web stream. Question will be asked during the first half of the Bonus Ball Playoff matchup between the Phoenix Fire and the Atlanta Scorpions! Good luck to team captains Scott Frost and Johnny Archer!
Figured as much when Scott Frost spoke about Thomas in the past tense after the Alamo Bowl. Would love to see Payton or Kelly draft DAT.
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Tony Rice, Tommy Frazier, Scott Frost, Tim Tebow... How many titles is that with QB's like Braxton
David Shaw should hire Scott Frost as OC, they would be a great tandem.
The ideal head coach is out there waiting to be hired. He's the offensive coordinator at the University of Oregon.Scott Frost. He WILL BE a head coach within 2 years. I just hope at Nebraska. He's from Nebraska and played at Nebraska. He's proven himself at Oregon and at northern Iowa as a defensive coach. He understands NU tradition. He's learned from some of the greatest...Bill Walsh at Stanford, Tom Osbourne , and Bill Parcels when be Pplayed in the NFL for the Jets. Parcels said he was one of the smartest players he ever coached and would hire him as a head coach in a heartbeat. Don't wait too long and blow it NU. I really believe he could be a long term successful cornhusker coach.
It was plain to Duck fans all along, but having Scott Frost come out and say in yesterday's Alamo Bowl press conference how badly Marcus Mariota was hurt in the last month of the season just confirmed 1) Mariota's courage and 2) the injustice of having him dropped from Heisman contention after Oregon's two losses.
rant: The Rams made me angry with the NFL because they kept beating my Titans back in the day - especially annoying because the Rams ran a wide-open spread offense while the Titans were known as a much more conservative, smash-mouth offense with QB Steve McNair (RIP) and RB Eddie George. I don't approve of shotgun offenses, unless it's the Notre Dame Box as utilized by Sicily Island during the 1980s. That's my offensive philosophy. The power-I (option), wishbone, wing-t, double-wing, veer, straight-t are the sets and we're looking at Colin Kaepernick, Tommie Frazier, Tony Rice, Scott Frost, Eric Crouch, Jamelle Holieway and Jeff Curtis as potential quarterbacks.
When Scott Frost struggled early, Husker nation was calling for London to help. That's Frankie London. Love recruits from Louisiana.
Well, if Scott Frost could announce his retirement from the NFL before ever playing in it, you understand the way of the world
Of out with Scott Frost Callum Williams and liss hitting the shops.. Then bk home blitz house do food for later and party time with my faves xx
Chestnuts roasting on an open fire,. Jack Frost nipping at your nose,. Yuletide carols being sung by a choir. And...
'What is government but theft by consent?' - Scott Lynch
“What did the homeless man get for Christmas? . Frost bite.”
I'm kinda on the giff smith bandwagon right now. Scott frost does intrigue me.
Gators could have got Scott Frost from Oregon.
Yeah, but Scott Frost is going to hug me. Dude on the other end was very vocal about his disbelief.
I'm currently standing next to Scott Frost
Hamilton Collection
Scott got hustled by a little girl 😂
Scott beat Jack Frost and is now Santa again 😁
Oh no Jack Frost has got his way and now scott isn't Santa no more
Man, it's so chill outside that I JUST seen Jack frost chilling in a hammock reading a Zane book!...
Next to Scott Frost right now at scheels in the Nebraska section.
I like watching itv3. I like old episodes of Jonathan Creek, A Touch of Frost, Wire in the Blood, Scott & Bailey. There. I said it.
Two of the best dessert wines we've had! Noble Frost Gewurztraminer, and J. Scott Mistelle (a beautiful, Port...
St. Rose beats Holmdel. Frost hits go ahead 3 with 10 seconds left to go up by 1 and then he steals the ball to clinch the win
most be a different Scott Frost then, lol
how can we get a ticket for frost on Windows if our city doesn't let us warm up our cars ?
I’m starting to forget what you smell like. I don’t like it
2) why didn't Jack Frost have to get married under the 'Mrs. Clause' when he tricked Scott into giving up being Santa?
Scott: Icicles form in cool shapes … ever seen one like this? Its like Jack Frost is trying reach out and grab ya!
u got a *** sock? I'll buy u 1 for Christmas.. Don't want the little guy getting frost bite X
This is too funny Scott Frost I thought you would really love this Is this how you train your kitties to be
Update your maps at Navteq
if I were Scott Calvin I would just knock Jack Frost out and get the coat back like wth
Scott Pilgrim vs the world, eat pray love and Jack Frost are all playing at the same time 😭
"Affection can withstand very severe storms of vigor, but not a long polar frost of indifference"--Sir Walter Scott
“There is no fire or frost that challenge what a man can accumulate in his heart.” Francis Scott Fitzgerald
omg do you think they hand jean grey vs emma frost discussions bc of when scott gets with emma. OR scott vs logan
Cooking Scott Frost 's awesome baked potatoes with cream and cheese- let's hope they are half as good as the lot Scott last made. In anticipation of them have opened a bottle of wine - let Christmas begin!
I have an idea for Nebraska football. 1st off, have no head coach. Bring back Frank Solich to coach offense. Either have Callahan or Scott Frost do the recruiting. And if Frost comes back, have him as a qb and wr coach and maybe call some plays. And have Bo as D coordinator. or just bring back Tom Osborne as head coach if that doesn't work ha
It's unfortunate we have to watch Scott Frost call the plays next year again...
Austin Meek has a great (as usual) piece on UO OC Scott Frost. Turns out, the Ducks are playing faster this season
The R-G's Austin Meek: Scott Frost is loving his first season as Oregon's offensive coordinator:
actually played faster & averaged more yds this yr. Good story on OC Scott Frost by
In this story on Scott Frost, I learned the Ducks actually ran plays faster in 2013 than 2012:
Every plant transforms under a layer of this frost. It builds and build until it becomes so beautiful! . Scott...
Good Morning, welcome back to the World of Frost!. Scott Wright Photography
Scott Frost, Marcus Mariota, Brian Jackson and Dior Mathis talk with the media after practice yesterday
Update your maps at Navteq
Febus receives light sentence for role in son's slaying By SCOTT FROST Posted: 03/19/12, 9:09 PM EDT | The murdered boy’s mother Charity Febus, 29, was sentenced yesterday by a judge to eight years in jail on a second-degree endangering the welfare charge. But, as Judge Andrew Smithson noted, Febus will be up for parole in a year and a half and will be credited for the two years she’s already served. Febus’ boyfriend, Rafeal Cruz, 32, beat Christopher Rodriguez Dec. 22 with a hanger until his rear end was blackened because the child liked to peek out of the window of the family’s Kingsbury Square Apartment. But that wasn’t enough. In an effort to hide the child’s wounds in case the authorities were called, the native New Yorker placed the nearly naked, 40-pound child in a grassy area outside the complex in 12-degree weather to freeze to death. Mercer County Assistant Prosecutor Kim Lacken said Cruz planned to tell police the child crawled out the window and was beat up outside, Febus was charg ...
I bought my last television on the morning of a big Husker game. NU was ranked first, after an undefeated season and a blowout victory in their opening game (Mich St), the following season. A big game loomed, and I bought what was then a large tv. Well, Scott Frost and the Huskers lost that game to the ASU Sun Devils, 9/21/96. I finally bought another television, a 50" LG with 120 mhz. It's marvelous. Thanks to Mom for leaving a small nest egg. I think she'd approve.
On the Smurf head coach hiring - Oregonian reports that: all six of Boise State's finalists had ties to the state of Oregon, and four to the Oregon Ducks specifically: 1. Bryan Harsin, who got the job and was previously Arkansas State's head coach, started out as running backs and receivers coach at Eastern Oregon in 2000. 2. Justin Wilcox, a Junction City native who is now Washington's defensive coordinator, played for the Ducks in the late 1990s. 3. Dirk Koetter, who is the Atlanta Falcons' offensive coordinator, was Oregon's offensive coordinator from 1996-97. 4. Scott Frost, who is currently Oregon's offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach, was the Ducks' assistant overseeing wide receivers from 2009-12. 5. Bob Gregory, who is currently Boise State's linebackers coach and will lead the Broncos in their Hawaii Bowl matchup against Oregon State, was previously defensive backs coach at Oregon from 1998-2000 and defensive coordinator at Willamette from 1992-97. 6. Chris Strausser, who is currently Bo ...
Its official. Micheal West and I have made it to greatness! Lol! Congratulations to our Nephew, Scott Frost, and Niece, Kyla Frost on the arrival of our first Great Nephew, Kaleb Hunter! Happy Anniversary to you two as well!
If we're spitballing outsiders, I'd guess Matt Wells, Jim McElwain and Scott Frost?
Hey Brandon: I know you are confused so I thought I would take some time and help you out before the other schools grab these coaches and beat us. he is a list of offensive coordinators that would work at Michigan. Now dish out the bucks and lets go forward not backwards anymore: Jedd Fisch, Mike Mularkey, Cam Cameron, Scott Frost
OK,,this is going to be hard, not the," Way to go Hawkeyes! GREAT WIN!" ,,but the rest.. Yes!!! I'm a Husker fan thru and thru, but we got outplayed and out coached today. And I hate to say it, but because of our coach, OUTCLASSED! Never would a Bob Devaney or Tom Osborne say some of the ..".stuff.".. that our current coach has. Great win for all you Hawkeye fans. On a side note,,,HINT HINT TOM!? Scott Frost might be talked into coming back to Lincoln. He's doing great as the Offensive Cordinator at Oregon, ( look at the stats!) has had a bit of winning coaching experience, and was a GREAT!!! quarterback at Nebraska...YES!!! I said it,,,TIME FOR BO, TO GO! Not so much the coaching, but his total lack of CLASS! GO NEBRASKA! And Congrats to THE IOWA HAWKEYES! Great Win!!
Sometimes I think the Omaha World Herald wants me to believe that Nebraska is the worst football program on the face of the earth. It's funny that their golden boy and a guy they pumped up and painted to be better than Bo Pelini in Scott Frost just got rolled by Arizona.
Mark Helfrich, Scott Frost, Marcus Mariota and Keanon Lowe talk with the media after practice yesterday
Yep. Mazzone is interesting, as is Norvell, but I dunno if either one can be lured. Scott Frost would be ... interesting.
Good morning,Scott. Yes indeed..frost ball lol
A girl I know was banging Scott Frost for a while, which is weird because he is just about the same age as Peyton Manning.
snow suits are sexier than frost bite. I think the Ticats learned that lesson already... ;)
Frigid night leaves cubic frost pattern on windshield
I thought maybe the Giants had Scott Frost as guest play caller on that 3rd and goal from the 10
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sorted I'm coming! Make sure you let me know have fun girls ❄️🎿🏂x
that'd be so sick if you came out!Yeah were in a resort called tignes will let u know info when we get out there☺x
defo come to us! We're in Tignes, we will keep in contact so can give u more deets nearer the time! X
JEESUS! I wanna go skiing in February so I might actually! Let me know where abouts you are x
thankss lew! 6 months, so will be back in may 👍 you'll have to come out at some point X
Hard luck to division 3 losing 4-1 to Cobh today, goal from Michelle Scott. Only game to go ahead this weekend due to frost.
Ok I'm gonna vent this once. I'm so sick of the "Fire Bo Pelini" crowd. It doesn't matter if we win big (it was against a nobody), if we are down and fight back (we should've beat them without luck), or we lose (let's release that tape now), it's always the same "I won't settle for mediocrity" BS! "Hire Pat Fitzgerald" they said after NU lost in 2011. Bo is 2-0 against them since then and Northwestern was picked to win the Legends div this season. I wonder how that 0-7 conference schedule would settle our fans. Then there were those Brady Hoke supporters who were calling for Bo's head after the 2011 loss to Michigan. Bo is also 2-0 against Hoke since then and the 3-4 conference record has Blue fans wondering if Rich Rod was so bad after all. Then the Scott Frost worshipers jumped in. Two losses this year for Oregon, in both of them Frost's Offense has been virtually shut down. Blown up by Arizona while only scoring 16 points?? And finally those complaining about yesterday win as if we were LUCKY to walk o ...
Congrats to the Arizona Wildcats. They beat our butts!! I have never been so disappointed in my team's performance. The Huskers can have Scott Frost back NOW if they want him.
It's too cold. I don't play with Jack Frost.
then Scott frost can save the huskers like everyone in this state thinks
Scott Summers making snide remarks about someone's sexuality when he banged Emma "Like a doorknob - everyone gets a turn" Frost is amusing.
If all 3 of them say no, then I would want Jim Tressel as HC with Scott Frost as OC (and coach in waiting tag) even though its far fetched.
Did I see him throw out the Scott Frost card again? And thinking Mike Gundy is leaving his alma mater? Really?
Gonna start the Scott Frost as UW head coach rumor. Lets see where it goes from here.
but, but, but...we want Scott Frost!
Scott Frost gets his asskicked..again...
Oregon loses their 2nd game today in blowout fashion and no one talks about Scott Frost to Nebraska. Ridiculous to begin with.
did asu hire Scott frost and Mark Helfrich to call plays for the 2nd half?
Rumor has it Pelini will be fired after Iowa game. Likely replacements include Boise State's head coach and Scott Frost.
Shotgun in the red zone. . Scott Frost says hello.
Scott Frost is tanking it so NU fans forget about his brilliance.
yea.lets bring Scott Frost in to replace Pelini. Great idea. Some fans are complete morons.
Bovember is back. Scott Frost won't be.
Hey hey hey Scott frost everyone.We want him.Shut the F up folks.Bo needs a play caller with a smart brain cell and little help on d
pay the big bucks and pick up Scott Frost or someone worth it.
What are the 12 stages of grief again? I think I'm on the "blame Scott Frost" stage.
Oregon is way to athletic to have to go for it on 4th down I question Scott frost play calling
May still happen but this yr could've played out perfectly for Scott Frost. Success with Ducks then take over Nebraska.
just wait till NFL teams come recruiting Scott Frost and co. to inject some Chip Kelly IP into their own offensive systems.
I don't want to overreact, but I think it's fair to say at this point that Mark Helfrich, Scott Frost, and Phil Knight all should be fired
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So I've decided Oregon needs to fire Scott frost and Mark Helfrich and maybe recruit a few linemen!
positive note, way Oregon is playing Scott Frost may want to leave. guess they werent kidding when they said they didnt care bout Rose Bowl
Scott Frost gets the award for worst offensive coordinator of 2013.
Hey any idea what is going through Scott Frost's mind?? The play calling is baffling
Is it Scott Frost or Mark Helfrich? Whatever it is, it's not Chip Kelly.
Scott Frost has coordinated 9 points and a few fumbles today for those that think he's automatically an improvement
There has been a big dropoff in play calling this season with Scott Frost. Will Nebraska take him?
I'm convinced that Oregon's problem isn't Helfrich but it's Scott Frost! Worst play calling I've seen in a while.
Scott Frost better make sure and seal up the job before falls completely off the cliff.
Scott Frost that screen is really working
Maybe also fire Scott Frost. His play calling has been abysmal.
We need a new offensive coordinator. Scott Frost needs to go.
how much blame should Scott Frost get? Play calling has been horrible.
At least Scott Frost won't be leaving for a head coaching job anytime soon with this play calling.
Scott frost is a terrible offensive coordinator. He was given the keys to a Ferrari and he's hit so many trees with it
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Its like Scott Frost doesn't even want to win!
Scott Frost needs to pull his head out of his *** and run Oregon Football Offense
Scott Frost is calling a joke of a game.
Sooo umm will Nebraska hire Scott Frost now please..
Scott Frost doesn't know how to be an offensive coordinator today.
I always wonder what the *** Scott Frost is thinking up there in the box.
Scott frost does the play calling. He's been easily the biggest growing pain this year by far
Fire Scott Frost for that fade route. I'm 100% serious.
Loving the idea of Kirby Smart with Scott Frost as O coordinator. Oh PLEASE make this happen!
And your point is? Sure the great Tommie Frazier, Ahman Green and Scott Frost all turned the ball over once and a while
had to look it up :) 4. Scott Frost. 5. Turner Gill 6. Taylor Martinez 7. Vince Ferragamo.
That's awesome! And as was noted before Oregon-Stanford, Scott Frost's first collegiate TD pass was to. David Shaw. :)
Richie Incognito's jerkdom extends back to his college days. Oddly enough, like Scott Frost, he has a Nebraska-Oregon-Stanford connexion.
Learned today: Stanford PA announcer is Steve Frost is brothers with Oregon OC Scott Frost:
Herman, Scott Frost, and Justin Wilcox should have a Cool-off.
Factoid: Scott Frost - former and Nebraska QB, now Oregon OC - first collegiate TD pass caught by...
Head Coach needs to be Class Act. We need Scott Frost at NU!
great call! Scott Frost soon to be HC somewhere next year...
the QB that threw the pass to Davison was Scott Frost. Current OC for Oregon.
Jordan Westerkamp might soon experience what Matt Davison encounters, and enjoys, essentially every day. That is, strangers approaching to reminisce about him diving to snare a Scott Frost pass that deflected off Shevin Wiggins' leg and foot. All the catch did was keep then-top-ranked Nebraska's national championship hopes afloat. Sipple column:
There it is folks, calls Stanford the "first real test" for Scott Frost and Oregon. People said it about UW and UCLA too.
Kirk Herbstreit says Stanford will be Scott Frost's "first real test" as off. coordinator to "mix it up" and have pass set up the run.
Mike Tomlin and Scott Frost at Nebraska would be perfect
Thursday, after Scott Frost calls a UO play, his brother will announce it from the booth next door. Meet the Frosts:
The winner of the signed photo is Scott Frost . Congrats! Please contact nickgrantto collect.
I imagine Nebraska's firing of Bo Pellini and hiring of Scott Frost will probably be on the same press release.
This week's game with Stanford will divide Oregon offensive coordinator Scott Frost from his brother, Steve:
In same dream, Turner Gill announced Scott Frost as his Asst. HC going into 2014 Nebraska season. Frost on visit to see Calvin Strong.
In 1997 I watched Scott Frost and Matt Davidson create magic as I sat with my son Kyle age 7 at that time. Today I saw history repeat itself with a miracle in Lincoln. It is times like this that reminds you that it is special to be a Nebraska Cornhusker fan!
Nebraska cornhuskers are undefeated without martinez this year. Dc needs to go. Bo needs to go. Scott frost or tommy frazier want a head coaching job
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Work it is then... Rather be spending it at home with Scott Frost on his birthday!! X
I posted last week that Husker Nation should seriously consider pushing hard for Scott Frost as the next HC...its popping up all over on the net this week, but only two likes on my post??? Are you all seriously on the Pelini wagon or what?? I wish the Huskers were talked about the way they do Alabama, Oregon, Ohio least that's they way it was for most of my life. I'm not saying he is the "football Messiah" for the Huskers...I just see his passion, his professionalism and his resume', he is the last Nebraska QB to win a National Championship. It will be a shame if he isn't interviewed for the position.
.If Scott Frost wanted to mess with his Stanford PA announcer brother, he should call a handoff to
I hear you're a Scott Frost fan. Well, enjoy:
On Thursday all that will separate Scott Frost from his brother, Stanford's PA voice, is one room and school ties:
Scott Frost's deep football bond with his brother will also separate them when Oregon faces Stanford
Scott Frost is killing us out there.
sources say Scott frost was at the airport headed to Lincoln & is now going back home
Ron Kellogg is Mike Stuntz is Scott Frost Jordan Westekamp is Eric Crouch is Matt Davison
don't wrong me I like Scott Frost. Just not as an HC, he'd be another project coach that will garner us 9 to 10 win seasons
Eventually I'd love to see Scott Frost as Head Coach of
5 minutes ago was thinking it was time to call Scott Frost to coach the but that Hailmary just saved Bo Pelini's job for now.
As odd and dramatic for Nebraska as Scott Frost against Missouri back in 1997.
firing pelini at the end of the year and hiring another coach puts us off pace for Scott Frost IMO.
I think we should start to welcome Scott frost as the new head coach of Nebraska now.
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Nebraska is so hiring Scott Frost after this year... *** to see him leave my ducks. I think it's already a done deal.
Hey how bout stealing Scott Frost back from Oregon? Bringing some 90's tradition back to the Helm
I think they should also look at Scott Frost.
...Yeah, looks like that decision to not hire Scott Frost is really paying off.
Scott Frost could be the new hire IMO. They have struggled since the let Solich go.
Shawn Eichorist better have Scott Frost on speed-dial
would be amazing but that has to be Scott Frost's job to lose
Scott Frost to Nebraska. As done as done could possibly be.
Imagine if we fire Bo and hire Scott Frost, we would then run the oregon offense!
Free Play from BB Documented Plays Two teams hook up in Lincoln today, both going the wrong way. Each will look to change direction and set sails to a bowl game. Nebraska will be without Taylor Martinez today and will rely heavily on RB Ameer Abdullah, who is fast approaching the 1,000 yard mark, which hasn't been done by a Cornhusker since Ahman Green, sixteen years ago. There has been a lot of talk about Bo Pelini gone if, well, he's gone. Scott Frost will be the head coach next year at Nebraska. Look for the Huskers to control the clock and win this one by double digits. If you are looking for a total on the game, I think over 58.5 is the play. Good luck. Monitored by the Sports Watch Monitor
I keep hearing Art Briles, Chris Peterson, and Scott Frost. Idk how I feel about that.
We need to give Scott Frost and Frank Solich the reigns. Get Bo out of here.
Trying to decide who I want for the next head coach @ Nebraska. David Shaw from Stanford or Scott Frost who played at Nebraska and is now the offensive coordinator at Oregon. What do y'all think?
Fire Pelini and hire Kirby Smart as coach and Scott Frost as Off Coordinator
Frosty reception: Bo Pelini's drawing fire for an angry tirade that surfaced this week, and subpar results over his 5-year tenure as Nebraska head coach. Oregon offensive coordinator Scott Frost is the logical replacement (Steve *** Getty Images).
Keep it up HUsker *** Lets run this coach out of town. A guy that wins 9 games every year and took years to fix the train wreck that was Steve Pederson and Bill Calla-Fraud. That happens- and I'm sure Scott Frost, Jon Gruden, Bill Cohwer, Tom Osborne- even the great, ever so character filled Touchdown Tommie Frazier will all be in line to coach here. I can't wait for this to happen so the moron, mouth breathing turds that are HUSKER NATION will get to see REAL mediocrity. I've always wanted to be more like Kansas, Iowa, Iowa State. such great programs. at least there will finally be seats when our fans give up on Bo- quit coming to games and stop the sellout streak! GREATEST FANS IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL WE ARE! Go Big Black!
Scott Frost at Nebraska. Last statement on Nebraska football for the rest of the season. Meeting rooms with Osborne and Chip Kelly.
To answer texts from my buds... I do live in the now but don't have phone for Scott Frost, Chris Peterson or Sarkisian.
ESPN analytics rate Oregon's Week 1 offensive output best in the nation: OC Scott Frost killin' it out of the gate.
Omg, Walter White called UO offensive coordinator, Scott Frost, to get Scott's uncle to kill Jesse Pinkman!
yup. Expect his CFL career to be shorter than Scott Frost's.
Scott Frost and Oregon piled up 700+ yds w/ about 20 min of TOP
Not often you hear of o-linemen getting game balls, but Oregon LT Tyler Johnstone was awarded game ball by OC Scott Frost after Nicholls W
Unfortunately, as we saw with Scott Frost, the only way Taylor will get credit from the fans is winning a title
or Scott Frost... Wait a minute, he was a Packer once.
look at Scott Frost went from college QB to NFL Safety for the Packers. Beggers can't be choosers.
Friday night, QB set the record for most touchdown passes in a career, passing Scott Frost. h/t
The fantastic Big Picture from Bruce Feldman. Notice the awesome Oregon numbers in Scott Frost's play calling debut.
Scott Frost's first game calling plays for Oregon offense: 71 plays, 772 yds, 66 pts, under 20 min time of poss. Ridiculous!
We are no better off today than when Frank was the Coach... Tired of being an above average football team ... Hire Scott Frost. Clean house
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I don't like Nebraska but I like Scott Frost as our OC!
nice to see Pelini's D is in mid season form, Smoaky. Is it too early to start the Scott Frost watch?
Mark Helfrich, Scott Frost, Marcus Mariota, Derrick Malone, Bralon Addison and Josh Huff talk to the media
On the bright side how bout Scott Frost setting records calling plays at Oregon. School record in yardage
Lots of decent guys. Scott Frost is my favorite kinda realistic hire.
Eh, if Scott Frost is avail., get him. Venables also a good opt.
So we passed over Scott Frost for Tim Beck as Offensive Coordinator?
if I'm the beavs, in throwing 10 mil at Scott Frost and see where that takes me
Taylor Martinez shot-put that touchdown pass right out of his earhole. Very Scott Frost-esque.
No. 3 Oregon Ducks 66, Nicholls State 3: Offensive coordinator Scott Frost says 'It was a good first ...
OC Scott Frost said it was plan to play Mariota into 3Q, to get one more score. "Once we punched that in it was time for the other guys."
In the words of Jessie Palmer, "Scott Frost was dialing up some doozies."
Can you go coach NFL again and ask Scott frost to fill in while you are gone?
you see what Oregon did with your replacement Scott Frost as offensive coordinator
Question is will Scott Frost want to be the head coach at Nebraska next season?
So Scott Frost CAN run an offense huh? He called a great game today. Chip was right when he said Oregon has the best staff in the country.
Offensive coordinator Scott Frost dismissed Thomas Tyner redshirt talk. Said, "We just want to make sure he's healthy," before playing him.
Big win for Scott Frost in his first game as offensive coordinator at Oregon
School-record 772 yards of offense for Oregon in Mark Helfrich's debut as head coach, Scott Frost as OC.
I can tolerate Oregon now that Scott Frost is making the offensive calls.
Nice 1st day as OC for Scott Frost...Oregon w/school record 761 total yards.
Another takeaway from Oregon game:. Scott Frost is the offensive coordinator, which makes absolutely no sense to me at all.
Im be real even tho Oregon up by 35 scott frost is little off & some of the other recievers other than J.Huff and Bralon needa step up
Why am I am Oregon fan? Because Scott Frost is the O.C. Go big red!
If Tom Osborne was still alive, he would have fired Pelini and hired Scott Frost.
I *** on Scott Frost. Charles Woodson would have clowned him into a bout of PTSD.
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Just met Scott Frost. I thought people from MT had good grips.
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