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Scott Feldman

Scott Wynne Feldman (born February 7, 1983, in Kailua, Hawaii) is a Major League Baseball right-handed pitcher for the Texas Rangers.

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This is purportedly a statement by Scott Schwartz. Putting it out there for others to analyze, and v…
Ah Scott Feldman. Thank you for giving us Jake and Pedro in exchange. We’ll be forever grateful
On this date in 2012, signed free agent Scott Feldman
She really doesn’t have to give you proof but she did…
Go troll somewhere else Scott, nobody wants to hear your Fake News!
Scott Feldman is who we thought he would call it the "world wide web?"
Shannon I saw in Scott fb that a grou…
You're right. It all needs exposing.…
Here's another link for you to check out. From CH's…
Bruce Feldman of FOX Sports/FS1 and Sports Illustrated says he has been told “there is a real possibility” Ohio Sta…
And then for all those followers that think Scott is relevant to chime in like they have any clue of…
Then acquire Kinsler, reacquire Ty Kelly, sign Scott Feldman, and bring in Brad Ausmus as bench coac…
Quality. I am blocked by Corey Feldman and Scott Baio
Scott: look i know u jae: foreget i know at all. Shane: i wor…
In this 2010 game vs TEX, Scott Feldman, Darren O'Day, and Pedro Strop all pitched against us.
Dat's exactly right! And they should have kept Scott Feldman instead of trading him for those two scrubs...what wer…
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Really enjoying contributions to this slasher doc on the Blu-ray of Scott Spiegel’s Intruder.
Could flip back to Scott Frost if Chip Kelly chooses UCLA? Absolutely.
got rid of Scott Feldman and Steve Clevinger and received Strop as well. Nice try fan 😂
Mj cast episode 33 Scott Ross , should take. Listen to this episode where he talks about it
They should really have every bit of evidence, since they always did it was still an open case, they…
From the father: "Jews who played baseball on Rosh Hashana went 0 for 15, with many LOBS." Joc Pederson and Scott Feldman didn't play.
The Orioles traded Jake Arrieta for Scott Feldman and Zach Davies for Gerardo Parra
Jon Lester-"no way anyone could do worse than me". Scott Feldman-"HOLD MY BEER"
Travis Shaw just hit a HOME RUN off Scott Feldman!.
His xFIP is lower than Scott Feldman and Patrick Corbin...last year, he was outside the top 30 too b…
On this date in 2013, traded Scott Feldman and Steve Clevenger to the Orioles for Jake Arrieta and Pedro Strop
Scott Feldman loses his no hit bid 2 outs into the sixth after Jose Peraza misses a ball that me & you could have fielded. Sad.
Ian Happ breaks up Scott Feldman's no-hit bit with 2 out in 6th following a Jose Peraza error
Pitcher's duel in the 'Nati...scoreless BOT 4 between (9.5) as Mike Montgomery and Scott Feldman match donuts.
Play of the Day: Cubs (-117) over Reds. Mike Montgomery is coming off of a string of solid starts. Cubs roughed up Scott Feldman last time.
Any and all Israeli and Jewish players. Ian Kinsler, Ryan Braun, Scott Feldman, Omri Casspi, Gal Mekel, and more.
When Adam Kennedy charged the mound in 2006 against Scott Feldman is the best MLB brawl in baseball history
Andrew Knapp on HR: 'I was going to make (Scott Feldman) beat me away'
I was planning on using Scott Feldman for his two-start week and then cutting him, but his next start is at SF... hmm...
Scott Feldman is awful. Alan Hanson and Jordy Mercer hitting bullets, and Tyler Glasnow singles in two runs.
Alen Hanson breaks up Scott Feldman's perfect game with a leadoff triple
Scott Feldman had the Cardinals looking like Marty Feldman today
blanked by Scott Feldman today. At least it wasn't Marty.
So looks like will drop 2 of 3 at home to the Reds, getting shut down by Amir Garrett and Scott Feldman. Nice
Cardinals can't hit Amir Garrett and now Scott Feldman. I guess that's baseball?
Is this Scott Feldman or Cosmo Kramer out there?
Scott Feldman is the only one I know for sure. Cosart? Brett Myers?
MLB Notes: Reds pick newcomer Scott Feldman to start against the Phillies on opening day - Comcast SportsNet…
Can they find a few more Paul Maholm, Scott Feldman, Jason Hammel types? They all had success, even if limited, as Cubs.
Remember when we used to start Nate Schierholtz and Darwin Barney on a daily basis with Scott Feldman our ace lmfao
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NAFTA: worst deal in the history of deals. Worst than Arrieta to the Cubs for Scott Feldman.
Pretty sure the Cubs can get Scott Feldman back still
agreed, but ... have you seen that thing? It is(or was) reminiscent of Cartman's Scott Feldman-provided beard
corey in pa from your sweetie pie Regina love ya guys .x ooo regina I love corey scott Feldma…
Seriously. I feel like I saw Scott Feldman walking in the Jays dugout.
I think that's the first time I've ever seen Scott Feldman.
Congratulations to Marley McClean & Kevin Scott Feldman to their marriage! Mazeltov! Xo-MK
no hit by Toronto's Scott Feldman, who the Cubs traded for Jake Arrieta
PRunner Dustin Pompey + UIF Ryan Goins in. P Scott Feldman + UIF Justin Smoak out. As I guessed, we went with 11 Ps. Liriano ACT
FoxNews bringing out the heavy hitters: Scott Baio, John Voighf, Pee Wee Herman, and Cory Feldman.
Scott Feldman, who has only pitched 3 inn since Sep1 and didn't appear in the wild card game or was left off
Scott Feldman's from Hawaii? Find out which players are from your part of the world:
Attn: Scott Feldman is left off the roster.
we're going to lose game in the 17th inning without Scott Feldman...
TRANSACTION: reassigned RHP Scott Feldman to the minor leagues.
Yeah, I don't think a point will come where anyone is thinking *** if only we had Scott Feldman for this spot"
Scott Feldman last pitched on September 20th, RIP
In a game where Gibby would've had to use Scott Feldman, he might as well call in Ryan Goins.
Scott Feldman and Justin Smoak not on the ALCS roster for
I legitimately was unaware Scott Feldman was on the Blue Jays. Man.
Blue Jays add Ryan Goins and Dalton Pompey to ALCS roster at the expense of Justin Smoak and Scott Feldman.
So, Ryan Goins and Dalton Pompey added; Scott Feldman and Justin Smoak deleted.
Ryan Goins and Dalton Pompey are on the Blue Jays ALCS roster; Scott Feldman and Justin Smoak left off.
The happiest guys in the ballpark today are Scott Feldman & Aaron Loup, cause at 7-0 they may actually get to pitch in the post-season.
There is no scenario in which all three of Scott Feldman, Aaron Loup, and Ryan Tepera pitch in this series and I live to tell about it.
ALDS. Ryan Tepera, Aaron Loup and Scott Feldman weren’t considered locks for the roster, but the Blue Jays are carrying all three, a move
Watching both Scott Feldman and Brett Cecil get rocked pretty good yesterday underscores the need to improve the Blue Jays Bullpen.
ICYMI introduces us to Scott Feldman "Buck Martinez" says no to OF alligators
Scott Feldman is in uniform chatting with Pete Walker in OF right now
Looks like the Blue Jays have decided some new pitching could come in handy. Scott Feldman has pretty solid numbers, Bolsinger not so much 🤔
the Scott Feldman of lefties. True story the O's were rumored to be looking @ Randy Wolfe after he retired
I was thinking of Scott Feldman... Miller for Rodriguez was worth the shot.
Braves were fortunate to get Dansby Swanson? Jake Arrieta for Scott Feldman was shrewd business?
That trade netted us Scott Feldman and Steve Clevenger. Call it about even right now.
"I don't see how we're a better team without Scott Feldman." - Samardzija, 2013.
Ask him how Scott Feldman is doing.
On this Scott Feldman met with veterans from the Wounded Warrior Project.
In the same time it took MPs to share thier "impact statements" 1,562 Cdns were actually assaulted, raped or abused. htt…
How a more aggressive leg kick helped Scott Feldman increase his velocity out of the bullpen:
Scott Feldman clearly the better pitcher.
"I don't think this team improves by trading Scott Feldman," Samardzija said.
At least he's watching first hand how a team gets better by trading Scott Feldman
Scott Feldman throwing harder out of bullpen
Feldman's velocity up since move to 'pen -
Feldman's velocity up since move to 'pen
Wire: Feldman's velocity up since move to 'pen
Feldman's velocity up since move to 'pen: It's no secret the Astros' Scott Feldman's velocity has been up since he…
Scott Feldman touched 95 mph on Thursday in Chicago. Here's how: .
Astros' Scott Feldman seeing uptick in velocity with more aggressive leg kick
Scott Feldman’s velocity continues to play considerably up out of the bullpen. His sinker topped out last night at 94.9 m.p.h. to Abreu.
Scott Feldman strikes out one in inning of relief via
head to the bottom of the eighth down 2-1. Scott Feldman will take over for McHugh and face the top of the order for t…
just a little short of Orioles trading Jake Arrieta & Pedro Strop for Scott Feldman & Steve Clevenger...
I hope Carlos Gomez apologizes to Scott Feldman for that loss on his record
In Boston: Tony Sipp relieves Scott Feldman in the 7th -- Houston 7, Boston 6
Jed Hoyer after the Cubs acquired Jake Arrieta AND Pedro Strop for Scott Feldman in July '13... Wow, just wow!
Good one, but I prefer the Scott Feldman for Jake Arreita and Pedro Strop trade.
acquire P Scott Feldman, C Steve Clevenger from in exchange for RHPs P Jake Arrieta and Pedro Strop.
(This Cubs traded Scott Feldman to the Orioles for Jake Arrieta in 2013.)
Love those trades... Like Scott Feldman for Arrieta. Or Quintana for... lol nothing
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
I remember how upset I was the day the Cubs traded Scott Feldman for and . I've gotten over it though.
Remember when the O's traded Jake Arrieta for Scott Feldman😒😒
Darren Feldman Jory Scott I want to be a tree...
Would love to see how Cubs beat writers and columnists reacted to the Scott Feldman trade. I'm sure there was gnashing of teeth.
July 2, 2013 send Steve Clevenger & Scott Feldman to Baltimore for Arrieta & Strop. Also on that day they sent Marmol to LA.
Let us all remember that Theo traded Andrew Cashner for Anthony Rizzo. And Scott Feldman for Jake Arrieta.
You got Strop in that deal too. Where's Scott Feldman these days?
This is so awesome! When is Scott Feldman making his next start for the O's? Oh wait...
Dan Duquette was named MLB Exec of the year in 2014, just one year after trading Jake Arrieta for Scott Feldman. True story.
Hey oh we trade away our 2 worst pitchers Strop n Arrieta for Scott Feldman who has pitched well in the playoffs
Friendly reminder that the Cubs got Jake Arrieta from the Orioles for Scott Feldman and Steve Clevenger.
save Chris Young (kc) and Scott Feldman, is it not too early to wonder what is wrong with anyone?
Remember when we got Jake Arrieta and Addison Russell for Steve Clevenger and Scott Feldman from the Orioles? Yeah, me too.
Only a bum like Ed Wade would sign Scott Feldman for three years
A major league GM traded Jake Arrieta AND a prospect for Scott Feldman. That guy still has a job.
What did Baltimore get for Jake Arrieta oh yeah Scott Feldman and Steve Clevanger.I need a drink.
. also the requisite thanks to Orioles: Jake for 2 months of Scott Feldman.
Jake Arrieta along with Pedro Strop for Scott Feldman and Steve Clevenger has got to be an all-time best deal
Just a friendly reminder that Jake Arrieta was acquired for Scott Feldman. THE Scott Feldman.
Love that school he played with Daniel Nava and Scott Feldman. Kid was 18-2 in 2 years there
Thanks to Scott Feldman for trusting us to help find a Also, congrats and much success…
So it's Dallas Keuchel-Collin McHugh-Mike Fiers-Scott Feldman-Doug Fister, in that order. McCullers taking Feldman out when he comes back?
That really was awful. They also gave up Pedro Strop, who is solid. Steve Clevinger, Scott Feldman!
Luke Gregerson in for his 1st Grapefruit League game of the spring. Scott Feldman had a solid start today, giving up 1 run in 4…
Saltalamacchia singles through the shiftalamacchia. First Tigers hit off Scott Feldman
Scott Feldman / Marlins, Astros spring training game rained out
Scott Feldman will pitch Sunday in Lakeland. Fiers and Gregerson will follow.
take on Miami tonight in Grapefruit League play. Scott Feldman takes to the bump for your "Stros.
Although I am at am game again, I remain a visiting writer, so today. They pitch and bat lefty Wei-Yin Chin v Scott Feldman
.Tips from Scott Feldman talks about staying healthy in offseason.
Mike Fiers or Scott Feldman is to pitch next Friday in final exhibition vs. Milwaukee. Whichever one pitches is likely to be No. 3 starter.
maybe if this highly over-rated GM did not trade Jake Arrieta for a rag arm Scott Feldman he would not have too look so far.
Ben Feldman could be Scott Baio's love child.
Ben Feldman looks a bit like Scott Baio.
This sounds like a Cut4 feature in the making… Scott Feldman could be involved.
Ben Feldman looks just like Scott Baio TNG. Wonder if they're related somehow. -☀️
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2/7/1983: Scott Feldman is born in Kailua, HI. The RHP posted 13-17 record with 3.80 ERA for the 2014-15
Please join us in wishing a "super" 33rd birthday to pitcher Scott Feldman!
Corey Scott Feldman my sweetheart I'm going to sleep,have a goodnig
"From Disappointment to Serviceable Starter" - a story. .
That's $10.7 million more than the Orioles are paying Scott Feldman this year. Trade is getting better daily.
If it's more than Scott Feldman money then it isn't the Houston Astros. We be poor!
at least your team didn't trade Arrieta & Strop for Scott Feldman & Steve Clevenger so shut up
It's weird the Cubs got Pedro Strop and Jake Arietta for Scott Feldman. You just never know what might happen with prospects
with and is on until 1 pm ET. C at 1030 ET. SP Scott Feldman at 1230
On July 2, 2013, traded Jake Arrieta along & Pedro Strop to the Chicago for Scott Feldman and Steve Clevenger.
Trade! Orioles get Scott Feldman, Cubs get Jake Arrieta and Pedro Strop via 2013
Going into this series, I really wish we had Scott Feldman instead of Jake Arrieta and Pedro Strop
Dan Duquette may have stolen from the Dodgers, but trading Arrieta for Scott Feldman might cancel that out.
Dan Duquette O's GM does tremendous job in landing Scott Feldman &Steve Clevenger from Cubs for Jake Arrieta, Pedro Str…
Remember when Cubs fans were mad we got rid of Sean Marshall, Scott Feldman, Matt Garza, and Tony Campana
Last night Colby Lewis became the first 17 game winner for the Rangers since Scott Feldman in 2009.
7/2/13: trade Jake Arrieta, Pedro Strop & cash to the for Steve Clevenger and Scott Feldman. that's baseba…
Steve Clevenger or Scott Feldman never got you free pizza...
In July 2013 trade with Orioles, sent Scott Feldman (now with Astros) & Steve Clevenger for Pedro Strop & ARRIETA. Unreal move by Theo
One of the great trades of the last decade is the Cubs flipping FA-to-be Scott Feldman and Steve Clevenger for Jake Arrieta
For every Chris Archer for Matt Garza there’s Scott Feldman for Jake Arrieta & Strop. Theo fleeced Baltimore on that one.
Josh Tomlin - Carlos Carrasco - Trevor Bauer - Scott Feldman - Colin McHugh - None of those are pitchers. They've humilated the
HERE'S a mistake: O's trade Jake Arrietta and Pedro Strop to Cubs for Scott Feldman.
Just a reminder that the traded Scott Feldman for Jake Arrieta in 2013. Brock for Broglio in reverse.
Belated thank you to Scott Feldman, Steve Clevenger, & Dan Duquette.
Sometimes Strop is good, and sometimes it doesn't matter because the Cubs got him and Arrieta for Scott Feldman and Steve Clevenger, so
July 2, 2013: Steve Clevenger was traded by the with Scott Feldman to the for Jake Arrieta, Pedro Strop, and cash.
The traded Scott Feldman and Steve Clevenger for Arrieta and Strop. 🐻🔵🔴
Scott Feldman is the Colby Lewis of Chris Heston's. Hate losing to a guy like that.
Chad Qualls now on for the in the 7th. Scott Feldman done after 6 IP, 5 H, 2 ER, 2 BB, 3 113 pitches, 63 strikes.
Chad Qualls replaces Scott Feldman. Qualls has been scoreless in eight of his nine appearances since coming off the DL
Hinch sets rotation out of the All-Star break, including the return of Scott Feldman.
it's not a sequel they can F up... Goonies has a place in everyone's hearts... the sequel would have to be next level...
absolutely! when they are looking forward to Scott Feldman returning you know they are hurting
HIGHLIGHTS: Brett Booth & Colin Moran homered to back Scott Feldman & Chris Devenski, as the Hooks topped Tulsa 3-2.
It's gotten to the point where I'm looking forward to Scott Feldman's return.
Scott Feldman Solid in Rehab Start - Scott Feldman continued his climb back to Houston with in his second r...
Scott Feldman solid in rehab start, along with speculation to when he'll return to the rotation in Houston
Recommendation by :Scott The Astros will decide over th...
Scott Feldman done after 5.0 IP. He allowed 1 run on 6 hits and 2 walks. Fanned 4 and threw 58 of 87 pitches for strikes, stranding 7
Final line for Scott Feldman in his rehab start with Corpus Christi: 5 innings, six hits, one earned, two walks and four strikeouts.
Tulsa breaks through against Scott Feldman with a Peter Lavin sac fly to RF. Drillers up 1-0 B5
Scott Feldman allows a hit and a walk in the third, but leaves both runners stranded. He's fanned three. 0-0 B3
Drillers finishing 3 game series in Corpus Christi, facing big leaguer pitcher Scott Feldman. No score after one and a half. Game on 1430
Scott Feldman works around a walk, a wild pitch and a base hit in the first, while Jose De Leon retires the Hooks in order. 0-0 T2
Scott Feldman's starting tonight for Corpus Christi in his second rehab appearance.
Houston hurler Scott Feldman will start for the tonight!
ESPN just made fun of us for trading away and for Scott Feldman... yup
If I were the front office I'd expect to be fired for giving the and for Scott Feldman...
When healthy, Scott Feldman should replace Dan Straily on the 25-man. Who goes down for Qualls?
Hank Conger and Scott Feldman did the best on the sabermetrics segment. Jake Marisnick seemed like he was playing his knowledge down.
Cubs dumping 3 months of Scott Feldman and a backup catcher to the Orioles for Arrieta and Strop sure seems like one O's would like back.
the craziest one is Arrieta and Strop for Scott Feldman and Steve Clevenger. That still blows my mind
Just the friendly reminder that we got Jake Arrieta for half of a season of Scott Feldman. Carry on
every time ejax pitches, I thank The Lord for Scott Feldman and Hammel. What they have turned into, has made up for it.
Derek Gibson doubled off the same Scott Feldman who faced the Cardinals in the 2011 World Series.
And hey, all it cost to get Jake Arrieta was 15 starts by Scott Feldman & 123 plate appearances by Steve Clevenger.
Scott Feldman made his 1st rehab start for Corpus last night. 3 IP, 2 ER, 62 pitches. Has been on the DL since 5/27.
Mixed results in Scott Feldman's first rehab start
Mixed results in Scott Feldman's first rehab start via
When I think of Jake Arrieta I think of Steve Clevenger and Scott Feldman. And then I laugh uncontrollably.
Meanwhile, that's Scott Feldman about to start his simulated game
Also: Scott Feldman's throwing his simulated game tomorrow before batting practice.
BREAKING: The Houston Astros have acquired SP Zach Wheeler from the Mets in exchange for CF David Hardesty and SP Scott Feldman.
did that with Paul Maholm, Scott Feldman, Jason Hammel, and turned them into legitimate talent.
Jake Arrieta and Pedro Strop for half a season of Scott Feldman. What a steal.
Other Rangers not named Colby Lewis to accomplish that: Scott Feldman, Matt Perisho (2x), Doug Davis, Kenny Rogers.
.Hey by the way I haven't asked you guys lately, how's Scott Feldman doin' for ya? Jake Arrieta's doin' pretty well for the Cubs.
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Jessie Hahn, Scott Feldman and now Joe Wieland has soured my opinion of Streaming. FML.
Chad Qualls and Scott Feldman need to be off the Astros roster they are
Scott Feldman is the Chad Qualls of the Astros starters.
Nick Martinez is Scott Feldman, but man is he good looking
- we could say the same thing w/ local products like Scott Feldman, Daniel Nava, & others. Local talent undervalued.
Would have been the great hero of the Rangers if not for Darren Oliver and Scott Feldman.
Great trade by Theo. Got Jake and Strop for Scott Feldman and Steve Clevenger.
Scott Feldman has been strong today. He and Keuchel are a nice 1-2 punch
Remember Cub fans, the Cubs got Jake Arrieta AND Pedro Strop for a half a year of Scott Feldman. Never forget that.
That Pedro Strop for Scott Feldman was a steal for the Cubs. Didn't they get some other guy in that, too?
first April series win since April 2013 at Miami. Winning pitchers were Shawn Camp and Scott Feldman
Shoutout to Matt Garza, Ryan depmster, Scott Feldman, Jason Hammel, and Jeff smardzija for making this possible.
with a shoutout as Scott Feldman shows video featuring panelist from Molson Coors discussing their use case for
Don't rain on our parade Lol. He was totally with trading for Scott Feldman! Even Duquette makes mistakes.
Glad I got to see Scott Feldman pitch so well today. Keep making Burlingame proud! @ Oracle Arena and…
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cont.skips past Cruz all the way to the wall. Prince Fielder hits a 3 run homer for Detroit as Max Scherzer is the winner over Scott Feldman
Excuse me, but Scott Feldman and Jerome Williams would like to have a word with you.
Jackie Bradley Jr. steals 2B, the 18th SB off Hutchison this season, which is one shy of AL-leader Scott Feldman.
Remember when the got this guy and Pedro Strop for Steve Clevenger and half a year of Scott Feldman
Watching the Mariners pound the ball into the ground vs. Scott Feldman makes me miss Edgar Martinez with all my soul and being.
Ha ha. O's couldn't fix him. Baltimore has to be wondering how they traded him for Scott Feldman
The Cubs leveraged a $6M flier on Scott Feldman into Jake Arrieta. That's some good work.
Yoo why hasn't anyone written a story where Ben Feldman is Scott Baio's fictional son?? Do I have to do EVERYTHING?!
Going to the Firstros game on Thursday. Who can give me the low down on Scott Feldman? I read he is starting that night. -Allen
It's kinda like how nobody talked about Scott Feldman last year.
back into place. He's my El Dorado, my Pee Wee's bicycle. His face is the roadside
Moreover, don't underestimate the value of the leadership provided by & Scott Feldman.
That Scott Feldman trade is turning into a doozy for the Cubs.
So how about that Scott Feldman trade, you guys?
I said all along that we should have taken Scott Feldman over him b/c he is 3-4 but he plays for the astros.
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Scott Feldman: Scott Feldman gets lifted in second inning
Recommendation by :Scott With a pitching line like this...
Scott Feldman lasted just 1.2 innings Saturday after giving up three unearned runs on one hit and two ...
We gave Scott Feldman 30M over 3 years... like... HOW?!
Scott Feldman has seen his 1.93 ERA on May 9th jump to 4.12 after 1.2 IP in a 8-0 lost to the on Sat.
both of Loughs homers are off former Oriole pitchers! Scott Feldman and David Lough lol
Louth's other HR this season came off another former Oriole, Scott Feldman on June 1 in Houston.
Astros, Feldman get roughed up by Twins: Scott Feldman, victimized by a pair of costly errors by the infield,...
Scott Feldman was drafted in the 30th round.
Astros (27-36) struggle in all facets as Twins even up series. Scott Feldman 1.2 IP, 3 R/0 ER. Dexter Fowler 2-for-2, BB in leadoff spot.
If I were Scott Feldman, I'd be asking for a trade right about now.
So far tough day for both Scott Feldman & Paul Clemens who just walked 5 batters in the 4th. It's 7-0 Twins.
Whatever mojo Scott Feldman had is now gone. He's awful.
hey tell Scott Feldman thanks for the ball yesterday :)
Well, it looks like Scott Feldman just took a commanding lead on the "whose spot will Folty take in the rotation" race today
You can't say the Twins have knocked out Astros starter Scott Feldman -- he basically knocked himself out with three walks in the 2nd inning
Scott Feldman allows one hit and is taken out after 1 2/3 IP. Astros 0 Twins 3.
The knock starter Scott Feldman out of the game in the 2nd inning. He gave up just one hit, but walked two and hit another.
Scott Feldman, bent over and with his hands on his knees on the mound, is done after 1 2/3 innings. Struggled mightily in second
Scott Feldman starts for the today. The former Ranger & Oriole faced the quite a bit the last 9...
ASTROS/TWINS. Hopefully Scott Feldman can get back on track this afternoon!!
RHP Scott Feldman makes his 10th start of the season. He has a 2.74 ERA in four road starts, allowing 3 ER or fewer in all four of them.
It's at the game today! Are you excited? Kyle Gibson vs Scott Feldman at 1:10pm!
Twins draw Astros' Scott Feldman today. Over his last 3 starts, has gone 15.3 IP and allowed 14 ER on 28 hits. His 4.25 K/9 is MLB low.
for Sat. rot # 916 Minn -120 over Hou - Scott Feldman. L30 days his 7.97 ERA is near wors t in MLB. Gibson solid @ home for Twins
The MarlinsX dropped SP Scott Feldman (ASTROS). He was a 5th Rd pick in March & has scored 39pts this year.
Jason Hammel being flipped for a Scott Feldman package makes me think about another target that fits mold. Marlins Jacob Turner...
LHP Tim Berry (will wear number 34. Last worn by RHP Scott Feldman in 2013.
I'll see your Scott Feldman and raise you a Jason Hammel.
Astros' SP Scott Feldman comments on recovery from Tommy John Surgery, "I found that Bud Light helped me regain mobility and range of motion." Looks like someone just scored an endorsement deal!
I know. I also got Scott Feldman, Felix Pie, and Corey Patterson.
This dude just tried to give me Allen Craig, Nick Castellanos and Scott Feldman for Freddie Freeman & George Springer... Lol ***
Bob Welch went 27-6 in 1990. Scott Feldman is way better than Bob Welch. I don't see how Feldman doesn't hit at least 30 wins this year.
It Is Here BMJSports Night At Minute Maid Park For The Houston Astros Vs The New York Yankees . Last Night The Downtown Houston Showed Derek Jeter That " We Will Protect Our House" Starting With The 1st time Batting In A Houston Uniform Jesús Guzmán Brought The Sold Out Crowd To It's Feet With A Homer . The Houston Astros Fans This year has A " Expectation Of Excellence " ESPN SportsCenter USA TODAY Sports The Westin New York At Times Square The Wall Street Journal KHOU 11 News KPRC-TV KHOU 11 Sports abc13 KTRK Eyewitness News Houston Fox News Foxsports FOX 26 Houston . Jesus Guzman and L.J. *** homered off Sabathia to help the Houston Astros roll to a 6-2 win against New York on Tuesday night. " Trying to get your first win, your first hit, your first run, anything is kind of difficult to do," Jeter said. " The first, sometimes, is tough to come by." Jeter was hit on the left arm by Scott Feldman in his first at-bat and ended 1 for 3 with a single. The 13-time All-Star who helped New York to five Wor . ...
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