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Scott Cousins

Scott Michael Cousins (born January 22, 1985) is an outfielder for the Miami Marlins.

Thomas Neal

I miss Michael Scott + Dwight Schrute more than I miss most of my cousins
Didn't draft him, but I did pick him up when someone dropped him, 10-team, superflex, have Mariota…
A scenario where DeMarcus Cousins and Dwyane Wade join LeBron in Cleveland. explains.
This guy just seems like a home run with Cousins, he can go up and get it. Cousins…
Scott, me and you are opposite this year.. drafted cousins and luck at respectable prices, play best QB
Okay, I'll take Cousins over Siemian. (I have DT over Pryor, but the argument is easy)
Carlos we were just reflecting on some memories of him coming with me to Revere to your cousins house
Right around Cam/Cousins turns me into a buyer. Haven't seen that yet tho
Are you voting for Scott Cousins in the elections?
We asked my cousins husband yesterday what song he wanted to play while in the car and he said “put something by travis scott”..he’s my fav
Blame Scott Cousins again cmon do it
A man has confessed to the killing of his 6-year-old sister and two younger cousins in Clinton, MD yesterday.
DeMarcus Cousins speaks on Confederate statues: 'Take all them motherf-s down'
Yea Melissa and I have cousins and such who I couldn't care less about. Mel has it harder with her sis…
Would be cool if the Braves also signed Jon Niese, Scott Cousins (has to come out of retirement). They could be a f…
I've played around with all of cousins
loves Demarcus Cousins so much. However, he may have over did it on the ketchup and mustard.
DeMarcus Cousins with the double crossover.
Scott Van Pelt explains why the Redskins should pay Kirk Cousins the money he asks for this offse... - via App
Dad convinced my cousins that this dead ladybug is hibernating. And that they should keep it as a pet. 🐞💀
This sassy lil thinks Demarcus Cousins is just the bees knees.
Three QB's posted quarterback ratings over 95 each of the last 2 seasons. Tom Brady, Drew Brees and Kirk Cousins. That's…
My cousins got me obsessed with Travis Scott I love him
Scott McCloughan please resign Kirk Cousins! Yes, he did not play well yesterday but overall he played well in 2016 to deserve a contract.
if scott M did a better Job drafting and free agency...we would be in playoffs. Cousins best Qb we have had since Joe T
celebrity superfan just got married (congrats!) and has thoughts on Kirk Cousins.…
My comment was not regarding Theismann but the comment that Cousins is the best QB since Theismann.
good qb coach/OC. Really pivotal in cousins back to back 4k passings years
This is what happens when cousins marry.
Had a chilled morning looking at suits for my cousins wedding
Is it bad to hope Scott denies a cousins contract (right thing to do) gets fired and comes back?
Kirk Cousins will not be asking the media if they liked that game
Wonder if Scott M. ran up to Cousins after this debacle, mussed up his hair & shouted "GUESS HOW I LIKE YOU NOW!!" in his face?
GM Scott McCullough has said he won't overpay a QB to rip apart the team. I would like Cousins back but within reason.
Scott McC knew what he was doing in franchising Cousins..Now its time to move on without him and address other needs
Is Scott McLoughan gonna roll up to Kirk Cousins like "I don't like you now"?
Worse performance this week.Kirk Cousins or Mariah Carey?
Cousins came at the GM, which tells you Scott is the one not sold. As it turns out, Scott was right. Sign and trade would be perfect.
when GM Scott sits down with cousins for contract talks he should just have that play on loop and rub kirks head until he cries.
And Cousins throws a pick right to the defender and destroys his contract negotiations.
Kirk Cousins is going to cost me a championship. What is with this guy. When he supposed to do well he tanks. Every time.
Why did the Redskins sit Cousins today?
Ima put my cousins on Travis Scott, México finna be litty 🕊🇲🇽🕊
My cousins surprised me with a NYE Travis Scott ticket for my birthday 😭
oh come on.I'm pretty sure Scott and I aren't cousins. 😑
DeMarcus Cousins puts Z-Bo in an abdominal stretch leading to a dunk.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
DeMarcus Cousins with the smooth strip of Gasol and gentle slam.
.said 10,000 RTs and I get to Bark Emcee the 2nd half 😳🐶. DeMarcus Cousins https:…
Others at the table laughed. Scott proceeded to call me a rude name. His wife and two of my cousins told him where to go and to take a joke.
Greed and comparison. are inseparable cousins.
My cousin Scott took us to our other cousins Jason's and Jason isn't home 😂😭😂
Me and my cousins all decided to do a face swap with a pic of Scott yesterday and the result is 👌🏼😂
DeMarcus Cousins with his first made basket of the night.
Jimmy Butler will start for Team USA in exhibition along with Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and DeMarcus…
Mayor Tai Lopez and Scott Cousins argue about if Cousins is really a Republican. ^JB
Read my column in the LS24 newspaper today or online at
Scott Cousins: I am fed up with these dumb liberals and their pathetic policies
Scott Cousins doesn't like the idea of turning SA on a sanctuary state. ^JB.
Friction within the Republican Party as Scott Cousins' supporter will now run AGAINST him in LS Mayor election
DeMarcus Cousins sticks to what he knows best. (via
Former Liberty Governor Thomas Wright, who had previously endorsed Scott Cousins, will run for Mayor of LS.
unrelatedly, back in seminary I interned with Scott Campbell and he always spoke of you so fondly. are we supervisor-cousins ;)?
Hmm to throw a party at my cousins or not🤔
Russian Oligarch's stooge. Forgive him Scott. It's sad when cousins marry
I think that Rick did believe them, because that is his cousins, and he supposed to trust his cousins. Lanu and Tui
My moms cousins is behind the kardashians filming kuwtk.I told him to tell Scott I love him
Joe Washington can you tag the cousins out here to see if anyone want to buy Marlon ticket for Jill Scott...
my bodyguards are ex Marines and swats. I have good contacts to Scott Cousins and his sisters and brothers
despite the Cousins slander can't really argue with any of his opinions because they're most likely fax
DeMarcus Cousins just toying with guys down low.
Boogie Cousins helping Melo get open by depositing his defender on the floor.
Boogie Cousins catches the bullet pass from Melo and lays it in.
DeMarcus Cousins with the rebound and putback past two defenders to get the and-1.
Beautiful drop step and left hand finish from DeMarcus Cousins.
DeMarcus Cousins throwing down the alley oop from Klay Thompson.
My first cousins, the Scott's, were raised and went to school in Pelham, NH Why wasn't my son allowed to attend school
Dean Ambrose plants Roman Reigns on his head for the title and Roman's cousins are hoisting him over his head lmao https:/…
DeMarcus Cousins with the power finish down low.
Scott Cousins to hold off campaign event tomorrow after a threat was made towards the candidate.
Scott Cousins holds off campaign rally
Mayoral hopeful Scott Cousins holds rally on Del Perro Pier; focuses on Los Santos' sanctuary status and pollution.
So jealous my nan and cousins met Scott from love island today in Ibiza 😩
Vote Scott Cousins for LS Mayor because strong leadership means a brighter future for all.
ik for a fact that he's better than Drummond but Cousins and DJ is closer than you think
Scott Cousins, former SA Governer, ramps up his campaign to oust from LS City Hall
Boogie Cousins doing work down low with the jump hook.
Boogie Cousins with the rebound and slam.
Celebrating my cousins 19th birthday, it's lit! (Travis Scott ad-lib)
DeMarcus Cousins is far scarier to Olympians than Zika.
Man, I feel bad for countries with subpar big men that have to go against Cousins and Jordan.
Former Liberty Governor Thomas Wright says he will support Scott Cousins for LS mayor.
this is all the liberal media is gonna be talking about to get heat off Obama bringing his terrorist cousins into America
Now being told that DeMarcus Cousins will not play tonight. Strained back.
Greetings from the press box: Nick Cousins up from AHL, Scott Laughton moved to left wing: Cousins will make s...
lineup changes- Nick Cousins to center, Scott Laughton to LW with Colin McDonald at RW. Medvedev replaces Manning on 3rd D pair
Black Friday shopping with the cousins 😆💕 Was fun 'til we got kicked out of the mall. @ Francis Scott…
I love my little cousins and all, but wow I am not going to miss waking up to a bunch of kids yelling, jumping, and throwing stuff around😒
Cousins back is hurt. Doubtful for tonight :(
My phone was dead yesterday so I didn't get to take a lot of pictures.but here a few with my cousins, Scott,...
When you wake after and remember there's still pie but forget your shin high cousins are still around.
Nhl - Goal-deprived Flyers call up Cousins from AHL:The Philadelphia Flyers ' scoring wo...
My cousins boyfriend is listening to Travis Scott and all I'm thinking about is
yanno the kid who lives with me (Scott)well he's first cousins with Ian lol
surprisingly Scott is not involved. Unsurprisingly, it's his cousins.
*Scott trying to get his little cousins to come inside*. "Abby, Lucy! Wanna treat??"
Just taught my cousins to use the phrase new phone who dis
Crazy how after my gmom died she told me in a dream that my cousins Matt Lindsey an Scott were gonna have boys. 2 years later an I'm 3 for 3
I think I'll root for Detroit this time to support my cousins Denise, Kevin, Scott, Mary Jo and Mike.
Seems like the perfect game for my young cousins. Also, I'm pretty stoked to play!
When little cousins come in your room and say "your mom said we could play in here" https:/…
Arabic Media credibility is a joke. https…
not positive. My mom's setting dinner for 2 then we have to go to Scott's cousins but idk what time yet
With the cousins tonight👌🏻 more to come tomorrow scott, dylan and devin plus the rest aha
Soo I just found out that my cousins went to school with Travis Scott. *** 😱😱
Two people have also told me that DeMarcus Cousins did nothing wrong after the game.
Hearing of altercation after game in the tunnel involving DeMarcus Cousins and Jerryd Bayless.
There was a big mob at the end of the hallway where the players go. Began with Bayless and Cousins shoving each other
well Obama wants more of his cousins here
I'm asking my cousins if they're bringing alcohol to dinner this year so I'm not the only one with wine lookin like an alcoholic
One of my cousins is autistic and a Packers fan, God I'm sorry in advance tomorrow
Trade George Karl and Byron Scott. I bet Cousins and Scott would get along swimmingly. Scott loves bending over for his stars.
Bonobos are close cousins of chimps, but they are matriarchal and their society is peaceful and based around sex, not warfare.
Okay. So Rondo Kobe and Cousins. How much better this team would be? Kobe still not Kobe. Scott still coach.
Cousins would've been beat up Byron Scott for sure
Just tryn smoke with my cousins and friends while Im home but everybody be on moves
About to link up with and Rene tomorrow 😎❗️can't wait to see my cousins💉
You all dump on K. Cousins, N. Foles, and B. Hoyer constantly. Is this closet hate (jealousy) for Michigan State??
When all your cousins get to stay the night at grandmas house but you gotta home.
Susan and Bob are cousins expecting their first child as well. And Scott has plans that this dinner won't last long
When all your little cousins keep asking if you have games on your phone
When your cousins figure out that cute light skin chick in the back is your girl.
When your aunts brag about your cousins doing big things then everyone turns to you
Alright cousins who remembers this moment?
When your little cousins go to your room without permission
Hey cousin wonder how many other cousins like & are out here?
Little Luke, Solomon, and Emily are cousins (Nikki and Scott are married)
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
please fire Byron Scott and Jim buss. Trade for cousins and let trade please the lakers suck bad. I'm on the GSW 🏆😂
Just had the most pleasantly disorienting weekend in Sicily. A lot of fun lost-in-translation with my father-in-law's Sicilian cousins.
or Scott with alex's little cousins
You can say what you want about DeMarcus Cousins, but you have to love the honesty he carries himself with.
Why are my lil cousins playing Travis Scott
Remember we're in the first year of the Scott McCloughan, Bill Callahan, Kirk Cousins rebuild. No more playoffs talk - focus.
Yeah friends are cool but have you ever heard of cousins
3 to watch for Cam as runner, Cousins' underneath throws, Jackson as X-factor. https:/…
Spirits capture hearts at Silver Dollar City: Scott Cousins/For the Telegraph The cast of "A Dickens Christmas...
Need to see my cousins , always lit
why was Scott Skiles yelling at Cousins
Trannon is probably my favorite Spartan ever. Chris Hill 2nd. Cousins 3rd. Le'Veon Bell 4th. LJ Scott may possibly be in my top 5!
Scott Skiles trying to rile big Cousins. Screw you, Scottie!
Scott skiles wants the fade with cousins lmao
The RB rotation this year reminds me of the QB rotation in 2009. Cousins/Holmes dominates a drive, so bring in Nichol/Scott.
Update your maps at Navteq
and my fantasy football team this year is "CAPTAIN KIRK cousins"
Like their federal cousins, the NDP in Newfoundland & Labrador are talking about making cuts to programs & services: http:/…
On the beach with my cousins, flanked by my heavily tattooed brothers on…
4 Excellent iPad Apps to Create 3D Models and Pictures on iPad ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning
When your cousins friend says shes going vegan so you and start quoting Scott Pilgrim. "Did you learn that at vegan academy?"
Literally all i want is to see my cousins faces when scott dies but yeah that cant be
I wish i could be there when my cousins watch s5 and watch them losing their minds bc A dereks gone B they hate theo and C scott dies
What's the relationship between mitochondrial dysfunction and dry AMD? Scott Cousins, MD, explains:
Scott Cousins, MD, reviews the relationship between mitochondrial dysfunction and dry AMD:
Scott Cousins, MD, gives background on a phase 1/2 study of MTP-131 to stop mitochondrial dysfunction in dry AMD.
"'Difficult' and 'impossible' are cousins often mistaken for one another, with very little in common." - Locke Lamora . --Scott Lynch
So glad to hear my cousins Memorial Day went well , rest in perfect paradise scott 🙏💕
Cousins but could be sisters mrsb1982 scott_barratt_1
SCOTT Oh Bridget, Donowitz, pantomimes crossing our cousins too?
I must have a hard head😂😂 I busted my cousins lip with my head. Sorry Scott. 😅😢 didn't mean to.
Massive congratulations to Scott Cousins for breaking his own course record today. Well done Scott!
Notable north valleys alumni:. Scott cousins - MLB. Robbie Kendall - sac state. Aaron Short - Pacific . I could go on about all the JC guys..
the longest ride was filmed near my cousins house, and I'm genuinely upset that they were that close to Scott Eastwood and I wasn't.
The cousins having a blast at Sandbanks!!
If you want to truly know how good RGIII is play him against 2nd team. Same thing with Cousins with the 1st team. Let's settle this.
Lewis Cousins, the only African American student in the newly desegregated Maury High School, standing alone. 1959 htt…
Uncle Scott being Santa for all us little miller cousins so long ago. Hard to believe that little…
Dad and cousins are talking about their fav point guard so I just joined in and said Nathan Scott was my favorite 😍😍🏀
Very proud of both my cousins and looks like us younger generations are smarter then our parents, well done boys💙x
Have to say we love this new piece by Scott Cousins. Thank you for making our great room a little more in line...
Michael Burgess will come in to the game. Scott Cousins moves to center. Will get you updated after the game.
Barack Obama and Scott Brown are cousins, genealogist reveals | via (In case you 4got-conveniently)
Dellavedova trying to be more hated in the Bay Area than Scott Cousins. Yes, I went there.
This lead to my cousin telling the story of how Dan Scott got my cousins chiropractors daughter pregnant
Could I just stay with my cousins for a whole week more please and thank you 😭😭😭😭
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
One of your cousins reminds of the late Stuart Scott. *sniffs*
joe Scott meeting his cousin McKenna for the first time today.
It's crazy how I have a Grandma, aunts, uncles and cousins in Scotland that I've only met 3 times!
Please keep my cousins Deena, Matt, and Mandi, and their families in your prayers.
I'd rather see Nick Cousins and Scott Laughton over Justin Williams.
In the worst mood possible and my little cousins round whose getting potty trained and he's just shat on the floor 😷😷😷
I'm not accepting my cousins Harolds/South Side slander cuz he lives.*drum roll please.on the South Side
Lewis and Brooke playing at nanna's with their cousins, great nanna, uncles and aunties while me and Scott pack. Getting there now😆
Wren and Bethany are siblings and also Aria's cousins. Scott is their mentally ill father who is Aria's uncle.
Though I could totally see him pairing with Rick Scott on the 'Identical Cousins' ticket.
Hope Scott Cousins never gets to play baseball again
Alex is there Scott with all his friends and cousins!!
did he give a lot of credit to Scott cousins?
"Death Is Nothing At All"by Henry Scott Holland. My condolences to my dearest cousins and Tito Rene.…
according to family history related to Mary Q of Scott's, maybe I'm her or one of her cousins reincarnated. 😜
Thomas Neal coaxes a walk. Men on corners two outs for clean up hitter Scott Cousins. Cousins has hit safely in 11 of last 12 games.
Nobody comes between Hollyoaks cousins Scott Drinkwell and Sinead Roscoe easily - as Ste Hay discovers in...
if you are cousins its always weird no matter what I'm sorry
and I have black cousins. Blood not marriage so its okay 😂
I want my cousins bf he gives her a limit of 3 pairs of Kendra Scott earrings and 4 purses and 3 pairs of shoes per shopping day
"Difficult" and "impossible" are cousins often mistaken for another, with very little in common--Scott Lynch
Ask Dr. Scott: How should a mom deal with her kids' mean cousins?
Scott Montgomery is his dad probably, making them cousins
I just hope W's fans don't give Delly the Scott Cousins treatment.
I have the wisest cousins on the planet. Thank you Denise Scott Pounds! Tru'dat!!
Laura sending me pics of her adorable cousins actually makes my heart melt
Spoke to Brett Jodie, Sean Bierman, Thomas Neal and Scott Cousins after the game. Lots on blog later.
“DeMarcus Cousins available at trade deadline?
Prob gonna need Scott cousins to gel beat posey
of course. "the great celebration of cousins past". Dr. Scott will wear a suit made out of the finest roses.
"If I wanted to drive my tractor to school and marry my cousins, I'd go to Scott county"
trying to figure out what Kendal and Scott's baby would be to Kourtney and Scott's kids 😂 half and cousins ? 😂😂
I dunno. I think Bay's best are direct descendants of Scott's. The BAD BOYS movies are basically Axel Foley's crazier cousins.
I'm related to Richard G Scott. I mean we're 7th cousins 8 times removed.
I talked to my cousin D.Scott yesterday & he told me to keep doing what I do best Im always gone have haters. I love my cousins😂😍
Anxious to see Nick Cousins and Scott Laughton in a few years. They could possibly fill that role.
Can't wait to try my cousins bbq place in Florida this summer! Good cooking runs in the family 😍😍
If we're doing the whole long lost family thing, we could be distant cousins fellow Mills! Any known Welsh relatives?!
Scott Walker, would just put the W in George W (Walker) Bush's admin. These Walker cousins apparently take after the family thugs.
Somebody photoshop Sean's face on Scott Cousins colliding with buster posey
Scott Cousins? That was an MVP and 2 World Series titles ago for Buster.
Scott Cousins knew this day was coming. That's why he truck Posey.
Oh I did my friend I did lol...I wanted to run them over as if I was Scott Cousins
“Scott's at it again 😂 so the baby is siblings and cousins
You can't tell me nick cousins or scott laughton shouldn't be playing over Rinaldo. Give the kids a chance to play smh
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Why no mention of Cousins? His numbers are just as good as Anthony Davis'. Is it because of the Kings' struggles?
Going to see my crazy cousins 😊 family time👍👌 can't wait to get back home to my scott tho. 😘Xx
that makes me happy. All my other cousins are baptized, Sunday school etc... But I was also a science need a young age.
It really is good to spend time with my cousins, back in CA. Me, Kevin, Adria & Scott.
Hi mate, here are the details for my cousins villas in florida.tell them I sent you there way!
Scott's little cousins are my favorite 💗
DeMarcus Cousins: 9th game with 30 points and 15 rebounds in the past 2 seasons, tied with Kevin Love for most in the NBA
Dunk of the Night: DeMarcus Cousins goes coast-to-coast for the monster one-handed slam. VIDEO:
Finally in globe so excited to hang out with my cousins "YAY"
Another fun fact: Kirk Cousins, who the Browns might trade for was drafted 102 overall in 2012. Browns had pick 100, picked Travis Benjamin
I am fortunate that my career has allowed me to meet and become friends with so many wonderful people worldwide… Retro evening in Japan…..with the former President of Noritsu America who hired me Mr. Kuwabara to my right…. with Rocky Okazaki across from him who believed I can contribute to Noritsu WorldWide and Noritsu product development… the two I owe the most gratitude to for my wonderful career at Noritsu. Then my American-Japanese colleague and friend Scott Cousins who once again spent a Saturday with me out-and-about sightseeing and taking pictures in rural Japan (photos to be posted shortly). And then the big surprise, Kiyo Tanaka who traveled out of his way to come see me and bring Lynne, Brent and I a special gift which we will enjoy when we are all together this Christmas. Separate photo of Kiyo and me. Yet another fantastic day in Japan. However it is time for me to leave Wakayama and move to Tokyo briefly before I leave my Japanese friends and colleagues to visit with my wife for the . ...
would you deal Vereen for cousins or Ryan? I got cam as my qb, but I don't trust him
I did get Cousins. Hate myself for not starting him over Brady in Week 3.
Cousins or Tannehill since Manning is on a bye?
We're about to find out how good Mr. Cousins really is.
Would you accept Bradshaw or Joique for Cousins straight-up in 1/2 pt ppr league? My other QB is Stafford.
You can say that about so many guys, to be fair. MT Cousins concern: Grossman-like tendency to look great one week, meh the next.
Do you see Bridgewater doing a Cousins this wk? Plenty of talk abt him too in the preseason just like Cousins.
Just saw a Cousins for Morris trade go through. Your thoughts?
Still want to see Cousins do it against good defense, but he was near-perfect Week 3. Knows scheme inside/out, stronger arm than I thought.
Is Bridgewater the Cousins of wk 4? Weak ATL D on the road and he runs.
Wilson or Luck, Foles or Cousins? History Says Order May Not Matter: Let’s say we had a chance to...
Kendall and Scott is like me and my cousins boyfriend. Its the exact same relationship!
Scott Cousins never paid for it either, Think he is in minors with Anaheim.
agreed on Brady. Brady or Cousins ROS, who you taking?
drop should I drop Romo or Cam for Cousins?
Can't get over fact that 3 current NFL starting QBs—Nick Foles, Kirk Cousins & Brian Hoyer—were on the same team at Michigan State in 2008.
The fact my wee cousins in Qatar playing football with celtic and am lying on my bed eating fridge raiders makes me wonder wit a done wrong
So ... I still have Brady as my only QB. Not gonna get Cousins. I'm gonna have to get Ben, Locker, or Dalton. (Sigh)
rest of the season who would you rather have your quarterbacks be? Russell Wilson? Karpernick? Cousins?
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
I'll say it was dirty and uncalled for. I think it all went down because of a late hit on Cousins prior tho.
A ton of snarky things were said when beat writers were pumping up Kirk Cousins this summer. Beat writers 1, snarky internet 0.
Ninety-one percent of the industry would have played Wilson.
no way! I ask because I value your opinion. More often than not, you steer me to victory. Cousins was a risky play.
Hi Scott. Use waiver on Bortles in 2qb lg? Have Ryan, Cousins, Tannehill. Sometimes guys make dumb drops so I'm hesitant
Sometime later in the week, could you comment on playing Kirk Cousins in a Thursday game nxt week???
Forgot to mention, there was a guy in a old scott cousins Florida Marlins jersey here at Petco last night. *** 0.
Boogie Cousins. The Redskins are flawed, but really, really fun.
I'd give one of my toes for another Kirk Cousins touchdown
My FA Kirck Cousins is up against 2nd rd pick Stafford today!
Someone told Bart Scott this morning about Wally Pipp, so now Bart is using that analogy every time Kirk Cousins appears on screen.
Cousins in way better the RGIII. I guess he was even better than Brady this week.
I gave Cousins a solid rank, but not solid enough. Painful.
right there with you. I ranked Cousins quite low this week.
i hear ya, debated Cousins vs Stafford and yup. Same thing. At least Brady got you ONE TD.
did the exact same, but went Cousins over Romo in another league
I debated Kirk Cousins/Tom Brady all week, ultimately picked Brady. Makes me want to vomit.
Rushing backboard. Needed to see it again from Cousins. I own all three in Stopa (use two), Wilson was always first play.
told you Stafford would have a bad day should have stared Cousins
I had Cousins/Romo and switched to Romo at the last second so that's neat.
I had a Brady/Cousins call this week, very tempted to go Cousins, decided for Brady's floor. Early regret. MT Brady is killing me.
That and Brady has been terrible. I'm gonna hope I can still pick up Cousins this week. Brady is killing me.
“Kirk Cousins-all the completions and none of the drama.”
Kirk Cousins IN THE HOUSE!. 7-7 with a TOUCHDOWN for his first drive!
really struggling with choices: Romo or Cousins - Jennings or Bradshaw ppr
Would you bench Tony Romo for Kirk Cousins today?
9 min - Scott Cousins gets the slightest of touches to make it 2-nil
it's like impossible to spend time with just Scott having my cousins here🙎
Bae played Iggy when I handed her the Aux cord, so I let her drive my cousins car since she wanna be childish
lol not quite I have Scottish cousins. You forget union was pushed for by lowland Scott and traders, who did well out of Union
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Hey Scott. You think Brady is a good buy low in 2 qb leagues? Have Ryan qb1. Cousins/Tannnehill qb2.
Why WR Brian Quick should be among this week's top pickups:
Kirk Cousins is a # 1 round pick. He is no Matt Flynn or Scott Mitchell
Trying to stay positive. Sweet 16 after school and cousins wedding tomorrow. This weekend is 👌
I'm still not over that Marina has a friend who is cousins with Adam Scott. They even celebrate Christmas together.
Brandon Barnes became the new Scott Cousins today
The Texas Rangers signed former major league outfielder Scott Cousins in order to convert him into a pitcher.
Walk into my cousins house and Scott and Brad start saying "Chop Chop" and singing the chant.
Car jumped, alley packed and sanded. Jonathan North, Jerrica Crystal best cousins ever. Always there to lend a...
Little cousins talking about walking to the bus stop for school this morning 😟😦😧! My mother would've had the car heated u…
Always a coach but tonight I'm in the MANCAVE and I am a fan. Let's go. My cousins went to Florida state so...
Now everybody, they mamas, daddies,brothers ,sisters,cousins,grandmas, and aunties apart of Nole nation now ??... Oh ok 😒🙉
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