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Scott Bakula

Scott Stewart Bakula (born October 9, 1954) is an American actor, known for his role as Sam Beckett in the television series Quantum Leap, for which he won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Television Series Drama in 1991 and was nominated for four Emmy Awards.

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I'm not *** but that Scott Bakula looks awful good in a jump suit.
If we get Scott Bakula to do our commercials we could make tens of hundreds of dollars!
I adore Scott Bakula, but Picard was the best captain .
I love Scott Bakula, but the acting on NCIS New Orleans is so bad
Actually 4 one with Patrick Stewart, one with Scott Bakula ,one with William Shatne…
Is it a requirement in his contract that Scott Bakula say "Oh Boy" in everything he's in?
Scott Bakula catches the bus one handed
what happened to Scott Bakula's chin. He looks like he just crawled out a of copy of the necronomicon.
You remember it for Sinbad and Scott Bakula and not Kathy Ireland? What the what?
Necessary Roughness. It has Sinbad and Scott Bakula in it. Enough said.
That would be Connor Trineer. I haven't watched it yet but you might be confusing him with Scott Bakul…
MacGyver and QL are closely linked in my mind for some reason. I think Scott Bakula and Richard Dean…
I'm sure they do. I also like Scott Bakula although I think he sucked as a starship captain
My wife would die if she met Scott Bakula. Instant death.
It was 1991, it was a family show, the world wasn't ready for Scott Bakula's flaccid womb broom
Scott Bakula is one of my favorite actors. Glad to see he is having and has had a successful career.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
We sent Capt. Archer (Scott Bakula) to hook you up. From what I understand he got you everywhere. All that and…
If Frankenstein was under your bed, then Scott Bakula is under his bed!
. Lord of Illusions (1995). with Scott Bakula . written by Clive Barker .
Got to catch a scene of NCIS New Orleans filming live and Scott Bakula
They're all saying that to Scott Bakula
I-Man with Scott Bakula. You can't top that.
NCIS New Orleans shooting an seen with Scott Bakula. @ FrenchQuarter…
and they should go through a time warp and meet a TINY CAPTAIN SCOTT BAKULA!
It's funny seeing fans freak out and want pics with Scott Bakula
Scott Bakula is more technically accomplished on guitar than Yngwie Malmsteen, & Scott Bakula plays air guitar
Scott Bakula looks better now that he has became older.
I had a crush on Scott Bakula when I watched him in Quantum Leap when I was younger.
I still hold out hope for Scott Bakula 2022
Just another way in which Scott Bakula has ruined this country
I like to imagine that every character that Scott Bakula plays is just a continuation of his character from Quantum Leap.
My mum messaged me because earlier today Scott Bakula said her dog was cool.
"Oh look, there's Scott Bakula." - My mom, flipping through the channels
I'm watching a Scott Bakula movie marathon so don't hold your breath
Watching rivalry ...Scott bakula is not only on his phone but he's reading a manuscript as well what drivi…
I don't care what anyone says... Scott Bakula is creamy.
Major League!?! The original...not the lame Scott Bakula sequels...
This is where Scott Bakula jumps into Sean Spicer's body and says "oh boy"
After Christopher Reeve, I think Scott Bakula was my first consistent crush?
I remember that for having Scott Bakula play a Scott Bakula impersonator.
When Scott Bakula bakes cookies for his enemies, he adds his own secret ingredient to make a special taste to it. Its called defeat
Scott Bakula uses Tabasco Sauce for eye drops
: NCIS Investigates The Tan Man - It always amazes me how fast my...
Scott Bakula doesn't have blood. He is filled with magma
Normani is a pro dancer though in real life, she should be booked as a dancer with a celeb partner (ie *** Cavett or Scott Bakula).
Your brand is half 80s references, half Scott Bakula. That's why I stay.
A Scott Bakula saved is a Scott Bakula earned.
If you had 5 dollors & Scott Bakula had 5 dollors Scott Bakula would have more money than you
Watched TNG fairly recently. What should I watch next? Rewatch of DS9 or Enterprise, which I never watched despite loving Scott Bakula?
Scott Bakula can shoot the wings off a spider at 200 yards. Spiders don't have wings!, I hear you say...Not any more
I'm really curious how you would react if you ever met Scott Bakula and/or Dean Stockwell.
get Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell back together.
And yes! Scott Bakula is amazing. Quantum Leap, Enterprise, Necessary Roughness. I'll watch anything he's in.
but there was a movie called Necessary Roughness with Scott Bakula, Hector Elizondo, Kathy Ireland, Robert Loggia & Sinbad...
Wishing a to Scott Bakula, known to fans as Captain Archer!
It took rural Illinois isolation to realize Scott Bakula and James Vanderbeek may be the same person
Not only do I get Quantum Leap references but Scott Bakula himself? Bless you,
...and now Scott Bakula has a song number. Seriously *** !.
if Parker doesn't have the image of scott bakula saved does it really exist?
I literally had no idea who Scott bakula was until I saw the episode of always sunny where they sing the wiz - u should watch it
The Gang Turns Black is honestly one of my favorite episodes now. It helps that Scott Bakula is randomly in it lol
All purpose parts banner
Scott bakula's southern accent is back in this episode
actually it was Scott Bakula in Enterprise
mango told me they mentioned Major League 3 back to the minors starring scott bakula in an early ep of mbmbam and they Did do that, thank u
Betsy DeVos is answering questions as if she's actually Scott Bakula and she just Quantum Leaped into Betsy DeVos's body.
Meh. I'm okay with that staying in the vault. But I do think Scott Bakula is totally underused.
Behind every successful man is Scott Bakula
The look on his face is like the one Scott Bakula made at the end of every episode of Quantum Leap
I've only seen 1 ep, so based on that, they race to update a room, and are friends with Scott Bakula.
I bet u 5$ im gonna get kicked out in the first ten minutes for making a bad Scott bakula joke
Scott Bakula quantum-leaping into DeVos' body would've been able to give more thoughtful answers to committee's q's.
On NCIS NOLA Lucas Black and Scott Bakula are so thin this year. What is that about?
Not to brag but my dad went to high school with Scott Bakula.
I think the challenge in hour television or half-hour television is...
Quantum Leap! (The only other thing I've seen Scott Bakula in) It's a great show and yeah, things like this happen often on QL 😁
The most interesting man in the world has a week dedicated to Scott Bakula
After 'Quantum Leap,' a lot of sci-fi things came my way, and I had to ...
topics that just straight up break my TL:. - Siggybot. - scott bakula crop top. - handsome jack huge jorts. - ZTD
we are all Love scott bakula crop top
i feel likr im on a different plane of existence right now HEY REMEMBER SCOTT BAKULA SINGING GREAT BALLS OF FIRE
Scott Bakula can turn a pickle back into a cucumber
I don't even know how half of you even put up with my QL/Scott bakula nonsense, thank you?
Kids these days need less Millard Fillmore garbage and more Scott Bakula
Scott bakula I'm Quantum Leap I think
he looks like generic 80s tv heartthrob .so ya Scott Bakula
Scott Bakula singing a Quantum Leap Torch Song!. Another glorious reason for watching new series of
Scott Bakula, scott pelley and a few others would not be happy with this market discount, need those tv homes
Drew and Jonathan are friends with Scott Bakula? . Scott Bakula is back on TV w NCIS New Orleans? . THERE'S A NCIS NEW ORLEANS???
and for passing downs we may as well play Scott Bakula too.
Scott Bakula must have leaped into Carl Edwards Jr last night and set right what once went wrong - giving us a timeline with a Cubs win.
In my mind I see the third film as more of a spiritual successor to Scott Bakula's other great sports fi…
the pause before passing motion was derived from Scott Bakula in Necessary Roughness with the scarecrow
I'm constantly involved in theater, looking at theater, trying to do wo...
Scott Bakula will be on the next season of Property Brothers & I've never been more excited about a television event.
Upcoming Brothers Take New Orleans promo. Not only my fav bros, but Scott Bakula? Celebrity crush alert!
Oh, no! Scott Bakula...are you kidding me. And Ray way.
The only person to have fought Scott Bakula & lived was later found to be lying. Then Scott Bakula killed him
It's no Major League 3, but without Scott Bakula what is?
I’m still deeply disappointed in Scott Bakula
The movies are about big tent pole movies and big action and effects.
I get nervous even guesting on other people's shows.
Scott Bakula can unlock a hairpin with a door
the worst is 3 with Scott Bakula, but 2 isn't far behind
Star Scott Bakula is very hands on with See his exclusive interview with
I enjoyed the Major League movies even the Scott Bakula one but that's where it ends. Not an Indians fan. .
Back to the Minors?It did a good job at predicting the Minnesota Twins sucking really bad. Scott Bakula but no Dean Stockwell
Hamilton Collection
Clive Barker is just genius, and he's incredibly gifted in so many diff...
Scott Bakula is such a pro, he hits his stride first time - every time!
Scott Bakula is very hands on with NCIS New Orleans -
Thanks Caroline! I've always wanted to be sandwiched between Ray Liotta and Scott Bakula 😈
Scott Bakula is currently playing Sam Beckett who has leaped into himself as a kid, AND his father. This Quantum Leap re-watch is THE BEST.
10-09. Happy Birthday to Scott Bakula, born October 9th, 1954. Scott Stewart Bakula is an American actor known for...
Out of this world Birthday Wishes to Scott Bakula. Television’s time and space traveler, Scott Bakula of Quantum...
Still blows my mind that Linda Hamilton ( The Terminator) & Scott Bakula (. Quantum Leap ) are the parents of Chuck Bartowski in Chuck .
I agree. We need to off a white male captain too. I'm actually being serious. But NOT Scott Bakula. We can make a new one.
Scott Bakula on 'NCIS: New Orleans,' Broadway and family
Ah, yes - it IS Scott Bakula . *giggles* At first it look like Tony Danza .( I think the hair is deceiving me ).
I think we need to talk about what it means that today, a young Harrison Ford, a young Scott Bakula, might never make it w/o plastics.
Star Trek 50th Anniversary Celebration Planned for Comic-Con: William Shatner will be joined by Scott Bakula,...
I liked a video "Quantum Leap" Returns with Scott Bakula as Sam Beckett
I remember the episode when Scott Bakula jumped into Jackie Robinson's body--also in the opening credits
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Colbert and Scott Bakula revive 'Quantum Leap' to stop Donald Trump via
Scott Bakula, Dean Stockwell and Donald Bellisario owe me at least two more episodes of Quantum Leap, what happened to Alia and Sam?.
… Scott Bakula, Dean Stockwell, and guest star Bruce McGill were only three to appear in the first AND last episode of "Quantum Leap".
Scott Bakula should reboot Quantum Leap, I get it if Dean Stockwell said no, when you're 80 you don't have to work if you don't want 2
It's Look Alike Day! Scott gets Scott Bakula, Sarah hears she reminds people of Penelope from Criminal Minds all...
Scott Bakula seems to be channeling Captain Sinclair from Babylon 5 for Captain Archer.
Scott Bakula will forever be Captain Johnathan Archer to me. . I don't care if he's on NCIS: New Orleans.
Does anyone else think that Roger Federer looks like Scott Bakula?
What if every character that Scott Bakula has played in the last 20 years has just been an extended episode of Quantum Leap?
NCIS.. Scott Bakula in a dress again is making me wanna watch Quantum Leap 😀
Yo, Jet Li, I'm really happy for you, & I'mma let you finish, but Scott Bakula had one of the best Quantum Leaps of all time
I almost made a Quantum Leap joke before I realized that was Scott Bakula. So we're still cool
Guest star Isabella Hofmann, Scott Bakula and director Bethany Rooney on the set of. NCIS: New Orleans. Episode...
Kirstie Alley, Scott Bakula, Jami Gertz, Carl Reiner, Bill Pullman- Sibling Rivalry is the 80s/90s comedy dream team
The real moral of the episode is Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell should get married.
Yes. Scott Bakula is a real person. I googled him
Scott Bakula can make electricity turn armish
The US Constitution has secret "Shadow Amendments" that control society. . Shadow Amendment 1 says Scott Bakula can never be unemployed.
The Scott Bakula fan club has caused so much pain in this world.
Every time there's an earthquake, you know Scott Bakula is hungry. The earthquake is caused by his stomach growling
Quantum Leap on Blu-ray in March. Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell save the world as they travel through time.
I'm married and Scott Bakula is on my freebie list! Unfollow.
mfw I don't know why i opened up a tab of scott bakula pictures
Sam as Don Quixote! I may have listened to Scott Bakula's Man of La Mancha medley from this ep too many times...
fun fact: Chelsea Field, the actress who played Teela in Masters of the Universe, is married to Scott Bakula.
I bet when Scott Bakula lets you into his circle of friends he does so fully committed to sharing and opens himself to you like a proud rose
Scott Bakula: "I've always had an affinity for lawyers. My dad is a lawyer. He's retired now. My brother is a lawyer."
From Quantum Leap to NCIS: New Orleans: Scott Bakula’s 5 best roles
Scott Bakula is real easy on the eyes.
I like to dress up like Scott Bakula dressed as someone else and meddle in people's affairs.
Bet you wish you could Quantum Leap out of there huh Scott Bakula?
"They're taking orders from the distant future...what???" I'm with you there Scott Bakula
Strange idea: Dr Sam Beckett leaps into either Tom Selleck on Blue Bloods or Scott Bakula on NCIS New Orleans
I like fantasy. I've always been the kind of kid who likes to dream about o...
When the first Star Wars movie came out, Scott Bakula was at the front row of the theater, but Luke didn't blow it up
If Avery Brooks or Sir Patrick Stewart or Bill Shatner or Scott Bakula were up against films actors... we'd have all lost something
I love this man. | Scott Bakula talks 'NCIS: New Orleans' on The Talk (Feb 9th, 2016) - YouTube
Scott Bakula can end the recession with one phone call
. You need to do a musical Duet with Scott Bakula ! That would rock 👍👍
Well sure, he was Scott Bakula. But we don't need another white straight guy's ship. That Muslim female captain looks BADASS.
LRT: SORBO?! That woman should be writing apologies to Scott Bakula. He's way too nice to be compared to KS.
I feel I couldn't watch that without seeing Scott Bakula as "Star Trek Enterprise Space Dad Archer"
Make this happen. I've got a reboot script! I wrote a while season! I gave a copy to Scott Bakula (not a joke).
Awesome Mardi Gras!! Planning on it next yr. Love the show & actors. Esp. Scott Bakula, met last yr. such a nice man!!
Scott Bakula and Steven Webber are on TV right now, so I can only assume Sam leapt back to keep Wings from getting canceled.
I have, for some reason, NCIS New Orleans on the TV on mute. They're acting like they're about to kill Scott Bakula. They're not.
Scott Bakula is such an incredible actor!
Love seeing Lee Tergesen, Steven Weber & Scott Bakula all in one show!
.sure knows how to make an entrance:) Here's more on ep:
Quantum Leap is about man actor Scott Bakula who leaps back in the time different years during modern era.
Marry in haste, repent at Scott Bakula.
Im in this video! You can see my hat and glasses behind Scott Bakula!
Our client Scott Bakula on this morning!
I don't even know how many times I auditioned for Danny Zuko in 'Grease.'...
. - Quantum Meruit. That was a good tv show. Really got Scott Bakula's career going.
scott bakula was married from 1980 to 1995. His second marriage began in 1996 and continues to this day.
I've done a lot of work other than sci-fi, and between half-hour comedy, st...
Dammit, I should have named the horse Scott Bakula!
since I consider you both a Quantum Leap scientist and a Tremors seismologist, if Scott Bakula was in Tremors, could he leap-
The end of shows are a nightmare for everybody because there is so much pre...
Order Miche Bag Online!
I had no clue that Sam’s “ Oh Boy “ was ad-libbed by Scott Bakula. It is such a classic line.
I am passionate about Helen Mirren and Scott Bakula
Is it me or is The Replacements actually Necessary Roughness with Keanu Reeves instead of Scott Bakula? 😭😭😭
TAMU should call Corey Pullig. He may have a hidden year of eligibility a la Scott Bakula in Necessary Roughness
Scott Bakula comes across as outrageously charming. Have to look away, occasionally.
Willy Wonka saved the Oompa Loompas from the Whangdoodle. It turns out Whangdoodle is Oompa Loompa for Scott Bakula
10 Years ago we had Ed Asner, Scott Bakula, and Julian McMahon. Now we have no Ed Asner, no Scott Bakula, and no Alcohol.
Scott Bakula's headstart on Lucas and Rob showed from his career as Sam Beckett's wearing dresses.
Second time around Alice hired Scott Bakula - for a guided tour through Wonderland
Parents these days should give their kids Scott Bakula not William Henry Harrison
Keyser Soze wet his pants whan he heard the name Scott Bakula
Scott Bakula can block a Shaquille O'Neal dunk just by staring at him
And go even further back and check out Quantum Leap starring Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell.
Scott to live and live to Scott Bakula
Some people have alter egos. Scott Bakula has no such thing
The 'shadow' in the valley of death is cast by Scott Bakula
Scott Bakula keeps the earth spinning with continuous Quantum Leaps
Obama is the president of America...But Scott Bakula is the president of Obama
Bigfoot is just Scott Bakula not shaving on a nature hike
When Lee Iacocca needed to save Chrysler, he asked Scott Bakula to drive a Dodge Ram on TV
Scott Bakula told the Soup Nazi he wanted a pizza, the Soup Nazi made it for him
Scott Bakula is the only man to punch a cyclops between the eyes
Eminem says I'm not afraid. Scott Bakula says I love the way you lie
On the SAT if you put Scott Bakula for every answer you will score over 8000
Since 1940, the year Scott Bakula was born, Quantum Leap related deaths have increased 13,000 percent
Once, Scott Bakula only filled his name in on the SAT. He got a perfect score
Scott Bakula was walking in his neighborhood & kicked a bottle at the side of the road which hit Jstin Bieber
Take care of Scott Bakula and Bakulettes will take care of themselves.
The Scott Bakula joke got me. Cheap puns: my favorite flavor.
There is nothing to fear but fear itself. Fear of course fears Scott Bakula
Update your maps at Navteq
Scott Bakula once told Martin Luther King about a dream he had
Is Scott Bakula still quarterbacking down there?
The smoothie was invented when Scott Bakula needed information from a banana
Clark Kent had to call himself Superman because Scott Bakula was already taken
The Borg cannot assimilate Scott Bakula. Resistence is futile is a phrase they leared from Scott Bakula
I hope gets nominated for an Emmy. She plays a different character every week, like Scott Bakula in Quantum Leap. :)
When Scott Bakula went back in time to father himself, he got in a fight with himself. We know this ongoing battle as the aurora borealis
Scott Bakula does not have imaginary friends; he made his real friends imaginary
Scott Bakula waking up to decaffeinated coffee is true acting.
The Boubonic Plague didn't wipe out almost half of Europe. Scott Bakula did
A Scott Bakula too careful of Scott lives in continual torment.
The best video game between Modern Warfare 2 & Bad Company 2 is Scott Bakula
With Halloween around the corner, I'd like to remind Scott Bakula that once a year he has the chance 4 the perfect costume: Count Bakula.
The perfect man has Scott Bakula's heart, Scott Bakula's soft palate & Scott Bakula's distinguished chin
One time Scott Bakula was signing up for the U.S army & all the wars ended
The perfect man has Scott Bakula's toes, Scott Bakula's heart & Scott Bakula's bizarre integrity
Scott Bakula eats the core of an apple first
Scott Bakula's cowboy boots are made of actual cowboys
Scott Bakula can shoe a running horse
Cement took a teaspoon of Scott Bakula to harden up!
Scott Bakula can climb Everest from top to bottom
When Scott Bakula eats out, the waitress leaves him a tip
Scott Bakula knows the power of the Dark Side..
Scott Bakula was once a knight in King Arthur's court. He was known as Sir Beatdown
When attempting to take a little off the top, Scott Bakula often times accidentally decapitates
Those who live by Scott Bakula die by Scott Bakula.
Scott Bakula does not only have the right to bear arms, he has BEAR ARMS
Scott Bakula won final Jeopardy by leaning on his answer board & staring at Alex Trebeck.Scott Bakula had no money & bet 0 & still won
Scott Bakula uses battery acid for eye drops
Scott Bakula was born in a house built by himhelf!
I don't care what anyone else says... Scott Bakula is stunning.
Scott Bakula once Quantum Leaped the football & it scored twice!!
Scott Bakula went back in time to kill himself. Then he went back in time again to kill himself for killing himself
Scott Bakula can say mug in Chicago
candy Crush was invented when Scott Bakula bit into an everlasting gobstopper
If you stare at an American Flag long enough, a 3-D image of Scott Bakula will appear
Happy Birthday to Scott Bakula and everyone else celebrating famously!
Pete Wentz & Twista think the Cubs will beat the Cards;Scott Bakula disagrees. Gary Sinise declares himself "jazzed"
So clearly and Richard Dent are geniuses & amazing. Scott Bakula can eat a ***
Ever wonder why Oklahoma has a panhandle? That's where Scott Bakula grabbed it to swing at the dinosaurs
Though I'm still trying to figure out my Count Bakula costume. (Scott Bakula leaping into Dracula)
Bob Marley's final words to his son Ziggy were; Money can't buy Scott Bakula
it's only a penalty if players don't immediately say they love Scott Bakula.
Golson like Scott Bakula in Necessary Roughness. Somebody gonna block flat top today? O-line getting manhandled.
Binge watch today, Quantaum Leap, with Scott Bakula as Dr. Sam Beckett, a physicist who leaps through spacetime.
Scott Bakula did not respond when I yelled that Necessary Roughness was awesome.
Scott Bakula? The character Sam Beckett basically was the Fonz in a Quantum Leap episode.
Kids these days need less Billy Idol horsefeathers and more Scott Bakula
The perfect man has Dustin Diamond's hair, Nick Kroll's heart & Scott Bakula's prominent talent
Sometimes I worry I'll never be asked to play the Scott Bakula part in a play adapting "Necessary Roughness."
Weird name poker:. --I'll see your Scott Bakula and raise you a Mark Arm from mudhoney . -- I'm all in on lorenzo music
Give me Scott Bakula, American Beauty, and Quantum Leap. Keep your R. Stevie Moore piffle
In a fight with the drill sergeant from Full Metal Jacket, I'm afraid Scott Bakula would gracefully decline to fight
Linda Park on Empress Sato "Brannon said, 'I didn't know you had that in you.' Scott Bakula said, 'I did.'"
That moment when Scott Bakula made his first appearance as Stephen J. Bartowski and fans lost it! 😁
Jason Isaacs looks a lot like Scott Bakula.
A Quantum Leap episode where Scott Bakula tries to leap into the future and save himself from doing NCIS New Orleans.
I thought I was the only one whom dreams of Scott Bakula.
Dear Diary, I really hope tonight's dream is the one where i slow dance with Scott Bakula and NOT the one where Madonna borrows all my bras.
Scott Bakula needs to do more magic based film noir. That is all.
...netforce is an AMAZING movie. 3 hours of Scott bakula net thriller
Let's get Scott Bakula to be a houseguest next week. What do you say guys?
"With the 1st pick in the 2015 NBA draft, the Minnesota Timberwolves select.Scott Bakula? Really? Ok, Scott Bakula."
"And I would rule with Scott Bakula by my side."-- episode
By complete and utter chance, I caught the Quantum Leap episode where at the end, Scott Bakula looks in the mirror and goes, "I'm retarded?"
Sam Elliott looks like Scott Bakula without his stache. Yes, I'm watching Frogs.
Im glad to see that Shea was there for Scott Bakula. Somebody needed to be.
Is Necessary Rougness the final episode of Quantam Leap where Scott Bakula realizes he never went back in time. EVERYONE CAN SEE YOU OLD!!!
Please ignore my opinion of Scott Bakula, in the scope of things it is very small and not worth getting angry about.
If calling me names is how you try to convince me to change my opinion then you're not defending Scott Bakula very well.
Yes! And explain why Scott Bakula should really pronounce his name differently.
Ok so who knows Scott Bakula and can help make my leap year wedding day actually happen?
But, you see, that only makes it worse. Knowing a hack like Scott Bakula has won awards that he is not qualified for.
Found out last night who exactly Scott Bakula is and the fact that his family lives across the street from me is even more exciting ok bye
Deep breaths. Clear away all thoughts of Scott Bakula. Jeez, even that name, Bakula, is annoying.
He is a bad actor. He has no range. Scott Bakula must have blackmail dirt on somebody to keep getting lead roles. ARGH.
Show us how a space captain acts, Scott. Now show us a Fed in New Orleans. IT'S THE SAME Scott Bakula every single time.
He has the chops, but every time he acts, the Scott Bakula from Quantum Leap jumps into his body. It's an uncanny tendency.
And they keep giving him lead roles. WHY? Let's get Scott Bakula, because we need somebody boring without any acting ability.
How does Scott Bakula keep getting gigs? His acting range is just Scott Bakula. That's it. Scott Bakula can only play himself.
I can't stand Scott Bakula. I'm sorry. I'm sure he's a nice person. But I find his "acting" to be annoying.
I shouldn't feel this embarrassed for not knowing Scott Bakula and Lucas Black starred in a NCIS.
In other NCIS New Orleans news, it just occurred to me to wonder if my father is aware that my mother is in love with Scott Bakula.
I think CSI and NCIS both are trash. We're talking story lines so tired and dry that Ted Danson and Scott Bakula can act them out.
At the very beginning,that was a serie with Scott Bakula!
Now if this was based on the Scott Bakula/Maria Bello TV series "Mr. & Mrs. Smith," I might be interested.
[P] At least we can all agree that Scott Bakula was the best captain, right?
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