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Scott Baio

Scott Vincent James Baio (born September 22, 1960) is an American actor and television director, best known for his roles as Chachi Arcola on the sitcom Happy Days and its spin-off, Joanie Loves Chachi, and as the title character on the sitcom Charles in Charge.

Happy Days Network Stars Erin Moran Joanie Loves Chachi Arrested Development Henry Winkler Teen Wolf John Stamos Willie Aames Heather Locklear Howard Cosell Ron Howard Leif Garrett Anson Williams Lesley Ann Warren Robin Williams

I can't help but feel the writers were passively-aggressively echoing Scott Baio's real life.
Happy things to send out into space: a jar of mayo, magazine clippings of Scott Baio, that song that ends with dayo.
RIP Scott Baio. Charles will always be in charge ... of my heart
Tomorrow's back page. Izzy, and a Scott Baio reference for the true believers
and Scott Baio's really cute too sooo.
Oh hey, Young Scott Baio from Mad Men is on
I remember it, but I never saw it! It was Scott Baio.I avoided anything he was in!
I remember one movie in the 80's ...Zapped... heard of it? Scott Baio?
Scott Baio is and will always be a troublemaker
Even Scott Baio understands the power of White Pants Wednesday! He posted this today:
Was told again today that I remind someone of Scott Baio. Must print an I'm Not Scott Baio tee to head off confusion. Want one
What ever happened to….: Chachi from Happy Days played by Scott Baio - See on - MOVIE AND...
I would never let that hunk Scott Baio watch my teenage daughters especially if they were hot. What kind of parents would do that?
many have said mapplethorpe, my first guess but have gotten no reply. Scott baio?
Nice to know Scott Baio is a notable name. Lol!
I have just realised that Scott Baio is an absolute *** featured in NBC s Science of Love
Oh, there's a few. One is played by Rowan Atkinson, another by Scott Baio and another by Hilary Swank.
he was my 2nd crush ever 1st was Scott Baio 😍
Now, if you'd been smart in 1991, you would have said 'No, I AM Scott Baio.' If she was cute, that is. ;)
Loving you take down Scott Baio in the obstacle course Battle Of The Network Stars '80! You rocked him!
When I was a teenager I had a major crush on Humphrey Bogart (while every other girl swooned over Scott Baio). Lauren Bacall was my idol.
I mean I even made reference to Scott Baio. would have been a grumpy teacher with his marks. -2 out of 10, come on.
Giving monkeys beer and caffeine, wasn't that the plot of a bad Scott Baio film?
"If I lived alone Mom'd never sleep because she wouldn't know I was okay." ~Scott Baio
Working with Scott Baio ... did you ever grow up with a Robin Williams movie or Mork & Mindy/Happy Days?
"Well, we KNOW Scott Baio got to Miggy, we established that already..
how bad can a movie with Scott Baio be?
20th floor. Scott Baio attacks George Washington with a dog biscuit. Harry Reid swallows brooms all the while.
Fame is ephemeral according to my Uber driver Scott Baio.
the Chachi nick at nite dad sitcom is so good. I love Chachi. If SGG gets big, I will know by hanging out w Scott Baio.
you have a shirtless picture of Scott baio as your picture. No more needs to be said. ***
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Never let Scott Baio cook for you, this is his mac and cheese, he forgot the water.
The classic 80's Scott Baio vehicle ZAPPED!?! Must have been a different ZAPPED!
It's hard to be Charles In Charge when you are not Scott Baio.
Call me mental but I have this strange infatuation with 1982's Scott Baio/Willie Ames classic Zapped!
You want Scott Baio's digits? “After a year of living in LA, I finally met Melrose Place cast member. I can't even believe it.”
do you ever see or talk to Scott Baio?
That is Scott Baio, but will always be the better Foop.
Scott Baio has been in every thing and I have seen on Nick this morning... Baio IS Nickelodeon.
Mmmmhm, because he thinks we're talking about the Scott Baio version.
Or, oh hey, we're an otherwise stable family. Scott Baio can watch our two hot blonde teenage daughters, right?
Oh that Vicky, Denzel Crocker, and Foop! Scott Baio and mentioning Fonzie! 3D animation with live-action!
Watching TV w/my nephew and caught the Fairly Odd Summer movie,Scott Baio you should be ashamed of yourself, owe someone a favor?
This is the official film poster for ZAPPED! starring Scott Baio:
My movie tastes are really rockin' these days: just finished Zapped! on netflix. I crushed *** Scott Baio back in the day.
I keep waiting for Scott Baio to walk in and interrupt them.
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someone mentioned this on a hashtag for my birthday and he blocked EVERYONE on it
I'm glad Shuckey Duckey was cool. Unlike that *** Scott Baio.
Amy Poehler has fart. Kate Hudson is watching TV in Marie Callender's. Moron and Goofy are laughing at toilets. Scott Baio has fart.
We'll see if we can get Scott Baio to come.
to when I met Scott Baio at the Elton John/Quarterflash concert at the Hollywood Bowl in '82. He asked me to...
Brb, gotta go *** up face down for the Scott Baio poster in my bedroom.
You know there's nothing on TV when you decide to watch Diagnosis Murder...with Scott Baio.
Guess the next cameo. I'm going with Scott Baio.
Fire-Nado of Laser-Eyed Sharks, starring Scott Baio as a shark
In iron man 3 when tony stark makes the joke about Hispanic Scott baio I like to think he's speaking directly to me.
I was hoping this was a concert photo of a band named Wall Of Scott Baio, but this is still pretty good.
. I think I did! A few days back. With all the William Devane/Gregory Harrison/Scott Baio/etc. footage.
Sharknado 2 has so many cameos they had to get creative to fit them in. Scott Baio worked craft services and Jay Leno was a lighting tech.
Just in case you were wondering, Scott Baio is still working.
back when you lost every audition to either michael j fox or Scott baio.
"Don't ever take a shower with a woman, because you'll probably end up proposing to her." - Scott Baio
no, it could be a hilarious situation comedy: Scott Baio in "Chachi & The Moose." Coming this fall, only on NBC!
As if Scott Baio is still making telly progs?! My kids are watching him in See Dad Run. LOVED Joanie Loves Chachi and Charles in Charge
I've got the obstacle course covered, but might need some tips from Scott Baio!
read that took quick, thought it said Scott Baio.
I watched a few. Scott Baio was shockingly athletic and Michael J. Fox was irrelevant. Funny to watch Cosell scam on the girls.
I can't believe anything could be creeper then the Scott Baio mask but the Erin Moran mask wins hands down
Erin Moran and Scott Baio was unavailable for comment
I have been blocked on here by scott baio and I barely remember why but I think it was about this
You go hunting with Scott Baio. You watch Fantastic Four. You stay at the Duran Duran Cabin. Good night.
I had a dream last nite that I danced with - Scott Baio, not & he's still a hottie! . 😂😊
Hi Scott I have been a fan of yours for years. How is your cousin Jimmy Baio doing? Miss seeing him.
Okay kevin o'leary and scott baio are now tied
My favourite shot is Scott Baio with Lesley Ann Warren and Heston in the background.
If you had told me that Scott Baio dated Lesley Ann Warren, I'd have called you a big fat liar.
Watched the last soccer game today with Sexy Scott Baio thanks to Josh Too Sweet 󾌧
Who doesn't know the story of scott baio blocking everyone who wished me a happy birthday a couple years ago
Does anyone else think Germany's coach looks like Scott Baio?!
Congratulations to Scott Baio and his team on winning the World Cup
Congrats to the German team and their coach, Angry Scott Baio.
I still can't believe Scott Baio is gonna win the World Cup
Scott Baio is doing a great job coaching Germany!
How cool is it that Scott Baio is the German football coach?
Oh my bad Scott baio is the German coach
I didn't know Scott Baio was the manager of Germany's soccer team.
Scott baio is coaching for Argentina now...
I didn't know Scott Baio was Germany's coach?
I'm freaked out by how much the Germany coach looks like Scott Baio!! Every time I see him, I yell, "But Joannie LOVED Chachi."
Coaching Germany's soccer team sure has aged Scott Baio.
I did not know that Scott Baio coached Germany in soccer.
Wait, Scott Baio from 'Charles In Charge' is coaching for Argentina!?
The German coach kinda looks like an older Scott Baio.
Is it me or does Germany's coach look like Scott Baio?
a great foundation started by Scott Baio and his wofe for children with special needs. Please help t…
What is Scott Baio up to these days? He & Bronson Pinchot should team up and do a remake of F Troop. I wouldn't watch but it would please me
I'm sure Scott Baio and Willie Ames were all about that!
If someone compares you to Scott Baio, remember: to them, it's a compliment
I added a video to a playlist WRONG HOLE w/ DJ Lubel, Taryn Southern, and Scott Baio
Arrested Development. So many levels funny. Scott Baio: "This isn't the first time I've been asked to replace Barry" Narration by Ron Howard
sheiky serious question. Who would win in a fight you or Scott Baio raisin balls?
Is that the guy married to Kourtney Kardashian? Who knew being Scott Baio's clone could be so profitable lol
Lima, Turkey. You play Fart with Scott Baio. Andy Lanning admires iron next to you.
Folks who've blocked me over Lebron Watch:. Vern. Brad. Trainer. Scott Baio. LAndy. DPN. Although I recommend
"The day's not quite gone, but, the night's not quite here. And somewhere Scott Baio is plowing a woman he doesn't love."
Extremely possible Scott Baio was inebriated when he said that.
Well Scott Baio said See Dad Run ended because they got enough eps for syndication.
Scott Baio ' s episode of The Love Boat is still waiting for the honors it deserves. Btw. Fyi.
I think I had 90 pictures of Scott Baio on my walls back in the day! 😜
Scott Baio was my first of many celebrity crushes!
Watching 3 and couldn't resist this pic of hispanic Scott Baio
*** Grayson is the Scott Baio of the DCU. Take that as you will.
I am thinking about getting a tattoo of Hispanic Scott Baio.
I've changed my decision making from What Would Chuck Norris Do to What Would Scott Baio Do.sometimes you need to change things up a bit
I love producers who cast the same kid as virtually the same character in different sitcoms. Scott Baio syndrome.
First you besmirch Oreo ice cream, now you go after Scott Baio?!?!
And Howard Cosell in his full glory announcing with Scott Baio. This is hilarious. 80's cheese in full effect.
Name any1, with possible exception of John Stamos & Scott Baio, w a better "list" than John Mayer
Yoo why hasn't anyone written a story where Ben Feldman is Scott Baio's fictional son?? Do I have to do EVERYTHING?!
barely related, but had dream where Scott Baio, Anson Williams, Eddie Mekka & what's left of Erin Moran formed supergroup
When did Scott Baio start coaching the Heat?
Look! Scott Baio with a mustache! Lmbo. What do you ladies think? Tiger Beat cover material? Or another hippie kid with long hair? Lololol. My daughter Kasey was so beautiful. I miss Melissa's dad Richard...he was awesome...R.I.P.
As the FBI agent approaches the crime scene he yells, "Who's in charge here?". A tall serious police captain slowly turns and says, "Charles is in charge of our days.and our nights". Then he slowly lifts a white sheet to reveal a recently deceased Scott Baio.
Just mentioned Scott Baio twice in the last hour in two different conversations. He's probably rolling in his grave! (He's dead, right?)
im BAIO. Before anyone in Ohio. But also like Scott Baio as well
-Eugene Mirman voice- Should Scott Baio have his own mayo?
Cartman was abducted by aliens and spanked by Scott Baio lolol
I happen to know that parody site is run by Scott Baio.
that awkward moment when you are the only one among your coworkers that knows who Scott Baio is
After the kids go to bed, Jason and I have very meaningful conversation. Tonight that leads us to what "famous" guy dated the most beautiful women.Scott Baio, of course!
Now Scott baio is the cop on this show?! Kill me.
I really need to amend my will.i'm still leaving everything to Scott Baio
This fall, Scott Baio captains an old, flat bottomed, transport ship 50 miles down the Erie Canal. "Charles in Barge". Thursdays on NBC
Well, this data is pretty convincing, but let's hear what Scott Baio has to say about anthropogenic climate change.
"Is Beowulf a Teen Wolf sequel with scott baio?" 😂
Scott Baio and Mark Curry are in a Nick at Nite show together? I had no idea.
I picture your Anustart quite often, Scott Baio.
Scott baio is 46 and single excluded obvs
Can you believe it's been ten years since we found out Scott Baio is a Republican?
with our family's other favorite Scott--this one being the actor and cover dad Scott Baio, and...
Because quite frankily, I do not want to meet the real Scott Baio. I thought he was married. Why he is he looking at other chicks? Hm..
WOW! Someone went into Sasha's VC room claiming to be the real Scott Baio. I wonder if I will ever get to meet the fake Scott Baio.
I'm in love with that cute little Scott Baio from
So I feel like everyone I know is blocked by Scott Baio, but apparently not!
2nd night for us w/ Look out for Cash's Scott Baio Bday
And then Scott Baio have me pink eye. Just kidding. It was my kid.
Fashion & dating r same cuz ur taste is always evolving & u can't really truly trust it until ur about 30. Jelly sandals & Scott Baio 4evah!
It’s super hard to be Charles in Charge when you’re not Scott Baio.
If you run for prez and win it would be real life Charles in Charge, with apologies to Scott Baio!
Wow had Bay City Rollers on my wall, along with Abba, Leif Garrett, Madonna, Scott Baio, Kiss , Runaways. ..had no free wall space on my side of the room. ..oh the memorys..xx
Yo why Michael steal from Scott Baio like that tho lmfaoo
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Scott Baio is 53 and Wondering when the Loving Embrace of Death Will Free Him from the Shadow of Henry Winkler.
Right? Scott Baio would be PSYCHED. Maybe would consider a guest appearance!
As has pointed out: "Scott Bakula" could also function as the title of a Dracula film starring Scott Baio.
Scott Baio looks like he is going to score.
Just learned that Scott Baio is 45 and Single was done by Bischoff/Hervey. Explains how they got Eric Young to attack him in a speedo.
Scott Baio is 65, Still Single and as Bald as an Eagle
i remember Scott Baio always winning the obstacle course
Pretty sure ABC kept Scott Baio on a show in 70s/80s purely so he could represent the network in a Battle of the Network Stars.
ESPN Classic is showing 1970s/1980s reruns of Battle of the Network Stars. Scott Baio is killing it.
watching teen scott baio and listening to Bohemian Rhapsody at a bar, and not totally hating this combo
I think ABC kept casting Scott Baio in series solely for Battle of the Network Stars
Really?! They remade the movie Zapped?! You can't top Scott Baio and Willie Aames!
First of all, I want to make it clear, Erin Moran has NOT died. She is alive and.Well, you decide. Erin Moran was born on October 18, 1960 in Burbank, California and broke into the acting business at a young age. She was the youngest of six children; Moran was age six when she did her first television commercial. Her first acting experience came from a supporting role on the outdoor adventure series Daktari (1968-1969). She next had a regular part in The Don Rickles Show (1972). During her early career, Moran frequently guest starred on other series, including The Courtship of Eddie's Father and Family Affair. Moran made her feature-film debut in 80 Steps to Jonah (1969). She would only appear a few more times in films. In 1982, she and Happy Days co-star Scott Baio left the show to star in the short-lived spin-off Joanie Loves Chachi. Following the new show's swift cancellation, Moran returned to the original show for its final year. Since then her television career consisted of the occasional guest ap . ...
Who's the next "celeb" for the my money is on Scott Baio and Erin Moran
"Battle of the Network Stars" on ESPN Classic right now. Scott Baio just dunked Melissa Gilbert three straight times in the Dunking Booth. Howard Cosell on the play by play.
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today in 1984 - Joanie (Erin Moran) and Chachi (Scott Baio) got married on Happy Days! The comedy series, starring Henry Winkler, Tom Bosley and Marion Ross (Ron Howard and Anson Williams had already left the show), was winding down in its final season on ABC-TV. In the same episode, Fonzie (brilliantly portrayed by Winkler), filed papers to adopt a son.
Well, it’s a soggy day, so here is an appropriate factoid to remind you of damp afternoons in the days before shops opened on a Sunday….. • Do you remember rainy Sunday afternoons when all you could do was watch the telly? In those blissful few hours before proper boring grown-up telly came on (Antiques Roadshow, Songs of Praise and then...The News…YAWN) there was the 70’s joy that was Little House on The Prairie (and Terrahawks but I'll save that for another day!). Well, today, the actress who played Laura Ingalls, the little ballsy sister (AKA. the one who didn’t go blind) turns *gulp*…50! But actress, Melissa Gilbert, has had a *** of a life since shedding the pigtails, having dated Rob Lowe, Tom Cruise, John Cusack, Scott Baio, Billy Idol, and Randy & Dennis Quaid’s cousin, Bo – who she married, procreated with and then divorced. Phew. Although she couldn’t quite let go of the gingham, and went on to play Ma in the Little House on The Prairie musical in the 90s (wasn’t exa ...
Which of the following child stars starred in a "Friday the 13th" movie?. A. Corey Feldman. B. Drew Barrymore. C. Corey Haim. D. Scott Baio
Growing up, I watched shows like "Charles in Charge" starring Scott Baio and "Sister Sister" with Tia Mowry. Now I'm looking at shows that my kids may watch... You know, "Instant Mom" starring Tia Mowry and "See Dad Run" starting Scott
I just ordered the 1985 live-action Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass. I was about the most excited girl in history. And then I found out that John Stamos is in it. It was too much. Especially when you consider it also has Donald O'Conner, Carol Channing, Harvey Korman, Scott Baio, and Ann Jillian, just to name a few. So excited to share this with Robert Eaton. And Babes in Toyland, which he has not seen.
Pretty sure we just saw an ageing Scott Baio on the dance floor being Charles in Charge of Dat ***
Scott Baio, Ric Flair and alec baldwimp were sitting naked in the sauna. Suddenly there was a beeping sound. Scott Baio pressed his arm and the beep stopped. The others looked at him questioningly. "That was my pager," he said. "I have a microchip under the skin of my arm." A few minutes later a phone rang. Ric Flair lifted his palm to his ear and spoke briefly into it. When he finished he explained, "That was mobile phone. I have a microchip in my hand." alec baldwimp felt decidedly low-tech. So as not to be outdone, he decided he had to do something just as impressive. He stepped out of the sauna and went to the toilet. He returned with a piece of toilet paper hanging from his backside. The others raised their eyebrows...! "Will you look at that," said alec baldwimp. "I'm getting a fax!"
Rumour has it that Scott Baio may be taking a break from his spring break in Malibu to catch the big show tomorrow night, although Erin Moran is reportedly planning on staying in Daytona. No reunion is slated at this juncture. In related news, Gwyneth Paltrow is looking to recouple as soon as possible, so will be in attendance at the World Famous Kenton Club tomorrow night (probably around 8:30ish) cruising for eligible singles. Paparazzi and stargazers: don't miss out on this must-witness event of the season!
Watching Battle of the Network Stars on ESPN Classics awesome time when TV had real stars not "Reality" TV peeps real stars luke like Tony Danza, Scott Baio, Tracy Scoggins, Heather Locklear, Lee Majors, Mark Harmon and a very young and healthy Michael Jay Fox and William Devane and Sherri Belafonte, I had the pleasure of working with all but best surprise the Network Cheerleaders like Lisa O'Day- DeMuesy and Angie Herron!
hey Scott baio how bout a follow I've been forever and kfc does so carry on the tradition
Remember when Scott Baio was killed in a jet ski accident but then it turned out Scott Baio wasn't actually killed in a jet ski accident
In an interview to Hollywood Life, the actor Scott Baio gave a council of life important for
What does a Scott Baio - Lee Majors conversation sound like?
Highly amused that Scott Baio's character on "Arrested Development" is named Bob Loblaw. If you don't get it just say the name fast.
Scott Baio sitting on the hood of a Corvette listening to We Built This City while drinking a Coke II.
Oh, but I do wanna marry Scott Baio! So conflicted.
Famous People of the 1980s: On the Small Screen Chock Full 'O Dreamy Teen Heartthrobs In the early 80s, while John Ritter was Jack Trippering his way into the hall of sitcom fame, other small-screen stars like Alan Alda and Erik Estrada were slowly tumbling down the charts after a wild ride in the late 70s. And even though Henry Winkler literally jumped the shark in 1977, Happy Days continued to ride the top 10 for several seasons into the 80s, then spun off the infamous Joanie Loves Chachi, catapulting Scott Baio into heartthrob heaven for millions of side-ponytailed teenage girls. It wasn't only Scott Baio sending the pubescent into hormonal hissies, though. Teenage boys of the 80s had bodacious blondes to lust after, like Heather Locklear, Christina Applegate, and every single woman to ever appear on Miami Vice. While that was going on, the wholesome sitcom world was busy giving teenage girls role models in the form of Justine Bateman on Family Ties and the Facts of Life girls, teaching us all to take ...
Conversation that just happened over dinner: Geoff (my hubby): Who was that sitcom actor who is now some kind of Jesus Superhero? Is that Kirk Cameron? Me: No, he is all bible-preachy now but you're thinking of someone else. I can't remember his name but he was best friends with Scott Baio. His name was either Tommy or Buddy. Geoff: What show was he on? Me: OK I know, he was Tommy on Eight Is Enough and Buddy on Charles In Charge. Geoff: Willie Aames Me: Yes that's him. Why do I know all those other facts but can't remember his name? Geoff: I'll take 80's sitcom trivia for a thousand, Alex. Then Geoff looks him up on Wikipedia and says his character is called Bibleman. I still don't know why he asked in the first place but we make a good team.
Nick at Nite’s See Dad Run will not be running any longer. The show, which starred former Happy Days actor Scott Baio, has been cancelled.
Really wish Scott Baio and Willie Aames would make a comeback.
... the same song (also sung by Scott Baio and Erin Moran) used in an earlier "Happy Days" episode. ...
... The theme song for "Joanie Loves Chachi", "You Look At Me" (sung by stars Scott Baio and Erin Moran), was a shortened version of ...
waIT who is scott baio and why does my mom love him so much
Sitting at our go to Italian joint next to Scott Baio. Yeah, Charles In Charge Scott Baio.
Scott Baio's sitcom is set to end its run after the conclusion of its upcoming third season. That story again: Scott Baio ha…
Finally transcribing my Random Roles w/ Scott Baio, and just hit 'Arrested Development.' He just recalled that...
I believe Beowulf was a teen drama starring Scott Baio
SCOTT Baio has advice for Justin Bieber! The 53-year-old actor — who was one of the biggest child stars of th...
So my teacher said I looked like Scott baio today, I guess I am Charles in charge.
Justin Bieber, Scott Baio has some advice for you! See what told us about the Biebs' antics HERE:
Although I did have a Scott Baio phase but Baio trumps Bieber any day!
How did you get Scott Baio to block you?
Joanie Loves Chachi BUT Chachi LOVES Ruthie! Happy Days are here again as Scott Baio skateboards in his Ruthie's... htt…
You want quality TV? ESPN Classics! Battle of the Network Stars with Cosell announcing. Nothing suggests athlete more than Scott Baio.
Micah has the remote. Looks like it's "Battle of the Network Stars". Riveting. Howard Cosell, Scott Baio, Morgan Fairchild.
Got to love Scott Baio dunking Meredith Baxter Birney and Randi Oakes sinking Tom Wopat on Battle of the Network Stars.
I'm sorry for all you people watching "stars" show their wares on Dancing with the Stars, but ESPN Classic has the best version of stars at their best: a Battle of the Network Stars marathon! Give me Tom Wopat, Scott Baio and Nancy McKeon over those others ANY day!
Relive the 1982 film "Zapped" featuring Scott Baio on the Morning Show with Kyle.
I just did the Adele Dazeem Name Generator -Courtesy of John Travolta -Mine came back as: "Scott Baio" - http:…
The choice of presenters this year was so random I'm hoping they'll get Jennifer Love Hewitt & Scott Baio to be at next year's
Watching Charles in Charge on Hulu.I remember the days when I crushed on Scott Baio. Why can't the characters age in reruns? Now he looks like one of my students, so young.
What celebrity should I get drunk with quiz? I got Scott Baio of Happy Days and Charles in Charge fame.
here's another good met Scott Baio at Kings Plaza.I know you did Lori Mangano Bimonte...didn't we go together??? lmao
A father named Scott Baio sat outside in the sunshine and watched his young daughter playing in the garden. He smiled as he reflected on how sweet and pure his little girl was. He thought about her seeing the wonders of nature through such innocent eyes. Suddenly she just stopped and stared at the ground. He went over to her to see what work of God had captured her attention. He noticed she was looking at two spiders mating. 'Daddy, what are those two spiders doing?' she asked 'They're mating,' Scott Baio replied. 'What do you call the spider on top?' she asked. 'That's a Daddy Longlegs,' her father answered. 'So, the other one is a Mommy Longlegs?' the little girl asked. As his heart soared with the joy of such a cute and innocent question, he replied 'No dear. Both of them are Daddy Longlegs.' The little girl, looking a little puzzled, thought for a moment, then took her foot and stomped them flat! "What did you do that for?" Scott Baio asked The little girl looked up at her father in anger: "Well, we'r ...
“I love driving cars, looking at them, cleaning and washing and shining them. I clean 'em inside and outside. I'm very touchy about cars. I don't want anybody leaning on them or closing the door too hard, know what I mean?” – Scott Baio LIKE if you love your car this much, too!
if anyone's looking we're currently interviewing candidates for the Head of Global Marketing position here at Scott Baio Enterprises
Scott Baio really got the short end of the "I look like John Stamos" stick. Where did he go wrong?
“When I was a baby, my mother tells me I never slept because I never wanted to miss anything.” ~Scott Baio
I know! Scott Baio is the epitomy of cool without trying. Like our modern day James Dean.
Scott Baio once called Chuck Norris "Charles", so Chuck showed him who's IN CHARGE...with his fist! No more Happy Days for Scott.
I have seen few people dominate anything quite like Scott Baio dominated "Battle of the Network Stars."
Is John Mayer the modern day Scott Baio or was Scott Baio John Mayer from the future?
"These coloring pages are fun and they also help children develop important skills..."
I wrote a song when I was 10 called "in the moonlight (with Scott Baio) " swear to the fonz
Scott Baio guest stars on a brand new Sam & Cat airing Saturday, January 4 at 8pm/7c on Nickelodeon! Subscribe:
Scott Baio goes public with his Gonorrhea. Charles' Discharge.
I just followed you on here David and Scott Baio was the next recommendation?! God, Why...! o.O
Pfft, like Scott Baio's getting through the pearly gates, Zapped! alone denies him entrance
I want to see cartoons with celebrities being turned away at Heaven because they're not dead yet. "No, Scott Baio- it is not yet your time"
I dream of a future w/no wars, tolerance for all, & a show where Scott Baio gives assignments to sexy female spies calle…
Last night's Hollywood Squares was one of history's worst engineering failures. Scott Baio, the Blossom cast, & 3 Vine celebrities perished.
bring back Scott Baio is 45 and single so I have something new to watch while I eat my spaghetti
Scott Baio Ty 4 we r saving wounded troops 1 service dog at a time. Just like me and mine Axel!
"Is Beowulf a sequel to Teen Wolf with Scott Baio?" Lmao
In my hotel room watching Battle of the Network Stars on espn classic. A very young Scott Baio is killing it. On that note, goodnight.
ESPN has on a loop of "Battle of the Network Stars" on. Kathie Lee Crosby vs Kathy Oaks (CHIPS) hilarious. Commentator stated Kathie lee lost because she didnt have her "fanny tucked under"... next up Scott Baio. lolol... but seriously. . Don't you wish life were that fun and silly today?!!
"Hey, was Beowulf a Teen Wolf sequel with Scott Baio?" "No..." "...Ugh then I just totally failed that medieval lib mid-term!" Lololololol
{{ Family Guy just did something I would never hear. XD Peter: Was Beowulf a Teen Wolf sequel with Scott Baio? Joe: No. }}
Was Beowulf the Teen Wolf sequel with Scott Baio?
Introducing the wife to What should we witness? Tom Selleck burning Scott Baio and Byron Allen in a relay
Who knew Scott Baio had a great arm and Tom Selleck could play safety?
I have been informed by a certain sports addicted member of our household that we, as a family, should root for ABC when we watch the episode of late 1970's era Battle of the Network Stars that he is taping for some reason. I told him that I cannot in good conscience cheer for a team featuring Scott Baio. This may tear the family apart.
Scott Baio just defeated Brian Kerwin in The Battle of the Network Stars. Is this live?
I have wonderful friends who send me wonderful things in the mail, such as 8x10 photos of Scott Baio.…
Riverview, Ireland. You play World of Warcraft with Congress. Scott Baio diarrheas on a snow cone in the background.
Get your iPhone insurance today!
"Scott Baio vs The World": Scott Baio movies that didn't make back their budget at the box office.
Scott Baio just curious what do you think of honey boo boo??? Would u let your lil girl watch it??
When I was a little girl, somewhere between 6 and 12, and all my little girlfriends were busy crushing on Scott Baio, Kirk Cameron, Christopher Atkins, Corey Haim (you get the picture) my heart belonged to Mel Brooks, Gene Kelly and Harold Ramis. I've had the hots for Harold Ramis since I first saw Stripes when I was 6 years old. Today I feel weird, and old. Not happy.
Weird development note of the day - "Can this character be more like a mid-period Scott Baio?"
Austin Police Chief Scott Baio is in hot water. Rumors swirling that the runner, Joannie Cunningham, told one of...
I have the theme from Charles in Charge stuck in my head. I don't know if I should blame Family Guy or Scott Baio
Just heard a train conductor say "there are delays on the C train -- C as in 'Chachi.'" *** guys I think Scott Baio is driving the subway.
Starpulse : Scott Baio: 'I can't understand why anyone would try drugs'
Scott Baio still fine. I want Charles in charge of me 😜
Did you get it from Scott Baio or Bob Costas?
Scott Baio will always be Chaci in my eyes!
"See Dad Run" is depressing. Scott Baio is old and therefore so am I
I have always been a Scott Baio fan. I like his show on nickelodeon
Let's try again. In jr high I had a pic of Dean Smith in my locker, while other girls had Scott Baio or Shaun Cassidy.
Price, his hair, he's like a more sexy Scott Baio
I hope Scott Baio calls his memoirs "Baiography"
No bad movies to watch tonight. I do, however, have "Foxes" on the DVR. Hmn. Cherie Currie, Jodie Foster, Sally Kellerman, Scott Baio, and Randy Quaid. ( in order of sexiness)
Please see a great foundation that Scott Baio and his wife set up for their daughter for Rare Metabolic Disorders
I use to have posters of him in my room lol!!! He was sexy!! Lol! Along with Rick Springfield ,Scott Baio and John!!!
I was searching threw Netflix and found a movie that i haven't seen in forever does anyone remember Zapped with Scott Baio??
If you are even remotely around the age that you remember when Scott Baio, Leif Garret or even Donnie Osmond were heart throbs. You should not be taking bathroom selfies and pimping yourself for a compliment. Just saying, its really not becoming.
Now at Paramount with Charlessa Anderson Studios at taping of "SeeDadRun" starring Scott Baio
On set for Scott Baio 's show with Greg Louganis (Hedwig Potter). Scott's production company is in negotiations with us for our show
"Hey was Beowulf a Teen Wolf Sequel with Scott Baio?" "No." "Ugh, I totally failed that Medieval Lit midterm."
Former teen heartthrob Scott Baio candidly opens up to Closer Weekly about growing up in front of the camera.
Before Charles in Charge, Scott Baio and Willie Aames teamed up for ZAPPED! Just like Carrie White, Scott can...
Why is Scott Baio suddenly an omnipresence on Nickelodeon? I wish Charles was in charge of a permanent disappearance from TV.
HOST OF OUR UPCOMING SUNDAY MARCH 30TH WINGS OF LOVE INTERNATIONAL CHARITY EVENT: World Famous Hollywood High School Theatre. Here are pics of some of the most famous grads of Hollywood High. As a volunteer for our charity event, you will have the chance to learn a lot more about this fabled location, and hopefully invite lots of friends to join us for our fundraising event!! We need LOTS of help to transform the 1700 seat, balconied theatre into the Hollywood venue we want to show off our models, with the help of Fashion Designer Parris Harris and all of our volunteer models! We will even be having a Red Carpet and Step & Repeat with celebrity DOGS making their appearance! Although this large school looks a lot like many other old high schools, in fact this is where dozens of movie stars attended high school, including: James Garner ("The Rockford Files"), Mickey Rooney ("Boys Town"), John Ritter ("Three's Company"), Scott Baio ("Charles in Charge"), Mike Farrell ("B.J." on "M*A*S*H"), Laurence Fishburne ...
Conway , Carl Perkins Elvis (with my mom there also would love to give this to her they were her Fav. She cried for days when she heard bout them passing) Garth, Shaun Cassidy, Trace Adkins,Barry Mannilow, Scott Baio, to name a few lol oh also Ricky Nelson, and Kenny Dale, Blake Shelton.
If you've never seen the all child cast musical Bugsy Malone starring Scott Baio and Jodi Foster… you're loss. Seriously.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
The greatest man I have ever met... To stay awake during my drive back from SoCal I started mentally making a list of all the celebrities I have met. In no particular order: Muhamed Ali, Scott Baio, Tom Carroll, *** Alba, Steve Alba, Tony Hawk, Boyd Coddington, Reggie Jackson, Wally Joyner, Hugh Downs, Paul Harvey, Bruce Jacobs, Andrew Babinski, Barry Young, Newt Gingrich, Elton John, Billy Joel, Dana Carvey, Michael Keaton, and more. Though many would consider these men very remarkable; the greatest man I have ever met is my Grandfather, Don Farr.
Flashback Friday - Ready for Friday night rollerskating! (I spy magazine pages of Scott Baio and Leif Garrett)
Unfortunately, I stole the Rolodex from Jeremy Roenick, so it's probably just Tom Arnold and Scott Baio a lot.
Game Day 3 proved to be much tougher than anticipated! No worries--I will take that into consideration and tweak the difficulty of the remaining days to be a touch easier for everyone. Game Day 3 Recap: The relocation of the Seattle SuperSonics to Oklahoma wasn't exactly a clean split. A legal settlement between the owner of the now-Thunder, Clay Bennett, and the city of Seattle forced the franchise to keep all Supersonics memorabilia in Seattle, including banners, trophies, and retired jerseys. Plus, the SuperSonics franchise name is still legally available for any future team to use. If such a team comes into being, the Thunder will "share" franchise history with this new team. Heather Locklear has been a darling of the celebrity news circuit for some time thanks to her many celebrity romances over the years, which include relationships with Scott Baio, Jack Wagner, and Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee. Since appearing on Dynasty, she has also starred on a number of TV shows, including Melrose Place, Spin ...
Overheard in Century City, CA: (Man on cell phone) "Joey Lawrence? No way. But I could get you Scott Baio easy. You'd save a little money, too."
TONIGHT! NEW episode on Nick at 8PM (7c). Guest star is TV legend SCOTT BAIO! Episode title: - Tell th…
Two celebrity deaths so far today. Anyone check on Scott Baio recently?
I'm not sure who's targeting 70's TV performers, but Robin Williams, Lou Ferrigno, and Scott Baio should probably be VERY careful.
Starting to think this Scott Baio tattoo was a bad idea.
Just finished my spec script for Diagnosis: Murder. Anyone know Scott Baio?
ep 9 was a good episode, the only thing keeping it from being great would've been at least one Scott Baio refe…
Scott Baio wants to do a Happy Days reunion. My day is made.
no lie, I'm a grown *** 32 year old man and I'm excited for tonight- especially to see if Scott Baio…
Scott Baio says he'd be willing to do a "Happy Days" reunion. But only under any conditions, for any amount of money, at any time, ever
The best advice Scott Baio received from *** Van ***
Update your maps at Navteq
His and Her pedicures. Just talking about which SATC character is our favourite and who we'd rather marry out of Zac Efron or Scott Baio.
Nadal is literally playing Scott Baio from the Joanie Loves Chachi days. No joke. Spitting image.
Joanie Loves Chachi is an American television spin-off of the American sitcom Happy Days that was originally broadcast on ABC from March 23, 1982 to May 24, 1983. It stars Erin Moran and Scott Baio as the titular Joanie Cunningham and Chachi Arcola, respectively.
Originally a sketch on Love, American Style, it starred Ron Howard as Richie Cunningham and Marion Ross as one of television's favorite moms of all time, Marion Cunningham. They would be the only two who made it to the series. One of TV's favorite dads of all time, Howard Cunningham, was portrayed by Harold Gould in the sketch, replaced by Tom Bosley, who was the spokesperson for Shasta Soda back then and most recently the Harry Boyle on the cartoon sitcom Wait Till Your Father Gets Home. Younger child Joni Cunningham was played by Erin Moran. Originally, no one wanted to make a show taking place in the 1950s into a weekly series, but with the success of Grease on Broadway and American Graffiti at the box office, the latter starring Ronnie Howard, ABC picked up the show. Originally centering around Richie and his pals Warren "Potsy" Weber (Anson Williams) and Ralph Malph (Donny Most), Henry Winkler started getting attention as rebel greaser Arthur Fonzarelli. Originally, The Fonz's last name was going ...
In honor of the upcoming "Happy Days" reunion, let us pause to remember that Scott Baio is not racist because his wife has one black friend.
Wilford Brimley and Scott Baio show up on a golf cart
If I was Shia Labeouf, I'd for sure change my name to Shia La-Scott Baio-Wolf.
Who can ever forget sweet hearts cutest couple from Happy Days and Joanie Loves Chachi. To this day Scott Baio is still one of the best looking and cutest Italian guys around.
is too cute for words: Will he do a Happy Days reunion? Check it out. via
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