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Scott Baio

Scott Vincent James Baio (born September 22, 1960) is an American actor and television director, best known for his roles as Chachi Arcola on the sitcom Happy Days and its spin-off, Joanie Loves Chachi, and as the title character on the sitcom Charles in Charge.

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Scott Baio? Antonio Sabato Jr.? Kimberlin Brown? They are speaking at Umm, why? Ha! Is this an 80s and 90s pop culture tour?
DNC speakers-Bernie Sanders, the First Lady, The President and VP. RNC-2 soap opera actors, guy from Duck Dynasty and Scott Baio??. LMFAO!
What if Kanye West stole the mic from Scott Baio at the RNC and insisted that George W Bush was the worst president of all time OK send
Scott Baio, Trump supporter, to speak at RNC
Scott Baio, Donald Trump supporter, to speak at Republican convention
Scott Baio. Speaker at or special guest at a Ron Bonjean Christmas party?
Scott Baio hand-picked by a very desperate Trump to speak at his D-list RNC:
Scott Baio to Speak at Rep National Convention via Hey You lack class and a "good brain."
Scott Baio to Speak at Republican National Convention via He wasn't doing anything else that night.
Scott Baio's deep intellectual viewpoints will go well with Pence's bigotry and 19th century approach. All the RNC needs now is Gary Busey
When was Scott Baio ever tolerable, let alone relevant? Guess Dennis Miller had a standup gig in Poughkeepsie.
John Boehner reading that Scott Baio is speaking at the "My party's dead. Well, it was a good run". Puts shotgun in mouth.
I'll take an address from Tila Tequila over Scott Baio.
Charles Wants Trump in Charge - Scott Baio joins Tila Tequila, Gary Busey, and other has-been via
Scott Baio? Plz complete the trifecta w/ Kirk Cameron & Dennis Miller. They can cross the streams and summon Stay-puft Limbaugh.
They had to settle for Scott Baio because Tila Tequila was busy.
Two of the stars of Diagnosis Murder were fairly prominent surrogates this year. *** Van *** for Sanders. Scott Baio for Trump.
Scott Baio? Why don't they get Butch Patrick or Barry Williams instead?
Scott Baio joins the lineup of speakers at the Republican National Convention
I'm thinking Trumps VP pick will be one of: Kid Rock, Ted Nugent, Stan Smith, Barney, Scott Baio, Ivanka, Phil Robertson or Ann Coulter
. Would you be interested in having Scott Baio on the show. He might be a good guest.
Isn't it cute? She's auditioning for a spot in Trump's administration along with Ben Carson, Chris Christie, & Scott Baio.
Scott Baio, Gary Sinese, Craig T. Nelson, and James Woods fits this profile immensely.
So you think Scott Baio is better than Herschel Walker, Mike Tyson, Don King, Azealia Banks, Terrell Owens, Dennis Rodman? Racist!
Media Buzz Howard Kurtz bombing Scott Baio and McCain because they question Obama. I wonder if Kurtz is on Hillary's payroll!!
I keep asking myself: What do Vladimir Putin, David Duke and Scott Baio see in Donald Trump that I'm missing?
For anyone going to Miami Supercon: could someone ask Henry Winkler why Scott Baio is an islamophobic ***
The great Paul Lynde! And of course The Great Scott Baio!
in fairness, he does have some serious supporters as well. Dennis Rodman, Scott Baio, Sara Palin, Gary Busey.
Way to go Scott Baio, Jennifer Lawrence is incompetent! Kudos for speaking the truth🙏
Thank you for having Scott Baio on. I loved Scott's suggestion for Jennifer Garner - read a couple of books/TV etc.
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Scott Baio says Jennifer Lawrence needs to "read a book, watch the news n stop believing propaganda". True that !! 👏🏻
How soon is Scott Baio back on FOX to complain because Jennifer Lawrence is not a fan of Trump?
I want to see a show with Scott Baio where they ambush him with Erin Moran. Lol. Mini reunion show. Except she crazy.
Movie set: . Tony Danza: I'm the boss. Scott Baio: I'm in charge. Leonardo Dicaprio: I'm king of the world!. Morgan Freeman:…
Scott Baio is on Outnumbered and I have to go to work?!?. what have you done to me?
If you can get Scott Baio and Willie Aames, I'm in.
Erin Moran actually took Scott Baio's virginity too
can we trade Mabry for Larry Walker ? Scott Rolen ? Scott Baio ?
Not just garden variety has-beens either, world class has-beens, Sarah Palin, Pete Rose, Scott Baio!
so Scott Baio is a racist, sexist xonophobe. Good thing Charles isn't in charge anymore or those kids would be screwed.
ask Marie to play Shag, Kill, Marry with 80s icons- Scott Baio, Willie Ames, and Ralph MacChio.
If I were to make up fake endorsements, they'd be from:. - Mr. T. - Lanny McDonald. - The cast of Charles in Charge (but no Scott Baio)
For some reason you and Bob Loblaw are filed in similar parts of my brain….it must be because you look like Scott Baio
Yes, and Donald Trump has Scott Baio, Dennis Rodman, and Kirstie Allen. Teresa Guidice still a possibility!.
I've been blocked by Scott Baio and Matt Hughes. Fudge!
domain names
Uh oh. In the modern era, no candidate endorsed by BOTH Scott Baio and Kirstie ...
Chachi may have been a dumb kid, and Dr Jack Stewart may have been a great physician, but Scott Baio is a complete ***
. "He's smart, he's a quick study..." Camille Paglia. "I like him, he says what he means..." Scott Baio, Steven Baldwin
Choking on a burger while watching Charles in Charge sounds like a fun way to die. Scott Baio would be proud.
Guys-I kno u already thought I was cool. But what if I told u I have a Scott Baio autograph circa Charles in Charge?
Seriously. Like w/ Scott Baio, WHAT was everyone surprised about? Who thinks: Chaci, Charles in Charles, and Statesman.
The Ability to convince Scott Baio and Billy Baldwin he would be an alright president
Scott Baio endorsed Donald Trump. Says he talks like him. Swell, but I won’t be able to make my final decision until Ralp…
I care as much about what Susan Sarandon thinks on politics as I do with Scott Baio . Pft.
Celeb endorsement of the week: Scott Baio for Donald Trump
Scott Baio, Flava Flav endorsing Donald Trump. Curious to see who Potsie, Ralph Malph and Tone Loc endorse.
Scott Baio to serve as Trump's secretary of irrelevance. Erin Moran as deputy undersecretary.
Scott Baio endorsing Trump? Guessing Erin Moran is endorsing Bernie Sanders for the free government cheese
Scott Baio endorsed Trump. Waiting to hear from Alf, Spuds MacKenzie & the cast of Night Court before I make my decision
Trump has been endorsed by Scott Baio. This could really move the election. Now it just depends who Ralph Malph endorses.
Scott Baio is way out of line, should have had a table sit down with Bob Sagat, and Alf before making a decision like that...
With love and respect to Scott Baio, I will not be making any decisions on my vote until Ralph Malph weighs in.
Scott Baio is endorsing Trump? Oh great. I wonder who Ralph Malph and Potsie are voting for
Boy, with this Scott Baio endorsement, Trump is really sewing up his support with the completely irrelevant celebrity demo…
Scott Baio. . There's a name nobody's heard in 30 years. So who is Rodney Allen Rippy supporting for President this year?.
I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks Scott Baio would make a great supreme court justice. Okay, maybe I am.
Chris Christie, Ben Carson, Hulk Hogan, Scott Baio, and Rick Scott can't all be Vice President.
See I thought Scott Baio would be a Schumer man, as he prefers "Charles" in Charge 😂😂😂
Don't worry guys - Scott Baio just endorsed Trump but Bull from Night Court hoping for a brokered convention.
I'm voting for whoever Emilio Estevez is voting for anyway so, it doesn't matter what Scott Baio does.
Scott Baio announced he's supporting Trump but I wonder who Alison Arngrim is supporting for President.
Scott Baio says Trump "speaks like I speak." Which means Trump will say, in 2017, "Why didn't I get the job?"
Finally I know which candidate Scott Baio endorses. Any word from Charo or Hasselhoff?
I guess Scott Baio is a crazy person now. That's cool. I was basically Jenna Elfman's character in Can't Hardly Wait for a while but no more
"Who's this clown, Scott Baio?" asked my son before I gave him my Amazon password.
He speaks like Scott Baio speaks is a really good reason to not back someone for anything.
Stephanie going to Coachella is the exact same plot as Jesse running off to sing The Boys are Back in Town with Scott Baio.
Scott Baio was a gateway drug to the harder stuff, like Shawn Cassidy.
Ben Feldman could be Scott Baio's love child.
Ben Feldman looks a bit like Scott Baio.
Scott Baio, George Takei and Christopher Walken channeling Shari Lewis more than made up for it.
So unfair that a Mexican avocado commercial opted for Scott Baio instead of Erik Estrada.
Helen Mirren and references to Scott Baio and Rocky. These ads are for old people.
William Defoe, Jeff Goldblum, Scott Baio, Eugene Levy, LIL WAYNE…lots of celebrity power in the early ads
And now I don't need to watch the rest of the both William DeFoe & Scott Baio were on my TV. My night is complete.
This week on my video blog: Christopher Walken in a closet, Scott Baio in space, hot dogs, angry bears and Drake
Scott Baio has just hammered Melissa Gilbert 3 straight times in the dunk tank. He is king of this event.
James Cagney was one of my childhood crushes, also Mickey Rooney.&Scott Baio.&Jason Bateman.&Bugs Bunny!(Mel Blanc)
The guy they were making fun of for his looks looks alike like Scott Baio. Weird.
The guy on reminds me of Scott Baio.
Watch the star kids challenge Hosted by Scott Baio, Rain Pryor, Brian Austin Green and Bob Golic.
No offense to Scott Baio. I don't see "Happy Days" ahead for the
Is it just me or does that dude on the new show look exactly like Scott Baio?
Exciting news: Diagnosis Murder reruns have moved past the terrible Scott Baio period, on to Charlie Schalter.
I just remember he had that horrible reality show a decade ago. Scott Baio is 45...and single.
It was very strange being yelled at by Scott Baio, especially since I didn't know who he was, & I'm not sure If I'm spelling his name right.
The last time I made a joke about Dennis Miller I got yelled out by Scott Baio, who played Potsie? Fonzie? Joni? on "Happy Days". Chachi!
trust me dude. Too much responsibility. I say this after being gifted with scott baio chest hair.
Looks like I'll just stick with real good guy Scott Baio.
The craziest (I think?) was Scott Baio complaining about this horrible 1970s commercial he was in & was recreating??
fact: at halftime, Scott Baio drives out onto the field in an El Camino.
Erin Moran and Scott Baio would have been a better choice
I'm blushing with how lame I am to be thinking you were referring to Scott Baio who was in Zapped!
One of my all time favorite movies... Scott Baio and Jodi Foster in Bugsy Malone (1976) directed by Alan Parker https:…
Scott Baio was also Jack in Diagnosis Murder in the 90s
wasn't there an after school special with Scott Baio that went over something like that?
Ugly Betty works at Wal-Mart with a Scott Baio doppelganger. . I think I like it.
Not sure Scott Baio was even a thing back then.
I know. And no Scott Baio either. What the heck?
Michael Jacobs, creator of Dinosaurs, also created the series Charles in Charge which was about Scott Baio's career going extinct.
ok LOVE and you look like Scott Baio's long lost son... Just saying. 😉
The show is being hosted by Terry Crews and Wendy Williams because Scott Baio and Charo weren't available.
every year I mumble scream something slightly different. I can't believe this was the first year Scott Baio made it in there.
Bukkake was in the air, until Scott Baio arrived.
Happy New Year. Scott Baio knows what you've done...
Our Scott Baio Brownies with a chocolate kiss on top!
Great. Scott Baio was very cool too! I worked on also.
Not true! It also had TONS of Shaun Cassidy and Scott Baio.
What were you doing with Scott Baio.
Scott Baio’s dog is named Bugsy Malone. And my life is complete.
Totally! And I imagine half of the kids born in LA in the mid-80s could be Scott Baio's son.
exactly a young Scott Baio. Has to be his son, no?
For a solid 30 seconds I thought you were talking about Scott Baio.
I saw this photo on some clickbait article. Check out Scott Baio's little Chachi.
I'm going through my timeline so I didn't see this when I asked about Scott Baio. I scroll down and comment as I go. Sorry!
This looks like it's going to be amazing! And Baio as in Scott Baio?
Happy things we should send into space: a jar of mayo, magazine clippings of Scott Baio, that song that starts with Day-o
I love this movie, and your rapport with Scott Baio. I miss Scatman. Classic.
"Are racist jokes ok again?". Superstore is my new favorite show. . Also is Scott Baio reverse aging?
Watching . reminds me of a younger Scott Baio.
Is it me or does Jonah resemble Scott Baio?
Scott Baio is trapped in my wormhole, and he is asking for soylent green.
The drama,of Scott Baio putting Charlene Tilton in the dunk tank is quite sublime.
Leif Garrett and Shaun Cassidy get me through my day. Bummed I lost Scott Baio in the Pronto Pup s…
Hey, so Scott Baio and Rob Lowe are awful *** too?
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
It had Sammy Davis jr as caterpillar,Ringo Starr as mock turtle & Charles in Charge(Scott Baio) as some guinea pig/human hybrid
Scott Baio from Carluccio's in Freehold. Chicken cutlet, roast beef, American cheese, fresh…
Today, one of my favorite ladies put Scott Baio on hold to answer my call. Eat your heart out, Chachi.
Support Scott Baio's Bailey Baio Angel Foundation when you purchase Scott Baio Brownies from Downey's Desserts!
Check us out at for Scott Baio Brownies!
dude looks like someone pumped Scott Baio full of saline
Who was the worst guest - Amber Rose, Scott Baio or Jillian Barberie?
Scott Baio is probably happy today. He's no longer the worst guest ever on
Great performance last night from Don Most at the Catalina Jazz Club in Hollywood with friends Scott & Renee Baio.
Win a scott Baio as Eddie Munster book! Hand detailed by yours truly. Just tell me your best (true)Halloween story.
Amber Rose is up there with Scott Baio as worst guest ever. You gotta come to play. She was z!
Please tell me you won't be having Amber back on WWHL. That was painful and unnecessary! Made Scott Baio look good.
Christie, we off er the Scott Baio Brownies, Downey's Desserts!
Scott loves our Scott Baio Brownies from Downey's Desserts! He even ate one after his dinne! Awesome!
So was Amber Rose more awkward than scott baio???
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I'm not sure how I missed Scott Baio on
Amber was worse at 'Plead The Fifth', than Scott Baio was at :(
Just saw Scott Baio awkwardly run full speed into a "diva day party" mother-daughter salon and had to pretend I didn't care
Oh, it's a gem. Scott Baio, Maureen McCormack. And it is roller skating.
My boyfriend's batteries died. It really *** because I love my blow up Scott Baio doll that is programmed with adorable phrases from CIC
Scott Baio's snotty blonde manager is also a werewolf. Shoulda seen that coming.
There already was a movie about using the Force for bad reasons. It's called ZAPPED and it stars Scott Baio.
Scott Baio plays Scott Baio in this! And he's attracted to bite girl's growing wolfiness.
Happy Days star Scott Baio takes centre stage at charity bash... 40 years after he was cast as The Fonz's cousin Cha
Just saw a guy who embodied what I'd expect a 1980s Hollywood b-lister to look like: Scott Baio in a Canadian tuxedo. Too awkward for pics.
I want Charles in Charge of me, lol Bck when Scott Vincent Baio was just 2 hot
I have no clue who bugzy malone is. I thought it was Scott Baio but apparently not
yeah, Tony Stewart too, but everyone's done that. Still tryna get that block from Scott Baio.
3 years ago and Scott Baio got into an altercation and it was amazing
I was having this same conversation with Robert DeNiro. Both him and Scott Baio agreed that self awareness is important.   10% Off
Mine was the time Scott Baio threatened to sue me for unfollowing him.
In the end I could never quite Cruise or Fox my hair because theirs was fundamentally floppy and spy, I had that Scott Baio Italian hair
How about our Scott Baio Brownies from Downey's Desserts Kandee! We'll send you some!
1983 of the Year opens up to FGM about past
Miss our interview with and Ellen Travolta? Here it is!
Scott Baio reveals teen romance with Jodie Foster at Slough Holiday Inn
In 1982's "Zapped," Scott Baio got telekinetic powers! Nothing to do with today's date. It's just a weird movie you kids don't know about.
"Great Scott!" - Scott Baio to himself every morning in the mirror
FACT: In Back to the Future 2, when Doc Brown says, "Great Scott!" he's referring to Scott Baio, of Happy Days and Charles in Charge fame.
I would watch that before I watched Scott Baio in Charge.
If you're going to get raided, wipe everything and turn your house into a Scott Baio shrine. make them say ***
Not all of us can be as charming as Mr. Scott Baio, ok?
Scott Baio says his wife keeps him strong as she battles brain tumors  via
Scott Baio's wife Renee refuses to 'question will'…
New post: ". Former child actor Scott Baio says it is his wife that keeps him strong as she battles a series of br…
Remember Chachi from Happy Days? He and his wife are depending on God during life's trials and need our prayers.
🇺🇸. Sad news for the woman who stole Scott Baio's heart and gave birth to his beloved daughter
I love to hear celebrities speak openly about GOD and their faith. Being a Christian should never be a bad thing.
Did you know Scott Baio has a deep faith in God?
How Scott Baio finds strength in wife Renee amid her brain tumor battle.
Via Fox News. "I will tell you my faith in God is greater than the fear of the unknown," Renee Baio said.
Scott Baio: "If I lived alone, Mom'd never sleep because she wouldn't know I was okay."
Scott Baio and his wife Renee opened up to ET about her courageous health battle and the unexpected ways that it's
Scott Baio and wife Renee's battle with brain cancer: What keeps them so strong via
They're like the Scott Baio's of the NFL.
Thought Scott Baio was in this old episode of law and order but it's just some other dude with a bad early 90s haircut
Scott Baio says 'faith in God' helps him with wife Renee's brain tumor battle
This latest True Detective ,starring Scott Baio and Willie Ames is just not up to par.
what about Charles in Charge aka Scott Baio?
Found the original Zapped movie with Scott Baio & Willie Aames on Netflix.
Special guests, Scott Baio, Dr Drew Pinsky and the cast of Sober House, The 1972 Miami Dolphins and the USC Marching Band...
TFW you watch an old recording & see Scott Baio trying to usurp David Naughton. Silly Chachi. THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE.
yea, *** Tracy... maybe Bugsy Malone with Scott Baio, but no one had beards in that
It was the best! Jamie Farr, Willie Ames, Tom Selleck, Cathy Lee Crosby, Greg Evigan, Scott Baio, and so many others. Love!
Hey I dated Rob Lowe, Tom Criuse, John Cusack, Scott Baio and Billy Idol. I know how to get around.
LOL all my sister's are older..I got hand me wearing "I LOVE SCOTT BAIO" shirts to school..LOTS of
Jodie Foster and Scott Baio were in a movie together?! 1980 was a strange year.
Scott Baio just destroyed the competition in the obstacle course like he was Secretariat.
Charles in Charge Theme Song via Matty did you ever get over your Scott Baio obsession?
Mine was Scott Baio in Happy Days when I was little. I'd hide under the table when he came on cos I couldn't cope.
Patrick Swayze, Scott Baio, Maureen McCormick, Ron Palillo & Greg Bradford on the set of Skatetown, USA, 1979
I promise less moustaches on next week for ZAPPED starring Scott Baio.
- I love Scott Baio's wife and the w…
- I love Scott Baio's wife and the work she does for kids!
Realized this morning that all 3 of the men last night have their very own dopplegangers-Rob Riggle (Chris) Kevin James (Sean) & Scott Baio…
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
A buddy in college and I used to tell people we were cousins and related to Scott Baio. I kept getting laid. It was unreal.
- He's Scott Baio and John Stamos love child.
err Baio (autocorrect) apparently Scott Baio isn't well known in the Android community
I wanna write a sequel to Zapped! where Scott Baio's character is recruited into a top secret military team of telekinetic assassins.
Serious question: IMDB profiles aside, what's the difference between Scott Baio and Tony Danza?
I had the same lol Scott Baio and Shaun Cassidy...shoot for the stars !! *** I'm old 😢😃😂
So, Popsugar's choice of a Scott Baio clip of him going down a child's slide on his stomach in the segment. Discuss.
oh my god the clip they used for Scott Baio
New gallery of Scott Baio added to Get free access included with LadsFeet Membership
Totally forgot Scott Baio was on Diagnosis Murder - thanks
¡Guao! John, announcing he’s running for NYC city council. First guest is scott baio
Man, pot made Scott Baio a super jerk in that love story about Scott Baio in high school.
How did THAT convo turn into one about 14-yo Scott Baio & Sean Cassidy?
Both of my sons working security for Scott and Renee Baio's red carpet event.
lol Scott Baio. Do you just dislike those people? featured in NBC s Science of Love
If it was Scott Baio or Woods I would have lol
I can't deal w deflategate anymore, just put Young Scott Baio aka Chachi Jr aka Jimmy G (da GAWD) out there, we go 3-1 and keep it movin
I want to drive around in a Winnebago. I want to cook meth in my underwear w/ Scott Baio.
Google tells me a few people, but not many, feel as I do, that Kenny Albert looks like a fat Scott Baio
There are only so many times you can see Willie Aames and Scott Baio in tight shorts, you know.
Bugsy Malone starred the likes of Scott Baio, John Cassisi, Florrie Dugger, Josie Foster, and Martin Lev
It's you but I will spare her 👉 the screen shot. Willie Ames was also on TV's Charles In Charge w/ Scott Baio.
*** Van *** catches *** Van Patton as Dom DeLuise's killer because of a toupee mix-up. So many kooky old white dudes. (and Scott Baio!)
hearing you mistake Scott Baio for Scott Bakula took my brain weird places...
Morning, folks! We're kicking off the weekend at 11am with Jodie Foster & Scott Baio in mafia musical Bugsy Malone.
The only good think from Scott Baio's show "See Dad Run"- Ryan Newman.
this episode of Diagnosis Murder has an actual vampire throwing *** Van *** around and also she seduces Scott Baio
Scott Baio isn’t making any friends with liberals after posting a picture of himself and his wife Renee Sloan...
Scott Baio deserves an award for pretending to be in love with Joanie Cunningham.
QA: Scott Baio on attending Ronald Reagan's funeral, being GOP in Hollywood
Scott Baio & Jon Voight at Diaper Derby and Special Screening of "Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2"
Is the younger pic from playing with the Happy Days & Laverne & Shirley cast team? Robin Williams AND Scott Baio together?!?!
Now we're watching Karate Kid II. Can't remember if it was Ralph MacChio or Scott Baio who fell from grace sometime in the last 10 years.
I know GSW/CHI is great...BUT, SuperBabies: Baby Geniuses 2 w/ Jon Voight & Scott Baio is on Starz. Tough decisions.
Random Fact: I have a kid in my preschool I call Charles because he looks like Scott Baio.
how can u get any better than John Stamos & Scott Baio singing together. Most hot sexy & beutiful men on whole world
I am "Leif Garrett and Scott Baio are super sexy when you're 10" years old.
Staying up w/Kenny Powers. "It's hard to be Charles In Charge when you're not fkn Scott Baio."
It's super hard to be Scott Baio when you're not charles in charge
remember when Lily Tomlin was on Charles in Charge?. also, where's Scott Baio? can someone check on him?
the backwards ep. of Charles in Charge is fun but gets weird 65million yrs in when a Scott Baio shaped meteor slams earth killing the dinos
That guy shot Reagan for Jodie Foster? As if! She only dates guys like Scott Baio.
You get a HUGE lot of used magazines with b/w and color features on the Osmonds (and Donny and Marie Osmond solo), the Jackson Five, Bay CIty Rollers, Leif Garret, Shaun Cassidy, Brady Bunch, Monkees, KISS, John Travolta, Andy Gibb, Bee Gees, Scott Baio, and so many more!
Laughing matters: Soltanovich has written for Joan Rivers, Scott Baio, Sele...
The producers should have forbidden Erin Moran & Scott Baio from dating IRL.
Excuse you, Scott Baio. Obviousment you have a PINWORM in your bathroom.
The dude on atoz, is that Scott Baio's son?
Y now it's time for the size show starring Scott Baio. Oh, toilet brush.
love it! Gotta be laid back and silly sometime. Great job catching him Mrs. Scott Baio.
Might be a while. Scott Baio took like 20 years.
Yo I swear this dude is a young Scott Baio's doppelganger.
S/o to for appreciating Scott Baio's greatest work.
if everything then has Scott Baio on it...
very cute, lead looks like a relative of Scott Baio!
My buddy, Scott Baio, and I were just talking about how we hate it when people drop big celebrity names like they're fr…
the guy looks like Scott Baio. It was good.
The guy on this show looks like Scott Baio
LOL! He really does look like a young Scott Baio.
Ben Feldman reminds me of young Scott Baio.
wait I thought you were scott Baio...
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Is it just me or does the guy on A to Z look like Scott Baio?
Throwin it back to my days on set of See Dad Run! On set as the 6 year old tap dancing Scott Baio!
Even tho Scott Baio was a hottie before my time, I appreciated his good looks & have seen every ep of Happy Days and Charles in Charge
in college I started a rumor that Scott Baio died during a taping of Celebrity Fear Factor. Spread around the dorm pretty well
I may be in this movie, but I still need to pick up chicks in real life LA. (see Scott Baio on Happy Days).
...of my butt. And then there were… hundreds of cows and aliens, and then I went up on the ship and Scott Baio gave me pinkeye!".
I look sort of like Scott Baio from this angle
The fact that Scott Baio is still on television bugs me
I don't care if his name is Scott Baio of heck even Chachi, he is going down come December.
Startling confession: I own two seasons of Scott Baio is 46 and Pregnant. Betcha didn't even know that was a show.
Figuring out how to get Scott Baio on the show. He's the man.
Did you people realize there was a movie that starred Patrick Swayze, Scott Baio, Maureen McCormick, Ron Palillo...
Jamaal Charles is oh-so-close to setting team records. I'm oh-so-close to making too many Scott Baio jokes:
Yes, that's Uncle Jesse, telling off Scott Baio, using a quote from Top Gun.
Scott Baio and Willie Aames, the least dynamic duo.
I like my Liberals like I like my Scott Baio films about guys who can open babes’ shirts with their minds… ZAPPED!
TIL literally every actor who has ever lived was in the 1985 remake of Alice in Wonderland. Look it up. Scott Baio. Sammy Davis Jr. etc.
but who specifically. It could be Scott Baio or Bobby Sherman, just sayin'
I hope Scott Baio isn't mad at me 4 singin background vocals 4 Harry Conick Jr. last night.I should b gr8ful 4 waking up this morn but...😩
WRONG HOLE - DJ Lubel, Taryn Southern, and Scott Baio - classical, but always good ! :-)
Photo: Scott Baio: A message from our American Heroes !!! HT~ HT~ A message from our...
great panel, what happened, Scott Baio wasn't available?
Bryan PERSONALLY knows Scott Baio...oops did I just drop something!!
There's a bartender here who looks like a fat Scott Baio circa 1988.
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