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Scott Avett

Scott Yancey Avett (born June 19, 1976) is one of the lead singers and founding members of the folk-rock band, The Avett Brothers.

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Back by popular demand, grab a lounge chair or pull up some sand and enjoy an afternoon with the Avett Brothers. Sc…
If you need good music to listen to right now check out: . Ben Howard . Hollow Coves. Calum Scott . Avett Brothers
If I said I love you would it change what you see. Scott Avett sings "November Blue" via
I added a video to a playlist Scott Avett Sings- Untitled 4
Voices that soothe me:. Eddie Vedder . John Mayer . Seth and Scott Avett . Celine Dion…
Ok that had to be it. High fiving Scott Avett on kick drum, and Seth during ain’t no man! A night to remember
18 days, 78 hours & 1 giant headache.. all for a competition I probably won't get accepted into. yolo & yes that's…
My photos from Avett show last night were not good. Here is one of Scott
Scott Avett of The Avett Brothers annoying his daughter with gospel music
Casey Affleck, Scott Avett, Michael Fassbender, Ryan Reynolds and Conor Oberst auditioned for the role of Llewyn. . Interesting.
Apparently you can get me an hour with either an otter or Scott Avett
Scott Avett sings "November Blue" - an old favorite, backstage in Kent, circa 2008 via
Still craving more of after watching today's new episode? Check out Scott Avett on here: https:…
I'm checking out Farmer Innovators, featuring Seth and Scott Avett at Farm Aid 2017
why do Seth & Scott Avett from look weirdly like Ashton Kutcher's brothers?
All this time I thought Seth & Scott Avett and Jared & Jensen were like twins but actually Scott & Misha are more l…
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To say I high-fived Scott Avett tonight is an understatement. I pointed at him, he pointed at me. We locked fingers for at least 2 seconds.
"You can always change what you're doing. The only way you can fail is if you're lazy, and that's your own fault." - Scott Avett
here you have a nice cover done by Scott Avett :)
If you're loved by someone, you're never rejected. Decide what to be and go be it...(2/2)~Scott Avett. Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise
Country Music Photos and images – Scott Avett from through Avett Brothers. Ugh so beautiful…
NYC friends, must see! Scott Avett curated NY Academy of Art summer show https…
When and I are front row at The Avett Brothers and we get a piece of Scott's smashed guitar 😩❤️
Scott Avett once said, "there's nothing good because nothing lasts. And all that comes here, it comes here to pass" and dangit is that true
Great interview in with our curator for "About Face" Scott Avett! The opening is tonight!
I just bought $10 worth of Scott Avett for president stickers and I'm not even mad about it (i love u)
My son will only respond to me if I refer to him as Scott Avett.
Lovin' how print of Scott Avett of The Avett Brothers came out I just sent off to Elizabeth!.
If I ever get the chance to meet Scott Avett I might cry
Oh 100% down. Anything that involves Scott Avett count me in 😍
About Face co-curated by David Kratz and Scott Avett. Opens this Friday 6pm Come…
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Scott Avett's artwork featured with other artists in | W Magazine via
If you depend on your creativity, you need to watch Seth and Scott Avett (talk about their process:.
Interviews today with Scott Avett of the Avett Brothers and Jack Russell of Great White. It's fun to cover such diverse musical talent!
My face is in this. Scott Avett saw my face.
Wishing a happy birthday and a great next year to Scott Avett. ✌️
One day I'm going to meet Scott and Seth Avett and idk how I will react but I can guarantee that I will not be able to say a single word
Happy birthday to Scott Avett! Can’t wait to see you on the road this summer.
Wishing a very happy birthday to Scott Avett of The Avett Brothers! . 📷 by Josh Timmermans
It's Scott Avett's birthday.such an inspiration to me
Happy birthday to one of my favourite brothers, Scott Avett! Thank you for the music,…
Excited to celebrate this beautiful man's birthday! Scott Avett, you da best. What song will you celebrate with?…
I share a birthday with Scott Avett??!!! Well, that just made my day.
Happy birthday to Scott Avett of Can't wait to see The Avett Brothers team up w/ at
1976, Born on this day, Scott Avett, lead singer and founding member of the folk-rock band The Avett Brothers.
I was thinking more along the lines of Scott Avett, Dave Simonett, Dylan (young Dylan) ... but Beck's pretty rad.
I can't be too mad though, because having Scott Avett run across my seat was awesome.
I've seen the Avett twice...roller skating rink in Cheswick at Stage Ae. Used to put on a great show when i…
Scott Avett really does looks like Adam Scott especially when Adam has a beard. I love them
Honestly can't wrap my head around how beautiful Scott and Seth Avett's voices are. plz come to Nashville.
Chris Evans, Chris Pratt, Paul Rudd, Ben Affleck, Calvin Harris, Scott Avett, Seth Avett. They've all had beards at some point.
GOD i'm loving Scott Avett in that hat he keeps wearing lately!!
Scott Avett (I and love and you when you look like you've showered)
Truly an honor to have Scott and Sarah Avett watching this afternoon. Scott is a…
Don't mind me, just looking up pics of Scott Avett before I fall asleep! The usual!
"No, my first name ain't baby; it's Scott. Mr. Avett is you're sassy"
Five Things I Learned at the Songwriters' Workshop with Scott and Seth Avett
I feel like Scott Avett just threw some major shade during I Would Be Sad
"We feel Doc's presence here, even three years after his death, and he's everywhere in our music" -Scott Avett.
I say 4+ but it's just 4 😂 (jimmy, calvin, Scott and the avett bros)
I have very real feelings for Scott Avett
Forgot how good it feels to make Scott Avett laugh 🐔🐔🐔
Scott Avett just told the crowd their album of hymns comes out in May. It's called Jim Avett and Family Album.
The Avett Brothers aren't an old band, actually. My wife went to high school with them for a time, I met Scott Avet…
If anyone was at the Avett concert and heard someone screaming their love for Scott near the end... that was Rachel
Scott Avett: "If it's a wish to runaway, then you will have them.". Me:
Going to see my husband Scott Avett right now and I couldn't be happier
Oh I've got a friend in Scott Avett
Great Slight Figure of Speech in Richmond ending with this A+ Scott guitar slow mo!
Scott Avett with waffles is still the future I aspire to pursue.
Zen, stealing food from Scott Avett. She never does this... could have been the crowd or the…
Scott Avett doing this Avett Brothers song (November Blue) solo is incredible
Yeah, that's me and Scott Avett of We're pals now.
The amount of times I've dreamed about meeting Scott Avett is actually really embarassing. Plz help.
I dreamed last night that Scott Avett showed up where I work & I got real awkward (lol per usual) Someone plz save me from my sub-conscience
not comfortable w/ my attraction to casey affleck in manchester until I realized he looks exactly like scott avett & now it all makes sense
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Honestly id marry Scott Avett right now if i could
there is literally no other human on the planet that I'm more attracted to than Scott A…
No YOU just wasted 45 minutes falling down a rabbit hole of Scott Avett google image search results even tho you have work to do
It was so awesome meeting and Scott Avett Saturday night at "Avett Brothers at the…
End our unforgettable vacay with a humble "You're welcome" & "Bye" from Scott Avett. Aren't enough thank you's...
Scott Avett and his Banjo brings me joy
Scott & Seth Avett- It's alright if you finally stop caring, just don't go and tell someone that does. . Me-
Scott Avett can just sing to me all day long. 😍
Search of "Tom T. Hall and Avett" turns up the most amazing and deep mix of Scott singing and Crackerfarm filming. Gorgeous.
I love this! Today I choose Scott and Seth Avett.
"I am simply proud to have grown up within a hundred mile radius of where he grew up" -Scott Avett on performing w/ Randy…
scott avett if you're reading this I love you
scott was always my Fav avett and the fact that he wasnt the one who cheated on his wife for 2 years is a bonus
Seth & Scott Avett sing, "ten thousand words". The dog makes me laugh which makes this video even better.
Scott Avett sings, "Where have all the average people gone?" by Roger Mi...
Scott Avett has to, HAS TO, be a twin
Remembering past NYE's A special one from 2012! Seth! Scott's hair!
I'd give anything if Scott Avett could come and break my bad and cheer my sad and leave behind my world a better way rn.
I had a dream this morning in which Scott Avett told me he was in love with me, let me just live in that dream for a LIL bit
Scott Avett's greying temples are the only thing that makes me feel better about getting older. I wanna be classy like him...
I liked a video Scott Avett Sings, Just Be Simple by the late Jason Molina
Here's hoping for a Phil lineup of Lesh, Seth Avett, Scott Avett, Melvin Seals, Trey Anastasio and Joe Russo at Lockn'
Gofundme page to have a trans person throw soup at Scott Avett
hey Scott, did a cover of yo song :-)
SCOTT AVETT TURNED FORTY THIS YEAR. just. . . i'm gonna need some time to process this.
Scott doing what Scott does,tonight in Salisbury, MD
Im happy being me the the most, when I let what makes me happy go i have what it finally take to know I am happier with nothing. -Scott avett
Order for delivery for one: Scott Avett's biceps
OMG apparently scott avett was a skater in his past life which honestly validates everything about me. .
Scott Avett wouldn't denounce Trump or HB 2 & the band played McCrory's inauguration. so, no, I'm not sure we do.…
Little Giant Ladders
The Avett Brothers have a new video full of home videos. So Scott & Seth and their kids. I repeat. THEIR KIDS.
OMG People Mag got it wrong again. Scott Avett is the sexiest man alive😘
N.C.'s famous son, Scott Avett of the Avett Brothers speaks & sings about the need to keep public lands pumblic
Scott Avett took time to talk about the importance of preserving NC's natural resources and beauty. Nobody better. . htt…
maybe I don't have to be good, but i can try to be at least a lil better than i've been so far -Seth and Scott Avett
Congratulations !!! Well deserved honor- NC Music Hall of Fame! Thank you for sharing your talents!
as a fan of ... i had to get The Great Scott.
Why am I not married to Scott Avett yet.
Set list with Scott's autograph and "Steal your Face" sketch. from last night.
this was a pretty good scott avett Look
Does know this? MT Avett Brothers to recreate Jerry Garcia Band show -
Scott Avett of The Avett Brothers for the lead role in this film
I liked a video Scott Avett Sings, Danville Girl, by Woody Guthrie
Community News: The Listening Room shines spotlight on local talent: Scott and Seth Avett have been on it. So...
To be fair, Scott and Seth Avett started it ;)
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The moment Scott Avett looked into my soul.
Scott Avett grabbed my hand last night @ INTRUST Bank Arena
I'm filled with envy. I am so attracted to Scott Avett. Imhappy for you.
Just high fived Scott Avett so I'm good.
Tonight Scott Avett acknowledged my existence and that's honestly all I will ever need in life
This song by Scott Avett (is such an incredible song. Can't get enough. "I'm happier with nothing."
ICYMI: Scott Avett of The Avett Brothers surprised guests at the season 4 premiere of A Chef's Life. Here's a recap:
Scott Avett came into chipotle today and I made his food nbd
.of The Avett Brothers plays song that has never been performed live at premiere last night.
Tony at spoke w/ Scott Avett of about life on tour & their upcoming show in Wichita!
Surprise performance by Scott Avett of The Avett Brothers at the Season 4 Premiere party. What a night!
Scott Avett singing for us at the premier party - thanks
Scott and Seth Avett used to visit and sing in our Church when they were young.
Use CT On Demand to hear Scott Avett frm talk about tonight's show
I swear Scott Avett impregnated me tonight.
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Just to be 100% sure everyone saw this. Scott Avett Sings "Untitled Video by Has…
I was in the same room as Scott and Seth Avett tonight and their voices were angelic 😍
Scott Avett is what I'm looking for in a husband tbh
Just looking for my own Scott that too much to ask for?
Interesting behind the scenes read on the process behind new album, "True Sadness".
Want to relive your weekend Festival?! We have it here in photos:
Scott Avett and Tania Elizabeth of the Avett Brothers at Okeechobee Festival 2016. Photo by Brian Hensley.
I think I'll always have a big dumb crush on Scott Avett and Oscar Isaac
Scott Avett on how dark songs with sweet melodies are like ice cream on blackberry cobbler https:…
If Sam and Dean Winchester were folk rock singers, they'd def be Seth and Scott Avett of 😍😂
Scott Avett grabbed my hands and looked into my eyes and Seth Avett had a guitar solo at my feet, I am dead
THE PV Q&A: The Avett Brothers' Scott Avett on the Band's Live Show: "You can make the biggest space just silent o…
Scott avett was likely MARRIED 11 years ago.
I really like the new Avett album, except the tracks where Seth and Scott figured out keyboards can make spaceship sounds.
I fantasize about marrying Scott Avett daily
As a longtime fan it's hard to say how disappointing this is. Saying nothing is a political statement.
just thought I'd let you know one more time that I met Scott Avett 😌
A masterclass in talking around the issue of HB2 with : This is a civil rights issue, gents.
This Avett Brother response to HB2/playing for Pat McCroy is so childish.
This interview with by in is a must-read, infuriating as it is
cannot get enough, ever. Scott Avett Sings, One More Night by Bob Dylan
So Scott and Seth Avett's dad wished me a happy birthday so nbd basically I'm in the band now. .
when u start thinkin again about how ally saw scott avett ON THE SIDEWALK and didnt get a pic or ANYTHING
scott avett: the most beautiful man to ever exist. can rock all looks. his voice is like a camp fire. I love him.
There's a special place in my heart for Scott Avett.
Avett Brothers still number one! Haven't loved a new album release like this since 1987.
Happy birthday to the closest thing to Scott Avett I can actually talk to !! happy birthday brother
Amber wanted to share her picture of Scott Avett.
I have a new crush and its Scott Avett 🙈🙊
Ok but did y'all know that Scott is the older Avett because I definitely thought Seth was
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Scott Avett just walked right in front of me!
There's just something about that Scott Avett that makes my heart flutter. . .✌❤
Why does Scott Avett have to be 40 and simultaneously unaware that I exist
Scott or Seth? Find out which member of you are with this quiz!
Fixin to die - G. Love ft Scott and Seth Avett via
This is your LAST DAY to contribute to Scott Avett's birthday present! DM me your message for him and I'll include it! Spread the word!!!
I would give anything to be in love with Scott Avett
my dad just gave me his blessing to see scott avett on his birthday / fathers day I've
did you know, you remind me of Scott Avett from the Avett Brothers?
Just a few days until Scott Avett's birthday, you guys! DM me to contribute to his birthday present!!!
Full disclosure: my sister dated Scott Avett for about 9 months 11 years ago. He came around the house a few times. I was a wee lad.
I found the Avett Brothers on Austin City Limits and don't worry, I'm still the most attracted to Scott Avett.
Scott Avett is a very attractive man. There, I said it.
Brought my new to the show & caught this pic of Scott Avett as he roamed to audience.
Scott Avett is wearing an Aaron Rodgers jersey 😍😍😍
My favorite part of today was climbing on a pile of rocks to wave to Scott Avett (and him laughing at me because of it)
Scott Avett, of The Avett Brothers digs deep with Radio Milwaukee via
Scott Avett speaks about compassion, faith, and the power of music to unite. In his own gentle way, he also...
Scott Avett of Avett Brothers digs deep with 88Nine before tonight's show at BMO! Listen:
Tonight I got a seat upgrade and I swear Scott Avett looked *right* at me when he sang "I and…
1) The Fear by Lily Allen. 2) Down with the Shine by the Avett Brothers
Scott's current life goals: to be professional friends with the Avett Brothers.
My card to Scott avett is going to say "happy birthday to the brother of the greatest man alive"
Scott Avett, Dallas green, or father John Misty will always be my cover photo
I'm working on a special project for Scott Avett's birthday and I need your help... Message me for details 🎸💌🙌🏽
That'll change when I see Seth and Scott Avett's faces tho hopefully
Scott Avett is the hottest of all the hot dads. You go, Scott. You rock that gray hair.
If you ever get the opportunity to hang out with Seth and Scott Avett for the evening, you should totally take it.
Seth and Scott Avett are husband goals
Fabulous Avett always. More fabulous: Two interpersonal connections with Scott Avett
Update your maps at Navteq
Last minute free tickets! Chicago Theater! Remember this place Kai Slusser? — attending The Avett Brothers at The...
Well, it was only a matter of time until Seth & Scott Avett went full "MFG Co." & "made on honor"-brand-y with their haircuts.
My dream man is probs a combo of Scott Avett, Johnny Depp, John Krasinski, and Chris Pratt
& Pop & Rock Listings for April 8-14 - The Avett Brothers — Scott Avett on microphone and Seth ...
you know how we used the last name Avett to get wifi yesterday? That was Scott Avett from the Avett Bros 😂
I met Scott Avett. My life is complete.
your tip made my friend's day, she went down there and hung around. Got to meet Scott Avett :)
Margot and I just been googling pictures of Scott Avett
when I meet scott avett I'll probably say something stupid and black out but still, can't wait
Did you know you can buy this as a T-shirt, mug, or sticker now??? You can!!!
And I've decided the reason for that all stems from Scott Avett choosing not to blow the doors off of the theater with a BANGER
I wonder if Marcus Mumford gets down on his hands & knees every night and thanks God that Scott Avett spared his career at the 2011 Grammys.
Scott and Seth Avett make my day so much better
In the words of Chef Vivian, Scott Avett is very "twinkly". YAS
Is it wrong to have lustful thoughts ab married man who sings religious 🎧 (Scott Avett) if you can't really DO nething ab it? Asking 4friend
I love Scott! I was so happy this morning because I had a dream about me and Scott. It was weird though cause we were play wrestling. And he hugged me aot and that's it. No missing or anything though. It was a good anyway!
better than I could've imagined. Marcus Mumford singing w/ Scott & Seth Avett made me weep like a baby I'm so emo.
Scott Avett may have broken the internet today
Scott Avett out here destroying my ovaries
Unfair how Scott Avett can make any item of clothing attractive.
Scott Avett's speech said something like "if you're doing art with someone's opinion in mind, you already suck at it."
One of my favorite people on this planet Earth... Scott Avett
It is p convenient that Scott Avett and I have similar ranges so I can actually sing their songs lmao
So Scott Avett went to brick house today but of course I wasn't working 😭😭😭😭
Scott Avett and I are kindred spirits
He will always be my baby Scott Avett.
I always convince myself "that's not a REAL man crush you have on Scott Avett", but then there comes YouTube again. 👬💕
I mean why can't Scott Avett be married to me
Matt's dog poops so here you go, Scott Avett Sings, The New Love Song via
Had a dream last night that I was married to Scott Avett and he played guitar for me all the time like a personal troubadour
Scott Avett and Crackerfarm team up again
New issue cover with just posted on the official website's news page. Glad they like it!
I liked a video Scott Avett Sings Being Around (by The Lemonheads)
This cheered me up after a stressful work day. Scott Avett Sings Being Around
This is excellent. Scott Avett attempts to sing much to the consternation of his daughter. .
Our friends at QC Exclusive hit a home run with their cover story on Scott Avett. Please stop by the gallery and...
Just a basic family portrait featuring Scott Avett of Check out the cover of this…
It's been a long day, I need to listen to Scott Avett's voice.
You won't have much luck with Scott but Seth Avett and Jessica Lea Mayfield cover Elliott Smith beautifully.
All I can think about it scorching my throat with coffee and listening to Jessica Lee mayfield and Scott avett covering Elliot smith
If you like bluegrass you should listen to The Avett Brothers. Scott Avett is a helluva banjo player.
scott avett told me I write good lyrics today so now I'm dead, thank you all its been a good run
"Writing is probably more important to us than being musicians." 📝. -Scott Avett
scott avett has GOT to be one of the most attractive people to walk this earth
1AM: reading comments from an article reviewing Avett's 2013 album making sure they point out that a song featured Seth's vocals not Scott's
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Goals: to have a boyfriend with a beard as hot as Scott Avett
whenever I get sad I just watch this video of scott avett saying that he loves me too and everything is better
An Avett proposal, with a ring made from Scott's guitar string! Congrats, she said YES‼️
spending NYE with all 3 of my fave boys!! (Seth and Scott Avett not…
Got the usual stalker pic of Scott Avett cause I heart you ❤️
When Scott Avett comes to your Starbucks on the reg 😍
Scott Avett is a perfect human being
Singer at this bar looks like a buff Scott Avett 😍
2. I would like to be significant other/wife to both Scott Avett and Seth Avettt
• so last night Seth and Scott Avett blessed my soul•
Seth and Scott Avett are two of the most beautiful men ever created.
love me like I love Seth and Scott Avett.
One of my shots of Scott Avett of the at the Tennessee Tech Fall Concert. 📷
My teen dreams came true tonight: I sat in on an art lecture given by Scott Avett, and after, he and Seth serenaded the audience ✨😍✨
Scott Avett is doing an art talk in NYC. (He paints too) Steve Martin just walked into the room! And there are instruments!!!
no one truly knows how much I adore scott avett
Tomorrow! Scott Avett of the Avett Brothers appearing live at the New York Academy of Art in a conversation with...
If I can find a boy that's half the man Scott Avett is, I'll be in good shape.
Somebody be a dear and go record this for me Thursday in NYC. Kthx. Scott Avett in Conversation with Eric Fischl
Certain to be an inspired event at the New York Academy of Arts featuring and Eric Fischl .
Maybe if I dress nicely enough Scott Avett will notice me and sweep me off my feet in his beautiful, banjo playing arms
REVIEW: Avett Brothers sure to have new converts after Sioux City show Sioux City Journal Scott…
"It's not about Barack Obama, it's about pork chops.". -Scott Avett
Scott Avett of smiles at his brother Seth during talk about giving back at last September.
“The man knows how to write a song” - Seth Avett . Scott Avett in good form. South Bend, IN 11/5/15
Can't waite for NYE show- they always put on a good one- doesn't look like a Halloween show this year- probably for the best- then can spend Halloween with their kids! THE BEST IDEA!!
I was googling whether Scott Avett still had awful hair & found out that Jennifer Carpenter is a homewrecker & pregnant with his bro's baby
That moment you do a bro handshake with Scott Avett
I really just need to marry Scott Avett
I literally touched Scott Avett tonight, so you could say it has been a good night
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Like I'm in love with Scott Avett, but I would gladly accept any of those brothers because they just make really beautiful music.
Alright Scott Avett we can get married now.
Scott avett you look so sexy tonight.
Poetry & music: wish I had a nifty quote about those 2, they fodder the fire within. Scott Avett…
If the Avett Brothers don't come back to Florida ever again it's because I tripped Scott and I just want to say I'm sorry to everyone
I thought Scott Avett would be less stunning up close. I was wrong.
Scott Avett has such talent and from all accounts , seems to be wonderful family man- GOOD for him showing such strong family connections and commitment to his wife and children! Wish all could be so faithful and committed to values! Great example !
I think you may have forgotten SCOTT AVETT
Scott Avett motivated us by a little video for Lomax Farm. They are motivating a bunch of kids...
Grateful to my kids for deciding to be cool at the precise moment Scott Avett got in line behind us at the grocery store.
Check out Scott Avett, Jason Isbell, Ketch and more wish John Prine a happy birthday! Adorable.
The Avett Brothers: banjo tech gets hit on head by Scott's banjo.
Yes, that's Scott Avett's guitar almost hitting the top of The Eddy. Source Credits : CLICK HERE
Thank you to Seth and.Scott Avett for Sanguine it transported me to a heavenly place. Don't stop playing it. It's special.
Avett Brothers know how to cello. This is before Scott sang directly to me. Stood arms…
And also really want Scott Avett to love me it's fine
Part From Me - The Avett Brothers at the Speed of Sound Festival Sept 26, 2015 . Scott adds harmonica
Scott Avett I'll show you my colorshow
Attn everyone! Scott Avett is The man can hashtag, I'll give him that
I had a really good dream about Scott avett and now I'm :(((
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