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the opening song from Bill Nye the Science Guy stuck in my head. Completely random and out of no where... Not complaining, science rules...
Bill Nye the Science Guy episodes are refreshing
I choose watching Bill Nye the Science Guy over going to the bars and hitting on women.I am a nerd
Bill Nye the Science Guy delivers the commencement address at UMASS Lowell. Watch it live:
i thought Bill Nye the Science Guy was dead until i seen that *** on CNN
Here's what Bill Nye the Science Guy had to say at commencement:
The graduating class of University of Massachusetts-Lowell was treated to an out-of-this-world commencement speaker on Saturday -- Bill Nye the Science Guy.
And now on the show, a Climate Change skeptic guy and naturally, Bill Nye the Science Guy
My kids prefer Beakman's World to Bill Nye the Science do I.
Bill Nye the Science Guy is my spirit animal!!
Whoa! WhatTheFFacts The actor who played Jason in Friday the 13th prt3 would later go on to direct 42 episodes of Bill Nye the Science Guy.
I'm really glad that Bill Nye the Science Guy still occupies a significant portion of my life.
Hey, I went there back when it was called ULowell, but I didn't get to meet Bill Nye, Science Guy!
The science of delivering a commencement speech was on full display Saturday morning when Bill Nye, also known as “the Science Guy,” delivered UMass Lowell’s commencement speech.
LOWELL -- Bill Nye, "the Science Guy," urged UMass Lowell's class of 2014 on Saturday to take part in the ongoing work to address Climate Change,...
Just started watching True Detective... and does anyone else think they made Mathew McConaughey look like Bill Nye the Science Guy!?! :D
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Bill Nye the Science Guy!!! BEST COMMENCEMENT SPEAKER EVER!! Awesome ceremony... found Derek, he is way in the back, 3 or 4 seats in. Ironic or coincidental that an Aalerud is All the in the back? He's almost walking. a true Pa-POW Moment!
Bill Nye the Science Guy really engaging..awaiting the big moment...Lauren Fiola getting her degree.
Debating whether or not to ask Bill Nye the Science Guy for a selfie.
Trent is hooked on Bill Nye the Science Guy. I've done my job well. ;-b
I love that Zach is singing "Bill Nye the Science Guy" and stated that he really likes him, he is cool. I wholeheartedly agree. Though Zach can't be trusted to be a good gauge of cool because this morning he stated that he couldn't kiss me goodbye because it was embarrassing because I'm not cool. Elizabeth Johnston Hubbard & I agreed that we are the coolest moms ever!!!
Bryce is slightly obsessed with Bill Nye the Science Guy videos at school (slightly is an understatement). Yesterday, he had a visitor in his room and he introduced himself as "Bryce Nye the Science Guy." :)
Is it bad I can't decide between watching the Pens or watching an episode of Bill Nye the Science Guy?
John Oliver hosts a mathematically representative Climate Change debate, with the help of special guest Bill Nye the Science Guy, of course. Connect with Las...
John Oliver doesn't think one-on-one debates over Climate Change accurately represent the actual consensus of 97% of the scientific community. After a humorous introduction explaining his position, Oliver brought in Bill Nye the Science Guy and 99 other...
Has to be Bill Nye the Science Guy. Like seriously he gets me so hyped for biology and the periodic table, LETS GO
Addressing a recently released report on Climate Change, John Oliver invited the ubiquitous Bill Nye the Science Guy on to Last Week Tonight to debate a generic Climate Change denier before adding more panel members to mathematically represent scientific consensus.
John Oliver did a bit last night on the problem with the way they present Climate Change. It was brilliant and so true. When they present it it, they show the deniers and the supports together, and it's usually Bill Nye the Science Guy supporting. Problem is it gives the perception that it's a 50/50 problem (and even more so because they can only get Bill Nye to support it, so on the face of it, it would look like the argument against is wildly divergent on the topic). The truth is though. 97.8% of all scientists believe we are in the middle of Climate Change (as in HAPPENING RIGHT NOW) and that it's due at least in part, if not entirely by MAN'S ACTIONS. It was a brilliant bit and not only points out Sagan's point, but how the media FAILS to INFORM. Sometimes it IS the good old days, I can't wait to see if we go back to FACT BASED reasoning, this other shtuff, bought and paid for by the 1% is for the birds, and will kill us ALL, including the 1%. It may be the 1% fueling this garbarge, but extinction is ...
I got a free afternoon. I'm gonna watch some Bill Nye the Science Guy.
Ira Flatow just missed a great joke by Bill Nye the Science Guy on Science Friday - teenagers hear it.
Photoset: nslayton: mediaite: Bill Nye the Science Guy schools CNN on Climate Change.  Still my hero.
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Friendly reminder that Bill Nye the Science Guy and Mr. Rogers were friends:
So, I hear Bill Nye, the Science Guy, had to bring the hammer to a CNN show today or something. Climate Change...
Currently watching Bill Nye the Science Guy instead of studying. I will regret nothing.
I'm tryna collab with Bill Nye the Science Guy
5/6/14 -- Crossfire: Van Jones and S.E. Cupp debate new Climate Change warnings with Bill Nye, the Science Guy and Nicolas Loris from the Heritage Foundation...
Bill Nye Da Gawd "There was a "Back to the Future" animated series that ran from 1991-1992. The show was not popular, but it featured live-action segments where Christopher Lloyd would teach viewers how to do an experiment, and Bill Nye was his assistant. The segment ultimately led to "Bill Nye the Science Guy""
Bill Nye, the "Science Guy," took on CNN "Crossfire" host S.E. Cupp and a Heritage Foundation economist in a debate on Climate Change on Tuesday, following the release of a new White House Climate Change report. Cupp accused the White House of using "scare tactics" with the American public on climat…
The Bill Nye the Science Guy theme song! This is the song that everybody in a classroom would sing along to. It was originally shown on television from Septe...
S.E. CUPP: All right. In the CROSSFIRE tonight, Bill Nye, the Science Guy, is with the Planetary Society; and Nicolas Loris, an energy and environmentally -- environmental policy with the Heritage Foundation. Bill, let me start with you. Even if what Van and the White House are saying is all true, t…
When you go up against an entertainer like Bill Nye the Science Guy, you may not only be refuted ... but it might also be pretty memorable.
Climate Change has always been a subject that makes for heated discussions. And it was certainly no different on CNN's Crossfire Tuesday night when "Science Guy" Bill Nye and
This proves that Bill Nye the Science Guy is pretty much the man!
William Sanford "Bill" Nye (born November 27, 1955), popularly known as Bill Nye the Science Guy, is an American science educator, comedian, television host, actor, writer, and scientist who began his career as a mechanical engineer at Boeing. He is best known as the host of the Disney/PBS children'…
With the release Tuesday of the White House's new report on Climate Change, CNN's Crossfire turned its attention to the issue of what can be done to mitigate the negative affects of a warming planet. And just as he did when he debated Creationist Museum founder Ken Ham, Bill Nye the Science Guy foun…
"POLAR" PLUNGE GOLD HERE FOLKS. Here you go Taylor Russell took a little longer than 24 hours but got it done. time out what's so "polar" about May any way. I call out the Queen of England, Baby Jesus, Bill Nye the Science Guy, Captain Kangaroo and Mr. Rogers.
Bill Nye uploaded all of the Bill Nye the Science Guy videos on youtube. oh yes
Bill Nye the Science Guy is a mechanical engineer who first started out at Boeing... That just makes me so happy :D
This year has been so eventful! I met Penn, Teller, Chef Ferran Adria, Matt Groening, the cast of The Simpsons, one of the writers of the Simpsons and Family Guy, and I also met Bill Nye the Science Guy. I started the school radio station, made it a D-block for next year, sparked an ambitious project to learn how to play bandoneon, and started a three-year project to research the science of food and cooking. I sang in an opera and the Faure Reqiuem and played in Jordan Hall. I almost got a job at DARTS, and I'm about to write a musical masterpiece in five weeks. I almost finished LOST before it was taken down from Xfinity, and I went to go see the MOTH live at the Shubert. And next week I'll be seeing the Book of Mormon. Also, I toured in Argentina with my wonderful chorus the Boston City Singers, and learned so much about their culture. I think there's more, but I think that's enough proof that my life is awesome right now. Thanks to all who allowed all this stuff to happen, and just thanks to everyone w ...
Holy crap, Bill Nye the Science Guy is on right now. Awesome.
Dream come true: Get Bill Nye the Science Guy to make a DR character who is immediately a Techno Savant and teach Mordecai Techno Savant in the future and all the related skills. Just spend an entire weekend RPing SCIENCE! things with Bill, that are actual ooc SCIENCE! things. I could die happy.
New to our Library: Bill Nye the Science Guy videos; The Science of Disney Imagineering; and School House Rock! Come check out our new DVDs.
Subbing in 7th grade science. Thank you Bill Nye the Science Guy for the great videos.
I had a dream last night that I went on a safari with Bill Nye the Science Guy and you bet your bottom dollar it was one of my greatest
Be sure to tune in to catch Bill Nye "The Science Guy" tonight! Tickets are still available for his shows July 18th - 20th here:
I miss being able to walk into any given classroom and sing "Bill Nye the Science Guy" and have everyone bust out with "BILL, BILL, BILL, BILL!" now people just look at me funny. You guys need to check your childhood.
Random hilarious fact about me. When I was about 9 years old I wanted to marry Bill Nye the Science Guy. True story.
Watching Late Night with Seth Meyers. Is it just me, or does Bill Nye the Science Guy look like Abraham Lincoln before he grew his beard.
I once studied for an astronomy test by watching Bill Nye the Science Guy episodes I passed it with a B
The 11th Doctor vs Bill Nye the Science Guy. Who could pull off the bow tie better?
VSP has partnered with Bill Nye the Science Guy and VSP Provider Dr. Roger Phelps for a series of four webisodes debunking popular eye health myths. In this ...   10% Off
Another reason I love working in Special Ed: Watching Bill Nye the Science Guy for class results in all of the students singing along to the theme song.
Mr. Anderson is the Bill Nye the Science Guy of High School sciences
What ever happened to watching Bill Nye the Science Guy in science class?
The music videos on Bill Nye the Science Guy make my life worth living.
Watching Bill Nye the Science Guy. Welcome to my science class.
Watching Bill Nye the Science Guy in 1st period, reminds me of good ole Sixes Elementary (:
I feel like Mr. Klinglehutz is secretly Bill Nye the Science Guy
William asked Siri (on my iPad mini) to show him videos of Bill Nye the Science Guy. She said "I don't understand Bill Myers sciatica.". Thanks Siri, we don't understand that either.
Enjoyed a delightful Easter Sunday with great people today with my family. It was a really good day, and now capping it off with some awesome egg salad burritos, Bill Nye the Science Guy, and a fresh haircut. May peace be with you all.
Happy Easter everyone! Also they made a Bill Nye the Science Guy video game in 1996. Should we review it?
Just had a nice little chat with Bill Nye the Science Guy in the Chelsea Trader Joes!
MSNBC: Up w/Steve Kornacki with 'Bill Nye the Science Guy' and panel discuss Climate Change and the politics involved. BTW, coal ash is 'dotting' the coast of North Carolina - UGH...! I'm also concerned about the TRASH DUMPED in the oceans - so much TRASH, so much that it is interfering with the search of that lost Malaysian plane - YEP - that BAD.! DISGUSTING isn't it ?? Congress gave OTHER countries BILLIONS to combat Climate Change but what is Congress doing for USA but fighting Pres Obama.?
Jennifer Thompson and Merrilee Perko Bill Nye the Science Guy is on MSNBC UP with Steve Kornacki
Hayden asked me to put on Bill Nye the Science Guy, because his new teacher watches it. I think I love her...
Skinny Matthew McConaughey via True Detective looks like Bill Nye the Science Guy.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
If you're lucky enough to have a Science High School teacher that is just like Bill Nye, the Science Guy, then you were lucky enough to be assigned to the classroom of Mr. Craig Stearns. I was excited to walk into his class EVERYDAY cuz I knew he would make me laugh or encourage blowing up something so that I could learn from my mistakes. Somehow I memorized that *** table of elements cuz he believed in me. The halls of DECATUR will forever miss your laughter, Mr. Stearns. Thank you for your smile, your appetite for Science but mostly the laughter. I'll keep an eye on Emma for you. I know how proud she made you. Rest In Peace, Mr. Stearns. May your spirit constantly remind me to take time to laugh with my students and encourage them to learn from their experiments. Sending prayers to Nancy, EMma and the rest of the SDHS family. (Love, "Urick", class of 92)
so i watched the first couple episodes of True Detective over the weekend. love the show, but can't tell if Matthew McConaughey or Bill Nye the Science Guy.
Methinks only another former kids tv show host is qualified to debate Bill Nye the Science Guy: Rev. "Mr." Fred Rogers RIP
Well its official I got my tickets to Graduation and couldn't be more happier knowing that not only am I graduating college but that so many doors are just about to open for me, oh and lets not forget that my guest speaker for the commencement ceremony is Bill Nye the Science Guy.
Bill Nye the Science Guy, Joel Stein, Time Magazine, Lawrence O'Donnell (msnbc) and Rosalnd Chao (keiko) all on The Neighbors! I love this show
Watching The Neighbors and Bill Nye the Science Guy is on man he gotten so old n.his hair hasn't changed a bit besides gettin grey...
UMass Lowell officials announced Thursday that late-nineties television star Bill Nye the Science Guy will be this year's commencement speaker.
Tell me again why "Bill Nye the Science Guy" is a Leading Voice in the "Climate Debate". He's freaking actor? If we need a commentator on sea travel are they going to resurrect Captain Kangaroo? Proper diet we get Mr. Peppermint? Seriously? It's freaking embarrassing.
You may recall watching or hearing about the creationism vs. evolution debate with Ken Ham and Bill (the "Science Guy") Nye on February 4th of this year. It has now been viewed by more than 2.5 million people through You-Tube alone and has generated or perhaps better stated, reinvigorated, the creationism vs. evolution debate. This post and Ham's short response is however not about the pros and cons of the debate. The vitriol coming from some of the proponents of evolution has been crude to say the least. Ham responds to this here with deep thought and biblical insight that I find not only profound, but an understanding that is needed by and I pray encouraging for those of us in the Body of Christ that are experiencing similar vitriol regarding our Christian faith. (And it is only going to get worse from here) Note that with humility Ham speaks the truth, but does not attack back, which is the response we should all practice and strive for (Romans 12:19, 2 Timothy 2:24, Ephesians 4:15). It is easier s ...
"Ok, Aaren. During lunch you are free to watch anything you want." "Ok, Mom." He chooses Bill Nye the Science Guy, Blood Stream.
I should've watched "Bill Nye the Science Guy" more to understand all that science stuff.
Do you ever feel like you are an Ann Voskamp (1000 gifts) kind of gal in a Bill Nye the Science Guy kind of world? I said that to my sister in law the other day, and she laughed. She said, oh Julie, perfect analogy. perfect. I am Ann trying to have a conversation with Bill, and he simply cannot relate. Two different worlds, same planet.
Bill Nye the Science Guy on Pierce Morgan's show hey hey hey
Emoji heart eyes. "Bill Nye the Science Guy in High School.
"Bill Nye the Science Guy in High School. He was always rockin the bow tie!
"This is how we know nature. It is the best idea humans have ever come up with." – Bill Nye, Science Guy and CEO of The Planetary Society In this latest video from NOVA's Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers, science guy Bill Nye talks about the incredible influence that Carl Sagan had on his…
Evolution vs Creation is arguably the biggest, most important debate of all time. And this simulated face-off between Bill Nye "The Science Guy" and Kent Hov...
Bill Nye the Science Guy in High School. . Looks eerily like lol
Bill Nye the Science Guy at it again.
March 23, 2014 in Education , Science by Justin Beach Before Sagan was on Cosmos and Bill Nye was ?the Science Guy?, Nye was a student of Sagan?s at Cornell University.
Bill Nye the Science Guy only has a bachelors of science, but has been awarded three honorary doctorate degrees Unusual Facts
Thank you Bill Nye the Science Guy for not only existing and educating me and getting me enthusiastic about learning but for also now being on YouTube so I can watch you whenever I want!!
On a serious note, we need to get Bill Nye the Science Guy back on campus.
There's no hope. You gotta detox. Watch a few hours of Bill Nye the Science Guy. That'll set you straight. Resist le ratchet
Yup, Bill Nye the Science Guy is unequivocally the king of selfies
What are we doing on our Snow day afternoon? We have been learning about "archeologists". I have introduced Avery and Rylee to Bill Nye the Science Guy, now Avery is doing his own "dig". Avery now understands that "archeologists put puzzle pieces together from a long time ago",love how smart my little man is:)
grabbing The Magic School Bus and Bill Nye the Science Guy for Vin ^_^
To help Piers Morgan understand just what he was looking at in the just-released photos, which were actually taken Sunday just after the plane went missing, Bill Nye the Science Guy appeared on CNN as an aviation expert, thanks to his days spent at Boeing studying black boxes.
Bill Nye the Science Guy looks more like Star Trek's Spock each and every time I see him as a guest commentator on CNN. Coincidence??? Hmmm
Do you know who Bill Nye the Science Guy is?
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Bill Nye is on CNN giving his opinion on flight 370.for real?! We've come a long way from Bill Nye the Science Guy...
Pretty sure Bill Nye The Science Guy could yap Yung Berg’s chain if he was in a reckless mood.
I wish Bill Nye was my dad, i mean my dads cool and all but nobody beats Bill Nye the science guy
Ry The Science Guy out with the fam @ school science fair. He will be reppin' in The Greater St. Louis…
I feel like the only one who still laughs during the Bill Nye the science guy theme song!! 😂
Bill Nye. Yeah, he's pretty hardcore. the science guy!!
I seriously thought Bill Nye the science guy was a fictional character
Taking a selfie with Bill Nye the Science Guy
I don't know where i'd be today without Bill Nye the science guy.
Aye who remember Bill Nye the science guy
'Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don't.' - Bill Nye, the science guy.. keep your feet on… [pic] —
Remember Bill Nye the science guy on dancing with the stars I still laugh
I've been watching for a few years now and it just occurred to me how much Skip Bayless looks like Bill Nye the Science guy
Where did that guy get a tomato at a science lecture?
Once Upon A Time: some guy was all like "hey let's make sig figs a think cause math in science isn't annoying enough"
It's easier for guys to talk to a pretty girl then girls to talking to a fine guy…it's not rocket science.
science fact: If a guy starts a story with . "I got with this girl" . it will only take .471 seconds before someone asks . "is she hot?"
This guy who was studying law rejected a girl cause she did btec science. Wth. U ain't no Harvey Spector m8. Probs end up working in Argos.
dad Lile, the science guy. he's pretty cool.
So I snapped a photo of my favorite science guy w/ my favorite jigga man & then the Internet exploded ht…
Bill Nye the Science Guy was such a big part of my childhood
You know Bill Nye the Science Guy chiefs hard
Who better to learn Science of Gluteus Maximus Training from other than Glute Guy himself, Watch:
Rooting for the science teacher looking coach over the larger over the top guy in the suit standing on the court.
First Carl Sagan, now . The "Family Guy" creator tackles science with a reboot
'Write Drunk: The Science of Altered States and Creativity' - via
“TRU look at Bill Nye the science guy, he's holding a gun!
Watching Bill Nye the Science Guy in class and this teacher just skipped the intro, she truly is the worst.
For exactly some of the reasons he points to in that piece. The Science Guy is debating them, not experts.
“Trill Nye the Science Guy omfg lmao 😂 my *** Bill Nye
All purpose parts banner
So today in science this guy told me that he told his friends about me... Idk if i should be scared or flattered.. O.o
Was reading an article about Bill Nye the Science Guy . He is so brilliant!! I swear ... He should go down as the next Albert Einstein!
I have two Prayer Requests: first, I have a client who I think is an atheist (he's a science guy) but is receptive when I give him Christian cards and what not. Well anyways, he told me today that his family is having "hospital" problems and he wasn't his chipper self. It's really sticking with me and I think his wife is having problems but I dared not ask because I didn't think it was any of my business. If you all could please pray for this Collins family, number one to be saved and come to Jesus, and that God would be glorified in their situation. I also pray that the doctors would have wisdom with whatever is going on. I pray that they would find peace and living water through Jesus. In Jesus name let me be a good witness and encouragement for them. Second Prayer Request: Financial issues that are really becoming a headache. I pray that God gives me wisdom in money management and peace in knowing that he supplies my needs. His eye is on the sparrow and I know he watches me. Praise the Lord. ...
Learning all about caves with Annabelle and Amy Furbush with good ol' Bill Nye the Science Guy :) it's so fun watching kids' little curiosities get peaked (ok I love learning with her too). We always try to learn something new in our house and Annabelle says the next thing she wants to learn more about is sharks :) We can do that, sharks are cool!!
I'm an 80'S BABYso I just rented some old school tv shows, SCHOOL HOUSE ROCK and Bill Nye THE SCIENCE GUY from the library..SHYLA ain't ready for this KNOWLEDGE
So Bill Nye The Science Guy, James Franco & Seth Rogen all checked out Mystery Skulls at the Funny Or Die's SXSW party!!
Wow Tosh .o is Bill nie the science guy son who know
Nobody Rocks a Bow-Tie quite like Bill Nye the Science Guy
Bill Nye the Science Guy has become Lilly's favorite show :) YAY SCIENCE!!
Bill Nye the science guy is so annoying! I swear!😡👐
"Winter lingered so long in the lap of Spring that it occasioned a great deal of talk." Bill Nye (The Science Guy) (1955 - ) Science Educator, Comedian, TV Host, Actor, Writer, Scientist
I have now acquired 6 DVDs of Bill Nye the Science Guy. 99 episodes. Time for the most fun movie marathon ever.
So you remember how I told you how we switched health insurance companies and The Boy got assigned to a new pediatrician? Well, I took him to an appointment yesterday for what I thought was going to be a sort of "medications review," after which we would depart with prescriptions in-hand and continue on our merry way. Which is exactly what DID happen--with one small wrinkle. The doctor decided that since The Boy had just turned 16, he might as well get his annual physical out of the way. So the doc's doing the typical heart/lung/ear/eye check while I'm yammering on about Goldenhar Syndrome and Asperger's and medications past/present/future. Suddenly, the doctor (a rather short, older man sporting a "Bill Nye the Science Guy" bow-tie/coat ensemble) turns around and cuts me off by practically shouting at me: "I'M GOING TO NEED TO CHECK HIS GENITALS." The Boy pitched forward off the table and literally GUFFAWED. I collapsed back into the chair, laughing so hard that I SNORTED. It took every ounce of retraint ...
Don’s Daily Parable-Warm It Up-3/11/2014 Have you noticed that when you put a partially used bottle of water into the refrigerator, leave it overnight, and then pull it out the next day, that it has shrunk in? It has a vacuum pulled on it. If you leave that same bottle of water sitting out for a few hours, it will return to its full-looking shape. Well, let Dandy Don, the Science Guy, explain what happens. When a liquid cools, it will decrease in volume, because the molecules slow down. When the liquid warms up, the molecules increase in activity, causing it to expand. When the water bottle has a lid or cap on it, it contains this pressure or vacuum, and that’s why the water bottle *** in or expands, depending on whether it’s in the refrigerator or out on the countertop. Sometimes, we as Christians let things in our lives get us so busy and distracted, or let the things in this world take priority in our lives, so that Jesus no longer has first place. When that happens, we become cold in our spiri . ...
Hmm woke up singing Bill Nye the science guy song. I need some professional help I think
Thanks to Jim McGuire, The Mayhem Science Guy!! He's the brains of this outfit!!
Ohmygosh. Who remembers Bill Nye the Science Guy? "BILL BILL BILL BILL BILL". Somebody was sharing their scientific endeavor with me... &the theme song popped into my head!! :-)
Bill Nye the Science Guy is all charged up for the "Energy" episode. Energy makes things happen, and you can find it almost everywhere. A moving car, falling...
I get it that this Neil deGrasse Tyson fellow is some sort of new "Bill Nye Science Guy". Maybe he should stick to science, and leave history alone. He's obviously out of his depth there.
I never get bored of watching Bill Nye the Science Guy. It reminds me of why I first got interested in science in the first place.
You're a 90's kid if: You can sing the rap to "The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air You know that "WOAH" comes from Joey from "Blossom" and that "How Rude!" comes from Stephanie from "Full House" You remember when it was actually worth getting up early on a Saturday to watch cartoons. You remember reading "Goosebumps" You know the profound meaning of "Wax on, wax off" You took plastic cartoon lunch boxes to school. You danced to "Wannabe" by the Spice Girls, Females: had a new motto, Males: got a whole lot *** er. (so tell me what you want, what you really really want.) HELLO.HOT WHEELS! You remember the craze, then the banning of slap bracelets and slam books. You still get the urge to say "NOT" after (almost) every sentence...Not... Where in the world is Carmen San Diego? was both a game and a TV game show. You knew that Kimberly, the pink ranger, and Tommy, the green Ranger were meant to be together. You remember when super nintendos became popular. You remember watching home alone 1, 2 , and 3.and tried to pul ...
We're just sligthly under TWO WEEKS away from this extravaganza, these shows just get more and more stacked as they go by, so it's no surprise that Outbreak 2.0, has a huge card, and headlining this show, is our esteemed FPW Champion Carter Mason, defending against the extraordinarily talented contender Shane Sabre! We will also crown the Inaugural, Hammer City Champion, when Xavier Rome, who has been a force to be reckon with as of late, takes on perhaps pound for pound the toughest man in FPW, the GRINDER, Mark Shaw! This will be a FIGHT! The unique duo of Rhys Greenaway & Dan Magnum, defend their coveted FPW Tag Team Titles against Alessandro Del Bruno and a partner of his choosing. The champs are bent out of shape about not knowing who will be teaming with Del Bruno, how much of a factor will the mystery element play in this one? In addition to these three great title matches, you will see the likes of Jim Nye "The Science Guy", Will White, "The Mastermind" Timothy Krane, Black Serpent, Tomer Shalom . ...
For Stacey Rosenzweig, who first introduced me to Bill Nye the Science Guy.
Mar 8, 2014 - Join guest host Bill Nye the Science Guy, Eugene Mirman and NASA astronaut Mike Massimino as they have a blast answering your questions while Neil’s off working on COSMOS.
Look who showed up for our beginner class... Paula Poundstone! More lindy hop fun with comedians. (As you may recall, Bill Nye the Science Guy came through Lindy by the Sea, as well!) Paula is writing a book "The Totally Unscientific Study of the Search for Human Happiness" ... she's doing a bunch of stuff and swing dancing is one of them. Woo hoo!
What types are Bill Nye the science guy and Neil Tyson Degrasse? I'm thinking e/intp and intj.
I still can't believe took a selfie with Bill Nye the Science Guy lol I grew up watching him in my science classes 😂
Call me Bill Nye the Science Guy, because I'd like to periodically do you on the table.
So the new COSMOS is really good. A cool-kids version of those videos you got to watch in science class that wasnt Bill Nye the Science Guy. Except this clearly wasnt filmed in 1988 and about rocks. They were always about rocks...
While at South by Southwest Interactive, I had a chance to (briefly) interview one of my childhood heroes, Bill Nye the Science Guy. Nye was about to..
The most famous advocate for science education bar none, Bill Nye the Science Guy has advanced the learnings of his field with quirky experiments and a friendly demeanor. Now as the host of StarTalk Live, Bill chats about developing a more efficient battery and the social empowerment of women.
Please disregard all rumors that Bill Nye the Science Guy has kidnapped Li'l Bub to recreate Schrödinger's classic experiment at
"Bill Nye the Science Guy just took an amazing selfie today:
Prety sure I just saw Bill Nye the Science Guy walking down the sidewalk. Like why wouldn't he be in Elroy...
The only cool bill is Bill Nye the Science Guy.
If you loved Bill Nye the Science Guy as a kid, then you'll love this article
Watching Bill Nye the Science Guy soothes the soul...
Bill Nye the Science Guy at my alma mater?!?! Super kewl!!! Hope they have more tickets available!
Here's a rough draft of the class activity assignment handout. I welcome your feedback. Critical Thinking Phil 1290 Phil Veldhuis, Instructor Assignment Details: Class Activity “Bill Nye vs. Climate Realist”. Assignment Value = 15% Due Date: March 2?nd. Evaluation: 60% Required Elements / 40% Persuasiveness. In this assignment you will interact with your fellow students and generate a critical review the debate posted on Youtube as "Climate Realist Marc Morano Debates Bill Nye the Science Guy on Global Warming". Your review should recapitulate the important arguments presented in the debate, and your decision as to which debater was more persuasive. Required elements: Your critical review must include: 1. identify the target video with appropriate bibliographic information. 2. an exposition of the central argument(s) presented in the debate, which will include: a. topic of the debate. b. conclusion(s) presented. c. the best case you can make for each perspective. 3. Reasons for thinking the con ...
In two short days, Quirky + GE bring you a with Andy Samberg and Bill Nye the Science Guy, the host of StarTalk Live. Tune in to on Saturday at 6:30pm ET! Read more:
Tonight's Homework: -Read for at least 15 minutes -Optional: Practice new spelling words -No Math homework! Today's Highlights: This morning we practiced relating multiplication and addition with making equal groups. This was tricky and will work more with it tomorrow! This afternoon we did a fun science experiment with soda and ice cream..It related to matter in that the soda is a liquid, the ice cream is a solid, and the foam/bubbles are the gas. We also watched a Bill Nye the Science Guy video on matter to review our knowledge! TOMORROW is Pajama Day! Scholastic book orders are also due tomorrow! Remember you can also order from our class scholastic page online!
Bill Nye uses the unlikely pairing of Steve Martin and Carl Sagan as role models to become "the Science Guy." Bill Nye is a Cornell-trained engineer who work...
I thought I was done with Bill Nye the Science Guy after grade 8 but apparently not
Ohh yeah & Bill Nye the Science Guy is gonna be on my campus 😅
"everyone you meet knows something you don't." -William Sanford (Bill Nye the Science Guy)
is it just a social contract or a binding legal agreement that we call Bill Nye "the Science Guy" every time we say his name
Anyone @ that wants me to RSVP 'em for Bill Nye the Science Guy goofing with Jenny Slate & Eugene Mirman for
Bill Nye the Science Guy is coming to Mizzou next week 😆
I wish I was related to Bill Nye the Science Guy. He seems pretty legit.
Maria just asked me if I follow "Bill" as in Bill Nye the Science Guy like I'm just supposed to know that like I know him …
"Bill Nye the Science Guy", the popular 90s children's education show starring host Bill Nye, reveals a mind-blowing observation of the world that most cannot even comprehend. By comparing various objects in the room together, he reveals an amazing truth.
Well, we didn't see this one coming. A widely-publicized television debate on creationism and evolution between Creation Museum founder Ken Ham and Bill Nye 'The Science Guy' was handily dominated by Nye, most agreed. But Ken Ham may have the ...
If if wasn't for Bill Nye the Science Guy, I wouldnt be on my way to becoming a scientist
Finished all of my midterms early, and I just bought volumes 1 & 2 of Bill Nye, the Science Guy... What's happening to me?
Bill Nye, the famed television "Science Guy" and apparent selfie fan, stopped by the White House on Friday for its first Student Film Festival. Before leaving 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Nye managed to snap a self portrait with President ...
Where does electricity come from? *I do not own any of the videos contents. Copyright ownership Bill Nye the Science Guy. This video is for elementary educat...
Also, I thought Benedict Arnold was Bill Nye the Science Guy so yeah.
(By Juan Cole) Satire David Gregory’s Meet the Press today hosted a debate between Bill Nye the Science Guy and Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) on whether gravity is just a theory.…
he has nothing on the guitarists who solo'd on the Bill Nye the Science Guy and Beverly Hills 90210 show openings.
Watching Bill Nye the Science Guy at Mall of America great day
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If anyone is interested . Creation Museum director Ken Ham , And Bill Nye the Science Guy , engage in a debate on evolution and creationism 8 o'clock tonight ,CSPAN The actual debate was a few days ago.MY opinion ? Fred Flintstone did not operate a dinosaur steam shovel at work !!
Unreal. I just saw the biggest science homie Bill Nye the Science Guy riding his bike down Ventura Blvd.
Bill Nye the Science Guy said now was not the time to deny that there is Climate Change in a debate Sunday with U.S. Rep. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee, who said there was no consensus on the issue among those in the scientific community.
If Bill Nye were named Kill it would be Kill Nye the Science Guy
You can't debate Bill Nye the Science Guy about science - he knows everything! via
Bill Nye "The Science Guy" is just a kid-show character. He is a product of liberal education and discipleship (check his bio) and not a scientist at all, though whether you are or not is no indication of the truth. But liberal media put him on ostensibly serious discusssion programs to peddle a liberal gospel. Watch this a few years ago on CNN's Piers Morgan and this today on today's Meet The Press.
Fresh off of battling creationism, Bill Nye "The Science Guy" debates Climate Change on "Meet the Press":
You may have recently witnessed the much-anticipated "Evolution VS Creationism" debate in which Bill Nye the Science Guy basically annihilated creationist Ken Ham. It was fascinating to watch, if not mind-numbingly frustrating to hear Ham, when repeatedly challenged on how he knows particular facts…
The clip of Science Guy and Marsha Blackburn on Meet the Press doing Climate Change and weather wi…
Bill Nye 'The Science Guy' debated a GOP congresswoman on Climate Change, and it was surreal
Here is Bill Nye 'The Science Guy' Debating GOP Rep. Marsha Blackburn on Climate Change on MTP today: via
So last night we watched the debate between Bill Nye the Science Guy and Ken Hamm, a biblical creationist... Bill Nye kicked his *** !! If the creationist would have had even on piece of tangible evidence I would have been more than happy to consider his perspective... But all he had was words in the bible interpreted to fit his agenda... Bill Nye came out with all kinds of physical proof to support the evolution theory!! It was a massacre!! Bill Nye is my new hero!
Tune in to Meet the Press tomorrow morning to watch Bill Nye the Science Guy debate global warming denier, Rep. Marsha Blackburn. It will be fun watching Bill demolish this Climate Change denialist the way he thoroughly demolished the creationist Bill Ham. Meet the Press will be on NBC tomorrow morning at 9:00AM and on MSNBC at 2:00PM.
William Lane Craig gives his thoughts on Bill Nye (the so-called "Science Guy") and young earth creationism. Craig notes Nye's shallow presentation of evolut...
Big surprise Bill Nye gave bad information at the debate while insulting people from Kentucky. Bill Nye'S ERROR PERTAINING TO KENTUCKY'S SCIENTIFIC STATUS (Friday Church News Notes, February 14, 2014, fbns866-295-4143) - The following is excerpted from "Answering Bill Nye," Around the World with Ken Ham, Feb. 8, 2014: "During my recent debate with Bill Nye 'The Science Guy' at the Creation Museum, Mr. Nye ... made a false claim about our state of Kentucky and its medical technology. It caught the eye of a diagnostic radiologist, who wrote a letter to Bill Nye to correct him [about the] false charge that the state of Kentucky does not have a nuclear medicine program within its borders. Apparently it was Nye's attempt to show that the Creation Museum's home state is backward technologically, and that the museum has supposedly been contributing to scientific illiteracy in Kentucky. ... 'Bill, I thank you for your time and effort in participating in the debate with Ken Ham. I am a Bible-beli ...
Pat Robertson Blasts Ken Ham’s Young Earth Beliefs: ‘Let’s Not Make a Joke of Ourselves’ February 7, 2014 | Filed under: Apostasy,Highlights,Life & Society,Top Stories | By: Heather Clark Robertson ssIn providing his feedback on Tuesday’s debate between Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis and Bill Nye ‘the Science Guy,’ televangelist Pat Robertson went off on a two-minute monologue on Wednesday about why he holds to the opinion that Christians need to get over their young earth beliefs. Speaking on his daily broadcast of the 700 Club, Robertson focused on the calculations and analysis of Bishop James Ussher, the Church of Ireland Archbishop and scholar who once dated the world as being 6,000 years old. “Let’s face it,” he said. “There was a bishop in the Middle Ages there—1800′s or something—who added up the dates listed in Genesis and he came up with [a calculation that] the world had been around for 6,000 years. There ain’t no way that’s possible.” “Anybody that’s in the ...
TV's "Science Guy" Bill Nye stand speaks during a debate on evolution with Creation Museum head Ken Ham, Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2014, at the Petersburg, Ky. museum. Ham believes the Earth was created 6,000 years ago by God and is told strictly through the Bible. Nye says he is worried the U.S. will not mo...
Am I off based to say way to go Bill Nye the Science Guy thanks for disproving the Ark nows how's bout you work...
Bill Nye (the Science Guy) has made a career out of explaining scientific facts to children, so last night on Real Time, Bill Maher asked him to explain to R...
Bill Nye the Science Guy is talking about archaeology -- can you dig it? Archaeologists are kid of like detectives. They're scientists who snoop through old ...
Camel bones disprove Bible? Fox News, Yahoo News, Forbes, Duke University, and of course the New York Times have jumped on a story from Tel Aviv University that claims they have finally found evidence that the Bible made a mistake. Could be they think Bill Nye the Science Guy needs a little help. They have found camel bones in the ruins of an old copper mine that date back to Solomon’s day about 1000 BC but none in strata older. They conclude that camels had not been domesticated in Israel before that time. Any bones found in earlier strata had to have been wild camels, or so they say. The Bible says that Abraham had camels centuries earlier. Should we trust them? Before you throw your Bibles away, could we not consider some of the holes in their theories? First, notice how this evidence confirms the Bible account that Solomon in that very time mined copper to build the first temple. Second, real archaeologists have established that camels were tamed in Arabia after 3,000 BC and definitely by 2, ...
Bill Nye the Science Guy is at it again! Join, Bill Nye and the Physics Force for an afternoon full of mind-blowing science demonstrations. Stop by and have some fun for the whole family and watch the Science Guy in action! 1-3pm in the Rotunda Bloomington, Minnesota
In a well publicized debate at the Answers in Genesis Creation Museum Ken Ham debated Bill Nye 'The Science Guy' on the topic, "Is creation a viable model of...
True to his passionate and animated TV persona, "Science Guy" Bill Nye tapped on the podium, threw up his hands and noted that science shows the Earth is "billions and billions" of years old in a debate at a Kentucky...
"On Tuesday evening more than 3 million people tuned in to watch "Science Guy" Bill Nye debate Ken Ham, founder of the biblically literalist Creation Museum ...
Finally got around to watching the full debate of Bill Nye and Ken Ham. I encourage you to at least check out the highlights. It's respectful and engaging,and you'll learn a lot about both viewpoints. On that note, in High School video club I starred in a few episodes of what we called "Bob Zy the Science Guy." I really gotta find that videotape (if you know what one of those are.)
TV's "Science Guy" and the founder of the Creation Museum wrangle over Earth's origins in event streamed live on Internet
We are calling on Time magazine to retract a blatantly wrong statement on its website about my Tuesday debate with Bill Nye “the Science Guy.” It was wri
Today in our happy homeschool, J and I are watching Bill Nye the Science Guy debate Ken Hamm, a creationist guy. Quite interesting.
Does anyone else think Bill Nye the Science Guy looks like an older version of Andrew Garfield?
Bill Nye the 'Science Guy' debates Creation Museum founder on evolution via
A couple days ago, Bill Nye had a debate with the guy who founded the Creation Museum in Kentucky. Creationists, you are going up against Bill Nye the Science Guy! He is my generation's Mr. Rogers. How arrogant and wrong do you have to be to go up against him?
Bill Nye "The Science Guy's" highly anticipated debate with Ken Ham of the Creation Museum had a lot of people talking-- including televangelist Pat Robertson, who implored Ham to stop making creationists look bad, according to Raw Story. ...
This past Tuesday night Bill Nye (the Science Guy) debated Ken Ham at the Creation Museum in Ke...
Bill Nye the Science Guy took on Ken Ham, president of the Creation Museum, yesterday in what turned out to be a completely arbitrary two-hour debate. After the debate, Creationists reacted to Bill Nye’s logics, and hilarity followed! Subscribe for…
It was a debate for the ages -- although in this case, the ages in question are either 6,000 or several billion. Bill Nye, TV's "Science Guy," debated the age ...
"Science Guy" Bill Nye took the stage and promoted science in the snappy way that made him a pop culture staple on TV in the 1990s.
Some scientists were skeptical that Bill Nye, who made his name as the host of a TV show for children, could hold his own in Tuesday's debate with creationist Ken Ham - but now the Science Guy is winning points.
Bill Nye "The Science Guy" went to the Creation Museum to debate "is creation a viable model of origins in today's modern scientific era?" After the debate, ...
TV's "Science Guy" Bill Nye delivered a passionate and animated defense of science.
Bill Nye the Science Guy debate creationist Ken Ham on Tuesday night over the issues of science, biology and biblical creation. The three-hour debate consisted of Nye defending evolutionary theory in the face of Ham's belief in biblical literalism and whether or not the Genesis tale is fundamentally...
'Science Guy' Nye debates Creation Museum founder on... on
When I first heard this debate was going to happen, I couldn’t wait. I never thought as a child that somehow “Bill Nye the Science Guy,” who I watched on Saturday mornings, would one day become a leading figure in the political battle of science vs. delusion. Keep in mind that I am a Christian, …
"No kids, you can't watch Bill Nye the Science Guy anymore. It's a level of witchcraft on par with Harry Potter."
Just watched the online debate between 'Bill Nye the Science Guy' and creationist Ken Ham. Upshot - Just because a majority of scientists believe that the universe is older than 6,000 years doesn't make it so. Much like, just because a majority of Americans voted for Barack Obama doesn't mean he's president. Also, the world began as a single continent about 4,000 years ago, and the continents have drifted to their current locations in that time. And that there are trees whose rings show that they're older than that can't be proved because we didn't actually see those rings grow, or the earth's sedimentary layers form. And galaxies that are tens of millions of light years away aren't, because light can't really travel that far. I'd rather have seen Carl Sagan take on this guy, or Stephen Hawking, but I doubt Hawking would waste his time, and Sagan is gone. Nye's point was that teaching creationism in our schools will only retard our place in the world of research and development. I respect 'believers,' bu ...
"I fight this fight out of patriotism": Bill Nye (the Science Guy) on his war on anti-science politics.
Bill Nye "The Science Guy" will advocate for evolution in a debate with a creationist at the Creation Museum in Petersburg, KY.
Bill Nye “the Science Guy,” an Emmy Award-winning science educator and CEO of the Planetary Society, debates Christian author and Creation Museum founder Ken Ham on the origins of life. Watch live video below.
Linda: "How come Bill Nye the Science Guy is smart enough to recognize that nature doesn't work as a top down structure, but doesn't understand that markets and government don't work as top down structures? And conversely, Conservatives understand that economics and governments work best from the bottom up but reject the idea of natural selection?" Me: "unagueys" (I was eating pork rinds at the time)
Get ready for the debate some are calling "Ham On Nye." America's favorite "Science Guy," Emmy Award-winning science educator and Planetary Society CEO Bill Nye, is set to debate Ken Ham, CEO of Answers in Genesis and president...
Bill Nye "The Science Guy" is at Creation Museum in Kentucky, debating the founder Ken Ham, from "Answers In Genesis". Nye became famous as a children's science show host. He has always been critic...
Can Bill Nye the Science Guy win some sort of congressional medal of honor!? Dude is a straight up G!
Bill Nye the Science Guy is set to debate evolution tonight (Feb. 4) with the founder of Kentucky's Creation Museum, Ken Ham.
Tonight 7PM: The Creation/Evolution Debate! On Hear Mr. Hamm defend what 30% believe: The Earth is 6,000 years old! Neither side will win this debate, but it should be pretty funny--Especially in tomorrow's 'chat rooms.' Bill Nye (The Science Guy) probably should have not engaged this debate.
Prominent Creation apologist and bestselling Christian writer Ken Ham will have a discussion on evolution at the Creation Museum with TV host and evolution expert, Bill Nye the Science Guy tonight.
I'm on American Family Radio from 10-11:30 AM CT with a jam-packed program featuring Dr. Keith Ablow on California restroom laws, Ken Ham on his upcoming debate with Bill Nye the Science Guy, and Roman Gabriel reporting on the Super Bowl. Now that's a diverse set of topics. Listen online at
How do you like this global warming. Remember that song Rainy Night In Georgia? Well, I wonder if it's cold all over the world. If it is, this ought to start bringing the global warming average back down and build up some of those melting ice caps. Did anybody see Bill Nye the Science Guy on Fox News the other night talking about all the CO2 in the atmosphere, China burning coal and the population explosion (too many people breathing out) and Global-Warming (Al Gore probably would not show because he wanted to keep his distance from Bill Nye since Bill Nye is about to take a fall on Tues., Feb. 4, 7:00 pm vs Ken Ham in the Evolution/Creation Debate). Ham, I expect, is going to bring up some subjects that Bill Nye and some other science guys have been lying about since Darwin...and before. Ken Ham is not a politician such as a William Jennings Bryan (1925 Scopes Monkey Trial) and has been working with scientists for many years in this field. This, I suspect, is going to be about Evolution, The Lie...and wh ...
Feb 4th, 7:00 P.M. on the internet--a debate between Ken Ham (?) from The Creation Science Museum and Bill Nye the Science Guy. Should be interesting.If I read the sign correctly, the Grundy Baptist Church is going to be airing it at the church. Someone verify or correct me if I am wrong.
Bill Nye the "Science Guy" is using his analytical skills to take on some widespread myths about poverty and health which perpetuate a failed status quo and lead to unnecessarily high infant death rates. First he takes on the popular claim that the America...
I still think Bill Nye the Science Guy is cool 🔬😎💡
Bill Nye "The Science Guy" takes on the myth that we spend a quarter of the US Federal budget on foreign aid, and that more children die of natural disasters th
When you watched Bill Nye the Science Guy don't even lie we all get kRUNK
I would still, willingly, watch Bill Nye the Science Guy.
The sold-out debate between TV's famed "Bill Nye the Science Guy" and founder and president of the renowned Creation Museum, Ken Ham, will be available live online and free of charge.
It’s time for Video Roundup. My top 20 videos of the week! What Does Human Taste Like What a weird video! Dragon Ball Z Fight In Real Life Cool video! Bill Nye the Science Guy, Dispels Poverty Myths I agree … Continue reading → [ 202 more words. ]
Just saw Bill Nye the Science Guy in the OAK airport! Stoked!
Hey! It’s WPSD Local 6 "Science Guy" Jason Lindsey? Are you keeping warm? Speaking of keeping warm, join me during Local 6 Saturday for an experiment that will show you how to use a few ingredients from around the house to engineer a heater, which will heat a small room for about 10 dollars a month. It’s a family-friendly science lesson that will get you thinking, while keeping warm, when old man winter places his icy grip on your area. In the meantime, go to for the WPSD Local 6 Experiment Archive.
Bill Nye "The Science Guy" identified himself as an agnostic and revealed his expectations for the upcoming debate with Creation Museum CEO and President Ken Ham on the topic of creationism, saying that he doesn't expect they will be able to win each other over.
In case you missed it, Bill Nye the Science Guy is visiting Erie, PA next Wednesday for a free event at Penn State Behrend. Visit for a preview, featuring articles from Also check out our science-based newspaper activities for your classroom!
The Bill Nye (The Science Guy vs. Ken Ham (Creation Museum) live-streamed debate promises to be an outstanding experience for everyone. Your invited to come and be part of this landmark event at The Salvation Army Kroc Center Dayton. Tickets are required, but free and avaliable for pick-up at the Kroc Center or Patterson Park Church. Please go to our event page and invite your friends and let us know if you are coming!
Looking forward to attending The Debate of the Century between Ken Ham (Director & Creator of Answers In Genesis and the Creation Museum) vs. Bill Nye the Science Guy (Evolutionist) Ought to be interesting to say the least.
Do you know how much foreign aid the United States Government gives to help impoverished nations? Bill Nye the Science Guy reveals the truth.
Today's Progrim Mike goes Richard Sherman on Bill Nye the Science Guy and Bill Murray. The guys find out they’re...
Bill Nye the Science Guy debates John Stossel on the crisis of global warming. More from “Chill Out” this Thursday at 9pm ET on Fox Business.
Bill Nye the Science Guy joins us live via webcam to discuss... Bill Nye! How does one become the go-to Science Guy? We get the skinny, then open the floor to you: what questions do you have for Bill Nye?
Right now Shepard Smith is interviewing Bill Nye the Science Guy on Fox News. Maybe he can explain why Shepard's head is three sizes too big.
'Bill Nye the Science Guy' is going head-to-head with a creationist in an evolution debate:
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