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Science Guy

Bill Nye Reading Rainbow

ProTip: Also, isn't the Science Guy. Stop asking him how magnets work.
I immediately thought of Nye as in Bill Nye the Science Guy, & tbh I'm more bummed about not getting a kiss from Bi…
Whenever people abbreviate New Year's Eve "NYE" I always read it as Nye like Bill Nye the science guy lol
Smh everyone's talking about "nye" and "nye kisses" and I'm like why is everyone suddenly obsessed w Bill Nye the science guy??
How a guy from a Montana trailer park overturned 150 years of biology
Sarah thought that NYE meant Bill Nye the science guy I'm crying
One of my dreams is to produce a Bill Nye the Science Guy for politics, explaining issues for young people to get them e…
Bill Nye the Science Guy wanted to be an astronaut, but was rejected repeatedly by NASA.
did they ever make a show that's like Bill Nye the Science Guy.but for cooking?
BREAKING NEWS! Kanye West is collaborating with Bill Nye the Science Guy to perform their fan favorite "Straight Outta Raleigh"
yo tonight the DJ deadass played the Bill Nye the Science Guy theme song and I've never seen a bar get down so hard
Noah was singing the "Bill Nye the Science Guy theme song" all class period so I kinda just...
Tom is interacting with Bill Nye the Science Guy like it's Dora the Explorer I s2g
Excited to make cupcakes for Bill Nye the Science Guy, for his new show, Bill Nye Saves the World, soon to Netflix.…
Did I ever tell y'all bout the time I met Bill Nye the Science Guy at a thrift shop?
did I totally miss the fact that Bill Nye the Science Guy episodes are on Netflix?
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Grassfield's defense comes up with its 2nd takeaway of the night. INT by Robbie Nye. No word if he's related to Bill the Science Guy.
PSA Bill Nye the Science Guy is on Netflix and it's literally a fantastic as u remember it from 4th grade
I've never seen Ben Nye the Science Guy, The Office, or Parks & Recreation.
Watching Bill Nye the Science Guy in science class!
In Illinois, it's as if Sarah Palin ran against Bill Nye the Science Guy via
Roses: our fingerstaches, rectangle riddles, indoor recess, writing, and watching Bill Nye the Science Guy talk about magnets!
Here's a link to all Bill Nye the Science Guy episodes for fellow 90s kids 😊
She watches Bill Nye the Science Guy and learns a lot!
what Bill Nye the Science Guy taught me;. class conflict between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat would lead to capitalism's downfall
stuck between being Kevin Malone or Bill Nye the Science Guy for halloween
My entire day consists of watching Bill Nye the Science Guy
Listening to Bill Nye the Science Guy while I get ready for class this morning...
Bill Nye the Science Guy's new Netflix show is all grown up, just like his '90s kid fans
Science RULES! Netflix announces new Bill Nye the Science Guy talk show
Bill Nye "The Science Guy" is getting a new show. This is not a drill.
I'll be honest the best thing about attending an American-owned international school was that I got to experience Bill Nye the Science Guy.
Bill Nye the Science Guy in science class.:
Bill Nye the Science Guy is lightsaber fighting on stage @ the Fashion Institute of Technology. Just another NYC Fri https:…
Enough people have now mentioned Bill Nye the Science Guy to me that I now ...
"I want Bill Nye the Science Guy to officiate my science-themed wedding"
Justin Bieber, Grammy award winning artist and Bill Nye the Science Guy stan.
People always want to blame rap for the younger generation using drugs, if you want to really blame somebody blame Bill Nye the Science Guy
yo, *** Bill Nye the Science Guy passed away the other day!!
Bill Nye the Science Guy thinks you should go to jail if you deviate from the climate change consensus.
+and it isn't the first time, and it's not just Sanders. & we've been hearing from day one that "Sanders can't get stuff done"
I don't think it's completely silly when they air Trump's whole speech (MSNBC in one case) and Sanders gets 2 minutes.+
For real tho. Can't tell if it's Tim Goeglein, or Bill Nye the Science Guy
I'm getting two vibes from this guy: house of cards and Bill Nye THE SCIENCE GUY 🇺🇸🔬
If you ever said technology equalizes and cited printing presses, read this by . (HT )
*guy survives 5th and 6th degree burns, has a body temp of 109, is healing faster than humanly possible*. SCULLY: EASILY EXPLAINED BY SCIENCE
Nahhh man please no.. Not Bill Nye.. Not my *** the science guy..
"Government is driving the scientific research to reach a predetermined conclusion"
Timehop just reminded me of the time I entered the science fair with the guy I liked at the time and did the whole project so we'd both pass
I wish i was sapiosexual when jimmy neutron and Bill Nye the science guy gave me a hug im soft and good!
I just became a fan of Bill Nye the Science Guy!!!
Watching this guy use Harry Potter to teach science. It's pretty tight.
Electronic music is not some weird act nestled in a straight white guy's basement, it's a science and ritual unto itself
🐱 Bill Nye the science guy bill bill bill
Watching Bill Nye the science guy in English
Dare to be different like the guy in the middle!
Forget spidey senses and shooting webs from my wrists. This guy delivers chemical burns from a distance.
One time a guy sent me a message on okcupid in which he said he thought I was "spiffy" and then tried to neg me with an awful science joke
They have dragon tales, Bill Nye the science guy & magic school bus on Netflix so guess how I'll be spending my day
You mentioned 1 guy. I was referring to 90% of the science community who the right would classify as extreme
Important (and scary) news - West Antarctic ice sheet melting faster than expected. 3-6 ft SLR possible by 2100.
*bulding full of manure blows up*. Science guy: may I examine those cockroach legs again. Mulder: I'm sorry but they were completely defecated
A quick science lesson from for anyone wondering how to calculate g-force...
Best conversation ever: . Q: Did you have fun while you were here?. A: Yes! I met Bill Nye the science guy. It was so exciting!
but I never disagreed. I said that guy's perception of what was useless is lofty, age-old, outdated science elitism
NSTA Conference so far: . *Saw Bill Nye the Science Guy!. *Waiting for a session about using Harry Potter in science classes! .
i wish i had a picture of Bill Nye the science guy
My friends in other states. This has been reported nationally as an IRS breech problem.
Could start on our end but IRS gave out hefty refund in our names last year as with millions of others. They need better.
If you can look at children that way you will also bend your *** over for a guy or a female will eat box its not rocket science.
Cos he was a science lab technician at school? How lovely is Brett? And I feel so sorry for the guy with Tourette's :(
Check out this guy's palette, "World’s First" Bacteria-Grown Book Combines Science and Culture
Guess who just found Bill Nye The Science Guy on Netflix!!!
I believe every guy fights it just off human nature but you'd know more than me. I just got theories yours is science based
k so that guy from my bus is definitely a MB because we watched a Crash Course vid in science and he turned to me and said-
Science guy: "hey guys check out this science stuff". Everyone: "cool". Science guy: "also political correctness is a ca…
This guy doing genetic experiments in his kitchen could be the future of science:
Job: Marietta GA - Adjunct Faculty Part-Time - Chiropractic Science - The purpose of the faculty member is to ...
Guy with pottery qualification: I should be science minister, climate change isn't real, here's a book I wrote about my weird ***
Guy Martin faced the Wall of Death on supported by Cambridge
A global perspective on domestic energy deprivation: Overcoming the energy poverty–fuel poverty binary
How the *** did people stop floating away before the apple guy invented gravity?
Before Bill Nye became the Science Guy, he won a Steve Martin lookalike contest.
My brother and I are watching Bill Nye the Science Guy & my inner child in me is freaking out 😄
my brother's take on Bill Nye the Science Guy. "he's basically a Science teacher on 5 lbs of crack"
Fun fact, throughout middle school I didn't realise that when people referred to Bill Nighy they did not mean Bill Nye the Science Guy...
A global conspiracy over 200yrs and every science org on the planet - designed solely to make this guy pay more tax.
I apologize genetics and science made me a guy. But life deserves to be protected regardless of what stage it's in.
enough outta you Bill Nye the Science Guy
Every girl runs back to there ex at least once in there life time, proven by Bill Nye the Science Guy
The safe word is Bill Nye the science guy.
The sign said "Open 24 hours". The door was locked. I asked the guy about the sign. He said, "Not in a row." -S.W.
Love KP...but the guy we would have had if we lost out was Towns...not rocket science
I too am a flowchart guy. Is the Computer Science world coming back to flowcharts?
If Newton was a guy of this age, he would have Instagram'd that apple before eating to get likes rather than making science more complicated
I gotta introduce this guy to RealBrotha, their "science" would retard steel
If u don't understand evolution, why are you here opining on it?
here ya go . New one says Plotnitsky let some guy steal $$ for 100 houses rebuild
Dil the science guy!!! Or gadget guy since he invents stuff...
I met this really cute guy at the science workshop today Lol 😍
Carl, you should read this re Trump. The phenomenon is already familiar in Europe.
Can we sack this guy? . CSIRO chief says row over climate science cuts 'more like religion than science.
Ethnic resentment, more than fear, pulls the Trump bandwagon.
I can hear my sister downstairs screaming " Bill bill bill bill " for Bill Nye the science guy 😂😂😂
Guess the Lost science guy survived the explosion after all
People need to keep their political views to themselves. We get it you blew a guy once who took a political science class. You are a genius🙈
The notion that Chip Kelly was a big analytics guy is a myth. Did great work w/ sports science, but that was about it.
Environmental and health impacts of a policy to phase out nuclear power in Sweden
yeah the machines do nothing for getting to the polls! 😀 And they aren't as simple as a pencil.
Helping a guy with his A-level subjects and he says he wanna be a professional footballer. DONT MAKE THIS HARD FOR ME, COMMERCE OR SCIENCE
I can't wait to shake the hands of I've been waiting to meet the guy for years.
This guy understands, which is why he funded the Delikado Science Labs for another three years! Hooray! :D
Hey Larry Marshall: the guy who buys into water divination shouldn't be calling others "religious". Learn to science.
If only we could get rid of the Fake Science Guy and Neil DeGrassy *** Tyson
Your brain may be what interests that guy checking you out: Modern men increasingly value brai...
Will: *talks about his thesis and race science*. Guy: yes, I have this problem of giving TOO much.. to black people.
.the Science Guy to speak at this spring
The *** on the left got did so foul cause the *** on the right is actually Bill Nye the science guy
Just found out the video I have to watch is Bill Nye the Science Guy 😄😄😄 he's relevant even in college
StarTalk Live with the Science Guy & Eugene Mirman! Have you gotten your tickets yet?
A good friend of mine put this very well: "It's like the whole world's coolest relative died today. Rest in peace, David B…
My teacher looks like Bill Nye the science guy
you're making science out to be the bad guy. Hindering our future. That's not fair to them.
seems that making himself editor was the stumbling block. Bad move for lots of reasons.
where did you see it the first time? Small one w/booze seems good.
Dear sophomores in earth science. You all are retarded and/or lazy. Sincerely,. The guy who grades your papers
Only black guy in this class lol of course, life of a political science major.
I hope Jaylyn catches on to my Bill Nye the Science Guy reference. I'm hilarious
Awesome science guy! I will make sure to tell my body your welcome when I drink water. 😛
I woke up from a dream this morning where Bill Nye the Science Guy spiked my drink at some bar.
I watch a lot of Bill Nye the Science Guy for being 19 years old.
I hate any math or science class. For obvious reasons but also the douchiest frat guy 'engineers' are always flooding the class
zohbugg: Powerball lottery is now at 1.3 billion. No I don’t care that Bill Nye The Science Guy​ taught me...
The only thing that kept me from not calling asleep in biology was the fact that my prof looks like Bill Nye the Science Guy
"You're not American". "Excuse me. I eat bacon and watch Bill Nye the science guy. I'm as American as it gets."
Cats do crazy things like climb so high they’re afraid to come down. Learn why in our eBook
mostly ignorable, but sometimes it's worth pointing out some of the BS.
Famous Wow! signal might have been comets, not aliens by for |
Bowie meant a lot to me as a teen w immigrant parents who didn't yet know what it meant to embrace your weird. RIP to a truly br…
Yeah I thought the left parties (and even CDU) had been pretty consistent about support for refugees, and not going after them
if you tell someone in South Africa "Bill Nye The Science Guy".. the default response would be "Eina, poor chap"
I believe they are confused themselves about what side of the spectrum they are at
I'm the only guy in my Animal Science class out of 30 girls...
How many people can write their own eulogy like this? Not bloody many. . Lazarus
The terror of knowing what the world is about. Watching a good friend scream "Let me out!" . You got out, David. Good journey.
I could... I could just buy you a... Well, your the science guy!
That time David Bowie helped make sure Black teens in a racist town got a fair day in court. http…
i remember him from Bill Nye The Science Guy on Disney or something.. man, he's gotten old!
Today, in honor of David Bowie, please take a little time to work on that weird thing you secretly create, whatever it is. …
A friend of mine just messaged me this >>
And since I covered Wall Street once, let's remember that was also a financial innovator, the first asset backed securities.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
There are many reasons to love David Bowie. Here's one. 1982: challenging MTV on their refusal to play black music: htt…
MESSAGE FROM IGGY:. "David’s friendship was the light of my life. I never met such a brilliant person. He was the best there is…
Watching and seems to be dressed for casting spells on the traffic.
I submit that should also be remembered as one of the prominent science fiction influences of the last 40 years.
There's a starman waiting in the sky. He'd like to come and meet us. But he thinks he'd blow our minds. -- David Bowie. 8 …
David Bowie may be gone but we live in a world he made. . by
'71 Bowie review foresaw day when "crushed remains of his melodies are broadcast from Muzak boxes in every elevator" https:/…
I liked a video from JACKSEPTICEYE THE SCIENCE GUY | Don't Starve Shipwrecked
We are starting to lose a whole culture as he and his contemporaries leave the stage. I am saddened.
Huge David Bowie fan so for me this is a day of mourning. Why was he so unique when his brand of weirdness felt so universal?
Major Tom: Tell the world I love them very much. . Ground Control: We know. .
. Space Oddity showed me what was possible. You were there for us who were weird and different.
A great analysis of the dodgy science behind the new alcohol guidelines | The Stats Guy"
Terrible presentation by Sujana Chowdary.Can't believe this guy is Min. of State for Science & Tech Coalition compulsions?
I bet that even the other mountain lions wanted this guy dead!
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
A guy who questioned and challenged; an important attribute in all walks of life, including science of course.
David Bowie was not a science or tech guy, but he did write a (noisy) song about geometry!...
The first guy who bought pants had to go to the store without pants on, that's just science
we have the same birthday! and do you know who else was born on November 27th? Bill Nye the Science Guy
.Bill Nye the Science Guy vs. God. Would God win because he created everything.or did he? Ha
We should live in a totalitarian society where Bill Nye the Science Guy is our supreme leader.
My kids are going to watch shows like Captain Planet, Reading Rainbow, The Magic School Bus & Bill Nye the Science Guy.
When u realize Bill Nye, the Science Guy is on Netflix
Here's why it's been warm this winter, according to the Science Guy:
What would it take to get Dr I to do the Bill Nye the Science Guy theme song for Lip Sync
Candice Cameron Bure was also cast on "Bill Nye the Science Guy." Was it for her scientific knowledge? No. She fit a role.
That moment when there is a Bill Weasley hologram but you yell "Bill Nye the Science Guy!" instead
JUST ANNOUNCED: Bill Nye the Science Guy is coming to Penn State on Nov. 18 thanks to
Miami didn't watch Bill Nye the Science Guy as a kid
Today has been hard; feeling grateful to Past Me for yesterday’s self-care. Long walk, hot shower, fluffy robe, Bill Nye the Science Guy.
Uh...Bill Nye the freakin' Science Guy is coming to UNT.
I liked a video from Bill Nye the Science Guy - Marcus Joseph Trap Remix
School House Rock. Bill Nye the Science Guy. Magic School Bus . Reading Rainbow. Kid shows that actually helped me when I got older❤️
Home energy saving tips from Bill Nye, the Science Guy.
I just backed The Bill Nye Film on I love the Science Guy!
Boarding! Science Guy off to Havana meeting with the Ministry of Health to discuss
.the Science Guy is still keeping kids interested in
The new Bill Nye the Science Guy is a terrifying combination of Hank Green and Phil Plait.
Bill Nye the Science Guy is a perfect show because he doesn't just explain science in a way you understand, he...
What has happened to Bill Nye the Science Guy?
"I would have Bill Nye the Science Guy finger my butthole" -
Is Bill Nye the Science Guy the dude in the Jimmy Dean commercials ???
cause it's science just like a theory is tested over and over before it comes a fact.. Being w good guy gets you no where
I finally muted that guy, I think I'd given him enough science ... which he won't read.
Happy Father's Day to the guy responsible for 50% of my DNA. I don't know how science works.
If u didn't grow up on Bill Nye the science guy u wacc lol
Everyone's favorite part about Science was Bill Nye the science guy
It's interesting b/c the guy's a neuroscientist - he goes into the science of why it shouldn't...
Tim Hunt couldn’t be more wrong about women in the lab
if the Bill Nye the Science Guy theme song isn't available as a ringtone already I want to start a petition to do so
Setting up registration to welcome over 130 Geography, Science and Mathematics tomorrow!
Why is it so hard for a guy to make a girl feel special? It's not rocket science...
the science guy Hello Congrats your selected Go to our site in description
Book of the Week: ‘The Martian’ is an ingenious space adventure, full of great science
Watching Bill Nye the Science Guy from the very beginning thanks to the 9yr old warbling I love Bill Nye!
SHUT UP AND LEARN SOMETHING - while watching Bill Nye the science guy last night
Thumb up for this guy is just so and so he makes me live science more and more like obsession!!!
Ultimate t-shirt for trolling science fiction fans
Watching Bill Nye the Science Guy on netflix! i need a life
can be useful. Search Dino science for a series a guy did using numbers to find out things.
Yes I've got the right sweet kind guy.Who is a good friend.I like the science of it.xo
I've never watched Bill Nye the science guy
Bill Nye the Science guy is on Netflix. I REPEAT, Bill Nye THE SCIENCE GUY IS ON NETFLIX
Happy Father's Day to the future father of my children, Bill Nye the Science Guy.
happy Father's Day to the man that raised me, the Science Guy.
And you're wearing the outfit of Bill Nye the Science Guy, too.
How did this guy teach himself rocket science?
Happy Dads Day to the guy that always made sure I had the coolest science project. Love ya, Dad!…
This guy I went to college with got drafted to pro baseball...this dude said once that he didn't believe science was real.
'If I burn out, I burn out': meet Taylor Wilson, nuclear boy genius - This guy is amazing. And cute.
He looks like Bill the science guy lol RT
Bill Nye the fake Science Guy got it wrong!
Bill Kaulitz the science woman I think Bill Cosby the Science Guy Bill Murray the Science Guy k I'm done
when am I not?, I'm like Bill Nye the science guy
Per the Party of Science:. Guy who murders 9 defenseless people in cold blood will... Obey new laws that stop him from gettin…
Bill clinton the science guy Bill Nye the science guy Whiskers the cat the science guy uncle billy joel the science guy monica lewinsky
Bill Clinton the Science Guy Bill Nye the Science Guy Bill Gates the Science Guy uncle Billy Joel the Science Guy Monica Lewinsky
This guy eludes all science and logic yo
Im actually watching Bill Nye The Science Guy on Netflix. Oh my god. What have I become?
I'm secretly Bill Nye the science guy...
I just met the world's leading ecologist/the ecologist who was on the very first episode of Bill Nye the Science Guy! Talk about random
Bill Nye the Science Guy is still around, and he's working to keep teens interested in
Bill Nye the Science Guy had 5 seasons , but I swear to God I only seen the show maybe 20 times ever lol .
In 1996, a Bill Nye the Science Guy video game was released.
so far today I've watched Grey's Anatomy, Bill Nye the Science Guy, and Cupcake Wars... what's a life and where can I get one?
Bill Nye the Science Guy and Amy Schumer explain how the universe exists just for white women. http:…
Are you left or right handed? Here's some facts for you 'lefties'...
Forensic scientists estimate that 40% of the science potrayed on crime shows like "CSI" does not exist in real life.
Bill Nye the Science guy is fly af.
hey science guy, how many species do you think exist on earth? Over/ under 19 trillion?
silly or awesome? Also wasn't there one some bald guy on nickelodeon that taught science stuff too? Forget the name of the show.
You ever have an argument with someone who doesn't understand science just put on Bill Nye the science guy.
Cool profile of the guy that plays with lions.
Watching Bill Nye the science guy on Netflix.Yas
I used to watch Bill Nye the science guy when I was younger, lol. Awesome show back then, still awesome now.
Bill Nye The Science Guy has scientifically proven that Fun Fun Fun Fest is the funnest festival on the face of...
I guess this guy is highly educated in bible stories & bypassed science class altogether.
why take a college level science class when netflix just added all the seasons of Bill Nye the Science Guy
"He was a pretty cool guy who did science and stuff" Eric's physics report
The guy next to me on the plane is reading a science fiction book but just whipped out a Samsung flip phone
Bill Nye has become a respected scientific authority because science guy rhymes with Bill Nye. That's how dumb we are.
Bill Nye The Science Guy is on Netflix now... Which means I won't be leaving my couch today
he's that guy in the movies says somthing like "this is designed to work I trust my life to science/tech" then gets killed.
So Bill Nye the science guy is on Netflix now
I don't remember this episode of Bill Nye the Science Guy
On my day off from classes, I like to keep my mind sharp by watching some Bill Nye the Science Guy videos.
there was a kid back in elementary school that I called Paul Nye the science guy. Because reasons.
there is nothing wrong with Bill Nye the science guy. I love him I grew up watching him
I know he's a science guy, but I've never seen any episodes
ALERT: Bill Nye the Science Guy is now on Netflix. NOT A DRILL! If you need me I'll be in my mancave learning science for t…
Bill Nye, the Science Guy is on netflix
So bored I'm currently watching Bill Nye the Science Guy on Netflix from 1993...
Bill Nye the Science Guy is on netflix😂
Watching Bill Nye the Science Guy & learning that stomachs growl bc there's muscles contracting when you're hungry!
There needs to be an app where you can ask a question, and Bill Nye the Science Guy pops up and answers it in 4th grade science terms.
Last night and I started watching Bill Nye the Science Guy and wow I love science
just watching Bill Nye the Science Guy. nbd.
And Bill Nye the Science Guy is on Netflix! What is life?
I'm so happy they put Bill Nye the Science Guy on Netflix 😍😍😍😍
OMG you guys. I just found out Bill Nye the Science Guy shows are on Netflix.
Watching Bill Nye the Science Guy to prepare myself for college
Netflix has Bill Nye the Science Guy... I'm spending my summer on the wild side.
holy bonanzas.Bill Nye the Science Guy is on Netflix. Goodbye forever, outside world.
Bill Nye the Science Guy season 1 from 1993 is on Netflix. *** YEAH
Five reasons to watch episodes, now available on Bill! Bill! Bill!
Savannas affect the level of CO2 in the atmosphere: In an article posted in Science, Guy Schurgers from IGN ha...
Summer is watching bill bye the science guy on Netflix
Bill Nye The Science Guy just got added to Netflix... You're Welcome
Was watching a video and my dad walked by and asked if he was Bill Nye the Science Guy.
Bill Nye the Science Guy is on netflix sooo...
This guy is the reason I ever remotely enjoyed science at all
When Bill Nye the science guy is on Netflix 😂😂
you got mentioned in my AMA on Reddit. As a computer science guy, we should talk algos and stats!
Oh my god... Bill Nye the science guy is on Netflix! My life is complete!!!
I've been watching Bill Nye, the Science Guy al morning.
They added Bill Nye The Science Guy to Netflix. Looks like I know what I'm doing this summer😎😎
Bill Nye the Science Guy is that dude 💯.
You know it is summer when you have nothing better to do than watch Bill Nye the science guy on Netflix
They added Bill Nye the science guy on netflix 😂😍
This is a public service announcement: Bill Nye the Science Guy is now available to watch on Netflix
Bill Nye the science guy is on Netflix.
We have a very special guest today. You may know him as Bill Nye the Science Guy, but to me he...
Steady watching Bill Nye the Science Guy all day. 👌
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