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School Daze

School Daze is a 1988 American musical-drama film, written and directed by Spike Lee, and starring Laurence Fishburne, Giancarlo Esposito, and Tisha Campbell-Martin.

Spike Lee Lawrence Fishburne Laurence Fishburne Tisha Campbell Different World House Party Giancarlo Esposito Jasmine Guy Tyler Perry

SCHOOL DAZE: (Teacher) "What do you get if you cross a car with a jar of jam?" (Pupil) "A TRAFFIC JAM THAT SPREADS, SIR??!!"
I'm still watching school daze ever since yesterday 😂😭
'School Daze' was one of the highlights of my life because it was the f...
I'm so serious, you always been my crush since high school daze! So be ready?!?
it's not official until I have brownies & we watch school daze.
Everything was ok back in the school daze
Just heard my commercial on the radio!! School Daze on thanksgiving night club ocean! Feeling Excited.Cant wait to give away some stuff
L&O on WEHD: 'School Daze' - The search for the masked gunman in a high-school shooting is complicated when several students fit the profi..
For some reason I been wanting to watch school daze
I actually think Law School Daze is just a teeny bit funny.
😓Just turned this 350-paged book draft in to the printer - whew! I hadn't slaved like that since school daze
“Yes.” Oh God, this would end so poorly. “Yes, I am. Her other father is in there. With her…other father.” -Miles (from school daze)
53 years ago today. I remember everyone at school in a shocked daze.
At school but still freaking out inside over episode 7, don't think I will ever get over episode 7 ahhh.
FALL! You know what that means, our School Daze Camps are up and running. Visit our website to read all about our u…
Any truth to the rumors that you'll be continuing Law School Daze Comics?
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
So happy I found this! This is literally my favorite sex scene. When Jane licks Julian's scalp! 😭. School Daze, 1988 h…
If you like Anime, there's Psycho-Pass, ERASED, School Daze or Higurashi (those last two are -not- light viewing...)
Just finished watching School Daze worth my honey... it's been a good night
This high school photographer captures her friends before graduation:
High School Daze is from The Shadows of Knight album "A Knight to Remember" released in 2006. It features the...
she was in love basketball but not school dAze
Someone please pass a law that, instead of a weekly presidential address, Pence has to restart Law School Daze
his series was called Law School Daze. Everything was "ohhh Law School is stressful"
LOTR of course. Tolkien was a staple in my high school daze
Join us this Sunday. Sermon title is, "The Gospel According to School Daze: Wake Up!"
Laurence Fishburne was zo zaddy in School Daze 😍
Hype for this modern day School Daze
It's always weird watching School Daze though because Jasmine Guy doesn't have her Whitley accent lol
Reminds me of the end of School Daze when Lawrence Fishburne ran around campus HOLLERIN "WAKE UP"
'She's Gotta Have It' and 'School Daze,' I really didn't know what I w...
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School Daze, meets Higher Learning, meets Stomp The Yard. Now imagine what is like by
I'd like to thank for School Daze. It was a huge reason I chose to attend an HBCU. Educated me on so many levels. Bryant Gumbel🖓
*Yells like Lawrence Fishburn at the end of School Daze* "Wake up!"
The Stage is SET!!! We're on our School Daze flow... Hope…
Rise & Shine | The☀️is coming out and we are gearing up for School Daze on the…
Watching school daze got me sad that I wasn't my age in the early 90s😩
talks about going to boarding school. School Days, School Daze panel in Grand B…
"I actually made the squad!" -Join us for School Days, School Daze panel in Gra…
School Days School Daze panel at Excited to hear from these authors!
Attending So are we! . Posh & Mandy C. are moderating the School Days, School Daze / Where’s My Super Suit? panels—both at 9 a.m.
School Daze on! My favorite Spike Lee movie of al time
coach, it's school daze out in Cali, give me a follow.
I think everybody should watch School Daze
New post: "jokes " At school, I saw my principal walking around in a daze. I asked him whathappened, and he just looked at me and said, "…
Girls beating other girls to death in high school bathrooms while others record it.. We gotta do better
Walter: we have to see juice, do the right thing, crooklyn, school daze. Other resident: is school daze Ben afleck?. Me: get out.
My Weird Daze Mr. Sunny Is Funny! A J.'s Family Rented a Beach House for the Summer, and You'll Never
I liked a video from School DAZE Ep.1
Today marks the 28th anniversary of School Daze opening in theaters 2/12/1988. "Doin' Da Butt"
She’s Gotta Have It/School Daze. And if you really wanna stretch the premise, Toy Story/A Bug’s Life.
Same school attended. Different kind of daze. Same frame of mind. Different kind of maze.
Seems like my school won't change. . Or my people won't. . Chicken or the egg?
Can I like not go to school Friday and go to Disneyland instead
"Is this some type of a joke, Did your big Brother send u here, Look I aint got time 4 Children's games" - Girl from "School Daze
May 3rd spanking party takes you back to school in the most unusual way possible.
No school tomorrow. Gives me an extra day to be depressed lmao.
How Prince & a group of talented black musicians from MPLS of all places changed dance music ht…
originally I was going to work on school stuff early, to free up tomorrow. But then news broke about and I've been in a daze...
Remember the movie School Daze and Spike Lee yelling, "Wake up" at the end? Fast forward 28 years and now some...
Still looks like you! The guy with the broom handle..ah.the mullet.brings me back to my High School Daze! Nice Mike!
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Blog: Douglas County, CO parents have filed suit demanding the right to force taxpayers to pay for religious schools
and white Popular on 500px : School daze by Meezer3
School Daze Getaway 2016 click let to see who's coming
you're trying to ruin School Daze for me by reposting this
I put you on 😉 but bump school daze and the last stretch
School Daze x J. Cole is the most relatable song of All Time
I feel like I need to yell "Wake UP!!!" In my Lawrence Fishburne, School Daze, voice.
if you never seen School Daze we can't be friends.
Why everybody from School Daze still look the same today?
Watch I'm going to end up picking the movie, does School Daze or Lean on me sound good 😂😂 @ us your suggestions
Watching the madam re're scene on school daze and *** all I see is cake and tights chocolate and caramel 😍 why haven't I noticed this b4
Since movie classics are going live these days I'm going to need School Daze to go live so I can…
I watched school daze before I went to sleep 😂. That's it. Lol
Yall remember the party scene at the end of 'School Daze'? I wish it was still like that lol
Watching School Daze whatchu know bout it s/o
The cast of school daze is gorgeous
NPHC School Daze tonight at 7pm! Speaker: Dr. Whitaker (Associate Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students) TLC 1103-1104!
School daze got the longest beginning 😂😂
In high school back when I swore I was going to Southern, my shawty at the time began to make plans to go to LSU.
Watching School Daze paved the way for black movies!👌🏾
I'll be in such a daze afterwards like I have no idea how I'll be able to go to school
No yoga school today. All classes are cancelled. Enjoy the Snow Daze!
Looking back.I watched School Daze a few months ago with an ex. Soundtrack was still killer after all these years.
Purchase. PURCHASE SCHOOL DAZE again. Keep one. Gift the other.
A man that makes you wanna like his scalp like Tisha on School Daze 😌>>>>
I'm watching School Daze and watching Jasmine Guy without her Whitley accent makes me uncomfortable
Rest in Paradise Carlos... I will forever remember the high school daze with you and Edwin. 💜
Use some of that School Daze 💰 and create resources to get kids off the street. That's the only thing that'll curb it.
I'm crying 😂😂😂, they used the lightskin vs darkskin song from school daze
I meant to put 6, I have to add "School Daze" this film & "A Different World" is what inspired me to go to college!
Update your maps at Navteq
wow so he has a history of this. I've never seen School Daze. But I was reflecting on the Jada Pinkett in Bamboozled where she
in School Daze he wrote a BW character sleeping with a pledge upon the request of her frat boyfriend and was dumped afterwards😐
This is so sad. His own film, School Daze, criticized rape culture.
School Daze will always be my favorite J Cole song.
Join of as she host BLACK SATURDAY School Daze part 2 Nov.28th at Bar 10…
School Daze Day Party 4-10pm @ Bar 10 DOORS... Today's the last chance to pay $10 via
looks like its even more pretentious than School Daze.
SCHOOL DAZE - I lived a vicarious HBCU experience through the that movie.
See... and I was even giving Spike a little leeway with this Chiraq movie since I was getting an artsy-School Daze vibe from it. 😒
Don't miss out on tomorrow's School Daze part 2 at the bar 10 DOORS 1259 W…
I liked a video from School Daze ep. 5: WHAT A BAD DAY
I literally just sat here in a daze thinking about how much work I have to do before I get back to school
Get ready for School Daze Boatride!! If you missed last year you don't want to miss this your. Dayparty, Bands, Artist,Boat,meet and greet..
School Daze & A Different World are the things on tv that made me fall in love with Spelman
Up watching School Daze and I realize, that last scene with Laurence Fishburn, should be my alarm definitely woke ironic
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Pagano gotta give an Ossie Davis type pep talk from 'School Daze' before the game
I liked a video from School DAZE FINALE Ep.4
I liked a video from School DAZE Ep.3
I liked a video from School DAZE Ep.2
I also go by Zee. On November 1st I will be dropping my "HIGH SCHOOL DAZE" mixtape. be sure to keep…
Me and David Ruiz jammed Chicken N Beer FAITHFULLY on the way to school in 8th grade.
Everything was okay back in the school daze 😈
Alright I get it, elco has no school stfu and let me walk around the overcrowded halls in a daze of annoyance
Till this day I can close my eyes and listen to school daze and watch my high school years pass by wish I was a kid again 😁
NO BUT FR school daze is a funny movie
Do the right thing, Malcolm x, school daze, no better blues & jungle fever in that order
In school I could never focus, I always get deep in my thoughts an get lost in a daze.
He got game and school daze up there
But School Daze is 2nd... Do the right thing wasn't that good to me
I can watch School Daze back to back
SCHOOL DAZE//BORGORE & TISOKI >>>>>>>. The drops make me wanna head bang so bad!😭
Every time I see any racial crap on my TL I remember that movie "School Daze."
She drove to school in a daze. Is that not dangerous? No concentration behind the wheel of a car.
Thanks for selecting our School Daze costume as a Top 10 Costume for Halloween in…
Yay! picked our School Daze costume as a TOP 10 in
Let's talk about that Spike Lee Joint: School Daze. Come to our first Education Chair Event of the…
Can someone have a 90's school daze House Party time party I wanna dress up
are all the tickets for school daze III sold out?
any words of wisdom before I go to school
Today at 5 PM, come to DAC 128 for a screening of Spike Lee's "School Daze" followed by a discussion…
DON'T SLEEP!. Seating is limited for 3 of the events:. ● School Daze Mixer . ● Natural Hair as Art . ● Wake Up Brunch
School daze is one of my favorite movies Tisha Campbell - martin is a great actress
1 movie or can you talk about a couple,I would go w School Daze or Accepted bc it compares the life & not getting in
Sending off that pack!! Make sure if you in Tampa slide to the FACES fashion show "School Daze" Thursday at 8pm
Laurence Fishburne was really cute in School Daze
I loved Giancarlo Esposito (Gus) ever since School Daze! Wish you used his name for folks who didn't know him.
turning up with the Electric Slide at the School Daze party. @ Greater…
I'm sitting here watching this Spike Lee joint School Daze, and this movie has convinced me to transfer to an HBCU
The ending of Spike Lee's School Daze was/is spot on. Larry Fishburne ringing the bell and screaming wake up is significant. Stop sleeping.
Listen to the first two track out of 15 on School Daze by PopeBoy Jo$h on
Today is going to be a pointless day in school and I do not want to go
i hate when ppl refer to girls hair textures … as good or bad hair… having a School Daze moment
I think needs to watch School Daze and team up with Dap. Someone thinks they are Jane Toussaint.
I've had a thing 4 him since School Daze when he danced with my then female crush Phyllis Hyman..yep..a Sirens night it is
I loved Tisha Campbell since she was in school daze that black and silver dress LAWD Jesus
Kendrick Lamar's album reminds me of the movie School Daze
School Daze - Jimmy Neutron: Attack of the Twonkies - Ep. 2: via
Come see our production of School Daze on Wednesday 3/25 and Thursday 3/26. Performances are in the large gym and...
Obama admits he did drugs in high school, search it up, he said his last year of high school was a daze.😂✌️ subscribe
I really would like to audition for your remake of School Daze!
Kendrick's album sounds like Spike Lee could/should shoot a classic movie to it. it has a Do the Right Thing/School Daze feel to it.
Reality check on college acceptance madness with plus Gayle, Charlie & Jeff back in their school daze:
id have to put School Daze in my Spike top 3. Only glaring omission imo
oh yes I was there too! I remember school daze, and the great escape.
Been in my feelings since I watched school daze.
i want my chapter fraternity in the new school daze. Contact me to see why. You will NOT be disappointed.
Finally got around to blogging again!! To see more of this School Daze look, check out my blog…
oh nah it's dope, it just stands out a whole lot. Feels like the cut scenes in Do the right thing, School Daze, n Mo better blues
Since middle school daze at Alice Heart, Tee know know wassup. Rest Fam.
Bruh... this *** got me feeling like Dap from School Daze lol
Kendrick's album sounds like it's supposed to be the soundtrack for School Daze 😕
I guess I'll just watch School Daze until I fall asleep.
For some reason I always get in a deep 90s vibe when I watch poetic justice, clueless or school daze
I go to school everyday just to be made a housewife one day
We grow up but still replay middle school daze.
NEW: have arrested a Willow Canyon High School track coach for sex abuse and aggravated assault.
daze and I are cutting school to see con tomorrow
Mel is a freak. She's watching School Daze for the sex scenes
12 more days to the 2015 CU Fashion Show "School Daze". On March 28th, 2015 at 8:00pm in Gemmell MPR
Photoset: xscapeurreality: School Daze (1988) Everything After going to Howard Univ. This movie became so...
On the 27th anniversary of Spike Lee's film "School Daze", we're giving the cast ALL THE PROPS:
School Daze will forever be relevant. Spike Lee is a genius. I love timeless movies 😩
Wow! Watching Jasmine Guy and Tisha Campbell perform on School Daze. Forgot she put out an album .
Tisha Campbell was def all that in School Daze
I was about to put in School Daze but I turned on the tv and it just started playing on the Bounce channel.
lol naw that's from Spike Lee's School Daze, Lawrence Fishburne yells it at the end
This sex scene in School Daze with Lawrence Fishburne and ol girl is intense. I don't recall all this lol
you look like Laurence Fishburne in School Daze.
"You've gotta do the right thing, man. Like in that Spike Lee movie, you know, School Daze."
's message via Lawrence Fishburne at the end of School Daze is as powerful now as it was then. Racism is still alive.
Tha Kid is droppin today to commemorate the end of his High School Daze!! StayTuned
Should I watch school daze or a Different World?
. School Daze. I'm here doin' time 🎵😁. School is out. so I'm coming home 😃
Laurence Fishburne was so fine in School Daze 😭
well then I guess you gotta shoot the school up
we were the cutest we did get friend married :,) I'm pretty sure we had a balloon too I miss those after school daze
School Daze. I worked 4 Jobs and Went to Full Time. If I can do it.. Anybody can do it.…
VIDEO: Ravens’ Timmy Jernigan was late to a team meeting because he was building a snowman http:…
When family members ask how school is going
24 hrs b4 the School Daze jam for 2014. This sold out event features popular SaLone Hit maker Alonzo live on the nite. It will b a roadblok!
Didn't know Tisha Campbell-Martin sang that song in School Daze fr & I didn't know that she could sing.
I liked a video Bill Watterson's Calvin and Hobbes - "School Daze"
School Daze is such a insightful movie, Spike Lee did his thing! Maybe I missed my calling :/
"Darskin getting shot *** migos in Seattle. thankful for my other ***
"Lightskin getting shot in Renton. I'm thankful for my *** tho
I wish I could go out & the club or watever be like House Party or School Daze
School Daze is the best movie for some many relevant reasons. Thank you
One year ago today aired a remix of 'School Daze' jam, "Doin Da Butt"
Currently watching School Daze on my tablet while also watching reruns of The Kardashians on the television. My head is going to explode
I'm so happy watching Netflix and not worrying about school 😭👏
If your mouth smell like booty and I still talk to you,just know you're special to me
I haven't seen School Daze in about 10 years but I can still practically recite it. I watched it sooo many times.
When the Lord tryna tell you she a ***
I still need to watch school daze...
How I look when it's my birthday and we go to Azteca instead of Red Robin .
Remember when came out in 1988 and was called "SCHOOL DAZE" directed by the mans And that's the truth, Ruth
They took baby boy and school daze off Netflix 😤
If you know me well you know how much I dislike Tyler Perry and love School Daze.
I loved this movie because it was anti-Tyler Perry and reminded me so much of School Daze.
My personality is the average of Lawrence Fishburne's characters in School Daze, Boyz In in the Hood, and The Matrix
Spike Lee took a chance, and gave so many young actors and actresses the chance on School Daze. Years later Bill Cosby did the same.
Day 1 of School Daze is officially in the books, and we have more school children visiting FWRI tomorrow for day 2 of our school daze event. The kids learned a ton, shared some laughs and got up and close with Florida fish and wildlife species! Our free, all ages open house is this Saturday, October 18 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at our headquarters in downtown St.Petersburg, and we're excited to see everyone for our 20th anniversary! More MarineQuest information can be found on our website:
Actress Tisha Campbell-Martin, best known for her role on the ’90s comedy Martin and parts in urban cinema classics like House Party and School Daze, has been quietly battling a life-threatening he...
Stopping to get a print copy of School Daze, One Shot, Iron Edda: Sveidsdottir, and Iron Edda: War of Metal and Bone.
Photo: school daze. por mercimasada con black shorts ❤ liked on Polyvore Markus Lupfer striped top / A.F.
People who watch School Daze don't even realize it's satire, they just watch it...
If you haven't seen school daze and you go to an HBCU you should be A shamed of yourself...!
This morning while it was quiet in the office, I said a prayer and asked God to give me wisdom through his words… This is the message that I was led to “When people fall down, do they not get up? When someone turns away, do they not return? Why then have these people turned away?...They cling to deceit, they refuse to return. I have listened attentively, but they do not say what is right. None of them repent of their wickedness, saying , “what have I done?” How can you say , “We are wise, for we have the law of the Lord,” The wise will be put to shame; they will be dismayed and trapped. Since they have rejected the word of the Lord, what kind of wisdom do they have? Jeremiah 8:4-9 After reading the entire 8th chapter of Jeremiah, I thought of Spike Lee’s School Daze movie - at the end where “Wake Up!” is being yelled over and over again. And this resonated that the message is an honest wake up call. Especially looking at the times that we are amongst. Here is the message - if you are ...
They said alright bet in school daze 😂 things always get ♻️
I may have hit somebody and got threatened and followed all the way home but at least people didn't roast me like they did Lamont
"What white *** are always thinking Everyday in Chem
I watched School Daze for the first time as a freshman. It is so weird how different my perspective is now watching it as a junior.
Lmao. Jasmine Guy was the lightskin singer/actress I liked from that time. They Cissy Houston'd her in School Daze
I present exhibits A and B. Little Shop of Horrors and School Daze
TBD as usual… Are the rumors still swirling about Bridge School? Which I would skip… Been off the interwebs for a few daze.
I love him. I've been a fan since he was a G Phi G in School Daze
Back to school fun with the jocks in the dorm!.
School Daze: Richardson Students Had Contact with Ebola Patient No touch, you just look into this device,” Dr. C...
Cole really laid it out on how highschool was on " school daze "
My daughter's latest read is hilarious and super cute! Bad Kitty School Daze by Nick Bruel.
I've been a fan or yours since School Daze- you are truly amazing and SO talented.
Watching School Daze for the first time. I know I'm slackin but better late than never.
School daze is on Netflix. I am pleased.
i don't take school as serious i should, I'm in a daze most of the time
Learning new lessons daily. School daze ☁️
Just finished watching school daze...haven't seen that movie in a while
😏 have to write a reflection essay before in the morning about the movie School Daze , I've never seen this movie you guys 😩😱
Join us as we watch School Daze this evening at 6pm in Perfect way to relax and meet new people!!!
School Daze. Late but my blackness was fed and made me miss Spike Lee when he was going hard for US. My new favorite …
Netflix the man for putting School Daze on here.
"Look Ma! No ink!". High School Daze with OG's...(The dude in the middle is THE Original…
Now the great, American, Orator Spike Lee is popping off. Said that it is not a riot, but an uprising because there is a war on the black! I wish he was in my living room, I would "Do the Right Thing" ands slap him back to his "School Daze". Mars are an *** !!
immediately thought about Lawrence Fishburne in School Daze lol
Like Dap said in School Daze we have to be more than ***
I lowkey hate that Netflix has "School Daze" in my queue cause thats one of those movies that makes me mad after watching it.
School Daze had one of the realest messages. I actually suggest some of ya watch it if you haven't already.
School daze is still relevant, the "issues" Spike Lee touched on still exist within the black community
School Daze bold for not letting bad dark skin girls exist in the movie tho lol they made the lightskins bad as a 3yr old and the darkskins💩
"School Daze>>>" naw man they the reason light skin vs. dark skin started
I stopped counting how many times I've seen School Daze! By far one of the best black film and best…
I would be. lying if I said. I didn't miss. you.
Them middle school daze pants Thi Thi got on . girl
School Daze yo.. I keep running into girls from Loughlin. Most of them been washed tho
I must've went into a daze for last several years because everyone I know on the internet had a kid starting school today.
Don't blame me but…this my first time watching school daze 😩😂🙈
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Were you supposed to be at the Bruno mars concert at the Gorge?
Giancarlo Esposito did Gina cruddy in School Daze lol
Making lunch and watching School Daze.I love this movie!
Check out new work on my portfolio: "Back to School Daze Flyer Template"
School daze is hilarious why have I not watched this before
I was super bad in school all I did was daze off so I stayed home and lived Ferris Bulars day off
reminds me of something out of School Daze
As I watch School Daze now, I realized I truly didn't understand this movie as a child.
School Daze is a Lightskin vs. Darkskin film. DeadAss.
Spike Lee really made a classic "Gene Kelly" type MGM film when he made School Daze. Such an amazing film. Amazing directing and vision.
Lick my tat like Tisha Campbell did Dean Big Brother scalp in School Daze. ✊
That moment when Tisha Campbell-Martin takes you back to School Daze and the Gamma Rays with "Be Alone…
I know y'all 2 can convince to get in the lab and reincarnate School Daze?
I would appreciate another school daze sir... The world needs it!
I don't really like smores but the experiences make it completely worth it
I just don't understand what goes through someone's head when they lie to someone they love
i'm watching School Daze and gus from breaking bad is in this lol
“think he Laurence Fishburne in school daze” • He wanna be Marcus Garvey so bad bruh
think he Laurence Fishburne in school daze
The lion king, scarface, school daze, belly, boomerang, fresh, finding nemo "What movies do you know word for word?"
2014 was when I realized what Spike Lee was talking about in school daze with "WAKE UP" we fight the wrong enemies and problems!
I love Spike Lee movie's my most favorite is school daze
Great day with the homies. Tonight's gonna be great
Maybe I'll watch school daze again I'm not doing nothing
If you not Going to school you better have a plan
The beach theme party in School Daze with EU rockin man my fave scene for real lol they was partying like a mug
I just want to cuddle up and watch school daze😔 that too much to ask?
Waiting for them to start singing GOOD AND BAD HAIR from School Daze.
Watching "School Daze" and realizing how many people from "A Different World" were in this movie ✊
J Cole School Daze is a song a lot of y'all don't know about
Middle school daze. Finding all kids of things while I'm getting ready to move out.
I thought she was going for a tribute to "School Daze" thing there... but I might be reading too much into it
Watchin School Daze for the first time. Spike Lee is prolific b. This movie based on lightskin vs dark skin.
School Daze... summer time love. made with flipagram
This school daze joint is too funny .
Darby's fave School Daze picks r here!! Skipping class never looked so good.
I saw school daze. now I don't know how to act
Everywhere I go I see people I went to school with prego 😳
My dad not racist I swear . Her dad -
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