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School Bus

A school bus is a type of bus designed and manufactured for student transport: carrying children and teenagers to and from school and school events.

Plant City California Highway Patrol

Back in '98 the C-SPAN School Bus paid a visit to GWTW author Margaret Mitchell's House in Atlanta:
Cops Called Because Kids Brought Confetti Guns on School Bus. A bus driver in Flagler County, Florida called the...
congrats for accusing Citizens on School Bus of being "Illegal"
Once again, East End Youth Baseball League is supporting the United Way's "Stuff the School Bus" to help our local school children! We are accepting donations at the concession stand starting June 23rd to July 30th. Donations needed: Pencils, Glue Sticks, Rulers, Construction Paper, Handwriting Paper, Scissors, Crayons, Kid's Scissors, Writing Tablets, Erasers, Markers, Back Packs, Flash Cards, Notebooks, Folders, Pencil Boxes, etc. No Donation is too small or too large
By now, I'm sure you all know that the brand new quadruple jet engine "SPITFIRE" Jet Truck from Paul Stender was supposed to make its DEBUT Performance here in Battle Creek on the 4th of July (and I do mean debut performance.this was going to be the first air show that the truck ever performed at). However, due to unforeseen circumstances, SPITFIRE will not be ready in time for the Field of Flight. Not all is lost though...because we will be having NOT ONE, NOT TWO...but THREE different jet vehicles performing during our air shows on July 4, 5 & 6. In addition to the already announced Jet Doghouse that Paul will be bringing, he will be replacing SPITFIRE in our lineup with the "School Time" Jet School Bus which last appeared here in 2012. This is the worlds FASTEST School Bus running at speeds in excess of 360 mph and spitting 80 foot flames. Paul will also be bringing a vehicle that has never before been seen in Battle Creek. The RZR-Jet is the World's FASTEST UTV. This Jet Powered Solaris RZR Ranger is ...
Did you know the CCSD School Bus is still here @ 2832 E Flamingo Rd, 89121 - until 7pm tonight? Hurry and get on the Bus to fill out your...
Did you know the CCSD School Bus will be @ Flamingo-Education Center. 2832 E. Flamingo Rd from 1pm - 7pm Tuesday and Wednesday. Drop by!
One of the last Gold Rush Era Roadhouses, property dates to 1862 Heritage Log House, in Hydraulic BC Canada, 50 miles east of 150 Mile House, 7 miles west of Likely. About 400 miles north of Vancouver BC. Dates to Gold Rush. House is mentioned in more than 8 history books on the Cariboo and BC gold rush and on cover of one. This place is a piece of Canadian History Year round living or Recreation property surrounded by the Cariboo gold field's. This Roadhouse was the store, post office, boarding house, and supply depot for the gold rush in the East Cariboo. It is surrounded by the Ghost Town of Hydraulic BC. There is a very interesting history with this place. 20 minuets to Mount Polly Mines and 50 minutes to Gibraltar Mines One hour from Williams lake which is the closest major center. Swimming and fishing, hunting, wildlife viewing, gold panning , metal detecting right outside your door. Outdoor recreation at its best. backs on to crown land , loads of trails for horse, quads and snowmobiles. School Bus ...
Sacred Heart Academy Prom night girls decided to hire a School Bus to take them to the Country Club. They couldn't wait to see the reaction of the Principal, Deans and Teachers and other students as they arrived. That's the beauty about an all Girl Catholic school great leadership,spirituality,good education, fun, & humor with no distractions to be who they really are .Love it
Which of the following has the largest surface area?. a.) Giraffe. b.) School Bus. c.) Peyton Manning's f…
Why do we put Sex & Candy on playlists when St. Joe On the School Bus is clearly the superior song?
Here's the answer to yesterday's Trivia Thursday question! The original Blue Bird No.1 School Bus, the first all-steel bodied school bus, is residing at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, MI. Definitely a place worth visiting! The winner of the grand prize is Robert Ball! The other four winners are: Artie Cousineau Jordan Sparks Carol Dishong Marie Miller Please send us a message to claim your prize! Congratulations!
Sri Balaji Temple of Great Lakes is glad to invite you for Sri Sita Rama Thirukalyanam & Sri Rama Pattabhishekam with the help of 8 Priests from Bhadrachalam Sree Seetha Ramachandra Swamy Vari Devasthanam (BSSRS) on the auspicious day of Uthara Phalguni on Saturday 05/10/2014 at 3325 Middle belt Road, West Bloomfield, MI 48323. Program Schedule Subpradam 8.00 a.m Aradhanam 8.30 a.m Sri Sita Rama Thirukalynam 9.00 a.m Sri Rama Pattabishekam 11.30 p.m Arathi, Theeram & Prasadam 1.00 p.m. Maha Prasadam 1.30 p.m. Parking We expect lot of devotees will participate and attend the Sri Sita Rama Thirukalyanam. So Temple has arranged a outside parking at West Hills Middle School, which is located on Lone Pine road at Middlebelt road. The distance between School and Temple is 1.5 Miles. We have arranged a School Bus for shuttle between School and Temple. We kindly request the devotees to park at the school and use the Shuttle Service. The address of the school is below: West Hills Middle School 2601 Lone Pine ...
School Bus that was snatched premesis in Abj, has been recovered in Lafia, Nasarawa state.2 suspects arrested.
My Granddaughter goes Highland in Sparta, Morrow county, she gets on the School Bus at 6:40am for a 7:20 start time. Ridiculous
Born and raised in Boone County. Living in Hewett all his life. He graduated from Scott High School in 1980 and began driving a School Bus for Boone County Schools in 1981.  Currently he continues to drive for Boone County Schools along with being a Realtor and Insurance Agent.
Did you know: Berkeley Schools will be holding School Bus evacuation drills every 20 mins @ Saturday's prep fair!
The Tuesday movie quote: “Attention, passengers, we are now leaving Nun Central and are beginning our journey to *** and beyond. The captain has turned off the "no smoking" sign, and you may now move about the cabin freely. Thank you for being Catholic, and for choosing the Saint Gabriel's School Bus.”
Happy day for Don Bosco School in Savaii - blessing of their new School Bus which was donated by good hearted people of Samoa during the "walk for a bus" fundraising in August last year. THANKS to all of you who supported and helped us make it REAL!!! May The Lord Bless you all. Thanks especially to the sponsors Bluesky Samoa, Strickland Brothers, Vaimoana Resort, the fundraising committee for making it happen. Now the bus is here in Savaii Praise The Lord!!
Everything I learned in Life I got from the magic School Bus
A friend seen a Muslim woman wearing a full Berka driving a Tulsa Public School Bus today. My wife seen on at Union Public School driving a School Bus a few days ago. *** is wrong with this City? and Oklahoma? and America? The Army Major at Ft Hood was a *** terrorist dressed like an American Solder! No Christian has ever strapped explosives on themselves and blew people up! What are we allow our government to trust these people with our kids! The *** Chamber Of Commerce!!!
Louisiana State Police identify the Four Dead Following Crash with School Bus- St. Mary Parish- A crash involving a school bus and an SUV on US Highway 90 near LA Highway 317 has left four people dead and several people injured. At 11:41 a.m., 36-year-old Ladonna Cheatham of Patterson was driving a 2004 Kia Sorrento west on US Highway 90. A Lafayette Parish School Bus, driven by 40-year-old Amy Dore of Sunset, was traveling east on US Highway 90. For reasons which remain under investigation, the left rear tire on Cheatham's vehicle failed. Cheatham's vehicle traveled off the left side of the road, crossed the median and struck the school bus. Cheatham was not wearing a seat belt and was ejected from the vehicle. Three other occupants in her vehicle, 6-year-old Destiny Cheatham, 7-year-old Dwayne Escort and 16-year-old Marcus Cheatham were all unrestrained and were ejected from the vehicle. All four were pronounced dead at the scene by the St. Mary Parish Coroner. A fourth occupant in Cheatham's vehic ...
traffic officers should stop taking bribes to turn a blind eye! They must start with Uncle Sunny's School Bus in Midrand
Netflix lists 'The Magic School Bus' as recommended for me. I can't tell if Netflix doesn't know me at all or if it knows me really well.
Good morning . I'm in the school bus wishing Dani Alves was my friend ... yeah
After being stranded on a school bus for hours during a snowstorm in Atlanta, a young girl gave one of the most adorable interviews in recent memory. "I was super scared," she told WSB-TV. "I was like, if I don't get home to my parents I'm going to freak out. … It'll just be crazy. They'll be calling me, and I don't have my phone." Watch KTLA's video here:
My sex education was from graffiti on a wall near my school bus stop.
- I don't even chase the School Bus .. What makes you think ima Chase you?
True life whenever we used to step off the bus to play at a public school
Rotterdam police allegedly broke the arm of an emotionally disturbed 16-year-old boy after two cops tried to remove him by force from a school bus he refused to leave, and a video revealed the cracking sound of a bone followed by the teenager's moans and shouted expletives. [...] an attorney represe...
From an email we received... Anyone know this person from Eutaw? " I am wondering if there is a way to find someone who rescued me from an accident (I ran off I 20/59 into a gulley in the center median near Joe Mallasham Parkway); he brought me to my house in Fosters. I am a County School Bus driver, and his good deed helped me get a School Bus load of children home. I gave the man my first name. But, all I know about him is that he lives in Eutaw. He was with a wife and two very young children. I am concerned to know if he made it home safely. I would like to also personally contact him to better thank him. I felt a bit shaken after the accident, and I felt extremely consumed and rushed with trying to get to my Bus. I regret not taking the time to get this information myself. He is a hero. Please, help me or inform me on my options for finding this selfless, good Samaritan. I write you because James Spann once spoke at one of our County Bus meetings. I didn't know who else to contact. Thank you for your ...
What If you could make a shrunken clone of yourself and go in your head through your ear like in the magic school bus show
MCB- i always see you around school and when i walk to my bus stop, but youre so pretty!
Had a wonderful day estate sailing in Portland, ate at the Depot in Albany with a nice glass of blush. Got home washed my school bus =) Now chilling...
Part time hourly position Hours per week Varies Monday ndash Friday am noon andor pm routes charter routes if interested which could include evenings and weekends Responsible for the safe efficient and timely operation of a school bus van or any other type of commercial passenger vehicle Transport p...
Atlanta needs this school bus. Hehe .
URGENT!!! Back on April 26, 2010, 16 year old Ali Lowitzer was listed as a runaway with the Spring, Texas police, when she didn't return home that day. Ali rode the school bus to her stop, just 3 houses from where she lived and called her mother to tell her she was going to walk to her place of employment to pick up her check. She never arrived at her work place nor did she return home, nor call again. NEW recent leads and tips in her case lead to OHIO. (2nd picture is the news story written.) THERE IS NEW HOPES THAT ALI IS ALIVE BUT ALSO GREAT RISK SHE IS ENSLAVED IN HUMAN SEX TRAFFICKING. SHE WAS KNOWN AT THE PLACE THEY BUSTED IN OHIO BUT SHE WASN'T THERE. WE NEED TO DO EVERYTHING WE CAN TO HELP MAKE THIS NATIONAL NEWS! I AM ASKING EVERYONE TO ''SHARE'' THE MISSING POSTER OF ALI AND LETS HELP FIND HER! WE KNOW SHE IS OUT THERE! TIME IS OF THE UTMOST IMPORTANCE! YOUR HELP IS NEEDED! PLEASE ''SHARE''
2/1/14 Day of Solidarity Rally in Support of Boston School Bus Drivers Union Fighting Union Busting & Firing of School Bus Driver Leaders By VEOLIA TRANSPORTATION...Let's Drive Veolia's Union Busting Out ot Boston ! Despite signing an agreement to honor all terms and conditions of the USW 8751 contract on June 18, 2013, since Veolia took over management of the Boston School Bus transportation on July 1, 2013 they blatantly and systematically violated nearly every article regarding wages, benefits and working conditions and repudiated the established grievance and arbitration procedures. From July to October over 175 individual and class action grievances were filed. In September the Steelworkers filed 18 Unfair Labor Practices charges with the National Labor Relations Board. On October 7th the company attempted to force the drivers to fill out new hire applications. The members also knew that due to the Federal Government shutdown at the time they had no redress available. This was the straw that broke th ...
2. Sitting on the bus with your mate on the way to school/college/work. 1D…
the person in front of me is going 10 under but I will never pass them bc they're watching the magic school bus😎
An analogy for me and my brother . IF life is like riding a school bus . we got nothing to worry about ... WE WERE THE FIRST ONES ON AND THE LAST ONES OFF! ; we gonna live forever!
Why is Bloomberg in this episode? I want him to get run over by a bus for all the times he made us go to school during blizzards.
You know you had an awesome childhood when you know all the words to the magic school bus theme song
My mom left out her room earlier came back in and got mad cause I was watching magic school bus 💀😂😂
Lockport schools to re-examine bus policy after Young Road flap: LOCKPORT – Lockport School Superinte...
I'll just get on the school bus one day that we used to go on 😏
On this *** school bus tired *** help can't wait to see the bae <3 in school cuz he can hold me and cheer me up .
You remember going to east junior high, and you got off the school bus and went up the path
I usually drive him to school, now the only way he's getting to school is the bus
(586): Hooked up with a guy dressed as Miss Frizzle last night... Asked if I could ride his Magic School Bus.
There is so much suicide in Magic School Bus
A school bus full of clowns just let off in front of the apartment I'm babysitting in. They're all yelling. I am annoyed. And confused.
Have you ever gone on a school trip and realized the bus ride was the best part-
If only he rode the bus to school with me :(
Hood *** need to cop a bus. You know how deadly a drive-by out a school bus would be?
Oh, and adult humpbacks are the size of a school bus, babies are the size of a large SUV. The first of the migrating whales show up in HI in December and the latest arrive in April.
Really enjoying watching The Magic School Bus with my Tommy. (:
I gotta drive the school bus tomorrow. It's my shift
Buses should have seat.belts. every vehicle on the road and in the air they are fitted with seat belts. Infact it is a requirement to wear them by law in most countries. Why would we not protect our children on the school bus? Been on scene of accident. Where a school bus hit a tar truck on highway all persons in bus where thrown out of bus dead 23 most died from hot tar. Seat belts work. What do you think?
Just ordered the magic school bus movie about bodies for my class to watch.. It's the little things that get me excited :)
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How many of ya'll out there own your own school bus?
Boston SpedPac Email Blast View this email in your browser Hello, The video from our Jan 23, 2014 General Meeting is ready for viewing: Watch on our website or Watch from our YouTube Channel Topics for the General Meeting - January 23, 2014 Presentation – The iPad: A Tool, Not Just a Toy! Guest Presenter – Sean Sweeney, MS, MEd, CCC-SLP, SpeechTechie Sean will demonstrate a variety of apps useful in the home with students with language, social learning, and executive function challenges. Apps useful for language building and organization, visualizing and emphasizing social situations and scripts, and support of planning and organization skills will be covered, along with resources for learning more on your own! 2013 SpedPac Champion Award - John Connolly Thank You - Mary Tamer BPS Update - Superintendent John McDonough Regards, Boston SpedPac 2013-14 BSP General Meetings When: Thursdays, 7-9pm 9/26, 10/24, 11/21, 1/23, 2/27, 3/27, 4/17 May 22- Board Elections Where: New Location Campbell Resour ...
Little People house, garden and swing, family car, and school bus. House has furniture makes sounds, car makes sounds and so does School bus. Comes with several people. Great shape smoke free. Meet at EP Kohl's. $20.00 for all.
I was just 15 when we moved from Hesper, Iowa. A hard move for Jane and I although we ended up in a good School and the Pleasant Plain Friends Church had over 20 teen-agers our age with plenty of get togethers’, hay rides, etc. My Senior Year I preached every Sunday at the Rubio Friends Church from September to January. I had my first Funeral for a lady form Richland that fall. My Father was gone on vacation or to some retreat with mom. Jane and I where left in charge of the house church and our two little sisters, Adora and Damaris. When this lady died her family asked if I would do the funeral. My father helped me (long distance) to prepare a message and appropriate scripture etc. My Senior Year at Fairfield I also drove a School Bus, as did my father. We would park the Buses in the Church parking lot next to the parsonage, get up have breakfast together and head out. He drove a smaller Bus home (17 miles) and headed back to the H.S. in the afternoon. I simply went to classes and got on my bu ...
Update Cal Fire says no kids on School Bus were injured at crash near Salton Sea area, passenger in car has minor injuries
.Does your school bus operator have ISO14001? Many do and you can included it in your transport topic action plan
oh!! I don't have 12 from my house :-( if it's school that bus stop is it the cc side or opp that bus stop??
Monday Morning: Waiting for the Bus - The Tahoe Bears catch the bus to work and school.
"I'm not riding the school bus my mom is picking me up today!"
I'm pretty sure this is not a school bus, it is 11:45pm
Mmm.Cardiff bus. School report on collaborative scrutiny - must hunt down a copy - VIP to look at new governance models
Saw my ex at school today.. Lol I did not left my bus just to say hi even though she and my friend went there
Finally Lil's asleep! Big excursion tomorrow on the school bus to Crocs play centre with all the junior school. End of the year celebration... She's gonna have a ball 󾌰
That was an entertaining bus ride to school. 😂😂
Spring Lane School pupils helped install a time capsule at North Gate Bus Station this morning.
It's been so long since I've been on a yellow school bus it feels like one of those elementary school field trips lol.
Been 1 year since i last took this bus home from school, so fast~
I remember back at school, mum gave me a pound a day and that bought me bus fare and lunch. Nowadays that wouldnt even buy me one drink!
School bus hits a tree on the way to school, 4 students injured:. This wednesday morning (27/11/2013) on the...
Wanna go home but I need to catch a bus after school
School bus driver out amid outrage spurred by 4 On Your Side |
Going to school late and the bus arrives, me wearing my uniform at the bus stop and i dont get on... The bus drivers face lolol!
I should've waited for the next bus. 😭 Or the next. Or the next. Or just leave school at 9.
Aw melting over all the school kids getting off the bus at the museum with their packed lunches 😫
Btw when I walked onto the school bus this morning my friend said "ABBY, welcome back I missed you buddy" I seriously love that girl
No word on possible bus delays, cancellations, or school closures across the region. Those decisions are usually made around…
School bus driver pleads guilty to DUI in New Jersey
Thank god i have my headphones when a whole class from school get on the bus
I feel like a bullied school kid on this bus
If there was one thing secondary school taught me. Never run for a bus
I knew you were looking after me near the bus stop after school, few hours ago :)
Woke up freaking out bc i thought i missed my bus before i realized its 5am and I don't have school today
Aw, my old primary school has just gotten on the same bus as me. Takes me back
School bus ride back when I was a little younger.
There are a load of little school kids on the bus. They are all singing. They're loud but still cute !!
Less gorillas in the mist, more tractor in the lime. Spotted by excited small boys on way up to catch school bus.
Yesterday my wonderful daughter forgot her bus money, so I had to pick her up from school in Cannock! Today the...
Saw my primary school classmate in the bus and sat opposite her and she couldn't recognize me. This Proves how much I've "grown" 😅
Well, walking to school when it's raining. Because the bus hates me.
"Every time a man touches your nipples Jesus sets fire to a school bus"
Let's try our best to always remember and praise our Rabb ♥ whether your on the Bus, going Work, School, Doctors or anywhere! In Shaa Allah
No sooner If the expression 'no sooner' appears at the beginning of a sentence, the word 'than' must introduce the second clause. Note also that the auxiliary precedes the subject. Structure: No sooner + auxiliary + subject + verb + than + subject + verb. Example: 1. No sooner had Obama started his speech than John Kerry interrupted him. [Meaning: Obama was interrupted in his speech by John Kerry just after the starting.] 2. No sooner had the school bus started moving than the driver felt something is wrong with the brake. [Just after starting the bus, the driver understood that the brake is not working properly.] Now try some new examples on your own and post those in the comments' box. Best of luck!!
School bus driver charged in death of 6-year-old boy on way to St. Albert school: ST. ALBERT, Alta. – A school...
Nah I have 6 hours of frees and I don't have any money for the train home so I have to wait for the school bus at 4 😭
Having to get the service bus to schoool shucks *** really weird how i wanna be in school
Carlos is the funniest dude ever.. like you're the only reason I watch The Magic School Bus bro
Fabien Cousteau's Mission 31: Adventures in undersea living (pictures) | Spring fling: Take one undersea lab, add six divers sharing discoveries of the deep, throw in a couple of live cameras, let steep for 31 days.In the spring, Fabien Cousteau and five others will dive down to Aquarius, an undersea lab 63 feet below the surface in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. The school bus-size lab will be their home for 31 days, while they explore the deep and conduct scientific research. While the aquanauts study the marine life, anyone above the surface can tune in to study them, throughout Mission 31, in real time. [Read more] | | From CNET
I was a double agent at jackin' it on the school bus in middle school. I became convinced that my member was invisible to the naked eye.
A whole class of primary school kids just got on my bus.
Age I was given 23 Where I lived/what I drove/where I worked/ who had my heart. I lived in OAKLAND, Ca I drove a old buck (Hyundai) four door but that was my mobile I worked for MV transportation and Taco Bell At that time Nathan Powell had my heart... Age now is 38 Where I live/what I drive/ where I work/ who has my heart.. I live in Oakland,Ca Up until November 22...I was riding my Chevy impala 2905/ got a Chrysler town and country 2002.don't even drive it... I work for petermen/durham school bus Nobody has my heart like my babies and I don't think anyone ever will... Like my status and I will give you an age...
Bus full of screaming weans on a school trip, just what I need at this time...
School bus-stops should be every quarter mile.
I spy w/ my fierce high school alma mater, the PANDA, on a bus!!! 🐼
Stuck on the bridge for the past 20 minutes. Brakes jammed on a school bus ahead, blocking the entire bridge
100*charm* "Simple things in life: 1) Be brave even if you’re not. Pretend to be, no one can tell the difference. 2) When playing games with children let them win. 3) When someone hugs you let them be the 1st one to let go. 4) Wave at children in the school bus. 5) Keep a notepad & pencil on your bedside table, million dollar ideas sometimes strikes at 3 am. 6) Look at people in the eye. 7) Compliment the meal when you are a guest in someones house. 8) Believe that life’s fair even if it’s hard."
We have got an entire school bus now, filled with donations for us to pass out to homeless people around our towns...At least 50-100 lunch bags filled with food, snacks, and drinks, winter clothes, blankets!! ***We can still use so many more of your old used winter clothes! *** maybe coats, socks, scarves, gloves, sweatpants, and blankets.We are making a difference in people's lives. It feels awesome. Any help is appreciated!
Tantrums from the moment I wake up until the school bus comes. Happy Thanksgiving to those of you back home who care. Wish I was home.
Still waiting for Katie's school bus - only an hour late, bloody bus companies never seem to provide a bus that actually works. She's had her coat on since 8.10am. Ah
Masons new favorite show.. Magic School Bus! Only cause its one of the greatest educational cartoons of all time!
Keep fighting for fame like a student in a school bus fighting for a window sit. Redmulla
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Hi Tech and Bossies Community Justice responded to a child that was knocked down by a School Bus next to Mbombela Stadium. The school girl sustained minor injuries and was transported to Hospital by Netcare 911. Saps on scene.
Truck Collides with School Bus: California Highway Patrol, Santa Maria Police and fire and are on scene of a...
Boston School Bus Drivers agreed last night to drive this mornings runs, and to meet with the company at 10 a.m. Supporters should remain alert for the next step in this struggle for safety for Boston's school children and justice and respect for the drivers who bring them safely to and from school every day. The 800+ mainly Haitian Boston School Bus Drivers need your support. Stand with them and for the safety of Boston's school children against the union busting and greed of the Veolia corporation and the threats and intimidation of the Mayor and School Department. Tuesday morning Boston awoke to the power of the workers. The 800 + bus drivers of Local 8751 said "enough is enough" in response to the union busting and racist plantation-style treatment they have received ever since the administration of Boston's School Bus contract was taken over by Veolia, a huge multi-billion dollar transnational corporation headquartered in France which also is cornering the world's water supply and operates "settlers ...
School Bus, Minivan Collide In San Jose: The California Highway Patrol was at the scene of a crash involving a...
An 8 year old (est.) just leaned out of his school bus window and made fun of my Ray Bans. I've never felt smaller than I do right now.
Found an old iPod and listening to the good throwbacks I used to bob my head to on the school bus. These are seriously great.
Started eating raw Ramen out of the package on the school bus in elementary school now we here
I'm sorry if that was your kid I just flipped off on the back of a school bus.
A car hit my kids school bus... But I don't understand how could u not see A BIG YELLOW BUS. Thank God all the kids r ok...
I wish all these kids on the school bus would stop staring
I just almost got hit by a school bus 😳 I need to stop texting & walking
status as of 2013-09-03 4:09:08 PM: 69 Delays, 0 Cancellations
I'm back from school! Someone was playing The Way on the school bus and I was singing along to it lol
Top marks - now on 4th attempt to organise school bus from Puckeridge to Freman. Kids have no idea what bus to catch
Cam be like "the school bus is red, red is the school bus!" Always hated that *** 😑
Getting stuck behind a school bus is one of the most frustrating things in this world
Please make sure you check the school bus timetable on the website, some slight changes.
good luck! I hope your child will enjoy the school/ school bus
Held a door open for some teens, then a school bus showed and I got stuck holding it for like 50 more. Enough? Lol
Outside waiting for mii baby's school bus to arrive so I can hear about her first day at school :-)
I should let slim catch the school bus lol its hawt
I'm taking the Seneca School Bus to get home. It will take around 50 minutes. It's sick with the free WIFI.
I'm getting on the 36 tomorrow, not the school bus:))x
school goes back for us tomorrow, there shall be cartwheels and happy dances in the street as the kids climb the school bus steps :D
Ready to see my little ones get off the school bus'
I haven't had to ride a school bus since like kindergarten.
When you see a school bus with red flashing lights, traffic in both directions must come to a complete stop.…
If I hear again I'm crashing my car into a school bus...
Rushed to get home to see my baby get of the school bus...he's ten mins late
One is when you hear the no one was hurt in school bus crash. Other when you blow up a school bus bc girls learning 2 read.
I just entered to win a Magic School Bus DVD at
Im tired of these Kmart commercials . Everytime I turn around "my school bus is my limo, my school bus is my limo" 😩😂
I kinda want to get up early tomorrow just to laugh at the kids who have to get on the school bus.
Kids on a school bus should be allowed 30 seconds to get off the bus. If they can't handle that they can get off at the next stop/
My sister got on a school bus after school today but she doesn't take the bus..
The time is now 3pm. Do you know where YOUR kids are? They are on a school bus arriving home soon. HA!
status as of 2013-09-03 3:59:09 PM: 68 Delays, 0 Cancellations
Parents your kids can commute to school green by biking, carpooling or starting a walking bus
Hopefully my boyfriend picks me up or drops me off to my school bus tomorrow.
When a school bus stop arm is activated, Texas State law requires drivers approaching from either direction to stop.
Are you sure that was a real school bus you put your kid on?
If only episodes of The Magic School Bus were 6 hours long and didn't show anything but the desert.
Want a $490 ticket? Fail to stop for school bus with lights activated picking up or dropping off kids & you'll get 1! http:…
ROAD CLOSED: Life Flight just landed on Flat Shoals Rd to pick up driver of passenger vehicle involved in school bus cra…
Pay attention, leave space and be alert when approaching or passing a school bus.
Update your maps at Navteq
I miss watching the old shows like Bill Nye..Magic School Bus, Thundercats, Swat Cats, Captain Planet, Rocco's modern life.
BREAKING NEWS: 18 People lose their lives in Kisii County as a School Bus rolls a couple of times.
Good Day (Tales of Dugdown). I was on the School Bus going home after an all day at Perks Jr. High School in Cedartown, Georgia. Perks Jr. High was located about 2 really long blocks on West Ave. from the center of town going West. There was an Ice Cream Parlor the left just across from the West Theater on the right. On Saturdays when we were allowed to go to town and go to the movies, we always stopped at the Ice Cream Parlor first to buy a big nickel Cone of Ice cream. I loved strawberry. Now there was a girl who worked in the Parlor and she really liked my brother Alton. She always put a little extra on my cone and Ray said she did for him too. I would slow poke around until she had time to wait on me because of her special dips. Well as the School Bus reached the Corley's Drive Inn which sat right inside the fork in the road of Highway 27 and Pooltown road, the bus began to slow down. We all began to look and try to see what was happening. We began to hear sirens and saw the Police Cars with flashing ...
The Scoop is out! Today the June-July issue was mailed locally to 6000 households in Tamworth, Erinsville, Enterprise, Centreville, Camden East, Newburgh, Colebrook, Yarker, Verona, Hartington, Sydenham, Roblin, Selby, Parham, Tichborne, Kaladar, Stella, and Godfrey (NEW). Throughout this week, we'll be dropping off another 1000 copies in Napanee and in various retail outlets throughout Lennox & Addington. And you can read it online: this issue: Here's The Scoop (editorial), by Angela Saxe SCOOP 2013 Writing Contest Strawberries of Summer: The Paulridge Berry Farm, by J. Huntress Garlic Guru Comes to Tamworth, by Mary Jo Field A Message on Massage, by Thomasina Larkin Hurry, the School Bus is Here! by Angela Saxe The Price is Right, by Sue Wade Frontenac's Recreational Trails, by Anne Marie Young Boredom Busters, by Isabel Wright Buck Lake Boatilla for Easter Seals, by Bruce Archibald Rockin' in Tamwoth with Rik Emmett, by Barry Lovegrove Faithful Friends of Bon Echo Park 1988-2013, by Derek Maggs Seed to ...
Congratulations to my Beautiful Daughter Olivia Christine Hunter on your High School Graduation! It seems like yesterday I was watching you board the School Bus for Kindergarten. You have grown into an confident, caring and amazing young woman. And I know that you are going to do great things with your life! Not quite sure how Michael and I got so lucky with such an amazing child, but I thank God everyday for you!
As Chair of the House of Representatives' Appropriations Subcommittee on Community Colleges I am happy to report that my budget was the first budget reported at Conference Committee this morning. "MIRS Breaking News - 1st Conference Report Signed, $336M For Community Colleges -- 8:38 a.m. Thursday, May 23, 2013 Lawmakers today signed their first Fiscal Year (FY) budget conference report (SB 0199), allotting $336 million for the state's 28 Community Colleges. "Community colleges are an important part of our state and I'm proud of what they've done for our students," said Conference Chair Sen. Darwin BOOHER (R-Evart). The report moved out on a 5-1 vote. As in the past two years, the Senate passed a separate budget for Community Colleges, (See "SAF $ Stays In Community Colleges Budget," 4/17/13) while the House combined K-12, Community Colleges and Higher Education into the "School Bus"(See "House Votes For $48.9B Budget Plan," 4/24/13). The only difference between the House and Senate versions was $1.1. mil ...
So, the lead voice actor of the upcoming 'Grand Theft Auto 5' game, has played the role of 'Arnold' from 'The Magic School Bus'... Okay.
Oh I work wit the bus driver to drop ppl off from school
Omfg some Indian lady was peeing on a school bus, I can't 😭
We just hit 2 cars with a freaking school bus 😳
Prom night at the high school. I have never seen so many different varieties of limos.Bus limos, regular limos, hummer limos
When you've been waiting half-an-hour for a bus, a friggen school bus is the last thing you want to see
Ayoo a school bus pulled up to the prom ctfuuu
The bus is leaving from the middle school tomorrow at 830
District 150 is hiring school bus drivers, should i apply!?   10% Off
I literally had to walk from school to my grandmas house..stupid bus.
I missed the bus home today and sat at school for like an hour -_-
The part for my car finally came, yay no more riding school bus.
Speeding driver slams into school bus full of kids - Two children from Elementary School su...
Don't waste your time chasing the boys on the playground, odds are someone was waiting for you to get on the school bus. 👫❤"
Two children suffer minor injuries after car slams into Woodburn school bus.
are you going to the elementary right now? o; wait are you going to Maria's last day of school cause ima take the bus there cx
I just passed by a tiny school bus & the top said "school bus" in big black letters. Except the "s" & "h" we're missing. It said "cool bus"
In Strasburg..So ready to be home,off this bus,&away from some of these people.Really tired. only 2 more days of school though..then gra ...
Lol got this primary school girl sitting opposite of me on the bus! She is so cute!! Feel like squeezing her baby fats on the cheek!
Just picked a Bert and some fireworks from the back of an old school bus on the side of the high way. Headed out to gods country.
Last time I ride the bus from school to my house ..
Authorities say a man has died after he was struck by a train in Casa Grande Friday morning.
Some elementary school kids on a bus yelled hi and waved at me today lol how cuute!
After school I keep standing by the bus bay waiting to say bye to kirsten and that I'd see her tomorrow...when she's already gone:'(
In a charter bus. Headed to Dallas, going to The Galleria mall today and Six Flags tomorrow with my school band!
This man was walking down Connell Road around 4pm Thursday. He...
My gym teacher wasn't here today so our sub had us watching a magic school bus episode on the smart board XD
Ethan-i used to go to a ghetto school and in the back of the bus tjese kids would masterbate. Me- uh Ethan- i was in the back of the bus(;
Im not gone buy you minutes. Imma buy you a helmet and send yo *** to school on the lil bus cuz ur dumb asf.✋
Y'all remember back in high school when all the popular kids sat in da back of the bus??
Teacher praises students for staying calm in Boone County bus crash
Hillsborough, FL: Truck driver killed in school bus crash in Plant City
If that school bus is passing you you're going to slow!
I feel like I'm in a bus full of elementary school children
if it's too costly, go Wednesdays. Rave is $5. If it's transportation, take the TANK bus after school.
On this bus on our way back to the school
Someone needs to get a school bus and pick everybody up an slide to te beach with it
gotta love this bus driver racing other Le Moyne school busses to lava
Those days when I used to skip the school bus and just chill around Abu Dhabi! Gold!
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Here's a link to my story on Trinity's missing the school bus and still winning the long jump ..
But imma call it either ms.frizz or magic,just like the magic school bus
I've never been on a train, i've been on a bus? A school bus, not a city one
The school bus is where all the magic happens...
Apparently our bus driver missed our stop this morning and got everyone to school an hour late.Good thing i wasn't there!!!
Highlight of my day was shouting one last goodbye to Leons bus as it passed the school
on a bus for a school trip, so Im good :) how are you?
Look at you,.now look at us. ALL MY FRIENDS RIDE THE SCHOOL BUS!
Oh mis gatos some school bus got in an accident around the corner.
To all of my friends that cannot make it to the party tonight, I wish you were there... It won't be the same without you. But I want you to know how grateful I am for all the shows that you guys have been too, Miss Bonnie and Mr Chip, DeNaie, Rick, Kim, Skeeter, Sherry, Brenda, Sasi, The Don, Virgil, Lee, you guys have always been there for us and so tonight you all will be missed. To anyone else who is a bus driver or a Filer School District employee, burgers are on the house tonight... Just tell 'em 'yer with Rusty...
What if Partnow's pregnancy was just the Magic School Bus with Ms. Frizzle+class learning about fetal growth and development the whole time?
Our bus broke down. A school bus is picking us up.
He wasn't on the bus ride home from school
I haven't ridden a school bus in a long time
I real deal just saw a.camel in a freaking school bus on I4 XD
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
I know TI didn't say you let me eat ya 😻 on the school bus in his song ..
Having a look at the old Bogany area today with Archaeologist Mark Roberts...
I always thought about this, I don't understand why they don't put seat belts in buses when they want to make a big deal about them in a regular car, like a school bus won't flip or something lol
Explains my reasons for not tipping my waiter and debunks the usual excuses that are used to demand tips from customers
Carl Black has your chance to win “Carl BLACK-STAGE Passes” to meet and greet passes to meet Darius Rucker, Jana Kramer, and Justin Moore PLUS VIP passes and tickets into the show!
If anyone is traveling on 125 north and south bound there is a bad accident in epping at the intersection of OLd Hedding road. tht intersection is closed. have to seek alternate route!
My name is Ellen Mayo (age 67) and I started my husband (age 70) on Limu in July 2008. He has end-stage COPD and we were hoping it would be of benefit to him. In 2005 he underwent Lung Volume Reduction Surgery and the outcome was as bad as it could get and him survive. He was in and out of the hospital every few months during 2006 and 2007 for lung infections and the doctor had stated that one could end his life at any time. Since drinking Limu, Dennis' infections have been really mild - nothing compared to the flying trips to the emergency room in 2006 and 2007. As long as he drinks his 9 ounces of Limu every morning, I have hope that he will continue to survive.    I decided to try Limu myself and found that drinking 3 ounces a day gave me more energy, relieved my aches and pains from arthritis and stopped my acid reflux problems. We have tried many of the "natural" health products on the market today but LIMU is the only one that has lived up to our dreams of better health. Ellen Mayo - Cumby, TX   ...
Rick rode 31.3 miles and set a PR on the Ricketts Point - North Side segment.
The Oakwood-Lone Star decision is in. The former Lone Star School District goes to Buffalo.
I cannot think of a better day to celebrate the life of Mable Olivia Parker—a woman that has shown us all what it really means to be a mother and grandmother, a woman whose love has been the light and strength of our entire family, and whose kindness and friendship has made this community and this world a better place.   She loved us. All of us. And you couldn’t help but love Grandma Parker back. Some of my most special memories are of listening to her tell the stories of her life in times that seem much different than today. On the long,hot, dog days of summer, in the middle of what she called “God’s country,” we would spend hours in the kitchen, as she patiently taught me each step to making her delicious pies, shaping the dough, rolling it out, pressing it into something delicate and delicious, I didn’t say beautiful, but they were delicious. Granny used to say, “Well, it won’t be pretty, but it will still taste good!" During those times, she would tell me about being what, in retrosp ...
The four young ladies who have died as a result of what ultimately was an act of domestic terrorism are: Christine Collier, Nichole Ford, Tanisha Hill, and Krystal McCrary.
Three students and a bus driver were injured in a crash involving a school bus on Friday afternoon in Plant City, authorities said.Authorities are responding to the crash involving a bus and a pickup truck, according to the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office. The students and the bus driver have m...
Some important information about kidnappings in the U.S.
Do you remember the first day of high school, as your parents or the bus driver drop you off? You get that nervous feeling, with all the thoughts running through your head: Are people going to like me? Am I going to fit in? Are my outfit and hair cute enough? As you arrive you see some of your friends and a few of your nerves disappear but a lot remain. You meet new people but quickly the cliques arrive and you stick with what you know. It is almost like someone putting you on the shelf at Wal-mart. You belong here because you wear all black and have piercings. You go here because you have a collared shirt with a Polo symbol. Uh! OH NO! You do not have the latest shoes I cannot hang out with you. People put us in categories, but they are not the only ones who do it - we do it to ourselves. No one wants to be that outside kid who eats in the bathroom because he would rather hide than let people to see he is lonely. Would we care though if he was? We cling to what we know and what feels comfortable ...
Yeah my generation has a lot of problems, but when the so called adults of the Black Community sit back and blame everything on the youth, it is an extremely disgusting sight. If you haven;t noticed, the youth were supposed to be RAISED!! Therefore, any and every single problem with the youth is a reflection of TERRIBLE parenting by the parents who raised them.
Twelve people, including five children, were injured when bus carrying students with special needs swerved to avoid semi truck on Interstate 65
A school bus was involved in a traffic crash in North Austin Friday afternoon.It happened at around
I do love all my friends out there but there is two ladies that have been in my life and my heart for as long as I can remember . They were there . We always live next door to each other are just down the road I remember riding the bus to school , walking to there house, spending the night over there , and as we grow in to teens going to dances together, camping just about every weekend of are summers , family trips we the grow up got married had kids and didn't see each other much any more "" But to this day if one needs the other we are there we lost are mothers and there dad and my brother and we were there for each other and I say all of this to let them know I'm always praying and thinking of you"" Love you both bunchess "" Cynthia Barr and Lisa Craft
As a timely way to keep you informed, we offer the Jeffco Good News.  Our goal is to provide you with a snapshot of the many accomplishments that occur every week in your schools.  Please feel free to share the good news and as always, thank you for your support!   WATER BOTTLE ART PROVES A POINT Coronado Elementary School students created environmental project out of trash as part of Project: Water Bottle.  The school collected disposable water bottles for six months, strung them up and displayed them out on the school grounds.  The bottles, laid end to end, stretched over half a mile. Teachers walked their students through the project to learn more about the use of bottled water and the available sustainable choices.  The project was meant to educate students, teachers and community about the waste created by drinking water from disposable water bottles.  Lessons included the cost of making plastic bottles, the price of water, and the sustainable choices, such as filtered water fountains, refilla ...
out of school en el bus con este panocha Oscar Espinoza
Music produced by JAM -O-P singing by the lead vocal singer ""Rocher""
Gonna be a great show tomorrow night. I'll see you there! Caddy
A collision between a car and semi resulted in one death Friday afternoon in Newton County.
A Bronx school bus driver fed up with motorists ignoring the law and breezing by his flip-out stop sign decided to capture the drivers on video, and so he spent much of this school year recording them,...
A school bus wound up on its side after a crash in the Plant City area late Friday afternoon. Several students were on the bus, but they are said to be okay, according to initial reports.
Elkhart Community Schools on Friday, May 17 sent a letter home to parents explaining changes for the 2013-2014 school year
they have a dog bus at my new school but I won't be riding the bus
Last night at the Tampa Bay Rays stadium, 9 year-old Alayna Adams, whose father has been deployed in Afghanistan for the past year, threw out the first pitch only to discover the man in the catcher’s mask was actually her father, Lt. Col. Will Adams. I’m still wiping my eyes...
Trey Burke talks about his prospects as a potential lottery pick in the 2013 NBA Draft.
A convicted sex offender was arrested outside of a Plant City middle school Thursday. Deputies say he was carrying a loaded gun.
Little Giant Ladders
Former England winger Chris Waddle says David Beckham is not one of the top 1,000 players of the last 40 years.
Its time to re-commit to a quality school in every neighborhood, a walk away from home! "Every single school day Nolmi Gaeta gets up around 5:00 a.m. She needs to start a journey which includes a 20-minute walk, a ride on an RTD bus to the light rail station, a light rail trip to the 10th Avenue and Osage St. station before another 10-minute walk to school."
Naked man on PCP jumps on firetruck
Ja no bus, saindo da school pa csa.
Old footage of the 277 bus on the Isle of Dogs, in 1970's,prior to the Canary Wharf developments.
Greyhound bus killer Vince Li has been granted more freedom, including supervised trips to Winnipeg, Lockport and its beaches.
Ellen weighed in on the conversation surrounding the policies of Abercrombie & Fitch.
Rob Ford has gotten into approximately 1 million controversies. 
(Nicole Montesano / News Reporter) A Latino man who suffered a broken elbow and ribs after McMinnville Police Sgt. Tim Heidt threw him to the ground and punched ...
Despite a federal ruling against its claims, Empower D.C. says it will continue to fight the planned closure of 15 D.C. public schools.
A gun on a school bus gets the Washington County Sheriffs Office attention and now a 12 year old student is facing possible charges.
How would you handle this? What messages would our kids take away from this? And maybe even further.where and when does Rape Culture start, and is that fair to girls and boys alike? "Yesterday on the playground my daughter and a bunch of other children of varying ages were playing. Then the boys (ages about 6-9) began chasing the girls (same age range) in a game of tag.but one of the boys turned it into a catch & kiss game. When he caught my daughter (6) he tried to kiss her she told him to stop, he persisted so she punched him in the stomach. He ran to his mom crying and she came to me. I told my daughter that its not nice to hit, BUT she used her words first and he didn't listen and she has every right to defend HER personal boundaries. The boy's mom told me I was raising a bully and that 'boys will be boys'. I told her no, I'm raising a daughter that knows her own self worth and how to establish her own boundaries." Thoughts? Thanks Alicia G-B for this great conversation starter!
Georgia Regents University officials violated state Board of Regents policy when university vehicles and personnel were used to support a private wedding held at the home of University President Ricardo Azziz, according to an auditor's report released today.
 You were the Patriarch of our family. You were like a father and grandfather to us all. Our hearts are heavy and broken, but we can rest knowing you're with our Lord, and no longer in pain. You ran the race and made it. You found the truth 45 years ago and lead our family to it, and won many, many more souls to the Lord through the years. I can just see your excited smiling face when I make it to the other side, all of us rejoicing together. I amg telling my mom's side of your salvation, she is 65, and it was 45 years ago, I was a baby, so it might not be exactly as everyone remembers but it's her best, and my not so good unedited vocabulary. Ray died on the operating table over 45 years ago for a few minutes. He had a vision of speaking to God while he was out. He pleaded with God, " let me go back and tell my people about you, and I will serve you for the rest of my life." and let me tell you he kept that promise to God, I don't know of anyone he didn't invite to church. He truly walked with God ...
Supported by the Turner Community Youth Development Initiative, Bozeman Youth Initiative is an organization supporting students from Kindergarten through college.…
Demetri Marchessini aired controversial thoughts in his book Women in Trousers: a Rear View
Today's ongoing reason to homeschool: Children arrested in school for trivial things. Take the time to click on the photo and read the entire list. It's mind-blowing.
Google Glass (by Blake Deppe) For someone who grew up in the 90's - the era of VHS and dialup Internet - today's tech still takes getting used to. It's worth noting how much new social technologies have changed things; airliners and movie theaters must now warn us to shut our devices off, people who ride the subway are more often buried in their cellphones than a book, and a quick Google Search gives us the answers to most questions. Immediate information is at our fingertips, and that's a huge plus. On the down side, the details of anyone's life are up for grabs, and true privacy is hard to come by in a public setting, where iPhone cameras snap pictures left and right. Google Glass is sure to take this even further. The most app description that can be given of Google Glass is that it is a wearable computer, with all the capabilities of a cellphone and more. However, it comes without any keyboard, and the screen is essentially the lenses themselves. A small touchpad on the side of the headset allows the ...
Had a great time at the ECFE Vehicle Fair in St. Peter
There's more to life than leaving home.
HOW TO IMPROVE UR ENGLISH LANGUAGE Use English Daily If you are living in an English- speaking country, you have many chances to improve your English outside of class. For example, if you have children who are learning English at school, you can improve your English by talking to them in the language and helping them with their English homework. It also can be helpful to use English in public, such as in conversations with people at the grocery store, on the bus or around your neighborhood. Use Learning Tools There are many products that you can use to improve your English, including tutorial books, recordings and computer programs. If you cannot afford to purchase these, you might be able to borrow them from your local library or find free versions that you can download over the Internet. One advantage of these is that they allow you to learn at your own pace and on your own schedule. Watch Movies with Subtitles If English is not your first language, consider watching movies that are in English, with sub ...
The Sherburne County Sheriff says 3 people were hurt yesterday afternoon when a car ran into the back of a school bus.
Another abduction attempt in ABQ. Please parents watch over your kids this summer. the crazies are out in full force. be vigilant. . Our kids deserve to be kids, but we almost have to take that away because the risks are unfairly high lately.
MEXICO, Mo. – A former superintendent of the Sullivan School District has filed a lawsuit against the Mexico School District, seeking damages “exceeding $1 million, compensatory damages, punitive damages, costs of the lawsuit and other such and further relief as the court deems just and proper in th...
"Investigators said they found an unsent text message on Nash’s cell phone, and are investigating to determine whether texting and driving was a factor in the crash," the Missouri Democrat reported.
Soundtrack Score from the Motion Picture John Carpenter 1976 *No copyright infringement intended, all rights belong to owner
I wouldn't exactly call it even because rape is far worse than just merely cheating. But yes I see the point your trying to make. However gender should be equal on all accounts, good and bad.
The List shares the names and profiles of A-holes.
Bored of the city? Come build an eco community this weekend! Grab a train to Hereford, then a bus to Bodenham, and then it's completely free to stay at our festival. £1 per meal :)
Drive the bus (Parent): "This is for you Brad Wann-you wanted staff to drive the buses after school right- well, I hope you have a crock pot to keep dinner warm because the staff at MVHS are still there at nearly 8pm. They had Senior Cording and then Senior awards. Turn on the porch light, its going to be a late night!"
Sheena Johnson and her children, 5 and 10, lived in the storage locker sporadically for a month, she said
Gives a whole new meaning to: you have to ride the short bus to school... lol
KALISPELL, Mont.—The Montana Farm to School Network (MFSN) programs and Bob the Greenhouse Bus project are teaching children in K–12 about local foods, gardening, and the connections between the food they eat and the larger community. Bob the Greenhouse Bus travels to...
Tips and information about Austin personal injury claims - Boy Dies After Getting Hit by Texas School Bus.
Posting this so I can read it later...gotta go drive a School Bus right now!!!:):):)
   I guess that certain drivers of yellow school buses feel that they don’t have to abide by traffic laws when encountering cyclists on our city streets. At approximately 2:45 pm Fri May 10th 2013 on Francis St, I was slowing down to a stop on my Bicycle to make the left turn onto Albert St., and I also saw through my rear view mirror that the driver of the passenger-less yellow school bus driving towards me from behind in the clear opposite lane was attempting to pass while I was way too close to the intersection for him to do so. He must have thought that thirty feet from the intersection it was legal, morally acceptable and safe – for the bus driver - to pass this cyclist. How could he have even imagined that he’d even have the time or distance to then pull his bus back toward the right and manoeuvre his long bus back into the proper right hand lane again – which was occupied by me at the time – before reaching the intersection, if  his intention wasn’t to butt in front and cut me off? T ...
Remember how I was harping for a transportation system for SW Denver, funded by the mill levy, last year?
While in KL the tour guide who is a Malaysian wanted to vote. He was registered at Bukit Indah, Ampang. He got permission from his tour company to stop by and vote. Therefore he parked the bus full of the Indian national tourists about 500 metres from the poll station (Bukit Indah school). the bus driver and the tourists waited in the bus. While waiting for the tour guide to finish, some members of PKR and PAS (they were wearing tshirts with the party logo) asked the driver to come down and explain why they were there, in the meantime, the rest of the PR members went into the bus and started questioning the passengers in a very harsh and rude manner, accusing that they are illegal voters.
Things are sure getting messed up in this country. She can't even take a tylenol at school and if she was in an accident, they'd have to wait on her parents to get there for their permission to treat her but she can kill her unborn child and they don't even know it.
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