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School Bus

A school bus is a type of bus designed and manufactured for student transport: carrying children and teenagers to and from school and school events.

North Dakota Magic School Bus

Boy hospitalized after eating gummy bears he found on school bus
Please remember to stop for flashing red school bus lights and watch out for children in the area.
Lmao me and used to call ourself the School Bus onna basketball court at recess 😂😂
Halifax parents frustrated with long walk to school after bus is taken away
that's what I miss being a school bus driver. The smiles of the kids.
Funny because it's TRUE! And they were all relatives! AND even though I lived 5 miles from school... it was an ***
Fell asleep on bus home from school. Good that I've got a relaxing evening planned of friends, wine and food.
Courts's class is like the bus in elementary school; you learn a bunch of extra stuff you didn't want/ need to know
My one year old is in here watching The Magic School Bus and loving it. I'm parenting right 🚌 ❤️
thought you had taken the midnight school bus to Disney and parked long term ha. Hope you're doing well.
Waiting for the school bus on a half day is like waiting for the cable repair man only colder. It could be any time between now and 5pm.
Friday the 13th tips: don't slip on the snow and rip your school trousers AND leave your lunch on the bus, basically just don't be me
Came to school early but have been waiting for the bus
I know at least one kid who will be thrilled. 'The Magic School Bus' Will Return via
my friends last free weekend before school hopped on a bus to ny. I could not even find a bus here to get on to go to the mall 5 mins away
can someone please call me an u we to school I really am not about to take an hour and a half bus ride to campus
Houston school bus catches fire with about 20 students on board; none injured.
Got the kiddie watching Magic School Bus.
It's One all time favorites has returned. The Magic School Bus educates the Next Generation on
It's Friday the 13th so I'm hoping a bus comes and hits me and kills me before this school semester does
Schools: Big Yellow School Bus grants for field trip transportation are available.
My bus never came then I called the school and no one answered so I'm home today
The Omaha Bus is for sale. I am a big fan of converted school buses. They make a lot of sense in many ways.
Meanwhile my mom just told me kids arrived at her daycare at 4:45am and she got them all ready for school and on the bus.
The school wall was about 30 yards from a high fenced bus yard. HR derby. So much $ spend on balls.
Do London school kids normally use public buses because 30 of them just boarded my bus with 2 teachers what
bus route 895 from William Brookes school to Lawley pharmacy, Telford.
It's not just a rural school board issue, it's all boards. Funding formula broken https:/…
Relief as Surulere lawmaker donates school bus to her constituency
Schoolgirl *** her bf *** at the campus and have sex inside school bus
Money was tight back in school days.. everyone was rewriting the date on their bus pass so they could use it again lol
December 13, 2017 - Bus (formerly serving the John Caldwell School in Grand Falls is running 1 hr late this morning.
12-year-old girl disappears after heading to school bus stop in St. Louis Wednesday morning
LT: One of my earliest short stories was called Bus 666. I wrote it in middle school, and two girls explore an abandoned bus -
On a really long bus ride to Kalamazoo and blasting the school of rock soundtrack
This is amazing, and totally something I can see myself doing!
School field tri to SF. In a bus with annoying *** people. Headphones In forsure!
I feel like when school kids play chicken in the road the bus drivers should just hit them instead of stopping it's just…
It's been ages but I forgot kids after school on the bus smell like damp
I've just paused playing with the big black beastie of a chainsaw to go meet the school bus before going back to creating havoc.
dreams I had this past month:. - run over some kids getting off a school bus. - set a homeless man on fire. - shot my brother to steal his gold
There will be no practices after school today and no activity bus. Be safe this weekend Pirates!!
These are the *** that rode the short yellow bus in school 🙄
Good explanation but kid will demand parents drive them to school.. scared bus will explode kids r so literal.
Would you want someone with Trump's temperament and cognition driving your kids' school bus? Performing your surgery? Fly…
This game is the most American thing I've watched since that School Bus destruction derby at the state fair
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When you have to take Dramamine to ride on a bus for a school field trip. 😣
There were kids on the bus going to school and they wavedat me so I did it back.They got all excited andstarted jumping.I'm in with the kids
NYC police seek 5 black youths after Jewish school bus… http…
My bus driver just drove right past the school...
April's photo contest winner is Randy K. Gorgeous Sunrise with School Bus!
My son, who,10 minutes prior, got on the bus for school. So freaked out & trying not to crash, I glanced an empty seat.
Almost missed the school bus 😓. I gotta stop playing smash when it's almost time to leave
school bus drops off 19 kids, then picks up 17 next stop. There are now 63 on board. How many were on before 1st stop?
On N2 before Kromco on Grabouw side,accident involving a school bus and a lane closed.No delays.
Someone should drive me to school so I don't have to take the bus 😩
– Six hurt in school bus crash in Wendell, NC – WTVD –
DeKalb Co.: Crashes...I-85/sb before N. Druid Hills Rd. in left lane & on Lawrenceville Hwy. east of N. Druid Hills invo…
ATTI: Bus 152 on the Red Line is at the Law School & 8th St:5/11/2016 9:14:44 AM
Why was dancing around like a bellend on the Man U team bus ? Someone did tell him it wasn't the 811 school bus didn't they
My bus driver is trying to get everyone on the bus to bond, it's the end of the school year😂
Really hate when my lil brother miss his bus and wakes me up to take him to school 😒
It's called a school bus guys, kids need a little time with the unwashed masses
Like many raised in toxic homes, youngsters aren't taught social wisdom including not to hate or play with matches.
Who else panics when they're stopped next to a school bus because teens could possibly be in there roasting you
All packed up in the bus and on the road. Next stop Waterford School of Architecture ht…
A Jewish school bus — and old tensions — allegedly set aflame by black men in N.Y. neighborhood
I'm actually thinking about buying an old school bus. What time do they picked up? 7:30? I'll be over at 7:25
One patient with minor injury at School Bus accident NW 192 and Penn. Unknown if patient is student or adult.
B: Ocean Parkway & 18th Ave,Responding for an MVA with a School Bus involved.
Webinar Recap: Taking the School Bus into the Classroom: The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA...
Vehicle vs School Bus with children on board in Sanford on 3rd St at Olive Ave - use SR-46 as an alternate
Child Hit, Killed by School Bus in Macon County: Alabama News Network has confirmed that a 5-year-old…
had to wait like 2hrs at the bus stop at 2am. Not even knowing if it was going take us back to school 😂😂
Still asking. Home Science ba? Can't see face, was just checking. School bus, Snoop, all sounded too familiar
School bus fire. You still have to search it.
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"When is the last time you two were on a school bus? When the dinosaurs roamed?" "They didn't have buses back then."
I dream that I take him school and he goes on the bus with me home.
'Heroic' North Dakota school bus driver dies one week after crash
Council u-turn over North Petherton school bus drop-off PARENTS’ anger over the route of a temporary school bus se…
90% of business buyers say when they�re ready to buy, they�ll find you but, how do you get them to call? "Marketing"
Before school rehearsals begin 10/5. Bus passes in mail. Check email 4 details on kid drop off. for more info.
My face is like the Magic School Bus...every time you ride it you're taken to places you never been before...
Help make it happen for The School Bus - Mobile Education for Refugees via
In the children's storage section of our local GAMMA DIY centre there was a standard yellow 'School Bus' whose...
I'm on a bus on my way to DC with my school ahhh fight song helps a lot
Photos: Sonnie Badu opens day care school in London: Worship leader, Sonnie Badu has once again shown the bus...
Aspen Institute Lauds 2015 B-School Faculty Pioneers: Four professors who are leading the way in prompting bus...
Status: On a little yellow school bus for the faculty/staff field trip of the
She kept making me turn down the music so she could tell me when she saw a school bus or about her nail polish
Looking forward to Con for a chance to check out some school buses, like this one:
At typical example of our homemade menu, served from our 1970 American school bus
Saw a Roundhay advert on a bus yesterday. Instead of buying working science equipment they invite more people to an over subscribed school?
On early bus and 3 secondary school girls get on 'I dont take the pill i just have a cigarette after.'
This sweet lady was the bus driver at my son's school. She was on her way to drive them to swim lessons. Prayers. https:…
2 die in School bus-tractor trolley collision in Haryana Two people died due to collision between a schoo…
pulled the bus up in the Land and swooped up my little girl from school. in the words of the og ice…
One time I was riding the school bus & the batteries in my Walkman died while Dr. Feel good was playing, so don't talk t…
*** I really just woke up thinking that I was late for the school bus
Come out to the Oviedo High School bus ramp and test drive one of these new Lincolns!
happy birthday !!! I miss our after school pat bus rides! hope it's a great one!! 💗💞
Father of son with autism views altercation with school bus driver via
Are you ready to get to the school on time?? There's no rules to your school bus!
Motif d'absence : . Comme dit Ed Sheeran " it's to cold outside, for angels to take the bus and go to school and to se fai…
Japanese school girl and someone in a bus qua
School House Rock. Bill Nye the Science Guy. Magic School Bus . Reading Rainbow. Kid shows that actually helped me when I got older❤️
School Bus demolition derby this Saturday, August 22nd at Eagle Raceway after the main events!
School Bus has broken down on outside kamal amrohi studio towards vikhroli,expect jams in a bit
ISBPL: School Bus on Fire in Rajasthan, Children Reported Injured: At least 13 children are reported inj...
Suspect in Couple's Murders 'Devastated,' Fatal Rape, Family Continues Search for Kids, Killed by School Bus: Top…
Still to come.Street Stocks and School Bus figure 8's!
catching the bus to work so I can drive the kids to school on the School Bus.
When you lose something on a School Bus, you know it's never coming back. RIP Camron's iPad 2012-2015.
“this guy remodeled a school bus and traveled with his friends aka life goals I WANT
I'm torn between the Magic School Bus, arthur, and dragon tales
omfg no I'm gonna watch the Magic School Bus
School Bus Driver needed in at Southland Transportation Ltd.. Apply now!
Everything's hitting me like a big yellow school bus
Don't forget the Abeta Zaneti glass blowing school in Murano. Take the water bus. Tell them I sent you
Reading essays on art & democracy. As a former school bus driver & now a outsider in a fancy art school he is bridging gaps
You drove your car to school. . Most students rode a bus to school. . So who should be in a better mood and set the tone…
our school's drama club took a charter bus to New York. we're still on it , on our way back. If that makes sense.
I must be the bus driver because I'm taking y'all to school
Mother should try outrage at...climate change. Mother outraged after spotting ‘satanic’ symbol in bus brake lights
So next time you need a ride to school you can ride the bus. Tf 😑✌️
Teacher Whats big and yellow and comes in the morning to brighten a mothers day? Pupil The school bus! yep
Drivers place, advance to regional School Bus Safety Road-e-o: CFISD school bus drivers placed in the...
Am I watching The Magic School Bus because Criminal Minds freaked me out? Yes. 🚍
I've had a bunch of dreams the past couple nights that I drove a school bus & the breaks wouldn't work
Lemme swing on your Magic School Bus
Trevor is driving the Magic School Bus
"Everybody doin it now 😭🔥 this literally happened on my bus ride to the school parking lot
it's official, I don't have to ride the bus to school anymore 😍😍😍
Hiring Pros is looking for a School Bus Drivers in apply now!
Son thought it'd be a funny April Fools gag to hide my Jesse James custom vape rig. Wonder if he's still laughing on bus to…
What do you call a school bus full of rednecks?. Twinkie!
ATTI: Bus 142 on the Mall PM is at the Law School: 4/4/2015 12:54:40 AM
We are supposed to make it back to school by 1. It's 12:52 . Bus driver u got 8 minutes...
I feel like this bus is judging me for my blasting of old school BSB tunes.
Today, I made best friends on a school bus with three wonderful\brave kids. They taught me lesson. A very good one.
Empty threats are the best part of the bus ride back to school from games
School Bus will be leaving 6pm for free!! 🙌 $6 for Tickets to the game at Glens Falls Civic Center. Get your permission sli…
So I projectile vomited in my parking lot today. Mid vomit, a school bus full of children coming home stops right next to me to let the kids out. Awesome. Happy 2015!
News media is saying the school bus driver ran the stop sign and pulled across the train tracks in front of the train...only saying 2 dead and 11 injured...
It's back to school tomorrow. So please be careful and watch out for the big yellow school buses. Be aware and know that when you see the yellow flashing lights we are about to make a student pick up. It is state law that you must stop for a school bus who is picking up children and has their red flashing lights on and their stop sign out. Pay attention and be careful it is six points on your license if you run a school bus stop sign. I truly love my job driving a school bus and care for the children that each of our buses transport
This has been one LONG Christmas break!. I'm not gonna lie, I am sooo happy the kids are goin back to school. Love all my babies, but times up. get yalls butts on that school bus!
New at 10: -A community is grieving tonight after a tragic accident. Two people are killed and a dozen injured after a school bus and train collide near Larimore. -We’ll tell you why a local teen is on an expedition in Antarctica, and how he’s seeing little difference in the weather there. -A Twin Valley, MN, couple has beat the odds. We’ll introduce you to the Pazdernik’s rare identical triplets. Stay tuned.
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17 children were taken to the hospital this morning after their school bus flipped in Union County. The driver of the other vehicle is in serious condition.
Authorities say that two people have died and at least 11 are injured in train-school bus collision in North Dakota.
Have you ever pulled up to your house and find a big yellow school bus in your front yard? Well I did this afternoon. The 8" of new snow might have had something to do with this. 2 hours later and several huge holes in the front lawn from tire spinning and the help of some really nice new neighbors and the big yellow land cruiser was on its way again. Life is a struggle and the good people you me along the way make it easier.
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I don't wanna sleep. School can go get a bus pass and leave forever. 😠😤
I appreciate that Michael takes me to school every morning because walking to the bus stop when it's 7 degrees out doesn't sound fun
A lawsuit filed by the parents of an emotionally disturbed 14-year-old girl who died two years ago after stepping out the rear emergency door of a moving school bus says city education officials failed to address a series of warnings about problems involving her transportation.
" it better snow or else " . Or else what ? You won't do anything besides get on the bus for school
I have to take the bus to school or walk *** *** I'm staying home
LARIMORE, N.D. - The driver of a school bus failed to yield to an oncoming train, resulting in a crash that killed two people and injured 11 to 12 people, said. Lt. Troy Hischer of the North Dakota Highway Patrol. Hischer could not confirm if the two dead were children. The bus was hit ...
Im not really into roundball..idk its a pretty boy sport team game.that can be dominated by one.player BUT...that *** Steph Curry new nickname should be Magic School Bus..cuz.he takn mofos
School bus hit from behind, no one on board injured: SANDY CREEK TOWNSHIP – Neither the students nor their sch...
Two killed and at least 11 injured after a school bus collides with a train in North Dakota:
“School'n niggaz school bus, I get it,
it's okay I'll go steal a school bus
Gotta go to school to get my bus pass
“Still snowing, still frigid, not blowing yet.” And no 2- hour delay yet here.As a school bus driver, I'd rather know now.
Hi Everyone, Due to the number of new members, I'm going to repost Jason's story for them to read. Bear with me. y life began on Easter Sunday April 6 1980, I was 10 pounds and 4 ounces as you can imagine I was a good sized baby. As I began to grow and develop into a child, my mother noticed that something just didn’t seem right with me. She noticed that I was not crawling and as time went on I was about 18 months old when I started to walk, and which is quite late for a toddler. My young childhood was at times rather difficult I was not very good at climbing stairs, running; walking long distances and my legs were just not able to do when I wanted them to do. I knew something just wasn’t right with me but I had no idea of what was causing all of this. My mother had taken me to the doctors for a checkup and as the doctor examined me after I had walked over the examination room it seemed as if he thought that I might possibly have muscular dystrophy. None of us had any idea of what exactly this d ...
Collision with train kills two on North Dakota school bus:
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UPDATE: Student, driver of school bus killed after crash with train in North Dakota
Almost fell walking to my bus after school and walking home😭😭 lmfao
This is a photo of Joe Reddy's old school bus my brother Noel and I caught to and from school each day back in the late 50s / early 60s. About 13 miles each way, along dirt roads and across wheat paddocks. Memories of Mr Reddy slamming the breaks on without warning (trying to kill a snake) and all of us being thrown to the front and tumbling out the open front door. One morning, as we were crossing the wheat paddock behind Sherriffs, we noticed a large wheel running ahead from the vehicle. "Looks like someone's lost a wheel," Joe calmly stated as we jolted to a stop, front axle digging a large groove in the paddock. This is a group from Tooleybuc Central School, which I think included Noel, about to embark on a trip to Portsea for a coastal holiday - 55 years ago! Claire, Robyn, Amy, Kim, Thomas
as a child Darius loved the smell of oranges so much he used to rub orange peels on himself on the bus ride to school
A school bus in Charles County was rear ended this morning sending 16 students to the hospital. No critical injuries occu…
How much does a school bus driver make
Train and school bus collide, killing 2 and injuring 11
I think by the time i get home I will be right behind my community school bus
My brother can't drive to school tomorrow so if our bus is late and I have to wait in the cold I will cry and not go
Lls manwhat. A *** use to be siced afta school gettin on that bus Tryna find that empty seat next to ms. Tia 😂😂 I ain't lyin.
If a school bus driver tells your teenage family member she looks a hot mess how would you handle it. A. Be mature about. B. Curse her out. C. Kick her *** or D. Kick her *** Or a and d.
I know most have heard about his horrible tragedy. Please offer prayers for all involved. So sad.
A 62-year old school bus driver is dead, along with a 17-year old female student. Plus, all 12 other student passengers on that bus were injured,
So as you parents cartwheel with your children out to the school bus with joy that they're heading back to school, please bring me some tissue cuz I'm crying cuz I have to go to bed late and get up early crank that bus in all this cold weather!! Happy to go back to see my babies just like being lazy lol ...
I love driving to school , no more cold *** bus!
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There's a bus that normally takes people to school
Before all I had to do was walk across the street to get to school now I have to take the city bus 😞
that makes no sense considering the bus is the only way I get to school ***
On the bus ride back to school after a loss like
I'm WTOC Dawn Baker with some of the stories you'll see tonight on The News at 11: -A teen who spent more than a year in jail for a crime he didn't commit is free tonight. We'll show you what led to his release. - A big win for First Student school bus drivers. - Why this tax season might be the worst in history. - Plus, an over the top marriage proposal.
Have mixed feelings about the boys singing old school Taylor Swift in the back of the bus
It's been a long day today. After only 2 hours of sleep last night and a busy day today my heart is heavy for the community of This afternoon there was a terrible accident with a school bus and a train. I was a Pastor in this small community for 4 and a half years and it was an honor to serve there. At times it was rocky and at times it was a mountaintop experience! At times like this I find it difficult to even know where to start to pray so I will simply cry out in anguish, "Oh God we need comfort!"
With OPS resuming school tomorrow. Bus drivers will be in at 3 AM to start the buses.
What a great article about a GREAT MAN
Go to school 3 hours away, come home every other weekend and on top of that, you ride a bus 😂
UPDATE: Bus driver and 17 year-old killed in Larimore crash involving school bus and train
"From riding the bus in high school to our first cars, graduating, and our first apartment together". htt…
UPDATE including video: Two people killed in accident involving school bus and train Monday afternoon east of...
And now, 2014's Top Five Facepalm Moments... (aka "The *** Five") H-7578 (law in Rhode Island): "Your sixth grader can't get off the school bus without a chaperone waiting" - kids would be required to have an adult waiting at the bus stop to walk them home each afternoon. We're talking 12-year-olds here. If no adult was present at the bus stop, the child would be bused back to school. Cops interrogated an Austin mom after her son, age 6, was spotted playing alone in the yard outside of his home. A Child Protective Services rep came to the house to question the mom's three kids. CPS asked the daughter, age 8, if she had ever seen movies 'with people's private parts.' The mom says "My daughter, who didn't even know that things like that exist, does now. Thank you, CPS." Seattle playground designed for kids with special needs was destroyed because it presented "extreme dangers"... even though over the course of its 10 year history, no child was ever injured on the playground. Blanchester, OH, and 8-year-old ...
2 dead, a dozen injured in North Dakota train-bus crash: A school bus failed to yield to railroad crossing and...   10% Off
Two killed in train collision with school bus in North Dakota -reports - Reuters Africa mediAt media
And this over whelming exhaustion is why you should thank school bus drivers and attendants ugh
Frostproof, Florida - According to the Polk County Fire Department a school bus has caught on fire on Hwy 98 in Frostproof. The exact location was not available as of this post. Readers say the fire is near the Polk County Jail. According to Dave Walters, Public Information Officer for PCFD, no st…
My baby starts riding the school bus tomorrow, and I think I feel my heart breaking. 💔😭 hes growing up.
Emergency responders were on the scene of an overturned school bus in Union County.Officials told Channel 9 that the bus crashed in the 1500 block of Unionville-Indian Trail Road around 7:45 a.
Well just wanting to wish April Langford Christa Fuller and the rest of the faculty at kennard a wonderful new year with their beautiful children. Good luck Larry Langford with your children too I know they will be waiting on that big yellow school bus early in the morning to head back to school, I know I will lol. Have a great day faculty and students. ;)
Musings of our 9th and 10th grade youth group ladies... 1. Did you know you can't park in front of a fire hydrant!? 2. (another girl).did you also know that pedestrians have the right of way? 3. (another young driver)...also! you can't pass a school bus. Don't worry we had a little impromptu drivers ed lesson immediately following this conversation.
BUYER BEWARE: when the web ad for your hotel room in Albuquerque describes "mountain views" that is marketing code for your-room-has-a-window. Any glance outside is, technically, a "mountain view"---that parking lot and the side of that building outside my window, for example: Mountain View. Parking lot and side of ugly building... outside my window... in the mountains... I can see a parked school bus from here. At the same time, *** is neither extremely hot nor extremely cold... it's just a moderately temperate day that lasts for all eternity in a place that looks and smells like the Texas Panhandle just west of Amarillo. Heaven may or may not look like the sudden panorama that emerges in the west Panhandle approaching, entering, and moving deeper into New Mexico. It put me in a profound state of awe. Of course, now I have an awesome case of altitude sickness. Going out for light dinner and sugarless gum.
Ok, well the devil is really mad now; my young cousins in Charlotte were on a school bus which flipped over after the bus hit a lady and child. My young cousin is going to need reconstructive surgery and I believe My young cousin Kevin is ok. I don't have all the details yet, but I thank God they are alive. They were just here for Christmas, drove home and the Lord kept them, and He is still keeping them. WHAT A MIGHTY GOD WE/THEM/I SERVE. Please the McCarter & White families in Charlotte & Buffalo in your prayers Please keep all the people involved in this accident in your prayers. Thank you.
Here's something to think about. At 16 years and 6 months I drove a school bus full of kids (up to 60 or so I believe) How many folks today would allow a 16 year old to pick up there kindergartner and drive off with them? Why did 16 become suddenly to young in 1989? I was telling my son about it and he just couldn't fathom the idea.
Train and school bus collide in North Dakota, kills 2, injures 12
A mother and toddler were in a van that was hit head-on by a school bus this morning, sending 21 students to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Tonight on Eyewitness News at 10 & 11 p.m., we are learning more about the extent of the mother’s injuries and how her two-year-old miraculously escaped injury.
My sweet little Emma, 5, got on the school bus today (first time) to start her first class of pre-school due to her hearing aid.she told me it was good, and Sam was very proud and too !! Babies are growing up...
My thoughts & prayers go out to the families of the 17 year old student & bus driver who were killed & the 11 others who were injured in a school bus collision with a train near Larimore ND this afternoon
2 City councils having sexual relations in the parking lot forced to leave El Napol for their provocative behavior...bus driver of 30y texting & driving with kids aboard the school bus little to no reprimand but a "documentation on file"...4 year old clinging to life downtown at Kosairs...this is why I do not like tuning in to the news it's ridiculous the things people are doing in the world...
As my friend Chip Garrow begins his next fight in the very near future, certainly this man shows nothing but true grit! Since I was first introduced to him on a school bus me as the driver, him as the rider :) he has NEVER BACKED DOWN FROM ANYTHING! He would come to explorers wrapped in his jacket with just his eyes peering through the hood at 16/17, sick or not he was there! Chip you have hundreds if not thousands of supporters. CHIPSTRONG my friend!
So I would like to say that driving school bus is a difficult job on the best days. When you do not run due to weather it becomes even more challenging. We do not run for the safety of ALL on the bus. Yes there is cell's "everyone has them". There are also Many spots that there is no coverage. So even with cell phones there is always a chance to be stranded. It is the individual driver's discretion on weather or not we go out. The school is always open each parent can take our children on our own. Please respect the decisions we make as drivers.
School Bus Figure 8 rides are always a popular event at the track. Here I have some pics of the many people waiting in the line for a free bus ride around the figure 8 course. I'm not sure who is in these pics. Anybody recognize themselves or their friends in these pics?
So.I was mad at my hubby all day 'cause last nite we went on a field trip with several classes and he 'hung out' with all the mothers! I got stuck with the kids and when we stopped at a restaurant to feed them the cook said she was outta pies so John made me get back there and make pies while he visited with the moms. FINALLLY we got to the auditorium for the kids to see some dumb play or whatever and there was no room for me with the 'grown ups' so John told me I could go sit in front on the me and Dinah Clark (THAT was a LONG time ago that she drove the school bus!). We were totally bummed that we got stuck way up front like that.THEN.the curtains opened and THERE, within arms reach was my all time honey.ALAN JACKSON! OH MY GOD! I was in, even though I 'was in heaven' last nite I made John boy live in *** all day today.He kept reminding me that it was just a dream but that doesn't matter.Alan's gone! Dang it! I'm goin' to bed early just in case he's waiting for me (in my dream ...
Five Knox County school bus drivers have been removed from the school system’s roster to transport students while officials review the status of their licenses.
A school bus carrying an undetermined number of children was hit by a train in the North Dakota town of Larimore Monday afternoon, killing the driver of the bus and a 17-year-old passenger. About a dozen other students were injured.
A tragic school bus crash occurred in Larimore, North Dakota today. Please keep the children and their families in prayer. My three great nieces were on that bus and one has been transported by helicopter to the Trauma Center in Fargo, North Dakota.
Two people have died, and possibly a dozen injured, in a crash between a BNSF train and school bus near Larimore, North Dakota.
Praying for the families involved in the fatal school bus accident in the Dakotas this afternoon.
Monday back to the grind. It was like the 1st day of school at work today, with everyone back. Dad busy feeding cows, pond detail (minor problems fixed), odds & ends. Came home to firewood, basement organization, couple of small projects & barn feedings. Ended the night with visit with family & stop at Dairy Queen, no matter how cold it may be, you can't say no to ice cream. Alberta Clipper from Huntington,WV to Ft Dodge,IA; Eau Claire,WI to Terre Haute,IN. More Snow from Sheridan,WY to Cut Bank,MT. Winter Wx Adv/Watches & Warnings from ME to MT. Locally from Altoona to Cumberland,MD down to Buckhannon,WV; Zanesville, Cadiz, Columbiana, Moundsville, Weirton, Washington, Carmichaels, Bethel Park, Harrison City & New Brighton. Our first real snowfall of the winter season. So far for tomorrow morning...MACO Workshop & Monroe Achievement Center in Woodsfield on a 2 hr delay. Crews all over from PennDot, ODOT & WVDOH preparing for the morning snow. The bit of snow & slippery roads this morning especially north ...
Back in '98 the C-SPAN School Bus paid a visit to GWTW author Margaret Mitchell's House in Atlanta:
Cops Called Because Kids Brought Confetti Guns on School Bus. A bus driver in Flagler County, Florida called the...
congrats for accusing Citizens on School Bus of being "Illegal"
Once again, East End Youth Baseball League is supporting the United Way's "Stuff the School Bus" to help our local school children! We are accepting donations at the concession stand starting June 23rd to July 30th. Donations needed: Pencils, Glue Sticks, Rulers, Construction Paper, Handwriting Paper, Scissors, Crayons, Kid's Scissors, Writing Tablets, Erasers, Markers, Back Packs, Flash Cards, Notebooks, Folders, Pencil Boxes, etc. No Donation is too small or too large
By now, I'm sure you all know that the brand new quadruple jet engine "SPITFIRE" Jet Truck from Paul Stender was supposed to make its DEBUT Performance here in Battle Creek on the 4th of July (and I do mean debut performance.this was going to be the first air show that the truck ever performed at). However, due to unforeseen circumstances, SPITFIRE will not be ready in time for the Field of Flight. Not all is lost though...because we will be having NOT ONE, NOT TWO...but THREE different jet vehicles performing during our air shows on July 4, 5 & 6. In addition to the already announced Jet Doghouse that Paul will be bringing, he will be replacing SPITFIRE in our lineup with the "School Time" Jet School Bus which last appeared here in 2012. This is the worlds FASTEST School Bus running at speeds in excess of 360 mph and spitting 80 foot flames. Paul will also be bringing a vehicle that has never before been seen in Battle Creek. The RZR-Jet is the World's FASTEST UTV. This Jet Powered Solaris RZR Ranger is ...
Did you know the CCSD School Bus is still here @ 2832 E Flamingo Rd, 89121 - until 7pm tonight? Hurry and get on the Bus to fill out your...
One of the last Gold Rush Era Roadhouses, property dates to 1862 Heritage Log House, in Hydraulic BC Canada, 50 miles east of 150 Mile House, 7 miles west of Likely. About 400 miles north of Vancouver BC. Dates to Gold Rush. House is mentioned in more than 8 history books on the Cariboo and BC gold rush and on cover of one. This place is a piece of Canadian History Year round living or Recreation property surrounded by the Cariboo gold field's. This Roadhouse was the store, post office, boarding house, and supply depot for the gold rush in the East Cariboo. It is surrounded by the Ghost Town of Hydraulic BC. There is a very interesting history with this place. 20 minuets to Mount Polly Mines and 50 minutes to Gibraltar Mines One hour from Williams lake which is the closest major center. Swimming and fishing, hunting, wildlife viewing, gold panning , metal detecting right outside your door. Outdoor recreation at its best. backs on to crown land , loads of trails for horse, quads and snowmobiles. School Bus ...
Sacred Heart Academy Prom night girls decided to hire a School Bus to take them to the Country Club. They couldn't wait to see the reaction of the Principal, Deans and Teachers and other students as they arrived. That's the beauty about an all Girl Catholic school great leadership,spirituality,good education, fun, & humor with no distractions to be who they really are .Love it
Which of the following has the largest surface area?. a.) Giraffe. b.) School Bus. c.) Peyton Manning's f…
Why do we put Sex & Candy on playlists when St. Joe On the School Bus is clearly the superior song?
Here's the answer to yesterday's Trivia Thursday question! The original Blue Bird No.1 School Bus, the first all-steel bodied school bus, is residing at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, MI. Definitely a place worth visiting! The winner of the grand prize is Robert Ball! The other four winners are: Artie Cousineau Jordan Sparks Carol Dishong Marie Miller Please send us a message to claim your prize! Congratulations!
Sri Balaji Temple of Great Lakes is glad to invite you for Sri Sita Rama Thirukalyanam & Sri Rama Pattabhishekam with the help of 8 Priests from Bhadrachalam Sree Seetha Ramachandra Swamy Vari Devasthanam (BSSRS) on the auspicious day of Uthara Phalguni on Saturday 05/10/2014 at 3325 Middle belt Road, West Bloomfield, MI 48323. Program Schedule Subpradam 8.00 a.m Aradhanam 8.30 a.m Sri Sita Rama Thirukalynam 9.00 a.m Sri Rama Pattabishekam 11.30 p.m Arathi, Theeram & Prasadam 1.00 p.m. Maha Prasadam 1.30 p.m. Parking We expect lot of devotees will participate and attend the Sri Sita Rama Thirukalyanam. So Temple has arranged a outside parking at West Hills Middle School, which is located on Lone Pine road at Middlebelt road. The distance between School and Temple is 1.5 Miles. We have arranged a School Bus for shuttle between School and Temple. We kindly request the devotees to park at the school and use the Shuttle Service. The address of the school is below: West Hills Middle School 2601 Lone Pine ...
School Bus that was snatched premesis in Abj, has been recovered in Lafia, Nasarawa state.2 suspects arrested.
My Granddaughter goes Highland in Sparta, Morrow county, she gets on the School Bus at 6:40am for a 7:20 start time. Ridiculous
Born and raised in Boone County. Living in Hewett all his life. He graduated from Scott High School in 1980 and began driving a School Bus for Boone County Schools in 1981.  Currently he continues to drive for Boone County Schools along with being a Realtor and Insurance Agent.
Did you know: Berkeley Schools will be holding School Bus evacuation drills every 20 mins @ Saturday's prep fair!
The Tuesday movie quote: “Attention, passengers, we are now leaving Nun Central and are beginning our journey to *** and beyond. The captain has turned off the "no smoking" sign, and you may now move about the cabin freely. Thank you for being Catholic, and for choosing the Saint Gabriel's School Bus.”
Happy day for Don Bosco School in Savaii - blessing of their new School Bus which was donated by good hearted people of Samoa during the "walk for a bus" fundraising in August last year. THANKS to all of you who supported and helped us make it REAL!!! May The Lord Bless you all. Thanks especially to the sponsors Bluesky Samoa, Strickland Brothers, Vaimoana Resort, the fundraising committee for making it happen. Now the bus is here in Savaii Praise The Lord!!
Everything I learned in Life I got from the Magic School Bus
A friend seen a Muslim woman wearing a full Berka driving a Tulsa Public School Bus today. My wife seen on at Union Public School driving a School Bus a few days ago. *** is wrong with this City? and Oklahoma? and America? The Army Major at Ft Hood was a *** terrorist dressed like an American Solder! No Christian has ever strapped explosives on themselves and blew people up! What are we allow our government to trust these people with our kids! The *** Chamber Of Commerce!!!
Louisiana State Police identify the Four Dead Following Crash with School Bus- St. Mary Parish- A crash involving a school bus and an SUV on US Highway 90 near LA Highway 317 has left four people dead and several people injured. At 11:41 a.m., 36-year-old Ladonna Cheatham of Patterson was driving a 2004 Kia Sorrento west on US Highway 90. A Lafayette Parish School Bus, driven by 40-year-old Amy Dore of Sunset, was traveling east on US Highway 90. For reasons which remain under investigation, the left rear tire on Cheatham's vehicle failed. Cheatham's vehicle traveled off the left side of the road, crossed the median and struck the school bus. Cheatham was not wearing a seat belt and was ejected from the vehicle. Three other occupants in her vehicle, 6-year-old Destiny Cheatham, 7-year-old Dwayne Escort and 16-year-old Marcus Cheatham were all unrestrained and were ejected from the vehicle. All four were pronounced dead at the scene by the St. Mary Parish Coroner. A fourth occupant in Cheatham's vehic ...
traffic officers should stop taking bribes to turn a blind eye! They must start with Uncle Sunny's School Bus in Midrand
Netflix lists 'The Magic School Bus' as recommended for me. I can't tell if Netflix doesn't know me at all or if it knows me really well.
Good morning . I'm in the school bus wishing Dani Alves was my friend ... yeah
After being stranded on a school bus for hours during a snowstorm in Atlanta, a young girl gave one of the most adorable interviews in recent memory. "I was super scared," she told WSB-TV. "I was like, if I don't get home to my parents I'm going to freak out. … It'll just be crazy. They'll be calling me, and I don't have my phone." Watch KTLA's video here:
My sex education was from graffiti on a wall near my school bus stop.
- I don't even chase the School Bus .. What makes you think ima Chase you?
True life whenever we used to step off the bus to play at a public school
Rotterdam police allegedly broke the arm of an emotionally disturbed 16-year-old boy after two cops tried to remove him by force from a school bus he refused to leave, and a video revealed the cracking sound of a bone followed by the teenager's moans and shouted expletives. [...] an attorney represe...
From an email we received... Anyone know this person from Eutaw? " I am wondering if there is a way to find someone who rescued me from an accident (I ran off I 20/59 into a gulley in the center median near Joe Mallasham Parkway); he brought me to my house in Fosters. I am a County School Bus driver, and his good deed helped me get a School Bus load of children home. I gave the man my first name. But, all I know about him is that he lives in Eutaw. He was with a wife and two very young children. I am concerned to know if he made it home safely. I would like to also personally contact him to better thank him. I felt a bit shaken after the accident, and I felt extremely consumed and rushed with trying to get to my Bus. I regret not taking the time to get this information myself. He is a hero. Please, help me or inform me on my options for finding this selfless, good Samaritan. I write you because James Spann once spoke at one of our County Bus meetings. I didn't know who else to contact. Thank you for your ...
What If you could make a shrunken clone of yourself and go in your head through your ear like in the Magic School Bus show
MCB- i always see you around school and when i walk to my bus stop, but youre so pretty!
Had a wonderful day estate sailing in Portland, ate at the Depot in Albany with a nice glass of blush. Got home washed my school bus =) Now chilling...
Part time hourly position Hours per week Varies Monday ndash Friday am noon andor pm routes charter routes if interested which could include evenings and weekends Responsible for the safe efficient and timely operation of a school bus van or any other type of commercial passenger vehicle Transport p...
Atlanta needs this school bus. Hehe .
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
URGENT!!! Back on April 26, 2010, 16 year old Ali Lowitzer was listed as a runaway with the Spring, Texas police, when she didn't return home that day. Ali rode the school bus to her stop, just 3 houses from where she lived and called her mother to tell her she was going to walk to her place of employment to pick up her check. She never arrived at her work place nor did she return home, nor call again. NEW recent leads and tips in her case lead to OHIO. (2nd picture is the news story written.) THERE IS NEW HOPES THAT ALI IS ALIVE BUT ALSO GREAT RISK SHE IS ENSLAVED IN HUMAN SEX TRAFFICKING. SHE WAS KNOWN AT THE PLACE THEY BUSTED IN OHIO BUT SHE WASN'T THERE. WE NEED TO DO EVERYTHING WE CAN TO HELP MAKE THIS NATIONAL NEWS! I AM ASKING EVERYONE TO ''SHARE'' THE MISSING POSTER OF ALI AND LETS HELP FIND HER! WE KNOW SHE IS OUT THERE! TIME IS OF THE UTMOST IMPORTANCE! YOUR HELP IS NEEDED! PLEASE ''SHARE''
2/1/14 Day of Solidarity Rally in Support of Boston School Bus Drivers Union Fighting Union Busting & Firing of School Bus Driver Leaders By VEOLIA TRANSPORTATION...Let's Drive Veolia's Union Busting Out ot Boston ! Despite signing an agreement to honor all terms and conditions of the USW 8751 contract on June 18, 2013, since Veolia took over management of the Boston School Bus transportation on July 1, 2013 they blatantly and systematically violated nearly every article regarding wages, benefits and working conditions and repudiated the established grievance and arbitration procedures. From July to October over 175 individual and class action grievances were filed. In September the Steelworkers filed 18 Unfair Labor Practices charges with the National Labor Relations Board. On October 7th the company attempted to force the drivers to fill out new hire applications. The members also knew that due to the Federal Government shutdown at the time they had no redress available. This was the straw that broke th ...
2. Sitting on the bus with your mate on the way to school/college/work. 1D…
the person in front of me is going 10 under but I will never pass them bc they're watching the Magic School Bus😎
An analogy for me and my brother . IF life is like riding a school bus . we got nothing to worry about ... WE WERE THE FIRST ONES ON AND THE LAST ONES OFF! ; we gonna live forever!
Why is Bloomberg in this episode? I want him to get run over by a bus for all the times he made us go to school during blizzards.
You know you had an awesome childhood when you know all the words to the Magic School Bus theme song
My mom left out her room earlier came back in and got mad cause I was watching Magic School Bus 💀😂😂
Lockport schools to re-examine bus policy after Young Road flap: LOCKPORT – Lockport School Superinte...
I'll just get on the school bus one day that we used to go on 😏
On this *** school bus tired *** help can't wait to see the bae <3 in school cuz he can hold me and cheer me up .
You remember going to east junior high, and you got off the school bus and went up the path
I usually drive him to school, now the only way he's getting to school is the bus
(586): Hooked up with a guy dressed as Miss Frizzle last night... Asked if I could ride his Magic School Bus.
There is so much suicide in Magic School Bus
A school bus full of clowns just let off in front of the apartment I'm babysitting in. They're all yelling. I am annoyed. And confused.
Have you ever gone on a school trip and realized the bus ride was the best part-
If only he rode the bus to school with me :(
Hood *** need to cop a bus. You know how deadly a drive-by out a school bus would be?
Oh, and adult humpbacks are the size of a school bus, babies are the size of a large SUV. The first of the migrating whales show up in HI in December and the latest arrive in April.
Really enjoying watching The Magic School Bus with my Tommy. (:
I gotta drive the school bus tomorrow. It's my shift
Buses should have seat.belts. every vehicle on the road and in the air they are fitted with seat belts. Infact it is a requirement to wear them by law in most countries. Why would we not protect our children on the school bus? Been on scene of accident. Where a school bus hit a tar truck on highway all persons in bus where thrown out of bus dead 23 most died from hot tar. Seat belts work. What do you think?
Just ordered the Magic School Bus movie about bodies for my class to watch.. It's the little things that get me excited :)
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How many of ya'll out there own your own school bus?
Boston SpedPac Email Blast View this email in your browser Hello, The video from our Jan 23, 2014 General Meeting is ready for viewing: Watch on our website or Watch from our YouTube Channel Topics for the General Meeting - January 23, 2014 Presentation – The iPad: A Tool, Not Just a Toy! Guest Presenter – Sean Sweeney, MS, MEd, CCC-SLP, SpeechTechie Sean will demonstrate a variety of apps useful in the home with students with language, social learning, and executive function challenges. Apps useful for language building and organization, visualizing and emphasizing social situations and scripts, and support of planning and organization skills will be covered, along with resources for learning more on your own! 2013 SpedPac Champion Award - John Connolly Thank You - Mary Tamer BPS Update - Superintendent John McDonough Regards, Boston SpedPac 2013-14 BSP General Meetings When: Thursdays, 7-9pm 9/26, 10/24, 11/21, 1/23, 2/27, 3/27, 4/17 May 22- Board Elections Where: New Location Campbell Resour ...
Little People house, garden and swing, family car, and school bus. House has furniture makes sounds, car makes sounds and so does School bus. Comes with several people. Great shape smoke free. Meet at EP Kohl's. $20.00 for all.
I was just 15 when we moved from Hesper, Iowa. A hard move for Jane and I although we ended up in a good School and the Pleasant Plain Friends Church had over 20 teen-agers our age with plenty of get togethers’, hay rides, etc. My Senior Year I preached every Sunday at the Rubio Friends Church from September to January. I had my first Funeral for a lady form Richland that fall. My Father was gone on vacation or to some retreat with mom. Jane and I where left in charge of the house church and our two little sisters, Adora and Damaris. When this lady died her family asked if I would do the funeral. My father helped me (long distance) to prepare a message and appropriate scripture etc. My Senior Year at Fairfield I also drove a School Bus, as did my father. We would park the Buses in the Church parking lot next to the parsonage, get up have breakfast together and head out. He drove a smaller Bus home (17 miles) and headed back to the H.S. in the afternoon. I simply went to classes and got on my bu ...
Update Cal Fire says no kids on School Bus were injured at crash near Salton Sea area, passenger in car has minor injuries
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
.Does your school bus operator have ISO14001? Many do and you can included it in your transport topic action plan
oh!! I don't have 12 from my house :-( if it's school that bus stop is it the cc side or opp that bus stop??
Monday Morning: Waiting for the Bus - The Tahoe Bears catch the bus to work and school.
"I'm not riding the school bus my mom is picking me up today!"
I'm pretty sure this is not a school bus, it is 11:45pm
Mmm.Cardiff bus. School report on collaborative scrutiny - must hunt down a copy - VIP to look at new governance models
Saw my ex at school today.. Lol I did not left my bus just to say hi even though she and my friend went there
Finally Lil's asleep! Big excursion tomorrow on the school bus to Crocs play centre with all the junior school. End of the year celebration... She's gonna have a ball 󾌰
That was an entertaining bus ride to school. 😂😂
Spring Lane School pupils helped install a time capsule at North Gate Bus Station this morning.
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