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Scenic Route

A scenic route, tourist road, tourist route, holiday route, theme route, or scenic byway is a specially designated road or waterway that travels through an area of natural or cultural beauty.

Josh Duhamel Dan Fogler Des Moines

Mattress, bedside furniture and bags of rubbish… Just some of the items fly-tippers are dumping on scenic route
Take the scenic route on your daily drive home & other habits to make you more creative
I drove 10 hours total. Had one awesome adventure. Went to pismo, solvang, santa barbara, and took the scenic route home. So much fun
Just come off as childish. Taking the scenic route to seeming like an adult on the internet.
Nature’s Valley in the scenic is a true paradise for the nature lover. A place where you can find...
Taking the scenic route to Southland . on the wrong bus. On a positive note, Black Rock is a lovely place.
I'm in the same boat in South Walkerville. I have done scenic route (riverfront to Parkway to Greenway) but that's ~30 km.
Who Would've thought the route we chose would ever end up this scenic
Embrace the detours and Embrace the Scenic Route in life. Check out this blog post. via
DISAPPEAR INTO ADVENTURE. Some vehicles are perfect for taking the scenic route, while others are designed for tackling backw…
Scenic stop for the team en route to
Let's take ALL students through the scenic route of learning mathematics. Why? Exactly-why!
Take the scenic route in with these tips! 👀🚗
Taking scenic route to Cape Cod this weekend. Happy for any food stops (lobster rolls?) & other suggestions along the way.
So excited that our very first event is now live. You wont find a more scenic trail route. Not one to miss😍
Took the scenic route on my way to earlier this afternoon…. 🚁👀🏝. . .
I see you have chosen to take the scenic route leading to common sense.
There's a hidden price when we take the easy route , we learn a lot more when we take the scenic route. 💯
I would choose the scenic route and a nature walk over the club any day
There's still a lot of Summer left... who's taking a road trip?
Took the scenic route to SF always blows my mind how beautiful Yosemite is
My dad just got over charged and taken for a "scenic" route by a driver. The trip was quoted at $13.XX but ended up c…
People who want to get to there would have to take the scenic scenic did I say scenic route. I wish I was well.
just heard on badchristian you played in Wyoming at scenic lookout let me know next time which scenic route you'll play next
Another incredible day weather wise! Took the "scenic route" along the tip of Manhattan to get…
Lunch time. Then we head North! As far West as I go on my scenic route lol.
{Always take the scenic route! (Which fortunately is the only way to the Island of Key West!).…
Where Flauts Meet the Sea. Take the scenic route and always .
"Don't forget to have fun. Take the scenic route and look around." Hon Doc to Kingston University graduates.
Kyle Fletcher takes the scenic route before chopping Tyler! ➡️
“Let me take the scenic route to explain.” Loved watching and untangle their Hillz thoughts:
New tourist route around remote Highland coast set to lure more buyers over the border
Always take the scenic route. https:…
Can cope with a campsite instead of a couch? Keep following for more Scenic Route challenges
Responsible for 4 foreigners today. If we get lost, I'm just telling them it's the scenic route..
Take the Scenic 7 Survey for the chance to win one of two prize packages from the communities on route
Well, Most Dangerous & Scenic Rail Route is in North East India n PM Modi has promised to provide rail connectivity to all NE states by 2020
You never know what you might find when you have to de-tour
Y'all run from the hood, I take the scenic route through it with my windows down and sun roof open
Me when I take the scenic route to get home in berwick 😂
Potapova for the match. She's gone the scenic route in this one.
New crew takes the scenic route to leaving aboard this evening at 9:36PM.
Heading to Devon this summer? 5 bike rides to try whilst you're there (plus pubs to try en route too
Taking the scenic route to the station!
My dad is the kind of guy to take the scenic route and enjoy the journey. My mum is always in a rush. I'm more like my mum.
Here are seven of the most interesting historic stops along California's scenic Route 1. https:…
I added a video to a playlist Driving from Mostar to Dubrovnik - the scenic route!!
at least it's the scenic route!! Down bumpy roads and out by The Barn thru Gunthorpe to Lincoln Road
Scenic views from Sat route. Plenty of sheep — feeling cool at Dover's Hill, Chipping Camden
Scotland's new tourist route is luring buyers. With vistas like this, we may follow ... …
I might drive you crazy, but at least I'll take the scenic route...
En route to one of the scenic views after Mahad. @ Kashedi Ghat top...
Start at the top... Use your mouth... . No hands... And take the scenic route please
The Beast takes the scenic route Reality Car Show
Forget getting your kicks on Route 66, explore California's scenic Route 1.
I hate my brother -,- taking me to the hospital in the car and decided to take the "scenic" route by the cemetery
Explore our gallery of scenic road trip photos and find out how to add yours!
Mamie Simonson, whose home was taken by Robert Moses in 1959, unveils new name of route, the Niagara Scenic Parkway
Took the scenic route home to catch rattata and doduo only to get home and find them both in my front yard, lol
Gokyo Lake Trek is much scenic and less crowded alternative route to Everest Base Camp trek: ht…
important reminder for tourists: swan mtn is part of some locals commute, it's not just ur scenic route. Let's keep it moving plz & thnx 🙃
With a you can start taking the scenic route to work. Try it for free at
A 3 year late review of Scenic Route starring Josh Duhamel and Dan Fogler: Broken footman gets mohawk and broken footman and bigman go crazy
Well, if you're short on time you'll want to use the highway which is very boring. The scenic river route is much longer.
SDCCU is a sponsor of The Encinitas Mile. Shout-out to the competitors racing along this beautiful, scenic route!
The Causeway coastal route. If you want a scenic drive, this is the place! What a spot!
From Darjeeling en route to Gangtok is a scenic 3 hours drive. What makes this drive memorable…
Fuel Boat Halsall has been to Anderton for orders & is now heading to the Port via the scenic route
thank you. All done and in one piece. Tough route but scenic. Menstrie hill is a monster.
Kodak tv broadcast en route to wmm - how for transfer/convert/eidt/import kodak tele in transit to vm scenic…
shouldn't take long going the scenic route through Dingwall 😳
I don't fail, I just take the scenic route to success.
They say I'm lost but I always say it's the scenic route lol
Spot on ain't it pal?👏. Taking the scenic route too so I can enjoy chucking the car at some corners😁
He's just taking the scenic route he'll be fine iA
Am I wrong? If it's not an American airline I'm not getting on. If it's in-between European countries I'll find a scenic route on the ground
Handmade Greeting , Card , Always take the scenic route Sydney
In this life everyone wants shortcuts. But anything worthwhile is going to require taking the scenic route.
Did you know?. You can download our EP for FREE on Enjoy!
The to route must be one of the most scenic routes in the world. What a way t…
you shd visit Nelson! Catch the ferry, hire a car, drive the scenic coastal route 1 way and the wineries route the other.
I got a new camera and now I want to go on a road trip with a really scenic route 🙄
The back side of the scenic highway. @ Historic Route 66,Tucamari NM
I am not lost, I just choose to take the scenic route.
IM GLAD... kara taking oso on the scenic route to pachinko for extra time hanging out and holding hands
Taking the scenic route is fun until it gets you lost on a sketchy road in Texas and 3 hours off track 🙃
My gma goes 5 under the speed limit everywhere and takes the scenic route everywhere we go. 😑🔫
Looking back to a perfect Summer's day up on the Wapta Icefield - we took the scenic route…
Hey best coffee in Des Moines is Scenic Route downtown/East Village. 💓 latt…
Outer Hebrides is buzzing again this year with the launch of a new scenic, 185ml island hopping cycle route -the...
We're taking a scenic country route to Denver and it is SO beautiful
Take the "of life with me while listening to my new project
I tend to take the scenic route back in the hopes I can avoid the crush. The one for Heroes is epic.
Tram replacement bus is taking the "scenic route" (i.e. going totally the wrong way...) So much for my plan of market brekkie pre-race...!
📷 flowers-and-fur: On the drive to Fredericksburg, TX. Took a scenic route- glad we did!
Taking the scenic route to avoid a terrible traffic snarl. Countryside like nothing I've ever experienced! AZtrip
Told my uber driver take the scenic route
Always like to take the scenic route when I'm visiting yubacity
Looking for the scenic route between Banff and Lake Louise? Try the parkway!
Highlight : Remember to always take the scenic route↠
Could be taking a scenic route tomorrow. If it means departing on time then so be it. ✈️
A scenic route, cute dogs and lovely people!
Because sometimes life doesn't always turn out the way you planned. Sometimes you gotta take the scenic route and... ht…
Taking the "scenic route" (aka the long way and a waste of gas)
I think I'll take the scenic route home
Taking the scenic route and enjoying the hill country wild flowers. featured in NBC s Science of Love
I'm directionally challenged. Long way home, scenic route, back Rd., Rd less travelled but I won't lead you astray. https:/…
Had a coworker like that, chronic verbal diarrhea. Teased him about it, said he always took the scenic route to the point.
The train to Seattle would-be a lot quicker if it didn't take a scenic route around the sound
"We want it all. Half was never the agreement. Who would have thought the route we chosen would ever end up this scenic?"
I took the most scenic route ever to get here but I made it!
Took the scenic route on my 20 mile bike ride thru the mountains earlier. That's how I started my day.
I liked a video The Scenic Route to Iraq - Top Gear - BBC
Lets take the scenic route, I can show you the strange fruit
Thanks to a no show, I'm taking the scenic route to courtesy of this evening
Take the scenic route during sex. Dont rush it, make it a trip to remember.
Six ways on route to apprentice in aid of la scenic information: XsaGPj
The scenic route to get my mocha refill.
he's taking the scenic route Susan.
Taking the scenic route from Egg Harbor to Sister Bay. It's very quiet up here ☺️
Always take the scenic route when the music's good 🔑
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Go ahead, take the scenic route. Dressed in winter's bite is more like a nibble. Available at Macys.
The Mr. will, hopefully, get back to from Cape Girardeau today via scenic route of Carbondale IL.
"The Scenic Route" has taught me so much. I had a lot of fun. But now its time to go 110mph on US 50 "The Loneliest Road"
I title my 2015 "The Scenic Route". Its definitely been a side road from the main highway to my goals.
But, first, let's take the scenic route 🌵 @ Horseback Mexico Rancho Pitaya
Glad I didn't buy the second leg of the trip in advance. Got a dirt-cheap window seat flight at the last minute. Who needs a scenic route?
In the United States, a scenic route may also refer to a type of special route of the U.
Is the Scenic Rim in any way connected to a Scenic Route? 😆
The covered bridges of Cottage Grove are even more beautiful in the fall:
En route to Milford, NH. Driver is taking the scenic route. This should be fun!
us too. Taking the scenic route but getting there. Mailer going out shortly with info
A new park opens today in take the scenic route home and have a peek
We're taking the scenic route to Liverpool, just passed
Richmond yesterday. North Pennsylvania today. Taking the scenic route
Taking the scenic route home through the mountains. Hoping for outstanding wildlife tallies today!
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Taking the scenic route back to Nashville.
Took the scenic route through the reservation this morning, blasting
Run the scenic route throughout the area at the Naples Fall Classic Half Marathon & 5K Run htt…
Took a scenic route to work. Happy Monday! @ Dallas Museum of Art
Life is Short, Take the Scenic Route: On This Day: Fall of the Berlin Wall
? So it's cancelled or is it taking the scenic route?
. Escape the city and take the scenic route of Tawang. A beautiful yet offbeat hill town.
I like bloom for the fact that every route is the scenic route
Power line down across old US1 btwn Jones & Post Of Rd in Moncure. Take the scenic route through downtown and get around it.
Vermont Route 100, VT . Tap into Vermont's untethered scenic beauty with the sprawling 200-mile...
A scenic retreat from the day-to-day pressures, drive route from Inverness!
Taking the scenic route to Nottingham uni today
I might drive people crazy, but at least I will take the scenic route.
Never regret. You just experienced it and learned from it. Scenic route from now on 😉
take the scenic Route from now on xx
Fastest again? What about the most scenic route? or the route less traveled by? GPS, I feel you and I are missing all the…
I don't regret my life or where I am today. I just wish I'd taken the more scenic route to get here.
You can't help but love this place in summer. Thanks for taking me on the scenic route home from…
The most scenic place for me has to be the garden route & all the towns surrounding it ❤
You dictate your own course in life mostly. Challenges litter it, but you'll always remember the scenic route.
When you find somebody down to ride for you, make sure they down to take the scenic route and not just the main roads
My life is an organized mess to you it may look like I'm lost but in reality I know exactly where I'm going just taking the scenic route
Took the scenic route home cuz 45 had me fkd up.
so where the heck are Abe, Daryl and Sasha?? are they taking the scenic route ?
I love taking the scenic route home to LA
There's no taking the scenic route with . It's hypotenuse or die.
I'm convinced everybody on this show just loves to take the dramatic *** scenic route while trying to solve problems...
Scenic Route of Mind panoramic drive by
Taking the scenic route to avoid the gong show on Hwy 11/400. We are clearly not the only ones who thought this way.
Six ways on route to exercise in furtherance of straight a scenic introduction: HLsdSF
and I decided to take the "scenic route". This may be the last time you hear from us.
Google Maps took us via the scenic route. It was also faster!
Had to go the scenic route because of traffic. Had no cell service. Now I know what it feels like to get cut off.
"Your permit expired an hour outside Westerlyn airspace. Did we take the scenic route?". "We did, and I feel terrible about that.".
Great catch up with friends this week! Especially for the scenic route to the City! ❤️ more than Munich!
dead end, house of the devil, houses October built, scenic route. In that order. All Indie and really good
Making the most of this 4th July weekend, scenic route.
We took the scenic route on our road-trip today and ended up by the Canal 🌾🍃🌱
We are so good at taking the scenic route
Scenic route. This is our friend Tom. We waved at Tom. Tom waved back. Say hi Tom.
Yuk! I would rather go the scenic route round via Stirling than go over this bridge! Impressive, but not for me!
Enjoy your time on the scenic route!
Give your immune system a boost and take the scenic route this weekend!
Drive Never tire of this kind of welcome! @ Sedona Scenic Route
Accident on the M1 meant had to take another route, through lots of A roads and villages, proper scenic mind!
Driving the scenic route by the Great Smoky Mountains! 🌲💛 almost to Pigeon Forge! @ Smoky Mountains
Thought as it was a nice summers night id take the scenic route back to gloucester and got lost 😂😂
Common sense isn't so common. Your brain must be taking the scenic route.
We are obtuse enough to be thinking about taking the scenic route on the way back...
Yep, this is on my way home from work (if I take the scenic route)
Mercedes Benz: The GLE redefined the scenic route on the way from Poznan to Warsaw today! Photo by
Taking the scenic route back home along canal. Armed with a dock leaf in readiness for any nettle stings
This new scenic route to Colorado is simply breath taking.
taking the scenic route home. see you soon Columbia.
Malone Park is always a pleasant scenic route :)
Discover the Central Coast enclave with small-town charm and big-time creative culture:
Thank you for a very well organized race and a very scenic route.
Let's take the scenic route they'll be fun they said...10 long hours later 😒
we sent our reporter to find out the most scenic route to cleethorpes ... By tractor
Looks like you took the scenic route around
domain names
seems to be going the scenic route, maybe a drink in Cork first.
Enjoying scenic route, missed my turn ooppps 😳
And another photo of me!! Thanks for taking my photo! Always take the scenic route great things never came from com…
Or was it changing a flat tyre on a downhill section of the eight mile single track scenic route with half a dozen other people behind us…
Taking the scenic route to San Fran is so worth it, I love the view
A Jeep will always take the scenic route.
This girl now sleeping her way to the middle … and she's not even taking the scenic route, lol. 😏
See the route a person could take from
Every once in a while, take the scenic route.- H. Jackson Brown
I look around after a bit and think "hmm, they must be taking the scenic route cause this taking forever." Nope.
This 8 hour trip turned into 12 hours because Jim wanted to take the "scenic route" and keeps pulling over to use the actual paper map. 😑😠😩
Taking the scenic route from to this morning = great idea!!
Studies show that seeing trees during your morning commute reduces stress. Bring on the scenic route!
Do you take the scenic route or drive straight through?
Extremely lost but Dad said its just the scenic route 😁
Update your maps at Navteq
scenic route good thing in a begineers in galway i bet the winner soon as I seen it out in front and jps out the back
When in doubt, take the scenic route. @ Mallorca
Who would like to see Virginia State Route 619, across High Knob, become a Virginia Scenic Byway? There is...
Would a charter not be cheaper than thon scenic route?
I took the scenic route to success but can't say I won't be on top when it's said and done. 💯
Heathrow airport's scenic route shows off giant 'metaphor for travel'
Took a wrong turn leaving UEA centre & now on scenic route to Norwich Research Park for hackathon day 2 😀
Took the scenic route in the sixties and never came back.
A great race. We took a scenic alternative route but still ended up at the same destination.. HAM ROS and VET.
Got w four and a half hour trek to Minneapolis. Taking the scenic route, up Highway 61, with the wind and some Dylan to keep me company.
I recall the scenic route I enjoyed took in a boat and a bus as well as several trains, of course ;)
Not when you go via Macedonia, Serbia and Bosnia for a truly scenic route ;)
Addison Road Singer Jenny Simmons Takes Readers on the Scenic Route with 'The Road to Becoming' [BOOK REVIEW]
Trying to completely wipe out my queue on Netflix. Watching something called "Scenic Route" with Dan Fogler and Josh Duhamel. What am I?
Under the Skin, Blue Ruin and Scenic Route are all films I recommend
Final Journey: The Scenic Route, a song from Signatures by Adam Werner on Beats Music
Scenic Route to Alaska back to the Border City | Lloydminster Meridian Booster
...fallen asleep. (Gino) Ok. I know a scenic route for if he wakes up.
Police escorted ride through North Georgia ~ from Buford to Conyers. . The Ride ~ Scenic Route from Frazier’s...
Slow and steady will also finish the race. Not everyone can run like the greyhound. Some of us take the scenic route. Don't underestimate or overlook the turtles! They need praise and encouragement also.
Andy Murray: the master of taking the very long scenic route to victory and still making it anyway. Finally puts away Kohli to make the QFs.
"Morino Shizuku Hotel", near from the Alpine Route, the most famous scenic route in Japan! Rooms available through
No other route to take but the scenic route
Day 31 Today has been the best day yet!!! Got out of the house for the first time today and man what an awesome day. Set up the GPS to go pay our car insurance and take her off the insurance. It took us on the scenic route and usually we start tripping cause it's taking the long way. We let it take us the long way around as she said it's just nice to be outside. Simple things make life great, like a wrong route but that even made our day better. We went and ate Chili's for the first time in 30 days and was that good. Went over and visited some good friends and had a great time just to be out and yes it was raining but that didn't stop us!! Yea she was exhausted last night which was also blessing cause it meant more snuggle time WAHO!! Be thankful for what you do have cause you'll definitely know when its gone because you all know why
Hey kids, check my old band's music, they just got their new out! Super balls! .
Stumbled upon this view while taking the scenic route home
First off thanks for messages for my birthday.. Secondly had a really nice time in London at 02 concert and the world grill restaraunt Katie perry put an amazing show on was brilliant followed by a scenic route home through Central London at 01:00 hours.. Thank your to my gorgeous princes for making it all happen.. Love you.. Donna Anstey
Limestone. We were down near Blackburn yesterday and decided to travel back the scenic route via Settle and some...
Took the scenic route to chester today 🚘
Need to jump in the shower first and I'll be going the scenic route, so I'll be there about 1pm too :)
Well, I'm already going to *** for being like this so I may as well take the scenic route.
Scenic drive en route to Glasgow with a cheeky stop off at Loch Ness. What a dream. Werk Scotland. Love it here! BYE BYE Inverness ✌️💙🗻
In route to film scenic shots in the wonderful Malin Head
Pre karrimor trail challenge checking out the route!
I will get there. It is just a slightly scenic route. ;-)
Savona now. Mother visiting me in Pisa on 10th June. 9 days to cycle 200km. Best take the scenic route! Maybe go via Turin!
no time for scenic route. I've got to go there and comeback in the same day. I'm going to be out on my feet tomorrow night
Rode behind yesterday from Lexington,KY to Oneida,TN. What an interesting trip! Very scenic route!
I always choose the scenic route but at least I still get there
I have my first show for my solo acoustic project, "Take The Scenic Route" on June 6th at Fort Ryland. I will hav...
Cathedral Catholic enjoys scenic route After being relegated to loser's bracket, Dons battle back to win Divisio...
Off the top of my pointy head... 3096 Days, Kissed, 13: Game of Death, Scenic Route, Blood River, Seasoning House, Apollo 18.
St Kitts/ Nevis Say A Prayer For My Country Organization (SAPFMC) hosted its second annual [speed] walking event on Saturday May 24th, 2014. Mr. Tyrell Hodge offered a word of prayer and welcome remarks to all the participants who braved the overcast weather to attend the event. The speed walkers, leisure walkers and runners alike started out along Marginal Avenue (close to Riverside Drive) on 125th street, going southbound shortly after 9am last Saturday. Despite the late start, about 15 participants made their trek on the exciting and scenic route. The walk was an estimated 5-6 miles long, starting on 125th street on Marginal Avenue heading towards the 79th Street Boat Basin. The walk paralleled the Hudson River giving participants multiple views of the river and the rain riddled highway. At 79th Street, participants turned around and head back to General Ulysses Grant Tomb, on 122nd street & Riverside Drive via the Riverside Park route. Glennis "P" Phoenix, Green Valley Global's president was declared ...
When you're catching a you might want to carry a card with the hotel address & a map. Or you may take the 'scenic' route.
A more scenic route is among the changes awaiting participants at this year's Sundown Marathon. Back for a seventh year, the event will be flagged off from the F1 Pit Building this Saturday.
The next group of TEAM Brazil "Special Force" is on the scenic route to Rio via Dubai!! Silke, Andrea Hand, Lynn, Petra.Bon Voyage. Philip Bourdin, fly well tonight to São Paulo !!
took the scenic route home. Love the new colour @ Great Western, Victoria, Australia
Beautiful day to head on down to for Radio Run 10k scenic route! late entries until 9am
thank you ! I shall do my best. It's a scenic route anyway.
Taking the scenic route home ... I love my city!
Scenic route and 90's country... Prime time.
Whenever I drive home, I always take the scenic route. 🌸
Life philosophies: Never regret taking the scenic route and always stop for the roadside fairs.
Made it back home safely..thank you Lord.. had a ball with Patrice Jordan and my JadyBug..must do it again SOON-- minus the scenic route we took home :-) :-)
The Scenic Route of a Writer by Cindy Noonan -
Take the scenic route on your walk or bicycle
Went to a great party tonight off scenic route 334 folk music, whole hog roast
“A lift from Seeley has taken me to Thornywood, Arnold, Mapperly, Radford THEN to my house... scenic route🌍🚕
Video: Phil Mickelson Takes the Scenic Route to the Hole - Twice
So we're meeting at the Marriott for dinner and the taxi driver decides to take me via the scenic route. After I remind him about where he's supposed to be going it ends up costing me double! Now I know that 160,000 vnd isn't much($6), but It's the principle. The doormen at the Marriott hear me telling the cabbie that it is overpriced and I will not pay it all, and are so apologetic they want me to follow up the cab company. By then I was OK and said no problem. So while we're having dinner the restuarant staff and the doormen get busy and by the time we're leaving the French Grill they have lined up the cab driver to apologise to mr and offer to take me home for free! The Marriott really take care of their customers.
Psalms 65:6 NLT You formed the mountains by your power and armed yourself with mighty strength. Today as we traveled on flights from home to utah then phoenix then took scenic routes through beautiful landforms in route to the Grand Canyon, I cant help but praise my God who created these breathtaking sites like an artist creating his masterpiece. His power created these beautiful sights & his power lived in us through the Holy Spirit that we may have the power to command the mountains in our life to move & they WILL move. Thank you Lord for the beautiful wonders of your creation & for the power you give us in our lives. Today our day was filled with Gods beautiful wonders I pray your lives were just as blessed.
A few scenes from my commute last weekend. Sometimes you just need to take the scenic route.
I think HD took us through the extreme scenic route to Southside
So only me would get lost driving to my bf Emily Heredia's apartment today (I blame it on the lack of sleep this week). Lucky for me this scenic route led me to these awesome finds at a garage sale. Have been looking for these items for our bar for over a year 😃
Bike rides along A1A can be a beautiful experience at times.
Gah!! I know right!! Have you seen "Scenic Route"?? I just saw that and was blown away.
Protesters and a lawsuit in Idaho divert gigantic tar sands equipment convoys.
True story. Just got back from Wal- Mart in Grimes a suburb of Des Moines to pick up supplies. I decided to take the scenic route and turn off on 141 and take 144 North to Perry where I live. Looking in my rear view mirror, I see headlights approaching fast. My car is set on cruise at 55 mph. The speed limit. Low and behold, this car races past me and it's a Dallas County Sherrifs Car with no lights on going 80 mph. Just about the same spot where I got a 195 dollar ticket for going 70 mph. Hmm. It seems there are are one set of rules for people like me, and one for the cops! And if that wasn't enough, I watched a local police department vehicle, roll through the same stop sign where I got another ticket. This is why I don't like or trust law enforcement. They claim they are protecting the public, when in reality, they are looking to add money to the state and local government.
Taking the scenic route around Boston/Cambridge with and
Foto: quiet-nymph: Oregon Coast, Three Capes Scenic Route Paler than your white wall
Not all who wander are lost, some of us just prefer to take the scenic route.
Sometimes karma takes the scenic route
Memory lane is just like a regular lane except that your wife is driving and you're going the scenic route through all your…
Sassy British cougars at the Jamba Juice today; I'm just trying to make sure everyone gets to Barney's by the most scenic route is all.
Took the scenic route home from and had to stop and write for a bit while this was the…
Get your iPhone insurance today!
i was en route to oslo for work and thought I'd take a scenic route :) This is Grenen, have you been?
Been awake sense 7 am yesterday...but had an awesome turnout at yard sales today but yet still have a ton of stuff...then went to mom's for a cookout with a bunch of family...then took our time coming home on the scenic route while kids looked for animals and Aubrie learned some stuff about horses...time for some relax time...thank you everyone for ur help today and loved seeing everyone
I have posted this on the Bideford Triathlon site but for those who have missed it. I have been getting a lot of messages about the change of route this year we have managed to secure a far better safer and more scenic route. The whole event takes place on the quay. The swim start is from the bank end slip out upstream to the big steps by Kingsley statue. Then transition is the quay car park exiting opp the high street bike towards Torrington turn into Weir Gifford up past Torrington Golf club and past Torrington pool. A foot down rule at the junction then turn right and down Station hill taking the left towards monkliegh up a short nasty climb then right on the Monkliegh road in the village take the left through Saltrens down the hill then left to Bideford and back to T2 the run is across the old bridge up the Tarka trail turn around and back to the finish. This really is a more enjoyable route. Sorry it took a while Bernie and team were waiting on confirmation and licences.
Never laughed so much in all my life! In the valley with mom and we took a scenic route to Joan and Lloyd's because all the roads were closed for the festival, anyway a chicken ran across the road right in front of us so I looked at mom and said "why did the chicken cross the road?" of course we both burst out laughing and this happened right after I rolled the window down by an orchard, took a big whiff... but all I could smell was cow poopy . couple seconds later a big farm came into view so I just said OH. mom cracked up laughing again, I musta had quite a look on my face. Great weekend thus far!!
Had a truly lovely day today - up mount Snowdon with Sam, Millie & Grant Then down to black rock sands having chips on the beach Slow scenic route home What week ends are made for
'Black Bear @ Waskesiu' Me and my daughter went to Waskesiu this morning and we took the scenic route and while driving down the road we came across a rather large black bear walking down the road. I stopped to take a photo and and the bear walked right up to the vehicle. This photo was taken about 3-4 feet away. Pretty cool morning! This is the 19th bear i have come across this year.
Got my route to Michigan planned! Taking the scenic route (for the same distance) through Arkansas, Tennessee and Kentucky! I am looking to take 2 days to get to Michigan and see how far I get on the first day so I have less driving the next. Looking to camp some place in Kentucky...much cheaper, prettier and simpler then a hotel. I see that Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky is along my path. Hmm??? I guess I'll just see how far I get and what looks nice! In the past I've been dependent on GPS but this time I will only have Google map directions and a road atlas. Having driven in Texas, gotten used to not having a GPS and having gotten older in Texas I feel like everything is much easier now! I keep telling myself this if I get messed up along the way: Just follow the signs to the major cities I know I'm supposed to pass through and know that eventually I'll get to Michigan! :)
Taking the scenic route to Ny to see family. Hope we get there before dark!
In the process of recording a new single for The Scenic Route. Stay posted for more information
Village update: thanks everyone for all your good wishes. I've had a brill day - started out in Devon with me mammy, bacon and egg sarnie for breakfast, had a chat with me Dad in the churchyard, then back home via the scenic route through the Cotswolds to one of the best welcomes ever from Barney (who spent the time in a ménage a trois with Pippa and Alice at Eileen's).
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