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Sayeeda Warsi

Sayeeda Hussain Warsi, Baroness Warsi (born 28 March 1971) is a British solicitor and politician of Yorkshire origin who was created a life peer in 2007. In May 2010 she was appointed the co-Chairman, with Lord Feldman, of the Conservative Party, and a Minister without Portfolio in David Cameron's Cabinet.

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With two strong women who spoke at ifkar-e-taza: Nobel Laureate Tawakkol Karman, who started the Arab Spring, and B…
A dinner with Sayeeda Hussain Warsi, Ex State Minister and ex-Chairperson Conservative Party, UK. Wonderful time...
Who are the mayors of London,Rotterdam,Oldham (Sadiq Khan,Abu Talib, Shabir Ali and the list goes on in…
Sayeeda Warsi accuses UK press of hate speech and Islamophobia
"It is the equivalent of me, a Muslim who eats halal, getting a job in a pig abattoir;" Sayeeda Warsi to
Par for the course. Islamists like Sayeeda Warsi & Khalid Mahmood, smeared Lord Pearso…
Thank you Durban for welcoming Baroness Sayeeda Warsi to your beautiful city
Baroness Sayeeda Warsi will be interviewed by during her stop in Johannesburg as she continues her South African tour.
always a pleasure to meet Baroness Sayeeda Warsi.
Thrilled to be hosting the Baroness Sayeeda Warsi in South Africa this week
Hosting the Baroness Sayeeda Warsi (on South African tour including visits to the Foundat…
Tories like Ruth Davies and Sayeeda Warsi are the worst. They must know reprehensible beliefs of fellow Tories but swallow it.
What a joke this Sayeeda Warsi is - nobody knew she was campaigning for - she has been less visible than Ther…
Nigel Farage must apologise for sex attack warning. Letter from Shami Chakrabarti, Sayeeda Warsi and Doreen Lawrence
Sayeeda Warsi, Doreen Lawrence & Shami Chakrabarti have demanded an apology from Nigel Farage for spreading fear https…
Disguise new mosques as English Churches...says Tory Sayeeda Warsi
"Congrats to the newly elected MPs. This new less pale and less male group is the future! Real progress" Sayeeda Warsi quote.
Baroness Sayeeda Warsi. Mosques across England should be built without minarets, says Warsi
Lammy is basically the new Sayeeda Warsi. He'll be in line for a peerage soon.
Baroness Sayeeda "Termite" Warsi - destroying free society one day at a time from the inside.
Does the world need a Sayeeda Warsi documentary ??
Dunya news UK. Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, MP khalid Mehmood & MP Naaz shah's talk with dunya News at House of...
Sayeeda Warsi assist's Islamic 'radicals' to the heart of Whitehall - via
Sayeeda Warsi is part of the jihadist emigration problem | via
Just tried to explain who Sayeeda Warsi was to 1yo daughter. This is what a lack of sleep does to me.
"We will always find nutcases within all religious communities" (Sayeeda Warsi)
Sayeeda Warsi is on The 'mute' button is activated.
I look forward to listening to Sayeeda Warsi. I think Cameron has got it wrong
You know that Robert Halfon, Guardian/New Statesman scribblers? He's this season's Sayeeda Warsi. That's all. The ball is over there.
The General Election campaign should just be settled by a televised square go between Sayeeda Warsi and Yvette Cooper
British Raj in Punjab continues...Fitting given post is a colonial anachronism. MT Sayeeda Warsi tipped as new Governor Punjab
Sayeeda Warsi: Tories will lose if they focus only on Europe and immigration
Latest on the Arab world: World Health Organisation: "The health system in Gaza was already on the brink of collapse after decades of occupation and years of blockade and conflict. We need sustained interventions to repair and rehabilitate the damage done during the conflict and to strengthen the health system for the future. Without this, more unnecessary loss of life will inevitably occur." Sayeeda Warsi, a former British minister who resigned over London’s refusal to take a tougher line on Israel in the most recent Gaza war, is urging MPs to recognize the state of Palestine in a potentially historic vote on Monday. Without Borders: "The execution of one journalist after another constitutes war crimes. Islamic State is continuing its gruesome practices, in which it does not hesitate to eliminate news providers, especially those who refuse to relay its propaganda. Journalists who refuse to submit to the Jihadis are risking their lives if they continue to work. As a result, reporting is becoming increas ...
A Tory MP with principles. Won't often type that!. Sayeeda Warsi: why I had to quit. via
LONDON, United Kingdom – Britain's Africa minister Mark Simmonds resigned on Monday, August 11, barely a week after another Foreign Office minister quit over the government's policy on Gaza. Officials insisted that Simmonds' decision was unrelated to that of Sayeeda Warsi, who quit last Tuesday,...
UK Foreign Office minister Sayeeda Warsi resigns, saying she "can no longer support government policy on Gaza".
Abu Eesa writes This is how we Brits put the smack-down on imbecilic sell-outs like the UK Chancellor George Osborne. Interviewer: George Osborne said today that your "resignation frankly was unnecessary." What do you say to that? Sayeeda Warsi: "George is a very good friend of the Israeli government and therefore he, more than anybody else, should have been saying quite FRANKLY to the Israeli government that what you are doing is not in your interest. This is probably the biggest single act of self-harm that the Israeli government has done over the last few years. What he should have been saying to the Israeli government is that it is UNNECESSARY for you to kill innocent civilians, to displace a quarter of the Gazan population, for you to flatten schools, hospitals and power supplies and water supplies to achieve your end. Had George done that, I agree with him that it would NOT have been NECESSARY for me to resign."
Will Britain’s powerful Zionist lobby forgive Sayeeda Warsi? By M Ghazali Khan, The first ever female Muslim Minister in the history of Britain, Sayeeda Warsi, has displayed extraordinary courage by resigning as a Foreign Office Minister over David Cameron Government’...
Sayeeda Warsi, the senior Foreign Office minister, has resigned from the government.
Important to note that Sayeeda Warsi, resigned Foreign Office Minister: Was 1st Muslim woman in a UK Cabinet and 1st Muslim …
Sayeeda Warsi resigns from govt over - failure to respond to rebounds on him http…
Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto was an inspirational person said Sayeeda Warsi to Telegraph
Sayeeda Warsi has shown herself to be the most principled Government Minister since Robin Cook (RIP). Shame on the Tories f…
Never been a fan of Tory minister Sayeeda Warsi but respect to her for resigning over the govts stance on
Warsi has resigned from the Government over Gaza... We need a similar display of moral fibre from other Muslim World!!!
Senior Foreign Officer minister Sayeeda resigns in protest of UKs stance on Gaza.
If it really, honestly took her all this time to realise Dave wasn't listening, she's even less bright than I thought
Tory backlash against Sayeeda Warsi today has been stark & chose to focus on her religion, language & education not her bra…
Let's not forget that Sayeeda Warsi has given the benefit of the doubt to Hamas before:
outdoes himself again with this nasty hatchet job of Sayeeda Warsi's time in office.
Gaza ceasefire: a first sttep towards tickling more intractable problems:
Most claim they're willing to stand for what they believe. And then there are the who actually do.
One of five daughters in a Pakistani immigrant family, Sayeeda Warsi's is a remarkable success story.
"[Sayeeda] rise in the [Tories] was part of the detoxification process; completely unrelated to talent" http:…
Sayeeda Warsi, the minister who quit over Gaza, says she had to stand down because of the UK's "indefensible" position. Watch her first TV interview since her exit in full tonight at 7 on 4.
My thoughts on Gaza and Baroness Warsi’s resignation today: I think Sayeeda Warsi has acted with principle and integrity. People around Britain have been shocked by the casualties and suffering that we have seen in Gaza. I hope that David Cameron will reflect on what she says in her resignation letter and change his approach. David Cameron is right to condemn Hamas as a terrorist organisation, but he needs to break his silence and say that Israel’s actions — including the deaths we’ve seen of innocent civilians and children including at UN schools — have been unjustified and indefensible, and he needs to show that he can be even handed and without fear or favour argue for the long-term solution that we need to this tragic conflict.
Britain's first female Muslim Cabinet minister on Tuesday announced her resignation from the government over Britain's policy on Gaza. Pakistani-origin Cabinet minister Sayeeda Warsi posted a messa...
Exclusive on more independent Channel4 News, than on BBC Exclusive: 'Why I quit over Gaza' - Baroness Warsi -
British Foreign Office Minister Baroness Sayeeda quits over policy -
to . "I've had a minister in a late night conversation talking about resignation." .
telling that Sayeeda Warsi has chosen for her exclusive interview and not the BBC
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Foreign Officer Minister Sayeeda Warsi resigns over 'morally indefensible' government policy on Gaza
BREAKING: Baronness Sayeeda Warsi resigns from UK govt over Gaza policy
Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, a minister at the Foreign Office and minister for faith and communities, said she could "no longer support Govt policy on
George Osborne describes Sayeeda Warsi's resignation as "disappointing and frankly unnecessary". Funny; that's how I descri…
UK's Muslim minister Sayeeda Warsi quits over govt's Gaza policy - The Times of India on Mobile via
Female muslim miniter Baroness Sayeeda Warsi resign from Britian Cabinet due to unhappiness with Govt leading in gaza issue.I respect her for fighting for gaza ppl.
Sayeeda Warsi cannot reconcile work with ICC ith British govt's pressure on Palestinians not to seek justice there
UK minister Sayeeda Warsi, wfirst Muslim woman in the Cabinet, has resigned over the British Govt's policy on Gaza. ht…
Everyone's claiming to have exclusive interviews with Sayeeda Warsi today. Not sure that's how it works...
"Morally indefensible & mealy mouthed" on lack of govt condemnation over Israel disproportionate action ht…
Baroness Warsi tells there's concern at "ministerial level" over - why she quit VIDEO
Sayeeda Warsi’s resignation appears to be a pretty big deal in Pakistan
Baroness Warsi tells UK's position on "morally indefensible" - video:
“Can people stop trying to justify the killing of children. Whatever our politics there can never be justification, surely only regret.” “Over the last four weeks, I have done everything that I can both at formal meetings and informal meetings trying to convince my colleagues that our current policy on Gaza is morally indefensible, that it’s not in our interests, it’s not in British interests and that it will have consequences for us both internationally and here at home. “In the end, for us I felt the government’s position was not moving and therefore I had to on a point of principle resign.” Sayeeda Warsi, Senior Foreign Office Minister, U.K.
LONDON (Reuters) - Minister Sayeeda Warsi resigned from her position as a senior foreign office minister on Tuesday, saying she could no longer support the government's policy on the conflict between Israel
Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, senior minister of state at the foreign office and minister for faith and communities, resigns from the government over its policy on Gaza. A proud moment in humanity, You have our support! 👏
Something fishy about Sayeeda Warsi resignation.Why now when Israel bombs Gaza? But stays when Hague supported ISIS chemical attack in Syria???!!!
Baroness Sayeeda Warsi quit the UK Foreign Office over the government's support for Israel during the Gaza war. Here's her resignation letter.
London mayor Boris Johnson says Sayeeda Warsi's resignation over is "very sad" and he has "great respect" for her
well done to Sayeeda Warsi, Baroness Warsi for resigning and standing by your beliefs over gaza. It is atrocious what the world is allowing to happen but the israelis will not stop and the american government and ours will do nothing.why its simple the jewish hold us to ransom because they have so much money in big business in both countries. The americans are even supplying the shells that are killing all the innocent people.
Indian contribution to First World War The Empire’s biggest contribution was by India. This included 3.7 million tonnes of supplies, over 10,000 nurses, 1,70,000 animals, £146m of Indian revenue, and political support — including that of Gandhi, who helped recruit Indian volunteers in the face of nationalist opposition. But most important of all was the Indian Army, the largest volunteer force in the world, which provided 1.1 million troops to serve overseas, principally in the form of six expeditionary forces labelled ‘A’ to ‘F’. Over 74,000 were killed — five times more than the combined death toll from every war that India has fought since independence — and 80,000 were held prisoner. As the Conservative politician Baroness Sayeeda Warsi put it last year, “our boys weren’t just Tommies — they were Tariqs and Tajinders too.” - The Hindu
TCP : British Baroness and cabinet member Sayeeda Warsi resigned from her position Tuesday morning, protesting the British government's Gaza policy regarding the conflict between Israel and Gaza. "...
Current Affairs: *Ex-IFS officer Arvind Gupta appointed as Deputy NSA *P Kashyap became third Indian to win Gold medal in Badminton at Commonwealth Games *PM of India Narendra Modi offered prayers at Pashupatinath Temple in Kathmandu *Bharathiya Mahila Bank Ltd bagged the Core Banking System Initiative Award-2014 *Syndicate Bank CMD SK Jain suspended for allegedly receiving bribe *NCW Chairperson Mamta Sharma demitted office *Sayeeda Warsi resigned from British government over Gaza conflict *MOXIE, one of the payloads of NASA’s Mars 2020 rover mission, to generate Oxygen on Mars *Italian researchers decoded the language of African Penguins for the first time *Longtoushan Township of China’s Yunnan province jolted with earthquake of magnitude 6.1
Foreign Officer Sr. and Communities cabinet Minister Sayeeda Warsi, Baroness Warsi resigned today over David Cameron's inability to condemn the suffering of Gaza, stating "I want to be able to live with myself for the decisions I took or supported. By staying with the Govt. of Britain, I do not feel I can be sure of that." That, to me, is taking a stand.
Britain’s first Muslim cabinet minister resigns. Sayeeda Warsi, Britain's first female Muslim cabinet member, has resigned from the government in protest at David Cameron's policy on the Gaza crisis. Suzanne Plunkett / Reuters Baroness Warsi joined David Cameron's cabinet in 2010 as a minister...
Well Done Sayeeda Waarsi ! British Pakistani Minister Sayeeda Warsi resigns from govt, says cannot support British policy on Gaza..
Sayeeda Warsi says coalition stance on conflict with Israel ‘morally indefensible’
Sayeeda Warsi appears to be moving in the direction that William Hague and Eric Pickles have configured. If she can stick to the
*** is wondering where the government's faith and communities minister Sayeeda Warsi has ogt to. With the Birmingham Trojan Horse row rumbling on, we are yet to hear from the usually vocal Barone...
Baroness Sayeeda Warsi: Stirring the Eton Mess: Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, one of the most seni...
Outspoken Muslim Baroness 'Won't Change Because of What Right-Wing Says': Sayeeda Warsi has said that she will...
lol RT'ed by All The Sausages! I dunno - he was quick to dump Sayeeda Warsi & Justine Greening. Something doesn't quite add up!
KHOODEELAAR! Campaign Comment to the East London Advertiser Your picture to this item shows the following:- Abdal Ullah (British National) Sayeeda Warsi (UK Conservative peer and British National) Anne Main (UK Conservative MP and British National) Danny Alexander (UK Lib Dem MP, CONDEM Minister and British National) and Stephen Timms (UK Labour MP, ex- Labour Minister and British National). Whose decision might that have been to “represent” “British Bangladeshi” talents, at least news-wise, with this photo shoot? And does this kind of misleading depiction substantiate the claims that your texts contents attribute to the promoters of the “scheme”? What criteria had been used to decide the “list”? Your outlet is evidentially one of several that have given publicity to this “list”. A common feature of the publicity has been the predominance of non-Bangladeshi individuals, almost all of them career politicos. What message is that giving about the claim about “top 100 Bangladeshis in Bri ...
Lets have a fantasy panel for GE week. Gotta be Sayeeda Warsi, Francis Maude, Michael Portillo, David Baddiel and Owen Jones surely?
At the start of this Parliament, it was Sayeeda Warsi, then Claire Perry, but now the most annoying female Tory is Esther McVey!
Senior Minister of State for Foreign Affairs‚ Sayeeda Warsi and her delegation called on Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, yesterday. CM lauded the role of United Kingdom for development of Pakistan economy especially the sectors of education and health. Senior UK minister said that there is a need to further boost cooperation in economic front and appreciated the courageous step of PML(N) Government for economic reforms in the country.
Sayeeda Warsi: Best wishes on St George's Day - Sayeeda Warsi has sent her best wishes on St George's Day.
Sayeeda Warsi a great lady ..!! . and the personaly i like . And Im planning to0 meet her ..!! so hope fo0r the best
UN: FCO Sayeeda Warsi will answer your questions on & the UK live on Thur 1115-1145 BST. Use to ask a question
Owen Paterson and Sayeeda Warsi in the drawing room with a tub of lube and anal beads? Close...?
O.M.G. Sayeeda Warsi as the next Doctor, with Harriet Harman as her trusty, feminist companion. Right? Vote winner right?
Sayeeda Warsi: Other nations are showing us up. On International Women's Day, consider the great women of Thailand, India and Brazil
Yul Brynner et al facing off against Eli Wallach, or James Delingpole and Sayeeda Warsi spouting nonsense? You decide.
Look no further than Sayeeda Warsi if you want an example of reward-for-failure.
Cannot take a woman seriously if she sounds like Sayeeda Warsi!
will it be one of those islamophobic dinner parties that Sayeeda Warsi spoke of?
Queen to attend Cabinet tomorrow as an observer. Just like Ken Clarke, Andrew Lansley and Sayeeda Warsi
The physicist Steven Weinberg said "Religion is an insult to human dignity". He hadn't even heard of Sayeeda Warsi.
The last time Sayeeda Warsi and I met, we didn't hit it off. It was the summer of 2010, when the coalition was still in its honeymoon and the new
Get ready for more of this - Sayeeda Warsi has formed a tag team with him - she is now 'minister for faith & communities'
Think Sayeeda Warsi may have broken record for youngest Cabinet Min to be sacked since 1900, age 41; just younger than Richard Marsh in 1969
The Sayeeda Warsi reshuffle fall out continues, now rows over office space at the FCO and how many SPADs she can have
To us who aren't Conservatives Sayeeda Warsi was combative and put a non male-and-pale face on a lot of Tory values...
Wait, maybe was Sayeeda Warsi all along, he likes a pseudonym
Bring back Sayeeda Warsi, all is forgiven
Warsi condemns reports of union bullying - Sayeeda Warsi has condemned the bullying of trade union members...
She stood for election in 2005 in Dewsbury, her home town, and lost. The people’s verdict on her ambitions for...
Sayeeda Warsi represents the Conservative Party at the Republican National Convention - Party Co-Chairman...
Union strike will harm women and families - Sayeeda Warsi has written to UNISON General Secretary Dave...
Top priority must be to sort out a proper job description for Sayeeda Warsi.
Queen's Diamond Jubilee - Sayeeda Warsi has congratulated the Queen on her Diamond Jubilee.
Newly invented and utterly meaningless title to placate Sayeeda Warsi.
Sayeeda warsi is a freeloader. Nothing more, nothing less. Spouts utter ***
Despite her many many faults, you can't fault Sayeeda Warsi for getting where she has.
..on a panel with heavyweights like Sayeeda Warsi, Davina McCall, an 18-year old and Douglas Murray. He was/is a charisma black hole.
Sayeeda Warsi's new senior role at FCO includes responsibility for Pakistan, Afghanistan, UN & human rights
Giving Sayeeda Warsi (nominal) resposibility for Afghanistan kinda undermines the Tories attacks on Labour for not taking the war seriously.
I i'viewed Sayeeda Warsi & liked her. Fom tough background, with balls to take on BNP & imams alike. An aut ...
Read my article in the Guardian about the demotion of Sayeeda Warsi in the recent Cabinet reshuffle.
Has Sayeeda Warsi ever actually been elected by anybody for any position?
And yes, there it is in black and white, Sayeeda Warsi is the 1st ever "Senior Minister of State" in a British Govt.
How I will miss the lobby...Lots of quizzing of No 10 on how Sayeeda Warsi became "senior" minister of state as its nor ...
Happy Christmas from Sayeeda Warsi - Conservative Party co-Chairman sends her Christmas wishes
I liked a video Baroness Sayeeda Warsi pelted with eggs in Luton while being EX
'Sayeeda Warsi has been shifted to a non-job under William Hague at the FCO because the experiment of having a Pakistani as national spokeswoman didn’t go down well with racist white voters.'
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Sayeeda Warsi congratulates Boris Johnson on his re-election - Conservative Party co-chairman Baroness...
Remembering the dead of Srebrenica: Sayeeda Warsi Earlier this year I stood in the middle of a beautiful, quiet valley in rural Bosni...
Remembering the dead of Srebrenica: On the anniversary of the Srebrenica massacre, Sayeeda Warsi s...
What's that clicking noise? Sayeeda Warsi frantically typing her CV.
Lord Ahmed, Sayeeda Warsi and Alan Duncan deep in conversation outside Millbank Gardens
Sayeeda Hussain Warsi, 41yr old British Baroness politician & life peer has been defended by Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari 1/10
Current Tory chairman decides it would be nice if some Tories went to Tory conference
On a matter of fact - published a piece about Sayeeda Warsi. We did not, as you suggested, take a view ourselves.
Calling all local Conservative Party members to come to Party Conference in Birmingham.Next election not so far away!
Good stuff from Sayeeda Warsi in making party conference more members-focused
Sayeeda Warsi, will call every Assn Chairman to urge members to attend reformed pty conference
Maybs irrelevant re this, but a cabinet member not heading a ministry is a Minister Without Portfolio, like Sayeeda Warsi
Is it a bird? Is is it a plane? No its Sayeeda Warsi's number 1 fan.
I don't know which ones worse Louise Mensch or Sayeeda Warsi !
.Only if foul-mouthed Sayeeda Warsi is on. God I miss Sayeeda on nights like these...
Sayeeda Warsi is an utter disgrace, and frankly isn't worthy of the title of Baroness.
Arpan Duggal,27, of Timperley, Greater Manchester has been found guilty of two counts of sexual assault, sentenced to 18 months for preying on girls aged 13 and 14. 2 Two Muslim rapists who mocked the judge during a horrific 'gang rape' of a woman have had their sentences cut after three senior judges ruled they are not 'dangerous'. 3 Warsi: It was just a 'MINOR' Breach of code - Sayeeda Warsi was at fault of just a "minor" breach of the governmental code in relation to an excursion to Pakistan with a business partner,Sir Alex Allan,Prime Minister's adviser on ministerial interests has ruled. 4 More Muslim enrichment in Scotland - A Muslim man has been found guilty of raping a woman in a hotel room and knocking out another victim's teeth in a separate street assault months earlier in the Scottish town of Fife. 5 Shadow Business Secretary says Gang members show 'entrepreneurial zeal' and should be encouraged - Chuka Umunna, Shadow Business Secretary and Labour MP for Streatham says young gang members displ ...
Conservative Party chairperson and the first Muslim woman to attend the British cabinet, Sayeeda Warsi, said in January that Islamophobia and prejudice against Muslims has “passed the dinner table test” and is now widely accepted in Britain.
Sayeeda Warsi and the Tories: The beleaguered baroness | The Economist
Sayeeda Warsi and the Tories: The beleaguered baroness
There we go again.Sayeeda knew that her friend was related or has a link with...Baroness Warsi and the 'extremist'
"forced marriage is a crime in spirit, + so it should be a crime in law" | Sayeeda Warsi on Cameron's UK agitprop
This is not something I say often but I agree with Sayeeda Warsi.
Great piece by Sayeeda Warsi (still one of my favourite politicians) on why it's right to make forced marriage a crime
Parvez Akhtar: In defence of Sayeeda Warsi: However as Lord Ashcroft's recent research has shown we... (
Sayeeda Warsi tries to get back on track via
Sayeeda Warsi: Forced marriage has always been a crime in spirit
have a big question to answer.Sayeeda Warsi's business associate also attended London meetings ...h
Where is Sayeeda Warsi i mean shes not been on for a couple of weeks? Oh yeah forgot she is counting her money in the style of Golam
Melanie Phillips geting more stick than Sayeeda Warsi already
Sayeeda Warsi and the Tories: The beleaguered baroness - - from
Is Priti Patel the new Sayeeda Warsi? It appears so.
BRITAIN: Sayeeda Warsi and the Tories: The beleaguered baroness
Steve Richards: Sayeeda Warsi's problem is that her job just doesn't matter enough - The Independent
See today's Telegraph. More questions for Warsi and the Govt to answer. We must have a full and proper inquiry.
Sayeeda Warsi congratulates the Queen on her Diamond Jubilee.
I dislike David Cameron, Jeremy Hunt and Sayeeda Warsi, but accusations of racism seem way off the mark. Gross incompetence I can buy.
"David Cameron’s ‘bizarre’ decision to investigate Sayeeda Warsi but not Jeremy Hunt" via
Sayeeda Warsi faces an inquiry. Jeremy Hunt does not. Is that fair?
Labour steps up Warsi pursuit over expenses claims: Conservative Party chairman Sayeeda Warsi has been reported to the police by a La...
A Muslim, northern, working-class mum hand-picked for Cameron's A-list... But is Sayeeda Warsi up to the job?
Sayeeda Warsi being hunted by her own party who remain wilfully blind to reality they can barely afford to lose her
Louise Mensch, Nadine Dorries and Sayeeda Warsi. A trifecta of tripe in the Tory fight against good taste, womens rights and tolerance...
Politics has Sayeeda Warsi, Think Tanks have Maajid Nawaz, *** and *** society have Irshad Manji, Arabs have Mona gets me?
You should have a girls night out with Edwina Currie and Sayeeda Warsi. You have a lot in common with these people
Eerily quiet up in Eccy Village this morning. Just nipped out for a copy of 'Hello' and a tube of Anusol. Liam Gallagher was outside Spar bugging passers-by with how good it is to see the 'sunsheine' and Ann Widdecombe - headphones full of System of a Down - busy practising her grinds on the steps of the Mechanics Institute, as usual. Only notable thing was Nick Clegg, pathetically hanging out with Sayeeda Warsi and Will.I.Am Hague, on the Delph. He still thinks that if he shares a smoke with them, they're going to let him join their gang. Clown!
I agree. Salma Yaqoob's interview with Nicky was one of the best today, and also Sayeeda Warsi on Drive.
Sayeeda Warsi is the Lee Dixon of Question Time. Not on every week, it just feels like it.
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