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Save Mart

Save Mart Center at Fresno State is a multi-purpose arena, on the campus of the California State University, Fresno, located in Fresno, California.

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The one time I go to save mart and I don't see there.. lol
Someone swing by k mart and save me from this boredom
next to save mart it is then!! Will see you guys in a couple hours!!
Save Mart shoppers donate over 16.3 tons of to food banks throughout California:
PLEASE SIGN, so Wal-Mart hears our voices for conservation and does NOT develop the endangered forest habitat...
Got good news from Pick N Save and Wal Mart >>>
I wish I had a pic wen I was skating in middle school behind save-mart
Well done Mart. Save your gym money, walking to places is a lot cheaper, and you get some fresh air as well.
I just checked in at Save Mart Supermarkets with
have you tasted the cookies from Walmart? They're actually pretty close to the Save Mart ones!
this save mart application assessment is RIDICULOUS, there are literally like 20 questions asking if youve ever done drugs or stolen at work
I miss the chocolate chip cookies from Save Mart 💔
*** u liar, u said u lived down the street from save mart lol. U have a pool ?
Save 3% on Wal-Mart Gift Cards - Shop for discounted walmart gift cards online at GiftCardRescue! Buy...
This hot *** guy was walking out of save mart n I was looking and I was looking at da booty n I didn't kno he had a friend with him and his
14: you're super *** for not going on top of save mart with us... But you're still pretty cool
Went to buy alcohol at Save Mart and the lady thought I was 15... 😒
I did in save mart one time right by the check out. Omg it was ugly.
Got hit on by guy at save mart and he started yelling me his number! Lol ***
Think of all the babies that are saved thanks to Knowledge is power and it can save lives
I don't like Wal-Mart. It scares me. Someone save me
The money you save at Wal-Mart just isn’t worth the massive bummer brought on by the customers who shop there.
baby baby!! .Hi. I can't stop thinking about Kyle Broflovski at Wal-Mart... We need to go back and save him :((( .. please!?
Going to desi's and I don't have my car wich means we get to walk to Taco Bell and save mart yay.😪
Yay! I won the 2014 Ultimate Fan Save Mart Sweepstakes. I'm going to the BRISTOL NW & CUP Races & MEET & I can't wait!
Volkswagen dealership and Save Mart Center out there
I wish I could smack some girls *** when they leave save mart like uh see you when you running low on food ya sweet thang
should I go to save mart n buy some? O_o
mart, loads of money saving offers on the website join and if you don't save over £250 using it in a year I will return yr £35
the security at save mart take his job hella serious xD
Redeem this printable coupon at the Shoppers Drug Mart. to get $20 off on your $75 purchase or more
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
come to Save Mart Center in Fresno California, you've never been here.
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Wal-Mart got a great sale and deals going on with there save for school sale and there ad match means unbeatable...
Must-Haves! As an everyday essential, bulk up and save big on disposable nappies:
I'm gonna save it to my phone, go to Wal-Mart, print it out and hang it up in my room
That's a great question. I think Raley's and Save Mart, but don't quote me on it. I've never don't it. I've just heard.
now I want s'mores thanks to I'm going to save mart!
*walks towards crane* looks like your girlfriend Mart isn't going to save you this time
Do you remember if I bought only one leather jacket from Save Mart? I've only got the black one. I'm sure I got the green one?!
Thought about going to wal mart to save some money but then I remembered you can't put a price tag on dignity
NASCAR at Sonoma 2014: Winners and Losers from the Toyota/Save Mart 350(Bleacher Report)
Name: Ronald "Ron" Hornaday, Jr. Nationality: United States of America Date of birth: June 20, 1958 - Palmdale, California He began racing in go-karts and motorcycles early in his career. Eventually, he moved up to race stock cars at Saugus Speedway. In 1992, he won his first championship in the Southwest Series as well as winning the Most Popular Driver award. He won the Southwest championship the next year as well, becoming the only driver to do so in series history. He made his Winston Cup debut in 1992 at the Save Mart 300K, where he started seventeenth but finished 32nd in Bob Fisher's Chevrolet. He made another start later that year at Phoenix International Raceway, where he finished 25th. He ran at Phoenix the next year as well, finishing 22nd in the Spears Motorsports car. Hornaday signed to drive the RCCA Products/Papa John's Pizza Chevrolet Silverado owned by Dale Earnhardt, Inc. for the then-start-up Craftsman Truck Series. In the first season of competition, Hornaday won six races and four pol ...
More Racing Facts: Sonoma Raceway On-track activity is scheduled at the Raceway an average of 340 days per year. The Raceway road course features more than 160 feet of elevation change from its highest to lowest points. The highest point at Turn 3a reaches 174 feet, while the lowest point at Turn 10 is just 14 feet. The berms on the turns of the Raceway road course are painted blue and gold in honor of Track President Steve Page's attendance at nearby University of California, Berkeley. The property on which the raceway was built was a working farm called Sears Point Farm in the early 1900s. The Raceway is home to a bustling motor-sports industrial park of more than 65 year-round businesses, including car preparation and restoration, materials fabrication, vintage car storage and race teams, to name just a few. Drivers who complete the Toyota/Save Mart 350 NASCAR Sprint Cup race will make 1,100 turns around the road course. The race spans 110 laps. Mat Mladin (AMA), Doug Kalitta (NHRA, Top Fuel), John For ...
If any of my family or friends who I did not get to invite personally, you guys are more than welcome to my graduation tomorrow at the Save Mart Center @ 4pm. I'll be sitting next to my sister on the gold side in the 3rd row. Hope to see y'all there! 🎓🎉🎉
What time do we have to be at the Save Mart Center for rehearsal by?
3 Namely the Staples Center, and the Prudential Center, and Sprint, Pepsi, United, Save Mart, Scottrade, Reno Events and Dunkin' Donuts.
More tickets coming up today ! for You to See Bone Thugs-N-Harmony D.j. Quik WC Too Short Redman Methodman Daz Dillinger & More! April 18th at the Save Mart Center
So we have your tickets to this Sunday @ The Save Mart Center.. Want to win? Just listen for the Song Of The Day.
Who comes to Save Mart to read magazines? Lmao we do🙋🙋
Embroidery Mart pre-reg ends tomorrow! Save yourself time in line, register now
Yowza - last day to make hotel res for Embroidery Mart $save $100! Mke them now
oh awesome! Thank you!! Did you just get it at a regular grocery store like save mart?
“my spring break so far... WORK. yay me.” The struggle of being a save Mart boy
Watch out for the new turnt cowboys. Singh Dirty & Grain Hayden. Shout out to save mart.
1 arrested, 1 sought after Visalia Save Mart robbery |
A guy just came up to me at save mart and asked me if I'm Julie Tofan
Cutting up my Wal-Mart card, time to get out of debt and save some money.
Man I really want to see you at the Save Mart Center on September 11th but saving money for my wedding is no joke! 💍😞
You can lend a helping hand the next time you shop at local Save Mart, FoodMaxx and Maxx Value stores by purchasing a $1 icon. All icon sales benefit Children’s. Thank you!
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Congratulations to Betty Skief, you are today's winner of the family four pack to see Monster Jam this Friday at the Save Mart Center! Send us a private message for details on claiming your prize!
Week 3 NASCAR Contest! Congratulations to last weeks winner Gary Burgoin , winner of the $20 Save Mart Gift Card! We simply ask that you write down the 3 drivers you think will have the best outcome and an additional 2 drivers for the tie breaker (if needed) in Sunday's Sprint Cup Challenge. With weekly prizes given to the contestant that has the LOWEST point total for which their drivers placed. (Example: if your drivers finish 1st, 2nd and 3rd, your total points are 6, which is the lowest possible score) 2nd race will be held Sunday, March 9. Please have entries in by Friday, March 7. Must be 12 or older to participate. Must have entries submitted to Oakdale Leader by Friday each week. (business hours are Monday-Friday 8am-5pm) Limit 5 entries per household. (1 per person) Please include your name, age, phone number, and address along with top 3 drivers and 2 bonus drivers in spaces provided. NAME:_ AGE:___ PHONE NUMBER:_ ADDRESS:_ TOP 3 DRIVERS: 1._ 2._ 3._ TIE BREAKER DRIVERS 1._ 2._ This week's prize ...
fantastic! this will save a 15 minute drive and an unnecessary trip to Wal Mart
Didja make your hotel reservation for Embroidery Mart? Last chance save $100/night
Tim McGraw concert tickets for May 8 at Save Mart Center in Frenso CA
10 simple things you can do to save the earth. Avoid shoppong at Wal-mart. Refuse to buy from Wal-mart. Convince...
Wal-Mart heading towards cstore model watch out OCSA. Better save your pennies for that battle.
Wal Mart& Save on Foods have most useless positions. Why is there people standing at the door to say Hi to you? nCan I get paid for that too
it's behind the Save-Mart on Olive. No bagels for you today then..wah wah wahhh
school or Wal-Mart my *** lol i been tryin save one like danny glover
"drop the handle & i see". Let me save the handle but see the face..
Winding up Mike & Lisa's Wednesday Morning Mental Floss. We have YOUR tickets to see Lady Antebellum at Save Mart...
Thursday is LAST DAY for hotel res. at group rate for Embroidery Mart! Book now - save $100!
Blake Shelton concert tickets for Sep 11 in Fresno CA at Save Mart Center
Aztecs beat the Dogs at Save Mart Center 70-69, Bulldogs returned the favor at Viejas Arena 67-63.
my elderly grandmother wearing a Wal-Mart baseball glove would save more shots
Just saw a total babe at Save Mart. And she drove an Audi. 😍
Last time I was at round table was when I was a 18 by lower Save Mart in Sonora.
I just checked in to at Save Mart Supermarkets with
I did the hoedown throw down in the middle of save mart and everyone was looking at me wierd oh well
YAY...we hired a customer service manager! WE can TOTALLY save money here... give him a Wal-Mart salary...
$760 by Howard where walgreens it's at behind save mart
your friendly neighborhood Gestapo hail save mart
would save the rest of the group. That's why he isn't worried about *getting them all. He let Rust get it out of his system.
The winner of 2 tickets to see Lady Antebellum this Sunday at the Save Mart Center is PATTI REED! Congratulations!
Straight from Save Mart to Tower for my first ever Rogue show. Dark Fantastic with the girlfriend.
My moms lyke lets go 2 save mart and im just lyke can i drive?
Obviously Save Mart still thinks the Niners are going to the Superbowl.
This awesome lady had a bird with her at save mart
7pm tip off at the Save Mart Center! Hope to see you there!
Is everyone meeting at save mart before the game?
that awkward moment when you see Mrs. Stefan at save mart
Just gotta say, I have the best co-workers! That being said, to the guy who felt the need to correct me today at Save Mart: You are NOT an Officer with LPD, HPD or a Deputy with Kings County SO. Oh, you WORKED for the DoD. Are we on Base? NO! Are you in uniform or Security Patrol? NO! Was I committing a Federal, State or Local offense? NO! So, you can have a nice day, being a *** nozzle, 100 yards away from me. You were so cute, until you opened your gullet & spoke! Suck it long, suck it hard, Alex Trebek!
Going to save mart with my PJs on and my hair in a bun and I look like a total ratchet.
Thank you for using your Valley Oak SPCA SHARES cards! Using your Save Mart SHARES card is an easy way to help...
It literally just took me 30 minutes to find the *** honey at save-mart, the struggle is real today.
The Save Mart grocery store in Yuba City, at Bridge Street and Gray Avenue since 2007, will be closing its doors permanently in March, corporate officials have confirmed.
Save The Date: The Philly Mart, an open-air market, takes over the Transfer Station in Manayunk, February 8-9:
THREE DAYS LEFT!! 3 days to save on the Gregg Bissonette Groove Camp :) Use code GBGCEARLY at checkout:
I just save a bunch of money by deciding to go to food lion and not wal mart
Not really surprised, the store needed new freezer and some remodeling done.
Yuba City's Save Mart will close in March via
Save Mart only has huge bags of chips soo
I used get cases at save mart but I ran out last night and have a lecture soon so mu it is lol
Save Mart Presentation on Thursday during study hall!!!
Your Fresno State Men’s Basketball Team will be taking on Wyoming at the Save Mart Center tomorrow at 7:00pm
More tickets for P!NK just released.head down to the Save Mart Center Box Office to get them this morning!!! Show is Thursday night!!
How to Price Match at Walmart to Save the Most Income - Wal-Mart will valu...
Concluding the in thing statements save dries caravan noten mart: xfApA
Born Jeffrey Michael Gordon on August 4, 1971 in Vallejo, California, the legendary Chevrolet Monte Carlo driver has become a four-time NASCAR Sprint Cup racing champ and perhaps the most famous driver in the sport of racing. Before the age of five, Gordon was already dreaming of NASCAR glory when he and his family packed up for Indiana so that young Gordy could compete in races specifically geared to under-age drivers. Still in his teens, Gordon racked up three short-track victories and took the USAC Midget Car Racing Rookie of the Year title in 1989. Two years later, at age 20, he became the youngest driver to win the USAC Silver Crown title. Gordon soon realized his ultimate goal when he entered the NASCAR Busch Series and set NASCAR record by qualifying for 11 pole positions in one season. The following year, he took his first Winston Cup win and in 1993 was recognized as Rookie of the Year. The first step toward the status of racing legend finally came in 1995 when Gordon at age 24 won the first of f ...
When Marlen got us kicked out of save mart😆😂
Rascal Flatts concert tickets for Aug 21 at Save Mart Center in Fresno CA
I'm actually up for watching Bruno Mars live at the Save Mart Center 😁
Hoping 2 get tickets 2 C u in concert Thursday in Fresno @ the Save Mart Center! 🎼🎤 It's going to be fabulous! 😁 Welcome 2 Fresno!
Save money by shopping wall mart now ! free shipping in store pick up we sponsored wall-Mart
It's my big's bday tomorrow and I got him coupons from save mart
"At save mart I helped an old lady walk her bags to her car". Patterson. This one warms my heart 👌
Are there any Cub Scout Pack 14 veterans on this site? This pic is in front of Save Mart on Yosemite Blvd near Camellia Ave. Pack 14 is still alive with about 70 active Cub Scouts. We'd like to hear your stories or share pictures!
Who stay by Fresno State or the Save Mart Center ?
Finally had the time to go to Fresno and buy our tickets for the WWE at the Save Mart Center for my hunnies Bday in Feb I think my oldest boy is as excited as the bday boy.
domain names
I'm currently locked into an epic Save Mart "hiding competition", between a girl i went to grade school with,and a friend of my mothers...I'm about to go stealth mode through seems my only way out without a Long Boring Conversation.
I legit only use my license to go get I've cream from save mart. That's all I've used it for so far😂
If performed at the Save Mart Center that would be nice
CERES LOCAL has been taken into custody for allegedly shoplifting at our neighborhood Save-mart. Talk about the irony!
*karly talking to the save mart cashier* . "Its not a selfie it's snapchat I swear" lol
I saw Summer in save mart and she started crying.
Doc Mart shoes with Dalek motifs on it. Oo, we gotta save some money.
Look Laurie Mason-Pape... My wife found these in Elk Grove @ save mart bakery
Iso enfamil coupons please anyone.who can mail or i can meet at save mart off gray
Do anyone know what's going on at the old Save mart grocery store? New grocery store? I'm just curious! If so, it would be a great new look for Stamps! We need it!
he'll yeah! Do you know any celebs coming to the Save Mart Center??
Like since is already at save mart 24/7 can you just get my groceries for meee?!
I figured its so expensive to shop at save mart is because there are some honeys up in here, you gotta pay for the show
My homie Bruno Mars is coming to Save Mart Center he got me 3 backstage passes can't wait to turn up with the bro..
There are some really cute guys that work at Save Mart... Why haven't i noticed this before!?? :) xx
All purpose parts banner
Someone who is CLEARLY a HUGE fan of Wal-Mart®, the place where you can Save Money. Live Better.® (cue eye sparkle)
You know I'm slappin the Chente cd hard right here in the save mart parking lot
Save Mart is celebrating P!nk Week before the superstar comes to perform on Thursday!. You can still get tickets...
. T-Mobile Advantage offers discounts to Wal-Mart employees. Save 15% now. ^ Lisa A
. Did you know since you work for Wal-Mart? You can save 15% on up to 5 lines with T-Mobile. ^ Lisa A
Going to see Pink at The Save Mart Center on January 30th!!
Lady Antebellum tickets for Mar 16 at Save Mart Center in Fresno CA
Consumerism Commentary breaks down how to save and invest while paying off debt.
The fact that Fresno State's building a movie theater on the empty lot in front of Save Mart Center is pretty cool 😊😊😊
This Wednesday 1/29 is your last chance to save an additional 5% on these Palate Earth items. (Excludes alcohol)
Thank you to Save Mart on Kietzke Lane for your amazing donation of healthy snacks to our C*A*R*E* Chest Wellness...
P!NK tickets are still available for this Thursday nights Fresno stop at the Save Mart Center!! Box Office is open!
Get Back on Track and Save on Health Solutions for The New Year with F
Can people stop coming to class already so I don't have to park at the Save Mart Center?
Burno Mars coming to the Save Mart Center in Fresno May 27th.. Details soon on how you can see the show from K97.5
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Who wants to take me to see Pink on Thursday at Save Mart Center? Anyone? :)
You Saw Bruno Mars on The GRAMMYs Listen all week for your chance to WIN tickets before you can buy them , for his big show at the Save Mart Center on May 27th!! Your first Chance tomorrow with Randy!
There are 2 concerts I want to go to this year, well 3 but I didn't know pink was coming. 1. Bruno Mars Mart Center 2. Boys II Men in March Palace
I'm so in love with Pink right now. That's one "damaged good" I'll take home any day. When she hit this Save Mart Center Wednesday imma be right there to give her a reason to cross that street with me.
Negotiations continued slowly with Save Mart this past week. After presentation of a comprehensive package of proposals from the union, the...
Yaya! Got some to eat some FREE samples of some expensive Italian Sausages at Save Mart! Lol. :D. This doesn't happen very often...and I feel satisfied! Hehehe.
EVERYBODY!! Check point in front of save mart on valley.. B safe!!
Road Block on Valley in front of Save Mart
For all Ya'll out and about.there's a check point on valley right in front of save Mart ...Be safe out there :-)
DWI checkpoint on valley in front of save mart
Road Block on valley right in front of SAVE MART!!! Be careful out there :)
Road block on valley in front of save mart watch out yall
They're setting up a road block in front of save mart on Valley!
I left Save Mart with two things: wine and candles, don't get the wrong idea like the cashier.
I stepped outside my comfort zone today to confront a woman who walked up finishing her cigarette at the shopping carts in front of Upper Save Mart while I was trying to get Sadie into/onto our cart. She stopped right inside the door so I said: "Excuse me, do you really need to be smoking when you get your cart?" She said, "Yes I do. There's not a no smoking sign. " I said, "I was trying to get a cart too and my daughter had to breathe your cigarette smoke." She said, " Oh it won't hurt her. I smoked the whole time raising my 3 kids and they're fine." At that point I realized there was no reason to continue and said, "Okay, well, I just wanted you to know my opinion." (which is funny in retrospect, because I did not directly state one.") The exchange had a confrontational undertone, but overall it was not unfriendly. I'm interested having a little discussion about this, and any similar confrontations you've had, because I really see it both ways. She does have the right to smoke there if it's not a law, b ...
Had the best time today with my Save Mart family !!! Love you ladies !!! Sure miss working with all of you!!! You too Joseph!! Our lives have not been the same!! We laughed, I cried after so long we were able to get together! The only one missing is Esmer.xoxoxoxxo :)
save mart on Bridge Str will be closing in 30 days, already in escrow.. too bad, like that store, better then on J str
Are you making your shopping list for the big game? Remember to use your SHARES card at Save Mart, Food Maxx and other affiliates when you go. If you do not have your card yet, leave us a message and we will get one to you. SHARES cards are free, just swipe them at check out.
*** ! I am laughing now but also idk I have to say VPD you need to train your *** a lil better cuz they always i mean always make u look like Mayberry PD...this is it goes..I go right now to CJ's @ 1040 b4 they close cool...I ordered from the Green even impor...yea it is stupid *** beezy put all the salsa away and yellow peppers too..I had to wait 10 mins. its ur fault...and the lil mf who ran through my apts after stealing 2 bottles of Patron from Save Mart while Barney and Goober are in BK's drive is the *** !!if the kid is running East u go all the way around and haul *** I mean HAUL *** .and i know its i'm 1foot in the driveway of my apts..and the lights n sirens go off...aww there gonna turn and go right they have to cuz the lil mf ran that way.NOPE!!! they fly up right on my *** ..inches and make a big scene in the parking I turned around and let me see ur hands...aww *** NO..I got my food in the bag which the dumb pendeja put my food in 2 paper bags a ...
Watch Central Valley Buzz on KAIL-TV 11am-1pm M-F from Monday January 27th thru Friday February 7th for your chance to win Family Four Packs of Tickets to see WWE Live at the Save Mart Center on 2-9-14~
Talk about awkward. .. I am walking out of Save Mart @ 10:30 at night in my sweats, hair up, looking very comfortable, when this guy says to me " I know milk does a body good, but *** how much have you been drinking"... OMGosh, for the first time in my life, I was speechless. .. Just got in my truck and drove away (thinking I am 54 yrs old, are u kidding me)!
My man Jay Moult has rocked it this week:) worked three nights in a row at save mart then two days after that doing tree work and took care of the kids last night and tonight !! I love u;)
At Deli Delicious about to fuel up to begin editing "The German Shepherd, His Lord Magician and the Chippendale Arm Chair." Across from the Save Mart Center. It's a gorgeous warm day!
Save mart in pg has grass fed ground beef for 4.99 a pound
For those who don't live in Texas...HEB is like Save Mart.
Theres a girl that works at Save Mart that compliments me on the size of my *** everytime I go in. Today she came up behind me and said she tells everyone about my fat ***
I walked my butt over to save mart bought a snicker and made one of our new drinks SNICKER! Perks of working at Lollicup
I been stuck at save mart for a while now everybody decides to go when I do ughhh lol
Power outage in Lenore has ALL the fast food restaurants & Save Mart closed
Save Mart Supermarkets, Modesto, Calif., said George Bettencourt has been awarded the company's Nicholas J. Tocco Award as store manager of the year.
Breast Cancer Awareness
So it seems more likely now that the empty Wimpy's restaurant in the Save Mart/Staples shopping plaza will be taken down and rebuilt as the second AutoZone..growing and expanding
From ABC News!-John Blake Rascal Flatts will kick off their Rewind Tour 2014 May 16 in St. Louis, MO with special guest Sheryl Crow. The trek is named for their brand-new single, "Rewind," which will be included in the set list. Flatts bass player Jay DeMarcus says, "We're thrilled to have our good friend Sheryl Crow out with us. Expect some great musical moments and surprises! He adds, "This is gonna be a show you don't wanna miss!" Gloriana joins Rascal Flatts on the Rewind tour, too. Look for an exclusive EP from the Flatts at Walmart on March 4 featuring "Rewind" plus "Why Wait," "Come Wake Me Up" and the previously-unreleased song, "Dancing on My Grave." Here are the Rewind tour 2014 dates: 5/16 -- St. Louis, MO, Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre 5/17 -- Indianapolis, IN, Klipsch Music Center 5/30 -- Wantagh, NY, Nikon at Jones Beach 5/31 -- Hartford, CT, XFINITY Theatre 6/13 -- Winsted, MN, Winstock Country Music Festival 6/14 -- Chicago, IL, First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre 6/15 -- Bonner Springs, KS, . ...
After a long day of work, I come home once again to no parking due to a Fresno State Basketball game at Save Mart Center (goddammit). So I've dragged my butt to McDonald's for a night of burgers and wifi and editing. So if you'd like to keep me company, message me!
What do I do about furniture thrown in the ally behind my house? Its starting to look like a gheto out there. Who do you report it to? I dont want to tattle on any one. I have no idea who threw it out there. But it looks terrible. I noticed a property by Save Mart with a huge pile on furniture and trash also.
but Pink! is going to be at the Save Mart Center!
I just seen a man around his 50's go in Save mart at Southside come out with 3 grocery bags and gave it to a homeless dude sitting in front of Save mart with his dog. It's good to know there are people who still care. Mad respect.
Shout out to Save Mart Supermarkets for donating bags to help with a school fundraiser!
Interesting observation today in the City of Sacramento. I was dropping into a new high-end grocery store on Fair Oaks Blvd for some San Pelligrino libation when, thundering out of the past, I suddenly see this 8 to 10 person picket line with signage in hand. Seems the store ain't union. Hmmm, I thought all grocery stores were union. I took a pamphlet from one of the dudes on the walk and dropped it off at my local Save Mart for employees there to read. I hope I wasn't followed. A former friend of Karen Silkwood. :(
From Rascal Flatts & Sheryl Crow & Gloriana - coming to Save Mart Center Concert date: August 21st No word yet when tix will go on sale
***FUNDRAISER NIGHT*** Tuesday, January 21st ***Mountain Mikes by Save Mart in Orangevale 4:30pm-9pm Pick up or dine in 30% goes to Casa Roble Sober Grad night 2014!!! Just mention Casa Grad Night:)
Awww I Feel special some lil girl dropped her doll By Save Mart and I picked it up and gave it to her She gave me a Hug her mom told me it was her favorite doll Im Glad i gave it to her :)
I don't know what was going on at fresno Save Mart Center yesterday but it was packed. I thought it was Pink concert but that is the 30th. What was at the SaveMart Center yesterday?
Highlights for this weekend's fun! Doctor Doolittle, Jr. January 17, 18 and 19 Cal Arts Blackstone Theater 4750 N. Blackstone Ave., Fresno Enjoy the classic tale of a kind but wacky Doctor who can talk to animals. FREE Family Movie January 19 at 2 p.m. Sunnyside Branch Library 5566 E. Kings Canyon Rd., Fresno Family-friendly movie and popcorn today! Harlem Globetrotters January 16 at 7 p.m. Save Mart Center Enjoy this showcase of trick shots, high-flying dunks and ball handling wizardry packed with comedy routines on center court. Hockey on Ice January 17, 18 and 19 Gateway Ice Center 2473 N. Marks Ave., Fresno Fresno Monsters vs. Seattle Totems Kids Crafts January 11 at 10 a.m.-12 noon Michaels Arts & Crafts Store 7400 N. Blackstone Ave., Fresno Kids ages 3 and up make a door hanger that's out of this world today! You can also visit our online calendar, or Central California Parent's current issue. Calendar events are subject to change, so please check websites prior to events.
Save Mart, S-Mart Foods, Lucky, Maxx Value Foods and FoodMaxx stores have honored George Bettencourt, manager of Save Mart in Ceres, Calif., with the Nicholas J. Tocco Store Manager of the Year Award.
Good Thursday morning, everyone! Watch "Eyewitness News This Morning" right now with Zara Arboleda and Jenny Toste. We're live as Valley growers and ag supporters head to Sacramento to demanded drought help. We're giving away THREE sets of tickets to the Harlem Globetrotters at the Save Mart Center tonight. Also joining us in-studio: our friends from the Chaffee Zoo, Fresno Pet E.R., the daredevils from Nitro Circus and Fresno's first-ever female fire chief!
Have you heard? They just released some GREAT seats for the P!nk concert at the Save Mart Center! Hit up the box office quick!
Bruno Mars Announces Additional Tour Details, Opening Acts Bruno Mars has now announced details of the second leg of his Moonshine Jungle world tour: it'll kick off with two shows in his hometown of Honolulu on April 18 and 19, and then hit arenas all across North America, with two special guests along for the ride. Joining Bruno on select dates in Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal will be Grammy nominee Pharrell Williams, who was featured on two of last year's biggest hits: "Get Lucky" and "Blurred Lines." Opening for Bruno on additional dates will be Aloe Blacc, the guy who sings lead on the smash hit by Avicii, "Wake Me Up." Tickets for the tour, which include two-night stands at the Hollywood Bowl and Madison Square Garden, go on sale February 3. Before that, though, Bruno has some special appearances lined up. Not only will he headline the Super Bowl halftime show on February 2, but he and his band will also continue their mini-residency at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, performi .. ...
Remember. .. school starts back tomorrow. Also.. Save Mart is having a big sale through Tuesday on General Mills items that all have Box Tops on them! They are also giving BONUS Box Tops, every 5 items you buy=20 Bonus, 10 items=50. If you buy 10, it usually prints two 20 Bonus coupons...That is 90 Bonus Coupons! That is $9.00! Things like cereal, cinnamon rolls, yogurts and more are on sale for $1.49 each when you buy 10! Hurry and get these good deals and help support our Box Tops Program!
New bagger at Save Mart looks like Sergio Romo 😍 . I think I forgot something. Dang, I just have to go back lol
Congrats to football last night!! Now time for the Volleyball game tonight at the Save Mart Center!! 5pm against Rice.
Totally reminded me, the other day we were at save mart and Javi goes "look a minion!" I turn around all quick And he says"lol Jk" 😒(my face
Would love to see at the Save Mart Center in fresno this year with
hey it's actually the Save Mart Center. Staples center is in LA...
Patrick just knocked down all the Oreos at save mart 😂
My brother just called save mart and asked if they have cotton candy-flavored grapes... But seriously they exist
Fun fact: save mart nemo just told me his mustache gets split ends
oh well when we had our assembly everyone was rooting for the Save Mart Center.. Pues se chingan
I'm pretty sure graduations going to be at the Save Mart Center this year
I'm gonna be really mad if we don't graduate at the Save Mart Center..
The school has been having students vote on Save Mart Center since 08 & it's been at Tom Flores stadium for the past years. Let that sink in
I think someone should have actually attended a graduation at Save Mart Center to see how it is !
We are going to have to be rushed out of the Save Mart Center for the next school. & most likely going to have graduation in the day time
Isidro understands it. Save Mart Center might have air conditioning & we could be the first class to graduate there but it's lame!
I'm okay with graduation being at Save Mart Center, but I really want it to be at Tom Flores. KEEP THE TRADITION!
I voted to graduate at the Save Mart Center!
I've been to a graduation at Save Mart Center and it doesn't feel as special as it does at Tom Flores but oh we'll
I don't want graduation at the Save Mart Center
There's only one reason I go to save mart by my house. The cute bag boy that talks to me (:
Currently getting my daily exercise and walking to the Save Mart Center where I had to park
They follow me everywhere. Even at Save Mart
I think I deserve a gallon of ice cream for having to walk to the Save Mart Center for parking
Go with a classic for dessert tonight! Create this Old Fashioned Peach Cobbler by
Just found out Jon Bon Jovi will be in my towns Save Mart Center Oct 8!! Would love to see them live
Parking at the Save Mart Center because everywhere else is full.
If you're still at home, I feel sorry for you. The parking lot is full 😂. Try your best finding one at Save Mart Center.
lol I know he does work at save mart!! I want some mr t's donut holes.
I remember you! I'd always see you at save mart. Then you went to crossroads right?
had the funniest idea when I said I'm applying at save mart
SAVE MART. The heat is horrible, not worth tradition. The bigger the class, the longer you have to be out there.
My stalker who works at Save Mart tried to talk to me today and I literally just kinda stood there until he walked away.🙎
Walking down the aisles of Save Mart
probly lmao! My parents are always at save mart. Lol, that's funny 😂
So does this count as a serving of fruit? @ Save Mart
the Best place to get them is at the place next to the old save mart they're like 15 if u just get them painted
Make this Watermelon Dessert Salsa from with from
Casey Mears Toyota/Save Mart 350 Race Recap - . Sonoma, CA – The Sonoma Valley is known for great scenery, ...
Save Mart 350 Sonoma Raceway NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Sonoma Raceway June 23, 2013 Race Highlights: Richard Childress Racing teammates finished 10th (Kevin Harvick), 14th (Paul Menard) and 31st (Jeff Burton) in the Save Mart 350. Following the event at Sonoma Raceway, Harvick remains fourth in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver championship point standings, trailing leader Jimmie Johnson by 63 markers, while Menard ranks 12th, 128 points back, and Burton sits 20th, 170 points out of the top position. The No. 29 Chevrolet SS team ranks fourth in the Sprint Cup Series owner championship point standings, with the No. 27 team 12th and the No. 31 team 22nd. According to NASCAR's Post-Race Loop-Data Statistics, Harvick completed 21 passes while running in the top 15, ranking him sixth in Quality Passes. Harvick was the ninth-Fastest Driver Late In a Run and posted the 10th-Fastest Speed in Traffic. Menard made 45 Green-Flag passes during the 110-lap road course race. Menard's 14th-place finish marks his eighth ...
I hope everyone had a great time at the party honoring Chris Houge yesterday. Today, hope you can come out and see us to watch the race, Toyota-Save Mart at Sonoma Raceway in California. Race starts at 2:00pm Come out and watch the race and have a bucket of domestic beer for $10.00!!! Might even see Dave Miller play a little if the weather holds out. Hope to see ya!!
Sundays are the perfect day to enjoy CandyCots with friends. In NoCal pick them up at Raley's, selected Safeway stores, Bi Rite Market in SF and selected Save Mart stores. You can also order them through the Fruit Guys. In SoCal, call GROW market in Manhattan Beach. In Texas, selected HEB stores or Central Market. In New York and New Jersey, order from Fresh Direct.
McMurray wins Sonoma pole: McMurray won the pole for the Toyota / Save Mart 350k Sprint Cup Series race at Sonoma Raceway with speed of 94.986mph for his 1st pole of 2013 and 9th of his career. is on the outside pole, followed by and There are 43 cars at the track so no one missed the race. Jr. wrecked on his first qualifying lap. He will go to a backup car. See the starting lineup, pole progression, qualifying results, qualifying order, qualifying rules on the Sonoma Starting Lineup / Qualifying Page.(6-22-2013)
2013 NSCS Toyota/Save Mart 350 Q&A with Driver Jeff Gordon JEFF GORDON, NO. 24 DRIVE TO END HUNGER CHEVROLET SS, met with members of the media at Sonoma Raceway, and discussed the new qualifying format, racing at Sonoma and other topics. (Source: Team Chevy) HOW DO YOU FEEL HEADING INTO THIS WEEKEND WITH THE NEWCAR? “I feel pretty good. The weather is obviously great, which is keeping it nice and consistent for us out there. I think we have a little different tire as well, but don’t hold me to that. Just trying to get in tune with what it’s going to take for Sunday as well as for this unique qualifying session that we’re going to experience tomorrow. I felt pretty good. Our Drive to End Hunger Chevrolet, we were just working on race runs and trying to keep the rear grip in the car, which is something we struggled with here last year as well. Felt like we took off pretty good on runs and then really lost the rear grip and it’s something we’re dealing with again today and some of it is in the s ...
HUGE thank you to our sponsors, partners, and vendors! Without the help of Save Mart, Chipotle, Institute of Technology, Dasani, Yellow Cab Company, The Sacramento Bee, Sacramento Magazine, Grub Groupie - Sacramento, CA, NewsTalk 1530 KFBK, 93.7 Jack FM, My925, CW 31, and Channel 13, this event wouldn’t have been a success! Thank you again for your contributions!
Went to Save Mart with we are walking down the isle she points to this lady and says " that lady is an islander"..Me: "how do you know?"..Amber: " cos her one cheek is really full like a chipmunk so I know she is chewing betel nut!"...HA !!..I love how Amber can spot the Micronesians !!!
Darrell Waltrip has been named Grand Marshal of the Toyota/Save Mart 350 Sprint Cup Series weekend at Sonoma Raceway, June 21-23.
Save Mart settlement brings $65,000 to Tulare County. Are you glad?
Save Mart to pay millions in waste settlement - Sacramento Business Journal: Save Mart to pay millions in wast...
Wiz Khalifa coming to the Save Mart Center
Pauly D at the Save Mart Center, you best believe I will be there
we are proud to be the official home of Professional Bull Riders, Inc. during their time in Fresno at Save Mart...
If you were thinking about running the Nike Women's Marathon in the fall, you should come out this Saturday to the Team in Training event that will be held at the Save Mart parking lot on the corner of Scenic and Oakdale Road. They will be starting promptly at 7 am, so if you want to be one of the first persons to sign up for this awesome run, be down there with bright and early! They are planning on a 6.2 mile run/walk that day, so come prepared! ONTHERUN will be down there with some sweet raffle prizes including Oakley Sunglasses, a free pair of shoes of your choosing, a couple of ONTHERUN Tech shirts and gift cards, and some other great stuff! Make sure you come down and say hi to Bryan and the Team in Training staff!
Fred Meyer(sorta like super Wal-Mart) carries good groceries usually, and Save Mart(grocery) has a location or two out there
Out at Save Mart wit my qurl CeCe! We see a biqq crowd, we thouqht it was BLACK FRIDAY all over aqain, we was liike wonder what they qiven away! So we qet closer, and it was H&R BLOCK, Man they was packed! It really was BLACK FRIDAY all over aqain. Lololzzz Christmas in February.
I'm excited too! I hope save mart still sells them because I haven't seen them when I've been there lately!
Spent almost $400.00 at Walmart and about $375.00 of it was all edible!! Prices are ridiculous. How are people supposed to feed their families and pay bills in this economy? If anyone figures out the secret please let me in on it!!
Photo of the 8,100 at the Save Mart Center last night for CSU vs. Fresno State.
I had to clean up after some tweakers at Save Mart one time. Not a fun experience
maybe I can find one at Save Mart, or Albertsons, or Rite Aid. I've really been missing our Nature's Pantry
Oh I'm excited to share my Game Day recipes with you guys! I'll have everything posted by tommorow! What are you guys making for Super Bowl Sunday?
I'm seriously tempted to walk to Save Mart, that's how bad i want some fruit lol
I think that the definition of parent should include never having enough time to accomplish everything that needs to be done. We all have many responsibilities and there will never be enough time to get them all done. We need to get the word out. We have two days to get parents and residents of Seminole county informed, educated and then support changes to the current rezoning plans. Think of your time, energy and resources that you apply to this effort as an investment in your child’s future. If we can show the support we need on Tuesday, think of the time it will save you later if the current zoning plans are implemented. Invest now, save time later. I think the best resource we have at hand now to reach as many people as we can would be posting signs at strategic locations such as entrances and exits by the school, most driven routes in and out of schools and busy shopping centers. The signs should be placed in easement between the side walk and the street so that is not on private property. So who i ...
I used to like K-Mart, but not so sure anymore. Apparently, they no longer have a maternity section. I didn't realize this, and when I asked one of the ladies there about it I got a snobby "No, we don't." like I was already supposed to know. So long K-Mart, it was nice while it lasted.
I want to go to Wal-Mart and save money but I also want to keep local businesses around. :(
I can't imagine a less satisfying end to the protracted battle between the city of Orlando and two gas stations that soak unsuspecting tourists by charging nearly $6 a gallon.
Freemasonry In 1815, Francisco Javier de Mier y Campillo, the Inquisitor General of the Spanish Inquisition and the Bishop of Almería, suppressed Freemasonry and denounced the lodges as "societies which lead to atheism, to sedition and to all errors and crimes."[47] He then instituted a purge during which Spaniards could be arrested on the charge of being "suspected of Freemasonry".  Organization Beyond its role in religious affairs, the Inquisition was also an institution at the service of the monarchy. The Inquisitor General, in charge of the Holy Office, was designated by the crown. The Inquisitor General was the only public office whose authority stretched to all the kingdoms of Spain (including the American viceroyalties), except for a brief period (1507–1518) during which there were two Inquisitors General, one in the kingdom of Castile, and the other in Aragon. The Inquisitor General presided over the Council of the Supreme and General Inquisition (generally abbreviated as "Council of the Supre ...
Anybody interested in forming a team to walk 60 miles in the Susan G. Komen 3-day walk? The one closest to us will be in Cleveland August 2-4th. We can either get a walking team or a volunteering team together. Walkers need to raise at least $2300 in order to participate. If you cant raise that much you can volunteer with a registration fee of $90 and make a donation if you wish. Youth ages 10-16 can raise at least $500 and be a part of the youth crew. So far its me and Brett...Let me know if you are interested!
Living he loved me, dying he save me, buried he carried my sins far awaaay
Good morning Sunday! Dear Lord, thank you so much for helping us find time for fun and family in our crazy, busy world. We know and have learned that sometimes you have to break our spirit so that you can save our soul. Mike and I have both learned some hard lessons, walked through some very difficult and trying times, survived, grew stronger, found each other, and together we continue to grow in love and appreciation. We have a beautiful family, a nonstop schedule, children that constantly amaze and amuse us, friends that love us, and the two most beautiful granddaughters in the whole world...amen, amen, amen!
It's crazy that someone who was actually in a mass shooting is pro gun.but think about this all my anti arms friends, this lady Ms. Hupps watched her parents get murdered right before her eyes in a mass shooting in Texas and she is one of the biggest gun advocates out there and the reason why is because she had a gun that day but because of gun law restrictions in Texas at the time this happened, she wasn't allowed to take it out of her car into the restaurant with her but if she would've been able to carry it in her purse she would've been able to protect her family from this lunatic.SHE, an actual victim is not mad at the weapons themselves she was mad at the fact she didn't have the capability to save her family because of STRICT gun laws for LAW ABIDING citizens and the thing that really should click in all of your heads that she said is "where have all these mass shootings happened?" They all happened at places that are GUN FREE ZONES these people that kill masses are there to do just that...and they ...
Who is buying all the 45 and 40 ammo, shelves are empty everywhere! Crazy!!!
Shoppers Drug Mart Seniors Day Jan 31: Thursday 31 January is senior’s day at Shoppers Drug Mart.  Save 20% on r...
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Well, I am officially in a state of shock. Dr. Seuss books are $8 at Walmart. Maybe I've just been out of the loop for a while, but that seems outrageous to me, so I'm gonna be hitting the used book stores soon (which I love doing anyway, now I have a good reason)
what a day we had Friday my alternator went out and my van staled battery dead man came by a Pastor of a church 25+ miles away also rebuilds alternators charged my van and told us to go to Wal Mart and get both batteries charge then come to his place would save me over $80 we did he said no lights no windshield wipers and No heat fan about 6 miles light came on I knew we had maybe 6 more miles to switch batteries it was raining and lights we on so Joe and I prayed fix this after 4-5 min light went off we got to his shop took it out and checked it, it was fine. he put it back and been running good
Going to work at wallies wondert mart world where you save money and live better.
Even fools are thought wise if they keep silent...a Proverb that we should all follow from time to time. This week has been a trying week full of contention at times for those of us who love South St. Petersburg. I heard much blaming of others for the problems but unfortunately those pointing their fingers had no solutions to the problems. I don't know what the solution is but I do know that bickering is not it. The other thing I am sure of is we must curtail the expansion of Wal-Mart in our city. They slowly and methodically strangle the life from neighboring businesses, small and large. All I know is that I love my city and I will continue to do what I do to make it better than which I got it.
Prescott and Staniford ? maybe you'll see me walking to save mart or the dry cleaners
Wal Mart could save so much money if they changed their bathroom stall walls to dry erase board.
To al my female friends please find time in your busy schedules to read the book by Stormie Omartian the power of a prayerful woman, wife and parent and for the males read the power of a praying husband.
*A b-day poem for an awesome person: Josephine Lumape* There's that special individual that I'm blessed to have Considering her my favorite Wal-Mart co-worker & a favorite cousin that I never had A mother of 2 great kids who can be nothing more than proud One who enjoys to party and likes to be loud lol One who enjoys the mall to do non-stop shopping So once you're with these people, there is no stopping lol It's b-day time I see, another year's gone by Hey you not getting much older, hope it doesn't make ya cry lol We always stay as young simply cause we're Asian But nobody believe me about that and they always need a persuation -_- And that's the end of the line and all I have to say I wanna take this moment and wish you a happy birthday. HAPPY B-DAY JOSEPHINE!
Can't wait for to come to the Save Mart Center!
Our tour guide of the Save Mart Center was amazing and so inspirational. Definitely going to look into that feel.
I just wanna get lost somewhere and never find my way back.
Fresno State men's basketball team lost to Colorado State 74-63 Saturday night at the Save Mart Center. click on the link for the story...
When you're gangster like jmoneyz21 and I. This is an average Save Mart purchase
Could really go for some banana bread right about now. And FYI, I should not be allowed to go into Wal Mart by myself!!! It can be bad. Lol
You know you have bad voices when you get told to please leave Save Mart Center.
I always leave Save Mart Center so late I had no idea there's game traffic...
Hey guys, I have a great investment opportunity. If you or anyone you know wants to look to own their own business then Give me a call (559) 975-9396. Located on Herndon/Milburn its a Quiznos subs and its in a shopping center with a save mart. Or if you are looking to buy a house or get a loan for one I can help with that as well.
Hi everyone, Just an update to let everyone know that I have opened a new online shop at If you’re looking for well-made baby bibs for your own baby or looking for a gift for a mother to be then I would love to be able to assist you. More products coming soon: - Toddler bibs with sleeves (painting shirt) - Nappy covers My baby bibs are assembled using three layers for ultimate absorbency! If your baby dribbles constantly then the bibs featured on this page are a must have to save your babies clothes. You can also find me at
WAL-MART, THE EVIL EMPIRE: You know I think it’s kind of funny that I started doing my “rant and rave” posts comparing Wal-Mart’s prices on produce to Aldi’s prices and how much lower priced Aldi’s was than Wal-Mart…and now…Wal-Mart is just pounding their advertising about their “Low Price Guarantee” . Now don’t get me wrong…I am in no way arrogant enough to think that little ole Tony shed such a massive beam of light on Wal-Mart’s ridiculously high prices that it forced them to change their entire advertising venue…no, but I do think that enough people have wised up about Wal-Mart and started shopping…and not shopping a little but a lot. I think it must have been enough that Wal-Mart woke up and took notice. Think about this for a second, why is the largest realtor in the world being forced to go on the defensive about their pricing? Here is an even better question, why does the largest retailer in the world not have the lowest price to begin with?? They should, they s ...
It's a giant vacuum that transfers wealth to the 0.0001%.
CSU lead back to 10, 55-45, after Iverson hits 1-of-2 FTs. 7:30 to play at the Save Mart Center.
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