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Savannah Film Festival

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8/ there were two big events that have DEFINED the last month for me. the first was the savannah film festival. it'…
Check out this great conversation with the sound masters and Craig Henighan!
to winning the award for at last year’s Moment captured by…
Zoey Deutch photographed at the SCAD film festival in Savannah (via paulaswallace on instagram)
Congratulations to on her Rising Star Award from the SCAD Savannah Film Festival!!! ♡
Robert Pattinson did not pack a steamer for the
New post (2017 SCAD Savannah Film Festival, Oct. 28 – Nov. 4) has been published on Everything Savannah -…
Met D.B Sweeney at the Savannah film Festival a few yrs ago..Nice guy..enjoyed talking to him..
Recently saw that at the Savannah Film Festival! It’s amazing how much work was put into that prod…
New post (SCAD Celebrates the 20th Anniversary of the SCAD Savannah Film Festival) has been published on Everything…
Savannah film festival; Mathew Modine is bar tending at local bar for fundraiser. I order bourbon on the…
📷 flawlessrobert: New portrait of Robert Pattinson at SCAD Savannah Film Festival
Note to self: never fly out of the Savannah Airport ever again. Don’t think I’m going to make it to Richmond for the film festival tonight.
100% at Savannah Film Festival a few years back
So humbled and honored to have recieved the Rising Star Award from the Savannah Film Festival today ❤️✨🎬
Zoey meeting a fan at SCAD Savannah Film Festival (skip to 6:53)
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onstage at the Savannah Film Festival in
I wrote movie reviews in the Savannah paper as a teen. At the Savannah Film Festival I heard a voice cal…
Today, Rob will attend the Savannah Film Festival for Good Time screening and honoured with Maverick Award!
ADDED - New portrait of Robert Pattinson from the Savannah Film Festival!. 📷 
Hollywood star power and the student experience converge at the Savannah Film Festival. Premi…
*NEW* Interview Video added to bottom of post. Rob on Maverick Award "receiving an award for the progression you've…
Video: Robert Pattinson interviewed on the red carpet of the Savannah Film Festival. At 1:51
Congrats to Robert Pattinson on being honored with the Maverick Award at the Savannah Film Festival. Well deserved! 👏…
31 HQ Pics of Robert Pattinson at the 'Good Time' G&A during the Savannah Film Festival yesteday! . https…
Actor Rob Pattinson draws crowd at seventh day of SCAD Savannah Film Festival - Savannah Morning News
AMERICAN FABLE won the special jury award at Savannah Film Festival for the mesmerizing performance by Peyton Kennedy. The girl will go far
Miles & I r so looking f'ward 2 our meeting up at the Savannah . film Festival. "We'll dance" he told me. I love that little boy of mine! xox
If anyone wants to get me a Gold Pass to the Savannah Film Festival as a Christmas present or something I'll pay you back eventually...
I'm crying a lot right now because I can't afford to go to the Savannah Film Festival this year
‘LILY’ Screens @ Savannah Film Festival: LGBT drama, written and directed by Graham Cantwell,...
To all of you who attended Toronto Film Festival, I hope u had a lovely time. My next FF is in Savannah with Miles & Vinnie Paz. Great city👍
Graham Cantwell's LILY to screen at the prestigious Savannah Film Festival
I saw this at the Savannah Film Festival. It was amazing.
And I'll visit for every Savannah film festival to watch you guys kick ***
Vpo press release – scad announces line-up and honorees for 2015 savannah film festival: SAVANNAH, G...
A chat with SCAD students at the Savannah Film Festival 2015
- Game of Thrones star Alfie Allen at the 2015 Savannah Film Festival
Day 5 of the Savannah Film Festival included a red carpet interview with Game Of Thrones actor Alfie Allen and...
We have some really amazing raffle prizes lined up for Mountain Film Festival. Proceeds...
Who's going to the Banff Mountain Film Festival tomorrow? Stop by before heading there for great &dinner!
We have such a packed week at Half-Moon Outfitters | Banff Mountain Film Festival on April 16th, Delta...
Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour Stop in Savannah, GA is happening this Thursday! Be sure to swing by our...
Both the Atlanta Film Festival and the Savannah Film Festival made MovieMaker Magazine's list of 50 Film...
Natalie Dormer practices her smirk and cozies up to Norman Reedus at the Savannah Film Festival - ***
'GoodFellas' cast to reunite for 25th anniversary at this year's
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Savannah Film Festival opens with Rising Star Award for Asa Butterfield On Miss Peregrines: "We'll se…
Savannah Film Festival guest Alec Baldwin with cool floor lamp designed by Christian…
Miles Teller, Actor: 21 & Over. Miles Teller (born February 20, 1987) is an American actor. Teller was nominated for the Chlotrudis Award for Best Supporting Actor at the Chlotrudis Awards 2011 and the Discovery Award at the Savannah Film Festival for his role as Jason in the 2010 film Rabbit Hole.
Nina at the Savannah Film Festival. She looks perfect !
Nina Dobrev wraps up for stunning appearance at Savannah Film Festival via
New Pic - Nina at the Savannah Film Festival. My baby looks so perfect !
New Pic - Candice at the Savannah Film Festival. She looks so flawless !
Nina Dobrev proves you don't have to flash the flesh as she steals show at Savannah Film Festival
New Pic - Paul Wesley at the Savannah Film Festival. He's perfect ♡
Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev took advantage of her Georgia lifestyle and watched some movies at the 16th annual Savannah Film Festival recently, but before she kicked back and watched some flicks, she opened up about her life growing up and how she’s making an impact on future generations...
Jeremy Irons to be honored at the Savannah Film Festival! It gets better every year!
Bruce Dern and Will Forte star in "Nebraska" The 16th annual Savannah Film Festival has announced Alexander Payne's…
should play at Savannah Film Festival this year. I would die of happiness.
I hope everyone plans on going to the Savannah Film Festival starting on October 26, 2013! It will be a really...
Day one - Wishing I was there...Loved the 74 version of The Great Gatsby...later worked with Robert Redford, and Bruce Dern...Dern and Lois Chiles were both here for the Savannah Film Festival. Redford, of course, made two films here. Looking forward to seeing Luhrmann's vision.
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! Matt Dillon & Diane Lane were both amongst honorees at the Savannah Film Festival - great pic x
Literary Films professor Dr. Kate Newell's review of On the Road:
I liked a video Norman Reedus at Savannah Film Festival 2012
Watch our panel, featuring faculty, Timothy Corrigan, and Peter Hitchcock. |
Rust and Bone with two noms, and returning to review:
also nom. for four Another review in
"I wasn’t a punk, a steam punk, or even a cyberpunk, but I was a fat kid." | review of
2013 Call for entries for the Savannah Film Festival (Oct. 26 - Nov. 2). Deadline for submission is July 1. Go to
Nice to see Sheldon at the Savannah Film Festival Check him out in the montage on
Check out our retrospective of the 2012
Sheeeit John Goodman and Stan Lee were at the Savannah Film Festival.
David Fitzgerald offers his impressions of the 2012.
I added a video to a playlist Geoffrey Fletcher at the Savannah Film Festival
US audiences got to experience at the Savannah Film Festival & they LOVED it! Check out their reactions.
The Vistas perform at the closing reception of the Savannah film festival.
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PAULA DEAN lives in Savannah!! That is the only reason I could think you're there since the Film Festival was last week.
Wonderful RT: Norman shares his passion for art & acting at 2012 Savannah Film Festival
Actress Michelle Monaghan shares her passion for independent film work and how fear informs her acting choices.
VIDEO: Norman Reedus (shares his passion for art and acting at the 2012 Savannah Film Festival
My son Scott got to take part in a photo shoot at Savannah Film Festival this month. One of his gets was the actor from the Walking Dead series on AMC. His wife Darwisa was excited to have her photo taken with the actor!
- My co-worker saw it at the Savannah Film Festival last weekend, and loved it!
Go to check out Opening Night of Savannah Film Festival with The South Magazine - Shena And The Fashion Rehabber and The Sopranos star James Gandolfini!
I liked a video Stan Lee at the Savannah Film Festival
Look who else was at the Savannah Film Festival!
Last week I was surrounded by all things film at the Savannah Film Festival. This week I have been fortunate...
Norman Reedus at a SCAD master class during the Savannah Film Festival - (Thanks,
The Savannah Film Festival turned our town into a Southern Hollywood for a full week. Everyday was a testament to Star power and SCAD power; andShena And The Fashion Rehabberwas on the scene to bring you you our Red Carpet commentary plus behind the scene look at the whole shebang. We have pictures,...
Halloween is done but that only means its time for The Savannah Film Festival, one of the city's biggest annual events! In Part One, the gang discusses Disney's recent purchase of Lucasfilm and review the new animated film, Wreck-It Ralph! Then, in Part Two, everyone gives their two cents on ...
Honorees and guests congratulate SCAD on the 15th anniversary of the Savannah Film Festival.
Matt Dillon received an Outstanding Achievement in Cinema Award at the 2012 Savannah Film Festival: Dillon's rem...
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Matt Dillon honored at Savannah Film Festival, dedicates award to Leonard Termo
Matt Dillon honored for cinematic excellence at Savannah Film Festival
Where is today? I think Norman Reedus is going to the Savannah Film Festival today...
"Every facet of the Savannah Film Festival is designed to complement and enrich the academic culture here at SCAD" -
i absolutely love the Savannah Film Festival ! =) so much fun
Here's what's going on today (Thursday, Nov. 1): Diane Lane is in town for the Savannah Film Festival. She'll do a Q&A following the 11:30 a.m. screening of A Little Romance at the Trustees Theater, and receive a SCAD award at 7 p.m., before Rust and Bone screens. Zach Gilford's Q&A comes after In O...
It's the Savannah Film Festival and I'm hunting down in honor of Miles Morales.
Thanks to Chelsea Moquin for hosting Julie and Me at the Savannah Film Festival (2 days worth). We saw many films including Flight and saw stars up close but not personal :( anyway, it was great fun and a good experience. My favorite was Silver Linings Playbook with that Bradley Cooper dude whom my wife's hates cause of his looks... And the short Trotteur which I am still figuring out. Love you Chase...
Two years ago today, the Savannah Film Festival started and I attended a few different screenings, curious about this whole 'movies' thing. One year ago today, I can't remember where the *** I was because I was working too much. Today, two movies I worked on (sound editing on Chalk Talk and re-recording mix on 12:15 Sunday) played at the Savannah Film Festival. This is what I call empirical evidence of "movin' on up."
If you missed opening night of the Savannah Film Festival, you can find out what happened here >>
The 15th annual Savannah Film Festival opened with a walk along the red carpet and a montage of the films, honored guests and signature moments that have made this “the nicest film festival in the world.”
James Gandolfini in town for Savannah Film Festival. Time to figure out who would win in a fight between him and John Goodman. (also here)
Just back from volunteering at the Daffin Park - Food Day Festival (booth for C.O.P.E - Childhood Obesity Prevention Education) for my friend Sandy and now back home seeing others enjoying the Jewish Food Festival here at Forsyth Park. A 'windy' day with the sun out which is making a really pleasant day to be outside. Plus there is the Savannah Film Festival that started this weekend. Plenty to do for anyone looking.
Emily Johnston and I are heading to the red carpet for opening night of Savannah Film Festival to see Silver Linings Playbook. Love me some Savannah!
John Goodman, Diane Lane and Geoffrey Fletcher to be feted at the Savannah Film Festival | The Award
Also, got tickets to Amazing Spiderman at the Savannah Film Festival! Stan Lee's gonna be there, apparently! That'll be cool!
Don't forget about the Savannah Film Festival which begins on 10/27/. What an amazing line up of guests and honorees this year!
The15th Savannah Film Festival, which begins on October 27th, got even more exciting on Monday afternoon with the announcement of John Goodman joining the impressive guest list. The legendary Stan Lee was announced as an honoree on Friday.
Savannah Film Festival is becoming to be known in the cinema community.
This morning the Savannah Film Festival announced that Stan Lee and John Goodman will be at the Savannah Film Festival later this month! See the full lineup of guests and screenings at the SAVFF website:
The Savannah Film Festival (Oct. 27-Nov. 3) has an amazing lineup of honorees this year including Stan Lee, John Goodman, Matt Dillon, Diane Lane, Geoffrey Fletcher and Michelle Monaghan. Who would you most like to meet in Savannah?
finally wrote out my schedule for the Savannah Film Festival!
Stan Lee to be honored at Savannah Film Festival: SAVANNAH, Ga. — The comic book creator known for making brief...
The 2012 Savannah Film Festival honorees clockwise from top left: Diane Lane, Matt Dillon
Let the games begin: Stan Lee is coming to the Savannah Film Festival. Let's see who else is coming? (cough cough Eric Kripke, Miles/Millar) please?
Diane Lane, Matt Dillon, Michelle Monaghan to be Honored at the Savannah Film Festival: The 15th Annual Savan...
Look who's coming to this year's Savannah Film Festival.
Matt Dillon, Diane Lane honorees at 2012 Savannah Film Festival; James Gandolfini to appear ...
Matt Dillon and Michelle Monaghan to attend the Savannah Film Festival, and 3D?! The perks of having a gold pass
At the 2009 Savannah Film Festival, where she showed her new movie "Dare."
Sir Ian McKellen gave this rare monologue to a group of students during the Savannah Film Festival. Everything about him was extremely theatrical, from his b...
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