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Saurav Ganguly

Sourav Chandidas Ganguly (born 8 July 1972) is a former Indian cricketer, and captain of the Indian national team.

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Ur work style is like Saurav Ganguly !!!
Ravi Shastri slams 'jealous' critics of MS Dhoni, is he taking a dig at Saurav Ganguly?
Steve Waugh started it. Saurav Ganguly improved on it and did it on Waugh himself. Now Modi ji has perfected the ar…
Literally, on off side first there is god & then Saurav Ganguly (Dada). Best ever Captain of India.
Why Saurav Ganguly, VVS Laxman and others need to do their research before criticizing MS Dhoni
Ans1-Sachin Tendulkar & Saurav Ganguly is the epic Long-lasting jodi like Deostick partner wid us fo…
Mam, you are just like Saurav Ganguly / Subramanian Swamy - Supremely confident of own abil…
Yes sir we want Saurav Ganguly sir on sports tak...
Saurav Ganguly says BCCI should look for replacement, if MS Dhoni doesn't improve form
Sir take Saurav Ganguly in sports tak I think he has got good brain of cricket his analysis…
. Sachin Tendulkar and Saurav Ganguly is the partnership. Join.
It feels so great to see Virat Kohli not only winning serie after series but building a team that will not fall und…
Satya Nadella says 'I liked Saurav Ganguly's style of leadership, putting the team first and bringing out the best…
you are my hero. Don't loose me. Retire from t20. Give young star chance. Don't be like saurav ganguly.
No need of debate on this any more. Mass 😎⚡ 😊
Saurav Ganguly ko kehte hain Dada,. We'll keep loving you Baba that's our waada 😢
Chappell was used to get rid of Saurav Ganguly as captain. He would never fi…
Dhoni is a legend. . Saurav Ganguly, Rahul Dravid & VVS Laxman were legends too when they forced out of the team. Just saying.
Loved Dhoni, love Dhoni, 'll go on loving Dhoni. My fav Indian cricketer after Saurav Ganguly!. Dhoni proves that cricket is gentleman's game
New post (cricket -​​ Prank on Saurav Ganguly :Harsha Bhogle's Funny Memoirs) has been published on Funn ...…
Sir but now sports tak is getting boring plz invite Saurav Ganguly instead of madan Lal bcoz he is…
Ashish Nehra, the man who said to Saurav Ganguly, "Dada, daro mat" !.
The togetherness of Sachin Tendulkar, Saurav Ganguly and Dravid were an
Found this pic of dada from the summer
I liked a video Ankush in Dadagiri with Saurav Ganguly
With nehra retiring, the last of Saurav Ganguly's introductions has left the international arena right?
I liked a video Varun Dhavan in Dadagiri with Saurav Ganguly
Why saurav ganguly shown as congressi?
Ghana have already been offside three times tonight. I think Saurav Ganguly would have been pleased.
Saurav ganguly sacrificed for both Dhoni and Sehwag. It's w…
Saurav Ganguly has done the hardest work, he has made this team
Ex - cricketer turned into commentator who appears on aaj tak is actually saurav ganguly
Saurav Ganguly backs Virat Kohli to become one of India’s greatest captains
I liked a video yuvraj singh talking about Saurav Ganguly (Rare Interview) must watch..
KEB and MB have lost their sheen and support. Cricket has gained on football in Bengal since Saurav…
Ricky Ponting and Saurav Ganguly both were great Captains of last decade_ both played as a worrier and arrogantly to defeat other side_
On Which date Saurav Ganguly has been awarded Honorary Life Membership of Marylebone Cricket Club?
for MS dhoni. Like for Saurav ganguly
Diego Maradona, Boris Becker, Sergio Aguero, Saurav Ganguly and David Silva. (I don't think Saurav slots in as an "…
Good performance. Start thinking like Saurav Ganguly. Talk to him. All the best.
Only good thing for country to come out of Bengal in the last 50 years may be Saurav Ganguly.!😖😖😖
it's gonna be d cricket legends fighting for d football trophy. Team sachin vs Team saurav ganguly.. for the ISL football fin…
Journalist: dada, what is Team India's future under Ravi Shastri's coaching. . Saurav Ganguly:
Thnk u Team India. U grls made India proud. U just reminds me of legend Saurav Ganguly
Why saurav ganguly should do this why can't you do it?
There's difference sir in "a repeat of saurav ganguly act" & "saurav ganguly should repeat his show".!! We could ex…
Last update on last night's we lost like our men used to falter before Ganguly era began. Waiting for a lady Saurav Ganguly
Saurav Ganguly scored 131 against England on test debut
Mithali Raj's contribution to Indian Cricket is same as that of Saurav Ganguly , both couldn't lift the trophy...
Indian women lost because they were scared that some of the Player will do what saurav ganguly did years back at Lords.
we lost bcoz of dare to enact Saurav Ganguly 😁
So were you also waiting for Saurav Ganguly moment like Rishi Kapoor 😂😂😂??
At least she dived. Saurav Ganguly saw that?
Come on girl lets refresh memory of lords while Team India beat England when dada ( saurav ganguly ) captain
where is sourav ganguly today ?. You don't try to prove us wrong by ur cheap mindset
You haven't said anything wrong sir... It's just ppl are inferring this wrongly, I guess due to picture of saurav ganguly...
who will be Saurav Ganguly of women's cricket. 'give it back' attitude. They should enjoy it. Common girls
And I donot think Saurav Ganguly is a stripper either
For this Saurav Ganguly is the only best
Guys stop watching this match if U think Mandhana will repeat a Saurav Ganguly celebration in the balcony after winning it
Happy Birthday Saurav Ganguly the greatest leader the gentlemen's game has ever produced. h…
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"When life gives you Ganguly, make it Saurav not Abijit."
A realistic statue of Saurav Ganguly would have been him at the non striker's end when a run is being taken.
I grew up watching Saurav Ganguly sixes, his blinking eyes, biting nails, roaring like tiger in field..!!.
Sent a consignment through meant for Bangalore through DTDC (brand ambassador of which is Saurav Ganguly) vide Consignment no. K01020183
Salute you for making Indian cricket proud. Your shots in particular the sixes reminded me of Saurav Ganguly. Thanks
I have stopped watching cricket itself after Saurav Ganguly retired
Kapil Dev, Saurav Ganguly, MS Dhoni and Mithali Raj. 4 Indian captains to play world cup finals !
Movie on Sachin Tendulkar showed the rise of Sachin. Movie on Saurav Ganguly will show rise and rise of India.
| Murthy backed startup raises funds, debuts as investor. reports.
Sachin Tendulkar, Saurav Ganguly and VVS Laxman write scathing letter to CoA over non-appointment of Zaheer Khan and Rahul Dr…
Wow. Saurav Ganguly and Greg Chappell... In 22yards pitch or table ... no room 4 hate, I WANT LITTLE PI…
Dada we just loving u in commentary. box , you're my childhood hero 🙏🤗. Saurav Ganguly emperor of modem. Indian cricket 🙏
The Best Six hitting Batsman I like - Saurav Dada Ganguly spclly the straight Six
Shikhar becomes the 4 btsman to score 3 centuries in ICC Champions Trophy tournmnt aftr Chris Gayle, Herschelle Gi…
I will be there tomorrow morning as well
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hi your to coverage was good. On your way to Cardiff if you want can stop at Gloucester.
India requires easily win over England! Did you remember Saurav Ganguly?
Best part of the match for me was when Saurav Ganguly had resigned to talking about Percy's dancing at the...
Playing cricket at Premadasa stadium is like playing in middle of a musical concert - Saurav Ganguly on Papare band
Common Saurav Ganguly we need you in the commentary to win the match
Reminds me of how Saurav Ganguly's kid explained:. When others dad have a bad day, no one knows. When my dad has a b…
Saurav Ganguly, such a pleasure to hear him in the commentary.
Sehwag taking Saurav Ganguly's jokes on him too seriously , Sehwag looks bitter for real, Fail commentator
Shikhar Dhawan is the only player after Saurav Ganguly to score 3 centuries in Champions Trophy
how many times Saurav Ganguly begs pardon in his commentary. least interested in dng commentary. More, I think wants to be on TV
Olden days After getting a 100 its treat to watch Saurav Ganguly shifting gears to attacking mode. Memories .
Saurav Ganguly, Herschelle Gibbs, Chris Gayle and SHIKHAR DHAWAN - only batsmen with with three ICC Champions Trophy hundreds.
The commentator was saurav ganguly if I'm not wrong
Dada (saurav ganguly) is the best and everybody should respect him as a cricketer
I respect u alot but u should respect of u seniors (saurav ganguly).
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..and a quota candidate of Saurav Ganguly :)
A funny story shared by Saurav Ganguly about Virender Sehwag and Zaheer Khan while doing commentary between Ind V...
Bcz saurav ganguly was open minded and a piece fell
sir I respect u so much but blaming saurav ganguly and India on your failure is like an stupid comment on your state failure.
According to sleeping position I guess Saurav Ganguly has a injured knee.…
The contest between Virender Sehwag and saurav ganguly was far better than…
Geo news "genius" reporter asking Saurav Ganguly why is Pakistan cricket on the decline & what is the solution.
Saurav Ganguly with cogent advice for Pakistan cricket
While v r at that can v pls have Saurav Ganguly stop calling Jadhav as Yadav?
Saurav Ganguly vs inside commentary Box was more entertaining than
. No matter how good or played but the 2 men in form were n saurav ganguly.
Waiting for 100m dash between saurav ganguly and Virender Sehwag on 20 june
There seems to be something wrong between Saurav Ganguly & Virendra Sehwag!
dude, u triggered Saurav Ganguly, now be ready for the Sprint.
The most fun thing now is the Hindi commentary with and saurav ganguly
Saurav Ganguly and Virender Sehwag together in the commentary.😀😀
please ask saurav ganguly to not provide inputs to opponents on how to win against India 🇮🇳.. Congrats on win.. Jish
Saurav Ganguly is such a good commentator. As good as he was as a captain.
Saurav Ganguly , VVS Laxman , Ramiz Raja . - The people who mistake Shikhar for Shekhar Dhawan .
Saurav Ganguly on commentary says no review from for lbw
nice to hear Saurav Ganguly giving tips in fielding on Kedar Jadav's fielding miss.. check your mirror man ☺️
"Another dot ball. Oh, this time through the fielder for two runs.". Saurav Ganguly played that ball earlier than the fielder.
Indian cricket was taught how to win by Kapil Dev, Saurav Ganguly, and, MSD. And, Virat is a great aggressive captain in the same mold.
Really loving the approach and the presentation of Saurav Ganguly in the break.
Why cant we have Saurav Ganguly as Coach of Indian team? Moody, McDermott,Pybus, Lalchand rajput, Sehwag- We deserve someone better!!
As Saurav Ganguly pointed out, India have nearly batted Pakistan out of the match.
Saurav Ganguly commentary is him recycling the same few lines and repeating himself again and again.
Invite saurav ganguly and Rahul Dravid on ur show please
Saurav Ganguly said the same thing now.. Actually he said' not one of his best". Timing issues..
Saurav Ganguly still acts like a captain to his ex-teammates
Meanwhile, Saurav Ganguly and Harbhajan have smashed their Crystal balls.
Meanwhile Saurav Ganguly and Harbhajan have smashed their crystal balls.
look whose record de Villiers broke. Saurav ganguly and not Sachin. Dada was a great hitter . 😀
Australia hv certainly proved Saurav Ganguly and Harbhajan Singh worng abt there predictions
surely Australia hv proved worng to Saurav Ganguly and Harbhajan Singh about their predictions???
And Saurav Ganguly said we will whitewash Australia
205 Ings taken by AB de Villiers to cmplte 9000 ODI Rns.Fstst to ths feat going past Saurav Ganguly who got there in 228 ings
205 Innings taken for AB de Villiers to complete 9000 ODI Runs - Fastest to this feat going past Saurav Ganguly...
it's a lost cause tell Ganguly it may be 0/4
Dear Saurav Ganguly ...I wanna see Ur prediction face at this moment .100/8
Legends feels ardently privileged with your kind associ…
Legends feels ardently privileged with your kind ***
Won't be surprised if India win 4-0 against Aussies: Saurav Ganguly Buy
BJP is a right-wing party, they tried but Saurav Ganguly refused to join them. Bcos woh leftie hai na. 😂
why do you have to make Saurav Ganguly look like a 20 yr old serial killer ?
Former Indian cricket team captain and Siliguri Mayor meet after several days in Siliguri.
And the Trend of Treating Captains poorly continues. First it happened to Saurav Ganguly n now it's MS Dhoni.
Now ganguly fans started crying on dhoni , first they have to remember kkr left saurav from the team itself
Superheroes unite & set a for the launch of Tetley Super Green Tea with Saurav Ganguly, Neha D…
D. 10 yrs old child n NCR has been playing u 14 cri in NCR if u can guide us 4 registry in cab affiliated club
basically want to see u both as Legends. Keep it like that!
But when i left out Saurav Ganguly, Ravi Shastri was high high. Sorry shouldn't give interviews post party. Hic
Are there any young people showing interest in BJP ? I know that Saurav Ganguly said No to politics but others?
Indian cricketer Saurav ganguly Rare case photos collection.
Indian cricketer Saurav ganguly Rare case photos collection.: via
I added a video to a playlist Indian cricketer Saurav ganguly Rare case photos collection.
...please call saurav ganguly and sachin sir in your show.The two stalwart of indian cricket.
one and only saurav ganguly aka dada. .  
is what you get when you mix best of Rahul Dravid & Saurav Ganguly
Saurav Ganguly was lyk Allan Border, Dhoni was like Steve Waugh & Virat Kohli begins a legacy like that of Ponting in style!
Saurav Ganguly is the best caption on the world cricket in his time
Century with a six in a tense match. Early days of captaincy always go charged. Reminds me of Saurav Ganguly
"Virat Kohli" is my choice forever.The best fearless n fabulous cricketer ever... after Dada "Saurav Ganguly"
I had to go for a cricket tournament on 19 January, have complained to the Medinipur SP about the threat, Saurav Ganguly…
Who is the best captain in Indian cricket?Is it M.S.dhoni or Saurav ganguly?
Ganguly Dear dada, we wish if u could join us on our cancer get together in Kolkata to boost d morale of cancer care givers on 26th
Have never watched Saurav Ganguly play so yeah.
Man arrested for sending threat letter to Saurav Ganguly
saurav ganguly says Kohli is more aggressive than Dada himself...Kohli's dadagiri will be a paradigm shift...Mange more
/2 thrz no action on him n u celebrate catching sm random guy threataning saurav ganguly? Shame on u
Police arrest Nirmalya Samanta, a youth who is resident of Midnapore, for writing letter with death threat to Saurav Ganguly
I have not thought anything about BCCI job: Saurav Ganguly
Saurav Ganguly dismisses reports of him stepping down from post of Cricket Association Of Bengal(CAB) president
agreed!! Saurav Ganguly was the captain that brought the whole team together with his assertiveness and aggressiveness
Can't Shastri see stats: Azhar on best Indian captain debate . Your view is perfect on is biased!
Even Legends like Saurav Ganguly isn't safe in Bengal. Dada Receives Death threat. .
Saurav Ganguly won't have to omit Ravi Shastri from the list of top 10 coaches of India because didn't let him become one…
1. Kapil Dev. 2. Saurav Ganguly. 3. Three different captain's from three different era's the reason behind we watching cricket today
Waqar asked which was his prized wicket. His answer Brian Lara. After that it was Sachin & Saurav Ganguly
If Saurav Ganguly and Mamata Bannerjee have a glass of Milk together.. the Picture can be Captioned. Dada, Didi, Dudu :P .
Saurav Ganguly will be better choice than any foreigner coach..!! Do you agree with me?
Saurav Ganguly is favourite captain of dhoni also, chk his interview, n in last match of dada , dhoni let him do the captaincy for some time
why did you conspired with chappel to side line great Saurav ganguly.
Howrah (West Bengal): 6 injured after two groups of BJP workers clashed in front of BJP candidate Roopa Ganguly
Then my hometown team enters into the IPL n miracle happens again my love saurav Ganguly does captaincy for it once 😘😘
Nation would love to see you, Sachin Tendulkar & Saurav Ganguly in commentary box together while Kohli & Dhoni is batting
Getting bored. So here is my all time Indian ODI XI cricket team:. 1. Sachin Tendulkar. 2. Saurav Ganguly...
Don't worry Sammy,Mr Anurag Chowdhary & Mr Saurav Ganguly will take Care of Your Board,After all You are INDIES
Now has become my 3rd favourite captain after and Not for winning...
Saurav ganguly sud discard his hair piece. It is obviously protruding, making mockery of his personality! . Ganguly needs no addons
signs Saurav Ganguly as brand ambassador, acquires on demand SHIPSY
Meanwhile back in 😂. Saurav Ganguly.. Imagine the silence of 1 billion ppl.
ironic that Saurav Ganguly was right there when the Caribbean players were taking off their shirts
Special Thanks to CAB. President Saurav. Ganguly for flawless. arrangements of T20. Final at Eden Gardens.
Watching Saurav Ganguly as an administrator makes you feel proud to be a Dada fan!!! Suited he was running around...
In the company of legends. ICC President Zaheer Abbas & CEO Dave Richardson along with CAB President Saurav Ganguly
Virat Kohli is the Man of the Tournament! ❤ And Saurav Ganguly takes it on his behalf! Best part of the
Saurav Ganguly. . . . My entire childhood memories are permeated by , Rahul Dravid and Ganguly.
Many Congratulations West Indies team True champion. . wat a celebration guys reminds me of Dada saurav ganguly against England.
what a climax!. What a celebration of Samules against England dressing room. Reminds me of our Dada saurav ganguly.
The loudest cheer is always saved for Saurav Ganguly, the Dada!
That cheer on Saurav Ganguly's name in Eden Gardens still gives goose bumps.
That awesome moment when Saurav Ganguly gets the biggest cheer of the match!.
Awww Saurav Ganguly. I remember when he came to Karachi back in the day and Sajid Hasan interviewed him
At Eden Gardens, Saurav Ganguly gets bigger cheers than the winning runs.
In Saurav Ganguly's city, Kolkata, a number of players take off their shirts to celebrate victory.
The whole West Indian team does a Saurav Ganguly.. where's da Jersey maan ??
In Saurav Ganguly's pocketborough, a number of West Indian players take off their shirts to celebrate victory.
New post (Leader Talk: In conversation with Saurav Ganguly and Sanjeev Goenka) has been published on
Rahul Dravid would be a poor coach -he suits the whitemans idea od an indian. u need an agressive thinker like Saurav Ganguly.
Saurav Ganguly is next BCCI president...not coach
May saurav ganguly will be best option.
if u rembr n Mongia scored 152 n Saurav Ganguly missed his 3rd century in 1st 3 matches in that match
''We have requested WC finalists to wear black armbands in solidarity to affected families of kolkata flyover collapse''- Saurav Ganguly.
Now Azhar. MS Dhoni in a few months. Why did Bollywood leave out Saurav Ganguly?
sir if u in kolkata for ten mins can come to bengal chamber of commerce have a chat show with Saurav ganguly n members interact
So exciting, Indian legend Saurav Ganguly in Eden Gardens to perform the final draw, coming up in FIVE minutes.
Saurav Ganguly scored 131 on his debut at lords
takes the most important wicket. Reminds me of Saurav Ganguly in Sharjah series vs Pak
A tribute to one of the best captain of Indian Cricket Team - Saurav Ganguly
.If india wins, will post nudes of Saurav Ganguly! :D
Typical colonialist mindset is entrenched to their psyche, needs to be uprooted like Saurav Ganguly did in Lords!
dont forget the final is in kolkata, Home of saurav ganguly
So it's Saurav Ganguly vs Naseer Hussain in the Finals !!! .
"Fastest Indian Bowler I have ever faced? It's really close between Anil Kumble and Saurav Ganguly." -Steve Waugh.
First Anil Kumble, then Rahul Dravid and now Saurav Ganguly. And this before Bengal has played its first game
Mamata backs Ganguly as chief of CAB West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Thursday threw her weight behind Saurav Ganguly as the n…
I have not given an interview for any appointment: Saurav Ganguly after meeting Mamata Banerjee
That Shot When Sachin Tendulkar almost killed Saurav Ganguly.!!. Must Check 3rd Frame Look at that Poor bowler he...
Also, Saurav Ganguly is part of BCCI. We can at least trust an ex-cricketer to work in the game's interest
I m loving this Saurav Ganguly program. My fav.
Vajpayee team was like saurav ganguly's.All legends.But dhoni had that something extra
Meanwhile becomes fastest player to score 8000 Runs in ODI beating Saurav Ganguly.
Saurav Ganguly took off his shirt. Alright, but what about the six pack abs? Where are they?
On offside first it's God then Saurav Ganguly and then
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Congrats Saurav 4 winning shera bengali talent award..we are proud of u buddy!!. Saheli Ganguly
Yeah I remember when Saurav Ganguly was fielding
I would choose Saurav Ganguly before Gower and Hayden
The 2 lefties to beat all of these for sheer class. (Ok exclude Lara and Sanga). DAVID GOWER and SAURAV GANGULY.
Saurav Ganguly is beyond leftie lists. Having said that, Sangakkara was a tremendous ambassador for the game.
could be for me its Saurav Ganguly... Undoubtedly Sachins the best but i respect Ganguly more than any other cricketer
"As of now, Virat Kohli is the greatest batsmen of the world" - Saurav Ganguly . 7 Years of Virat in ICT
Saurav Ganguly bats for at no. 3 in Test-. "Give Rohit Sharma a chance at No. 3 for some time. You can’t simply see s…
On 22 June 1996, Saurav Ganguly scored 131 on his test debut at Lord's, the
does we have anyone else except Saurav Ganguly and Kapil Dev. Both of them posses these qualities.
Brett Lee is right that Saurav Ganguly with his immense knowledge can be a great coach for Team India. Do you agree with Lee Mr Dhoni?
Saurav Ganguly is the best choice when it comes Indian Cricket team Coach! 👌
try telling that to saurav ganguly abt john buchanan ...Lol
Saurav Ganguly is best captain in India
Is Saurav Ganguly close to being the Coach of Team India?. If yes, GOOD NEWS it will be!
The correct answer is Saurav Ganguly removing his T-shirt at Lord's stadium after the Natwest Trophy win.
Saurav Ganguly celebrating India's Natwest trophy win at the Lord's by taking off his shirt
Recruit more Indian staff in IPL: Saurav Ganguly: CHENNAI: The vast majority of IPL franchises have foreign su...
Ideally, Ricky Ponting as the Team Coach with Saurav Ganguly as Team Director, reporting to Ravi Shastri.
Saurav to be a part of Team India.. Ganguly and Kohli make the most aggressive pair.. lethal combination from Punjab and Bengal
Saurav Ganguly to be appointed as the "High Performance Manager" of Team India. BTW, what's this 'High Performance Management" ? :/
Wasnt this too obvious after Mr. Dalmiya came on board? No offence meant to the caliber of Saurav Ganguly though!
Saurav Ganguly set for new role with Team India?
With the tour to Bangladesh in a couple of weeks, BCCI secretary Anurag Thakur said a decision on Saurav Ganguly will b...
Saurav Ganguly is MODI for cricket, under his aggressive leadership, team will see new high.
Now Saurav Ganguly can advise Indian Cricket players on how to rip off the shirt and spin it when Indian team wins
i wish as same. We love Saurav ganguly- who gave a new direction of indian cricket team.
Saurav ganguly would have been proud seeing that bowling effort from harbhajan
Why is Saurav Ganguly not present in Miss him.
Arey yaar make Saurav Ganguly Team India's coach. Why have such fancy names like director, consultant etc.
My answer to What would have happened if Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid and Saurav Ganguly played for Zimbabw…
So Harbhajan is back in the test squad.Viru,gauti and yuvi are soon to follow. Saurav Ganguly version 2.0 of Team India is coming soon
I started supporting KKR for only 1 man n thats 'Saurav Ganguly'
So happy to see taking so mamy wickets throughout the IPL. Have alway loved the team Ganguly made.
Raina showed glimpses of Saurav Ganguly while hitting six
Just heard on TV: saurav ganguly to be the advisor to
I want Saurav Ganguly to be the Coach of Indian team
Saurav Ganguly might replace Ravi Shastri as Indian Cricket Team Director. If that happens, at least for once has done something good.
Who can be the best coach for Indian Team?. a) Ricky Ponting. b) Justin Langer. c) Saurav Ganguly. d)
Time for some old fashioned " DadaGiri", welcome back Saurav Ganguly, here's hoping for some improved overseas test performances.
Saurav Ganguly will replace Ravi Shastri as the new Team India director
Saurav Ganguly to replace Ravi Shastri as Team India's consultant. So that explains his meetings with BCCI president.
Ravi Shastri go home ur third class while Saurav Ganguly is world class.
Ravi Shastri is being replaced by Saurav Ganguly. All 3 results are possible Shastrican go down to the wire,up the wire , under the wire lol
TimesNow: Former Indian skipper Saurav Ganguly likely to replace Ravi Shastri as the consultant for the Indian …
That was a classic off drive. Saurav Ganguly
The best news of the day...Saurav Ganguly to be the team manager??? Bring him in will be good for the future of Indian cricket
The Najeeb Jung- Arvind Kejriwal relationship has become like Greg Chappel- Saurav Ganguly.
This Najeeb Jung- Arvind Kejriwal relationship has become like the Greg Chappell- Saurav Ganguly relationship.
Boss, Dalmiya and Saurav Ganguly are extremely close. With Dalmiya & Thakur now they won't consult captain much.
Dalmiya has consulted his favorite Saurav Ganguly on this matter. Whatever Dada has said that'll happen.
Saurav Ganguly or Rahul David shd be made coach of Indian team rather then a white skinned.
Saurav ganguly a big welcome by BCCI as consultant with the team Ravi Shastri shown the door.
I hope you know Saurav Ganguly himself influenced & pushed for Greg Chappell to be made India coach when he ws Captain
Same place where Saurav Ganguly took off his jersey to celebrate the victory over England in Natwest series...
Remember "Arey yahi to hai desh ki dhadkan?" By Hero Honda where Hrithik hit Saurav Ganguly out of the park with a hockey …
The Cricketers I want to meet in my Life - Adam Gilchrist, Ricky Ponting, Rahul Dravid , Saurav Ganguly and AB De Villers.
Saurav Ganguly is one, whom I like very much. He is pride of Bengal, INDIA.Fine cricketer, nice person, very charming, very smart so on#
Pehle ye bata Saurav Ganguly tera ghanta q baja ra hai? Btw why you photoshopped it? We all know it's small!😊
He was probably talking of Saurav Ganguly... helping to build Team India after the Scams of Match Fixing..
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.then Y dint he complete it? Its like saying Saurav Ganguly wl smile at Dhoni's wins as something he started
Pitu is not in this team and Bell is inconsistent as always. Saurav Ganguly is the right man
Saurav Ganguly is the right coach for overrated England team
People dont like hearing it so didnt mention - Saurav Ganguly
Just read your Article on your Visit to Lords. Was so beautifully written. All my memories of Saurav Ganguly's came back. :)
" I hope one day, Virat Kohli will lead the side to a World Cup title. " - Saurav Ganguly.
" Virat Kohli is just 26. The more he learns, the better he will get. He's a class act. " - Saurav Ganguly
Best badminton player got the youth icon award from saurav ganguly at the times of India award.
Receiving the times of india youth icon award from Saurav Ganguly 😊😊
Saurav Ganguly wins the Ceat International Cricketer of the Year award 1999-2000.
If is exonerated will be do a Saurav Ganguly?
Reply of saurav ganguly when he was asked to relaunch book of Sardesai
One is the best openers till date and Saurav ganguly
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