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Saudi Prince

The House of Saud (Āl Suʻūd) is the ruling royal family of Saudi Arabia. The family has thousands of members.

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Saudi Prince a former minister in KSA could be detained or sent behind bars, contrarily, in Pakistan such corrupt p…
Saudi Prince 'threatened to kill staff who watched him being pleasured by male aide' | Daily Mail Online
Well I Read she(Mindy McCready) also dated a Saudi Prince and an NHL Player and a a Guy named Billy McKnight A-hole who beat her up once
A Saudi Prince lost $350 million and Five Wives in gambling! . Five Wives? . 😱. I thought Muslims can marry only up to…
Saudi Prince loses $350 millions and 5 of his wives in 6 hours at the casino – World News Daily Report
.How about Trump's over $1 billion in debt to Saudi Prince...
Saudi Prince taught Ivanka trump, how to drink coffee -
Just sold an 18th century coffee pot to a Saudi Prince & a piece of silver to the future queen of Romania 😂. What a week 👔🍻🎉
Tall guy in a robe? Saudi Prince bin Salman luckily wasn’t hit by drone in meeting with SecDef Mattis last week. Do…
Read&Learn: Meet the vegan Saudi prince who's turning the lights on in Jordan via
scary looking at the replies. People begging a Saudi prince to take us over. Our fanbase is starting to rot
does anybody ever talk about the third bomber? Roommate with third-degree Burns the Saudi Arabian Prince
2 horrible campaigns by a candidate with more baggage than a Saudi prince and the only thing different she'd do is…
It's actually a bunch of people! A Saudi Prince and the guy who owns the LA clippers…to name a few
Saudi Arabia has executed a prince convicted of murder via
the Inner Circle contains a Saudi prince
yet you're in a group funded by a Saudi prince. Conflict of interest?
Does anyone remember Obama bowing to Saudi prince and apologizing for America,the 40 billion $ iran deal-Russia-really? Kelly-couch fiasco?
More women accuse Saudi prince after his arrest on sex crime charge, says
Saudi Prince kidnap girl in front of her family; rape, murder her and dump her body on the sidewalk...
The billionaire who is saving Bethlehem with the support of a Saudi Prince
Billionaire who is saving Bethlehem w the support of a Saudi Prince (Better hurry before Israel steals all the land). https…
Lebanon charges Saudi prince over record drug haul
Supercar thief stole Saudi prince’s £97k Rolls Royce by filling in DVLA form – then sold it to a car dealer in…
Did u know about the Saudi Prince who lives at & owns a floor of Trump Tower? I fact checked & its true.
Saudi Prince just announced country 'not ready' for women driver...we're not ready for a woman prez. Baby steps.
Saudi Prince says Saudi Arabia has FUNDED 20% of Hillary's campaign.
Just reminding everyone that a Saudi Prince said that has provided 20% of campaign funding. https:…
Saudi Prince al-Waleed bin Talal: Palestinians must end their occupation of historic Jewish lands in Judea and...
Donald survived his $billon+ biz failures because. a Saudi Prince bailed him out, twice. plus http…
Story, Saudi Prince that bailed Trump out of debt twice! Prince Alwaleed bin Talal paid his debt down to No billion $ lost!
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But a Saudi Prince bailed out Trump twice when he was personally bankrupt. http…
Story that would have destroyed Trump if we had a press: Saudi Prince to Trump: I Bailed You Out Twice.
Fat boy loves Arab money. Saudi Prince bailed him out at least three times. CON MA…
Mutaib bin Abdulaziz, Saudi Prince lives in the Trump Tower, where he owns entire floor of the building ... No hate there!
Donald Trump was never bailed out by a Saudi Prince.
so good with money, a Saudi Prince had to bail him out TWICE when he was $900 million IN DEBT.
Alwaleed Bin Talal a Saudi Prince pledged 32 Billion to Hillary to spread Sharia law to America a traitor to Constitut…
Saudi Prince has 35M shares ...only owns more
Did y'all know globalist Bill Gates owns Four seasons in a joint venture with the Saudi Prince?
Rumors abound that used his wife to get loans from a Saudi Prince his wife
Ex-defence secretary & director writes excellent OpEd in on Crown Prince
Wembley home seized over Saudi Prince ‘assassination payment plot backed by Colonel Gaddafi’
Powerful Saudi prince offers support to Iranian opposition
As part of a traditional welcome to Saudi Arabia,the Prince of Wales was served arabic coffee and dates by his hosts
Saudi Prince Nawaf al-Saud in with his family&friends, while women aren't allowed 2 drive in his country.
Saudi Prince Al-Walid bin Talal bin Abdulaziz al-Saud gave to charity all his fortune - $ 32 billion. …
18. While the Saudi women don't have their basic rights, the prince & his family are cruising half naked.
Any singer luks cuter than Prince he is the cutypiee❤. love from Saudi
Looks like Saudi just cut the cord with Hamas. Could be very good news for Israel.
Powerful Saudi prince offers support to Iranian dissidents https…
cluster bomb prince is back on for his DC visit, will dine with Ash Carter Jul 20
FM Prince Saud Al-Faisal in 2003 requested the U.S president to release the 28 pages. h…
Saudi Prince, who was Cowboys fan and frequent guest of Jerry Jones, named in 9/11 report
Saudi Prince, Alwaleed bin Talal, pledged $32 billion earlier this year to spread Islam/Sharia Law in America
Trump was personally bankrupt when a Saudi Prince had to bail him out, twice.
Saudi Prince will get a welcome on Thursday in DC
What about the Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan? His mother was Ethiopian.
Connect the dots: Obama grad Harvard Elena Kagan Dean of Harvard Law Harvard gets $20m from Saudi Prince
I just don't see how Saudi Prince caps production. Neither for Russia oil minister. This is a poker game. Neither are folding
✔ Saudi Prince drops Doha bomb: 'No deal without Iran...we are selling at every opportunity'. htt…
G.W. was on the side of the Saudi Prince. 19 of the 9/11 attackers were Saudi Arabians, yet we invaded Iraq instead.
Its owned by Murdoch and a Saudi Prince. Roger Ailes runs the faux news parts.
Megyn Kelly's coffee buddy Saudi Prince no wonder she gets away with lies Islamic faith says lie to the unbeliever.
A Saudi Prince has a STAKE in Fox. Why? To create a 24 hour news network for Saudi Arabia. White man still owns America's network.
$2 million dollar is not big deal. Look at the Saudi Prince have more money
Your insults don't change fact that Saudi Prince owns Alwaleed owns 7 percent of Class B voting stock with 21st Century Fox,2nd to Murdoch.
make sense. Lil joke you already know. Maybe they get fundraising campaign money from the Saudi Prince
Saudi Prince books out Sydney restaurant for a date with his new wife via
Saudi Prince Alwaleed and his wife (interview) The Charlie Rose show
Defence Minister Khawaja Asif received Saudi Prince at the airport, but curiously there was no counterpart meeting
Received 10 Million from Saudi Prince, increases weapon sales to Saudi.
Sultan of Brunei & Saudi Prince praise the US Burqa immigrants "show" of solidarity with Muslims & Refugees worldwid htt…
newStream©: Disclosure of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman's Addiction and Drug Trafficking by a Saudi Prince
--Twins!. Ryan si starting to show his Saudi Prince side--Prince Paul Ali
Trump has gotten a lot of practice responding to verbal attacks, so when this Saudi Prince tried ruin him, Trump...
Wow! even a Saudi Prince fears him. Must be doin' something right.
Saudi Prince calls Trump 'disgrace to America' via
First Women Elected to Saudi Councils /from Saudi Prince of by Aborigine .thanks redapto!
Saudi Prince to Donald Trump: “You are a disgrace not only to the GOP but to all America”
The same Saudi Prince that had his post 9-11 attack $10M check to NYC . rejected by Mayor "Rudy" Giuliani
Tell them 2meditate on Photo of George Bush holding hands w/a Saudi Prince...anxieties recede as …
Hey, I hear Saudi Arabia doesn't like people reporting about a Saudi Prince being arrested with 2 TONS of drugs use.
Saudi prince denies statement that he will side with Israel Ary
A new low even for Saudis. Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal: I will side with Israel in case of war with Palestinians. https:/…
Will side with Israel in case of war with Palestine, says Saudi prince.
Hazoor he denies the above publication, Still I think it's face saving tactics.
A Saudi prince is busted with a planeload of drugs, and Lebanese politicians rush to free him. A public health crisis lo…
Sounds like it's time for World War 3
Why you should always check your sources
Vanessa Beeley:Great Analysis. . Mainstream media commentators and journalists laughed at Gaddafi in 2011,...
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The first photo of the drugs sized in Beirut Airport in a private jet that belong to a prince.
This letter written by Saudi prince..BT our communal media ll nt show this coz they dint find smthing wht gv thm TRP htt…
"Woman not giving husband sex? Ten lashes with rod. Blogger who wants democracy? A thousand lashes with a whip. https…
Arrested for Trying to Smuggle Two Tons of on Jet https:/…
This is why we need to reduce our dependence on foreign oil from Saudi Arabia. משה
Saudi prince caught smuggling a drug popular with ISIS
Saudi prince held over record Beirut airport drug bust
Prince Talal denies those pro-Israel comments attributed to him which went viral:
Saudi prince Majed charged in USA for rape & torture. . In Saudi he would be beheaded for it!.
Hajj stampede: Muslim world rounds on Saudi Arabia amid claims Prince’s convoy closed roads and led to crush
We've been sold out. They are teaching this crap in our schools. What did Hitler say, "He alone who owns the...
Prince of arrested on private plane with 2 tons of drugs
Al Waleed bin Talal says news publication AWDNews has repeatedly targeted him
Saudi Prince: I Side with Israel and not the Palestinians
The money *** like hillary r probably salivating
The Drug-Smuggling Saudi Prince: And the Story of Captagon, NATO, ISIS, Libya/Syria & the Nazis… via
Saudi prince arrested in Lebanon trying to smuggle 2 tons of drugs in his private jet. Passport say he a princess. 😁 https:…
3 US women claim sexual assault by Saudi prince in Beverly Hills mansion
prince detained on Monday in the largest drug bust in the history of Beirut airport:.
A Saudi prince has been arrested in Lebanon for drugs smuggling
_Saudi prince held after seizure of two tons of amphetamines at Beirut airport | via
Saudi prince al-Waleed bin Talal: In case of outbreak of Palestinian uprising I'll side with...
And Saudi prince Walid bin Talal told media; he will support Israel against Palestine...
Saudi Crown Prince and DCP at a desert outing yesterday. Image via
U.S. Police refuse to arrest Saudi Prince for raping and beating women over 3 days in Beverly Hills.
Beverly Hills police opted not to charge the Saudi Prince for lack of evidence. It is a civil suit now.
*** Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office decide not to press charges against Saudi Prince for sexual harrassme…
your pic. That's something that makes a lot of woman very happy and Roch while dragging a Saudi Prince.
Saudi Prince to Form a Coup: We Are Calling for All of the Sons of Ibn Saud to Change the… http:…
Jerry Jones quoted a Saudi Prince when asked about handling injuries to the Dallas Cowboys
Saudi Prince pulls an Abba Moro,blames African pilgrims for d stampede that led to over (cont)
Saudi Prince & Ambasader to US Bandar Behind Chemical Attacks FB will not let me forget the past good & bad.
The "Caption" in Obama's mind is something like, "I didn't even finish College &a Saudi Prince bought my Law Degree"
Riyadh and Amman discuss regional developments
Riyadh and Amman discuss region via
HMKing Abdullah II & Saudi Deputy Crown Prince today emphasized the importance of joint action to fight terrorism
Deputy Crown Prince sends cable of thanks to King of Jordan .
Here's something for you: Melchester Racing was owned by Saudi Prince who didn't want family to know of his racing!
An UnEmployed Saudi Man Donated his to an ill . 14—year old boy. ♻After Being moved by the boy Mother's Tears ht…
This pastor has been at the Prince of Saudi Arabia's Palace. Not a medaphor, really has. Now against Israel.
Joint statement on visit of Deputy Crown Prince to Jordan 2 Amman .
This is a diamond encrusted $48 million Mercedes owned by Saudi Prince Alwaleed. He charges $1000 just to touch it!
Ahud vs match in The Saudi Crown Prince Cup will be moved to Makkah at King Abdul Aziz Stadium. :(
Saddened by the death of Prince SaudAlFaisal, son of late King Faisal of Saudi Arabia. Pakistan has lost a good friend.
I know comes in many guises, but a Saudi prince bearing $350M in cash in swap for my bank deets screams
Deputy Crown Prince begins visit, meeting with His Majesty King Abdullah II for talks on close ties
Help stop cruelty to wild animals in captivity, KSA.
What we'd all do given the chance, Angel Di Maria has retired from football and married a Saudi prince. Congrats! http…
Saudi Prince Bandar bin-Sultan just sold his last Aspen property for a paltry $5.87 million.
Saudi Arabia's Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Attends Charity in the Saudi capital, Riyadh on July 1, 201
Saudi Deputy Crown Prince to start visit to Jordan .
King of Jordan as well as Saudi Crown Prince
Let's refresh our memories,. using to topple to consolidate own power.
What would the Saudi Prince's $32bn do to solve the world's problems?
A Saudi Prince is going to donate his entire $32bn fortune to charity
John Perkins -talking about one of the Saudi Prince's weakness for blonds in "Confessions of an…
Saudi Prince can't use diplomatic immunity to excuse himself frm court battle with King Fahd's widow
Saudi Prince cannot use diplomatic immunity to excuse himself from court battle with Janan Harb, widow of King Fahd
While delivers the Friday sermon at the Islamic Centre, a Saudi Prince is entertained by Pitt Bull and J Lopez in Velaa Resort😂😂
Muslim-hating fans have no clue their favorite "news" station is owned by this Saudi Prince. http:/…
Saudi Prince, "Fracking is a Threat to Kingdom", First George Soros now Saudi Arabia trying to damage U.S. Economy!
Saudi Prince tells Indian Muslims not to call themselves decedents of Arab & reminds them of their Hind…
the Saudi Prince and the 'Ground Zero Mosque' via (from 2010)
2nd largest shareholder of is Saudi Prince. House of Saud are biggest funders of terrorists.
News : A Saudi Prince has offered Kim Kardashian a Million Dollars, to Spend a Night with him . . ***She's probably gonna do it, and have a Baby named 'Middle East'
Apparently a Saudi Prince is paying Kim K $1m to attend a party with him - wouldn't Kanye mind a little bit?
SAUDI NATIONAL DAY - FROM MEMORABLE PAST TO A BRIGHT FUTURE On the dawn of 18th June 1985, the entire world was pleasantly surprised to learn that HRH Prince Sultan Bin Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud, a Royal Saudi Air Force Pilot, became the first and the youngest Muslim astronaut to fly in the outer space. The news brought Saudi Arabia on the radar of international community. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s remarkable multi-sector development is a “modern-age wonder”. Indeed, the nation has come a long way since the grand achievement of the Saudi Prince. On 23rd September 2014, public celebrations will mark the 84th Saudi National Day, which commemorates the 1932 unification of the Kingdom by its founder, King Abdul Aziz Al-Saud. The growing public exuberance on Saudi National Day underscores important changes in Saudi society, most importantly Saudi Nationalism's new found attraction to the Kingdom's growing youth population. We all extend heartfelt felicitations to the Custodian of Two Holy Mosques Hi . ...
The Japanese want to protect their culture! Does that make them racists or an intelligent/protective society?? Therefore: * No political leader or a prime minister from an Islamic nation has visited Japan not the Ayatollah of Iran, the King of Saudi Arabia or even a Saudi Prince! * Japan is a country keeping Islam at bay by putting strict restrictions on Islam and ALL Muslims. 1) Japan is the only nation that does not give citizenship to Muslims. 2) In Japan permanent residency is not given to Muslims. 3) There is a strong ban on the propagation of Islam in Japan 4) In the University of Japan, Arabic or any Islamic language is not taught. 5) One cannot import a 'Koran' published in the Arabic language. 6) According to data published by the Japanese government, it has given temporary residency to only 2 lakhs, Muslims, who must follow the Japanese Law of the Land. These Muslims should speak Japanese and only carry out their religious rituals in their homes. 7) Japan is the only country in the world that ha ...
Kim Kardashian is heading to Saudi Arabia for the very first time but her forthcoming trip raises eyebrows especially after she refused a Saudi prince's proposal to collect $1 million dollars in exchange for a night! According to MediaTakeOut, a wealthy Saudi Prince once told Kim on Instagram that…
How did Bush win Florida vote counting & how is it a Saudi Prince claims he funded 9/11?
Also, I like MSNBC a lot more than Fox. Fox is owned by Rupert Murdoch and a Saudi Prince. Which is more NWO?
Saudi Prince (Abdul Aziz, 41, known for his extravagant taste.) Is Identified as Target of Paris Heist, via h…
Paris Heist: Gunmen Take $335,000 From Saudi Motorcade - - The motorcade of a Saudi prince was hit by ...
Gunmen lift €250,000 from Saudi prince in Paris heist
Armed men attack convoy of cars in Paris belonging to Saudi prince; steal 240,000 euros.
Saudi prince's convoy in Paris attacked by gunmen - BBC News
Saudi prince's convoy in attacked by gunmen
Armed robbers get €250,000 from Saudi prince's motorcade in Paris: . . Armed robb...
Police said documents as well as cash was stolen from the Mercedes mini-van, later found burned out Heavily armed men have attacked a convoy of cars belonging to a Saudi prince, stealing 250,000 euros (£200,000; $330,000), police say. The convoy was heading through northern Paris on its way to Le Bo…
Paris: Bandits ambush Saudi prince's convoy and make off with 250K euros and "sensitive" diplomatic docs.
Sounds like the Saudi prince's convoy in Paris was hit by a very professional group of attackers:
Kinda wish I were covering the Parisian crime beat. Always good tales: Saudi Prince’s Convoy Attacked by Gunmen
Armed robbers attacked the motorcade of a Saudi prince in the north of Paris and escaped with €250,000 -
Saudi prince's convoy robbed in Paris hold-up
Robber gets robbed "Saudi prince robbed in Paris after motorcade held at gunpoint
Saudi prince robbed of 250,000 euros in Paris carjacking
Gunmen Ambush Saudi Prince's Motorcade in France: Armed robbers ambushed a motorcade of a Saudi prince in Fran...
Saudi prince's motorcade held up at gunpoint in Paris
Robbers ambush Saudi prince's convoy in Paris
A Saudi Prince's motorcade was carjacked by heavily armed assailants in Paris last night:
Saudi prince's convoy ambushed by armed thieves while en route to airport in Paris
Armed robbers ambush Saudi prince's convoy in Paris, raid Mercedes for valuables then torch, abandon the vehicle:
Paris raid on Saudi prince's convoy
Robbers attack Saudi prince's convoy in Paris, reportedly making off with $335,000 and sensitive documents.
Saudi prince carjacked in Paris, robbed of huge sum
I feel so annoyed hearing a robbery of the Saudi prince of $335,000 in a convoy in France.The question is why was he carrying that much money on him in another country?
A gang armed with Kalashnikov rifles has attacked the motorcade of Saudi prince in Paris, according to The Local.…
Heavily arms robbers have stolen 250,000 euros and sensitive documents after carjacking the motorcade of a Saudi prince in Paris.
Armed robbers stole £200,000 and "sensitive diplomatic documents" from a Saudi prince after holding up his entourage as they drove through Paris, French police reported.
A Saudi prince’s motorcade was attacked in a commando-style operation on Sunday, with the thieves fleeing the scene with “sensitive” documents and a reported 250,000 euros worth of loot, according to French police.
Amid all the global geopolitical tensions - which the stock market apparently believes are all fixed now - news that the motorcade of a Saudi prince was attacked in Paris by Kalashnikov-wielding gunmen takes on more relevance than it normally would. The attackers stole 250,000 Euros in cash and more…
Robbers armed with Kalashnikov rifles drove off in Saudi prince's van, taking cash and hostages.
Same irresponsible Saudi Prince who gave PoA to his Chauffeur, to sell Multi-Million pound palace in Kensington!
One of the gals I got friendly with in the DR was nicknamed,"Princess" she was really a lot of fun; as it turned out, she really was a princess at this brand new hotel I was staying at, and during the storm the entire floor she owned was dumped into the pool as was everyone else's possessions when the 200 mph storm hit resulting in a major loss of life. ... The leader of our Security alone lost fifty members of his family Princess who was a Saudi princess born in India to a manufacturer of jute, she was married to a Saudi Prince and lived in several fiefdoms around the world.She spent much of her time in the DR because there were no prohibitions for young women and after the storm, she helped the people resume their lives. The dire consequences of the storm were never fully broadcast here because there was no American coverage since all the media with everyone else except stubborn folks like me decided to bug out~.
Remember after elections when Obama sat as Chair of the U.N. and accepted the GOLD medal from the Saudi King as a gift, but was it symbolic of loyalty to the Saudi's who are funding ISIS according to the news? Was it ethical for a U.S. President to accept it? Why did Obama approve training ISIS using U.S. tax dollars and was that risking the lives of U.S. Soldiers and American civilians, journalists and freedom fighters, Coptic Christians in the Middle East? Why did Obama release a leader of ISIS and why is Saudi Arabia funding ISIS according to this article?? Remember, it's alleged the Saudi Prince donated $20M to Harvard and donated to Georgetown who covered Jesus at a Catholic University at Obama's request which mocks Jesus Christ and God the Father - but Georgetown did it, anyway - and the Saudis have donated to other U.S. schools in exchange of including Islamic studies was it? And, why the push for American pastors, the Pope and Catholics to embrace Chrislam? Is everything connected or co ...
Janan Harb takes the Saudi Prince, Abdul Aziz bin Fahd, to the High Court
Obama signed 'get out of jail card' to Monsanto. They have hired the private mercinary firm 'BLACKWATER' that changed name to XE, later and now named 'ACADEMI'. They go after anyone who fights Monsanto, online and offline. Further due to them being on trial, the owner Eric Prince went to live in Saudi Arabia (UAE) where his hired guns are now bought by a Saudi Prince... Academi is involved in SYIRA AND UKRAINE (see videos on youtube about this, or comments)
CLICK THE LINK AND SEE ALL THE PIC's : Everyone remember when Bush fell in Love with the Saudi's ??? Wasn't that about the time the CIA briefed Bush and his cabinet three (3) times that there were a group of muslim's in San Diego taking flight lessons and internet chat between them and someone from the middle east said they were going to seize planes and use them for weapons and fly them into buildings ... and what did Dubya the Dunce do ??? Totally ignore it ... kinda makes you wonder if him and that Saudi Prince he is seen holding hands with and kissing weren't in on something ... Why did Bush start two wars but never go after Bin Laden ??
Saudi Royals Above the Law? = Editing by: Achilles Warrior ~ Accustomed to doing whatever they want in their kingdom with total immunity, Saudi royals including princes and princesses feel they can do the same in other countries and get away with it. They used to be able to either buy their way out, using their family’s influence, or to claim diplomatic immunity to escape culpability for their misdeeds. They still do, especially in Arab and Muslim countries, but their options seem to be shrinking in democratically governed societies. As elucidated in this article, a senior Saudi Prince, Mishal, and his son, Abdul Aziz, were entangled in a business scheme and had to face their day in an open British court despite intense efforts to dismiss the case or keep it secret. The once untouchable royals were denied both options. Other members of the Saudi ruling family, males and females, have been reminded that they may be absolute rulers and beyond reach in their kingdom, but they can no longer escape justice i ...
Egypt wants Dr. Mohamed Morsi dead.the Christian led military, headed by GRL Sisi hve the same hatred for Muslims as their American zionist pals.nw y should I accept that Dr. Morsi is a terrorist when the world fails to accept Barack Obama, George Bush,Collin Powell, *** Channey,Condolezza Rice,Hilary Clinton,Saudi Prince, Queen of England,John Kerry,Angela Merkel and Hu Jin WAR CRiMINALS
2. Saudi Prince, Bandar bin Sultan ! In his polite but tough manner Putin thanked Prince Bandar bin Sultan for his frankness, but told him rather firmly: ““We know that you have supported the Chechen terrorist groups for a decade. And that support, which you have frankly talked about just now, is completely incompatible with the common objectives of fighting global terrorism that you mentioned. We are interested in developing friendly relations according to clear and strong principles.»(Al Mayadeen). Putin is well informed of all the nuances of the Eastern rhetoric so he knew that if Russia refused to change its position, the Prince would use his “influence” to spoil the Sochi Olympics by Islamist attacks … Nevertheless, threatening Putin can hardly be called a reasonable negotiation strategy so the conversation ended rather badly . After this incident the Western media sources all of a sudden decided to examine the security issues of the Sochi Olympics. The degree to which these media are infl ...
I never thought I would be joining the Putin Fan Club.but you've got to give it to the guy. This latest round of terrorist attacks in Russia just underscored the fact that we got the wrong dude at the helm. On Monday two different scum bag terrorist attacks left many dead or hospitalized in Russia. I felt sorry for them. I remember what it was like to wake up and read that we had our ambassador and two former Navy Seals murdered on our own soil in Benghazi. But, there my friends, is where the similarity ends. Immediately after the attacks, Putin left his home and went to the hospital where the wounded lay. Obama left his home too, after a good nights sleep, and went gold digging in Las Vegas. Putin announced, "we bow down before the victims of the terrible acts of terror". Obama bowed down to the Saudi know...the guy who heads the country where the 911 highjackers came from. Putin immediately held meetings with his national and regional security officials. He ordered five thousand tro ...
Arrest of a Saudi Prince in New York City. Ferrari runs over Police.
NOW the Saudi's Have Met the NEW KIng. Once he Bowed to their Saudi Prince. Now he Claims his Throne😖
Thai Airways aircraft NOT for sale to Saudi Prince
Saudi Prince is real leader of al-Qaeda. The Man Who Knew Too Much:real gang leader of terrorists fighting in Syria
Syrian envoy: Saudi Prince is real leader of al-Qaeda | alAlam via
Saudi Prince, close friend with US Government of Criminals: Bandar bin Sultan is the director general of the Saudi Intelligence Agency. In that capacity, he has earned a well-deserved reputation as the “Prince of Terrorists.” According to the Wall Street Journal, Bandar is leading the rebel forces trying to overthrow the Syrian government. Many analysts consider Bandar a prime suspect in the apparent false-flag chemical weapons attack in al-Ghouta. Adam Entous of the Wall Street Journal says that Prince Bandar and his Saudi Intelligence Agency manufactured “evidence” that the Syrian government had used sarin gas prior to the al-Ghouta attack. Entous stated during a Democracy Now interview: “Bandar’s intelligence agency concluded that chemical weapons were being used on a small scale by the regime. Followed by that, the Brits and the French were convinced of the same conclusion. It took US intelligence agencies really until June to reach that conclusion.” In other words, Bandar used his money ...
United unveil a Saudi Prince whilst across the city Gary Madine is due in court. what a lovely morning 😜
Saudi Prince defects from royal family with a public statement... Hate being out the loop.
£100m mansion for sale on London's Billionaire's Row (but Saudi Prince owner wants transaction...
What a great day. I open my inbox and I have won two separate prizes worth millions & get a lucrative offer from a Saudi prince.
That's not a Saudi prince, that's Julien Chabbott ! (
Joint news conference with Seretary of State Kerry and Saudi Prince Saud, coming up momentarily.
Saudi prince goes into the grave for 20mins to taste death, watch his reaction after coming out. sb7an allah♡.
the same Saudi Prince owns a stake in which peddles pro zionist lies. do you object to that?No you don't
Ha >RT The Saudi prince has sued Forbes for understating his wealth at $20 billion instead of $30billion
is this true? Fox is owned by partnership between a globalist (Rupert Murdock) and Saudi Prince Al-Waleed. say it isn't so.
Saudi Prince Alwaleed owns a $48 mill Benz and charges $1K to touch it. How bout I watch u lick ur camels balls& I play w the radio?
Prince Talal Bin Abdul-Aziz, brother of the Saudi king, grandson of King Abdul-Aziz Al-Sa'ood, admits his grandfather used to receive salary from the British...
Who wants to Eat Banana's and Oranges ? I Have Alot of
Arab money ignites ‘war’ in APC! - Gov’t, State House renounce Koroma’s SEA By Mohamed Massaquoi and Alusine Sesay (Concord Times – Monday June 17, 2013) As the Special Executive Assistant (SEA) to President Ernest Bai Koroma, Dr. Sylvia O. Blyden, continues to create controversy over the donation made by the Saudi Prince, His Royal Highness Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Alsaud to the government, the Deputy Minister of Information and Communications has reiterated that the actual amount donated to the government and people of Sierra Leone was one million dollars. Deputy Minister Theo Nicol’s statement was corroborated by the Deputy Director of Communications at State House, Jarrah Kawusu-Konte who also insisted that the State House Communications Unit is the only authorized division to disseminate information about the presidency. “This development [about the controversy in the amount of money donated] is unfortunate. That is all I have to say on this matter,” Mr. Kawusu-Konte to ...
News: Saudi Prince endorses Sierra Leone President Koroma's Agenda for Prosperity with huge donation to promote...
I'm richer than that: Saudi Prince sues over Forbes ranking | Money | Banking and Money Investment News | | Herald Sun…
Because FOX is owned by a Saudi Prince who funds News Corp. and Rupert Murdoch. Around 20%.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Emmy Rossum attracts the attention of Saudi Prince at New Yorkers For Children /hSXepwVwGV
(pic) Who is Mike Golic, Norman Schwarzkopf & guy who portrays every Saudi Prince in Hollywood (- turban)
YO! Saudi Prince dude…don’t you go dissing a New York City cop if you know what’s good for you ★
Book Synopsis: Col. Maria Olsen, decorated veteran of the Afghanistan and Iranian campaigns and the general’s onetime companion, will be compelled to leave her spiritual retreat and join him on this, his final mission. Together, they will face hardship and mortal danger as Gen. Scofield leads his army to a climactic confrontation with his nation’s enemies. Before joining him in death, Maria’s last act of devotion will be to seek revenge against his mortal enemy, a mysterious Saudi Prince known to them through the general’s Angelic prophecy.” The Lion’s Prophecy opens with the nuclear destruction of Washington DC and New York City, and the deaths in those blasts of our nation’s most prominent political and financial leaders. Only one man alive has the technological ability and the moral courage to rally the country, rout its enemies, and save the United States from destruction: Gen. Michael Scofield, “The Lion.” Will he unleash World War III with his menacing display of destructive power? ...
Saudi Prince offended by rich list: says it underestimates him
Saudi Prince *** Bag angry at Forbes for not putting him on billionaires list, go to *** America made you rich, remember that…
"Royal Flush" - Full House spin-off where Uncle Jesse falls on hard times and gets a job as a live-in plumber for a Saudi Prince
Always a fun time to remind you a Saudi Prince is a major shareholder in the company that owns Fox News
Saudi Prince in Night Club spends one million dollar
Murdoch is a born-Australian, globalist, partnered with Saudi Prince, al-Waleed bin Talal. Yet people still believe Fox News is "Americas Channel."
Obama was a red diaper baby schooled by Frank Marshall Davis, funded by a Saudi Prince.
That's right the Saudi Prince supported this friggen Nig all the way.
Is it not inherently evil to deceive? Why does the Republican Party consistently try to deceive? I see billboards showing Obama bending over and bowing to a Saudi Prince & illustrating gas prices at 1.87 on his first day and 3.87 today. Come on we know this is a lie and is deceiving. Or on the Radio I hear how Republicans are going to be able to work across the aisle when they get into office. This is most perplexing because they have been the architects of not working across the aisle and trying to block anything the President has tried to propose and or accomplish. Or on a deeper issue... The Republicans say they are the party of Christian beliefs and morality. Jesus clearly said to feed the hungry and heal the sick but the Republicans are throwing the biggest temper-tantrum about "Obama Care" and how this is the their primary mission when they get into office. - I'm just saying.
lol! Speaking of FOX, this is funny - I wonder if the talking empty-heads over there know that they're 2nd largest shareholder is a Saudi Prince: Prince Alwaleed bin Talal al-Saud of Saudi Arabia, through his Kingdom Holding Company, owns 10% of News Corp.'s shares, making Kingdom Holdings the second largest shareholder.[40][41][42] I find it interesting and quite amusing
What liberal media? GE owns NBC and donated 1.1 million to Bush in 2000. CBS is owned by Westinghouse Electric, which is headed by Frank Carlucci of the Carlyle Group. ABC donated $640,000 to George W Bush's 2000 political campaign. Time/Warner (CNN) donated 1.6 million to George Bush's political campaign. Fox news owned by Rupert Mudoch, we all know what he's about (actually 5.5% is owned by a Saudi Prince).
Saudi Prince told his dad he wanted a Mickey Mouse outfit for his 5th Birthday. His dad bought him the Th ...
Saudi Arabia announced today that they were going to drill more oil. The Presidents spokesman said that the administration certainly welcomes the Saudi gesture to drill more oil!!!? Somebody help me out. When we ask to drill for ourselves in the Gulf, off the Florida coast and in Alaska, even the Canadian Pipeline!, we are told that we can't drill our way out of this! The world has a glut on oil right now! If they add more surely the price of gas will go down just in time for the election. You think this is payback for Obama bowing to the Saudi Prince!? do they know that Green energy is still afar off and want to be placed strategically in US policy? what happened to energy independence??? Is that only there when it is convenient to help rer-elect the man that will take us down financially??? SMH
Nope I did NOT make this up.waitng for the pictures of President George W Bush holding hands with Saudi Prince.getting better...
George W Bush kissed a Saudi Prince in the mouth & you're talking about apologizing... is
Few people know that a Saudi Prince is the second largest shareholder of News Corp. aka fauxsocalled news, Number 2 after the murdoch family. Has anyone wondered why pam geller is no longer a fixture on fauxsocalled news,?
From dad: When Margie was a young teenager she asked her grandmother if "it" hurt. Her grandmother flashed a big smile and said, "you *** right it does." Mike Tyson, heavyweight champion now retired, said of himself, "old too soon, smart too late." While working on the movie version of "To Kill a Mockingbird" Gregory Peck wrote at the bottom of the script words that describe his character, Atticus...FAIRNESS, STUBBORNNESS, COURAGE, LOVE. Margie and I and the kids innocently journeyed to Monroeville, AL thinking we could get Harper Lee to sign her book that we had deal from the great Alabamian, didn't even answer the door. A Saudi Prince about whom I am reading...seeing the inevitable loss of revenue from the rapidly depleted oil fields, said..."My father rode a mule, I drive a Rolls Royce, my son flies a private jet, and his son will ride a mule." For those of you worried about the 20 billion dollars that B.P. said they will spend of the Gulf, you need to get their annual report. Total reven ...
Saudi Prince owes 7% of FOX news. Also, the Congress needs to bring back the" Internal Security Committee" so they can deal withl those who are doing wrong -whether they are Democrats, Independents, or Republicans.
Saudi Prince killed: former Ambassador to US, Bandar Sultan. Saudis considering it an "act of war"
Saudi Prince killed: Former ambassador to US, Bandar Sultan. Saudis consider it an "act of war" via
Saudi Crown Prince Nayef Has Died..2nd Saudi Prince to die in 2 weeks?
I've been shocked to see few things lately... 1. Well educated people immediately started believing very emotionally on a water fuelled car... (Pride for Pakistan!!) As I understands this, that idea is against basic laws of Physics.. Conservation of energy is seems to be violating. From where energy for breaking the H-O-H bond coming? No one seems thinking on that.. May it turns out another defame... 2. A Saudi Mufti weeping on air due to hunger of a Somalian Muslim First I thought to comment on it just "ha ha ha"... A single Saudi Prince, if wants, can feed whole Somalia Muslims (for at least whole month of Ramzan).. Why these tears needed at all? And Pakistani specially sharing it with caption "O ALLAH prosper Muslim UMMAH".. You need more? ha ha ha 3. People praising the "Hijaab" wearing women in Olympics Some poor Muslim athletes did won medals too.. but no mentioning.. Its much more important to wear Hijaab, than to perform better.. Fasting is more important than veil, as per my understanding, people ...
Saudi tycoon Prince Alwaleed bin Talal is the largest stock holder in Faux News. In 2005 the Saudi Prince ordered Faux to change a headline and they did! Americans should not receive news that Saudi Arabia finds acceptable.
The on going story you will never hear about on FOX NEWS. Now think about that son of his who agrees FOX NEWS is part of their " entertainment industry " income. The only board members who agree to his ascension to CEO are his dad, and a Saudi Prince who owns 7% of News Corp. And thats just the beginning of a story you will never hear on FOX NEWS. " The scandal reverberated throughout the wider New York-based media conglomerate and disrupted what was thought to be a smooth plan for Murdoch to be succeeded as CEO by his youngest son, James. It has also revealed the close relationships in Britain between the government and News Corp executives. Police have arrested over 50 News Corp staff and public officials while the former head of the British newspaper division Rebekah Brooks, a close confidante to Murdoch, is awaiting a trial for interfering with the police investigation. Julie Henderson, a spokesperson for News Corp. declined to comment while a spokeswoman in London also refused to be drawn on the repo ...
Baird Offers Condolences Following Death of Saudi Prince: Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird today issued the f...
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