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Saturday Night Live (abbreviated as SNL) is an American late-night live television sketch comedy and variety show created by Lorne Michaels and developed by Dick Ebersol. James Thomas Jimmy Fallon, Jr. (born September 19, 1974) is an American actor, comedian, singer, musician and television host. 5.0/5

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📰 | "Saturday Night Live recap: Jimmy Fallon - Best Musical Moment: 'Sign of the Times'"
📺 | Harry will be a guest in Saturday Night Live along with Jimmy Fallon on the 15th of April.
UPDATE || Harry will be on Saturday Night Live (SNL) on April 15, along with Jimmy Fallon !
'SNL' to go live coast-to-coast with hosts Melissa McCarthy, Jimmy Fallon via
What Trump shut down first: Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon or Saturday Night Live. U know he'll try. Will be real test of his dictatorship.
I liked a video Jimmy Fallon doing impressions in audition for Saturday Night Live (SNL)
That awkward moment when Tina Fey calls out Jimmy Fallon's Trump interview on 👀
Jimmy Fallon got teary-eyed while paying tribute to Prince on
Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake Perform Rap That Spans 40 Years of 'Saturday Night Live' at Reunion Show WATCH -
Jimmy Fallon was summoned to go to New York to audition for Saturday Night Live in late 1998
Jimmy Fallon sits down with legendary Hollywood host Jiminy Glick to talk about Saturday Night Live, donuts, and Justin Timberlake. Subscribe NOW to The Toni...
Uzo Aduba is an Emmy winner for her breakout role as a prisoner known as "Crazy Eyes" in Netflix's "Orange is the New Black." The series received two other awards, for casting and picture editing, at the creative arts Emmy ceremony Saturday honoring technical and other achievements. In an emotional speech, Aduba thanked her mother, who came from Nigeria "to make a better life for her family." She also thanked producers and others for a show "that lets everyone be represented in such a beautiful way." Aduba won as best guest actress in a comedy series for her portrayal of Suzanne "Crazy Eyes" Warren, while Jimmy Fallon was honored as best guest comedy actor for NBC's "Saturday Night Live." On the drama side, guest-acting honors went to Joe Morton for ABC's "Scandal" and Allison Janney for Showtime's "Masters of Sex." Janney thanked producers, co-stars and writers on the series, then added one more person: "The crew guy who got me a shot of bourbon before my first sex scene was extraordinarily important to ...
I want to be the Jimmy Fallon of your Saturday Night Live.
On E-MPROV.COM Now! Jemralds is comprised of UCB students of variable levels. Some facts about our members: Jessica Coyle: has been performing improv for 5 years, in China, Korea, Canada and in the USA. Beth: Graphics coordinator for The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and Saturday Night Live. Logan: Quite handsome Jim Andretta: Bears a striking resemblance in face and voice to Chris Gethard Lisa: Travels to France whenever possible
I'm really ecstatic about going to Ryerson this fall and meeting new people but I swear the only thing I haven't given away on this is my social insurance number and the co-ordinates of my house.. Still cannot wait to meet you all though. Name/Nickname: You're looking at it. Hometown: the mean streets of Etobicoke (it's actually the safest area in the GTA). High School: Newton's Grove School Age: 17 Faculty: Business Management Favourite Music: J Cole, A$AP Rocky, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, The Roots, Justin Timberlake, Michael Jackson Favourite TV Shows: Prison Break, House of Cards, Scandal, The Following, Office, Modern Family, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Saturday Night Live, Breaking Bad, Entourage, Mad Men, Masterchef, Suits Favourite Movies: The Wolf of Wall Street, Dallas Buyers Club, Fruitvale Station, A Haunted House, Friday (all of them), Juice, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Ali, Lincoln, Jobs, Let Me Explain, Laugh at my Pain, Mac & Devin Go to High School. (Just to name ...
Former anchors Jimmy Fallon, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler stop by Weekend Update for an old fashioned Joke Off with Seth. Find more Saturday Night Live videos on Yahoo Screen.
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After a friend of mine showed me a few videos, Jimmy Fallon has become my very favorite entertainer. I remember being NOT impressed on Saturday Night Live. He has come a long way.
I'm loyal to NBC because of my favorite shows the tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Saturday Night Live, and Late Night with Seth Meyers
For all of you who watch "Saturday Night Live", here is my ROUGH list of the best sketches of the season SO FAR. In chronological order, with the host of that episode: 1. "Beer Pong" - (Bruce Willis) 2. "Halloween Candy" - (Edward Norton) 3. "Office Boss" - (Josh Hutcherson) 4. "80's Party" - (Josh Hutcherson) 5. "Baby, it's Cold Outside" - (Jimmy Fallon) 6. ”Men’s Figure Skating” - (Jonah Hill) 7. ”12 Years Auditions” - (Jim Parsons) Thoughts, SNL fans?
The Tonight Show was hosted by Steve Allen (1954–57), Jack Paar (1957–62), Johnny Carson (1962–92), Jay Leno (1992–2009, 2010–14), Conan O'Brien (2009–10), and Jimmy Fallon (2014–present). Several guest hosts also appeared, particularly during the Paar and Carson eras. The current host is former Late Night host and Saturday Night Live cast member Jimmy Fallon. I was thinking that this show was hosted by Jack, Johnny, Jay and now Jimmy (all first names starting with a "J"). In addition Johnny was married to Joan, Joanne and Joanna. Therefore I propose that the official Bird of the Tonight Show be the Blue JAY.
Ronald Reagan, as an actor, has 79 credits on IMDb. Barack Obama, as himself, has 161 credits. For example, he has appeared on "Ellen" twice. He has been on "Saturday Night Live," "Tavis Smiley," "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" (four times), "Jimmy Kimmel Live," "Larry King Live," "Last Comic Standing," "Barbara Walters," "The Colbert Report" (twice), "The Real World," "The Apprentice," "The View," "Mythbusters," "The Oprah Winfrey Show," "Jeopardy," "The Situation Room," "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon," "The Daily Show with Jon Stewrt" (six times), "Late Show with David Letterman" (seven times), "Steve Harvey," "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" (six times), and "Between Two Ferns." He has repeatedly skipped or missed Security Council meetings, and has never met with his own Jobs Council. When four Americans died at Benghazi, he made some brief comments and then flew to Vegas for a fundraiser with Beyonce and Jay-Z. In the weeks since Russia waltzed into Ukraine and hundreds died there and in Venezuela, he ...
Thought for Dayof Irish-American Month on LLandscape: "Everyone looks so much better when they smile." JIMMY FALLON-Irish-American TV host, comedian, actor, singer, musician & producer. He currently hosts The Tonight Show a late-night talk show that airs on NBC. Prior to that, he appeared in several films, and was best known as a cast member on Saturday Night Live from 1998 to 2004 and was the host of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon from 2009 to 2014. On April 3, 2013, NBC announced that Fallon would replace Jay Leno as host of The Tonight Show at the conclusion of the 2014 Winter Olympics.[Fallon said it will be "the same show" as Late Night: "I'm not going to change anything. It's more eyeballs watching, but it's the same show
We will never complain about seeing a lot of Jon Hamm. And, he must have gotten the memo, because he's all over NYC right now. Last week, he made an appearance on Saturday Night Live, much to our surprise and delight. And, last night, he joined Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show. What we love
Jimmy Fallon's great at many things. But keeping a straight face is not always one of them. The talk show host's six years on "Saturday Night Live" (1998-2004) were peppered with spontaneous and unscripted giggles, always to the audience's delight. To be fair, he never acted alone: Take this contagi...
Jimmy Fallon has shown that his political humor is definitely left-leaning and it brings up the obvious point just made in a New York Magazine interview by longtime "Saturday Night Live" boss Lorne Michaels, who is helping to run both the Fallon show and the new Seth Meyers show after him on NBC. When asked about the rules for political satire, Michaels replied: "Republicans are easier for us than Democrats. Democrats tend to take it personally; Republicans think it's funny." Republicans can laugh at themselves, even when they're being mocked. Not Democrats. They have thin skin because they expect every comedian to fall at their feet - like Fallon does with the Obamas.
Jimmy Fallon isn't the only reason to keep your TV tuned to NBC while nodding off after a long day: Starting tonight, Saturday Night Live and Weekend Update star Seth Meyers will be taking over Late Night at 12:35. (So technically, it's Tuesday morning, but who's keeping track?) The newly minted *** ..
Movies in Brief... Anchorman 2 is set to be re-released as an R-rated film. Star Will Ferrell told Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show Thursday night that the new version, which will debut next Friday, will contain about 800 new jokes. Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues was originally released as a PG-13 movie in December... Saturday Night Live alum Tina Fey will star in the film The Taliban Shuffle and will produce it along with SNL head honcho Lorne Michaels. The Taliban Shuffle is an adaptation of journalist Kim Barker's memoir about being a woman in wartime Iraq and Pakistan, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Fey will next be seen co-starring in Muppets Most Wanted, which opens March 21... Jennifer Aniston is in early negotiations to star in the movie Mean Moms, which is an adaptation of Rosalind Wiseman's book, Queen Bee Moms and King Pin Dads: Dealing With the Parents, Teachers, Coaches, and Counselors Who Can Make - or Break - Your Child's Future. The film will be about a mom who must deal with s .. ...
Late Night Jokes: Jimmy Fallon Inherits the Throne The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Welcome to "The Tonight Show." This is the first "Tonight Show" broadcast from New York in over 40 years. I'm Jimmy Fallon and I'll be your host . . . for now. Of course, I wouldn't be here tonight if it weren’t for the previous "Tonight Show" hosts, so I want to say “thank you†to Steve Allen, Jack Paar, Johnny Carson, Jay Leno, Conan O'Brien, and Jay Leno. Amazing lineage. I had a great childhood, but if you’d told me when I was a kid that after graduating High School, I'd get to be on "Saturday Night Live" and eventually I’d be the host of "The Tonight Show," I'd have said, "I graduated High School?" I’m a proud, proud dad, and speaking of dads, I’m lucky to say my parents are here to see this, Jim and Gloria Fallon. Thank you for being here. I wish we could’ve gotten you better seats. But it’s a very hot ticket. The Late Show With David Letterman It happe ...
Jimmy Fallon will take over as host of The Tonight Show Monday night, but we should always remember that in 1998, he was just a young 24-year-old trying out for Saturday Night Live and making Lorne Michaels laugh with his Adam Sandler impersonations.
And to think he started as a backup featured performer on Saturday Night Live, who would ever think Jimmy Fallon would get the Tonight Show. He's gonna do Johnny Carson proud, he may even make the Dave Letterman Show a thing of the past.
Jimmy Fallon has carved a career in comedy, from 'Saturday Night Live' to 'Late Night' to his debut Monday night as host of 'The Tonight Show.' But it all started for the former Saugerties resident at Bananas Comedy Club in Poughkeepsie.
Ok, here we go. I just received a 'Form letter' from Kathleen Burke of NBC. After reading my response you may want to send her an email. (Kathleen.burke Hello Kathleen, Thank you for the form letter! I guess life is different in the LaLa land of Television. Why didn't you look at my letter and answer the points in it? Its clear they wrote this and sent it to all the un-happy people out there. You didn't answer clear Age Discrimination! Please deny that, and then explain how you fire someone for being didn't answer why Conan failed, and why we all knew that it was a bone headed mistake. Incidentally, many TV stars and personalities are coming out to say that you made the same mistake once before and now again-why?? For example- Jay's direct competiton: David Letterman, Whoopie Goldberg, Bill Maher, Charlie Sheen, etc. You assumed I don't know Jimmy Fallon (Failing) , I have seen his show a few times, and because I was a fan of the ever failing Saturday Night Live, I have seen his sketches many times. Ka .. ...
Little-known fact: Before he had his own NBC talk show or landed a gig with "Saturday Night Live," Jimmy Fallon appeared on a late-night program. The year was 1980-something. The show: "Letterman." Sitting in the audience, the perennially psyched Fallon says "the camera panned by me as I was in the…
I rarely ever watched the Tonight Show. I was only 7 years old when Jay Leno took over for Johnny Carson. But I did see Jimmy Fallon on Saturday Night Live and thought he was one of the best I'd seen in recent years. And as funny as Jay is, I am glad Jimmy is taking his place BECAUSE: Alton Brown. I don't really know how publicisits work but, maybe Alton wasn't "popular" or "well known" enough to appear on Jay Leno. Definitely not on Letterman. I don't even know about Jimmy Kimmel. But, Jimmy Fallon always welcomed him on so he could promote his stuff. And because of that, I will forever love Jimmy and I think he'll do a great job on the Tonight Show!
My take on Jay Leno's forced resignation while on top: Lorne Michaels has taken over NBC late night programming, as well as some prime time stuff. "The Tonight Show" with Jimmy Fallon will become a daily Saturday Night Live, followed by the Seth Myers Hour (or whatever they call it). But wait!...there's more! Andy Samberg has an unwatchable show (Brooklyn 99), Amy Poehler on "Parks and Recreation", and I know there are others. Jay Leno's rating have been among his highest ever lately...whose idea was it to fire him, you buncha geniuses?
NBC in a logic only it can understand, is replacing Jay Leno, the top rated nighttime show, with Jimmy Fallon, one of the former SNL (Saturday Night Live) stars, along with Seth Meyers, another SNL star, for the Late, Late Night show, in what it seems, has amounted to a late nighttime SNL "Mafia" takeover. These are the same folks who threw Ann Curry under the bus as co-anchor to Matt Laur, on the Today show, in favor of Savannah Guthrie, just shortly after Ann replaced Merideth Viaga (I'm not sure of the spelling), supposedly for the sake of ratings, but more likely because of Matt Laur's unhappiness with Ann. To me, replacing Leno with Fallon, is like replacing a heavyweight with a lightweight in the boxing ring, a move I hope backfires with a knockout against NBC...!!!
Watch "December 21 - Jimmy Fallon" from the hit NBC Comedy, Saturday Night Live.
Last night's episode of Saturday Night Live marked the end of an era as it was the final episode for writer and "Weekend Update" news anchor Seth Meyers, who's destined to move from Saturday to weeknights at NBC, taking over for SNL -vet Jimmy Fallon at Late Night .
Tonight, Seth Meyers will say goodbye to Saturday Night Live, leaving behind the Weekend Update desk to take over Late Night from Jimmy Fallon later this month.
Watching best of Saturday Night Live with Jimmy Fallon cork soakers skit. I think I hurt my back laughing to hard.
A month after Barry Gibb and his falsetto made a surprise appearance on the Saturday Night Live that Jimmy Fallon was hosting, the Bee Gee stopped by Late Night last night to sing songs by anothe[...]
Even though I don't watch late night talk and comedy television anymore, but since tonight actor Jonah Hill is going to guest host tonight's episode of "Saturday Night Live", Don Pardo has been the announcer on "SNL" for over 35 years since it debuted in 1975, except during the 7th season from 1981 to 1982 when Mel Brandt was the announcer, and when Bill Hanrahan announced the 2 episodes from December of 1981! :) And Don is 95 years old (he'll be 96 next month!), and still working at NBC announcing SNL! :) And with me being a huge television game show fan (of course, LOL!), Don was the original announcer on "Jeopardy!" with host Art Fleming from 1964 to 1975, 9 years before Alex Trebek took over as host! :) And Johnny Gilbert, the announcer on "Jeopardy!", has been working with Alex on "Jeopardy!" since 1984! :) But like I said, I don't watch "SNL", Jay Leno, David Letterman, Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Conan O'Brien, Craig Ferguson, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, or any other late night talk and comedy te ...
Saturday Night Live co-head writer Colin Jost is joining the cast and taking Seth Meyers’ chair at the Weekend Update desk beside Cecily Strong on March 1st following Meyers’ exit from his post this Saturday. Meyers is, of course, departing SNL to take the Late Night baton from former Update host Jimmy Fallon (who is taking over the Tonight Show from Jay Leno). But while all eyes will be on NBC’s new late night alignment, Jost’s new Update gig comes with its own impressive history.
The New "Weekend Update" Anchor Is ... Colin Jost? It's "Weekend Update" with Cecily Strong and Colin Jost . Never heard of him? He's been the head writer on "Saturday Night Live" since 2012. Jost made his TV debut on Jimmy Fallon's "Late Night" on January 14. He'll replace Seth Meyers, who'll leave SNL to take over for Fallon. Meyers' last Weekend Update will be on February 1. Jost starts a month later.
"With Seth Meyers soon to head across the hall at 30 Rock to take over as 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon' host, Lorne Michaels has tapped Saturday Night Live's head writer Colin Jost to fill the coveted spot."
On Sunday, Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers came to the Television Critics Association press tour to reveal some new details about NBC's upcoming late night shakeup that will see Fallon replacing Jay Leno at the Tonight Show and Meyers leaving Saturday Night Live to move into the hosting gig at Late Nig...
Seth Meyers is making the jump from Saturday Night Live to the late night scene when he takes over Jimmy Fallon's post on Late Night on Feb. 24, but he's not leaving his SNL roots behind. From the first guest to the ways Weekend Update will influence the
To prep for his hosting and performing gig on Saturday Night Live this weekend, Drake on Thursday (January 16) appeared on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and warmed up those comedy muscles. And, actually, got some pointers for how best to use them. Drake and Fallon’s opening discussion was a comedy ne...
Before he hosts and performs this weekend on Saturday Night Live, Drake stopped by to talk to Jimmy Fallon last night on the comedians talk show. Along with
Okay. a hmmm.. 1.) Buffy The Vampire Slayer - I just loved this show 2.) Angel TV show - spin off with Angel in t and later Spike. woot 3.) American Horror Story years 1 and 3. (2 was just okay) 4.) Supernatural - two hot brothers. lol 5.) Cheers - loved this bar and its kooky people that went there 6.) Seinfeld - a show about nothing that lasted 9 years, and was actually funny? woot 7.) Monty Python Flying Circus - sucked in and still love every lil skit by them 8.) Father Ted - I'm not religious at all, and this show just flat out made me laugh and laugh 9.) How can I decide between South Park and Family Guy and Archer? (I loved the first 7 or 8 seasons of The Simpsons, but it stopped being AS funny as it was.) 10.) Finally, Saturday Night Live. But with comments. First 4 years (with John Belushi, Chevy Chase, Dan Ackroyd, Bill Murray, Gilda Radner, Steve Martin, etc..). Anything with Eddie Murphy, the Adam Sandler - Chris Farley years, anything with Will Ferrell, Jimmy Fallon, Tina Fey, and ...
Drizzy sits in with Jimmy Fallon in promotion of his hosting of Saturday Night Live this weekend.
Last night, Drake stopped by Late Night With Jimmy Fallon to discuss his upcoming first ever hosting gig of the network’s long-time series Saturday Night Live. Following the conclusion of their conversation, the two partook in one of Jimmy’s favorite new games Beer Hockey. The premise of the game me...
Seth Meyers, the former Chicago actor turned star of "Saturday Night Live," was in Chicago on Monday to promote his new gig: host of "Late Night" on NBC. Meyers will take over from Jimmy Fallon, who is moving up to the "Tonight Show," replacing Jay Leno. Meyers spoke in a conference room at the...
Considering the Hollywood heights he's climbed, it's hard to believe the funk Jimmy Fallon says he sunk into after leaving Saturday Night Live a decade ago. READ what he told Vanity Fair about his time after SNL HERE:
As Seth Meyers prepares to make the jump from Saturday Night Live's popular "Weekend Update" segment to taking over from Jimmy Fallon as the host of NBC's Late Night on Feb. 24, he's nailing down what kind of host he wants to be. EXCLUSIVE: 'Late Night With Seth Meyers' Taps 'Piers Morgan' Alum as T...
'Saturday Night Live' comes to internet in China BEIJING: A popular online video site is bringing the irreverent, topical humor of " Saturday Night Live" to China. The late-night US comedy sketch show that regularly mocks politicians, popular culture and celebrities is being shown exclusively on the website of Sohu Video, a unit of Chinese online media group and Nasdaq-listed Ten episodes from the current 39th season of "SNL" are available now. Future episodes will be available online without subtitles after airing in the United States, and a version with Chinese subtitles will be available at 10 pm the following Saturday, Sohu said in its announcement. The NBC network show has been a comedy proving ground since its inception with Eddie Murphy, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Jimmy Fallon and Will Ferrell among its cast over the years, and many of its original sketches and musical performances have been made into movies - including the 1992 hit "Wayne's World" - or gone viral online. Topics have featured ...
Why is Saturday Night Live on break until the 18th?? I guess I'll just watch Jimmy Fallon's episode on repeat until then!
Saturday Night Live - Pitbull Shakira by Jimmy Fallon too good jajjaa
Watch how fast "Baby, it's Cold Outside," turns into, "Baby, it's not that bad out there," when a guy has commitment issues. On this weekend's "Saturday Night Live," Jimmy Fallon and Cecily Strong updated the nauseatingly cute Christmas duet with some extra verses that pick up where, "Well, maybe ju...
Too funny not to share! Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake's reunion was the most-watched Saturday Night Live episode in two years - here are the top sketches, including this "wrapping" one!
Saturday Night Live heads into 2014 with more momentum than anyone can ever remember after the Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake host cameos by Madonna, Mayor Bloomberg, Barry Gibb from the Bee
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Jimmy Fallon hosts Saturday Night Live this weekend with musical guest Justin Timberlake.
Here are the funniest parts of Jimmy Fallon's return to "Saturday Night Live," with musical guest Justin Timberlake.
Paul Mccartney and Madonna made surprise appearances on Saturday Night Live this past weekend with Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon. Must-See VIDEO:
Last week, we wondered how "Saturday Night Live" would address the passing of former Bee Gee Robin Gibb if the show brought back "The Barry Gibb Talk Show." They didn't address it, but the spoof received the official endorsement of the real-life Barry Gibb, who joined Jimmy Fallon (who plays...
Christmas came early this weekend with Saturday Night Live. Jimmy Fallon hosted and Justin Timberlake was the musical guest. Check out the best skits and clips here!
Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake reunite for hilarious Saturday Night Live promos; Fallon…
Madonna, Paul Mccartney, Michael Bloomberg, and Barry Gibb help Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake get festive on Saturday Night Live
"Saturday Night Live" spread early Christmas cheer with Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake joining forces for the show's annual holiday episode. Although JT was slated as the musical guest, with his "SNL" veteran status (he's hosted five times), he appeared in a few standout sketches alongside real-...
Jimmy Fallon's Perfect Christmas 'SNL,' Feat. Justin Timberlake, Mayor Bloomberg, a Beatle, and the Queen of Pop
Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake Bring It On Down to Wrappinville on Saturday Night Live--Watch the Highlights!
We’re all excited to have Jimmy Fallon on a little earlier come this February, but as the host of this week’s Saturday Night Live, he truly was the reason ratings were up... with a little help from his BFF Justin Timberlake... who shined as well. Baby It’s Cold Outside Want to see more or...
It's always a must see event when Justin Timberlake is on Saturday Night Live, especially when Jimmy Fallon joins him!
While "Saturday Night Live" host Jimmy Fallon and musical guest (and then some) Justin Timberlake were joined by several celebrity pals...
Saturday Night Live alum Jimmy Fallon and his musical guest Justin Timberlake bring down the house with a packed guest list, which included Madonna, NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Barry Gibb and more.
During last night's Christmas episode of Saturday Night Live, hosts Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake invited an impressive list of celebrities to be part of the show.
Justin Timberlake returned to “Saturday Night Live” for the second time this year. The pop superstar played musical guest opposite host Jimmy Fallon, and of course appeared in a couple skits. For the first performance of the show, he brought a piece of his “20/20 Experience World Tour” to 30 Rock wh
Dec 22, 2013… [via The Hollywood Reporter]: “Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake closed out 2013 for Saturday Night Live with a ratings surge." Read more here:
Thank you Jimmy Fallon and JT for restoring my faith in Saturday Night Live. I record it every week in hopes I'll see some good skits but this weeks performances, from JT and Fallon "wrappin'" to Fallon and Cecily Strong doing a twist on the BEST holiday song EVER, was very, very well done!
Jimmy Fallon was the official host of last night's jolly, enjoyable Christmas-themed "Saturday Night Live." But he brought along Timberlake as his co-host, and lots of guest stars too.
Jimmy Fallon hosted Saturday Night Live last night and among several hilarious imitations the talk-show host imitated Pitbull and Harry Styles.
"Saturday Night Live" ended the year with a bang and a whole lot of laughter with Jimmy Fallon hosting, and Justin Timberlake as co-host and musical guest. The hilarious episode included some of the year's funniest skits, as well as a star-studded lineup of celebrity guests.
During Saturday Night Live (hosted by Jimmy Fallon) last night, they did a bit parodying many artists in a compilation called "Now That's What I Call ...
Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake rocked the final Saturday Night Live of the year with familiar sketches, a rap medley and plenty of famous faces. Watch the highlights below:
The stars fell on "Saturday Night Live" this weekend. The surprise appearances of Madonna, Paul Mccartney and Barry Gibb spiced a zany confection hosted by Jimmy Fallon.
What do Seth Meyers, Jimmy Fallon and Mayor Michael Bloomberg have in common? Well, they've all got some big changes coming their way in 2014 -- and they were all on this weekend's "Saturday Night Live." Fallon, who's leaving his job at "Late Night" next year to host "The Tonight Show," shared a...
Host Jimmy Fallon and musical guest Justin Timberlake delivered Saturday Night Live's biggest episode of the season with help from some major guest stars. The prolific TV collaborators kicked things off with a rap medley about wrapping gifts. (Rap. Wrap. Get it?)
NBC had been VERY heavily promoting Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake's return to Saturday Night Live, most likely because these two together are the best
Loving Saturday Night Live! Justin Timberlake, Jimmy Fallon, and a skit with Madonna!
Saturday Night Live with Jimmy Fallon!!! Seth Myers. check it out...NOW!
In what is sure to become an instant holiday classic, this week's Saturday Night Live host, Jimmy Fallon, performed a duet with Cecily Strong that put a modern twist on the most famous Christmas ode to foreplay. Their version of Baby, it's Cold Outside features the couple closing the deal after ...
Justin Timberlake does his best impression of his buddy and that night’s Saturday Night Live host, Jimmy Fallon, during a Celebrity Family Feud sketch. The 32-year-old singer was on the NBC team playing Jimmy alongside other “celebs” like Ellen Degeneres, Ice T, and SNL‘s Brooks Whelan playing himse
On this week's Saturday Night Live, an already-funny Family Feud spoof became entirely too much for host Jimmy Fallon. Kenan Thompson presided over the show as Steve Harvey, mediating a Feud between NBC and CBS, with Fallon playing...
OMG, OMG! If you weren't watching Saturday Night Live just now, you missed it!!! Jimmy Fallon is hosting and Justin Timberlake is on with him...Anyway, they did The Barry Gibb Talk Show and at the end, BARRY F'ING GIBB STEPPED OUT ON STAGE! I was screaming!!! I still am!!!
SNL On this week's Saturday Night Live, Jimmy Fallon returned to his old stomping grounds to host the show, and began his monologue by joking that several famous musicians, such as David Bowie, Bob Dylan, and...
Ok, ok, ok, Saturday Night Live made controversy when they didn't have diverse cast, and Kenan Thompson said he wasn't playing anymore black women. So here's what's up: they already knew they were gonna cast a black woman. Here's how I know: cuz Jay Leno is retiring and Jimmy Fallon is gonna replace him, AND get this... Seth Meyers is gonna replace him, who is currently at SNL, and these plans were set all the way back in MAY... so you know how it goes... this darn entertainment industry.
It's the Saturday Night Live we've all been waiting for: Jimmy Fallon is returning to host with musical guest Justin Timberlake. Check out the best performances of 2013 In the promos for the last new episode of the year, Fallon is joined byKenan Thompson as the two hype up Timberlake. In one promo T
"Saturday Night Live" has set a dream team for its Dec. 21 broadcast, as "SNL" alum Jimmy Fallon returns to host for the second time since exiting the show in 2004, with musical guest Justin Timber...
Late Night With Seth Meyers has found its top booker. Piers Morgan Live's Haleigh Raff has been tapped as senior talent executive, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. Raff will lead the booking team when the Saturday Night Live alum takes over Jimmy Fallon's Late Night starting Feb. 24 on NBC. COVER...
Thank you NBC for Saturday Night Live,Sunday Night Football,Grimm and Late Night With Jimmy Fallon
Jimmy Fallon and Horatio Sans were hilarious whenever they did skits together on Saturday Night Live.
Jeremy is watching a 2-hour SNL special "Best of Jimmy Fallon" and he asks "When is Saturday Night Live usually aired?" Here's your sign...
Paul Rudd, John Goodman, Jimmy Fallon: 'SNL' gigs - Saturday Night Live has lined up its next three host/musical...
Before he takes over The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon will return to his roots at Saturday Night Live. The funnyman is all set to host the show, and his musical guest couldn't be more perfect.
Saturday Night Live Fans: Saturday Night Live Scores Justin Timberlake, One Direction, Jimmy Fallon and More as December's Hosts and Musical Guests NBC is giving us the best holiday gift ever! The Peacock network has been killing it this season with their surprisingly hilarious Saturday Night Live hosts. We've still got Kerry Washington's catchy rendition of "What Does My Girl Say?" stuck in our heads. And Lady Gaga's dancing stage mom skit? Priceless! And now fans can get excited for three more sensational celebrities who will be hosting and/or performing during SNL's December shows. Better put on some shades y'all, because we're about to name-drop some of the biggest and brightest stars in the business... Kicking it off on Dec. 7, the long-running sketch comedy show will welcome back actor Paul Rudd for his third hosting stint. Rudd, who will be promoting his highly anticipated new flick Anchorman 2, will be joined by the hot-boy-band-of-the-moment One Direction. Fingers crossed Paul will get his fangir ...
I got a number 10 I suppose and apparently this means I give 10 facts about myself. Here goes: 1) I am completely and utterly obsessed with tv and movies. I have been called a human IMDB. 2) I started Breaking Bad last Friday and am now already on the final season and buying merchandise. 3) I am studying biomedical engineering and I like it a lot. 4) My life goals primarily involve seeing Saturday Night Live and going to Boston (and eating at Wahlburgers). 5) I have been on tv 3 times: once on Conan and twice on Jimmy Fallon. 6) My hobby is meeting celebrities so I go to conventions, stand up shows, book signings, and tv tapings. 7) I have two Labradors named Hurley and Lenny. Hurley was named after Jorge Garcia's character on Lost. 8) My favorite movies are The Departed, Fight Club, and Big Fish. 9) I am going to marry Jared Padalecki, Jimmy Fallon, Aaron Paul, Misha Collins, Russell Howard... The list goes on... 10) I am in love with British comedy shows like Mighty Boosh, IT Crowd, Good News, Bad Educa ...
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West Virginia University was mentioned on Weekend Update during the season premiere of NBC's Saturday Night Live broadcast Saturday, September 28, 2013. The show host was Tina Fey. Weekend Update was co-anchored by Seth Meyers and a new female co-anchor( she may become sole Weekend Update anchor when Seth Meyers departs later to begin hosting his own new show afterJay Leno leaves NBC Tonight Show and Jimmy Fallon becomes new host there, Seth Meyers will assume show where Jimmy Fallon's time slot has been airing.)The new female co-anchor announced WVU had been selected by Playbou as the number one party school in their recent poll. It was a surprise to hear WVU mentioned on SNL!
Our family totally enjoyed visiting NBC studios. Got to sit in the Saturday Night Live set, Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, and saw the studio for nightly news.
"Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" makes its broadcast debut on March 2, as "Saturday Night Live" alum Jimmy Fallon becomes the third host of the NBC comedy-talk franchise. The show will serve as a platform for comedy, music and A-list talent out of NBC’s Rockefeller Center Studio 6B. Fallon launched...
Day Three Summary from NYC: We started off today by visiting Rockefeller Center. While there, we did the NBC Studio Tour. We got to see the sets of many shows, including the nightly news, Jimmy Fallon, and Saturday Night Live. Up next was a tour of Radio City Music Hall. The building was amazing, and we got to meet a Rockette! We then saw Mamma Mia at the Winter Garden Theater, and it was amazing! Lots of audience members (including several from our group) were up singing and dancing during the show. The cast was fantastic, and we met several of them after the show as they singed our Playbills. We then returned to Rockefeller Center and went to the 70th story to get an aerial view of the city. From the “Top of the Rock,” we could see Central Park (which is literally the only green space in the city) and even the Statue of Liberty in the distance! From there, we took the subway to Grand Central Station, which is like the subway hub of the big apple. We ended our busy day with a city lights ...
I favorited a video Justin Bieber previews 'Saturday Night Live' on 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon
The Big Apple is known for many great and historic places; Central Park, Statue of liberty, Radio City Music Hall, Broadway, Yankee stadium, The Giants, Newsies, and of course, 30 Rockefeller Center. Inside this building is where the presumptuous Tina Fey created 30rock, Late Night With Jimmy Fallon is filmed and of course Saturday Night Live. This show is now only 1 season shy of reaching its 40th season. For decades, individuals that know no age bracket, whether in college, High School, or already settled in a stable career, sit down and enjoy an hour and a half of sketch comedy. I am no novice to SNL. I’ve been watching this show back when the 25 years sign was showing. My first experience with SNL was with Will Ferrell. The First time I saw the cowbell, Harry Carrey, Satan, Robert Goullette, and Celebrity Jepardy, I was hooked. I started watching it daily on Comedy Central. This introduced me to many more greats such as Cheri Oteri, Molly Shannon, Tracy Morgan, Ana Gasteyer, Hortaio Sanz, Jimmy, Rac ...
Mr. Meyers, the longtime head writer on “Saturday Night Live,” will follow Jimmy Fallon, who is to take over NBC’s “Tonight Show.”
The futures of Fred Armisen and Jason Sudeikis are also up in the air as "SNL" breaks for the summer before Season 39. But one other departure is certain: Seth Meyers. Meyers will leave "Saturday Night Live" and take over as "Late Night" host when Jimmy Fallon move to "The Tonight Show," replacing Jay Leno. However, Meyers will stay with "SNL" through the fall before he takes over "Late Night."
Eeeenteresting. Saturday Night Live's set to replace Jimmy Fallon on 'Late Night':
NBC has tapped "Saturday Night Live" vet Seth Meyers to take over its "Late Night" franchise after Jimmy Fallon segues to the "Tonight Show" early next year. "SNL" chief Lorne Michales will remain ...
The network said Sunday that the longtime "Saturday Night Live" cast member will replace Jimmy Fallon at the 12:35 a.m. "Late Night" show. Fallon will be moving up an hour as Jay Leno's replacement on the "Tonight" show.
Throw all the genius of the Saturday Night Live, Jimmy Fallon, Red Nose Day and Downton Arbys…
My son, Erick, w/ Horns, is on Saturday Night Live performing with Timberlake right now! Jimmy Fallon all next week!
Tonight 8 pm on WMTV Saturday Night Live in the 90 's: Pop Culture Nation 2 hour special with Dana Carvey, Will Farrell, Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey. Rock on !
John Stewart, but Jimmy Fallon has gotten funnier since Saturday Night Live-he still can't get through a skit without laughing
That clip from Saturday Night Live is funnier than Jimmy Fallon has ever been on his show
The Rolling Stones have signed on for Wednesday's 12-12-12 Hurricane Sandy benefit. They join a lineup that already includes Paul Mccartney, The Who, Eric Clapton, Bruce Springsteen, Roger Waters, Billy Joel and many others. A number of celebs have also been added to act as MCs, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Billy Crystal, Adam Sandler, Jessica Chastain, Chelsea Clinton, Jimmy Fallon, Jake Gyllenhaal, Saturday Night Live's Seth Meyers and Bobby Moynihan, and former New York City fireman Steve Buscemi. 12-12-12 will be held at Madison Square Garden in New York. It will air on numerous TV networks, stream on Yahoo and be shown in some NYC movie theaters in neighborhoods hard hit by Sandy.-AB
It still boggles my mind that several of my friends have never watched an episode of Downton Abbey or have never even heard of it! The Masterpiece drama is so popular and addictive that it has spawned a Saturday Night Live spoof. Late Night With Jimmy Fallon did a satire of it too.
Today in Beatles History 1961 - Brian Epstein met with Decca representatives to discuss a deal for the Beatles. 2001 - Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey presented a tribute to the late Beatle George Harrison on "Saturday Night Live."
I'm Thankful for Kitty, My Parents, Saturday Night Live, Bill Hader, Jimmy Fallon, Andy Samberg, and the person that created Pizza.
For several hours, websites promoting NBC shows such as Saturday Night Live, Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon displayed messages such as 'Remember, remember the fifth of November - the gunpowder treason and plot.'
I just saw a comment that said "Saturday Night Live hasn't been funny in years." Maybe I'm losing touch with reality, but I have been watching SNL since back in the days of John Belushi, Eddie Murphy, Chevy Chase, etc. and I maintain that the shows in the past four or five years have been much BETTER, more consistent and funnier (scene for scene) than any previous years. Of coursejust as with great radio stations of the past, we only remember the good stuff; same with those great scenes from the supposed "Golden Age" of SNL. How soon we forgot that most of the scenes from those shows which did not work at all. It seems to me that in recent years, more than 70% of SNL shows are funny compared to the 40% or so from the Belushi up through the Jimmy Fallon era. What's your opinion? (Please don't comment if you still think Dennis Miller is funny, Three Dog Night was a great band and if you only watch two or three SNL shows a year- you will only skew the poll we're taking). Also, trolls who just wanna see thei ...
Is it okay to be in love with Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers, and Tracy Morgan...all at the same time? Also, I've been watching the 2000's Saturday Night Live on Netflix...
... of course you may remember me from Saturday Night Live ... that is right, I am the great, Jimmy Fallon ..
When Saturday Night Live hosts and cast members stare into the camera, hoping to utter their lines with perfect comedic timing on live television, they are focused on one thing only: the cardboard cue cards held up by Wally Feresten.
I do not own this material .. all credit goes to the rightful owners Not only did Jimmy Fallon return to "Saturday Night Live," but for a "Seasons Greetings"...
Cut from dress rehearsal on April 20, 2002, Jimmy Fallon and Horatio Sanz get nervous while working at a pizza parlor.
Chris Walken and Jimmy Fallon reminiscing about the Blue Oyster Cult skit on Saturday Night Live. Best thing lmao.
Jimmy Fallon may have left Saturday Night Live, but that's not stopping him from impersonating political figures. The comedian rolled out his best Mitt Romney impersonation on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Tuesday, poking fun at the Republican presidential candidate's recent gaffe dismissing 47 perce...
Sept. 19: "Inside the Actor's Studio" host James Lipton is 86. Actress Rosemary Harris is 85. Actor Adam West is 82. Actor David McCallum is 79. Singer Bill Medley of the Righteous Brothers is 72. Singer Sylvia Tyson of Ian and Sylvia is 72. Singer-songwriter Paul Williams is 72. Singer Freda Payne is 70. Singer David Bromberg is 67. Actor Randolph Mantooth ("Emergency") is 67. Guitarist Lol Creme of 10cc is 65. Actor Jeremy Irons is 64. Actress-model Twiggy Lawson is 62. TV personality Joan Lunden is 62. Guitarist-producer Nile Rodgers of Chic is 60. Singer-actor Rex Smith is 57. Director Kevin Hooks is 54. Country singer Jeff Bates is 49. Country singer Trisha Yearwood is 48. Comedian Cheri Oteri ("Saturday Night Live") is 47. Singer Esperonza Griffin (Society of Soul) is 43. Singer A. Jay Popoff of Lit is 39. Comedian/talk-show host Jimmy Fallon is 38. Actress/host Alison Sweeney ("Days of Our Lives," "The Biggest Loser") is 36. Singers Tegan and Sara Quin of Tegan and Sara are 32. Rapper Eamon is 29.
I'm doing fine, thanks. Do you ever Watch "Saturday Night Live"? I saw that Piers Morgan will be on Jimmy Fallon this Week!
the old seasons of Saturday Night Live with, Amy Poehler, Jimmy Fallon, Will Ferrell and Tina Fey!!!
So I've decided... I want to be on Saturday night live. I wish I could go back in time and be on SNL with Will Ferrell and Jimmy Fallon.
You never know what missed cue, funny turn of phrase or unexpected moment will send a "Saturday Night Live" cast member into laughing fits as they desperately try to stick to a bit -- but that's just the magic of live television. Although the jury is still out on whether or not cast member crack-ups...
Jimmy Fallon is in talks to host the 2013 Academy Awards, with his former Saturday Night Live boss Lorne (cont)
You may know Jimmy Fallon from Saturday Night Live, you may know Jimmy from “Late Night”, but did you know he could pull this off?
For all the occasional Instant Netflix watchers : Saturday Night Live- The Best Of Will Ferrell Vol.1, check out the scene in the jacuzzi with Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore, hilarious how they start giggling..starts at 48:36
"Downton Abbey" creator Julian Fellowes has watched all the parodies of his show — Jimmy Fallon 's "Downton Sixbey," the "Saturday Night Live" skit re-imagining "Downton" as an obnoxious SpikeTV series, the dog website that pairs the program's characters with canine counterparts .
Few young standups would presume to dream of the magical ride Hannibal Buress has enjoyed over the past several years. After earning a gig as Aziz Ansari's road opener, Buress caught Saturday Night Live head writer Seth Meyers' eye the night they both appeared on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. This l...
Jimmy Fallon is on Howard Stern this morning , and he was talking about his audition on Saturday Night Live, very Funny
I've been looking for the video of this every March for 6 years! If anyone finds it or has it, email me! Thanks! Saturday Night Live, March 15th 2003 during ...
I love watching Saturday night live. . They laugh at their own jokes and it cracks me the *** up! Shew, I really needed a good laugh:) and Jimmy Fallon. . Oh I'm inl0ve:)
Saturday Night Live - Best of Jimmy Fallon (DVD): Excerpts from Saturday night live featuring the comedian Jimmy...
In the world of late night television, there is one host who stands apart from the others. Where most of them got their start as stand-up comedians or writers, Jimmy Fallon cut his teeth at the sketch comedy giant Saturday Night Live. This may not seem like an important distinction but it's definite...
Willie Nelson on Saturday Night Live in 1987. The show was hosted by Danny DeVito and Willie was the musical guest.
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Jimmy asks Will about his return to Saturday Night Live and tries to get a preview of what lies in store. Part 1 of 3.
Obama has dedicated himself to getting on as many comedy shows as possible during the past 3 1/2 years. He has worked hard honing his bits with David Letterman, Jay Leno, Jimmy Fallon, Ellen Degeneres, The View, Saturday Night Live and the State of the Union address, just to name a few.
"Saturday Night Live" alumni Amy Poehler and Jimmy Fallon were reunited on "Late Night" (Weeknights, 12:37 a.m. ET on NBC) Wednesday, and to celebrate the occasion they showed off their improv chops.
So Obama goes on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, big deal but it was to FOX News in the morning, Rush Limbaugh & a conservative political paper but did these same folks criticize Romney for going on the David Letterman Show & doing his Top 10 or John McCain & Sarah Palin for going on Saturday Night Live, or is that different cause it people they support, just saying, wht's the differnce.
Saturday Night Live veteran Jimmy Fallon takes the Late Night reins from Conan O’Brien when O…
WARNING FRIENDS!! DO NOT BUY PERRY'S ICE CREAM. They leave the shells from the nuts in their ice cream and when your break your tooth on their MISTAKE, they refuse to pay for your dental bills. Sounds like a RAT to me.Be careful also on any other of their flavors, you may FIND A RAT TAIL. I always look out for my family and friends. That is how I was raised. Some people/companies just get a big HEAD and forget about the little guy me. Shame on you PERRY'S ICE CREAM. BEN AND JERRY'S IS THE BESTEST IN THE LAND. Two honest guys and good flavors, even a JIMMY FALLON (star) brand. Have a good night all. Time for Saturday Night Live.
Stand-up comedian and writer. Seen on the Late Show with David Letterman, VH-1, CMT, CNN Headline News. And a contributing writer to Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update and Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. For club or private bookings, please contact Lenny Sisselman (lennycolle...
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