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Saturday Night Live (abbreviated as SNL) is an American late-night live television sketch comedy and variety show created by Lorne Michaels and developed by Dick Ebersol. Alexander Rae Alec Baldwin III (born April 3, 1958) is an American actor who has appeared on film, stage, and television. 5.0/5

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Basically writes the material for Saturday Night Live. Alec Baldwin simply puts on orange makeup and a ridiculous wi…
‘Saturday Night Live’: Alec Baldwin and Larry David Contribute to an Awkward Episode via
Alec Baldwin reprises Trump "Saturday Night Live" role, joins cast members Bennett as Pence and Moffat as Manafort
"Alec Baldwin opens with Trump impression, Weinstein joke on 'Saturday Night Live'" via |
'Saturday Night Live' returns with takedown of Trump’s Puerto Rico response
Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump returns to 'SNL' wearing a golf shirt, of course
"Saturday Night Live" is back. And so is Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump impression.
'Mr. President, here is your Emmy': Alec Baldwin wins award for playing Trump on "Saturday Night Live"
Alec Baldwin returns to 'Saturday Night Live' to bid adieu to Steve Bannon
Alec Baldwin returns as Donald Trump to mock Phoenix rally
Everytime I see Trump speak to the press, I expect to hear Alec Baldwin say "And live from New York, it's Saturday Night!"
It's the little things, that get you through. will return to "Saturday Night Live" as h…
Saturday Night Live: Sean Spicer and Donald Trump kiss as Melissa Mccarthy and Alec Baldwin return
Alec Baldwin claims turned down an appearance on because of him:
Alec Baldwin, Melissa Mccarthy reprise roles as Pres. Trump and White House press secretary Sean Spicer on "SNL"
Alec Baldwin has revealed that he almost passed on playing Donald Trump on "Saturday Night Live."
Alec Baldwin is 'stunned' at popularity of his impersonation of President Trump on 'Saturday Night Live'
Alec Baldwin's President Trump faces an alien invasion on "Saturday Night Live"
Alec Baldwin returns to Saturday Night Live as Donald Trump in Independence Day spoof (News)
Alec Baldwin made history on Saturday Night Live tonight.
Alec Baldwin was back as Donald Trump in this week's "Saturday Night Live"--
- Friday made me feel a bit queasy. Check out the Alec Baldwin impressions, on Saturday night live for a bit of light relief
Trump renews attacks on "Saturday Night Live" after Alec Baldwin mocks President-elect's press conference
Alec Baldwin 'offers' to perform at 'Saturday Night Live' inspiration Donald Trump's inauguration
Alec Baldwin only makes $1,400 each time he portrays Donald Trump—but annoying him is priceless vi…
Alec Baldwin returns to "SNL" to reprise role as Trump, pokes fun at the president-elect's relationship with Putin. https:…
Watch host Casey Affleck get a little help from his friends Alec Baldwin and John Goodman
Another very famous actor joined Alec Baldwin to mock Trump on SNL
President-Elect Trump will only hear intelligence briefings if Alec Baldwin reads them as Trump on Saturday Night Live.
That open by Alec Baldwin & John Goodman on Saturday Night Live was
Saturday Night Live with Alec Baldwin and Kate Mckinnon for Favorite Comedic Collaboration Cast your vote:
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Alec Baldwin is returning as Donald Trump on the next 'Saturday Night Live'
kissed in the show Saturday Night Live on CNN. Trump role played by Alec Baldwin))) (video Engl.)
'Saturday Night Live' shows Donald Trump getting intimate with KKK, FBI and Putin via
Alec Baldwin and Kate Mckinnon broke character on "Saturday Night Live" to stop the mudslinging of 2016 ht…
At times, Donald Trump seemed to be imitating Alec Baldwin on “Saturday Night Live," writes our chief TV critic
Alec Baldwin takes on Trump on Saturday Night Live - video: Actor Alec Baldwin reprises his impersonation of ...
ICYMI: and Alec Baldwin took on the scandal last night:
Watch: Alec Baldwin went on Saturday Night Live as Donald Trump to “apple-gize”
Alec Baldwin reprises role as Donald Trump as GOP nominee continues to provide SNL with fodder
Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump opened this weekend's episode of "Saturday Night Live".
Alec Baldwin just slayed Trump on SNL! Great jobn by the Saturday Night Live performers, crew & writers.
No groping for laughs as Alec Baldwin nails Trump on Saturday Night Live
Saturday Night Live: Baldwin is a flawless Trump but spoof falls flat episode
Alec Baldwin, impersonating Trump on Saturday Night Live. Trump - Making America a great laughingstock, but sad. .
Alec Baldwin just debuted his Donald Trump impression on season premiere
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There's no debate: Alec Baldwin steals show in his new Trump role on Saturday Night Live.
Alec Baldwin totally nailed Trump on the 'SNL' premiere
Saturday Night Live shared a video: "Alec Baldwin debuted his Donald Trump in the first 2016 presidential debate."
Alec Baldwin will play Donald Trump during the upcoming season of 'Saturday Night Live': "Saturday Night Live...
Alec Baldwin to Play Donald Trump on 'Saturday Night Live' cant wait to miss that Mr anger management himself
Alec Baldwin is the new Donald Trump on 'Saturday Night Live' via
MIKE F: The "NEW Donald Trump" on "Saturday Night Live" starting this weekend will be...ALEC BALDWIN! :-)...
'SNL' poll: Best host of 2013-14? - Early during this season of Saturday Night Live, Alec Baldwin interrupted...
Alec Baldwin, famous actor from '30 Rock' and 'Saturday Night Live' fame, enumerates reasons in an essay for retreating from the public eye.
Saturday Night Live from 1998! Alec Baldwin is taking about his Christmas Treats Shweaty Balls! I laugh so hard every time I watch this! "Nobody can resist my Shweaty Balls"!! Lmao!!
Watching old episodes of Saturday Night Live.this episode with has everybody on it! Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, Martin Short, Tom Hanks, Alec Baldwin, Dan Akroyd, and Candice Bergen. They all look great too!
The Joe Pesci Show: Alec Baldwin as Robert Deniro - Saturday Night Live: . Must see. Funny as ***
Alec Baldwin hosts Saturday Night Live with musical guest L. Pavorotti and
Alec Baldwin spoofs his Glengarry Glen Ross role in an appearance on Saturday Night Live.
Alec Baldwin 16th Appearance on Saturday Night Live is airing on VH 1 right now ,
Saturday Night Live Fans: Saturday Night Live Scores Justin Timberlake, One Direction, Jimmy Fallon and More as December's Hosts and Musical Guests NBC is giving us the best holiday gift ever! The Peacock network has been killing it this season with their surprisingly hilarious Saturday Night Live hosts. We've still got Kerry Washington's catchy rendition of "What Does My Girl Say?" stuck in our heads. And Lady Gaga's dancing stage mom skit? Priceless! And now fans can get excited for three more sensational celebrities who will be hosting and/or performing during SNL's December shows. Better put on some shades y'all, because we're about to name-drop some of the biggest and brightest stars in the business... Kicking it off on Dec. 7, the long-running sketch comedy show will welcome back actor Paul Rudd for his third hosting stint. Rudd, who will be promoting his highly anticipated new flick Anchorman 2, will be joined by the hot-boy-band-of-the-moment One Direction. Fingers crossed Paul will get his fangir ...
HMU if u can make more professional & brilliant. U tell me what u can do & give me a quote in my inbox along with the coolest website u have ever made & also the worst website that ur embarrassed of but it was for a cheap customer/family friend. Saturday Night Live is so stressful sometimes. I like when Alec Baldwin hosts it.
It was Edward Norton's first time as host of "Saturday Night Live" so, fittingly, a couple of old-timers showed up to help the rookie out. Show favorite Alec Baldwin was the first to arrive, running drills with Edward on impressions ("Woody" -- but no, not that one, Woody Harrelson). Miley Cyrus in…
Edward Norton began his Saturday Night Live hosting debut with a monologue that seemed more like a sketch featuring other famous actors. After he explained how anxious he is to host the program after years of anticipation, Alec Baldwin and Miley Cyrus crashed the stage to give him some advice.
Alec Baldwin as Robert Deniro on The Joe Pesci Show. Find more Saturday Night Live videos on Yahoo Screen.
So when will the axe fall on old Alec Baldwin? Has lost any gigs? Has media crucified him? Has his apology been accepted? Will Matt Lauer have him on to publically humiliate him? Oh wait, this will never happen to Alec and we all know why! Wonder when he'll get back on Saturday Night Live to make fun of his latest PR disaster?
I love the original Saturday Night Live episodes with like Steve Martin, Alec Baldwin, Eddie Murphy, Molly Shannon, all those OG ones 😂
Saturday Night Live nailed it with Justin Timberlake hosting - "5 Timer's Club" had Paul Simon, Steve Martin, Tom Hanks, Dan Aykroyd, Chevy Chase, Martin Short, Candace Bergen and Alec Baldwin. Then Martin/Aykroyd pulled out Festrunk Brothers and JT/Samberg did *** In A Box guys. Yes, the show can still be funny
Via Justin Timberlake joined by Steve Martin, Alec Baldwin, more on Saturday Night Live (Video)
TIMBERLAKE RULES ON ‘SNL’: Get the Emmy reel ready. Justin Timberlake hosted Saturday Night Live for the fifth time on Saturday in one of the top episodes of the season, performing as both the music guest and the host. Timberlake opened the show with a monologue with the “Five-Timers Club” members Alec Baldwin, Steve Martin, Tom Hanks, Chevy Chase, and Candice Bergen. Timberlake brought back some of his familiar characters, including the overzealous billboard seller, singing versions of “We Found Love” and a vegan-twist on “Harlem Shake.” And yes, Timberlake brought back his *** in a Box” co-star Andy Samberg for a game-show appearance “It’s a Date” with original SNL star Dan Aykoyd and Steve Martin reprising their roles as the Festrunk Brothers. Timberlake also sang “Suit and Tie” with Jay-Z and “Mirrors.”
It's not often I can say this, but last night's Saturday Night Live was one of the best in years. Host Justin Timberlake (always a good sign) hosted for the 5th time amidst a slew of cameos (Tom Hanks, Alec Baldwin, Steve Martin amongst others), classic characters (two wild and crazy guys!!!) and current favs (I about fell out of bed laughing when Bill Hader's "Stefon" said that New York's hottest club was "based on the novel "Push" by Sapphire). Only a couple of duds (The Sober Tales Of Caligula?) but overall the best they've done in awhile. If you're able to, find a way to watch it.
Justin Timberlake on Saturday Night Live this week. Best SNL host ever!!!
Justin Timberlake is this week's host and musical guest on Saturday Night Live. He's right up there with Alec Baldwin as one of the funniest guests...EVER. Can't wait! -Lanette
Saturday Night Live! is so incredibly Unfunny 2 Me that I think I have (a Crossed over into a whole 'Nother demographic while I wasn't paying attention or (b) The Mayans were Right and Life as I understood it has irrevocably changed forever ... Or (c) The current writers suck worse than that awful stretch in the '90's. Could be (d) All of the Above...
"Saturday Night Live has gotten even funnier over the years." -Said no one ever.
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Guest appearances from Alec Baldwin and Tom Petty! Directed by Akiva & Jorma
Look for one of the all-time funniest Saturday Night Live sketches on the SNL Chistmas special Wednesday night. Hint: Alec Baldwin is in it.
Making Sambuca balls for tree hunt party and can't help thinking about Alec Baldwin on Saturday Night Live. One of the funniest SNLs!
Lorne Michaels from Saturday Night Live recently talked with Alec Baldwin on his Here’s the Thing podcast. He says being “ready” is a state of mind, one you can condition yourself to overcome with regular deadlines. “I say it every week, we don’t go on because we’re ready, we go on because it’s 11:30.”
New work policy The dj's will have their bathroom privileges revoked for one full day each time Alec Baldwin appears on Saturday Night Live
Alec Baldwin appeared on "Saturday Night Live's" Weekend Update with Seth Meyers to poke fun at his removal from an American Airlines flight. Dressed as the ...
Lorne Michaels is one of the most influential figures in American entertainment. Alec goes to Rockefeller Center to visit Michaels in his office – the same office he’s had since 1975, when he created Saturday Night Live. 
Forget about Steve Martin, Alec Baldwin and Christopher Walken — when it comes to Saturday Night Live, nobody beats Justin Timberlake.
As you know, Saturday Night Live is my favorite show and I have seen most of them since the beginning. With the 38th season coming up, I want to go back and tell you some of my favorite characters over the years, the ones I find amusing and falling off the floor in laughter. Not only from cast members, but from guests as well. Ones like Alec Baldwin, Steve Martin, John Goodman and Jerry Seinfeld to name a few. This is going back from 1975 to the present. Some are impersonations and memorable characters in sketches. Starting with my favorite, John Belushi - Jake Blues, Joe Cocker, his Little Chocolate Donuts commercial, Gilda Radner - Roseanne Rosadanna, Dan Aykroyd - Elwood Blues and Julia Child, Jane Curtin - Joan Face, Chevy Chase - Gerald Ford, Laraine Newman - Valley girl type, Al Franken - Stewart Smalley, Paul Shaffer - Don Kirshner, Steve Martin - Performing the King Tut Song, Eddie Muphy - Gumy and Buckwheat, Joe Piscopo - Curly from the Three Stooges, Mary Gross - Alfalfa, Tim Kazurinsky - Dr. Ja ...
Saturday Night Live has Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin..but I think it is a rerun...
The flavor takes inspiration from a double-entendre filled Saturday Night Live skit that pokes fun at NPR.
Saturday Night Live. Alec Baldwin hosting for the 16th time.. Sad, cause I've seen every one of them!!
I think I'm going to like me some Saturday Night Live tonight, Alec Baldwin is hosting. I really love watching him and Justin Timberlake both host.
Hulu Plus is the best $7.99 I spend every month. I'm making my way in reverse through all the episodes of Saturday Night Live that Alec Baldwin hosted.
Highlights from actor/comedian Tracy Morgan's television career with NBC including Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock.
Andre had all four of his wisdom teeth taken out today. We're having a movie marathon of all our all time favorites. Right now it's Superstar, then Saturday Night Live best of Alec Baldwin then we'll watch a little Crankyankers!
At home watching Saturday Night Live the best of Alec Baldwin.Awesome!!! :-D
This photo is awesome...who doesn't want their picture in a brandy snifter. Thanks Saturday Night Live,and Alec Baldwin, for that classic sketch, and this awesome couple for allowing this picture to happen!
Saturday Night Live sketch with Alec Baldwin, Darrell Hammond and Bill Hader! Come get your free Moustache rides, ladies!
After the bike ride to Santa Monica, I felt a connection with that character Alec Baldwin made famous on Saturday Night Live.
What's a "Saturday Night Live" finale without at least one surprise guest? Quickly becoming an unofficial "SNL" cast member a la Alec Baldwin, Steve Martin and Justin Timberlake, the great Jon Hamm stopped by Studio 8H once again to appear in the "Lawrence Welk Show" cold open with his "Bridesmaids"...
With her contract up at the end of this year, Kristen Wiig discussed leaving 'Saturday Night Live' on Alec Baldwin's podcast.
Despite the fact that insiders have already confirmed rumors that Saturday Night Live vet and Bridesmaids front woman Kristen Wiig is leaving Saturday Night Live after the finale of this season, she's been pretty mum on the subject-- Until now. Last night Kristen Wiig was a guest on Alec Baldwin's p...
Kristen Wiig spoke to Alec Baldwin on his WNYC podcast "Here's the Thing," and did nothing to stop the rumors that the Oscar-nominated "Saturday Night Live" cast member will leave the show when her contract is over at the end of this season. Baldwin, who has appeared with Wiig on "SNL" in four episo...
The singer brought some laughs, but primarily she just carried the tunes in a show that spoofed the past week in pop culture, from the critical pans of New Year's Eve to Alec Baldwin's American Airlines debacle. Here are the 5 best skits from this week's Saturday Night Live.
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