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Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live (abbreviated as SNL) is an American late-night live television sketch comedy and variety show created by Lorne Michaels and developed by Dick Ebersol.

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“Spicey’s back!” Melissa McCarthy reprises her role as White House press secretary on "Saturday Night Live."
Watch Melissa McCarthy return as Press Secretary Sean Spicer in new 'Saturday Night Live' sketch. -
Melissa McCarthy’s Sean Spicer gets lost in the bushes on Saturday Night Live: via
Saturday Night Live: Sean Spicer and Donald Trump kiss as Melissa McCarthy and Alec Baldwin return
Watch Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump make a mockery of Paul Ryan
we are LIVE folks. Saturday night fun, come on down and jam to some music and enjoy some games!.
"Spicey's back!" Melissa McCarthy's Sean Spicer emerges from the bushes on SNL
'Spicy's back!': 'SNL' has McCarthy's Spicer meet with Baldwin's Trump
Saturday Night Live spoof: Amazon 'Echo Silver' is 'designed for the greatest generation' - GeekWire…
I hope, beyond hope, that Zach Galifianakis cameos this weekend's Saturday Night Live with host Melissa McCarthy s…
I've enjoyed watching Saturday Night Live since John Belushi Eddie Murphy Dan Aykroyd. Now it makes me ill to watch all the prez bashing...
Ronnie and John Belushi on the set of Saturday Night Live, October 1978
Saturday Night Live should have "up and coming" band Chicano Batman on next season
I like a video Saturday Night Gaming - Episode Shellshock Live! via
Chico! It's this Saturday night! Mozzy will be live at the Senator with CD Entertainment, Underhouse Music and...
Chico - it's Saturday night! Mozzy is going to be live at the Senator Theatre, with CD Entertainment, Underhouse...
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
& attend Saturday Night Live's after party on May 6, 2017 in New York City.
Can't believe there was a full skit about RPDR on Saturday Night Live that featured a song from real housewife Erik…
Saturday Night Live did a skit on straight men watching Ru Paul's Drag Race & its EVERYTHING
It's always been my dream to see perform as Effie live, and on Saturday night my dream came true! I loved!
Join Us This Saturday and enjoy your night... Shady El Basha live for one night only at Mood Lounge Bar...…
not sure which one nailed it better, but both used that Distinctive. Speaking. Style.
Join us every Saturday night at La Pêche du Jour - & enjoy the live entertainment with Gilbert Salh…
Watch! Where in the World is Kellyanne Conway & why does everyone refuse to look for her? Tonight on Saturday Nigh…
Morning Joe gets real weird with Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough on Saturday Night Live. Entire video: https:/…
Saturday Night Live season 42 episode 19 Chris Pine recap: Spocko was added to the show to try and save it and…
I've added the photos of Chris Pine hosting 'Saturday Night Live' on May 06 - (More photos on
Chris Pine brought some musical vibes to this week—our recap:
📷 dcfilms: Chris Pine by Mary Ellen Matthews for Saturday Night Live I want to make out with this man...
New post (‘Morning Joe’ and Kellyanne Conway Are Mocked on ‘Saturday Night Live’) has been published on Hot ... -…
Saturday Night Live was just a pit stop. His brother (RIP) wrote most of his jokes bac…
Breast Cancer Awareness
PSA: The episode of Saturday Night Live featuring Carrie Fisher and The Blues Brothers (Season 4, Episode 6) is on Hulu. htt…
Say goodbye to Sunday by reliving the best bits of
I like how the other replies are reminiscent of Saturday Night Live's "The Californians​".
A crazy finale to an incredible season.
I guess it's a sign of my age that I'm rarely ever even remotely familiar with the musical guests on Saturday Night Live.
Saturday Night Live sketch asks: "Where in the World is Kellyanne Conway?"
Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto on the New Star Trek Movie from Saturday Night Live on —
'Saturday Night Live' wants to know where Kellyanne Conway is
'SNL' asks 'Where in the World is Kellyanne Conway?' - CNNMoney
Ever since Kate McKinnon did the embarrassing "Hallelujah" tribute to Hillary I refuse to watch Saturday Night Live - disg…
New episode. Saturday Night Live: Chris Pine/LCD Soundsystem (S42E19) was added to Plex.
I looked forward to Saturday Night Live back the, you guys were awesome 👏
Alec Baldwin claims turned down an appearance on because of him:
Live PD jumped to most watched prime time show last Saturday night thanks to YOU our awesomely supportive viewers! Sh…
The hype for this Saturday's Saturday Night Live is REAL. Dance Yourself Clean.
Colbert, 1996. So affirming. Would totally make any young *** man proud, not horribly ashamed of self.
So affirming. Totally would make young *** men proud, not horribly ashamed of s…
Yes, I don't watch the late night shows or Saturday Night Live any more. Sad!!
Brad Pitt posing for GQ looks like an actual Saturday Night Live sketch about Brad Pitt posing for GQ.
Donald Trump 'rejected invitation to appear on Saturday Night Live'
This was played on Saturday Night Live in 1998 just 1 time then was pulled from airwaves forever. . I wonder why? 🤔.
G.E. Smith on Keith Richards' appearance on "Saturday Night Live" - EMMY... via
I liked a video Charles Barkley and Shaq - Saturday Night Live
Watch Harry Styles: Sign of the Times from Saturday Night Live on —
Katy Perry is taking her rhythm to "Saturday Night Live." The singer has been tapped to be the musicial guest for...
Saturday Night Live . -i just needed my number one man on here. -still one of his best updates . -legend
Made "Saturday Night Live" great again and other accomplishments of Trump's First 100 Days ~ by
Is this for real? Or a Swedish version of Saturday Night Live? It reminds me of Dan Ackroyd as "Fred Garvin, Male P…
Hope everyone had a good day celebrating Harry Styles rising on 'Saturday Night Live' last night.
Next month, will (finally) make their debut on Saturday Night Live -.
Melissa McCarthy returns to 'SNL' as Spicer, Baldwin reprises Trump - News😂
Watch Sean Spicer apologize for those Hitler remarks on
Alec Baldwin, Melissa McCarthy reprise roles as Pres. Trump and White House press secretary Sean Spicer on "SNL"
.make their debut on May 6 alongside host Chris Pine
Ladies and gentlemen, and Watch the full... by
🎥 || Harry performando 'Sign of the Times' no Saturday Night Live. .
📰 | "Saturday Night Live recap: Jimmy Fallon - Best Musical Moment: 'Sign of the Times'"
Watch the full Harry on Saturday Night Live here:
Harry Styles practically stole the show with those performances on recap:
.owns again, hosts, & SO much more! Get the highlights right here: https…
Steve Bannon Is Banished and Sean Spicer Is the Easter Bunny on 'Saturday Night Live' - The Florida Oracle -…
📽 | Harry on the War sketch for Saturday Night Live. (Part 2) .
📲|| Non-fans reacting to Harry's performances on Saturday Night Live.
Harry Styles' successful Saturday Night Live solo appearance a Sign of the Times to come via
'SNL' agrees with the internet, turns Harry Styles into a perfect *** Jagger - Mashable
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Jay Pharoah explains why he was fired from 'Saturday Night Live'.. Related Articles:
Does anyone know how I can watch Saturday Night Live tomorrow! Dish network removed NBC. This is extremely important.
The beauty of the 'Saturday Night Live' ode to sectional couches, writes
📽 | Harry was mentioned on Saturday Night Live as next week's musical guest. (via © TSN)
Taran Killam of SNL said as much based on his close-up observations.
Yes she is perfect. I still think the black girl from Saturday night live with the short spiked haircut could play…
Don't forget: is new tonight. Plus, there will be an SNL-written commercial for Verizon, apparently.
Charred Remains Saturday Night Live Drink click here to get recipe in…
*** isn't it, how and his readers believe I created the Ambiguously *** Duo on Saturday Night Live?
So glad live PD coming back again for Friday and Saturday night next weekend
Saturday Night Turn Up is starting now! Listen live here:
Harry said he's very excited to be performing on Saturday Night Live!
Faith kids singing for Jesus at Sunday services, Saturday Night Live edition at Faith Church, Dyer, Ind.…
Check out my broadcast from my PlayStation 4! (EA SPORTS™ UFC® 2) Saturday Night Shenanigans live at
Marco Benevento Playing Live Saturday Night at 9 PM at Wonder Ballroom in Portland, OR via h…
It's Saturday night and we're playing Join the Discord to join!
Not sure how much I trust an administration that also can't put up with Saturday Night Live
Harry will perform another song as well as Sign of the Times on Saturday Night Live next week!
Good Saturday Folks, will be live at 730pm enjoy and have a great evening/night/morning:).
I hope panda gets famous so they can do a Saturday night live skit of him at parties
Bruce is right! I'm wrong. So much for knowing my network.
LIVE: w/ for a special Saturday Night https:…
NEW: Harry is set to release another song to perform on Saturday Night Live next week.
Saturday Night Live in the Crucible!!! Come say hello or join in!.
Should i go live on this fantastic saturday night?
Turn Me Up LOUD!!! I'm in the mix next for the Saturday Night Live Mixshow on HOT 105.5. Listen…
For the remainder of the season, that's the plan:
is LIVE in the Mix on Every Saturday night
Get the new Stickers exclusively in the App Store for iMessage:
did anyone else notice that 'So Random' from sonny with a chance is a somewhat rendition or version of Saturday Night Live?
Harry Styles will perform a second new song on
Who is Hosting Saturday Night Live Tonight: April 8, 2017 Louie CK will be sure to tune in
Saturday Night Live tonight with Louis CK tune in! ☺️
Barry Gibb Talk Show - Saturday Night Live via adoro o justin no final "well, she is madonna" sodhaoshdoa
Chillin with Dean Edwards from Saturday Night Live and the Guy Code at Scott AFB!
I wonder if Lucas Till was to be on Saturday Night Live singing INXS with Rob Riggle, Will Forte (MacGruber) doing the saxophone solo.
New post (Celebrity Family Feud - Saturday Night Live) has been published on TheTopTenViral -…
📺 | Harry will be a guest in Saturday Night Live along with Jimmy Fallon on the 15th of April.
UPDATE || Harry will be on Saturday Night Live (SNL) on April 15, along with Jimmy Fallon !
Alec Baldwin has revealed that he almost passed on playing Donald Trump on "Saturday Night Live."
Alec Baldwin is 'stunned' at popularity of his impersonation of President Trump on 'Saturday Night Live'
Saturday Night Live wishlist: Why Jensen Ackles of Supernatural should host 😚😚😚
I think u cud use this little buddy. Saturday Night Live: Daily Affirmation on
As Steve Martin showed on a 1978 episode of Saturday Night Live, future aliens will likely have one demand: “Send More Chuck Berry.”
YAY - the East Coast of the United States isn't hogging Saturday Night Live as it airs LIVE! 💖😜😄😍 Who watches SNL…
All purpose parts banner
Oded Fehr from Marley & Me stars in Saturday Night Live about a cruel Retail manager (general) named Benjy
'Saturday Night Live' to Air Live Across the Country - Variety via
‘Saturday Night Live’ to Air Live Across Country for Rest of Season -
Live from New York, it's Saturday Night!!! This is gonna be good.
BETTER BE A MUSICAL GUEST!!! Help us try to get Kid Cudi to perform on SNL
Swaresh performing live with his band at Flamess, Gtb Nagar this Saturday. Be there to have a great musical night...
"Rihanna is a total bad *** I've met her before, while hosting Saturday Night Live. She caught me singing 'Work' in my d…
The Rock will host the season finale AND join the Five-Timers Club in the process.
Get ready to head to Columbus to see Chase Rice LIVE next Saturday night at Outlaws Saloon.
The Chainsmokers announced as musical guests for the next episode of Saturday Night Live! -
'SNL' to go live coast-to-coast with hosts Melissa McCarthy, Jimmy Fallon via
So far this Saturday night on will be on LIVE who know what shenanigans we'll be getting into
For the first time in its 42-year history, ‘SNL’ will be live across the entire country
Beginning next month, "SNL" will broadcast live across the country for the first time in the show's 42-year history
Great, the failed show that had 2 go low blow political 2 get viewers goes live?! Thought it was already called Saturday Night LIVE?!!?
'Saturday Night Live' to spin off 'Weekend Update' to prime time this August
Colin Jost and Michael Che will appear in Saturday Night Live: Weekend Update, alongside other SNL cast members.
"SNL" mocks Ivanka Trump with fragrance ad: “Complicit: For the woman who can stop all this"
I said this out loud last night. I'm relieved I'm not alone. I feel like I'm watching a Saturday night live skit about
Trump is an amusing, terrifying punchline on 'SNL' Weekend Update
Two 'SNL' guys mansplain feminism in honor of the Women's Strike
Saturday Night Live producers plans to add humor to its shows sometime in the future.
Last Night on Saturday Night Live: ScarJo 5, Baldwin Returns, Who Performed the Best Impression Last Night & more
Patriotic Americans should - Saturday Night Live continues to disrespect the and his family - not ac…
Thanks to Scarlett Johansson and for an amazing week! Catch up on last night's episode here:
1 year ago today was the host and musical guest of 'Saturday Night Live'
Watch Scarlett Johansson parody Ivanka Trump on Saturday Night Live - An SNL parody, she's doing something right.
SNL & Scarlett Johansson: would you make fun of Ivanka if she were muslim? I didn't think so.…
I cried when cast started singing the
The monumental butt-hurt at Trump reading Infowars continues on Saturday Night Live. 😄
Alec Baldwin's President Trump faces an alien invasion on "Saturday Night Live"
1 Year of Saturday Night Live is was so a Iconic show ariana was great and she was fun, very entertaining We miss it h…
Alec Baldwin returns to Saturday Night Live as Donald Trump in Independence Day spoof (News)
The esplanade at Battery Park wait to see Scarlett Johansson host Saturday Night Live tonite perf…
New video by Saturday Night Live: SNL Host Scarlett Johansson is Prepared for Saturday
Alec Baldwin made history on Saturday Night Live tonight.
"Saturday Night Live" acknowledges how TERRIBLE dating is in the age of Trump: .
Adam Driver's 'Saturday Night Live': The force is strong with this one
'Saturday Night Live' portrays Sessions as Forrest Gump: 'I had a bad week'
The welterweight crown is up for grabs Saturday night live on CBS as WBA champion Kei
Pan hour away before It's Saturday Night Live do you have your favorite drink and popcorn ready
with Saturday Night Live. It's a day in America when SNL are higher than rumps.
10pm in the East on a Saturday night... and still quite a bit of activity at SunTrust Park.
it's 10 on a Saturday night and I'm already in bed.. what an exciting life I live.
with Saturday Night Live. I want one day without a CNN alert that scares the *** out of me.
Little Giant Ladders
the countdown to Saturday night is ON... see you downtown at Parliament Pub (12th & Harney) for the best live... https:/…
You ever realize that SNLs name is just Saturday Night? The love is only to show that it's live. Crazy.
with Saturday Night Live. I'm here to punch you.
with Saturday Night Live. where a endorses another
with Saturday Night Live. Putin's Shelf Elf. You just put it right here, next to your internet router. http…
Live Pd is the best show on tv right now. It's the real deal at the Rush house on this Saturday night
Live in the mix on a Saturday Night with on Tune us in and Win Concert Tix!!!
with Saturday Night Live. Trump: Back when I was just a young childish 59-year-old man.
Rockin a solid buzz and having one *** of a Saturday night! Hanging with my old friend we are so happy to live in Trumpland!
We're about to go live with at Let's get ready for another dope *** Saturday night!!
It is Saturday night. Who is up for some live comedy?
I liked a video from Its Saturday Night Live Racing!! | Beer | Music | Discord |
Cannot wait to watch the unwatchable, totally biased, unfunny Saturday Night Live to see what they say about me this week. Terrible!
I think should be able to do a Weekend Update segment on Saturday Night Live this season, like guest anchor
Go behind the scenes of SNL’s Music Department in the latest installment of Creating Saturday Night Live:
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Relaxing & getting the POPCORN ready for Saturday Night LIve !!! Baldwin and Melissa will surely b…
Classic footage of Oasis performing 'Don't Go Away' on Saturday Night Live via
Live with a chill Saturday night stream. 💜.
Octavia Spencer gets adorably lost in her promo for this week’s “Saturday Night Live” via
Saturday Night Stream live in 20 minutes featuring and .
Is it really even a saturday night if parm doesnt do a live insta vid before going out.
Just in case you didn't know, Saturday Night Live is brand new tonight! Red wine and a good laugh, here we come! ❤️🍷
03-04 Peter Dinklage to host Saturday Night Live with as musical guest
How did that kooky character from "Saturday Night Live" end up on the couch in the Oval Office?
His biographer Tony Schwartz and the people who worked with him at his roast and on Saturday Night Live say he has no se…
Cassaundra: It's Darrel Hammond as Sean Connery in the Saturday Night Live skit Celebrity Jeopardy. Mireille…
Lorde is 'Saturday Night Live' musical guest in March so new…
Since this last election cycle, Saturday Night Live has been getting attention for the way it's tackling politics. htt…
John Stones' City career becoming such a train wreck, Melissa McCarthy will start playing him on Saturday Night Live
A great night of music from at on Saturday. Read the review here:…
Hamilton Collection
wish I could live in a loop of Saturday night forever. is god
Win a Saturday night stay at the with our raffle! Enter here:
Watch out! (I actually thought it was fun and a bit campy. But by no means the greatest movie ever)
Love looking in costume shops. Here's a peek at SNL.
Celebrate with these 5 classic presidential impressions:
Adding the "NOT!" part is kind of Saturday Night Live thing.
Live in Louisville this Saturday night at The County Line! 2016 Artist of the year, Earie Award Winner, Saint Luk...
A woman was allegedly raped in Delhi’s Hauz Khas village on Saturday night.
Let help you make it through today:. Shape of You Castle on the Hill
FYI - this usage of the phrase "Not" originated in a sketch (Wayne's World) that aired on, you guessed it, Saturday Night…
Don't agree with a bunch of the rankings (Eddie Murphy is no. 1 hands down) but this is a fun read for fans
Ready for Saturday Night? The Woodshedders are coming Opera House LIVE along with The Plate Scrapers for our...
Falmouth you were live on Saturday night! Big ups to all.
One of THE most down to earth men in Saturday night plz get behind as he challenges for the WBC ti…
We're live on TV on Saturday night. Don't stay at home, get to Newry to support Meath...
Live in the US? If you didn't see Planet Earth II on Saturday night it's a must on catch up. Visit Resurface to see…
one thing to remember he is funnier now then he ever was on Saturday Night Live Stuart Smelly strikes again
Feb. 18, 1989, the 1st Wayne's World sketch appeared on Saturday Night Live.
In 5 days time... will be LIVE with an amazing audience for brand new series of Saturday Night Takeaway. htt…
Wise advice for Trump! He needs a lot less FOX and more Saturday Night Live in his life.
In today's wishlist, we look at why of should host!
So this happened last night! DJ Salinger draws in Colin Jost of 'Saturday Night Live' with his Wax on Wednesday...
Colin Jost of 'Saturday Night Live's' 'Weekend Update' stops by Wax on Wednesday at Tellus360
Saturday night live was on fire last night
Is going to live stream the trial match on Saturday night?!
Aziz Ansari's monologue and the sketch were some of the best moments of the night—our recap:
live to air Saturday night at Crabby joes going be great night need to have come pla…
The JJ Duo are live at Lynwood this Saturday night - be there from 8pm to check them out
See how the real Sean Spicer compares to Melissa McCarthy's 'Saturday Night Live' parody
how do you do Saturday night beaver you have to live in the 80's
I'm on Saturday Night Live today, tune in
I'd love to see on Saturday Night Live again.
Oh hey there, muscles. How you doing?
Things were so much simpler in 1994. .
Have a feeling "Joe Trudeau" will bring an skit much like this classic:
I've been watching Saturday Night Live for 25+ years & this season is one of the best. Bravo.
LOL..RT Hey. ..just found this punk band, the singer ...
Sean Spicer working this week? Looking forward to a Spicey Saturday Night (Live). Lmao
How past presidents reacted to political impressions via
"'Saturday Night Live' ratings soar thanks to Baldwin's Trump and McCarthy's Spicer"
Trump has given SNL its best ratings in decades
ok, tryin to watch this on kodi and im not gettin any sound. did they censor these episodes? — watching Saturday Night Live
What if the Trump administration's REAL goal is to make Saturday Night Live great again?
Just watched 17th Saturday Night Live. funny. This politic style is reminding me of on funny
We made a supercut comparing SNL's Sean Spicer to the real thing
If the Saturday Night Live closing theme doesn't make you emotional, your soul is empty and devoid of humanity.
"This is America's foreign policy, not this week's episode of 'Saturday Night Live,'" Democratic senators said
It's now at the point where it seems like Trump's Administration is satirizing Saturday Night Live.
Tracy Morgan Returns to Saturday Night Live as One of Beyoncé's Twins
In just two songs, careers can be created and ended as an SNL musical guest:
This is US foreign policy, not this week’s Saturday Night Live. GOP should take conduct seriously before we re…
'Saturday Night Live' ratings soar thanks to Baldwin's and McCarthy's
LIVE this Saturday night at 2am on BoxNation... 💥 'The Problem' takes on Adrian Granados in Cincinnati 🇺🇸 h…
On the bright side, at least Saturday Night Live will be funny for the next four years.
“Saturday Night Live” is having its most-watched season in 22 years thanks to President Trump
G.E. Smith on Eddie Van Halen and Eric Clapton on "Saturday Night Live" - - YouTube
'Saturday Night Live' takes dig at Johnny Manziel in Super Bowl sketch
Jeff Sessions get the Saturday Night Live treatment; Melissa McCarthy brings back Sean Spicer
Thank you Saturday Night Live for making America laugh. Epic
This is going to be Yuge. Alec Baldwin Blocks Out His Time as Donald Trump in His 'Saturday Night Live' Promo... https:/…
Melissa McCarthy's impression of Sean Spicer on 'Saturday Night Live' is everything via
someone: hey. me: did you know theyve probably said that on the iconic television show Saturday Night Live and speaking…
We're playing live on Saturday night.
If you do nothing else this weekend, find Saturday Night Live & watch it.
if you agree that she killed it on Saturday Night Live 🔥 . . . https:/…
I think she's one crisis away from Collette Reardon. :).
It sure makes the case for her to play him on "Saturday Night Live."
Trump and 'SNL': A Look Back at a Complicated Relationship - via
WATCH: stands up to Donald Trump in EPIC speech.
Saturday Night Live is no longer needed. Every day is a real-life skit with caricatures that exceed belief.
Build it and they will come. Holy Spicoli, Orange man's head will be spinning!
The only thing he's made great again is Saturday Night Live
Donald Trump and "S.N.L.": a look back at a complicated relationship
Poll finds the "failing NY Times" and Saturday Night Live both have more credibility than our President! h/t
Trump and 'Saturday Night Live': A look back at a complicated relationship
Sorry, Donald, but "SNL" is having its biggest season in two decades
You wake not knowing if this is aimed at federal court judges, a department store or the Saturday Night Live writing team ht…
to first monologue. Saturday will mark his 17th time hosting! 📺
Donald Trump 'hated Saturday Night Live's Sean Spicer impersonation because it was done by a woman'
Could Rosie O'Donnell play Steve Bannon or Donald Trump on 'Saturday Night Live?'
Saturday Night Live would have been better with one of Kristen Stewart's stand ins, which is just a piece of unbuttered toast.
Alec Baldwin was back as Donald Trump in this week's "Saturday Night Live"--
Bring Melissa McCarthy back as Spicer- Next week will b entire episode on DT-This is happening!
Saturday Night LIVE is one of worst shows on tv,only handfuls of punks support the show !
Live from New York it's Saturday Night Live! They've stopped writing scripts. They are just acting out Trump's so calle…
Just tried watching Saturday Night Live - unwatchable! Totally biased, not funny and the Baldwin impersonation just…
How scrambled to save this hilarious Muslim ban sketch
cameras will show who did it? Melissa McCarthy Alec Baldwin great on Saturday night live. Ppl say Trump puppet
The grim reaper convinces President Trump to makes some phone calls on "Saturday Night Live."…
Saturday Night Live hasn't been funny in decades.
Weekend Update on Russia Hacking the Election: "Donald Trump was just acting like a patriot"
this is good - Sean Spicer First Press Conference Saturday Night Live .
"Saturday Night Live" Pure refuse. Has never been very good. Last ditch effort by stooge Baldwin 2 save floundering 'career'. Pathetic.
I will cede this point.Melissa McCarthy's take on Sean Spice on Saturday Night Live was funny-assuming you never watched him in a press conf
More from Saturday Night Live with Melissa McCarthy as Trump alternative facts minion Sean Spicer on
Waiting for the meltdown from Trump and Co over Melissa McCarthy's Sean Spicer Saturday Night Live impersonation like h…
It's okay, Kristen Stewart, we still love you!
Melissa McCarthy steals the show as Sean Spicer on Saturday Night Live
'Saturday Night Live's' cold open was pretty Grim.
In case you missed it, here's Melissa McCarthy's hilarious sketch on "Saturday Night Live" -
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