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Saturday Kitchen

Saturday Kitchen Live is a 90 minute cookery programme, which is broadcast live on BBC One on Saturday mornings.

Saturday Kitchen Live James Martin Paul Foster Brian Turner Louise Brealey Gabby Logan Michel Roux Jr Anna Jones Mary Berry Top Gear Martin Kemp Janet Street Porter

Kitchen Garden This month's highlight was winning two Third Place prizes in the Allotment Show on Saturday 3 Septe
Additional event this weekend: SOAR Second Saturday Supper at 6pm in the SLTC kitchen! Free Spaghetti and veggie options! 🍝🍝🍝
Welcome Daniela's Kitchen she will be doing an amazing demo on the main stage at 5pm on saturday - tips and trick...
Tuesday's are for cleaning the kitchen that I didn't clean Saturday - Monday.
I actually can't wait to live in a really old house and dance in the kitchen with my dogs on sunshiney Saturday mornings
Adrian will be at the market on Saturday!. Don't forget to bring along all those kitchen items that need sharpening.
Another fantastic function. Thanks for having you're Kitchen Tea in our Sun Room Ellatha on Saturday 1 October.
We're back in the studio this Saturday, follow us on Instagram for all the behind the scenes pics...…
It`s party time! Remember that this Saturday we have our first GHC social in Lansdowne Bar & Kitchen! Join us and...
Interfaith Chinook Country Kitchen is offering Saturday Classes. Check it out!
MOVING SALE THIS SATURDAY at 8 am! From furniture, small kitchen appliances, to designer clothing and...
Stay tune for Thursday!!! Menu will be posted around lunch time for Saturday pick up. O. Kitchen Team 󾮗🏼
on Saturday is the big event of the week, but you can also find us at Antidote Coffee tonight!
This Saturday, Soul Kitchen pays tribute to 90s R&B. Don't miss it. Glist: Let's go.
If you want to volunteer at Cathedral Kitchen on Thursday or the WD Commitee on Disabled Vendor Event on Saturday, slide in the DMs. 📲
Soul Kitchen pays tribute to the 90s Thanksgiving Saturday. Get on the list >
Saturday night! Lisping vs. Henderson right here at - prelims begin at 5pm. Full kitchen and bar.…
Excited to see this Saturday's Soup Kitchen getting attention from the local community! >>…
SATURDAY October 15th join Chef Chiwishi in the kitchen for a fun afternoon cooking with apples! Bring your...
This Saturday, we'll be back in the studio with the hugely successful, double-Olympic Champion
These pancakes are easy to throw together for a weekend breakfast.
Our kitchen is now open till 1am Friday's and Saturday's
Join us for all the fun this Saturday from 9am-6pm. Get all the details on this week's Kitchen Kettle Village...
Tacos for lunch anyone? Red Oak Kitchen will be serving delicious chicken tacos on our Tastes Around Midland this Saturday!
DATE FOR YOUR DIARY. Hatch co-founder will be at the fab on Saturday, October 29th:…
Join us for five different kitchen specials Tuesday-Saturday. TUESDAY: Add a side dish of cheesy…
| The kitchen, the source of the gas explosion in on Saturday, has been running without a li…
Feeling that festive feeling then book my next scrumptious class at on Saturday 12th November. https:…
The two guys presenting Saturday Kitchen: one sounding like he was taught English by Brian Blessed, the other by Frankie Boyle.
Mornin' , next time you're on Saturday Kitchen howabout having Jimi Mistry as a guest chef ?
Janet Street Porter just mentioned gold medal at Cider World Cup for Ampleforth on Saturday Kitchen.
Great to see Janet Street-Porter, the real-life Marsha Klein, on Saturday Kitchen.
thanks,getting married in Aug so looks an idea. I love the turquoise long one I have seen on Saturday Kitchen but can't find it
Are you watching Saturday Kitchen? Hairy Biker Simon is doing a *** poor War Doctor cosplay whilst making balls.
watching you on Saturday Kitchen best bites. Lovely Hake dish, Mr A. says you always explain things brilliantly. Well done.
1k+ views over a couple of live broadcasts from the kitchen?? I was clearly born to be a Saturday Kitchen presenter!
He said WHAT?! Jamie Oliver was VERY rude on live Saturday Kitchen
Saturday Kitchen Live.what a mess.too many cooks do spoil the broth & the programme
Saturday Kitchen Live was a disaster
I think this may be the last time Saturday Kitchen is live
Not all chefs are natural live presenters. Come on Saturday Kitchen, find a good one & put the programme back on the menu!
Saturday Kitchen is NOT a live audition to see who can replace The Master. The old farts are lovely but jesus christ.
Absolute car-crash live TV, but brilliant Saturday Kitchen today. Can’t even imagine the chaos in the gallery.
This episode of 'Saturday Kitchen Live' is a joke isn't it ?
'Lindsay Denton' on Graham Norton last night and 'Steve Arnott' on Saturday Kitchen today. Anyone would think Line Of Duty was half decent 😄
BBC: Make Rustie Lee the main presenter of Saturday Kitchen in BBC1 - Sign the Petition! via
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
What do I do tomorrow... no Saturday Kitchen... fought back and had an Indian take away which was very good. British Raj, Kendal. Nice.
(Picture: BBC)As James Martin took his final phone calls from viewers asking for advice on Saturday Kitchen, he...
Saturday Kitchen: Watch James Martin get pranked by Mary Berry and Michel Roux Jr.
thank you for 10 years of Saturday Kitchen. It's looking like ***
My son's favourite thing is currently Saturday Kitchen with James Martin, followed by Masterchef Australia. He is six months old.
I'm all about that . Saturday's with iamgeeet @ Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen
On a scale of re-arranging THAT kitchen drawer to eating your own shoe...How boring is your Saturday so far?
it would be utter heresy for James Martin to leave Saturday Kitchen. This is what collective social action is for
Saturday night cleaning the kitchen floor
We are looking for an experienced kitchen assistant to work in our very busy kitchen every Saturday. There will...
Saturday afternoon fun in the kitchen at Nani's
Somebody thought yesterday was Saturday and reset the kitchen clocks on stove and coffee pot last night :)
365. Come on by. Bar and kitchen open late tonight. 11am on Saturday http…
Wade is keeping busy in the kitchen!
My glamorous Saturday nights: I'm eating a cack pizza and the cat's pushing the box round the kitchen floor. We've both lost our dignity : )
busy day James . But you're doing a great job . Making the most of the next few weeks on Saturday kitchen ! Take care X
Enjoying this Saturday afternoon in my kitchen. Lemon pepper & dill salmon, wild rice with…
Happy Saturday! Celebrate the weekend with one of our delish margarita recipes:
Saturday mornings are made for dancing in the kitchen
A little Saturday from a kitchen board we created.
Happy Saturday. Come see us at the Everett Home & Garden Show, booth 210, 211. We'd love to see you!
Sunny Saturday, smiling kitchen, cooking up amazing specials for tonight's dinner!
Another gorgeous white and brass kitchen space to inspire a Saturday afternoon! https:/…
Sat in the kitchen listening to what does the fox say, standard Saturday evening with
Really happy to be invited to Saturday Kitchen. But will it be Heaven or *** Terrific Programme.
I'm stood up in the kitchen eating spaghetti and singing the Partridge Family. This is what's called a messy Saturday night.
See the latest from NEFF in their mobile kitchen exhibition on Saturday 25th June
Ready for a busy night at the Nest! Wine is chilled, smells from the kitchen are AMAZING! Happy Saturday night!
Happy Saturday! A few of our sisters spent their morning volunteering at a soup kitchen in…
When you spend all of your Saturday afternoon in the kitchen because you offered your family to bring cake to the Sunday get-together.😅
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Halal lamb shoulder ready for roasting for dinner!!
Nothing like a busy kitchen to kick off Saturday night! Let the fun begin.🍴
Nicest Saturday of the year, and I'm sitting in my kitchen with my laptop working customer issues. Outstanding.
"I be in the kitchen cleaning pots with my baby." - Jewy Wap. . Saturday Husband Cleaning Duty Is Real.
Go for good nutrition with Jenny Tschiesche in the demo kitchen Abingdon Food Fest Saturday 25 June
Sunshine, Saturday and a ladies lunch! Thank you for a lovely afternoon in Malmesbury & great coffee in kitchen
Saturday morning pancakes. Cherrybrook Kitchen gluten free pancake mix and fresh, warm…
Saturday has included exercise, family, new hair, kitchen progress and a meal out with friends - what more could a girl ask for
Wouldn't life be so much better if I didn't have to spend over an hour cleaning just the kitchen on a Saturday afternoon
I swear we have a family party every Saturday morning.not literally but with my dad blasting salsa in the kitchen feels like it 💃🏽
Car bombs with the kitchen crew. Happy Saturday.
Rainy Saturday morning at my neighborhood spot (@ Kitchen House Coffee - in Saint Louis, MO)
It's Saturday. Time for some fun in my kitchen! :)
Saturday brunches at home are the best! 🙌🏼 Thankful for roomies and our creativity in the kitchen.
Word is they are in talks with BBC to replace on…
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
More proof zaatar is the spice of 2016: featured in a dish on Saturday Kitchen today.
"Mom! I need help! I made a mess! Just a little one!" -Shouted from kitchen. Must be Saturday.
I love working Saturday mornings bc the kitchen always make breakfast ❣
Would you sign and share this petition for James to stay on saturday kitchen?
great stuff on saturday kitchen today. Any chance you could give this a share.
How are you this beautiful Saturday morning. I'm scrubbing kitchen grout!
James Martin quit Saturday Kitchen after BBC bosses 'blocked' him from Top Gear job: James Martin'S s...
Did James Martin quit Saturday Kitchen after being 'blocked' from Top Gear job?
Does James Martin leaving Saturday Kitchen mean that Simon Rimmer can finally escape the useless Tim Lovejoy?
10:00 Saturday Kitchen: James Martin presents with help from Mary Berry and Michelin-starred chef Simon Rogan.
I was promised a signed photo from Mackenzie Crook when he appeared on Saturday Kitchen but it never arrived😞
I've heard that about Richard E Grant and his sense of smell. Prob on Saturday Kitchen. Get him on Sunday Brunch
Jason Atherton Partridge with chervil root purée recipe on Saturday Kitchen
Got some fantastic news. I will be on 'Saturday Kitchen' on Saturday. I got a call from James Martin. Really eager.
It seems Fearne Cotton isn't the vapid, air head I thought she was, live and learn eh? — watching Saturday Kitchen
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
What the *** is that Ginger bog brush head on Saturday Kitchen Live?! 😂
Saturday Kitchen on the telly and 3 weeks worth of ironing to do, I know how to live :)
😪 Saturday Kitchen chef James Martin's dish goes up in flames on live TV - Daily Mail
Saturday Kitchen appearance for Great British Menu chef Michael O'Hare: The Eston-born chef will appear on BBC1…
Chef Jennie Staines from Elvi's Kitchen will be cooking dishes at the SEE AND TASTE FESTIVAL IN MIAMI on SATURDAY!
‘I better tidy up after that wild Saturday night’. *Puts coffee mug into the kitchen sink*
Plan on attending "Danielle's Saturday Kitchen" on October 24, November 7 & 14. Danielle will be cooking up some... http:/…
Great. I'll ring tomorrow and book. Gutted we missed the 7+ class on Saturday.
Don't miss our autumn wine matching dinner on Oct 16 with She is on Saturday Kitchen at 10am BBC1 too! ht…
Kids are watching a mickey while I clean the kitchen. Hasn't really been touched since Saturday. Sigh.
Bath in the kitchen in the old every Saturday night, "Whether you needed it or not"
I need to be adopted by someone saturday night. No way am i attending a dinner party in my kitchen.
I'm coming to SH on Saturday so be your *** in the kitchen when a real *** pull up!
When's the draw? I'm guessing it'll be done live on Saturday Kitchen
This Saturday! Kick Pain in the KItchen with Author, Barbara Searles at Radiance in Lancaster
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
Christmas event on Saturday or Friday evening?
JOIN US! Saturday October 31st for our Boo Blast 11am-3pm. We will be having pumpkin and donut decorating + more...
The Saturday morning family breakfast at the kitchen table :)
I know but Saturday Kitchen is just a bit too twee!
Kitchen getting designed Saturday can't wait to get on with this house !
is Saturday kitchen up for it as well?
HoodZone gone have the kitchen wide open this Saturday at 3 fingers. Come thru watch the game eat drink and chill.
Fiji v Uruguay at 8:00 tonight, will be watching Uruguay closely in anticipation of Saturday. The kitchen is open till 9 for food.
The note Mrs. Chambers placed on her kitchen table before she left home Saturday was short and to the point -- like a message you might
Badeaux's Cajun Kitchen in Keysville with DJ Baddog Friday and Saturday nights...
Guys I have some really exciting news... I am starting to hold monthly tea clubs on Saturday…
Watching Champagne, wish I could cook like him. Then it's Saturday Kitchen from Saturday. So glad I'm ill & can't eat Not
Very excited for on Saturday! LWK will be leading two talks, revealing all the secrets of kitchen storage!
Join us on Saturday the 10th and enjoy the Free BBQ and enter the raffle for a possibility to win a Free Kitchen...
We open at 6:30 am Monday through Saturday- and our coffee is legendary. See you soon! @ Sunny Side…
Are you volunteering at The Soup Kitchen this Saturday? We want to see you!
LA MUSIC LOVERS: Join and band at Saturday, 10/10! Rock to "The Kitchen Sink" tunes!
celebrates the release of his new CD, "The Kitchen Sink" at in LA, Saturday, 10/10/15!
I will be feeding the homeless this Saturday (10/10) in downtown Macon (at Christ Church's kitchen), and I am...
it certainly is, 2pm Saturday in the kitchen garden🌱
Fresh produce from the market followed by and That's morning sorted w
So we had the cleanest kitchen on our floor, and since Saturday it is by far the worst.. Not my fault 👀
do you have a table for 2 this Saturday evening at 7.00 or 7.30 please
David will be playing a solo acoustic gig this Saturday night at in Glasgow's southside!
Remember when Porta 6 was described on Saturday Kitchen as the best red they'd had on the programme? Well, it's now just £6.66 a bottle!
I'll be at the door at my birthday party this Saturday with a razor to tear up any leggings i see. Its a party, not your mother's kitchen.
Idk what women Free *** .. I cook everyday there ain't leftovers except Saturday and my kitchen clean every night
Brit doesn't know but I peeped game on Saturday in the kitchen
Saturday night is Taco night..its Family time! We all gather in kitchen 2 prepare! Best time spent together!
Flame's stand at Mipcom features James Martin of Saturday Kitchen, Hairy Bikers, Lyndey's Christmas and many more
Me and him in the kitchen on Saturday..☺️✨
Spotted in the new DIY issue: Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen gig listing feat. next Saturday!
My mum complaining at the state of the flat kitchen on Saturday, mate that's the cleanest it's been😂
Currently our kitchen is only open Tuesday to Saturday. But due to the success and great feedback we've had since... ht…
I love your show but why are 90% of you shows not live, even though it's called Saturday Kitchen Live?!
CAREER FAIR | We'll be hosting a career fair for All Positions, this Thursday - Saturday (Oct. 8th -…
Wanted. Kitchen assistant this Saturday at bridge 67 cookery school at the bread course 10th oct. Please call or...
Pile of pulled pork nachos... Available at Splendid Kitchen at ... 5-10 Monday-Saturday
Fall Clean-up Day is this Saturday from 9-noon. We'll have coffee and donuts for you in the basement kitchen when you arrive.
Just cleaned the kitchen Saturday , & you want me to clean it again ? ITS ONLY BEEN 3 DAYS ! 😤😒
Here's our schedule for the week - note that The Rollin' Kitchen will also be rolling west to Austin on Saturday!...
It was so exciting to see wounded warriors getting creative in the kitchen this past Saturday right here at
I wish I didn't even go out Saturday. I should have stayed in and watched the paint dry in my kitchen
Saturday morning I woke up to Dutch in the fridge, breakfast burrito and the kitchen cleaned 😇
That time I busted into the Saturday Kitchen set cos I wanted to make jealous. She was. Terribly. X
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
We've got another kitchen pop-up from tomorrow until Saturday - Indonesian small plates from Angela Yon
Fun fact: at the end of Saturday Kitchen, if the audience has voted for food *** than the guest celeb ends up actually having to go to ***
Don't forget it's Oktoberfest this Saturday from 5pm - midnight at The Kitchen Club!! There will be a German...
PSA: junior class pictures at my house Saturday @ 5:30 text me/dm me for address
Have you had reports of two boys threatening a black man and his family with a kitchen knife at 1625 Saturday on the Metro?
The Kiwanis Club had a very successful day on Saturday collecting food for Kate's Kitchen. Our thanks go out to... htt…
I once baked splendid donuts live on Saturday Kitchen, but fluffed my lines terribly. Easy thing to do as James Martin
Watching this morning's Saturday Kitchen and find out that Suranne Jones will be in the new Brian Pern series! Woo hoo!
Hm, blanquette de beau from Michel Roux Jr on Saturday Kitchen best bites on the Beeb... One of my favourite dishes in the whole world.
well done & well deserved James, absolutely love Saturday Kitchen, also watch Brunch or tape it, well done, love Jayne xxx
you are on Saturday Kitchen. You never lost the Christmas weight or the Easter weight by the looks of it.
Watching right now on Saturday Kitchen best bites :)
Yay watching on Saturday Kitchen best bites!!
Keith Floyd on Saturday Kitchen. Forgot how barking and brilliant he was
Dion Dublin hosting Homes Under the Hammer!? What next? Saturday Kitchen with Phil Babb? John Bumstead's Cash in the Attic?
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Rick Stein (who I love) standing in for James Martin & he seems as nervous as a wotsit, bless him! — watching Saturday Kitchen
Giving up Saturday Kitchen to run a bed tae the cowp
Digi edition is live! featuring & more + return of the Saturday Kitchen comp...
Not liking John Torode on Saturday Kitchen best bits I'm afraid, bit too arrogant
Watching Saturday Kitchen Live today is a really depressing way to find out which chefs and C-List celebrities haven't found love.
Brian Turner is NOT a natural presenter. Awkward and stifled on Saturday Kitchen Live
Why is the chuckle brothers dad presenting Saturday kitchen this morning!?!
who has kidnapped - Saturday Kitchen just isn't the same
Only caught a glimpse mind but this guy presenting Saturday Kitchen is diabolical.
Brian Turner on Saturday Kitchen. No thats just wrong.
Brian Turner on Saturday kitchen. ...switches off
Where is James Martin ? Saturday kitchen not the same without him
and your on Saturday Kitchen VT today
Great to see 's 'Dad' on Brian is a great chef & a great host
Why does Martin Kemp look like Robbie Savage on Saturday Kitchen?
Wish would shut the *** up. I want to watch Martin Kemp on Saturday Kitchen Live.
Saturday kitchen without really isn't the same... Ruined valentines day morning!
Who's the random Northern bloke presenting Saturday Kitchen.
"I'm Brian Turner and welcome to Saturday Kitchen Live."
2nd week that James has been missing from Saturday morning kitchen . Something wrong I feel
My lovely cousin Anna Jones is on Saturday Kitchen Live! ❤️
James Martin isn't on Saturday Kitchen AGAIN😱 What is going on?!
I actually love watching Saturday kitchen, am such an old person lol
I don't watch Saturday Kitchen for pancakes ffs
OMG Brian Turner on Saturday Kitchen, bet a fried egg comes into it
Breakfast in bed and Saturday Kitchen Live 💕
Earl grey, Saturday kitchen and a paper on Shetland, lovely start to the weekend 😃
Saturday Kitchen Live is always good
hope they win it. Right, had enough of watching this match. Saturday Kitchen pls
My first 'How To Cook' post will come out later today! Get ready!!! X
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I've had to record Saturday Kitchen as I'm doing a solid and working for the other half on Valentine's Day. I want presents.
10:00 Saturday Kitchen: Brian Turner presents the live cooking show with chefs Gennaro Contaldo and Anna Jones.
Is it time for Saturday Kitchen yet?
Don't forget to check my zio on Saturday Kitchen this morning
Looking forward to seeing how Saturday kitchen should be. My two favourite chefs are in charge!
So (Anna Jones) will be on Saturday Kitchen this morning, I've just relaunched her lovely new website! -
Lewis loves the fact that Mam has a lie-in on a Saturday because it means he can go and steal biscuits from the kitchen cupboard
Perfect Valentine's morning, roses and on Saturday Kitchen Live, before our sushi making class!!
Watch me on Saturday Kitchen this morning where I will be promoting my new book on Slow Cooking
Aargh! No James M on Saturday Kitchen. What am I going to do for an hour and a half?
That moment you tune in for Saturday Kitchen and realise James Martin is on holiday…that
Am I watching England play cricket or Saturday Kitchen?
Watch Saturday kitchen on bbc one that will re calibrate you to Saturday mode!
The england cricket team are hungry to see saturday kitchen. NO wonder they are just giving up !
Isn't that every cook on saturday kitchen?
Business idea: Saturday Kitchen Takeaway. A takeaway restaurant from which you can order the food made that morning on
when are you back on Saturday Kitchen James?
Might be in time to watch saturday Kitchen
The only reason I get out of bed on a Saturday sometimes, is so I can watch Saturday kitchen.
Looking forward to Saturday Kitchen this morning with
FORGET VALENTINE'S DAY. It's SATURDAY. It's SATURDAY KITCHEN DAY. THAT, THAT is what is going to me an erection today.
Hi lovely people, don't forget to watch me live on Saturday kitchen tomorrow morning on BBC1 together…
Saturday kitchen can't come soon enough . ages since I had to watch BBC Breakfast - it is poor!
Yay Brian Turner on Saturday kitchen, old boys network at its best. Hope he mentions how many restaurants Jason Atherton has
Our Saturday soup kitchen in aahrafiyeh officially will be launched today at 12.30pm and will last till around...
why doesn't anyone on Saturday kitchen get it ?
Saturday's treat at Bunda's Kitchen.. (at Bayt Alsagoff) [pic] —
Getting out of bed, I shower, and put on my robe, it's Saturday, so I don't need to be at work. I make my way to the kitchen>
Ooh hello Saturday. We're dog sitting today, hope he doesn't eat my kitchen 🐶
Welcome to Saturday, Valentine's Day, the Day of Love. Today I shall be mostly attending an appointment to discuss a new kitchen.
ugh don't, i have been training new kitchen staff recently and as it is a Saturday I am sure something will go wrong!
It's Saturday...our kitchen is OPEN from 10am to 3pm and 6pm to 9pm...01295 711 025...
Sitting in my kitchen drinking tea,I've just realised it's SATURDAY! . There's not a single light on in any of the houses on the new estate.
Saturday Kitchen with the Spice Men, car crash telly at its equal best and worst.
Attempting the rabbit stifado from this mornings Saturday Kitchen, smelling good so far!
Mark Williams wow...Jesse's Diets to Saturday Kitchen what a leap!
Leamington chef was on Saturday Kitchen: Paul Foster from Mallory Court was a guest on BBC1's Saturday Kitchen...
Good to see Paul Foster repping Coventry on Saturday Kitchen. Can recognise that accent anywhere.
Good to see Paul Foster from Court, Leamington Spa on Saturday Kitchen
Saturday Kitchen's title sequence was definitely made in PowerPoint 1997
10:00 Saturday Kitchen: James Martin presents the cooking show with guest chefs Atul Kochhar and Paul Foster.
Coventry chef to appear on Saturday Kitchen this weekend: But how will Mallory Court’s Paul Foster fare in the…
Paul Foster, former head chef at Tuddenham Mill, will be appearing alongside James Martin on Saturday Kitchen...
Saturday Kitchen is really, really good, but it gets pretty busy at the stove top with a couple of people overlapping. Distracting
I love Gabby Logan and I love Saturday Kitchen Live.
Gabby Logan's desperate attempt to raise a feminist non-issue on Saturday Kitchen was painful.
Gabby Logan just mentioned you on Saturday Kitchen! "Worked on brilliant station Metro FM!"
Kiwi foodies look out for on Saturday Kitchen on the tomorrow morning. He'll be cooking up a storm.
Snuggled up Sunday morning watching Saturday Kitchen best bites with my boyfriend ❤️ literally the…
Come on Mr Martin - Luke Pasqualino please on Saturday Kitchen!x
Was watching Saturday Kitchen best bites & the lovely was eating meatballs.Not the hairy kind.But James Martin doesn't half talk
Help cant decide between watching The Bill or Floyd on Saturday Kitchen's Best Bites
Photoset: Louise Brealey @ Saturday Kitchen (25th October, 2014) (Thanks to secretsunion for the videos)
Here ya go. Part 1 of yesterday's Saturday Kitchen with Louise Brealey: (via Thanks.)
Having watched five minutes of both Saturday Kitchen and The Big Bang Theory this morning I now know the evil man is capable of.
There is something odd about Wendy from Southend on Saturday Kitchen this morning...
This morning is all about pjs, Saturday Kitchen, welshcake making and bouncing 😊
Good morning! Scream-Con guest Louise Brealey is on BBC One right now on 'Saturday Kitchen'.
Working on dissertation in bed watching Saturday Kitchen this morning because everything else feels like effort.
Would rather not be in a car garage on a Saturday morning. I'm missing Saturday Kitchen. And I'm hungry.
I'm on Saturday Kitchen this morning (me or cannae be sure).
Conversation with Keith Humphreys whilst watching Saturday Kitchen: (me) "Do you like venison?" (him) "Never had...
Doing some self-evaluating after realising ive already seen the Rick Stein segment on Saturday Kitchen before
Forget the omelette challenge: Exclusive recipes from Saturday Kitchen&James Martin
James Martin serves some odd food on Saturday Kitchen. I remember seeing Lorraine Pascale struggling with his Cucumber …
Rachel Khoo is on Saturday Kitchen now. So you know.
Richard Wilson is on Saturday Kitchen. I had to see it to believe it.
Watching Rick Stein on Saturday Kitchen's Best Bites, he is my idol.
Watching Rick Stein on Saturday Kitchen with a cup of coffee ☕
Phil's Kitchen on the Plaza will be open this weekend for for Women! Open Saturday from 7am to 4pm!
Well its finally time to tile the kitchen! Hardcore saturday that!
Saturday kitchen and now a bit of Nigella! Good start to the weekend :-)
Has the success of Saturday Kitchen led to a Pavlovian response by which people now see James Martin and assume they must have a hangover?
Up early for no reason means Blue Plate Kitchen for a Saturday morning family breakfast.
Saturday kitchen was good today the Mexican lasagne looked banging.
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Hmm sod the diet it got to be bacon sandwich o'clock. Kitchen extractor fan to max. Everyone else can benefit from the delicio…
Saturday Kitchen, what are you doing James putting the hole mussel in the pie did not work for us. Steaming them then adding to creamy sours maybe much better eating
Saturday Kitchen Live is another reason i don't want a man cooking for me! Ffs. Stay out the kitchen 😩
Saturday Kitchen has got in the way of revision AGAIN
i swear i'm having some serious prophecies over Saturday Kitchen
Listening to through TV, screen showing paused Saturday kitchen. Such disdain from man on left
Thank you Rhyds. I'm going to repeat it every time Saturday Kitchen do the omelette challenge...
. The things folks do for attention eh?. Jeez. I'm too busy watching Saturday Kitchen to care
"I'm not interested in cooking. I'm a crime journalist." This woman is making Saturday Kitchen so brilliant.
I will know I have reached the pinnacle of my career when I'm a guest on Saturday Kitchen Live
Singing a bit of Mumma Mia with my Mumma Mia in the kitchen on a Saturday. Sometimes I think I'll always be Chiquituta to her.
the pink was rose neyul. And i am only joking. You do get sweet or dry. Just all the stuff on saturday kitchen is ott
Love watching the omelette challenge on Saturday Kitchen
If you try and change the channel when my dad has Saturday Kitchen on... Good luck.
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