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Saroor Ijaz

Hamza Ali Abbasi Sana Bucha

Regarding investing on the Chinese chicks, Saroor Ijaz and Libidos are on the same page.
While China invests in Pakistan, Saroor Ijaz invests in high-maintenence Chinese chicks for his ultimate survival.
While the nation studies CPE-Corridor, Saroor Ijaz explores the strategic corridors of a pretty female on a roadside of diplomatic enclave.
3 out of 4 neighbors want to hit terror bases inside Pakistan. Saroor Ijaz can't improve upon strategic and foreign poli…
Hamza Ali Abbasi sacked from Aaj TV. Saroor Ijaz cannot improve on this.
Saroor Ijaz challenges Hamza Ali Abbasi to answer one question: Does he believe Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani was the last prop…
Waiting for Sara taseer to pull Saroor Ijaz so I can enjoy the PTI troll wagon's reaction
Saroor Ijaz is disowned son of Qasai. Qasai disowned him after Panama Papers. Btw he inherited my style.
Saroor Ijaz wants Basra Khan Haider, mother of Zahra Haider, to also write an article in Vice about her experiences ht…
Saroor ijaz does not have an account in Panama... Panama has an account with Saroor Ijaz - Very Posh Vigil
Saroor Ijaz's views are way too biased. He is more of a PMLN's Farhan Virk.
Saroor Ijaz has now refused to play golf with as the latter is of not equivalent financial notoriety, err, stature.
Saroor Ijaz does not know what is more troubling: The molestation of girls at PTI or the justifications given by PTI o…
Have you heard of this amazing account by Saroor Ijaz :P
We thrive on our addiction to scandals and confessions. Saroor Ijaz is, but, an exception.
The damning ambivalence of Saroor Ijaz is impossible for his detractors to reconcile with.
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Saroor Ijaz will not elaborate on crude, juvenile, second-hand determinist dialectic.
Attempts to troll Saroor Ijaz are pathetically laughable.
Tell the truth like Saroor Ijaz tells it.
Zahra will soon write a blog on Saroor Ijaz and dozens other on how people have no life of their own im Pakistan!
Pakistan has given Sadiq Khan to London, and London has given Altaf Hussain to Pakistan. Saroor Ijaz cannot improve upon this.
We need a political system where Saroor Ijaz can be a president.
The visible and invisible symmetries make Saroor Ijaz such an immaculate mystery.
Saroor Ijaz has become so stale like the stagnant water that attracts the dengue mosquitoes
That awkward moment when Saroor Ijaz is quoted selectively in BBC. The irony is unmistakable. . https:…
Everyone is connected to everyone else here, and it serves both as a mask and a conduit for Saroor Ijaz to tell the gr…
Looks like Team Saroor-Foff-already-Ijaz is back from hibernation to recycle their garbage.Impressionable advised to steer clear!
I fear Saroor Ijaz may be under the influence of a maulvi,he seems to need no other"influence".Blanc
If life was fair, Saroor Ijaz wouldn't bother to keep his real identity a secret.
Saroor Ijaz If life was fair, Dahi Bhalla would be our national dish. – MamNooN Hussain
Saroor Ijaz If life was fair, there would be no customs clearance for exceedingly pretty females. – Ayyan $ Ali
I life was fair, I would won at least one game of golf against Saroor Ijaz --
The man behind the mask, Saroor Ijaz is back!! -->
Saroor Ijaz classic. "For the last 20 years, we have been taken by surprise by monsoon flooding. The irony is unmistakable."
Before posting a picture of food, please remember Saroor Ijaz will judge you for the quality of the cutlery appearing in the picture.
Saroor Ijaz is jealous of JKTs wealth and private jet 😅
Saroor Ijaz s more posh & polished whereas Bhabhi s just the girl next door.
followers request saroor ijaz not to disappear again. This is unfair. .
after ISIS. . face the Biggest Threat to the "TROLLwitter" World... . SISI (Saroor Ijaz Inc.) 😍. Welcome Back Astaad Jee..
A thrilling game of Bridge expected between and Saroor Ijaz at Lahore Gymkhana this afternoon.
Saroor Ijaz s back frm hibernation & totally loaded since last 12 hours.
Saroor Ijaz, is now trending in Pakistan
Omg. . Did Saroor Ijaz just started following me ? . For the errr... second time ? :p
Saroor Ijaz was born for the great unknown.
please prove your identity of Saroor Ijaz
Baby Bhutto Zardari is feeling very discombobulated at the return of Saroor Ijaz
A uturn by Saroor Ijaz i just round the corner
Lol Saroor Ijaz, the best political troll.
Saroor Ijaz raised a good point, Toilet hussain is not worried about the content but the timing of IJT. Irony is unmistakable
Now MQM, PPP and Saroor Ijaz has changed their stance again .. Wat next?
"What doesn’t kill you comes back with something stronger to finish the job.” – Saroor Nietzsche Ijaz
The way things are going, i guess you will need to take an umpteenth U-TURN.. Saroor UTurn Ijaz Master!
A form of government where justice cannot be attained within constitutional bounds cannot be Democratic. - Saroor Jefferson Ijaz
Saroor Ijaz can get personal all he likes. Who is he anyway? Is he an opinion maker? No. Is he a troll? Yes!
I'm no mausami parinda that follows the current. If I have an opinion, I have an opinion. Saroor Ijaz is wrong & that's that!
Between Imran Khan and Saroor Ijaz, we all know who to follow. Don't you?
Saroor Ijaz account is maintained by a team of journalists including they always deny but they made blunders
Saroor Ijaz wonders why has not Kaptaan blamed Sharif Monarchs for his fall. A Gullu Butt pushed him off the crane
A well informed saroor ijaz finally got to know that PTI gatherings are concerts. Patwaris concluded that 2 years ago.
Saroor Clown Ijaz. He's not in his senses
Definitely a sign of the Apocalypse --> PTI trolls turning on Mub Lucman and Saroor Ijaz
Hamilton Collection
In Naya Pakistan, Saroor Ijaz will reveal his identity.
Breaking Bad news: Saroor Ijaz has got hold of exclusive tape of conversation between Zardari and Naraz Sharif
Saroor Ijaz asks for a Tim Horton's lemonade break. PTI supporters have bombarded his TL definitely. The heat is rising. Protest Vigil.
and Saroor Ijaz's request was honoured by the CM - Lahore High Court Judge will head the investigation... immediately
Team Pakistan Lost because Liqour is banned in pakistan (Saroor Ijaz)
Saroor Ijaz is an agent of Raw and Mosaad according to Zaid hamid :P“Million dollar Question !!! Who is !!!:)”
'China-Pakistan friendship 'sweeter than honey': Nawaz.' Saroor Ijaz has no doubt that Nawaz Sharif is writing his own spee…
Or else I will become that lame pro-PTI anal-yst like Hassan Nisar or Saroor Ijaz :D
Any resemblance of Saroor Ijaz with Jaqen H'ghar , V from Vendetta, John Galt (Shrugged ) and Harvey Spector (Suits) is purely coincidental.
Even Google Ads is inspired by Saroor Ijaz's eponymy to ET and matched its ad to ET's agenda
Saroor Ijaz could consider Real Estate or Youth portfolios, especially female empowerment for reasons not to be explained here.
Saroor Ijaz will work for exceedingly pretty females but will take females like Sana Bucha to task.
This column by Yasir Pirzada about and libidos states in Urdu what Saroor Ijaz said in English
Always for women emancipation, Saroor Ijaz will support Maryam Nawaz Sharif over Hamza Shahbaz. Progressive Vigil.
Saroor Ijaz is reminded of a "sex tape" of Pamela Anderson on a boat with TommyL. Any tape less than that will surely be a bummer.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Sharifs have at least started some projects like Metro. PPP has just named everything after Benazir and delivered nothing. Saroor Ijaz
Attack on Malala just days after Imran Khan's rally makes Saroor Ijaz wonder why was she not targeted earlier in last two years
Saroor Ijaz just took a Lahore-Khi fight. Captain said the turbulence plane experienced was due to Sana Bucha's presence.
Farahnaz Ispahani has confused Saroor Ijaz with My Lord Chief Justice, dare I say.
Saroor Ijaz remembers Irfan Pathan and Lakshmipathy Balaji coming to his LUMS campus several years ago. Balaji was hooted as Kalaji
The adversary of Saroor Ijaz is a monster of Biblical proportions, symbolising the final frontier in the battle between truth, falsehood
Saroor Ijaz just returned from Wagah border to ensure safe migration of hindus. Shouting 'Jai' Hind hoarse has made one thirsty for Shezan.
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