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Sarah Steelman

Sarah Steelman (born May 3, 1958) is an American politician from Missouri affiliated with the Republican Party, serving as State Treasurer from 2005 to 2009. She did not run for re-election as State Treasurer in 2008, having run for Governor, and was succeeded in office by Democrat Clint Zweifel on January 12, 2009. She was listed in a 2008 article in the New York Times as among seventeen women who may someday run for President of the United States.

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Missouri has a right to know who Greitens is INDEBTED or call it "beholdin' to"🤔😡
Even own senior staffer knows that hiding inaugural donors is wrong.
In 2002 said "The public has the right to know who is contributing to their public officials"
"We can & will achieve more opportunities for minority & women owned businesses in Missouri"
Sarah Steelman's son Sam gave her Stevenson book Just Mercy for Chistmas. "We all must be seekers of Justice."
how by cutting MU funding or RTW does MO get out of this box or trap?
& to think we could've had the great Sarah Steelman in the Senate instead of this buffoon Claire McCaskill.
Bush II refusal to endorse Trump shows he understands his policies failed
Upshot of this piece: Iran is a problem for India and KSA, not US
Trump's biggest economic blindspot: if your life has been focused on deals, you see the world as a zero-sum game. Overvalue…
veterans fight for our freedoms not for mandatory voting on the Presidential ticket
you insult every man and woman who has ever served US by stating not voting is an option
The choices are Trump, Clinton, or not voting for President.
Grateful for my wonderful mother on her birthday. You are one of the
Like it or not, it is now a binary choice: or No middle ground.
Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of this fallen SEAL hero.
You may not feel like you're having an impact, but you are. God places each of us in places to help one another. Be a blessi…
Everything about Washington is inconsistent, because they say one thing and...
.'You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something sometime in your life." -Churchill. ht…
Foreign policy disaster_also_ lies in not being involved in foreign affairs. Can't just pull out of the world.
"Attorneys general" - get it right. But you're right on abuse of power.
After Death, the Wonderful World Moves On- Lovely story about true love
The Climate Police Escalate -these attorney generals should be prosecuted for abuse of power! Outrageous and scary!
Conversation with mother at 8:00 am on Saturday.
"Venezuela introduces two-day week to deal with energy crisis" They could ditch the nonsense
We taxpayers pay so the students don't have to, because we don't like living in a country full of stupid people.
Wake up call: there's no such thing as "tuition-free" community college when taxpayers are footing the bill!
We need a REAL plan from the White House to defeat Sending troops a little at a time is not a plan.
To make a difference .. You just have to Care
Symbol of love and brotherhood in just one picture which says a million things.🇺🇸❤️
Happy birthday to Piper Palin! From all of us at Mama Grizzly Radio!!!
Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.
only need look at Greece to see madness of your thinking on trade
this central point of Keynes at BW trade must not result in imbalances
no it would result in No trade deficits or surpluses
market is pricing in election of HRC destruction of GOP 😎
balance the Fed Budget next month and see what happens when there is 1/2
apparently at Penn you never learned meaning of an accounting identity
imports or exports define the gains of US citizens
don't favor shutting down trade US should adopt policies assure surplus
imports are not a threat. State/country boundaries do not define gains
Excellent article! Rubio's time will begin when angry baby boomers pass
.nails it-- Florida is the death of optimism, not Marco Rubio
True humility is staying teachable, regardless of how much you already know
but them both together and you will see GOP is run by people
2/? saw you thought Taleb was right to demand
1/? saw you liked Michael Lind on the barnacles who have taken over GOP
GOP tax cuts assure neither in lowest income parts of Missouri
join me in demanding Greitens immediately return this $1million
An upbeat and optimistic message from a worthy contender. Thank you
Lind says your views are barnacles on whale of populism
if GOP plan to have a convention pick a nominee isn't Lenin and Stalin on steroids what is?
at least we know God gives us a beautiful world to enjoy everyday if we take time to notice!Gratitude
Maybe it's a sign of good things to come.
Magnificent Magnolia blooming in Missouri on Election Day. Smells delightful!
Every day, President Obama and Senator McCaskill are making it harder for w...
as per article if software is eating Missouri how should state respond
if structural how does Missouri fix what appears to be very deep problems 1/2 specifically
discussed that in macro today. Fall out from 2008- 2012 unemployment
The disruption from major economic shifts can be large, & we are seeing the political effects
no BS, do you agree with these observations or not?
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Wonder if there will ever again be a GOP political event safe for children
my first time at an opera house will be bolting for West Butler County shortly
in Ozark, Howell, and Oregon county we have only rocks, no clay or soil
destruction of UW system has to be finest moment of GOP
We shall meanly lose or nobly save the last hope of Earth.
GOP mental model of how to create jobs is broken
Beautifully said Industry, Ingenuity, Intelligence, and Courage of the Individual! 🇺🇸
Presidents don't attend ex-First Ladies funerals, the current First Lady does. That's the tradition.
I want out of our White House like now.
‘Join the Rest of the World’: Catholic Group Calls for US to Finally Recognize IS Slaying of Christians as Genocide https…
Wilson worked for Sarah Steelman who ran for US Senate in 2012 and lost the primary to Todd Akin
Excellent commentary from Sarah Steelman and Tamara Colbert NOW on
... Influenced by decision to run for governor. But still...
→ Stick It Former Army quarterback Trent Steelman hoping to stick with Ravens after long 332 West…
A MUST LISTEN! Donald Trump, Tamara Colbert, and Sarah Steelman join me on
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.Rove has pinned Todd Akin to Tea Party when Sarah Steelman was Palin's choice, not Akin. fails to correct Rove.
Sarah Steelman talks about Obama press secretary Jay Carney's take on the declaration by Iran’s president that “world powers have surrendered to the great nation of Iran
Rachel Campos-Duffy stops by The Palin Radio Update with Kevin Scholla is the national spokesperson for The LIBRE Initiative and the wife of Congressman Sean Duffy. She was on hand when Sarah Palin visited Wisconsin during the Good Tidings and Great Joy book tour; the stop where the books sold out. Also, the latest on "wordsmiths" Martin Bashir and Cher. Plus, Commonwealth Commonsense with Susan Stimpson and the latest segment of Steel Resolve, our weekly commentary with Sarah Steelman." More information about The LIBRE initiative can be found here:
Sarah Steelman says George Zimmerman Trayvon Martin case about bad judgement not race.
via Sarah Steelman speaks out on the George Zimmerman-Trayvon Martin case
Sarah Steelman calls for a new tax system! Tune in to Steel Resolve only on The Palin Update with Kevin Scholla!
Karl Rove wants you to think and Sarah Palin picked Todd Akin; WRONG, Palin campaigned 4 Sarah Steelman:
For those who haven't heard yet and want the quick answer to whom our Republican Nominee is to replace Jo Ann Emerson, it went down exactly as predicted. Jo Ann Emerson's pick along with establishment Republican "leadership" in the district went to Jason Smith. Meet the new boss the same as the old boss folks. The bad news is, that if Smith wins, barring any major scandal or contentious vote he could very likely be our Representative for the next 30-40 years unless he moves further up the Washington food chain to take a more prestigious position as he has done here forsaking the position he was just elected to for this greater opportunity. There will now have to be another election to replace Jason Smith as the representative for district 150 for our Missouri legislature potentially leaving our veto proof majority in jeopardy . For those that would like a summary of what occurred I found it rather convenient that Sarah Steelman apparently dropped out last night or possibly the night before. See was not no ...
The Carter County Republican Central Committee met last night in Van Buren. 9 of the potential nominees were in attendance and spoke for 5 minutes each. Bob Parker sent his regrets due to weather. In attendance were Wendell Bailey, Peter Kinder, Lloyd Smith, Sarah Steelman, Clint Tracy, John Tyrrell, Jason Smith, Todd Richarson and Jason Crowell. Major kudo's go out to Tom and Gail Cox of Carter County for putting together such fantastic meeting. There were over 50 in attendence.
Dana Loesch ticks me off. She doesn't like Sarah Steelman and supported Todd Akin .
Another 8th Dist. forum at Ava The Douglas County Republican Committee will meet at 7 p.m. Tuesday at the Ava Victory Academy, 1005 NW 12th Ave. In a press release to The Quill today county committeeman Dave Fleagle said the event is free and open to the public and the purpose is to meet with potential candidates to replace Eighth District Congresswoman Jo Ann Emerson. So far, Fleagle said, nine candidates have confirmed they will be attending. They include Jeffery Ward, John Tyrell, Jason Crowell, Bob Parker, Sarah Steelman, Clint Tracy, Wendell Bailey, Pedro Sotelo and Lloyd Smith. Three other candidates have expressed interest in attending, as their schedule allows: Peter Kinder, Todd Richardson and Wayne Wallingford. County committee chairman Ross McElvain said in a phone interview with The Quill that the candidates will be asked seven questions and be given an opportunity to answer briefly and offer explanations for their stances on the issues.
Handel tells Kevin how Susan G. Komen for the Cure was held hostage by Planned Parenthood. In her book Planned Bullyhood, Handel masterfully outlines Planned Parenthood's strategy to cloak themselves in the pink, while having little regard for the fight against breast cancer.
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Pro-Life warrior Karen Handel joins on The Palin Update! Plus commentary from
Remember when Ed Martin tried to cover up a sexual harassment lawsuit with tax-payer $$? I do. Thankful for then.
Sarah Steelman's campaign announcement touts her filibuster of taxpayer funding for the stadium:
well Lauren, Casey, Sarah, & I are being punished for tardys. I'm just the only one who has been called out so far.
Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder (D) and Sarah Steelman (R) will officially run for the open House seat in
Steel Resolve with Sarah Steelman: Guest commentator, Martha Zoller comes out swinging
If this special comes down to vs it'll be like a battle of the Also-Ran Titans.
Watching an empty Senate floor on C-SPAN, I can't help but think that Sarah Steelman would have made a kick *** Senator from Missouri.
As a compromise between John Brunner (the mainstream candidate) and Sarah Steelman, who may have been crazier than Akin.
We are forever grateful to Alice, The Mad Hatter, and the March Hare :) "Some credit for the passage of the Affordable Care Act goes to the Tea Party. Harry Reid would likely have lost his majority — and his seat — in 2010 if the Tea Party hadn’t successfully knocked out top-tier challengers in Delaware, Colorado and Nevada and replaced them with more extreme conservatives. Senate Republicans would have been much likelier to retake the Senate if Richard Lugar and Sarah Steelman were running rather than Richard Mourdock and Todd Akin. But it’s not just that the Tea Party has been instrumental in helping Senate Democrats hold the majority necessary to protect the Affordable Care Act. It was the primary challenge against the late Senator Arlen Specter that pushed the Pennsylvanian to switch parties, thus providing Democrats with the crucial 60th vote needed to break the Republican filibuster and pass health reform."
Sarah Steelman was enthusiastically endorsed for the Missouri Senate seat by Sarah Palin. Unfortunately for everyone she lost-with the assistance of McCaskill- to Akin who turned out to be a disaster, and who lost what should have been a landslide win for the GOP. Steelman is hugely loyal to Palin as can be heard in her broadcast and her points are indisputable. Quote: The only Senate seat the GOP picked up was the Palin endorsed Deb Fischer's successful run in Nebraska" "Maybe the Republican Party should listen to Sarah Palin instead of stiff-arming her" “ IN FACT, HOW’S THAT ( PAILIN BLOCKED ) CONVENTION WORK’IN OUT FOR YA MR. ROMNEY?”
Did anyone know that Claire McCaskill's campaign gave Todd Akin's campaign money to help him beat Sarah Steelman, just because McCaskill thinks beating Akin is easier than beating Steelman? Why is this legal but it's illegal to pay a fighter to take a dive? It's essentially the same.
One thing I've noticed about Republicans is that they consistently make worse choices in their primary elections. Why would they put biologically illiterate Todd Akin on the ballot over Sarah Steelman. Or magic underwear brandishing, flip-flopping Mitt Romney over fiscally responsible Ron Paul? Democrats consistently make better choices in the primaries and we only have ourselves to blame. We need to stop letting the extreme religious right have the run of our party. People need to stop listening to their pastor in the voting booth and learn to listen to sound reason!
I try to learn something at work everyday. Today, I learned where all the money came from for those TV ads supporting Congressman Joe Walsh (R-IL) and attacking his Democratic opponent Tammy Duckworth. The ads have been on broadcast and cable for weeks. More than $800,000 worth. They were paid for by an organization called Now or Never PAC. The PAC is out of Missouri. That got me curious. A Missouri PAC interested in an Illinois congressional race? Turns out a group of Missouri businessmen donated to Now or Never PAC...and mostly what it did was try to get state treasurer Sarah Steelman nominated to run for US Senate against Show-Me State Democrat Claire McCaskill. Steelman, in a tough three-way contest, finished third. That was in August. So, in September how did Walsh suddenly become this PAC's favorite member of Congress?...AND the only candidate it was supporting? I called. I e-mailed. Asked donors and the spokesman of Now or Never PAC to tell me about the organization and why it liked Joe Walsh so mu ...
Listen to and on The Palin Update with first
A wake up call from Why Dave Matthews may have good advice ahead of Romney-Obama debate!
Before the debate hear Steel Resolve featuring Sarah Steelman! Hear how Dave Matthews brings things into perspective!
Lots of fun talking to Plus is here & commentary from
My interview with on Also Steel Resolve!!! Commentary from
A big weekend at SarahNET Radio! Breaking It Down With Bristol Episode 4! Sarah Steelman debuts her commentary! Plus another great guest!
"I am very excited to join Kevin Scholla on SarahNET Radio with a weekly commentary about politics from the perspective of a recovering politician!" -Sarah Steelman
The more the better! Sarah Steelman joins the SarahNET Radio team!
(via SarahNet) Sarah Steelman to do weekly feature with Kevin Scholla on SarahNET Radio’s ‘The Pa...
Wow! Sarah Steelman to give weekly commentary on The Palin Update w/ Kevin Scholla on SarahNET Radio!
Excited to join on The Palin Update for a weekly commentary!
Weekly commentary from Sarah Steelman coming to
* Sarah Steelman to deliver weekly SarahNET Radio commentary w/
Just think, what if this party had names like, Sarah Palin, Jim Demint, Ted Cruz, Sarah Steelman, John Culberson, Allen West, etc. There wouldn't be a republican party.
wouldn't have said what Akin said, yeah she misspeaks BUT NOTHING like the craziness that came from Akin.
worst possible way to have put it, but I agree with him that abortion should not be allowed even in cases of rape.
too bad trailer park barbie doesn't know can't run a write in campaign, according to MO law
Steelman for The conservative we need.
Two key state polls of U.S. Senate races released today by Rasmussen Reports show that, aside from the issue concerning Todd Akin and the Missouri Senate race,
Worried after your Mouth piece Palin called for 3rd party write-in. Will give election for McCaskill. YOU lost call off dogs
I support wholeheartedly. Retire. Work from behind the scenes. Let Sarah Steelman or Brunner beat claire
U shouldn't have urged to stay in the race. He's toxic. We need He will ruin everything!! Get him out. Got 2 GO
And, voters didn't want Steelman. Now, "for the good of the party", Sarah and others SHOULD fight to get Akin elected. Logical?
dude, let Sarah Steelman or John Brunner take it from here...
I'll send in $$ for u to enter as an independent. Let's GO. Come on everybody. Support
Subject: Make Sarah Steelman a write-in, just like Lisa Murkowski who won in Alaska. Together Missouri can do it!
Todd Akin held a press conference to say--again--he's not dropping out of the Missouri Senate race. Not sure why one would hold a press conference to say what he's already said (SMH). However, is it any different than people calling on him--again--to drop out when he's said he's not going to? His rape comment was idiotic, but what now? Since he refuses to get out, when will the party accept it and rally around him--or will Sarah Steelman run 3rd party?
should run as a write-in against and McCaskill. I'd donate to SS in a heartbeat. Akin's a loathsome pariah.
This makes me sick as is a true reformer who would have been good for America!
The only shot had was if had done the right thing and stepped aside The GOP could have appointed her
Unfortunately MO sore loser laws keep the best candidate: from running Period
Update your maps at Navteq
Run Sarah Run!! We need our patriots now more than ever. From every corner of the USA we will support you.
I live in NJ. If you run as a write-in with GOP support against that traitor, I'll happily donate.
Worried about politics but it's first Friday Night Lights! Excited to watch Michael and Rolla BullDogs v Lebanon. Go
Akin has either been bribed by Dems to stay in race or bribed by Establishment GOP Elite to get out.
Quick reminder, Sarah Steelman finished THIRD in the MO Primary.out of three.
can't run third party but GOP committee can nominate her according to state election laws.
Libs saying Todd Akin was the MO Tea Party candidate are either lying through their teeth or don't know the facts. was
Given latest MO poll results, it's time for Akin to step aside so that you can win the 51st Senate vote. Please!!
Akin makes me achin'! Romney now aches with latest MO poll. Time for to step in. Who's with me?
Today, on account of I "hate women" so very much, I'm nominating for He is an eyebrow thief!
Pls do honorable thing & let Sarah Steelman take your place! Your decision could determine fate of Roe -
The chick should have been nominated!!! Todd Akin needs to withdraw his Missouri GOP US Senate nomination & Sarah Steelman needs to take his place!!! Akin was the worst one they could have nominated & his stupied remark about rape ONLY goes to show that!
pushing Sarah Steelman, for a possible 3rd run if Todd Akin doesn't...
Could pull a Lisa Murkowsky in Missouri for US senate to beat out Claire & Akin?
They're worried Akin will drop out. McCaskill polls best against Akin. Gets thrashed when polled against sarah steelman.
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Don't give money to Akin! Don't money to Akin! You only encouraging him to stay in and give the senate seat to a 100% pro-abortion Senator who was the chief champion of Obamacare. We have a great candidate in Sarah Steelman who can come and easily win the seat. Steelman is the real thing. Akin is a big government guy who voted for TARP, the Drug entitlement, the big farm subsidies. He is bead with the corrupt special interests and is empty suit puppet of them.
sorry but akin is on his own. No one will give him money he can't win, you admit.
I will gladly send your campaign a donation if you set up a write in campaign! Please consider, its hard but not impossible
actually McCaskill is begging AKIN to stay in the race.
(cont) I'm sure McCaskill is begging to 'run' (so conserv vote is DIVIDED)
Thank you Todd Akin for bringing down the Republican Party with you. Akin trails Claire McCaskill by 10 points following his rape comments. That’s a 20 point drop in one month.Rasmussen reported:
is right. is the best candidate possible to defeat Claire McCaskill. I wish the MOGOP would realize it.
interesting considering that Sarah Steelman campaigned against the Ryan plan in the primary. Guess she won't be replacing Akin...
So it's come to this now has it? Todd Akin on the Star Wars Death Star.
(cont) that would definitely kill political career FOREVER! Agree
Jim Talent though, going to be on Romney's transition team, and Sarah Steelman asking him to step aside She just lost 2 him
has McCaskill up by 10pts,,do the right thing
your going to need more than hundreds you lost an 11pt lead now down 10. U.S.Senate
Sarah Steelman and Billy Long didn't want you to see this video. They quickly removed it from YouTube once word spread about just how stupid both these polit...
We are looking for other WOMEN OF STEEL. This is very important! Sarah Steelman Ann Stafford
With a background in engineering and a love of America’s founding principles, Todd Akin is a rarity in the political world. Todd’s humility and unswerving devotion to God and country shine clearly. He
Sarah Palin didn't back Todd Akin in the three-way Missouri Republican Senate primary, throwing her weight behind Sarah Steelman instead. And now that Akin's all alone after deciding to stay in the race despite the urgings of most of the GOP establishment, Palin says it's time for a new candidate. V...
I hear tell that Akin is considering ending his campaign against McCaskill - I hope he does. Get the real conservative in there - Sarah Steelman!
This site is a grassroots effort and not affiliated in any way with Mrs. Steelman or her campaign.
is absolutely thinking that Sarah Steelman in Missouri Steelman for U.S. Senate should run as a 3rd party candidate on the general election ballot in November. Further, I think that Missouri along with all other states who allow open primary's which to me is totally ubsurd should strongly reconsider this option and make your state a closed Primary
Byron Keelin Let me start this by saying what Congressman Todd Akin was totally stupid. This is what happens when a politician tries to nuance their position to make it seam more palitable to the mainstream. They end up saying something stupid. Everyone who knows Congressman Akin, from Ashcroft, Bond, Talent and Danforth, all know what Todd said was dumb. What I find interesting is they are racing so fast to throw Todd under the bus but yet in 1992 when Attorney Bill Webster was knowingly commiting fraud with stealing from the Second Injury Fund, they supported him without reservation. What did we get, we got 8 years of Mel Carnahan and an Attorney General that went to prison for two years and tarnished the reputation of many good up and coming elected leaders. The question for Missouri voters is this, if Todd Akin does remove himself from the ticket, who do you think the "Establishment" will choose to replace him? Will it be Sarah Steelman, who lacks any ability to articulate conservative positions? Will ...
Wondering how long till Sarah Steelman announces that she's in the run for the Missouri US Senate as a third-party write in candidate?
As I said yesterday, Todd Akin's comments were offensive and wrong and he should very seriously consider what course would be in the best interest of our country. Today, his fellow Missourians urged him to step aside, and I think he should accept their counsel and exit the Senate race.
The Constitution Party of Missouri should draft Sarah Steelman as their U.S. Senate candidate!
This is one time when everyone needs to vote to put Sarah Steelman on a third party ticket!!
Todd Aiken needs to know when to step down. Sarah Palin is endorsing Sarah Steelman. Could be a third party if Aiken does not step down. Missouri is an important state for us to win. We need to defeat Claire McCaskill and Todd Aiken staying in will lose it for us. Please send him an email and urge him to step down. For the good of the country and it's citizens! He needs to step down!
Palin will back third party in Missouri if Sarah Steelman runs for Senate seat. Akin step down now.
Today I listened to Beck, Rush, Levin and Hannity and I was unmoved on my position on Todd Akin. However, I just watched Sarah Palin on Greta Van Susteren and I am now in the corner of Sarah Steelman to run third party against both McCaskill and Akin. She could be the first true candidate of the Tea Party Party! I like this!! This could work. It might seem as if I am flip flopping but it is just that I have been moved to see an alternative that I had not previously thought of. *** I love Sarah Palin!
Sarah's right again! The establishment will not admit it, but Sarah Steelman needs to get into the Senate race in MO -- and Akin and McCaskill need to be ousted!
As far as Todd Akin goes (and it seems he goes pretty far) he has precious little support and lost his funding. How does he think he can stay in? At this point let's get Sarah Steelman to run as an Independent, then switch back to Republican after she wins.
Todd Akin is a moron. He should have pulled out of the race and let Sarah Steelman run for Senate instead.
Please, Mr. Akin quit your campaign now. After your outrageous comments you can not possibly win. MO. is a key state in the Senate race to take back our government. Bring on Sarah Steelman and a reminder to all Mo. voters that Claire must go. She has been a key architect in running this country into so much debt. Just remember what you see is what you get. Do you want another four years of this?
It is tempting to unfriend any Republican who continues to support Todd Akin for the US Senate ! This guy is as dumb as Joe Biden. He should get out now before he costs the GOP a winnable Senate seat and maybe Romney- Ryan the state of MO. I support Sarah Steelman write-in if this creep doesn't get out !
Is there anyone in MO with a brain? We have a simple solution Sarah Steelman announces that she is running for the Senate before 5:00 PM. as an independent and the GOP then endorses her. Cornym sends the money to her and Crossroads endorses her as well as the Tea Party. NRSC can give their money and endorsements to anyone. They do not have to be the Republican candidate.
Republican Todd Akin insists he won’t withdraw from Missouri’s Senate race despite pressure from his own party following his remarks on rape.
"When Akin drops out, Sarah Steelman should be the choice. She is clearly the best candidate and she would blow out McCaskill in November." -Kevin Scholla, host of The Palin Update
If Akin steps aside as GOP candidate sarah steelman should get the nod. The GOP should not pick anyone else. She came in second, that is the american way
Daily Borg Monday...Missouri's Todd Akin says something really ignorant and now wants to behave like a Democrat and pull a "Biden." That Senate seat is too important to allow it to be lost over Akin's ego. He must step aside in favor of Sarah Steelman by 5 PM tomorrow or his name will remain on the ballot no matter what.
I sadly voted for Todd Aiken for Congress twice from my district in West St. Louis County. I wish I could withdraw those votes. He just won the Republican Primary for Senate from Missouri. Then he makes a bone-head, demeaning, *** statement about women not being able to get pregnant after being raped. My God, I know now why I'm a Libertarian. Morons; he needs to withdraw from the election immediately and let Sarah Steelman, who came in second in the Primary take over as the candidate.
If the GOP needs a replacement for the '12 Missouri U.S. Senate race, then Sarah Steelman should be the replacement! What's the problem?
Surprise guest at briefing |Ask him about his college transcripts.— Moe Lane (August 20, 2012
Way to go Missouri Repubs! Should have chose Sarah Steelman Future Way to go to CT Repubs Should have chose P. Schiff
A brief 38-second portion of an interview with Republican Missouri U.S. Senate hopeful Rep. Todd Akin posted on left-wing PAC American Bridge’s YouTube site Sunday created a firestorm. In the
Kudos to Romney and other leading Republicans who unconditionally condemned Akin's comments about rape and abortion. I'm a staunch pro-lifer, but rape is an entirely different story; especially to minimize such brutality by touting pregnancy rates of such cases. We are not Democrats and must always hold ourselves accountable: mistakes or not. Word on the street is he will step down from the Missouri Senate race tomorrow. This should pave the way for party leaders to replace him with the more conservative Sarah Steelman, who Palin campaigned for during the primary. Furthermore, I think having a woman replace him could help alleviate some of the concerns of female voters.
Well what about the Missouri Senate Race - looks like the MOGOP did it again. Just curious as to what happened to the "don't support candidates in the primary" thing. *** Morris told us of indications that Sarah Steelman could win - but the MOGOP threw her under the bus and nominated a total *** it would appear.
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We completely reject our US Rep Todd Akin (MO-2nd dist) and demand that he resign & withdraw from our US Senate race immediately so we can run SARAH STEELMAN to defeat Claire McCaskill in Missouri! Akin's comments & views do not reflect our true Missouri conservative, vision, values or views. End of discussion.
Former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin came to Cass County Friday to attend an event on behalf of Missouri Senate candidate Sarah Steelman...
Palin did a speech for Sarah Steelman's campaign in her sexist Super-Girl outfit and yall mad.LMAO Glenn Robinson been known tho
Congratulations to Todd Akin on his win. And thank you, Sarah Steelman, for running an inspiring grassroots campaign. Sarah can take pride in being the underdog and mounting an uphill race; she faced the challenge of Beltway insiders and being outspent and underfunded, but she did not waver and her internal compass always pointed clearly in the direction of Constitutional principles. It’s an honor to stand by Sarah and her vision for Missouri and the rest of this exceptional nation. I’ll continue to support those with such a compass, regardless of the Beltway political pundits’ predictions in any race. Now, it’s time for everyone to come together and focus on electing a new Senator from the Show Me State. Winning this Missouri Senate race is a crucial step in reclaiming the leadership of the U.S. Senate and giving our next President a wise Congress to work with. Together we can do this. On to November! - Sarah Palin
Governor Sarah Palin recently endorsed Sarah Steelman for U.S. Senate in Missouri’s primary which was held yesterday. Even though Steelman was not successful in her bid, Palin posted the foll...
The Tea Party claimed another victory last night, this time in Missouri for the chance
Tea Party-backed Rep. Akin wins Missouri GOP Senate primary to take on McCaskill Posted by National Director, Dee on August 8, 2012 at 4:30am in Election 2012 Send Message View Discussions . JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Rep. Todd Akin, who played up his Tea Party credentials and conservative appeal, broke out from a three-way Missouri Republican primary on Tuesday to earn the right to take on Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill, setting up one of the most closely watched Senate races of 2012. Akin won a contest defined by which candidate was the most conservative. In doing so, he beat out Sarah Palin's candidate of choice, former state treasurer Sarah Steelman, and John Brunner, a businessman who poured more than $7.5 million of his own money into the race. In Michigan, meanwhile, Republicans selected former Rep. Pete Hoekstra to oppose Democratic Sen. Debbie Stabenow in November. Democratic Rep. John Conyers staved off a primary challenge in a slightly redrawn district to advance to November's election, when ...
Incumbent Democratic US Senator Claire McCaskill is on the campaign trail today, hours after finding out her opponent in the November General Election will be Congressman Todd Akin. Akin defeated Sarah Steelman and John Brunner on Tuesday in the Republican Primary.
Despite, or possibly because of Sarah Palin’s endorsement, Missouri teabagger Sarah Steelman came in third (or, as Sarah calls it: second place
The choice is clear nationally too.
I noticed your ad to support Sarah Steelman in MO you said Hi, I am Governor Sarah Palin. If i remember right you quit
What about those races contested in more than one county? The results are in. Among the highlights: Lake Ozark FPD bond issue passes and lake area voters narrowly chose Todd Akin as GOP senate nominee over Sarah Steelman.
looks like Sarah Steelman won't be protecting our tax dollars like a mamma all the hunters are going to steal them. Crap.
U.S. Rep. Todd Akin of Wildwood is holding a strong lead in the battle of conservatives for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate as more than half of the state's precincts have reported.
Right now I am extremely worried about my family and friends living in Missouri. With Sarah Steelman losing, who is going to protect you like a mama grizzly protects her cubs?!?!?!?!?!?!
Congratulations to Sarah Steelman for running a hard fought campaign. You are a true patriot and we are proud of you!
Attention Missourians:I am getting word that Sarah Steelman has conceded!
Sarah Steelman died in St. Louis County, just 16% of the vote there. If she got 20% instead, she'd probably be ahead.
U.S. Senate Candidate Sarah Steelman has arrived at Alex's Pizza in Rolla for her watch party.
1/3 vote in on US Senate Race. Sarah Steelman and Akin dead even. Brunner lagging behind and spent 9 million of his own money
Senate Republican Primary is going to be a total squeaker. May the biggest nut-job win (Sarah Steelman).
We're now up to 31% counted and Rep. Todd Akin's lead in the Missouri US Senate GOP primary is holding. It's 35-30-29 Akin-Sarah Steelman-John Brunner. Brunner spent $8 million of his own money, and he might finish third.
a fox 4 reporter is at Alex's in Rolla for Sarah Steelman's campaign. I don't care about the politics of the thing - but it is awesome that Alex's Pizza was just on the news I was watching. LOL
I'm so thankful I don't have to hear anymore about how Sarah Steelman will be like, "a mama bear defending her cubs" if she's voted into office. " I read somewhere that their periods attract bears. Bears can smell the menstration"-Anchorman
still waiting for US Senate Candidate Sarah Steelman to arrive at the watch party. She is currently 2nd in the polls.
Today is Missouri Primary Election Day! Why, as a New Yorker, am I so interested in this particular election? Missouri is like a second home to me, as I spend so much time there. I spent the beginning of this summer in Missouri knocking doors, hammering yard signs, and going to campaign events with ...
For those of you across the state line in Missouri, vote for Sarah Steelman today! She can put up a great fight against the tax avoiding Claire McCaskill. Liberals always tell you how to live, but they are off limits. Don't believe me? Google McCaskill and aircraft. She happened to "forget" to pay her personal property taxes on her private aircraft! Same with Turbo Tax Timmy Gietner if you want more liberals in power. Do as I say, not as I do, is their motto.
Here's a great commentary on why Sarah is the strongest candidate for U.S. Senate against Claire McCaskill, released yesterday by *** Morris, an author and national conservative political commentator. For undecided votesr, please take a moment to click on the link and hear why Sarah is the best candidate to take on McCaskill and fight for us in the U.S. Senate! Please share!
Sarah Palin Encourages "Show Me State" Voters to Get Out the Vote for Sarah Steelman via
She'll reimburse the government after POLITICO asks about her use of public money for flights.
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Happy State Primary Day! I'm mostly excited the Sarah Steelman ads Palin made her way into will end after today.
It's decision time for wealthy businessman John Brunner, Rep. and former state treasurer Sarah Steelman...
Dear Friend:For over a year, I’ve traveled across Missouri meeting with families, small business owners, farmers and ranchers, seniors, veterans, and countless others to listen to which issues concern them.What Missourians told me is that they are concerned about the economy and Washington, D.C.’s u...
The Tea Party Express is proud to endorse the following candidates in 2012.
Friends: Please get out and vote for Sarah Steelman today! A vote for Sarah is a vote for a balanced budget, lower taxes & less government spending!
Sara Palin endorsing Sarah Steelman and equating Steelman's protection of tax payer's money to "a momma bear protecting her cubs". Seriously. Palin just needs to die her hair blonde and be done with it!! LOL
I am voting today for Sarah Steelman for U.S. Senate from Missouri..
Conservatives have what could reasonably be considered as a hit-or-miss relationship with *** Morris. Sometimes we really, really agree with him. And sometimes we don’t.
Dear Missouri friends, please, please, please, vote for Sarah Steelman today on this election day! If I were a Missouri resident, I would vote for Sarah Steelman! :)
When Sarah Palin said she wanted to protect "the sanctity of life" at the rally for Sarah Steelman last week, I knew she was referring to abortion. But after the shooting Sunday, I ask this question: Wouldn't better gun control laws ALSO protect the sanctity of life? Just how much firepower do you need to shoot quail, pheasants or even a deer? My dad was a hunter. He didn't need an assault rifle or 600 rounds of ammunition.
Who would vote for Sarah Steelman? I will never for someone with a plastic face.
Agreed ... the status quo has got to go! That's why you shouldn't vote for Sarah Steelman, the definition of a career politician.
August 6th 2012   Having worked in the financial sector throughout my entire professional career, I am writing to you today because I believe we have reached a critical point in shaping our free market economy for years to come.  A year ago, almost to the day, we saw the result of poor financial p...
John Brunner is trying to buy the US Senate seat by spending nearly 8 million dollars of his own money. Sarah Steelman is from Mid Missouri and will care about us. Brunner is a St. Louis multi millionaire. Who will he care about?
Sssso tired of political stuff on tv. The status quo has got to go. Isn't she PART of the status quo (referring to the sarah steelman ad) ? And it doesn't help that Sarah Palin is SPEAKING in the ad. reminds me of fingernails on a chalkboard. uuuggghh   10% Off
Riding a four-endorsement winning streak in Republican Senate primaries this year, the Former Alaska Governor swept into a blueberry patch outside Kansas City this weekend looking to apply her Midas touch to the latest fortunate recipient. This time it’s Sarah Steelman,
I stand with Sarah Steelman, remember to vote
Mary Beth Malen and Drew Malen and Lori Waits Hendrick what do you guys think about Sarah Steelman, the lady running for US Senate to defeat Claire McCaskle?
Tomorrow, please cast your vote for Sarah Steelman, a proven Constitutional Conservative who has the backbone to fight for Missouri in Washington D.C.!
Sarah Steelman is smart. She’s fun and she’s pretty. And Sarah knows politics. She knows what she believes, and she knows the direction her party needs to be heading. Put this beautiful woman in a setting where she is passionately describing her political beliefs, and, well, it’s a much differe...
“These days, many in a lot of GOP primaries, they’re running on that platform [of strong conservatism] … they want you to believe that they perhaps have a record of conservative values, conservative effort. But we have a candidate that actually has that solid, impeccable record.”
Sarah Steelman would probably be a Senator if she: A) had run a decade earlier, or B) lived across the river in IL. Today, MO is too crazy.
Quickie endorsements: Ken Wilson for House District 12, Luann Ridgeway for Eastern Commissioner, Paul Vescovo for Sheriff, Michael Till for Clay County Auditor, Jesse Leimkuehler for Clay County Treasurer and Sarah Steelman for U.S. Senate! (And 3 of them are Smithville residents!)
Conservatives for Palin offer hope for Sarah Steelman campaign:
Via a press release about the Steelman Surge Barbecue and Picnic held yesterday near Kansas City, MO, Sarah Steelman's campaign shared the impact that Governor Palin's endorsement has had (emphasis added):
Governor Palin was in Missouri yesterday campaigning for Sarah Steelman, candidate for U.S. Senate. Here's the video retrieved from SarahNET with this note:
Steelman rally a huge success! Governor Sarah Palin and Sarah Steelman serve BBQ to those on hand! VOTE STEELMAN on Tuesday!!!
If I see this Sarah Palin supporting Sarah Steelman ad one more time I'm likely to become a Maverick and Kick in my Television . I personally feel like Freddy Kruger is running his nails across chalkboard when palin Speaks and I've gotta be loosing brain cells every time that commercial airs.and Really who in their right mind uses the Word Maverick ( unless ur referencing Tom Cruis in Top Gun ) in the Words of Charlie Sheen Duh Winning.
Sarah and Todd Palin at event with Sarah Steelman!
Sarah Palin’s “momma grizzly” TV add in support of Missouri Republican Senate candidate Sarah Steelman is working well to boost Rep. Todd Akins’s numbers in the polls. Too bad Steelman is running against Akins in the primary race. Remember; Tuesday is primary election day in Missouri.
Thursday's guest is Sarah Steelman, former state treasurer in Missouri & candidate for U.S. Senate, on her recently unveiled "Contract with Missouri," the significance of Ted Cruz's primary victory in Texas, and her upcoming Republican primary. Listen weekdays LIVE and FREE 10am to noon ET on
Our friend Tony Lee at reports that Gov. Sarah Palin is the star of a new television ad for U.S. Senate candidate Sarah Steelman in Missouri. The ad will air across the Show Me state starting today: Steelman told
Latest Polls have YAL PAC endorsed candidate John Brunner besting establishment candidate Sarah Steelman in the Republican Senate Primary in Missouri by six points. We're on a roll here in the liberty movement!
Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin stars in a new television ad for Missouri Senate candidate Sarah Steelman. The ad began to run statewide on Monday and can be seen below.
Charlie asks "should political candidates know what minimum wage is? Russ Carnahan Lacy Clay,Todd Akin John Brunner&Sarah Steelman did not.
Palin ALL in for cutting 1-minute robo. Gonna be a fun finish.
via Gov. Palin Stars in New TV Spot for Sarah Steelman in MO (Video)
This is who we need in Congress. Please read this message from our sponsor, Sarah Steelman for Senate. Sarah Steelman - U.S. Senate 2012 Dear Conservative, Sarah SteelmanHillary Rosen. The House Democrats. And the Wisconsin Democrats. What do they have in common? They've all recently attacked women while accusing Republicans of a supposed "War on Women." I've had it with with their hypocrisy. And I need your help. My name is Sarah Steelman, I'm a conservative candidate for United States Senate, and I am the Democrats' worst nightmare--a conservative woman unafraid to take the fight to Barack Obama, Harry Reid and the liberal Democrats in Washington. The entire "War on Women" schtick has absolutely reeked of hypocrisy from the beginning, and the media has been totally complicit in pushing it. The fact is, it's Democrats who have been pursuing a "War on Women", not the GOP. Hillary Rosen ripped into Ann Romney saying she'd never worked a day her life--all because she was a stay at home mother. Wisconsin Dem ...
Sarah keeping campaign focus on need for fiscal discipline. See our latest release and ad:
is touring SEMO Port as paid Democratic Party worker follows along.
Waiting for at the SEMO Port in Scott City.
Sarah Steelman, conservative candidate for U.S. Senate in Missouri: via
Happy Birthday Hope you have a chance to celebrate with your family on your BDay!
Drought is hurting farmers badly. Dried up corn on the river bottom Perry Cty.
In electing commonsense conservative woman, to the Show Me state will show Washington how to get things done!
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I'm a big fan but was endorsed by so I'm sure he's good too.
This editorial states "has damaged herself from holding public office." Verdict: True
The verdict is in: says ad calling "dishonest" is accurate
The verdict is in: says ad attacking is misleading & full of half-truths
Brunner attacks on Todd are despicable.
Love Sarah Steelman! Would you consider helping this wonderful Republican women?
. must hear footsteps. This ad flight leaves be:
and for her GIFT this year we going to replace her with
In a GOP version of gender politics, some prominent Republican politicians and women’s groups have endorsed Sarah...
.is ready to fight for our freedom. Here's her agenda for first 60 days in the Senate
Hope you can be in this Sunday for the townhall with Barbara Fairchild, Ann Stafford and Sarah Steelman.
“SARAH STEELMAN FOR U.S. SENATE” Reason enough to not vote for her.
“People shouldn’t be forced to join a Union” - Just the other day a longshoreman tried to give me healthcare at knifepoint
Oooh just saw attack ad. Why do GOP females all have the thousand yard stare?
has voted 4 tort reform bills more than 15 times. She supports loser pays! Tired of false claims!
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Join Ann Stafford & I this Sunday for a Townhall with …
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