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Atlanta Public Schools is a school district based in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. APS is run by the Atlanta Board of Education with interim superintendent Erroll Davis.

Lucy Adams

Translating Norway's Love of Literature: Sarah Smith in conversation with Don Bartlett
I would like to thank the host and hostess with the mostessChristina Pellegrino and Obed Pellegrino, and thier roomies, Isaac, Elijah, and Arianna, for the great time that they showed Sarah Smith and my self in D.C. Very special. Love you all..
Sarah Kaufman and Leslie Smith will meet each other for a 2nd time tonight and check out their 1st fight (Video)
Sarah Kaufman hopes for quick win over Leslie Smith at "TUF: Nations" Finale, slot on UFC 174 in Vancouver
the beautiful, intelligent, and fiesty Sarah Jane Smith. Truly and terribly missed. …
Working til 9:30. Thinking Liquid Lounge afterwards to listen to the wonderful Sarah Smith. Who's with me?
Can't beleve we booked a test drive in the new Porsche Macan at the launch event with Porsche Sutton Coldfield Sarah Smith sat there and waited for nearly half an for nobody even acknowledged she was there so walked out of the door, quite rightly so ! nett result Porsche Sutton Coldfield can kiss goodbye to a £50k + order!!!
Congratulations to Sarah Smith aka Panama for receiving the Dean's Service Award, which is presented to five outstanding senior students whose service to the community demonstrates leadership in academics, service, co-curricular involvement and/or campus employment. We are BEYOND proud of you Pan!!! This an extremely special award in the CNU community. You are a selfless individual who has made this program and this university better and we are glad all your efforts have been recognized!!!
Sarah Smith playing this Friday at The Windjammer in Burlington great night out peeps you don't wanna this one
Have you ever had a reading done by a Psychic Medium? Have you heard my music live? Now's your chance to experience BOTH in an evening intended to inspire and uplift. VISIONS AND VOICES. w. Medium, Tania Thomas and Musician Sarah Smith. May 4th - CANMORE, AB May 5th - YORKTON, SK May 6th - SASKATOON, SK
Omg Sarah Smith and Jamil Alli we are definitely going to try this!
This is my daddy for sure. :) Brenda Bridges Sarah Smith Hannah Hembree-Snow Shellie Watson Christina Hembree
16th April - a big day! Both boys have got into their 1st choice schools, hurrah! Ian gets to play football on a special pitch, hurrah! I will be able to vote for Sarah Smith this evening, hurrah! It's my delivery day and I'm still pregnant. ***
It might not be tour birthday but Happy Sarah Smith Day :) ha, ha naughty David!! xx
I would love some carrots and ranch right now to bad Sarah Smith dont love me enough to go get the carrots
Ok, if you're producing the hidden camera TV show that Sarah Smith and I are being filmed for right now at Starbucks, we're on to you. It's over. Come out and reveal yourself. Your little injured puppy text prank was good, but the 77-year-old woman you've sent in here wearing a Disney princess tiara is too much. Her drunk husband needs to work on his inside voice...but I guess you knew that. Well, it's seriously not appropriate to joke about organ donation with your five-year-old grandchild, so I hope you edit that part out, you monsters. C'mon, we're just two tired parents trying to enjoy some coffee without our kids trying to dip their hands in it.
Before and After of Kayla Wood! Group effort by me, Sarah Smith and Jamaunia Frank! Good work team!
Ok, Sarah Smith and I are at Starbucks right now enjoying a little evening break. And the girl at the next table over has an interesting notification sound whenever she gets a new text message. It's the sound of a puppy whimpering. Now, before you go "awww, that's precious", you need to know that this girl has received no fewer than 500 texts since she we arrived. I like puppies. And I like text messages. But I don't like sad puppies telling me that I've received new text messages. Why haven't we moved, you ask? Because we have really comfy chairs and an outlet for our laptops. There's music playing in this Starbucks and it's pretty loud, but I still hear the puppies. I tried putting in earbuds and listening to my own music, but I still hear the puppies. They're in my head now. It's really sad. Puppies haven't cried this much since before Michael Vick went to prison.
Corner of Pond and Auburn St. Sarah Smith Emery (1787-1879) in Reminiscences of a nonagenarian, "Back of the Pond stood a collection of low, unpainted huts. This village was styled 'Guinea.' Here were the homes of the colored population, of which there was quite a number. These were mostly descendants of servants formerly held as slaves in our first households. Many considering themselves as still connected with the old master’s family, in any emergency always looked to it for advice, care and consideration." Old Guinea Bridge, torn down in 1981. African Americans lived along Auburn Street that connected to Low Street. The bridge over Low Street was completed for the railroad in 1840. As tradition asserts, the little village and bridge was known as Guinea, the namesake of some of the African Americans' ancestral homeland of Western Africa and the country of Guinea. Other black Newburyporters lived throughout the town. Peter Romily, a restaurant owner, and Civil War veteran George C. Gray, a cook and cof ...
Forgot to say THANK YOU to Sarah Smith Montgomery for her HELP with the Logistics of the Treat Bags !
Anyone know what the *** is going on on Wieuca Rd near Sarah Smith? Anyone planning to use that road - Avoid it!
Aw think a wee walk to lochgelly is on the cards tomorrow.cuppa with Elyse Tarot Reader then back home, hospital again in afternoon xxx catch up on Thursday Sarah Smith & Kirsty Paterson if yous want. Xx
Sarah Smith is a beautiful queen :0
Sarah Smith i remember when you did this pmsl
Apologizing to my wife, sorry Mrs. Sarah Smith Smart, I know I've been pretty rough around the edges last couple of days.miss my moms and I know you do too.bad couple days and you don't deserve it.I love you with my all
Happy birthday to the best middle sister a brother could ask for. Hope you have a very special day Sarah Smith
To my beautiful daughters, April Tinnes, Jessica Guymon, Jaimee Gordon, Michele Hadley-Johnson, Sarah Smith and Maui Johnston-Hadley love very much and miss you all have a great week
I miss working with you guys Sarah Smith Leslie-Ann Brock :( you should so pick up a second shift sometime!!♡:)
Wel. zumba didn't kill me like I thought it would. Lol Thanks Sarah Smith!!
I'm never worming a cat ever again Sarah Smith
Kimberley Meyer/Special to the Standard-Times Sarah Smith holds her son, Elijah, while he splashes in the water Sunday afternoon. The Smiths came out to Kirby Park to enjoy the ninth annual Picnic in the Park sponsored by the Children’s Advocacy Center of Tom Green County. The event offered a variet...
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Thank you aunt Sarah Smith and uncle Vinny Smith.enjoying the admirals game!
Sarah Smith all a can hear is desperate house wives blastin so a mite aswell get up and have me lay in the mora now xxx
Well Barb Whitney and I are pretty exhausted so it's bed time. Before I sign off on the day - want to thank all that came out and supported the "Hockey For The Homeless" event today - and contributed to the success that Barb worked so hard and tirelessly on these past few weeks for this event of her's. I'm so proud of her for what she accomplished for all her hard work. To the bands that came out and rocked Jim Bob Rays today: Dave's NOT HERE (Doug Ryan, Eugene Francois, Dave Moo Molyneux & Christopher John Miller),NoBones (Dan Braatz, Warren Cinquina & Co.), Sarah Smith, Ken Ross & Archie Gamble, Doug Varty with Rainer Wiechmann & Dale Penney. - you all were amazing and I'm SO *** PROUD to have you as my friends, you are amazing for what you did today and your talent is a gift to all of us. To Ian Hebert for doing sound today - thanks so much Son :), John Bellone for saving the day when all the Bender audio cables went MIA and he came through HUGE for me on a dime, to all the support help we got from so ...
Alter Ego is filled with stars. Sarah Smith. *** is on the book thing. Stinch in the book thing. Tory's hair. WOW. STARS.
S/O to my girl Sarah Smith on the big decision 👌💜
The winners of our children's colouring competition are: Sarah Smith, Harley Richardson and Ellie Waring! If you...
Nothing to beat irn bru - ice cream drink m with Sarah Smith x
Osborne ignored invitation from Vince Cable's wife: Sarah Smith, the wife of the Business Secretary, invited the...
Cathleen Biron, Crystal L. Smith, Linda Lee Edwards, Lisa Johnson, Ann Werden, Sarah Smith, Lindsay Johnson, Rebecca Kemp, Isabelle Smith, Carolyn Sue Haselton,and Meredith Piletz McAllister I think I got everyone but let's remember that I am blonde and getting older so the memory isn't all that great so anyone I may have forgotten I am sorry but all my friends know who you are
club presidents Sarah Smith and Catie Cambria rocking the runway
It is now 3:17pm, and I have drawn our three ticket winners from the very long list of entries - thank you all for your support!! And, the winners are.drumroll please. Sarah Smith, Marie Catherine Crosby Goodman, and Mark Armstrong!! I will message each of you with contact info to arrange for pick up of your tickets. Congrats - and be sure to stop by and say hi at the show!
One of the things I love most about Columbia Theological Seminary is how whenever you're here you run into great friends and colleagues. The last two weeks have been a real blessing as I've spent time with some amazing people: Lucy Strong, Sarah Helwig, Rachael Banzhoff Knoll, David Bartlett, George W. Stroup, Kim Long, Beth Johnson, Martha Moore-Keish, Steve Hayner, Sarah Smith, Phil Brown, Kara Timbers Brown, Peter Hobbie, Stephen Speakman, Luke Ellis, Rachel Reiff Ellis, Sarah Flynn Erickson, Scott Hagan, Kate Brearley Buckley, Rebekah Abel Lamar, Patrick Laney, Ben Acton, Ashley-Anne Masters, and a whole bunch of other great people!
Now it's time for our girls bball to bring home the state title 😏
Blackman is in the nation in 2 sports!
you'll need a black guy so I'll do it with ya too
Sarah Smith Rhoda Sue Smith Lou Nanny in case you know someone who's looking for a puppy
Sarah Smith’s first home run of the season is a 3-run shot; puts Baylor up 3-0 over UNLV headed to bottom of third
That girl in the corner of the screen though! 😏😊
"We could stand like this forever!" . We rocked it tonight Out of the 105…
FYI, Blackman is number one in the nation in two sports. We're kind of a big deal.
do it fit the vine Sarah Watson, Samie Smith
WE THE BEST SQUAD IN THE NATION! When you put us up against any other squad, that's the results you're gonna get!
ToddlerCalm A Guide for Calmer Toddlers and Happier Parents By (author) Sarah Ockwell Smith -...
Happy Birthday Sarah Smith Have a great birthday, don't forget to save me some cake x
“Good for you. Oh, good for you, Sarah Jane Smith.
Willow Smith is 13 and has a tongue ring, half her head shaved and is bisexual. She needs to go live with her Aunty and …
Me: she said Blake smith Sarah: I know a chase smith. Me*looks at her for 30 minutes Sarah: what? Me: me too my ex boyfriend. Sarah: oh ya
On God Blackman in everything lol even cheerleading
Our girls basketball team is number 1 now our cheerleader 😎
Blackman has two teams ranked in the nation, what other school can say that? ... I'll wait
The first ever gold medal in slopestyle belongs to
Liz Plumb : Sarah, are you a petite? Sarah Smith : cha right, I'm not petite I'm a woman! Me: thigh's a petite.
Congratulations to our own MeMe Jackson who committed to Tennessee today.
Rutherford County is the best sports county in the nation. If we had one big high school, we would be unbeatable in every…
Congratulations to my cousin Sarah Smith on her engagement today! I am so excited for you! It seems…
This is our beautiful granddaughter Sarah Smith with Justin Williams. So happy for them. She said YES
Heading off to hear 'George' with Roger, Hannah Smith, and Sarah Smith!
Great night with All Day Falling Julie Weller and an unexpected friend with Sarah Smith. X
Solid & exciting performance from Blackman HS!
Sarah Smith this is going to be Monroe
Sky Ferreira and Zachary Cole Smith! the quote behind you expresses how I feel towards you :)
Feeling tired & pensive. Thanks for a good evening Andy Smith & Sarah Smith... Xxx
Sometimes the best relationships have NO title ...
I hate when I rush to get ready bc a mf is like "oh I'll b there in a minute" & have me waiting for an hour, hour in a half…
Had a great day out with the kids and Sarah Smith, brain Brian Smith .
Ben McKenzie has signed on to play Detective Gordon in Fox's prequel
Who wants to see this little baby go to a sanctuary instead of becoming food?. Tell them!
"Fearfulness is an indictment against our God", by Judah Smith.
go back and tell him we actually do during STUNT competitions
I miss my best friend Sarah Smith it's nights like this when she's here un she shud listen to me un get a pub up north love u smith :) x
Really want my spooning buddies tonight 😞
I've lost all faith in the next generation. 😑👎
Also tonight I'm having another game of "Pop Ping Pong" & this weeks opponent is Sarah Smith of
A new girl. Orgazmo. Boobs. They all happen in this shocking episode of Life Goes On, NOT based off of an episode by Julian Smith. Starring: Sarah Smith, Nic...
Thanks Craig Bell & Jeannette Smith for my Neknomination i now nominate Andrew O'Leary, Stacey Haggath & Sarah Smith - you have 24hours ... Good luck
Headed to Nashville to see two dear friends K.K Fox and Sarah Smith Slack!! Thankful for my sweet husband Houston Smelcer for watching the girls so I could go!
Today we are celebrating my baby girl's 13th birthday. Her awesome present that Micheal Smith and I are getting her is her first cell phone. And because I feel uneasy about giving a teenager a phone, we decided to write a contract for it. (I pride myself on my professional writing if you can't tell) Tell me what you think, moms and dads. Haley's Cell Phone Contract By signing and entering into this binding contract with your parents, Michael and Sarah Smith, you will now and henceforth agree to follow the rules and stipulations therein without exception. Set rules are as follows: 1) All passwords must be set up in front of and then written down and given to ALL parents. 2) The device can be seized at any time for a review of all data/pictures/texts with or with out warning. There will be nowhere to run, and if content deemed distasteful, no where to hide. 3) Absolutely NO photos w/ skimpy, low cut, or otherwise inappropriate, lack of and/or no clothing 4) No cursing, which includes abbreviated cursing ...
Made it home safely. It to see almost everyone I wanted to see. Sad I missed Lelah Scott and Sarah Smith. Also wanted to see Vanessa Corrine and Mikaela Thompson. Next trip for sure.
Channel 4 journalist Sarah Smith has already been accused of bias ahead of anchoring the BBC's Scottish referendum coverage.
My I nominate Sarah Smith and Susan Godbold and seen as it's Sunday tomorrow you can have until Monday afternoon to do your bit :)
Time to get my bum out of bed and get ready, looking forward to some lunch later with Sarah Smith, Chris Chapman and Kym :)
Someone tell Kaitlin Hawkins to look at what I posted on her wall. Sarah Smith Roberta Smith Aidan Dorothy Creason Jamie Hall
Out with Randy David Olesen-Mallaley and Sarah Smith, let's see what trouble we can cause together Tehehe :)
Brilliant! Have a lot of time for Sarah Smith & Lucy Adams. Both great reporters and who knows maybe they'd hold Kenny to account
Looking forward to Sarah Smith and Lucy Adams show starting on BBC. Finally something good to watch at 22:30 on a weeknight.
Interview:Sarah Smith, Laura Bicker, Lucy Adams, Colletta Smith- are you, or have you ever been a member of the SNP? ans. NO: welcome to BBC
Sarah Smith & Lucy Adams have always shown balance in the past. Certainly, standard has been raised. TIME
So the night ended introducing Sarah Smith et al to Just Dance 4. . *** alcohol had a lot to answer for.
Thanks to everyone who came to Spanky's Daiquiris Sherwood It was a blast Thanks Mike Miller for stopping by & thanks to Sarah Smith for having me See y'all next month!!
Ok ladies, soccer was cancelled tonight so I was able to get your totals together. You helped Amanda earn 4 FREE items!! And its not too late to book a party of you own!! If you need your items shipped you will need to add the $4.00 shipping fee to your total and let me know in a message. For those of you that are local I will be meeting in Shreve on Thursday @ Scheck's at 7:00 PM or in Millersburg on Friday @ the Life Center from 5:00-5:15. Please let me know where you will be meeting me. Dawn Miller Speegle $16.01 Kim McIntire $21.35 Stacey Bittinger $10.68 Jamie Cline Holt $5.34 Anna Bartrum $37.36 Sara Snyder $5.34 Kathy Corona $5.34 Sarah Smith Sheely $5.34 Kelly Hood Grayshock $5.34 Jennifer Pittman King $10.68 Pat Bittinger $26.69 Sharon Sampsel $5.34 Thanks again ladies!!
One year ago today we showed 'The Light that Shines' by the incredible Hailey Bartholomew on creativeLIVE. I screamed when it hit 5000 views that day, and lost count after about 600,000 Jill Brzezinski-Conley you wanted to change at least One Woman's life. Well you sure changed mine. Thank you always Nikki Closser Sally Sargood Jamie Stephenson Sarah smith Rowe Timson
Well Sarah Smith can't wait to tap the new Samuel Adams Cold Snap so she's running a $3 pint special on the Sam Winter all day today. Stop in and help her kill the keg!
Next time you're in the Engineering and Technology Building, look up and see where a CST major can take you! Our new banners showcase the success stories of... Eric Fisher (Mechanical Engineering Technology major; Offensive Tackle, The Kansas City Chiefs), ShaRhonda Dennis (Chemistry major; Drug Analyst, Georgia Bureau of Investigation), Neil Saha (Physics major; Project Engineer, Pontiac Coil Inc), Sarah Smith (Earth Science major; Research Scientist, National Aeronautics and Space Administration - NASA), Ken Robertson (Computer Science & Geography major; Global Analytics Manager, Detroit Urban Science) and Michael Estime (Meteorology major; Morning & Noon Meteorologist, ABC 36). Do you know someone who is a CST success story? Tell us!
Clarksburg- Sarah Smith, a senior at Liberty High School pursues one of her many interests as Fiona in Shrek the Musical. Sarah’s interests include singing, acting, drawing, painting, writing, babysitting, photography, studying voice at Fairmont State University and singing in her church’s choi...
The winner is SARAH SMITH with number 236. Congratulations Sarah you have won an overnight stay in Galway for 2 people on a date of your choice. Please private message our page to claim your prize.Thank you to all that entered and stay in touch for a SPECIAL TREAT coming soon.
Well...I can finally announce it: at tomorrow night's London Knights game at Bud Gardens, myself and the wonderful Sarah Smith will be the featured entertainment during intermission. Look for us to make a unique on-ice appearance and rock out with some fun tunes!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRYAN! Today, January 3rd, we celebrate the 34th birthday of Bryan Ezra Tsumoru Clay (January 3, 1980); an African-Asian American decathlete. He was the 2008 Summer Olympic champion for the decathlon and was also World champion in 2005. Clay was born in Austin, Texas and raised in Hawaii. He is Afro-Asian. His mother, Michele Ishimoto, was a Japanese immigrant to America. His father, Greg Clay, was African-American. His parents divorced when he was in elementary school and he was raised primarily by his mother. Clay has a younger brother, Nikolas, who was also a standout athlete on the Azusa Pacific University track team. On March 23, 2013 Clay was inducted into the Azusa Pacific Hall of Fame in Track and Field. He graduated from James B. Castle High School (Kaneohe, Hawaii) in 1998. Clay is married to Sarah Smith. They have a son, Jacob (born 2005), and two daughters, Katherine (Kate) (born 2007) and Elizabeth (Ellie) (born 2010). Clay believes that a balance of mental, physical, and emot ...
Hello everyone! It’s Lori Earley. I want to wish you all a very happy holiday and a great new year! Here’s a news update: As most of you probably already know, I announced a while ago that without much warning, I was unfortunately forced to take a hiatus and shut down my studio to get multiple surgeries due to my rare Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. After my announcement, I received hundreds of thoughtful, inspiring and supportive emails. Although I was not able to respond the emails under the circumstance at the time, words cannot express just how much I appreciated them. The support, loyalty, love and understanding from you all really helped me get through the difficult time and I even printed out and taped some of the letters to my wall to inspire me to get through the toughest of days, so thank you so very much! I am currently done with my surgeries and I’ll admit it’s been a very long, tough road, but I am very determined to get back to my art and life and have been working really hard every day t .. ...
Sarah Smith you the tea party oh my
with the amazing Sarah Smith and big bro SAJ @ ocean springs
Congratulations to all our winners! Carli Alley and Jennifer Williams won the free cruise! Andrea Wiggins and Sarah Smith won the $500 gift-card! Amber Griffin and Jessica Allen won the $2,000 gift card! Thank y'all all for all your participation, and we hope everyone had as much fun as we did! Be sure to stop by before 2:00 today for more anniversary giveaways!
Sarah Smith remember this omgsh we used to fight over who gets to play first
Can't wait to go to Findlay this weekend to see my Sarah Smith. I love and miss her. Yay. Now if I can't stop itching to go to sleep.
Great win on senior night 1-0 vs Granville! Thank you to our seniors, Sarah Smith and Sara Krivicich for 4 great years of Hartley hockey!
Urban Legend Smith Sisters This is a story about the Smith sisters who were murdered anonymously while they slept in their bedroom. Its an urban legend about a boy named John Smith who was very fond of scary emails and pop-ups. Every day, he would find new ones and post them to everyone he knew. He even started making some himself and sending them to strangers. He loved to scare people on the Net. John lived in Plainfield, Wisconsin. One day in November 2007, he opened up his Inbox and found a message that appeared to be from two young girls. They called themselves the Smith Sisters and told him they were his older sisters, which confused him because he was an only child. They said years ago, they had lived in his house. He replied, saying he didnt have any sisters and told them to get lost and leave him alone. The next day, he received a chilling message with some photo attachments. The first photo was of two young girls. The caption on it said “Smith Sisters murdered anonymously“. The girls said in ...
After practices and competitions yes
Hey there people of the US of A!!! Is anyone free around late jan / early feb 2014 in the LA area who can tell me things to do / hang out with me FOR MY 21ST?? :) Heather Diversi Sarah Smith Hunter Swerdfeger Anna Enger Brice Stettler Jenn Soroka Emily Miller Lexie Athanas Sorry anyone I forgot!!
Couldn't be prouder of our ENA Award nominees Billie Sue Brown, Trinity Honse, Sarah Smith, Pat Norris Rinehart, and Andrew McClure. And of all my Brookside crew, Search peeps, and ER friends across the city... What a great group of people to call my friends, my co-workers and my second family.. Happy Emergency Nurses Day! Xoxo
WO *** Just scored George Strait tickets! Cannot wait - thank you Sarah Smith Weston for the tip!
New Post: Oh the churches you'll go- guest post from Sarah Smith
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Hunter Schneider and Sarah Smith are the most wonderful people in the whole wide world!
I know I work a lot and I don't get to spend a whole lot of time with you guys but I hope you know your always in my thoughts and I love you lots. Jackie Dow and Sarah Smith
So, My tire blew out today on the way to practice.. So glad we have such an amazing community. My teammates stopped to check on me and gave me a ride to practice, but there's more.. First, Jeff Jeff McReynolds called my Mom to ask if I was okay and offered to fix it for me, then Sarah Smith came and took my tire off and then last but not least two of the most important men in my life, Lane Williams and my Daddy, finished it! So thankful for everyone that helped and offered to help!! Thank you!!
If I believed in reincarnation I would come back as a MAN! All I'm gonna say! Can you relate Sarah Smith???
Nearly 3 years later & Sarah Smith and I still standing strong on the promo... ♥ aced two out of four tests in the last two weeks...did ok on the third...and im just hoping to have pulled off a similar grade on the last was so much for thinking i understand everything...but luckily got a little starbucks break with my favorite "little sister" Sarah was nice to just sit and chat and then go browse the rider gear...
Are you on the bus with Sarah smith
why do i have a Taylor swift song stuck in my head
Hey everyone! This is Campus Ambassador, Sarah Smith. Here at NC State with Hannah Davis for an exciting presentation this evening!
Notice in Tennesee managers office - This is not Burger King. You don't get it your way. It's my way or you don't get the *** thing at all. (Sarah Smith)
other than people who can't freaking guide, i got my Makoto shirt in and my clarinets back from the shop :D
Girl all you wear is leggings and a belly shirt, quit runnin your mouth and buy a different outfit ***
Can we just take a moment and be thankful that the flashing lights in my review as I ran a stop sign were NOT for me! 🙏🙌
I can barely keep up with my own life. The Kardashians are out of the question.
I'm working at a school today called "Sarah Smith Primary." Ironic.
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Through distance and time I'll be waiting 🎵
Can someone please tell me what I'm supposed to do with my life?!
FaceTiming Katie. Katie: *running around everywhere. Me: what are you doing?... Katie: I'm looking for the tape. If you see it let me know. 😂
Great dinner with and (missed you Sarah Smith!). Love catching up with great colleagues/friends.
it's actually la not le I get those two mixed up. 😐
learning French so i can be cool with Sarah
WHY AM I ALWAYS OTHER SARAH just kidding i hate my name though
So I could have sworn one of you ended your Sarah with an a? 😳
gurl I thought you were learning german
on another note i can't make it to sectionals Thursday 😅
I don't know, but this made me laugh 😂😂😂
Sarah Smith scores for the Cats to make it Yorktown 2 Cental 1 with 8 minutes left.
I cannot get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. I can assure you my sleep deprivation has affected my sobriety level.
New book: Chasing Shakespeares by Sarah Smith. Had it forever, finally gonna read it.
Ha! Kidding its the southern belle miss Sarah Smith!😋
Got kids? Do they get along? Please help out Sarah Smith Hamaker.
if you like new music, check out my friend Sarah Smith! Youtube Shine Bright. I think you might like it. :)
Danni's package finally came! I'm too excited to contain myself right now! 😭
sound like the struggle is real for Sarah Smith, y'all.
Huntsville Continues to Help Sarah Smith and Family: Support continues to pour in for a Huntsville teen and he...
It's not too late to sign up your club or organization for the 2013 Student Activities Fair! Contact Sarah Smith (scs6p) for more info!
Anxious to hear from Eric and girls again. Tomorrow ( tonight for us) is last day of safari, then leigh and carly begin their travel home. Eric and Sarah Smith go on to Mambasa , I think to beach it.
XCOM: Enemy Unknown was a fantastic game! And it becomes an even more amazing experience when you customise and name the soldiers after people you know! Watch your friends and family take on the alien invaders, move up the ranks, and some sadly are lost to the war. The crew that saved the world: Col. Jesse Morrissey 'Ferret' - Support / Psi Col. Steven McQuilkin 'Totey' - Heavy Weapons Col. Jared Morehu 'Falcon' - Sniper / Psi Col. Chris Bell 'Tofu' - Support Col. Nathan Burnham 'Omega' - Sniper Maj. Trevor J Jones 'Johannes' - Heavy / Psi And a moment for those that gave their lives to defend the people of earth. Col. Natalie Smith 'Lexi' - Assault Cpt. Kel McWilliam 'Krogan' - Assault Cpl. Melissa McQuilkin - Sniper Other troops who aided in the war effort: Cpt. Sarah Smith 'Doomsday' - Sniper Cpl. Jackie Morris - Heavy Weapons Sq. Phil Scamp - Heavy Weapons Sq. Ethan Allsop - Assault Sq. Heather Cox - Assault Congratulations, and thank you for your participation. ;P
Stephen - What are you doing tonight? Sarah Smith - Sleeping. Stephen - You're the worst! Sarah - No. I'm the sleepiest. Stephen - Fine, *** Sarah - Aw. Don't be mad Stephen. Stephen - Tear my heart asunder and cleave it in twixt! ... Naw, you're alright.
Completely forgot BUT the warp party that I'm having is tomorrow at 2:00. :))) Feel free to stop by if you guys want. I know Misty Nelson Corbitt mentioned wanting to come. No worries Sarah Smith if you guys can't, but wanted to invite/remind anyhow. :)))
Danielle Hunt Kayla Dekruger Sarah Melton Sara Smith Nazafarin Esfandiari Daniel Sheets Jessica Scalera Heather Eskew Summer Matheny love u all thanks for always haven my back!!:)
Carport Sale with Sarah Smith Saturday, July 5 8:00 am - noon Kirby - take hwy 84 at the traffic light in Kirby - first drive on the left
Aw. I will always miss sweet Sarah Jane Smith. :)
Ta chegando a festa mais esperada do ano!
"The Ocean of the Sky" EP will be available at the Vans Warped Tour dates we're playing, and in just 4 days (July 9, 2013) it'll be available online!
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
When unforeseen events, startling situations or the unpredictable occur, you end up in a foreign place, side tracked by life. These trials can be time consuming, often resulting in cancellations, ...
Answer to questions from I thought old friend. No time to answer previous e mail: I have three people using my IP: Me, Isabelle PC, USER PC, BOOBOOBEE PC and a National Telephone Ottowa… this computer is very slow. Our addition builder in Syracuse apparently came from Publix (Hamady’s) here.In business with my sister in laws Malls and Medical Thomas’s, Singletary had to be bujilder as well as Manager of Publix here.was Builder and Manager of Hamady’s. now New Port Richey. All invested together since 50’s it appears, with Warnock/Gilberts, Bagnasco Booths, Sefa/Gedoes/and Wallet-Bellsattached to Mott Booth and Carrier woners/faculty moving South. Their and Cranbrook Weavers, fellow investors are in Bradenton still stealing, attacking my property. They are still adding to Nelson Harathies Everson included investor’s false ancestry DESMOND WAITING to WARNOCK, ALLEN, THOMAS.. I can't prove Warnock and Gibson/Gilbert wives? Nelson’s, Storch,,Bell, Wallet Martins? stole my dads Orange Masonic buri ...
"I wish I was doing better with all the things that matter, I guess I got some learning to do.."
So a new movie added to my list of LOL movies (courtesy of Kurt Smith) is. HOT ROD! This joins the ranks of Adam Sandler movies, Monsters Inc, stepbrothers, forgetting sarah marshall, vampires suck, Ted and most Disney movies.
last night I got sum really bad news my granddad sadly passed away at 11.25pm he's guna b missed loads by his two daughter Tracy Amanda Morley and Samantha Smith, his 5 grandchildren me, Chris Morley, Morley Sarah, his great grandchildren Ethan Marris, Kimberley Marsh, his son in laws Richard Christopher Morley, Dave Smith.R.I.P David Whittingham loads you granddad im guna miss u loads x
So mu husband just told me I was withering away! As in I have lost too much weight. Guess he likes a fluffy wife! Lol
same here! Its soso good, almost caught up on all the episodes I missed already!
Well my phone rang and I couldn't be leave that my X was calling again. The short little midget has the nerve to dial my phone number. Well Sarah took the phone and told him what she thought. Just because he drives my my house just because I was a moron for dating him. All those years I was beaten and hid it from my family. The little Greek think he can still call me. Next call I'm calling the police and filing charges. Yes I'm upset can you tell!
My friends need to stop getting engaged
I'm done with not being taken seriously. No more Mr. Nice Girl ANYMORE.
Cindy Pieser Smith and Sarah Smith man is it nice up here ! And only 30 min from salem. If anyone of my friends are interested i think they still have a few sites left for this summer.
First Friday Night Community Walk is tonight in a NEW LOCATION! Meet at 6pm on the corner of 34th & Union in Madrona. Since some of my regular walking pals are out of town, we're walking in my neighborhood! Truman Buffett Holly Arsenault Matthew Richter Andy Jensen Nancy Guppy Lyall Bush Nancy McSharry Jensen Sarah I. Parsons Barbara Schwartz Tom Moore
Girls we need to get the kiddies one of these!! Sarah Caroline Whyatt-Ormes Sarah Smith Daisy Alexander Juliet Graves Hollie Redding Samantha Lovat
On my way to to see some family hopefully Patricia Patricia Little Sarah Elizabeth Little Jamie Jamie Elizabeth Melissa Smith n u too ms.kristy smith some reason I couldn't find u to tag
At the fair with Frank Enstine and Sarah Smith
Anyone have Monday off that would love to watch little miss Alivia??
Have you heard Rosebud is getting a trampoline centre? Peninsula Jump was announced with week and is being promoted as Australia's biggest indoor Trampoline and Play Centre. It will feature: - Trampoline park (jumping, dodge ball & foam pits). - Rock climbing walls & Games Arcade. - Cafe with juice bar, wood-fire pizzas, snacks and free WIFI. - Enclosed safe area for under 5's. - Massive soft play obstacle course with giant slides. - Birthday party and function rooms. - Theme nights and competitions. - Concerts with local bands. - The center will be open 7 days a week from mid 2014. They will also be donating 20% of profits to the community via their miracle fund. Make sure you like their page to stay up-to-date with their movements until they open (plus the first 500 likers get a 2 for 1 voucher to use when open).
Anyone know of some good places to buy gear for the snow? Jacket. Pants. Gloves etc...???
Streaming cheese tonight, anyone want to join. We could hook up the projector!! Brian Sweeteerljones, K-ron Sweetgirljones, Sarah Smith
Luke Smith Sarah Phelps.. Hi both, I have an argument to pick with you both after your post I'm afraid.. I have just watched 'man of steel' in IMax 3d, it is the evolution of cinema, I feel like I have just witnessed the transformation from black and white to colour.. Incredible. No tacky 3d effects like Jaws 3 but just a depth of field that was incredible.. I am in awe!!! P
Big group of Saturday health nuts this morn at training. Partner work definately brought out the best in everyone. Welcome Erin to the Saturday morn group.
“Come back into my life ❤ We all miss you”. Baby come back. . Miss you love babe 😍😍😍
I'm getting anxious to give something away. Last comment on this post wins? I'll check back in sometime before 7. Rik
Thank you James and Sarah Smith and rolo smith for a lovely evening xx
And your mom's middle name is my middle name and if I ever have kids, I'm naming them John Doe and Sarah Smith.
Remember share this page, like it and when we get to 200 likes we will make a draw and someone will win £50 cash good luck
Howling ghosts – they reappear. In mountains that are stacked with fear. But you're a king and I'm a lionheart. A lionheart.
D12 to Houston according to USA today
What's worse than 2 annoying French girls? Two annoying French *** girls singing love songs to each other. Pass me the jäger ffs Sarah Smith!!
Ok we decided we want a wiener dog!! So if anyone knows who's got some let me know!!
Ok so Caitlyn and I go crabbing today which was extremely fun but very unsuccessful. Threw the line out string got caught on my wedding ring and my ring goes flying and I see it go in the water. Jump in the water and after a minute actual FIND THE RING! Could not believe it. then I feel my phone. Ring found! Phone done
Awesome day spent with amazing people - special shouts to Elke Govertsen, Dori Gilels, Sarah Geurts Millar, Zachary Millar, Maureen McCarthy Roy, and Crystal Smith; love you guys!
Sarah Jane was so pretty, right up to the end.
A great piece by my pal Brian Hart... Seventy-two killed resisting gun confiscation in Boston! Boston – National Guard units seeking to confiscate a cache of recently banned assault weapons were ambushed by elements of a Para-military extremist faction. Military and law enforcement sources estimate that 72 were killed and more than 200 injured before government forces were compelled to withdraw. Speaking after the clash, Massachusetts Governor Thomas Gage declared that the extremist faction, which was made up of local citizens, has links to the radical right-wing tax protest movement. Gage blamed the extremists for recent incidents of vandalism directed against internal revenue offices. The governor, who described the group’s organizers as “criminals,” issued an executive order authorizing the summary arrest of any individual who has interfered with the government’s efforts to secure law and order. The military raid on the extremist arsenal followed wide-spread refusal by the local citizenry to ...
The never ending racist soap opera that Paula Deen's life has become took another turn today, as she is now the victim of an extortion plot.
Had a brilliant day watching del Potro v Djokovic with Sarah Smith who brought lovely lunch with her (thanks again)and then Andy taking on Janowicz - fantastic match. Can't wait til sunday - Robertson boys I need your lucky toes as never before!
My eyes squint so much when I smile 😔
BREAKING: A woman was shot and killed on Coliseum Crossing in Hampton around 1 this afternoon. is headed…
By far the best day at work in the 5 weeks I've been there
I was good this am, but once the clock struck 2pm i've been useless
I was basically raised from the dead this morning
Kids who play video games tend to have better hand-eye coordination, a better memory, and better problem solving skills. *** Facts
Feel like I traded bodies with a 200 year old last nite lol 😴
I'll buy you tall tall trees and all the waters in the seas. I'm a fool fool fool for you 🎶
Urgh miserable, fed up and don't see the point. I'm sick of giving my all to things and seeing other people reap the rewards. Does not help that my boy is not here to give me a cwtch. Surely I should be due something nice sometime soon!?
Hey Haile Smith This is Sarah, I will be using this account from now on... so talk to me on here!
Omg coming to America is on!! My favourite childhood film. Aww man they put them on too late!! :(
I hate askin my dad a question because he will give me a freakin lecture answer! Whyyy?!?!
So. My human is crying in her bed and I'm all lookin at Mom like are ya gonna get it??? I've been pacing back and forth between her room and Mom... Makin noises. And I think she finally got my point... So long story short... She pulled my human out of the cage she sleeps in and is letting her lay down on that soft thing that they NEVER EVER let me get on. (I do anyways when they aren't looking and it's freakin amazing) but my human has WAY more snot and slobber coming out of her face than I do ... And they still let her up there??? Does anyone else feel like there is some favoritism goin on here? Hhm. End of rant
I'm going to say this wasn't a crime of passion. I bet anything he has quite a record.
Everybody's like "this is so scary" and I'm over here wanting to go in the middle of it.
We will be presenting five different events during the Christchurch Arts Festival, on 7 and 8 September and 11 September.
It seems to me that the Democrats are trying to do damage control by delaying parts of Obamacare until 2015. Mmmm…AFTER the mid-term elections. Employers are already reducing employee hours and eliminating jobs to avoid the Affordable Healthcare Act’s negative impact.
Tonight is going to be 2nd day of July 4th. Bring your dancing shoes!
6 years the Royal College of Music. These are prizes Poom have won at the RCM. Master in Piano Performance (Distinction) Bachelor of Music with Honour - Tagore Gold Medal for his outstanding contribution to RCM, which will be presented to him by HRH The Prince of Wales. - Hopkinson Gold Medal and Cyril Smith Prize -Hopkinson Silver Medal and Peter Wallfish Prize - Ester Fisher Prize -Schumann Prize -Henry Wood Trust Award -RCM Concerto prize -the Sarah Mundlak Memorial Prize for Piano for the best fourth year Graduation recital - nominated to be RCM's rising star 2009
Change of plans for tomorrow. I picked up a morning shift and brandons bailing hay til 6. So we won't be going to rosebush but we are going bowling with some awesome friends... Ravin Willmore Sarah Smith and taking our boys. :-)
Please Comment: What can MY HOOD NEEDZ ME do to make things better in our city? Only Serious Responses Please.
NOW PLAYING! BUY TICKETS HERE: From the mind of Brandon Cronenberg comes Antiviral! Syd March, an employee at the Lucas clinic, sells inje...
Spent the whole day poolside walked with the girls to get grub and surprise saw my beautiful friend Sarah Harmon Smith and her hubby! Small world and much appreciated seeing her lovely face!
Neva had a prom night when I was in the Heath, Runcorn hills, bottle of merrydown, 4 cans of kestrel and some fish pie ;-)
I am now trying to convince people who are not signed up, to join. I need all information and all of these people contacted. Samantha Erickson Kylie Meniucucci Makayla Nielsen Erika Schell Lina Schell Kylie Schilling Sarah Smith. Have these people please contact me if they are joining. Also please beg these people to join. With these 7 people we could be marching 78 people and no 8th graders. Please please please contact them. Let me know how it goes. Thank you.
Got to go out on the boat this morning 😁😁
To the shooter on coliseum Dr earlier, this my friend is why we have the death penalty here in sweet Va. You just don't shoot a woman 💁
Sarah Smith, Marian Nagy and 2 others also commented on Ondrej Gomola's photo.
The winner of the first official WWA Revolution match is Sarah Smith! Congrates chick!
First match of the evening, Eliza Holiday vs. Sarah Smith! Time to see some divas action!
I can already tell that today is not my day -_-
Some creep named Sarah smith keeps messaging me on fb...anyone else?😳
I'm having coffee withdrawals. And sleep withdrawals. Coincidence? I think not.
When staying with my cousins, it's rare to find the toilets seat down
Glad came to see me, haven't seen him in forever! See you when I get off hun!
Well off to work since they decided to call me in on my day off :(
I dream about Mom and Sarah Smith all the time. Last night I was just hanging with Sarah, I suddenly hugged her...
Well Done to those who took part in Mels 9:30am Spinning® Class and they were Joanna Karas,Sarah Smith,Rob...
Thanks to Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford and Sarah Smith The Jazz piece is now online -...
I got hit with like 3 bottle rockets lol
Kicked it with and the homies tonight! She a cool one :)
when I die, I want my grave to have free wifi so people will come visit more often
Its the most important and valued job in the plant
Time to play my favorite Independence Day game: gunshots or fireworks!
Sarah steaming doesn't count as a job.
I just want to sleep I think I might cry if I don't fall asleep in like 5 seconds
I think we hit a Sarah smith with a rocket
It is what it is, so don't text me when you don't have anyone else
It's funny how guys can say how a girl should be treated but they the ones hurting them
Loving this better weather? Get in touch to wake up to it every day on your holidays!
"God shed His grace on thee" is an inference to the shed blood of Jesus. America was once keenly aware of freedom's relianc…
They can post them directly onto the website in the comments section or email sarah.smithThank…
I had a great time with my cousins Sarah Smith, Michelle Hancock, Tami Jackson, and Bill Eldridge today. It was just what I needed. I'm super stoked for the 4th of July when I get to see the rest of my fabulous family!
Congrats to our scholarship winners: Ashley Hansen (UW-Point) and Sarah Smith (UW-Platteville)!
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Here it is..the shortest day of the year for those of us south of the Equator and we're halfway through our season of "Back to the 80s". Here are a few pics of some of our wonderful Cast in action, taken by our talented photographer John White. You may be forgiven for thinking this is really "Aerobics! the Musical", or some gospel revivalist show, given that every pic has someone with their arms stretched out. Will try to find less arm-stretchy shots in future. Special treat for tonight (Friday) you get to see Sarah Smith on stage being fabulous as Miss Brannigan, filling in for Jessie Phillips. Have a great weekend everyone and see you at the show :)
Louisiana seems pretty awesome--New Orleans tomorrow fugg ya! No way it's gonna go bad like the last time I was there---remember that Kate Smith, Nina Eyre, Sarah Smith, Dwayne Gee, Eric Thorn, Ryan Kelley Hasty?
Early morning CV done...just the hardcore gym bunnies today ;-) me n Robbo Lisa Robinson we missed the rest of the gang this morning Ally Dallimore & Sarah Smith xx
By Cheo Tyehimba Taylor When I was in the fifth grade, a girl in my class was raped and murdered on her way home from school. This was during the seventies and it was a huge ordeal for the entire community. For my classmates and me, it signaled a new and horrifying awareness about how fragile our young lives were at the time. In fact, the death of ten year-old Sarah Smith (not her real name) was shocking because our community had no history of violent acts such as this and because both the perpetrator and the victim didn't fit into any preconceived stereotypes (bothwere middle-class and white). The tragic murder of my friend was a clear harbinger for the violence that was soon to come. The fact is, Gen Xers who came of age in the eighties, especially those who lived in working class communities, witnessed a new normal. We went from care-free days of walking home after-school (our house keys dangling from chains around our necks) and playing outside until the street lights came on, to witnessing drive-by s ...
Prime Minister Julia Gillard made a surprise visit to St Joseph's School in Bracken Ridge this morning. She was accompanied by deputy PM Wayne Swan. Students such as Year 7 Sarah Smith were thrilled to meet Ms Gillard, who also also toured some of the classrooms.
EDGAR LEE HARDEN (1935 - 2013) 77, of Great Bend, PA went home to be with the Lord on June 8, 2013. He is survived by his loving wife of 52 years, Ione. Also surviving are three daughters, Karlene Hobbs, Denver, CO, Ruth Harden, Great Bend, PA, and Tracey and Thomas Swartz, Thompson, PA; 7 grandchildren, Jennifer Setzer, Denver CO, Robert Setzer, Kirkwood, NY, Samantha and Matthew Currey, Pennellville, NY, Sarah Smith, Stephanie Smith, both of Great Bend, PA, and Martin and Kimberly Swartz, Thompson, PA; 3 great grandchildren, Hailey Setzer, Colby Setzer, and Jayden Smith; 2 brothers, Kale Harden, and Donald Karl Harden; a sister, Ella Joyce Rossi; a sister-in-law, Loretta Harden; and numerous nieces and nephews. Prior to his retirement, Ed was employed with Columbian Financial Group. He also worked for the Susquehanna County Court House-Security Division and a former policeman for the Great Bend-Hallstead-New Milford Police Department. Ed served with the US Air Force. He was a life member of the America ...
I handed my final assignment in at college yesterday before work. If I pass, I'll hand in my portfolio on Wednesday. (Completion of course) I’ve got mixed emotions about that. Glad I’ve completed and passed the course, but will miss all the lovely students who shared the course with me and made it enjoyable. Please stay in touch guys x Allison Pursey, Lee Matthews, Rachel Thomas, Nathan Hall, Damien-Sarah Nixon, Sarah Clark Bradford, Catherine Wynn, Sarah Smith, Laura Elizabeth Renshaw, Aimee Owens, Michelle x x
Sitting here with Sarah Smith on our laptops RPing and watching Big Bang theory. What a good night!
On July 26th I am embarking on a four city tour with Music and Messages! With stops in PEI, Sussex NB, Montreal Quebec and home here to London Ontario! Joining me is Mark Hernandez a gifted intuitive medium from San Jose California. Mark is also Allison Dubois's cousin, the Allison that inspired the tv show Medium. For those new to the page, I am the only Canadian medium to be endorsed by Allison and am so blessed that she trusts me to bring messages through to those who need them. Also joining us is a Canadian singer/songwriter and a dear friend of mine Sarah Smith. Sarah is an award winning musician with a light that fills the room wherever she goes. I am a big believer that music brings those in spirit closer to us and when Sarah offered to join me for a tour I was ecstatic! I hope you will be able to join us for one of these amazing events. You can find the ticket info on my website under events at Here is a taste of the gift that Sarah brings to the evening.
*At a press interview* People of California and the World I'd like to introduce The West Coast Challengers of the Future Deadshot - Kathrine Howard, Star Bright - Sarah Smith, Booster Gold - Ryan Harris, and Garth/Tempest. I lead this team in a quest to protect the world *removes my helmet* My name is Eric Briggs and I approve of the message.
BBC correspondent Malcoolm Brabant talks to Sarah Smith about the mental illness he says was caused by a yellow fever jab, during which he believed he was th...
Well - TONS, TONS going on tonite Gang. Doug Varty Solo is on now 6-9:00 and then the Doug Varty Band later tonite from 10-2:00 at a different venue. Go hear some great music and see my good pal Dale Penny lay down some of the best drumming around. LMC is stocked up on Live Music Gypsy Ghosts bring thier unique style to Clarence street. Sarah Smith along with Ken Ross are in Pickering. Shawn Cowan is in Grand Bend. St. Thomas rocks with John Milles,, Midtown Tavern has Live Music, Diamond Dust rocks Sunny's. Astoria is LIVE at Fitzray's. Tutwiler Blues Train rocks in London as does The Lines Between. Norma Jeans has Live entertainment. River City Ransom is in Stratford. And Allstage is off to visit Loose Cannon in Cambridge tonite. Where, Who, Time ? Check out Allstage Calander.
THANK YOU Lacey Moore, Michae Hayes, Marilee Hagebusch, DeAnn Moore, Rhonda Douglas, and Sarah Smith for buying on my Amy's fundraiser order to help make a donation possible! Instead of donating to American Red Cross, I'm looking into how I can donate to the teachers affected by the tornado. I assume most of you all won't oppose:) And to all my wonderful friends and family who continue to keep my small business going. I APPRECIATE YOU SO MUCH!
Smith, Michael- Survived by his wife of 20 years, Kathy McFarland Smith. Loving father of Andrew Smith, Rebecca Smith, Jennifer (Matt) Harrell, Laura Smith, Christopher Smith, Timothy Smith, Mary Smith and Sarah Smith. Dear grandfather of Vanessa, James, Brooklynn, Skyler, Caylee, Kendall, Thomas, Logan and Jenna. Devoted son of the late Nathan and Venna (nee Jenkins) Smith. Dear brother of Robert Smith, David Smith, Donald (the late Bev) Smith, Ernist (Judith) Smith and Cleon (Sandy) Smith. Brother in law of Michael and Tammy McFarland and Sharon and Dorian Grubaugh. Dear son-in-law of Mary McFarland and the late A.G. McFarland. Also survived by many nieces and nephews. Michael worked for Cincy Tools and the Bruner family for 27 years and leaves his best friend Doug Day.. He was raised in Kings Mill, Ohio.
Figure I'll get in on the memorial day madness: my husband, Tyler Johnson is an active duty Sailor as well as my roommates ( Nick Rebmann, Brian Wyatt ) and my sister-by-choice Audra Back. Matthew Smith, husband of an amazing best friend, is currently deployed with the Navy and his wife Sarah Smith and I both received honorable discharges from Active Duty Navy Life. My brother Steve Gorniak and friend Rob Klepsteen are active duty Marines, and my father spent years loving his job as a Marine. More half the people on my friends list are military or family of military. pay your respects today. If you feel the need to actually speak to an active duty military member and there isn't one near you: give me a call, and I'll give you a number.
Hamilton Collection
Sarah Smith asks, We are visiting Williamsburg Virginia, and Washington dc this fall, and I would like to spend our summer doing some unit studies on the two. Does anyone have anything they recommend? What subject would you cover for kids ages 4-10?
Guys, I know it's not Medic related, but would you be willing to get this out there? This is my friend's son, and he's been missing since May 4th. He's a good kid and comes from a great family...his mom was also a former EMT/RN from a Phoenix ambulance company. It would mean a lot to her and me if more people could see it. -Sarah Smith
I concur with that statement!!! :) Sarah Smith & I were just talking about Dole Whips and The Tiki Room last night!!! My Vacation starts in 2weeks... Disneyland w/Sarah & The Family in 3weeks!!!
my dreams have all come true. Like seriously. I've been dedicated. I come every day. Join me. :)
Watching telly with the housemates :) Smith
Geekologie reader Killa Kadoogen is selling his Zombie Response Jeep Comanche Pioneer, and his inevitable loss of life at the hands of the undead can now be your gain. I looked long and hard at the listing, and from...
Vote for Sarah Connor so that she can become the 2013 Campus Queen for Philander Smith College | via
Profits made off this campaign will be donated to the Herbalife Family Foundation!! We thank you in advance forÂ
I’m raising money on behalf of my lovely friend, Sarah-Jane Smith & MS Therapy Centre Oxfordshire. Please sponsor me:
Mara Smith, Sarah Davies, Becky Keister Looks like we need to go to Florida next year guys!
I think out of all the companions...Sarah Jane Smith knew the Doctor best. She knew the 3rd, 4th, 10th, and 11th. She was awesome.
Here's an event that you don't see every day: a competition for sous chefs. Sous chefs are the unsung heroes of the kitchen. They work tirelessly behind
Check out our Nautical Themed Sweet Cart, Produced for a Hen Party! Having a themed event? We can theme a cart to your requirements, to make your party go with a bang!
Happy birthday love me and Alisha xxx
As if my insurance card wasn't enough, I walk in my room to see my car radio remote sitting on my bed. HOW DID IT GET IN HERE??
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
The Alan Ferber Expanded Ensemble at Blue Whale information, tickets, photos, reviews and more.
Laura Stiles, Donna Smith-Busch, Sarah Dolloff, Shannon Smith, Larae Terwilliger & Mary Cowling. Hmmm don't think I have more!
Buy "Fade and Then Return" on iTunes: "Fade and Then Return" appears on the William Fitzsimmons album 'Gold In The Shadow.' Lyrics: I've...
Nothing worse than having a song you don't like stuck in your head
Shane Koyczan says in a childhood full of the pain of bullying, he discovered a sense of humor and more
Which celebrities do you suspect are really aliens walking amongst us?... — Willow Smith and Sarah Jessica Parker
Hughsten smith and Sarah stem bet would make a bomb couple
sarah you forgot my birthday, I want a bracelet
6 finals until SUMMER...until 6 summer credits 😔 but anything is better than 15 ☀⛵⚓
Share.heartfelt, friend.Canada needs to hear her voice. Sarah Smith - RELOAD: via
A quick video that is the result of absolute boredom! But still tons of fun to make! Featuring the bouncy Fennec that is Orion, he has some fun dancing aroun...
Whenever I decide to walk into a Walmart, I feel like Will Smith in I Am Legend. They watch me like I'm an unknown species.
I love Lazada Philippines because they offer the bestest items in the philippines! And not all The discounts Flows Like Rain, So many to choose from! Charlie Mercado, Jaime Pacio, Sarah Zambrano, Long Dela Pena, Eliza Smith
South Korea South Korean Boston Marathon Oscar Pistorius Miley Cyrus Paul Walker New Zealand Blood Moon President Obama Kansas City York International Auto Show Google Glass Manchester City Kim Jong Premier League Ed Balls Mad Men Prince George Prince William Cold War Paul Flowers Roger Federer World Cup Wall Street Real Madrid Malcolm Young Harry Potter Per Month Harry Reid Barack Obama Ford Mustang Reeva Steenkamp Al Qaeda Andy Coulson Paul Weller Peaches Geldof Martin Freeman Champions League Boko Haram Johnny Depp Gone Girl Yellow Sea Rand Paul Great Lakes Golf Digest Home Page Pakistan Taliban Democratic Party Late Show Kill Switch Jordan Spieth Joe Biden Hillary Clinton West Yorkshire Barbara Walters San Antonio Bubba Watson Attorney General Eric Holder Breaking Bad Palos Heights Michelle Obama Kate Middleton David Beckham Kim Kardashian Daily News North Korea Next Top Model Man City Manchester United Land Rover Jackie Robinson Sports Illustrated Wrecking Ball Brian Johnson National Rifle Association Middle East David Ortiz City Mayor Michael Bloomberg Internet Explorer 8 Maria Miller Mayor Marty Walsh Jeb Bush Blade Runner North Korean South Dakota White House White Sox Windows Phone 8 Prince Harry Sky Atlantic Magic Mike Pope Francis Maya Rudolph Nissan Murano Long Island Eric Holder Abu Ghraib Edward Snowden Rolling Stones Malaysia Airlines

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