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Atlanta Public Schools is a school district based in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. APS is run by the Atlanta Board of Education with interim superintendent Erroll Davis.

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Cheering on Blue Gators! Thanks for the shout outs from Allison Duplechin and Sarah Smith! Padre, you beat me in shout outs! 👍
Hope you all had a fun and safe Here's the winning carved pumpkin made by our talented Sarah Smith
Customer Service is ready for some intense kickball (Michelle, Tariq Walli, Valeri Evans, Sarah Smith, John C, Kari…
Another fabulous testimonial from a very happy client, a huge well done to Sarah Smith read more:…
It's raining today in Madrid. It's been raining off and on all week. Weirdly, this is probably…
dramatic reading of Sol LeWitt's 1965 letter to Eva Hesse
Read an excerpt, enter a competition!
Hm.might go watch the wedding of Sarah Jane smith that story.:)
What a line-up! Margaret Atwood, Sarah Waters, Maya Angelou & more to feature in BBC documentary:…
Saw Sarah Ridgeway and Nigel Lindsay in Al Smith's brilliant 'Harrogate' at the Jerwood Theatre Upstairs at Royal Court
Completing our zone lineup is SARAH SCARER SMITH; 13 artists ready and raring to paint!…
If you're missing out on a Sarah Smith than I feel sorry for you. 😍
WILLOW SMITH. lowkey a great vocalist with eccentric music
Torrey Smith criticizes NFL over domestic violence
put on sia, granger smith, five finger death punch and Rihanna on at the bar... in that order lmfao
Pain and loss, they define us as much as happiness and love- Sarah Jane Smith
Sarah Snyder is a true inspiration.. went from sucking *** for supreme to dating Jaden Smith.. she really kame up
OMG he IS the worst! You guys should hang out so Sarah and I can Skype and talk about you, eh?
Patti Smith with Sarah McLachlan on piano performing 'Because the Night', to lift your heart.
These games are so cute, and easy to play (but hard to master). If you loved klocki you'll love these.
Honored to receive the Grand Jury Award for . 🏆🍾
What I love about HRC is that no-one is trying the "not tough enough" line. Everyone just KNOWS that she's way tou…
ICYMI: I did this. Time now to revert back to plain ol' not-at-MGF-Sarah. She's not as impressive but she's much…
"Some things are worth getting your heart broken for" Sarah-Jane Smith kills me 💔
East Coast Titans 12U pitching student Sarah Smith with a nice pitch. Catcher Sydney Taylor um not so much.
When you can't remember what you walked into a room for.
I'm off for a sleep and alarm set for the quali sessions
Giorgia just asked if Boy George was Sam Smith nah I'm done😂😂😭
Absolutely love this the great lis sladen at her best as Sarah Jane smith never forgotten
I'm Sarah O. and I constantly relate Sam Smith lyrics to my life huhh😂
Learn Blackwork with Sarah Smith at K&S Dublin this Sunday! Sarah created this beautiful piece for her Future Tutor…
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Sarah Jane Smith - Question 3. What is the name of the Doctor Who episode that Sarah Jane made her first appearance in? ~James
Sarah Jane Smith - Question 2. What is the name of the episode that Sarah Jane said the following in, 'How can a...
Sarah Jane Smith - Question 1. What is the name of the actress that has been associated with the role since first...
Fat Face Inverness are looking for Christmas Crew…🎉. Interested? Contact Sarah Smith at the store on 01463 229263 or dr…
The priests should have given Trump his last rites last night:
Trump's routine booed one more time: by Al Smith's namesake.
Holy cow! Tomorrow is a busy day for us at BCD. We're at Sarah Smith Fall Festival, Briar Vista Fall Festival, & Ashford Park Fall Festival!
I've abandoned SFW. Never gonna have enough of those lovely people & *** the consequences. 💅👀👣
Expressions of Interest! Sex, Love and Romance Game Jam 2017 in an exotic Australian Location. Please…
OMG. Gal Gadot. You have won my heart. Think I'll be the tragic camping in the cinema foyer for this.
We did however appreciate this gesture by Owen Smith. We hope he makes a return to the front bench…
A strong, smart, independent thinker with allegiances to no faction:
Clinton and Trump were actually sort of nice to each other at the Al Smith dinner
I'm going to Sarah Smith Music at Cosmo's Lounge - Caesar's Casino. 7pm in Windsor, Canada - Dec 6
I might go to Sarah Smith Music at Jeanne Gordon Theatre w. Jay Allan. 7pm in Wallaceburg, Canada - Nov 26
I added a video to a playlist JOANovARC & Sarah Smith
Excellent article on the discovery, political significance & current use of the "Secret" collection h…
on the gender imbalance in art museum leadership in Britain, US & beyond: Taking On the Boys’ Club at the Art Museum
It's going to be 73 degrees on my birthday 😪
Wow. Sarah Smith barely concealing her glee on national BBC news there. Don't recall GERS figures being reported on when oil pr…
Sarah Smith, The Elder Care Firm Client Coordinator and Brandon Thomson, lawyer are at the Brighton Senior Power Day
Iron Smith Fitness in Southwest Austin, meet the Owner Ryan and Sarah Smith | Parkbench
Its terrible. Very pro stories for earlier from Adler & Sarah Smith. Glenn Campbell better to Scotland audience
Have to say agree with this analysis by Sarah Smith on Nicola Sturgeons performance calm as down South all imploding.
Why did Sarah Smith falsely claim on News at Ten that Nicola Sturgeon was trying to "find a way to block the [Brexit] process"?
The St Kilda plan for Jackie, Kaye, Louise, Mhairi -- add Sarah Smith. They can come back on Independence Eve.
Top marks to Kirsty Wark and Sarah Smith last night though..still toeing that party line regardless
New post on my blog: Real Estate is a huge investment, so you can only settle for for the very best. Sarah Smith o…
On Scotland 2016 this evening Sarah Smith demands answers from Nicola Sturgeon on
Watching a movie And i starred in together, just reminds me of the movie "Mr & Mrs Smith".
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
All the love in Brisbane and so many talented women!
sadly time got the best of me near launch. I'd love to do sharing in an update.
Sharing is a good idea tho. I'd maybe give the option when you beat a level. To brag? 😛
Its so easy just to take a screenshot though :)
in Unity that means plugins & platform specific code I know, but worth it.
building sharing into it would be a good move IMHO. Stumped by puzzle? Share it!
We told her to keep watch, to help. To understand our humanity. And record our last breaths of it. We told Cortana to…
According to Quinten Rollins is destined for a breakout 2016 season. Story: https:…
Please join Company 49 to Congratulate our two newest turned over firefighters Tessa Smith and Sarah Murphy!
Y'know there's an acronym that sums up for me - ABBA (1974)
Although I think some of the people compiling these lists are a bit confused bc I just scrolled past the Sarah Palin movie.
Had enough of BBC Scotland? Dizzy watching Sarah Smith? Consider this gem from Paul Mason, formerly of Channel 4:.
late Donald Dewar died they most likely need somebody like late John Smith's daughter Sarah Smith the tv journo to
An incredibly powerful rebuttal to the inexplicable suggestion advocates like Sarah Smith encourage self harm.
Refugees don't self-harm because of me Peter Dutton, they self-harm because of you | Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith needs to tell Nicola to stop interrupting everybody!
Day 20 blog is up! Kennings poems on the unsaid by Jedediah Kurth, Sarah Smith, Ven Batista, and me.
I did such a good job holding my emotions in until Collin Smith said, "don't go to Michigan" and hugged me tighter
A collapse of trust and 'a compromise too far'. Iain Duncan Smith resigns in protest at cuts to disability benefits.
The interviews you don't get anywhere else. Sarah McGowan tells Mark to fight.
The sieve problem is bigger than the pipeline problem: Many women leave because there is no point staying.
Mr Duncan Smith takes up his new position
Good discussion on baby sleep on today. Western expectations definitely at fault. Wholeheartedly agree with Sarah Ockwell-Smith.
Or you know, anything by Sarah Dessen, Jennifer E Smith, or Stephanie Perkins is a safe bet...
Sara starbucksrw as Sarah Jane Smith next to her K-9 creation @ New World Comics
when we helped Sarah find her id little did we know you took it
Sara starbucksrw as Sarah Jane Smith, next the Tenth Doctor, and K-9 @ New World Comics
An amazing family day out for food and oceanarium and finished off with our haircuts 󾌴󾌬󾌧 Sarah Smith Emma-Jane Smith Lucy Jane Rix
Someone let me organize and clean their room this week
& follow for the chance to win a Ninth Doctor with Banana Pop!
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Last Days!!! My Miami crew that's your city. Sarah Ruff Josiah Ruff Gail Bowles Smith Robert Songhai Revere...
Those saying Iain Duncan Smith's resignation is self-serving and down to ego should remember there's no "i" in Iain. Oh.
Just me then who spent most of thinking: "Michelle looks a lot like a young Sarah Jane Smith."
cuddles girlfriend Sarah Snyder as she sits on his lap
This was one of my favourites from the The Sarah Yeo Band's set at their Live in Session a couple of months ago.
Great to hear local baby and toddler guru Sarah Ockwell-Smith on weekend edition of this afternoon.
‘I told Mark fight for your job’: SARAH McGowan told her husband Mark to “fight” for his job after Stephen Smi...
Taylor Smith with a double scores Sarah Churchwell from 1st. 2-1 Fillies bottom of the 2nd.
Jaden Smith and Sarah Snyder at the Fiji Water x Opening Ceremony Party during New York Fashion Week💮
'JaredHail' captured the galaxy from a mountaintop in Southern Oregon --
Jaden Smith and Sarah Snyder at the Le Pain Quotidien restaurant.
+ A Remainer. A social justice Tory. And now, as he replaces IDS, a possible leadership contender
It feels like I just woke up from a bad nap bc I'm groggy and tired but it's morning
Granger Smith took a quality selfie with the biggest dip in, with my phone 👌🏼😂
Jaden Smith, Sarah Snyder and Mateo Arias at the Le Pain Quotidien restaurant.
Jaden Smith and Sarah Snyder leaving the Le Pain Quotidien restaurant.
tbh I don't know if I'm more jealous of jaden smith or sarah snyder
'Empathy' is watching me walk the path. But I'm still doing the walking. can enrich and help improve …
someone link me to Sam Smith's diet asap
There can be no doubt what and its frenzied mob led by Sarah Palin love to do? VIDEO:
Jaden Smith and Sarah Snyder attend the Milk Studios Makeup Line launch in New York City.
More of Jaden Smith and Sarah Snyder out in New York City. (2)
Jaden Smith & Sarah Snyder at the Hood By Air Fall 2016 Fashion Show in NYC.
Jaden Smith and Sarah Snyder at the HBA fashion show.
We haven't heard much from these two couples lately, but they stepped out to celebrate Valentine's Day together...
BBC's Jimmy Savile abuse report to be published next week
Will Smith's Son, Jaden Smith finally shows off his girlfriend. Her name is Sarah Snyder, meet her. She is very...
Trevor Smith and Sarah Moras have both been pulled from the fight too?
You could be her. Sarah Jane Smith has her own show.
Part 2 of the interview Ray gave Salon’s Patrick L. Smith. Part 1, in case you missed it:.
I could totally hug you right now :P
correct pronunciation is kayshe - but when working in Silicon Valley I found I had to switch to cash or be thought mad.
I am such a chill 'let's talk this through' kind of yank and I still seem super aggressive in comparison here
it is, I agree. As long as that's OK with you. :-)
Grew up in Christchurch, New Zealand and this is EXACTLY how they argue there.
Jaden Smith lets girlfriend Sarah Snyder sit on his lap during a show:
Jaden Smith kisses girlfriend Sarah Snyder at NYFW show
Bro I really thought this was a video game character. Mans out here looking like Sim Smith
Preventing 330itis one clap at a time
what the heck happened to Sam smith
Stories linked to data make a difference. says how a patient story about not drinking water -> ward falls to 0…
Jayden Smith and Sarah Snyder do the PDA thing at NY Fashion Week
Kathryn Smith just made history for the best reason ever:
Willow and Jaden Smith are seriously my favourite people
Congratulaions to Kathryn Smith, just the latest of several great women to blaze a trail in the NFL
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Congratulations to our new tutor Sarah Smith who taught her first class last night and by the looks of it all the...
Will Smith won't go to the Oscars this year: 'This is so deeply not about me'
These are the conditions that have lead to the "sickout" by teachers which closed 88 Detroit public schools:
Will Smith's Sarah Palin impression on GMA today was spot on.
TRUMP: It was fair for Sarah Palin to link son's domestic-violence arrest to Obama via
Sarah Palin is the Stephen A Smith of politics
Mos Def's "immigration attorney" is the very Craig Smith under investigation for selling work permits?.
I interviewed Sarah Smith today, as well as someone who heard both sides of her convp with the PM's staffer. Story will be up on IA soon.
Shattering the glass ceiling. Congrats, Kathryn!. More on the Bills new special teams coach: http…
aMaZing [The Face of Portsmouth] Face of Portsmouth - Sarah Smith: Sarah Smith is one hal... Portsmouth Hampshire
Sarah Thomas, Jen Welter, & now Kathryn Smith -- serving in the role of Quality Control-Special Teams for the Bills! https:…
Sarah Smith signed a letter of intent to play softball at South Georgia college today. Congrats!
Jaden smith and sarah Snyder are so hot
I cry every time I watch that episode 😂 I thought Matt Smith was a perfect follow on though :) The plots this year have been kak
I really don't like Capaldi as the Doctor :/ I still miss David Tennant tbh ;) And Matt Smith
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
😂 really?? I enjoyed it, and back in the Matt Smith days I was never really the biggest fan of River!
thanks for sharing Sarah Smith, have a great Friday :) (insight by
I'd enjoy talking to Jaden Smith whatchu mean?
Got these shirts for Christmas, I'm ready for anything .
Quick tip for Parents. Don't EVER make your kids feel guilty for spending time with or loving the other…
I don't see the problem, there was only a keyring in my ***
Hm maybe one for the note book for next year…
I tell you though it's a very effective way of getting people to help clear the table
I told my sister and she sounded disappointed and said "oh, I was miles out." Apparently she runs a bet with her friends on what I'll get.
I bet! Although at least it wasn’t while the turkey was on the table!
yes. That woke everyone up after the pudding.
THIS year.wait for it...a pair of professional toe nail clippers and a butter churner.
Last year was an Enya album and a pair of frilly pants. Year before? Earrings and a watering can.
Well, there we are. Done. I set the table runner on fire, apart from that, all fine.
Remember that time Muhammad Ali and Will Smith discussed Islam in the wake of 9/11?
DJ Sarah A. is in the studio, getting the show started with Patti Smith. Use for instant song requests!
"missed a step at church last night it's a wonder I didn't kill myself" mema pls
📷 I don’t know if I have mentioned this lately, but I LOVE Sarah Rees Brennan and want to package her up...
Congrats to with making 1st Team TWSA All-State. & Madison Smith listed as Honora…
Congrats to jr. Kianna Suber for being named 1st team All State by Tx sportswriters! And to Madison Smith and Allison Vaug…
How a Business Trip to Orlando Became a Voyage of Discovery: Who knew Orlando had two airports?
Handcrafted jewelry contains delicate pieces of encased in resin
Listening to Sam Smith is my therapy
Miss Sarah Achsah DORSEY, the lovely daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard DORSEY of 207 Hawthorn road, Roland Park, returned to Smith College,
Wavy, by Sarah Smith, from Issue 10. Can't believe this is nothing but ks and ps - Smith is a genius!
The Rise of the SNP Sarah Smith charts the SNP's rise and asks, how did they do it?...
How original! "New Handmade Resin Bracelets Embedded with Flowers and Plants by Sarah Smith"
happy xmas love from sarah smith, Jan, Steve and Oli x
Merry Christmas to my favourite drumming guy after Chad Smith and Ringo Starr (possibly Rob Rofle too, but shh) have a great day!
Canaries will be good though! Warm water and consistent waves. Enjoy! let me know how you get on.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Bali is insane! Every time I have been there it has been 4-12ft between 13-22secs. So consistent! Just get there!
nope, but very much hope to asap. Off to The Canaries for 2 weeks 5Jan. Can't wait. Had so few waves this year!
Maybe Shez first, then Bali. Though after being to Bali twice. Tomorrow or Sunday may be worth a go though!
if you meet Sarah Zimmer or pat smith at church they know me! And go to Dairy Queen for an Oreo blizzard.
The best present ever from . Bali here I come!
Sarah Smith messaged her friend to tell her friend to tell your teacher
Best of the season to everyone. Remember how we are mistreating some. See how Sarah Smith reminded our PM:
We're always looking for engineering interns to work on ML at Apply if interested!
Moving piece about brave and committed candidate Sarah Smith written by her stepsister -
Sarah Smith finished with a career-high 19 points while Amanda Coffer had 13 and Summer Price had 11. 7 rebounds for Price was a team-high
"Apply the 'sookin a lemon' test when BBC mention SNP. Faces tell a story. Glen Campbell is a 3. Jackie Bird is a 10. Sarah Smith is 7 or 8"
Sarah Smith is the BBC's new Scotland editor? Sarah Smith; the primary reason Scotland 2015 is such a cataclysmic failu…
Epsilon Eta's is Sarah Smith! She works tirelessly in her role as President…
. "Sarah Smith and Robert Walmsley: A Matchmaker Finds a Love of Her Own" by LOIS SMITH BRADY via NYT
Playing bass today with Sarah Smith. We will be playing at 8pm at The Ramada in Fort Lauderdale (Oakland Park) Hope to see you there!
Sheryl Sandberg and Megan Smith to Speak at 2015 Grace Hopper Celebration via
Only out of the new generation. Sarah Jane Smith was far better. As was K9!
Prevent// Survive // Win. This is an important training for all women. Bring any ladies you know to…
Look who I found where she's not supposed to be!!
me during the rest of the year vs. me during October
WH Smith to cut prices in hospital branches after its high street shops found to be cheaper
Skaro gets all the worst weather. It looked uncomfortably hot for Clara & Missy, and when Sarah Jane Smith was there it was far too clammy.
Real love: When He still holds you in the palm of His hand even though you left Him hanging.
Courage is not a's what u choose to do no matter how it feels to do it.
Without focus, your brain can ruin your health.
I think the reason we’re born with two hands is so that we can pet two dogs at once
Jaden Smith PDA with girlfriend Sarah Snyder in Soho, NYC: via
Anyone up for some yoga tonight at Chinnor village centre . 6 pm . It's the place to be . Samantha Story-Smith Sarah Elizabeth Edwards
Sure can! I have had great support with running injuries/hip woes from Sarah Roberts & Ryan Sweeney
"I think it will hurt the reputation of the school and cause less people to apply." Senior Sarah Smith on UW budget cuts
Weird, that's exactly what Sarah Jane Smith said about Skaro.
You are more powerful than you realize!
It's a stay in bed and listen to Sam Smith kinda day
10 minutes into jaden smith and chill she gives you that look and says How Can Mirrors Be Real If Our Eyes Aren't Real
Listen to this cover of Stay With Me (easy) via
I'm going to Sarah Smith Music at Vanier Fundraiser @ Eastside Bar & Grill in London, Canada - Dec 5
How do you find Will Smith in the snow? Look for the fresh prints!
Day 23 favorite spinoff: the Sarah jane smith adventures even though I have not seen it is really wa
RIP Elisabeth Sladen. Sarah Jane Smith. Always a favorite of mine on Dr. who. She was one brave, sp
DW challenge day 23 favorite spin off: The Sarah Jane Adventures. I really like Sarah Jane Smith.
Jaden Smith's girlfriend was arrested for stealing a Hermès bag:
Jaden Smith and Sarah Snyder cuddle up on streets of NYC * 34
Lead candidate for the South of Scotland, Sarah Beattie-Smith, was on BBC Scotland 2015 last night talking...
Day 2 is off to a great start with presentations from Dr Sarah Henderson (and Prof Wayne Smith
Get involved with our work! Policy adviser Sarah Smith explains how in the latest blog: http…
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Looking for ideas this Summer? Why not read Time Trap, follow the Trail and win a prize?
Everyone in UNIT knows who Sarah-jane Smith is, and visa versa. Maybe Paradise of Death isn't too much of a discontinuity after all.
Throwback: from June. Applications for October close Friday! Apply now: htt…
Love that first on list to fix Australia's innovation is better tech in schools & more women coders.
Argh! Right in the *and he never made that mistake again*
Join us in the historic Barr Smith Theatre on Wednesday 14 October 2015 to hear 2005 graduate Sarah Snook answer...
I liked a video Abby and Sarah Perform a Sam Smith Medley
2 of my images have a FPI on Purple Port today! Thanks to Holly Litha - Model, Romanie Smith and Sarah Elliott -...
.girlfriend is going to be your new Instagram obsession
Jaden Smith Smooches Girlfriend Sarah Snyder in the Front Row of a Fashion Show! 8
Then read the words of an abortion survivor: "My mother's choice was my death sentence." Sarah Smith
Welcome also to Sarah Smith from Sherwin Williams into NIU Business today.
Sarah Smith not liking it one bit when the shoe is on the other foot. About time these arrogant ppl were challenged. https:…
Sarah Smith from the Travel Counsellors doing her 10 minutes this morning. Making going on holiday easy!
Have seen so many women on FB who are (eg) Sarah Smith was Jones. I thought the correct word to replace was is nee. (Sarah Smith nee Jones)
Jackie Bird and Sarah Smith were biased beyond belief for NO for a start
Guest artist Sarah Smith enjoyed her day at Horrify Me. "Rick is amazing at getting that horror feel but in a...
Incrypt says thank you for liking our page to the following;. Sarah Smith,. John Burgess,. Danielle...
Japan draw control but Bridget Hogan wins the ball. Sarah Smith miss shot. Another loose ball win to Japan.
Jackie Bird and Sarah Smith both failed the non bias course
I'm sure Jackie Bird and Sarah Smith with give it serious attention... before kicking it in the editorial bin.
It is believed Jackie Bird is the SNPs secret weapon and Sarah Smith is deep under cover
Saying the Daily Record is a respected paper is like saying Jackie Bird AND Sarah Smith are ADMIRERS of the SNP
Let's put this challenge into perspective. If sharks were people
Pawnee: First in friendship, fourth in obesity.
Sarah Smith along with Murray and Carmichael think starving children through austerity is the best way to run our country …
Did You Know...that Christy Frikken and Sarah Smith turned an old table last weekend?
It's 07:31 and no prominent public figure has yet declared a falsehood, made people feel scared, or expressed feelpinions abou…
Thanks to our community slack has this now! Should totally be a default in every slack!
Why was Sarah Smith aghast at suggestion that SNP could have won 1/3 of seats in England too?
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
You should watch the lies on with Sarah Smith.
Who is the Labour Liar being given free hand to tell disgraceful lies by Sarah 'lying toady' Smith
desperate to criticise and demonise the SNP over FFA. Sarah Smith campaigning hard for WM parties. Lickspittle journalism.
Sarah Smith is honestly such a good person and she's just pretty darn awesome!
Sarah 'lying toady' Smith campaigning against the SNP again.
Much to eye witness Sarah Smith’s astonishment, during Mrs Degg’s hellish ordeal, the owner of the bull mastiff,...
Dear Students, if I could give you the opportunity to meet 1 other influential life force, it would be
BBC snidery: Sarah Smith last night on Scotland 2015 says "nearly every MP in Scotland represents the SNP". Not their cons…
Sarah Marchley is eleven years old when her mother dies. Looking Past by Katharine E. Smith
Photoset: deustemporis: Sarah Jane Smith tearing down the patriarchy across time and space. The Monster of...
We register the newly Sarah Smith. Look at
Congratulations Sarah McCorkle-Smith on reaching your 20th anniversary with CI Select! We are so lucky to have you!
Congrats to Audrey Van Winkle and Sarah Smith for making US Lacrosse's list of 2015 Academic All-Americans!! Way to go ladies!
"When I grow up I want to be Sarah Smith" - me circa 2010
Too many people spend money they haven't earned, to buy things they don't want, to impress people they don't like. -Will…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
BY: .Chris Smith We spent the better part of 12 years training the Iraqi army billions of dollars all for...
Dave Morgan (Education Technology Officer) and Sarah Anstis Smith (Senior Tutor) enhancing our use of ICT in biology.
I would rather watch "GoodFellas" than eat hummus, but I would rather eat hummus than hang out with Kyle Smith
being old is actually not that bad. I have socks older than some of the kids I beat at video games. :-)
Photo: Sarah Smith Student of the month (at Hallen School)
Sarah Smith and friends playing folk and jazz sounds at Welshpool's Bistro 7 tonight!
"and here are your two new head counselors, John Smith and Jim Brown. They turned up in the middle of the ni…
*John Smith adjusts fake mustache*. "They brought power tools for some reason!"
Sarah Smith is a coward. The only way to stop herself being tested is by picking 'experts' paid to back up her Tory drive…
Sarah Smith deliberately smears every decent person in Scotland. This is deliberate provocation in the hope someone will overreact. Nasty.
Sarah Smith speaks like a mix between Hyacinth Bucket and Reverend I.M. Jolly after he's been to the dentist.
It is estimated that only 2% of the world's population has green eyes.
I know Ben Smith should have never been traded
Such an amazing time with Sarah Smith! @ Fitzray's Restaurant & Lounge
please check out and share my saxophone cover of Sam Smith Lay Me Down :)
If you understand the phrase "comprehensive and encyclopedic compendium," we might have to get married.
Outgoing president Jeff Smith passing the gavel to incoming president Sarah Casteel.
Had an awesome night with Roland Smith at the Young Adult Author Series!! Funny guy!!
It means we can see past the formatting/naming issues and see the logic problems though. *sigh*
Sarah Smith's three-hit shutout lifts Franklin over Ridge
Eugene smith is about to be alive again
yeah, that's pretty funny. Prolly needs more than a style guide to fix that tho. :-)
The Pre-show has started! First up are NCSU Art2Wear alumni Sarah Cannon and Sydney Smith
Standing room only at inaugural hackaton
Sam Smith just about tells my life story..
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