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Sarah Silverman

Sarah Kate Silverman (born December 1, 1970) is an American comedian, writer, actress, singer and musician.

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7 mos ago, still rings so true! Sarah Silverman and Andy Borowitz Discuss Donald Trump via
Waiting to see Sarah Silverman - this place is insane! Haven't been to National Harbor in years!
Sarah Silverman rips Trump at Tax Day rally: 'You're a 3 at best'Fox News I'll give you a 1 Sarah
Bob Beckel the Sarah Silverman of The 5 Just crazy accusations w/ no substance Bob brought us bozo Jimmy Carter, totally expected!
Guest appearances by Jim Norton, Artie Lang, TJ Miller and Sarah Silverman, among others, make the show Crashing a must see...
RLT: Phillips has cast Harris, Leah Remini, Melissa McCarthy, Sarah Silverman, and Mary Lynn Raskjub--and given them nothing.
Amy Schumer, Sarah Silverman, Anthony Jeselnik, to name a few that can't be serious. :p
Dankathalon. Kevin Smith, Doug Benson, Sarah Silverman, & Seth Rogan smoke up. Last one to 7/11 wins.
I have 4 so far. Black Lives Matter, Sarah Silverman, JK Rowling. complete but not p…
Sarah Silverman has been eliminated! . 5..4..3..2..1. Entering next it's Katherine Jenkins!.
halsey roasted me yesterday and today Sarah Silverman called me a genius what a time to be alive
So, Sarah Silverman is having Daddy issues, and sounding like Si Robertson...
Snooki, Pauly D, Kate Upton, Nicole Kidman, and someone who looks like Sarah Silverman at 16. I'm not good w/actors, admittedly.
Ashby. Awkward Ed Wallis (Nat Wolff) moves to a new town with his single mom (Sarah Silverman) and needs help...
Sarah Silverman gets hired regularly by for dressing in blackface. PewDiePie makes internet jokes and gets droppe…
Like Maxine Waters & Sarah Silverman, Nancy Pelosi is dumb as a rock!
Brother Chris Gardner passing this along. I don't know which is worse: Sarah Silverman being such a complete...
Is this before or after the military defects to the control of Sarah Silverman and Judd Apatow?
Agree with Sarah Silverman and Jane Lynch. Rest need some work. Kristen Wiig as Cushner is a match made in heaven…
Y'all have been letting Seth Macfarlane and Sarah Silverman guide the rulebook for so long u forgot how comedy actually functions lmao...
you, Bill Mahar, Sarah Silverman, Samantha Bee and Stephen Colbert should all run for office. Make America Smart Again!
Sarah Silverman calls for military to overthrow President Trump. I've never heard of her (a comedian), however I guess she has an audience.
Sarah Silverman wants the military to overthrow President Trump. _. The comedian…
Free speech advocate Sarah Silverman calling for overthrow of POTUS Trump.
Sarah Silverman is advocating to do harm to President Trump, need to investigate
Sarah Silverman envisions a military coup in a Trump resistance. There's only one problem with her fantasy...
Sarah Silverman needs to be arrested for sedition! Call for a military coup is not free speech its a violation of federal…
Trust me, whatever side Sarah Silverman is on, I'm pretty sure the vast majority of soldiers are going to be on the oth…
Clearly the crime of is earned by the left 4 next 4yrs
Sarah Silverman can OD any day now.
This is who Sarah Silverman is asking to do a Military Coup. I don't think Democrat men could pull it off with fela…
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Sarah Silverman.always struggling to be relevant on a good day. Pretty nasty. Tries so hard to be funny. Kinda 😒 lame.
Wreck-It Ralph will forever be ruined for me because of Sarah "DUDE MILITARY COUP LMAO" Silverman voicing a main chara…
Who the *** is Sarah Silverman? And who cares what this lowlife thinks?
Something tells me Mad Dog Mattis is not exactly inclined to switch allegiances from Trump to Sarah Silverman.
I added a video to a playlist Aubrey Plaza does Sarah Silverman
Sarah Silverman, truly showing her age. 3 and a half.
Because women don't understand how good humor works. Sources: Amy Schumer, Sarah Silverman
Theresa, the Girl Twin, sounds like Vanellope Von Schweetz if Sarah Silverman was urged to be even more annoying.…
What I feel awful about is how much this will terrify Sarah Silverman. Have we thought of that?
And he later called it a bloodbath, like ok, chill, it's only funny if Sarah Silverman or I said that.
Sarah Silverman: an inspiration for annoying unfunny women everywhere
BREAKING: The Jesus abuser of Sarah Silverman saves a man's…
Fav m sheen fact is he is married to Sarah Silverman. So many questions.
What does Caddy have in common with Sarah Silverman. Both supporting parenthood. Use Sarah20 Code for discount.
do you know Sarah Silverman? Look at her. Those are Jewish genetic traits, but she isn't religious.
ha! I would guess you get some sarah silverman too :)
Listen, Sarah Silverman, I don't like your smart-alecky attitude one bit!
Was it Sarah Silverman?. A good spooning sounds like a RX that she'd prescribe Hugs❣️.
Dane Cook is not funny. Gabriel Iglesias is not funny. Sarah Silverman is not funny.
I hope they get help from Sarah Silverman.
I honestly just kinda love Sarah Silverman.
Fresh video digs into Sarah Silverman's hypocritical take on Milo's book:
I liked a video from Milo's Book and Sarah Silverman | Yuck and Boo and Gross
Pretty disappointing to see Sarah Silverman, a comedian, go down that road.
I had written for Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman in the past. Ji...
to be honest, I'm not sure I'd use gifted comedian and Sarah Silverman in the same sentence
I guess I'll go for the low hanging fruit; Sarah Silverman is a comedian?
...from being the norm. Sarah Silverman as a comedian and as a human being has jumped the shark.
If you thought "comedian" Sarah Silverman was mediocre, you are probably as impressed as I that political Sarah is even more mediocre
is too much of a coward to insult the Prophet like David Letterman. Jon Stewart. Amy Schumer. Samantha Bee. Sarah Silverman. Hollywood. SNL
'meaningful' is superfluous. Bernie Sanders was good on this in the Sarah Silverman interview, on why he isn't a liberal.
Simply seeing Sarah Silverman portrayed as a serious person is a
he's a very good actor, played Tony Blair & young David Frost, he's married to Sarah Silverman
that man loves strong women💚Good friends with ex Kate Beckinsdale and now with Sarah Silverman. And bow this? Wow!!!
Throwback Tuesday: circa 2007: a proposal to Comedy Central for the Sarah Silverman program.…
Just sitting here dying at Sarah Silverman and Lisa Lampanelli😭
Sarah Silverman will play her best friend. Themes will include abortion, sadness. Werner Herzog to direct.
Sarah Silverman roasting James. Video Nat, 'A Kentucky Mixtape' for punk scenes and recipes for years? to duplicate & Hard Skin.
Joey Diaz had recently on his podcast. Recently Zach galifinakis & Sarah Silverman were lol outta their seats
For real if I was a dude the first person I'd bang is Sarah Silverman
Kevin hart, aziz ansari, Louis ck, Sarah Silverman, robin Williams, and Eddie Murphy are comedians i don't find funny at all.
Enjoyed what Sarah Silverman said on Bill Maher's show about Bernie Sanders' ongoing role as advocate of change. Pl…
Bill Maher and Sarah Silverman: Gary Johnson "is a f-cking ***
I like this but have a few questions: Kelly Ripa and Sarah Silverman??? Do better and where is Lily Collins?
Sarah Silverman to be honoured at The Golden Probe Awards to raise money for Lady Parts Justice
Order Miche Bag Online!
Sarah Silverman hacked by Anonymous after backing Clinton
Bill Maher is a FRAUD & HACK..he has no CREDIBILITY because he's crashing in with like Sarah Silverman
Sarah Silverman tells Mark Wahlberg to shut up on the Graham Norton Show...
Sarah Silverman tells Bernie or Bust at DNC: 'You're being ridiculous'
. Sarah Silverman's womb is a crime scene.
the 4 people who, for diff reasons, changed trajectory of the convention; Sarah Silverman, Michelle Obama, Rev William Ba…
I had to quit watching after the first day before I drove myself nuts but Sarah Silverman did say Baba Booey on stage
Sure, Hillary quoted from the musical, "Hamilton", but Sarah Silverman onstage said "Baba-Booey"!
Mothers of Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin, Sarah Silverman, Bill Clinton, and a tranny?!?! The left blows my mind
at least she was better than Al Franken & Sarah Silverman last nite announcing the nominees for Best Original Screenplay.
On stage at the DNC, Sarah Silverman urged Bernie Sanders supporters to vote for Hillary Clinton.
loved when Sarah Silverman told the feel the supports to put some cream on those burns ‼️
Clinton campaign chairman: Sarah Silverman was right
For someone who built a career off of shutting down hecklers, I was super unimpressed with Sarah Silverman last night.
Eva Longoria,Sarah Silverman vs Chachi and Antonio Sabato jr.I believe Ana Navarro was right.
Sarah Silverman busted Bernie diehards, Sanders electrified, and Paul Simon performed on First Day:
DEM convention: Sarah Silverman to Paul Simon to Mario Cuomo. GOP Convention: Scott Baio to Kid Rock to 6 screeching chim…
Boyz II Men, Demi Lovato, Paul Simon and Sarah Silverman to appear at DNC
Sarah Silverman attacks as "Billionaires Buying Politicians." Sweetheart, you're a Bernie gal selling…
Sarah Silverman to Sanders diehards: 'You're being ridiculous' – video: The comedian scolded overzealous Sand...
Check out this video from PBS: PBS NewsHour, Watch comedian Sarah Silverman's full speech at the 2016 DNC
I have never found Sarah Silverman funny in the slightest. At best she's been a derivative comedian, at worst she's bee…
Watch comedian Sarah Silverman call "Bernie or bust" people "ridiculous" at the
"Irrelevant" is a pundit's nastiest insult for a celebrity. Sarah Silverman is an actor and comedian. She's as relevant as she wants to be.
Sarah Silverman's dad should've pulled out
Sarah Silverman was talking to you too. Stop berating Hillary. Andre Mitchell you're beyond hateful. Y'all are being
Sarah Silverman tells "Bernie-or-bust" camp at Democratic Convention: 'You're being ridiculous' (video) -->
So me and Allen are having trouble deciding if Sarah Silverman seems drunk tonight at the Is it just us? 🤔
Bernie Sanders supporters just got owned by Sarah Silverman at DNC - SFGate - rude like GOP Tea Party
Sarah Silverman has a message for the Bernie or Bust crowd
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Al Franken and Sarah Silverman introduce Paul Simon: "We're like a bridge over troubled..."
Fascinating Sarah Silverman did unity dance(well) /reaped roars from crowd but then turned 2 Bernie or Bust people,"You'…
We need Sarah Silverman back to school the people disrespectfully shouting over Warren
The day I listen to Sarah Silverman on any topic whatsoever is the day I get put in a home.
Sarah Silverman has a message for fans: "You're being ridiculous" https:/…
I think it's funny how y'all cheering Sarah Silverman on like she didn't do this.
Did you enjoy Sarah Silverman tonight? Her doggie sure enjoyed her last night. Why let her speak? http…
Flashback to when Sarah Silverman makes jokes about getting an abortion. . "Aborsh"
This Sarah Silverman that wore blackface and defended it? Good job, Liberals.
Probably too much to hope for "As my good friend Sarah Silverman said, you Bernie or Bust people are ridiculous" from…
Apparently Sarah Silverman thinks that you're being ridiculous for speaking out against a banana republic-style rigged ele…
Sarah Silverman to Bernie supporters. "You're being ridiculous."
Sarah Silverman finally put all the Bernie Bros in their place:
Sarah Silverman: "To the Bernie or bust people: you're being ridiculous." Huge roar.
Love Sarah Silverman but what's "ridiculous" is the corruption in the process.. The system & media picked Hillary before the ra…
Sarah Silverman: "Just a few years ago she was a secretary, and now she's going to be president!" https:…
Sarah Silverman: "To the people, you're being ridiculous."
Warren needs to pull a Sarah Silverman and confront these bozos. Or, someone needs to pull Sarah Silverman on to the stage
Sarah Silverman is a "white privileged" millionaire actress telling us that we're ridiculous
Can I just say somethin'?... I could look at Sarah Silverman all day...and I don't care if that's ridiculous
Whoever got Sarah Silverman to speak deserves a raise. I thought she hit the perfect tone for what she tried to do.
Love Sarah Silverman...but we're not "ridiculous"...we know it's now a case of voting for lesser of 2 evils.
Sarah Silverman: "Can I just say, to the Bernie or Bust people: you're being ridiculous."
If you think Bernie Sanders and Sarah Silverman betrayed you by endorsing Hillary,
Sarah Silverman thinks we are being ridiculous. You know what's ridiculous? Rigging an election, t... htt…
Sarah Silverman to Bernie Sanders supporters at convention: "You're being ridiculous"
Sarah Silverman to Bernie or Busters: You’re being ridiculous
mashable: Sarah Silverman goes off script, majorly calls out Bernie supporters
Sarah Silverman to the Bernie Or Bust people: "You're being ridiculous"
Sketchvention: Sarah Silverman throws down the gauntlet.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
No wait Has Sarah Silverman ever been happy? No. Has she ever been funny? No!
Can we get Sarah Silverman back out just real quick to tell them to STFU?
This is truly FUNNY: erupt in raucous jeers & boos as Sarah Silverman struggles to make jokes & endorse H…
Accurate description of events & condescension from celebrities like Sarah Silverman who left her empathy at the...
Gift of the day: You pick: Silverman OBama Sanders Warren
half truth. He has endorsed, but as Sarah Silverman pointed out, lots of Bernie or Bust people.
BREAKING: Thousands of 'ridiculous' people unfollow Sarah Silverman.
Watch Sarah Silverman tell Bernie or Busters to grow the *** up:
I would burn all my Sarah Silverman albums and posters but never had any because she is ridiculous
Sarah Silverman — a Bernie Sanders supporter — had a message for some attendees of the DNC.
Sarah Silverman Comedian Sarah Silverman gave it straight to die-hard Bernie Sanders ...
After a day of protests by Sanders supporters, Silverman was the perfect breath of fresh air https:…
What's next? Sarah Silverman bragging about when she felt a baby slither down her leg and she knifed it and drank its b…
Sarah Silverman: 'Bernie or bust' people are ridiculous - CNN Video
Hey DNC, this is what watching Sarah Silverman's attempt to unify the delegates was like.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Watch call out "ridiculous" Bernie supporters who won't back Hillary
Democrats dispatched Sarah Silverman to defuse the Bernie Sanders situation. It didn’t go great.
Sarah Silverman, once a Sanders backer, tells she plans to vote for Clinton. https:/…
It took a celebrity, a comedian, to do what Sanders should have done several weeks ago
There are more boos at the DNC than Sarah Silverman's last Comedy Central special.
Funny how nervous Al Franken and Sarah Silverman looked when the Bernie chants were getting louder lol
Al Franken and Sarah Silverman getting booed is the best thing the Democrats have ever done.
I have NEVER cringed harder than when watching the exchange between Sarah Silverman and Al Franken.
Expected laugh riot turns to bomb threat as Al Franken, Sarah Silverman attempt to stall at DNC
Al Franken & Sarah Silverman, two of the most ignorant people on the planet, getting lots of face time at https:/…
See Al Franken skewer Donald Trump and Sarah Silverman slam "Bernie or Bust" at
Al Franken and Sarah Silverman bring down the house!
Sarah Silverman calls the 'Bernie of Bust' people RIDICULOUS via
I am in hog heaven, first Sarah Silverman now Cory Booker
to quote Sarah Silverman earlier, they'll fix that in post.
DNC. Sarah Silverman was super with Sen. Al Franken trying to persuade Bernie supporters to Hillary. We must unite!
I wonder how rough the recession was on Sarah Silverman... did SHE lose her insurance? Job? Home? How far removed are you from minimum wage?
Sarah Silverman. I will now cook for you again.
Sarah Silverman just inadvertently checked Susan Sarandon. What a time to be alive.
Hopefully Susan Sarandon takes a page from Sarah Silverman.
LIVE - Sarah Silverman says at DNC: 'To the Bernie or bust people, you're being ridiculous.'
Yes, Eugene Robinson is right: Sarah Silverman may have given the most important speech of the night.
Sarah Silverman, "Bernie or bust supporters, you're being ridiculous". lol!
If you're a Republican, don't listen to Dana White or Willie Roberson. If you're a Democrat, don't listen to Sarah Silverman, Michael Moore
"To the people you are being ridiculous" ~ Sarah Silverman
Sarah Silverman has just turned heel. I think some guy from Lockheed Martin or Nour al-Din al-Zinki or something is on next.
Sarah Silverman followed by Paul Simon at the DNC is a bizarre combination
Sarah Silverman drops the mic on the people disrupting
But really, Sarah Silverman is probably handling the crowd chanting "Bernie" better than almost anyone else could.
"You don't get what you want, you get what you think you deserve." . -- Sarah Silverman's shrink. (Btw, I was...
"Citizens United is not a necessary evil" - Sarah Silverman
I don't know anything about Sarah Silverman but DAT DRESS SHE WEARIN IS ON POINT
Sarah Silverman about to *** em off by urging them to vote for Hillary.
Sarah Silverman's speech about why she supported Bernie is good. She's one of my favorites tonight.
Eva Longoria, Demi Lovato, & Sarah Silverman, yes you definitely got your dumb female voter base covered with th…
Does anyone remember when Sarah Silverman was funny? Me neither.
DNC- "we have real speakers!" When names like Sarah Silverman, Demi Lovato, and Eva Longoria flash across the screen to s…
Sarah Silverman & the other Hollywood elite are at the to remind us that everything Dems do is just an ac…
Sarah Silverman, Eva Longoria, Demi Lovato are spoiled, self righteous liberals. Who cares what they think!
If anything I would have gone with a few different comedians like Kristen Schaal and Sarah Silverman
I'm wildly different than Maria Bamford or Sarah Silverman, and might be more similar to som...
Whitney Cummings and Sarah Silverman beat out a handful of those for me. TJ Miller live kind of disappointed me.
Sarah Silverman almost died of 'freak' disease last week, she reveals. via don't like this!!
Comedy Note: Sarah Silverman was in ICU with severe case of Epiglotitis ...
So glad ur okay! Ur friends at the dog park wish u well. Life's not done w/ u yet. via
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Sarah Silverman 'lucky to be alive' after 5 days in ICU .
Seriously, I think she tried to overdose... Is 'Lucky to Be Alive' After being in ICU for Five Days .
Y'all Sarah Silverman almost died from what she thought was a sore throat so now my anxiety-disorder-induced hypochondria is back hooray
lmao I forgot his name but he rolls with Sarah Silverman I think
Sarah Silverman recounts her terrifying ICU story and says she almost died last week.
One thing about writing 'The Sarah Silverman Program' was the concern ...
Sending big love and wishing a speedy recovery to - a brilliant and dedicated LGBT ally.
Comedian Sarah Silverman "lucky to be alive" after suffering with epiglottitis.
Indeed she is! Very dangerous illness!-->Sarah Silverman says she's 'insanely lucky to be alive'
Sarah Silverman Almost Died In Hospital Last Week: The comedian Sarah Silverman is usually quite active on so...
Sarah Silverman 'lucky to be alive' after 'freak' health condition: Comedian-actress Sarah Silverman says she...
Sarah Silverman "Insanely Lucky to Be Alive" After Medical Scare: The comedian details her weeklong recovery from a…
Sarah Silverman reveals she almost DIED after 'sore throat' was epiglottitis: Comedian and actress Sarah Silv...
Business proposition, we start banging out Sarah Silverman sex dolls.
Sarah Silverman & Michael Moore are considered celebrities lol? Celebrities 'Heartbroken' Over Brexit Breitbart
Little Giant Ladders
Never heard of her. Is she trying to be a Sarah Silverman & Chelsea Handler crude combo? Extreme fail.
Sarah Silverman and Iliza Shlesinger will also bring their stand-up shows to Montreal.
Is it me or is Sarah Silverman low key bad af? Keep in mind she's 45 and looks nowhere near it!!!
Comedian Sarah Silverman Says Jesus Is Fiction This assures me Satan is real... just look at what is going on
Catch two-time Emmy Award winner perform at 6/1:
God will not be mocked. Every knee will bow before Jesus soon enough and everyone will have to account for their... ht…
I did a face swap with Sarah Silverman and sent it to Rhiannon and she thought I was just wearing make up
That chorus in I Took A Pill in Ibiza sounds like he's saying "sad songs" but I guess it's actually "Sarah Silverman"…
One of the moms here looks like Sarah Silverman 😍
It's a shame to see a great comedian like Sarah Silverman submit to something as abhorant as political correctness.
GT the Armenian Comedian was talking about how much Sarah Silverman looked like a boy. I'm going to have to claim her & his Ford F150.
If Mel Brooks, Joan Rivers, and Sarah Silverman can joke about it, why can't we?
Sarah Silverman defends abortions and ageism to Bill Maher. US comedian and ...
Some trolling *** comedian like Sarah Silverman probably
Actually many Jews brag about Jesus having been killed and some, like comedian Sarah Silverman, say they would...
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
her act is a slap in the face to pioneers such as Kathleen Madigan, Sarah Silverman, Kristen Schaal, etc
Sarah Silverman on Political Comedy and Bernie Sanders: He’s ‘Already Won’ via
5 Star: Sarah Silverman "I have been using The Wright Group for 3 years to set up for an annual family reunion.
Amy Shumer and Sarah Silverman are mah beeyatches.
Judd Apatow, Sarah Silverman and more comedy greats honor Garry Shandling at his memorial:
I will be completely inconsolable when Tina Fey, Sarah Silverman, Amy Poehler, Kathy Griffin, Drew Barrymore pass on, & I hate to suggest it
Sarah Silverman is a comedic genius. Kaitlin Olson is too.
Would it be the worst thing in the world if I threw Sarah Silverman over my shoulder & commandeered Hearst Castle?
Tegan&Sara are just Sarah Silverman and Kristen Stewart doing impressions of each other
Why is it, whenever I read The Bell Jar, Esther Greenwood always sounds like Sarah Silverman in my mind.
Interview of Josh homme by Sarah Silverman. When comedy was actually funny, way back when.
No. He's just an untalented comedian, much like Stephen Colbert or Sarah Silverman.
I see your Susan Sarandon and Sarah Silverman endorsements and raise you:
New post: Sarah Silverman on why she’s voting for Bernie Sanders
Sarah Silverman set to join Emma Stone on the cast of...
Pretty much covers all the arguments!!! Sarah Silverman, you did a GREAT JOB!
Louie is a weird show bc it makes u look at Louis CK like a regular man but then he'll randomly call like Sarah Silverman
Sarah Silverman on why she's voting for Bernie Sanders
Sarah Silverman reassures America: You can still be a 'rich a*shole' if Sanders is president
Sarah Silverman is joining Emma Stone and Steve Carell in...
Sarah Silverman posts pro-Sanders video on YouTube: All but South Caroli...
So why can Sarah Silverman like both and but I can't? You guys are too much.
Oh no. Sarah Silverman dressed up as Hitler...
Good sarah silverman hyping Bernie Sanders video... Check it out... Share it ... Preach the Bern
Sarah Silverman is the absolute worst comedian/person on this planet.
Sarah Silverman, Kathy Griffin, Lily Tomlin, Marlo Thomas to pay tribute to Joan Rivers in documentary Apr. 1
April’s Points to Ponder is Sarah Silverman, an American stand-up comedian and actress, in Vogue
Sarah Silverman should stick to being crude and unfunny and leave the political commentary people like Larry the Cable Guy.
Sarah Silverman sure is a funny comedian
Sarah Silverman: Comedian, Actress Endorses Bernie Sanders for President. “He just believes that people who don’t...
Sarah Silverman on why we should vote for Bernie Sanders: The comedian, who used to be…
I don't even like Sarah Silverman as a comedian, why would I follow her politically anywhere?
A short breakdown of the Bernie campaign and why feminist comedian Sarah Silverman chooses him over the female...
Yes, please watch this from comedian and actress Sarah Silverman.
Points to Ponder: Sarah Silverman, American stand-up comedian and actress, on Vogue.
I love this video: Actor & comedian Sarah Silverman explains why she's voting for Bernie
Sarah Silverman for 😱 I mean she's a comedian so should the endorsement be considered a joke? Jk the vid is 💯.
Judd Apatow, Sarah Silverman, Tig Notaro, Patton Oswalt and Adam Pally all love Maria Bamford and her new show on...
Actors Will Ferrell, Jeremy Piven, John C. Reilly, Danny DeVito, and Sarah Silverman are among the 128 “artists...
So good to see in the Lonely Island film... What a cast it is, Bill Hader, Andy Samberg, Sarah Silverman and 500 snl members
Tina Fey, Sarah Silverman, Poehler, Rebel Wilson etc have all done it. It just gets more attention now
What do Sarah Silverman, John Fugelsang and Jimmy Dore have in common?. They're "comedians" who think being self-righteous is hip.
. Yeah I should! (I'm funnier than some too). Just look at how unfunny Sarah Millican, Miranda Hart, & Sarah Silverman are X
Lace looks like a hybrid of Teri Hatcher & Sarah Silverman. Does anyone else see it?
Thrilled to power the social experience @ Sarah Silverman, Michael Cera, Reggie Watts + 30 more!
Will Ferrel, Danny Devito, Sarah Silverman, and John C. Reilly all endorsed Bernie. Why are comedians always the best breed of celebrity?
She's a talented actress and comedian with a big personality. But it was Sarah Silverman's bursting bust that got her noticed at the
Sarah Silverman, Tracy Morgan, Jessica Williams, Michael Che, more to Chicago for Onion/A.V.Club Fest via
hey bro I'm not excluding Amy Schumer of the Sarah Silverman program
I've slept on it and decided best dressed of the night were Kate Capshaw's bangs and Sarah Silverman's eyebrows.
Sorry Carl, Sarah Silverman gets my vote for the funniest, and prettiest comedian performing today...or tomorrow.
||. Why is Sarah Silverman a comedian when she makes ugly jokes about rape (!!) while I make funny jokes about paper.
Sarah Silverman will never in a million yrs be 1/2 the comedian Joan Rivers was Too much I'm entitled empowered cuz I am woman going on
Can men and woman equally agree that Sarah Silverman is a terrible comedian?
It's a good thing Sarah Silverman had a tag that said "Stand-up comedian," hopefully nobody thought it was just another painful joke
that's just Sarah Silverman, the most unfunny female comedian.
Sarah Silverman is the single most unfunny "comedian" I have ever seen.
Sarah Silverman & I r never on the same page in presidential primaries but she is still our goddess KWEEN COMEDIAN ALL HAIL
Sarah Silverman is a good example of a comedian that isn't funny at all
How, how is Sarah Silverman considered a comedian? Stop. Just stop... You are not funny!
Sarah Silverman is the greatest living female comedian. Period.
For a pro comedian, Sarah Silverman sure misread the room -- especially when she know weeks in advance.
Sarah Silverman gotta be least funny comedian to ever unfortunately grace a mic stand
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