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Sarah Ruhl

Sarah Ruhl (born 1974) is an American playwright.

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Sarah Ruhl and Carol Churchill too. Churchill's Cloud 9 has some poetic beauties.
Just passed Sarah Ruhl while checking the mail Frick
Also final week for THE Clean House by Sarah Ruhl and I LOVE YOU NOW
Recent plays like The Mountaintop by Katori Hall, Red by John Logan, Orlando by Sarah Ruhl. Found on kindle. Sparknote proof!
lol apparently I sat in a lounge with Sarah Ruhl yesterday and didn't know it
Sarah Ruhl is here and she's my favorite and we passed each other in the hallway and she smiled at me! :D
Eurydice by Sarah Ruhl & directed by Prof David Feldshuh in The Flex…
.your book is reminding me a lot of sarah ruhl's Eurydice except I'm not as sad at the end
4 of 5 stars to In the Next Room, or the vibrator play by Sarah Ruhl
How to Transcend a play by Sarah Ruhl https…
How to Transcend a play by Sarah Ruhl
Naomi Iizuka and Sarah Ruhl named next Roger S. Berlind Playwrights-in-Residence at the Lewis Center for the Arts
Krass will be doing a Sarah Ruhl play next season (if we get the rights). We should read some of Naomi Iizuka's...
Have you ever read/seen any plays by Sarah Ruhl or Maria Irene Fornes?
I just read "The Oldest Boy" by Sarah Ruhl and if you don't mind I'm just going to lie down on the floor and sob the rest of the day.
Day VIII on Crutches: living vicariously through Sarah Ruhl essays and self loathing
Loved honoring Sarah Ruhl at the Samuel French awards. Thanks for my comfy dress!http…
Sarah Ruhl's STAGE KISS begins performances today at Geffen Playhouse Los Angeles, California...
Great to see Matthew Scott Montgomery in the cast of Stage Kiss by Sarah Ruhl at the Geffen Playhouse! Matthew is...
Dead Man'S CELL PHONE by Sarah Ruhl presented by WA Theater Arts TONIGHT at 8:00 pm in the Performing Arts Center. htt…
Playwright Sarah Ruhl fights about poetry at brunch :)
Opening Tonight on the LVLT Mainstage - In the Other Room or The Vibrator Play by Sarah Ruhl. Get your tickets...
"Adoration of the Old Woman was the best play I've seen since Sarah Ruhl's The Clean House". Rave from last night. https:…
This is an absolutely delightful interview with playwrite "Memory, love, time" Sarah Ruhl: By the Book
Stage Kiss begins a week from today! You won't want to miss this amazing production!
EURYDICE by Sarah Ruhl - Poetry, myth (sensing a theme?), heart, tears & a house made of string mix in a magical play
Follow for updates on WUDS' production of EURYDICE by Sarah Ruhl! Shows begin term 3, week 3 at Warwick University!
House is opening for Eurydice, by Sarah Ruhl. Come support the amazing cast tonight for their opening!
Max Ritvo Writes to Sarah Ruhl - life and death and wormholes, good good good read
Join us tonight for opening night of Eurydice:
Over at the New York Times Sunday Book Review, playwright and author Sarah Ruhl shares which works of literature...
Looking for Lilith Theatre Company - Virginia Woolf's Orlando, adapted by Sarah Ruhl: via
Letters with Sarah Ruhl on Afterlife, Consciousness, Love. Thanks to for holding my heart (and hers).
Theatre presented “Eurydice,” Sarah Ruhl’s reimagining of the classic Greek myth about a young girl
Tonight and tomorrow, auditions for two acclaimed plays by Sarah Ruhl performed in repertory. Open to everyone in...
Sarah Ruhl: By the Book: The playwright and author, most recently, of “The Oldest Boy” says what moves…
Got this pen when I went to see the playwright Sarah Ruhl at Villanova last year, but actually my friend Jen went
Sarah Ruhl on the book that made her who she is today: A Room of One's Own + the Betsy-Tacy series | NYT By the Book ht…
Sarah Ruhl, we are officially friends. Allow me to take you to a very non-combative brunch.
What moves Sarah Ruhl in lit: "The writer who says: 'Here I stood! I loved the world enough to write it all down.'"
Reading the NYT book review and Sarah Ruhl mentions her favourite poem. It's really quite wonderful, so I'm...
SRuhl "I haven't wept over a book in a long time, which makes me worry about myself, or does that represent growth?"
The book suggests that people from the Midwest (I’m from Illinois) can be writers, and retain a sense of irony
Introducing the title character of EURYDICE by Sarah Ruhl!
"where the women characters are beautiful and get raped a lot, but in a literary way." >> Sarah Ruhl: By the Book
Sarah Ruhl: "One Art" by Elizabeth Bishop is "the only poem I’ve ever gotten in a real fight about." Story, please.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Sarah Ruhl joins to talk her favorite works of literature for
"Reading plays is sort of laborious. I prefer watching them or making them." Sarah Ruhl, By the Book:
Don't mind a side of Cherry Jones with a helping of Sarah Ruhl.
Sarah Ruhl's Three Sisters is divine and I have a copy. It's translated by a Russian native literally then adapted by Ruhl.
Every so often, we all need a bit of inspiration. So we gathered up some Sam French authors, from Sarah Ruhl to...
Glad to hear! And congrats to your mom, too. Looking forward to the new Sarah Ruhl play.
I read Sarah Ruhl's Eurydice in one go today, add it to your 420 list!
‘Eurydice’ performance breathes new life into old myth: At age 20, playwright Sarah Ruhl lost her father to cancer.…
Victor Wishna of reviews by Sarah Ruhl!. http:…
At Houston's edgy, pay-what-you-can "Beckett is our Shakespeare and Sarah Kane is our Sarah Ruhl".
I thought of you when I recorded Sarah Ruhl for the podcast. Two words: birth story.
With all the interest in Victorian times, Sarah Ruhl's The Vibrator Play seems appropriate. Highly recommend it.
devouring Sarah Ruhl's collection of essays. thanks to
"Zero is a big number and it is a big as God!" -Tenzin (Oldest Boy) by Sarah Ruhl…
In case you missed it while you were bbq'ing poolside yesterday, our new ep features & Sarah Ruhl --
Let the new carry you into this four-day week. Ep 38 with & Sarah Ruhl:
"theater is at its roots some very brave people mutually consenting to a make-believe world" - Sarah Ruhl
Hello afternoon. Did you know that & Sarah Ruhl are on our latest episode? WELL THEY ARE.
have you ever read In The Next Room by Sarah Ruhl? I recommend. It's wild
ZOMG you did it. You got Sarah Ruhl to read on . Holy crap.
I could not be more thrilled to have & Sarah Ruhl reading on this episode of
by Sarah Ruhl: Teachers' words remain after parting. In time, we teach others.
Do you like Sarah Ruhl? I'm reading a collection of her plays and they are so wonderful & I think you would enjoy them.
I’ve said that I want my writing to be Sarah Vowell + Eula Biss, but maybe I want to to be Vowel + Biss + Sarah Ruhl.
Visually and vocally, Sarah Ruhl is like a blend of Sarah Vowell and Eula Biss. Maybe also in terms of writing?
by Sarah Ruhl. . Love that transcends culture, faith and many lifetimes.
ALL the Sarah Ruhl love this season! Shoutout to our friends w/ playing now thru 10/4
Reading a collection of Sarah Ruhl's plays as inspiration and fuel for curiosity for the next…
Making it Happen in Berkeley: extends Sarah Ruhl's EURYDICE! Read a review
Frescos is quite near Cape May Stage, which will be putting on Sarah Ruhl's Dead Man's Cell Phone next. Wonder how it'll go over hereabouts.
VIDEO: Check out this video of by Sarah Ruhl! Pay What U Can on Tues., Wed. & Thurs. each week!
(I have heard nothing but bad things about Stage Kiss and have avoided reading it as a result so as to not mar my love for Sarah Ruhl)
Mostly because I'm a *** for Sarah Ruhl. And literally haven't heard any of his work
She's terrific! You can check out her other plays here:
if you're looking for theatre ish I suggest the *** out of Sarah Ruhl. In the Next Room is gr8 but you can't go wrong w/her.
News & odds & ends about Kaija Saariaho, a plethora of Sarah Ruhl's plays, West Edge Opera, and more coming up in …
Read this now! Then come see Sarah Ruhl's tomorrow at 7pm RT“
"Meditate on what we can do to affect change in very solemn times" -Sarah Ruhl & Passion Play:
also realizing I left Sarah Ruhl off my list which is a crime
Love Sarah Ruhl? Us too. Check her chat from poetry to theatre:
Frances McDormand, Kathleen Chalfant, Sarah Ruhl & more join new season →
Well I've been on this Rattigan kick. I read the Adam Rapp collection & liked that. Hate Sarah Ruhl (sacrilege).
Hooray 'Eurydice by Sarah Ruhl by Foul Play' is included - Claim and find more stats here
Two days until Eurydice by Sarah Ruhl goes up at Thurs. 8:45 at Venue 4!
my dad keeps telling me to write to Sarah Ruhl asking her to translate more Chekhov
"Structure implies subtraction or repression; without the taking away or the hiding, there is everything, or formlessness." -Sarah Ruhl
Only TWO days away from the opening of Dear Elizabeth by Sarah Ruhl, starring JoBeth Williams and Julian Sands.
Sarah Ruhl's work is a huge inspiration to us. Check out her interview with badass mag
Actors Theatre nabs stellar cast for the world premiere of Sarah Ruhl play next year
Good reason to go to in Sept: Sarah Ruhl’s Dead Man’s Cellphone at Loved it at
Neil labutte, Theresa Rebeck or Sarah Ruhl write plays with good monologues for women
Sarah Ruhl on American culture and her new play at "I think our culture actually hates children."
Celia Keenan-Bolger in a new Sarah Ruhl play. Could tonight get better?
Mediation. Motherhood. Love. Sarah Ruhl & chat about all of the above in this article. Love it!.
Click out photos from last night's opening of playwright Sarah Ruhl's
'Dear Elizabeth' by Sarah Ruhl, about Elizabeth Bishop and Robert Lowell, opens tomorrow
Look for the posters in coffee shops and other establishments across the city. The Enthusiasts production of Sarah Ruhl's Dead Man's Cell Phone will be the first time the play will be performed by a non-equity theatre company since its run at Steppenwolf in 2008! Plan a night out with your friends - our mission is to make the theatre experience more accessible to the masses - well known plays with reasonable ticket prices. Where else will you enjoy a Sarah Ruhl written play for $20 a ticket! Please 'share' and spread the word!
You can tell by the picture above that the Bloomsbury Group is very excited to get their invitation to CATAC/NWPL's Virginia Woolf Lawn Party Fundraiser on August 17! This fundraiser follows the run of NWPL's production of Virginia Woolf's ORLANDO adapted by Sarah Ruhl from August 7-16 at The Balch Street Theatre. Watch for more info...
Sarah Ruhl's stage adaptation of Orlando this evening was delightful. Bravo Loyola theater students!
"How does a person remember to forget. It's difficult." Eurydice by Sarah Ruhl
Here are Convergence's and Julie Tepperman accepting for Sarah Ruhl (best int'l play)
5 of 5 stars to Dead Man's Cell Phone by Sarah Ruhl
You should love the author more than the characters. He made you fall in love with them.
I don't love him. He's fictional. He's a brilliant character, nothing more.
no. You don't love me. You are not human if you don't love gus. I ❤️ u doe
I understand. I read the book. It's sad. I get it. But that's all I see 24/7 . Annoying af. Love you though.
Rehearsals start today!!! Only 25 days left!! Help make it happen for Passion Play by Sarah Ruhl on
But a wedding is for a father and daughter. They stop being married to each other on that day.”. - Sarah Ruhl
Hey actors: The Custom Made Theatre Co is holding an open call for: LATE: A COWBOY SONG by Sarah Ruhl, Directed by Ariel Craft and HOW THE WORLD BEGAN by Catherine Treischmann, Directed by Leah S. Abrams (Bay Area premiere) Location: At Gough Street Playhouse, 1620 Gough St (at Bush) SF, Date: Saturday, May 17, with slots available from 10am.-2pm. You must make an appointment (see below.) Save the Dates Callbacks for Late: A Cowboy Song will be Saturday May 31st. Callbacks for How the World Began will be Sunday June 15 or Monday June 16 (TBD). You can sign up for an appointment here: Characters for LATE: A COWBOY SONG -Crick (male, 20s) — Absolutely unsure of his own identity outside of his relationship, and ever fearful that he’ll have to face himself. Charming, fragile, and childlike. Well-meaning and yet perpetually doing and saying all the wrong things. Does not sing. -Mary (female, 20s) — On the cusp of a huge realization and increasingly aware of herself. Marked by a dedication to self-explor ...
7Days: Regional arts and entertainment: SundayPen pals Sarah Ruhl's epistolary drama Dear Elizabeth tells of the...
Not many. Sarah Ruhl. David Henry Hwang. Tom Stoppard. Doug Wright and David Lindsay-Abaire have done drama and musicals.
Charles Isherwood's latest is the Sarah Ruhl comedy "Stage Kiss"
Open letter from Our theater director Mr Kyle Lewis: Dear Parents, I just wanted to take a moment to say, THANK YOU to ALL of the parents who have helped in any way with theatre this year. We began the year with a Renaissance Feaste that was reportedly, “Even better than the year before! It’s great to see students now take ownership of the Feaste.” I couldn’t agree more. We continued with a 2nd Place Sweepstakes trophy in the largest division at the High School Shakespeare Competition. Proving that jumping TWO divisions to the top was the right move to make. Our students not only held their own, but helped to dismantle Hillcrest’s seven year domination of 1st Place. I’m sure that should we have stayed in the Cambridge Division we would have taken 1st. But these students are so much more than a 1st place trophy in a division they can easily win. Then we took on Eurydice by Sarah Ruhl, a Utah high school first! I cannot imagine students more capable of tackling this modern poetic material. It wa ...
IN THE NEXT ROOM (or the vibrator play) - this Thursday and Friday at 7:30 pm - Seay Theatre! Tickets are 8.00 general admission. House opens for seating at 7:00 pm. Don't miss this show! Such an amazing cast, crew, and production. And don't let the word 'vibrator' in the title scare you. Get your tickets and see this show. You will be so glad you did! "Insightful, fresh and funny, the play is as rich in thought as it is in of the most gifted and adventurous American playwrights to emerge in recent years...In the Next Room is a true novelty: a sex comedy designed not for sniggering teenage boys — or grown men who wish they were still sniggering teenage boys — but for adults with open hearts and minds." - The New York Times "A play that's smart, delicate and very, very funny!" - New York Post "If Henrik Ibsen and Oscar Wilde had decided to collaborate on a post-modern drawing-room comedy, the hotsy-totsy twosome surely would have turned out something very much like Sarah Ruhl's gen ...
Casting "Passion Play," an epic three-act play by two-time Pulitzer finalist Sarah Ruhl that tells the story of three different stagings of the Passion, set in
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To loosely quote Dr. Emmett Brown, in less than 24 hours, "you're going to see some serious s**t": Surprise Fill in the Blank at the Firehouse Theatre Project tomorrow at 8 PM (7:30 PM is when the house opens), directed by me, and starring Evan Nasteff, Caylyn Janette Temple, John Mincks, and Grey Garrett! Admission is free (but donations are welcome!), the bar will be open, and there will be an opportunity for one lucky audience member to win two free tickets to a future Firehouse Theater production if they can guess, before the curtain raises, what show we will be doing tomorrow night! Is it Thornton Wilder? Is it Sarah Kane? Or Sarah Ruhl? Or Paula Vogel? Or Paul Rudnick? Come tomorrow night and find out!
Also: playwright Sarah Ruhl discusses her Pulitzer Prize-nominated play examining the 19th Century medical use of vibrators.
After littering my floor with every script I own (which is a lot) I have finally decided on a play by Sarah Ruhl. 💕
On my way to rehearsal for stage play "In The Next Room" by Sarah Ruhl Designer run through tonight!…
Sarah Ruhl is the most perfect playwright.
hello! Have been asked to track down interview with you and Sarah Ruhl re: Eurydice. Having trouble! Any leads?
Thank you for the support for Sarah Ruhl's Melancholy Play, we had a blast! See you next production :)
Just realized Sarah Ruhl did a rewrite/translation of Chekhov's 3 sisters too. Nice!
Such a pleasure watching Couch Theatre's Melancholy Play last night! Sarah Ruhl's writing is witty, entertaining and beautiful.
Can't wait to watch Melancholy Play tonight. Finally getting a listen of Sarah Ruhl's writing!
It's one of those "pinch me" weeks at People's Light & Theatre Company. We just had a terrific opening of BARCELONA by Bess Wohl. Today Eisa Davis, Karen Hartman, and Kathryn Petersen start their New Play Frontiers residencies (with Vern Thiessen as their ever-invaluable residency maestro). On Friday NOISES OFF rehearsals begin at the same time as auditions for Sarah Ruhl's DEAR ELIZABETH (directed by Lisa Rothe) take place. Happy birthday week to me!
Three of Toronto's leading indie theatre companies, Outside the March, Convergence Theatre, and Sheep No Wool present the Canadian premiere of Passion Play by Sarah Ruhl. Brought to Toronto's East End by Crow's Theatre. Ambitious in theme and scope, this provocative work spans the years 1575-1984 a...
PAD sponsored playwright Sarah Ruhl discusses play "In the Next Room" at 4:15 today in Brown Lounge.
I'm waiting to hear if I'll be allowed to audition for Renaissance, First Stage, and Next Act, at their Equity auditions next week. Equity Membership Candidates may audition at Equity Principal Auditions with the consent of the auditors. Although these companies were at the Milwaukee Generals, I did Shakespeare and sang, so I'd do my Neil Simon and Sarah Ruhl monologues. My motto: "Have Mature Character Will Travel. No part too small."
Today at Virginia Woolf's "Orlando" adapted by Sarah Ruhl at 8PM in the JKB Theater Black Box
Tonight is Super Secret Password night for This terrific, Pulitzer Prize and Tony nominated play by Sarah Ruhl. Dr. Givings is treating his patients' hysteria with a new invention, the vibrator, and Mrs. Givings is determined to find out how it works. She finds out much more!
It feels like the internet is mapping my past this weekend. Sarah Ruhl and I went to high school together. Go Sarah!
Sarah Ruhl brings Elizabeth Bishop and Robert Lowell to the stage: Poet turned playwright Sarah Ruhl’s latest st...
Sarah Ruhl brings Elizabeth Bishop and Robert Lowell's dramatic relationship to the stage
"Lettering the Stage" by Ruth Graham | Sarah Ruhl's latest play on Elizabeth Bishop - Robert Lowell correspondance |
Sarah Ruhl, one of the most celebrated and honored playwrights of her generation, returns to Yale Rep with the world premiere of Dear Elizabeth, chronicling the remarkable thirty-year friendship between two of the most celebrated and honored American poets of the 20th century: Elizabeth Bishop and R...
They think it's this huge self-congratulatory "risk" to cast a Black Annie. Or a "risk" to stage a woman who isn't Sarah Ruhl. OR WHO IS.
'In the Next Room' produces a warm buzz: Sarah Ruhl's play about the invention of the vibrator tw...
Sarah Ruhl play "In the Next Room" extended at Jungle Theater thru Dec. 23. 12 more shows. Our review:
I often reread the letters between poets Lowell and Bishop. Now Sarah Ruhl brings them to life. Can't wait.
If you could go back in time to see any theatrical production in history, what would it be?
'Both actors attempt too ardently for my taste to turn the letters into performances.' This play is boring bc LETTERS
“Dear Elizabeth” distills letters between Robert Lowell & Elizabeth Bishop into a play at the Yale Repertory Theater:
Well, I guess I don't have to feel quite so bad YSD took back my ticket.
Sarah Ruhl's new play is an adaptation of the Elizabeth Bishop and Robert Lowell letters. Have other literary correspondences been adapted?
Sarah Ruhl's new play gets a nice review from the NY Times:...
""I seem to spend my live missing you,"Robert Lowell wrote to Elizabeth Bishop: via
New play at the Yale Repertory Theater about the friendship between Elizabeth Bishop & Robert Lowell:
Sarah Ruhl, playwright who penned 'In The Next Room' has a new play:
Yeah, is only considered one of the greatest living playwrights. He's no Sarah Ruhl, though.
A Stamp on the Outside, Intimacy on the Inside - -
My first impression of world premiere of Sarah Ruhl's "Dear Elizabeth" at Yale Rep:
Mary Beth Fisher and Jefferson Mays play the poets Elizabeth Bishop and Robert Lowell in the new Sarah Ruhl play "Dear Elizabeth" at Yale...
Dead Man’s Cell Phone: A dark comedy by Sarah Ruhl When Jean answers the cell phone of a Dead Man in a café, she inserts herself unexpectedly into his life and discovers all the little oddities surrounding him. Sarah Ruhl was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize in 2005 for her play, The Clean House. Venue: Arts Building Date: 5th Dec 2012 - 8th Dec 2012 Timing: 19:00 - 21:00 Cost: AED 25 for AUS ID card holders | AED 50 for for non-AUS ID card holders
my favorite play is the Melancholy Play by Sarah Ruhl! Or anything by Becket or Kushner. :)
Best new play goes to IN THE NEXT ROOM by Sarah Ruhl for Theatre Royal Bath's Ustinov Studio
Do you like theatre arts? Do you like the work of the Tony/Pulitzer-nominated genius playwright Sarah Ruhl? If so, please "Like" this status. I know this seems strange, but trust me on this.
Help fund our production of Sarah Ruhl's Passion Play at NYU Tisch; support young artists in the creation of exciting, thought-provoking theatre.
Sarah Ruhl, one of America’s most produced playwrights, will host a free evening of discussion on Monday, Oct. 8. Listen to Kevin Landis’ interview with Ruhl in advance of here appearance here.
Just finished reading In The Next Room. Thanks, Sarah Ruhl, for another play about how hard it is to be a rich little white girl.
Tony Kushner, David Mamet, John Guare, Paula Vogel, Sam Shepard, Beth Henley, and Sarah Ruhl. - What Productions they do...
Tonight at 7 pm the library will present a staged reading of "Eurydice" written by Sarah Ruhl and directed by Brandon Monokian. This is a reprise performance from last summer by popular demand. It is a lyrical play of immense beauty. Read more about it on the popular site Library as Incubator:
A whimsical romantic comedy, "The Clean House" by Sarah Ruhl opens the 2012-2013 Season at Staller Center for the Arts at Stony Brook University.
that Sarah's House show is coming back! And they're decorating a new build. I'm sure you're just as thrilled about this as me :)
Fires in the Mirror, Sarah Ruhl's plays, David Ives' All in the Timing (comic), The Heidi Chronicles, Horton Foote's work
Travel beyond life with Sarah Ruhl's EURYDICE. A poetic journey of love and loss -- opening Sept 14th.
Sarah Ruhl: A Critical Study of the Plays: Although not yet 40, two-time Pulitzer finalist Sarah Ruhl has establ...
24-HOUR Passion Play! My personal goal: Get a cease and desist from Sarah Ruhl. Because we put on her play about community theater and how it's better than established theaters. Come see if the cops show up!
Last year, an amazing group of people put on an incredible production of Angels in America in 24 hours. Will we do it again this year with Sarah Ruhl's Passion Play? Only one way to find out. 24-HOUR Passion Play
Thanks for premiering plays by August Wilson, Neil Simon, John Patrick Shanley, Wendy Wasserstein and Sarah Ruhl.
Happening in ATX: Auditions in San Antonio for Eurydice by Sarah Ruhl, Woodlawn Theatre, September 10- 11
"What men do not observe because their intelligence prevents them from seeing would fill many books." - Sarah Ruhl, 'In The Next Room'
a production not to be missed! Certain that Rusty Wilson has applied directorial genius to this beautiful AND TIMELY Sarah Ruhl play.
Going to In the Next Room or the vibrator ... at The November Theatre (formerly ... on Sun, Aug 119
A special reading of Sarah Ruhl's 'Eurydice' will support local playwrights
I saw it at ACTF two years ago, so I'm not the only one who knows it! But really, Sarah Ruhl is brilliant. You should do it!
I'm sorry. Did you say something? I can't hear you over the sound of how awesome Kentucky basketball is.
Buy Popular Forms for a Radical Theatre by Caridad Svich (Paperback) online at Lulu. Visit the Lulu Marketplace for product details, ratings, and reviews.
"eurydice" by Sarah Ruhl Presented by Cape Rep Theatre May, 2010. Directed by Maura (Mo) Hanlon; Set Design by Ryan McGettigan; Lighting Design by Herrick Go...
Finally listening to the Anne Bogart, Sarah Ruhl, Paula Vogel conversation. Full of win.
For my senior "comps" at Carleton, I'm directing Sarah Ruhl's Eurydice. To make the show as beautiful as possible, we need your help!
Beautiful article by Sarah Ruhl about the final production of 13P
We have Passion Play by Sarah Ruhl moving in this weekend! Who is coming to see it?
That Sarah Ruhl article inspired me. It has me thinking about an upcoming production in terms of "seeing what the thing is." Not press
Please help! Want to raise more $$$ for add'l performance of Sarah Ruhl's
Some quick thoughts on 13p and Sarah Ruhl not comping critics to see Melancholy Play...
"I didn't want the gaze of the reviewers, or the anticipation of the gaze, to change the event". Sarah Ruhl on theater.
The offended comments here confuse me. Who does her decision hurt? Sarah Ruhl re:not inviting press:
You don't have anything to read this Sunday evening? Get up. Walk to local bookstore. Buy "The Clean House" by Sarah Ruhl. Enjoy the summer.
Ryan ruhl has a brother named rocky ruhl and I just saw him in the flesh.
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A wall of water bottles for Sarah Ruhl, Eurydice set design. Cool.
Please help us out! We want to raise more money for an additional performance of Sarah Ruhl's
The great Sarah Ruhl reflects on her participation in 13P, the playwriting collective that just disbanded:
Spent last night at early showing of Sarah Ruhl's unreviewable Melancholy Play. Am I allowed to say I liked it?
images from Sarah Ruhl's perfect play that I saw last night are still running through my head
Just got tickets for Melancholy Play (Sarah Ruhl's 13P play), breaking my vow of no ticket buying.
We've opened Sarah Ruhl's Melancholy Play in Brooklyn It's the last play for 13P
New Yorkers, do yourselves a *** favor and see Sarah Ruhl's Melancholy Play at Invisible Dog. It is pure beauty.
"I think, is simply getting the play up" Sarah Ruhl about production in RTWhat is success?
Sarah Ruhl talks about music in plays. We are adding a live musician to because it has music, too.
Fascinating article about Sarah Ruhl's 13p Production of 'Melancholy Play'-which WAM did in November 2010:
Sarah Ruhl on 13P and on artists and their complex relationship with the press.
To review or not to review? 13P Playwright Sarah Ruhl shares her perspective in ArtsBeat: Thoughts?
This Sarah Ruhl NYT piece has all the condescension, pretension, preciousness, & phony self-seriousness of her plays:
Sarah Ruhl in on why critics are not formally invited to 13P's Melancholy Play. A lovely musing.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
The playwright Sarah Ruhl explains why critics are not being invited to review her “Melancholy Play.”
Sarah Ruhl on her decision not to open "Melancholy Play" to review on this week's Theater Talkback
Theater Talkback: A Time and a Place to Experiment: Sarah Ruhl explains why the playwrights' collective 13P has ...
from Sarah Ruhl: When did the language of clear steps become an aesthetic vocabulary for the minstrels, bohemians, jugglers, puppet-masters, flying machinists, divas, clowns, burlesque dancers, and theater artists who are meant to channel the inexplicable? In other words “I just want to make sure that the steps the character is taking on his or her journey are absolutely clear.” When did “clear steps” make for a good story? Here is Hamlet taking clear steps. “I’m going to kill him. Now I am about to kill him. Now I have killed him.” Characters take a step and then a back-step and then a leap and then a strange bedeviled jump and then they fall over. Clear steps? They are for a manual on how to put together furniture from another country. What I mean to say is: whatever happened to the Dionysian. (See Nietzsche on The Birth of Tragedy.) Our theater is now almost entirely made up of Apollos. Whatever happened to the irrational—to the notion that brilliant practicioners of an art form have pi ...
Books I bought in Staunton Virginia (as my way to keep their only new bookstore in business): 1) A new translation of "The Canterbury Tales" 2) "Passion Play" by Sarah Ruhl 3) "Les Liaisons Dangereuses" by Choderlos de Laclos 4) "David Copperfield" by Charles Dickens
The Boston-premiere of Sarah Ruhl's critically-acclaimed cycle. "Like" us to keep updated on the latest info and fun stuff related to this production.
Hat tip to for posting this excellent conversation between Sarah Ruhl & Paula Vogel:
I just assume it's just a ripoff of In The Next Room by Sarah Ruhl.
For all my theatre/musical friends, come see some amazing productions at Summer Repertory Theatre in Santa Rosa this summer! We've got five amazing shows for you, including: Avenue Q, Sweet Charity, Xanadu, Agatha Christie's "The Mousetrap," and Sarah Ruhl's "Passion Play" - tickets start at just $15 for students/seniors ($25 general)!
Sarah Ruhl never ceases to amaze me. "Dead Man's Cellphone" is simply beautiful so far.
To die laughing is a serious matter! Sarah Ruhl reaffirmed that humor is the anchor that I look for in another person. And curiosity.
Act I: Clean House -sharp effin script, instant fan of Sarah Ruhl. "A good joke can be found between an Angel and a Fart." LOVED!
After having just finished work on Sarah Ruhl's Eurydice, we are very familiar with strange stage directions.
There will Be Turbokick with Dana N. Anderson, and Full Body Blast with Sarah Ruhl , The Only Thing Missing YOU! All Of my Ex FFC Class Members Get ON IT!
The 2012-2013 Yale Rep season opens with American Night: The Ballad of Juan Jose. Take a look at the lineup here and via the Yale Rep website:
I need some ushers for Monday's (June 18th) 21 & Over...Passion Play by Sarah Ruhl! Show starts at 7:30; ushers need to be there at 6:45. Any volunteers?
Music program students Matt Leece (guitar) and Charlie Bryant (saxophone) also performed for the evening event. The new Area Arts Showcase initiative is designed to connect local creative and performing arts activities in the Susquehanna Valley with the Institute and the BU community.
Going to work and having emails from Sarah Ruhl and Austin Pendelton in my inbox and having the office abuzz with talk of the Tony's: reason's why I love my internship.
Sarah Ruhl (US) puts women up front. Can't think of a new(ish) female voice in the UK with the same consciousness.
fallen in love with Sarah Ruhl's play Sad, funny and brilliantly acted. A great reason to head to
One half down of "The Vibrator Play" at City Lights in DTSJ. Very solid production, some tremendous writing by the great Sarah Ruhl.
David Greenspan, Amy Warren set for Sarah Ruhl and Todd Almond's for 13P
"I'd rather play Judas. To be hated, that's easy. To be loved--that's hard." -Sarah Ruhl, Passion Play
-- y'know what's HIGH-LARIOUS? I went to college with Sarah Ruhl. I was even in one of her plays. I broke my toe.
Sarah Ruhl is such an interesting writer. Always has women at the forefront and she has such a reliable feminist sensibility.
Yes I do. I write strong female characters. BTW the best play I've seen recently is the vibrator play by Sarah Ruhl.
Insides are vibrating/hysterical over this article Also...Sarah Ruhl.
Interesting to hear Sarah Ruhl come down against subtext. I like Sarah Ruhl, and I also like subtext.
Stay tuned for the exciting new Soho Rep FEED Series: Chekhov and Me. Hilton Als, Sarah Ruhl & others talk Chekhov & VANYA!
Petticoats, bustles and inhibitions are quickly shed in "In the Next Room."Sarah Ruhl
"Certain brands of guilt can be inculcated in a secular way but other brands of guilt can only be obtained with reference to the metaphysical."- Dead Man's Cell Phone by Sarah Ruhl
We are so proud to have an amazing team of ambassadors as we open the weekend of June 8th. Meet Sarah Ruhl, a fitness rockstar, an inspiring woman, and arguably the best playlist maker in town.
Just saw VT Stage's production of Sarah Ruhl's Eurydice--in three sections, with three directors and casts. Interesting experiment, with more continuity than I expected. Like that local theater is trying new things.
Went to a sold-out performance of Vermont Stage Company's Bake-Off last night! They took one play - Sarah Ruhl's Eurydice - and broke it into three parts, each with a different director and cast. Great show, funny and thought-provoking, and the three parts were totally different from one another which was very cool. Only two more performances left - Sunday matinee and Sunday evening. If you like theater don't miss this!
I find it rather despicable that this faux SARAH RUHL movie HYSTERIA would rip off the idea of the brilliant play IN THE OTHER ROOM or THE PLAY ABOUT THE VIBRATOR. They will not be getting my money at the box office.
"You'll never walk alone. That's right. Because you'll always have a machine in your pants that might ring." -- Mrs. Gottlieb sings to 'You'll Never Walk Alone', Dead Man's Cell Phone by Sarah Ruhl. Ouch, what a cultural critique!
A two-time Pulitzer Prize nominee and a MacArthur “genius” award winner, Sarah Ruhl uses her wit and gift for lyrical theatricality to create a modern take on the Greek myth of Orpheus. As told through the eyes of its heroine, Eurydice undergoes a journey across the chasm of life and dea...
Review: When Tilly shows up, she elevates the common funk to dolorous heights so seductive, transporting and rarified -- cue the cello -- that only the Japanese have a word ...
Every time I clean my bathroom, I wonder if Sarah Ruhl has a cleaning lady, and, if she does, if it's awkward.
Please welcome Sarah Ruhl as our new Director of Group Exercise! We are beyond thrilled!
We are very excited to announce that Sarah Ruhl will be Chicago Athletic Club’s Group Exercise Director. Over the...
The Ustinov has the UK premiere of Sarah Ruhl's In the Next and intimacy in the 19th century
Why Tracy Letts uses a typewriter, and why Sarah Ruhl first found the Net "disgusting"
FRIDAY FREEBIE! (Clap, clap, clapclapclap - think sports arena.) What was the most recent Sarah Ruhl play that...
Off to read the May/June issue of American Theatre. Section on Canadian Theatre, Sarah Ruhl & Amanda Quaid won an essay contest. good stuff.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Tina Howe interviews Sarah Ruhl about writing them plays-
Thank you to everyone who supported The Melancholy Play by Sarah Ruhl (A Senior Capstone) yesterday it was a beautiful experience. And now on to Venus by Suzan-Lori Parks - A Senior Capstone come see a wonderfully talented hardworking cast at 6 pm today in the Dance Theater. "The Venus Hottentot is Dead, there WILL be a show tonight."
Check out Radio Bristol from 3.30 this afternoon, to hear playwright Sarah Ruhl discussing her play, IN THE NEXT...
Dead Man's Cell Phone: “Satire is her oxygen. . . . In her new oddball comedy, Dead Man’s Cell Phone, Sarah Ruhl...
A new look at an old myth: Theatre KAPOW will finish off its fourth season with the play 'Eurydice' by Sarah Ruhl...
It's pretty hard to come up with an idea Sarah Ruhl hasn't done, given that she puts 69,105 into every one of her plays.
The Dramatists Guilds In the Room Series Features Tina Howe and Sarah Ruhl: To celebrate the centennial...
Then to and to discuss Victorian women - K Summerscale, Sarah Ruhl, Elizabeth Jenkins...and murder...
Also look at "Clean House" by Sarah Ruhl. Great stuff in that one.
Therese Olson in the title role of Sarah Ruhl's "Eurydice" at Fusion Equity Theater: via
In the Room now features Sarah Ruhl with DG Council member Tina Howe.
Sarah Ruhl's THE Clean House in Rutherford, NJ, this afternoon assuming we actually find the theater unlike last weekend.
At the dawn of the age of electricity, Dr. Givings performs some experimental treatments in his home office on Victorian women suffering from hysteria. Intrigued by what’s going on in the next room, Dr. Givings’ wife, Catherine, will soon discover the “shocking” side-effects (or unexpected benefits)...
Pygmalion Theatre Co presents “In the Next Room by Sarah Ruhl, May 3 – May 20, at the Rose Wagner Theatre.
My Little Pony at Preview of Sam Green's cover image for next year's mass market edition of Light!
The TCG interview with Tracy Letts and Sarah Ruhl is a must read for any writer, director or actor. Amazing insight into the minds of the 2 best playwrights writing today. Not to mention a great picture of my friend Andrea Frankle.
I am incredibly happy to announce that I have been cast in 'In The Next Room (or the vibrator play)', by Sarah Ruhl, which will be going up June 8 - July 8 at the San Pedro Cellar Theatre. I will be playing the role of Dr. Givings. Very excited!
This event is a MUST for any fitness fan in the Windy City! Join myself, Sarah Ruhl, Dana N. Anderson, Heather...
But there's "'night, Mother" and there's "Communion" and on the other hand there's Sarah Ruhl.
Donna Murphy! AnnMarie Milazzo! Amy Warren! Michael Slattery! A new song by me and Sarah Ruhl! Ponies! (Monday, April 16th, 7pm, Le Poisson Rouge)
I really like Sarah Ruhl. I read her "The Vibrator Play" last semester. It was hilarious lol
Don't miss Sarah Ruhl's 4/12-4/14 @ 8pm in the Agganis Student Theater @ Tickets are $6!
The Vibrator Play: the woman behind the buzz - The Guardian
Don't miss Frances McDormand and Sarah Ruhl at this free event NYPL Mon Apr 23 6 pm
Don't miss Sarah Ruhl's April 12th-14th at 8pm in the Agganis Student Theater!
Sarah Ruhl describes a comforting person as being like a very small casserole in one of her plays. That woman gets it.
A play about the history of the vibrator! I loved the book too
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