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Sarah Palin

Sarah Louise Palin (née Heath; born February 11, 1964) is an American politician, commentator and author.

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Did Michelle Bachman or Sarah Palin blame their gender for not getting elected? Did Ben Carson or Herb Cain blame their defeat on their race
Sarah Palin is why pathetic loser John McCain still has a job. She saved his *** and helped defeat Hilla…
Donald Trump is Sarah Palin's idea of a smart person.
Sell tickets to see Hillary Clinton, Angela Merkel, Sarah Palin, Elizabeth Warren and Theresa May fight to death, in a coliseum?
Remember how supportive they were of Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman?
In order to reduce the federal budget, Sarah Palin claims, we should get rid of the National Labor Relations Board
Why aren't Michelle Bachman and Sarah Palin in Trump's cabinet?
Michelle Bachman, Sarah Palin, now Ronna I getting that much smarter than t…
Nobody Can Believe Sarah Palin Is Mad at Colin Kaepernick For Donating to Meals on Wheels via
being there and nothing is the same. Her presence is like Sarah Palin's ludicrous and laughable.
Calling Sarah Palin stupid have become a compliment over the years
Colin Kaepernick does exactly what Republicans say they want, but Sarah Palin still rips him for it. via
I flicked kids because it trapped Sarah Palin.
Sir remade How I Met Your Mother for Russia, retitled ' the TV series business.
Megyn Kelly does a good job of portraying Sarah Palin as a blonde, self-obsessed actress who is good at turning on the tears.
OMG I can't wait to hear what sarah palin has to say about this!*. *not really
To decrease spending, Sarah Palin suggests a cessation of the Federal Trade Commission
Sarah Palin gets roasted online for complaining about Colin Kaepernick's donation to Meals on Wheels | Raw Story.
it is literally what Julianne Moore wore in the Sarah Palin TV movie
Just to round things out -- has Sarah Palin commented on the Obamacare debacle?
If you can't handle me at my Sarah Palin; you can't have me.
I wish Sarah Palin was working for she is a true Patriot 🇺🇸🙏🏼
he probably should have gotten Sarah Palin to help him with his homework. 😝
Sarah Palin always said you can't put lipstick on a pig.
you mean Sarah Palin could conceivably be our president right now...maybe McCain would have been a decent guy...nah…
Congrats Paul Ryan you have joined Sarah Palin, and Joy Baher on my list of deplorables
That's priceless. The spineless, fake "maverick" guy who let the RW unleash Sarah Palin on us. I'm underwhelmed.
. Sarah Palin could see Russia from her house. Trump sees Russians over dinner & drinks
Sarah Palin's from Wasilla - bet Putins watching from his house
grow up Sarah. Keep looking for Russia out your doorstep
Sarah Palin Criticizes Colin Kaepernick’s $50K Donation to Meals on Wheels via
do you think Sarah Palin goes to WorldNetDaily? probably
I kinda feel like we should ask Sarah Palin to look out her window and let us know what Russia is up to.
Freedom Caucus should be called the Sarah Palin T Party irrelevant group
I voted for Sarah Palin McCain it was his turn (what a bunch of crap)
But you are more of a problem than a help. The Sarah Palin T Party reminent - should be extinct.
When Sarah Palin visits the tower expect Trump to be resigning shortly. This is something she could help Trump with.
McCain, a very fine man, has gone downhill ever since allying with Sarah Palin.
Hey didn't you boost Sarah Palin over Obama well into his first term? Stay out of politics forever.
Sarah Palin, unable to find enough focus this weekend to wrap up a work project.
Hey Donald.go visit Sarah Palin in Alaska for a few weeks. You can see Russia from her house.
the death panels Sarah Palin warned you about.
Like Sarah Palin's daughter who was practicing "abstinence" and ended up with a kid with no family? Hypocrite right.
Sarah Palin worked hard to get Ryan not elected. He didn't even win his hometown, but it was close, but not enough.
That's hilarous coming from you. You make Sarah Palin look…
The words Trump and care go together as well as cat and water or Sarah Palin and smart.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
So how is that Winning going for ya? (In my Sarah Palin voice). "House Republicans". "Art of the Deal". "Sp…
Timeout first off no mugshot because white people but Sarah Palin carried dude for 9 months and named him "Track"
Sarah Palin is backtracking after her blog criticized Colin Kaepernick’s $50K donation to Meals on Wheels. Via
Sarah Palin could see Russian from her house. Trump can see Russians over dinner and drinks
could you do a poll. Sarah Palin is clearly a close contender, as is Ben Carson or Jenny McCarthy.
Sarah Palin lets loose on ryancare. Martin Brodel
Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Kim Davis, Ivanka Trump. Conservative women seem to be all too stereotypical.
St. Andrews Provost faces resignation calls from Sarah Palin over protest controversy
If Hillary beat Obama in 2008, John McCain would have been President for 8 years & we'd have Sarah Palin now. So..not…
20170301: Daniel Dale Bruce Campion-Smith: Trump selects ambassador to Canada … it is not Sarah Palin [ Kelly Knigh…
So you're gonna ignore Geraldine Anne Ferraro, Sarah Palin? Two Vice presidential candidates?
he did one good thing in his miserable 81 yrs on this planet: he picked Sarah Palin.
Like when Tina Fey said "I can see Russia from my house!" and later everyone thought Sarah Palin did.
Sarah Palin proposes a shut down of the James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation to fight the rising federal deficit.
Canada will have two Donald Trumps to deal with if Sarah Palin becomes ambassador: NDP MP https…
BREAKING: Sarah Palin, US Ambassador to Canada, to visit baby-seal hunt site, and partake in traditional slaughter of defenseless creatures.
“Dear Mr. Trump: Rather than appoint Sarah Palin as ambassador to Canada, please bomb us. Signed, all intelligent... https:/…
The Five: On the hunt for Katy Perry's new music, Charles Oakley arrested & Sarah Palin for Canada?
Sarah Palin touted as US ambassador to Canada? You betcha! - reason: Sara can see Canada form Alaska
Bernie Sanders debating Ted Cruz on healthcare is like Neil deGrasse Tyson debating Sarah Palin over quantum physics.
I miss the days when we thought George W. Bush was about as bad as it could get and Sarah Palin was the craziest person in the GOP.
Like a blonde, mostly coherent sentencing Sarah Palin with her own subtle anorexic gravitas
Only shocker really is neither Sarah Palin or Hal Turner made it into the Administration.
So predictable. Sarah Palin or Alex Jones? Who will replace her? People need 2 start walking off their jobs & hitting the streets.
I feel sorry for you. You will go down in history as a joke, like Sarah Palin. How do you sleep at night?
before Alex Jones endorsed Trump he also endorsed Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin or did that not happen either? my imagination?
But it does give rise to some great Saturday Night Live skits. I was missing the Sarah Palin ones...
LOVE LOVE LOVE Baldwin's impression of Not as funny as . Tina Fey as Sarah Palin, but very funny nonetheless.
As part of his daily regimen, Anderson Cooper sets aside 15 minutes for Sarah Palin..
Kids should always be off limits. Remember when the left viciously made fun of Sarah Palin's child who had Downs Sy…
To the chagrin of the Koch brothers and Big Oil. And Sarah Palin. Most of us don't want to "drill, baby, drill".
Democrats: "Can't get any crazier than Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann.". Donald Trump: "Here, hold my beer."
Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, & Betsy DeVos. Republicans must be picking these to make women look stupid. I know b…
These Betsy DeVos clips are hard to watch. Very Michele Bachmann/Sarah Palin-esque.
Maybe they should watch the episodes w/ Sarah Palin and HRC, both handled it with grace & wit
At least the people around Sarah Palin had the good grace to tightly script her when it transpired she knew nothing - no such luck with DJT.
John Lewis has been race baiter for long time..He once compared John McCain & Sarah Palin to George Wallace
He has 50K followers. Read the comments. It's like listening to Sarah Palin, Rick Santorum & Rick Perry try to expl…
Doesn't Meryl Street look like she could be Sarah Palin's grandma? Pelosi could be a long(dead)lost great aunt
Sarah Palin's formal apology to Karl Marx in writing, including a glowing review of the collected works of Bob Avakian.
Where are you , Sarah Palin ? America needs you in the Trump Admin.
Sarah Palin apologizes to Julian Assange, thanks him for ‘exposing the truth’
The harpy makes common cause with a nose-picker. 'Sarah Palin Apologizes to Assange for Comparing Him to Terrorists'
In 2010 Sarah Palin likened Julian Assange to a terrorist. Today, he's her hero. Partisanship beats principles again https:…
The Assange wing of the Republican Party is the most Orwellian thing of all. Sarah Palin apologizes to Assange…b/c…
Sarah palin has 3 sons and their names are Trigg, Track, and Tripp
So DT's brilliant negotiating style for public is to blame DNC for getting hacked, not Russia. PS: RNC hacked too.
It's funny the way she apologized for being hacked. Reminds me of how she's pro-tariffs after being a Tea Partier.
Palin, Sarah: "My fellow citizens, the American Presidency is not supposed to be a journey of personal discovery"
Trump, Palin break with GOP, warm up to Assange
“I apologize for condemning Assange when he published my infamous […] emails yrs ago.” Sarah Palin to Julian Assange. Am…
Sarah Palin has always been a clown.
Didn't know had any credibility left to set fire to, but she dug deep and found some:
Sarah Palin, Sean Hannity and Republicans in general have become Julian Assange fans and CIA doubters
Now, ALL doubt has been removed about Sarah Palin being an ***
Paul Ryan needs to remind Trump, Hannity and Sarah Palin:
Trump believes Assange over U.S. intelligence. Of course he does! And so does Palin. Well, it's either a...
The best interview with Assange I've ever seen is with . The second part is tonight. I guess Sarah Pal…
In 2010, Sean Hannity said Assange was waging war on the United States, and Sarah Palin said he had "blood on hi...
Now that Sarah Palin has apology toured Julian Assange, can we admit Hillary's emails were boring, too?
My 'review' of Oliver Stone's work in my WaPo piece is a bit different from Sarah Palin's. His "Untold History of USA" was…
Sarah Apologizes to Julian for Comparing Him to Terrorists so did
And now, Sarah Palin is calling for Trump to leave the UN. There's really no word for the level of stupidity of Republi…
A strong person can admit when they are wrong, way to go Sarah Palin
Donald Trump and Sarah Palin break with the GOP and warm up to Assange
With Sarah Palin apologising to Julian Assange, I'd say more or less owns a lot of Republican Party soul now.
"WIKILEAKS: Shifting political sands in the US see Sarah Palin recommending Snowden movie & apologizing to Assange…
If HAD found anything in Hawaii, we would have heard it by now. He is Sarah Palin with boy…
Sarah Palin's daughter has ripped into Garth Brooks, Justin Timberlake, and Aretha Franklin…
... the people who turned the likes of Kim Davis & Sarah Palin into alt-right darlings were not my cup of tea. (See what I did there?)...
the liberals don't have a sexism problem. They treated Sarah Palin, Gennifer Flowers with much respect
Inspired pairing of Gretchen Carlson and Sarah Palin as an outrageous mother and her more practical daughter.
"It was Sarah Palin's agenda that Trump embraced that gave him the the win." — Sue Lynn
Sarah Palin says it's right outside her front door
Internet erupts with mockery after Sarah Palin misqu... via
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Sarah Palin misquoting Kanye to insult The New York Times makes about as much sense as everything else in 2k16.
How is Sarah Palin still a thing? I will never forgive McCain for foisting her on us.
At this point I don't care. I have nothing but contempt for James Comey. I'll take Sarah Palin over him at this point.
Just give me Nantucket, an all-clear from the IRS, and a home TV studio like Sarah Palin had, and I'll go away. https:…
Has sarah palin said she can see its point.
Now that is funny! Sarah Palin thought she could see Alaska. You are sorely misinformed but irrelevant
My sister thought Sarah palin and Hilary Clinton were the same people. Then she asked me if one was the daughter of the ot…
Internet erupts with mockery after Sarah Palin misquotes ‘Gold Digger’ to bash the New York Times htt…
Sarah Palin will say something coherent AND intelligent.
Sarah Palin for VA Secretary,she was your very first supporter.
Sarah was loyal to you,it's time for you to be loyal in return. Sarah Palin for VA Secretary
The thought that will wake me up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night: Sarah Palin has more credibility to be preside…
Now that Kanye visited Trump, Sarah Palin is quoting his lyrics. . 2016 in a nutshell.
sadly Sarah Palin is the smartest of the 3!
Internet erupts with mockery after Sarah Palin misquotes 'Gold ... - Raw…
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Kanye met with Trump and now Sarah Palin's simple self is quoting Golddigger lyrics. Feels like I'm taking crazy pills. Noth…
who's that interviewer who thought he caught Trump in a Katie Couric/Sarah Palin moment? This happened. BrianWilliams
Trump didnt give a Cabinet position to Christ Christie...Rudy Guliani.. Newt Gingrinch and Sarah Palin...the ones who carried the water
Why is it our business whether Sarah Palin returned to her job as g...
I'm sure when Sarah Palin was 1st big name 2 endorse Trump she figured Kayne West, Al Gore & Leonardo DiCaprio would get m…
Rick Perry would be good for "ICE" - Sarah Palin is an *** . Mitt Romney ? Christ Christie is a back Stabber.
such a buzzy term from a lunatic like Sarah Palin. They decide on brain dead patients vs America
Sarah Palin is great woman. She was with us in the fox hole. BEAUTIFUL LADY!
Donald Trump named climate change denier Scott Pruitt to head the EPA, which is like naming Sarah Palin Poet Laureate.
Sarah Palin in cargo shorts and a mesh tank top
2008: Sarah Palin: "I can see Russia from my house.". 2016: Trump invites Russia to share the White House.
That statement is on par with Sarah Palin's Russia comments.
In the past month I've found myself agreeing with Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter, & Joe Walsh. I resent this enormousl…
Sarah Palin: I felt her warmth and genuine sincerity. VERY HUMAN.
I'm disappointed in Sarah Palin more than any other human being. She saw what Russia was doing from her backyard and chose…
All purpose parts banner
really we all know only Sarah Palin knows Russia thru long range binoculars of course
I don't understand why Rudy Giuliani, Christ Christie, and Sarah Palin aren't being given high ranking cabinet positions. They made the elec
I gave up on them being with we, the people, long ago. About time Sarah Palin was nominated as VP. Or earlier.
Sir, in the urban dictionary, 'Sarah Palin' is synonyms for *** . Please!
But to say that Sarah Palin and the tea party movement is respon...
This reminds me of Sarah Palin's cross hairs on the US electoral map. That didn't end well.
The only people I've heard are Pete Hegseth, Scott Brown and Sarah Palin but I don't know
Sarah Palin claims she would be better at Housing and Urban Development because he can see Russia from her house.
3. Marissa is known as the former conservative (a Sarah Palin fan, to be exact) who defected from the GOP
Donald Trump: I want someone who is close to the Russians. Sarah Palin: I can see them from my back yard. Donald Trump:…
It ate a frog because it greifed Sarah Palin.
I touched my sperm because it trapped Sarah Palin.
Unless Sarah Palin considers Russian sanctioned hackers to be "god", I'm afraid she's very mistaken about god electing Trump…
I see through Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney is being pushed on Trump, just ask John McCain. I scored 120% ON GOV. APTITUDE TEST
🇺🇸🇺🇸 . What I just can't understand is why are Democrats, MSM and Sarah Palin complaining about any deal savi…
You must really, really be a loser when Sarah Palin insults you.
Will other businesses besides get a to stay in I HOPE NOT!
Alec Baldwin just wishes that can do what Tina Fey did in 2008 with Sarah Palin, except he already missed the election.
Sarah Palin is just dead wrong on Carrier deal. via
What an illiterate *** Right up there with Sarah Palin's "refudiate."
Is Alex Jones is conspiring with Sarah Palin to make her look like the adult in the room
, if Sarah Palin were running for president this year, would you vote for her? Vs a white male Dem?
wait...even SARAH PALIN thinks the Carrier deal stinks. Whaat ...MALIBU SUE? actually said it out loud . htt…
Thank you Kathy,anyone who does not stand with American workers keeping their jobs in🇺🇸is a damned traitor,Sarah Palin…
Both Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton appealed to white identity whn campaigning in '08
who is Sarah Palin and why does her opinion matter?
Sarah Palin is being considered for VA Secretary. Palin is seriously considering finding out what VA stands for.
Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and *** -- God help me - even Sarah Palin -- did not whine like this man child about SNL…
Since the election, Glen Beck has spoken sense and now Sarah Palin. The apocalypse is here.
How in the *** did we get to a place where Sarah Palin is normal & Glen Beck is the voice of reason
domain names
as an unexpected voice of dissent. Sarah Palin on Donald Trump considering he was going to give her a position
Would never believe I would agree w Glen Beck, Ann Coulter and Sarah Palin. Chicken Little right!
Lindsay Graham, Glen Beck, and now Sarah Palin? The Devil must be wearing a fur coat in *** right now. Brrr
I have already agreed with the Bushes AND Glen Beck. Now I'm agreeing with Sarah Palin? How? What is happening to American politics?
Sarah Palin: Trump's Carrier deal is 'crony capitalism'. Cenk Uygur: Trump's Carrier deal was crafty, Obama never would have pulled it off.
Sarah Palin: Trump's Carrier deal is 'crony capitalism' I. What. is. Happening
I know. First I said "yes, George Bush, I miss you now." Now, Sarah Palin is the voice of reason. What is happening…
Sarah Palin saying something that isn't crazy and wrong is weirder than woke Glen Beck
Who out there things Sarah Palin in this position is a good idea?
BREAKING: Army of monkeys at typewriters produces collected works of Sarah Palin.
Sarah Palin not suited 4 VA- would be best 4 Energy Secretary. VA needs organizational skills like Gary Sinise
Are you serious about Sarah Palin as Sec of Vet Affairs? You will throw us under the bus for the sake of personal loyalty?
Oh be nice.Sarah Palin did lead the Alaska Nat'l Guard. A few months. The basically whacked Vet Affairs should be easy.
Sarah Palin is so dumb, if she's named Sec for Vet Affairs she'll spend her first day confused at the lack of veterinarians.
I'm good, thanks! What's your thoughts on Pres Trump considering Sarah Palin to be his Nominee for "Sec of Vet's Affairs"?
When asked if she would like the job of Secretary of Vet Affairs, Sarah Palin replied "you betcha! I love animals!"
Sarah Palin is qualified to run Veterans Affairs because her experience of shooting animals from helicopters makes her prac…
Sarah Palin 'tipped for TOP JOB in Trump’s cabinet' after strongly backing his campaign
Sarah Palin, who goes to Australia so she'll know the outcome of the Super Bowl half a day before we do, may be in our Gov…
Sure. Why not? Watta ya got tah lose? ⚡️ “Report: Sarah Palin is being considered for Veterans Affairs role”.
Sarah Palin under consideration for Veterans Affairs secretary
Sarah Palin will be a great addition to the cabinet. Trump knows us Alaskans are very smart and work very hard!
Speculation, but I would love to see Sarah as part of the Trump Admin. ABC: 'Palin under Consideration for Sec of VA'. https…
Sarah Palin is being considered to lead the Department of Veterans Affairs
Forget giving her the VA, I want Trump to nominate Sarah Palin to head up DEA so she can finally meet the people who supply…
Sarah Palin is openly lobbying to be head of Veteran Affairs in the Trump Administration.
Call me crazy, but as a military veteran, I want someone who actually served in the military to run Veterans Affairs, not Sar…
Sarah Palin interviewing for Secretary of Veterans Affairs position.
Sarah Palin? Our veterans have been through enough. Do not put the Quitter from Wasila in charge of their lives.
Sarah Palin is bein' considered to head Veteran's Affairs, or as Sarah calls it: "Soldiers Cheatin' on Their Wives."
VA Healthcare staff reaction to the announcement that Turnip is considering Sarah Palin as Secretary of the VA. https:…
Per Sarah Palin is under consideration for Veterans Affairs Secretary. Direct competition: Scott Brown
"Please do not let Sarah Palin within ten feet of the VA" --> precisely what I said earlier today. *Terrible* idea.
We cannot, under any circumstances, allow someone like Sarah Palin to become VA Secretary.
Sarah Palin loves Veterans and is the mother of one. She also proved as governor and mayor to be a superb manager. . Perfect t…
Big fan, but her complete blind spot on what a dangerous loon ex-client Sarah Palin is will never stop disa…
NEW: Sarah Palin under consideration for Secretary of Veterans Affairs, sources tell News. -
Saying Sarah Palin can run the VA bcuz she had a kid in military is like saying I'd be a good doctor bcuz I once stubbed my toe!
Trump may pick Sarah Palin for Secretary of Veterans Affairs because of course he will
Saying "Sarah Palin is being considered for" WITHOUT "clinical medication trials" after it is just plain wrong.
Sarah Palin should only be considered if there's a position as Secretary of Booger Eating Morons.
Now that Sarah Palin’s involved, I’ve finally figured out what Trump’s up to. He’s clearly staffing a new sketch show…
Trump - "Man, I'd love to have an affair w/ Sarah Palin...". Melania walks in. "Umm... Affairs... Yes, she should run Vete…
"I should do it because I'm really good at treating sick cats & dogs." . --Sarah Palin's reason for wanting to head the Dept of VETerans.
Donald Trump is also considerin' Sarah Palin to head the "Department of Blamin' Stuff on Obama."
Sarah Palin as VA Secretary seems completely insane until you remember that Donald Trump was just elected President.
I wouldn't feel comfortable if Sarah Palin was named Secretary of Refrigerator Magnets.
Trump: Sarah, would you like to be head of Veteran Affairs. . Sarah Palin: I had no idea so many veterans were cheating o…
When you hear Sarah Palin is being considered for Veteran's Affairs Secretary.
Hey media, Sarah Palin, who thinks the alphabet is a liberal conspiracy, may be in our Government.Please warn us again for…
Trump is floating Sarah Palin to head the VA. Because apparently our veterans haven't suffered through and sacrificed enou…
Sarah Palin says God made Trump win, confusing God with slaveowners who demanded an electoral college during the constit…
Sarah Palin is a Trumpfuscation. Confuse people with your cabinet picks and maybe they'll lose the scent of what you're real…
I share this video of Sarah Palin, not to embarrass her (would that that were possible!), but out of Christian concern. S…
Sarah Palin is way better than one of Obama's anti American radicals scumbags he has in his administration
SAY NO to Sarah Palin! make Gary Sinise the head of Veterans Affairs
Sarah Palin is the bumbling sheriff who shows up to your house, says, "Howdy, ma'am!", hears a noise and shoots your TV.
Sarah Palin . Veterans Affairs. I hope that means she will sleep with Gomer Pyle
Sarah Palin is the mother of a veteran and mother-in-law of Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer. She would make a great Mana…
Sarah Palin can teach women and young girls a lot. She can teach how to be strong. Sarah Palin is the best.
Whoa: Trump reportedly eyeing Sarah Palin for this position….
Sarah Palin has a Veteran son. Lets put her in Charge of the VA!!! she can even keep an eye on Russia for us from her back…
From Omar Bradley to Sarah Palin... Invasion of Normandy to the Thrilla in Wasilla
I'm old enough to remember when citing "many sources" but not being able to name any of them disqualified Sarah Palin. ht…
Exclusive-Sarah Palin on Her Political Future.The ONE & we get Time Transition
Ben Carson at HUD will be a cackle. Where's Sarah Palin, let's keep this scary clown carnival rolling
I don't see a problem with the statement. Sarah Palin, Ben Carson, Michelle Bachmann, Herman Cain - are evidence.
Kristen Wiig as Drew Barrymore is as good as Tina Fey as Sarah Palin and Amy Poehler as Hillary Clinton
You're going to encourage him to appoint Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann.
Just make sure you pick 100% SOLID, UNSHAKABLE CONSERVATIVES!!! (like Rudy G., Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin, Thaddeus M:)
Trump needs more women in his cabinet to not look sexist. Throw on Anne Coulter, Sarah Palin, and Michelle Bachmann.
The equivalent of Sarah Palin for Secretary of the Interior, or Tracey Emin for Professor of Drawing. What foresight!
Native Sun News Editorial: Keep Sarah Palin far away from Bureau of Indian Affairs
It's the eyes,Rudy has CRAZY EYES.He has those Michelle Bachmann,Sarah Palin eyes.
Rethinking the whole Trump in the White House thing: Can we have Sarah Palin as Press Secretary and Dr. Ben Carson as Chief Strategist? Pls!
I still think I'm in a bad dream!! Sarah Palin's getting in on the act now!! It just get's worse!
Donald Trump is 'lining up Sarah Palin and Rudy Giuliani for his cabinet…
Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin, Chris Christie, Rudy Giuliani, Pam Bondi..way to drain the swamp. Nothing says new...
I'm still spinning thinking of Sarah Palin replacing Sally Jewell as the Secretary of the Interior. Please God.
Secretary of the Interior: Sally Jewell to Sarah Palin? Is rage-vomiting a thing?
he didn't need to! Obama ran against an old corpse and Sarah Palin the walking punchline.
I am reading the Washington Post and that's it. I can't stand hearing things yet like "Sarah Palin, Secretary of the Interior."
Sarah Palin for Secretary of the Interior. Just let that one sit a minute.
Climate change denier heading EPA transition team. Talk of Sarah Palin as Interior Secy. Watch whom he brings to his inner…
There is a chance in the next 4 years that Sarah Palin will be sitting in a secure location as the designated survivor. Let that sink in.
Ok, Esperanza Aguirre is worried about Trump. She is Spain's version of Sarah Palin...I guess a bit more intelligent.
Sarah Palin would make an excellent choice to head the Department of Energy!
Yes they did... bet they wouldn't be happy to see Sarah Palin as the first woman president...
wish most tech writing were this good; they even quoted Sarah Palin loool I know very little about ML but good writing works.
via Gov. Sarah Palin: "America says thank you to all warriors on this Veterans Day"
Sarah Palin has accepted President Trumps offer to become the new US Ambassador to Russia, with Palin being able to work f…
How about Sarah Palin for Secretary of the Interior?
Trump may appoint Sarah Palin to Secretary of the Interior. Palin says she's qualified becuase she can see the interior from her house.
Sarah palin they nd to chk obama n killary
that said I do think he is more liberal than some. His cabinet will be important. But if it's Sarah Palin, Rudy newt? Yikes
What is supposed to scare me more, Sarah Palin as Secretary of the Interior or Ben Carson as Secretary of Education??? 😩😭
It speaks volumes when John McCain and Sarah Palin look appealing compared to
Newt Gingrich, Giuliana, Chris Christy, Ben Carson, Sarah Palin, and his own son are being considered for positions in trumps cabinet. 🙃
ah yes that Sarah Palin and Carly Fiorina so progressive
Don’t worry. Trump will appoint Sarah Palin to fix this. Let’s talk about Hillary’s emails.
Sarah Palin, Gulliani, Chris Christie, Newt Gingrich & Trump.We r going 2 hit rock bottom & then maybe we can start rising back up
"I want Tegan and Sara and Sarah Palin to have a big fat republican baby"
Spoiler alert:. As the polls close on Tuesday, Trump will rip off the mask to reveal it's been Sarah Palin all along.
Sarah Palin (secretary of the Interior) If appointed,Environment REALLY in trouble. 'Member drill baby drill?There…
I thought Sarah Palin died in the Alaskan wilderness when she discovered her daughter had a child out of wedlock
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
let me ask you this. If you took all we know about Hillary and put it on Sarah Palin would support Palin?
Sarah Palin and Joe Arpaio are reportedly being considered for Trump cabinet positions.
Maybe President (to some) Trump will appoint Sarah Palin Ambassador to Russia because she can see it from her house.
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