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Sarah Millican

Sarah Millican is an English stand-up comedian.

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The 50 funniest films ever made - chosen by the funniest people, via
At the Sarah Millican show on half a seat! the Ladies behind please refrain from wetting yourselves…
I have to say I agree but they're not as bad as Sarah Millican, I'd have to turn over if she was on.
Matt Lucas, Jessica Hynes, Joel Dommett and Sarah Millican on the team today
Great to have seen this goodwill gesture from Sarah Millican on Christmas Day last year. Anyone who was spending...
People I just can't take to despite sort of wanting to :. Lauren Lavern. Phil Jupitus. Kylie Minogue. Warwick Davies. Sarah Millican.
Then Sarah Millican and Romesh. Man! Golden line-up, this one.
Peter Kay always makes me chuckle, Lee Evans? Sarah millican is hilarious
The 50 funniest films… chosen by comedians Sign me up for swingers
The content you upload for us to watch is amazing. It's like blending Miranda Hart, Sarah Millican & Dawn French with a touch of πŸ€
Weird dream alert: I'm watching QI and for reasons Sarah Millican starts giving Alan Davies a hand job. But that's less alarming than the...
Sarah Millican is so funny love her
Sarah Millican is the best comedian going πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜‚
Sarah Millican revealing too much personal information about her husband! I don't want to know about his crusty feet!
Na, they'll just have practice period jokes together once a month, unlike Sarah Millican that does it all the time πŸ˜«πŸ”«
Watching Sarah Millican outsider dvd. Highly recommend this so funny love it :)
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Good stand up comedy Dvds? I feel like I can recite all of Sarah Millican's now...
Sarah Millican's new DVD has changed my life
@ god can Sarah Millican tour this year & can I get tickets please
This day is a pure annoying little Sarah millican, negative all round everything can go away (apart from me dogs)
Now I understand Sarah Millican’s skit about her old job being so bad she woke up every day wishing she’d get knocked down on the way to it
with the actual Sarah millican in person?!!
Watching Sarah Millican's new DVD in bed bracing myself for my 1st day back at work post-Christmas!
Sat with one of my cats and a tub of cadburys heroes watching Sarah Millican's new dvd ❀
Just opened my new Sarah Millican dvd to find an actual card from the actual lady herself! Feckin' champion pet! :-P
A source at Warner Brothers refuses to confirm English comedian Sarah Millican is favourite to play Nigel Farage in Brexit The Movie.
I love Sarah Millican! I've been saying basically the same thing for a while now. I wish I could get away with it! πŸ˜‚
Sarah Millican and Mel Giedroyc are absolutely adorable
Would love to see Sarah Millican live πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜„
Listening to a rerun of Sarah Millican. Champion :-)
I wish Sarah Millican was my friend!!! .she's hysterical!!
Is it just me or is Sarah Millican about as funny as toothache ?
Finally Big Fat Quiz of the Year time! David Mitchell, Richard Ayoade, Sarah Millican, Mel Gedroyc, and Rob Delaney? YES PLEASE.
Is it just me or does anybody else think this looks like Sarah millican ,carry on nurse..
So me and Shaun are sat watching Sarah millican outsider when we spot someone asleep in the audience…
I don't get Miranda Hart, Alan Carr nor do I understand Sarah Millican just not my brand of comedy I guess :/
She's no sarah millican is she matt.?
Could have been far worse, it could have been Sarah Millican. Count your blessings.
Name me 1 funny female comedian on bbc1 we have mirandra Hart who does my head in and on ch.4 we have Sarah millican who's even worse
David Mitchell and Sarah Millican on one team and Romesh Ranganathan hating Mel Giedroyc on the other team.
Sarah Millican, Olly Murs, Craig David and Lady Gaga are on your tablet tonight. Alan Carr's Happy Hour C4 8pm…
It is personal taste. Miranda Hart is not funny - Sarah Millican is. But I find Dave Gorman unfunny, but love Bill Bailey.
. Please don't ever have Sarah millican on again .terrible
Honesty think people would take female comedians more seriously if Sarah Millican didn't keep going on about how fat and lonely she is
Sarah Millican is a funny lady she is brilliant
I've just had a lovely chat with the even lovelier Listen to it here
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
BBC - Radio 2 Steve Wright in the Afternoon - Sarah Millican,...
Call the police! Sarah Millican has gone where no porcupine has gone before: an alternate dimension.
14:00 Steve Wright in the Afternoon: Steve and the team talk to Sarah Millican, Steve Lamacq and Dr Hilary Jones.
If we're going to have a comedy ambassador to the USA, lets at least have a proper one. Sarah Millican? Ross Noble? Frankie Boyle?
picturing Sarah Millican for some reason...
appreciation 101 // Sarah Millican Live at the Apollo via
Sarah Millican ! I preferred your hair short and blonde πŸ‘
Is Joel on I'm a celeb the least funny person to ever be called a comedian? Or is it still Sarah Millican, tough one
Fair play, Sarah Millican has banged off the weight!!
Rudd looks like the love child of Ed Byrne and Sarah Millican
Sarah Millican is such a lovely human being! Love the whole talking to people who're on their own on xmas!
Londoners, go to this - Sarah Millican & Simon Munnery are very funny. Richard Herring is very funny. So, very funn…
Sarah Millican is brunette for winter. Love the colour change
Sarah Millican & Sandi Toksvig discuss the perils of needing a wee on a train:
What a great idea - Sarah millican. Too many lonely people on Christmas day.
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I feel like I'd like Sarah Millican if she had a different accent. Is this just me?
Sarah Millican love to but you blocked me - Reconsider Baby -
Sarah Millican has to be one of the least funny comedians there is. πŸ˜’
love Sarah Millican but can you remind her she's not a Geordie .she's from South Shields so she's a sand dancer πŸ™‹πŸ½
It was lovely to get a 'thank you' from Sarah Millican as she left the stage... 😍🍰😘
Yay! A new Sarah Millican DVD. That's going on my Christmas list :D
Just saw Kathy Burke, Sarah Millican and Jo Brand in conversation. That's solved the question about who would come to my dream dinner party.
Oh my god. Sarah Millican is so not the definite article. However,. She is funnier than most. Everyone in our house love her.
The hilarious Sarah Millican returns for a brand new live show.
Tomorrow's RHLSTP is Sarah Millican and Simon Munnery. On 28th Lucy Porter and TBC (yes I know, you all love him)
Does Sarah Millican make you laugh? Then get your laughing gear round this!
"When I'm passing the cake shop - who am I kidding?. ...when I have my nose pressed up against the cake shop window…
suzi don't leave me hanging Tom thanked me for my message nowt from you and Sarah Millican and now you are the only funny girls
saw him live at 'the Stand' Glasgow. Hilarious, same with Sarah Millican
The piece of wisdom you would pass on to a child? 'Come back when you're 25!' Sarah Millican
Website Builder 728x90
In the same way Sarah Millican does 'I'm fat'.
Just watched the latest Sarah Millican stand up show... crying with laughter by the end. I love that woman so much.
Cracking line up for Monday's RHLSTP Sarah Millican and Simon Munnery. S and M guaranteed
Right, so I can see Sarah Millican's face and hear her voice but the only name in my head is Susan Calman. Pass.
Google Now shows me a story because "You've shown an interest in Sarah Millican." *** right, but makes me sound stalkery.
Can comedy and celebrations be appropriate responses to crisis? Podcast
and have just taken our Geordie Quiz - now give it a go.
I liked a video Sarah Millican Learns How to Talk Proper
This is too much. Last night Sarah Millican, tonight Michael McIntyre. The One Show plumbing the depths 😭
Sting and Sarah Millican took Geordie Quiz on the last night - give it a go here.
Do me a favour - he's spent about as much time in Newcastle as I have in his NYC penthouse.…
Straight white men currently 0/3. Sarah Millican, Tom Allen, Arj Barker. would be proud.
This would have been amazing. My Brit is hoping for Sarah Millican and Ed Byrne.
Jo Whiley, Sarah Millican and a couple of guys. I wish I could put Laura onto his phone!
Ready for the show with Peter and my great friend Lisa 󾌲 β€” watching Sarah Millican at Royal & Derngate
How good would a show with Miranda Hart and Sarah Millican getting up to all sorts of trouble be? πŸ˜‚
Huge fan of Sarah Millican. So funny. Up there with Alan Davies, Lee Hurst, Michael McIntyre and Jo Brand. Particularly good on panel shows.
Yep there's two of my faves, Rik Mayall as Kevin Turvey used to make my friday's. I'm loving Sarah Millican these days.
Finishing off a great day with my mama and sister at the Hammersmith Apollo watching Sarah Millican
Sarah Millican at the end of this month then nowt until we go see Al Murray in November I think it is
Looks more like the secret love child of Sarah Millican and Hank Marvin!
Guttering of the loss of Victoria Wood. A giant of the industry. Candid and honest way before Amy Schumer and Sarah Millican did it.
Is this pretend? Sarah Millican has finally coughing blood. bite a Thames estuary airport.
I hate Miranda Schuma's annoying Silverman not sure who that is Shappi Khorsandi is funny so is Sarah Millican
International break. Boring as *** No interest at all. I'd rather watch Adele sat in-between Alan Davies and Sarah Millican
Lost my little Miranda Hart today she's scampered over the rainbow bridge to be with Sarah Millican. Poor Dawn French is alone
Who needs vodka when you have Sarah Millican
You guys know I'm on tour, right? And til the end of Sept! I'm going all of the shop so come along xxx
think if Sarah Millican and JFK had an uber tall kid with a PB&J addiction. That's our kid.
Milburn supermac gazza Keegan shearer Jimmy nail ant and dec Sarah Millican lindisfarne the likely lads and now the one and only BENITEZ
domain names
Also I get to see Sarah Millican In July, August and September because I've got four sets of tickets!!
Our very own working with Sarah Millican at The Comedy Store in Manchester.
I suppose its just me but apart from the BBC and Sarah Millican does anyone find her funny?
Watching Sarah Millican on The One Show - really looking forward to seeing her this year!!!
Just saw a geordie comedienne on the One show. Sarah Millican,,
There's never been a weirder programme than The One Show. A segment on Dunblane segueing to Sarah Millican talking about her new tour.
Sarah Millican is the most unfunny person on the face of the planet
So, Sarah Millican is a comedian eh? Hmm.
aA stripper Sarah Millican,you do surprise me dictator never!!
Sarah Millican gets right on my *** Come to mention it, the whole bloody One Show gets on my *** Big time.
Sarah Millican is on the telly (again) pretending to be funny cos she's got an accent (again)
Hi Lisa one of your faves,Sarah Millican is on the One Show now.xx
The One Show comparing Sarah Millican and Alexei Sayle. I'm going to bed.
Film director Lilly Wachowski comes out as Sarah Millican
The fab Sarah Millican is this week's What's On cover star
Three of our fav Sarah Millican jokes ahead of her shows this week
if it's the same audience you'll go down a storm - that Sarah Millican is about as funny as toothache
CN: LydiaFallon published Three of our favourite Sarah Millican jokes ahead of her...: It's hard not to have a...
is it just me who thinks she looks a little **a lot** like Sarah Millican? Have they ever been seen together?
One month until I see Sarah Millican in Sydney :D
Can't wait for the move to an actual house at the weekend! First though, bring on Sarah Millican on Thursday! 󾌧
Why does Sarah Millican call herself a Geordie when she's from South Shields? The unfunny sandancer.
24 hr warning * Sarah Millican is on the One Show tomorrow, Wednesday, for AN HOUR. Run for your lives.
Poop, i have sarah millican tickets that night. Any chance you can change show to 14th for my birthday πŸ˜‰?
Can't wait Sunday night Sarah Millican is gonna be amazing
first we both saw Sarah Millican, now Adele. You're stalking me😩
Sarah Millican is coming to for the first time. You're welcome! Time to celebrate being International...
we have some good hills round here. Or I can recommend sitting down with a Sarah Millican dvd. That's what I just did
Sarah Millican is one of the unfunniest comedians I've never laughed at.
. Yeah I should! (I'm funnier than some too). Just look at how unfunny Sarah Millican, Miranda Hart, & Sarah Silverman are X
When I hear Sarah Millican all I can think of is Bernadette from the Big Bang theory
This QI ep with Ross Noble, Sarah Millican and Colin Lane must’ve been like wrangling a bag of cats πŸ˜‚
Sarah Millican is just bare annoying I can't stand her
Just not so sure what's funny about Sarah Millican?
21:50 QI XL: Sarah Millican, Ross Noble and Colin Lane look at the largest and littlest of animal life.
Watching Sarah Millican p.s. The man up top said the stag was by your arm pit not your hand πŸ™ˆπŸ™ŠπŸ˜‚
Found this from when and I went to see Sarah Millican and the dullest drag queen in existence.
Sarah Millican in my beloved home town tonight. Buzzing!
Good way to start evening. At rocks Bournemouth before seeing millican.
Looking forward to seeing Sarah Millican tonight!
I'm taking my mum tonight to see Sarah Millican for her Mother's Day present :)
Sarah Millican returns to Blackpool Opera House this May. Last few tickets remaining πŸ’š
Comedian Sarah Millican will be at The Hexagon in May, last few tickets remaining.
Can someone please dispose of Sarah Millican. She makes me so angry
If you're off to see Sarah Millican: Outsider at the BIC and Pavilion Entertainment and Events this evening, why...
Has had a great Mother's Day and is looking forward to Sarah Millican tomorrow night
I've jumped ship and seeing Sarah millican tonight coz you cancelled Eastleigh!
Daily Mail asks is Adele the love child of Shirley Bassey & Sarah Millican after start of her tour
obviously this doesn't apply to all female comedians but see Sarah Millican as an example: most jokes revolve around fat sh…
If Kathy Burke and Sarah Millican had a child ...
I just watched Live at the Apollo 10x01 "Sarah Millican, Joe Lycett and Russell Kane"
Tickets to one of your gigs. Saw you support Sarah Millican in Lancaster - thought very good so will be booking to see you
I have dreams of Sarah Millican, Paul Hollywood and Miranda Hart all dying painful deaths
Billy Connolly, Bill Hicks, Sarah Millican, Brendon Burns, George Carlin, Victoria Wood, French and Saunders are that funny😁
I bought tickets for Outsider: Sarah Millican at Regent Theatre, Ipswich from via
blocked by Sarah Millican for over exaggerating her joke
oh yeah forgot that was tonight already had Sarah millican booked tho :-( '
Just got back from seeing Sarah Millican! We were warned she was a lot filthier in person than…
Is it just me or does Sound just like Sarah Millican πŸ˜‚
Want tickets for at the Royal Concert Hall on 28th/29th Jan? Click to book!
As if my mum and dad are going to see Sarah Millican tonight with out me
January's Keys to The City includes 2 tickets for Sarah Millican at the
2 Tickets for Sarah Millican this Saturday Huddersfield Town Hall Β£50 for the pair!
She looks like Evil Sarah Millican from a parallel universe.
My mood is lifting. I'm off to see Sarah Millican on Thursday with my sister and mum AND then I'm off out on Sunday with a certain Mr again.
Went for Miranda myself Jack Whitehall was a close 2nd tho the gimp. Haven't had the misfortune of seeing Sarah Millican anywhere
Miranda Hart has ran away with it. I'd go Sarah Millican to be honest.
Everything Americans have a go at Amy Schumer for seems to be what we've been complaining about with Sarah Millican for years.
Sarah Millican is GREAT. Her tours are genius & she's a wonderful person. Cried laughing when I saw her recently
I LOVE Sarah Millican. she is so genuine and relatable.
Looking forward to dinner in Leeds and Sarah Millican event tonight with mum 😘
SARAH MILLICAN. Returns to Blackpool with her new tour Outsider. Blackpool Opera House. 1st and 2nd May.
The incredibly funny Sarah Millican will be dazzling audiences this week pet.
inspiring story. Reminds me of Sarah Millican channeling a similar experience into a successful stand up career.
Woman's comedian Sarah Millican returns to The Hexagon in May to play another of her patented woman's comedy...
I never get an answer of Sarah Millican :)
cool, I would hate them go to waste to. Been wanting to see Sarah Millican for ages. Will let you know :)
Just finished this, which was fairly good. Quick read. And yes, that is Sarah Millican in the…
sometimes she's right funny.far better than Sarah millican.worth a watch
This Amy Schumer character - worth a watch or just an American Sarah millican?
Is it just me who thought sounded like Sarah Millican in the Undertale video when doing Toriel?
Sarah Millican returns to Blackpool 1st/2nd May. Tickets just Β£25. Click here
anything with Eddie Izzard, Lee Evans, Jon Richardson, Sarah Millican, Hugh Dennis... I could go on!
22:00 QI: Stephen Fry messes with minds with Sarah Millican, Tommy Tiernan and Josh Widdicombe.
Three annoying spirits that appear on the television and ruin Christmas for me .. Matt Forde, Richard Arnold and Sarah Millican !
Crackanory Ep4 tonight 10pm on Dave - Robbie Coltrane, Sarah Millican, Kevin Eldon - what's not to love?
TONIGHT! A BIG welcome to Sarah Millican at until 29 Nov INFO>
I popped my NE accent today and got told I sounded like Sarah Millican, which is far better than one half of the Hairy arsed Bikers tbh
"Sarah Millican is an obvious UK parallel (for Amy Schumer, whose sexual frankness was notable..."
Sarah Millican, complete stone roses & a trip to Dublin all in same week next year. Gerron
What ad do t go see Sarah Millican live
Ive just watched the Deal Or No Deal that Noel played & Sarah Millican hosted and I bloody loved it. Not seen the usual show in years.
My tour starts on Thursday. Full list is here if you fancy coming x
They say laughter is infectious but I think Sarah Millican has found a cure.
Sarah Millican on the right, me on the left πŸ‘― twinning πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸΌ
then manchester with my favourites on friday and back home to watch Sarah Millican on the big day!
Her & Sarah Millican are the only female comedians that make me properly laugh
or stereotypical, personally get fed up with Sarah Millican, she generally does 'female' jokes about chocolate and loneliness.
definitely the first one πŸ˜‚ also getting new ink and going to see Sarah millican in the week x
Man 1: "I'm going to watch Sarah Millican live; she's brilliant!". Man 2: "Urghh why? Women aren't funny!" .Wow, sexism much? πŸ˜‘
This is the unfunniest thing I've ever seen, and I've seen Sarah Millican.
Sarah Millican and Alan Carr together is my fave.
SOO excited for Sarah Millican tonight The Lowry with Jade Moyse, Sarah Lowe and Jamie Baker ... - Numbing Cream...
Sarah Millican is in Wales on Halloween 😩 I wanna go!
The final of my re-booted videos is Sarah Millican impersonator. Jane Aitchison of. Unite the Resisitance .
I'd love to see Sarah Millican again. She's brilliant
Sarah Millican...I need to see your new tour πŸ˜‚
don't recall Sarah Millican or James Nesbitt in HMHB song
Sarah Millican comedy for the readers. Its just like its delivered of an autoq.
Someone at work told me I look like Sarah Millican yesterday . It really broke my heart
Sarah millican has sold out two shows here in Lincoln nae chance of you coming here would deffo buy a couple of tickets
Comments about me from today from separate people. You have fingers like E. T. and you speak like Sarah Millican. FML
Wow. If Sarah Millican's watching so should you
My husband and I don't have children. We can't have children because we hate them. Sarah Millican
Sarah millican talking about her piles on chatty man. I just love her πŸ’•
NEWS: The brilliant, and lovely, to guest on my show soon!
Northern powerhouse 4-eyed minger Sarah Millican whose act seems to consist of talking about her fanny and surprise-surprise his ever /more
Who else thinks the new bond song sounds like it's being sung by Sarah Millican...???
Ah I see, I totally agree them! I remember Sarah Millican having one for a while but it's not been on lately.
I'm treating my mum to wet wet wet and sarah millican next year I think I'm more excited than her lol
Sarah Millican: you can talk about any subject on stage, if you're coming from the right angle.
Sarah Millican: touring is what I'm best at.
Great time at my first gig in Montreal last night. Ace line up. Solo show on sale
Sarah Millican's talking about trying to nick Barry Norman's job.
Just found out that political speeches have warm up acts πŸ˜‚ DAVID CAMERON LIVE - supported by The Vamps & Sarah Millican
Sarah Millican - good call. Don't know Howard - but there's Shappi Khorsandi funny as piles
Off out to see Sarah Millican in a bit! Excited! :D
Sarah Millican's had some work done...
When Sarah Millican is on television every single person in the North East turns to the person on their right and says "…
I like Jo Brand but Sarah Millican was really good last week.
Honestly put Sarah Millican on anything and it'll be guaranteed that I watch it
The 'comedian' Sarah Millican was voted one of the most unfunniest 'comedians' in the UK.
what about Not going out? Or anything involving Miranda Hart or Sarah Millican
Sarah Millican in place of Jon Richardson? No thank you
How can people dislike Sarah Millican tho'? Can definitely dislike Jack Whitehall, Lee Evans and Russell Howard however...
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Sarah Pascoe amazingly manages to promote Sarah Millican to "second least funny Sarah. Although both funnier than Ed Byrne
Sarah Millican replacing Jon Richardson on 8/10 cats does Countdown is like Igor Stepanovs replacing Tony Adams
Presales for Mallory Knos and Gabrielle Aplin. Extra tickets for Dave Chappelle. Matt Berry. Sarah Millican.
Jon Richardson and Sarah Millican could entertain me for the rest of my life
Desert Island Discs catch -up on the Train today. Many thanks Sarah Millican, Dawn French, Dustin Hoffman, Lauren Bacall &…
The legend Sarah Millican is doing a stand up show with Jo Brand, Holly Walsh and Susan Calman. ALL FOR COMIC RELIEF
Jon Richardson, David Mitchell and Sarah Millican on the same Would I Lie to You panel... pretty much my fantasy dinner party guests
Sarah Millican tickets for 2016 on sale: Much loved comedian Sarah Millican will play the Millennium Forum nex...
Late night ham and cheese toasty, said in a South Shields accents because I'm watching Sarah Millican maan.
could be worse, they could have chosen Miranda, Sarah Millican and Jo Brand
Jo Brand, Sarah Millican, Sue Perkins, Sandi Toksvig, and Lucy Porter are about as funny as typus or Jenny Eclair.
Burns...are you and Sarah Millican the same person? I only ask because:
can we get that Sarah Millican chap on there as well?
Watching an old Room 101. Am basically Sarah Millican in that I am a cat lady without any cats & will simply follow/talk to other people's.
Sarah Millican is as funny as my cat. My cat is dead.
This Bubble/Sarah Millican chick isn't getting any funnier is she?
Ha, I kind of love her and I don't understand a word! Swedish Sarah Millican.
My sister is loudly speaking in a Sarah Millican impression and people are looking at us
we have the lovely Sarah Millican next week :)
to ask to impersonate Sarah Millican on next weeks show?
Sarah Millican is an ideal woman. One of the funniest people and she's gorgeous.
feeding a pelican with Sarah millican
The brilliant has been photographed by the wonder that is Look! XXX
Writing stuff. It needs an ending & Sarah Millican, Josie Long & Stewart Lee are gazing expectantly from their tour posters next to my desk.
I'm just a comedian aren't I really. Move out the way Miranda Hart or Sarah Millican, there's a new funny woman in town πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
great first half...we were a year too early for Sarah Millican and McFly were on instead
Just watched sarah millican...its miranda time!
oh any! I'm on catch up with Sarah Millican.
Well, that was an excellent evenings entertainment. David Mitchell, Victoria Coren, Sarah Millican, Holly Walsh and Catherine Ryan were on.
Sarah Millican is way too sexually explicit considering she looks like a steak pudding with ***
Sarah Millican is defs in ma work right now, swear down
to be fair that's funnier than anything Miranda or Sarah Millican has ever done
Wonder if Sarah Millican knows how to crack jokes that aren't related to her being overweight
I can't unsee my likeness to Sarah Millican πŸ˜©πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚
me too! I'll keep my ear to the ground, am sure he'll be back & will try find out about Sarah Millican as well
would love to see Sarah Millican do a stand up show that doesn't include the words: "cake" or "boyfriend"
One way ticket to Mars. Any chance they can find a seat for Sarah Millican and Russell Brand.
PICTURE SPECIAL: Chris Ramsey, Jason Cook, Sarah Millican head cast of stars who turn out to save venue -
Lacey just said that Sarah Millican would have her book πŸ’
- WATCH: Sarah Millican and stars of X Factor and Hebburn help to save venue from closure: THE stars ...
the worst comedy I've ever had the misfortune to watch. Almost makes Sarah Millican, Miranda and Mrs Browns Boys seem funny!
Hi Guys 2 impressions for you Sarah Millican and Marge Simpson πŸ˜ƒπŸ’‹
I just need to make it to 34 and I’ve beaten Jesus at living. Sarah Millican
I thought you'd enjoy. Like Sarah Millican talking to P.Diddy about farting like
hmmm. Sarah Millican, Tom Wrigglesworth, and Jason Manford? Might be Aaron Rodgers though.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Sarah Millican on last night hurry back Jon Richardson
The vastly inferior Sarah Millican has replaced Jon Richardson on
This is fun. Sarah Millican w/ Kevin Bridges pwned David Mitchell & Richard Ayoade at the Big Fat Quiz of 2014.
This spotlight has so far been filled with Josh Widdicombe, Sarah Millican and a very sharp
Jessica Hynes has been added to the brutally unfunny list! Joining Mrs Browns Boys, Citizen Khan, Miranda and Sarah Millican...
my lineup: Jack and James, Richard and David Mitchell, Sarah Millican and Miranda Hart πŸ‘Œ
Watching Mel B is being a total cow. Sarah Millican is my home girl and I love David Mitchell.
Kevin Bridges, Sarah Millican, David Mitchell, and Richard Ayoade. This is gonna be so good.
Micky Flanagan, David Mitchell and Sarah Millican on the other hand are all excellent.
enjoyed this interview with Kirsty Young from a few years back> also enjoying Sarah Millican from today
Sarah Millican is moronically unfunny. Jo Brand did the self deprecating fat jokes many years ago & was funny.
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