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Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker (born March 25, 1965) is an American film, television, and theater actress and producer.

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she truly is the awesome, glamourous and beautiful Sarah Jessica Parker (typed it right this time),pretty pose of u too Jo🙂
Melissa McCarthy and Sarah Jessica Parker won Favorite Actress honors at the Peoples Choice…
Melissa McCarthy's acceptance speech was clever and funny. Sarah Jessica Parker's was heartfelt and well-said.
'Favorite Premium Series Actress' goes to the gorgeous Sarah Jessica Parker!
I added a video to a playlist Billy on the Street - Reindeer or Sex App with Sarah Jessica Parker
Sarah Jessica Parker of 'Divorce' different from Carrie: creator Sharon Horgan
Sarah Jessica Parker from Dallas stars in Curb Your Enthusiasm about a clever Baker named Tandra
It is a PRIVILEGE to become PRIVILEGED. Sarah Jessica Parker, for example, came from Clifton, Ohio. My aunt was a friend of hers and my -
Sarah Jessica Parker channeled on screen character Carrie Bradshaw in Vera Wang at the…
Raise your hand if you're obsessing over Sarah Jessica Parker's chic braid right now.
Sarah Jessica Parker is having way too much fun!.
prime example Sarah Jessica Parker who whined a sibling fell on hard times financially, hey SJP then YOU help
Meryl's speech: We have a black actress from Mississippi & Sarah Jessica Parker has 6 siblings & I went to NJ public school.??
Yes, SJP wore a wedding dress to the (and here's where to snag it):
Divorce Star Sarah Jessica Parker Reveals Her Bridal Look for the Golden Globes on Instagram via
I meant using as symbols. Also the disabled. . (Did Sarah Jessica Parker want to be brought up as the symbol of poverty? Doubt it.)
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Watching footloose and seeing Sarah Jessica Parker in it is strange!!
& what does she do?? She insults Our president Trump, NFL football & Martial Arts! Trump wants to deport Sarah Jess…
Beautiful moment, Sarah Jessica Parker brining her daughter to the Golden Globes in this wonderful ensemble…
Millie resembles the baby of Carey Mulligan & Sarah Jessica Parker, if they were to ever have one together.
Sarah Jessica Parker in Vera Wang. She always gets it right 👌
EXCLUSIVE: Sarah Jessica Parker and Kerry Washington gush over each other on the carpet. h…
How your favorite celebrities prepped and primped for the
Sarah Jessica Parker looked ready to walk down the aisle in Vera Wang on the red carpet.
Sarah Jessica Parker was given her tribute to Princess Leia in the hair and dress choice!
This is SO adorable (and probably not what you're thinking..)
.gorgeous braided updo pays homage to the late Carrie Fisher and Princess Leia
Sarah Jessica Parker wore Vera Wang Bridal, to the Golden Globes, for her show 'Divorce'. That is such a Carrie Bra…
Sarah Jessica Parker got her magnificent ring from a small antiques store in NYC! (of course!)…
.bows down to stars Nicole Kidman & Reese Witherspoon at HBO After Party!
Sarah Jessica Parker wore a Bridal Fall 2017 light ivory gown to the
We're still living for how excited Kerry Washington and Sarah Jessica Parker were to see each other tonight! https…
The cast is INSANE. Hawn, Keaton and Midler obvs, but also Maggie Smith, Sarah Jessica Parker, Elizabeth Berkley and BALKI.
Sarah Jessica Parker and edie falco have the exact same acting style
Right, because she's been a Sarah Jessica Parker or Jennifer Aniston most of her career, right?
am i the only one who cannot tell the difference between Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Garner and Hilary Swank? like who *are* these people
John Kerry is a triplet, separated at birth from Sarah Jessica Parker and Mr. Ed.
Sex and the city: Sex and the city Sarah Jessica Parker (Attore), Kim Cattrall (Attore), Michael Patrick King…
According to Radar Online, Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, Kim Cattral and Kristin Davies have all signed up f…
Sex and the City 3 'confirmed' with Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon aqnd……
Supposedly, a young Sarah Jessica Parker auditioned for a key role in this -
Rob Lowe, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Robert Downey Jr. at the Governors Ball after the 1988 Academy Awards.
love this show hoping that Sarah Jessica Parker and Thomas Hadden Church, and Jammie Clement, I hope they all do well but Jamie
Sarah Jessica Parker just earned her first Golden Globes nod in 11 years. All the notable noms:
Sarah Jessica Parker walked into the bar, bartender said why the long face?
Find out why Sarah Jessica Parker only buys secondhand clothes for her son
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Sex and the City's Kristin Davis on those Samantha spin-off rumors and Sarah Jessica Parker's 'glamorous' twins…
.found a space for her fashion ventures in a new resort just outside Washington, D.C.
Time to take a trip to DC for fans.
"The irony that in order to divorce, you need that other person."
no wonder Sarah Jessica parker so love NY 😍😏💜✌
Sarah Jessica Parker is opening her first-ever brick-and-mortar store.
one of the biggest atrocities Glee has ever committed is to have Sarah Jessica Parker sing Let's Have a Kiki
How did Thomas Haden Church land his role on Divorce? 'I was age-appropriate'
How old is Sarah Jessica Parker? I would put her in a Full Nelson and give her a wooden grade school ruler's worth of ***
See the best celebrity beauty looks of the week:
Sarah Jessica Parker’s shoe line opening its first store
Sarah Jessica Parker is opening her first ever fashion boutique
MT The world’s first SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker boutique opens at
Sarah Jessica Parker to open store for her various fashion lines - Los Angeles Times. Los Angeles Times. Sarah Jes…
Was that character voiced Sarah Jessica Parker or Sarah Michelle Gellar?
Well, look at it this way, Jeannie: you married Clark Gregg. He married Sarah Jessica Parker. Advantage: YOU. ;)
Sarah Jessica Parker wishes she could give birth again
Would You Relive Your Labor? SJP Says Yes - See what Sarah Jessica Parker has to say about her experience of gi...
Sarah Jessica Parker will meet her fans SOHO on 22 November at 11am.
Shoes, lies and videotape with Sarah Jessica Parker
Sarah Jessica Parker will only buy her son secondhand clothes. Watching changed her
Sarah Jessica Parker's voice is so soothing. I trust her.
Sarah Jessica Parker announced her partnership with 👠
SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker new holiday shoe capsule collection exclusively at Click here…
As if I needed a reason to admire Sarah Jessica Parker anymore! Take a look at this. 💁🏼
Sarah Jessica Parker will only buy her son second hand clothes after seeing via
Sex and the City fans? Brace yourself for Sarah Jessica Parker's new capsule shoe collection
If you haven't yet, you need to see on Thomas Haden Church and Sarah Jessica Parker are great.
I wanna look like young Sarah Jessica Parker
Attending my dinner party so far: Jeff Goldblum, Sarah Jessica Parker, Joakim Noah, and his father, Yannick Noah.
Kristin Stewart, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Garner and now Emma Watson. Can straight guys do some casting in the future?
Such a joy seeing after all these years. Thanks Always wished Sarah Jessica Parker would kidnap…
HBO should expect a lot of three word names nominated for 2017 Emmys: Evan Rachel Wood, Thomas Hayden Church, Sarah Jessica Parker.
Look today is linus van pelt X probably what Sarah Jessica Parker was referring to when she said moms shouldn't wear miniskirts
Sarah Jessica Parker attended the Friends of Hudson River Park’s annual gala where Matthew Broderick was honored.
Artist Aaron, want to know why I love--really love--and admire Sarah Jessica Parker?
Why does katrina kaif look like a horse — Nah that's Sarah Jessica Parker m8
Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick singing 'Been a Long Day' from 'How to Succeed' with Victoria Clark.
United 93, starring Ian Holm and Sarah Jessica Parker. Directed by Tim Burton, music by The Ronettes. Budget: $2m
Sarah Jessica Parker warns that a third Sex and the City film is 'fairly nearby’
Oh snap! Sarah Jessica Parker thinks Sex and the City might have been the first Mr. Robot:
Hold on to your Manolos. because Sarah Jessica Parker has a theory that will make you question everything.
Sarah Jessica Parker: "If Trump wins, his fans will shoot us in Hollywood.". Uh...maybe, but I doubt it.
And btw, if Sarah Jessica Parker thinks Trump fans will shoot her, why doesn't she get a gun & defend herself?
Sarah Jessica Parker has a bonkers 'Sex and the City' theory: Thanks to Sarah Jessica Parker, you'll never wa...
'Insecure' brings fresh face to HBO: Issa Rae comedy is paired with Sarah Jessica Parker's "Divorce."
Sarah Jessica Parker wedded to a new HBO comedy, 'Divorce' -
Sarah Jessica Parker hits fashion high note three separate times
Sarah Jessica Parker gonna be in a new HBO show ugh I love her
Sarah Jessica Parker is absolutely stunning and does not get enough credit
Sarah Jessica Parker hints at third ‘Sex and the City’ film | via GMA News
Sarah Jessica Parker is using her free time to expand into the publishing world:
Our look of the day goes to the stunning as always Sarah Jessica Parker who dazzled in Dolce & Gabbana at the premi…
The modern man is so excited about Sarah Jessica Parker's new show on HBO he can barely pee straight.
Aw, Cynthia Nixon came out to support SJP last night. That Miranda, always so reliable!
Book news, y'all. SJP is getting an imprint at Hogarth. (h/t
Mini reunion! SJP, Cynthia Nixon and Mario Cantone pose at NYC premiere of
Great feature on SJP and Ta-Nehisi Coates who respectively start their own literary ventures:
Sarah Jessica Parker: how TV has changed from ‘Sex & The City’ to ‘Divorce’
‘Divorce’ review: Sarah Jessica Parker returns to HBO in top form
Looking forward to seeing Sarah Jessica Parker in Divorce. I'm ready for
How Sarah Jessica Parker Prepared for Divorce—with Help from Her Husba - Vanity Fair
Sarah Jessica Parker hints at Sex and the City reunion (and we couldn't be happier)
Sarah Jessica Parker, Molly Shannon and Jerry Seinfeld at HBO’s Premiere of ‘Divorce’
I liked a video Sarah Jessica Parker on Her Return to TV
Sarah Jessica Parker is launching a book imprint:
. Sarah Jessica Parker to launch book publishing imprint. . .
Sarah Jessica Parker, with an SJP imprint at Hogarth, and Ta-Nehisi Coates, with a Marvel comic, take new paths
Watch Miley interview Sarah Jessica Parker on today here --
Dr. Anil Thayamballi is eating money in Alaska. Why did Sarah Jessica Parker lose the turd? To drape next to Tom Hanks.
Are you in any way related to Sarah Jessica Parker or Shannon Sharpe? Asking for a friend.
Sarah Jessica Parker is launching a collection of dresses
Exciting news Sex and the City fans! is launching a LBD collection:
Introducing LBD, a collection of little black dresses carried exclusively at
Here’s Sarah Jessica Parker as Batman. Still better than
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
🙌🏼 Sarah Jessica Parker just announced a new line of LBDs!
Sarah Jessica Parker spills all her secrets, from how to get her hair to a belt she named Roger https:/…
My favorite moment from the Sarah Jessica Parker Lightning Round.
Sarah Jessica Parker launches her own little black dresses collection and we're excited:
When you hear the news about a possible reunion... 🎉
If my Irish teacher expects me to write a 15 line essay on Sarah Jessica Parker, he's got another thing coming to him
Sarah Jessica Parker is expanding her fashion empire with a very Carrie Bradshaw-esque offering htt…
Sarah Jessica Parker is designing little black dresses
I totally disagree with the whole Sarah Jessica Parker horse face thing
Sarah Jessica Parker Announces a New Line of Little Black Dresses on Instagram: via
Sarah Jessica Parker to Showcase a Portrait of 'Divorce' on New HBO Series |
Sarah Jessica Parker Hints at Sex and the City Reunion (and We Couldn’t Be Happier)
Sharon Horgan's Divorce, starring Sarah Jessica Parker, will air from Oct 11 on Sky Atlantic in the UK:
.is launching a dress line. And they’re all black.
Aww I feel so bad for Sarah Jessica Parker! 😂
.on SATC 3: "How better to have spent a career? And now it’s time for me to do something else."
review of Sarah Jessica Parker’s ‘Divorce’ on HBO if SATC had a realistic ending? sounds super sad
Sarah Jessica Parker has announced an exciting addition to her fashion empire:
I'm watching! It's not SATC. Nothing will be SATC. But it's SJP! TV Review: Sarah Jessica Parker’s HBO ‘Divorce’
Sarah Jessica Parker on returning to television, Hillary Clinton and taking selfies
Sarah Jessica Parker’s new fashion collection is SO Carrie Bradshaw:
My review of DIVORCE, the spiritual sequel to SEX AND THE CITY:
Sarah Jessica Parker Announces a Line of Little Black Dresses, for the Carrie Bradshaw in All of Us v
The one at home has a mural of Ed O'Neill, Paul Newman, Richard Dean Anderson, Arsenio Hall, Sarah Jessica Parker and Matt Lauer tailgating.
We're on a BUS!! (Aka Why I'm Just Like Sarah Jessica Parker Now!) - Reason is Unexpected!
Sarah Jessica Parker Talks Returning to HBO With ‘Divorce’: Sarah Jessica Parker is returning to HBO for the ...
Sarah Jessica Parker on her new character 'Francis': “I’m still getting to know her."
From Woody Allen to Sarah Jessica Parker, eight ‘Jewish’ shows to watch this fall
Because even Sarah Jessica Parker occasionally gets it wrong
Sarah Jessica Parker wants you to know that HBO's "Divorce" is not "Carrie in the suburbs"
Two of my life goals: Jennifer Aniston and Sarah Jessica Parker. Immortality is real. As Ira said "fountain of youth".
very here for the idea of Sarah Jessica Parker reading up on Danny dyer's wedding
Watch: Sarah Jessica Parker and Thomas Hayden Church spar in the latest trailer for Divorce
See Thomas Haden Church and Sarah Jessica Parker go to battle in the first trailer
Sarah Jessica Parker and Thomas Haden Church tackle in new trailer
Sarah Jessica Parker and Jennifer Anniston are the same person, no?
TV News: Sarah Jessica Parker Returns to in New Comedy Series - Sarah Jessica Parker and Thomas Ha ...
It turns out iconic style star Sarah Jessica Parker is just like us...kinda. E! News style correspondent and Marie Claire…
Divorce: Sarah Jessica Parker and Thomas Haden Church call it quits on HBO via
it's a Christmas film. Worth watching though. Sarah Jessica Parker, Clare Danes, Diane Keaton, Luke Wilson and more xx
Sarah Jessica Parker dresses in baby doll dress as she runs errands in The Hamptons
Sarah Jessica Parker has cut ties with the makers of EpiPen after a price gouging scandal
Sarah Jessica Parker cuts ties with EpiPen over price hikes
Sarah Jessica Parker ends relationship with Mylan after EpiPen price hike via
Sarah Jessica Parker ends relationship with after price hike
Thank you to Sarah Jessica Parker for standing up for families against greed.
Sarah Jessica Parker launches her latest fragrance on Instagram
Sarah Jessica Parker speaks out against giant Mylan on how the price of EpiPens shot through the roof
Sarah Jessica Parker cuts ties with the EpiPen drug maker over their price increase.
Sarah Jessica Parker cuts ties with via
Guys, don't worry about this EpiPen thing. Sarah Jessica Parker is on it.
Sarah Jessica Parker cuts ties with EpiPen after price hike (from
Sarah Jessica Parker made a super important statement about the EpiPen price increase
Sarah Jessica Parker cuts ties with EpiPen because she's 'disappointed' with its price hike via
New Post: Sarah Jessica Parker voices her opinion on Mylan & Healthcare.
Sarah Jessica Parker has cuts ties with drug company for raising medicine prices
Okay, time to start buying lots of Sarah Jessica Parker material.
BYE FELICIA: Sarah Jessica Parker severs endorsement deal with
New story from TIME in Business : Sarah Jessica Parker Quits as Mylan Spokesperson Over EpiPen Price Hike
I just uploaded a new video to Sarah Jessica Parker Reacts to her Mark Up | Hollybuzz news | hollywood l…
Can you really forgive if you can't forget?
This is good, but also.why are you a spokesperson for a pharmaceuticals company??!
(Endplay) Parker cuts ties with Mylan : Parker said she couldn't condone..
Sarah Jessica Parker steps down as face of Mylan, the company behind EpiPen price hike | Daily Mail Online
Sarah Jessica Parker cuts ties with maker over price hike:
I write about sex, not love. What do I know about love?
Even celebs are angry about the 600 percent EpiPen price hike.
Sarah Jessica Parker ends relationship with Mylan over price increases
Sarah Jessica Parker steps down as face of EpiPen company Mylan via
Sarah Jessica Parker quits as Mylan spokesperson over EpiPen price hike
Sarah Jessica Parker: 'I never wanted to be famous'
How congress, the fda, and sarah jessica parker helped epipen become a $1 billion
Sarah Jessica Parker ends relationship with EpiPen after public backlash. (Photo: WireImage)
Being traded from the Browns to the Patriots is like dating Sarah Jessica Parker and then dumping her for Emma Watson
one time I was in NYC and saw Sarah Jessica Parker walking down the street
Sarah Jessica Parker: "Emma Watson is an amazing young woman, not concerned about herself". ht…
Beyoncé, Jay Z, Karlie Kloss, Sarah Jessica Parker, Chad Smith, Jimmy Buffet, Harvey Weinstein and the Housewives of New York were all there
Sarah Jessica Parker isnt a feminist sweet we are on the same page
On the other hand somebody needs to lend Sarah Jessica Parker a dictionary so she can look up 😖
People are dragging Sarah Jessica Parker for claiming she isn’t a feminist via
Inside the Accessories Council Excellence Awards held last night at Cipriani 42nd Street:
Sarah Jessica Parker can't decide if she's a feminist or not... but either way she still looks like a foot with two eyes and many bunions.
Just read the Sarah Jessica Parker thing. I know it's probably not the most popular view, but feminism isn't actually about equality.
Thought: Sarah Jessica Parker has the right not to want to be labeled, even though she essentially IS a feminist by definition.
Sarah Jessica Parker says she’s not a feminist but perfectly says what it means to be one https:/…
To all the feminists who are butthurt at Sarah Jessica Parker right now, this is why no one wants to identify with your…
Sarah Jessica Parker understands something a lot don't. You don't need to label yourself as something to validate your…
Sarah Jessica Parker saying she's not a feminist is like ur mom telling you she didn't want you
5 female celebs who may not understand what feminism is - Zap2It |
why do we keep asking white women questions . ⚡️ “Sarah Jessica Parker is 'not a feminist', believes in equality”. https:…
Sarah Jessica Parker says she isn't a feminist because she "doesn't qualify" but here's the thing: we ALL qualify. That'…
Sarah Jessica Parker struggles to make a coherent argument against feminism:
Sarah Jessica Parker thinks 'real men' are Kiwi men -- after meeting
Sarah Jessica Parker: I want equality for everyone but I don't qualify as a feminist. . Me:
Maybe Sarah Jessica Parker & shailene woodley should hang. They can discuss how they have no clue what feminism is.
When Sarah Jessica Parker says she's not a feminist because she believes in equality-
Sarah Jessica Parker: marriage is an "investment in the other person"
Sarah Jessica Parker: I am not a feminist, I just want people to be treated equally. Me:
Sarah Jessica Parker doesn't identify as a feminist...oh well, we'll always have Samantha
Sarah Jessica Parker said she's not a feminist but believes in equality. . Oh honey that's the entire point of feminism.
honestly Sarah Jessica Parker looks like a long *** garlic why her opinions making headlines
Sarah Jessica Parker is getting candid about some of the hottest topics in the U.S. The Divorce star covers the...
Sarah Jessica Parker: 'I Am Not a Feminist': The star of "Sex and the City" added, "I don't think I qualify."
Had a dream last night me and Blake Lively and Sarah Jessica Parker were hanging out.
Jennifer Anniston & Sarah Jessica Parker will ALWAYS be poppin'
Website Builder 728x90
As Game of Thrones Winds Down, HBO Looks to Jon Stewart and Sarah Jessica Parker for Hits
Sarah Jessica Parker goes thrift shop in new HBO comedy: In “Sex and the City,” Sarah…
Sarah Jessica Parker says her new HBO fashion is purely practical -
Sarah Jessica Parker: My Divorce character is nothin... via
Sarah Jessica Parker is one of my fave fashionistas!!!
Sarah Jessica Parker says her character in ‘Divorce’ is different from ‘Sex and the City’
Sarah Jessica Parker gives marriage the finger in HBO's 'Divorce'
A sneak peak at the fashion in new show: via
Germans slam Sarah Jessica Parker after Afghan refugee goes on train axe rampage
Happy birthday to all horses today. And since I'm trying to be nicer in my old age,I won't insinuate it's Sarah Jessica Parker.'s bday.
The brilliant first trailer for Sharon Horgan/Sarah Jessica Parker series Divorce drops
Vertical Limit, starring Kurt Russell and Sarah Jessica Parker. Directed by Danny Boyle, music by Asia. Budget: $100 billion
Sarah Jessica Parker says that her new HBO show isn't 'Sex and the City':
New post: Sarah Jessica Parker gives marriage the finger in HBO’s ‘Divorce’
Perez Hilton - Your first look at Sarah Jessica Parker's new TV...
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Sarah Jessica Parker on How HBO’s Divorce Is Different from Sex and the City IT'S BEEN 12 YEARS SINCE SATC WHAT??
Sarah Jessica Parker gives marriage the finger…
Horseshoes are supposed to bring good luck, which explains why Sarah Jessica Parker still has a film career...
In the first episode of HBO's new comedy Divorce, Sarah Jessica Parker's Frances tells her best girlfriend how good the sex has been with
Sarah Jessica Parker is returning to HBO for in a big new way.
Sarah Jessica Parker's new HBO offering boasts a brand new teaser
Sarah Jessica Parker at the Television Critics Association Summer Tour in Los Angeles on Saturday.
Sarah Jessica Parker favors vintage and thrift shop fashion in her new HBO comedy series, "Divorce."
Gino Smith is right when he says horses keep going w/o stopping. I'm a horse, so I would know!. ~Sarah Jessica Parker
Like hello why not be like "Christopher Anthony John Martin" on E! why tf is Lily Rose Depp or Sarah Jessica Parker special
NEW DVD - HBO Sex in the City Essentials Beak Ups - Sarah Jessica Parker
How fit was Sarah Jessica Parker in Hocus Pocus though!? What happened???
Watched last night. 1 Sarah Jessica Parker is adorable, 2 there's some trippy parts in there, 3 Let's Hear It For The Boys rocks!
Sarah Jessica Parker and Thomas Haden Church are a delight.
When you're playing Pokemon Go and find Sarah Jessica Parker.
Tonight was sal's pizza little italy. There was a pic of Victoria Gotti & Sarah Jessica Parker on the wall so...
A lot of celebs are shocking me, even Sarah Jessica Parker said the words Kevin Hart desperately tactically avoided
The new label loved by Amal Clooney, Sienna Miller, Sarah Jessica Parker and co
Complaint on behalf of Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew Broderick & Andy Cohen: "The Village has become less Village-y"
Sarah Jessica Parker marks her twin daughters' birthday with a sweet photograph of them:
First trailer for HBO's new comedy "Divorce", created by and starring Sarah Jessica Parker and Thomas Haden C...
Sarah Jessica Parker + Sharon Horgan = dream team. Put them together on a show abt divorce & I am ALL the way there.
A look at Sarah Jessica Parker's first starring TV role in more than a decade:
Sarah Jessica Parker and Thomas Haden Church star in a new comedy series coming this fall.
First trailer for Sarah Jessica Parker's new show, Divorce, with Thomas Haden Church
Sarah Jessica Parker on the set of Divorce series in Sleepy Hollow
Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker at the Hillary Clinton Fundraiser via
Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick dress up as money for Hillary Clinton fundraiser:
Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick at Hilary Clinton fundraiser in NYC on Monday.
Sarah Jessica Parker dazzles in an emerald silk dress at Hillary Clinton fundraiser: The couple were out in f...
Adding Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lopez, and Sarah Jessica Parker to my "Never Watch Again" list.
Sarah Jessica Parker surprised these brides with free shoes and their responses were epic: https:…
See red carpet looks from Gabrielle Union, Sarah Jessica Parker,Naomi Campbell, Sarah Hyland, Ellie Bamber & more at
Now it's time for...Chloe Sevigny, or a young Sarah Jessica Parker?
Sarah Jessica Parker and her son James Wilkie in New York on Saturday.
Just realized this was another movie Sarah Jessica Parker and Bette Middler played in together; then Hocus Pocus.
Former Buffy Star Tom Lenk Recreates Red Carpet Looks That Rival the Original, from Sarah Jessica Parker to the Ol…
Sarah Jessica Parker is a success story onscreen and off. But she's had her failures too:
Dress fab at 50 like Elle Macpherson, Yasmin Le Bon and Sarah Jessica Parker
I remember when they caught Sarah Jessica Parker at the game lookin like Steven Tyler if Steven Tyler was a foot
it wasn't a horse it was Sarah Jessica Parker easy mistake to make
Sarah Jessica Parker is sharing her severe allergy story
We bet you didn't know this surprising fact about family! Details:
10 of our favorite chic celebrity mother-daughter duos (or trios, in the case of Sarah Jessica Parker):...
Sarah Jessica Parker in every movie: I'm a smol adorable woman that screams a lot
A small sampling of our favorite stories from the week
When you kind of, almost get photobombed by Sarah Jessica Parker...
In which delivers a devastating comeback to one of her haters:
there is no proof that my mom is not Sarah Jessica Parker
It's painful. I remember watching SEx and the City and seeing Sarah Jessica Parker running in 6 inch heels made me cringe.
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